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  1. Bananas.
  2. Heavenly Star is the best song
  3. You know you've played to much MGS when...
  4. What is the best song.
  5. What present should I buy myself?
  6. Dear Konami: No more clock tower levels forever.
  7. Cool baby names
  8. Question
  9. A New Thread about Shane
  10. Our betters in Washington!
  11. Are there a lot of new people all of the sudden?
  12. Private Message: "Hi Loki!" from Autocash
  13. Uncomfortable webcomics.
  14. It is a....
  15. Please don't abuse the "spoiler" tags
  16. How long do you take to write out your posts?
  17. University of Phoenix
  18. I watched short bus the other night.
  19. Dammit Gonzo.
  22. Uncomfortable Personal Revelations Time (Or: The Life and Times of CJ Bedlam)
  23. The Happy Fun Times Good News Thread
  24. 1up Blogs
  25. Forum game: Buddha Nature
  26. Apparently I share my birthday (7/10) with...
  27. Fun Stories With Meds
  28. The Objectification Discussion Thread
  29. You are writing a review of the media, not the audience!
  30. The Embarrassing Thread of Mental Inadequacy
  31. Commercials that drive you nuts.
  32. Commercials that make you not mind folks trying to sell you stuff
  33. The Official Return of Talking Time Electronic Entertainment Expo Limmerick Contest!
  34. July 16: a day in history
  35. Stupid Talking Time-related stories
  36. hAY guys: DoS or SotN?
  37. Best of E3: Duke Nukem Trilogy
  38. S. Link level up!
  39. I have lost a contact.
  40. Self-Promotion! (What a show!) Self-Promotion!
  41. The Internet sure loves that toastyfrog!
  42. the comments on my latest 1up article are mind blowing
  43. Where the hell is Shakewell?
  45. terrible fan fiction ideas
  46. I'm starting my new job tomorrow
  47. The detestable and abominable crime against nature
  48. Guys, did Parish's creativity get burgled?
  49. Mental Memory Aids
  50. E3 Limerick Contest Voting!
  51. What the hell happened to Talking about Everything
  52. sony making big deals out of games having trophies.
  53. The worst kind of nightmare
  54. A little taste of the recession.
  55. The Pit of Flames is not fufilling its intended purpose.
  56. Tv Show Flame: Fat Guy Stuck in Internet
  57. YAY Insomnia!
  58. Today blitzchamp goes to college
  59. Ample Vigour's gonna hit 2000 posts today
  60. Comments/Talkbacks/Whatever: WHY!?
  62. Overanalysis Time: Sex, Gender, and Secret Deodorant
  63. Please explain this to me in a way that doesn't make my brain hurt.
  64. Elfir's embarrassing fanfiction thread!
  65. Stop saying "I lolled"
  66. The Goddamn Olympics
  67. Dirty lies about peanut butter
  68. Selling games on eBay
  69. Guys I don't know what's going on
  70. Sociology of Trolling
  71. Ouch! What do you do?
  72. Convince me away/towards an iPod Touch
  73. A want to make a new gif thread
  74. what is the best post
  75. How old are we? And what's the first console launch you remember being hyped for?
  76. Do you ever stop to think...?
  77. Explain this "moe" thing.
  78. Guys, I'm talking to Brandon on AIM
  79. Can I really not do this?
  80. Is this real or have I finally lost my tenuous grip on sanity?
  81. Photos as avatars: too creepy?
  82. Speaking of unfortunate poster slogans...
  83. Game related nightmares.
  84. GTA banned in Thailand.
  85. hey gold farm bot.
  86. Someone from Ziff Davis keeps calling me
  87. The Oracle at Delphi: Ask a WoW Spambot.
  88. Tell us the jokes you can't tell anyone.
  89. Spambot aggregator
  90. Proper stapler technique
  91. Over-man-ing
  92. Foods you simply cannot stand
  93. Hermit
  94. Take a Picture of Your Desktop (Not the one on your Computer)
  95. Bionic Commando avatars welcome
  96. Let's Make a Game!
  97. I'm gonna beat the shit out of these god damn cats.
  98. General Moralizing Thread
  99. I always think of the answer on the way to Wikipedia
  100. I am feeling really depressed