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  1. JetSetRadio.live
  2. Do people know about The Tragically Hip?
  4. New Metallica Album Drops November 18
  5. Nostalgia Remixed: Talking about Video Game Covers
  6. Best Worst Rapping
  7. Paycheck Get: Established Musicians Writing Songs about Videogames
  8. Songs stuck in your head today
  9. Headphone Music
  10. Radiooooo
  11. We need some Halloween music
  12. What is the best Tegan and Sara album?
  13. stop everything and watch Phil Collins break your face with The Roots
  14. The most important music to YOU, PERSONALLY.
  15. Kiss Your Dad Square on the Lips: The McElroy Bros. Thread
  16. RIP Leonard Cohen
  17. RIP Leon Russell
  18. RIP Sharon Jones
  19. Well, At Least 2016 Gave Us Some Good Music
  20. RIP George Michael
  21. The Millennial Whoop
  22. No! My music nerd cred! Songs you didn't realize were covers.
  23. KMFDM
  24. Niel Cicierega's Mouth Trilogy
  25. Hit me with your best Chiptune
  26. Spend money on Bandcamp today
  27. wth does this make me think of?
  28. Chuck Berry's Dead and None of you Made A Thread
  29. The Songsmith Thread!
  30. JAWBREAKER IS REUNITING and i'm losing my shit
  31. Soft music for soft boys (and girls!)
  32. The Black Hole Sun Came - RIP Chris Cornell
  33. Two Middle Fingers Raised to the World: S-Town and Kunstlercast
  34. How I Watched Your Mother: A Podcast about How I Met Your Mother.
  35. Public Enemy released a new album for free
  36. Exercise music
  37. THE LICK
  38. Great Openers You've Seen
  39. R.I.P Chester Bennington
  40. Concert thread
  41. RIP Glen Campbell- Its the end of the line for the rhinestone cowboy Im gonna miss
  42. Walter Becker from Steely Dan has passed away
  43. Greta Van Fleet sounds like the next Led Zeppelin to me
  44. RIP Tom Petty
  45. Ladies and Gentlemen...
  46. R.I.P. Malcom Young
  47. What's your favorite music of 2017?
  48. New Doctor Demento in 2018?!
  49. RIP Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries
  50. Your Life is Incomplete Until You've Seen Heavy Metal Tunak Tunak Tun
  51. Favorite key changes!!
  52. thread of musical fuckery
  53. ♬ Classical Music: Act III-ish ♬
  54. Music Classification is Absurd
  55. Songs You Like By Artists You Hate
  56. Hexagonal Phase: The Return of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Radio