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  1. Someone explain No Country For Old Men please
  2. Cyborgs: Awesome, monsters, or awesome monsters? (GitS)
  3. It looks like we're getting more Harry Potter movies
  4. Eating Ice Cream from the Carton and Watching Movies: Comfort Films
  5. Rock and Jock! Music and Sports Documentaries
  6. Spraaaaaaaaang breaaaaaaak forevaaaaaaaah
  7. Welcome to Level 7, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  8. Vodka Jazz Beard Bombs: Homeland Season 3
  9. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. Reboot!
  10. The Streaming Movies Thread of Esoteric Treasures
  11. Talking about in Inappropriate Comedy: Can Jokes Go Too Far?
  12. Spooky Time! Movies for Halloween
  13. Just when you thought Japan could never be cool again...
  14. Brickroad's Ridiculous Stream
  15. Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Pinhead Vs. Tall Man Vs. Whoever
  16. 2 Best Friends
  17. In Praise of Steven Soderbergh
  18. Blinkpen Watches Twin Peaks
  19. In Da Hoooood
  20. Best Christmas Movies
  21. Oldboy: A Spike Lee Joint
  22. Paul Walker dies of irony.
  23. A New Shipment Has Just Arrived
  24. 'Tis the Season! Let's watch... Christmas Specials!
  25. Blade Alien Runner Nation Too Old for this Shit: The Almost Human Thread
  26. Jon Favreau Directs MTV's Elfstones of Shannara.
  27. I Do Not Accept This: DFW Biopic (Every Man For Himself)
  28. Youtube Apocalypse 2014: Apocalypse Harder
  29. So late 90s it hurts: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Thread
  30. C'mon bro you gotta smoke crack with me: The Wolf of Wall Street
  31. Who here likes WataMote?
  32. 2014 Watched Movies, TV Shows, etc.
  33. uncle phil nooooo
  34. Dragon Ball, sans Z
  35. Call the poliiiiiiice; Ren and Stimpy, seriously
  36. I Had Something For This: The Archer Thread
  37. Oscar nom nom noms
  38. Oh, look at that, I've been impaled - talkin' bout FROZEN
  39. The Unsung: Minor Yet Major Characters
  40. Bosch - Let's just pretend this a Wire reunion
  41. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman
  42. The Bourne Blabbery
  44. RIP Shirley Temple
  45. True Detective
  46. The Charlie Kaufman Thread of Eternally Shining Sunspots
  47. Wes Anderson Thread of Incredibly Twee Whimsy
  48. Revisiting South Park
  49. Dogville (and Movies/TV With Terrible People)
  50. Harold Ramis died
  51. Father Son Bonding Time: March James Bond Marathon
  52. Bon appétit! Hannibal the TV series
  53. So, Cosmos.
  54. Is there a thread for the new Star Wars movies? Cause I don't think there's a thread.
  55. I have a lot to say about Star Wars
  56. Thug Notes
  57. The Goonies described inappropriately
  58. Aw, Geez, Rick. I-I-I'm Not Sure We Need a Rick and Morty Thread
  59. This is just like the time I made a Family Guy thread
  60. Why Do Nerds Care About Canon
  61. A dissection of Gary Busey's roast of Larry the Cable Guy
  62. Hey Everybody Everybody, let's talk about Homestar Runner!
  63. Road Trip Movies
  64. Triptank
  65. Who gives a fuck with David Letterman
  66. Mickey Rooney has passed away.
  67. Guys Venture Bros artbook you guys.
  68. Bob Hoskins has died.
  69. Constantine: Because Hellblazer is still too racy for Prime Time
  70. Everyone, please calm yourselves, there's a live-action Beauty and the Beast reboot
  71. Orange is the New Thread
  72. What are the best zombie movies?
  73. Eli Wallach Dies at 98.
  74. On Behalf of the Moon: a Sailor Moon Reboot/Reissue Thread
  75. Homestar Runner is coming back.
  76. Identify this media from a few hazy clues
  77. "Video Nasties", censorship, exploitation, moral panic! Talking about shocking cinema
  78. Shakeup at Ghibli
  79. Venture Bros Season 6
  80. Grover and Mr. Johnson: Blue Monster vs. Blue Man
  81. Let's have a thread about Batman movies.
  82. Robin Williams dead at 63
  83. Hartley Hare and British childrens' television
  84. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
  85. Let's Watch a Chick Flick: Dark Dungeons (The Movie!)
  86. bustin makes me feel good
  87. Joan Rivers has passed away
  88. Movie Monster Megathread
  89. Captain N turns 25.
  90. If every porkchop were perfect we wouldn't have hotdogs. The Steven Universe thread
  91. Shark Tank
  92. The Popeye Movie. "Here I yam, all t'ree dymenskinal!"
  93. This Thread Needs an Enema: Talking about Gotham
  94. 2014 Netflix/Amazon Instant horror movie recommendations
  95. Rated PG-13
  96. Faster than greased lightning. Talking about The Flash
  97. Bollywood
  98. Jane the Virgin
  99. The Definitive DC Movie Thread
  100. HBO GO Solo: Cable without the cable TV