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06-29-2008, 12:15 PM
Episode 1: The Beginning


In this installment of the Ogre Battle series, players assume the role of Magnus Gallant, a young military officer in a time of social unrest. Your mission is to form alliances and battle your way to victory. Using the game's real-time battle system, you command your army through numerous battles, and as your forces grow stronger, you decide the fate of
the Palatinus kingdom.

Ogre Battle 64 features a cartridge-save system that allows you to store up to three separate files, 3-D field maps, and a special tutorial mode to enhance your battle skills. And, with more than 50 hours of gameplay and different possible endings, Ogre Battle 64 is likely to take up long-term residency in your console.

Seriously Atlus, you need to come up with better product descriptions than this. “It’s got maps, a tutorial, and it lets you save!!!” Wow. That’s incredible, Atlus.

But hey, we’re going to play it anyway. It really is a phenomenal game; trust me. If strategy RPGs are your kind of thing, then OB64 is the game for you. I haven’t played the game in, oh, eight years or so. Eight years isn’t the longest time, but it’s certainly long enough to forget the details of an obscure strategy RPG for the Nintendo 64. I remember the basics of gameplay, but time has dulled my overall knowledge of the game. I just don’t remember all of the hardcore stuff I used to know.

So I’ll be turning to you, the TT readers, for directions. This is still my LP so I’m going to be making some of the decisions for us…but I’ll be leaving all of the major decisions to you guys. I’ll also be reviewing our units each update so if any of you have any changes you want to make to the current set up of our army, let me know. Any non-hero unit can be renamed too, so if you have any renaming requests, throw them out there.

So now that that’s out of the way, Let’s Battle Ogres!

Note: I know the images are a bit large, but if I make them smaller they become a pixelated mess. So I'm just going to leave them this size and limit the overall number of images I use. And the images are a bit pixelated...that's an issue with my emulator. I can clear up the pixelation in the character portraits, but if I do that then the text becomes unreadable. So we're just going to have to make do like this. Sorry everyone, but I don't have mad photoshop skillz.

Boy 2: ...Yeah.
Boy 1: Why can't you stay here? Why the military academy, why?
Boy 2: God knows where my mother is...and I can't stand being around my father.
Yumil: ...
Boy 2: I'm leaving...Yumil, I promise I'll make you proud. I have to learn to stand on my own...so I can protect both of us.

This beginning scene is very melodramatic. It's also very sepia-toned. It's important to the story too so try to remember it. Back when I was 14, I thought that this game's writing was outstanding, but looking at now it's pretty atrocious. But hey, there's a good story buried in there somewhere and we're going to find it. Also, I know you can't tell but the music is pretty moving for an Nintendo 64 game too.

Winnea, Capital of Palatinus

Ischka Military Academy
Graduation Ceremony

"Our next graduate..."

Archbishop Odiron: He who has learned the way of the sword and god's teachings,


The Progenitor!? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-Virus#Progenitor_virus)

Archbishop Odiron: I shalt now complete thy training with an oath to our Mother Berthe. What is thy name?


Don’t worry, this will make sense in a second (keep in mind that the game doesn't let you change your last name).


If it still doesn’t make sense, then you obviously never had to wait in a doctor and/or dentist’s office during your childhood (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goofus_and_gallant).

Next you’re asked when your birthday is. This only affects one minor thing in the game, so I just put my birthday in because I'm a narcissistic bastard.

At this point, Odiron asks a series of questions that determines what units you start with. It's not super important what we start with since I'm going to be dumping a big chunk of our initial line up anyway, so I just went ahead and picked the answers for you. I know, I know. I'm just a really nice guy, what can I say?


Passion, because Goofus loves the ladies.


Anarchy, because Gallant believes that rules are meant to be followed.


Might, because Goofus beats up nerds and takes their lunch money.


Glory, because Gallant feels that the Gods should be honored.


Wealth, because Goofus’ trendy coke habit is costing him an arm and a leg.

06-29-2008, 12:16 PM

Chaos, because that’s the kind of boring shit Gallant would say.


Wind, because I wanted to. No good reason.

Odiron then gives you some gifts which also depend on how you answered your questions. The only noteworthy item we got was a whip. Beastmasters use whips, and I hate beastmasters...and the fact that we got a whip means we'll probably be starting with at least one beastmaster. So this is kind of a drag. But whatever, we’re going to reconstruct a few units after the first battle anyway so none of this really matters right now.

Atlus USA Presents
Developed and Licensed by Quest/Nintendo


That’s right, apparently this is the sixth game in this series. Even though the only other entry in this series is Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen for the SNES, and the rest of the games are either sidestories or remakes. But apparently there’s six of ‘em! And they’ll probably never get made ever, because God (and Atlus apparently) hate me.


What the hell is a person of lordly caliber anyway? Well, I guess we’ll find out, right? Cue opening movie!







Southern Region, Akka Castle
Personnel Assignment Ceremony


Godeslas goes on for a while about Alba is a rugged region and you can’t slack off…blah, blah. There’s only three things you really need to take out of this scene:

- there’s a training exercise you need to go on but first you must meet with an advisor
- Godeslas is your superior.
- Godeslas has a friggin’ AWESOME mustache. He looks like a 70s pornstar. Seriously, look at it.


Look at it (and my mad MSPaint skillz). Drink it in. You wish you had a mustache like that.

No I don’t. I’m a woman.

Yes you do. You’re in denial. It's that bad ass. But let’s move on.

06-29-2008, 12:17 PM
Grey-Haired Old Man: ...Come in.


And yes, I will be posting screenshots of each time G&G is referred to by his full name, because I think it's hilarious.

Grey-Haired Old Man: Alright, let me see..


G&G: ...?
Hugo the Tactician: My name is Hugo Miller. I'm your adviser. Graduated from the Ischka Military Academy, eh? ...what, are you nervous? Don't worry, I'm here to guide you. You'll get used to it in time. Alright, you're dismissed. ...Head to Tenne Plains and get ready for training. We will begin as soon as everyone arrives.
G&G: Excuse me sir, but...is that it?
Hugo: When you get old, you can tell a lot just by looking at people's faces. While we lack strength, our knowledge and experience more than make up for it. And...to tell you the truth, I've known about you for a long time. Come on, get outta here. Looks like the next guy's waiting. Go get ready for training. Understood?


Uh oh! Looks like Dio’s gotten himself into some hot water! *sitcom laugh track goes here* Dio’s the stock “hothead” character, and he’s simultaneously the stock “main character’s rival who becomes his best friend” character. In addition to that, he’s got a chip on his shoulder and something to prove (which will be revealed shortly). That’s a lot of generic character rolled into one! But he’s not that bad in battle and you get him super early, so he’s a good character to keep around. Plus, he’s named after Dio (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkysjcs5vFU). Gotta love that.


We’re now taken to the map for the first time. Right now we don’t really have anywhere to go but forward, but we can take a break and review what troops we have so far.


It’s hard to tell from this picture, but so far we have three units. The top unit is G&G’s unit. G&G’s unit always starts with two female archers and two male fighters. Always. The next unit has a beastmaster, two fighters, and two soldiers. Soldiers are essentially cannon fodder. They attack at half damage and basically exist just to keep your legit unit members from dying. They’re good if you need a spot filled and don’t have anything else, but we’ll be phasing them out very quickly. The last unit has an upgraded archer, a regular archer, and two groups of soldiers. We’ll also be getting a few more units when Dio joins up with us before the next battle, and then we’ll be making some major changes. But for now this will have to do. I made some changes in formation, but none of this matters too much right now.

06-29-2008, 12:18 PM

Dio: Diomedes Rangue reporting as requested, sir!
Hugo: Oh, I didn't expect you two to arrive at the same time...nice and prompt. I hope you came prepared, Diomedes.


Dio: And call me Dio, alright? You too! You'd better not call me Diomedes, or else...

There’s that temper again! UH OH!!!

Sitcom audience: Oooooohh…..

Hugo: Okay, okay. Will you calm down? I want you to head for the Theodricus Mine, to the west. There's been quite a number of incidents recently, where the workers were attacked by wild beasts. In addition, there are bandits in the area. The locals are very concerned about the situation. ...Now, go take care of it. Take a look at this map.


There’s a briefing before each mission begins. Hugo will typically explain the mission's objectives and you'll get to look at a map of the area. This mission is super easy, so I’ll summarize what we're supposed to be doing. See that red square? That’s what we need to capture. We start at the blue square, and we already control the blue circles. The enemy controls the red circles. The green one is neutral. Got it? Don’t worry if you don’t, you’ll understand eventually.

Hugo: Goofus, you command the troops.
Hugo: Let's start the training. I'll be waiting outside.
Dio: Hey, wait a minute! What's this all about?!


Hugo: I tested each of you, in my own way. Besides, it's only temporary. Don't make such a fuss about it. ...you hear me? *Hugo leaves*
Dio: Why do you get to be the commander?! ...Come on, let's take it outside.


There are a few points in the game that radically alter the story depending on your decision, and we’ve now run into one. We haven’t even gotten to the first level yet, and we’re already faced with an important decision! Atlus certainly doesn’t screw around. This is admittedly the least important one, but it’s important all the same.

So what do you say guys? Do we fight him or pass?

Spoiler about the choice: [if you fight him, he’ll eventually leave the party. So I recommend we pass.]

Oh, and remember to submit any names for party members if you think of any.


We’re keeping this guy, though. Badguy the Fighter friggin' STAYS.

06-29-2008, 12:27 PM
No way we're gonna sink to his level. I say we pass and stay on the higher ground where it's nice and sunny.

Also, I request that a unit be named Beef Jerky.

06-29-2008, 12:30 PM
I've been looking forward to this game. I played it earlier this year and only got about halfway through because I was too much of a goody-two-shoes and my Alignment was too high. I couldn't even get generic classes like Dianas and Dragon Masters, much less low-alignment classes like Warlocks... everyone was either a Paladin, a Freya, or a Priest.

Spare Dio, obviously.

06-29-2008, 12:31 PM
If it still doesn’t make sense, then you obviously never had to wait in a doctor and/or dentist’s office during your childhood (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goofus_and_gallant)

Too true. But then again everyone just wanted to do the "find the objects" picture.
And wasnt Diomedes someone in the Illiad or Odyssey? But Im glad he changes his name to Dio. Dio rocks.

As for the important decision, Id say fight him because Dio is a dick, but if he is a real good party member later in the game I guess leave him alone.

Octopus Prime
06-29-2008, 12:32 PM
Dio's a jerk. Beat him up for me.

I also would like a unit named Rumpus.

06-29-2008, 12:35 PM
1) Can you.. sort of explain what the initial character choices do? The fact that you rushed through 'em rather than asking means either they're not important, or you have a specific idea in mind, and that'd be good to share. -.-

2) Is this game as soul-crushingly hard as SNES Ogre Battle? I literally broke a controller over that game. It drove me into some kind of primal rage, and I've never even looked at it since.

06-29-2008, 12:39 PM
1) Can you.. sort of explain what the initial character choices do? The fact that you rushed through 'em rather than asking means either they're not important, or you have a specific idea in mind, and that'd be good to share. -.-

The answers to the questions give you "points" in certain categories, the results of which detemines the classes and equipment of your initial units. Like he said, though, he can shift these characters around to be basically whatever he wants after a few level ups, so it's not a huge deal in the long run.

The element he selected is his initial "Elem Pedra", a special attack which can be activated in battles.

06-29-2008, 12:40 PM
Oh I just thought of something. Since we already have Dio we need some more rockers like Lemmy, Ozzy, Hetfield, Gillian (Ian Gillian of Deep Purple) etc.

06-29-2008, 12:40 PM
The first update's already over, but I figured that since we never even got to the tutorial level before getting hit with an important choice, I figured that I’d take this time to explain the basics of the game to you all. Next update you’ll see all of this in action, so get ready for awesomeness. I recommend that everyone read this first section where I describe how gameplay works., despite it's inherent boringness. Next update, I’ll explain how the alignment system and the Chaos Frame system work. That’s optional reading, but I strongly suggest everyone take a look at it.

OB64 is a real time strategy RPG. Each mission takes place in a particular area with certain headquarters and strongholds. These places each have a certain level of morale which is defined by a numerical value. This will be important when I explain how the Chaos Frame works later, so please remember this. On each map, you can deploy any available units at your headquarters. Each unit can only have up to five characters in it, depending on each character’s size. For example, a dragon takes up more room in a unit and limits the number of party members. Typically a beast or dragon takes up enough room to accommodate two party members. Each unit is composed of a 3 X 3 grid. Individual members can be placed anywhere on the grid. This determines what attacks they will use, as well as how often they will use them and what enemy attacks will be able to hurt them. Obviously, units in the front row are more likely to be physically attacked while units in the back row are less likely to be physically attacked. Units that are bunched together are susceptible to AOE magic attacks, but they are also capable of being healed easier with healing AOE spells (both of which become more common later in the game). Units posted at strongholds that you control will regenerate health. The same is true for opposing units. Some strongholds have shops you can use, too.

Each unit is represented on the map by the unit’s leader. Only certain characters can lead units (See the medal in the upper left in the picture below? That means you can lead a unit). When one of your units meets an enemy on the world map, a battle ensues. All battles occur automatically. Like I mentioned before, the attacks your characters use are determined by where they are positioned. For example, Fighters will attack twice in the front row and only once in the middle or back rows. The opposite is true for Wizards and Clerics. Proper positioning in a given unit is incredibly important.


Here’s our main character, G&G. Notice the three different Slash attacks? That's what I was talking about. G&G is unique in that he gets two attacks in the front and back rows, while only getting one in the middle. It’s important to position all of your characters properly and take advantage of your unit members’ abilities. You can also see the 3x3 grid I was talking about in the bottom part of the screen.

After a set number of turns (determined by the characters’ abilities and class), a winner and a loser are determined. If a unit is wiped out, obviously the other unit is the winner. If there is no clear winner, then the unit who dealt more damage is determined the winner. After the battle, you are returned to the map. The winning unit’s leader stays put while the losing unit is “pushed back” a short distance. This “push” enables the losing unit to either turn and flee, or continue forward and attack again. It can also spell certain disaster if you are trying to defend a particular stronghold.

In addition, special spells called pedras can be used at certain points in the battle. Think of them as summoning magic. They play a very minor role early in the game, but can be quite powerful later in the game. There are four basic elemental ones, as well as one for “virtue” and “bane” (light/dark, holy/evil, you get the idea). It is possible to have all of the pedras at once. You are issued one at the beginning of the game. We choose wind, because screw you guys I like wind magic. Don’t worry about it too much though. I didn’t even know how to use them until my second playthrough so obviously it’s not too important.

Proper positioning is a key to success in this game. If an enemy unit runs into one of yours with your unit facing the opposite direction, your units’ grid positions will be reversed which will typically limit your combat abilities and spell certain doom for your unit. The same is true if your unit is attacked from the side. Your unit’s grid position will rotate, and will again potentially limit your effectiveness.

There’s also Fatigue and a whole bunch of other stuff, but as long as this stuff makes sense to you, then you’ll be able to follow along.

Oh, and Rumpus and Beef Jerky will be making an appearance after our first battle, guys.

Pajaro Pete
06-29-2008, 12:44 PM
Seriously Atlus, you need to come up with better product descriptions than this. “It’s got maps, a tutorial, and it lets you save!!!” Wow. That’s incredible, Atlus.

Shhh... Atlus has eyes everywhere.

Let's not fight him, because I really don't want to sit through another "Asshole Bestfriend" in a SRPG.

06-29-2008, 12:47 PM
1) Can you.. sort of explain what the initial character choices do? The fact that you rushed through 'em rather than asking means either they're not important, or you have a specific idea in mind, and that'd be good to share. -.-

2) Is this game as soul-crushingly hard as SNES Ogre Battle? I literally broke a controller over that game. It drove me into some kind of primal rage, and I've never even looked at it since.

1) It's not that important. Each choice has a numerical value tied to a second level class. So...say, picking Passion for the first choice will give you two points towards Knight, five points towards Archer, and ten points towards Beastmaster and so on for all of the second classes. At the end of all of the choices, the points are added up and your starting units will be lead by the classes that have the most points. We have units headed up by an Archer and a Beastmaster so I guess the ones I picked have more points towards them than the others. We get two more units (in addition to Dio's) at the beginning of this first battle, so we'll see what else we get.

It's ultimately not important because we're going to be changing the hell out of our roster anyway, and before the game is done we'll probably have 70+ characters that not only are we not using, but have never used. So don't sweat it.

2) No, but it's not exactly a cakewalk either.

Notice: I'm going to go eat lunch and then play some Rock Band for a bit, but then I'll play the first mission and have an update up sometime later today.

06-29-2008, 01:10 PM
I remember wanting to get this when it came out, but I was a poor grade schooler with no access to money. Now you're making me envious.

Seriously - why is this NOT on the Virtual Console? The first Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre came out for the SNES too, so it's possible we'll see them again someday.


06-29-2008, 01:11 PM
The answers to the questions give you "points" in certain categories, the results of which detemines the classes and equipment of your initial units. Like he said, though, he can shift these characters around to be basically whatever he wants after a few level ups, so it's not a huge deal in the long run.

The element he selected is his initial "Elem Pedra", a special attack which can be activated in battles.

Less major than the questions at the start of Ogre Battle, then? I remember the starting lord builds ranging from impossibly bad to frickin awesome.

I say spare him your wrath because that's what heroes are always supposed to do!!

06-29-2008, 01:17 PM
It's ultimately not important because we're going to be changing the hell out of our roster anyway, and before the game is done we'll probably have 70+ characters that not only are we not using, but have never used. So don't sweat it.

Wasn't so much about "sweating it" as, "Hey, it's a Let's Play, explain what you're doin'" =p 'sall good now I guess.

06-29-2008, 01:49 PM
If JoJo's Bizarre Adventure taught me anything, it's that anyone named Dio should be dealt with swiftly so they don't become immortal vampires with the power to stop time.

On the other hand, if he develops the power to stop time, it would prove incredibly useful to our cause....

No, forget it, we should fight him now and get it over with.

06-29-2008, 03:55 PM
Spare him but use him as the meatshield unit EVERY TIME in return for his jerkiness.

06-29-2008, 04:08 PM
I nominate WhiteMage as the name of some barbarian/berserker sort. Because these things should be as non-intuitive as possible.

06-29-2008, 04:33 PM
I rented this game in high school and was always sad I couldn't finish it in one week.

Magnus got a starring role in my eleventh grade English term paper as a student of a magical academy who sneaks out, gets drunk at a carnival, passes out, and starts dreaming about fantasy-ized versions of the books we'd read that year. The title page featured the drinking sprite of the Harvest Moon farmer staggering around the border.

Man, I wish I still had a copy of that paper...

06-29-2008, 04:41 PM
This game is the only N64 game I regret selling off. VC please!

06-29-2008, 04:46 PM
Sorry guys, but more people voted to not fight. Plus, it's the "right" choice so...yeah, we're not gonna do it.

G&G: No, I won't. What's the big deal about who's better than who anyway? I don't mind if you are the commander.

Wait, what the fuck? I mind if he's the commander! Don't be such a bitch, Gallant!



Chip on shoulder/something to prove confirmed!

G&G: I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
Voice: Get ahold of yourself, Dio!


Hugo: Don't be so rash. The rest of your life isn't set in stone, right?
Dio: But...!
Hugo: Enough! You'll eventually understand your shortcomings.
Dio: ...
Hugo: For now, follow my orders. I'll assess your skills according to your performance. Go take care of those beasts if you want to make a name for yourself.
Dio: (Damn it, we're not janitors...We're soldiers...)



Remember, if Goofus ever dies it’s an instant game over. But this shouldn’t be much of an issue because Goofus is one of the best characters in the game and never dies ever.


I started by deploying all six of my units. I previously mentioned that when Dio joins up, you get three more units. Dio’s unit has three fighters and an amazon (the base male and female classes). It’s almost identical to G&G’s units except there’s a third fighter instead of a second amazon. The second unit’s only noteworthy member is a Valkyrie. OB64 is a very sexist game. Females make really shitty physical fighters. Valkyries are okay, at best. So we’ll probably need to change her class to something else later…maybe a Dragon Tamer if we can get ahold of a dragon? Just a thought. The third unit is actually really good; a beast tamer with a hellhound. We’re now presented with a problem: we have two beast tamers. This is not good. Beast tamers are crappy on their own, but they boost the stats of any beasts that are in their unit. This does not stack, however so we only need one. During the battle we’ll be acquiring all the gear we need to make a ninja so I’m planning on making one of them into a ninja at some point. Ninjas suck, but their third class variant (ninja master) is pretty good, so this might work out. For now our army is pretty shitty, but this is all salvageable.

Anyway, G&G, Mary (the archer unit), and Leon (one of the beast tamers) head for the town on the left, Mulsuk. Dio and his units (Seeta the Valkyrie and Gail the oddly-named-male-Beast Tamer) head for Bordeux, the red town in the south.


Sometimes, when you’re wandering around the map, you’ll find items. G&G found a pair of Old Clothing, which is essentially useless. Gail, the oddly named male Beast Tamer, found a Baldr Sword almost immediately after in a different part of the map, and that’s good news.

G&G arrives in Mulsuk and runs into trouble, with a capital T! Our first battle! There’s even a bit of story since it’s our first battle!


Wizard: The Southern Division?! They're here already?
Warrior: Calm down! It's not that big of a problem. Our plan has already been initiated. We must stop them! Or else it will come to naught. Nothing will change. Everything will remain the same. This is for our future! I'll leave this place to you. Buy as much time as possible!
*G&G shows up*
Wizard: A, alright, come on! You dogs! G,get...get out of our way!

Unfortunately, my emulator tweaked out and there wasn’t any background during this fight so I decided against taking pictures. We were able to win and we even killed the unit’s leader in the progress! That’s not bad at all for our first battle. Remember that “push” I mentioned in the addendum? Well since we won, the wizard was pushed away leaving Mulsuk completely open and…


Hurray! This is actually really, really good news. Read this episode’s addendum for more information on why this is a good thing.

I’m such a tease, I know.

06-29-2008, 04:47 PM
Shortly after, Dio and the gang liberated the entirely unprotected Bordeux. There’s a neutral city to the south of Bordeux, which we won’t be capturing (seriously, I know the addendum is boring…that’s why I didn’t put it in the main post, but it will answer all of your burning questions). A few more units arrive from the nearby town of Buchanan. Magnus and the gang are able to push them back. Now we’re presented with this situation:


Notice the building floating above the Knight and Witch? That means that they’re hurt, and they will try and flee to a stronghold to regenerate health. Fortunately, if you can catch up with them, you can make them “panic” (picture anime sweatdrops) and they will focus on running away rather than on heading to a stronghold. The skull above the wizard means that we killed the unit’s leader and it is permanently in a panicked state. He will try to run away and will fight back if you fight him, but he won’t do much else. He’ll keep doing that either until you kill him or his unit is forced to camp.

Remember that “fatigue” thing I mentioned earlier? There’s a gauge (which I haven’t shown yet) that shows your unit’s fatigue. Fatigue can be regenerated at a stronghold, or by camping. Camping can be done anywhere, but it leaves you unit completely open. If you let a unit’s fatigue get to the max, your unit will stop and camp wherever it is.

This is typically really, really bad.

From this screenshot, I split up my forces. G&G went after the fleeing Knight and eventually caught up to him and killed him. We got an Iron Claw (starting ninja weapon) for our trouble. I sent Dio after the Wizard unit. Dio caught up to him and knocked him back to the area up north. Leon took care of the Beserker unit at Buchanan and killed the unit’s leader. This lead to…


Hurray! Leon also pushed the Witch unit into the forest up north before he took Buchanan.


See? Leon eventually tracked her down and killed her. Witch’s robes are apparently not that different from Ninja’s Garb (starting ninja armor), because that’s what we got for killing her. G&G finally caught up to the wizard and finished them off (they didn’t even get hurt). We got a Hachigane (starting ninja headgear) this time. We now have all of the ninja’s required equipment, so we can one as soon as someone’s stats get high enough. Gail caught up with the fleeing Berserker and killed him too.

This all took, like, eight years to do because units walk really slowly in this game. So now we’re left with this:


Dio and the so-far-basically-useless-Mary head to the Mine to take care of the boss. Uh oh, story event!

Stabilo: You've come this far...but you won't get any further! I will defeat you, at all costs!!
Dio: You were controlling the beasts?


Stabilo: It won't do either of us good if I tell you. What are you going to do? You haven't the slightest idea of what we must endure. ...you want to know why we do this? Freedom...yes, for freedom. That's it...nothing else! Now, prepare!

Prepare? For what?


Oh, right.

Dio was not able to kill the boss in one exchange, but was able to whittle his HP down to the point where Mary came in and killed him with one arrow.


Yay! Fireworks!

And a berserker axe! And reserve soldiers! Wow…uh, we don’t really need ANY of that. Hurray...?

06-29-2008, 04:49 PM
G&G: What are you planning?
Stabilo: ...
Dio: We gotta head back, Goofus!


Seriously, I don’t get it!

Stabilo: Do I have to explain everything?

Apparently Dio and G&G are retarded, so yes. You do.

Stabilo: We were a decoy! Our true goal is...revolution! We will destroy the royal family and the nobles, and bring changes to this kingdom! We were ordered to get your attention. I didn't expect they'd dispatch rookies like you, but...it's too late!! We'll raise the flag of revolution on Prince Yumil's grave! Hehehe...HAHAHAHA!!

Oh snaps! DANGER!

Next there’s a long scene which I took the time to transcribe, but then realized that I really shouldn’t have since it could be summarized in a few bullet points without really losing anything:

- G&G decides to go rescue the prince
- Dio objects. Like, a lot. It goes on for years.
- Hugo essentially tells Dio to stop being a bitch and backs G&G up
- There’s an extremely heavy implication that G&G knows Yumil somehow

We’re then sent to the map with a new destination.


But first, time to clean up. I started by disbanding the archer unit, the beast tamer unit that didn’t have a beast in it, and the valkyrie unit. Dio’s unit is okay for now, but we’re eventually going to need to make a spot for Dio on the front row. I experimented a bit, and I ended up with this:


The valkyrie is really killing me. Beast tamers do the same damage up front as they do in the middle (but they have bad defense), but valkyries do less in the middle and do a weak lightning attack in the back row. So to be useful at all, they have to be up front…the only problem is that even though valkyries are a second level class, they’re weaker than my fighters. God she’s useless. I renamed the beast tamer in the unit with the hellhound Beef Jerky, and the hellhound I renamed Rumpus. BJ and Rump’s unit is pretty good, but now that I’m looking at it, I’ll probably drop the Amazon, move BJ to the middle row and put a fighter from Dio’s unit up front in exchange for the Amazon. That way Dio will be able to go up front (which is important later in the game when he gets three attacks in the front row) and have ranged support, while BJ will get some protection by having a fighter in front of him without losing any attack power.

The last unit still kind of sucks, though. Once I make that Beast Tamer and Valkryie something else, things should improve. But there’s a pretty good chance that once I start getting better characters, I’m going to abandon the entire unit.

So…yeah, so far so good. Things are shaping up, but we’ve still got an obscenely long way to go! Onward, to save the Prince!

By the way, my fourth unit's leader is "Leon" right now. That won't do. What name should we use for him? I don't know what class he'll end up as, so it's got to be something that will be funny regardless (I'll name someone WhiteMage though, don't worry). Also, one of the fighters in Dio's unit is named Feldman. We've also got Chipp, Coco, Chick, and Indy in our forces.

I love this game's auto-naming.

Edit: I might be able to squeeze in another update tonight, but I don't know. There will be one tomorrow for sure though. 100% certain of that.

06-29-2008, 04:57 PM
In case you're wondering what the purpose of the addendum is, this is primarily where I'll be breaking down the game's systems and classes and answering questions from you guys. Most episodes won't have these.

If you care about the subsystems of this game, then the next few bits of information will be extremely important to you. If you don’t, then skip all of it and check back next update.

Be warned: lots of numbers and boring subsystems are about to be deconstructed. It’ll be pretty damn boring, unless if you’re into math. In which case, you’re a nerd and Goofus is going to beat you up and take your milk money.

Each character has an alignment. Alignment is taken (almost) straight from Dungeons & Dragons: characters can either be Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic. An almost improbable number of things affect alignment. Alignment is an incredibly important part of the “Chaos Frame” system, so this makes the game getting the “best” ending a huge pain in the ass.

- First, the characters you have in your unit affect an individual’s alignment. If you take a Chaotic character and place him/her/it in a unit with four Lawful characters, over time the Chaotic character will become more Lawful. The same would be true if a Lawful character was put in a unit with Chaotic characters.

- Second, if a character kills an enemy that is more Chaotic than he/she/it is, he/she/it will be come more Lawful. If they kill a character that is more Lawful, then they become more Chaotic. At any time in the game you can stop and check an enemy unit’s alignment, so you need to carefully and meticulously plan each encounter if you want to manipulate your character’s alignment.

- Third, while battles occur automatically, you do have some control over your units. You can pick from a set of predetermined commands. Telling them to “Attack Weakest” influences them in the Chaotic direction while telling them to “Attack Strongest” influences them in the Lawful direction.

- Fourth, fighting enemies that are a lower level than the character makes them more Chaotic, while fighting stronger enemies makes them more Lawful.


See the little scale in the top left? That's your character's alignment.

There are certain expendable items that can be used to affect alignment as well. As if there wasn’t enough already, right? So what does all of this alignment crap get us?

The best ending, that’s what! Alignment affects your “Chaos Frame”, which in turn determines what ending you get.

Your “Chaos Frame” is a number between 0 and 100 that determines how you’ve been playing through the game. At the end of the game, the number of CF you have determines which of the six endings you get. The “best” ending is when you have a CF between 67-100 while the “worst” is that of a 0-33 CF playthough. I put best and worst in quotes because, while they’re generally considered to be that way, I disagree. They’re not better or worse than one another so much as they are different. Playing through the game with a high or low CF will give you access to different characters and abilities and will change the story in radical ways. The high CF path nets you some returning characters from the original Ogre Battle and is a bit more difficult, while the low CF path nets you some more complex characters (if you play your cards right) but there’s less of them. I personally prefer the high or mid CF path since I like those special characters better, but whatever.


Each area has a morale value between 0 and 100. During gameplay, you can stop and examine each territory and see what each area’s morale is. When a unit enters an enemy-controlled or neutral town, then it is either “liberated” or “captured”. In order to liberate a town, you must enter it with a unit whose average alignment is close to the town’s morale. Liberating a town gives you +0.5 CF, while capturing it will give you -2 CF.

If you don’t care about a high CF score/getting the best ending, then none of this crap matters.

If you do, then towns with high morale (67-100) should be taken by Lawful units, and towns with low morale (0-33) should be taken by Chaotic units. Towns with neutral morale (34-66) can be liberated by Neutral units. This is why I had to explain how alignment works first. Alignment on its own doesn’t do god damn anything, but it does determine whether an area is liberated or captured, and that affects our ending.

Neutral towns are towns that are not controlled by either group. They are not to be confused with enemy controlled towns with neutral morale. Neutral towns cannot be liberated in any way. They can only be captured (by you and the enemy) so they must be kept from being taken by anyone at all costs if you wish to stay on the highest CF path. This is why we didn't take the neutral town in Episode 2.

So, in other words, in order to get the “best” ending, you must take into account each individual character’s level, alignment, unit strategy, grid position, and unit make-up as well as the unit make-up, level, grid position, and alignment of each enemy character within in each enemy unit. …in addition to ensuring that you meet each maps’ objectives, only liberate territories, and keep enemies from capturing neutral areas.

So…yeah, it’s a huge pain in the ass.

What I recommend we do is stay focused on liberating and don’t worry about anything else. Doing that will get us one of the middle endings, if not the best one. This is probably the best idea because it’s not too much of a pain, and we can still get a "good" ending.

Or if you guys want, then the hell with it. We’ll get the worst one. [It’s actually kind of cool, a baby totally kills this one guy. It’s awesome.]

I'm willing to leave it up to you guys. A harder path with more special characters, or an easier one with less special characters and a darker story? Unfortunately, this is something we need to decide early on, so are we going to be “good” guys and go for the high CF path or be “bad” and go for the low CF path?

See, aren't you guys glad you read the extra section? I know it was boring, but now you get to decide what ending we get! See? You get a special prize for reading!

Also, here's a bonus Ogre Battle Fun Fact:
The Ogre Battle series is named after the song Ogre Battle by the English rock band (and best band of all time) Queen. The song is on their second album, Queen II. The original Ogre Battle game for the SNES was subtitled March of the Black Queen, which is also the title of another song off of the album Queen II. OB64, however, has the original (and very Engrishy) subtitle Person of Lordly Caliber. Tactics Ogre is subtitled Let Us Cling Together, which is part of the full title of Teo Torriatte off of the album A Day at the Races (Teo Torriatte is Japanese for "let us cling together").

So yeah, I guess Yasumi Matsuno really loves Queen. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasumi_Matsuno#Miscellanea)

06-29-2008, 05:16 PM
I say we go for the bad ending. Because I'm pretty sure I ran through and got the good ending once. Or maybe I never did. Regardless, the bad ending sounds completely awesome in every way.

And if G&G beats up nerds for their money, isn't that pretty evil? Or are nerds inherently evil?

Also, we should name a throw away character PANTS, just to get that out of the way.

06-29-2008, 05:16 PM
The darker path appeals to me but if Deneb is in this game, I say recruit her whatever the cost! I like her. ^_^

06-29-2008, 05:18 PM
Oh, Wow. I played the March of the Black Queen to hell and back in High School... And the fact that there's only one other game in the series that follows suit has always made me sad.

It took me forever to get my hands on a copy of this, in fact a friend in collage saw it in a clearing bin when N64 games were being phased out in EB once and knew I was looking for it. And I've never had the time to sit down and get past the 3rd battle.

... I don't know if I should follow this thread or not ...

Octopus Prime
06-29-2008, 05:18 PM
I maintain that a better title for Ogre Battle 64 would have been "The Princes of the Universe"

06-29-2008, 05:37 PM
I really liked Ogre Battle for the SNES but once I finally beat it I decided the game is ridiculously flawed. Any way you play the game it just stops being fun after a while. Either you OCD over everything or you don't. If you do, the game is mind numbingly tedious. If you don't then you can't promote anything the way you want, even if you settle for being evil aligned.

How is Ogre Battle 64? Is the game tedious if you only care about not screwing yourself out of being able to promote units?

06-29-2008, 06:54 PM
I'd rather be a do-gooder. The allies are much cooler, not to mention better.

06-29-2008, 07:25 PM
Id say play as a bad-ass and get the "Bad/Evil" ending, but if the ending is really lame, you miss a lot of good characters, and the Good ending is better ill feel dumb for wanting you to get a crap ending.

Ample Vigour
06-29-2008, 09:00 PM
Id say play as a bad-ass and get the "Bad/Evil" ending, but if the ending is really lame, you miss a lot of good characters, and the Good ending is better ill feel dumb for wanting you to get a crap ending.

March of the Black Queen was the shit for bad guy play. I loved getting the witch and turning all my knights into vampires. I would endlessly quote Bela Lugosi during those battles.

06-29-2008, 09:58 PM
Oh, holy shit, i totally have a sealed copy of this game. I guess this means it's finally time.

I have the US release of every Ogre game, but've never played through any; Storywise, is it ok to start on this one, or will i be confused?

06-29-2008, 10:07 PM
You will be more confused if you finish the 1st with a low chaos-frame and get an overall 'bad' ending, and then enter the 2nd and see allies who were murdering puppies and raping babies as good, honorable men...

So, not. Not required.

06-30-2008, 12:32 AM
Ogre Battle 64 is one of the best games evar. I would get a N64 for it.

Thanks for the explanation of the Chaos Frame. I remember back in the day when my friend beat it and we got the 'worst' ending, we were all 'wtf'. We were just pile-driving through the game and the system is never elaborated on during the course of the game.

06-30-2008, 12:59 AM
You need to have as a long term goal at least one party with 3 ninja masters in the back row. It doesn't even matter what is in front of them, especially if one or two of them started off life as wizards. Everything dies to that party.

Also Dio is a jerk and I hate him. Even when I keep him around I let him die in battle and leave him dead.

06-30-2008, 01:12 AM
Normally, before a mission there's a bit of story explaining the situation before we jump into the briefing. This time, Hugo tells us that he has come up with a plan at the last second. Wow Hugo, you're a life saver!


We've got a bigger area to work with this time. Hugo's plan is to travel around liberating cities and ask for information. So...the plan is that there is no plan. We've just got to go around fighting people until someone hopefully tells us where the Prince is. Great. Thanks a lot, Hugo.




As you can see, Atlus is done screwing around. They start sending people after you two seconds into the mission. Like last time, I decided to split everyone up. Leon and G&G head directly south to Senal, while Dio, BJ, and Rumpus head west and then south to take Dese.

Unfortunately, the enemy sent a priestess unit to intercept each group. G&G fight a Priestess and two Soldiers, which is so easy that it makes me cry.


Look at that face. That is the face of sheer terror.

Only one Soldier is left behind, but the unit manages to get away. G&G then pushes a Knight unit that was stationed at Senal away and...


G&G's unit rests at Senal while...


...Leon hunts down and kills the Knight unit. We got a Light Mace (starting priestess equipment), but we already have a few of those so no big deal.

Meanwhile, Dio has hit a roadblock. The Priestess unit he's up against has two Priestesses and one Fighter. So it's essentially the worst unit ever since it can't kill anything, but it's still dangerous because it can capture strongholds. Plus, it's nearly impossible to kill since the two Priestesses can heal like mad.


Dio pushes it back, and then BJ and Rumpus finish it off. Not only that, but BJ and Rumpus level up! Dio keeps pushing towards Dese and knocks the Wizard unit there away.


The Wizard unit counterattacks but is swiftly obliterated by Dio and the gang. Dio found a Rosary (starting Priestess equipment) on their corpses, but again, we have some of these already so no big deal. We're now presented with this situation.


We have no idea where the Prince is, G&G is on his way to Ishro (the town in the east), Leon is resting at Senal, Dio/BJ and Rump are resting at Dese, and there's two strongholds to the south. G&G makes it to Ishro, and...what's this?! A story event?!

06-30-2008, 01:13 AM

Rebel: There shouldn't be anyone in the area except for the Prince's escort. We have a very small advantage, so let's not screw this up!


Rebel: This plan has got to work! If we can't hand those three over, this whole thing falls apart!
Rebel: Th...They're here...
Rebel: Huh?
Rebel: The Palatinean Army is here!!!

A battle ensues with a Knight and two fighters. G&G's got this shit locked.


See? No problem. The Knight gets pushed back, Ishro is liberated, and G&G makes a discovery...

Knight: Are you hurt, my lord?
Prince Yumil: Thank you, Jeal. I'm okay. Are you alright, Rhade?


Rhade: What took you so long?! Incompetent Southern Division...


There's that T for Teen rating in action, folks. Rhade does this sort of thing a lot.


G&G: I'm a cadet with the Southern Division...I am not yet assigned to any post, sir.


Rhade: Not assigned? What are you guys, rookies or something?
G&G: ...yes, sir.


Yeah...like, a lot. He's even more of a generic hothead than Dio.

Rhade: What the hell is the Southern Division doing?!


Rhade: ...go and take care of those rebels. Kill them all!


Rhade: Rebels wish for the downfall of this kingdom. The jeopardize the lives of innocent people and bring discord to peaceful lands. What else can we do to protect our kingdom, and the people we love? We must crush them and teach them the futility of their defiance, that is the only way!

06-30-2008, 01:14 AM

Rhade: Now go...and kill them!


I just thought it was funny that the guy who was guarding them was just standing in the corner the whole time and no one said anything until he tried to tip-toe away.

Yumil: How could he do such a thing?
Jeal: My lord, we should get moving.


Alright, new victory conditions! The enemy captures a new terrority, and we need to go get it. And in case you hadn't noticed, Rhade is a huge dick. The good guys are self righteous pricks? Uh oh, is this the cold touch of heavy handed foreshadowing I feel?

G&G wipes out the Knight unit and everyone in the unit gains a level. Leon also finally catches up to that leftover Priestess unit and finishes that.

In the interest of not boring you all to death with the details, Dio liberates the southern most town with no resistance, and my other three units liberate the town at the fork in the road. Two more Light Maces were found in the process, and a few characters leveled up. Right now I'm holding your hand through all the battles so you get a feel for them, but later on I'll be summarizing a lot more and focusing on the story. Anyway, we're now presented with this:


Not a good time to be Red, I'd say. The Blue Pain Train is coming to the Volmus Mines!


Qad: We pledged our lives to the revolution. You're not going to stand in our way!! We'll create a world where society is not based on class, and everyone has equal rights! Feel our pain, our sorrow, our wrath!

Feel what's in our pan...wait, what were talking about? I mean, feel our generic utopian-fueled RAGE!


Again, G&G has this shit locked and finishes off Qad in one encounter.

Qad: ...Why don't you finish me off?
G&G: There's no point in risking your life to kill a lowly soldier...


Qad: Your sympathy won't change our fate. Mind you, we are the ones who attacked the prince...
G&G: ...

06-30-2008, 01:15 AM

Alright, we did it! More soldiers that we already don't need, and a weapon we already have multiple of (in addition to better versions of)! Would it hurt you guys to give me something good for once?

Yumil: Thank you for saving us. You told me your name was Goofus.


And you guys wanted me to call him PANTS. But anyway, Rhade's still pissed off and interrupts Yumil.


G&G: I believe it would be beneficial for the kingdom to listen to what they have to say.
Rhade: Shut up! There is absolutely no need to listen to their bitching! The only thing that matters for these lower-class scum is what they have to face at this moment. The work load is too harsh, the living conditions are sad...they only think of themselves. Why listen to those who don't think about the future and of the entire kingdom? Instead they believe that they're the only ones who are miserable!?
Qad: Speak for yourself!! We only think of ourselves? Who took everything away from us for their own good? You!! The so-called upper class that can't do anything without the protection of Lodis! The heartless beasts that prey upon the people and indulge all their desires!!
Rhade: You call us beasts?! We dedicate our lives, to the peace and prosperity of this kingdom. We fufill our duty as the upper class, and get compensated accordingly.

While Rhade is saying all of this, he beats the living hell out of Qad and knocks him over.

Yumil: Rhade, stop!


Rhade: My lord! They tried to kill you, for their own selfish end!!
Jeal: My lord, this is part...no, this is the last stage of the inspection. Please stand back and watch.


No seriously, the music does that.

Yumil: What...what are you doing? Rhade, what do you think you're doing?


Rhade: As a member of the royal family, he needs to learn the harshness of the world. ...isn't this a good opportunity for him? HE can see for himself how to punish those who oppose us, the upper class.


Goofus tries to punch Rhade, but he somehow manages to Matrix-dodge it and punch Goofus so hard that he falls flat on his ass.


Rhade: Well, isn't that too bad. There goes your achievement, kid. You have raised your sword against the lineage of the Progenitor. Are you prepared to accept the consequences?
Qad: Isn't that lineage too noble to be mere puppets of Lodis?
Rhade: ...Alright.


NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tim5nU3DwIE) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *crash* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUWyAtqdwzc)

Music: Heroic fanfare! Don't worry folks!

06-30-2008, 01:17 AM

Foreign Knight: Or, do all knights in this land devour helpless souls?

Not all of them. Only the ones who were brought here by humans who wish to pay them tribute.


Jeal: You!!

At this point, a cloaked stranger comes up behind Jeal and taps him on the shoulder.

Jeal: Who the hell are you...!? Get out of my way!!

After the stranger Matrix-dodges Jeal's axe, he throws his cloak away and fights Jeal.


At this point, Saradin comes in and paralyzes everyone and they all escape. My brain says that I took a screenshot of it, but my computer says that I apparently didn't. Oops!

If you've played Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, those characters probably look familiar. Hint hint.

Rhade: Damn it!
Jeal: Don't let them get away!
Music: Sad!
Yumil: I couldn't...I couldn't do anything...
G&G: Yumil...

Narrative: Owing to the Southern Division's actions, the attempt to assassinate Prince Yumil at Volmus resulted in failure.


Narrative: Rumor spread among the population that they executed a person who had no relation to the incident, to save face. Meanwhile...Expected to dwindle, the rebels' activities have instead intensified and become more violent than ever. The outcome of the public execution was not as expected...


Atlus Writer: So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it affected, you know, like all of them. Like the upper and lower, but...you know, the middle too.

Seriously. Atlus circa 2000, you guys need to check your work. I'm curious to know how Atlus' localization went from being this bad to as good as it is now in just a few years.


Pretty epic subtitle, right?

Godeslas: Come in.


Every time. It never gets old.

Godeslas: I'm sure you are aware that the rebels' activites have become more aggressive recently. Their strength is minimal; what concerns me is that they initiated their actions simultaneously in various parts of the kingdom. This must mean that they are getting their act together. So, in order to stop the uprising and suppress the rebels, we will organize the troops specifcially for that purpose. Your performance at the military academy, one month of field training and actual combat...I can't believe you've just recently graduated. I have no idea why you came to the Southern Region, but I'm willing to test you. You are now a captain in the Southern Division.


Gee, I wonder which units and which tactician I get assigned.


Godeslas: Don't get me wrong. This does not mean that your actions have been justified! The abduction and attempted murder of Prince Yumil while he was in our jurisdiction...We even need rookies like yourself to help clear our reputation, that's all. I want to make one thing clear, though. I'm not asking for your opinion or consent. You hear me!? This is an order!! Just keept quiet and follow my orders! You will be provided money. Organize your troops and attend to your duty. Understood?
G&G: Yes, sir.
Godeslas: Don't ever show sympathy for them again. You can't do anything about it alone. Set aside your personal feelings. Focus on your regiment and what you can do for your kingdom.

It's been a pretty bumpy ride already, but things are about to really get started now. Look forward to some new members joining in the next few missions. We can also now go to training sessions at our regional headquarters (in this Chapter, the Southern Division's HQ) which lets us level up for a small fee. Our units performed very well; even our hodgepodge unit thrown together with leftovers. Everything's shaping up.

But are the Palatinean upper class really to be trusted? Are we doing the right thing in stopping the rebellion? And just what is the nature of the relationship between Lodis and Palatinus?

Well, you'll just have to keep reading.

06-30-2008, 02:03 AM
The darker path appeals to me but if Deneb is in this game, I say recruit her whatever the cost! I like her. ^_^

Deneb hosts the tutorial that you can access from the main menu but she's not in the main game in any real sense, unfortunately.

Ogre Battle 64 is one of the best games evar. I would get a N64 for it.

Thanks for the explanation of the Chaos Frame. I remember back in the day when my friend beat it and we got the 'worst' ending, we were all 'wtf'. We were just pile-driving through the game and the system is never elaborated on during the course of the game.

Tell me about it! My first two times through I got the worst ending. That's when I got on the internet and actually stopped to figure out just what the hell was going on. It's such an obtuse and ridiculous system that I never would've figured it out on my own. It's pretty ridiculous that the game never gives any indication of how any of this stuff works. I remember the manual was something like 100 pages, but it was only halfway translated so it didn't really help explain anything.

How is Ogre Battle 64?

Well, the units move really slowly so battles can take a long time. But it's fun, and there's a good story in there buried under horrible writing and bad translation. It was a breath of fresh air back in 2000. An RPG for the N64? Who would've thought that anyone could pull it off? But here it is.

I don't recommend it if you have OCD. There's one sidequest that, in addition to having some prerequisites, has you go to a certain town on a certain day in a certain month at a certain hour with a certain unit leader. And that's just one quest. This game can really get ridiculous.

I maintain that a better title for Ogre Battle 64 would have been "The Princes of the Universe"

That is the best idea ever.

Anyway, at some point later on I'm going to break down all of our different promotion options for our units, but that can wait a bit. Dio's unit members have all been renamed Ozzy, Gillian, Hetfield, and Lemmy. I'll now be referring to Dio's unit as Heavy Metal, because I think it's funny.

I'm debating changing Leon's name to PANTS since someone has to be PANTS, but Leon probably won't be with us for too long so I don't know if it's worth it. I'll probably name one of the Fighters in G&G's unit PANTS, since he'll be with us for a long time. Once I can promote someone to Priestess, I'll name them WhiteMage. Keep the names coming, though. We've got a lot of units that still need real names.

06-30-2008, 02:07 AM
PANTS should be some monster unit that is physically incapable of wearing pants.

06-30-2008, 02:49 AM
Protip: Sort your parties by experience level and renumber them. Then sort them again by alignment, without renumbering them. Now you can tell at a glance how they rank in experience and alignments. Repeat the sorting process between battles to keep the ranking accurate.

I like to get all my soldier training done early by pitting a Cleric-led party of soldiers against a similar enemy party, over and over. Soldiers are too much dead weight beyond the first chapter.

I have never seen the bad ending. I can't seem to play this game without ending up high-alignment, high chaos frame. It's an effort just to keep a couple of parties evil.

Name suggestions:
Seraphim - Nausicaa
Princess - Azalyn
Dark Knights - Donbot, Joey Mousepad and Clamps

In thinking up those three, I also decided that the next time I play this game, I will use Star Trek names for all the characters.

Dynastic Bird
06-30-2008, 05:33 AM

At this point, Saradin comes in and paralyzes everyone and they all escape. My brain says that I took a screenshot of it, but my computer says that I apparently didn't. Oops!

PROBABLY UNNECESSARY HISTORY TIP: Sounds like another translation error- is that Saladin (aka Salah Ad-Din or "Righteousness of the faith")? Salah was the Kurd who took over Cairo and its slave armies, brought together many of the Muslims together, and "reconquered" Jerusalem, thus starting the 3rd Crusade. He was considered a satanic being among Medieval Christians, but Muslims still revere him to this day (even Saddam conveniently ignored his heritage while modeling himself on him). Even in the Medieval West his image as a nasty man barely lasted. This wouldn't be his own VG reference, but the only other one I can think of is Big Boss, who Sniper Wolf calls Saladin for reasons I'm not sure of...

Wow, all that history might have been ignored thanks to a stupid translation error.

06-30-2008, 09:12 AM
I request a male wizard named Maxwell, as in James Clerk.

06-30-2008, 10:58 AM
He was considered a satanic being among Medieval Christians, but Muslims still revere him to this day (even Saddam conveniently ignored his heritage while modeling himself on him). Even in the Medieval West his image as a nasty man barely lasted.

Saladin is interesting in part because the medieval Christian writers really liked him; they thought he was just one step (conversion) away from being a perfect knight. If you had brought this up a few years ago, I could probably have told you more. And I think Richard I had a great deal of respect for him?

06-30-2008, 11:03 AM


Also, in the original Ogre Battle, weren't you doomed to get the worst ending automatically if you drew the death tarot? as the card that defined you?

Dynastic Bird
06-30-2008, 01:15 PM
Saladin is interesting in part because the medieval Christian writers really liked him; they thought he was just one step (conversion) away from being a perfect knight. If you had brought this up a few years ago, I could probably have told you more. And I think Richard I had a great deal of respect for him?

True, true...I have to admit, I never did the paper myself and my textbook at the time was light on the information. I had some help from the Cartoon History of the Universe III and wikipedia at least. Wiki said Richard really respected him, and Barbara Tuchman in Bible and Sword also had Richard seeing Saladin in a good light.

In light of all this history and translation errors, I demand you name one of your characters after the leader of the Third Crusade: Lichald I the Rion Healted.

Okay, Lichald or Rionhealt might be better. With or without spelling mistakes.


We need stuff like this more often. With Sala-Saradin in there, I wonder how much I missed.

06-30-2008, 01:22 PM
Guys, I completely forgot! Our army needs a name before I can start the next mission. I can't play anymore until I have a name. I'm going to check back in a while if any of you have suggestions. There's a 12 character limit. Get thinking!

If no one comes up with anything, I'm just going to give us a name.

Also, it seems like more people want the bad ending so...here we go! Bad ending, ahoy! This actually makes things infinitely easier for me since I don't have to worry about liberating or capturing or whatever. I can just do whatever I want. And don't worry too much guys. My first time through I got the worst ending, but was still able to recruit the high CF characters. This is probably what I'm going to try to do in this playthrough (the best of both worlds!), unless if you guys really want the werewolf and dark knight hero-characters. They require that you don't get any of the high CF characters.

I request a male wizard named Maxwell, as in James Clerk.

Um...I probably won't have any male wizards since males make shitty magic users, but if I do I'll name him Maxwell. If not, someone will get named Maxwell.

Protip: Sort your parties by experience level and renumber them. Then sort them again by alignment, without renumbering them. Now you can tell at a glance how they rank in experience and alignments. Repeat the sorting process between battles to keep the ranking accurate.

This is a good idea. But it seems like people want the bad ending, and in order to get the bad ending, you don't have to worry about any of this. So I won't be doing this.

I like to get all my soldier training done early by pitting a Cleric-led party of soldiers against a similar enemy party, over and over. Soldiers are too much dead weight beyond the first chapter.

I've never used soldiers ever. I know that this is technically not the "right" way to play this game, but that's how I play it.

I have never seen the bad ending. I can't seem to play this game without ending up high-alignment, high chaos frame. It's an effort just to keep a couple of parties evil.

This is completely insane to me. How the hell did you manage that without using a guide?

Name suggestions:
Seraphim - Nausicaa
Princess - Azalyn
Dark Knights - Donbot, Joey Mousepad and Clamps

In thinking up those three, I also decided that the next time I play this game, I will use Star Trek names for all the characters.

These are all really good ideas, but I forget how to even get Seraphims and Princesses. But Dark Knights? Sure thing.

Dynastic Bird
06-30-2008, 01:24 PM
Edit: Uh, accidental double post.

I still think Lichald the Rionhealted would be a fun name though.

As for the clan's name...how about Boh. Rhapsody?

06-30-2008, 01:30 PM
This is completely insane to me. How the hell did you manage that without using a guide?

I did it once by just having all my parties use the "attack leader" strategy. I must have lucked into liberating a lot of towns, because my alignments were so high that, as I mentioned, I couldn't even get generic classes.

Seraphims... is that the same as Angel Knights? Because they have a random chance of appearing instead of a Zombie if you let a female character die. (By the way, did I mention that if you sell off all your Old Clothing, you eliminate all chances of your characters turning into Zombies?)

The last time I played this game I named my army the Akatsuki... yes, I am a die-hard Naruto fan. Leave me alone.

06-30-2008, 01:45 PM
More G alliteration would be awesome but I can't think of anything.

06-30-2008, 01:52 PM
I'm going out to run some errands now, but if no one comes with anything before I'm back I'm going to name it QueenFanclub so everytime someone sees the army coming they'll say "Look! It's the QueenFanClub!" or something like that. ...maybe. I haven't really decided yet. But hopefully someone will come up with something I really like.

Damn 12 character limit.

And we're not naming it after Naruto. Hell no.

06-30-2008, 02:04 PM

That is all.

06-30-2008, 02:33 PM
Grand Garter

06-30-2008, 04:05 PM


Pajaro Pete
06-30-2008, 04:41 PM

I really liked Ogre Battle for the SNES but once I finally beat it I decided the game is ridiculously flawed. Any way you play the game it just stops being fun after a while. Either you OCD over everything or you don't. If you do, the game is mind numbingly tedious. If you don't then you can't promote anything the way you want, even if you settle for being evil aligned.

That's pretty much how I feel about the entire Ogre series: I love everything about them except actually playing them.

06-30-2008, 05:58 PM

Young Woman: No it can't be you. You're the one, am I correct?
G&G: And you are...?
Young Woman: My troops and I have been assigned to your battalion, effective immediately. My name is Leia...Leia Silvis. Nice to meet you.


Hugo: Watch out, Goofus. She may looks cute, but from what I've heard she's quite a...


Sitcom Audience: OOooOOOooohhh!!! Uhhh ooooh!


This is why I like Dio.


Looks like Dio's gotten himself into hot water again. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that I'm not playing a bad sitcom. Pretty much any time anyone opens their mouth, really.

Leia: You got a problem?!
Hugo: For crying out loud...
Hugo: By the way, Goofus, why don't you give this company a name? We are now an official battalion of the Southern Division. We need a name to distinguish ourselves, eh?

This was a really tough decision for me. Thanks for the submissions everyone. I couldn't really decide, so I compromised between two of the ones that had been posted at the point where I started playing.



More G alliteration would be awesome but I can't think of anything.



Hugo: PANTSPlatoon...Not bad at all.

See? Hugo likes it.


I know it won't be easy everyone, but we've got a reputation to maintain! We must keep our pants on! We must be brave! We must...WEAR PANTS!

Anyway, Briefing Time.


This mission is pretty easy. Just split everyone up, and send some up the left and others up the right. No problem.



06-30-2008, 06:00 PM
Before we get started, let's take a quick look at Leia and her unit.


First of all, her unit sucks. Two Amazons (basic units) and two Valkyries...and her, which is basically a reskinned Valkyrie. Yeah, we probably won't be using Leia for too long. For now we need her unit, but later on we'll have better options.

I sent G&G and Leon to the northern path, and Dio, BJ and Rumpus, and Leia went west. Leia found a Breastplate (starting Valkyrie equipment) and pushed a unit away from the stronghold. Leia's unit movement speed is faster than the other units, so Dio, BJ and Rumpus are lagging behind. But Dio is able to find a Plumed Headband (starting Valkyrie equipment) in the middle of the road.



G&G encounters a unit with a Dragon Tamer and two Ninjas, our first encounter with both of those enemy types. Unfortunately for them, G&G completely destroys them. The Ninjas were doing 8 damage with each attack, whereas G&G was doing 15 or 16, and the Fighters and Amazons weren't far behind. After finishing the unit off, G&G found a Rapier (starting Dragon Tamer equipment).

Leia and G&G each reach their destinations and..



I want you all to know that I work really hard to not make a joke about Keifer Sutherland and/or Young Guns 2 at this point. But I did it.

Leon and a unit of nothing but a Wizard and two Sorcessess fight a few times...


...and Leon finds a Spear (starting equipment for a Valkyrie) after the battle. BJ and Leia take down a Berserker and Golem unit...


...and BJ finds a Bone Helm (starting Dragon Tamer equipment) in the middle of the road. So far, everything is going really well.

Dio then encounters a Wizard unit guarding the next town, and a story scene rears its ugly head.

Infuriated Enchanter: Don't think you can keep us down! We will not succumb, for our kingdom...for our freedom!

Well, a really short story scene. I don't even know why it's in there, really. The unit is pretty weak. Guess what happens next?


G&G liberates the other town, and after spending some time hunting down individual units, we're now looking at...


It's just a matter of time now. We've liberated all of the strongholds, and there's just two units on the last remaining stronghold standing between us and sweet, sweet story.

Efeminette: I am glad you could join us on this special day. I believe you belong to the Southern Division? We were brought together by Sir Frederick Raskin...to guide this kingdom in the right direction.


Metal Gear?!

Efeminette: That is correct. The time is over, for the royal family, the nobles and the upper class to live comfortably. ...It is now our turn.
Leia: Then why do you resort to violence? Don't you realize that you involve innocent people? There must be other, more peaceful approaches!
Efeminette: It is for the revolution. Sacrifices must be made. Besides, no person is unaffected. They just feign ignorance.

Atlus Writer: See!? See, I fucking told you! All of the classes! And you made fun of me.
Alex: Yeah, but you still need to learn how to write properly.
Atlus Writer: Hey, I don't need to take this from you! I graduated from Community College!
Alex: Dude. Efeminette? Seriously?
Atlus Writer: Hmm. Yeah, I see your point.

Efeminette: My apologies for wasting precious time.


Actually, I would mind that. What kind of a bitch asks a question like that?

06-30-2008, 06:02 PM
Unfortunately, at this point my emulator crashed. So...yeah. I hadn't saved, of course. That would have been convienent. So I got to do the whole mission over again! Hurray!

I did essentially the same thing over again, so it's not really worth getting into the details. One major change was that I only liberated three towns this time and captured one. Since we decided to take the low CF path, this doesn't really matter. But it's still worth noting. Also, this time around was a bit more of a clusterfuck.


See what I mean? But no matter. I wiped (almost) everyone out and went to fight the boss again. Not before saving again, of course. The fight starts off pretty well with Leia's unit getting two criticals on the leader, but Leia is near death and I decide to err on the side of caution.


This is the first time I've ever retreated in this game, and I've beaten it five times. I'm a little disappointed in myself, to be honest.


Doesn't really matter though. A fully healed BJ and Rumpus come in and kill the boss before the end of the first round, so it's like it never happened.

Efeminette: You...have a pure...noble heart...Be careful...Do not...be discouraged...Be true to your heart...


Hugo: Goofus, we have new orders...Actually, there are two of them. The first is to escort Prince Yumil through Mylesia, to the northwest...And the second is to go south and sweep the Zenobian border of the Revolutionary Army. In both cases, we're going alone. Everyone else has their hands full. Huh? What's the matter, Goofus?
G&G: They formed the Revolutionary Army because they were dissatisfied with their treatment, right? Is their discontent...Is their anger that strong? So strong that they risk their own lives?
Hugo: To tell you the truth, I believe so. I knew they weren't satisfied with their current status, but I didn't expect that it would turn out like this.
G&G: ...

Hey, a weapon we can actually use! Finally!

Okay, so now we need to have a little chat. We've got two options here. We can either go to Mylesia, or head to the Zenobian border. We're going to end up doing both of these missions, but Mylesia has a character we can recruit. Unfortunately, he's kind of shitty (at least in his default state)...but still, new character! So I recommend we go there first to pick him up. Or not. It's up to you guys.

06-30-2008, 06:07 PM
That's pretty much how I feel about the entire Ogre series: I love everything about them except actually playing them.

Well at least you don't have to play this one, right?


Here's our current layout. Beef Jerky's unit is starting to dip towards the Chaotic side, and I'm just going to go all out and push them in that direction. Everyone else is still neutral, with the exception of one of the Amazons in G&G's unit. Even if we're going to do a low CF playthrough, we'll still want some Lawful and even Neutral characters. But it's still early, so this isn't anything to be terribly concerned with. Yet.

Also, we can now make Ninjas, Dragon Tamers, and Berserkers as soon as our Amazons and Fighters get their levels high enough. I also renamed Leon Lichald for the time being. Lichald is only a Beast Tamer right now, but I'll make sure to make him something awesome in the future because holy crap that's an awesome name.

Thanks again for all of the name submissions everyone. Just to review, names I still need to implement are:

Seraphim - Nausicaa
Princess - Azalyn
Dark Knights - Donbot, Joey Mousepad and Clamps
Something Big - WhiteMage
Wizard - Maxwell

Again, sorry to disappoint Sanagi but since I don't even remember how to get Seraphim and Princesses, there's a good chance those classes won't show up. But the rest of that should be doable.

Also, since we've now determined that we're taking the low CF path, we need to decide something. Remember those characters that showed up when Rhade tried to kill that rebel? They're all pretty good, and they're the "exclusive" high CF characters. But as long as we keep a medium-ish CF rating going, we can still get them even if we're taking the low CF path. But if even one of the five of them joins, then we can't recruit the two low CF exclusive characters, who are a Dark Knight and Werewolf respectively.

I've only recruited these two characters once before, so I actually kind of want to try this out...but it's up to you all. I can either put in a small amount of work and get the Zenobians, or just screw it all and get the Werewolf and Dark Knight. I'm willing to be democratic about this.

06-30-2008, 06:09 PM
The Zenobians kick too much ass to skip.

06-30-2008, 06:11 PM
True, true...I have to admit, I never did the paper myself and my textbook at the time was light on the information. I had some help from the Cartoon History of the Universe III and wikipedia at least. Wiki said Richard really respected him, and Barbara Tuchman in Bible and Sword also had Richard seeing Saladin in a good light.

Okay, Lichald or Rionhealt might be better. With or without spelling mistakes.

Well I'm hardly an expert on the subject, I just play one on the Internet.

Lichald? Is that a class suggestion? How do you say "undead" in Engrish? (Everyone tells me Ogre Lichs are fantastic, so I'd like to see one in action if it's feasible)

That's pretty much how I feel about the entire Ogre series: I love everything about them except actually playing them.

I started The Knight of Lodis once, but never got very far, as I was so OCD about the whole enterprise that I used mid-battle save states way too often and the game wasn't much of a challenge. Also, I had no idea what the plot was about. Should I get back into it? How does TKOL compare with other games in the series?

Octopus Prime
06-30-2008, 06:53 PM
The Knight of Lodis is actually the only Ogre game I managed to beat. I enjoyed it immensely.

Speaking of, isn't the protagonist of TKoL supposed to be a villain in one o0f the other games?

If so, in keeping with the Queen-theme naming, it should be subtitled Mr. Badguy.

06-30-2008, 07:04 PM
There's a werewolf and a dark knight, and we're not going to pass them up. Forget the Zenobians!

06-30-2008, 07:05 PM
Yeah, it is just about impossible to get a Princess without following a guide, but she is the best character in the game, giving each person in her unit an extra move in battle. A unit with a Princess and a Lich is the ultimate wrecking ball.

For angels, I just use the charm item on an enemy angel unit after killing their leader. Otherwise you have to risk a character becoming a zombie. Angels aren't really that good, aside from flight, but they look cool.

06-30-2008, 07:10 PM
So, is there any rhyme or reason to which games are called Tactics Ogre and which games are called Ogre Battle? I can't seem to figure out if it says anything about the game or if it was just the way they did it.

06-30-2008, 07:16 PM
So, is there any rhyme or reason to which games are called Tactics Ogre and which games are called Ogre Battle? I can't seem to figure out if it says anything about the game or if it was just the way they did it.

Tactics Ogre games are like FF Tactics, Ogre Battle games are like a traditional RTS. In Ogre Battle, you control where the units go on a macro level, but not how they act in battle on a micro level.

06-30-2008, 07:29 PM
Ah, I thought it might be something like that but I couldn't figure out the distinction.

Dynastic Bird
06-30-2008, 07:55 PM
Lichald? Is that a class suggestion? How do you say "undead" in Engrish? (Everyone tells me Ogre Lichs are fantastic, so I'd like to see one in action if it's feasible)

I know little about this game; I was thinking a character myself, but why not a class? It's not like I'm quite sure what's happening.

Hey, I happen to like misnomered Muslim heroes! Screw the wolf and the knight!

Pajaro Pete
06-30-2008, 09:10 PM
Well at least you don't have to play this one, right?

I know I love being able to live vicariously through you! This series would be so much better if everything didn't move soooo slowly.

06-30-2008, 10:39 PM
I vote that we get a werewolf. I don't care how we do it, if we can get a generic werewolf that's fine, if we have to get the story werewolf and forgo the Zenobians, then damn the Zenobians! Full speed ahead for total chaos!

07-01-2008, 01:49 AM
I know I love being able to live vicariously through you! This series would be so much better if everything didn't move soooo slowly.

Even when you go into settings and change the battle speed to "Fast" it's still slow as hell. It's easily this game's greatest fault. Yes, even after the lack of explaining all the obtuse subsystems.

Re: the lich. I'll probably pick one up. Of all of the hard to get classes (Dragoon, Princess, Vampire*, Angel Knight), the Lich is probably the easiest to get and the strongest on it's own. So we'll probably pick one up at some point unless if I screw something up (which is entirely possible). The great thing about this game is that you can rename characters at any time, so our current Lichald can either become a Lich later or we can make someone else into a Lich and name them Lichald.

Right now the vote is split on the Zenobian vs. Werewolf and DK issue, but if I count myself as the tie breaker then we're skipping the Zenobians. But I'll wait and see if anyone else chimes in before I make it official.

And no, there's no generic werewolf class. There's just the one.

How does TKOL compare with other games in the series?

I never played TKoL, so I don't know. I've only heard good things though.

Speaking of, isn't the protagonist of TKoL supposed to be a villain in one o0f the other games?

If so, in keeping with the Queen-theme naming, it should be subtitled Mr. Badguy.

Well, I never played it but I know that the best ending in TKoL fleshes out the origin of Lans Tartare, who is the leader of the Roslolian Order in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. So...maybe that's what you're thinking of?

Also, Mr. Badguy was off of Freddie Mercury's solo album. Doesn't count.

There's plenty of other options though. Keep Yourself Alive, Who Wants to Live Forever, Spread Your Wings...

Hell, if this series had been more popular** we could have seen a bunch of Ogre Battle spin offs with Queen-themed names. Ogre Battle: Dragon Attack (for a Drakengard-style spin off), Ogre Battle: You're My Best Friend (for a Tokimeki Memorial-style dating game), Ogre Battle: Bicycle Race (for the kart racer), Ogre Battle: Gimme the Prize (for the inevitable pachinko machine)...the possibilities are endless!

Anyway, there'll be an update sometime tomorrow. Either before or after I go to work, I can't say for certain.

*We're not getting a Vampire no matter what you guys say. They are TERRIBLE.

**And if Squeenix hadn't of bought developer Quest and effectively killed the series and moved all of the talented programmers to work on the FFTA games...except series creator Yasumi Matsuno, who left the company.

07-01-2008, 03:14 AM
A unit with a Princess and a Lich is the ultimate wrecking ball.

Also a recipe for a beautiful fairy tale romance.

Re: Werewolf
It's a frickin werewolf! That's awesome! Screw Warren and Canapoo or whatever. GrrRRR!!

07-01-2008, 03:51 AM
I usually get a vampire just because I like having unique characters, and it's a bit amusing to have a super-evil party that only operates at night. But the vampire does have the worst drawback of any character in the game without any notable benefits to make up for it.

I do miss being able to get generic werewolves. My favorite party in the first game was 1 Princess + 4 Werewolves. Because they get a lot of attacks(as long as it's night) and the Princess gives them an extra one each, it was actually worth having the daylight-sensitive werewolves around.

Witches, griffins, and undeads are also toned way down from the first game, but they deserved it. And OB64 lets pumpkinheads take their rightful place in the awesome department.

07-01-2008, 04:02 AM
Witches, griffins, and undeads are also toned way down from the first game, but they deserved it. And OB64 lets pumpkinheads take their rightful place in the awesome department.

Wow I forgot about those guys. I nominate making a fake Deneb unit when possible. Witch and buncha pumpkinheads.

07-01-2008, 05:38 AM
Ogre Battle 64's writing + your commentary = solid LP

07-01-2008, 07:31 AM
Um...I probably won't have any male wizards since males make shitty magic users, but if I do I'll name him Maxwell. If not, someone will get named Maxwell.

Boo! What kind of Let's Play is this? You will get a male wizard, you will name him Maxwell, you will get him one of the unique spellbooks and he will KICK EVERYONE'S ASS!

We must keep our pants on! We must be brave! We must...WEAR PANTS!

Not me, I'm Canadian.

07-01-2008, 07:50 AM
Wow I forgot about those guys. I nominate making a fake Deneb unit when possible. Witch and buncha pumpkinheads.

Why not get the real Deneb :cough:gameshark:cough:? She's not all that special, merely a witch with better stats.

Anyway, why not get the Zenobians and the werewolf. Its totally possible, but you won't be able to get the dark knight. Also, its imperative we get Europea. Europea is teh love.

Also, more name suggestions
Paladin = Mario
Swordsmaster = Luigi

07-01-2008, 08:54 AM
Re: Angel knights. According to one of my friends, who is watching this LP but doesn't really care to get an account, it's pretty easy to get an angel knight without recruitment. It just takes forver.

Angel Knights are actually really easy to get. Just get the Ma-whatever Barrier, that's the 70th birthday gift, give it to a unit that you desire to make Angels from, and then equip the characters that are supposed to die with Angel's Brooches. That Barrier thing prevents character in a unit from becoming zombies, so you've got no risk of losing the characters.

Luckily, we're not the ones playing it!

That being said, Werewolves are pretty lame, but Dark Knights are not. So why bother with Zenobians?

07-01-2008, 09:48 AM
Witches kinda blow. I could never see the point of having one.

07-01-2008, 12:06 PM
Witches kinda blow. I could never see the point of having one.
Depends on their element. At best, they're okay(paralysis). At worst, they're a waste of space(poison). Unless you give 'em drakonite spellbooks, but... yeah.

07-01-2008, 01:17 PM
Depends on their element. At best, they're okay(paralysis). At worst, they're a waste of space(poison). Unless you give 'em drakonite spellbooks, but... yeah.

They're anti-clerics, especially with paralysis and sleep. Also, they get better stat-growth than a comparitive sorceror. And Deneb with a Drakonite spellbook would be pretty scary.

07-02-2008, 01:32 AM
No one voiced any sort of preference over which map we did first, so I headed to Mylesia to escort Yumil first because we can get a new character there. Alright, time to start th...



Have no fear!!!


Underdog is here!!!!


I don't think I need to say anything about how silly this looks. Even if we had stuck with the default name, this would say "...Magn...s..." which still looks retarded.

Sepia: "Are you okay...!? Goofus!"

Sepia: I was always suspicious...Get out! You...




Seriously. It's getting out of hand. We need to revoke Atlus' ellipse license.

MEANWHILE! Back at the lab!

Hugo: Wake up! We don't have time for daydreaming! I will now start the briefing. Understood? Our objective is to escort Prince Yumil and his party through this area, to reach the Western Region safely. The Revolutionary Army seized this opportunity and took over the castle held by the Western Division. Therefore, our goal is to defeat the Revolutionary Army residing in the area and regain the control of the castle.


I need an adult! I need an adddduuulllttttt!!!


This map is a bit harder than what we've been up against so far. We're required to split up our forces again, which isn't a big deal...but now we need to protect Yumil's unit which does nothing but wander around in a (drunken?) haze. Since I've been pretty thorough with the last few battles, I think you all get the overall feel of the game. From now on I'll just be giving the highlights of each mission. This is mostly because if I was to break down every single detail of some of the later battles, each update would get to be something like twenty posts long. And I don't think any of us has the time for that.

Hugo: Well, Goofus? Do you want to pay a visit to the prince?
G&G: Since this is an escort mission, it's necessary for us to go first and take care of any problems. There's not much time left. I'll pay a visit to the prince after the mission has been accomplished.
Hugo: Prince Yumil wanted to see you, but...if you say so. Well then, shall we go? I'll be waiting outside.
Dio: Goofus! Hey Goofus, wait!


I'm Batman. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9G18qHPhcM)

07-02-2008, 01:37 AM
G&G: ...he's a childhood friend.
Dio: Childhood friend? Hey, come back here Goofus!


Trying really hard to not make a gay joke here.

Anyway, the battle begins. Everyone splits up with Lichald and Leia covering the southern route and everyone else going north. Everything is going fine until...


Dio gets completely and thoroughly destroyed by Hawkmen. He doesn't die, but he needs to rest so that slows us down a bit. Note to self: buy items sometime soon. G&G fights our first Fairies and Doll masters, but luckily neither of those are much of a threat.


After a few battles and captures/liberations, we find a Robe, Scipplay Staff, Spellbook, and Witch's Dress. Hey, we can make Wizards now and almost Witches! But Witches are semi-pointless, so we won't be doing that!


We've now conquered the first part of the map (note that I captured the neutral stronghold since we're taking the low CF path)...


...but we've still got a ways to go. We liberate the town of Elgorea, and...what's this?!

Adolescent: Hi! You belong to the Southern Division, right? I watched you fight those guys. Wow...you're so strong! Can I go with you? Come on, please? I wanna become strong, just like you!
Lichald: What's your name?
Troi: My name's Troi, and I'm from Elgorea.


Remember how I said that sometimes my emulator screws up the backgrounds? Yeah, well...this is what I was talking about.

Lichald: Alright, come along.
Troi: Thanks! Trust me, you won't regret it!

Troi kind of sucks, but I'll be getting into that later. For now let's just stay focused on beating the mission because...well, because we have to. Yumil doesn't stop and having him fight the boss is a bad idea.


By the way, Beef Jerky and Rumpus' unit kicks all kinds of ass. Rumpus especially. He's my strongest character with BJ's Beast Tamer boost (having a BT in a party with a beast gives the beast a 15% increase in damage), and he gets three attacks (which is semi-rare at this stage in the game).


Look, Yumil is almost there! Shit, everyone go go go!

Unfortunately, two units were able to retreat because we had to focus on moving towards the boss. But whatever, no big deal. We also found an Amulet, and another Spellbook and Scipplay Staff. More Witch gear...yay?


There's that background again. It only does it with the prerendered areas, and I can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry everyone.

Zhontac: We'll just kill the prince right here. This will be a significant step forward for the revolution!
G&G: You call that a step forward? You expect people to accept such a brutal act!?
Zhontac: You have absolutely no idea how we feel. All we have is anger...hatred...That's what pushed us to our feet. We don't need acceptance, just those willing to fight for us.
G&G: ...
Zhontac: What's the matter? Lost your nerve? See for yourself what pursuing your ideals can do! Prepare!!

Fortunately for us, Zhontac is a Wizard and he placed himself in the exact middle with no unit protecting him, so all I needed to do was switch my unit's strategy to Attack Leader, and every character in G&G's unit was able to hit him.

Zhontac: Am I...going...to die here? Without exacting revenge...?


You know, he makes it sound like that's not hard. Typically killing a prince is a huge pain in the ass. I mean, they had to start a REVOLUTION to even get this far, and then some random weak mage is somehow shocked that he couldn't defeat the nation's army?

Also, Atlus. Your ellipse license is hereby revoked.

07-02-2008, 01:40 AM

Hey, at least we got some decent money. Arc Wands are the default equipment for the upgraded versions of the Sorceress and Wizard, so this is a good thing to have.

Wait, default equipment? And how come we don't have any Ninjas or Berserkers even though we have the default equipment for them already? Just how does the job system in this game work anyway?

Check this episode's addendum for more on class changes!

And even if you know about it already, be sure to check out the bottom half since I'll be explaining the changes I made to our army, as well as hinting at some future changes!

Yumil: I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me, Goofus.
G&G: I'm glad you're unharmed, ...my lord.
Yumil: You...don't treat me the way you did when we were young...
G&G: ...
Yumil: Why...why did you enlist in the Southern Division? With your skills, you could have easily been accepted by the Central Division as an officer...Why didn't you come back after graduating from the military academy? Why?!
G&G: I wanted to see the world with my own eyes.'


Trying very hard to not make a joke about masturbation right now...also, sorry about the background again. Damn you emulator!

G&G: I was tired of life in the Central Region, the environment I was in...nothing more.


Sounds like a line from a bad porno.

Yumil: I thought I knew my kingdom, and how my people felt. Even though they were strict with me, I thought my father and brother ruled the land with dignity. I didn't imagine...that people were treated so cruelly. I didn't know how much they hated me...and the nobles.


This is actually pretty important, so remember this. This scene is admittedly a lot more dramatic when the background isn't messed up but...yeah, emulators. What can you do?

Yumil: Goofus, lend me your strength.


Yumil: Goofus...?
G&G: What could you have done...at the mine? Yumil, tell me what we could have done! We...


Yumil: Oh, I know something we could've done...*unzip* *70s porno music*

G&G: I don't know what's right or wrong any more...Yumil, I...I have no clue what I want to do. What should I do? I don't even know...if I should go with you, if your beliefs are right...
Yumil: Maybe I can't do anything...and maybe I'm completely wrong...


Again, this is important!

Yumil: I will change this kingdom...the entire world! I will do it, even if I'll be called a traitor...even if I have to fight against my father and brother! I will do anything to bring peace, not only to this kingdom, but to all the people in the world!! When that times comes...Goofus,


Oh my God Atlus, you're making it so difficult to not make jokes about the two of them should just start making out.


Anyway, now that that's done, we're back at the world map and we still need to head to the Zenobian border. But first let's examine our new member, Counselor Troi.


At this point in the game, Troi is actually semi-good. Troi is basically a differently-colored Phalanx, which is a spear using/defensive oriented class. Their defensive stat growth is pretty good, but they're really slow and their attack strength isn't as good as a Knight or Berserkers. So they're just generally speaking pretty awful. There's honestly no real reason to keep Troi as a Phalanx, so we can change his class to something in a level or two. Maybe a Knight once we get the right equipment? Hint Hint.

Anyway, check back next time for our exciting trip to the Zenobian border! And I'll try not to make so many gay jokes. It's hard to resist when Atlus makes it so easy, though.

07-02-2008, 01:47 AM

Since today was my first day back at work after being promoted, I figured that today was a good day to talk about promotions. I've already hinted at some of this stuff before, but it's time to just lay it all out there.

Ogre Battle 64 essentially has four "levels" of jobs. The first is the Soldier. The Soldier technically isn't even one character: it's three tiny people with spears clumped together in a group. These three people count as one character. They get one attack per encounter, and will do combo attacks with other Soldiers in their unit. They're pretty weak, and as they take damage the tiny people will die making the soldier weaker. After each battle, dead soldiers can be replaced and each mission will typically reward you with a bunch of Soldiers. By the end of the game, we'll probably have something like 300 fuckbillion Soldiers.

Soldiers gain a special kind of experience, and once they have enough, they turn into the basic unit of either gender. The gender they turn into depends on the leader of the unit they are in at the time. A female leader will make a Soldier turn into an Amazon, and a male leader will turn it into a Fighter. Fighters are generic looking warrior-types and Amazons are women with bows. They've already been featured in some of the screenshots I've shown, so you're already familiar with them if you've been following this thread. These classes are the second level of jobs. Now things get serious.

In order for a basic unit to promote to a second class (and then later from a second class to a third class), they must meet three requirements:

- You must have the "default" equipment for a given job. Each job has a set of starting gear. Getting the default equipment is all that's required to unlock a job. Once you find or buy each piece of equipment, the class will appear on the class change screen. You won't be able to select it if the other two requirements aren't met, though. Once you promote someone to a given job it is possible to pay money to get duplicates of the default equipment. So even if you only have one set of Knight equipment, if you have enough money you should be able to make more than one Knight. This doesn't work for super rare items though.

Default gear is what makes getting some of the hard to get classes so hard. They have extremely difficult to find items that require a massive amount of sidequesting to get, and even then you still might not have a character that meets the other two parameters.

- Your character must have a certain alignment. Each class has a given range of alignment that their character must fall into. For example, Paladins require slightly above average to high alignment (Lawful) while Black Knights require low to below average alignment (Chaotic).

- Your character's stats must be at a certain level. Black Knights require your STR and VIT to be at a certain point, Wizards require your MEN and INT to be at a certain point, etc.

Besides having different attacks and equipment, each class has something else that no other class has: stat growth. Each class gains stats at a different rate each time they level up. For example, Paladins initially are awesome because they have three attacks and they gain +6 STR each level up, and Black Knights initially suck because they only have two attacks. However, Black Knights gain +7 STR each level so eventually their two attacks will be doing even more than a Paladin's three after leveling up enough times.

Proper "grooming" is important for characters too. For example, you wouldn't want to take a character who has been a Wizard for a long time, and try and turn them into a Paladin. Even if you could, their stats would be better suited to becoming an Archmage or a different caster class since they'd have high INT and MEN from leveling up as a Wizard so many times and lower STR, DEX, and VIT, which a Paladin needs.

...any questions?

PANTS Platoon's current status:


Note that I've already made some changes. The Valkyrie in Lichald's unit was changed to a Cleric, because Valkyries are awful and a healer is always good to have. One of the Amazons in G&G's unit was eligible to become a Cleric too, and since keeping G&G alive is always important, I decided to make her one too. I removed the Soldier in Lichald's unit, and replaced him with Troi, who's staying as a Phalanx for the time being. Lichald himself turned into a Berserker for additional damage since that unit had always been a bit lacking in the damage department. I'll probably change him/Troi into Knights as soon as I can, but for now I want him as a Berserker so that unit will perform a little better.

Boo! What kind of Let's Play is this? You will get a male wizard, you will name him Maxwell, you will get him one of the unique spellbooks and he will KICK EVERYONE'S ASS!

Oh, alright.


Here you go. He's in Lichald's unit too. He's shitty for now, but after a few level ups he'll get better. We've got the right gear to make Berserkers and Ninjas, and some people are eligible but none of the female characters are able to upgrade yet (except the two Clerics).

I want to have a ninja somewhere, and I'm considering making the random Fighter in Lichald's unit one since he'd have a healer to back him up. It'd also help once he becomes a Ninja Master because he could just hang out in the back and do combo magic with the Wizard (Archmage at that point) and we could leave him in the middle and exposed because his defense would be decent enough to the point that he could take a hit or two. Sound good to everyone?

The random Fighter in Beef Jerky's unit needs to change to something else too eventually, but I don't know what. That unit is turning Chaotic quickly, so a Berserker and then Black Knight is the obvious choice...but you can only make a handful of Black Knights in the game, so we need to be careful about who we turn into what. But I think that Berserker is the best choice for him, so we'll do that ASAP (he's not able to do it yet). Sound good?

I'll probably make G&G's unit Knight-heavy, Dio's Fencer heavy, and Leia's unit will eventually drop off the face of the earth. Probably. I dunno. We'll figure it out.

07-02-2008, 02:47 AM
A character named Sepia is introduced in a sepia flashback scene? Excellent. Atlus really takes this to an art.

Pajaro Pete
07-02-2008, 04:43 AM
Trying really hard to not make a gay joke here.

From what I've been told about this game's story, you might as well just give in and go for it.

07-02-2008, 04:59 AM
From what I've been told about this game's story, you might as well just give in and go for it.

A lot of LPs I've looked at (on archive sites, etc) do the gay joke thing to death but knowing about this game other than these screenshots... It wants it. Wants it hard.

07-02-2008, 08:23 AM
The random Fighter in Beef Jerky's unit needs to change to something else too eventually, but I don't know what. That unit is turning Chaotic quickly, so a Berserker and then Black Knight is the obvious choice...but you can only make a handful of Black Knights in the game, so we need to be careful about who we turn into what. But I think that Berserker is the best choice for him, so we'll do that ASAP (he's not able to do it yet). Sound good?

If you make him into a Berserker, you need to name him Wario.

07-02-2008, 09:53 AM
A character named Sepia is introduced in a sepia flashback scene? Excellent. Atlus really takes this to an art.

Nah, it's just nameless NPCs. It's supposed to symbolize a bunch of different people casting Ankiseth out. The translation's pretty bad, but it's not that bad.

07-02-2008, 10:39 AM
Nah, it's just nameless NPCs. It's supposed to symbolize a bunch of different people casting Ankiseth out. The translation's pretty bad, but it's not that bad.

Color me disappointed.

Or sepia...

07-02-2008, 10:44 AM
I tried playing a bit this morning, but I ended up getting sidetracked fidgeting around with different classes, so here's a quick update on how PANTS Platoon looks now.


It's kind of hard to tell, but I turned the Archer in Beef Jerky's unit into a Sorceress. Sorceresses are Chaotic, and since I'm making that a Chaotic unit it made sense.

If you make him into a Berserker, you need to name him Wario.

Done. I still can't change him into a Berserker yet, but he's got the name and that'll be happening in another level or so.

I realized that Lichald's unit was in all sorts of trouble. First, Berserkers, Wizards, and Ninjas are Chaotic classes whereas Clerics are Lawful...so I took the Cleric out of that unit and switched it with the Amazon in G&G's unit that was tilting Chaotic. I didn't want two Clerics in G&G's unit, so I put one in Dio's unit and took one of his Amazons. I decided I would make the new Amazon in Lichald's unit into a Sorceress ASAP, but I noticed that the element Maxwell was wouldn't make combo magic with her...but the guy had made into a Ninja's element would. So, I switched the two of them. The guy who was previously Maxwell the Wizard is now Taco the Ninja, and Benedict the Ninja is now Maxwell the Wizard. This actually works a lot better, since the new Maxwell has way better magic-related stats, and Taco has way better physical-related stats. I still don't really know what to do with Troi, but he can't be a Knight anymore since the rest of the unit is now going to be Chaotic. I figure I might just leave him as Phalanx (and later a Cataphract) since they can be somewhat Chaotic. I dunno, we'll figure that out. I could always just kick him out too and replace him.

I still don't know what the hell to do with Leia's unit. Haha. Anyway, there'll be another late night update tonight.

07-03-2008, 01:29 AM
So, we're technically finished in Mylesia, but there's still more things we can do. So I guess we aren't finished at all, huh?


New gamplay feature! After beating a map, you can go back and visit any shops or talk to townspeople and stuff. A lot of sidequests are done this way. Hey, that can't be why we're here, is it?!


What? Lichald's unit (which has Troi in it) is in Troi's hometown? What for?

Troi: Hey, Mom!


Even in medieval times, moms were a huge pain in the ass.

Troi's Mother: Really? But, I'm still worried.


Yeah, we just had it lying around. The Gods were all like "Hey, take this" and we were like "I don't know what the fuck to do with this!" and they were all like "Nah, nah...it's cool. Take it."

Troi's Mother: Your father made it for you. Take good care of it, okay?

Is Troi's dad a famous shield maker or something? What the hell is going on here?

Troi's Mother: Make sure you keep it clean, and in good working order. Stay healthy, and...and......
Troi: Cut it out, Mom!


The Hallowed Shield is actually pretty awful, but it nullifies status ailments, so it's good to keep around. For now I'm just going to give it to Troi because...well, why not?

There's another reason why we came here. The shop in Elgorea sells all of the default equipment for Knights, and we have enough money to pick up a few sets. I bought three for now, but we'll have more before this update is through. The important thing is that we get can now create Knights. Knights and Paladins are typically the backbone of almost any army in this game, so this is a big advantage for us. Only one of the Fighters in G&G's unit is ready to become a Knight so I changed his class, and the other will be ready in another level. Anyway, now we're ready to go to the border.

Hugo: Here is the plan. Listen carefully...


Another simple map. This one's pretty small too. Split everyone up and meet up again in the middle. Sorry about that weird glitch with the background there. I was able to fix that, but not after going through an entire battle with G&G and Yumil talking underneath Dio and the enemy fighting. It was a bit of a trip.

Hugo: That is the plan of operations but...the Revolutionary Army is acting strangely.


strangely adv.
Synonyms: strange, peculiar, odd, queer, quaint, outlandish, singular, eccentric, curious
These adjectives describe what deviates from the usual or customary.

Hugo: I have no idea why, but they're marching south. They're leading a group of peasants, and trying not to attract attention.
G&G: They're just heading south? What could be their motive?
Hugo: I don't think they need to be prepared for invasion by forces outside Palatinus...in any case, we should take precautions.

First thing's first. The starting town has a shop in it that sells the starting Fencer equipment: Jin-Gasa, Bastard Sword, and Cloth Armor. Fencer gear is extremely cheap, so I only bothered to pick up one set for now.

And maybe it's just me, but isn't it weird that the "Fencer" class uses two handed swords?

Dio, G&G, and Lichald head west, while Leia and BJ head south. Leia's unit is really starting to become a liability, so I'm trying to use her more often to get her some more exp. But it's not helping much. I could have incorporated her characters into other units and put some males in her unit to balance it out, but I think I'd just be hurting myself by doing this.


We encounter our first Fencers! Look at their silly hats and skirts! They're pretty strong though, so whatever.


Wow, Dio's Cleric is pretty good. 33 is a lot at this stage in the game.


No real purpose for this one. I just thought Mike would like to see Maxwell in action (he's actually doing pretty good, and will be even better in a little bit once I can pair him with a Sorceress).

07-03-2008, 01:31 AM

Since this map is small, it became a bit of a clusterfuck. And hey, is that Debonair I see?!

Thankfully we got a bit lucky while we were hunting units down.


Both Leia and G&G were able to chase units to the point of exhaustion, and then attack them while they were asleep. After killing a bajillion units, we had found an Amulet, a Claymore (a Fencer sword), a Marionette (a weapon that Doll Masters use). We can make Doll Masters now, but unfortunately for you, I hate them so we won't be doing that.

Debonair of the Wind: So you belong to the PANTS Platoon. I've heard much about you recently. I don't want to fight you, but...I can't let you through either.


What the hell is it with people in this game? Yes, I frickin' mind.

Leia takes a stab at Debonair, but her unit is, quite frankly, too shitty to be able to do much of anything. I had BJ kill some of his henchmen on purpose to soften him up. I technically could've just killed him outright, but we get more exp the more we fight him. G&G softened him up even more, Dio killed the other Knight in his unit, and Lichald's unit finished off the Sorceress and Debonair.

The fight with Debonair is the first taste of things to come. Debonair blocked a lot of my physical attacks, and took extremely reduced damage. I admittedly took my time with him to get the most exp out of him, but it took all of PANTS Platoon to beat him. Later battles will have all of my units running likes lemmings into the bosses, hoping for a victory through attrition.

Debonair: You are indeed strong...I am definitely no match for you, if I'm alone.


Hey, a good item for once! That item lets one character level up once. Not a bad thing to have, especially if you like item duping. Remember 99 Rare Candies? Yeah, you can do that in this game...only it's 55 Champion Statuettes.

Gilbert: Debonair! We're ready to retreat!


Thanks Goofus. That's exactly what I was thinking. "Hey dude, I gotta go." "Um, we're fighting to the death right now." "Yeah, but I gotta jet. Laters." Hell no.

Gilbert: Settle, you say? That means nothing! Even though people want change in this kingdom, not all of 'em are capable of fighting. Fortunately, my kingdom is willing to accept refugees. Do you understand? Our goal was to delay you and move the refugees to Zenobia. We succeeded, so now there's no reason to fight. Well, see you later.
G&G: What!? I won't let you escape!!

Young Man's Voice: Are you looking...for us?
G&G: !!!
G&G: What are you intentions? What are you planning to do to this kingdom?
Destin the Valiant: Is that all you're concerned about...? Is that what you, who defended the rebels and defied your superior, believe? Tell me your intentions! Will you forsake those who are discriminated and branded as lower class!?


"You" as in the people. Not "you", as in...you know, you. We don't like you!

Aisha: ...suffer.
Saradin the Warlock: For the past few months, we have been watching your kingdom...everyone is fighting with everyone, and Lodis is pulling the strings.


G&G: You're instigating war against Lodis, aren't you? Now I see your motives!!
Destin: ...
G&G: You're a threat to this kingdom. This world is on the verge of insanity! Your strength...your charisma draws people toward you. They all look to you for help...this kingdom still has hope. But even that fades away...in front of you. Revolution, huh? What's to become of the army, once the Revolution succeeds? You're going to send the soldiers against Lodis, isn't that right!? ...I won't let you!!
Destin: Enough!! What did you see at the Volmus Mine!? Did you think that it was right for people to be slaughtered like animals!?


Alex: You first, douchebag! You're shouting at my character!
Destin: I'm not shouting!
Alex: Oh really?
Destin: Alright, I am! I'm shouting!!! I'm shouting!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv4Td8z40ng)

G&G: I know...something has to be done. But the way you spread war for the lower class throughout Palatinus is wrong!
Saradin: Life is precious by nature, regardless of race or social class. But this kingdom weighs people's lives too lightly. Do you not think it is wrong? Our goal is to right this wrong. We have no intention of making this kingdom just for the lower class. Many have joined us in the name of revolution. Although they all share the desire for change, some tend to act excessively and we have difficulty keeping things under control. I see that you are also troubled...is it your lack of ability to deal with the situation? Or is it the disparity between reality and your ideals? I know it is difficult, but you must find your own way. Do not be swayed by what is around you.


See? The low CF path is good after all. Saradin agrees with me!

Messenger: Oh, here you are. Are you Goofus? I have a message from General Godeslas.
G&G: From the general?
Messenger: Yes. You are requested to return to Akka Castle immediately.
Hugo: Return to the castle...? Hmm, I wonder what this is about.
Messenger: I don't know the details, but I heard that's where they're planning the next operation. That is the message. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my duty.

A new operation, huh? Time to go back to Porno McStachington.

Episode 6 Mini Addendum:


Here's our current army. Wario was able to change into a Berserker, and the other Fighter in G&G's unit was able to change into a Knight. However, the Amazon in G&G's unit is one level away from becoming an Archer, the Amazon in Lichald's unit is one level away from becoming a Sorceress (and thus unleashing some awesome combo magic), and the Fighters in Dio's unit are one level away from becoming Fencers. So in one level, we'll be completely and utterly awesome.

Anyway, why not get the Zenobians and the werewolf. Its totally possible, but you won't be able to get the dark knight. Also, its imperative we get Europea. Europea is teh love.

Also, more name suggestions
Paladin = Mario
Swordsmaster = Luigi

I missed this post earlier, but I can make these names now. One of the Knights in G&G's unit will be Mario, and I'll change Lemmy (one of Dio's Fighters-soon-to-be-Fencers) into Luigi. We've already got Wario the Berserker, too. As far as Europea goes, we can pick her up on the way to getting Biske (the werewolf), so that's completely doable.

I'm something like 99% sure that one of the prequisites for having Biske join is not having any Zenobians. I know for sure that you can't have [G&G's dad Ankiseth] (I probably wasn't going to be able to take him anyway since he's a high CF character and this is a low CF playthrough). And since I'm taking the low CF path, wouldn't it make sense to get both of the unique to low CF playthrough characters?

The votes for and against getting the Zenobians are about even (slightly in favor of Biske and Carth), but if you count my vote then that makes getting Biske and Carth the winning choice. So that's what we'll do! Low CF playthough all the way!

Oh, and I've been doing research and a Lich should be very doable. I can't pick one up until way later, but I'll make it happen.

07-03-2008, 03:02 AM
Clearly you need a Peach and a Daisy at this rate. Clerics or sorceresses is my vote for them. If you can ever get a Princess that should be Zelda. If you're gonna do that theme, might as well run with it!

07-03-2008, 11:58 PM
I missed this post earlier, but I can make these names now. One of the Knights in G&G's unit will be Mario, and I'll change Lemmy (one of Dio's Fighters-soon-to-be-Fencers) into Luigi. We've already got Wario the Berserker, too. As far as Europea goes, we can pick her up on the way to getting Biske (the werewolf), so that's completely doable.


I'm something like 99% sure that one of the prequisites for having Biske join is not having any Zenobians. I know for sure that you can't have [G&G's dad JoJo] (I probably wasn't going to be able to take him anyway since he's a high CF character and this is a low CF playthrough). And since I'm taking the low CF path, wouldn't it make sense to get both of the unique to low CF playthrough characters?

The werewolf is a high CF character. Liedel, another high CF gets an ending with him. If you go low CF, the only character you get is the Black Knight.

07-04-2008, 02:48 PM
No real purpose for this one. I just thought Mike would like to see Maxwell in action (he's actually doing pretty good, and will be even better in a little bit once I can pair him with a Sorceress).

Yeah, baby, hot Wizard-on-Sorceress action! By which I mean, combination spells, which is pretty much the same thing.

07-04-2008, 08:18 PM
do you know how much do you have to train the lil soldiers so they can turn into actual characters.

How many soldiers do you have to train to get a centurion???

07-04-2008, 09:21 PM
We encounter our first Fencers! Look at their silly hats and skirts!

We're much more badass in real life.

And maybe it's just me, but isn't it weird that the "Fencer" class uses two handed swords?

Now it becomes clear. Skirts AND two-handed swords? These are not fencers, they are Scots (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braveheart).

07-05-2008, 06:00 AM
could you please name some

archer = Fran
Paladdin= Basch
Swordmaster = Auron
Dark Knight = Gabranth
knight = chaz

07-07-2008, 03:59 AM
Today’s update is about just how wrong a battle can go in Ogre Battle 64. It has the single most important decision to be made in the game, which we’ve thankfully already determined. So let’s not dick around anymore and get right into it.

G&G: Excuse me.
Godeslas: Goofus, you're here.
Rhade: Are you that rookie from before? I see you've made a name for yourself.
Godeslas: As we all know, the Palatinean Revolutionary Army has been gathering strength. We gained information from a rebel captive that they are planning to recapture the Volmus Mine and its outlying areas. We've confirmed the troop movement.


Alright, our first Engrishy line! So far the translation has been sloppy and uneven, but now we have a true moment of Engrish in all its glory.

Well, I suppose this could’ve been a typo. After all, they only left out one word. Bah…well, I’m sure there’ll be other excuses for me to make fun of this game’s localization later.

Godeslas: No doubt they will strike in the next few days...but we don't know the details. We will join forces with the Central Division...assault Volmus, capture Frederick Raskin, and put an end to the revolution! But, we need time to organize the troops. Since your battalion has performed well, despite its lack of experience, I want you


Yeah, seriously? I’m supposed to single-handedly stop a revolution and I’m, like, three months out of the academy. No pressure or anything.

Rhade: No worries, kid. Our troops will be right behind you. All you need to do is surprise the Revolutionary Army and create a diversion. We'll handle the rest. When their main forces attack, I'll take care of them myself.
Godeslas: Expect the Zenobians to show up, too. I'm counting on you, Goofus.
Rhade: Hey, you don't have to capture any rebels, you hear me?


Can they make this guy any more generically evil? I’m surprised he hasn’t bitten a puppy’s head off or thrown a baby out a window or something. That would really drive the point home.

Rhade: Why are you staring at me? You have a problem?!
*G&G leaves*
Rhade: What are you planning to do with him, huh? You're going to use his war record to your advantage, like a promotion...am I wrong?
Godeslas: I, I just thought he was suitable for this operation. I have no such intentions...
Rhade: If you say so. You won't be able to keep him under control anyway. ...look at his eyes.



Ariosh: G,Genereal Godeslas!! The Re...Revolutionary A,Army...
Godeslas: Calm down! So, what about the Revolutionary Army?



…sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Ariosh: And at the same time, they've captured more than half of the strongholds!
Godeslas: What!? That's not possible! With their petty forces? What happened? And what do you mean 'the same time'!?
Ariosh: There were many traitors within the Southern Division...the strongholds fell quickly with little bloodshed...
Godeslas: Which...which lands are still intact!?
Ariosh: Gunther Piedmont, Dardunnelles...and the section of Alba centered here, Akka Castle.

Hey, guess where we’re going next?

Godeslas: At least the central route is still secure...Damn rebels...We acted too slowly!? But, what now? There's still time before reinforcements arrive from the Central Region.


Here's more pointless swearing. Remember folks, this thread is rated T for Teen!


Godeslas: Without a leader, the Revolutionary Army will be reduced to a mob...there's still hope if Frederick Raskin can be taken care of! We can do it!

So now, it really is up to us. It’d be terrible if Goofus were to suddenly have a change of heart.

Hugo: They orchestrated their uprising very well.
G&G: What's the reason behind the timing of the uprising?
Hugo: Their sending noncombatants to Zenobia...the failed abduction of Prince Yumil...the morale of their men, the soldiers of Alba turning coat...all of them are important...they've found the most opportune time to strike. We were ordered to capture Frederick at all costs. He's trying to cover his own ass from his mistakes.

After saying this, we’re randomly thrown into the briefing without warning. This map is the same as when we captured the Volmus Mine earlier, only there are more areas to the north.


The plan is simple. Beef Jerky and G&G’s units will head north and take all of the strongholds, while Dio, Leia, and Lichald take the stronghold immediately to the south, and then split up and capture the three outlying areas. Simple, right? What could go wrong?

G&G: Their leader... what kind of man is Frederick?
Hugo: I know little of the man, but many rumors follow him...his interest is in politics, rather than war. Many say he's a bleeding-heart idealist. There is much criticism from within the Revolutionary Army. Is something bothering you, Goofus?
G&G: ...

This is probably the fourth or fifth time G&G has responded to a question by saying “…” and then having the scene change. It’s starting to get pretty damn annoying.

Things start off pretty well. Leia encounters an enemy at the first stronghold…


…but thanks to a change I made in her unit (those of you who have really been paying attention may have already caught it), she’s easily able to take care of it. Dio heads towards the southeast, Leia heads southwest, and Lichald heads towards the terrority to the east. So far, so good.


G&G and BJ are running into a bit of trouble. See that? There are four units on that one stronghold. A unit of Hawkmen (and a Raven, an upgraded Hawkman) keep flying over the river and trying to capture our HQ, a Witch unit guards the stronghold, and a Dragon Tamer and Wizard unit are constantly traveling down the road to try and attack our HQ. I can repel the DT/Wiz/Hawkmen units but I take too much damage to be able to pursue them. They then go and rest at the stronghold to the east and try again. G&G and BJ are constantly alternating between attacking the stronghold and defending our HQ. But four units is a bit too much to handle with just two units at this point in the game.

Basically, G&G and BJ are cornered and while they’re in no danger of being defeated, they can’t move forward without help from our other units. So I decide to keep the enemy forces occupied and try to get Dio and the gang up north as soon as possible. The only problem is that they start having problems of their own.

07-07-2008, 04:00 AM
Leia is able to take care of the unit guarding the stronghold to the southwest, but unfortunately the unit is pushed in the direction that we absolutely do not want her to go.


See that unit on top of that mountain? Well, she’s hurt and guess where she’s going to try and go? The stronghold that we captured on our way south and left completely open! Shit! Shit! This couldn’t get any worse!


Oh crap, it just did! You may have noticed in the first map picture that Lichald was fighting an Archer unit to the east. What wasn’t pictured was a Knight unit that spawned nearby and after being defeated, got pushed towards the same empty stronghold that the Valkyrie unit was heading towards. So now we’ve got two units that we can’t catch up to heading for a base I left open. I started sending BJ down to help out, but he was too slow so I called him back to continue keeping the northern forces busy. The enemy re-captures the stronghold, but Leia is able to repel both of the units that had stopped there and liberate the stronghold.


In my desperation, I sent Lichald down to chase the Knight unit, but he wasn’t able to catch up. I stopped and turned Lichald around to go rest at our easternmost stronghold. I was then going to have him finish mopping up some units left in the area and then head north. Leia was able to push the Knight away…push him past Lichald, and right towards the stronghold Lichald had just taken! Shit! Shit! Now we’re going to have to re-take another base! The Knight does succeed in recapturing the stronghold, but Lichald then promptly applies The Hurt™ to his tender regions.

In a high CF playthrough, this would have been absolutely disasterous. Thankfully for us, this isn’t really a big deal.

But it is supremely embarrassing.

Thankfully, things…


…are going…


…pretty well everywhere else. Dio took care of the units defending the Volmus Mine in the southeast easily, and G&G and BJ actually make some progress against the four units that won’t stop pestering them. The leaders of the Hawkmen, Dragon Tamer, and Wizard units were all killed, which makes them much less of a threat. Leia heads north to help out, and eventually the stronghold to the east of our HQ falls.


Leia, BJ, and G&G head north...


…while Operation Mop Up continues down south. It takes a while, but eventually the rest of the enemy’s units fall and everyone heads north.


The Pain Train pulls into Boss Town, and it’s time to finally finish this. This battle took over a week of in-game time because it was such an absolute mess. Unfortunately, battles are only going to get longer and harder as the game goes on.

Quiet-Mannered Man: Are you from the Southern Division?
Leia: You are the leader of the Revolutionary Army...?
Valna: Sir Frederick, what are you doing!?


Valna: You'll pass through here over my dead body!


Alright guys, let’s pass through here. Make sure not to trip on that dead guy.

07-07-2008, 04:01 AM

Alright, it’s finally over. And hey, a decent spear! Now that we have a ton of spear using classes (Troi, Leia, our Valkyries), this is actually useful.


G&G: I don't know why, but...I hated everything...I didn't know what to do; I wanted something to fix my problem...I only cared about myself. I didn't care about anything else. ...I just let life carry me along. The fact that I'm standing in front of you right now...I don't even know if...this is according to my will.
Frederick: It is very difficult to live one's life as one desires. And it doesn't necessarily mean that it is right. Letting life guide you is one way of living.

Apparently this little chat is really important to Goofus, because in about ten seconds he’s going to seriously fuck up his military career because of it. Nevermind the fact that this conversation doesn't even make any sense.

Dio: Hey, they're here!
Godeslas: Ha, hahahahaha! Well done!! Well done, Goofus. I knew you could do it.
Rhade: Your so-called revolution is over. Do you have anything to say before you die?
Frederick: Even if I die here, a new leader will emerge after me. It may be difficult for you to understand, but the flame of revolution will not be extinguished by my death. The fight for freedom will continue as long as this kingdom remains corrupt.
Rhade: The hell with revolution! How dare you mock us!!


Oh, that’s right! Thanks; I completely forgot.

Rhade: Goofus, finish him off.
G&G: ...!!!
Rhade: What, you can't do it Goofus? You disobey my order? I guess you share the same blood as your father...traitor's blood.
G&G: What?!
Rhade: Did I say something wrong, Goofus? You're the son of Ankiseth 'the murderer' isn't that right?


G&G: You!!


Godeslas: Calm down, Goofus! Are you going to bring disgrace to yourself, just like your father? ...Listen to me. They are the source of unwanted chaos to this kingdom. Unless we do something, this kingdom will be destroyed...all Palatinus will be left in ruins!



Godeslas: You want to protect the kingdom, don't you? Goofus, execute him. Only then will this war end. This will be it. ...Finish him.


Under normal circumstances I’d make a joke about Mortal Kombat and Fatalities and the “Finish Him!” voice or something, but this is different. This is the single most important decision in the game. We'll be picking option two. I’ll be talking about it more in this episode’s addendum. But for now, let's continue with the story.

G&G: ......
Rhade: What's wrong with you? You can't do it again? Well, too bad for you, Goofus. You can expect a demotion!


Loud Person Who Always Talks Out Loud At The Movie Theater: I told you he was no good! I told you! I told you!!!

Dio: Let me do it.
G&G: Dio...


Rhade: Good thing someone has guts. What's your name?
Dio: Dio...Diomedes Rangue!
Rhade: Fine then. Go ahead, Diomedes. If you can, I'll take you back to the Central Division with me.



Loud Person Who Always Talks Out Loud At The Movie Theater: Ooooooh, I can’t watch!

07-07-2008, 04:03 AM

Loud Person Who Always Talks Out Loud At The Movie Theater: Awww, yay! He’s good after all!!! See, I told you he was a good guy. I told you.

Dio: Go, Goofus! I'll take care of them!




Frederick: Thank you for saving my life, Goofus.
G&G: It was nothing.

Yeah, you’re right. Mostly because you didn’t do it.

Frederick: But, was that the right action for you to take? You are now wanted by the army...no, by the entire kingdom.
G&G: I'm not exactly sure myself, but I have no regrets.
A Voice: You'd better not regret it, Goofus. If you do, then we did all that for nothing.


Hugo: You young people are so reckless...that was too much excitement for an old guy like myself.
G&G: Hugo, Leia! Why are you here?
Leia: Why are we here!? We went along with your decision, Goofus! You're our commander, remember? Com-man-der! We're supposed to follow you, no matter what!

Even if you’re a traitor, apparently.

Hugo: Leia's got a point. It all comes down to following our hearts. Goofus, don't feel responsible for us being with you.
G&G: I'm sorry. It's my fault you went through all this trouble...
Dio: Hey! Didn't you listen to what the old man said? 'You don't have to feel responsible.' You still don't get it? I chose to be here! I'll probably have more fun if I stick around with you...than to get back in the army and work my butt off trying to become a knight.
G&G: Th...thank you.
Dio: Man, you're not the type of guy who says stuff like that. But Goofus, what are we gonna do now? No way in hell can we get back into the Southern Division.


I know we killed something like 12,000 of you but now we want to join you. Is that cool?

G&G: As soldiers of the Palatinean Army, we've hurt countless people. I can't make up for what I've already done, but I want to do whatever I can for the people in this kingdom. Please allow us to join you!
Frederick: A person's history does not matter to us. Anyone willing to strive for the end of the class system and declare independence from the Holy Lodis Empire is welcome. Many people are still being tyrannized by the Palatinean Army, right here in the Southern Region. We need as much help as we can get to save them...we need people that we can trust. Goofus, I need you to decide right now. Are you willing to lay down your life for our cause?
G&G: I won't look away from the brutality anymore. We'll do our best for the Revolutionary Army...for this kingdom!

So we’re now the bad guys…but now the bad guys are the good guys. And the previously good guys are the bad guys. And all of this because Goofus talked to a guy in a floppy hat for a few minutes and decided that that was worth throwing away everything he’s ever worked for. And for some reason, all of his troops went AWOL with him.

I dunno; it’s a JRPG. Just go with it.

I have tomorrow off so I’m planning a double-sized update. We’ll be beginning the quests to unlock the Dragoon and Princess, as well as picking up two new characters and taking on our first missions under the Revolutionary Army’s flag.

07-07-2008, 04:28 AM
The Most Important Decision

Remember that choice that I said was super important? If you pick option two and you chose to fought Dio at the beginning of the game, he leaves your group permanently.

Also, if you pick option two, the Zenobians won’t ask to join your group, whereas they will if you pick option one.

And remember Biske, that werewolf I've been talking about? If the Zenobians even ask to join your group, then you can’t recruit him. Even if you turn them down. Just having them ask makes him unrecruitable. So this decision affects whether or not one character will stay, and whether six others will join you or not. Kind of a big deal.

Thankfully for us, it’s not though. We decided to do a no-Zenobians/low-CF playthrough, so that means picking option two.

If it makes those of you who wanted to recruit the Zenobians feel any better, the Zenobians have some serious handicaps. Debonair can’t change his weapon or accessory, Destin can’t change his accessory, and Saladin can’t change his weapon. Aisha and Gilbert are identical to the Priestess and Beast Master classes except in appearance and Saladin is almost identical to an Archmage...so they’re not really anything special. Debonair and Destin are, but unfortunately, Debonair’s inability to change his weapon limits his effectiveness a tiny bit. So, while they’re all good, they’re not truly great or anything. We’re really only missing out on Destin here. He's the only one who is truly great, but we can get by without him.

Status Report


So here’s what our army looks like now. The Amazon in G&G's unit is now an Archer, the Amazon in Lichald's unit is now a Sorceress, Dio's unit now has two Fencers and an Archer, and Leia's unit now has a Cleric and an Archer. Everything's going pretty well...unfortunately, next mission we'll be getting two new characters, so we might need to be making some changes soon. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, did you see what I did to Leia's unit? I gave her a Cleric first, and then later an Archer to help with damage. But more importantly, I gave her a Cleric. Leia's unit isn't very strong, but it was always just strong enough to win an encounter. It just took multiple encounters to beat an enemy since her unit is weak. That was difficult because the damage would add up quickly, forcing Leia to rest a lot. But now we have a Cleric to heal, so that eliminates the need to rest a bit (fatigue is still a factor, but it's not as big of a deal). Leia's unit is now useful as a kind of damage-over-time type of unit.

But anyway, everything's going well. I've decided to invest the time necessary to get a Dragoon and a Princess as well as a Lich, but that's it. No Angel Knights/Seraphs or Vampires. That's just too much.

Viewer Mail

The werewolf is a high CF character. Liedel, another high CF gets an ending with him. If you go low CF, the only character you get is the Black Knight.

I don't know where you got that from, but that's wrong. He does have an ending with her, but he is not a high CF character. Technically speaking all characters can be recruited if you stay at a neutral CF and their other perquisites are met...so it is possible to have the two of them on the same team regardless of whether you're going for a high or low CF. But Biske isn't a high CF character.

Clearly you need a Peach and a Daisy at this rate. Clerics or sorceresses is my vote for them. If you can ever get a Princess that should be Zelda. If you're gonna do that theme, might as well run with it!

Done. Peach is the Cleric in G&G's unit with Mario, and Daisy is the Cleric in Dio's unit with Luigi.

could you please name some

archer = Fran
Paladdin= Basch
Swordmaster = Auron
Dark Knight = Gabranth
knight = chaz

I can name an Archer Fran, sure. But I've already got names for all of my Paladins, Swordmasters, and Dark Knights. Sorry.

Next update (or possibly/probably next next update) I'm going to through and show all of the renamed characters and point out who still needs names. I think that will work better.

do you know how much do you have to train the lil soldiers so they can turn into actual characters.

How many soldiers do you have to train to get a centurion???

They have to gain 100 exp points, but they gain a different type of exp than regular units do. Each battle they win, they gain 2 exp points for each tiny person. After they get 100, they turn into either a Fighter or Amazon, depending on the gender of the unit leader.

Seven, but it's totally not worth it because Centurions are awful. They're crappy fighters, and the only noteworthy thing they can do is lead a legion...but legions are awful, so they really can't do anything.

07-07-2008, 06:56 AM
I don't know where you got that from, but that's wrong. He does have an ending with her, but he is not a high CF character. Technically speaking all characters can be recruited if you stay at a neutral CF and their other perquisites are met...so it is possible to have the two of them on the same team regardless of whether you're going for a high or low CF. But Biske isn't a high CF character.

From what I remember Biske was a freedom fighter before being sent to prison by Ankiseth. I could very well be wrong, but that fact, combined with the fact that he has another ending with a high CF character fairly screams high CF. I know you can't get him if you get Ankiseth, but I wasn't aware you couldn't get the Zenobians either. Are you sure about that? I know thats definetly true for Carth, but that seems strange for Biske's case

07-07-2008, 01:03 PM
So the most important decision of the game is choosing between, "No!" or "I don't really feel like it"? Am I correct in assuming that you join the revolutionaries regardless?

07-08-2008, 01:34 AM
Before we move on with the story, it's high time we get started on the Dragoon and Princess sidequests. You guys want a Dragoon, right? I know that so far no one has mentioned wanting a Dragoon but it sounds cool, right? Right! Since this is optional stuff, I’d usually save it for the addendum section of my update…but since the Dragoon, Lich, and Princess quests are pretty long and involved and were requested by you readers, I’ll be talking about them in the main part of each update instead. First, let's head back to Mylesia. That’s the map where we found Troi and escorted Prince Yumil (see episode 5).

Our first order of business is to head to the town of Idorf. We’ll be heading back here later too, but that’s literally weeks away from now.

Old Man: Decades ago...When I was young...the mountains were filled with furious dragons that terrorized us. However, their presence wasn't without benefit. Many Dragoons visited to train, and to slay the dragons. Our economy flourished. In time, the dragons have become more scarce.


Old Man: As a result, blacksmiths were forced to cultivate the land...making farm tools and kitchen utensils to make a living.


Damn Dirty Hippy: It's a metaphor for our dependence on oil, man! We need to take down the system!!!

Old Man: Huh? You want to know where they are? They're rumored to be in Burgunny at Gunter Piedmont, and Kynora near Mount Ithaca.

You know the blacksmiths he’s talking about? Well apparently there’s only two of them, That's right; this town's economy depended entirely on two people.

Old Man: They can barely eke out an existence. Heating, shaping, hardening...artists who wish to make true weapons are all that are left.

Ooookay. Whatever that means. So...there used to be Dragoons and apparently the people who used to make stuff for Dragoons are in Gunter Piedmont and Mount Ithaca. And hey, we're heading to Gunther Piedmont next! Looks like we'll to pay this blacksmith a visit, huh? This is all we need to do in Mylesia for now, so let's head back to the first area of the game, the Tenne Plains, to get started on the first half of the Princess quest.

The Princess quest is way more involved overall than the Dragoon quest, but the first half (which we're about to start) isn't that bad. The second half, though? Absolute murder…but whatever. We need to send a female-led unit to the town of Bordeux.

Noblewoman: I moved here with my husband, but how...how could a refined woman like myself live out in the country?


Ah ha! Our first truly engrishy moment! No "maybe it was a typo" justification here! But don't worry folks, this is but the first of many. Later on we'll find a town where the townspeople speak in Japanese. I forget which map it is, but I hope to find it again.

Noblewoman: I can give it to the dressmaker in Billney in Tenne Plains. I've never seen such gorgeous dresses anywhere. Why not have one made for yourself, instead of fighting like barbarians?


Maybe now you can see why quests in this game are a pain in the ass. If not; don't worry. It will become obvious in time. We’re done here. There's nothing else we can do for now, but after the next two missions we'll have to do some investigating. But enough of this, let's move the story along. Time to head to Gunther Piedmont in the east.

Frederick: I would like you and the PANTS Platoon to act as mobile force. Commanded by you, of course.
G&G: Mobile force? Are we on our own?
Frederick: That's correct. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I need you to go to the mine in Gunther. And once you liberate the area, head north to Dardunnelles.

Yeah, it's a bit "inconveinent" that we won't haven't any back up. Prick.

Frederick: You will understand why once you get there. I'll be counting on you, Goofus.

Next, Hugo and Goofus talk a bit. Goofus is worried that Frederick doesn't trust him since they've basically been sent on a suicide mission, and Hugo brushes the whole thing off. It seems weird to me that Hugo isn't the least bit concerned. Hugo mentions that Goofus needs to earn Frederick's trust, and that's the purpose of this mission. And he's right...but he's also sending the PANTS Platoon into almost certain doom, and Hugo's not even a tiny bit concerned? …Maybe he's suicidal?


This map is a bit tricky. There's a path through the mountains that leads to the enemy's HQ, but it's Ambush Central if we take that route. Or we can go around and take the extremely long way and go through with no problems. Or we can do both and get tons of exp and loot! In addition, the town of Cayes in the southwest of the map has something important that we need to pick up. So I'll be sending Goofus down the outer path, and everyone else will tackle the mountains.

Hugo: Now, we have one more objective. To rescue a man...a man who could be of great help to the Revolutionary Army.
G&G: Who is he?
Hugo: Asnabel Birall...he was once known as the Iron Hammer of Palatinus. If he didn't rebel against Lodis, he would've been a high-ranking officer by now, but...he's quite a stubborn fellow.
G&G: Do you know him?
Hugo: I guess you can say so. Well, Goofus? Isn't this a good opportunity for us to gain their trust? If we complete this assignment, we'd certainly be part of grander operations as members of the Revolutionary Army.


Hugo: It's mere coincidence, except...for you.

Wouldn't that make it not a coincidence, then?

Hugo: I fought alongside Ankiseth, your father.
G&G: My father!? Then you were in the Central Division...
Hugo: That's right. I know Ankiseth was assigned as Prince Yumil's bodyguard, that you and Prince Yumil were friends, and...I also know what actually took place during that incident. (see Episode 5 for details!)
G&G: I wouldn't have imagined.
Hugo: I didn't intend to hide it. It's just that I couldn't find the right moment to tell you.

Really? It's taken you this long? He was famous; a ton of people knew him. I'm sure you're not the only one who knows Goofus' dad. Eh, whatever.

Hugo: I understand why you wanted to keep some distance between you and your father. But it's now a thing of the past. For me...and for you and your father. Come on, we need to go.

At the start of the battle I immediately split my forces up. BJ and Rumpus are able to kill the leader of a Valkyrie unit that was guarding the stronghold near the mountain path…


…and Lichald and G&G are able to push away the guard of the other stronghold. After liberating the stronghold near the mountains...


Two Beast Tamer units spawn and begin making their way towards us. G&G is able to finish off the Knight unit that was guarding the other stronghold and heads south to the city of Cayes. More on this in a bit. For now, we need to focus on the two Beast Tamers and the weakened-but-still-alive Valkyrie unit.


Leia's unit is able to take out the Beast Tamer's leader, which is really all that matters. Remember, once a unit is leader-less, it won't retreat to a stronghold to heal or try and capture any of your own. This is an even bigger deal in this case because the Beast Tamer was boosting the strength of the two Hellhounds, and with him gone, they'll be even easier to handle. It still needs to be finished off, but it can wait. Leia makes a tactical retreat and BJ and Rumpus kick the living hell out of the second unit. Now we have three leaderless units that we can deal with whenever we choose…which is good because Wario and one of the Valkyries in Leia's unit were severely hurt and need time to rest.


Meanwhile, after clashing with a Valkyrie and Sorcessess unit a few times, G&G is able to liberate the town of Cayes. Remember how I said this town was important?

07-08-2008, 01:38 AM
Young Girl: Do you belong to the Revolutionary Army? Please...


No, no…the other one. The confectioner, Asnabel the Tooth Melter. Yes, you idiot! That Asnabel!

Young Girl: A while ago, before you arrived...he was arrested for contacting the Revolutionary Army. I beg you, please save Asnabel...
G&G: Don't worry, that's exactly why we're here.


G&G: If you'd like, I can take you back to my place. Chicka-chicka-booowww wowww.

…but yeah, we're taking her.

G&G: If you'd like...but why are you so worried?
Katreda: My name is Katreda Birall. Asnabel is my father.
Atlus: Abrupt scene change upon revelation.

If we don't pick up Katreda before the mission ends, then we can't pick up Asnabel after the mission. So that's why we had to take the long road no matter what. G&G is going to rest up for a bit, so let's head back up north...


Where things have gotten a bit cluttered. Two of the leaderless units have driven themselves to fatigue from running in circles so much. They get taken care of as Lichald heads in to take the stronghold.


Our first combination spell! This is a horrible picture, but Maxwell and our Generic Sorceress cast Clay Assault on our enemies. Hurray! I tried to get a better screenshot, but it's pretty hard since Clay Assault has a fast animation. This is the best one I could get.

And seriously, what was this guy thinking? A Phalanx and four Soldiers? He must be suicidal too. Him and Hugo should go shop at Hot Topic together.


So now we've got G&G headed to the east to take the last stronghold, and everyone else is on mop up duty. Then it'll be boss raping time and we can all go home. …at least that's the theory. While on mop up duty, another two units spawn in the mountains and attack Lichald's unit. He's able to get away with no problems, but he needs to rest for a while and we have to carry on without him.

G&G are able to liberate the town in the south, so now we're all set to take on the boss. Once we finish mopping up, of course.


Mopping up takes a while (we still aren't done when I took this picture) but we're almost there. Leia's unit encountered a wild Golem, but we weren't able to tame it. Which is a bit of a shame, but it’s hard to kill a Golem in one turn with your weakest unit anyway.

Makisi: So you're Goofus, eh? Traitor!


Says the guy who uses an axe. Makisi is in the middle of the front row, so he's basically a giant bullseye. The chump goes down in one encounter.

Makisi: I...lost...? I, impossible...how could they...kill...


Hey, a Flame Flail. We can give that to one of our Berserkers.

Katreda: Father!
G&G: Are you alright? We're safe now.
Katreda: I can't thank you enough for saving my father.
Asnabel the Iron Hammer: You're Goofus? Why did you risk your life to save me?


I like how Asnabel responds to his own question. Nevermind the fact that it doesn't make any sense.

Asnabel: It's an old story. It looks like my daughter's made her mind up to join you. No more problems should arise here...what would you say if I offered my services to your battalion?


Are you kidding me? Do you see that beard? Hell yeah we'll take him!

07-08-2008, 01:40 AM
G&G: We gladly accept your offer, Asnabel.
Asnabel: Alright, then! I will fight for the people of Palatinus.

So we've now got a Cleric and a Berserker, and no place for them to go. Uh oh. Well, before we worry about that there are still a few more things we need to do. A few more sidequest-y things we need to do, to be precise. First I need to put Katreda and Asnabel in a unit, so for now I make a new unit with just the two of them. Let's go back to Gunther Piedmont.

Remember how Troi was able to get the Hallowed Shield? Well, Asnabel and Katreda have special items they can get too. Plus, we can buy Dragon Helms (for Dragoons) in just a minute. G&G gets sent to the town of Burgunny and runs into a man wearing the most awesome hat ever.


Guy With Awesome Hat: Cuz my wife's an Indigan...I'm afraid of her...hiccup! Nag me about my drinking!? I ain't...I ain't afraid! Hiccup! I'm...got it!? Hiccup!

The next day we come back and find out a bit more about Guy with Awesome Hat.

Barkeep: Did you see that drunk? He was a skilled blacksmith, but his wife left him because of his drinking.


Barkeep: Why do you ask? I don't think it's a good idea to get involved in their problems. It's none of our business. Don't you think?

NO I DON'T. I need him to make me a helm, damn it. While Goofus is chatting it up with drunks, Asnabel and Katreda head to Kinseya and...


Asnabel: And who might you be?

It's me, your illegitimate daughter!

Young Woman: We were taken prisoners at the Gunther Mine. You helped us survive. Without your encouragement, we would've lost all hope.

Asnabel: Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that apparently even though it was literally yesterday. Right.

Asnabel: I just did what I had to do. Don't make a big deal over it.

Young Woman: I'd join you if I could...but, I'm no soldier. Please take this. This helmet has been passed down through the history of Alba. I have no use for it.


How the hell are random townspeople getting all these rare items? Anyway, time to go to Inekell for more townspeople-giving-away-Godly-items-goodness.

Woman: Haven't seen you in a while, Katreda. How are you doing?


...in bed!! Ha ha!! Get it!?

I mean sexually!

Woman: That's great. Your mother entrusted me with this...
Katreda: My mother?
Woman: She asked me to give this to you when you grew up. If you must sell it, it will fetch a good price. But I would try not to.


The Angel's Brooch isn't very useful, but it possibly raises the chances of creating an Angel Knight. If you have a female character who meets the requirements of becoming an Angel Knight, and you let them die in battle, there’s a chance they may come back as an Angel Knight. And supposedly the Angel’s Brooch boosts the odds of that happening but it’s never been definitively proved. But I hope it’s true, because otherwise this thing is absolutely worthless.

The Helm of the Fearless, however, is not. It boosts your STR by 20 and DEX by 5, but lowers your AGI by 15. So you miss less and hit harder but dodge less. That's a very fair trade, I'd say. It turns whichever unit wears into a physical powerhouse. Typically units that need STR and DEX don’t need AGI anyway, so this thing has basically no downsides.

We’re still not done though. It’s time to wrap up the first stage of the Dragoon quest. First we'll need to head back to the Volmus Mine map a third time. Goofus then heads to Senal to meet with the blacksmith's wife.

Guy with Awesome Hat’s Wife: I see. He's causing trouble...I'll give him one last chance. I'm sorry to cause you trouble. Please come to our store when you visit Burgunny. He may be a drunk, but he's skilled at helmet making. Perhaps, he's one of the best in the kingdom.


Yeah, how's about free? I had to walk for weeks to get this news to you.

Guy with Awesome Hat’s Wife: Oops, I'm sounding like a salesman! Hahaha...

Yeah, very funny. Make me come out all this way, and you can’t give me a helm for free? Come on! Anyway, back to Burgunny one last time.


Guy with Awesome Hat’s Wife: I think my husband learned his lesson. He quit drinking and devoted himself to his work. Honey, these are the people who convinced me to come back here. You should thank them.

Guy with Awesome Hat: Uh...yeah. I don't remember much, cuz I was drunk...but, uh, thanks anyway.

Guy with Awesome Hat’s Wife: Hmm. He can't even thank you properly. I'm really sorry. It doesn't seem like it, but he really appreciates what you did. He's just shy...our store is open year-round, from 7 to 7. This is the only place that sells Dragoon helmets, so please come again.

Now we can buy a Dragon Helm for 260 Goth. Alright, part one of three of the Dragoon quest is done. Soon we’ll be getting the Dragon Armor, and way later in the game we’ll get the Sword of Tiamat and we’ll be done.

That’s it for today’s update, but be sure to check this episode’s bonus section for an in-depth explanation of the changes I’ve made to our army, as well as an announcement regarding character names. And when I say in-depth, I mean it. Consider yourself warned! Be sure to check out the naming announcement though; that’s fun for children of all ages.

07-08-2008, 01:56 AM
Status Report


Alright, we've got two new characters and no place to put them. We've got a new axe/hammer type weapon and new helm which seriously boosts the attack power of its wearer and they need to go somewhere. Let’s figure this out.

Asnabel is a Berserker, and I really don’t see any reason why we should change his class. Berserkers are Chaotic, so Asnabel either needs to get worked into a Chaotic unit or have a new unit made. Katreda is a Cleric, so she needs to either get worked into a Lawful unit or have a Lawful unit made for her. Of course, I could have just used Soldiers from the beginning and then now I’d have extra characters to fill in the gaps…but I hate using Soldiers so I didn’t, and now we’re semi-screwed. But it’s okay. There are a few ways out of this. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I have a plan.

Katreda can replace someone very easily since we already have three Clerics. Asnabel can too since we have multiple Berserkers, but Wario and Lichald have both been really good so far, so I don’t want to change them. Katreda is on par with Peach (G&G’s Cleric) and Dionne (Leia’s Cleric) in terms of healing, and she’s worse than Daisy (Dio’s Cleric). I don’t want her to replace someone who’s better than her, and since I’ve got the Mario/Peach thing going with Peach that makes Dionne the most likely candidate for replacement. I can take Dionne out of Leia’s unit and change her job to something else. I experimented a bit and she makes an above average sorceress. Sorceress are Chaotic, so I can take Wario out of BJ and Rumpus’ unit and replace him Dionne as a Sorceress. Dionne and Mary’s (the generic Sorceress in BJ’s unit) elements are compatible, so they’ll be eligible to use combination magic. Wario can go with Asnabel and form a new unit. So they’re not alone, I can take Troi or WhiteMage (the Ninja) out of Lichald’s unit and replace him with a Soldier. Asnabel’s unit can be rounded out with some Soldiers as well. The end result will look like this:


This setup is ideal for a few reasons:
- G&G, Dio, and Leia’s units all remain the same.
- BJ’s unit loses a bit of physical power but gains a significant amount of magical power in return.
- Lichald’s unit loses little in terms of physical power since ninjas are fairly weak anyway, and may potentially produce a new Fighter for us.
- Asnabel’s unit has some decent physical power, and will eventually produce a new Fighter for us to use. In addition, new characters we find will now have a unit to go into.
- The “peer pressure” aspect of alignment (see Episode 1 Addendum) will help a great deal here too. Katreda is leaning Lawful, and she’s now in a unit full of Lawful leaners. This will help push all of them into full tilt Lawfulness. Dionne was Neutral, and now she’s in the most Chaotic unit I have, so she’ll quickly turn Chaotic (which is what we want her to do so she can switch to the upgraded version of the Sorceress later). Wario and Asnabel are both leaning Chaotic, so this will help put WhiteMage over the edge (again, which is what we want).

So, does this sound good to everyone? I have a save state made before I made all these changes, so if you have any other ideas we do that instead. I still haven't given the Flame Flail and Helm of the Fearless to anyone yet, so if you have any opinions on that, let me know (I'm torn between rewarding Lichald with both or splitting them between Asnabel and Wario).

Character Names

A lot of character names have been put forth, and Witsu’s recent post made me realize I don’t have enough characters and/or the right characters to implement all of them. So I’m going to take the time and show what units I have renamed and what ones still need names.

G&G’s Unit – G&G
Badguy – Knight (he stays no matter what)
Mario – Knight
Peach – Cleric
Fran – Archer
Dio’s Unit – Dio
Luigi – Fencer
Ozzy – Fencer
Daisy – Cleric
Gillian – Archer
Leia’s Unit - Leia
Kitty - Archer
Monica – Valkyrie
Kasha - Valkyrie
BJ’s Unit - Beef Jerky – Beast Tamer
Rumpus – Hellhound
Mary – Sorceress
Dionne – Sorceress
Lichald’s Unit - Lichald – Berserker
Maxwell – Wizard
Sarah – Sorceress
Asnabel’s Unit - Asnabel
Wario – Berserker
WhiteMage - Ninja

The names in bold are the default names and I would like to change them. For the record, we have three Sorceresses, two Valkyries, and an Archer that all need names. I’m sorry for not implementing all of the names you’ve all suggested, but there’s only so many characters I can name and there was a lot of overlap so I had to pick which ones I liked the best. Some of you suggested names for classes I don’t have yet, so if you want me to I can use those names for these characters. Or if any of you have any new ones you’ve come up with, let me know.

I initially took Jimm’s request and named everyone in Dio’s unit after metal singers etc., but there were too many other requests and I had to lower it to two members. Sorry Jimm! And I don’t have anything “big” yet so I figured naming a Ninja WhiteMage would be a good substitute, Elfir.

Viewer Mail

*stuff about Biske*

I'm like 99% sure, yeah. He's a low CF character through and through. Like I said, you can still recruit him along with some of the high CF characters...just not Ankiseth or the Zenobians. It makes sense that he would be, but his inherent werewolf-ness kind of ruins the ability for him to be a high CF character.

So the most important decision of the game is choosing between, "No!" or "I don't really feel like it"? Am I correct in assuming that you join the revolutionaries regardless?

Yes, you join regardless. If you say no then G&G changes his mind and agrees to do it after all, and then cuts Frederick's ropes himself. Your choice also affects the story in some ways, but there are other more important choices story-wise that are made later. This one is the "most important" because it affects the greatest number of special characters you can or cannot recruit.

07-08-2008, 07:04 AM
This is what I love about games like OB64 -- fiddling around with the characters and making sure that everything is just so. I guess that means I've got a little twink in my DNA, but ah well.

07-08-2008, 11:17 AM
I mean sexually!

...I'm not sure I follow you.

Man, I wish so hard that I had the 50 hours to play this game again right now. Stupid thesis.

Pajaro Pete
07-08-2008, 11:19 AM
Did Thor just join the PANTSPlatoon? I think Thor just joined the PANTSPlatoon.

07-09-2008, 05:17 PM
This is, by far, the ugliest update I’ve made so far. Things go wrong right from the beginning. But it’s okay; I’m able to pull out a victory in the end. Come watch me suffer, won’t you?


Godeslas: What brings you here? Do you need to take care of some business? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJprEyXMrIk)

Remember this mother fucker. This mother fucker right here. He is bad news.

Baldwin: The Southern Region...is in terrible condition.
Godeslas: ...A, am I to be punished?
Baldwin: No, I didn't come here for that. But the Triumvirate is taking the matter quite seriously. ...Punishment is inevitable.
Godeslas: ...


Baldwin: And you have been good to me for a long time...


Baldwin: ...Are you willing to try it?
Godeslas: ...Wh, what is that?
Baldwin: This will grant you power. ...There are some risks involved, though.


Umm...you're the commander now. Shouldn't people be reporting to you?

Destin: Long time no see...Goofus, right?
G&G: Y, you're...!
Destin: Last time we met, we were still on opposing sides...I'm Destin Faroda. Glad to make your acquaintance.
G&G: Me, too. Um, I apologize for the other day.
Destin: ...?
G&G: I lashed out at you without understanding the intentions of the Revolutionary Army.
Destin: Oh, that. It's no big deal. Everyone has a thing or two in their past. What's important is that you're here, by your own will...As long as your will is strong, I'm glad you decided to join the Revolutionary Army.
G&G: Thank you, Destin.
Destin: Alright, next topic. There is a reason why we wanted you to come here. Currently, the reinforcements from the Central Division are heading for Akka Castle. I want you to liberate this area and prepare for the encounter with the enemy reinforcements. And at the same time, we will conduct the assault on Akka Castle!
G&G: I see. Leave this area to me.
Destin: We're relying on you, Goofus.
Hugo: Now, let me explain the details.


This map is deceptively simple. It seems like there's no real need to capture the neutral stronghold down south, and as long as the enemy doesn't have any flying units we won't need to worry about it being captured and used as a base to assault our HQ. We'll split everyone up and send half north and then east and the east through the mountains. ...And we'll just hope that there's no units waiting off screen to come and invade our HQ. /foreshadowing


You know, a few maps ago it was all up to us to stop the revolution. Now it's all up to us to make it succeed. Do we have to do everything around here!?

Hugo: The course of the revolution depends on the outcome of this operation.

Fun Fact: Even though he was present during that entire scene, Saradin had no dialogue. Go figure.


Holy crap! Two seconds into the battle and we're already under attack! I figured we might as well test Asnabel's unit out against them, and it went pretty well. The Doll Master unit makes a break for the neutral stronghold, but Asnabel is able to hunt him down before that happens. It takes a few encounters, and this highlights Asnabel's unit's biggest weakeness: no healers, and a lot of low defense classes. Asnabel is going to need to rest for a while, and this is going to be one of our more item-dependent units. Chaotic units in general are pretty item intensive, but one with a Ninja and two Berserkers? That's just asking for trouble.


Meanwhile, G&G and Leia head north to liberate Melphy (remember this town, we'll be heading here later!) while Dio/BJ/Lichald head east. Dio runs into a Wizard unit and...


Revolutionary Soldier: I knew about the reinforcements, but who did this, before we even arrived?

Off Screen: Help! Someone, help me!!



07-09-2008, 05:23 PM
Revolutionary Soldier: B, bastards!

Dio: Is it the Southern Division?! Everybody, get ready !



Dio's unit managed to lose somehow (which is a bit of a concern since this isn't the first time he's lost a battle), but we killed the leader so it doesn't really matter. But from now on we'll be running into Goblins (the ones with swords) and Ogres (the grey ones with hammers) very often.

Translation: the game is done toying with us.

Leia liberates Melphy, and Lichald fights the unit defending the stronghold to the east..and, wait, what?!!?


Our soldier got promoted already?! This is our first battle with this unit since putting a Soldier in it, and we used Soldiers in the first battle and in a training battle before this mission, so we do have some Soldier exp. under our belt. I guess Soldier exp. isn't limited to one unit. Wow. Even now I'm still learning things about this game! Well, hey...now we've got a new unit! We'll figure out what to do with him later. For now, let's move on.

Leia wipes out a Sorceress unit, and the stronghold in the east is liberated. Some time is spent moping up leftover units, and then it's time to head further east.


Hot Sorceress-on-Sorceress action! This is a screenshot of Ionosphere, BJ and Rumpus' unit's combination spell.

So far, all of the changes we've made to our units have worked out pretty well. Lichald's unit hasn't lost much in the damage department thanks to Lichald using the Flame Flail and Helm of the Fearless, Asnabel and Wario are both pretty strong in their own right but they'll be needing some help, and BJ now has combination magic on his side.

Moments like this are what Ogre Battle 64 is all about. You spend hours in the Organize screen tinkering with jobs and unit formation and equipment...and then you come up with a plan, and it works. It's just so damn satisfying.


Wait...where? Where the hell did he come from?! Was he just hiding down south the whole time?!


I just had to open my big mouth, didn’t I? The enemy sent a regular unit from the south and right to our HQ. The bottom line is that I was careless. I saw this coming, and I could have easily left Asnabel back at the HQ to stop it...but I didn't. I kept thinking that it was too early for the game to pull something like that, but then here it is. I should have listened to my own advice.

Like I said, the game is done toying with us. Well, we won’t get caught off guard next time.

From now on, we'll be leaving one unit behind at our HQ each mission. This mission will be Asnabel, since we only need a unit that's strong enough to repel the enemy and not necessarily wipe them out right away. We'll rotate which one gets left behind so they don't lose exp. And even if they do, we can always train them in between battles to keep them on par with everyone else.

Time to start over. Unfortunately, things don't go so smoothly this time. Asnabel pushes back the Doll Master unit in a different direction, and it captures the neutral town to the south.


And the Beast Tamer that killed us last time appears? So if we had just captured this one to begin with, we could’ve stopped the whole disaster. Well, alright. We'll send Dio down to help out Asnabel, Lichald and BJ will take the eastern stronghold, and Leia and G&G will take the one in the north.

Lichald gets in a fight and we get a new Fighter again, only this time his name is Otto. Dio gets in a fight with the Beast Tamer unit and...Ozzy dies!? What!? This map is just not going well. Dio's unit has really not been performing well lately. But, no matter. This is just an opportunity for me to show you all how reviving works in this game. We have more important things to worry about right now. The Beast Tamer unit's leader is dead, but the Doll Master unit is still around and needs to be dealt with.


As a matter of fact, here he is! In addition, a Berserker is headed towards Lichald and BJ, but since they're two of my best units, that should be no problem.


Yeah, no problem at all.


Things are still ugly down south, but the northern and eastern routes are under control. Asnabel takes care of the Doll Master's unit leader, so now we have two leaderless units and control of the southern stronghold. Dio isn't needed anymore, so we'll need to send him to the town with a Witch's Den in it to revive Ozzy. ...unfortunately, that's near the end of the map. Time to get moving, Dio!


G&G's unit is in a tiny bit of trouble, so I decide it's time to use a Pedra for the first time. It's kind of hard to tell since the background is messed up, but those are birds made of lightning that dive bomb the enemy. You may notice the Pumpkinheads we're up against too. Pumpkinheads are dangerous. In the front two rows they do an attack that halves your HP. In the back row they do an attack that halves their HP but does massive damage. They're never to be taken lightly.

Things are a bit better now. We've got a few units that need to be mopped up, and a few strongholds to capture...but Asnabel is almost finished clearing out the units near our HQ, and everyone else is on track.

While mopping up, Lichald finds an altar of resurrection! And Dio's unit is nearby! So we can trade the item to Dio's unit and revive Ozzy, and then we don't need the Witch's Den, right?

BUZZ. Wrong. That would be convenient. We can't have that, now can we? Whenever you find an item, it immediately goes into your army's inventory...not your individual unit's inventory. So we still need to head to the Witch's Den to get Ozzy back. Which really sucks because not long after this I found two more altars. This game can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

07-09-2008, 05:26 PM
After a bunch of tracking down units and killing them, Dio avoids everyone and finally makes it to the Witch's Den.


Ozzy is back, and we now control all of the strongholds. Time to take on this area's boss, the lovable sidekick Ariosh.

But wait! Asnabel finally finishes off the Beast Tamer unit and...what the?! We have a new Fighter, Ralph! Already! That was damn quick! But let's stay focused and end this nightmare of a level. G&G and Lichald head to the enemy HQ and...


G&G: What are they!? You've sold your soul to the devil to defeat us!?
Ariosh: I, if not for you...the revolution...


You know, I always felt bad for Ariosh. He only has a handful of lines in the game (most of which I edited out of the first update), but he seemed like a good kid. He just didn't know what to do. Well, whatever. He's the boss so he's about to get raped. After a few battles, he goes down like the chump he is.


Hey, now we're talking. G&G can make use of this. So can Dio and G&G’s Knights, but whatever. I always give the main character in a game the best stuff. It just feels right, you know?


Ariosh: The...the general...H...e...Ugh...
Destin: That's enough, Goofus.
G&G: What on earth are they...?
Destin: I can't say if those creatures are truly Ogres.



Destin: That means...either they've succumbed to the way of darkness, or...they came from the netherworld. They're denizens of the netherworld, aren't they!? Damn it, what did you do!?
Ariosh: The general...he sacrificed the people who ate the fruit of the netherworld...their bodies burst from the inside, and...the denizens of the netherworld, the Ogres, appeared...
G&G: Netherworld? ...Ogres!? What are you...Don't tell us a lie, just because you don't know what you're dealing with...
Destin: ...
G&G: The Ogre Battle is only a legend, isn't it...?

Nope! The Ogre Battle is sort of like Ragnarok in Norse mythology. It’s a battle that occurred between the humans and the denizens of the netherworld a long time ago, and all of the games (generally speaking) are about trying to stop the second Ogre Battle from beginning and to stop this guy called Rashidi (who is really evil) from taking over the world. In other words, shit’s gettin’ real. Ya dig?

This update took a lot longer to put together than I originally planned, so I'm going to call it a day.

Next time on Let's Battle Ogres!: Have fun storming the castle! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-8kc3-VG4g)

07-09-2008, 05:43 PM
Sum Mannus is my favorite sword ever. You have to love a weapon that translates to "I am a horse".

By the way, Alixsar, what emulator are you using? Are you using any plugins? I just downloaded this rom to play along and my backgrounds seem to be messed up much more often than yours...

07-09-2008, 05:48 PM
Status Report

Well, we've got two new units now. Let's see what we can do with them.


Otto, the Fighter in Lichald's unit, was able to turn into a Doll Master. We don't have any Doll Masters yet, so I figured what the hell? Why not? In addition, Doll Masters do the same damage in the middle row as they do up front, so he's a good candidate for being a middle row combatant. I moved him to Asnabel's unit, and turned Ralph into yet another Wizard. I then put a new Soldier cluster in Lichald's unit. I have a few reasons for doing this.

- When he's strong enough, WhiteMage is going to become a Ninja Master. In the back row, Ninja Masters use high level spells of a random element. We've got him paired with a Wizard now, so they'll eventually be able to use all kinds of combination magic. In addition, the Enchanter (the upgraded Doll Master) gets three attacks in the front row. So if we move our Ninja Master to the back with an Archmage and have an Enchanter and two Black Knights up front, our unit will be pretty damn strong. And that's the plan for now.

- Thanks to the Flame Flail and the Helm of the Fearless, Lichald is now my strongest character; even stronger than Rumpus. He's got Troi to back him up and two mages. His unit is already really powerful, whereas Asnabel's needs some help. A Doll Master in the middle row or another Phalanx up front to absorb damage would be great...so why not put a Soldier in with Lichald, get a new Fighter, and then make him into one of those two classes?

We're going to be getting some more recruitable characters in a few updates, so all of this will change. But for now, this is a good plan and we should stick to it.

Also, I should note that this is the most balanced army I've ever used. Typically I would use almost nothing but Knights/Paladins and Berserkers/Black Knights. I've never had less than six Knights/Paladins in my army ever, but here we've got Doll Masters and Beast Tamers!? I never use Doll Masters or Beast Tamers! And hell, Beef Jerky is one of my stronger characters. How the hell did this happen? Well, whatever. So far so good...except our Fencers aren't really pulling their weight yet. Eventually they'll be really strong, but for now they're just weaker Knights. Oh well; they'll get the hang of it eventually.

I'm toying with the idea of tracking down a wild Golem. Doll Masters give them a bonus just like Beast Tamers give beasts a bonus and Dragon Tamers give Dragons a bonus. If I can find a Golem, I'm going to name him Buckethead. And it's going to ROCK.


So now we've got two more characters, a Doll Master and a Wizard. Anyone got any names out there? Remember: we still need names for our Valkyries, Sorceresses, and an Archer. Six female names and two males. Anyone got any ideas?

07-09-2008, 05:49 PM
Sum Mannus is my favorite sword ever. You have to love a weapon that translates to "I am a horse".

By the way, Alixsar, what emulator are you using? Are you using any plugins? I just downloaded this rom to play along and my backgrounds seem to be messed up much more often than yours...

Project64. No plugins. And no, they probably aren't. A metric fuck-ton of my backgrounds are messed up. I just don't take screenshots of those battles/events if I don't have to. I try to keep screenshots to legit screens only.

07-09-2008, 06:05 PM

It's OK, I've got an ogre-slaying knife! It's got a +9 against ogres.

07-09-2008, 06:41 PM
Sum Mannus is my favorite sword ever. You have to love a weapon that translates to "I am a horse".

I totally forgot about that. This game came out while I was in high school, during my extremely misguided effort to study Latin. None of my friends ever figured out why I laughed every time I saw that sword.

07-09-2008, 11:33 PM
Remember this mother fucker. This mother fucker right here. He is bad news.
I don't remember much of OB64's plot, but I remember Baldwin.

07-12-2008, 04:29 AM
I'm gonna go ahead and recommend Kankuro (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Naruto_characters#Sand_Siblings) for the Doll Master's name.

07-12-2008, 04:43 AM
Zinc sounds like a lovely name for one of the girls.

And Waffles for one of the males? I like waffles.

Ooh and maybe WonderWoman for a Valkyrie?

07-14-2008, 12:00 AM
Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days everyone. I wrote the majority of this on Thursday night but I’ve been too busy with work/my real life to get around to posting it. But tonight I have the time, so get ready for a special double length update! Double the excitement! Double the thrills! Double the non-sensical pop culture references! Double the shoddy writing!

We've now captured the Central Route and it's time to take the southern region's headquarters at Alba. Our next map is small but absolutely brutal. Before we rush headfirst into certain doom, let's take a break and get some sidequests done.

When we last left the Dragoon and Princess sidequests, we had procured a Dragon Helm and gotten some info on where to get silk. We can't get the Dragon Armor yet, but we can get one step closer to getting the Princess.


Right now, we're at Dardunnelles on the 18th. We need to head to Melphy, a town in Darunnelles, on the 15th. It doesn't matter which month but it has to be the 15th. G&G and co. are going to be running around the world map doing nothing in particular but wasting time until it's the 15th. It takes seven days to travel to the nearest point on the world map. So that's two weeks roundtrip...which gets us back to Dardunelles on the 7th, which is too early. We can travel to the second closest point on the world map, which gets us back on the 15th...which doesn't give us enough time to get to Melphy.

This is why sidequests are a pain in the ass in Ogre Battle 64. You have to be ridiculously precise with an imprecise system. Luckily for us, we'll only need to deal with timed events like this one more time (to get a piece of material for the Dragon Armor). After running around the map for literally two months, I make it to Dardunelles on the 13th. I make it to Melphy on the 14th and just wait until it's the 15th. A peddler sells me a bolt of silk for a whooping 2000 goth, but it'll be worth it in just a minute. Now that we have the silk, it's time to head back to the Tenne Plains.

We need to send a female unit to Billney, so Leia heads off with the silk in tow.


Guy with Awesome Hat makes dresses, too?! Is there anything he can't do?

No. There isn’t.

Anyway, we pay him 2500 goth for the dress and after a bit of mostly pointless dialogue...


The Princess requires four items in order to be made. Two of them are common, the Pure-white Dress is the third, and the fourth one is the hardest to get of all. We can't even try to unlock it until much, much later in the game. So for now we're done with the Princess class quest. Right now we're at mission 9, and after mission 15 we can get the Dragon Armor. But for now we’re ready to…wait, stop.

You know what? I just remembered something. We never picked up the second elemental pedra! Let's head back to Mylesia real quick. After fighting a few training battles with G&G's unit...


A Dragoon appears! There's also a fire dragon, so that means that we'll be getting the Pedra of Fire if we win this battle. Go Goofus! For everlasting peace!!



Yeah, this might be hard. Not only does that attack hit everyone, but it lowers everyone's strength as well. This means that even if you have a Cleric to negate the damage it does, eventually your attack will be so low that you'll only be doing 1 damage against the dragon. G&G's unit gets wiped out, so I temporarily bring Maxwell and Lichald into G&G's unit and try again. This time things go much better, and even though it's close, we're able to pull out a victory.


Instructor: I am sure this will help you. I want you to have this.


Later in the game we’ll need to repeat this “train a few times with G&G’s unit and then fight a Dragoon/Dragon”-routine to get the Pedras of Water and Earth. The pedras of Virtue and Bane are harder to get, but they’re not available for a while.

Okay, now we're all good on the sidequest front. Like I said before, we can't do anything else until after mission…

Monty Python: GET ON WITH IT!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEtm_Q2LK9g)


WAIT I JUST HAD AN IDEA. We’re naming our Doll Master in Asnabel’s unit Tim. That way, when I make him an Enchanter, he’ll be Tim the Enchanter. Thanks Monty Python!

Hugo: The Central Division has taken the slaughter of the reinforcements at Dardunnelles as a mutiny by the Southern Division.
G&G: Wasn't the Southern Division...the general following the Central Division's orders?
Hugo: We have no idea why General Godeslas decided to involve those monsters. But it's certain that the Central Region is worried about Lodis. If they learn that Palatinus was employing monsters, nothing can be said if they consider this kingdom as a land of pagans. The entire Southern Division was cut off to emphasize that the Central Region took no part in the incident...
G&G: Cut off, huh...?
Hugo: Troops have been dispatched to control the chaos created by the monsters.


Hugo: ...We're on our own against the Southern Division.

In other words, Destin and everyone else are going to go fight monsters and, once again, we have to do everything. Le sigh.


This map is super small, but like most things that are small, it knows how to compensate. The northern path has a large number of units protecting the HQ. We'll send four units north to meet the bulk of their force, and two to the east to sneak around. Lichald and BJ will be needed on the front lines, Asnabel isn't quite strong enough (yet) to be trusted with the outer path, and G&G needs to stay protected...so Dio and Leia will take the eastern route.

Hugo: Even though it was abandoned by the Central Region, the Southern Division is a force to be reckoned with. I'm also concerned about General Godeslas' intentions. We must stay alert.
G&G: Regardless of why, this is a perfect opportunity for us. I want to meet the expectations of our sympathizers...and the Revolutionary Army, who took us in. Inform everyone to prepare for battle!
Hugo: Absolutely.

You need to work on your battle cry, Hugo. Remember what I said about this map being brutal?


Yeah, see? That's three units headed towards us, with more on the way. Again, this game is done toying with us.

07-14-2008, 12:01 AM

Jesus Christ! The Pumpkinhead in the back row was able to bring my Archer down to 1 HP with Pumpkin Smash, and the one up front was able to take off half of Goofus' HP. Ridiculous. Luckily for us, we can use a Pedra since we took so much damage and we've now got two so it's okay to use one right away.


I guess that's a...salamander? Or something? I dunno, but it killed the annoying Pumpkinhead that uses Pumpkin Smash, so who cares what it is? It’s my friend.


After a string of battles, we are victorious! Lichald and Asnabel's units are able to take care of the leader of the Witch unit, and severely damage all of the other units. They all go running for cover at the next stronghold. Meanwhile, Dio and Leia are coming up on their destination and G&G is still healing after his encounter with the Great Pumpkin.


Even more fighting occurs, and now we've got a bit of a mess…but its okay because a fully healed Lichald/BJ/G&G/Asnabel are all headed towards the one stronghold that has almost all of the enemies units. It's gonna be bloody, but we'll do just fine.


Do you see those three units on the bridge near Godeslas? Yeah, Lichald's unit did that by itself. They fought five units: one was completely annhilated, they killed all but one member of one unit, and killed the leaders of the other three. Lichald's unit is just TOO GOOD. They can't be stopped!

Maybe I should change Lichald's name to Mr. Domino. After all, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_one_can_stop_mr_domino)


So after what seemed like four years of fighting, all of the units are routed and we're on our way to fight Godeslas. This map is by far the most straightfoward map so far. It's difficultly is in the fact that there's a million units to kill. I was able to kill all but one who got pushed into an area we can't access...but hey, that’s not bad.


Godeslas: Even I was branded as an insurgent...
Baldwin: It looks like this is the end of your career...You did quite well for yourself, don't you think?
Godeslas: Sir Baldwin!! What have you done!? No...you...you deceived me!?


I told you! This motherfucker! You can keep your Sephiroths and Kujas or whatever; this is how bad guys are supposed to be.

Baldwin: You just didn't put your power to good use.


Aww, poor guy. It wasn't his fault.

Baldwin: Silence! It was you who made up your mind to sacrifice your family!


Oh. Maaaaaybe not.

07-14-2008, 12:03 AM
Baldwin: ...and now you dare blame me for your misdeeds!?


Baldwin: I'm sure you're glad to know that you were of good use to us. This was a very valuable case to examine. We learned that someone with little desire, like yourself, can only gain so much from the fruit of the netherworld. I'm afraid I must be going now. Did you finally realize that you can't do anything without our counsel? Are you angry at me, at yourself? Channel that rage. Strike back at the Revolutionary Army!


Ooooh. The power? What power? Could this be connected to that Aura Destin mentioned earlier?

Godeslas: Goofus, if only you hadn't betrayed me...what meaning did my life hold? You can't imagine what I went through for this!! Do you understand my pain!? Do you have anything you'd protect at all costs, even if you had to sacrifice your own family!?


Whoa shit! An Aura! And it's mighty Infernal looking, wouldn't you say?

The fight begins…Godeslas summons all of his rage and uses the spell Infest! Oh no! Can G&G withstand the sheer power of Godeslas' anger?! Can G&G stand up to the might of the dark power of the Netherworld!? Other dramatic cliffhanger sounding stuff!!!


Bwahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!! Yes, yes we can! 8 damage to a Cleric. Come on, man! You can do better than that!


Then again, maybe he can't. Hurray, we won!

Godeslas: I will...reach...the...top...


An Estoc, huh? Dragon Tamers use Rapiers, but we don't have any of those. Maybe it's time we change one of our Valkyries into one? They have better stat growth than Valkyries but worse defense...it'd be a fair trade.

Frederick: Well done Goofus.
G&G: Frederick...did we do the right thing? Many were hurt. The entire kingdom and the Lodis Empire are against us.


If you act now, you get a second one absolutely free!!! But onnnnlllly if you call within the next 15 minutes!!

G&G: We haven't got the slightest clue as to what those monsters are. All is shrouded in mystery. Can we...can the Revolutionary Army overcome these obstacles?
Frederick: Honestly, we are in a very difficult situation. But Goofus, don't you think that the important thing now is to do our best?

I hate it when people say shit like this. "Let's do our best everyone!" You know what? Sometimes "your best" isn't good enough. We need to do all of that shit he just said, not "our best". Fuck you Fred.

Frederick: You refuse to respond when faced with a difficult problem? You only act when a solution is obvious? The future...our future is yet to be told. Listen, Goofus, to the people's cheers. What we do know is that the cheers that you hear...the rejoicing...is the result of what we've done.
N64 Sound Chip: This is people cheering! Can you hear it? I know it sounds like an ice pick being dragged along a shaggy carpet, but seriously! It's cheering!

Narrative: A few days after the liberation of the southern region...



Narrative: Two months later...


07-14-2008, 12:04 AM


What you can't see in this picture is Yumil sitting in a throne off camera. And that's Ankiseth leading the troops. And he's headed for us? And there's a full scale battle taking place soon!? Foreshadowing?!!?

Narrative: Although the Eastern Orthodox Church received the same instructions, it chose to remain silent in the matter...

I wonder if they'll start acting up later and become our main opponents. More foreshadowing!


That is deep.

Ankiseth the Steadfast: My lord...we should go back.
Yumil: Ankiseth...what is my father's intention? What am I to do in Wentinus? He wants me to fight Lodis? What should I do? How can I gain his approval?
Unfamiliar Voice: There you are, my lord. I've been looking for you.


This! Mother! Fucker! (and remember that girl, too)

Baldwin: This is to commemorate your appointment as general...please accept this holy sword of the royal family.


You know. Needs.

Baldwin: Though she is of humble origins, I believe she is suitable to serve you, in both age and features...

Nudge nudge! She's a goer! KnowwhatImean, eh? Saynomore, saynomore!


Yumil: ...Why? I know you. Who are...you......?

Seriously, do we need to get into this again? We already took your license away Atlus!

*a small earthquake shakes everything and Yumil grabs Mari*

Yumil: ...an earthquake?
Baldwin: Oh, it seems the gods have taken a liking of our new general as well.

Narrative: Southern Region, Akka Castle

Frederick: Still no activity at the Eastern Orthodox Church...
Hugo: The Central Division is keeping a close watch over the area, presumably to prevent us from making contact with them. The Eastern Region, led by the Eastern Orthodox Church, has opposed the Central Region in the past. It can't be helped. They seem to have no intention of following the Central Region, but it's hard to say if they'll be on our side, or...against us.
Frederick: I see. What is the status of the Western Division?
Random Valkyrie: Since the appointment of Prince Yumil as commander of the Western Division, the troops have advanced to the border five times. This is the largest force we have yet encountered...they will most likely start advancing toward us in the next few days.
Destin: The Western Division bares its fangs at last...there's no way we can avoid this battle.


We haven't been introduced to Xevec yet, but…well, here he is. He's an important figure in the Revolution. He gets even more important as the game goes on, so remember him. I always thought it was really weird that you're never properly introduced to him and he just shows up randomly.

Xevec: Western Region in which people are enslaved. Why don't we liberate them and join forces?
Saradin: Are you talking about the mining facility in Audvera Heights? Most of them are Bolmaukans...

Bolmaukans. Read as: black.

Saradin: The Holy Lodis Empire will surely respond in kind.
Xevec: Nice and convenient for us, isn't it? Let them handle the Western Division and Lodis. A little give-and-take.
G&G: Xevec!! How can you say that!? Are you suggesting that we use the Bolmaukans? I thought our goal was to abolish the class system and declare independence from the Holy Lodis Empire. If that's true, then the Bolmaukans should be our allies, not a tool to serve our purpose...
Xevec: Shut up!! So what if your operation was a success?


Sorry, he’s right Goofus. He’s got a pretty sick beard. You can’t talk shit to a beard like that.

Xevec: Xevec: My only concern is acheiving our goal...winning this war. We set the Bolmaukans free, and they help us in return. Is that wrong? We don't use them; we fight together with them!! It's all for victory!
Frederick: It's important to win battles, but that is not our goal. Winning battles allows us to quickly achieve our goals, but the only thing we'd gain would be short-lived peace!
Xevec: Then tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do!! We can't contact the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Western Division is only a few days away, the Central Division is fast on our heels...and to top it all off, there's Lodis! Talking about ideals doesn't improve our situation! Or what, are you gonna kill us all!? We're gonna fight them anyway. Pushing them back to the Western Region isn't enough! We should advance into their territory! We free the Bolmaukans while we're at it, and prepare for Lodis' attack. And it's all for the sake of revolution!! You have a problem with this, Frederick?
Frederick: Goofus, head west to stop the advancement of the Western Division. And I want others on standby. I will contact each of you later about the plan.

Frederick: Do you still have something to say to me...?
Xevec: Frederick...you're our leader.


Xevec: Is it to pursue ideals, or to live in reality? Make up your mind, will ya?
Frederick: ...
Xevec: You'll understand eventually, the reality of it all...the reality that we have to face...

At this point we're sent back to the World Map. I only made one minor change to our army. I made one of Leia's Valkyries into a Dragon Tamer since, like I mentioned before, they have better stat growth. And we have a new rapier for her, so why not? We need to head to Mylesia (the map we escorted the Prince through before, see Episode 5), but as soon as we reach Crenel Canyon we're immediately thrown into battle!

G&G: What's wrong? We don't have time to spare.


Hugo: Actually, it doesn't seem like it's them. But they are hostile toward us for sure.

07-14-2008, 12:05 AM

This map is the same it was the first time we played it (see Episode 4). It's small and pretty straight forward. The plan is simple too. Split everyone up, half goes east and then north and the other half goes west and then north. But...who are we up against? Who is waiting for us and not willing to let us through?

G&G's unit gained several levels last mission, so I decide to leave them to guard my HQ this map. We don't want any mistakes like the other day, right? Dio takes the lead on the eastern path with Leia and BJ close behind. Dio tackles a Phalanx and Sorceress unit, but he does alright. Lichald runs into the lone Wizard unit guarding the western stronghold and...


Revolutionary Army Soldier: This revolution will fail if we do it your way.

This ain't Burger King! You cannot have it your way!

Soldier: You get it? You're not wanted! Your presence is a burden. If you're so concerned about the revolution, you know what to do right? ...Die for us, right here!

So not only is there a civil war in Palatinus between two factions (and one of those factions is broken up into three different groups), but now the other faction is fighting within itself in order to determine who gets to fight the other factions of the one faction. Sort of.

What. The. FUCK.


Unfortunately, things get out of hand in the northeast pretty quick. Two units are headed straight for Dio, and one of them has a Black Knight! You can't send a class like that after us! That's cheating!! Thankfully, Dio rises to the occasion (for once) and wipes out the Phalanx unit and kills the leader of the Wizard unit.


Dio's still in a bad spot, but BJ is on his way to help out. Meanwhile, things are surprisingly quiet on the Western front.

This is why we want Black Knights. They have great defense and are damn strong. Not pictured: the Black Knight criticalling one of my Fencers for 50 damage. Dio's unit is in really bad shape, so it's time to bust out a pedra.


I choose you, Zapdos!


Holy crap, Paladins too!? This game really is just not fucking around anymore. Thankfully for us, BJ and Lichald's units are ludicrously powerful for this stage in the game. So we'll be fine.


See what I mean? They completely worked that unit.


I moved G&G up to help out, but now I'm a bit worried. See that unit Lichald is chasing? She appeared out of nowhere when Asnabel crossed the bridge. What if a flying unit spawned somewhere and is headed to our HQ?! Hurry back, G&G!


Some good news: Asnabel's unit is finally starting to come into its own. They're no Lichald or BJ, but they're about as good as anyone else.

07-14-2008, 12:07 AM

Christ, look at Lichald and co. go. That's it; I'm naming the next Fighter that spawns in Lichald’s unit Domino for sure.

It turns out that my paranoia was unjustified and I could have left G&G with the main forces. But hey; better safe than sorry.


To be honest, I have no idea what that Sorceress is doing. She's just been running in place for hours. I've never seen that ever before. Anyway, after killing off all but one of the units, it's boss time.

Nagate: Not bad...so different from Frederick. That coward. Too bad. Your strength is too valuable to be wasted, but you're really nothing but a hindrance to us.


Nagate: I'm pissed off at his beating around the bush. Everyone living in peace? It's nothing but a dream. A damn dream!! We do things by force. That's what we believe in. We'll change the world ourselves, for ourselves! Anybody who stands against us...will fall!!

Unfortunately, I accidentally forced myself to be back attacked by the boss. That confused Sorceress unit went to rest at the stronghold, and I fought her and pushed her outside of the map. So I had Leia turn around to give the Sorceress time to come back, but Leia was too close to the boss and while she was able to turn around, she wasn’t able to get away from him. But its okay because I almost killed him, had Leia retreat, and then kill him. So it’s like it never even happened.

Nagate: Liberating Alba changed the Revolutionary Army. Don't think it's the same as before. It learned the sweetness of victory...the joy of winning battles...You think you can keep it under control...? Can you stop...the momentum? We aren't a bunch of cowards. You better watch...your back...don't trust...any...b...ody...



A mask? Well we've got a Ninja who can use that, so that's cool. We found a Baldr Claw during the mission too, so it looks like WhiteMage is about to get pimped out.

Narrative: Western Region, Castle Talpaea

Rhade: Congratulations on your long-awaited appointment to general, my lord. How does it feel?
Yumil: …State your business.
Rhade: My prince seems to be in a bad mood...I came to talk with you about the upcoming battle with the Revolutionary Army. I believe that the Western Division is more than adequate to deal with them, especially since Sir Ankiseth is here...but you never know what's going to happen on the battlefield. That's why I brought some able reinforcements.


No, they're from Africa.

Also, note that Rhade wears red now. That means he's bad! But Ankiseth is still wearing blue...?!

Rhade: You are very astute, Sir Ankiseth!! These men were sent to us by the Holy Lodis Empire.
Ankiseth: Nonsense! Are you suggesting that we be indebted to Lodis!? This is our problem; we must take care of it ourselves!
Rhade: How the hell can you still think that!? Where in this kingdom is there strength!? Our own problem? Who do you think exercises control over Palatinus!? We're nothing but vassals of the Lodis Empire who live in one of their territories. You know all too well that if we can't stop the revolution...this kingdom will perish, don't you? Oh, that's right. Your beloved son is a turncoat, isn't he? You want to avoid fighting your son? You want to treat him with kindness, as a father...? I guess that's to be expected, even for Ankiseth the Steadfast himself.
Yumil: Ankiseth, is that true!? Goofus is in the Revolutionary Army?
Rhade: Even Ankiseth the Murderer is ashamed that his son has joined the rebels? You shouldn't hide such an important matter from our prince. My lord, your friend Goofus was, until recently, assigned to the Southern Division, but...he is now with the Revolutionary Army. He was spotted during the battle against the Southern Division.
Yumil: No! You're lying!!
Rhade: I am not lying, my lord. Unfortunately...he turned against us, in front of my very own eyes. What I'm telling you is the truth.
Ankiseth: Sir Rhade!! I understand the Central Division's intent, but we have pride as the Western Division. If we accept assistance, it may affect our morale. I'm very sorry, but we must decline. Please deliver our response to the king.
Rhade: If you say so, then there's nothing else for me to say. Since I'm assigned to deal with the Revolutionary Army, I cannot return to the Central Division empty-handed. From now on, we will act on our own...if you don't mind, of course. If you excuse me Prince Yumil, I must be going. Sir Ankiseth, you retain your title solely by the mercy of His Majesty. Keep that in mind.
Yumil: Why? Goofus...What happened? Why did you turn on us?

Yeah, why? I saw it happen and I still don't know.

Yumil: Ankiseth, tell me. Is it my fault? Because I lack strength...? Because I don't have enough power to change Palatinus?

I’m going to have to say yes.

So there you have it. Action, adventure, ninjas…this update had it all. More coming tomorrow! Er...maybe. Probably.

07-14-2008, 12:43 AM
I haven't chimed in too much in this LP, but I can safely say I've been enjoying this one more then any other that's been done so far, including Brick's FF1 run. Don't let up!

07-14-2008, 12:47 AM

At this time, I'd like to welcome some new members to the PANTS Platoon. We now have Waffles the Wizard (Asnabel's unit), Zinc the Dragon Tamer and WonderWoman the Valkyrie (Leia's unit), and Tim the Doll Master (soon to be Enchanter, Lichald's unit). But we still have three Sorceress' who need names, as well as an Archer.

Ruik: I'm probably going to make my next unit that spawns in Lichald's unit into a Doll Master as well, so he can be Kankuro. Although I really want to name him Domino so I can make jokes about how great No One Can Stop Mr. Domino is, and this violates my principles because I think Naruto is awful, I'm willing to do this anyway. After all, you asked for it and I shouldn't be selfish. And I got to name Tim, so it's only fair that you get to name the other one. We should be getting a new Fighter in another update or two, so look for Kankuro then.

But damn, the next next male unit is soooo getting called Domino.

Status Report

I didn't even bother taking a screenshot this time. The only change in this update was one of Leia's Valkyries becoming a Dragon Tamer. But we're faced with a bit of a problem...

The Curious Case of Troi

Troi is in Lichald's unit, which is widly Chaotic. Troi's class, the Phalanx, is a fairly neutral class. They can be slightly Chaotic or slightly Lawful, but that's it (specifically, their alignment must be in between 20-80). Their upgraded version, the Cataphract, has to have an alignment between 30-80. Troi's already become too Chaotic to turn into a Knight (a Lawful-oriented class). We can't afford to have another Berserker since we can only make a maximum of three Black Knights (their upgraded version) and we already have three Berserkers. We can't keep him in the same unit or else we risk him becoming too Chaotic to turn into anything useful later in the game. We have a few options here.

1) We now have a Dragon Tamer (Zinc) in Leia's unit (a Lawful unit). We can spend some time hunting dragons in the wild and then create a Dragon/Dragon Tamer unit and give Troi Zinc's spot. The peer pressure aspect of alignment will push Troi back towards the middle and we can either make him into a Cataphract or a Paladin as time goes on. I think this may be our best option.

2) We can keep Troi a Phalanx and then make him into our Dragoon. Dragoons don't have a required alignment, so even if Troi goes full tilt Chaotic, he can still be useful to us. The only problem is that he'll be stuck as a Phalanx for a long time and may become too weak to be of any use.

3) We can completely dismantle all of our existing units and start over. This is a pain in the ass, so let's not do that.

4) We can make Troi into a full-tilt Chaotic class, like a Ninja or Beast Tamer or something. This isn't really a good idea either.

I think that Option 1 is our best bet. And hell, we've got a Doll Master now...why not get some Golems, too? We've got a Beast Tamer with a Beast...why not get a Doll Master with a Golem and a Dragon Tamer with a Dragon? Look for tomorrow's update about how to catch wild monsters and how I restructure our units!

I haven't chimed in too much in this LP, but I can safely say I've been enjoying this one more then any other that's been done so far, including Brick's FF1 run. Don't let up!

Wow. Thanks Torgo. I wasn't sure if anyone out there was digging this LP or not, but it's good to know that people out there are enjoying it. Actually, it's great to know that. Thanks again.

07-14-2008, 12:56 AM
Yeah, it's a lot of fun to read since I never made it this far into the game myself. Were you the one I sold my OB64 cart to Alixsar? I can't really remember.

07-14-2008, 08:22 AM
Well i love the fact that your playing the game while actually im doing the same thing. Im just a few episodes ahead of your status reports. Well i think Lichald rocks and a quick comment on both of Dio´s guys cause i went through the same thing, make them knights form the beggining and keep them on high levels, and as for the Black knight you shoudl probably use Asnabel for the Black knight. Id advise you search for a thunder dragon so you can later have a Quetzalcoatl that kicks ass! And name the dragon Jormulgand!. Try using once u get a love and peace item on a leaderless unit that has a ogre so u can replace the hellhound or probably give it to tim the enchanter instead of a slow golem. Anyway Just keep up the good work with the fighting and Id build a Flying unit as soon as possible so you can hunt down hard to reach enemies, such as the wizard that escaped annihilation on Alba because he was behind Godeslas.

BTW your pop culture reference kick ass!

07-14-2008, 03:49 PM
Yeah, it's a lot of fun to read since I never made it this far into the game myself. Were you the one I sold my OB64 cart to Alixsar? I can't really remember.

I wish I was. I foolishly sold my cart years ago when I sold my N64. ARGH!!! VC release, please. PLEASE!

Like I teased last time, we have some major house cleaning to do before we can move on with the story. Troi’s alignment needs “fixing” in order to get the best results, and we need some Dragons and Golems for our Dragon Tamer Zinc and our Doll Master Tim. I’ve semi-purposefully been avoiding recruiting wild members so far, but I think it’s time. Today’s update is going to be solely devoted to expanding the PANTS Platoon. I won’t be moving the story forward any more (hence the 10.5 moniker).

Operation Recruit Fodder

First thing’s first; let’s go get us some dragons. witsu mentioned in his post that we should get a Thunder Dragon, and he’s absolutely right. Actually, at the time I read his post I had already captured a Thunder Dragon! So it’s good to see that we’re all on the same page.

Thunder Dragons themselves aren’t anything spectacular but they evolve into a Quetzalcoatl, which are wincredible. Their back row attack hits the entire enemy unit and has a chance to paralyze. You can capture Thunder Dragons on a few maps we’ve already been to, but the highest level ones we can capture are in the Barren-type terrain in the Dardunelles.


Neutral encounters are actually incredibly simple. At any time, you can be attacked by a wild creature. The creature that attacks you depends on the map and that type of terrain you’re on. Unfortunately for us, neutral encounters are extremely rare. It’s entirely possible to go through a map without seeing a single neutral encounter. It took Lichald almost four days of wandering back and forth in the Barren patch near our HQ before he finally found a Thunder Dragon.


The typical interruption commands (Battle Strategy, Retreat, and Pedra) are replaced with the Talk option. When you “Talk” to a wild character, one of three things happens. If you’re lucky, they’ll join your battalion. If you’re only slightly unlucky, they’ll refuse and continue to fight you (you can try talking again immediately though).

But the vast majority of the time, they’ll flee and then you’ve got to start all over again. Thankfully for me, I’m playing on an emulator! And through the magic of save states, I don’t need to spend two weeks in-game time running around hunting down Dragons. But to give you an idea of how hard it is to get a wild creature to join your battalion, the Thunder Dragon took 7 tries and our next Dragon took 10 tries. And that’s with reloading save states.

Imagine if you didn’t have those and had to hunt down a completely new creature each time. Yeah, yet another reason why OB64 is a pain in the ass sometimes.

We’ll be pairing our Thunder Dragon with an Earth Dragon for a few reasons.

1. We can capture one at this stage in the game.

2. It has the same alignment requirements for evolving to its upgraded version (the Azhi Dahaka) that the Thunder Dragon has.

3. Its green and that’s my favorite color.

4. The Azhi Dahaka has an attack that hits all enemy party members and lowers their strength, provided they aren’t flying-type. But if you paralyze a flying unit, you can hit them with Azhi Dahaka’s attack. And who has a move that can paralyze an entire enemy party? The Quetzacoatl that it’ll be paired with. Plus, as long as we don’t send this unit to attack any flying units this won’t even be an issue.

5. Green is my favorite color. …what?

Now we’re off to the Forests of Alba. Dio and Goofus spend a few days running around in the forest until…


Alright! Come with us Earth Dragon! We’ve got lots of treats!



Like I mentioned earlier, I had to reload this save state 10 times before I could get this jerk to join. But he did, and now our Dragon unit is complete. Time to go grab us a Golem. …but wait, didn’t we run into a Golem once before?

Back in Episode 8, I briefly mentioned that Leia’s unit ran into a Golem. I wasn’t able to convince him to join and he kept fighting. Whenever you kill a neutral character, you’ll find some kind of item. Rather than continue to test my luck and risk having it run away, I tried killing it to get an item. Leia’s unit was too weak though. But still, at least we know where to find them! Let’s go back to Gunther Piedmont.

Golems can be encountered in Highland-type terrain in Gunther Piedmont.


Dude, weren’t you listening? I just warned you two seconds ago!

Well, whatever. Oddly enough, this Golem joins us on our first try. Go figure. We now have all the units we need.

Operation Party Shuffle


This screenshot showcases all of the changes I’ve made. Note that I changed the unit formely known as Fran into Deneb the Witch. Fran wasn’t doing much damage-wise, so I figured that having someone who can paralyze around might be handy. The Archer who still needed a name in Leia’s unit is now Fran.

My first course of action was to create a new unit with Zinc and our two Dragons. That’s kind of self-explanatory. The special attacks I mentioned on the upgraded forms of each dragon comes much later in the game, so for now they’ll be upfront to use their physical attacks while Zinc will be hiding in the back and helping out with the occasional rapier stab.

Now we’ve got a hole in Leia’s unit where Zinc used to be. That’s fine; Troi can step in there. I mentioned yesterday that Troi’s alignment was becoming Chaotic to the point where he may become potentially useless to us. We need to get him in a Lawful unit and fast. And with Zinc in her own unit we can do that. I changed the formation of Leia’s unit to better reflect this new setup. Troi is now up front in the middle which makes him the most likely to be attacked. This is exactly what we want since Troi has the best HP, VIT, and physical defense out of the whole unit.

Now we need to get our Golem into Tim’s unit (yes Tim, Asnabel is no longer the leader since I’ve taken a liking to Tim). I remove WhiteMage and Wario, and put our Golem in their place. Upgrading Golems is a bit of a pain in the ass, so it is possible we may just leave our Golem as a regular Golem. But I’ll try and upgrade him as soon as possible. WhiteMage and Wario get moved to Lichald’s unit, which should break the game even further. Lichald takes the middle spot since he has the best defense.

By the way, you know how I’ve been talking about how ridiculous powerful Lichald is?


See those numbers on the right? That’s his physical and magical defense. His physical defense is 26. My Golem’s is 34. And his STR is 138…exactly the same amount as Rumpus. And Rumpus is a man-sized, two headed dog. So let’s break this down.

He’s almost as tough as an animated pile of boulders, he’s just as strong as a two-headed, man-sized dog, and he has the strongest attack power out of any of my units.


07-14-2008, 03:52 PM
The Future

Well i love the fact that your playing the game while actually im doing the same thing. Im just a few episodes ahead of your status reports. Well i think Lichald rocks and a quick comment on both of Dio´s guys cause i went through the same thing, make them knights form the beggining and keep them on high levels, and as for the Black knight you shoudl probably use Asnabel for the Black knight. Id advise you search for a thunder dragon so you can later have a Quetzalcoatl that kicks ass! And name the dragon Jormulgand!. Try using once u get a love and peace item on a leaderless unit that has a ogre so u can replace the hellhound or probably give it to tim the enchanter instead of a slow golem. Anyway Just keep up the good work with the fighting and Id build a Flying unit as soon as possible so you can hunt down hard to reach enemies, such as the wizard that escaped annihilation on Alba because he was behind Godeslas.

I agree that Knights are generally speaking better than Fencers, but I’m really set on having Dio use Fencers. I rarely ever use Fencers, so I’d like to have them on my team for once.

Re: Black Knights, we can have a maximum of three. And we’ve already got three Berserkers (Asnabel, Wario, and Lichald). So they’ll all naturally become Black Knights…although I may reward Lichald's awesomeness with Dragoonhood. But we’ll see.

Re: replacing our Golem or Hellhound, I like both of them and they’ve been performing much better than they should be so far so I want to keep using them. Also, I’ve grown somewhat attached to them and don’t want to see them go. But...we might have to do this later, yes. We’ll see how things work out but I'm happy with the current line up.

So, we’ve now got a fully functional 7 unit Platoon. I’m also toying with the idea of getting some Pumpkinheads, which we can recruit in just two missions. They’d be a perfect fit for G&G and Dio’s units as backrow characters. Their backrow attack does the most damage, but it hurts them as well…but having a Cleric in the unit would eliminate any problems that would create. I remember that Elfir wanted a Deneb/Pumpkinhead-themed unit, but that would be a bit of a pain since we’d have to find a way to replace Deneb in G&G’s unit as well as start a new unit. I could do it, but I’d need maybe three or so Pumpkinheads to do it and it would take a while. I could also recruit some new beasts and move the two Sorceresses to a new unit. In three missions, I can recruit a gamebreakingly powerful Cockatrice. Also, five missions from now I’ll be getting a flying unit as a part of the story. I can recruit a bunch of other flyers (Wyrms, Hawkmen) to be paired up with him to make a dedicated flying unit. And in four missions, I’ll be getting a new super-ninja as a part of the story.

In other words, we’ve got an almost limitless number of options ahead of us. We can:

- make a flying unit

- expand our beast unit

- make a dedicated pumpkinhead unit or incorporate pumpkinheads into
existing units

- leave it up to me

What do you guys want to see me do?

Personally, I’m leaning towards the Deneb-lead unit idea. Like I said before, a Pumpkinhead would be a good fit G&G’s unit, Deneb can get her own unit with two Pumpkinheads and the two new characters we’ll be recruiting. It'd be an EXTREMELY item dependent unit, but it would be damn strong. It’ll take a while to get this whole thing operational, but it’ll be totally bitchin’ once I do. I also don’t want to mess with BJ’s unit too much since it’s been incredibly consistent.


I’d like to welcome our new Dragons Jormungand (Earth) and Fafnir (Thunder) to the battalion. Jormungand is named after the serpent whose poison kills Thor during Ragnarok (it’s Norse mythology stuff), so I named the Earth Dragon after him since has an attack called Acid Breath. That’s kind of like poison, right? Fafnir is named after the dragon that Sigurd kills. Sigurd then eats Fafnir’s heart and is warned by birds that his step-father is about to kill him. And then he goes on to do other super manly things.

I’d also like to welcome our new Golem, Domino. This is kind of self-explanatory if you read Episode 10.

I made the aforementioned changes with Fran and Deneb, and I gave the two Sorceresses in BJ’s units the names Kotake and Koume. I’m honestly a little ashamed of myself for not thinking of this sooner.

Our entire army has names now…except for the Sorceress in Lichald’s unit. Come on everyone, we just need one more female name!

I'm going to try and update tomorrow, but I can't really promise anything.

Pajaro Pete
07-14-2008, 05:05 PM
Jormungand is named after the serpent whose poison kills Thor during Ragnarok (it’s Norse mythology stuff), so I named the Earth Dragon after him since has an attack called Acid Breath.

It's going to turn on you and murder Asnabel, isn't it?

Our entire army has names now…except for the Sorceress in Lichald’s unit. Come on everyone, we just need one more female name!

Since we have a Waffle, how about Pancake? Hotcake?

07-14-2008, 06:46 PM
I've been lurking this thread for a while now(much like I lurk the rest of these forums) and I gotta say this is my favorite Let's Play too. Keep it up til the end.

I remember playing the game like 5 or 6 years ago on a friend's N64. Somehow I got the holiest friggin army ever. EVERY unit was max alignment, and it was made up of nothing but Freyas, Paladins, and Clerics. I have no idea how I did this. I somehow thought I'd get the best ending this way, I was wrong. Afterwards, I looked up how alignment and CF worked and thought "Oh...."

Still it's an awesome game, thought the story doesn't seem to hold up as well as I remember(okay maybe not the story, but definitely the writing). I forgot how homo Magnus and Yumil's relationship came off though.

By the way, I think you are nuts for eschewing some 6 good characters for the friggin werewolf.

07-14-2008, 07:05 PM
I wish I was. I foolishly sold my cart years ago when I sold my N64. ARGH!!! VC release, please. PLEASE!

Doesn't Atlus support the VC?

Nich, please get on this now.

07-15-2008, 07:09 PM
Is it just me, or is it much harder to keep people neutral in this game than it is to push them to one side or the other?

As I mentioned, the last time I played this game, I had a whole team of Lawful people. I mean, it was terrible. I couldn't even get the neutral classes like Dianas and Dragon Masters, my alignment was so high.

This time, I've got two full-blown chaotic units that are leaning really chaotic, but almost everyone else is so Lawful that I'm beginning to fear again that I won't be able to get certain third-tier classes.

Is there a good method to keep people neutral without having to swap them in and out of heavily Lawful and heavily Chaotic units all the time?

07-15-2008, 08:27 PM
Is it just me, or is it much harder to keep people neutral in this game than it is to push them to one side or the other?

As I mentioned, the last time I played this game, I had a whole team of Lawful people. I mean, it was terrible. I couldn't even get the neutral classes like Dianas and Dragon Masters, my alignment was so high.

This time, I've got two full-blown chaotic units that are leaning really chaotic, but almost everyone else is so Lawful that I'm beginning to fear again that I won't be able to get certain third-tier classes.

Is there a good method to keep people neutral without having to swap them in and out of heavily Lawful and heavily Chaotic units all the time?

The method I used while was to have the units that you want to be neutral not kill anything, and just level them up in training. The best way to accomplish this was to set their strategy to "Attack Strongest" My two neutral units were a Doll Master with two Golems, and three Cataphracts and 2 Dianas. The latter unit was extremely effective against that one boss with the petrifying attack.

Speaking of Golems, has anyone had much success in upgrading them? I normally just recruited the stronger types when I had opportunity to do so, rather than try to class change them.

Dynastic Bird
07-16-2008, 05:41 AM
By the way, you know how I’ve been talking about how ridiculous powerful Lichald is?


See those numbers on the right? That’s his physical and magical defense. His physical defense is 26. My Golem’s is 34. And his STR is 138…exactly the same amount as Rumpus. And Rumpus is a man-sized, two headed dog. So let’s break this down.

He’s almost as tough as an animated pile of boulders, he’s just as strong as a two-headed, man-sized dog, and he has the strongest attack power out of any of my units.


Jesus Christ. I didn't think my Richard the Lion Hearted rip-off would be so Godly. If this guy fought the Third Crusade, Saladin would've lost.

Yes, FOUGHT, not FOUGHT IN. By the way, for the sorceress...Perhaps Erizabeth? Or enough engrish stuff, especially since Saradin isn't joining? Sally? Meg Ryan?

keep up the LP- it's great!

07-16-2008, 07:20 AM
Of course, we all know the REAL secret behind Lichald's power - Maxwell and his hot sorceress mistress, tearin' it up from the back lines. Booya!

Also, what the hell kind of name is Lichald, anyway? Is it really a screwed up Japanification of Richard?

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 08:41 AM


07-16-2008, 01:12 PM
Important Notice

I consider this LP to be a work in progress. I was thinking of ways to make it easier to read and I’ve decided to get rid of the whole “addendum” thing. I think it’s a good idea in theory; have all the story bits first and then put all the optional unit tinkering in it’s own section. But with a game like OB64, the optional unit tinkering is so intertwined with the story that it’s stupid to separate it. So instead of using the addendum, I’ll be dividing each episode into sections with titles. Then you can just read the title and see if you want to read that section or not.

It was also a little lame to put my responses to other people’s posts at the end, when sometimes I wanted to address them in the main part of the update. That said…

Viewer Mail

It's going to turn on you and murder Asnabel, isn't it?

I’m not going to lie to you; he might.

Since we have a Waffle, how about Pancake? Hotcake?

This is a really, really good idea.


Erm…so is this. Hmm. I’ll flip a coin on this and let you all know how it works out next time.

Of course, we all know the REAL secret behind Lichald's power - Maxwell and his hot sorceress mistress, tearin' it up from the back lines. Booya!

Also, what the hell kind of name is Lichald, anyway? Is it really a screwed up Japanification of Richard?

Dynastic made a comment about Saradin’s mistranslation of Saladin and said something about how it’d be funny if we named a unit Lichald the Rionhearted, so that’s where that came from.

What you’re saying is very true, Mike. Lichald is super powerful by himself, but his unit is game-breakingly strong because of the combination of him, Maxwell and Pancake (or Eriszabesu), and Wario/WhiteMage. They’re all pretty damn strong in their own right and the combination of their pretty-damn-strongedness (it’s a word, look it up) makes them into the most Godly unit ever created.

Still it's an awesome game, thought the story doesn't seem to hold up as well as I remember(okay maybe not the story, but definitely the writing). I forgot how homo Magnus and Yumil's relationship came off though.

By the way, I think you are nuts for eschewing some 6 good characters for the friggin werewolf.

I feel the same way. I remember the story being pretty good, and it is. But the writing is so god damn awful that it’s almost a bit too much to handle.

And, dude, fucking werewolf. He’s gonna bite people. It’s gonna be awesome.

Also he’s one of the most unique characters in the game, so I figured it’d be fun to show him off. But more importantly, he’s gonna bite tons of people.

*alignment issues*

No, it’s not just you. Keeping units neutral is damn hard. Although, I’ve somehow managed to keep Goofus’ unit completely neutral. I have no idea how I’ve been doing it. Indalceio’s advice is spot on though, so be sure to make a note of it.

Speaking of Golems, has anyone had much success in upgrading them? I normally just recruited the stronger types when I had opportunity to do so, rather than try to class change them.

Upgrading Golems is a really long and annoying process. For those of you who don’t know how to do it: first you need a Golem. Then you need to get its stats to a certain point. Then it needs to get hit with a Petrifying attack. Then it turns into a Stone Golem. Then the Stone Golem has to get its stats to a certain point. Then it needs to get hit with a Wind/Fire combination spell. Then it turns into a Baldr Golem.

Then I fucking shoot myself because that is such a huge pain in the ass.

Indalecio is right. It’s muuuuch easier to recruit new ones. I’m toying with the idea of actually trying to legitimately upgrade Domino…but I probably won’t.

Doesn't Atlus support the VC?

Nich, please get on this now.

I don’t have anything to add to this.

Semi-decent Proposal

Some of you have mentioned that you’re playing along at home. I don’t know how feasible this is but if you have a method of taking a screenshot of your game, do you think you could take a screenshot of your battalion at the Organize screen and then I can compare and contrast your battalion with mine? This game is so extremely open-ended that I think it’d be cool to show everyone just how differently the game can be played. If you’re interested, send an email to Alixsar@gmail.com with the picture attached, and I’ll upload it to my Photobucket account and take care of the rest. But anyway, let’s get on with the show!

The Update Proper

Hugo: I received some interesting information from our scouts.


Oh shit! It's go time, baby!

Hugo: Well, since that thrashing you gave him earlier...he'll want some payback.

Right, yeah...that's...that's what I was just talking about. Try and keep up, Hugo.


This map is pretty similar to the last time we fought on it, only it's a little bigger and there are no more neutral strongholds. Same plan as always; split everyone up, some units go north and some go south.

Hugo: They've settled into a castle in the Highlands of Soathon.

That's where he can get some Pumpkinheads, by the way. We’re almost there!

Hugo: To keep them from amassing power, we will have to retake the castle quickly.


Whoa, a flying unit is headed our way already? Yeah, we'll definitely want to leave someone behind on this one. Rhade is pissed.


Goofus takes the lead on the northern route, with Leia and Dio in tow. Zinc and Tim are still new, so Beef Jerky and Rumpus are backing them up. Lichald will guard our HQ. After all, he's as strong as a man made out of boulders. Goofus runs into the Knight unit…


Knight: Fear not the pain! Fear not death! You have no other choice, but to defeat them! Now, go!


See? I told you they were black. They're also basically the same as Ninjas which explains why they’re about as strong as wet cheese. They do have one big difference, though. Their back row attack is a multi-hit attack called Fatal Dance that hits multiple times and does good damage. So we should actually be afraid if we see a backrow Ninja now. Everyone is busy wearing down enemy units when...


Whoa, whoa, whoa! A wild Hawkman?! Uh...sure, why not? Save state, away! After three tries, the Hawkman joins and now all that time I spent balancing our units has been completely wasted. Le sigh.


Alright, we've got our first two strongholds...we've got two leaderless units that need to be finished off, three (one is off screen in the north) flying units that need to be dealt with, and we need to protect our HQ. Okay. The flying units are the only real threat here. They can move much faster than regular units and if we leave our bases unprotected, they'll quite literally swoop in and screw us over.


After a lot of fighting, the flying unit from the north makes his appearance. And, what a shock, he's headed for our HQ. Luckily we're prepared for this.

Alex's Thought Process: Okay, so we'll put a picture of Lichald completely destroying this unit here...okay, so Zinc is fighting this guy, okay...eh, better retreat. Okay so now Lic...WHAT THE FUCK?


Alex's Thought Process: A Wyrm!? Two encounters in one mission?! What the fuck?!

What the fuck is right, Self. But hey, now we've got a Wyrm! That's two flying units on one map...I guess we're making a flying unit after all…? Well, we’ll figure that out later. Let’s stay focused.

07-16-2008, 01:17 PM

Here's the promised picture of Lichald's unit ruining worlds. The best part about it is that Lichald wasn't able to finish it off, but it was so exhausted from the flight that after the fight it set up camp directly next to our HQ. Lichald murdered them while they slept; it was beautiful.


After maybe 15 minutes of fighting, here's what we’re looking at. Goofus and Dio have the northern route under control. All of the flying units have been removed as a threat, but Asnabel died in the process. Tim needs to head to the Witch's Den to get him back. Leia and Zinc (Girl Power!) will travel over the mountains in the south, take the stronghold that’s nearby, and then head north, which will place them behind the Ninja Master and Wizard units. Dio and Goofus will come down from the north and head for the boss in the west. BJ will stay at his post (he's under Tim in that screenshot) in order to trap them if they start heading east. Got it?

Everyone: No.

Uhh...don't worry, it'll make sense.


Ugh, look at this mess! It keeps getting worse! Dio is heading towards the end but there's a flying unit so I can't leave any bases open, and there's seven units in total that need to be killed (one is off screen). Looks like I'll be needing Lichald's help after all. Some of these units are aggressive/going after Dio/Goofus, so the best thing to do is wait for them to come to us and finish them off at our own pace.


It took a really long time, but the Beast Master and Fencer units eventually got worn down. Operation Complete Rape is still going in the south at the time of this screenshot.


Operation Complete Rape…um, Complete! Now it's up to G&G and Dio to finish off the Paladin unit, the Vultan unit, and the Witch unit. Will this map ever end?!


Oh SNAP. You just got owned. Think you're gonna cast Paralyze on me? Fuck that. Deneb don't play that.


Can you spot the enemy in this picture?

Because I can’t, and that is very, very bad. Goofus was able to eliminate the Paladin and Witch units, but the Vultan unit got pushed backwards and started to run away. Its leader is still intact so it's likely it'll head to a stronghold to heal...and I left all of my bases open. Luckily, we're right at the end so if we leave really quickly and kill Rhade, we can still win without losing anything. The Vultan unit was tired so it'll probably need to camp before it reaches anything…but as a precaution, I sent Lichald back to try and find him and I'm going to go ahead and kill Rhade to play it safe.


Rhade: You not only turned against us, but made enemies with Lodis. You still think you'll win?


Dude, you didn't even let me guess! Now I'm really pissed!

Rhade: Why don't you think about others, and not just about yourselves...huh?
G&G: What right do you have to say such things!? You force everything on the weak, while you do nothing by yourselves. You only take part in things that benefit you with no risk involved.
Rhade: Don't you realize that you're doing exactly the same thing? You see us as the only reason for your so-called suffering! You blame us for everything! What have you done about it? Nothing! Nothing but constant bitching...learn how powerless, selfish, and foolish you are, and accept your fate!!

Oh yeah?! We'll see about that!!!

07-16-2008, 01:20 PM


Oh. Um...maybe we are powerless after all.

Rhade's actually pretty damn strong. He guarded a few of my Knights' attacks, Resisted Deneb's Ray of Paralysis, and guarded a few of the exploding salamanders when I summoned a pedra. Goofus barely made it out alive, but Beef Jerky wasn't far behind and he was able to finish Rhade off.

Rhade: I'll let you go for now...but don't forget! You brought this suffering to the kingdom! If not for you, Lodis...the Bolmaukans would never have been involved in this war!


Oh Rhade. *roll eyes*


A new shield? We've got two Knights and a Phalanx that can use that. We'll give it to Mario since he has slightly worse defense than Badguy, and Troi already has a special shield. There's no post-battle story this time, so that's it for this mission.

But right now we’ve got two new characters and nowhere to put them. Zinc’s unit needs a bit of work as well. While having those two dragons’ upgraded forms will work wonderfully later in the game, right now it just isn’t working. I haven’t quite figured out a way to fix this yet but I’ve got some ideas (Hint: it involves Pumpkinheads). By the way, Rumpus only needs one more MEN point before he meets the requirements for turning into a Cerberus. So look forward to seeing Rumpus’ new form pretty soon! Oh, and Troi’s alignment is back to Neutral, so I decided to make him a Knight. He’ll be in that Lawful unit for the foreseeable future, so why not make him go full tilt Lawful? Phalanx/Cataphracts aren’t that good anyway.

Expect to see an update sometime tomorrow. Also, it appears that I’ve already used up 29% of my montly bandwidth for Photobucket. That’s not a big deal, but I may need to slow down my updates towards the end of the month. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, though.

07-16-2008, 02:01 PM
Yeah, I wondered about that Dragon unit. The hits are powerful, but with only three characters in the unit, you only get five attacks per round, and you'll lose a lot of fights just on pure volume.

Well... As for me...


Here's my current team. I'm about two missions ahead of Alixsar. I'm also doing a high-CF run, but it's still early in the going so the paths haven't diverged much yet.

Dio and Leia are two of the most Lawful units I have. Magnus's unit is pretty Lawful too, although Magnus himself is only a Lawful-leaning neutral. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the Archers in these units; they're leaning too Lawful to become Dianas and I don't really have much of a use for Freyas.

The other two units seen in this shot are Chaotic. The first has Asnabel, Mulder the Beast Master (the upgraded form of the Beast Tamer), Scully the Cerberus (the upgraded form of the Hellhound), and Rincewind the Wiz(z)ard. The other Chaotic has Ken and Ryu the Berserkers, Dr. McNinja, and two generically-named Sorceresses. I'll think of something. (For the record, Mulder and Ken are generic names tossed out by the game; I added in the other theme names myself.)


The other two units, I'm more worried about. The highlighted unit contains Liedel, a special character I just picked up in the last mission. (She's a high CF-only character, so I don't know if Alixsar will be able to get her.) She starts out neutral, so I put her into a unit with a bunch of my most Lawful-leaning neutrals with the hopes of driving them back to the Chaotic side a little. (Notice they've got the "Attack Weakest" strategy.) I'm not married to this unit, however, and I may break it up before proceeding.

The other unit is a Dragon unit -- Thunder Dragon, Dragon Tamer, Archer, and a platoon of Soldiers. This unit, too, is growing too Lawful for my tastes, but I don't know what to do about it.

I also have a Lawful-neutral Blue Dragon that's currently on the bench because I don't have space for it. My other reserves are severely underleveled.

My current plan is to start work on a third Chaotic unit once some other special characters join. I think I'll put one Dragon in that unit and the other in the current unit, then swap them whenever their alignments start to lean too far to one side. My problem is that I'd really like to generate another generic unit before this happens, but Soldiers are starting to feel distinctly underpowered...

07-16-2008, 02:06 PM
well for this matter and so that i can show you how im doing on my own and ahead a few episodes now here is the non official status report of my progress :D

If any suggestions arise please do communicate them.
Also i want to rename all of em.

so names please :D

i have 11 units and 49characters and 3 beasts currently under use.











07-16-2008, 03:58 PM
I have changed my nomination for Future Princess. I think she should be Serenity.

I can't think of any other names right now. :/

07-16-2008, 05:12 PM
Status Report

I made some changes to the PANTS Platoon. Right now I have a set up in mind, but I won't be able to meet that goal until a few missions from now. Let me give you a hint.


I plan on making one more unit and on shuffling a lot of members around. When all is said and done, we're going to have a dedicated flying unit, a revamped dragon unit, and a hodgepodge unit. I can't make them quite yet...but I can very soon, so look for it. Also, after that last unit gets created, I'm not going to make any more units. We'll have nine units at that point, with more on the way when certain characters join. That's a lot to manage, so we're going to start replacing characters pretty soon.


Right now, Zinc's unit and Waffles new unit are too shitty to do much of anything, so they're on permanent base defense (this is actually the reason why I made them now, rather than wait a few missions). In just a few levels, they'll actually be good and then we can start putting them on the front lines. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I think.

Comparing Time


I approve of your overall layout. In fact, it seems like a bizarro version of mine (or is mine a bizarro version of yours?). Your version of Asnabel's unit is exactly the same as Tim's unit but with a Beast Tamer and Cerberus instead of a Doll Master and Golem.

You've got a lot of Knights though...while Knights are outstanding, you might want to consider making one or two a Fencer just so you won't be so strapped for good weapons. Have you done Audvera Heights yet? Because if you have, then it looks like you didn't take Aisha, which means you can't get Destin...which means that every 2h sword you find will be going to waste. Unless if you have Fencers/Sword Masters, that is. Even if you haven't missed her yet and you do get Destin, he's only one character and you'll be finding a lot of really nice 2h swords as the game goes on. So I recommend having some characters that can use them to take advantage of that.

As far as Liedel goes, I wouldn't even use her. She's just an Archer. She's nothing special. Keep her for now but if you have to get rid of her don't feel bad for doing so. I'm probably going to be kicking a few of my Archers to the curb in the future.

Re: the "I" formation. That works, but be careful when they start using AOE spells. AOE healing spells offset the damage somewhat, but it can still cause problems sometimes.


I'd do something about those Sorceresses and Wizards quick. They're Chaotic characters but you have them in Lawful units. That works for a little while but they're going to get outclassed eventually. I recommend restructuring your units and creating some more Chaotic-centric units. That's going to be extremely difficult since you have so many Lawful fighters, so you might want to consider dismantling a unit or two and focusing on improving the rest. Only until you can promote them, that is. Once you get your Wizards and Sorceresses into Archmages and Sirens, put them wherever you want. Just make sure you watch the unit's overall alignment when you're trying to liberate a stronghold.

That Dragon unit seems pretty good, I'd leave them in service. Leave Ankiseth's unit alone too. Ankiseth is the strongest character in the game hands down, so make sure you keep him leveled and you'll be fine.

Anyway, I'm going to go play a bit. Update either way later tonight or (more likely) tomorrow. And don't worry about me having shitty units right now guys, there is a method to my madness, I assure you.

07-16-2008, 06:16 PM
Have you done Audvera Heights yet?

No. I've just gotten to the part where the path splits three ways, and I did the Sable Lowlands first. Audvera Heights is next, then Mount Ithaca.

07-16-2008, 10:19 PM
Mulder the Beast Master (the upgraded form of the Beast Tamer), Scully the Cerberus (the upgraded form of the Hellhound)

You're a sick man.

07-17-2008, 12:49 AM
Viewer Mail

No. I've just gotten to the part where the path splits three ways, and I did the Sable Lowlands first. Audvera Heights is next, then Mount Ithaca.

Then it's not too late. Still, I think it's a good idea to get some Fencers in there at some point. Or maybe just wait until later and make some of the Knights into Sword Masters.

You're a sick man.

Honestly, I'm a little jealous. I would've done the same thing if I had gotten the generic name Mulder for one of my units.

The Update Proper

Let's get right into it, shall we?

G&G: Were the Bolmaukans dragged into the war because of us? Are we to be blamed?
Hugo: Are you worried about what Rhade said to you? Unfortunately...it's true that we contributed to bringing them into the war.


So it's our fault, but it's their fault. Um, right. Got it.

G&G: ...

What's the matter, Goofus? Need some exposition about why the Bolmaukans are enslaved? Don't worry. Ol' Hugo's got you covered.

Hugo: Nirdam was defeated by the Brigade of Radiant Cross...they've become slaves to their conquerors...okay, Goofus. Do you use your weapons to bring harm to people or protect them? It's all in what you use your weapon for...don't you agree?


Wh-what the hell does any of that even mean?!

Hugo: We may be the reason why they were dragged into war. Is that something we can allow? Who gave them the right to do that? Does anyone have that right? This is our status...stay focused on your task.


Hugo makes a point to mention that the Western Division has flying units in the briefing, so it's good that we have units to protect our base. G&G/Dio will take the eastern path, Leia/BJ will take the middle path, Tim/Lichald will take the west path, and Zinc/Waffles will stay at our HQ. We should be fine.

Hugo: They established a base in this area to invade Alba. Push all of your worries out of your mind. Are you prepared?

Everyone splits up the way I said they would, and Leia's unit encounters a black unit near the neutral stronghold.

I'm sorry, did I say black? I meant Bolmaukan.


I really like showing screenshots like this where both speech bubbles are on screen at the same time. Technically Leia spoke first (you can tell because of where the “press button” icon is) but if you just read it from top to bottom, it’s hilarious.

Bolmaukan: Do you know what it feels like...to have fellow countrymen held hostage, and be forced into battle? Of course not!! You're nothing more than bloodthirsty beasts who fight among yourselves!!

So, we're bad guys too? But so is Lodis? And so are the upper class of Palatinus? Man, there's no Bolmaukan or white in this game.

I'm sorry, did I say Bolmaukan? I meant black.


Oh geez, this is gonna be ugly. Two of the Phalanx units and the Fencer unit are aggressive, so it’s probably best if we put everyone on hold and wait for them.

After a few fights...


Hugo: They're going to destroy it. Hurry!

Like Hugo said, the bridge to the south of the eastern path is about to be destroyed. Dio and G&G need to get there pronto. In the meantime, ASNABEL FUCKING DIED AGAIN. I'm getting sick of this. Well, luckily the Witch's Den on this map is where I was going to send Tim's unit anyway...but still, he dies too damn quick.


I don't have any good reason to show this picture other than the fact that the Fencer's name happens to be Musashi. Get it? Fencer…Musashi…? I bet he’s Brave, too. Get it?!


Okay, so this is a bit messy. That Raven (greenish Hawkman) on top of the mountains in the middle is headed towards Dio and G&G. If that Black Knight makes it to the stronghold he's about to enter (which he will), he'll destroy that bridge and G&G/Dio will have to go around. At least this gives them the chance to take care of that Raven unit in the process. Tim needs to revive Asnabel (again), Leia's unit is badly beat up, and Lichald is about to fight three thousand people.

Alright, I've got this.

Dio found a set of Baldr Armor when he killed off one of the Phalanx units, and Tim found a Robe of the wise when he killed off the Grappler unit. Those are both pieces of starting equipment for the Paladin and Priest respectively. In fact, we found a few Baldr Maces last map so we already have all the starting equipment for Priests! All we need now is to get our Clerics' stats high enough and we'll have some hardcore healing going on.


I was too slow to get the screenshot, but Lichald one-shotted a Sorceress. Yes, it was a critical hit and and yes she's a mage...but still, one shotting a unit is pretty rare in this game unless it's an instant kill attack like Petrify. He is SO BROKEN. To make the victory that much sweeter, we just found a Baldr Helm on this unit's corpse. That's a piece of the starting equipment for Paladins! We're that much closer to getting them!


Okay, now I'm pissed off. Lichald wiped out that one unit and then fought off the Vultan (red Hawkman) unit...which got pushed right into Tim's unit, and now Tim is cornered. He'll be alright but it's still frustrating.

07-17-2008, 12:54 AM

After finishing off a few more units, we've got a bit of a problem. Each flying unit is hurt and looking for a stronghold to stay in. They're both headed towards the neutral territory and we don't have anything that can stop them...unless if Zinc can do something? Go Zinc, go! G&G is on his way, and Dio is staying behind to protect our investment.


Haha, awesome. Right as the Raven was about to encounter Zinc, he passed out. So did the Vultan unit. Now a fully powered Tim unit can get his revenge, and our HQ and neutral stronghold are safe. Thanks, Fatigue Gauge!

Fatigue Gauge: You're very welcome, Alex!

A real class act, that Fatigue Gauge.


After cleaning up a bit more, we've only got one more stronghold to pick up and then we can tackle the…b...oss...is that Ankiseth?!


Aww shit. This is going to be hard.


Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing, Dragon Tamer? Get 'er Tim!


Whoawhoawhoa! So... we already have Kite Shields and now we have a Baldr Helm/Armor and a Blessed Sword...holy crap! We can make Paladins! Well, as soon as everyone's stats get to the right point anyway. But still, it's good to know that we can do it ASAP.

Tim and BJ finish off the last units, and it's time to take on Ankiseth. I'll be having BJ do this since I've done the math and in one more level, Beef Jerky will stats-wise be ready to change into a Beast Master and Rumpus should evolve into a Cerberus. They're both only 14 exp away from their next level, and beating Ankiseth should be more than enough for that.

Ankiseth: Who gave you these orders!? Answer me! Whose orders are you following!?
Knight: Sir Rhade…told us to use the Nirdamese troops…
Ankiseth: I see. That is all. You are dismissed.
Knight: B,but, sir...
Ankiseth: Leave!!
*BJ and Rumpus enter*
Ankiseth: I am Ankiseth Gallant, the second-in-command of the Western Division! Who is your commander? I would like to know his name.
Beef Jerky: ...
Ankiseth: What's wrong? You don't even know the name of the person who gives you orders!?
Beef Jerky: Palatinean Revolutionary Army, the PANTS Platoon...



Man, I hate this background glitch thing. It ruins all the good scenes.

It ruins scenes like this, too! *rimshot* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0PIdWdw15U)

Ankiseth: This is a good opportunity. I will test the Revolutionary Army myself!

Ankiseth is really strong, but Kotake and Koume's attack is able to put him asleep and Rumpus and BJ are strong enough to wear him down pretty easily.


I know the background kind of ruins it, but don't worry. You'll be seeing a lot of the new Rumpus.


Well, nothing wrong with getting another Blessed Sword. We have more sword users now that Troi is a Knight, so the more swords the better.

07-17-2008, 12:59 AM

Ankiseth: Never give up. Trust your instincts.

Wait, wrong game.

Ankiseth: But you are still not strong enough to change this kingdom.

Yeah, you've got to be level 50 for that.

Ankiseth: I am not the only one standing in your way...
G&G: What do you mean?
Ankiseth: To rebel against Palatinus means that you make enemies with the Holy Lodis Empire. And the commander of the Western Division is...Prince Yumil. You knew that, did you not? You made your decision; you cannot back away from it.

At this point, Goofus lets Ankiseth leave. He doesn't even say anything or try to stop him or anything. He just takes off. Go figure.

Goofus: What should we do? Should we follow orders...and free the Bolmaukans? So that we can use them to our benefit!?



Hugo: You have three choices. They do include defying your orders...
G&G: I don't care, just tell me!
Hugo: Alright, then. The first choice is to follow orders and liberate the mining facility in Audvera Heights. We will most likely encounter the enemy garrison. The problem is that we'd involve the people working there as well. I've no doubt that there will be a large number of casualties...the next is to ignore orders and head north to Mount Ithaca. This way, we can avoid making contact with the Bolmaukans. The drawback is that battle with the Western Division would take place sooner. And our last choice is to head west toward the sea, and liberate the Sable Lowlands. The Bolmaukans have lived there for a long time. We may be able to find a good solution to our problem, and at the same time, the situation may improve...but you never know.


Hell yeah, I’ve got this. Don’t worry Goofus.

Hugo: That would be nice, but life's not that easy. What to choose, and what to sacrifice...it's all up to you Goofus.

Narrative: Western Region, Castle Talpaea

Yumil: Enough! I understand...I will talk with Ankiseth about the details when he returns. You are dismissed.




Whoa, shit! Who the hell are you?!

Mari: Who are you? How did you get in here!?
Old Crone: Don't worry your pretty little head about that. Say, Mari? Do you want to help your prince?
Mari: What are you saying? Begone!! I'll call the guards!!


Catfight, mrrreeeooowww!!

Crone: You can help him! What more do you want?
Mari: I, I can...be of help to Prince Yumil...?
Crone: Yes! You can...you're the only one who can help him! That is your's and the Prince's destiny...the blood that courses through your veins...my lord's blood...will lend you strength.

This is, like, super mega important. Read it again if you have to.

Mari: ...?
Crone: Now...let me awaken the sleeping power within you.


I am sooooo not transcribing that.


I'm sure she's fine!

Well, we have all the right gear to make Paladins, Priests, and Beast Masters but we can't quite make them yet because of alignment and/or stat issues. But that's okay. We've got a Cerberus now and several different maps we can tackle. The order doesn’t matter as long as we go to Mount Ithaca last. Heading there closes off the other options, so let’s take care of the other two maps first. But before we do that...let’s go Pumpkinhead hunting! Let's head back to the map we just finished and run around in circles in Forest areas.


Damn right, this took me four days to find! Alright, so that's one...time to get another one. Ooooh yes, I have big plans for these fellas. Haha...hahahahah.....HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!!!!!!

It took me another three in-game days, but I got a second one. I can now reveal phase one of my unit restructuring plan.


Waffles is back in his rightful place in Tim's unit. G&G's unit now has a Pumpkinhead in the back. A Pumpkinhead's back row attack hits six times, and each time it lowers the victim's HP by half. This will make it incredibly easy for G&G, Mario, and Badguy to finish off whatever's left. The downside to this attack is that the Pumpkinhead loses half of his HP, but that's what Clerics are for. Zinc has a Pumpkinhead too, and she has a Soldier in her unit. Once the Soldier turns into an Amazon, we'll promote it into a Cleric...but for now this unit will be EXTREMELY item dependent. Deneb was pushed out of G&G's unit, but she has her own unit now. It's only temporary, though. Deneb's current unit will eventually become our flying unit and Deneb will head up our hodgepodge unit. We're still a few missions away from that becoming a reality, though.

In the meantime, check out Rumpus! He grew an extra head!

Anyway, I'm pretty drunk right now and spellchecking has been a bit of a chore, so that's it for tonight. Check back in a few days when we head to the Sable Lowlands and Audvera Heights! That's right, a special double length episode coming up...uh, soonish!


First thing's first: I flipped a coin; heads for Pancake and tails for Erizabesu. Heads won, two out of three. Let's all welcome Pancake the Sorceress to our gang! We've also got two Hawkmen who need names, a Wyrm that needs a name, and two Pumpkinheads. Anyone have any ideas for Pumpkins? Or Hawks? Or…pseudo-dragons? ‘cuz I don’t.

07-17-2008, 01:08 AM
Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum for the Pumpkinheads assuming there's space.

07-17-2008, 03:13 AM
I say name one of the Pumkinheads Linus. Not sure about the other, Schroeder? Pig-Pen?

07-17-2008, 03:49 AM
One of the Pumpkins should be named Pie.

I vote Hawkman be named either Hawkman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawkman).

07-17-2008, 06:00 AM
One of the Pumpkins should be named Pie.

I vote Hawkman be named either Hawkman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawkman).

If there are multiple Hawkmen, I could really go for a Harvey.

07-17-2008, 06:16 AM
Pumpkin - Jack

Hawkman - Peanut

Octopus Prime
07-17-2008, 07:23 AM
Carter Hol is an obvious choice for a Hawkman.

TOO obvious.

07-17-2008, 07:58 AM
Carter Hol is an obvious choice for a Hawkman.

TOO obvious.

How about Katar then?

In any case, I nominate Bill Rizer and Lance Bean for the two Pumpkinheads on account of how badass they sound.

Pajaro Pete
07-17-2008, 09:29 AM
One of the Pumpkins must be named "Stirfry," for it is a tradition.

07-17-2008, 10:04 AM
I think we need an army of pumpkins and nothing but pumpkins.

Name the wrym "Fluffy"

07-17-2008, 11:59 AM
In most of my runs of the game I've had a Pumpkinhead named "Mr. Flibble."

And now, responses that had to wait until I got back from vacation:

Our soldier got promoted already?! This is our first battle with this unit since putting a Soldier in it, and we used Soldiers in the first battle and in a training battle before this mission, so we do have some Soldier exp. under our belt. I guess Soldier exp. isn't limited to one unit. Wow. Even now I'm still learning things about this game! Well, hey...now we've got a new unit! We'll figure out what to do with him later. For now, let's move on.
Soldier advancement is tied to the leader of the unit, not the unit itself.

Neutral encounters are actually incredibly simple. At any time, you can be attacked by a wild creature. The creature that attacks you depends on the map and that type of terrain you’re on. Unfortunately for us, neutral encounters are extremely rare. It’s entirely possible to go through a map without seeing a single neutral encounter. It took Lichald almost four days of wandering back and forth in the Barren patch near our HQ before he finally found a Thunder Dragon.

Hunting down random encounters is probably the worst thing about this game.

In my experience, monsters are more likely to join if you attack them first. I think the idea is you have to teach them who's boss.

07-17-2008, 12:17 PM
This thread makes me wanna play this game. But I know that's a bad idea because it's an evil evil series. :( Somebody (Alixsar or otherwise) should plan to do an Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen LP after this one. I'm nostalgic for more suffering. *never got past the first flying island bs*

07-17-2008, 12:27 PM
In my experience, monsters are more likely to join if you attack them first. I think the idea is you have to teach them who's boss.

Just like Pokemon!

07-17-2008, 01:01 PM
Well thanks for the suggestions, actually my biggest problem right now is the lack of chaotic units which is a pain cause i can only use the flying and Asnabel´s unit for liberating towns with low morale, and also i have no unit for liberating main strongholds (since all strongholds in the game are 50 morale, which means a neutral unit must liberate it), i have drakkonite spellbooks so i dont really worry for the sorceress and wizards.
FYI: the vultan in the flying unit is chaotic just so you know
and here is the missing unit from the last status report

and also i had nothing else to fill these with but look


im currently on episode 21 and trying to get the zenobians and the high CF ending.

07-17-2008, 01:10 PM
I want the wym to be called Nazgul!
yeah im a lotr fan

07-17-2008, 01:49 PM
If there are multiple Hawkmen, I could really go for a Harvey.


Dynastic Bird
07-17-2008, 04:14 PM
I don't know much about this game, but it's Saradin vs. Lichald, right? Just a thought.

Pumpkinheads: I can get behind Jack for one. For the other...Pear? Okay, no idea.

Dragons: "long" is dragon in Chinese I think. Thunderbolt for the electric? Sparky?

Okay, I have no idea.

07-17-2008, 07:53 PM
Dragons should be Ryu and Ken.

07-18-2008, 12:16 AM
This thread makes me wanna play this game. But I know that's a bad idea because it's an evil evil series. :( Somebody (Alixsar or otherwise) should plan to do an Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen LP after this one. I'm nostalgic for more suffering. *never got past the first flying island bs*

No. HELL no. I'm already losing my grip on reality because of this one. There's no way in hell you can convince me to do an LP of March of the Black Queen. I'd love to see it though, if someone out there is brave enough to do it. I just don't think I'll have it in me to do another one like this.

Also...um, wow. That's a lot of names in a short period of time. I absolutely love the idea of Harvey, so we'll go with that one. And if we have a Harvey, then Peanut is a natural choice for the second Hawkman. As for the Wyrm, I'll name him Ken. Jormungandr is a really cool name so we'll leave him alone, but I'll change Fafnir's name to Ryu. I only named Fafnir because I had to name him something and no one suggested anything at the time, so this is a good excuse to give him a new name.

Now, as for the Pumpkinheads...that's a bit tricky. We've got a lot of names here, more than the others combined. Even though it's cheesy, I like the idea of having one named Jack. And Linus seems wildly appropriate, so we'll use those. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!

I'm already done with Audvera Heights and I'll be moving on to the Sable Lowlands tonight. I'll be putting up a double length update sometime in the next few days.

07-18-2008, 12:20 PM
Since OB64 I've never been able to go back to the original. I want to love it as much as I once did, but the game has an absurd amount of lag associated with routine tasks like using items or giving directions, and the lack of a quicksave hurts a lot, too.

07-18-2008, 11:56 PM
No one voiced any sort of opinion over which map we do first, so I decided to head to Audvera Heights. This also semi-makes us a bitch for following orders first, but no big deal. We're going to disobey orders eventually.

Hugo: Our objective is to liberate the mining facility. I'm sure they never expected we'd defy Lodis. There's nothing they can do but defend the mine. ...There shouldn't be any reinforcements to worry about.

Famous last words.

G&G: Even then, our strength is equal...what's the status on our reinforcements?
Hugo: They went into battle with the enemy garrison a few hours ago. There seems to have been some misunderstanding. Since we won't have reinforcements either, this will be close. The rest is up to the commanders' skills.

Are you a bad enough dude to capture the Audvera Mine?

You should be noticing a pattern here. We NEVER get reinforcements. We're perpetually on our own, and all of our allies are always retarded.


This map is a direct continuation of the map we just finished. See that castle that we start at? That's where Ankiseth was at the end of the last map. And that forest next to where we start? That's where Dio found our second Pumpkinhead. It's also really big and filled with enemies. Thankfully, it's pretty straightforward. Tim and Dio will take the stronghold to the west, Leia and Zinc will take the east, G&G/BJ/Lichald will head south, and once Tim/Dio/Leia/Zinc are done, they'll head south too and we'll take strongholds as we go. Deneb will be on HQ defense because right now her unit sucks too much to do anything else.

You can't tell, but this map has a new song. So far, all of the maps have had one of three songs as the background music. Now we're starting to get to the good ones. This one is one of my favorites. I don’t know of any way to capture the music in-game, so just trust me on this. It's simultaneously majestic and mysterious. If Harry Potter fought Ogres, this song would play in the background when he did it.

I feel like such a nerd for saying that. I'm sorry guys, but this will be my last update.

Because I'm going to kill myself.


Whoa, shit is about to get real. We've got two Black Knight units headed toward us from the east and west respectively, an Archmage and Witch guarding strongholds, and a Enchanter, Grappler, and Paladin unit headed directly to our HQ. This is gonna get pretty ugly. Then again, when is it ever not ugly?

Also, I'd like to point out that the random name generator in this game named the two Black Knights Victor and Vector. What are the odds?

Thanks to his new sword, Dio made quick work of Victor. Dio also found the default armor for the Dragon Master, Scale Armor. We've already got an Estoc and Plumed Headband so now we've got all we need for Zinc to upgrade. We just need to get her stats to the right level.


This is why we keep Pumpkinheads around. He took a Stone Golem's HP down to 3 in one attack. Absolutely brutal. If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: do not fuck with Pumpkinheads.

I should also note that Luigi and Ozzy have finally started dealing the amounts of damage that they should have been dealing all along. Their defense is still bad, but at least now they can kill things pretty well. And now that Dio has a new sword the damage Dio's unit can dish out is starting to increase.


After a few battles, the Paladin unit has been finished off and the Enchanter and Grappler units have been severely screwed over by G&G. Leia and Zinc are about to get busy, and I am admittedly concerned since they're two of my weaker units. Good luck guys! Well, girls I guess. GIRL POWER!


Leia needs a bit of help. I choose you, Charmander!


Here's something you don't see every day; an entire unit of mage-types. What the hell are they thinking?


Things are a bit of a mess, but so far we're doing great. Zinc has been doing alright against Vector and the Witch and she'll only be better once we get here a Cleric and move the Pumpkinhead to the backrow. Everyone else has had a pretty easy time finishing off units. We're still only halfway there, though.


This is a semi-common item, but it's one of the ones we need to make a Lich so it's good to know that we have it this early. Zinc found a new doll for Tim, and Lichald found a Magician's Robe. This means we can make Enchanters once Tim gets to the right stat-level. And we've already had the gear to make Ninja Masters for a while now. Geez, they're really throwing the higher class gear at us, aren't they?


I love you, Maxwell and Pancake.


Again, look at him go! Alright that’s enough Pumpkin love for one episode.

07-18-2008, 11:58 PM

This is why we want Priests. AOE healing? Yes please!

Alright, boss time. This boss is actually kind of a jerk because he hangs out in the back row and has two Golems protecting him. We'll need someone who can hit the back row...Lichald and BJ are tired, so...hmm. Goofus, you're up!

Tuzt: Why does the Revolutionary Army fight for the Bolmaukans?


I bet you he was about to say the "N" word but then realized that'd be racist.


Linus got Tuzt down to 5 HP, so one more Pumpkin Shower will kill him for sure. That is, it would if he didn’t heal himself after each battle. I got sick of almost-but-not-quite-killing him and then having him heal, so I called Lichald in and he dropped him like a bad habit.

Tuzt: I can't believe you put this kingdom in jeopardy...


I can't believe Atlus keeps trying to shove heavy handed social commentary down my throat.


Well, we already have one of those...but that's okay. The more the merrier, right?

Young Bolmaukan: I appreciate what you've done for us, but...I am worried.


G&G: to strengthen the Revolutionary Army and prepare for Lodis. That is...the official reason. But...that's not why I came here. The way the Bolmaukans were treated, just like us...we needed to...no, we wanted to do something. We wanted to avoid fighting the Nirdamese troops. We wanted to save those who were treated unfairly...because our goal is to eliminate the class system, and declare independence from the Lodis Empire...
Bolmaukan: What are you saying!? No matter how you try to word it...all you're saying is that you're planning to use us! Is that why you fought so bravely!? Were you insinuating that we owe the Revolutionary Army!?
G&G: No! That's not true! We didn't come because we were ordered. We wanted to liberate this land. We wanted to save you! I have no intentions of using the Nirdamese. I will never use you...even if I have to go against orders!
Bolmaukan: We are grateful for what you've done for us. I'll trust your words. But, you should have known the consequences too. Do you realize how many casualties there were? Aren't you relying too heavily on your strength? Did you ignore our fellow Bolmaukans?


But did you ever know that I had mine on you? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNefNLOHVYk)

Not much to do now but move on to the Sable Lowlands.


Hey, check out BJ! He's old!

By the way, WhiteMage is really close to being eligible to become a Ninja Master. Then he can go in the back row and help out Pancake and Maxwell with Ninja Arts. In addition, I should mention that I've given all of my mages new spellbooks. I gave them spellbooks that match their original element, so the spells they cast won't change. But spellbooks boost INT so each mage is a bit stronger now.

The only exception to this is Waffle, who now has the Book of Bane. The Book of Bane boosts INT slightly more than the others, and since Waffle is by himself I figured he could use it the most.

There's one more thing I forgot about before we can move on. Let's get the Pedra of Bane! We need to head back to the Highlands of Soathan from Episode 12. We'll also need a Hellhound, which we can thankfully pick up on this map.

First we need to head to Jiram, the town near the bridge that was destroyed.


Ummm...well...I guess we can find a spot for him. Sure, why not?

Anyway, on to the...


Dude, Dio. I love you man. You just saved me so much time.

07-18-2008, 11:59 PM
Goofus makes it to Jiram and runs into a pudgy kid.

Kid: A while ago, the Revolutionary Army came here. They started fighting here, and my dog, Bacchus, got lost. My mom tells me that Bacchus ran far away, and he won't be coming back...but I already know...I know he's not alive...you're from the Revolutionary Army! How dare you!! Why did you have to do that to Bacchus? Give me back my Bacchus! Now!

Sad story, kid. After leaving, we re-enter and...



Kid: What did you do to my Bacchus? He was my friend! Give him back!!

Hmm. Looks like he won't take "no" for an answer. Let's put our new Hellhound in Deneb's unit and send her down here.

Old Woman: You're in the Revolutionary Army. Nasty battle, huh? Thankfully, there weren't any casualities from here, but a stray arrow hit our dog...since I support the cause, I try not to blame you, but my son's depressed. If you have a dog to spare, would you give it to him?

I don't have a dog, but I have a two-headed doglike monster. Is that okay?

I forgot that you need to bring the dog in the same unit as the one that initially spoke to the Kid, so I traded the Hellhound into G&G's unit.


I like how G&G is giving a child a two-headed monster. It's so ridiculous.

G&G: Will you take good care of it?
Kid: Sure. Of course. But, this dog has two heads. Do I have to feed them both?



This beautiful stone...of PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL. How the hell do townspeople keep finding this stuff?!

Anyway, let's move on to the Sable Lowlands. This map has something very important for us: the last of the gear we'll need to make a Black Knight. Lichald is already stat-wise strong enough to become a BK even without the Helm of the Fearless, and he's very Chaotic. We’ll have ourselves a Black Knight before the end of this update! I've also figured out why G&G's unit is staying neutral: their level is too high. I'm having them use strategies and fight units that would normally raise their alignment, but since they're typically a higher level that cancels out the benefits and they stay neutral. So for this map and possibly a few others, G&G will be on base defense so the enemies' levels can pass theirs. Remember; fighting units that are stronger than yours raises your alignment. Dio and Leia have managed to stay Lawful because I don't use them that much (and thus they are perpetually fighting units stronger than them), so we need to push G&G in that direction as well.

G&G: I don't want to fight the Nirdamese. What should I do? Is battle with them really inevitable?
Hugo: I'm certain they aren't willing to fight us, either. But unfortunately...they are forced to fight. It would be very difficult to avoid this confrontation. The Bolmaukans have lived here since the old days. I hope the liberation of this area affects the situation positively...


Hugo mentions that there are messengers that are trying to get reinforcements. If we let them get to their destination, we can expect a whole mess of new units to spawn. Probably not the best idea to let them live.


See that Ninja Master that's moving? He’s the messenger. If he gets to the town in the north, five units will spawn. BJ is going to head over the mountains and try and stop him (he probably won't make it though) while Dio and Lichald follow the road to the stronghold to the west. Leia, Zinc, Tim, and Deneb will all work together to take the southern path. Goofus will stay at home and play with his baseball cards.


That lady in the back is a Diana, an upgraded Archer. They're pretty generic but they get three attacks so we’ll try and get a few at some point.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to stop the messenger...but Lichald did find a Valiant Mantle! Valiant Mantles are the reason why you can only have three Black Knights. There are only three of these in the entire game and we just found the first one.


Ugh. This is what we were trying to stop. Well, it's okay. Dio/BJ/Lichald can handle it, but this is going to take a LONG time.


Things just keep getting worse. Two units are heading straight to our HQ (you can only see one in this screenshot)...luckily G&G can handle them. This is still a bit of a concern. Things are going a lot better in the south. So much so that I'm going to send Leia up north to help out G&G/Dio/Lichald/BJ.


Alright, we can make a Black Knight now! Well, once we finish this nightmare anyway...

07-19-2008, 12:00 AM

Looks like Beef Jerky's still got some pepper left in him, despite having aged 20 years in a day.


It hit the entire unit. Priceless. Good work Linus!


Nothing like seeing two grown men in skirts go at it.

Wait, what?


G&G was able to repel the two attack units. Now we've got three units who need to rest and three leaderless units running around doing nothing. Leia and Dio can handle this!


Look what Dio did! His unit isn't shitty now! Leia's here to clean up, but Dio almost annihilated all three of these units. And yet, those Fencers are still pretty awful compared to G&G's Knights...well, they’re good enough. They’ll probably be legitimately good when I can make them into Sword Masters.


You believe this shit? While Leia was chasing this fucker and he ran over the stronghold (where Dio is in this picture) and he captured it. What a son of a bitch.

Alright, things are under control now. The boss of this level is recruitable if you have a neutral to high CF. We've actually liberated a fair amount of strongholds so far (albeit unintentionally) so we might still be neutral enough to get her. We'll see what happens.


She's also smokin’ hot.

Liedel: I've been expecting you!! I'm Liedel Klein.


So that's why you're wearing a shitload of red?

Liedel: The others were killed in the south...revenge will be mine!
Beef Jerky: Revenge?
Liedel: You know what I'm talking about! Oh, I see. You won't admit publicly that you've been using Ogres.
Beef Jerky: You're talking about the battle against the Southern Division? No! That wasn't us!!
Liedel: Liar! Who'd suspect General Godeslas of such treachery? Even if the general did have something to do with it, why'd he attack his own troops? You think I'm stupid? That's enough!
Beef Jerky: Godeslas was controlled by the Infernal Aura. He was consumed by the darkness. Please believe me.

You know, for a generic character, BJ seems to know a lot about this.

Liedel: I'll believe you. If you can beat me, that is!

What would life be like if everyone thought this way?

Guy #1: I can fly.
Guy #2: No you can't. Gravity, man.
Guy #1: Liar! Gravity doesn't exist! It's only a myth! Even if it did exist, why would it keep me from flying?!
Guy #2: ...because it's gravity?
Guy #1: I don't believe you! I can fly, and I'll prove it by flying off this building!
Guy #2: You have to believe me!
Guy #1: I'll believe you if you can beat me in battle!!!

And that's the story of how I got arrested.

Hey, wouldn't this be a good time to test out our new Pedra? I think so too!


Yes, those are flying eyeball monsters. Thanks to two Ionospheres, Liedel goes down pretty easily. Ha! Get it!?


This just seems so silly to me. "You won so I guess you're honest and I trust you." Riiiight…

07-19-2008, 12:01 AM
Liedel: But, let me give you some advice. The Revolutionary Army's recent deeds aren't garnering them any support. Just winning battles isn't good enough. People are paying attention to what you do. Be aware of that.


Well, she didn't offer to join so I guess that means that we're on the low CF path. That's good! We didn’t need her sweet, sweet honey anyway. And hey, we've got a new bow for one of our Archers.


G&G: We'll continue to fight the Western Division. This is our concern. I don't want to involve the Bolmaukans in this war any further. Is there any way we can avoid fighting the Bolmaukans?

Yeah, like a secret handshake or something? Something so they'll see that we're legit. Too legit, even.

Bolmaukan: We share the same feeling, but...there are still many of us that are held captive, in the west. Like our king...we can never forsake our king and the fellow Nirdamese in the west. That's Lodis...the reason why our kingdom was torn into east and west, why there was resentment between the princes...Lodis was pulling the strings behind it all.
G&G: I understand your concerns, but something must be done...
Bolmaukan: What do you want to do? I know what you're trying to say. But, are you really concerned about us? Are you forcing your ideals on us? We will do whatever we can to assist you...but that doesn't mean we obey your every command. Please keep that in mind.

So last level they hated us, now they like us and hate us, but will help us. Wha?

I have good news. Ladies and gentlemen, behold!


I give you Lichald the Black Knight! It's really great that we have him this early on. He'll be getting +7 STR each level up, and there will be a lot of level ups from now until the end of the game. And look at that sweet, sweet 32 physical defense. Mmmm. Tastes like salt water taffy. But wait, there's more!


We now have a Priest too! Katreda is one or two levels away from becoming one. Peach is close to being a Priest and Mario and Badguy are close to becoming Paladins...but I need to fix G&G's alignment problem before I can do anything with any of them. WhiteMage is ONE GOD DAMN DEX point away from being eligible to become a Ninja Master, so we'll have him upgraded in no time.

The next update is pretty damn important. We’ll be getting a new character, a new Pedra, and we’ll be hitting an important point in the story. And we’ll begin phase two of my unit restructuring plan (with phase three to be shown in the update after that). I also need to figure out what to do with our new Pumpkinhead. Look forward to it!

07-19-2008, 08:47 AM
well im pretty sure you are using PJ64, right?
go into the audio plugin menu and there it is an option for capturing audio although it only captures in .wav you can later convert it.
Im still far ahead so ill wait a couple of weeks without playing so you can catch up and i can use your advise.

07-19-2008, 02:54 PM
It sucks that black knights require a rare item. They're the only good low-alignment human meat shield.

07-21-2008, 07:04 PM
We’re coming up on one of the major turning points in the game everyone. Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve updated, but the good news is that I have Wednesday and Thursday off so you can expect more updates then.

And no, that title isn’t there as a joke; this really is the end of the Bolmaukan thing. That’s right…just one more level of heavy handed racial commentary and we can move back to heavy handed social commentary with a dash of fanfic-quality yaoi.

I…think that’s an improvement?

Hugo: Once we liberate this area, Castle Talpaea will be just ahead of us. It won't be long 'til the confrontation with the Western Division...

Nevermind the fact that we've already fought them off a few times.

G&G: Do you think there's a way to avoid battle with the Western Division?
Hugo: It seems to me that the Western Division is not inclined to fight, either.


This is important. If you choose to talk with the Western Division, then it opens up the possibility of having Ankiseth join you. But if you get Ankiseth, you can't get Biske and we're getting a werewolf, damn it.

Jen Eric: We have a messenger from the Western Division. He says he was sent here by Prince Yumil. He is asking for an audience with you. What shall I do?



Hugo: I think it's best that you see him, Goofus.
G&G: Yeah, I think so too. Tell him that we'll listen to what he has to say. We'll be right there.
Cannon McFodder: Yes, sir.

Messenger: This message is from our general.


Hugo: I…want you to be my…knight? I want your big, throb…awwww!!! What the hell Goofus?!

Bad Guy Messenger: Our general is very kind-hearted. He wants the fruitless battles to end. He also accepts the justification of the Revolutionary Army, and he hopes that this reconciliation will be the first step toward peace.
G&G: Does the Central Division acknowledge this? And what about the Nirdamese troops?
Red Messenger: We are currently negotiating with the Central Division. The Western Division has decided not to involve the Nirdamese troops in any further battles.
G&G: But that doesn't mean they will be freed. I must assume that the Western Division has no intentions of defying Lodis...
No-good-very-bad Messenger: N, no, that's not what was meant. In order to approach the matter peacefully, something need to have a higher priority than others.
G&G: …


NO! We were talking about throbbing manmeat, and now we can't go back! You ruined it!

Good Guy Messenger: The enemy troops have begun advancing on us. It appears that the troops are mainly Bolmaukan!
G&G: What!? You deceived us!?
Dastardly Messenger: It can't be! The decision was already made not to involve the Nirdamese! It must be that knight from the Central Division...Sir Rhade. He must have pulled rank...
Hugo: We will believe your words. We will believe Prince Yumil.

I gotta do what?!

Hugo: We cannot make the decision; we must speak with our superior...is that acceptable?
Whorish Messenger: Most certainly, sir. We will be waiting for a favorable reply.
Hugo: Well...what should we do?



And...um, come up with a strategy too. Wow, this map is huge. It's easily the biggest one we've been on so far. There's also a trick to it. This map has a special character on the enemy team that we can recruit. The hard part is that we cannot fight him at all...but there's an easy way to stop him from trying to attack us. If you make it to the stronghold in the very north part of the map and capture it, the enemy unit we need to keep alive won't come after you. So let's hurry there! BJ and Lichald will dash for that stronghold while everyone else will take the other strongholds.

Also, we can pick up equipment to make Freyas in this map. Not that that really matters since Freyas suck...but still. WonderWoman needs to get upgraded at some point.

Hey, I wonder how Lichald will do now that he’s a Black Knight?


Yeah, he'll do juuuust fine.


So far everything's under control. I'm keeping most of my units near my HQ until I can capture that one city to ensure that we won't run into that enemy unit. BJ and Lichald aren't having much trouble getting up north, and everyone else is standing around picking their noses.


Wait, maybe it isn't. This is Vad, the guy we can't kill. He's waiting for us at the stronghold to the east of our HQ but we'll be ignoring him. As long as we take the stronghold in the north, he won't leave...so hurry up already, BJ!

Also, there's a guy in Vad's unit named Dude.


That is so awesome.


Things are slightly more complicated. We've now got two flying units to deal with, Dio was able to fend off the Black Knight but I'm reluctant to pursue him (in case he heads to where Vad is), BJ is headed towards the north-most stronghold and Lichald is resting.

07-21-2008, 07:05 PM

I should explain how Healing Plus works. The short version is that it splits up all of the healing juice between your characters.

The long version is that Healing Plus heals in a small area that changes depending on how your unit is organized. In this example, Dio was the target and he got healed for 60+ and Ozzy and Luigi each got healed for 30+. If Ozzy or Luigi were the target, then they would have received 60+, and Dio would have also received 60+. Even though this only targets two people, it heals for more as a result. Healing Plus can also heal units in a 4X4 area as well. Let’s say Dio was in the exact middle of this unit. If Luigi were the target of a healing spell, Dio would be healed too.

Long, long story short? This shit is way better than single target healing. Way better, yo.

BJ finally makes it to the northern most town, and it's time for the battle to truly begin. As long as we avoid that one stronghold we can recruit Vad at the end of this mission.


Hey, our first Cataphract encounter. Thankfully these guys are pretty weak offensively. The problem is that they take forever to kill. Dio's unit has our best healer though, so time is something he has a lot of.


Most of the units we encountered in the first part of the map were weak, so it didn't take long to clean up. But now we have Vad rendered immobile, a leaderless unit, and a hell of a lot of strongholds to go capture. I'll be leaving the rest of this mission to Leia/Dio/Tim/Zinc/Deneb to get them some experience.


Hey, look at that. Waffles is now suddenly almost as good as Maxwell. That's pretty great considering how little time he's had to get this good. Tim's unit has suddenly started to turn not-so-shitty!


We finally get to move on, and what happens? We get ambushed. Are you friggin' serious right now?


Even though I'm using my weaker units, they were still strong enough to take care of everything. We'll be at the bosses' doorstep in no time.

About five seconds after I took this screenshot, Zinc just got her unit's ass handed to her…but her Soldier was able to become an Amazon which is really all that matters. Now we can move our Pumpkinhead to the back row and turn the new Amazon into a Cleric (and later Priest maybe, but it honestly doesn’t matter for that unit). This will really help increase Zinc's damage output.


Alright, Rhade is about to get proper fucked. I'm gonna have Leia do it because...uh...just because.


Reinforcements: Did someone say my name?!

Rhade: What's the Western Division doing!?


Ankiseth loves to watch.

Rhade: Curse them, both him and his smartass kid! ...Where's Sir Baldwin? What happened to Sir Baldwin!?
Knight: He withdrew a while ago.
Rhade: So I'm the only one, huh? Can't depend on anybody...
*Leia, Troi, WonderWoman, Katreda, and Fran enter*
Rhade: Thanks to all of you, my life's a ruin.

Not in ruins. It is a ruin.

Rhade: Come on, fight me! I don't need anyone's help! I'll take care of you myself!


Rhade's just about the same as when we fought him before. Those two Paladins in the back make shitty healers, but they're healers all the same. It's making killing Rhade a lot more difficult. Luckily for us, Rhade doesn't know how to turn around so...

07-21-2008, 07:07 PM

…he's about to get from behind. Without his healing buddies, Rhade can't stand up to the PANTS Platoon and Waffles finishes him off with Word of Pain.

Rhade: ...How the hell are you going to change this kingdom? The Revolutionary Army endangers the existence of Palatinus itself.


Alright, cool man. See you there.


Hey, cool sword. Too bad it's even worse than the Blessed Swords Dio/Mario/Badguy/Troi have been using for three maps now.


Vad: I thank you for what you've done for us.

Yeah, sure. I do this shit all the time.

G&G: We only did what we thought was right. What are you planning to do now? If you'd like, how about joining the Revolutionary Army...joining us?

So he frees all the Bolmaukans and says that he doesn't want to use them to fight...then he frees more of them and they say they don't want to fight but will, and now he's directly asking them to fight with him. Make up your mind, man.

Nirdamese Warrior: I appreciate your offer, but we have to decline. To the west of here, there are still many who are held captive. They're waiting for our help. We will go west, to rescue our fellow Bolmaukans! ...I'm sorry.

A triumphant battle cry followed by a muted apology. I’ve got it! Bolmaukan is an Ogrebattlian term for bi-polar!

Vad: Please, let me fight with you! I can't bear it any longer...I must...I must seek revenge against those who enslaved us!
G&G: Aren't you the leader of the Nirdamese troops?
Vad: I've already discussed this matter with the others.


Well, why not? The more the merrier!

G&G: Your help will be valuable to us. ...Welcome.

Narrative: Mount Ithaca, Castle Gullsvinter

Hugo: What brings you here, Destin? Did something happen in the Central Division?
Destin: No, we received orders from headquarters...to head west and prepare for Lodis' invasion.
G&G: Has Lodis initiated an attack against Palatinus?
Destin: No, not yet.
Saradin: Goofus, this is the official statement from headquarters. 'We will accept nothing less than unconditional surrender from the Western Division. If the Western Division is unwilling, use the full potential of the PANTS Platoon to liberate the Western Region.'"
G&G: What!? That's their intention!?
Saradin: Unfortunately, I believe it is the intention of the entire Revolutionary Army. We have won numerous battles, and succeeded in liberating the Bolmaukans. There are many among the Revolutionary Army who believe that they can accomplish anything. And they are more concerned with the overthrow of the upper class than the revolution itself...
Destin: In order to lead a large group of people...it's occasionally necessary to accept things that go against your beliefs...


G&G: Why must we fight those who do not wish to fight? Besides...Lodis will not remain quiet!!
Destin: That's why we came here. We left the revolution to help the people of Nirdam. Goofus...you must go to Castle Talpaea as ordered...and find your own answer!


Destin is right; we're coming up on one of the major turning points of the game.

G&G: Destin...?
Destin: I was ordered to use the Nirdamese to fight Lodis. I understood its importance but it nonetheless went against my belief. I was in the same position as you are now. And my decision was to leave the Revolutionary Army.

He's so bad ass that he counter-revolted. Will Goofus follow in his footsteps?!

Destin: I will fulfill my duty, regardless of my desertion.


So...what are you, then? A walking murder machine?


Oh. So you're Captain Planet.

Destin: I hope you understand.

I don't, but I can hardly ever understand anything people say in circa 2000 RPGs. It's all nonsense about "Help me...help me, *insert character name*" and "I don't know what's right...I don't know what to do!" and "KURsE YoU SEEEeeDs!!!!".

Saradin: ...We should be going. Goofus, I leave the rest to you.

If we had recruited Aisha earlier (by choosing to not kill Frederick and then finding her in Audvera Heights), Saradin would offer to join us here. But we're getting that werewolf dammit, so we don't need his help!

Destin: The decision made by the Revolutionary Army, and your own beliefs. Neither can be said to be wrong. What is your goal? If you know what it is...then that should guide your path.

Noodling Around With Classes and Stuff (Half-assed Edition)

We've now got two options we can take on our next map (I’ll be picking for us though on this one; trust me). But let's look at our newest addition to the PANTS Platoon.


Vad is our first special class character. Technically Dio and Goofus have special classes, but right now they're essentially the same thing as a Knight so Vad is really our first...sort of. Vad is a Grappler, but he's different from the ones we’ve been fighting in that he gets two attacks in the back row. Even though Fatal Dance technically does less damage, it hits multiple times so it adds up to more damage. Having three attacks in the front row really helps when you get back attacked, though.

07-21-2008, 07:09 PM

WhiteMage finally got that one DEX point he needed and is now a Ninja Master. Ninja Arts is weak but it casts a random element spell with each use, and we already have two spell casters in this unit. This opens up a whole slew of spell combinations. He's also defensively strong enough to leave vulnerable and not have to worry about.

In short; fuck yeah NINJAS!!!


Mike will be excited to know that Maxwell has become an Archmage! Now his attack will hit an entire area, rather than just a single target. Pancakes isn't quite ready to get promoted yet, but Maxwell can still use combination spells with WhiteMage and (to a lesser extent) Pancakes. So this isn't anything to be concerned about. As if that wasn't enough...



Despite having barely used them, our Hawkmen are eligible for a promotion. I made Harvey into a Vultan and Peanut into a Raven. Ravens have a slightly better back row attack, so we'll be leaving Peanut in the back row. Harvey is a higher level and thus has better HP/def/attack, so he'll be up front. Since we're doing a low CF playthrough and they're both at their final classes already, alignment doesn't really matter...and next level we'll be getting a new flying unit to lead their unit (along with Ken the Wyrm). So look for a new flying unit next update!

I've done the math and we're two levels or less from having a lot of the third classes, so stay tuned to future updates for increased class awesomeness.


Here’s out unit layout for now…but that will be changing dramatically next update, so don’t get attached to it. Look for the final phase of my unit restructuring plan next time and my complete analysis of our units.

Pajaro Pete
07-22-2008, 07:16 PM
I had no idea there were black people in these games.

07-23-2008, 04:34 PM
Mike will be excited to know that Maxwell has become an Archmage! Now his attack will hit an entire area, rather than just a single target. Pancakes isn't quite ready to get promoted yet, but Maxwell can still use combination spells with WhiteMage and (to a lesser extent) Pancakes.

Sweet! Now get him one of the unique spell books so that he can wreck everyone's shit.

07-23-2008, 04:51 PM
Sweet! Now get him one of the unique spell books so that he can wreck everyone's shit.

You know who else can use those unique spell books? Witches. It's by far not the best use of them but it's a fun novelty to have a witch who can cast meteor and kill everyone.

07-23-2008, 05:10 PM
Episode 15: The One Where I Forgot To Give It a Title And Had to Edit One In

I had no idea there were black people in these games.

You know, as ridiculous as this sounds, Turnip makes a very good point. Ogre Battle has almost no minorities in it. Dio is "a Southerner" and he's dark skinned…but that's it. The only other minorities in this game are the Bolmaukans, and with the exception of Vad, we won't be seeing them again.

I don't know which is more racist: the fact that Ogre Battle is 99% white people, or the fact that when there are minorities present, they are designed to look African and ARE SLAVES.

Hugo: Here is the plan. Listen carefully...


Well, at least this map is nice and organized. Everyone will split up into three groups: Goofus will stay on HQ defense, and everyone else will either go north, west, or south. This maps relatively small despite how it looks here, but it can be pretty frantic since there are a lot of places for enemy units to heal.

Hugo: Do you understand? Then let's go.

Shortest briefing ever. I wish more of them were like that so I didn't have to type so much.

Lichald, Dio, and Tim are heading west, Goofus is heading to the southernmost stronghold (in an effort to raise his alignment since a low alignment unit is there), and Leia, BJ, and Zinc are heading north. Waffles temporary unit is guarding the HQ until Goofus returns.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is that?


That guy is a Knight Templar, a knight from Lodis. They're basically the same thing as Paladins. The only real difference is that fighting them raises your alignment (instead of lowering like fighting a Paladin would) and that their defense isn't nearly as good as a Paladin’s. Lichald critcalled the sucker for 98 damage, and then WhiteMage and Maxwell used the combination spell Atmosphere, which hit the entire enemy group and put half of the enemy unit asleep.


Then on our next turn, WhiteMage and Maxwell used Atmosphere again (after the enemy was softened up by Lichald and Wario) and the entire unit was wiped out in one encounter.

I can’t get over how ridiculous this unit is. And it's only going to get even more broken when Pancakes and Wario get promoted.


There's a lot going on here so let's sort this out. Goofus is still headed south to take that stronghold and hopefully raise his alignment. Dio destroyed one of the flying units, Leia killed the leaders of the Templar units near the stronghold in the north, and Zinc killed the leader of the flying unit in the north.


By the way, Zinc's unit isn't performing too badly. They're never going to be our strongest unit, but it will be pretty reliable for now and its usefulness will only increase when Ryu evolves into a Quetzacoatl.


My trick worked and Goofus' unit's alignment did go up a little after fighting that unit. We've got two units retreating so we'll need to send someone after them. Lichald will head southwest to capture the stronghold there (which is also where we can recruit a new character) and Dio will head west to the stronghold there. Leia and the gang will head west as well after finishing off the two Templar units.


Have ever mentioned how awesome the Hallowed Shield is? I have? Well...it's worth mentioning again. Having the most oftenly targeted character in a unit be able to resist all status effects definitely has its advantages.


This is Maxwell and Pancakes' new combo attack, Blue Spiral. You missed the spiral itself but here's the important part: 88 damage. That's pretty damn good. Once Pancakes becomes a Siren, we'll be able to consistently do full-screen combination spells. We'll have a small arsenal of them too since WhiteMage's element changes each battle. Keep an eye on Lichald's unit, folks. Even without special units like the Princess and Dragoon they will be a force to be reckoned with.

07-23-2008, 05:11 PM

So...I kind of missed it with this screenshot but WhiteMage, Maxwell, and Pancakes did a full screen version of Blue Spiral. And right before that, Lichald criticalled for 110 damage. Yeah...yeah, this unit is pretty amazing. I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about it, but it really is just that ridiculous.

Lichald heads into Coppermine and...wait, wait. What is this!?


And who might this handsome devil be?

Sheen: You're from this kingdom, right? Why are you fighting?
Lichald: Why...? What are you saying? Don't tell me you're content with what we have here!


Lichald's response made me laugher harder than it probably should have. I hope someone else out there gets why I think it's so funny.

Sheen: Hey, hold on! Calm down, will ya? I don't belong to anybody. I'm just a free, peace-loving hawkman.

Groovy, man.

Sheen: Yeah, I stayed in Lodis for a while. But I left cuz I hated their guts.

Watch out folks, he's got a 'tude!


Yes. California.

Lichald: There's no such place! Get real!
Sheen: Oh well. Hey, if you guys win this war, will this kingdom be like that?
Lichald: W, well, we will have peace, that's for sure.

This isn't right. Lichald doesn't stumble over his words. Lichald is an all powerful death machine. Lichald's very presence makes the thoughts of others turn to their loved ones. Lichald's wrath tears the world asunder. LICHALD DOES NOT STUTTER.

Sheen: Okay! Then, can I fight with you?


We need Sheen to complete our flying unit so we'll be saying response 1.

Lichald: Ummm, sure. ...yeah, let's do it!
Sheen: Right on! Let's get this war over with, so we can kidnap all those nice-looking girls from other kingdoms and bring them here!

This is why I love Sheen. This is the best idea anyone has ever had.

Lichald: What!? No! You can't do that!!

I guess it's supposed to be slapstick-y humor, too…but it really is a wonderful idea.


So let's evaluate the situation. Goofus, BJ, and Tim have our bases covered. Waffles is about to cover our only exposed base. We have three leaderless units to finish off, and two units guarding strongholds. You know, for a map this far into the game, this hasn't taken very long at all.


Here's WhiteMage and Maxwell doing a full screen version of Ice Field (the normal spell for Sirens and Archmages of the Water Element…the smaller version of this is Maxwell’s normal spell). Just thought you might like it.

I guess I should get this out of the way now, too. Maxwell is amazing. Right now he is our best spellcaster and our leading candidate for Lich-a-lization. Pancakes isn't eligible to become a Princess since Princesi are high alignment, so she’ll probably be stuck as a Siren. But Maxwell is almost definitely going to become our Lich when the time is right.


After a few battles, the map has been cleared and all that's left is a weakened flying unit and the boss. Let's do it, Dio! For great justice!

Robert: We're in luck. I didn't expect to find them here. Maybe it's not that bad of an idea to be up front.


Seriously, who wrote this? This is awful. Transcribing shit like this hurts me physically

I had Dio purposely retreat to give Zinc time to finish off the last unit, and Leia came in from behind to seal the deal.


Robert: When the main force arrives, that'll be the end...of the Revolu...tionary...Army...

Yeah, yeah. We've heard it before. Save it, pal.

07-23-2008, 05:13 PM

An Ice Blade? Now we're talking! None of that Sword of Firedrake nonsense! The only real reason that sword exists is to change a Paladin and/or Goofus/Dio's (once they get promoted) back row attack to an offensive fire attack. But the Ice Blade is actually fairly strong so this is a great find.


Familiar Voice: ...It's been a while, Goofus.
Goofus: F,father...
Ankiseth: I heard that the Revolutionary Army is not willing to settle this matter peacefully...is it possible for you to withdraw your troops? Nothing will be gained from this; I do not want any more bloodshed.
Goofus: And what if we withdraw? What about the class system? The Central Division? The Lodis Empire? Sure, we can avoid this particular battle. But that's it! Nothing else will change!
Ankiseth: Nothing will change? Are you concerned with only the visible changes...the changes you can touch? Do not be misled by a narrow definition of revolution!


Ankiseth: Slowly, but surely. The same can be applied to our society. Radical changes create unwanted distortions...haven't you realized that your way is, in fact, nothing but a temporary solution?
Goofus: Are you asking me to ignore the plight of those suffering as we speak!? However much you talk about ideals, you'll never reach the people unless you get in the thick of it with them. Father...you hold your ideals, but do absolutely nothing to achieve them.
Ankiseth: He who is in a higher position can become benevolent. Because he does not need to be concerned about his life, he can care for others. He can set aside his own feelings and fight for others. Yumil plans to make this kingdom a better place for all people...he is looking to reformation. He holds this as his duty as a member of the royal family, and I will help him every way possible. Goofus, can the Revolutionary Army lead Palatinus? What is the result…



This game doesn't have a titular line, but this is really damn close. I guess that's what that Engrishy subtitle is all about...?

Goofus: I don't know. But...


Yeah, he's a total pansy. He can't do shit. And now his girlfriend is made out of magic! You know that's going to cause problems.

Ankiseth: I can't be positive. But, I want to trust in him.


Goofus: Father! Tell me before you go. Why did you accept being branded as a murderer?



Ankiseth: Why, you ask...? Do you know whose orders the assassin was following? The person who plotted Yumil's death...



07-23-2008, 05:16 PM
Ankiseth: His Majesty was not well back then. The misfortunes that fell upon him, beginning with the queen's death...King Procus blamed it all on Yumil...the Prince's peculiar features made His Majesty think even more so.

Peculiar features? So it's weird for him to have silver hair, but it's totally normal for Goofus to have blue hair?

By the way, Yumil having "peculiar features" is important, so remember that.

Ankiseth: It is also told that he took counsel from a foreign sorcerer.

Those of you who are familiar with the series might know who this is.

Ankiseth: It is true that I murdered a noble. And I decided not to say anything unnecessary. That's all.

We can now head straight to the end of the chapter if we'd like, but there's one more optional mission that we'll be doing first. But before that, we have much to discuss!

Naming Time

First of all, I should mention that I switched Ken and Jormungandr’s names. I realized that it makes way more sense for Ryu and Ken to both be dragons rather than have one a dragon and one a wyrm. Jormungandr is now our Wyrm and our Earth Dragon is now Ken. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, we now have a Cleric and a Pumpkinhead that need names. We’ve already got a million Pumpkinhead names, so I’ll pick one of those…but what about a Cleric? Any ideas?

Status Report

Alright, here it is everyone: the fully revamped PANTS Platoon! Let's break this down unit by unit.


Goofus: G&G’s unit isn’t too shabby. Having a Cleric means that this unit isn’t very item-dependent, but it comes at the cost of reduced attack strength…or at least it would if we didn’t have Linus in the back row. Linus’s Pumpkin Shower can reduce enemy units to next to nothing, so truth be told G&G’s unit doesn’t need a lot of attack strength. Goofus’ unit is a good balance between power and survivability and is probably our second best unit overall.

Dio: Dio’s unit is the simplest unit that we have. A healer helps reduce the need for items, but two defensively weak Fencers make it a bit harder than it should be. This hasn’t been as much of a concern since Daisy became a Priest, however. Right now this unit is more of a damage-over-time kind of unit. Daisy is our best healer, which means that this unit can fight multiple battles in a row with little to no risk involved. Ozzy and Luigi are still semi-weak, but once they become Sword Masters (soon) and Dio changes classes (also very soon) this won’t be an issue. The only problem with this unit is its Archer, Gillian. Her alignment is too high to become a Diana, so we need to either figure out a way to get her alignment down or find a different class for her to become (a Princess, perhaps…?).

Leia: Leia’s unit underwent some major changes. You can’t really tell in this screenshot, though…but look!


See? We now have our first Paladin, Troi (Badguy and Mario just need a tiny bit more alignment and then they can become Paladins too). Katreda changed into a Priest as well. Similar to Dio’s unit, this is more of a damage-over-time type of unit. But there’s a lot of room for growth (Leia and WonderWoman are our only spear users so they’ll always be using really good weapons and Paladins are great). Fran is facing the same problem as Gillian, so we’ll need to figure something out there. But in the meantime, this is a solid (if unspectacular) unit. …which is a bit of a surprise, because typically I can never salvage Leia’s unit and it always sucks. But somehow I’ve managed to do it!

Beef Jerky: BJ’s unit is incredible. There’s just one problem…they’re only going to go downhill from here. Kotake and Koume’s combination spells are going to get better, but beasts get less and less useful as the game goes on. Hopefully K/K’s spells will offset this a bit, and I doubt that BJ’s unit will ever get so much worse to the point that they’ll be irrelevant, but it probably won’t be game-breakingly good for the rest of the game.

Lichald: I’ve already talked a lot about this unit. Multiple kinds of combination spells + really strong magic users + a fantastically strong (both offensively and defensively) Black Knight + a strong Berserker = WIN BUTTON. Easily our best and most reliable unit.

Tim: Tim’s unit is a bit of a hodgepodge unit. You may notice that I replaced Waffles with Vad. Vad’s back row attack is very strong, so even though this is now a purely physical unit it doesn’t lose much in terms of strength. We just need to be careful to not get into fighting enemies with high physical defense. This unit will also be getting a lot better once Asnabel becomes a Black Knight and/or Dragoon, Tim becomes an Enchanter, and we capture a new Golem. Technically I could go capture a new Stone Golem right now if I wanted to, but we’re going to hold off and keep using Domino until we can capture a Baldr Golem a few missions from now.

Zinc: Of all of our units that “will be getting better”, Zinc’s is going to improve the most. Right now Zinc needs a Cleric in the back row to help heal the damage Jack inflicts upon himself. We need to have Jack back there to make it easier for Zinc and Ryu to kill things…but once Ryu evolves, everything will change. Ryu will move to the back row to use his completely awesome full screen attack (that also paralyzes), and Jack will move up front. Having a Pumpkinhead up front is admittedly dangerous, but we have a Cleric so it offsets his awful physical defense. Ryu will paralyze/damage everyone, Jack will halve their HP, and Zinc will attack. It’s going to be wonderful.

That setup will only be temporary, though...

Sheen: Sheen is now the leader of our flying unit. Peanut and Harvey will be using their back row attacks (Thunder Arrow and Wind Shot, respectively) to help out Jormungandr and Sheen. This unit is severely underleveled, and even if they catch up they still won’t be anything to write home about…but they can fly, and that will be a big help to us.

Deneb: This is our hodgepodge unit. I had to make Deneb into a Sorceress in order to save this unit from being completely irrelevant. Waffles and Deneb can now use combination magic, and Ken is a fairly strong dragon. We had a random Pumpkinhead left over, so he’s upfront to help reduce the other party’s HP. This unit’s current form will be disbanded before the game is through, but we can count on this unit for base defense and mopping up for now.

So there you have it. Once we get all of the special classes, we’ll be changing this around. Hey, speaking of special classes, who wants some Dragon Armor?!


I technically could’ve done this before this last mission, but I completely forgot about it until just now. Let’s head back to Mount Ithaca. Remember that town that was neutral on the east side of the map? That’s where we need to go to meet the armor maker.


Make me some!

Old Man: But, since the ore shortage…I quit forging them. I couldn’t make a living. The ore? It’s an ore called condrite. Condrite is thought to have fallen from the sky in primordial times.

Fallen from the sky in Primordial times? Holy shit, this armor is made out of Lavos!

Old Man: It’s a rare material, but you may be able to find it in the market at Dardunelles.

Blah blah blah. We need to get to Dardunelles on the 6th of the month. Let’s-a-go!


Yo, I gots the illest goods ever dawg. Fuckin’ rare ore and shit, bro.

It cost us 450 goth, but we got the ore and now we just need to head all the way back to Mount Ithaca and have the guy make us some armor and we’ll be set.

Peddler: Thanks, man! Come back when you do.

Or don’t. I don’t give a fuck, I’m rollin’ in it dawg!!

Seriously Atlus, who translated this guy’s dialogue? Because it is awful…

...ly awesome! Give that man a raise!



Why do they give you the option to refuse? Who’s going to go to all this trouble and then go “You know what? I don’t need it.”

Anyway, we’re now 2/3 of the way to getting a Dragoon. And just about time, Asnabel and Wario are wasting time as Berserkers and I don’t have any more Valiant Mantles yet, so I need to get them promoted to something ASAP. If only the Princess quest was this easy.

By the way, with the exception of the one rare item we need for our Lich, we have everything else we need. The mission we can get the Ring of the Dead in is coming up, so look for it soon.

Oh, and let’s go grab the Pedra of Water real quick. After having four units train at Mount Ithaca, G&G runs into a unit with a Hydra. Oh this should be easy, right?


Um…maybe not. This attack puts the entire party to sleep as well as hitting fairly hard. A slight change in formation (which let Linus hit the Hydra with Pumpkin Shower) and I was able to take them down with no problems.

Character limit coming up. There’ll be another update tomorrow sometime. Stay tuned!

07-24-2008, 02:08 AM
Clerics are high alignment and so are princesses, yes? Name our new cleric Serena and if she becomes a princess change it to Serenity! :3 Pwetty pwease?

07-25-2008, 10:41 AM
Deluxe Edition

Sorry I had to cut short last update, but the character limit was coming up. I won’t be able to update all weekend, so I made this one really long to compensate. I’ve also got some special plans for my next update, so be sure to check back next week.

Naming Time

I gave that new Cleric the name Serena as suggested…but I can’t promise that she’ll become our Princess. In fact, before this update is through we’re going to stop using her. I’m not sure who I’m going to have become our Princess yet, but it won’t be her. I named our last Pumpkinhead Pie in order to keep with the whole food item-themed name thing we’ve got going with Pancakes and Waffles.


Before we move on, we have a tiny bit of unfinished business to take care of. I forgot to get Vad's special item, Idaten’s Mail. It’s back in the Highland of Soathan from Episode 12.

Old Man: Vad! I didn't expect to see you alive!
Vad: I'm sorry to make you worry.


Vad: However, do not think I've forgotten about my friends! I never will...

Yeah, your friends like some random old guy I've seen in ten different towns.

Old Man: There's no need to say. I understand. I'm sure they'll be successful, as long as you're on their side. I almost forgot!! Let me give this to you. I found this in Castle Ziggiveld a long time ago. It belonged to a Nirdamese soldier.


That's not a question.


And that's a stupid response.


But hey, it was worth it! Idaten's Mail doesn't really do much worth nothing except boost the wearer's AGI a lot, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Let's give it to WhiteMage as a reward for being so awesome.

Next we'll be heading to Mount Keryoleth. Remember this place; we'll be heading here again much later in the game.

Alternate Reality

The interesting thing about this map is that this is where Dio makes his reappearance if he had left our party earlier. If he leaves your party, then Rhade retreats the second time you fight him rather than dying in a curse of unnecessary swears. When you start this map, Rhade is still running away and Dio appears from nowhere (alive and well, at that point the game assumes he is dead) and kills Rhade. He then vows to take his place in the Central Division and disappears...but for how long!? /foreshadowing

But none of that matters because he's still our friend...but it's still interesting to see what could've been, right?

Pointless Exp. Grinding: Mount Keryoleth


We're just here for the experience and items. This map is pretty big and has some nasty units, so we can expect to have some trouble. Goofus will take the northern path along with some others, and BJ will make sure the central road is clear. I'm going to try to use my weaker units (Zinc/Tim/Deneb/Sheen) as much as possible in an effort to boost their levels a bit. Since Lichald is so overpowered already, we'll be leaving him behind to protect our HQ.


Man, we're already under attack? We just started! Did I say Goofus was going north? I changed my mind. He’s going east. That Dragon Master unit has some Goblins in it, so Goofus can hopefully raise his alignment (I need those Paladins, damn it).


Ummm...zombies? I guess?


So far, so good. That Black Knight unit has an Ogre in his unit though...what gives with this map?

See that purple-looking Valkyrie? That's a Freya (an upgraded Valkyrie), and guess what she has with her? Two Cockatrices! Cockatrices are bad news (bears). Their back row attack, Petrify, hits twice per encounter and has a ridiculously high chance of petrifying a unit. Petrification can be cured with items, but if your unit leader is petrified then you can’t use any items and your unit will automatically turn around and head for your HQ.

In short: we need to watch out for those mother fuckers. Always. They may look like giant roosters, but they are seriously evil.

Hey, let's test out that new Pedra of Water!





07-25-2008, 10:43 AM
Yeeeeaaah...this is bad. Vad and Domino can still act, so they're not completely defenseless...but Tim is petrified which means we can't use items or change the leader or do, well, anything. Great.


You may notice a whole load of units up north. That’s almost a legion. We'll get into what a legion is next mission (we can use them starting next chapter) but here's the short version: legions are fucking pointless and having five individual units (like the enemy has here) is far more effective.

Goofus is going to mop up those Chaotic units (and hopefully boost his alignment a bit) and then sit the rest of the map out. I've got a lot of units resting at the stronghold next to Goofus, so they can take care of the rest. Deneb can protect Tim and Sheen is taking a stronghold off camera. We’ll be able to make a comeback despite Tim’s unceremonious demise.


Hey, check it out. Ryu is now game breakingly powerful. You’ll see why in a second.


So this is where the shit is about to hit the fan. I've been avoiding taking on those five units, but now they're mostly all that's left.



Gamebreakingly powerful, right here. The damage isn't great but it'll get better over time. The unit-wide paralyze effect is [b]amazing[/b[, however. Even if it did no damage it would be incredible.


Wow, look at that clusterfuck over there. That is going to be an absolute bitch to break up.


Or maybe not. Remember; when in doubt kill the unit's leader!


They've all cornered themselves now. This will be like shooting fish in a barrel, only we have swords and magic and we’re slaughtering people.


For all you Persona 3 fans out there.


07-25-2008, 10:44 AM
Just a matter of time now. I'm still trying to boost Goofus' alignment, and Sheen/Deneb are trying to get all the exp they can.


If that looks like a pitiful 9 damage that's because it is. These Golems' high defense and Peanut/Harvey's lowlevel-ness made for an extremely long battle but it all paid off.


Jormungandr has already become a Wyvern! Unfortunately, Wyverns aren't very strong...but they can fly, so we'll keep him around. So far Sheen is the only one in this unit who can do much of anything, but a few training sessions will fix that.

I accidentally encounter the boss with Deneb's unit while she's chasing the last remaining unit down, but let's just go with it.

Giolse: Humans, what business have you here...? You are not wanted. ...Die!!


You first. Even though Deneb's unit is relatively weak...our Pumpkinhead halved Giolse's HP, Ken attacked him, and Waffles and Deneb finish him off with the combination spell Dark Blaze. That’s some good work there guys! Thanks for not sucking!

Giolse: T, the day of...reckoning is...near...


A new staff! We've got a ton of mages so I'm sure someone can use it. I don’t know what that whole map was about, though…

Also neither will you! This map has no post-battle explanation as to why there were ogres around and who all those soldiers work for. The pre and post battle story of the last episode happen here if you come here first, but then the other map has no story instead. I’m not entirely sure if the Dio-killing-Rhade event switches too, but I’m fairly confident that it does.

Status Report


Ozzy was ready to become our first Sword Master, but Luigi wasn't quite ready yet. I had to train him a few times, but now they are both Sword Masters. The next map is the end of the third chapter, and when that ends, Dio changes his class and gets three attacks as well. Once we figure out what to do with Gillian, Dio’s unit will be kicking some serious ass.

Mario and Badguy are even closer to becoming a Paladin but their damn alignment won't go up fast enough. I had an item that slightly boosts alignment, so I used it on Badguy and made him into a Paladin. We still have a long way to go before I can make Peach a Priest, but once Mario becomes a Paladin as well, that unit’s alignment should start going up much quicker.


WonderWoman is finally able to become a Freya. She’s still not that great but she’s better.


More importantly, Kotake has become our first Siren. Our other Sorceressi are very close to becoming Sirens, but they’re just not quite there yet. Another level up or two will do it.

Hey, this update was pretty short and boring. Next update is this chapter’s big finale…hey, you know what? Let’s do it. Let’s keep going! This next mission is going to be our biggest one yet! Onward, to Westinus! To Castle Tapea! To our destiny!

The Big Confrontation: Westinus


About what?

Leia: Don’t tell me you’re going to fight your own father and your best friend!!
Hugo: You two, calm down!
Goofus: Before we leave for Castle Talpaea, there's something I have to tell you. We rejected the peace accord, and made the decision to fight the Western Division. As you all know, Prince Yumil is my friend, and...General Ankiseth is my father. Honestly, I'd choose not to fight...As a soldier, and commander of this battalion, I understand the importance of this battle. I also understand that we must keep up our spirits...we must keep up morale at all costs. ...I...


This is plot-wise the most important choice in the game. The choice we made regarding Frederick affected the most characters we could recruit, but this choice affects the plot in radical ways. In order to get Biske the Werewolf, we have to choose to follow orders so this decision was already made ages ago. On the positive side of things, choosing to fight makes this mission a little less stressful (for reasons I will explain later).

Goofus: I will follow the orders. Since there is no way to avoid battle now, I can't let personal feelings control my action. I've made up my mind. But...I don't want to take my father's or Yumil's life. Will you help me?
Hugo: Goofus, you are our commander. There is nobody here who wouldn't help you. ...Am I correct?

You are right Mr. Fettucini! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQTI92ii12k)


Yeah, shut up Hugo!

07-25-2008, 10:45 AM
Dio: I'm right here with ya.
Hugo: Case closed. Now, let me explain the situation.


This map is a pain in the ass. We'll encounter our first legion on this map...what's a legion, you ask?

Legion 101

Legions are, essentially, a group of 2-5 units. Only very specific units can lead a legion. The Centurion, a weak and extremely hard to get class, is the only non-special character who can lead a legion. Legion leaders choose a formation for their legion, and can place up to four additional units in this formation. One of the catches of the legion is that the leader's unit must have at least one group of Soldiers in it (I think it’s actually two groups of Soldiers, but I can’t remember). The Centurion is a hard to get class because in order to be eligible to change to it, a regular unit must have led a unit and promoted seven Soldiers. Legions are nice because they allow you to give orders for multiple units at once. Each time one of the regular units is attacked the Soldiers from the core unit do a Supportive Attack...but they're also a liability since legions cannot break formation ever and that leaves them susceptible to back and side attacks. The Supportive Attack is usually really weak as well (it typically does 1 damage to all enemies). There's really no reason why you should ever use a legion, unless if you're really so lazy that you can't be bothered issuing individual orders.

Back to the Action

Alright, let's figure out a plan here. Hugo mentioned that a group of elite units was to the north of our HQ so he must be referring to the legion. Lichald will need to head north then. Goofus can protect our base, and Sheen is an ideal candidate to head over the mountains and capture the stronghold to the east. We won't really need to leave anyone behind for the entire map as long as we can capture the first few strongholds. We can then intercept any units headed for our HQ as long as we keep those covered. This map is guaranteed to get dicey, but I'm confident that the PANTS Platoon will pull through.


Yep, there's that legion alright. You can't see the whole thing yet, but don't worry...it'll find us.


Look at this unit guarding the stronghold I was going to send Sheen too...there's no way he can beat that. Granted, that unit can't do any damage but Sheen's unit is weak as it is. There's no way he can fight off two Witches that are capable of Paralyzing and three healers. That's a tall order for any of my units. Sheen will be heading over the river to the stronghold to the east instead.


Paladin: You will not interfere with our plans! We protect Prince Yumil and Sir Ankiseth, even at the cost of our lives!!

Oh, really?


Let me know how that's working out for you, jackass.


There's that legion I was talking about. This is a small one so we shouldn’t have any trouble. Later on we’ll run into five unit legions and breaking up those up can be a pain in the ass. I temporarily left Goofus behind to guard our HQ, and in doing so I accidentally made the best decision I've ever made. Deneb fought a unit in the south, and it was pushed backwards...right on top of our HQ! Thankfully Goofus was there to fight it off but that would've been an instant game over if he hadn't been there.


To make the situation even more bizarre, Goofus' victory pushed the unit directly into Leia's! What is this, pinball?


Thankfully, Troi and Leia act like Wizards when they're in the back row, so this is a game of Pinball we're definitely going to win.

I am so clever.


Oh Lichald. Lichald and the gang kill all but two of these guys, and they're both near death. Can anyone stop this whirling dervish of destruction!?


So...Deneb is having trouble catching up to that BK, Leia and Dio have taken those strongholds, Sheen is on target, and Tim and Lichald have successfully broken up the enemy legion. Things are looking good!

07-25-2008, 10:46 AM

Two full screen Blue Spirals + Lichald/Wario = Complete RAPE


Good news! Having Deneb head back there paid off and Ken turned into an Azhi Dhaka! Now we've got two fully evolved dragons! This is great news, and you can expect to see some major changes in unit formation coming up (note that Ken is fatigued so he’s normally stronger than that). Remember all that stuff I’ve been planning? Yeah, forget it. It’s all going to change now.


We've got a lot of stragglers hanging around that I want to have Deneb mop up so her unit can get some experience. I want Zinc to fight that Archmage unit so her alignment can go up (Zinc is tilting Chaotic and we need to get her back to Neutral or better so she can become a Dragon Master)...and now we've got a legion to worry about! That's okay, Lichald is nearby. He'll take care of it.


See what was I talking about with legions? Legion's have one fatigue gauge for the whole thing, and while they were walking into the stronghold, I was able to side attack this Paladin because they must always be in formation. Not very effective.


Here's that Supportive Attack I was talking about. It typically does 1 damage to everyone, even mages. It’s completely pointless.


Here's Kotake and Koume's new combination spell, Inferno. Despite the name, no fire is involved in any fashion. Yeah, I don’t know either.


Those units on the left are all waiting for Deneb to mop up, Zinc is going to take on the Archmage finally, and Goofus will head forward to take on that Ninja Master unit (which should bump Mario alignment up just enough to become a Paladin hopefully). Sheen is almost to his target up north, too.


Alright, this is it. I'm going to have Sheen take care of that unit and then it is boss time. Thanks to us following orders, we've had plenty of time to take care of this map. Not so if you disobey! More on that later. Leia's unit is the lowest leveled out of good units, so we'll send her to fight Ankiseth. Ankiseth is right up front so he should be easy to take out anyway.

Prince Yumil: I see you have come this far.
Leia: Prince Yumil...we have defeated the Western Division. I beg you to surrender. We do not wish to harm you.


Couldn't we have had tea and cookies instead? I've got Earl Grey!

Yumil: Why didn't the Revolutionary Army accept the peace accord? I thought we were aiming for the same goal.
Leia: The Revolutionary Army's determination is so strong that it cannot be easily stopped. It was necessary, for maintaining unity without losing its morale. ...Please understand.

Ankiseth: Fools! Can you not lead your troops without an enemy? This is dangerous. Please step back, my lord.


It took a bit of work...

07-25-2008, 10:47 AM

...and the help of White Fang, but we did it in one encounter. Good work, Leia!


A Blessed Sword? I have a million of those...is this a joke!? I guess so, and it's on me.

The Melodramatic Part

*Goofus runs in*
Yumil: Ankiseth! *noticing him* ...Goofus.
Ankiseth: Goofus...you've become strong. Listen, Goofus. Take Yumil to the Revolutionary Army. His royal blood, the blood of the Progenitor, will be valuable. And...change the Revolutionary Army. Right now, it is nothing more than a band of rebels.
Yumil: What are you saying, Ankiseth!?


I don't know what anyone is saying in this game, no.

Ankiseth: You cannot just defy authority. This must be a confrontation between right and wrong, not a mere battle between lower and upper class. My lord, our army is defeated.


Wait, who is that behi...



This motherfucker RIGHT HERE!!! What did I tell you!? I told you all!

Ankiseth: Agh!!
Goofus: Father!
*Baldwin knocks out Yumil*


Baldwin: We can't let the Revolutionary Army have him.
Ankiseth: B, Baldwin...you bastard!
Goofus: Release Yumil!
Baldwin: ...I've heard about, Goofus.

Have you heard that I'm going to kick your ass? Because I am!

Baldwin: I have no time for you now. Don't worry...we will meet again.
*Baldwin escapes via some kind teleport magic*

Ankiseth: Goofus...
Goofus: Father! ...Don't try to talk!!
Ankiseth: I'm sorry...Goofus.



Goofus: Of course not. She loved you...'til the end...
Ankiseth: ...I see. It is too late, but...I wanted to tell her...that I was sorry. Goofus...Help...Help Yumil for me.
Goofus: I will, I promise. Please...save your strength...


07-25-2008, 10:48 AM


When I was 14, this was absolutely heart wrenching. It still kind of is. You can keep your "I cried during Aeris' death!" stories to yourself; all the cool kids cried during Ankiseth's death.

A New Beginning

Narrative: By the actions of the PANTS Platoon, the Revolutionary Army was able to gain possession of the Western Region.


Narrative: They evacuated Castle Talpaea and withdrew to Mount Ithaca.

In other words, we can't go to the Azure Plains (Episode 15), Mount Keryoleth, or Westinus (both from this Episode) anymore.

Narrative: Three weeks later...The Revolutionary Army gained the support of a large portion of the populace, mostly lower class, and the soldiers of the Palatinean Army as well.


You can tell they're defecting because Goofus is acting friendly! Hurray for pantomime!

Narrative: The Revolutionary Army became a force equal to the Central Division, but many factors still remained uncertain, such as the intentions of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Lodis.


So does that mean we get to fight Bane this chapter?

Narrative: Winnea, Capital of Palatinus


Retinue: They're all written in the ancient sacred script. We have no doubts about their credibility...

Obiviously they're talking about that mix tape I made. Honestly it's a little embarrassing to see them talking about it like this. It is really, really good though.

Prince Amrius: But you're telling us that nothing can be done, until we know the exact location of the Temple of Berthe?

Protip: Berthe is the God of the Earth in the Ogre Battle universe.

Retinue: We did not find any information on the temple. I can't help but think that it's kept by the Eastern Orthodox Chruch...
King Procus: Sealed underground library, and the scattered documents. Twofold security, a pathetic attempt to conceal the knowledge...Have we heard anything from Celesis!? What is Kerikov doing?

Remember that guy. Hell, remember all of this. This is all pretty important. As confusing as things have been so far, you haven't seen anything yet.

Retinue: We haven't heard anything yet, Your Highness...


Real Ultimate Power? (http://www.realultimatepower.net/)

Amrius: We will relive the legend of the Progenitor! We will win back our kingdom!! Now is the time to break the Progenitor's seal on the Temple of Berthe!! My King, I beseech you to make the decision!
Random Guard: I can't let you pass...I must confirm it with..
Voice: ...Out of my way!!


Baldwin!? And...two other guys?! This can't be good, now can it?


Richard: Were you talking about something you did not want me to hear?
King Procus: N...No. I would never...
Richard: ...Fine. I am here to deliver a decree.

Richard: You's all my bitches. That is all!

Richard: Effective today, the kingdom of Palatinus is stripped of its autonomy. Palatinus is under the complete control of the Holy Lodis Empire. By order of the Pope himself. You will follow all orders issued by the Triumvirate. You have no freedom to act without permission. ...Any questions?

Yeah, where the fuck do you get off?

Amrius: Wh...whatis this all about, Sir Richard!? Did we not devote ourselves to serving Lodis? But now you rob us of our autonomy? THat wasn't the bargain!!
Richard: Do you not realize you have committed a grievous crime...? We, the Holy Lodis Empire, do not tolerate heretics or their pagan beliefs! ...And the kingdoms that created them as well! The Revolutionary Army defies our policy, the Zenobians and Bolmaukans cooperate with them...and the appearance of the demons...the Ogres!

Yeah, even though that was all Baldwin's doing (see Episode 9/10)

Richard: Palatinus should be destroyed, but instead we have decided to take other measures. ...What do you have to complain about!?
Procus: Y, you are absolutely right.
Amrius: Father!
Richard: We will give you further instructions later. ...Understood? Until then, make preparations to surrender this castle.


I...uh, kind of missed it but Amrius pulled his sword out and tried to kill Richard. Random Templar Knight knocked it out of his hand though.

07-25-2008, 10:50 AM
Richard: I will forgive your insolence this time. ...You should discipline your children better.
Procus: ...Y...Yes!!
Richard: Are things proceeding as planned, Baldwin?
Baldwin: Pruflas is already on the next step. The plan is progressing without delay. As soon as preparations are complete, we will be on our way as well.
Richard: Failure is unacceptable. ...Remember. Those who are incompetent do not deserve to exist. THey are subject to termination. And that applies...to my own brother as well.
Baldwin: ...

Man, maybe Richard is even more of a dick than Baldwin?


Yeah, we all agreed that we were going to get Domino's, not Pizza Hut! Their sauce isn't as good!

Xevec: The Central Division's the only one left that stands in our way! With the help of the Eastern Orthodox Church, our victory will be guaranteed. Am I wrong?
Frederick: Since our current military strength equals that of the Central Division, it is now possible to make peace with them. Palatinus will suffer heavily if we go into war. And it is the Central Region that will suffer the most. They should realize that, too. We must avoid any further battles, for the sake of this kingdom!
Xevec: Sure, we may be on par with them at this moment. But what if the Eastern Orthodox joins forces with the Central Division? Besides, are you taking into account those deserters from the Western Division that joined us? ...We can't rely on them! You never know when they'll turn against us.

Remember this line.

Goofus: It wasn't their will to fight us in the first place. And now, they have made up their minds to fight alongside us. ...Why do you still doubt them?
Xevec: All I'm saying is that we can't trust them that easily. We are grateful to them for teaching us their tactics, but...that's not enough. You people are so softhearted. I bet you'd accept the Central Region's offer to negotiate without a second thought. ...If they would, that is.
Goofus: ...We're not as belligerent as you are.


That Xevec totally just got played!

Random Chick: that the troops of the Central Division are advancing toward this area.
Xevec: Well, shit! ...There goes the peace accord out the window. I'll ask the Eastern Orthodox Church for assistance. Any problems, Frederick?
Frederick: ...Alright, go ahead.
Xevec: I don't care who, but I need someone to head for Celesis. Get the entire Eastern Orthodox Church to work for us, including Archbishop Odiron himself! Goofus, take care of the Central Division! ...I'll be counting on you.
Goofus: Frederick, ...why? Why did the Central Division choose to fight us?
Frederick: The duty of those who keep the kingdom under control...their pride as the upper class...there are many possible reasons, but...who was involved in the battle at Castle Talpaea and kidnapped Prince Yumil?
Goofus: ...!! Lodis has begun exercising control over Palatinus?
Frederick: Most likely. If that's the case, then it is understandable as to why the ignored the risk and took such an action.

Time to head back to the Dardunelles...but first, let's check out the PANTS Platoon.

Status Report


Dio has changed class and now has three attacks up front. Technically Leia and Goofus changed classes too, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at them. Goofus gets two middle row attacks now instead of one, and Leia has two front/middle row attacks as well…but that doesn’t really matter because they’re both up front so they both still have two attacks. All three of them gain better stats at level up, but other than that there's no real difference except for Dio's three attacks. At the start of the final chapter, Goofus changes class and really changes, but that's ten-something missions away. Maybe even more than that.

*deep, soul searching moment*

Alright, executive decision time. Deneb's alignment is really high from spending time with Goofus and I can't get it back down. She's not a bad Sorceress, but she is eligible to become a Priest...so screw it. We're doing it. I can't seem to get Peach's alignment up no matter what I do so...I'm sorry Mario, but she has to go. Deneb will taking her place as healer for Goofus' unit.

Both Fran and Gillian are too high alignment to become Dianas, so we need to either get their alignment down or just stop using them.

Alright, I've got an idea. Tim, Zinc, and Deneb's units are getting disbanded.


You can't see Goofus' unit, but it's the same as before except for the aforementioned Deneb/Peach swap. BJ's unit is offscreen too, but it's also unchanged. Fran and Gillian have been replaced with Jack and Pie respectively. Now Leia and Dio’s units are essentially the same as Goofus’, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Real changes have been made to Tim and Zinc's units. Zinc now has Vad in the back row and Gillian in the middle. Gillian is mega Lawful, Vad is neutral, Zinc is tilting Chaotic (which is NOT the direction we want her to go), and Ryu is tilting Lawful. I'm hoping that the peer pressure aspect of alignment will raise Zinc's alignment allowing her to become a Dragon Master and lower Gillian's so she can become a Diana. A Diana wouldn't work too well in this unit, but I'm sure I could find a place for it somewhere else. The two of them only need their alignment to change slightly, so hopefully this will work.

Tim's unit has also received an overhaul. Vad was replaced with Waffles and Domino was replaced with Ken.


Tim finally became an Enchanter, which means that he needs to be upfront to get three attacks. Physical attacks against the party will now be split up between Asnabel, Tim, and Ken which means Asnabel probably won't be dying anymore. We need to get Waffles' alignment down so he can turn into an Archmage, though. Another scary thing is that we should already have found a second Valiant Mantle by now but we haven’t. There’s only one guaranteed Mantle in the entire game and we have it. I can make Wario or Asnabel into a Dragoon but…whichever one I don’t choose may be stuck as a Berserker forever.

That last unit is all of the leftovers: Fran, Peach, Serena, and Domino. I don't have any plans for them. They're just going to hang back and perpetually guard our HQ. Hey, it's better than sitting on the sidelines doing nothing right?

There’s more I want to talk about but…well, this has already been an extremely long update, hasn’t it? Next time I’ll be covering the next leg of our Dragoon quest, the alternate version of what happens regarding Ankiseth, the debut of the Ogre Battle AV Club, and our next mission. Look for it soon!

07-25-2008, 01:51 PM
Holy update Batman!

Thankfully, Troi and Leia act like Wizards when they're in the back row, so this is a game of Pinball we're definitely going to win.


07-25-2008, 09:29 PM
Wow, this is a pretty great Let's Play, sorry I hadn't even looked at it till today. Definitely one of my favorites, especially as I don't think I'd ever play this one.

I know you said vampires are pretty bad...but I can't get the name "Vlad Dude" out of my head after the Vad/Dude RNG magic.

07-28-2008, 05:39 PM
There’s a lot of topics I want to cover in today’s update, so let’s get started.

Important Notice

I’ve mentioned before that this LP is a work in progress, and in order to make easier to read, I’m not going to transcribe each line of dialogue like I have been. I’ll still do all of the important scenes, but expect a few more summaries just to make things easier for you all. Don’t worry; it shouldn’t ruin your enjoyment of the LP any.


Let's head back to that old guy who first told us about the Dragon Armor and Dragon Helm. To Mylesia!


Hey, aren't you Vad's friend? And don't you live on the other side of the country?

Old Man: You'll need one more item to become a Dragoon. The item you need is called...the Sword of Tiamat.

I like how this NPC casually addresses the fact that job classes have equipment requirements. He’s accidentally breaking the fourth wall.


Old Man: The skills necessary to forge it have been lost.

Great...I guess I'm going to have to go fight some huge ass dragon or something, huh?

Old Man: Huh? A Sword of Tiamat available somewhere? Hmm...the only possibility would be in the stomach of Grozz Nuy...

I hate being right. Why the hell would a dragon eat a sword anyway? Maybe he used it as a toothpick? Or maybe he is the sword, and the dragon itself is its’ scabbard?

Old Man: A sword as marvelous as the Sword of Tiamat should retain its quality even in there.

You heard it here, folks. Dragon stomach acid works great as a preserving agent.


That makes sense.

Wait...that doesn't make any god damn sense.

Old Man: Grozz Nuy may be a god to the pure-minded; those with impure minds fear it.

So he's a...shapeshifter? Hey guys, we're going to go fight Odo!

Old Man: People are selfish. Those who try to acquire fame become its prey. Many Dragoons challenged Grozz Nuy for that reason. I'm sure many of them were eaten by him as well. ...where's Grozz Nuy? No one knows.


Dude, don't be a dick.

Old Man: Any information about it? Let me think...wait a minute. I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard a rumor that the barkeep in Elaine saw him. The town of Elaine is on the Vert Plateau. Well, if that's all you have to go on, try it.

We'll be heading to the Vert Plateau in a few missions. We have to do a bit more to get the Sword, but we're almost there. The Princess sidequest has barely even begun, though...we can't even start that until fourteen missions from now. Considering how much time this LP is taking, in real life terms that means we won't be able to do it until 2011.

Invasion Situation: The Dardunelles


There's no story before the briefing this mission. Basically all we need to do is hold off the Central Division and hopefully push them out of the Dardunelles. If you'll remember, this is the map I got a Game Over on the first time we came here (see Episode 9). We will not be making the same mistake again. Our leftover unit will be on HQ defense, but I'm going to leave someone else behind as well since I don't fully trust our leftover units' abilities. Sheen can fly so he'll be heading south from the start, then east, and then north over the river to capture that stronghold. Everyone else is either going to go north or east like last time.


New music again. It’s weird how they throw new songs at you once every 20,000 battles.

Geez, looks the enemy had the same idea for their flying units too. Alright, we'll need Lichald's help to break up that legion. Beef Jerky, Dio, and Zinc can help out too. Tim will lead the charge to the north with Leia right behind. Goofus will hang near our HQ for now.


Dio and Lichald are about to attack the outside units of the legion, Sheen killed the attacking Raven unit, and Tim/Leia took the stronghold in the north. So far so good.

...and after one battle, Dio's front row is now completely Petrified. Great. Dio has a clear run at getting back to our HQ so he'll be fine, but we're going to be down a unit for the rest of the map.


Lichald had to retreat while fighting the Cataphract unit (I got cocky and didn’t heal him when I should have), and he ended up retreating into the Cockatrice unit (the Freya). Now WhiteMage is petrified and Lichald needs to go back to our HQ to buy anti-petrification medicine. This map is really starting to annoy me.


Great, another legion. Luckily this is a small one, so Leia and Tim should be able to handle it. BJ took out one of the units in the bigger legion, but the Freya unit is still a matter of concern.


Oh I soooo do not have time for you right now.

07-28-2008, 05:40 PM

The good thing about the bigger legion is that it isn't moving. That gives Zinc time to maneuver around them and then back attack the Freya unit, thus eliminating the threat of the Cockatrices.


Hmm. Tim's unit has very suddenly become really good. Waffles is getting insanely good too; he's even better than Pancakes now! How the hell did that happen?

I always did like waffles more than pancakes. Fuck! Now I want waffles!


Lichald finally got the item he needed and once he's rested he'll be able to jump back into the fray. Leia and Tim completely shredded the smaller legion, and Zinc is about to give those Cockatrices what-for.


Alright, everything's been taken care of. Tim and Leia are about to get into a mess, but Zinc/BJ/Lichald/Goofus are on their way. Sheen captured the stronghold to the south and just needs to finish one unit off. Except for the petrification of WhiteMage/Dio, this map went as planned. That was a hell of a speed bump though.


There’s nothing special about this battle, really. But do you notice anything different? Notice how everything is slightly darker? That’s because this battle took place at dusk and the battle screen’s lighting changed to reflect that.

If this was 2000 and you were 14, you’d be really impressed right now.

Normally I'd showcase the boss but this mission doesn't warrant it. This boss was, similarly to the legion, glued in place so I was able to attack the boss (a Priest) from behind (if you know what I mean). Having a Priest in the front row is not a good strategy, so we were able to take her out in a few hits. She didn't have anything meaningful to say other than Lodis was indeed the one who sent the Central Division to the Dardunelles.


We can always use new mage gear. We also picked up a second Flame Flail, a Battle Fan (for our Princess), and a Vestment of Fire. Not too shabby. We missed a Glamdring (sword), though. How did we miss it, you ask? More on that in a second.


I know, I just told everyone that.

This next scene is short so I'm going to summarize it. Leia, Dio, and Goofus all fret over the fact that Lodis is breathing down their neck. Hugo comes in and suggests that Lodis and the Central Division are going to attack the Eastern Orthodox Church first in order to cut off any assistance we may get from them. Goofus vows to get to them before Lodis, and we're off to the east of Palatinus!

Superfriends Narrator: Meanwhile, back at the hall of justice, a group of people are standing around for no reason in particular!


Superfriends Narrator: Whoa, shit!


That's Europea. More on her later.

07-28-2008, 05:41 PM




Kerikov: The devil possessed the Berthan Sentinel? The Archbishop had a pact with the devil?


That was a random scene, wasn't it? Long story short: there was absolutely no behind-the-scenes-scheming going on in that scene. None whatsoever. Nope...no scheming here!

Status Report

Koume, Waffles, and Pancakes all finally became Sirens/Archmages respectively. Zinc’s alignment is still too low to become a Dragon Master, but she’s really, really close. Not much else to report otherwise. Since there’s a lot of new spells in there, you can expect to see some new combination spells soon.

The only real problem we have is our supreme lack of Valiant Mantles. Thanks to the way drops work in this game, we won’t be getting any more…which means we can only have one Black Knight. This puts Asnabel and Wario in a tricky position. Only one of them can become a Dragoon and the other will have to be replaced.

Oh, and by the way, we’re coming up on mission 20 and after mission 25 we’ll be able to have a Lich and a Dragoon. Just so you know.

Everyone: But wait, what do you mean “thanks to the way drops work in this game”? How do drops work?

How Drops Work

Geez, I was getting to that. Slow down, Everyone!

Each unit in the game has a specific drop attached to it. Killing a unit will cause your unit to find the item they drop…or it won’t. You see, killing a unit does not guarantee that they will drop the item. To use our Black Knight situation as an example, we’ve already killed all of the units that drop Valiant Mantles in the entire game...yet we only have one. One of the units in the Dardunelles dropped a Glamdring, but I had to leave for work and forgot to save. When I started over after work, I killed the same unit and did not get the sword. There is a luck “stat” that increases the odds of finding items among other things, but there’s no way to track what level your “LUK” is at and it’s incredibly hard to raise.

tl;dr Drops aren’t guaranteed and you only get one shot at getting them.

Will the Real Main Character Please Stand Up?

Timeline wise, OB64 takes place a few years after Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen. In OBMotBQ, you got to create the main character. You could make the main character either male or female. The main character of OB would obviously still be important in the OB world during the time of OB64, so Quest went ahead and made Destin the canon main character from OB. But what about all those people who made a female character? We don’t want to alienate them too. That’s where Europea comes in. Destin is designed to look like the male OB main character, and Europea is designed to look like the female OB main character. It’s technically speaking possible to recruit them both, but it won’t be for us since we already missed out on the prerequisites for Destin. We should still be able to get Europea though. Erm…I think. We’ll find out soon, at any rate.

Alternate Reality

We let Ankiseth die. Oops! But it doesn’t have to be like that! If you choose to talk to Ankiseth instead, Ankiseth and Goofus sit down and begin to work out a peace agreement. They’re both a little pissed off at each other, but things go fine otherwise. That is, until Dio comes in and tells everyone that Yumil has been arrested for treason and taken by a knight from Lodis (Baldwin). Ankiseth wants to go rescue him alone, but Goofus insists on taking the entire PANTS Platoon. The battle begins the same as it was for us, only now Ankiseth’s unit appears from our base and moves on a predetermined path toward the end. So now not only do you have to deal with the enemy, but you have to keep Ankiseth’s unit safe as well. It really, really sucks (unfortunately for us, we’re going to have to do something similar to get both Carth and Europea).

Obviously, you fight Baldwin instead of Ankiseth at the end. Baldwin grabs Yumil but Mari tries to stop him with some of the voodoo magic that random old lady gave her. Baldwin knocks her out anyway and escapes with Yumil. After that, Ankiseth decides to help the Revolutionary Army and is present during the briefing scene with Frederick and Xevec. So, had we played our cards different, Ankiseth could still be with us…but damn it, we’re getting that werewolf! I cannot stress this enough.

The Ogre Battle AV Club

I was bored on YouTube one night and I started looking at Ogre Battle 64 stuff in an effort to come up with new ideas for this LP. Since then, I’ve done some research and found a bunch of art and videos I’ll be posting for your viewing pleasure. Let’s start off with Ogre Battle 64’s Japanese commercial.


The scary thing is that that’s exactly how I look when I play. I (sometimes) have a glass of scotch and I just stare at my computer until the game makes sense. I even have a Japanese bartender with a cool mustache who lives with me. He always leave the bathroom a mess. If he didn't make such a mean Manhattan, I would've kicked him out months ago.

Notice the string music in the beginning? That’s the song that plays when Yumil and Goofus are talking at the beginning of the game. I told you it was moving, didn’t I?


Do you remember that song I told that sounded partially majestic and partially like a Harry Potter song? Well, this is it. Seriously, skip to one minute in. Doesn’t that part sound like it would be in a Harry Potter movie? It totally does, no matter what you say.

Next time we’ll be heading to Gules Hills, where we can pick up the Pedra of Virtue and some good items. We’ll also be getting Sheen’s unique item as well as going through the mission itself. Look for it later this week.

07-28-2008, 05:49 PM
I always did like waffles more than pancakes. Fuck! Now I want waffles!

You, sir, are quite mad.

I've kind of slackened off my own playthrough of this game in recent days. I should pick it up again.

Five words: I. Have. A. Giant. Chicken.

Pajaro Pete
07-29-2008, 05:44 PM
I'm tingling with excitement to see what happens next!

Or maybe it's your groovy Pumpkinhead avatar?

07-31-2008, 12:44 AM
I'm tingling with excitement to see what happens next!

Or maybe it's your groovy Pumpkinhead avatar?

No one said it couldn't be both. Today's update is semi-story heavy, so it's actually worth getting tingly over. But first...

Why Giant Chickens Are Bad

Five words: I. Have. A. Giant. Chicken.

I know, I know...Cockatrices are great. Enemy Cockatrices have already given me some trouble (see the past few episodes), so why don't we have one? It's simple. If you have a Cockatrice in the front two rows, they're a regular physical attacker. There's no real reason to get one other than it's Chicken-ness. But if you put it in the back, it uses Petrify which is a great instant kill move. The only problem is that if you Petrify an enemy, you don't get ANY experience. So, in my opinion, it's not worth it. But if you can handle the lack of exp., then it's good to have one around. But we want that sweet, sweet exp. so we're not getting one. Maybe next time?


Now that we've thoroughly conquered the Dardunelles we can get Sheen's special item, the Decoy Cap. The Decoy Cap increases the odds of having a neutral encounter. This would've been really helpful to have ages ago when we were hunting dragons and the like...but we might as well get it now. Sheen heads to the town of Garo Kaio and...


Language, Sheen. Language.

Girl: Are you still too busy to take me flying?
Sheen: Oh, oh yeah...(Is that her!?)
Girl: Uh...I have a present for you.



Sheen: Oh, ah, thanks. (Man, I was just kidding...)


So, the best I can figure, Sheen is a pedophile and this little girl made him a cute cat ear hat/hood thing. Or something. Hell, I don't know what's going on here. I won’t pretend.

The funny thing about this situation is that, as a Raven, Sheen can't even wear that.

Big Map + Few Units = Kind of Boring: Gules Hills



Hugo and Goofus talk about how Lodis has officially annexed Palatinus for the time being. Their official reason is to put a stop to the Revolutionary Army and then return power to Palatinus once they are subdued. They also make a point to say that there will be no peace accord with the Revolutionary Army. Looks like we've got some foreign ass to kick!


Normally we would need to protect those neutral strongholds from the enemy, but since this is a low chaos frame playthrough, it’s okay if we lose them. But I’m going to protect them anyway just to give myself a little extra challenge. Goofus/Tim/Zinc will go north, Leia/Dio/BJ will go north east, Sheen will head straight east, and then north to the eastern most stronghold. Lichald will go to back up whichever group needs more help.


Wow, Lodis is really not screwing around anymore. We have three Knight Templar charging us right at the beginning of the map. Still, this is nothing we can't handle.


Officer: By the order of Pope Saldian, you will be executed by us, the Brigade of Radiant Cross!


Filarhh? How the hell do you pronounce that?

Officer: ...grant us your blessings.

Filarhh: No, you know what? I won't. You guys keep calling me that stupid name. I already told you that isn’t my real name!
Officer: But no one would worship you if we called you Abortion Factory!
Abortion Factory: Not my problem. You guys are on your own.
Officer: Duuuuude. Come on, brah. Help a bro out here.


Shit is about to get real, yo. Those three flying units coming in from the east mean business. Sheen's moving to intercept but he'll probably need a bit of help. Leia and Dio have successfully taken care of the three Templar Knights, so we don't have to worry about them...but this convoy of Vultans is a concern.


By the way, Mario and Badguy are both pretty damn strong now. Deneb makes a really great Priest, too. It feels a bit wrong having her as a non-Witch, but she’s good so I can’t lose too much sleep over it.

07-31-2008, 12:46 AM

Zinc's unit reduced these guys to just two people in two encounters. Not bad for a unit-in-progress.


Sheen has been holding his own against these other flying units, but BJ is coming to help out just in case. Lichald is headed to back Leia up. The situation on the other side of the map is well in hand, so don't even worry about that.


Oh no! That Opinicus just used Wind Storm on us! When this gust of wind hits it will tear us to...oh wait, it did 8 damage. Pfft. Nevermind.


Sheen wasn't able to finish off the last flying unit, but thankfully it was headed right for Dio. Hey, look at the background! I haven't shown you that before, huh?


Again, notice the background? This time we're fighting near a castle, so the background changes to show us fighting at the castle's gates. So far all of the backgrounds have primarily been grassy areas, forests, or barren areas and only very rarely would areas like this be around. But now that we're later in the game, we can expect to start seeing things like this show up far more often. Look for snowy areas in a few missions!


Dio is hunting down a lone unit near our HQ, Leia, Lichald, BJ, and Sheen are headed east while...


Goofus and Zinc are going to head east and Tim hunts down a straggler. So far, everything's been pretty straightforward. And we haven't encountered any legions yet. This map can't be this easy.


Ah, I spoke too soon. This legion is small and pretty weak though…so this is nothing to be concerned about.


That legion barely even put up a fight. All that's left now is a few units and then the boss. That Black Knight unit is a serious bitch, though. A BK and four Witches. This looks like a job for Lichald and his Amazing Team of Full Screen Spell Casters!


Our entire back row got put to sleep after this, but this Blue Spiral plus Lichald and Wario's attacks really put them in a squeeze.

And...that's it? Really? That one small legion was the only real opposition we had this entire map? That's pretty lame, Ogre Battle 64. You can do better than that.

Ogre Battle 64: You're right. Let me spawn some Cockatrices real quick.

Wait! WAIT! Nevermind, this is really, really hard!

07-31-2008, 12:47 AM

Ooooh you bastards. That's even worse! The boss sent troops out after us once we got close to him. That is an absolute dick move.

As revenge for pulling such a dick move, I unleashed Lichald upon the unsuspecting units. After the battles were over, one unit had a single Diana left with 17 HP, and the other had a Knight Templar with 1 HP and a Freya with 20 HP.

Yeah, fuck you GAME.


BJ hasn't seen much combat, so once I'm done mopping up these units with Tim, I'll have BJ take care of the boss.

Renowned Knight Templar: I see, you belong to the Revolutionary Army...


Well, yeah BJ. We've been fighting Templars this whole level, and we already knew that they were coming. Come on, man.


Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die (come on, you guys knew I had to reference that at some point, right?).

Pruflas: Pruflas Watts, of the Caliginous Order. This is the Brigade of Radiant Cross. I'm sure you've heard of us.

Yeah I've killed, like, thirty of you guys already.

Pruflas: Go tell the others, and cower in fear...if you survive, that is.


Kotake and Koume use the same combination spell as before, only now it hits everyone at once. Oh, and Pruflas is a chump and goes down in one encounter.

Pruflas: Hmm...impressive, most impressive. That's enough for today. I'm glad to have witnessed your strength with my own eyes. *teleport*

Pruflas is a lackey of Baldwin and Richard. He likes to make himself seem more important than that but he really isn't.


Heavy Armor? I've got a bunch of those already. Lame. Well, still...we found some good items this map. We found two Stone Swords, a set of Titania Mail, some Terra Armor, and new sword for one of our Sword Masters. Not bad, all things considered.

Narrative: Winnea, Capital of Palatinus


Hey, we're back at the beginning of the game. At least now everything isn't so brown.

Mari: We should go inside.

If you know what I me...ah, forget it.

Yumil: ...I want power.

I could go for some tacos, personally.

Yumil: Why...why am I so powerless!? This would've never happened, if I had power...am I wrong, Mari? The reign of Lodis on Palatinus...Ankiseth's death...Everything!

Yeah, with everything! Sour cream, guacamole, cheese...the works, you know?

Yumil: Goofus...he wouldn't have left either. I want power...

Obviously, if you keep Ankiseth alive he doesn't blame himself for his death. But he does blame himself for being so dependent on Goofus and Ankiseth instead.


Mari: My lord...you...



FYI: 99% of the time there's a voice off screen in this game, it's Baldwin.

07-31-2008, 12:49 AM
Baldwin: You are entitled to the power that can only be wielded by the royal family! I'm sure you know the legend...how the Progenitor gained ultimate power. If you wield that power, everyone...including us...will kneel before you.
Yumil: Don't lie to me! You'd never kneel before anyone!
Baldwin: You misunderstand us. We subjugate kingdoms solely to maintain order in this world by spreading our ancient teachings.


Ouch, King Procus just got burned!

Baldwin: And if it's ruled by a sage, we pledge our loyalty to him...To lead the people....that is what the powerful are destined to. It's natural for the weak to follow. Prince Yumil, only you are worthy of wielding the ultimate power.


What a smooth operator that Baldwin is.

Yumil: Stop! Leave me be...


Baldwin: Woman, how did you gain such power!?

Remember what I said about Mari revealing her power if we left Ankiseth alive? Well, here's where Baldwin addresses the fact that she can use magic if we don't do that.

Mari: I...I don't know anything.
Baldwin: Zeda...what are you trying to hide from me? ...I will find out, eventually.

Not Zelda. Zeda. Zeda is that old lady who gave Mari her powers.

Yumil: I...have the potential to change the world? The power of the Progenitor? If that's true, ...I want it!


Sitcom Audience: Awwwwwwwwwwww.

Hey Sitcom Audience! I haven't seen you guys for a few updates now. Where have you been?

Sitcom Audience: Watching George Lopez reruns, mostly.


Sitcom Audience: *shrug*

Status Report

Hey, Zinc can finally become a Dragon Master! Hurray! Gillian is still a little too high alignment to become a Diana but we're almost there. Putting her in with Zinc and co. has really helped bring her alignment down. I have a plan to deal with our lack of Black Knights, but it won't come to fruition for a few more missions from now. Also, all of those swords we found are apparently even worse than the ones we're already using! Talk about a rip-off.

Sidequestin' Part 2: Return of the Questin’

Before we move on, let's head to the town of Muji in Gules Hills.

Middle-aged Man: Uh...I have something to ask of you. My daughter works in the Volmus Mine, but I lost contact with her when Alba was liberated...


Waitwaitwaitwait, you let your daughter work in a mine? What kind of father are you?

Man: I'm really worried about her, especially with what's going on around here. If you happen to be in Volmus, would you look for her?

Well, I'm in the middle of fighting a war right now...but sure, I'll head halfway across the country in order to see if your daughter's okay.


Son of a bitch! Apparently she went to Mount Ithaca to work at a bar. Great, now we need to go ALL the way across the country to find some dumb girl. Argh!


You can gimme da gold (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZfyrIPw3wY), for starters! I had to go all around the country to find you!

The lady thanks us and...


In the general store? Are you serious? They're just selling these to anybody now? Well, at least we've got all but one of them.

Speaking of which, let's go get that! Similar to how we got the other two element Pedras, you can get the last pedra by training at Gules Hills a few times. A few training battles later...


And we're up against an Azhi Dahaka and a Dragoon. We technically already fought a dragon like this back when we fought that Flarebrass for the Pedra of Flame. We were able to do that without even having a Pumpkinhead in our group, so I'm not worried about this in the least.

As expected, the chumps go down on my first try and we get the Pedra of Earth. We've now caught 'em all! Pedras can be used almost every battle now, so we can use one basically any time we're ever in a jam. They take a long time to recharge though, so we can't be reckless with them.

Next update, we'll be getting a new party member...and stuck in a really brutal battle. There's also some anime-inspired humor! Get ready for some cliches!

07-31-2008, 02:52 AM
I just wanted to chime in and say that this LP is rad. How rad? Rad enough to get me to stop lurking and register an account in order to let you know how rad it is.

It's also worth noting that I never really played past the first five minutes the first time I played this game, despite loving the SNES version. I don't know if that makes me weird or not.

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 12:40 PM
Ogre Battle 64: You're right. Let me spawn some Cockatrices real quick.

Is this... common practice for this game? To send Giant Cocks at you?

07-31-2008, 04:17 PM
The experience issue is significant, but Giant Chickens Are Still Good. And more importantly, they're the best flying creature until almost the end of the game.

Is this... common practice for this game? To send Giant Cocks at you?
Yup. But if you have some golems around they can be used to block the cocks.

07-31-2008, 05:31 PM
Why Giant Chickens Are Still Bad

Well, no…Sanagi’s right. They’re good. It’s just that I consider them a little on the cheap side, and not getting exp isn’t cool. I heavily considered getting one but…screw it. We’re doing fine without it.

Is this... common practice for this game? To send Giant Cocks at you?


Its Cliché Time!: Fair Heights Briefing

This mission starts with Hugo and Goofus discussing what's been going on lately. A scout just returned to the PANTS Platoon with word that Lodis has already taken up positions in the eastern regions. The Church isn't resisting them for unknown reasons. Could it have something to do with that random scene from the end of Episode 17? Are they trying to save face?

Or maybe they're like me and they're too busy playing Soul Calibur IV to notice?


This map is beyond straightforward. Head north; that's it. Since it's such a simple map, the game throws a metric fuck-ton of units at you. We'll be alright. The PANTS Platoon has been performing really well.

To put it another way, Lodis ain’t got shit on me.


Yeah, you're essentially useless. What the hell are you doing here?

Leia: Why today? Do I get a special assignment!?

Haha, silly Leia! Of course not! Now be a dear and fetch me my newspaper and smoking jacket, will you dear?

Leia: Am I right? Oh come on, Hugo! Tell me!
Hugo: Why are you all excited?

Translation: Calm the eff down, lady.

Hugo: No, it's nothing like that. We have a visitor, who says she knows you well. She should be here soon...
Girl's Voice: Leia!


Who came up with that hands-on-hips-point-at-person pose? It's in everything ever made by a Japanese company ever.

Leia: Meredia!? ...Why are you...?
Meredia: I can't believe you really joined the Revolutionary Army. Your father is worried about you. Why don't you come home?
Leia: You came all the way here to tell me that?
Meredia: Of course not!

God you're an idiot, Leia! You haven't said anything relevant this entire time. I hate you. We all hate you. And I still don't have my paper!!! Oooooh. One of these days, Leia. One of these days! Bang! Pow! Straight to the moon!

At this point, I'd like to point of the dangers of Wikipedia. I can't even remember how, but I paused the game for a second and went to go look something up. Ten minutes later I was reading about the Bob Newhart show. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENED. Stay from Wikipedia, kids. Stay away.

Meredia tells Goofus that there are people in the Central Division who support them, but they can't publicly act. But they're there all the same. Hugo is excited to hear it...

Goofus: Count Silvis...? Wait a moment!
Meredia: You noticed! Yes, Count Silvis is indeed Leia's father. He loves his daughter very much, but she ran away and joined the army.


Leia: I'm not going home, period!

Whoa, damn. Somebody's got issues.

Meredia: Neither of us figured you'd listen to us.
Leia: Then what...


Okay! <3

Meredia: And I want to ask for one more favor. May I join your battalion? I'm kinda worried about Leia, too <3.

Blah, blah. We let her join and she goes on a bit more about Leia and stuff. I should mention that after nearly every line, Meredia does that generic "Oh hohoho!"-hand-cover-mouth laughing animation that you've seen a million times in games/anime.

In other words, Meredia is really generic and she's annoying as all hell. But she's a Siren and Waffles needs a partner...so we'll take her! Now let's get down to business.

Running the Gauntlet: Fair Heights


Sheen is going to head straight to the stronghold in the northwest. Everyone else will head north. We've got three units coming after us, but none of them are strong enough to be of any real concern.


It's a bit hard to tell what's going on here. The Cataphract and Archmage units are leaderless and running away. The Paladin and Freya units are moving towards us. Sheen will intercept that flying unit, and we'll send Leia to help him take that stronghold. That legion doesn't have anything in it that we need to worry about. We'll deal with them later.

Hey, who wants to try out a new pedra? I do! Pedra of Earth, go!


Yes, those are giant/textureless stone golem monster things. They spin at the enemy and hit them with their giant hammer hands. It’s cool, but not as cool as unleashing a pack of ice wolves.


Now we have three leaderless units running around, and a Dragon Master unit headed our way. This unit is actually a bit scary since they have a Quetzacoatl, but that's nothing our own Ryu can't take care of.

Let's try out our other new pedra, the Pedra of Virtue.


Angels? Is Danny Glover (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109127/) nearby?

There's a neat blur effect that goes on during the animation too. Behold, the power of the N64!

07-31-2008, 05:32 PM

This is quite a battle. Ryu Paralyzed half of their front row, and their Quetzacoatl Paralyzed Ryu in return. Our fighters are dealing more damage though so we'll win this for sure.


Two of the leaderless units and the Dragon Master unit are all camped out right in front of that legion. This is going to be extremely messy but we have the advantage since half of the enemy is too tired to do anything.


Go, Waffles, go!


That legion went down faster than a hooker at a...nah, I can’t even finish the joke. I need to keep this LP somewhat T for Teen.

We wiped out the Freya and Core units in one encounter, and BJ is going to finish off the Enchanter. We do have a reason to be concerned, though. That Freya unit in the north has two Cockatrices. This could get very ugly.


Here's the plan: Sheen stays there to distract the Freya unit and Zinc will try to back attack her. If the Freya begins moving towards Zinc (which it probably will), then Sheen will swoop in and capture the stronghold. If not, then Zinc will back attack it and have Ryu's Paralyzing mad skillz so it shouldn't be too hard.


Well, that didn't go as planned. Sheen's unit got attacked trying to distract the Freya and Peanut and Jormungandr got Petrified. But that's okay. The Freya ran away to the boss’ stronghold. We'll deal with her when the time comes.



FUCK. Well, there goes Zinc's unit. It doesn't really matter though; we're done with this map. Tim's going to finish off those two stragglers and Dio/BJ will take care of the Freya. And we've still got Goofus/Leia/Lichald to take down the boss. This'll be over any minute now.

...and right after I typed that, Daisy, Luigi, and Dio all got Petrified. BJ was able to finish it off, but Kotake and Koume got Petrified in the process. Technically, I could go make an anti-Cockatrice unit (in other words, a unit with Golems because they can't get Petrified), but I'm lazy. Our "throw everything at it" strategy has worked so far, so let's just go with it.

Jeal: PANTS Platoon, tell me why you're here.

Hey, it's Jeal! Remember Jeal from roughly ten to fifteen hours ago? It's him! Hi Jeal!



Jeal: Let me give you a piece of advice. Don't even bother. You won't walk away from here in one piece. Your lives end this day.

Two things:

One: like a lot of things in this game, this speech doesn't make any sense. One sentence he says to not even try to talk to the Church, and then the next he says that we're going to die. If we're going to die, why even tell us to not bother talking to the Church?

Two: a Black Knight is talking shit to me? That makes sense. Black Knights are good...but not in the back row! All Jeal did before we killed him was cast Ice Blast once for a measly 8 damage. What a joke!

Jeal: You think Eastern Orthodox Church is going to help you...? ...I guess you don't know yet. Both the Eastern Region and its Church...are already under our control...it was a big mistake for us to have the PANTS Platoon alone for this long...


Coulda, shoulda, woulda. But you didn't.

07-31-2008, 05:33 PM

Lichald finally gets a new weapon! I just bought him a fire-themed weapon at the beginning of this level. They’re technically the same attack strength, so we’ll just use whichever one looks cooler.

Hugo and Goofus discuss the recent going-ons in the Eastern Region. It turns out that Archbishop Odiron has been displaced as the leader of the Eastern Region. All sorts of rumors are flying around about a Berthan Sentinel being possessed and Odiron dealing with the devil etc. That’s the official reason for removing Odiron from power anyway. Kerikov (whom is revealed to be a nobleman from the Central Region) has taken his place.

Again, there's obviously no behind-the-scenes-schnanagins going here. None at all.

Goofus wonders why the Central Division made their move now. Hugo mentions that it has to be to stop our expansion, but hints that there may be another reason. Remember all that talk about the power of the Progenitor and the Temple of Berthe? Yeah, that might have something to do with it too. Hugo and Goofus don't know that yet, though. Goofus pleads that we need to get to the Church ASAP.

Hugo: Hold on. There are 2 routes to the Eastern Orthodox Church. I think it's better for you if you know what to expect. Are you ready?

James Brown: Hit me! UNH

Hugo: The first route is through the Tremos Mountains, avoiding the Central and Eastern Divisions...there are no reports of enemy activity, but we have no idea what to expect in the area. You are not guaranteed a safe trip.

Protip: Expect demons!

Hugo: The other is to head north through Capitrium. I'm sure that the enemy will be lying in wait for us. There is also Castle Eundel to worry about...also, this may distract us from our plans, but...it was reported that an outcast Berthan Sentinel is heading for the Vert Plateau. The Berthan Sentinels were established to honor the achievements of the Knights of Danika. They are known to be devout warriors. I can't believe they would consort with devils, but if it's true...they will be most formidable indeed.


Decision time! If we head to the Tremos Mountains, then that closes off the other two options. We can get a second Ring of the Dead (the rare item for a Lich) and Paul the Enchanter if we head this way, but we'll be missing out on two very important things. Europea the Centurion can be recruited in the Vert Plateau, and Biske la Veret the Werewolf can be recruited in Capitrium. If you head to one of these maps first, the Tremos Mountains gets closed off permanently but we can still head to the other map right after. The map that opens up after clearing these two maps, Celesis, is where we'll be finishing the Dragoon and Lich sidequests. We're really, really close everyone! So the real question here is do we want a Centurion or a Werewolf first? I'm not entirely certain if we even can recruit Europea (some people claim she's a high CF character and others say that CF is irrelevant), so we'll head to get Biske first. I know for a fact that we can get Biske so better to get the character we're 100% sure we can get first, right?

Status Report

Change of plans with Meredia. She joined us at level 14...and the rest of my characters range from 18-21. It's not really worth leveling her up just to get another mage. The only reason I was going to use her was to give Waffles a partner, but eventually he’ll have a Drakonite spellbook and he won’t even need a partner. So screw it; she stays on the sidelines.


Gilliam is a Diana now and Dianas get three attacks in the back row. We didn't have any back row spots available so we had to make some changes. I essentially switched Tim and Zinc's units. It's actually really good that we aren't using Meredia because that would mean we'd need to retire one of our current characters. Zinc's unit is now the unit I originally envisioned when I first recruited Ryu and Ken. Ken weakens the enemy party and Ryu keeps them from acting. Each member is equally likely to be physically attacked. Tim's new unit is basically the same except Gillian and Vad have replaced Ken. It's a weird unit layout, but it'll work well enough.

We're going to be getting some new party members in the next two maps, so this may change a bit in the future...but if I remember correctly they come with their own units, so we should be okay.


Time to almost wrap up the Dragoon quest. Remember that bartender we were supposed to talk to?


You wanna fight about it? Huh tough guy?

Barkeep: It's been more than twenty years, when I was little. I was taken to Celesis, the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I didn't enjoy it there, so I went into the forest near the town of Pinneg, alone. That's when I saw him. The sky darkened suddenly...why, I'm not sure.


Show me on the doll where he touched you, Barkeep.

Barkeep: I was so scared I peed in my pants and passed out cold. When I woke up, I was at home in bed. My mother had found me lying in the snow. It wasn't a dream. Here's the proof...I found this beautiful scale in the forest before I saw him. It must be his. If you want to find him, take it. It might help.


I know it looks like a shield, but it's not. We'll need this to fight him in a few maps.

Anyway, look for some hot wolf action next time. It’s about damn time, too.

07-31-2008, 10:11 PM
Hey, it's Jeal! Remember Jeal from roughly ten to fifteen hours ago? It's him! Hi Jeal!
I remember thinking it pretty serious business back in the day. Too bad he goes down like a complete chump.

08-01-2008, 10:48 AM
Well, I've been playing a lot of this game while procrastinating on my own LP, and I've finally gotten caught up with our host. Let's take another look at how the high-CF Team Tanto stacks up against the low-CF PANTSPlatoon.

I haven't recruited as many monsters as Alixsar, but I think I've promoted more Soldiers.


Magnus, Dio, Leia, and Ankiseth all have basically the same unit structure: Special character front row center, two identical front row characters on the flanks, a Diana, and a Priest. Magnus and Dio have Paladins, Leia has Freyas, and Ankiseth has Sword Masters. Magnus's Priest is Aisha, the first of the Zenobians.

Saradin, the second, has been integrated into Mulder and Scully's unit along with a random Siren. I think the Siren will become a Lich once I've got the right tools, to keep that unit's damage relevant.

Unit Four is Liedel's unit. She's got a Hydra in her unit, as well as a Dragon Master who is all kinds of kickass. (I think she's dodged more times than the rest of my platoon put together.) That Freya has good stats -- she's spent time as pretty much everything -- but I really wish there was some way to get her three attacks. This unit wants a Paladin or a Swordmaster on the front lines, but I don't have enough males.

Unit Six is my hodgepodge special characters unit. Asnabel, Meredia, Vad, Dr. McNinja, Rincewind. I didn't have any trouble raising Meredia: I just stuck her into a unit with a bunch of other characters who were underleveled, trained them for a while, then disbanded it and returned its characters to their former units. Meredia replaces a Diana who, while decent, was screwing up the alignment of this unit too much.

I stole the layout of Unit Seven from Alixsar... two Sirens, a Ninja Master, an Enchanter, and a Beast Master (who will become a Dragoon once I get the Sword of Tiamat -- I, too, only got one Valiant Mantle). The cool thing about this unit? The Sirens are named Lina and Amelia. The Ninja Master is named Zelgadis. The Enchanter is named Xellos, and my future Dragoon is Gourry. It just came to me in a fit of mad inspiration. This unit is probably my most powerful -- it's a little overleveled. Xellos was once a Soldier, and once he promoted to Fighter I had to train him a bunch of times to get his stats up to Enchanter level before he became too chaotic to be one. This whole unit is very Chaotic. Which suits the Slayers, I figure.

Unit Eight... Quezacoatl, Dragon Master, Troi-the-Paladin, and a Priest. Nothing much here. This unit can hold its own, but it's probably my weakest unit in terms of damage.

I've also got a stray Diana who's powerful enough to use, but currently doesn't have a slot. And, of course, Tenders the Giant Chicken.

Oh, and just so you can see what Alixsar is missing out on...


The big guy. Yeah, he's pretty powerful.

08-02-2008, 11:13 PM
There’s been a slight change in plans. I've been doing some research regarding whether or not I can still recruit Europea with a low CF, and it turns out that CF may be irrelevant. Apparently if you go to Capitrium first, however, you can't get her. Possibly. I've seen a bunch of different people say a bunch of different things about this and I just can't remember what's true and what's not. If CF is a factor, then we won't get her. But if it isn't and we go to get her later and then we can't get her, I'ma-be-super pissed. So we're going to try and get Europea first just to be safe.

Protect the Hot Chick at All Costs: Vert Plateau


This map is pretty hugenormous. We'll send Sheen directly north over the river to scout ahead. Everyone else will split up and head north along the roads. Goofus needs to head to Fort Hillervich (the westernmost stronghold) to talk to Europea, so he'll be heading west with a few people.


Dio/Zinc/Leia are going to head north, Sheen is on his way to that stronghold, and Goofus/Tim/BJ are headed northwest. The weird thing about this map is that almost every unit has two dragons in it for no apparent reason. It’s Dragon MANIA!


See what I mean? Stupid Bahamut, casting Divine Ray on me. Dio ended up losing this fight, but we took out the leader and one of the dragons so this makes me wonder how this game determines who wins and who loses.

Ogre Battle 64: Well, he killed 2/3 of the party...so I guess he loses. Yeah, that makes sense.


Having a flying unit is really great. It's always good to know what we're getting into. Had I not known that legion was there, I would've left Lichald back at HQ...but now I know that we're going to need him. That Freya and Dragon Master unit that's standing in front of the legion are both headed our way, so we'll need to be ready for them. For now, Sheen is just going to stay put and monitor the situation.

And...we might be really screwed. Beef Jerky got criticalled four times in a row (which is bullshit, I might add) and died. I made Kotake the unit's leader and we can get them to the Witch's Den in the north...but this unit is essentially out of action until I can get there.


Zinc's new unit formation isn't the strongest ever, but it's great at shutting down enemy units. Look at how little damage we've taken after four battles. Zinc hasn't even been hit yet.


Well, looks like Zinc is developing a bit of a 'tude! Gnarly! Bodacious! Other early 90s slang!


Sheen tells me that the legion has started moving towards us. This looks like a job for Lichald! In the meantime, everyone will pull back to the stronghold near our HQ and wait for the legion to cross the bridge.

Dude, are you serious? We just found a Dragon Helm. What the hell is wrong with this game? We can only have one Dragoon. We had to do the quest to get the first one in order to open up the quests for the other pieces of Dragoon equipment. And now they give us a second one. Yasumi Matsuno is a sick, sick man.


In the west, Goofus is about to enter the fort where Europea is.


Meanwhile, in the south, we've managed to force the legion onto the bridge where Lichald will completely and utterly destroy them.


This is why you never keep Sword Masters in the back row. Their Sonic Boom attack does marginal damage at best, and it hurts the user. In this case, the SM killed himself with his own attack. This isn't the first time this has happened either. What a maroon!

08-02-2008, 11:14 PM

Wow. We completely raped this unit. Lichald critcalled for 116 damage, WhiteMage and Maxwell used Atmosphere, Pancakes used Crag Press twice, and Wario attacked...and there goes the entire enemy unit.

Lichald took a lot of damage during the next battle, so I had him retreat. Dio and Leia will take care of what little is left of the legion.



Looks that legion was the only real resistance we'll encounter on this map. Sheen is headed to that stronghold near the enemy HQ, Zinc is right behind him, Tim is heading to secure the stronghold with the Witch's Den (with Kotake and the very dead BJ right behind), and Goofus is waiting to go to Fort Hillervich to talk to Europea. We'll find out if we can recruit her very shortly.


Go, White Fang, Go! I would've preferred for you to attack the FIRE dragons...but that's okay!

We've got one leaderless unit, one Enchanter/Golem unit, and a Dragon/Dragon Master unit. I think it's safe to go talk to Europea now.


Damn right. Who might you be, foxy lady?

Europea: My name is Europea. Until recently, I was captain of the Berthan Sentinels.
Goofus: Is it true that a Sentinel was possessed by a devil? Was he...was Archbishop Odiron really involved? Why? Why did he do that!?
Europea: The Sentinel who was possessed by the devil...she was under my command. That surge of magical energy was surely not of this world. But I still cannot believe it! She would never have done such a thing!! ...It must have been a mistake!

Yeah, she got possessed by the devil by accident!

Goofus: Surge of magical energy!? ...Just like that time. Same as Godeslas...do you know if she ate a fruit of some sort?
Europea: I'm sorry, I can't recall...but I do remember that she was invited to a banquet hosted by Sir Kerikov.

Absolutely no foul play here. None at all.

Goofus: General Kerikov...
Europea: Archbishop Odiron is a man of strong faith. He would never...never make a deal with the devil...Please! Let me go back to the Eastern Orthodox Church. I want to find out what really happened. I must know the truth.
Goofus: What would you do if the truth turns out to be what you fear the most?


Warrior maiden. That's...is that a contradiction? I think it might be.

Goofus: I see your determination, but it is dangerous. We should liberate this area first. Besides, your pursuers may be able to provide us with some information.
Europea: Thank you so much for trusting me. I will help you as much as I can. ...I will see you at Marrilaife Castle.

Similar to Yumil and Ankiseth (if you choose to talk to him beforehand), Europea appears on the map but you can't control her. That's why I waited until I had the map almost cleared before I initiated contact with her. We'll have this thing wrapped up in no time.


It's like a bunch of Vultures circling their prey. Only some of them have Pumpkins for heads.


Why does everyone talk about "intentions" in this game? Who the fuck cares? You guys are in a war against each other. Just fight already.

Fourierre: Our only order was to eliminate the fallen lamb. Why, then, do you interfere?

Lamb? If Europea is a lamb, then I would love to go fuck some sheep right now.

On a personal note, I hope my mom never sees this ever.

Anyway, this goes on for a while. Let's fight already!

And right as the fight begins, my emulator crashes on me. ARGH! Luckily I started this map before going to work and didn’t have time to finish, so I saved right before fighting the boss. We didn't really lose much of anything. This time I sent Lichald in to ensure the enemies' complete and utter humiliation. And sure enough, the boss went down in one turn. Thanks Lichald!

Lichald: You're welcome!


A new rapier. Alright, I'll take it. We got a real haul this map: a second Ice Sword and Sum Mannus, three new small shields (for Freyas/Centurions)...things worked out pretty well coming here first.


Europea: She does not exist for the benefit of any one person.

SHE!? Blaspheme!

Fourierre: Keep your ramblings to yourself!

Yeah, she's right! Screw you, blasphemer!

Fourierre: No matter what kind of power you hold, you won't stand a chance against the ultimate power...if you expect to move on...you'd better prepare...for...the worst...

The worst? I'm about to get a werewolf in one level. This game is about to get awesome.

08-02-2008, 11:16 PM

No one ever does in this game.

Europea: I don't think we can go further by ourselves...Goofus, though it may not be much, we will do the best we can to help you.


Looks like CF isn't a factor after all. Europea is allegedly a "high CF" character but here we are with a CF of presumably 0 and we can get her. I'll take any hot chick who wants to join my battalion (and we had a request to recruit her earlier), so we'll take her.

Next time on Let's Battle Ogres, it's the moment you've (I've) all been waiting for...time to get a mother fuggin' werewolf!

But first...

Status Report


Normally Centurions are terrible, but Europea isn't half bad. Her attack strength is equal to Rumpus' and surpasses that of our Paladins/Sword Masters/Etc. Only Lichald is stronger than her (hell, without the Helm of the Fearless they're actually equally as strong). She has incredible magic defense to boot. To sweeten the deal, Europea comes with a pre-made unit of two Paladins (we'll keep them) and two Freyas (we won't keep them). If I can boost their alignment a little bit, I can make one of the Freyas into a Priest...but what to do with the other?


Here's what we'll do. Meredia will take Gillian’s place in Tim’s unit, allowing for her and Waffles to get some sweet, sweet combination magic going. Meredia is horribly underleveled but she’ll catch up eventually. Gillian will move into Europea’s unit. One of the Freyas will get removed and will sit on the sidelines. The other will either 1) become a Diana if her alignment doesn’t get any higher and she gains a level or two (and thus meets the requirements) or 2) become a Priest if her alignment goes up just a tiny bit more. The unit will work either way.

We may need to disband Sheen’s unit soon. They’re useful but very weak, so they may eventually get weak enough to the point of irrelevance. BJ’s unit is on thin ice too. I almost disbanded them and put Kotake and Koume in Europea’s unit…but BJ and Rumpus still make a decent team, so we’ll keep them around for now.


We’ve got three new units that need names. I technically didn’t really use Serena much at all, so I’m going to name the Freya Serena. But that still leaves us with two Paladins who need names. Ideas?


Let’s go get Europea's special item, the Starry Sky. We need to head back to Fort Hillervich (where we found Europea) to get it.


Lady: ...Did you come back here for this? I've kept it so no one could get their hands on it.
Europea: ...Wonderful. I was expecting the worst. I had this with me when Archbishop Odiron found me. That is all I have of my past. Thank you very much.
Woman: No need to thank me. It wasn't much, really.

I like how the game switches from calling her Lady and Woman for no apparent reason.


Yet another new small shield. We'll give this one to Europea since, you know, it's hers.

Comparing Time


Magnus, Dio, Leia, and Ankiseth all have basically the same unit structure: Special character front row center, two identical front row characters on the flanks, a Diana, and a Priest. Magnus and Dio have Paladins, Leia has Freyas, and Ankiseth has Sword Masters. Magnus's Priest is Aisha, the first of the Zenobians.

That's pretty standard for high-CF playthroughs. I've used that unit structure many times myself. The great thing about low-CF playthroughs are that you don't need to worry about things like that. That's why I can have a Pumpkinhead in a Lawful unit. Normally, having a massively Chaotic unit in a Lawful unit would screw up your chances to liberate an area, but since we're not worried about stuff like that, then there's absolutely no reason not to mix units of different alignments.

Saradin, the second, has been integrated into Mulder and Scully's unit along with a random Siren. I think the Siren will become a Lich once I've got the right tools, to keep that unit's damage relevant.

Seems decent enough. Once you find a Drakonite spellbook or two, this unit will become super-relevant.

Unit Four is Liedel's unit. She's got a Hydra in her unit, as well as a Dragon Master who is all kinds of kickass. (I think she's dodged more times than the rest of my platoon put together.) That Freya has good stats -- she's spent time as pretty much everything -- but I really wish there was some way to get her three attacks. This unit wants a Paladin or a Swordmaster on the front lines, but I don't have enough males.

Women make shitty fighters in this game. There's no way to get them three attacks (unless you put them in a unit with a Princess), and they're weaker than their male counterparts. It's really irritating sometimes.

Unit Six is my hodgepodge special characters unit. Asnabel, Meredia, Vad, Dr. McNinja, Rincewind. I didn't have any trouble raising Meredia: I just stuck her into a unit with a bunch of other characters who were underleveled, trained them for a while, then disbanded it and returned its characters to their former units. Meredia replaces a Diana who, while decent, was screwing up the alignment of this unit too much.

I stole the layout of Unit Seven from Alixsar... two Sirens, a Ninja Master, an Enchanter, and a Beast Master (who will become a Dragoon once I get the Sword of Tiamat -- I, too, only got one Valiant Mantle).

That could work. I can't see who's in the back row of Unit Six, but if it's possible I would put the Dr McNinja back there to help out with combination spells. If there's already a mage back there, then nevermind.

Unit Eight... Quezacoatl, Dragon Master, Troi-the-Paladin, and a Priest. Nothing much here. This unit can hold its own, but it's probably my weakest unit in terms of damage.

I've also got a stray Diana who's powerful enough to use, but currently doesn't have a slot. And, of course, Tenders the Giant Chicken.

That sounds like your version of Zinc's unit. It's not very strong, but it gets the job done with only a few people.

Oh, and just so you can see what Alixsar is missing out on...


The big guy. Yeah, he's pretty powerful.

He is admittedly good...but we'll be getting Biske next map and he's equally as good during the night when he's in werewolf form. And in the meantime, we've been getting by on Lichald's sheer ridiculousness.


See what I mean? So we’re going to have this guy AND a guy who’s almost as good as Ankiseth. I’m not too upset about it.

Anyway, demons and werewolves next time. Get ready for it.

Dynastic Bird
08-03-2008, 01:45 AM
Uh...Lichald is actually pretty close, and most of his non-str stats are actually lower. Not to mention that he has a helmet.

Not that I'm complaining! Lichald seems to be 10 times the merciless warrior that his namesake ever seemed to be! This is the kind of guy who doesn't need some guy in tights to save him from Austrian Duke.

Names: I have no ideas, unfortunately. I don't think more Engrish Crusaders is going to cut it anymore. Old Japanese and Chinese guys? Ash Smashum? Queen?

08-03-2008, 03:15 AM
Warrior Maiden is no contradiction! That's what Joan of Arc and most magical girls are!

Names: Jean and Ark! Or Jean and Luc and find something else to name Picard. ^_^

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 11:34 AM
Anyway, rock n' roll and puppies next time. Get ready for it.


08-04-2008, 09:36 PM
I think it's funny how the game keeps giving you people who can lead legions, and legions are so, so, so, so, so, so bad.

08-05-2008, 12:24 PM
I’ve technically had this update done for two days now. I was going to update yesterday but I got called in to work, which obviously sucked. Now I’m back and I have today off instead. I’ll be playing the part for the next update today and it’ll go up sometime tomorrow (it should be a big one). But for now, get ready for some…

Fuckin’ Werewolves: Capitrium

This is it! Werewolf time! Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm really excited. Are you? You should be. Ooooh man, this is going to be great. Frickin' werewolf, man.


Hugo points out in the briefing that this area has a lot of undead. The undead are apparently rather protective of their homes, because each time we take a stronghold in this map, at least one enemy unit will spawn nearby. We'll need to keep everyone moving in groups in order to protect our strongholds. One unit will take the stronghold, the other will hold off any attackers.

The PANTS Platoon will move in three groups. Group one will head northwest, and then north and wait outside the enemy's HQ. Group two will head north while group three heads east. Group three will then head north, and then northeast to capture the stronghold in the very north. Group two will send half of its units over the bridge to the east to help group three and the other half over the bridge to the north to help group one.

Confused yet? Good!


Right off the bat we've got two units waiting for us. Great. Well, let's see what Europea can do! Sheen will take the flying unit on. Zinc will help them out. These three will be group two. Group three is Tim, Dio, and BJ. Group one is Leia, Goofus, and Lichald.

Still not confused? Come on, I'm trying really hard!


Heeeey! Not bad at all! Looks like Lichald has some competition!

The really annoying thing about the undead is that if you kill an individual undead character, but the rest of the unit lives, they will "regenerate" at the end of the battle and be back at full strength. Also, certain actions can change their classes. For example, fire spells will burn the skin off of a Zombie and turn it into a Skeleton.


See that Doll Master unit? That's what I was talking about. He wasn’t there when I went into that stronghold. That retreating Raven is a bit of a concern too.


I'm sorry for almost disbanding you, guys. You're still good. And that giant ponytail doesn't make you look stupid, Beef Jerky. I swear.


Eww, put that thing away! I told you already BJ; I don't swing that way.


We've now got half of the PANTS Platoon closing in on this one stronghold. Lichald/Leia/Goofus haven't run into a single enemy yet, and the central area is under Zinc's control.


Uh oh. A Freya. You know what that means, right? Cockatrices. I don't know why but this game loves to have Freyas lead Cockatrice units. Thankfully we've got Zinc nearby to help out.


See what I mean about Meredia? She'll gain a LOT more exp. than everyone else with every encounter. Eventually, she'll even out.


Things are still a mess over here. After taking the stronghold, a Beast Master unit spawned. Dio is on his way, but unfortunately so is an enemy Ninja Master...and we still have one more Raven to deal with. This is still a bit more hectic than I'd like. Things are going to get even more hectic-ier in the northwest in just a moment.

Why does this always happen? Pie nearly bought the farm, so I had Dio retreat...right into the Ninja Master. Ugh...I hate retreating.

Meanwhile, right in the middle of this heated battle, a Dragon shows up. I like how this game has decided to throw random encounters at me at the most arbitary times. I've played through this game without having a single neutral encounter before...and this is our, what? Fifth unplanned one? Ridiculous!

08-05-2008, 12:25 PM

Things are under control now. There's a unit off screen in the north waiting for us to take that stronghold. The Cockatrice unit has begun to move towards us too. Time for Zinc's Paralyzing to do its stuff.


Crap. Crapcrapcrap! Leia's unit was able to take care of 2/3 of the Cockatrice unit, but Katreda and Jack got Petrified in the process. To make matters worse, two additional units spawned in when we took the stronghold. Zinc will take the one in the north, Goofus the west, and Lichald the east. See what I was saying about staying in groups?


Hmm. Maybe Lichald doesn't have any competition after all. I'd also like to take the time to point out that, while weaker than his contemporaries Maxwell and Pancakes, WhiteMage is pretty great too. He can stand to take a hit or two, and he's single-handily Guarded against more attacks than any other characters. And in addition to that, he opens up new combination spells for Pancakes and Waffles. Thanks for being all ninja-y, WhiteMage!


Hey, when did Zinc get that strong? That new sword really helps, apparently. Remember a while back why I picked an Earth Dragon and a Thunder Dragon? So that the Quetzacoatl could Paralyze all flying enemies and the Azhi Dahaka could use Earthquake on them? That just happened. Dreams can come true!


Five seconds later, we've got all of the enemy flying units running scared. One more stronghold in the east, and it'll be time to face Biske. We'll need to fight him during the day, otherwise he'll be a Werewolf and a kabillion times harder to kill.

...I...we just ran into ANOTHER Platinum Dragon. I'll take it, sure but...why are you doing this to me game? I don't need one Platinum Dragon, why would I want two!?


Dio and Europea make it to the eastern stronghold and Dracula's lesser known cousin Ladish decides to make an appearance. Unfortunately, he brought along his friends Witch/Pumpkinhead-themed unit and Diana/Amazon (why Amazons I don't know)-themed unit. Thanks, dick.

Ladish: You're velcome! Ah ha ha ha!

Dio was able to take out the Diana unit in one encounter, thankfully...but the Witch unit is right on our doorstep. Dio will need to take that one on since he has a healer to counteract the enemy's own Pumpkinheads. Europea can take that Vampire, I'm sure of it.


Meanwhile, I've been chasing this damn Raven for four years now. He's leaderless, but he keeps randomly wandering closer and closer to our HQ...which is obviously bad. Tim just finished hunting down another pesky Raven unit a second ago, so he's on his way back to our HQ. Can he make it in time?! Yes, he can because if I have Sheen stand still, then the Raven runs in circles rather than away from Sheen/towards our HQ.


Whew. Thankfully for us, Europea was able to use a Pedra before the enemy's backrow Pumpkinhead could strike. This unit will be a cinch now.


Perfect. Day broke and the Vampire had to go into his coffin. This is why Vampires suck. You can only use them half of the time. It's not like Biske where he's only okay half of the time and super godly the other half. Vampires simply shut the eff down. On the positive side of things, Vampires are essentially invincible in their coffins...but they can't attack or move so it's a real waste.


A wild Skeleton?! Are you serious? Another neutral encounter? I said these things were rare and now I get them all the time. This game is doing this just to make me look stupid.


That's what Vampires do. They attack you and heal themselves for the same amount of damage. It's good, but not worth the whole "can't move during the day" thing.

Anyway, Ladish dies...that Raven units dies...everything is dead. It's daytime, and that means Biske is back to his human form. Time to wrangle us a werewolf!

08-05-2008, 12:26 PM

Me too, Biske. Me too.

Biske: You said you belong to the Revolutionary Army!? I don't know why you're here, but...thanks. They released me because you were approaching. But, they'll send me back if I don't kill you. Sorry, this is business!


So is this. Also, notice that WhiteMage fell asleep because the sword Biske is using has a sleep effect. I wish we had a sword like that!


Oh snap! Now we do! We found some other pretty good weapons this map. New hammers, new whips, new spears, and now a new sword. Thankfully, good equipment starts pouring in at this point in the game.


Pointless swearing? Rhade?! Is that you?

Obviously, we're having him join.

Biske: ...what!?
Goofus: I'd like you to join the Revolutionary Army.

For no good reason, I might add.

Goofus: We need strong warriors...like you.


Biske: The Goddess of fate likes irony. If you're that desperate for help, even from a monster...go ahead, count me in.

You see, Biske used to be a freedom fighter of some kind until Ankiseth defeated him and put him in jail. And now his son freed him and wants to fight with him. Touching, isn't it? Ah, but whatever. Who cares about that? We've got a werewolf!

Narrative: Tremos Mountains

This is the area we skipped before. Other things would've happened if we had gone there instead, but let's not worry about that for now.


This looks promising.

Yumil: ...let go of me, now!
Knight: Hold him still! Now, be a good boy. This won't take long.


You can't really tell, but the knight is forcing him to eat the fruit that normally turns people into Ogres/Demons etc.

Yumil screams and collapses. After turning purple for a bit...


Yumil straight up uses mind bullets to kill these guys. The screen flashes white, there's a weird laser noise, and then the Knights start dying.

Mari appears out of nowhere (thanks for the help, skank) and comforts Yumil after he warns her to stay away.


Yumil starts saying that his mind is flooding with someone else's memories and that it feels like someone is taking over his body. This is kind of important. Kind of really, super important. Mari tells him to embrace it and that she loves him blah blah blah. Just remember that Yumil is now super powerful for some reason and that he felt like someone else was taking over his body. That's all you need to know for now.

Status Report


But who cares? Right now, we've got a werewolf! A WEREWOLF. Well, okay...he's human now, but he becomes one. I remember him coming with a full unit, but I guess I was making that up. That means we need to make room for him, and that means that Asnabel is going away. As I've mentioned before, we only have room for one Dragoon and no more Black Knights. Wario has better stats than Asnabel, so he's our man. There's no sense keeping Asnabel on the front lines when he's just going to grow increasingly obsolete as time goes on. Biske is going to have to take his place. Biske uses a sword during the day, so we'll give him one of the two Sum Mannus. No sense in giving him something better than that if he can't even use it half of the time. This will also breathe some new life into Tim's unit. Tim now has himself (a decent attacker with good magic defense), Biske (a great attacker), two mages (who can cast Lava Shot), and a Grappler with a great back row attack. Tim's unit is about to get awesome, folks.

I also made Serena into a Priest. It'll help cut down on the items I need to use on Europea's unit. And boy did I have to use a lot of items this last mission.

I have a plan to save Sheen's unit, but it would mean losing Sheen's flying ability. I'm not sure if that's worth it or not. I'll need to think about this.

08-05-2008, 12:27 PM

I really like the Jean and Luc idea, so we'll go with that. I got bored and started trying to change special characters' names just to see what they'd say.




Sorry dude, I just thought you might want to be called CasaBonita instead.


So meta.



By the way, here's Biske in Werewolf form. Right now Tanto's Ankiseth's stats are better, but Biske does similar damage and has oh-so-slightly better defense. In a few level ups, he'll be even better than Ankiseth...but only at night. But that's okay, I can deal with that.

Anyway, let's head to the town of Surina.

Nun: It's good to see you're doing well, Biske. Of course, anything is better than prison.


That's deep.

Biske: Sister, can you tell me why I'm different from others? Why me...Sister, aren't you afraid of me?


I could easily see this devolving into a bad porno.

Nun: Are you still frightened by your own strength?

No, I think he's frightened that he turns into a WOLF.

Nun: Appearance is unimportant. ...Does that make you different?


Nun: Nobody in Capitrium thinks you're a devil. Everyone remembers when you courageously fought the Central Division.

Back story! Enjoy it, because like most of the other special characters, this is about it. The exceptions are Dio and Leia. Leia's got some backstory coming up, and Dio would've become more important if we had left him left...he also would've turned evil, though. Better to have him on our side!

What was I talking about again? Oh, right. Biske.

Nun: Archbishop Odiron asked me to give you this...it enhances it's owner's power. Please, keep this secret.


Jewel-nell-une. Right? I think that's how you say it. It boosts the wearer's STR a tiny bit, so we'll give it to Biske. It's his anyway, right?

Next mission is semi-story heavy, and more importantly, we’ll be able to finish the Dragoon and Lich quests. At some point I’ll cover what happens if you take the Tremos Mountains path instead, but I’m not sure when I’m going to do that. Look for the Dragoon/Lich tomorrow.

Pajaro Pete
08-05-2008, 06:46 PM
Today's mission seemed like Hot Topic threw up on it.

08-06-2008, 03:30 PM
This is a really important map for us. Dragoons and Lichs, oh my!

The Eastern Church: Celesis

Prince Amrius and Kerikov are hanging out. Amrius is upset because he knows that the PANTS Platoon is on its way and demands that Kerikov tell him where the Temple of Berthe is. Kerikov admits to finding it, but...


Voice Offscreen: He is right. Show him the proper gratitude, Kerikov.


Uh oh. Looks like Kerikov is working with Lodis and Lodis has known about Procus/Amrius' scheme the whole time. Pruflas acts like a dick and tells Kerikov to stop the Revolutionary Army. Kerikov freaks out because he knows he can't stop us (he's right), but Pruflas doesn't even flinch.


Note: Lodisians are pricks.

Back at HQ, Hugo, Goofus, and Europea talk about what this "ultimate power" everyone is apparently looking for is (it's the power the founder of Palatinus received when he was blessed by the Goddess Berthe; he feared the power he had so he sealed it away in the Temple of Berthe), the true nature of the Berthan Sentinels (to guard the Temple), and whether or not any of this is true because this story has been passed on for generations as fairy tales. A messenger runs in and explains that Lodis has left Celesis and is heading south towards the Tremos Mountains. Europea mentions that the Temple of Berthe is supposedly hidden there. Goofus and the gang decide to liberate Celesis, talk to Archbishop Odiron, and then head after Lodis.


Simple enough. This map is actually similar to a larger Gunther Piedmont (See Episode 8). We'll send some units straight east (which, like Gunther, has more resistance), and some around the long way.


Europea, Tim, BJ, and Lichald take the harder route while everyone but Sheen takes the outer path. While Sheen himself is still pretty decent, Sheen's unit is really falling behind. I'm probably going to disband them soon.


Not particular reason to show this, I just wanted to show off the Evil Blade and the pretty forest.


Seriously? Another one? I'm getting sick of saying that I'm sick of seeing random encounters!


A new Greatsword! Hurray! This one is actually really damn good, so this is quite a find.


Whoa. WHOA. Paladins, Angel Knights, a legion...things are about to get kee-razy.


Meanwhile, nothing is going on in this area. We've seen two units so far. It's like they don't even care.

08-06-2008, 03:32 PM
(Continued from last page)


Hahaha! WhiteMage/Pancakes/Maxwell all combined to make a super Blue Spiral. Over 150 damage. Priceless!

And just to piss me off even more, the game gave me a THIRD Dragon Helm for killing that unit. Thanks guys.


Things in the south are going really well. We still haven't met any real resistance...


And things in the north are fine too. We still have that legion to take care of, but Lichald and co. can take it. That legion has nothing in to be scared of...one unit is nothing but Clerics and Priests! Lichald is going to tear that unit a new one.


Another Triple Blue Spiral? Calm down guys! Stop outdoing yourself! We want the game to have a chance, you know?



Here's where Tim's unit goes bananas. Biske is in wolf form, meaning that we get three really strong attacks each round. Waffles and Meredia finally team up and unleash Lava Shot on our unsuspecting foes. Note that Lava Shot also Paralyzes, which really helps since we're up against a unit of all healers. Tim's unit may not be Lichald's, but it got pretty damn good pretty damn quick.

There's nothing left for us here. This mission was insanely simple. Our units are extremely powerful, so even though they had the numerical advantage, we had little difficulty.

Before we fight Kerikov, Amrius talks a bunch of shit to him.


Talk about the pot admitting that they're calling the kettle black.

Anyway, Amrius escapes and then we bust in. Fight time! Kerikov goes down like the chump he is.


Hurray! We found some good weapons and armor this level, and after a bit of story, we are going to get a Dragoon and Lich! About time!

Goofus interrogates Kerikov, and he admits that he framed the Archbishop and helped Lodis. But he only did it so he could control the Eastern Region, so that means he's not a bad guy...just a huge coward. Odiron comes in and Goofus and Europea run over to talk to him. While they're doing that, Kerikov sneaks out. Don't worry; we'll see him again. Odiron explains that the ultimate power was in fact real, but the Progenitor was given so much power that he split it up between himself and some people called the Knights of Danika. Only "the Child of the Covenant" can inherit that power. And can you guess who that is?


Hey, the Tremos Mountains are back! But first...


It's time.

Let's take the Dragon Scale we got from that bartender and head south to Pinneg. We'll have Goofus fight Grozz Nuy since it feels appropriate.


A floating blinking thing in the forest. This looks promising.

08-06-2008, 03:33 PM
A flash of light and...


Are we about to fight The Great Cornholio (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Cornholio)? I think we’re about to fight Cornholio.



*N64 sound chip-quality roar goes here*

What you got, dragon? Huh?!


Grozz Nuy gets one attack per round. He starts off with a physical attack, moves on to Sacred Breath, and then uses Dark Blaze (shown here). But Goofus gets two attacks per round, so he wins with a tiny bit of HP left.



And there it is. We now have all the equipment we need to make a Dragoon. But we're not quite done in Celesis yet...let's head to Banna Barra.




AH! There's blood on this! Whose blood is this!? What did you do little girl?!

Looking at the item description for the Dark Invitation gives us a clue. "Those who seek the ring of the lifeless, come to the tavern near the border." Alright, we're off to the Zenobian border!



Totally not creepy.

Keeper of Dark Knowledge: Where there's light, there'll always be darkness. Even the greatest leader will have a shadow underfoot.


Yeah, I get it. It's evil. Got it. This goes on for a billion years. I was twenty two when I started this update. Now I’m dead.

The important thing is that now we have everything we need for a Lich, too. Only two sidequests left! Well, there's technically others...but there's only two that we'll be doing. Unfortunately, one of them is the hardest one in the game. Le sigh.

08-06-2008, 03:35 PM
Status Report



And there you have it. Lichald's unit is now completely unstoppable. Wario is a bit on the weak side, but his stat growth is really good so he'll be great before the end of the game. After I took this screenshot, I gave Wario the Sword of Tiamat again. It’s weaker, but only he can use that sword while I can give the Chaladholg to Ozzy. Once Wario’s stats get a little better, I’ll probably give it back to him. But for now, he’s a bit weaker than he is in this screenshot. But don't worry; except great things from him in the future.

The same is true for Maxwell. I had to take a Ring of Eloquence off of him when I made him into a Lich, and without that item he technically does less damage per attack than before...but he gets THREE attacks now, so it's totally worth it. I also changed his spellbook because I was getting sick of seeing Blue Spiral all the damn time. I gave the Ring of Eloquence to Waffles and the Feather of Archangel (a similar INT-boosting item) to Pancakes, so the two of them are stronger than ever before.


It's funny what a new weapon can do. Now that Wario doesn't need that...whatever the hell that thing is, we can give it to Sheen. And now Sheen's damage rivals Wario/Europea/Goofus/Lichald (without the Helm of the Fearless). I also found some new armor for his unit this map, and a few training sessions later, Sheen's unit is back on track...for a flying unit. They'll still never be anywhere near as good as our ground units, but for a flying unit they're pretty good.

Important Notice

I actually had to play this map twice. After I beat it, I forgot to save when I turned my emulator off. The pictures of the mission proper are from the first time through, but the pictures of the Sidequestin’/Status Report segments are from my second time through. The only substantial difference between the two playthroughs were that the drops were slightly different, but we got a better haul the second time anyway so this worked to our advantage.

Oh, and this happened.



08-06-2008, 04:11 PM

Whoa. WHOA. Paladins, Angel Knights, a legion...things are about to get kee-razy.
This is a good opportunity to pick up some Angel Knights by killing the leaders of those parties and using the Love & Peace item. Angel Knights are probably more cool than useful, but it's nice to have some variety in flying characters.

08-06-2008, 04:25 PM
This is a good opportunity to pick up some Angel Knights by killing the leaders of those parties and using the Love & Peace item. Angel Knights are probably more cool than useful, but it's nice to have some variety in flying characters.

That's actually an excellent idea! I forgot I even had a Love & Peace waiting to be used! I'll try and pick one up in the future. I'd much rather have an Angel Knight and something else than one Wyvern.

Edit: I can't remember how much longer until we run into more Angel Knights, though. Well, no matter. We've already got a Lich and Dragoon, and a Princess on a way. We don't need to break the game any more with a Seraph.

08-06-2008, 04:38 PM
Edit: I can't remember how much longer until we run into more Angel Knights, though. Well, no matter. We've already got a Lich and Dragoon, and a Princess on a way. We don't need to break the game any more with a Seraph.

Yes, we do.

08-09-2008, 10:08 AM
So Alixsar, how is Zinc's Double Dragon unit working out for you? I've picked up a bunch of extra characters in the last few chapters, including the last three Zenobians and a few Angel Knights (now Seraphs) swiped from the enemy with Love and Peace, so I rearranged my battalion a bit and put both my evolved dragons into the same unit with a Dragon Master. I haven't used this setup yet so I'm not sure how it'll perform -- it seems like with only six attacks per round, they'd get outdamaged pretty often even with the dragons hitting the whole enemy team. Is it better to have one dedicated dragon unit or two units with one dragon each?

08-09-2008, 11:42 AM
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So Alixsar, how is Zinc's Double Dragon unit working out for you? I've picked up a bunch of extra characters in the last few chapters, including the last three Zenobians and a few Angel Knights (now Seraphs) swiped from the enemy with Love and Peace, so I rearranged my battalion a bit and put both my evolved dragons into the same unit with a Dragon Master. I haven't used this setup yet so I'm not sure how it'll perform -- it seems like with only six attacks per round, they'd get outdamaged pretty often even with the dragons hitting the whole enemy team. Is it better to have one dedicated dragon unit or two units with one dragon each?

Zinc’s unit is simultaneously amazing and horrible. Zinc herself is good; she dodges a lot and does pretty good damage. Ryu and Ken are both good too; Ryu shuts everyone down with Radiant Gale and Ken weakens them with Earthquake. I use it more as a damage-over-time unit. They’re not there to obliterate the enemy like Lichald; they’re there to wear them down. Damage-wise, the unit is one of my worst due to the aforementioned six attack problem. But Zinc’s unit is safe because enemies either get shut down completely, weakened so we take less damage, or Zinc dodges/Ryu or Ken guard against the attack. The only real problem is that Ryu/Ken’s attacks do the most damage to characters in the middle of a unit, a decent amount to those in the back row, and only small amounts of damage to characters in the front row. So when we’re hunting down a unit and only characters in the front row are left it takes friggin’ years to kill them. There’s an easy way to fix this, thankfully. Change your unit’s formation and put the Dragons in the front row. Their breath attacks will dish out a lot of damage, and Dragon Masters don’t lose much by being in the back row. If I remember correctly, you have a Hydra and a Quetzalcoatl, so you should be fine. It’ll be Status-Effect-Mania. Just be careful going against Golems since they can’t fall asleep or get Paralyzed. That unit should make a good anti-Cockatrice unit though. Hopefully you’ll like it.

Alternate Reality

Today’s update is the first “slow” update in a while, so let’s examine what happens if you head to the Tremos Mountains first instead of heading to the Vert Plateau/Capitrium. If you head that way, you have a mission that’s very similar to the one in today’s update. You start off surrounded by two legions and need to fight your way out (today’s mission doesn’t have any legions but we do start off surrounded). The mission is actually pretty hard and by heading this way, you miss out on Europea and Biske (if you’re doing a low CF playthrough). So why head this way, you ask? It’s simple. Remember that Ring of the Dead I picked up in Celesis? I can’t remove it from Maxwell, so that means that we can only have one Lich. Well, if you head here, you can find a second Ring of the Dead. You have to come here before you go to Celesis to find it so we can’t pick it up today, but that’s the main reason why players take this path. If you head this way, you can get two Lichs in your group! If it wasn’t for Biske, I would have done this because two Lichs + Princess = Game Complete. But I love me some werewolves. There’s also an Enchanter we could have pick up named Paul, but Tim is doing just fine so we didn’t really need him.

Proper Grooming

By the way, we won’t be using Goofus anymore this chapter. He’s on full-time HQ guard duty. The reason for this is simple. After this map, we have two more maps until the last chapter starts. And once the last chapter starts, Goofus changes classes again and becomes a General. As a General, Goofus will gain significantly better stats at level ups than Goofus’ current job, Vanguard. So we’re going to leave Goofus behind so he can have more level ups as the better class. Technically speaking, I should have done this ages ago…but I didn’t want to deal with not having one of my better units. I should have done this with Maxwell, too. Lichs have really low stat requirements, so really advanced OB64 players will get a unit’s alignment to the right place, and then leave the unit they’re going to turn into a Lich on the sidelines and then level them up so that way their stats will be ridiculously high. But again, I didn’t want to deal with not having one of my best characters. It’s no matter though; we’ll get by just fine.

Filler: Tremos Mountains

If this were an episode of Dragonball Z, this would be that one where Goku and Piccolo learn how to drive. It’s random, pointless, and it serves no real purpose other than to pad the game’s length.




Anyway, this map isn't too bad...once we get through the initial attack that is. We'll split everyone up: some go east, some west, some north. But just how bad with this "intial attack" be?


Hmm...that's pretty bad. Rather than wait for everyone, I'm going to send units out to intercept them while Goofus/Lichald will hang back to protect our HQ.


Wow, Tim's unit almost completely wiped this unit out. Only one of the Hawkmen was left with 32 HP when all was said and done. That's some real improvement! Good job Tim!

...and this is where my emulator died. Yet again. Well, time to start over. At least it died early in the battle, rather than at the end like it usually does.


I used a slightly different formation this time, but it's basically the same thing.


Behold the power of the Chaladbolg! That’s actually a lot of damage considering it’s against a Dark Knight. Before the end of the map, Ozzy was dealing Lichald-levels of damage. And just wait until we get the Ogre Blade. Man, that's going to be something else.


Update: shit still be crazy, yo. Zinc and BJ are busy with the Enchanter/Ninja Master units, Europea/Leia/Sheen are trying to take the eastern stronghold, and Dio is cleaning up the western area. Meanwhile, Lichald is back at HQ counting the time until I unleash his unit's vengeance upon the world. Dio captures the western stronghold and...


Dio: ...Y, you're!! Why are you here?
Debonair: We thought the Brigade of Radiant Cross was going to suppress the Bolmaukan uprising...but they headed for Palatinus instead. Their orders were to crush the infidels; it didn't make any sense...So I followed them, and this is where it brought me. Leave this to me! You must hurry!

If we had Saradin and Aisha, and we had Goofus come here to take this stronghold, then this is where we'd be getting Debonair. But we didn't do any of those things, so we'll have to do without him.

Also, I just realized that I didn’t take any screenshots of Debonair in the forest. I just took the one of Dio yelling at him. Oops. Just trust me; he’s there.


We now have a total of six leaderless units running around. But once we mop these up, we basically done. There's a few units guarding the enemy's HQ, but that won't take too long.


See what I was talking about when I said Sheen all-of-the-sudden didn't suck?

08-09-2008, 11:44 AM

Well, we're down to two leaderless units now. We just need to take care of them and we can get out of here. God, this map is obscenely simple.


Well, our triple strength Atmosphere is only slightly weaker than our triple strength Blue Spirals were. And, in time, Maxwell will grow even stronger. So far, I have yet to even see Maxwell’s third attack because Lichald’s unit typically wipes everything out before then.


It's nice to be the one who avoids that spell for once. Anyway, everyone is dead except the boss. Let's have Lichald tear her a new one, shall we?


Is that good?

Eudika: ...the time has come. The resurrection. It is time for our queen to awaken. Our time has finally come. Do not interfere!! Humans, do not stand in our way!

Yeah, I get it. Crazy shit is going on. Okay lady.


For some reason, they play the really intense/wow-this-is-an-important boss song rather than the regular boss music during this fight. But I took this screenshot after everyone in Lichald's unit had acted once. You'd think an important boss would be a little more resilient than that, wouldn't you?

Eudika: I leave the rest to you...Ze...da...

Uh oh! That old hag is up to her tricks again!


I think it's funny that I'm still getting Soldiers. I haven't used any since Chapter 2, but I keep getting 5-10 each mission. Who the hell uses that many Soldiers?

There's no post-battle story this time. The next map, the Temple of Berthe, opens up on the world map. The Temple is a two-part extravaganza, so I'm going to do a special double-length update sometime within the next few days. Sorry that this one is so damn boring. I wish this map had something worthwhile for me to talk about, but it doesn’t.

And don't worry guys; I'll pick up an Angel Knight or Seraph at some point. I just don't know when that is. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to play Braid. I can't get it out of my mind and it's severely hampering my progress with this LP.

08-09-2008, 12:25 PM
Woot! Walking dead Maxwell, fut the whuck! You still need to get him a Drakonite spell book, but for now we are pleased.