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  1. Favorite OCRemix Tracks?
  2. Should I get into Bowie?
  3. What are your OTHER podcasts?
  4. Listening Time
  5. Sad Music
  6. Tell Me What You See - Return of the Beatles thread!
  7. The Metal Thread \m/
  8. Lyrics
  9. Misheard Lyrics
  10. Cast At Demonhead
  11. The Live Music Thread
  12. Baboo Season 2: Idle Thumbs is back!
  13. Prog rock
  14. On the Stick podcast
  15. The Action Cast
  16. the Jukebox.
  17. Listening Time IV: Rage of the Son of the Bride of Listening Time
  18. What is the best Weird Al album?
  19. The Best of Tyrant Radio
  20. I Can't Stop Listening to This
  21. The Classy Thread of Classical Music
  22. If you believe in Wizards, clap you hands!: The Idle Thumbs Kickstarter
  23. Post a link to a Genesis song.
  24. Let's build the official Talking Time Pandora station.
  25. Music festivals
  26. Hit shuffle on your music thing and babble about the first few that come up
  27. Talking about Moving Pictures
  28. Make a Disney CD
  29. Slingin' Lead III: Rad Music for Hard Dudes
  30. 99.9 Fm
  31. Your 5 Favourite Songs By Your Favourite Bands
  32. Buying music
  33. FAT2: Son of Free Album Thread
  34. Parliament and Funkadelic
  35. THE LIST: Your X favorite VG tracks of all time.
  36. What the hell are you, Vinnie Paz.
  37. WANNA TYRANT RADIO: A thread in which you state your desire to Tyrant Radio
  38. The Sin of Synth
  39. Before You Accuse Me
  40. Coke Studio, the greatest intro to north indian/pakistani music you'll ever see
  41. West Coast: The Flashbulb and BARTEL in SF, Aug 4th
  42. ABBA Love, Love of ABBA
  43. The Official TT Metallica Thread
  44. Holy crap guize, Humble Music Bundle
  45. How is podcast formd?
  46. BEAT GOES TO MUSIC: Teh Thrad
  47. The Live Experience
  48. Nerdapalooza 2012
  49. You use the pencil to do what? The Cassette Thread
  50. Post Your 10 Most Listened-To Songs
  51. Radio Umby: The Realization!
  52. Sweet Valley: a fun thing
  53. Because 4/4 is boring! Interesting Time Signatures
  54. The Final Battle: Radar Love versus Twilight Zone
  55. Italo Disco thread of justifying tags
  56. Talkin Bout Menergy: The Patrick Cowley Thread
  57. The Concert Thread Of Going To Concerts
  58. The carol that you sing: Talkin' 'bout Christmas music
  59. 2012 Year-End Music Thread
  60. Your Mix Tape to the Apocalypse!
  61. I wanna sing, I wanna sing so loud
  62. Melancholic Melodies
  63. Sing me the Blues
  64. Dance your ass off
  65. Random Thread of Musical Randomness
  66. The Dewarists - Gorgeous Indian documentaries about music
  67. The Enya Appreciation Thread
  68. This American Life
  69. Headphones
  70. The Bad Lyrics Thread
  71. Musical Collaborations You'd Like to Hear
  72. Tuned Chips
  73. From the Levant to the Subcontinent: Talking About Indian and Middle Eastern Music
  74. Revive Retronauts!
  75. What Song is Stuck in Your Head Right Now?
  76. Really Great Album Art
  77. That Perfect Sound
  78. Infinite Jukebox
  79. Awesome music videos
  80. Listening Time III (US)
  81. Holy Shit Albums/Songs
  82. The Musician's Thread of Sound Creation
  83. New Kanye is out
  84. R.I.P. Slim Whitman
  85. VGMusic iPhone
  86. Inappropriate support acts
  87. The Choice Is Yours: Singles or albums?
  88. Turn radio on. Turn brain off?
  89. What's stuck in YOUR head?
  90. Where is the Retronauts of music?
  91. my band is on tour
  92. Angry Industrial Rock
  93. Hellions of Hollywood tour
  94. Slinging Lead IV: I, Zoth-Ommog
  95. Using the word Jazz
  96. Fucking LOU REED DIED?
  97. RIP Lou Reed
  98. Thread of Radio-Only Songs
  99. Einstein Simplified - the podcast! (It's improv and I'm in it.)
  100. Sixteen years of llamas with sore bottoms: Farewell, Winamp