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  1. We came here to burgle your turts: the Over the Garden Wall thread
  2. Big Hero 6
  3. The Arrow Thread of Pretending Smallville Never Happened
  4. The Dangling Plot Thread: Shows Cancelled With Cliffhangers
  5. Good Grief! It's the Peanuts Movie Thread, Charlie Brown!
  6. Richard Linklater Gives Me All The Feels
  7. Everyone in Smash Mouth is rich: The Shrek Thread
  8. Gripe about what you're watching
  9. You are all wrong: This movie is terrible
  10. Not Playing In A Theater Near You: We Should All Be Disgusted About The Interview
  11. You are all wrong: this movie is excellent
  12. Unedited Footage of a Bear
  13. Edited Footage of a Bear
  14. Judging films by their covers: Posters and whatnot
  15. The End of Truthiness: A Report Final Episode Thread
  16. 2014 in Media
  17. "who's your top 5?"
  18. If I don't talk about Rurouni Kenshin right now I'm going to die
  19. 2015 Media Salivation
  20. 2015 Watched Movies, TV Shows, etc.
  21. Fawlty Towers (TT TV Fun Club: Jan '15)
  22. The WORST is Yet to come! A Batman '66 Thread
  23. Sit back and here we go! Attend the thread of Galavant!
  24. 2014 Oscar nom nom noms
  25. Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy
  26. RIP Origa
  27. Let's Get Dangerous! The Darkwing Duck Thread of Flapping In the Night
  28. Good Nightly! The Nightly Show Thread
  29. Movies & Geography
  30. Ghost in the Shell
  31. Pauline Kael: Maestro Movie Magic Critic!
  32. Knights Of The Dinner Table Live! Roll for initiative!
  33. Before Final Destination... there was Home Alone
  34. Wheel of Time gets a television show. Nobody notices.
  35. From Russia, With Wigs: The Americans
  36. Better Call Saul: Discussions, Confessions & Lamentations
  37. Jon Stewart Leaving the Daily Show
  38. New Power Rangers Movie: Veddy, Veddy Dark N' Gritty
  39. In 2017: Life will once again be like a Hurricane (New DuckTales!)
  40. Leonard Nimoy has passed away
  41. Sad Movies & Shows
  42. Night of the living Talking Tyrants.
  43. Weird things in movies that bother you
  44. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's theme song is now stuck in your head
  45. Food Movies - Don't Cite Good Burger
  46. Killed them all, of course: THE JINX
  47. iZombie on CW
  48. Pac-Man's a bad guy? Pixels.
  49. Shows Ending Before They Really End
  50. Robocop versus Robocop
  51. The Adventures of Catholic Batman: Talkin' 'Bout the Man Without Fear
  52. Comedy Nerd Thread
  53. Voy a robarles la Declaración de Independencia
  54. A History of the First War; The Warcraft Movie
  55. MAD MAX: The Fast and The Furiousa
  56. Ex Machina, Deus
  57. Gamera Is Really Neat, He is Made of Turtle Meat...
  58. I am a We (Sharing our feelings about Sense8)
  59. R.I.P Christopher Lee
  60. RIP Dusty Rhodes
  61. James Horner
  62. Mr. Robot (It's Not About Robots)
  63. Creed: Son of Apollo, Trainee of Rocky
  64. Why doesn't anyone like Kevin Smith though
  65. Kubrick Stares
  66. YOU ARE CAUGHT IN MY POWER! MUSKRAT LOVE! The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Thread
  67. Ash vs Evil Dead
  68. Why do TV shows change directors?
  69. What happened to Kung Fu flix?
  70. Back in the nineties, I was in a very famous TV show; Bojack Horseman
  71. Why is there NO Mr. Robot Thread?
  72. Oh Rocky You're So Fine
  73. Show Me A Hero (From the Dudes Who Made The Wire)
  74. ............
  75. Marco Guardian, Guardian of the Marco!! - Star vs the Forces of Evil
  76. The Daily Show, With Trevor Noah; Meet the new ass. Same as the old ass.
  77. The Wander and tHE AXE! - Talking About Wander Over Yonder
  78. Metástasis
  79. RIP Wes Craven
  80. Best Edited Short Film Ever?
  81. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
  82. Where's my flying cars? I WAS PROMISED FLYING CARS!
  83. When this baby hits 88 miles per hour...
  84. Best Mortal Kombat Fight
  85. The Good Dinosaur
  86. Redub of Evangelion
  87. Good things in HEAT
  88. Coming Attractions: Movie Trailers & Teasers
  89. Ask Hatter & Hare
  90. The Leftovers: All that is solid melts into air
  91. They're not just for movies anymore: The TV Trailer Thread
  92. Wait, This Apparently Isn't a Procedural? Talking about Supergirl
  93. Mr. Show 2: W/ Bob & David
  94. There is no creep as creepy as my creep- a song about internet dating
  95. Best Movie Trailers
  96. Experience the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on twitch
  97. The Never-Ending Conflict Makes A Clacking Sound
  99. Do You Remember Macross?
  100. Hail to El Jefe: Ash Vs Evil Thread