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02-18-2011, 11:09 PM
I'm thinking of trying to get a story published some time this year, but it would be pretty great to have someone read it and critique it for me, first. That is, when it's ready. I know there are probably a lot of other writers on here that might think having a fellow tyrant give them an opinion on their work sounds like a good idea, too, since people on here seem to be generally intelligent, literate and trustworthy, but aren't a close friend or family member, with all the possible softening of criticism that implies.

So I thought I'd set up this thread so that a writer can post that they've got a piece of work that needs proofreading/critiquing/etc., and people on the forums can PM said writer if they are interested in doing so.

RULES: Post in this thread if you've got something you think is worth putting out there, but want a second opinion on first. The main rule is that the person reading the work is not allowed to disclose any content or opinions on said content to other parties besides themselves and the writer without the express consent of the writer. Details such as time, feedback, compensation (if necessary) and such should obviously be worked out via PM and/or email.

If enough people think this is all a good idea, I'll probably try to get this thread stickied.