View Full Version : Soon I Will Be Invincible

06-25-2007, 06:49 PM
Anyone else reading this book? (http://www.sooniwillbeinvincible.com/)

It's pretty great, I think.

Evil Dead Junkie
06-25-2007, 11:49 PM
AV Club gave it a glowing review.

I'll probably pick it up in Paperback.

But honestly isn't this just The Monarch in book form?

06-26-2007, 07:52 AM
Sort of. The villain isn't nearly as pathetic as the Monarch for one thing, and the POV alternates between him and one of the heroes every chapter. It reads very much like a mashup of Watchmen, The Venture Bros., Mystery Men and The Incredibles, but very much in a good way.

I usually get about halfway through a book and then set it down for weeks or months. This one I've gone mostly through in a weekend, and I'll probably finish it tonight. Theyve got it at SLO's B&N and Borders, at the least. Even the jacket design is terrific.

06-26-2007, 08:06 AM
I saw it at the bookstore a couple of days ago and it caught my eye, but I wasn't really interested in it until checking out that site.

I'll probably pick it up at my first chance.

06-26-2007, 08:14 AM
One more thing: the author, Austin Grossman, worked for Looking Glass, and amon others his game credits include Thief: Deadly Shadows, Clive Barker's Undying, Deus Ex, Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri and System Shock, as well as Tomb Raider: Legend. He's still a consultant on game projects, from what I read.

06-26-2007, 08:31 AM
I have this requested at the library, so as soon as it comes in, I'll give it a read.

Calorie Mate
06-26-2007, 11:42 AM
This sounds awesome.

...hm, I wonder if I can find it around here on my lunch break?

07-13-2007, 06:08 PM
I'm about halfway through it, and I'm loving it so far. I'm not looking forward to finishing it, but it's one of those ones that, if I let myself, I could just breeze through in one sitting.

I really like Doctor Impossible and even though he probably WON'T win, it's hard not to root for him, regardless. Would it be so wrong for the poor guy to conquer the earth at least once? I mean, come on.