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  1. It's a g-g-g-g-g-g-GHOST! Let's Play... The Uninvited
  2. Blame yourself or God! Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics!
  3. This game is awesome, guys! I'll prove it. Let's Play Super Metroid (Redesign)!
  4. Stop Calling It Mega Man 9: Let's Play Rockman & Forte!
  5. Smell that dairy air! - Let's play Kyrandia Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge!
  6. A Boy And His Frog - Blaster Master
  7. Even Moss Drinks Water: Let's Play Illusion of Gaia.
  8. What's so Special About 27? Let's Play Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup and Find Out!
  9. This hammer can forge a woman! Let's Play Summon Night: Swordcraft Story!
  10. Beyond the sunset... Let's Play Skies of Arcadia Legends!
  11. Everybody loves rotoscoping: Let's Play Out of this World!
  12. All you guys with a Let's Play on hiatus...
  13. OBJECTI-^H^H^H It's useless, all useless! [When The Seagulls Cry]
  14. Who better to clean up space than Janitors? Space Quest I, II, III
  15. Watch out! A POISONOUS snake! - Let's Play King's Quest V
  16. I'll Take The Case! Let's Play The Portopia Serial Murder Case!
  17. Now with overpriced vector graphics: Let's Play Mega Man X2!
  18. Over a Thousand Nights... every day! Let's Play... The Magic of Scheherazade!
  19. Smellier than a steaming turd! LETS PLAY SUPERMAN ON THE NES!
  20. The Stars Our Destination — Let's Play Sins of a Solar Empire!
  21. Let's Play Not Worth its Own Thread: Screenshot Edition
  22. It is destiny...it is fate! Let's Play The Adventures Of Alundra
  23. Does it involve wanton destruction? - Let's Play Sam & Max Hit the Road!
  24. A Strange Cart of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  25. Alexander pulls out his magic (s)map - Let's Play King's Quest VI
  26. Legs are just decoration! Let's Play Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation!
  27. It's Mario and uh... Mr. Green Guy! Let's Play Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga!
  28. Best game named after a murdered infant - Let's play Astyanax!
  29. Africa is really like this: Let's Play Legend of the Ghost Lion
  30. Greed is Great! Let's Play Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
  31. Send more Paramedics! Let's Play Zombies Ate My Neighbors!
  32. Selling More Fine Leather Jackets! Lets Play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis!
  33. What a load of BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets!
  34. Keiji Inafune is a JERK! I Am Terrible At Mega Man 9!
  35. Nothing Some Good Bionics Can't Fix: Let's Play Street Fighter 2010!
  36. The Answer Isn't 42. Let's Play The Secret of Mana!
  37. I wonder what a cockatrice tastes like? Let's Play NetHack!
  38. Create The Ultimate Monsters! Let’s Play Dragon Warrior Monsters
  39. Let's Play: Wild ARMs!
  40. HSUP B TCELES - Let's Play FF1! Again!
  41. Get a job! - Let's Play Final Fantasy III
  42. Back off man, I'm a SCIENTIST: Let's Play... CRYSTALIS
  43. Come to know fear as I have! Let's Play Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
  44. A Winner is You! or Let's Bite Some Heads! - A Pro Wrestling Story
  45. Let's Play.... something...
  46. Just What is an Edge Fencer, Anyway? Let's Play Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2!
  47. 'Leave me alone, stupid Great Wyrm of Power' Let's Play ToME!
  48. Guys Can't Resist a Little Leg: Let's Play Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure!
  49. Let's [Dragon] Quest! 3!
  50. Pocket Monsters, Dear Readers! - Let's Play Pokémon Platinum
  51. Inoculation! Immunization! Annihilation! Let's Play Pandemic!
  52. Hell is filled with sewer levels and made for space marines. Let's play DoomRL!
  53. Abandon logic, all ye who enter here - Let's Play King's Quest VII
  54. Let's Steal An Unstealable Jewel - Radical Dreamers
  55. An accurate POTUS simulator. Let's Play Metal Wolf Chaos
  56. A vile force of darkness has arrived! Let's Play Dwarf Fortress!
  57. Isn't every RPG one of those? Let's Play Ultima IV blind!
  58. Let's play with a couple of swingers. Bionic Commando NES & GB
  59. The Little Metal Boys Finest Hour: Lets Play... Mega Man 2!
  60. The Best Wrestling RPG Ever Made! Let's Play Hybrid Heaven.
  61. Endless Sorrow, Waves of Corvettes - Let's Play Homeworld!
  62. 13:00. Let's play Terranigma!
  63. A Dysfunctional Relationship: Let's Play Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
  64. Yay! We're going on a mission! Let's Play The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
  65. Enter the Squared Circle: Let's Play Saturday Night Slammasters!
  66. Let's Play Battle Network 6 (Falzar version)!
  67. Getting Punked by Astos! Let's Tweet FUKT's Dawn of Souls Adventure!
  68. My Force is Shinier than yours: Let's Play Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
  69. Darwin's Rolling in His Grave! Let's play EVO: Search For Eden!
  70. Let's Play Official Archive: A Gamespite / Talking Time Joint
  71. Kept you waiting, huh? Let's Play Snake's Revenge!
  72. It's good to be mayor! Let's Play SimCity 3000!
  73. Problem Sleuth: Let's Play- Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True
  74. It's not rare anymore! No Better Time To Play Castlevania: Rondo of Blood!
  75. Make sure you don't hurt nobody. Let's Play Barkley: Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden!
  76. A hollow voice says “Let’s Play Colossal Cave”
  77. Survival sans the Horror: Let's Play Survival Kids!
  78. Hundreds and hundreds of randomly generated floors! Lufia: The Legend Returns
  79. What's the harm in a little reckless besieging? Let's Play FE: The Sacred Stones
  80. Foul Spirits and Harmonic Gems: Let's play The Bard's Tale III
  81. Slot Off, Frag-Face! Let's Play Sega's Shadowrun
  82. Ia, Ia! Let's play Arcane: Online Mystery Serial!
  83. The Next Step Downward to Danger--Let's Play Zork II!
  84. Let's Play the First Quest: King's Quest
  85. The Mega(man) Battle Network LP!
  86. Let's Break Super Metroid!
  87. Taking back an impenetrable fortress! Let's Play WinBack!
  88. Let's Play A Nightmare on Elm Street
  89. Bring Potions, Boots, and Bombs! Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds
  90. "You... took her MEASUREMENTS?" Let's Play Princess Maker 2!
  91. I've Been Diddled Again! Let's Play Plok!
  92. Put Airship Here! Let's Play Final Fantasy IX
  93. Filled with the fire of a thousand suns: It's The Legend Of Spyro: A New Beginning!
  94. Come to know capriphobia as I have! Let's Play Desktop Dungeons!
  95. A Tale of Two Scripts: Let's play FF3 US & FF6 RPGOne!
  96. Beavers and chocobos, whats not to love? Lets play Final Fantasy II: Dawn of Souls!
  97. Use the Foreign Object: Let's Play Muscle Bomber Duo!
  98. "One to be born from a dragon..." -- Let's Play Final Fantasy II
  99. Murder most foul! Let's play The Last Express!
  100. Lennus: Quest of the Unknown Paladin