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  1. Don't Panic! Let's Play The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  2. In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let's Play Quest for Glory III: Wages of War
  3. It's all in the mind! Let's play Live A Live
  4. The best intentions invite the worst kind of trouble. Let's Play Final Fantasy XII
  5. Integrity Project this is the new They Might Be Giants - Let's Play Apollo 18+20
  6. McDohl's Video LPs of Excessively Critical Science
  7. IT IS THE FUTURE. Let's Play Android
  8. Smiler's LP couch cushion fort
  9. Failing at being clever? It must be Foxeris' video LPs
  10. Watch Googleshng play HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THINGS!
  11. You don't know what that word means. Let's Play Ib
  12. Let's Go Exploring: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky!
  13. Friendship is Magicite? Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6!
  14. What Do You Want Let's Played? Talking Time's Most Wanted List
  15. Is That A Pony In Your Pocket? Let's Play Ponymon (Dawn Version)!
  16. Clockwork Shot vs. Mimic's Strike: Let's Play BattleCon!
  17. Crazy TE-Ryan's Discount Video LP Blowout Thread
  18. It's like chocolate in my peanut butter. Let's Play Final Fantasy V: The Ancient Cave
  19. Saving the world, one random encounter at a time - Let's Play Breath of Fire!
  20. The Seventh Umbral Era Looms! Let's Play FFXIV
  21. They bring you the grapes of wrath... Let's Play Streets of Rage (2)!
  22. You'll Go No Further. For Her Sake, Let's Play Phantom Brave Wii!
  23. Dealing with Dragons: Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins!
  24. The Masochists that Destroyed an Empire - Let's Play Final Fantasy II Advance
  25. Who Put All These Robots Here? Let's Play Mega Man: Day in the Limelight 2
  26. Square Enix breaks a record in App Prices! Let's Play Final Fantasy Dimensions!
  27. I Smite for the Trees! Let's play... FAXANADU!
  28. Photography 201: Advanced Decomposition. Let's Play Fatal Frame!
  29. Deptford Plays and Frolics!
  30. Who you gonna call? Let's Play Ghost Stories!
  31. The night no one comes home. Let's Play Mansions of Madness: Classroom Curses
  32. I use my Broadsword. Let's play HeroQuest!
  33. Rock the Dragon! Let's play King of Dragon Pass!
  34. If Norton Anti-Virus was ran by a WoW guild: Let's play Digimon World Dusk
  35. Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the shit!
  36. Drop it Dirtbag! TT enters the World of Law Enforcement, Let's Play Police Quest
  37. The Ruler of Time and Space! Letís Play Final Fantasy Legend 3
  38. "Shall I record Dragon Warrior IV on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor?"
  39. Let's Play DUNGEONMAN, The MicroLP too big to share a thread
  40. How many dragons? Six? No problem. I can handle six.
  41. Check the spreadsheet! Let's play Guessing Time!
  42. You and I Have Memories - Let's Play Earthbound
  43. These are the Voyages... Let's Play Star Trek Online!
  44. Miniboss and Gameboy Play on The Arcade!
  45. Beyond the stars and under the fallen snow - Let's Play Star Stealing Prince!
  46. A proper LP's supposed to start at the beginning. Ain't so simple with Bastion.
  47. narcodis plays things on youtube
  48. A Diary of Disposable Ninja's Descenet into Madness: Dead or Alive X-Treme 2
  49. Lets racing time
  50. What's an airport, again? Let's play Advance Wars!
  51. Wanna live underground ó Let's Play Descent Second Edition!
  52. Hack the planet! Hack the planet! Let's Play Uplink
  53. Good morning, Talking Time! Let's Play Chrono Trigger
  54. What can change the nature of a man? Let's Play Planescape: Torment!
  55. Apes, Witches, Zombies OH MY - Let's Play Ben Jordans 1-8
  56. Red's Random Rambling - Video LPs and more.
  57. Let's Play FTL: Faster Than Light!
  58. Gather 'round, ye brave young knights! It's Blazing Dragons!
  59. Let's Remake Let's Play! A discussion on Reforming/Remaking the LP Rules
  60. No Happiness Will Dwell In This Kingdom! Let's Play Rolan's Curse 1 & 2
  61. The Armor of God'll look good on me! Let's Play The Bible Game (GBA) !
  62. Escapism To Its Logical Extreme: Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!
  63. Colonization: Create a New Nation
  64. another Rescue Rangers video
  65. McDohl Hates Himself and You Even More! Let's Play Roguecraft 360!
  66. The Final Fantasy Tactics Autobattle Tournament thread
  67. Let's Play Not Worth its Own Thread: Video Edition
  68. It's Dangerous To Go AT ALL: Let's Play Zelda Classic
  69. Narishm Plays Cave Story - with Everyone!
  70. Top Spin doesn't suck?! Let's Play Mega Man 3!
  71. The Secret of the Red Blaze! Let's Play Gargoyle's Quest
  72. Y Can't Metroid Crawl? Let's Play Super Metroid... Blind!
  73. Worlds Collide: Let's Play Mushroom Kingdom Fusion!
  74. The island suddenly appeared in the sky. Let's Play Lufia & the Fortress of Doom!
  75. Giant Bug appears! You're dead! Let's play Cavequest!
  76. Let's Blow Up the Solar System - Mega Man V (Perfect!)
  77. Let's Play Persona 4: Everyday's Great at your Junes!
  78. Dungeon, Fish, Pets, Adventure: Let's Play Torchlight
  79. Striking Gold in the Heart: Let's Nuzlocke Pokemon HeartGold!
  80. Lagoon for SNES - the blind leading the blind
  81. ...And Your Saga Will Become The Guardian Legend: Let's Play!
  82. Dragon View - a Kemco joint
  83. ...and in the Darkness, blind them! LOTR4SNESBLP
  84. Treasure of the Rudras
  85. Let's play King of Dragon Pass, just as our ancestors did
  86. One Girl Army: Let's play FARIA, A WORLD OF MYSTERY AND DANGER!
  87. Boldly going where angels fear to tread! Let's play Planetfall!
  88. Itís All Upstairs From HereÖLetís Overanalyze Final Fantasy Legend
  89. LET'S STREAM PAC-MAN 2 BLIND: Something Has Broken, And It Cannot Be Fixed.
  90. The TRUE Lost Levels: Let's Play Super Mario Advance 4's E-Reader Levels!
  91. Adventures in Robo-Babysitting - Wonder Project J
  92. Aladdin for SNES - 5 hours to LP!
  93. F.E.A.R. is the name, bad jumpscares are its game
  94. ActRaiser 1 & 2 - LPs by Guild
  95. Living the dream: Let's play Link's Awakening!
  96. Oh god Oh god We're all gonna die! Let's Play Shin Megami Tensei!
  97. Fight Harder and Die with Honor! Let's Play Demon's Crest
  98. Talk about a fangtastic adventure! Let's Play Kid Dracula!
  99. Come to know Capriphobia all over again! Let's Play the Desktop Dungeons Beta!
  100. The Yolks on you! Let's Play Fantastic Dizzy!