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08-12-2010, 08:22 PM
So, lately I've been on a bit of a binge with the Jovian Chronicles books, running a demo game at a con back in April really whetted my appetite but since then I've lacked the time and bodies to fill out a campaign. It just seems like I have more people interested in Star Wars or fantasy RPG's in general than mech gaming, so I was kinda wondering if anyone about the boards was a fan of these sort of games, had favorite games they'd wanna bring up or share, so on.

I've been leaning toward kind of a wargaming bent lately, so like I said, the Dream Pod 9 Sil system is really becoming my favorite since the rules are so easy to tweak toward cinematic abstraction, but still provide kind of a grounded wargaming system. Then you get JC: Lightning Strike, which goes and changes the entire 'scale' of the game to include battleships. (I'd love to use Lightning Strike to do something Macross-inspired. The demo I ran back at Anime Punch! (small con, Columbus based) under Silhouette rules was a Godannar/G-Gundam-alike involving stereotype robots destroying Paris for credit on killing a Monster Of The Week.

(Neo-Russia nuked the entire city with its self destruct because the player had to leave for a panel and wanted to do something nifty on his last turn. Woo!)

Battletech, I always had mixed feelings about even though it's more widely known. It manages to be simpler and more overcomplicated at the same time (point build customization and simple 'armor points' for damage/random hit table, tracking of heat, etc) Honestly I haven't touched the game since I spent an undue amount of time scratch building an astoundingly tourney illegal unit, sicced it on a friend, and had it get headshot in turn one.

Let's talk robots!

08-12-2010, 09:07 PM
Nunix, SlimJimm, and I used to play us some BattleTech via a java app. (See a few action reports here (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=8191).) It was generally pretty good, but there were a few dropped connections and the thing was sadly unstable if you didn't have any mechs in your army for some reason.

So much for all VTOLs/armored infantry battles =(

But anyway, more on topic, I like these games in theory, but the investment required in time and and money is just so huge. I am tempted to get me some Hordes, but recent expenditures on other things has pretty much put the kibosh on the idea. I'm still feeling the urge to get the new rulebook/the Ouroborous splatbook, which will probably give me practically all the enjoyment I'd get from actually playing it.

Page 5 of the Warmachine/Horde rulebooks is the best rule of all miniatures games, though.