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Old 03-20-2017, 11:59 AM
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Our health bar is sad, but we will cheer it up.

Oh wait, what's up here?

I guess there's more puzzles than I expected here.

Flopflop is that one character on the Office. Or is it Parks and Rec? I dunno man I don't watch TV.


The only Flopflop that's actually an issue is that one, so we need to clear enough of a path to hit them.

As before, it's all about clearing enough of a path to move the things you need to move. With these rocks gone, we can get the center bomb to the upper left.

From there, it's easy to access Flopflop.


What have you got against flowers, anyway?

Rocks aren't bothered by anything.

Right, back to business.

There's our wands, safe and sound.

You're really on the same wavelength!

Okay y'know what

Not tackling anything else fancy today, save for cleaning up this cave in the Swamp.

You can clearly see why I needed the Fire Sword for this.

What makes you think this will go any differently from your other five attempts at talking to inanimate objects, Ittle?


Of the things I was expecting, that was not one of them.

Anyway that's about it. No puzzle in here, just this talking statue and treasure chest.


The brick, it has joked.

Okay, so that's done. But what about that other cave, the Compost Crypt?

Yeah let's give that a wait.

Next Time: Peel... me...!
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Old Yesterday, 12:06 PM
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Compost Crypt isn't very long, so my plan for this update is to clean it out and then get everything else we want from the castle.

What, you don't want me trivializing every single fight with the Fire/Ice combo? Fine.

You're still expected to have all the items, of course.

This puzzle isn't hard, but it is a good way of making sure you have all three.

The main enemy within the Compost Crypt are these undead Turnips (which don't get a card, curiously).

Undead Turnips function like Jenny Frogs with slightly more health and no flinching. They'll usually walk in roughly the direction of Ittle Dew as she approaches, but each individual one isn't dangerous if you maintain distance. Only threat is that they don't drop health.

Also: I love that this area has confetti scattered about. Remember, confetti is basically this game's stand-in for blood.

Lean Boo also hangs out here.

Gotta approach this one from the other side.

Now this is just silly. Was Lean Boo not enough to tell the player to keep moving?

Well, whatever.

This stuff isn't going to make a whole lot of sense until we see the credits, but eh.

Chilly Roger, eh? Well, let's defeat you and get a move on.


Oh hey that was the correct choice.

Oh right! Okay, back to the Chilly Roger room.

As you know, Chilly Roger can't be frozen. However, his shield also reflects all projectiles on top of that! You can see where this is going here.

Drop a Portal block across the room, then warp to the other side using his shield as a reflective thing.

Taking us here, where we can get past this no problem.

Oh hey, other side of here.

You can consider this a checkpoint for the other half of the Compost Crypt if you like, only the Compost Crypt isn't really long or hard enough to warrant taking a break partway through.

What war? Nobody here's been at war. Maybe a little crazy in one way or another, but nothing suggesting a war.

Well, warping there would drop us on spikes, so that's a no-go. However, it provides enough of a block for us to shove the other block in place.

Once it's there, we can throw a second portal block down the line as well!

I mean yeah I could've also gone to the right. But clearly I didn't.
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Old Yesterday, 12:08 PM
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Haha loser.

Also a loser!

Whoa, man, spoilers.

So here's this room. The door down below is locked, but even if we do unlock it here, we can't reach it. Still a thing we're gonna do! That block Lean Boo is covering is the key.

Remember how we got up here?

And that means we can use that door from the other side to enter this room. This matters for reasons.

By the way, here's the room on the other side. We need that ice block, but clearly can't use it from this side.

Which is why we did that puzzle up there.

Now that we have this block, we can weigh down all three switches in this room!

Final room. Four Brutuses that are immune to freezing, eh? No big deal, we've done this fight before. And unlike the undead Turnips, these guys DO drop hearts.

The entire floor being sand, we can't create any portal blocks to easily dispatch them.

But hey, we're an old hand at this.


And inside this box...

Yep. On the Wii U, which doesn't have achievements, you get all of NOTHING for clearing this one.

Eh, fair.

This game does have a sequel, and I'll probably be LPing it, but don't expect that too soon.

Back to the Castle. On the first floor, only three treasures remain.

There's more on the second floor, and now that we have the Fire Sword we can do a bit more up here.

For starters, we can open this path up. This isn't strictly the way to the Fire and Portal back door, but it is the easiest way to get there if you only have those items.

Hey look, another place that tells you that turnips can hit switches, long after we discovered this fact by initiating it ourselves!

Little more paper. What else do we have here?

It's hard to see, but that niche down there has a cracked wall. We've already seen the bomb in this room, and getting over the spiked pit isn't hard, but getting down there WILL require all three items.

Portal wand to get ourselves and the bomb there easily, Ice wand to cross the spikes, and Fire Sword to ignite the bomb.

The room immediately after isn't that impressive.

But it does lead to a very good room for teaching players that bombs aren't just for exploding.
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Old Yesterday, 12:09 PM
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Let's start here.

Placing a bomb means we can push things into it! And the bomb can still blow up stuff on its own! Basically, this makes bombs very good as emergency brakes for icy things.

This also means that a player with proper foresight can guarantee return paths with bombs that they wouldn't normally have access to! If that one wasn't there, any ice blocks we sent across couldn't return us to the exits.

But we're all right.

The next room has a piece of paper and a very lively room we have no means of reaching. Have fun, everyone!

North from there and back on floor 2 leads us...

First to this trading card.

And second, to this path that we could've accessed from either direction with the Fire Sword. North of here is the explicitly insane old man.

To the east is a puzzle that seems like something only a chump would bother with. I'm not totally sure what item combo one would use to break past it, but that's not a huge concern for me.

Now that I've got all this junk, I can get into that chest too.

That's some fancy tape.

Oh, and we can get in here too.

Last piece of paper!

You again? Ain't got time for you. This is the way to go if you're intent on using the Fire Sword to sequence break and go for the Ice Wand (or just explore to your heart's content).

As usual, the Fire Sword is hard to make actual puzzles for.

How mysterious!

This leads into this shady room.

Again, you can see how the Fire Sword might be used to solve this one. Carefully manage the bombs so you can hit both crystals at the same time, y'know?

What's "careful"?

I ain't afraid of no cacti.

So yeah, ordinarily you'd have to hit both crystals at once, while at the same time leaving enough bombs behind to access the space behind the gate. But with the Portal Wand, we can subvert the entire puzzle easily.

This is, I think, the last treasure in the castle.

To get it, we have to solve this puzzle. It looks much meaner than it actually is, especially once you consider the Portal Wand.

I still manage to screw it up.

Better. You can basically use the top or bottom half of the room really easily by just shoving things towards those switches.
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Old Yesterday, 12:10 PM
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Just get to this position and it practically solves itself.

Oh. Well, we've already basically got that done, but hey, may as well.

Good clear way to show that we've basically cleaned out the castle! I mean yeah, I could show off the Fire/Ice or Fire/Portal rooms, but nah. Go see those yourself in your own playthrough.

I wanna go visit the tutorial cave again, for reasons.

Once you get the Portal Wand and Ice Wand, returning here is easy. I don't know if you need the Fire Sword as well, but it probably helps.

See? Worth my time!

Or not.

No, it is. This is where you really might learn about the assorted secrets of Ittle Dew. Daniel Remar loves loves LOVES his secrets, but he's not so cruel as to leave players without hints to discover them.

This place is like the Cracker's Hideout in Iji, although Ittle Dew is not so sneaky a game that it's full of secrets.

This hint, I guess, is to help people trying to speedrun the game? It's very doable.

This is just silly, though. In the original Game Maker version of Ittle Dew, one could get the Exploding Flaming Chainsaw Shotgun by clearing the game with only two of the three items, but we will not see such a powerful relic in this game.

Right, enough tomfoolery.

Let's display us some mastery.

Next Time: This is the Master Cave. Pros only!
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