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Pajaro Pete
07-05-2008, 09:33 PM

Opening movie (http://youtube.com/watch?v=iwMC24UJHbc).

In 1997, Atlus released a game for the Sega Saturn called Devil Summoner 2: Soul Hackers. Then, in classic Atlus-fashion, they released an upgraded version for the Sony Playstation two years later. That's the version we'll be playing.

There's a legend, passed down through the MegaTards at the turn of the century, that states Atlus USA was going to release Soul Hackers in the United States. However, the evil and wicked SCEA said "No, you will not tarnish our Playstation with that ugly game and if you EVER come back I swear to god we will eviscerate you and every single person you hold dear." Atlus USA was so frightened by the threats of SCEA, that they were afraid of releasing Persona 2 Innocent Sin in the United States as well. The legend varies according to who tells it, some say that Atlus USA was almost finished with the translation before being struck down, others say it was never even started. To find the truth, you'd probably have to ask an Atlus USA employee, but I have no idea how you would go about finding one. Even if you did, they'd probably give the standard "There are many factors that go into deciding which games we bring over. It's a very complicated process that can't be distilled down into one or two sentence answers."


Amami City, 1997. A coastal city designed to be a technological paradise and testing ground for a virtual reality world, Paradigm-X. This was made possible by funding from the Algon Software Corporation, the developers of Paradigm-X. The city provides citizens with free computer and internet access. I'm not just talking about free wireless internet around the city, I mean there are literally free computer terminals located around the city. We join our intrepid hero at one such terminal.


This is Toano Hitomi. She lives on the same floor as our protagonist, and so they've been friends since they were kids. Her father is a distinguished anthropologist.

As it turns out, these two kids are actually members of the hacking group "Spookies." At first glance, you wouldn't know it, but upon closer inspection:

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/30heroth.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/30hero.jpg)http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/25hitomibth.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/25hitomib.jpg)
Thumbnails, click for larger

Hitomi is wearing a safety orange vest, pleated and giant pocketed skirt, leggings, long socks that come to her shins, and boots.

That fellow is our protagonist. Why yes, he is wearing a green vinyl jacket and white pants. And bandaids. Why bandaids?

Clearly, they are hackers, because only hackers could wear these things seriously.

As it turns out, Hitomi is only here because the protagonist is. After all, she can't let her best friend get involved with such an unsavory element such as a hacking group without proper supervision.


But what are these two doing here at this time of night? Well, Paradigm-X, the virtual reality community, has launched. But, as hackers, they can't very well register a real account, now can they? We get our first FMV. Soul Hackers has a lot of FMV. Since this game came out in 1997, most of them are a page from FF7's "Hey we need to alter this pre-rendered background, so let's use a grainy FMV!" book. They're largely disappointing.


This particular one shows off a needlessly complicated GUI, something that should be familiar to anyone who's ever seen a computer do anything in a TV show or movie. Like, I get that they're trying to make hacking look exciting, but I can't help but feel that it's really impractical. Pretty much anything you saw in the opening movie that looked like high technology was an example of the needlessly complicated GUI. NCGUI, if you will.

Anyway, our protagonist hijacks an account to call his own:

This is what your Talking Time account data looks like

But he'll need to put in his last name, first name, and a username:
First and last names are three characters long, katakana, hiragana, English or Kanji. The username can be up to 8 letters long, katakana, hiragana or English. You can also use numbers for both the username and the real name.

In the comic, his name is Tsukamoto Arata, but I think we can do better than that. Pants "PANTS" Pants is always popular.

So, have at it Tyrants. Give this man (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/30hero.jpg) a name.

07-05-2008, 09:37 PM
First things first: Are you pro or anti pants? Because I have ideas for either situation.

And just curious, but what is the gameplay like? I have no idea, but am quite interested. Also, I thought the character's hair was higher?

Ample Vigour
07-05-2008, 09:38 PM
There are strictures to be followed. You know what you have to do.

Pajaro Pete
07-05-2008, 09:40 PM
And just curious, but what is the gameplay like? I have no idea, but am quite interested. Also, I thought the character's hair was higher?

Oh I'll be going over the gameplay in nauseating detail in a couple of updates. The guy with the big hair is from the first Devil Summoner game.

07-05-2008, 09:41 PM

Don't use pants.

07-05-2008, 09:41 PM
Bandy McAid

Pajaro Pete
07-05-2008, 09:52 PM
I can probably fit "Bandy Aid" as his real name.

07-05-2008, 10:10 PM
I vote for anything but pants (or its derivates). I'm sick of pants. Sick of them!

I don't know, he seems like a Colin to me. I mean, that's not an inherently funny name, but that's all I've got at the moment.

07-05-2008, 10:19 PM
Scruffy Muerte. Yep.

07-05-2008, 10:42 PM
My vote: vim emacs gnu

What? You can't really do much with three letters. ;)

07-05-2008, 10:56 PM
Geez I need to learn to read. Um...Apa Mla. See what I did there? Hah. Hahahoh...

07-05-2008, 11:56 PM
This guy seems mighty impressed with how cool he is despite the fact that he's a douche.

Can we call him Mac Daddy Koo(l)?

07-06-2008, 12:13 AM
Oh weird, that's him? I guess I kind of knew that, but on the Status screen there is only a vague silhouette.

I've tinkered with this game some, but it gets frustrating quickly when I have only the vaguest idea of what I'm doing. I'm definitely excited about this. Name-wise, I have nothing, though. I just wedged my names into the fields and called it a day.

07-06-2008, 03:56 AM
In the grand tradition of naming Megaten protagonists after defining characteristics, I fully support BandyAid as the username, while his real name can be Pro Tag.

Actually, is the real name going to be used all that often? Or will it focus on the username most of the time?

07-06-2008, 07:50 AM
Doh, I missed the three characters limit part, just saw the eight. BandyAid works though.

07-06-2008, 09:51 AM
In the grand tradition of naming Megaten protagonists after defining characteristics, I fully support BandyAid as the username, while his real name can be Pro Tag.

Actually, is the real name going to be used all that often? Or will it focus on the username most of the time?
Username appears in battles, and I think Paradigm X (basically, it should, since it doesn't make sense for it not to, but I can't remember actually seeing スパインシャアク in any text boxes yet). The "real" name is for the "real" world, of course, and the protagonists' family, who you meet approximately one minute after the name entry screen, will share his surname.

07-06-2008, 10:26 AM
Actually he looks like the type who might call himself "Bad Aid" because he's just that hardcore. damn emo kids

Pajaro Pete
07-06-2008, 12:27 PM
I've tinkered with this game some, but it gets frustrating quickly when I have only the vaguest idea of what I'm doing.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you'll be able to play through it yourself.

Actually, is the real name going to be used all that often? Or will it focus on the username most of the time?

The username comes up a lot more often, and that's what I'm going to refer to him as.

Anyway, another brief update is going to be coming this evening, because we're going to have another big choice to make. Monday, though, we'll actually be getting somewhere.

Pajaro Pete
07-06-2008, 03:12 PM
Update 2: We're still not out of the prologue


Name: Band Aid (Japanese style, so in Americaland we'd call him Aid Band)
Username: BandyAid


After registering, a message appears on screen, calling him by name and yammering on about Souls. Whoever sent the message introduces itself as Redman, and gives some cryptic warnings. I'm sure it's nothing though.


Redman's cryptic warnings (RCW) are interrupted by BandyAid's cellphone. It's his sister Tomoko, and she's REALLY SUPER EXCITED about something. She's very GENKI GENKI WAI WAI and urges you to get home, quick. She's got big news! BIG NEWS!

BandyAid's family.Take note BandyAid has both parents alive and well. He is a freak by RPG standards.

We're automatically spirited away back to BandyAid's home. He lives in this apartment with his father, mother and sister. Dad's a saleryman, seen here reading the newspaper. The music in the home was remixed and released on the Soul Hackers Hyper Rearrange soundtrack as "Home (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0S4vJ489WQ)." Yeah.


Tomoko comes in. She's in her third year of middle school, which means she's at the proper age to gain magical girl powers and still be WAI WAI GENKI GENKI. She explains that our home is now Paradigm-X compliant, what with some fancy new monitors for our computers. I'm sure only good things will come from this!


Hitomi and BandyAid head to his room to check out his freaking sweet new hardware. You can't tell because Hitomi's head is in the way, but there's a computer on the desk. An email arrives.


Fucking spam. Hitomi says it's a message from the Leader, and that it needs to be decoded. Ok, sure. I'll go with that. Somehow decoding it turns it into this:

I'll take their word for it. It says that the Hideout is being relocated to the Shibahama district's south parking garage. Let's go.


BandyAid and Hitomi's apartment complex is located in the Akanedai district. You can see the phase of the moon up in the corner, that'll be important later. I should point out that MegaTen moon phases are wacky and move really quickly compared to real life. Well, they either move really quickly or it takes BandyAid and Hitomi half a month to leave Akanedai.

Pajaro Pete
07-06-2008, 03:21 PM
Oh, this is the first time a Megaten game used the "nice" looking pre-rendered backgrounds. The two games that preceded this one, Persona and Devil Summoner, tried to use the really godawful lego maps.


BandyAid is represented by the blue peg, other people you can speak to on the map are represented by the green dots. This little icon will pop up whenever you get close enough to speak with someone. Everyone in the game has a character portrait, even nameless green town dots.

Beautiful Amami City

City Map. The first Devil Summoner introduced the multiple districts connected by the city map hub. Our only two options are Akanedai and Shibahama, so let's head to Shibahama. When BandyAid enters, a green dot appears from the cruiseship and starts to leave the map.


If you catch it and speak with it, you'll get a little scene where two women walk by in a hurry.

I'm sure these two are just generic green dots who we'll never see ever again

Hitomi is impressed by how expensive and fancy their clothing is. This scene is confusing because it demonstrates that Hitomi actually has good taste, and yet, her BRIGHT ORANGE VEST. SOCKS OVER LEGGINGS. Anyway, the two women hurry off. Nothing to do but go to the parking garage and wait for the Leader. It's located right beside the entrance of Shibahama.


Are we in the right place?

Suddenly, we shift to FMV as a trailer pulls up:


Yeah, there's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle joke here, something about being a secret group but painting your logo on the side of all your vehicles. Only this is worse because this is the Spookies' Hideout and their logo says "HARD CORE HACKERS."


The Leader steps out. Real name: Sakurai Mashiro, age 25. Codename: Spooky. Nickname: Leader. Likes: Tobacco, Hacking, Sticking it to "The Man."

His codename is where the name of the hacking group comes from. Yes, I know it's stupid. It's like Talking Tyrants calling themselves Parishioners.

At least his clothing is normal-adjacent:

(http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/19leaderb.jpg) Thumbnail, click for larger

Inside the Hideout, Hitomi asks Spooky if he knows anything about this Redman character. Spooky isn't familiar with that name. Hitomi is still worried because Redman knew BandyAid's name, but, geez, look Hitomi: I'm sure it's nothing and we'll never hear from this Redman fella again. Ok?


Spooky has more important things to talk about though:



What's the dealio with Hitomi?
1) She's always cheerful. She's smoking Hot
2) She's very cool. She's pretty chill
3) She's wild and sexy! She's electrifyingly sexy

We need an answer Tyrants.

Next time: We'll actually get somewhere!

07-06-2008, 04:18 PM
I'm almost entirely sure I picked the first one, so I'll vote for #3.

edit: Does this have some sort of effect on Nemissa when she, uhh, appears?

07-06-2008, 05:03 PM
Against all available evidence, I will select #2.

Ample Vigour
07-06-2008, 05:07 PM
I demand to be electrified with sexy

07-06-2008, 05:46 PM
Have you seen that orange thing? HOTT. Yes, with two Ts. And she'd have to be pretty wild to willingly wear that.

I can see no other option than number 3.

07-06-2008, 06:55 PM
Whoever sent the message introduces itself as Redman, and gives some cryptic warnings. I'm sure it's nothing though.



This scene is confusing because it demonstrates that Hitomi actually has good taste, and yet, her BRIGHT ORANGE VEST. SOCKS OVER LEGGINGS.

I'd still hit it.

(That's option three.)

Pajaro Pete
07-07-2008, 01:21 AM
edit: Does this have anything to do with the price of eggs in China?

We'll see Tuesday.


Think more racist.

07-07-2008, 06:56 AM
That guy shops at the same store as Lupin III.

07-07-2008, 09:03 AM
We'll see Tuesday.
Fair enough.
Think more racist.
Oh wow, I just got that.


Pajaro Pete
07-07-2008, 03:08 PM
Wild and Sexy it is!


Regardless of what you say, Hitomi gets flustered and tells you and Spooky to cut it out. Spooky laughs and says he was just teasin', then Hitomi notices something on the table. Is that a gun?


Spooky is all too happy to show off his new toy. He opens it and reveals that it's actually a "Guntype Computer."


Unfortunately, it's locked down and so he can't do anything with it. He steps out to do whatever it is that he does when he's not being a hacker. BandyAid now has some options of what he can do: He can save his game (as he'll be able to do at any Terminal), inspect the Guntype Computer, or leave. Well, the leave option is a false choice because Hitomi won't let you. That only leaves inspecting the Guntype Computer, or GUMP, if you will. After inspection, Hitomi says that they could check out Paradigm-X.


When BandyAid logs on, he's immediately greeted by a cruddy FMV displaying the Paradigm-X logo and sent to the User Counter for orientation. The User Counter kicks him over to a strange man with a bucket hat. It's CAPTAAAAAIN PARADIGM, the mascot for Paradigm-X. You can tell this game was made in 1997, because if it was made in 2007 Captain Paradigm would be an 8 year old girl named Paradigm-Tan.

Captain Paradigm explains the internet and how it works and talks about how Paradigm-X is going to revolutionize the world. After this entirely pointless scene, BandyAid is kicked back to the User Counter and finally allowed to go outside.


Paradigm-X is apparently a vaguely European city. This is the first time we've been able to freely move around in first person mode, too. When BandyAid steps forward, he bumps into a bald man who mentions Spooky. How does this guy know Spooky...? It's Six. That guy is Six.



Paradigm-X Boutique: For when people want to change their avatar's clothing. It isn't actually a gameplay feature for us, but in Amami City I'm sure they're very excited.

VR Bank: We'll be able to store money here later, and it'll gain interest for every hour we play. The rate is like 1.005 per hour. The only real use is that the money you save here will be available for future cycles.


Forums: There are four forums littered around Paradigm-X, where you can talk to a few people. It's pretty creepy that one of them is a bathhouse. You can also warp between the forums, which might be helpful if Paradigm-X weren't so small.


Casino: Buy coins, play games, trade for fabulous prizes. None of the games are open for us just yet, but we'll definitely be back.

Next door to the Casino is the VR Theater. You'll know when you pass it because Hitomi will stop you and point it out.

In the Theater, there are two "Courses": The "A Course" has a VR Art Museum, and a VR Horror House. We'll... we'll be back later. Sigh.

The "B Course" has a VR Park, a Quiz Game ("Dungeon Q") and a Love Quiz. Remember back in 2001-2002 when those "Which Anime Character Are You?"/"Which Pokemon Are You?"/"Which Sailor Senshi would be your girlfriend?" quizes were so popular? That's pretty much what the Love Quiz is. We may come back and I need filler content, but when I ran through it I got a character we haven't met yet.


Next up is the Pet Shop "Oukokuya" and a Fortune Teller. The Fortune Teller is as useful as they tend to be in RPGs, but we'll be visiting the Pet Shop later in the game.

How subtle. From left: Blimp, Nishi, Kadokura

At the end of the alley is a blimp broadcasting Paradigm News. They're currently covering the Paradigm-X Launch Party. Nishi, the City Planner hired to help cultivate Amami City into a technoland, and Kadokura, the CEO of Algon Soft, are giving speeches. Nishi mentions that Amami City requires people to have ID cards that store all their cash and whatnot. It's very Mark of the Beast. Kadokura's just excited that his creation has gotten this far.

After the coverage is over, there's nothing left for us to do in Paradigm-x. For real, you can't pass the Blimp-o-Vision in Paradigm-X, despite there clearly being more to it. Oh well, let's log out. To do this, we have to go to back to the User Counter.

Pajaro Pete
07-07-2008, 03:18 PM

The friendly lady isn't here, but their is a disembodied voice asking for souls! A grainy FMV plays where a giant pink ball comes out of the computer straight for BandyAid. But it gets shattered by... a coyote?


Goddammit, this Paradigm-X isn't even out of Beta and the furries have already moved in. The coyote introduces itself as Redman. He needs BandyAid's help TO SAVE THE HUMAN RACE. Because... um... teenagers are always the best for this sort of thing? I don't know. He first has to send him on a Vision Quest, so BandyAid is warped to the VR Theater.


Vision Quest 1:
Captivity's Soul



Urabe Kouisarou was a nobody. A worthless man that no one could respect. So, he joined the Phantom Society. That was his way to be a somebody. People looked up to him. They respected him. Everything was going great, until he discovered the shocking truth about the Phantom Society: They're the bad guys. He decided to quit being a Dark Summoner for the Phantom Society.

Let me make this abundantly clear: You don't "quit" the Phantom Society.

You don't leave. You don't retire. They explained this to Urabe by killing his wife and son. Urabe was not happy about this and began to plan his revenge. A person named Redman contacted him, explaining that the very best way to get back at the Phantom Society would be to steal the Nemissa Program. We join Urabe en route to the Algon Network Service building, where the Nemissa Program is stored. Surely this reckless raid will be successful! Let's watch.


When Urabe enters the building, he's surprised that there are demons in the building. This Vision Quest is basically a training mission for new players, Urabe's several levels stronger than anything he'll encounter, as are his demons.Let's check out team Urabe:

Clockwise, from upper left: Genma Bes, Urabe, Kijo Leanan Sidhe, Chirei Putz

Genma Bes (Illusion Bes) (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/bes.png)
Chirei Putz (Earth Spirit Putz) (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/putz.png)
Kijo Leanan Sídhe (She-Devil Leanan Sidhe) (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/leanan.png)

There's not a whole lot to say about this Vision Quest: Urabe and his demons are strong, the enemies aren't. Well, Putz kind of sucks hardcore, but he's still better than what we'll be fighting. Urabe is outfitted with one of the best body armors in the entire game, and two of his demons have healing magic. In the unlikely event that Urabe is going to die in battle, Leanan Sidhe will sacrifice herself to protect him. We'll learn why in future updates. You can just hit Auto Battle to deal with everything. The manual has maps of this dungeon, so use those if you have them.

We're trying to find the storage computer on the fifth floor to get the Nemissa Program. On the first floor, walk forward to the elevator. On the second floor, you'll find that the elevators are locked down, so you'll have to take the stairs. The stairs are located on the outer perimeter of the building, so just follow the outer hallway til you hit the stairs.

Above: A security guard screams as he's eaten by demons

Same deal on the third floor, except you'll bump into a security guard. Urabe tells him to get the hell out here, because, y'know, DEMONS. He doesn't listen, and a few steps later Urabe hears him screaming in agony.


Urabe finally arrives on the fifth floor's control room.


The Nemissa Program is apparently pretty big, so Urabe has to delete the Devil Summoning Program from his GUMP. After he downloads the Nemissa Program... it laughs. He's a little freaked out. He hears a voice behind him. It's Finnegan, a Dark Summoner and fellow Phantom Society member. He's here to kill Urabe.


But... Urabe doesn't have any demon allies. You might say he's pretty fucked! Urabe takes off automatically and tries to run down stairs, but is stopped by another Phantom Society member. The only way to go is up, I suppose. Urabe automatically runs up to the roof, where he realises he's cornered. He locks his GUMP down so he doesn't lose the data:

Pajaro Pete
07-07-2008, 03:19 PM

You're asked to put in a password and I would have asked y'all for one except it literally matters for all of 2 minutes. After that, Finnegan appears on the roof, and says they're going to settle it like men. I'm sure Urabe will be fine. I guess Finnegan didn't really understand what Urabe was doing? I don't know, because he didn't destroy the GUMP or keep it or anything.

The screen fades to sepia, and we're back with Redman. Turns out that Urabe didn't survive. Bummer.


On the bright side, BandyAid gains six levels! You get one point per level to modify one of six stats:


(力) Strength: Increases damage dealt with physical attacks ("Sword" weapons).

(知力) Knowledge: Increases Max MP, as well your accuracy with magic. It also has a lesser effect on magic damage dealt, magic evasion rate, chance of inflicting status effects, and the chance of evading/recovering status effects.

(魔力)Magic: Increases Max MP and damage dealt with magic. It has a minor effect on magic accuracy. Ultimately useless for BandyAid.

(耐力) Constitution: Increases Max HP, as well as your defense.

(速さ) Agility: Increases accuracy of physical attacks, evasion rate, and turn order. Also has a minor effect on escaping battle.

(運) Luck: Does a lot of little things. Increases accuracy of physical attacks, evasion, critical hit rate, status effect rates and evasion, items found after battle, and demon negotiation.

The best for BandyAid are, in this order: Agility, Intelligence and Strength. Constitution can be ok once in a while, but he'll pick up more HP just for leveling up.

I'll leave this up to you guys: How should we divide up his points?

07-07-2008, 04:46 PM
I'd put at least two into strength. I find that always makes a difference early in these games. One or two into constitution, whatever's left into agility. There's time later to get him ready for casting, etc.

Edit: missed your guide. Invert my suggestion!

07-07-2008, 07:35 PM
Four strength, two agility. Worry about health after the cake first dungeon.

Or never, since you at least get a partner in this one. I had forgotten that you don't get her first levels at the same time

I think my guy has some points in Magic because my graphics got all fucked up at the end of the Urabe part and I was just panicking trying to save since I hadn't yet, and didn't realize this game uses six stats like the old ones instead of five like the newer games. Hahahah.

I thought the password thing was kind of cool but it's also rather silly. At least they didn't turn it into a completely retarded memorization "puzzle."

He needs BandyAid's help TO SAVE THE HUMAN RACE. Because... um... teenagers are always the best for this sort of thing? I don't know.
Obviously, teenagers are the only ones stupid and cocky enough to fall for this whole "save the world" schtick, which is why you never see middle-aged "heroes" busting evil up.

Well, Putz kind of sucks hardcore, but he's still better than what we'll be fighting.
This would potentially be more surprising if his name were different.

Pajaro Pete
07-07-2008, 08:53 PM
Edit: missed your guide. Invert my suggestion!

So pour into Constitution, then a couple into Agility?

Or never, since you at least get a partner in this one.

If BandyAid dies, it's game over, regardless of his partner's status.

Obviously, teenagers are the only ones stupid and cocky enough to fall for this whole "save the world" schtick, which is why you never see middle-aged "heroes" busting evil up.

It gets so much worse. Yeah, let's put an 18 year old in charge of fighting an organization that's been responsible for every significant development in the history of mankind

07-07-2008, 08:58 PM
Oh. I didn't die yet (in the first dungeon, basically) so I didn't know that. But I stand by what I said for now.

Pajaro Pete
07-08-2008, 06:42 PM
Update 4: Jesus Christ this is long.

So I went with this:
3 Strength, 1 to Constitution and 2 to Agility. That seemed to be the happy medium.


Hitomi wakes BandyAid up. She thought he was dead. He immediately uses the password he learned from the Vision Quest to unlock the GUMP. Somehow, the Summoning Program activates itself (despite it being deleted in the Vision Quest), and an error message appears on the screen. A ball of light emerges from the screen. Oh. My. God. Do you know what we've done?! DO YOU?!


Navi---I mean, the ball of light, flies across the trailer, then bounces back toward Hitomi.

No Hitomi, don't just stand there when the ball of pure magic is coming toward you. Christ on a cracker.

Welp, looks like Hitomi was incinerated. Oh well. Maybe in her next life, she'll learn to dodge balls of energy. It's a tough way to learn a lesson, but at least she'll remember it!

Demon possession will change your facial structure and turn your hair white.

The presence within Hitomi laughs ecstatically, and thanks you for freeing her. She introduces herself as Nemissa. The demon Nemissa. She says she's leaving, but thanks you for her new body. Hitomi resurfaces, and is freaked out. Nemissa is annoyed that Hitomi's soul is still in the body and still has some control over it.


Oh, and the fusion feature of the GUMP is unlocked, so now we can fuse where ever, whenever. Life keeps getting more convenient!

Six, Lunch

Fellow Spookies Six and Lunch show up. We technically already met Six in Paradigm-X, he was the bald man we ran into.
Six's real name: Sako Shingo. Likes: Guns, Horror Movies. 17 years old.
Lunch's real name: Kitegawa Junnosuke. Likes: Food. 19 years old. Lunch is the best member of Spookies because he is the only one I don't feel like killing.

Lunch says that Hitomi's really loud, he heard her all the way outside. Both he and Six are surprised by her new hair color and her total change in attitude. Six wonders where Spooky and Yu-ichi are. Hopefully, Yu-ichi is lying in a ditch bleeding to death because Yu-ichi is worthless and I hate him.


Lunch notices the fancy new Paradigm-X hardware. Apparently it uses a new, fancy, hacker-proof chip called Krypto. I'm sure it's nothing though.

BandyAid's phone rings. It's Spooky. Apparently he's got himself in a teensy bit of trouble over at the Algon Net Service building in the Nikamimon district. You know, the building we just saw in the Vision Quest that was overrun with demons? Yeah. That place. Hitomi doesn't want to go, because, y'know, super dangerous, but Nemissa tells her to shut up because they are so going. Nemissa acts like a spoiled 5 year old. Six distributes some guns and bullets, and the group sets off to Nijomon.

After the scene is over, Nemissa gains 5 levels. Like BandyAid, we get to distribute one point per level. Since Nemissa learns magic as she levels up, and starts with the "Dia" spell, the most basic healing spell in the game. It recovers a small amount of HP to one character. Since she does learn magic automatically, and fully recovers her HP and MP when she levels up, it would be utterly wrong to level her as anything but a magician. Magic, Knowledge, and Agility should be her primary stats. Eventually, she'll reach a sweet spot where she'll have enough MP and be gaining levels quick enough that she'll be able to do nothing but spam attack magic for every battle and still never run out of MP. It'll be great, I promise.

For now, I put 3 points into her Magic and 2 points into her Agility.


Nijomon is the location of Algon Software's offices.

"Let's split up Gang!"

At the Algon NS building, Lunch decides that they should split up. Hitomi and BandyAid will be one team, Six and Lunch will be the other.

BandyAid's current equipment:
Sword: Igniter (A cigarette lighter with a small knife on the end)
Gun: Clap K*K (I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, it only holds 3 bullets before it needs to be reloaded, so it probably should be Crap K*K)
Bullets: Normal Bullets
Helmet: Knockout Hat (A hat that has an iron plate in the bill)
Body Armor: Kevlar Vest (A vest made of kevlar)
Gloves: Leather Gloves
Shoes: Leather Boots

Nemissa' current equipment:
Sword: Skean Dhu (A double edged knife once used in Ireland)
Gun: Clap K*K
Bullets: Normal Bullets
Helmet: None
Body Armor: Padded Armor (The quilting provides additional protection)
Gloves: None
Shoes: Climbing Boots (Sturdy boots used for mountain climbing)

Overall, Nemissa's equipment is better than BandyAid's, but she has less of it. It doesn't matter, she's going in the backrow.

Pajaro Pete
07-08-2008, 06:56 PM
Lunch will unlock one of the elevators that were locked in Urabe's Vision Quest. It leads to the fifth floor. Again, the whole area is already automapped on the GUMP, so just follow the paths. On the fifth floor, BandyAid and Nemissa encounter their first battle:

Yousei Pixie

The green smiling face indicates that you can recruit the demon if you try to talk to it. Since we want a Pixie, we select the Talk option on the main menu. She recognizes that the computer you have used to belong to a man named Urabe, and joins the party with little resistance. Into the GUMP you go! We won't be summoning her, because unlike in the PS2 games, a summoned demon consumes your MAG with each step.

Recruiting the Pixie nets us a small bit of experience, but it's enough to push both BandyAid and Nemissa up a level. Both get a point to Intelligence, and Nemissa learns her first offensive spell: Zio, a single target Electricity spell.

The type of offensive magic she learns is based on how you responded to Spooky's question back in part 2: If you had said she was always cheerful, Nemissa would learn Agi/Fire elemental spells, and if you had answered that she's very cool, she would have learned Bufu/Ice elemental magic.

I sure hope I don't end up in 65,000,000 BC.

There's another locked door on the fifth floor that Lunch will unlock, and behind it are a Terminal (Save point) and a Heal Spot. At Heal Spots, you can spend MAG to heal your party.

Not long after the Heal Spot, BandyAid and Nemissa enter their second battle:

Gedou Slime and Shiki Facebind. If you select the Talk command, you'll notice that the smiling face is gone. That's because both of these enemies are DARK-aligned, and as such would much rather EAT YOUR FACE than chat or join the party.

We have some other options too:

Comp will let us analyze the enemies, but we'll only get data if we've fought them before.
Escape will let us run away, but if we fail the enemies will get a free turn and total rape us.
Auto brings up the auto battle menu, which will let us choose either Sword/Go or Repeat last turn's actions. Sword/Go is the more traditional autobattle: The human characters will use their physical attacks, and the demons will do whatever they think is best.

BandyAid's battle menu, which I didn't get a screenshot of, has 6 options:

Sword lets him use whatever weapon he has equipped as his sword. It's basically the Attack command from every other RPG ever.
Gun lets him use his gun. Guns take bullets each time you use this command, and when you run out you'll have to spend a turn reloading. If you try to use a gun with no bullets in it, you'll be taken to the item menu to select which bullets you want to use.
Comp allows him to summon a demon ally into battle.
Item lets him use items.
Move lets him move to any adjacent spot.
Guard lets him defend to lessen the damage he receives.

Nemissa's menu is identical, except she has the Magic command instead of Comp.

Nemissa casts Zio on the Facebind, while BandyAid uses his sword on the slime. When you kill things with sword weapons, they're split in half when they die. It's a nice touch.

After battles, BandyAid and Nemissa are rewarded with experience, items and MAG. Here, they obtain Ointment, a weak healing item, and 36 MAG. Enemies do not drop Yen.

Left to right: Knocker, Pixie, Gally Trot

BandyAid and Nemissa spend some time chatting up some demons. BandyAid comes across a Chirei Knocker, who explains the nuances of demon negotiation before joining the party, as well as a Majuu Gally Trot.

Level 6 Majuu (Demon Beast) Gally Trot (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080708-173915.png): Drains Zan/Impact spells. Abilities: Bite, Sukunda.
Level 2 Yousei (Fairy) Pixie (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080708-173712.png): Drains Zan/Impact. Abilities: Zan, Dia.
Level 3 Chirei (Earth Spirit) Knocker (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080707-024343.png): Voids Bufu/Ice, weak to Agi/Fire. Abilities: Tarunda, Short Chop.

Unfortunately, those kind of suck. So let's try out our GUMP's Fusion feature!
Gally Trot and Knocker become Youki Azumi.

The GUMP is capable of fusing two demons together to create a new demon. Since in this game, demons do not gain levels, you have to do a lot of fusion. You can get fusion errors too, which usually results in both demons you're using being deleted. That kind of sucks.


The result is Youki (Ogre) Azumi.

CP is the number of MAG that's consumed per step while the demon is summoned. The red and yellow bar is loyalty, which I'll explain in a minute.
Azumi's alignment is Chaotic-Neutral. Alignment doesn't mean a whole lot in this game. A demon that's extremely chaotic won't speak to you if a lawful demon is currently summoned, nor would you be able to summon an extremely chaotic demon from your GUMP as long as a lawful demon is in the party. Since Azumi is moderately chaotic, we can also summon moderately lawful demons if we needed to.

Azumi's abilities are Bufu, a single target ice spell; Raku Kaja, a spell that boosts the entire party's defense; and Scratch, physical attack. The green spells are spells and are accessed from the Magic menu, while the blue are special abilities found on the Extra menu.


Loyalty: Demons don't always listen to you in battle. In the Azumi picture, you see a red and orange bar with the number "3" on it. That's its Loyalty meter. The more loyal a demon, the more likely it is to follow your orders in battle. It's in your best interest to max out a demon's loyalty if you intend to use it in battle. To build a demon's loyalty, you need to give it orders it wants to follow. These are determined by it's personality type.

愚鈍: Azumi is a Stupid demon. Stupid demons gain loyalty by being left to their own devices. Just select "GO" as their command and they'll love you more. Like Clever demons, at max loyalty they can be changed into items. In the above picture, I told him to "GO." When a demon's action box is blue, it means they're gaining loyalty. If it was red, it would mean they're disobeying orders and losing loyalty. If it's white, that means they're following orders, even if it isn't what they want to do.

冷静: Stoic demons don't have a set command to gain loyalty. Most of the strongest demons in the game are stoic.

友愛: Friendly demons gain loyalty by defending or casting healing/support magic. When their loyalty is maxed out, they'll leap in front of BandyAid to protect him from fatal attacks. Back in Urabe's Vision Quest, Leanan Sidhe was a friendly demon, so she would have protected him from any fatal attacks.

獰猛: Ferocious demons will gain loyalty by using physical attacks and physical special skills. When their loyalty is maxed out, their physical damage output will be increased by 50%.

狡猾: Clever demons gain loyalty by using magic attacks. Spells like Marin Karin and Dormina count too, but only if they actually inflict their related status effect. When their loyalty is maxed out, they can be transformed into items.


BandyAid gains another level, and fuses Pixie with another Gally Trot to get Seijuu Heqet.

Seijuu (Sacred Beast) Heqet (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080613-200126.png): Weak to Zio/Electricity. Abilities: Maharagi, a fire spell that hits a row of enemies; and Mapper, a spell that puts in automap in the corner of the screen. Heqet is a clever demon, so she'll gain Loyalty from casting Maharagi. Since she only has so many MP, we're not going to summon her just yet. You can see from the "Moon Effect" that she becomes more powerful as you approach the Full Moon, but becomes weaker as we move to the New Moon.

Pajaro Pete
07-08-2008, 07:10 PM


In the basement of the NS building, BandyAid encounter... a rockabilly? He introduces himself as Carol J, because Atlus in the 90s felt that all rockers should have girl names. He's a Dark Summoner of the Phantom Society. His COMP is his Guitar, and he summons by playing different chords. Yeah, and I bet you thought the GUMP was impractical and awkward.


Carol J summons his demons via grainy FMV, and the boss battle begins.

Carol J's demons:

Two Yuki (Revenant) Gakis: Weak to Hama/Expel magic and have the ability "Scratch."
Shiki (Walking Dead) Padlock (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080708-174312.png): Weak to Hama/Expel magic as well as Agi/Fire. It can cast Rakunda to lower your defense and Agi.
Jaki (Wicked Ogre) Ippon Datera (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080708-174146.png): Weak to Hama/Expel magic. He can cast Sukukaja to boost the enemy party's agility, and a physical attack "Somersault."

Carol J himself has no weaknesses, and only has about 140 HP. He can use Short Chop and Mellow Beat (高揚の歌). Mellow Beat can inflict a party member with "High" status, but his Intelligence is so low it's not likely it'll connect.

Nemissa blasts him with Zio, BandyAid attacks with his knife, Heqet blasts him with Maharagi, and Azumi casts Bufu. Carol J gets beat down pretty quickly, then runs off. He drops a card, which BandyAid picks up.


Spooky shows up and is surprised that you got the GUMP working. It turns out he came over to try and figure out how to unlock it.

The team heads back to the base, where Yu-ichi finally shows up.


Real name: Haga Yu-ichi. Likes: Hacking, Spooky, the thought of being a super hacker, acting like an child.

Spooky figures out that the card Carol J dropped is actually one of those ID cards that Nishi mentioned at the launch party. With it, we gain access to the Summoner's Network BBS. According to Summoner's Net, the Phantom Society has been collecting souls for some unknown purpose. Whatever it is, the posters believe that it's all going down in Amami City. Interesting.


Oh, and while the grown ups were reading and discussing what was on Summoner's Net, Yu-ichi's managed to fuck up the GUMP. He hasn't been in the game 3 minutes and he's already been a pain in the ass. "Call to Goumaden"...? Spooky says that's the name of a nearby hotel, but he can't imagine what it would have to do with a computer.

Yes, what indeed.

Next time: Vampires! Drag Queens! Extraterrestrials!

Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 06:17 PM
Update Five: Familiar Faces


Hotel Goumaden is the cruise ship in the middle of Shibahama. Say, didn't we see some women leaving this place earlier?


Inside, BandyAid and Hitomissa are greeted by a maid. The maid wants to know what business the two have at the Goumaden. Hitomi thinks the maid is creepy, and can't bring herself to ask about the COMP. Thankfully, Nemissa steps up and is like "Listen bitch, our computer is broken and it said to come here." A voice comes from the hallway: It's Victor. He tells Mary (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Shelley), the maid, that he'll handle it. Apparently, Mary is a android. If you finished Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army, this sequence (http://youtube.com/watch?v=9afG3X55p6I) sudden makes sense. I wouldn't recommend looking at unless you've finished that game though.

Incidentally, Victor acts so different in Soul Hackers than he does in Raidou Kuzunoha. He's so cartoonish and wacky in that game, but here he's more mature and a bit more solemn.

In case you're wondering, he's lived this long because he learned the secret of eternal life: Vampire blood transfusion.

Grainy FMV: The steps from the staircase drop down to reveal a hidden passage.

He invites the two downstairs. Normally, BandyAid would worried about following a vampire Strange Man down a hidden stairway in such a gothic setting, but he figures Nemissa's got it covered.


Victor needs a favor: There's something in the warehouses in Amami Bay district he wants BandyAid to get for him. He can't go himself because he's not accustomed to daylight. He fixes the GUMP, and gives BandyAid two software chips, Neo Clear(ネオ・クリア) and DaVinchi(ダ・ヴィンチ) and explains how to use them.

Install screen

At any terminal, BandyAid can install software onto the GUMP, each piece of software takes either one or two memory slots. The GUMP only has five memory slots.

The GUMP came installed with:

Enemy Sonar (エネミー・ソナー), which shows shows if enemies are around or not, and their relative strength compared to BandyAid's (Blue to Red)
Honey Bee (ハニー・ビー), which allows BandyAid to get molested at a seedy hotel to get some panties. Or lets BandyAid access the map of every floor in a building.
Moon Adult (ムーン・アダルト), allowing BandyAid to speak with demons during the Full Moon.

Neo Clear displays an automap in the corner of the screen, while DaVinchi allows BandyAid to check the fusion FAQ from the GUMP. One of these is really great, the other isn't. Its DaVinchi. DaVinchi is useless.

Victor also says that BandyAid can now go shopping at the Shibahama Core as a Summoner.

BandyAid heads back to the Hideout to check in with the gang. Apparently, a message has been posted on Summoner's Net about the Sea Ark Hotel in the Bay district being used as a training facility for the Dark Summoners of the Phantom Society. Six and Yu-ichi take off to investigate.


BandyAid and Hitomissa decide that if Six and Yu-ichi are eaten by demons, it won't be a big loss, so they stop by the Shibahama Core mall to see what Victor was talking about instead of following the duo. There's a video store, an art gallery, an antique doll store, a drug store, a liquor store, a Thai rester aunt, and some sort of weird "Somatic Energy" place. BandyAid doesn't see what good any of this is going to do him.

Clockwise, from top left: VideoMuscle, Gallery Ladder, Automatar, Somatic Energy Association, Octagon Liquors, and Drug Gear

The response at each store is the same: The proprietor notices that BandyAid has a GUMP and shows him their special selection for special customers:

Video Muscle (ビデオマッスル) is a video store to most people, but sells blackmarket weapons to summoners. BandyAid buys Nemissa and himself new swords.
Gallery "Ladder" (画廊ラダー) is an art gallery, except the art is actually holograms used to cover up the blackmarket armor they sell to summoners. BandyAid buys Nemissa a ring and upgrades their head gear.
Automata (オートマータ) sells special, magical items. Well, as magical as a Molotov Cocktail can be. BandyAid skips buying anything there.
Drug Gear (ドラッグギア) sells healing items, but right now all they have is Ointment, Return Orbs, and Dis-poison.
Octagon Liquors (八角酒店) sells liquors that effect the personality and the loyalty of demons. It's pretty costly right now, so BandyAid doesn't buy anything.
Thai Restaurant Sawamura (タイ料理サワムラ), which I didn't get a picture of, is a place where BandyAid can pay Yen to heal his allies.
Somatic Energy Association (生体エナジー協会) is a special store where BandyAid can convert MAG to yen and yen to MAG. I mentioned earlier that enemies don't drop yen, so BandyAid will have to come here and change his MAG to yen if he wants to buy anything.

The Amami Bay area

When BandyAid and Hitomissa arrive in the Amami Bay area, they see Six and Yu-ichi (the red dots) running around, acting like idiots. BandyAid wisely ignores them and enters the warehouses. Again, he would normally be worried about going to a warehouse down at the bay in the middle of the night, but between his fire-breathing frog goddess, giant fishwoman, and lighting tossin' girlfriend, he thinks he'll be ok.

Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 06:52 PM
Lookit that draw distance

There are three warehouses here, but BandyAid needs a password to get in the second one. The other two warehouses have identical layouts, so let's start there.


The warehouses are a long hallway with empty siderooms.

At the end of the first warehouse's hallway, there's a worker. He's rude to BandyAid and Hitomissa, so Nemissa tells BandyAid to use his gun to threaten the guy, and BandyAid is too happy to comply. The worker get scared and takes off, but drops a Cold Suit (防寒服). The Cold Suit is an important piece of equipment for this dungeon, and it's better than BandyAid's Kevlar Vest, so he equips it. Outside the worker's room, there's a sideroom that contains a Jabbar Foot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kareem_Abdul-Jabbar) (ジャバー・フット), which BandyAid equips.

The third warehouse has the same layout as the other. At the end of the hallway, there's another worker who's much more helpful than the first. He tells BandyAid the security code, which we thankfully don't have to remember, and gives him another Cold Suit, which goes to Nemissa.

You can see the effect of the Neo Clear software

With the security code, which Nemissa automatically enters, BandyAid enters the third warehouse. The interior is covered in ice. Good thing they just put on some Cold Suits, right?

This warehouse is longer and much more complicated than before, and it's a fair deal more complicated than the next couple of dungeons. That's why it's mapped out in the instruction booklet. BandyAid heads to elevator in the upper left of the first floor, which takes him down to B1. He then follows the hallway north as it winds around to the east and dumps him at an elevator to the south. The elevator goes to B2, with a Terminal and a Healspot. He follows the winding hallway around the perimeter of the map until he comes to another elevator in the heart of floor, which goes down to B3.

B3 is a straight hallway, which leads to the Freezing Room. There's a monster inside, and Hitomi gives BandyAid the option of retreating. He takes it so he can summon Heqet in the party before going back in.


Zouma (Artificial Demon) Gargantua Zero can cast Mahabufu (Ice to one row), Ion Storm (The most powerful ice-magic in the game that hits the entire party) and Tackle (physical damage to one). BandyAid and Nemissa will DIE if they do not have the Cold Suits equipped. Azumi voids ice anyway, so 3 of the four party members are immune to most of Gargantua Zero's skills.

BandyAid attacks with his fancy new sword, the Leather Comb (レザー・コーム), Nemissa chunks Zio spells, Azumi casts Rakukaja to boost the party's defense, and Heqet casts Maharagi until she runs out of MP. Gargantua Zero goes down without too much trouble. BandyAid and Nemissa gain two levels, too.


BandyAid takes the elevator back to B1, then back up to the first floor where he comes upon a door labeled "Dr. Thrill's Laboratory." Dr. Thrill flips out as soon as he realizes BandyAid is a Devil Summoner and runs off. Maybe he had a bad experience with a devil summoner in the past. Maybe that devil summoner destroyed his entire Gargantua series. Maybe.


Hitomi finds the Dolly Sample 18, which is apparently what Victor wants. It opens up in a grainy FMV to reveal a rather creepy blob. BandyAid and Hitomissa are taken outside to the map screen, where BandyAid gets a call from Spooky, who wants him to come back to the Hideout as soon as possible.

But first, he decides to head back to the Goumaden.Victor's in the basement, and is excited that he has a new specimen. He wants to test out the dolly sample by fusing it with a demon to create an artificial demon. BandyAid is happy to help, and selects Seijuu Heqet to for fusion.

We take demons and process the hell out of them

Out pops...



Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 06:58 PM
http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/5-17.png http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/5-16b.png

It needs a name. The default name is "Seed" but we can do better than that Tyrants. The same rules apply to naming him as picking a username for BandyAid.


What do we call it?

I forgot to do this last update:
http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/20th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/20.jpg)
Six... Six is wearing something horrible. I can't even describe it.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/29th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/29.jpg)
Yu-ichi's boots. HIS BOOTS.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/32th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/32.jpg)
Mary is a maid.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/16th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/16.jpg)
Victor is dressed like a pirate captain. It's strange that he likes to play dressup.

07-09-2008, 07:21 PM
I want this out for DS so bad. Thanks for playing it so I don't have to learn Japanese.

Alien names:

Maso (referring to that alarming chain).

Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 07:58 PM
I want this out for DS so bad.

Me too. I was hoping that with the 10th Anniversary, they'd announce a portable version like they did with the first Devil Summoner. Instead, they put BandyAid and Nemissa character models in SMT: Online Imagine. The 10th Anniversary of the PS version is next year, so maybe they're do it then.

07-09-2008, 08:06 PM
I know a rando on an internet forum isn't going to affect anything, but look at that map overlay! That DESERVES to be on a bottom screen, with mappable icons.

Come on Atlus (Nich? Maybe?) Let the surprisingly decent sales of Etrian Odyssey AND P3 convince you do port this.

Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 10:31 PM
Actually, in the big, full screen map, you can place icons. Stairs and stuff are automatically placed, but you can drop shape icons if you want to mark where you found items, or alternate paths you need to go back and explore.

07-09-2008, 11:04 PM
Drag Queens!
I was playing this dungeon today and I was really mad that I couldn't get one of these to join me.

I also died a bunch. I'll have to try to finish it tomorrow as I'd love to keep kind of close with this.

And uhh, a name. I think it should be some sort of dog name.

WISHBONE. Fuck yeah.

Pajaro Pete
07-09-2008, 11:47 PM
This dungeon is sort of confusing, if only because after the cakewalk that was Algon NS, they throw this monsterous hellhole at you. Luckily, the next couple of dungeons are relatively short. Well, the next one is.

You won't get a Drag Queen to join you, because they're Dark-aligned, and you don't have the software to speak to Dark demons just yet.

07-09-2008, 11:57 PM
name it Elvis! fan the flames of hatred!

Pajaro Pete
07-10-2008, 03:16 PM
Update 6: In which UNDEROOS joins the party.

BandyAid settles on UNDEROOS as a name for his new pet, although he knows that he'll be able rename it when he fuses it again. He takes a moment to see what options he has at Victor's Goumaden.

2 Demon Fusion: Fuse two demons together.
3 Demon Fusion: Fuse three demons together. This is different from the PS2 games, as it will result in an entirely different demon than the same two demon fusion. Like, Jack Frost x Metatron x Succubus will result in a different demon than Jack Frost x Metatron.
Reverse Fusion: See all possible results you can currently get from fusion, and how to achieve them.
Fusion Guide: Shows what all the icons on the fusion screen mean.
Status: Check the status of your demons.
Demon Metamorphosis: Processes a Stupid or Clever demon into an item.

It should be pointed out that Demon Compendium is NOT one of those options. No, in Soul Hackers, BandyAid will not have the luxury of resummoning demons he's recruited in the past for nominal fee. Instead, he'll have to go out and rerecruit them through conversation, or through fusion. Mitama fusions are rendered largely obsolete because of this.

BandyAid doesn't have any more business at the Goumaden for the time being, but remembers that Spooky called him and wanted him to report back to the Hideout ASAP. BandyAid takes this opportunity to stroll over to Shibahama Core to eat at Sawamura and buy new weapons and armor:

New Items are bold:

Butterfly Knife (バタフライナイフ, a fold out knife)
Stick Gun (ステッキ型撃発)
Hard Shot Bullets (バードショット)
NBC Oxygen Mask (NBC酸素マスク, increases Constitution by 1)
Cold Suit (防寒服)
Jamming Arm (ジャミングアーム, increases Magic by 2)
Yellow Chaps (イエローチャプス, leather pants used by cowboys)

The Stick Gun can hold 10 rounds, which is a lot better than the 3 those Crap guns could handle.

Nemissa's equipment:

Half Pike (ハーフ・パイク, a short spear used in naval warfare. Can strike from back row)
Luger P95DC (ルガーP95DC)
Hard Shot Bullets (バードショット)
Stahlhelm (フリッツヘルム, Passed down from BandyAid)
High Leg Armor (ハイレグアーマー, Has a lot of sex appeal. Grants immunity to fire magic and a weakness to ice.)
Ring of the Universal Will (宇宙意志のリング)
Jabbar Foot (ジャバー・フット, passed down from BandyAid)

Because Nemissa is in the backrow, her equipment is less of a priority than BandyAid's.

BandyAid decides it's time to go back to the Hideout to see what Spooky wanted. Or let his demons feast on the rest of flesh of the rest of the Spookies. whichever.


Apparently someone posted on the Summoner's Network about Carol J being at the Planetarium in Akanedai. Spooky remembers that Carol J was the man they met at Algon NS, and that he was connected to the Phantom Society, so it might be worth checking into. Six calls and says that he and Yu-ichi have finished scouting out the Sea Ark Hotel at the Bay District. BandyAid, knowing that anything would be better than doing gruntwork for Spooky, heads to off to the Bay area to check it out. On the way, he speaks with people around town, who mention that there's been a virus going around that causes people to become delusional and aggressive. Huh.

Found the black guy!

The Sea Ark Hotel is a training dungeon, as it were. BandyAid can come here and fight all sorts of demons to build levels or rerecruit any demons he may want.


The lobby has a terminal and a heal spot, and no encounters. Floor 2 is the start of the actual dungeon. It's just a maze with extremely low level encounters. BandyAid isn't allowed to access his large map, but Mapper/Neo Clear still works. There's an elevator and stairs to more floors, but they won't open up until certain points in the storyline. BandyAid takes a moment to recruit Yousei (Fairy) Penangal (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080710-151438.png), which he forgot to do back in the warehouses. With nothing else to do here but waste MAG walking around, BandyAid surrenders to fate and heads off to Akanedai's Planetarium.


There are no encounters in the lobby of the planetarium, so Team Adhesive Strip (TAS) rides the escalator to the second floor. There's a kid there who says he wanted to go to the planetarium and look at the stars, but there's demons inside. Nemissa, quite out of character, says not to worry because she'll take care of all the nasty demons. He thanks her and scampers off.


Through the a door is the actual dungeon. I love the planetarium's look, it's so shiny. Not two steps inside, BandyAid encounters Kijo Acheri and two Azumi. Knowing that he'll need Acheri down the line, he strikes up a conversation with her. She's overwhelmed by his manly pheromones, and joins TAS with little fuss.


Kijo (She-Devil) Acheri (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080710-151333.png) voids Curses, but is weak to Expel. She has the spells Agi, Zan, Sukukaja and Paraladi. She's extremely Chaotic and a Clever demon.

Exhibit on Scorpio

TAS must walk through the exhibition hall to get to the third floor where Carol J is. This dungeon's "hook" is that he's supposed to read the exhibits to learn about the constellations so he can answer a quiz that will unlock t he door to the third floor. But BandyAid studied astronomy in highschool, or perhaps has been here enough times to know the quiz's answers, so he ignores the exhibits.

The blue squares are treasure, the pink arrow is the quiz room's entrance, and the plus sign is the locked door you'll be dropped outside of if you answer incorrectly.

At the north end of the room, there's a terminal and a heal spot, as well as some treasure. On the left, BandyAid picks up the Coward's Armor (落ち武者の鎧, increases Constitution by 2), which he equips because it's better than his Cold Suit, and an Engagement Ring (エンゲージリング) for Nemissa. The Engagement Ring gives her Curse immunity, but makes her weak to Strike attacks. That's probably a subtle reference to spousal abuse. However, since Nemissa's in the backrow, she's less likely to be hit by a skill that has the Strike property.

There's... a healing item on the right, I think.


BandyAid also sweet talks Datenshi Seere, a Prince of Hell, into joining TAS.

Datenshi (Fallen Angel) Seere (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080710-163200.png) is immune to Expel and Curses, but weak to Force spells like Zan. He has the spells Agi, Rakunda and Poisomdi. Seere is a clever demon.

Pajaro Pete
07-10-2008, 03:54 PM

In the center room is the quiz game. There are five questions, but they're asked in a random order each time you play. There's a time limit for each question (10 seconds), and if you don't answer within it, you get booted back to the exhibit hall just like if you had answered incorrectly.

Q: 黄道上の星座は全部でいくつ?
(How many constellations are in the Zodiac?)
A: 12

Q: しし座は なに座の西にある?
(Which of these is located west of Leo?)
A: おとめ座 (Virgo)

Q: この中で夏の星座はどれ?
(Which of these will be over the North Pole during Summer?)
A: いて座 (Sagittarius)

Q: libraと呼ばれるのは なに座?
(What is the constellation "Libra"?)
A: てんびん座 (Balancing Scales)

Q: 黄道上の第1宮は なに座?
(Which of these is first in the Zodiac wheel?)
A: うお座 (Pisces is the correct response)

After BandyAid nails the quiz, the door to the 3rd floor opens up. TAS heads upstairs. BandyAid takes a moment to whip out his GUMP and do some fusion:

Goodness, we should call her pants because that way she'd have some.

Datenshi Seere and Yousei Penangal are fused to become Tenshi Angel.
Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Angel (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080710-150800.png) reflects Expel but is weak to Curses. She has the spells Dia, Patra, Hama, and Zan. She's a friendly demon, as evidenced by her lack of pants.

Youki Azumi and Kijo Acheri are fused to become Chirei Koro-Pok-Guru.

Chirei (Earth Spirit) Koro-Pok-Guru (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080707-024354.png) also reflects Expel but is weak to Curses. He has the spells Hama, Tarunda, Patra, Mahazio and a KungFu skill that I'm not sure how to translate properly (端杯手の突き).

There's two side rooms on the third floor, one contains a Chakra Pot (チャクラポット), and the other contains...


MONSTER-IN-A-BOX! BandyAid cordially invites it to meet Nemissa's Zio spell. It dies. It gives enough experience for both BandyAid and Nemissa to level up, resulting in Nemissa learning Media, a party-wide healing spell. It was guarding a Strength Incense (力の香), which goes to BandyAid.


It's good that Nemissa learned Media, because I totally forgot to heal the party after the Monster-in-a-Box so the next battle had them in pretty bad shape. A lone Acheri begs for her life after TAS kill her friends, and offers to join. That is, until she sees Angel and flips out because Angel is extremely lawful.

At the other end of the third floor is the main Planetarium area.

He's surprised that BandyAid, of all people, showed up. He's at the Planetarium to summon the Fallen Angel Kokabel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kokabel). A Fallen Angel? In my Shin Megami Tensei? Gasp.

Things don't go as planned and he accidentally summons something else. Something that wants souls. A yellow ball appears and absorbs Carol J's body. It spits his body back out:


Only... it appears that he now has a disgusting, cancerous growth. The presence inside Carol J introduces itself as Moowis, and proceeds to attack.

Moowis has about 600 HP, has the spells Maharagi and Mahazan. It can also use the skills Mellow Beat (高揚の歌 - inflicts High status), Bacteria One (バクテリオ・ワン - inflicts Poison status), and Short Jab (ショートジャブ - Physical damage to one). One Short Jab knocks off nearly 3/4ths of UNDEROOS's HP.

BandyAid slices, Nemissa shocks (and casts media when mahazan hits), Koro-pok-guru casts tarunda to lower Moowis's attack power so Short Jab doesn't hurt so much, and Angel casts zan. It doesn't take too long before BandyAid slices him in half.


Moowis addresses Nemissa, speaking as if though it knows her. It vacates Carol J's body and flies at her, whisking her away to parts unknown.


Carol J is ok, and decides that maybe being possessed isn't the best thing in the world, and decides to quit the Phantom Society. It worked out fine for Urabe, so I'm sure he'll be ok too. He gives BandyAid a new piece of software, the Back Upper (バックアッパー), which will allow BandyAid to save anywhere.


BandyAid gets a call from Hitomi. She's a little confused, and then he hears an altercation on her side. Apparently it was Nemissa trying to take control so she could talk. Nemissa starts talking, saying she's in Paradigm-X and to come back to the Hideout. BandyAid is automatically taken back to the Hideout, where he discovers Nemissa on the monitor. She wasn't kidding when she said she was in Paradigm-X. She reappears in the Hideout, and says she wants to show BandyAid something. BandyAid takes a moment to save the game, and tries to leave to go shopping. Nemissa won't let him. He decides he's going to take a break for now.

Next time: He's a Bunny next time!

07-10-2008, 07:06 PM

they... they called the black guy "Boy"?

oh dear.

Ample Vigour
07-10-2008, 07:20 PM
they... they called the black guy "Boy"?

oh dear.

That island never lets me down.

Pajaro Pete
07-10-2008, 07:35 PM
This game is pretty unapologetic about it's racism. It gets even worse next time. A man in a turban walks into an airport, and 30 minutes later it blows up.

Pajaro Pete
07-11-2008, 05:17 PM

With no other choices, BandyAid resigns himself to checking Paradigm-X. Nemissa asks him to take her hand, and then BOOM: Grainy FMV of Nemissa turning into a ball of energy and taking flying into the computer. From now on, when BandyAid tries to access P-X, he'll have to sit through this FMV. Inside, Nemissa talks about how awesome it is, and before he can take a step, she stops him and drags him into the boutique.


Nemissa wants to try a change of clothing, which you can't blame her for because Hitomi dresses like she's going to the special olympics. Hitomissa disappears to look around, and BandyAid hears the two bickering over what to wear. They return wearing a slinky leather catsuit. A slinky leather catsuit that has bell bottoms. So close and yet so far. Hitomi is mortified, but that's probably because of all the cleavage.


Back outside, BandyAid decides he wants to see if the casino is opened, but is stopped as soon as he steps in front of the alleyway. By a bunny. BUNNY! The bunny introduces itself as Redman. Redman is a bunny this time. That's... something of a downgrade from coyote, isn't it? He bids BandyAid and Nemissa a good day. Nemissa is surprised that he knows her name. Turns out Redman's got another Vision Quest for BandyAid to go on. To the theater!

Vision Quest 2: The Haunters


Storytime! This is the story about a man named Judah. Judah was born into a large family in Nepal, and, to help support them, he became a Summoner for the Phantom Society. However, Judah is not sure if he is cut out for the life of a Dark Summoner. The constant death and murder? Not really his thing. In another life, he would have wanted to become a musician. But in this one, he must settle for a saxaphone-type COMP.


One day, Judah was called in to Amami City by Nishi, who had a mission for him. It seems that some sort of virus from the Manitou Network has leaked into the Amami Airport's computer systems. As a result, demons have been swarming the airport. Nishi wants Judah to clear out the demons. During the mission briefing, Nishi notices that Finnegan has arrived. He asks Finnegan if Urabe has been taken care of. Finnegan says that the body's been recovered. Poor Urabe.


Judah arrives at the airport. It's still under construction, so there's a lot of blocked paths and such. The main system is located on the third floor, and since Judah already the airport mapped out on his COMP, he should have no trouble getting there.

Team Judah, clockwise from upper left: Youma Marut, Summoner Judah, Youki Tokebi Yousei Silky, and Shinjuu Oshira-sama.

Marut voids electricity, expel and resists curses. He has the abilities Zio, Zan, Mahazio, Mist Cutter (かすみ斬り) and Human Cannonball (肉弾).
Tokebi absorbs force, and resists expel and curses. It has the abilities Dormina, Rakunda, Short Jab (ショートジャブ), Mapper and Mamorikuzushi (マモリクズシ)
Oshira-sama is weak to fire, voids curses, expel, and mind spells, and resistant to slashes and techniques. It has the abilities Recarm, Poisomdi, Estoma, Petradi.
Silky is weak to fire, voids ice, and is resistant to expel and curses. She has the abilities Bufu, Media, Diarama, and Blizzard of Loyalty (忠義の氷結).
Judah is equipped with a Shamshir (A Persian sword shaped like a crescent moon), a MauserSR93 and normal bullets, a Metal Turban, Hide Armor (Armor made from the hide of a ferocious beast. Weak to fire, strong to ice, Strength +2), a Gauntlet (Only the thumb piece moves independently) and Hide Shin guards (Shin guards lined with beautiful fur).

Not a bad team. Oshira-sama is mostly worthless, but the others are decent enough. I get the feeling that Judah is going to rue that Hide Armor at some point though.

Judah heads to the northeast and follows that hallway, only to come to a locked door. He forgot to unlock it at the front security counter in the center room. On his way back to the security room, another Phantom Society member reminds him that the whole place is locked down, so he'll have to go to the security counters on the second floor and the basement too if he wants to get to the main computer system.


Judah's computer doesn't have Neo Clear, but Tokebi has the spell "Mapper" which works the same. The only difference is that during the new moon, the map will go away. All map magic like that, Estoma, Riberama, Mapper, etc, will go dead during the new moon. In SMT3, you're able to immediately recast it, but in Soul Hackers you can't recast it until the 1/8 phase.

The airport is also one of the few dungeons in the game with damage floors. Most of them are completely out of the way, like the one above, so there's no excuse to walk over them. The enemies are a crapshoot here, some can be destroyed with little trouble, others can actually give Team Judah a hard time.

On the second floor, another Dark Summoner offers to to explain personality types to Judah. He's about 3 hours too late for that. In the security room on the second floor, Judah finds a woman.

BandyAid has seen her before, hasn't he?

The woman is surprised that someone's found her. Judah identifies her as Rei Reihou, a woman working with the Kuzunoha family. She and Kuzunoha are working against the Phantom Society, and since Judah's a member of the Phantom Society, a fight breaks out. Since Judah's got 4 demons on his side, all of which become stronger during the Full Moon, and Rei Reihou is all alone, this should be an easy battle, right?


No. Rei's a freaking beast. She can cast Maharagion (Major fire damage to all), Megido (Almighty damage to one), Hamaon (Instant death to all) and Diarahan (Fully recovers one character, since she's flying solo that means she heals herself). Hamaon is nothing to worry about, most of Judah's demons resist it. Megido will amost certainly kill a demon if it hits. You can see the effects of Maharagion above.

Rei begins the battle by smashing Oshira-sama's face in, knocking it from full health down to critical. Since she's using a three-section staff, not only does she smash Oshira-sama, she also nails the rest of the party at the same time. Team Judah goes all out: Marut uses Human Cannonball, Judah swings his sword, Tokebi uses Rakunda, Oshira-sama defends and Silky uses Blizzard of Loyalty.

On round two, Rei casts Maharagion. It hurts. A lot. Oshira-sama is killed. Silky has to switch to casting Media. Rei wastes her third turn casting Hamaon, which doesn't effect anyone. On her forth turn, she casts Diarahan, completely undoing everything Team Judah's done. She casts Maharagion again. Team Judah is barely alive. And then... a miracle happens. Rei stops the assault.

Pajaro Pete
07-11-2008, 05:26 PM

Judah wants to know why she stopped. In my mind, Rei tells him that she's completely raping him and he would die if it were to continue. But instead, she says there's no point in fighting, because she senses that Judah's not her enemy. She's sensed that he's really a good person despite him trying to kill her just now, and says that he doesn't have to follow the path he's on. He can change! He can be a better person! She leaves him with that food for thought. Judah unlocks the next door and limps his broken and beaten body to the nearby terminal, where Redman's waiting to heal him and record his game.

Refreshed, Judah heads to the elevator behind the newly unlocked door and rides down to the basement so he can unlock the security door on the third floor. God, RPG buildings are the worst. On the third floor's control room, he encounters the spirit Win-Pe.


Win-Pe says it's been infected by Manitou. Judah recognizes the name Manitou, but is attacked before he can get any explanation.

MAG Drainer

Win-Pe is... Win-Pe is a lot less than Rei. It voids all the normal stuff bosses do. It can heal itself with Diarama. It can cast De-kaja, but Judah didn't recruit any demons on the way here that had a kaja spell. It has an annoying spell called Demon's Birthcry (悪魔の産声) that deals almighty damage to one target then hits whatever's adjacent to it. It also has a rare skill called MAG Drainer (生体MAG抜き), which will deal a fuckton of damage to whichever demon has the highest CP. Since three of Judah's demons have the same CP, it appears that it targets whichever has the highest level, which is Marut. Marut takes a lot of damage and is petrified, sending it back to the COMP.

Win-Pe can also use Spinning Cut (回転斬り) to damage the whole party, but Silky can cast Media should counter it.

Eventually, the combined might of Tokebi's Rakunda, Silky's Blizzard of Loyalty and Judah's sword are enough to take it down.


Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that he's killed it. The screens all turn pink, and the text "Manitou" repeats over and over. In a last ditch effort to stop it, Judah pulls a kamikaze charge to destroy the computers.


BandyAid finds himself with Redman again. It's difficult to take cryptic warnings from a bunny rabbit. On the plus side, BandyAid gets three levels up for Judah's suffering.


BandyAid is awakened by Hitomi's voice. She's glad he's ok, because this is the second time something like this has happened. Nemissa' s confused, and asks what she means by the "second time," and asks if they had met Redman before. BandyAid and Hitomi, probably mostly Hitomi explain it through the black screen of exposition. Hitomi says that last time it happened, BandyAid came back with the password for the COMP.

A message on Summoner's Net says that demons have been deployed at the Amami Airport as part of a training mission for Dark Summoners. Coupled with the fact that BandyAid just saw that there's important clues there, it looks like that's going to be TAS's next stop.

But first, BandyAid enters Paradigm-X and heads to the bath house forum.


There's a middle-aged man whom BandyAid has never seen before. The man mentions some stuff about demons and summoners, and asks if BandyAid some questions. He gets spooked and leaves, much to BandyAid's disappointment. BandyAid heads back to the User Counter, only to bump into the man on the way over there. The man asks for BandyAid's help. Apparently there's a powerful demon haunting the Amami Bypass.

What do we do Tyrants? Should we go ahead to the Airport, or make a stop off at the Amami Bypass and see what's going on?

The next update will probably be Sunday night.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/28th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/28.jpg)
Bell bottoms!

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/34th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/34.jpg)
At least we can trust someone to dress themselves.

Finnegan screencap (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/finnegan.png). Judah screencap (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/judahart.png).

07-13-2008, 01:51 AM
Surely BandyAid will get into enough trouble on his own, but how can you pass on a tip like that? Hit the highway!

Pajaro Pete
07-13-2008, 06:38 PM
Update 8: Take the Highway!


BandyAid takes a moment to swing by the Goumaden and speak with Mary. This begins another wacky, game-long "side quest."

He heads to Video Muscle to buy himself a Billy Club (ビリー・クラブ, a concealed weapon that extends in three places, his one enemy column) and a Socom Pistol (ソーコムピストル). He stops in Gallery "Ladder" to buy himself and Nemissa Metal Turbans (メタルターバン, makes wearer immune to Mind-attacks but weak to bewitchment) and Foot Escapes (フットエスケープ, boosts Agility by 2). He takes a moment to chow down on some Thai food because his demons are still hurting from the Moowis battle.


Then he heads back to the Planetarium, because he forgot to do this back when he was here. He recruits another Kijo Acheri and raises her Loyalty to 5. Then he heads to the Goumaden, and processes the hell out of her to create the Toygun Knife for Nemissa. It's more powerful than BandyAid's Billy Club, and it increases her Luck by 2 points.

With his preparations complete, BandyAid heads to the Yurajima district to get on the highway.


There are three "stages" to the bypass: BandyAid is being sucked forward, and has to avoid the dark spots in the road or else he'll get sucked into a battle. It's really easy to avoid the dark spots, so there's no excuse for getting into a battle here. After the second stage, he finds himself in the Amami Bay area. After the next one, he comes to the end of the highway, where he encounters the Speed Demon. Speed Demon summons 3 Kubinashi Riders, and the battle begins.

Speed Demon has a specific pattern he'll follow as long as his Kubinashi Riders are with him. The first turn they'll use Soothing Wave (獰猛冷却波), which will damage any Ferocious demons you have in the party. The next round they'll use Binding Glamor (狡猾縛りの魅惑), which does the same thing except it hurts Clever demons. The third turn they'll use Rage Against Kindness (優しさに一喝) to damage any Friendly demons. Since BandyAid only has Koro-Pok-Guru and Angel with him, Friendly demons, these attacks are easily manageable. On the fourth round, it'll use Happy Trigger (ハッピートリガー) that deals bullet damage to all party members.

After the Kubinashi Riders are defeated, Speed Demon begins casting Dormina, which can put a party members to sleep. Since BandyAid and Nemissa are wearing metal turbans, they're protected from the spell. He'll also use Downward Swipe (両腕落とし) to deal a lot of damage to one character. Nemissa gets a level up and learns a new attack spell, Roma Fulmen (ロマ・フルメン). This is one of those terrible "It deals more damage the lower the caster's HP are" deals. It hits all enemies, but Nemissa will have to be in the red for it to deal more damage than her other spells. It's an electricity-based spell.


Back at the Hideout, Yu-ichi asks BandyAid about his sister Tomoko. Six teases Yu-ichi because he thinks Yu-ichi's got a thing for her, but Yu-ichi blows it off, saying that he's only asking because he's an only child. He asks if Six if he has any siblings. Six sort of blows the question off and leaves. BandyAid silently swears that he will not let Yu-ichi's stupidity defile his family, and enters Paradigm-X. The man who asked him to kill the Speed Demon is hanging around outside the bank. The man deposits 50,000 yen into BandyAid's bank account. Nice.


BandyAid goes back to the Amami Bay district and enters the Amami Airport. It's long-since been finished, and is a whole lot bigger now. And not mapped out on BandyAid's computer. But BandyAid has been here many times before, watching the planes land and take off, so he knows where everything is. He heads to elevator in the back of the building. On the way, he and Hitomissa hear a man's voice. Could it be a g-g-g-ghost?

He takes the elevator down to the basement, and immediately heads east.


He encounters a Youma Apsaras and Datenshi Shax. After bisecting the Apsaras, the Shax bargins for it's life, offering to join TAS. Then it sees the half-naked winged chick, and flips out. Chaos and Extreme Lawfals can't co-exist. Sigh. BandyAid continues his way east until he comes to another elevator, and takes it up the 2nd Floor. He heads southeast, to a lone room in the corner of the map, where he and Hitomissa hear the voice again. Apparently, something in the basement is waiting for them. They pop into the Healspot nearby (it's in the same location as it was in Judah's Vision Quest), and patch everyone up before going back to the elevator.

That looks familiar.

In the western part of the of the basement, there's a machine room. And down in the pit of odd perspective is a saxophone. A Saxophone-type COMPuter. BandyAid, having no problem desecrating a dead man's prized possession, rips out the memory card and puts it into his GUMP. The demons Judah had in his COMP at the time of his death (including any he recruited on his way to the Win-Pe), are loaded into the GUMP, and BandyAid is now able to hold more demons than before. The downside is that Team Judah's Loyalty has been reset to 3.

Youma (Trickster) Marut (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/marut.png)
Shinjuu (Tree God) Oshira-sama (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/oshirasama.png)
Yousei (Fairy) Silky (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/silky.png)
Youki (Ogre) Tokebi (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/tokebi.png)


Back in the hallway, a voice (a real voice, not an ethereal voice from a dead Gurkha) announces that Finnegan is on the third floor. Nemissa wants to meet this guy, so that's the next destination.


BandyAid sends Angel and Koro-Pok-Guru back to the GUMP and summons Team Judah to build their loyalty on the way back up to the third floor. On his way back up, a Youki Bilvis begs for BandyAid to spare it's life. You may remember Bilvis as the demon the Monster-in-a-Box from the Planetarium.

Youki (Ogre) Bilvis (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/barbartus.png) is immune to curses, and reflects force spells. It has the skills Mist Cutter, Dia and De-kaja.

Pajaro Pete
07-13-2008, 07:17 PM

On the third floor's control room, BandyAid arrives just in time to see Win-Pe die.


...At the hands of Finnegan. Y'know, he killed the last person that owned the GUMP, so maybe BandyAid should be worried. Finnegan wants to know if BandyAid is working with Kuzunoha, but TAS doesn't know who, or what, Kuzunoha is. Finnegan takes off without giving any answers, but leaves behind a wonderful parting gift: An army of demons!

Ok, so "army" was an overstatement.

He summons 4 demons:
Kijo (She-devil) La Llorona, who is weak to Expel but reflects Curses (whether or not Hama works on her in this battle, I don't know). She has the spells Media, which she'll almost always use, Scratch, and Final Nude (charms party, she never uses this. Good thing too, because those Metal Turbans are weak to it).
Jaryuu (Wicked Dragon) Hakujoushi, who voids Curses, resists Expel, and reflects lightning. She has the skills Marin Karin (charms one) and Scratch. She'll almost always use Scratch or a physical attack.
Ryuuou (Dragon King) Yata-no-Kami, who voids Gunfire and has the skills Mahazio, Sukunda, and Parala-Eye. He'll mostly use Mahazio and Parala-Eye.
Yojuu (Phantom Beast) Chaglin, which drains Force spells. It has the skills Zio, Rakukaja, and 99 Needles. It'll almost always use physical attacks.

BandyAid's first attempt at this battle ended in disaster. All three front line enemies went after him. Silky, who had maxed out her loyalty to BandyAid, took several blows for him while he was in critical status before she died, leaving him defenseless.

The second attempt, BandyAid made sure to summon Angel and Koro-Pok-Guru as well as Marut and Silky. Koro-Pok-Guru's Tarunda helped take the edge off the strong physical attacks. Silky's Blizzard of Loyalty and Media spells were a great asset, too. Angel was just there to take damage for BandyAid if he got in a bad way.


Finnegan's long gone by the time the battle ends. Another man, however, shows up. At first he's mumbling something about taking bodies, which surely BandyAid misheard. The man laments not being on time to reach Finnegan, but then introduces himself to TAS as Sukeroku. Nemissa wants to know if he's also a Phantom Society. He's not. In fact, he's working with Kuzunoha. It seems that the Phantom Society and Kuzunoha are at odds. I wonder which one we should trust guys?

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/22th.jpg (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/22.jpg)

Sukeroku asks TAS if they know a woman named Rei Reihou. Nemissa wonders if Rei is Sukeroku's girlfriend, but he assures her that's not the case. He says they should get in touch with her if they want to know more about the Phantom Society.

Spooky calls and tells TAS to return to the Hideout.


At the base, Spooky and Lunch inform the TAS that there's a club in Shibahama that's run by expert programmers, and they may be able to help out. EL-115 ("El" as in "The"). Lunch takes BandyAid there.


Outside, they bump into Lunch's father. Lunch and his father do not get along. The owners of EL-115, Alpha and Beta, sell software for the GUMP. Right now, they have only a few:

Gulliver Magic (ガリバーマジック): Restores BandyAid's HP as he walks.
Hiroemon (ヒロえもん): Increases the rate of finding items after battle.
Nurse Call (ナース・コール): Demons summoned into battle have their HP recovered.
Lady Killers (レディ・キラーズ): Negotiating with female demons is easier.
Albert (アルバート): Stabilizes demon fusion on the GUMP.

BandyAid buys Hiroemon, Lady Killers and Albert. The rest are trash. He installs Hiroemon in place of Enemy Sonar, because it will be infinitely more useful. Albert will be useful like, twice.

Outside EL-115, BandyAid gets a call from mom. She says that he's been playing a long time, and maybe he should take a break. Just kidding. She says something's wrong with Tomoko. For some reason, BandyAid feels like whatever is coming next will be really, really annoying. He stops by the Goumaden and fuses Bilvis with UNDEROOS:


Our little UNDEROOS is growing up so fast. It's reached the second stage of evolution (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080713-193906.png). Puberty, as it were. You can tell because he's lost the translucent body and started lifting weights.


07-13-2008, 08:26 PM
I would just like to say this.
1) I just read the whole thing so far, caught up, and you're doing a great job! All of these MegaTen games are so... appealing... and yet I'm not nearly hardcore enough to beat any of them. It's nice to have things like this and the Persona 2 one so I can enjoy them without, you know, sucking at battles and being too hesitant to fuse like crazy. Rock on!
2) I don't know what you're talking about, Parishioners would have been a kickassly horrible name, though I think Parish would have banned us all for it.

Pajaro Pete
07-14-2008, 12:24 AM
I'm glad you're enjoying it. The fusion thing is an understandable concern, especially in this game where there's 260+ demons, and maybe a 10th of those are actually useful.

07-14-2008, 12:54 PM
I wish I could play these games... but I can only stand RPGs on handhelds now.

Pajaro Pete
07-14-2008, 07:59 PM
Filler Update: Let's Remember Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner


In 1995, a man and his girlfriend were... Wait. It would better to start at the very beginning, wouldn it?

An ill-fated Queen, cover of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Gaiden: Lamentations for the Restless Souls (真・女神転生デビルサマナー外伝 鎮魂の哀歌)

Date: Approximately 600 BC
Place: The land of Qin, located in what is now southern Japan.

Queen Anu of Qin, a direct descendant of the settlers from the mainland who came Japan, bears a daughter named Inanna. The country of Qin is a shamanisitic matriarchy, for the women of the royal line have strong spiritual powers that defend the small country from invaders. Qin is a country different from most: The people live in peace with the native spirits of the land, the things that others might call "Demons" or "Ogres." Princess Inanna grew up in a peaceful time, thanks to her mother.

But! Of course there's a but!

The Great King of Yamato, Jimmu-Tennoh, under the guidance of the sacred bird Yatagarasu, sought to unify the land. The people of Qin refused to become a part of Yamato. Jimmu-Tennoh declared war on the tiny country. Inanna is unable to protect her country from the invading Yamato army. Jimmu-Tennoh drove the demons and ogres from the land, and Inanna was arrested. For daring to stand against Jimmu-Tennoh, she was executed.

As she lay dying, she burned her anger onto the world: The sorrow she felt for the people she could not protect, the anger she felt for the people of Yamato for destroying her country, her own self-loathing. All of it. Remember that part of The End of Evangelion, where Asuka's in her Eva after she's had the lance go through her eye, and the Eva series is circling over her head, and she reaches into the sky chanting "I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you"? Yeah, that's pretty much how I imagine Inanna died.

Her spirit did not move on.

Princess Inanna, pissed-off ghost mode

Her vengeful spirit rampaged across the land of Yamato, destroying people, buildings, animals, mountains... anything that stood in her path. Only the combined forces of Yamato's most powerful were able to seal her away. A city was built atop her seal, and the guardians were appointed to watch over it.

Thousands of years pass, with each passing day Inanna's hatred of the world grows. The purpose of the guardians fade from memory.

Date: 1995 AD
Location: Hirasaka City, located in southern Japan.

A stranger arrives in town. A string of grisly murders follow. A strange event is witnessed across the city, as is a sound described only as "the roar of thousands of demons."

A young man pays no attention to it. Instead, he's busy chatting with someone online named "Redman." Their chat is interrupted by the arrival of young man's girlfriend, Hadano Kumiko. They have a date. The young man soon finds himself in a trap, fighting for his life against demons. A man and a woman appear before him: Kuzunoha Kyouji and Rei Reihou. They tell the young man to go back to his life and forget everything.

The next day, the young man sees a TV report: A body that was found late the night before was identified as Kuzunoha Kyouji, a private investigator. There was no apparent cause of death, so an autopsy will be performed.

The young man passes by a construction site, and encounters a priest. The young man quickly realizes something's wrong as the priest talks. He introduces himself as Sid Davis. He offers the young man life if he can find the exit. But there is no exit. The young man dies.

Charon of the River Styx

The young man awakens at a beautiful river. A pale man named Charon appears before him. Charon refuses to let the young man pass. It is not his time to die. Instead, he is returned to Earth. He's not allowed to return to his own body, however.

The young man awakens in a hospital. The doctors start screaming, yelling, "Zombie, zombie!" The woman... the one that saved him before, calls him Kyouji. The young man has possessed the body of Kuzunoha Kyouji. With nothing better to do, the young man goes to Mari, a local medium. Mari is able to contact the spirit of Kyouji, who instructs the young man on what to do next. The first task is to go to the Goumaden and get a computer from the owner. Victor, the owner, is more than happy to give the young man a computer. A special computer. One with a devil summoning program.

A couple of wacky misadventures later, some involving a man named Dr. Thrill and the artificial demons he calls the Gargantua series...

A nameless man in a black hat. He would die shortly before the beginning of Soul Hackers.

Sid has come to town to break a seal on Princess Inanna's spirit. The five locations around the city that act as a seal are broken, one-by-one. But he needs just one more thing: A body with which to channel her spirit. He finds one in the form of the last descendant of the Qin royal family: Hadano Kumiko.

Astral Realm, the battle for Kumiko's soul

The young man and Rei corner Sid and Kumiko, but Sid escapes into the Astral Realm with her. The young man's pursues them, and once more comes face-to-face with Charon, and the spirit of Kuzunoha Kyouji. They reveal that the young man's death and subsequent resurrection within Kyouji's body was not a quirk of fate. They had conspired together to make it happen. Sid has the power to issue a death curse to anyone. The Bible he carries with him? That's a DEATH NOTE. No, just kidding, it's actually a computer that he uses to summon demons. It makes more sense han a saxophone. The unique existence of a foreign soul within another's body is immune to Sid's magic. Kumiko's ancestry was not unknown to Kyouji either. That's why her boyfriend was chosen. Only he would have the iron will to save her. Which, y'know, that's one hell of a gamble.

Deep beneath the city, the young man and Rei finally catch up to Sid and Kumiko. He's already begun the ceremony. The young man and Rei are defeat Sid, but not before Inanna is released from her prison.

After ten-thousand years she's free, it's time to conquer Earth!

In true Megaten fashion, the best way to heal the angry spirit of a dead Princess is to beat the every loving shit out of her. And they do. And they do. Happy!Inanna thanks the young man for freeing her soul and allowing her to rest in peace.

Afterwards, Kumiko thanks him, Kyouji begins to possess a new body, and Rei finally figures out that the guy who's been by her side the whole time wasn't actually Kyouji. He takes up the name of Kuzunoha Kyouji though, so I guess it really doesn't matter.

Kyouji's new body? Has a thing for purple, eye-liner, and was in the last update.

By the way, once Inanna's first form is defeated, she turns into a giant tentacle demon:


Lovely. They also made a live action TV series based on it. We'll be going over that later, probably between Disc 1 and 2. I'm going to go ahead and break the news to y'all: It's really not very good at all.

Next time: I'm sure it won't be annoying at all! /cuts wrist

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 07:31 AM
Sorry, this should have been up last night, but I had some technical difficulties. Hopefully, the next update will be later tonight.

Between last update and this one:

BandyAid took some of the cash he got from beating the Speed Demon to the Casino, where he played the Dice Game. He used his winnings to buy the Pajamas of Happiness (歓喜の寝具), a "Gift" item that will raise a demon's loyalty. They'll also recover the HP of a party members while walking around if they're in the inventory. They're pretty awesome to have around, because they heal a crap load of HP per step.

Update 9: Atlus Rapes Puppies

BandyAid heads back to his home in Akanedai, where his mother greets him at the door. Tomoko was messing around with BandyAid's computer, and

She must have found BandyAid's porn stash.

She's acting kind of funny. Unresponsive. Trance-like. Hitomi notes that Tomoko is logged into Paradigm-X, and is viewing the Art Gallery. BandyAid feels a sudden pain in his chest. Could it be... an omen? Perhaps it is but memories from another lifetime where he's already endured the horror that is to come. Nemissa urges him to return to the Hideout so they can go to Paradigm-X and see what's up.

BandyAid stops in Shibahama Core and buys some new equipment:

Ninja Sword (ニンジャソード, an imitation sword made of aluminum alloy)
Hide Armor (ハイドアーマー, Strength + 2)
Yamato Bracers (大和手甲, Personal effects from an ancient Civil War, immunity to Curses)

Nemissa doesn't get anything new. But oh, she's will by the end of this update. And it will be one of few shining beacons of hope for us all.


Back at the Hideout, BandyAid decides it would be in his best interest to equip the Back Upper software, because he senses something terrible on the way. It would also be a good idea if Nemissa put her level up points into Intelligence and Agility for the near future.

There's a new post on Summoner's Net about the Pet Shop in Paradigm-X being used to trade demons. From now on, BandyAid can access the "real" features of the Pet Shop. In fact, BandyAid's going there RIGHT now.

That shadow looks familiar.

There are five traders right now, and a few more will show up before the game ends. The traders are:

Rokusuke, who wants demons with specific spells or abilities.
Mister DNA, who wants demons with certain stat levels.
Timing X, who wants demons of a certain race/alignment.
Mrs. Ryouko, who wants specific demons.
Anoon, who wants demons with maxed out loyalty.

The only thing that catches BandyAid's etye is Anoon's sole request: Any demon with max loyalty. He checks his stock and sees that he's carrying around a rogue Gallytrot from a few dungeons ago. He heads back outside and force feeds it cheese and crackers (珍味のおつまみ) until it's loyalty has reached 5.

Anoon is an elf girl from Shin Megami Tensei 2.

He sends it to Anoon. She rewards him with a Datenshi Seere, as well as a copy of the rules for Demon Metamorphosis. Which... isn't that helpful. Anoon now has three additional requests available:

A stupid demon with max loyalty
A friendly demon with max loyalty
A clever demon with max loyalty

The last one catches BandyAid's eye, because the reward? Majuu Nekomata. But alas, he has no demons that meet the criteria that he's willing to part with, so he resigns himself to saving his sister. To the VR Theater! The VR Art Gallery is part of the "A Course."

BandyAid notices that this is a first person dungeon, so even though there are no encounters in the gallery-proper, his MAG is still going down. He does NOT approve. The painting Tomoko was looking at is located on the north end of the second floor.

Super Mario 64 reference. Alternate joke: Castlevania Portrait of Ruin reference.

When TAS approaches the painting, titled "Aqua Dolphin," Nemissa hears a girl's voice. Hitomi says it's coming from the painting! BandyAid backflips into the painting, shouting out "Let'sa Go!" in what is best defined as a vaguely-racist attempt at an Italian accent.

TAS find themselves inside the painting. In a canyon. Underwater. A dolphin and a girl are just ahead. TAS moves forward!


Even though there are no encounters, BandyAid is losing full MAG with each step. And... they don't seem to be getting any closer. After losing a little over 100 MAG and passing the same stone archway several times, Nemissa helpfully points out that they're not getting any closer. There's no choice but to exit and see if there's another way.

Gee, I don't know what's coming up, but I'm sure it won't be annoying!

Right outside of the Aqua Dolphin hallway, a strangely-dressed man appears. He introduces himself to TAS as Juggler. Maybe "The Juggler." It's kind of like the Joker and the Riddler had a retarded mPreg baby. He wants to play a game. In the Gallery, there are three chess pieces that belong in the painting "Chess by the Window." Unless TAS returns those pieces to their rightful place, they won't be able to continue into Aqua Dolphin. With that, Juggler leaves. I imagine he probably did backflips and cackled, or something goofy like that.

There's a Save Point and a Heal Spot on the second floor, which TAS make use of. The time on the save file is 4:36.

I want to make one thing clear, I don't want anyone to misunderstand me: I hate this dungeon. I hate it. Hate it. hateithateithateithateithateithateithateit. Hate. It's divided into three different paintings, located around the Art Gallery. It feels like the entire thing was designed to waste the player's MAG.

Nope, can't imagine this being frustrating at all!

TAS's first stop is "Strange Area," which is very Dali-esque. It's populated by these little bowling ball-headed freaks. Hitomi's afraid of them, but Nemissa thinks they're cute. This is one of the few occasions BandyAid agrees with Hitomi over Nemissa.

BandyAid attempts to check his big map, only to find it disabled. Great. Luckily, Neo-Clear/Mapper still work.


The gimmick of Strange Area is that TAS must step on these teleporters to try and get to the room with the Chess Piece. When BandyAid steps on this particular one, TAS is dumped out in a wide open space. Hitomi is confused, mostly because this event was supposed to be triggered by walking rather than teleporting, but Nemissa's figured out yet another dark secret of Strange Area: The entire thing is looped. No big map AND it loops, making it more difficult to figure out which warp points BandyAid's already tried. I HATE THIS DUNGEON.

Nemissa also dies at some point. Remember how BandyAid found that Engagement Ring at the Planetarium and Nemissa equipped it? Remember how it was weak to a certain attack-property? She happened to run into an enemy with a special attack that deals that type of damage. It took BandyAid down to the red, so maybe she would have died with or without the ring equipped. Either way, she swaps it out for the Ring of the Universal Will.

It's worth noting that she has a unique "death" status: Dying. It's functionally the same as "Dead" but it's unique to her. BandyAid summons Oshira-sama to cast Recarm on her.

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 07:54 AM

BandyAid also recruits a Ryuuou (Dragon King) Yata-no-Kami (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/yatanokami.png), which is immune to strike attacks (Physical attacks from most demons) and Gunfire (Less useful). It has the skills Mahazio, Sukunda, and ParalaEye. Yata-no-Kami gets to sit front and center, and his job is best described as "Meat Shield"

Shortly thereafter, Nemissa levels up and learns a new spell: Marin Karin, a charm-inducing spell. She would have obtained the infinitely more useful "Hama" had she been Fire-based, and the ultimately useless "Mudo" if she had been Ice-based.

BandyAid also recruits another Kijo Acheri, which is like, his third or fourth one so far. He wanted to recruit Kijo Leanan Sidhe, but she seemed more interested in eating his face.): He pours some liquor (吟醸ゆめざくら) down Acheri's throat to make her friendly (she's the ghost of a little girl, so I guess BandyAid is going to get a call from Demonic Social Services) and raises her loyalty to 5 by Guarding.


Eventually, fortune smiles upon TAS, or a merciful deity takes pity of them, and they find the correct teleporter. TAS finds itself in an enclosed structure. Fortune is a cruel mistress, however, and places two teleporters the end. One will allow BandyAid to continue on, the other is going to boot him back to the entrance. This is why BandyAid equipped the Back Upper to his COMP. He makes his choice... and turns WEST. And it he finds himself in a new enclosed space, which also has two warp points: One off to the side, the other is straight ahead. BandyAid takes the one to the side. It was the correct one! He finds himself in a place that looks suspiciously like the first inclosed structure, and takes the right teleporter. BOOM, another inclosed space. He sees a room in this one on his Neo-Clear display. Inside the room is the Rook piece. He can now leave this godforsaken painting.

BandyAid takes a breather in the Art Gallery proper and decides to do some administrative work. First, he fuses Tenshi Angel with Shinjuu Oshira-sama to create Genma Hachidaioh.

Pantsless Girl + A Plank in a Kimono = Drunken Turtle King?

Genma (Illusion) Hachidaioh repels Expel and is weak to Curse. His abilities are Mellow Beat (高揚の歌, inflicts "High" status on a single target), Drunk Smile (ドランクスマイル, Charms all enemies), Mamorikuzushi (マモリクズシ), Cupped-Fist Strike (端杯手の突き), and Angel-inherited Hama. Hachidaioh is a stupid demon, which shouldn't be surprising what with the liquor bottle and the skills Mellow Beat and Drunk Smile.


BandyAid also drops back by the Pet Shop to give Acheri to Anoon. Anoon gives BandyAid Majuu Nekomata and a partial list of Demon Metamorphosis outcomes.

Majuu (Demon Beast) Nekomata is a clever demon who's far higher than BandyAid's level. However, that doesn't matter one bit because he got her from trading at the Pet Shop. Nekomata drains Force spells, and has the abilities Marin Karin, Dormina, Scratch and Estoma. Not exactly a good set of skills. Estoma is useless in this game because of MAG consumption (demons still consume MAG when you're walking around, and if you aren't fighting you aren't getting any more. You could counteract this by now having any demons summoned, but then if you did encounter any foes they'd be at a higher level than you, and you'd be alone.)

Worse yet, since she's a clever demon, she only gains loyalty points if her offensive skills connect, so she'll have to charm an enemy or put it to sleep to gain loyalty. This is bad. Luckily, BandyAid has liqour that'll make her Friendly (吟醸ゆめざくら), so she'll gain loyalty by guarding! Ah booze, are their any problems you can't fix?


BandyAid heads back to the Art Gallery. The next painting is on the first floor, and is titled "Secluded Waterfall." Don't be fooled by the painting, it's actually a cave dungeon. There's a locked room in the center of the dungeon that has the Chess piece. But to open it, BandyAid will have to speak to the four hermits spread out in the cave.

"Secluded Waterfall" is an annoying place, because it's filled with long corridors and few battles. The battles bounce between being really weak enemies (There's a Chirei brigade that'll show up containing 3 Knockers, 2 Koro-Pok-Gurus and a Putz) and ones that can actually hurt. Nemissa dies a few times against Majuu Kanfull because its Ice Breath really hurts while she's wearing High Leg Armor. BandyAid recruits a Chirei Knocker, then decides to make a tactical retreat.

BandyAid heads to Shibahama Core and buys some Tranquilizer Bullets (麻酔弾) from Video Muscle, 8 Return Orbs (地返しの玉) and a couple of Soul Incenses (反魂香) from Drug Gear. Those Tranq Bullets are on of the reasons he's been raising his Intelligence. The higher it is, the more likely it'll inflict sleep. Then he hops over to the Goumaden, where he fuses Chirei Koro-Pok-Guru with Chirei Knocker to create Seirei Gnome:


Seirei (Elemental Spirit) Gnome is mostly a means to an end. It has the abilities Zio, Lightning Storm of Loyalty (忠義の電撃), and an inherited Patra. Gnome reflects Lightning magic, voids Expel and resists Curses and status magic.

BandyAid's COMP is not capable of creating Seirei, so he has to haul his ass over to the Goumaden if he wants one.

He also processes the hell out of Nekomata to create the NyanNyan Claw for Nemissa:
BandyAid will never have to buy Nemissa another weapon ever again.

If ever there was a case for Nemissa to be a physical fighter, the NyanNyan Claw is it. These babies are more powerful than BandyAid's current Ninja Sword, and Nemissa's attack power surpasses his just by equipping them. They give her 2 additional points to her Agility and attack an entire row of enemies.

...unfortunately, they can't be used from the back row. Sorry Nemissa, you're only going to be using your kittycat claws if TAS gets back attacked! But it's ok, the 2 Agility points are totally worth it. In fact, this is pretty much the last weapon Nemissa's going to ever have. So yeah guys, Nemissa's been through four dungeons and she's already got what I consider to be her ultimate weapon.

BandyAid returns his other demons to the COMP and summons WISHBONE. Despite what I just said, Nemissa moves to the front row. The trio heads off to the Sea Ark Hotel where they spend several minutes hunting down a Yousei Pixie and Yousei Penangal on the second floor. They go back to the Goumaden where they fuse the two to create Seirei Undine:


Seirei (Elemental Spirit) Undine has the abilities Bufu and Blizzard of Loyalty, is weak to Fire, reflects Ice, Voids Expel, and Resists Curses and status effects.

Now BandyAid can fuse both Seireis together to create Mitama Nigi Mitama and...


CRAP ON A STICK, BandyAid still needs one more level before he can fuse it.

Back to the "Secluded Waterfall" TAS goes.

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 08:00 AM
BandyAid figures he can finish this part of the dungeon and by then he can gain a level. To do this, he's supposed to talk to all of the Hermits twice, in this order: The one located in the Southwest room, the one in the Northwest room, the one in the Northeast room, the one in the Southeast room, turn around and speak with the one in the Southeast room again, the one in Northeast room , the one in the Northwest room, then the one in the Southwest room. Then, he's supposed to turn around and speak with the one in the Southwest room again. He begins his journey.


About halfway through, he realizes something terrible:


BandyAid didn't check the locked door in the center room, so he didn't properly start the event. All of the walking from one end of the dungeon to the other was for naught. He has to start it all over. I HATE THIS DUNGEON.
BandyAid hits Level 25. He praises his merciful deities, and leaves the godforsaken cave to return to the Goumaden. He fuses Mitama Nigi Mitama:


Mitama (Principle Spirit) Nigi Mitama is a stoic demon that repels Curses and Expel, resists Magic and status effects, but is weak to Physical attacks. It has the abilities Sukunda, Poisum-Di, Dia, and Patra.

BandyAid returns to Paradigm-X, and visits the Pet Shop with his new found Mitama-friend. He strikes up a conversation with a gentleman named Mister DNA, who requests a demon with over 10 Intelligence points. Why, it just so happens that Nigi Mitama has 12 Intelligence points! What luck! He's rewards BandyAid with Megami Scathach.

That's what I'm talkin' about

Megami (Goddess) Scathach is a stoic demon who voids Expel magic. She has the abilities Mahazan, Rakunda, Mediarama, and Bomb-di. She also has 17 Strength, and is 11 levels stronger than BandyAid.

Zan is Force-type magic, which has the strongest base power of any spell-type besides Almighty. Mediarama is a second-tier full-party healing spell. Rakunda lowers the enemy party's defense, and Bomb-Di removes Bomb status. One of these spells is absolute shit, and I'll let y'all figure that out by yourselves.

BandyAid is sure she'll he'll get her to show some emotion if he pours enough liquor down her throat. FRIENDLY WINE (吟醸ゆめざくら): A Devil Summoner's Best Friend.

BandyAid heads back to the Goddamn VR Art Gallery, heads to second floor save point and records his data. It's been 7 hours and 12 minutes y'all. I was at four and half hours earlier this update. I've spent roughly a third of my TOTAL playing time just going through this one dungeon. It's safe to say that Atlus called and left a message: "It's on bitch."

Next time: Three boss battles.

07-16-2008, 08:03 AM
How story heavy would you say the Devil Summoner games are compared to, say, the SMT series or Persona?

Definitely digging this.

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 08:40 AM
The easiest way to answer that question: More than SMT, less than Persona. I say more than SMT, because it tries to give the characters actual motivations beyond "So I kinda like these LAW-aligned guys, so I'm gonna be one of them now and turn into a giant asshole!"

There also seems to be a clearcut reason the player is visiting certain locations, unlike in SMT where a lot of the time the player has to go somewhere just because.

q 3
07-16-2008, 05:53 PM
Sid has the power to issue a death curse to anyone. The unique existence of a foreign soul within another's body is immune to Sid's magic.

So... how come he doesn't use it on Rei?

You can't just leave us hanging like that!

07-16-2008, 06:33 PM
It's against his religion to hit girls.

I say more than SMT, because it tries to give the characters actual motivations beyond "So I kinda like these LAW-aligned guys, so I'm gonna be one of them now and turn into a giant asshole!"
Nocturne really cracked me up like this, because I was trying to recall the plot, and when I got to Isamu and Chiaki, I thought, "What's up with these two, anyway?" Then I decided they were both just brats.

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 11:06 PM
Update 10: Nemissa comes into her own, or Return to the Abyss

Akuryou Galott can be dangerous to BandyAid because of it's Maharagi spell and his Hide Armor.

TAS re-enters the Abyss of "Secluded Waterfall." A few steps in, BandyAid summons Scathach and gets her drunk. One battle later, her loyalty has been maxed out and she's returned to the COMP. She's great and all, but high level demons that consume 8 MAG per step should only be used sparingly at this point in the game.

TAS also has a rather nasty run-in with a pack of Hakujoushis. They manage to charm Nemissa, probably because she's still wearing her Metal Turban (weak to Charm). Remember all that raving about her NyanNyan Claw? When applied to TAS's front line, it fuggin hurts. Barely making it out of that battle alive BandyAid and Nemissa take off the Metal Turbans and equip some of their old helmets.

BandyAid has also forgotten something: When he speaks to the Hermits on the second go around, they'll teleport him back outside the painting. BandyAid uses some colorful language, and wonders if VR buildings can burn.


After sitting through the enter painting FMV 4 times, BandyAid finally receives the key to the locked door and obtains the Knight Piece.

The last piece is in possession of Juggler, who's waiting for BandyAid in "Chess by the Window."


"Chess by the Window" is blessedly straight-forward. There's lots of Tenshi and Yousei-class demons hanging around. TAS's first encounter is Tenshi Principality. It dies and leaves behind a Guard Angel (ガードエンジェル), which BandyAid equips.


BandyAid encounters the Hee-ho Brigade, and immediately contacts Jack Lantern. Their conversation is very meta. Yousei Jack Lantern joins Team Adhesive Strip.


Yousei (Fairy) Jack Lantern, known locally as Pyro Jack, is a clever demon who drains fire but is weak to ice. His abilities are Agi, Maharagi, and Dormina.

BandyAid comes to a hallway. On the far right side is a Soul Incense, and on the far left is a Chakra Pot. (There was also some treasure in the previous two paintings, but it was pretty worthless compared to what TAS already has) Through the double doors is the gimmick: The giant chess board.


Normally such a thing would invoke fear in my heart, but Atlus has decided that to go a cheap route, and so there's no actual chess minigame. Instead, BandyAid's movement is confined to white panels with the King's seal. If he steps on one that doesn't have it, he'll be warped back to the start of the area. It's actually quite underwhelming.

After the giant chess board, BandyAid is in another hallway. On either side of the hallway are rooms with chests that contain VERY IMPORTANT items: There's a Disclose Stone (ディクローズの石) in each one. It is very important that BandyAid pick up these items, or else the next boss fight is going to be nearly impossible.

Moving forward, BandyAid braces himself for what he knows is coming. He summons Scathach, and allows her to take his place on the front row. He moves to the back, and summons Yousei Silky as well. He takes a deep breath and enters the next room.


The Juggler taunts BandyAid, saying that he has the last piece and that BandyAid's never going to be able to get it. Juggler summons two Jaki Rahmjergs, and the boss battle begins.

The Juggler is weak to Fire, Ice and Lightning. He has the abilities Tarukaja, Sukukaja, Whisper of Silence (沈黙のささやき) and Scratch (引っかき). In front of him are the two Jaki Rahmjergs, which are both weak to magic but extremely resistant to physical attacks. Like, only take 10% damage from them. The obvious solution is to blow the shit out of them with magic, right? If it were that easy.

Juggler will, on his first turn, use Whisper of Silence to silence TAS. Silence is a battle effect in this game, rather than a status effect that hits individuals. The only way to dispel the effect is a Disclose Stone, of which the party only has 2. And Juggler will eventually cast it again. BandyAid will be able to buy more Disclose Stones from Automatar, but not until he reaches level 36 or so. That sort of defeats the purpose, since this is probably the only battle where it actually matters.

So what's TAS to do? Well, that's where our magic users comes in. Zio spells, in addition to dealing damage, can also shock an enemy so that it loses it's turn. Same deal with Bufu spells. The chances of inflicitng these states are based on Intelligence. That's why Nemissa's been building her Intelligence for the past couple of level ups, so that she'd hopefully be able to shock Juggle before he can cast Whisper of Silence. Since TAS also has Yata-no-Kami, who has Mahazio, and Silky, who has Blizzard of Loyalty, it increases TAS's chances of stopping Juggler.

On the first turn, Scathach casts Rakunda, just in case, Yata-no-Kami casts Mahazio with an anchor on Juggler, Hachidaioh doesn't really do anything productive, Nemissa casts Zio on Juggler, BandyAid defends and Silky uses Blizzard of Loyalty. Nemissa's Zio shocks Juggler, preventing him from acting. Yata-no-Kami's Mahazio shocks one of the Rahmjergs. By the second turn, the Rahmjerg are gone and Juggler still hasn't had a chance to act. By the third turn he's dead. His death was very satisifying.


He drops the Bishop Piece. That's all three pieces! Now TAS just has to find the gameboard and they'll be in business. There's only one way to go, and that's forward.

Left: Too Ugly To Continue Existing; Right: Hee-ho!

TAS encounter their first ever consecutive battle, where another Hee-ho Brigade attacks immediately after dispatching some other beasties that were too ugly to live. BandyAid tries talking to a Jack Frost, only to scare it. This ends of coercing it to join TAS.


Yousei (Fairy) Jack Frost is a clever demon (Dear Atlus: No one believes you). It drains Ice and is weak to Fire. Jack Frost has the abilities Bufu, Mahabufu, and Mellow Beat.

Pajaro Pete
07-16-2008, 11:20 PM

At the end of the way, there's a room with a chessboard inside. Go-go-grainy FMV! The pieces fall into place and a big "Check Mate!" flashes across the screen. The barrier in "Aqua Dolphin" has finally been broken!

Nemissa takes a moment to put on the Cold Suit from waaaaaaay back. For no reason at all.


This time, TAS is able to reach the dolphin, and... it has a halo. And wings. And calls itself "Snappy." And Snappy wants to suck Tomoko's brains out. Hitomi manages to snap Tomoko out of her trance, and Snappy, the Halo'd and Winged Dolphin, launches a surprise attack!

Snappy always begins the battle with a surprise attack, and always opens with Dolphin Kick (ドルフィンキック). Dolphin Kick will knock off 25% of the front row's life, and 50% of the back row's. The attack will hit all party members, and the damage is based on which row they're in. He has the abilities Lullaby (子守り歌), Bufula and Mahabufu. BandyAid's Hide Armor and Nemissa's Cold Suit help immunize them from half of Snappy's attacks. This is good, because neither one of them would be able to stand a Mahabufu after Dolphin Kick.

Snappy drains all magic except Almighty, and is extremely resistant all physical. The solution is obvious: If it wants energy, TAS is going to give it energy. The whole team, sans BandyAid, starts chunking out their strongest magic spells. It isn't long before Snappy is no more.


Afterwards, Tomoko thanks BandyAid and Hitomi, then disappears from Paradigm-X. Both Nemissa and BandyAid level up, netting Nemissa a new spell: Mahazio. I want to take a moment and talk about the problems with Mahazio: Maharagi, Mahazan and Mahabufu all hit an entire row of enemies. Mahazio doesn't. It has what we're going to call a "Splash" effect: It hits one enemy (the targeted one) for a lot of damage, then "splashes" off and hits the surrounding enemies for considerably less damage. Instead of being able to regularly wipe out entire rows, you're stuck praying that it kills everything it hits. The target area of Mahazio is probably my biggest complaint about Zio-Nemissa.


Anyway! TAS are automatically teleported back to the Hideout, where Hitomi says she wants to go check on Tomoko IRL. There's also a new email from Alpha, saying that EL-115 has some new stuff. BandyAid returns to the Pet Shop and speaks with Mrs. Ryouko. Most of Mrs. Ryouko's requests can be fulfilled by collecting demons from "Chess by the Window" and it's a shame that BandyAid didn't think to do so. He trades Jack Frost and Jack Lantern for the Frost Panel and Lantern Panel software, respectively. These will change the look of the character panels on the battle screen.

BandyAid swings by the Goumaden to speak with Mary about the nature of love. This is the second step in her sidequest and needs to be done now.

Over at EL-115, most of the new stuff is junk, with one major exception: Hyakutaro (百太郎) is software that will prevent back attacks. This is a VERY good piece to have at all times. BandyAid takes some time to rearrange his COMP: He unequips Neo-Clear, and puts in the Lantern Panel and the Hyakutaro. He's not going to keep the Lantern Panel installed, but he does want to see what it looks like.

There's a handful of new stuff at Shibahama Core that's worth buying:
Both BandyAid and Nemissa get Full Face Helmets (フルフェイスヘル, a motorcycle helmet that covers the entire head). Nemissa also gets the G Radas (G-ラダーズ, A watch that increases Magic by 3 points, reduces Strength by 2, and grants immunity to Curses). I'm not sure if she's ever going to get a new arm-guard, because this one is nice.


Back at home, it seems that everything's back to normal. Welp, looks like there's nothing left to do but have a little bit of R&R. Outside the apartment complex, BandyAid casually checks out his and Nemissa's stats, while Nemissa puts on her High Leg Armor.

Even with only one point of Strength, Nemissa outdamages BandyAid.


You can see the effects of the Lantern Panel on the far right. Atlus would not comprehend the concept of "attractive battle menus" for some time, I'm afraid.

On the way down the street, TAS encounters a strange man in a red cape. It makes a lot of strange noises, and threatens Nemissa. By name. Nemissa identifies it as Moowis. Hitomi reminds the folks at home that they fought Moowis at the Planetarium. He attacks and JESUS CHRIST HE'S A TENTACLE DEMON.

Moowis has around 2000 HP, as well as the abilities Agilao, Zanma, Megido, She Marker (シー・マーカー), and Dynamite Blast (ダイナブラスト). He always uses his first turn to cast She Marker, which inflicts Nemissa with the "Mark" status. On his second turn, he'll use Dynamite Blast (on Nemissa) and then he'll start with Agilao and whatnot. On Nemissa. He wants her dead, guys. Nemissa's High Leg Armor will protect her from Agilao, but she'll still have to survive Dynamite Blast. And the reason we want Nemissa to survive Dynamite Blast is because Moowis? Moowis is weak to Lightning. Nemissa has lightning spells. She and Yata-no-Kami are shaving off around 500 HP per round with their Zio spells alone. Moowis is not a tough enemy. But then, he's apparently taken the roll of "Annoying reoccuring miniboss" so...


After he's defeated, he'll run off, dropping a piece of scrap metal. Nemissa's pissed that he ran off, but Hitomi says that scrap metal must be a clue. Jinkies. She says they should go ask the rest of the Spookies if they know what it is. The Spookies have been consciculously absent since beating Moowis the first time, haven't they?


At the Hideout, Yu-ichi notices that there's a mark on the scrap metal. The stamp says that it's a piece from the Leon automotive plant over in Yurajima. Nemissa's ready to go, but Spooky says that it would be dangerous for just the two of them, so they'll all go. Oh boy. BandyAid silently resents the fact that Spooky thinks a mere automotive plant would be too difficult for the people who have, in the past few hours, battled their way into a demon infested airport during Dark Summoner-training to come face-to-face with one of the most powerful hitmen in the world; traveled into strange, looping worlds, caves, weird chess-themed dungeons AND fought a demonic dolphin with wings. But yeah Spooky, this is what's going to kill us.

Next time: Actually, Spooky is right and the team will be helpful backup. Hey, anything that saves us from having to do soem retarded hacking minigame is a-ok in my book! Also: The appearance of enemies with Mudo spells!

Demon artwork I forgot to post last time:

Seirei Undine (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/undine.png)
Majuu Nekomata (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/nekomata.png)
Seirei Gnome (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/gnome.png)
Genma Hachidaioh (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/hachidaioh.png)
Mitama Nigi Mitama (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/nigimitama.png)

I'm for some reason missing Scathach's artwork, but I'll have it tomorrow.

So... how come he doesn't use it on Rei?
He doesn't know how to spell her name.
Because she's just a girl. Really, I don't know. Divine protection from Amaterasu/Gabriel/Ishtar?

I thought, "What's up with these two, anyway?"

That pretty much sums up everyone in a SMT game, ever.

07-17-2008, 06:59 AM
Snappy drains all magic except Almighty, and is extremely resistant all physical. The solution is obvious: If it wants energy, TAS is going to give it energy. The whole team, sans BandyAid, starts chunking out their strongest magic spells. It isn't long before Snappy is no more.

Wait, I'm missing something here. If it drains magic, how did you kill it with magic?

Pajaro Pete
07-17-2008, 09:24 AM
It overloads with energy.

Pajaro Pete
07-18-2008, 12:16 AM
Update 11: Shocking revelations! ...almost.


BandyAid says "Fuck it" and heads to Paradigm-X. He heads to the Casino, and begins playing the Dice Game. The Dice Game works like this: BandyAid can place up to 100 Coins on up to 3 different numbers. He can also place up to 3 "Jack Bets" (at 33 coins a pop), which are basically do overs. After he's placed both bets, the multipliers are randomly distributed, although the less likely numbers tend to skew higher. The dice are rolled, and if it turns up as the numbers he bet on, he wins. Here, he put 100 coins on 3, which had a x 16 multiplier. He wins 1600 coins. After a initial win, he's allowed to play an extra game: This time, all numbers but 7 have a 1.3 multiplier of the initial winnings. If the dice land on 7, he loses it all, but if it lands on any other number he gets to do another extra game. It's not difficult to hit the 10,000 coin limit. In virtually no time, he has over 22,000 coins.

Coins are naturally traded for fabulous prizes. There's several loyalty items (although some are wines you can actually buy at Octagon Liquors, so I'm not sure why you'd waste Coins on it), of which BandyAid picks up the Nymph's Facewash (妖樹洗顔クリーム) for 500 coins, which prevents allies from taking Poison damage while walking around if it's in the inventory.

The Casino also has rare healing items such as Soma (ソーマ, fully recovers one ally. 200 Coins), Chakra Pots (チャクラポット, fully recovers one ally's MP. 50 Coins), Chakra Drops (チャクラドロップ, recovers one ally's MP. 10 Coins), Teometle (テオメトル, fully recovers and increases one human's max HP by 50%. 100 Coins), Magic Reflecting Mirrors (魔反鏡, Reflects enemy magic cast on the party for the remainder of the round. 50 Coins), and Attack Reflecting Mirrors ( 物反鏡, Reflects enemy physical attacks for the remainder of the round. 50 Coins).

And then there's the equipment. BandyAid's mostly interested in the World Armor (ワールドアーマー, 20,000 Coins), because he remembers that's what Urabe was wearing when he went to Algon NS. The World Armor is three times as powerful as his current Hide Armor, and is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the game. BandyAid is very, very happy.


Onward to Yurajima! When the Spookies arrive at the Leon Plant, the power's cut off. Since they're going to need to use the elevators at some point, their first priority is to turn the juice back on. Luckily, the circuit breaker... thing... is located on the first floor, fairly close to the entrance. BandyAid, Nemissatomi, Lunch and Spooky go to turn the power on.


In front of the elevator, TAS encounters a mysterious woman. A mysterious woman they've technically met three times now. Rei Reihou. In the flesh. Since BandyAid is NOT a Phantom Society member, she does not try to blow him up with Maharagi. She warns TAS that demons are now running around thanks to the electricity being on. Nemissa assures her that they'll be ok, and thankfully does not coax her into a fight. Little favors.


TAS's next stop is the third floor. There's a card key here, but it's invisible, so the player has to hope they pass over the tile where it's located. The map above shows where it's located in relation to the elevator on the third floor. He also summons up a Chirei Koro-Pok-Guru that somehow found it's way into his party back in the Art Gallery of Hell. He sticks it in the back row and lets it defend to raise it's loyalty.


The Card Key unlocks a door on the far side of the third floor. When TAS arrives, they use the computers there to unlock the second elevator. There's also a Terminal and a Heal Spot right outside the door. BandyAid swaps out the Lantern Panel for the Frost Panel and heads back down to the second floor.

Left-to-right: Lunch, Employee Grievance, Frost Panel

The second floor is composed of catwalks. Very unsafe catwalks. I don't know how much you guys know about Japanese Culture (I'm an expert), but they don't have anything like OSHA standards over there. Lunch is on the outermost catwalk. He checks to see if the two are ok, even though, y'know, they're AWESOME. BandyAid heads over to a walkway on the Eastern side of the floor, and leaps into the gap.

Instead of dying, he finds himself back on the first floor. TAS is promptly ambushed. "INSTALL 100-TARO INSTALL" will appear on the screen when the Hyakkutarou software goes into effect. I must say, the way the game tells you when this stuff is working is quite refreshing. You can also see the effects of the Frost Panel. Whee.

BandyAid is now in a new part of the first floor, which has a few treasures: Soul Incense (反魂香), an Orb of Sight (見晴らしの玉, same effect as the Mapper spell), a worthless Dispoison (ディスポイズン), a Luck Incense (運の香, increases Luck by one point), and 2000 MAG.

At this point, the battles in the area are pretty much being one by Nemissa casting Mahazio and Hachidaioh casting Hama. It's pretty nice. There's a one-way door to the main part of the first floor, which BandyAid takes and walks back to the elevator, and up to the second floor. On the other side of the floor, which can be accessed by simply walking around the outer edge, is the second elevator. BandyAid takes it up to the fourth floor.


Another catwalk floor. Six is waiting right by the elevator, he's apparently lost track of Yu-ichi. Great. BandyAid swears that he's not going to go look for him. There's more safety hazards on the fourth floor: BandyAid picks one on the eastern part of the floor and jumps down. Well, more like falls.


He finds himself back on the second floor, in an lone catwalk that's broken off from everything else. There are two boxes here, one contains a Monster-in-a-Box. The MIAB dies with one shot of Nemissa's Zio. It was guarding a Soma. The other box contains another Soul Incense. There's no way to go but down, so BandyAid takes the plunge eyes wide.

While walking back to the first floor's elevator, he encounters a Tenshi Archangel, whom he bribes into joining TAS with a sword.


Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Archangel (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080718-020552.png) is a stoic demon, with the skills Heat Whip (ヒートウェイブ), Zio and Hama. He reflects Expel but is weak to Curses.

BandyAid reaches Level 30 before hitting the elevator. Sirens go off in his mind, and he dashes back out to the Goumaden. Yousei Silky and Ryuuou Yato-no-Kami, whom I keep calling "Yata-no-Kami" because I'm so used to "Yata-no-Kagami", are fused to create Shinjuu Narcissus.


Shinjuu (Tree God) Narcissus (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080716-141628.png) is a clever demon who voids Expel and Curses, but is weak to Fire. He has the abilities Tarunda (タル・ンダ, reduces enemy attack power), Parala-Di (パララディ, heals Paralysis), Ion Storm (アイオンの雨, extremely powerful ice attack to all enemies), Hypnotism (催眠術), and, because Silky was used, the spells Diarama (ディアラマ) and Media (メ・ディア). It was necessary to fuse him at the Goumaden to pass on the spells Diarama and Media, because the Goumaden allows for more skills to be passed on.

BandyAid also stops by the Pet Shop in Paradigm-X to give Anoon the Koro-Pok-Guru to fulfill her "Friendly Demon with Max Loyalty" request. He also hands Archangel to Mrs. Ryouko, as per her request, which she rewards with the Oni Mark (オニ・マーク) Software. It's another aesthetic panel. When a character is affected with bad status, instead of a kanji stamp, they'll have a little demon icon like from SMT2 and SMTif... Unfortunately, the graphics only show up for bad status, which I personally like to avoid.

Pajaro Pete
07-18-2008, 12:24 AM
BandyAid heads back to the Leon Plant, to recruit another Yato-no-Kami and another Archangel, and silently wishes Silky appeared in this dungeon because it would make this a better fusion by passing on Diarama and Media. The two are combined to create Seijuu Airavata.


Seijuu (Sacred Beast) Airavata (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080716-141928.png) is a friendly demon, with the skills Zanma (ザンマ), Rakukaja (ラク・カジャ, increases defense of party), and Parala-Di. Unfortunately, Airavata doesn't really have the magic strength to back up Zanma. It drains Force spells, voids Expel and resists Curses. You'd think BandyAid was preparing for some sort of showdown with a paralysis-inducing enemy, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.

BandyAid also recruits a Yama Sandman, because it will fulfill the last of Anoon's requests, which is for a Stupid Demon with Max Loyalty.


Yama (Night Stalker) Sandman (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080718-020424.png) is a stupid demon who voids Curses, resists Expel, and reflects Force. It has the abilities Zan, Dormina, Happy Trigger and Bulletstorm of Loyalty (忠義の銃撃), which is like Silky's Blizzard of Loyalty, except with bullet-damage.


In the center of the fourth floor is the monitor room, where Moowis is hiding. Moowis is now a transformer. He says that Nemissa is a threat that must be terminated. Nemissa doesn't fully comprehend what he means. BandyAid rolls his eyes and tries to count in his mind how many demons Nemissa incinerated with her lightning spells on the way up here. Moowis attacks. He's still weak to lightning magic, but this time he resists both Ice and Fire. BandyAid kicks himself for not picking up another Yato-no-Kami for it's Mahazio.

Moowis has the spells Agi, Agilao, Maharagion, Megido, Megidola, She Marker and Destroy Pile (デストロイパイル). Destroy Pile has the area of effect as Mahazio, and deals Force damage. Airavata and Sandman can help deal with that. Megido hits one target, but Megidola hits an entire row. Moowis has nearly 4000 HP.

Moowis has something of an attack pattern. At first, he'll waste four turns making sure his programming is running correctly, then perform this series of actions: She-Marker, Agilao, Megido, Destroy Pile. Nemissa's High Leg Armor will protect her from Agilao, so she just has to dodge Megido and Destroy Pile. He'll keep following this pattern until he's lost enough HP. Then he'll start randomly using his abilities. Megidola can hurt.

This is the case for a non-Zio Nemissa. If Nemissa has the Zio magic, the battle will be over in almost no time. She'll constantly be inflicting him with Shock status before he can act (This is why Intelligence + Agility are really important), and be dealing far more damage than anyone else in the party.


When he dies, he begins to... rust? I think? In a Grainy FMV, even. He'll turn into a ball and disappear into the monitors behind him. Nemissa, not willing to let him go, grabs BandyAid's hand and drags him inside the monitors with her.


And suddenly... they're flying through a canyon? BandyAid can dig it, he's not losing any MAG anyway. Eventually, Nemissa stops. She seems to recognize this place, vaguely. She begins to flip out and see things. I guess Moowis slipped her some LSD while BandyAid wasn't looking. She regains her composure and they continue forward.


They catch up with Moowis, who is... a half rotten corpse in a headdress? Moowis continues to swear that Nemissa is an enemy. Nemissa wants to know just what the hell he's talking about, how he knows her, that sort of thing. He doesn't give any answers, but thinks its funny that she doesn't know. Apparently, there will be others coming for her. Then he dies. Nemissa is pissed that he died before telling her just what the hell he was talking about.


Back IRL, Nemissa is still fuming about the stuff Moowis talked, about but Hitomi tries to calm her down. Rei shows up and is surprised that TAS was able to kill the demon. She says the Phantom Society was responsible for the demon, and that if TAS is really interested in fighting against them they should speak with her friend, Madam Ginko. Madam Ginko will be waiting for them at the Goumaden. Then she leaves.

Lunch, Spooky and Six show up, and they're glad BandyAid and Hitomi are ok. They say they're heading back to the Hideout, because Yu-ichi's waiting there.

But first! The Goumaden!


TAS waits around outside for Madam Ginko. As it turns out, Madam Ginko was the other woman that BandyAid and Hitomi saw leaving the Goumaden way back at the beginning of the game. Fancy that. Madam Ginko explains that the Phantom Society is a very dangerous, Mafia-meets-Illuminati style organization, and says that it'll take a lot to go up against them. BandyAid will need to become really powerful. She asks him if he thinks he can handle it.

Tyrants, what do you think? Can BandyAid handle the power?
"I'm confident in my own abilities."
"I'm not sure."

This is an interesting question, isn't it? On one hand, the first option fits the JRPG "I believe in myself so I conquer any obstacle!" cliche, but on the other hand, the second option fits into the "I can rely on my friends because we all trust each other" cliche, and friendship is the strongest power in the universe isn't it? Basically this question is a huge screw you from Atlus, because it effects something totally unrelated much later in the game. Actually, it won't do jack for this particular playthrough, but I'm putting it up because I feel like I haven't been able to offer any interactivity for the past few updates

Next time: Clash of the Titans

Megami (Goddess) Scathach (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080718-020258.png)

07-18-2008, 10:41 PM
Nemissa doesn't fully comprehend what he means. BandyAid rolls his eyes and tries to count in his mind how many demons Nemissa incinerated with her lightning spells on the way up here.
Clearly just a typical day in demon-land.

I don't think most Megaten protagonists got anywhere with a lot of self-doubt. You gotta be bold!

07-19-2008, 09:51 AM
To quote a certain puppy with the wisdom of... well, a rapping puppy, "I gotta believe!" And if the game punishes you for believing in yourself, well, fuck the game. Thousands of The Secret readers can't be wrong, can they?

q 3
07-19-2008, 03:16 PM
This is a series where an ordinary human can kill God with a katana. If I were a Megaten protagonist I'd probably be confident in my abilities!

Pajaro Pete
07-19-2008, 11:30 PM
Update 12: Upstairs and downstairs and this place is not designed for efficiency at all!

"Hey baby, I GOT this!" BandyAid screams. Madam Ginko warns him that overconfidence has been the downfall of many, and proceeds to talk more about the Phantom Society. They're bad news. They're currently in Amami City and working with Algon Software. Blah blah blah.


She does, however, give BandyAid a Blank Sword (無銘の刀), which can reveal it's true power when fused with a demon. She tells him to meet with the Muramasa the 33rd if he wants to know how. She takes off, again warning that the Phantom Society is everywhere, evil, rapes puppies, etc etc etc.

TAS heads into the Goumaden, where they meet with Muramasa the 33rd in the bowels of the ship. His prefers the nickname "Chef" and peppers his speech with French. You might say he's a Ouiaboo.

Through sword fusion, BandyAid can use a demon to create a sword that takes on that demon's properties. There are 8 different "types" of swords, all of them are Seven Star (Blank) Muramasas:

Shichisei Muramasa (七星村正, Muramasa "Regular" flavor. Male only)
Shichiseishiranui Muramasa (七星不知火村正, "Mysterious Fire" flavor, deals fire damage. Male only)
Shichiseihyoujin Muramasa (七星氷刃村正, "Glimmering Blade" flavor, deals ice damage and chance to inflict "Freeze" status on an enemy. Male only)
Shichiseidenkou Muramasa (七星電光村正, "Lightning" flavor, deals electric damage and has a chance to inflict "Shock" status on an enemy. Male only)
Shichiseihashou Muramasa (七星破衝村正, "Shockwave" flavor, deals force damage. Male only)
Shichiseimaei Muramasa (七星魔映村正, "Glamour" flavor, inflicts "Charm" status on enemy. Female only)
Shichiseidokujin Muramasa (七星毒刃村正, "Assassin's Dagger" flavor, inflicts "Poison" status on enemy. Female only)
Shichiseimusou Muramasa (七星夢想村正, "Dream" flavor, inflicts "Sleep" status on enemy. Female only)

The female only weapons would be nice if Nemissa were a front line fighter and the NyanNyan Claw didn't exist.

Um, Turnip, I'm looking at that moonspeak and comparing it to the moonspeak in the picture above, and it doesn't look the same. What gives?

I'm glad you asked! In addition to the Seven Star swords, certain demons can be fused to the Blank Sword to create new, exciting special weapons. In the picture above, Megami Scathach and the Blank Sword will result in the Gáe Bulg. Since Scathach is... shall we say, more helpful to BandyAid's team than the Gáe Bulg would be, he decides not to do the fusion. Alas! The blank sword will remain blank for now. Plus he's probably going to get a really cool new weapon within the next two updates that's going to carry him until the end of the game


Muramasa's Workshop can be accessed by speaking with Mary at the Goumaden. When TAS leaves, BandyAid receives a call from Spooky. Apparently, something's up. He wants BandyAid to come back to the Hideout ASAP.

BandyAid goes to Drug Gear and buys some status healing items (except for Dispoison, which are useless to him now) and has a leisurely lunch with his demonic compatriots at Sawamura's.

At the Hideout, Spooky shows BandyAid something that's been posted on Summoner's Net: "To the owner of the Guntype Computer, whom I met at the airport..."
Oh jeez someone thinks that Summoner's Net is craigslist. I had to check wikipedia to see if that would be anachronistic, but apparently not? Neat.
Anyway, Finnegan has issued a challenge to BandyAid, and says that he's got Yu-ichi. BandyAid is to come to Amami Float, a manmade island off the coast of Amami Bay. BandyAid barely keeps himself from spouting off the tired, "Yu-ichi may be a worthless idiot, but he's my worthless idiot and I will be the one to kill him, not you" cliche. Spooky says that the Float is accessed by the a shuttle at the airport. The Spookies saddle up and head out.

But first, BandyAid returns to the Hideout to save. A new email arrives from the boys of EL-115. They've got new merchandise. BandyAid feels a tingling sensation in his loins, and rushes over there to see what they've got.

New stuff, each piece costs 980 yen:

Caps Lock (キャプス・ロック): Works like Estoma. Weaker enemies are kept away. Worthless because MAG, and BandyAid would have to go to a Terminal to take it off.
Scanning Zero (スキャニングゼロ ): Maps Dark Zones. There is, and this is not a hyperbole, exactly one dungeon in Soul Hackers that uses Dark Zones. Worthless.
Mr. Surprise (Mr.サプライズ): Increases odds of a preemptive strike for TAS. A good idea in theory, but worth a slot? No way.
Dark Man (ダーク・マン): Allows BandyAid to recruit dark demons. This will come in handy shortly, so BandyAid buys it. While it is great, he's not quite sure it was exactly what he was looking for.
Jive Talkin' (ジャイブトーキン): Translates incomprehensible speech. BandyAid will need this at some point in the future, so he snags it too. But there's something else... something he feels deep in his pants gut...
Gibo Eyes (ギボ・アイズ): This. This is it. This is what's making BandyAid heart race and face flush. Gibo Eyes warns the player if an enemy is going to absorb/drain/repel their attacks. BandyAid slams his money on the table and begins babbling incoherently about his "Precious."

When BandyAid finally comes to his senses, he decides that he must test out his new toy. Where oh where might he test it out? He remembers that whole Yu-ichi thing. Finnegan's a summoner, there must be demons near him! It's off to the Airport. Again.


The shuttle is in the basement, along the same wall where BandyAid found Judah's COMP. The Spookies prepare to board, only to be interrupted by BandyAid's phone. The man on the line says that only BandyAid is allowed to come. He can bring the girl too if he wants, but only those two are allowed. Little does he know that Hitomi's coming along too! Or Nemissa's coming along too! Um... either way, there's going to be three of them. So neener neener Finnegan. Lunch, Six and Spooky backoff and wish BandyAid and Hitomi good luck.


Inside the Float, there's a Terminal and Heal Spot right in front of the door. This does not bode well, thinks BandyAid. Down the eastern hallway, a worker explains that the building has three different "blocks", and they're all locked down right now. Another says that the switches to unlock the blocks are located on the 13th floor, and that BandyAid will have to take the elevator up to the fifth floor, then get on a different elevator that goes to the 13th floor. This sort of layout is NOT NORMAL and is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. "Hey, we have to put a switch that unlocks the door on the first floor. Let's put it on the top (13th) floor!" I mean, it's almost as if who ever designed Amami City was an evil sadist.

Oh right. (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/3-16.png)

BandyAid sighs, and heads to the only available elevator. Then he encounters a battle.

Go Go Gibo Eyes! Left-to-right: Void, Repel, Drain

The Gibo Eyes work as such: When a character begins to select a target, a little icon will appear in front of a demon if it voids, repels, or drains that attack. In the above picture, Youma Marut has a blue "X" to show that Nemissa's Mahazio spell isn't going to effect it. In the next, Kyouchou Gurulu will reflect Airavata's Zanma spell, so a red "X" with arrows pointing outward is displayed. The Youjuu Jersey Devil, on the other hand will take damage from Zanma, so no icon is displayed. In the last picture, Ryuuou Nozuchi will drain BandyAid's attacks, so there's an orange icon.

Gibo Eyes won't display anything if an enemy is resistant to a particular attack, however. Gibo Eyes works on EVERYTHING, including bosses and enemies that BandyAid has never encountered. Oh yes, they are that broken.


BandyAid takes the elevator up to the 5th Floor, where he finds himself in a rather twisty area. The elevator up to the 13th Floor is marked with the pink triangle, and the chests are marked with blue squares. The top chest contains a Chakra Pot (チャクラポット) that does not impress BandyAid because he can get them at the Casino if need be, and the bottom contains 3000 MAG. This dungeon has a lot more walking and backtracking than the Art Gallery of Hell, but I haven't complained about it draining my MAG. That's because the enemies in this dungeon are generous with the MAG, as are the chests. There's 6000 MAG in chests alone.

The 13th Floor is straight forward. One room has the lever that unlocks the A Block, the other has a chest with 2000 MAG. After unlocking the A Block, BandyAid makes the trip back down to the first floor where he can visit the Heal Spot and save. Hachidaioh dies a lot because of goddamn Yochou Takuhi. They tend to travel in pairs and with Nekomatas. Takuhi has the skill Human Bullet, which reduces Hachidaioh's HP to 1. Then another enemy will swoop in and finish him off. It's painful. BandyAid's Tranq Bullets are good to use, because Takuhi is weak to bullets.

Pajaro Pete
07-19-2008, 11:32 PM
(I was kind of excited because this update wasn't going to hit the 10 picture limit, but then I hit the character limit. Sigh.)

As far as annoying enemies, Takuhi is probably the only one. Jersey Devil is can poison the party, but that literally means nothing to TAS now.

BandyAid takes the elevator in the A Block up to the 5th floor, grabbing a cool 1000 MAG on the way to the next elevator and another Orb of Sight (見晴らしの玉) at the other end of the floor. The A Block is really straight forward and is basically a straight line. On the 13th floor, he pulls the lever to unlock the B Block, then walks back down to the 1st floor and heals before going in.


There's a Magic Reflect Mirror (魔反鏡) in the center room of the B Block, and a Chakra Pot at the far Northeastern corner. BandyAid and Nemissa come across Yu-ichi's stupid little hat in front of the elevator to the 13th floor. The B Block's 13th floor is large and filled with lot of warehouses, but the switch to open the C Block is marked on the map by the purple icon.
C Block is located within the B Block, and the elevator only goes to the 13th floor. TAS step on the elevator and roughly 3 minutes later when it reaches the 13th floor, they find that there's only a single warehouse. BandyAid takes a moment to re-equip himself and blog SAVE using the Back Upper. He swaps out his Yamato Bracer for the Guard Angel he got on the Chess Board.


Finnegan is inside. He wants to play a little game with BandyAid.(...apparently he really does think Summoner's Net is craigslist)

He challenges BandyAid to a duel, a fight between Summoners.

...Finnegan. The man who kind of already killed BandyAid once, back in Urabe's Vision Quest. Former professional boxer Finnegan. Currently a very skilled assassin who works for the most powerful organization in the world. He wants to fight BandyAid. One-on-one. Man-to-man.

Tyrants, what's it going to be?
A) Let's settle this like men! One on one!
B) Fuck that, my girlfriend can incinerate you with her BRAIN you think I'm going into battle without her?

The "duel" part is a little misleading. It just means Nemissa won't fight, rather than actually fighting him as solo BandyAid. Demons are still ok. Well, other demons. Demons that aren't Nemissa are ok.

tl;dr version:
Finnegan kidnapped Yu-ichi, BandyAid went through an annoying hit-switch-unlock-door dungeon, and now Finnegan wants to fight BandyAid one-on-one.

07-20-2008, 05:22 PM
A, because it sounds more difficult.

07-20-2008, 05:52 PM
I say one-on-one, it can't go wrong.

07-20-2008, 08:31 PM
I say bring Nemissa. What's he going to do, whine at you? Plus, EXP.

q 3
07-20-2008, 10:20 PM
Didn't we just say that we were confident in our abilities? Besides, Finnegan seems like an honorable chap, you know, the sort who would fully heal you before a fight and give you a free round or two to start with if you were brave enough to fight him solo.

07-20-2008, 10:43 PM
What is this "honor" you speak of, Q 3?

Brain-burnings, por favor.

Pajaro Pete
07-20-2008, 11:05 PM
Update 13: Bad Seeds

BandyAid accepts Finnegan's one-on-one challenge. Then he reloads his game to make things easier for himself. Hachidaioh is returned to the COMP, and WISHBONE is summoned in his place. BandyAid bravely struts back to Finnegan's room and sits through the scene again. He accepts the challenge. Nemissa's pissed that BandyAid is letting her kick his ass, but steps aside anyhow. Finnegan is happy and can't wait to show off his new summoning program that the Phantom Society gave him.

Besides, Finnegan seems like an honorable chap, you know, the sort who would fully heal you before a fight


and give you a free round or two to start with if you were brave enough to fight him solo.


Finnegan heals TAS, and launches a surprise attack.

Hey that looks familiar. What are the odds?

Actually it isn't really a surprise attack, he just begins summoning his demons. His COMP is in his brass knuckles. No, I don't know how that works either. Just go with it. He first summons Seijuu Airavata, which is something BandyAid has. That sure is a coincidence, isn't it guys?

Then he summons Genma Hachidaioh. And Shinjuu Narcissus. And Genma Marut. And Youma Sandman.


His summoning program copies the demons in BandyAid's COMP and summons them. Ladies and gentlemen, we are fighting a mirror battle!

Except for one thing: His demons are strictly default. BandyAid's Narcissus is custom built, if you recall, with Media and Diarama. Finnegan's Narcissus won't have those spells, it will only have whatever the demon would have by default. Scatach is the only character on Team Finnegan that can heal.

Finnegan himself has a few skills (Why do enemy summoners get to have neat special attacks and BandyAid doesn't?): Roundhouse Kick (回し蹴り, strike damage to front row), Shocking Backhand (電撃裏拳, strike damage to one, chance to "Shock"), Short Jab, Snipe (ねらい撃ち, gunfire damage to one character), and Zouma Incineration (造魔焼却, instantly kills Zouma-class demons). Sorry WISHBONE, the only reason you're even summoned right now is to make Finnegan waste a turn killing you.

This battle seems like it'd be a lot harder than it actually is. Most of the demons can't even touch BandyAid, and TAS's Airavata's Rakukaja helps make any damage they deal manageable.

Whenever a fake!demon is killed, another one will be summoned at the end of the turn automatically.


BandyAid got a little worried with Megami Scatach came out, but then he realized that she's not longer 12 levels stronger than him. She goes down without much fuss.

Eventually Finnegan is the only one left standing, and it's down to a slugfest between four members of TAS and him. Guess which team wins?


Both Hitomi and Nemissa are impressed by BandyAid's mad skills. So impressed that they don't even bother to chase after Finnegan when he runs away. Yu-ichi's ok, relatively speaking. He seems sort of out of it. In a daze.

Oh god. Did Finnegan touch him? You know, in his bad places? Is that why he's acting like this?

Back at the Airport's Shuttle, Six bitches Yu-ichi out for getting into such a situation. The other Spookies tell him to chill, but he storms off in a huff. Yu-ichi's still sort of out of it, so they send him home.


At the Hideout, an email arrives that says BandyAid's ID has been terminated. In the eyes of Amami City and the Government, he no longer exists. This is a problem, because without an ID BandyAid can't access anything in Paradigm-X or Shibahama Core. Spooky says that it's the Phantom Society's doing, and that BandyAid should go get Six, who lives in Nijomon.

Yes, he does appear to have a Jimi Hendrix poster, doesn't he?

At Six's place, Hitomi tries to talk to him. He's giving the silent treatment, because he's apparently still pissed that Yu-ichi nearly got himself killed. When trying to smooth things over with him doesn't work, she changes the subject to BandyAid's ID being erased, saying that they need his help. Still no response. Nemissa gets pissed off and starts yelling at him. No response.


...uh oh. This is in no way a good thing.

Pajaro Pete
07-20-2008, 11:53 PM
Six has the same look in his eye that Tomoko did when she was under Snappy's influence. He's apparently logged into Paradigm-X's VR Horror House, which BandyAid can't access without an ID. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap. Back to the Hideout!


Spooky says that the guys over at EL-115 can forge BandyAid a new ID, and he and Lunch start to head over there, leaving BandyAid and Hitomissa alone. A new email arrives containing an access code for the VR Park. A walk in the park? Surely that's what BandyAid needs right now! He'll need his ID to get in, so it's off to EL-115. Except, as TAS starts to leave the Hideout, Nemissa hears voices outside.

Lunch's father has found the Hideout. There is drama. While Lunch and his father argue about, say, everything under the sun, BandyAid slips off toward EL-115, where Alpha and Beta hook him up with a sweet new ID.

BandyAid goes to Shibahama Core to purchase a Gladius (グラディウス, A sword used by Ancient Roman Soldiers) to replace his Ninja Sword. He feels it's time that WISHBONE powered up, so he walks to the Goumaden.

Unfortunately, he arrives during the New Moon, and discovers that attempting to fuse WISHBONE during the New Moon will revert it back to it's original Dolly Sample state. So he leaves and wanders Shibahama for two steps until the phase of the moon changes.

First, WISHBONE is combined with Youki Tokebi, then with Genma Marut. The result:

...um, ok. He now has the abilities Zio, Zan, Mahazio, Dormina, Rakunda and Mapper, and not nearly enough Magic/Intelligence to make use of 'em. Oh well. He'll find a reason to exist eventually. I promise.

With nothing else to do, BandyAid returns to Paradigm-X's Pet Shop, where he delivers the Stupid Yama Sandman to Anoon. She gives him another Demon Metamorph list, as well as Kyochou Mou Shobou.


Kyochou (Bird of Misfortune) Mou Shobou is a shitty demon. It has the abilities Dia (ディア) and Self Destruct (自爆). BandyAid deletes it from his COMP in disgust.

Anoon how has three more requests, this time for specific demons with max loyalty. This was the real reason for fulfilling the rest of her requests.

Now BandyAid's off to save Six!

...or not. SIDEQUEST!


BandyAid attempts to access the VR Park from the Theater, only to find that it's been closed. Hitomi gives the password, which allows TAS administrative access.

There are no encounters in the VR Park, although some of the people inside will mention that it's been taken over by the Ohmropas Program. Sounds kinky. If BandyAid has learned anything from his brief life as a Devil Summoner, the best way to fix something is to beat it into submission!

The VR Park has a couple of "jump" spots where BandyAid must leap over the hedges. Neo-Clear/Mapper shows where they are, but BandyAid can also see them because the jumpable shrubbery lacks flowers.


Hey remember last time when I said there was only one dungeon in the game that had dark spots? I lied. The VR Park has them too. The North and South ends of the Park are separated by long stretches of "dark" hallways that also have warp points. The only way to get across is to jump over the hedges in the right order.

At the north end of the park, there's a door leading south. When BandyAid passes through the door, he enters a literal "dark" area. His goal is to head all the way to the bottom, then come swing back north into the central light area.


Unfortunately, the door to the central area only opens during the New Moon. I suddenly have violent flashbacks of Shin Megami Tensei if...'s World of Sloth as BandyAid paces around the immediate area, waiting for the New Moon to come. When it does, he finds himself in a well-lit area. A well-lit area filled with treasure. Treasure and Monsters-in-a-Box. Oh boy.

The angel decorations act as treasure boxes. Almost all contain a monsters, but most of the monsters are pushovers from previous dungeons. Except for the big red skeleton pictured above. He's new. He dies just like anything else though: With a shot of Zio.

Heading north along the outer west path, BandyAid finds a Magic Reflect Mirror (魔反鏡), and on the outer east path there's a Soma (ソーマ). TAS comes to a path that leads southward into the inner central area. There's a Heal Spot, not that it's needed, and a Luck Incense (運の香) located just a little ways south of it. From there, BandyAid heads to the westmost path to pick up a useless Stun Grenade (スタングレネード, inflicts paralysis on enemy) on the outer path and an Intelligence Incense (知恵の香) located on the inner path. That's pretty much the reward for this sidequest, so yay? There's a Diamond along the southern wall that isn't guarded by a MIAB, as well as a Chakra Pot on the path just north of it. The far eastern path has another Chakra Pot, and the inner east path has an Attack Reflect Mirror (物反鏡).

The entrance to the centermost area, where the boss resides, is located south of the Heal Spot.


Heeey Ohmropas wants to eat BandyAid's soul. What else is new? It summons 3 Youjuu Alraunes and this battle begins. The Alraunes are nothing even though they're new, Nemissa can blow them up with no trouble at all. While they're around, Ohmropas will do nothing but defend.

They're dead before TAS knows it, and Ohmropas is up front. It has the abilities Poison Breath (臭い息, Poisons front row), Demon's Birthcry (悪魔の産声, same as Win-Pe's back in Vision Quest 2), Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン, major fire damage to the whole party), Variety Dance (バリアントダンス, inflicts "High" status on front row), and Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ, almighty damage with Mahazio's area of effect). None of these attacks are particularly dangerous, it's Maharagion isn't even enough to kill Narcissus, who's weak to fire magic. Nemissa' High Leg Armor protects her from it, so there's that too. Poison's a non-issue for TAS.

Ohmropas gets to attack twice per turn, and will start casting Maharagion whenever it's HP get to yellow level (which is half of maximum). It's weak to physical martial arts, so Hachidaioh would have been awesome here. It's also "weak" to Fire, in the sense that it resists the other elements.


It has around 3000 HP, and it takes a while to die because TAS isn't optimized for this battle. The worst thing that happens is that it BandyAid gets "High," but he uses his turn to attack Ohmropas anyway, so it worked out ok before Nemissa could use a Me-Patra Stone. Eventually, it dies and leaves a crummy reward. Neither character levels up. What a rip off.

No, I take that back: The Luck and Intelligence Incenses were great, it's like two free level ups for BandyAid. TAS is deposited outside the VR Theater.

With that sidequest over, there's only one thing to do: Save Six. Have you noticed that Lunch is the only Spooky we haven't had to bust our ass saving? Yeah, funny that he's my favorite member of Spookies, isn't it?

Next time: Megaupdate with tragic backstories, Mary Poppins and the end of Disc 1.

07-21-2008, 07:56 PM
I really wish I had something interesting to say, but I don't. However, I keep reading these Let's Plays and not posting encouragement, and I enjoyed such encouragement during mine... so...
Be encouraged! This is awesome! I'm still reading it! Etc!
No, seriously though, you are hitting a pretty darn good balance between humor-oriented stuff and informative stuff. Keep it up!

This thread also reminds me that I really need to figure out how to get Japanese language support on this machine sometime, so I can see what those nice question marks look like.

Pajaro Pete
07-22-2008, 10:10 PM
Oh, thank you.

Update 14: Dramatic Conclusions. Sort of.

BandyAid's off to save Six!

...or not.


Remember how we haven't really recruited any new demons or done any fusion for a couple of dungeons? That ends now. BandyAid strikes out for the Sea Ark Hotel. The door to the fourth floor is unlocked, so that's where the hunt begins.


First up is Majuu (Demon Beast) Katakirauwa (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190839.png), a stupid demon with the abilities Zan, Mudo, Recarmudora (リカームドラ), and Shockwave of Loyalty (忠義の衝撃). Katakirauwa repels curses but is weak to expel. It is also, as mentioned, a stupid demon. Early, I said that stupid demons gain loyalty by autobattling. Unfortunately, Katakirauwa, on his first round, decides to cast Recarmudora to recover the 10 HP BandyAid was missing. Recarmudora, if you're observant, is a combination of the spells "Recarm" and "Mudora": The former is a revive spell and the latter an instant death spell. Recarmudora kills the caster to fully recover the HP of the rest of the party. It's pretty useless.


Next is Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Principality (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190422.png), which repels Expel but is weak to Curses. It has the abilities Media, Mahabufu and Lightning Stab (イナズマ突き). Principality is a friendly demon.

BandyAid heads back to the elevator to go down to the second floor, where he takes the stairs up to the 3rd. You see, we've established that Amami City was constructed by Satan, and the Sea Ark is no different: The elevator only goes to even numbered floors. The even numbered floors have stairs that lead up to the next floor (ie, there are stairs to the third floor on the second), but the odd floors don't have anything that goes to the next floor. It's a pain in the ass.


On the third floor, BandyAid recruits Youma (Trickster) Apsaras (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190551.png), after many, many, many attempts to persuade her. Apsaras is a friendly demon who is weak to fire, reflects ice, and voids Curses. She has the abilities Bufu, Diarama, MePatra and Wall of Water (水の壁, nullifies fire attacks for one round).

BandyAid also recruits another Putz on the 3rd floor, then heads downstairs.


He snags Akuryou (Phantasm) Poltergeist, a stupid demon with the spell Zan. It voids Curses, Bullets, and status effects, but is weak to Expel.

BandyAid also recruits a Knocker. At the Goumaden, Knocker and Putz are fused together to create another Seirei Gnome.


BandyAid strolls back to Algon NS at Nijomon. Remember? The very first dungeon in the game? His new ID allows him to access the second elevator that was locked before. Apparently, the massive security lockage on said elevators were guarding empty hallways and trash cans.

The third floor's can has the East Taishan Hat (東方泰山の帽子), the fourth floor's has the West Huashan Clothes (西方華山の衣), and the fifth has boxes containing the South Hengshan Ring (南方衝山の指輪) and the North Hengshan Shoes (北方恒山の具足). The items are named after the five sacred mountains of China. That's an equipment set if BandyAid's ever seen one. They're all girl clothes, so Nemissa puts them on.

Left to right: Nemissa naked, Nemissa with her current equipment, Nemissa with the Sacred Mountain equipment

When all four pieces are equipped, Nemissa gets stat boosts across the board. +4 Strength, + 2 Intelligence, + 2 Magic, + 4 Constitution, + 2 Agility and + 2 Luck. I did say earlier that Constitution wasn't useful, but 4 extra points to it are not unwelcome.

Now to Paradigm-X. BandyAid goes to the Pet Shop to trade a Seere that's in his COMP for another Nekomata. The Pet Shop is fundamentally broken like this, because BandyAid can fulfill the same requests an unlimited number of times as long as the reward isn't already in his COMP.

There's a new trader up, too. His name is Dr. Thrill, an he wants specific demons, and his rewards are demons from a special class known as Senshi (Ranger)... we'll probably be talking to him waaaaaaay later in the game.

Now BandyAid is ready to go save Six.

Pajaro Pete
07-22-2008, 10:53 PM
The VR Horror House is located under the "A Course" at the VR Theater.


A butler greets TAS when the enter the Horror House, who mentions that Shingo is already here. There are three empty rooms until they reach the main section, which contains a Heal Spot and a Save Point. The whole first floor is automapped already, which is nice. When BandyAid steps into the main room, he hears the sound of children playing. Creepy. There's 500 MAG is the chest in the far eastern part of the floor, but other than than that, nothing. There are three large rooms in the center of the first floor, each one contains an organ that, when played, will warp TAS to a new part of the Horror House. BandyAid cranks the organ on the left, which is technically the second one, and is whisked away to a new floor.

Look at that automap. Christ.

The new areas are huge and mazelike. Looks of hallways, doors and single rooms. Each of the single rooms are warp spots. One is the correct warp, the rest will send TAS down to the basement where they'll have to climb back up to the first floor and try again. Needless to say, Neo-Clear/Mapper/A full stock of Orb of Sights are necessary for this dungeon. Dark Man, the software that allows BandyAid to speak with Dark-aligned demons, will also be useful.

If you're playing along at home and following the walkthrough on Gamefaqs, which helpfully says "The correct teleporters are in the Northwestern part of the floors," I'm going to tell you something that will make your life easier: In front of the organ rooms on the first floor, there are lightning fixtures on the ceiling. On the maze floors, those lighting fixtures appear in front of the "correct" door. You can see them in the above pictures.

Left organ dungeon map (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/organ2map.png).


BandyAid also recruit Jashin (Wicked God) Mishaguji-sama (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190953.png). I would want to stage an intervention with Kazuma Kaneko because this is yet another penis demon, but then I remembered how many of the female demons have exposed breasts. A lot of them do. Mishaguji-sama is a regular encounter that was unceremoniously bumped up to major villain in Kuzunoha Raidou vs the Soulless Army. It's a Ferocious demon that reflects strike and technique-damage. It has the abilities Mahabufula, Shocking Backhand, and another skill I'm not quite sure how to translate. It doesn't matter, really, this fella's just fusion fodder.

It should be noted that this dungeon is probably the first that the enemies weren't well below BandyAid's level.

The correct teleporter will send BandyAid down to an isolated part of the basement, which contains another teleporter that sends him upstairs. Following the only path he can, he eventually ends up in a bedroom.


There's a little kid there named Shingo. That's... Six's real name. Nemissa thinks that little Six is cute, and asks BandyAid what they should do. BandyAid tries to take Shingo and leave the Horror House, but he doesn't want to go. He screams, and a little girl appears. She says he's really loud, and asks what's wrong. He tells her, and she sends TAS back to the first floor.

BandyAid cranks the middle organ and heads into the next area.


Not far into this area, Nemissa levels up and learns Zionga, the most powerful Lightning-element spell. Yes, in Soul Hackers, the spells only go up two levels. No -dynes, sorry.

BandyAid takes the time to grind himself up to Level 37 and raise Nekomata's loyalty. Middle organ dungeon map (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/organ1map.png).


At the end of the road, TAS find themselves in an attic. A similar sequence takes place, where BandyAid attempts to take Shingo out, but he calls Erika to protect him. She throws the party back to the first floor.

BandyAid leaves the Horror House and heads back to the Goumaden, where he fuses Majuu Nekomata with Seirei Gnome. The result:


Majuu (Demon Beast) Kazo (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190858.png) is a friendly demon with the abilities Diarama, Fire Breath (ファイアブレス), Recarm and Petra-di. He inherited Mark-Di from Gnome. It absorbs Fire but is weak to Ice.

Back to the Horror House to raise it's loyalty up. It doesn't take long, but before it maxes out BandyAid recruits a Yousei Leprechaun.

Yousei (Fairy) Leprechaun (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190707.png) is a stupid demon that voids Curses and Lightning, and reflects Force. It has the abilities Gun Phone (ガンフォーン),Makarakarn (マカラカーン) , Roundhouse Kick (回し蹴り), and Rakunda (ラク・ンダ). The only one BandyAid is interested in is Makarakarn, which reflects enemy magic for one turn. Leprechaun can be Metamorphed to create Kuribo's Show. That's a lie, but wouldn't it be awesome?

When Kazo's loyalty his 5, BandyAid leaves and goes to the Pet Shop. You see, a maxed loyalty Kazo was one of Anoon's requests. As a reward, she gives BandyAid another Metamorph list and a Reichou Thunderbird.


Reichou (Spirit Bird) Thunderbird (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-185706.png) is a clever demon with the abilities Thunderbolt (サンダーボルト), Sonic Boom (ソニックブーム), and Missle Punch (ミサイルパンチ). Thunderbird voids Expel, drains Electricity, and is weak to Gunfire.

Back at the Horror House, BandyAid works on raising Thunderbird's loyalty. After two battles, BandyAid pours some liquor down it's throat to make it friendly and speed the whole process up.

BandyAid enters the third organ dungeon, and grinds his way up to Level 38. It takes a while.


A long while. Right organ dungeon map (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/organ3map.png).

Pajaro Pete
07-22-2008, 11:53 PM
Eventually, Level 38 comes and BandyAid continues.


At the end, BandyAid finds Shingo on a staircase, holding a bleeding doll. He's apologizing to his big sister, saying he's sorry and he didn't mean to hurt her.


He says it was an accident.

Then the doll starts talking.

It seems that Six accidentally killed his older sister when he was a kid by knocking her down the stairs. It traumatized him so much that he blocked it out of his memory. This all seems very familiar. (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=4646)

When BandyAid tries to help Shingo, the voice of the little girl sends him back to the first floor. BandyAid scoffs and leaves the Horror House. He's about to ascend to godhood. To the Goumaden!

Reichou Thunderbird is Metamorph'd into the Thunder God Sword (雷神剣):

The Thunder God Sword has the same attack area of effect as Mahazio, and also has a chance of inflicting "Shock" status on the targets. This sword? The entire reason behind raising BandyAid's Agility and Intelligence so much. Once he's strong enough, he'll be able to "Shock" most enemies, including super bosses, before they get a chance to act. It's great. Real great.


Akurou Poltergeist and Jashin Mishaguji-sama are fused to become Shinigami (Reaper) Persephone (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080613-201319.png), a stoic demon with the abilities Mudora, Bufula, Mahazio, Marinkarin, and Petra Eye. She's immune to Expel, Curses, Mind and Bewitchment abilities, and resists all physical.


Seijuu Airavata, Youma Apsaras and Tenshi Principality are fused to create Hakaishin (Destroyer) Tonatiuh (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190113.png). Tonathiuh is a stoic demon with the abilities Untainted Will ( 汚れ無き威光), Tarukaja (タル・カジャ), and Venom Zapper (ベノンザッパー). He's inherited Bufu, Diarama, and Me-Patra. He reflects Ice, is weak to Fire, and voids Curses. He also has 20 Strength.

At the Pet Shop, Mister DNA wants a demon with 20 Strength. The reward is Majin Lugh and the secrets of Kyoushin fusions.

I... I need to change my pants

Majin (Magic God) Lugh (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-185520.png) is a ferocious God with the abilities Lightning Pierce (イナズマ突き), Deathbound (デスバウンド), Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), and Tetraja (テトラジャ). Deathbound deals major physical damage to all enemies, Tetraja protects against instant death (Expel/Curse) attacks for one round. His resistances aren't really great, he simply voids Expel and Curses. But look! Look at those stats!

With a new team and a new weapon, BandyAid prepares for his final assault into the Horror House.


He climbs the stairs to the upper floors. The second through fifth floors are identical, each contains four rooms in the corners and one chest per floor. The second floor's northeast room is a chest that contains one of the sacred mountain items that TAS got at Algon NS earlier this update. So does the chest on the third floor (now located in the SE room) and the chest on the fourth floor (in the SW room). Sure, BandyAid could have waited and picked them up here, but they made the rest of this dungeon so much easier.

The fifth floor's chest, located in the NW room, contains a MIAB (Tenshi Virtue) guarding a Chakra Pot. BandyAid keeps picking up Chakra Pots even though he's reasonably certain he hasn't ever used one.

The last piece of the sacred mountain equipment is located on the far west side of the 6th floor. It's pretty easy to miss, although TAS doesn't really need it.


Immediately in front of the door of the 6th floor is a mirror with an image of Six in it. BandyAid inspects it, causing the wall to raise up to reveal a secret passage into the center room. In the middle of the center room there's a rail that prevents anyone from falling into the pit. Upon inspecting the rail, it lowers into the ground and the pit rises to create a walkway to the far end of the room.


Six is there with the little girl, who identifies herself as Erika, the spirit of Six's dead sister. She's upset that he forgot about her, but now they can be together forever!


She freezes him in ice and prepares to attack TAS by summoning three allies: Lugae the Bug, Goggy the white thing and Bugz the Teddybear. The Teddybear that appears to have blood running down it's mouth. God. BandyAid knows that if there's one way to calm a restless spirit, it's to beat the ever loving shit out of it.


Lugh's Maharagion will work wonders in this battle, because both Bugz and Goggy are weak to fire. Lugae is fairly resistant to everything, but nothing BandyAid can't fix with a few cuts of his sword.

Erika herself has the abilities Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Megidola (メギドラ), Marinkarin (マリンカリン), Laser Scope (ガン・ビーム), Gotcha! Box (ハテナ・ボックス), and Mudora (ムドラ).

Gotcha! Box, pictured above, will force any demons who are not "Stoic" back into the COMP. Yes, the mighty god Lugh isn't stoic, so he's terrified of what amounts to a jack-in-the-box. Great. Erika doesn't have any notable resistances except she's immune to bullets. She has the standard boss stuff (no instant death, no Mind/Bewitchment/Nerve attacks), but other than that she's vulnerable to whatever works.

Her subordinates have a lot of varying skills, and this is the first multiple demon boss fight BandyAid's been in where the demons can actually hurt.

The battle takes 6 turns, afterwards BandyAid gains 2 levels and Nemissa gains one.

Pajaro Pete
07-23-2008, 12:15 AM

In a truly strange scene, after Erika is defeated, her ghost, complete with a scream, is flung back at Six's ice prison, shattering it. Six comes around, and thanks BandyAid and Hitomi for saving him. He disappears like Tomoko did. TAS is sent back to the Hideout, where Nemissa decides they should visit Six. Hitomi's acting a little strange, saying she's tired and needs to rest. BandyAid makes two save files before leaving.

To Six's apartment!

...but first, a pitstop at the Goumaden.


Majuu Katakirauwa is fused with Yousei Leprechaun to create Seijuu (Sacred Beast) Byakko (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190011.png), a clever demon that absorbs Ice but is weak to Fire. Byakko has the abilities Ice Breath (アイスブレス), Wall of Water (水の壁), Scratch (引っかき), Petra-Di (ペトラディ), and has inherited Makarakarn and Recarmudora. Recarmudora is sort of unfortunate, but Leprechaun's Makarakarn is great. You see, Byakko is incredibly quick, allowing him to cast Makarakarn before the enemies get a chance to attack (thus maximizing Makarakarn effectiveness).

Shinjuu Narcissus is Metamorph'd into the Narcissus Blossom (すいせんの花), which makes negotiating with female demons easier.


Lunch and Spooky are at Six's apartment. Six seems to be back to his old self, and thanks Hitomi and BandyAid for saving him again. He vows that he's going to honor the memory of his sister. Spooky suggests that they head back to the Hideout. TAS is automatically transported to the Hideout.

Spooky and the rest talk about how Paradigm-X is clearly very, very evil because it's attacked two people already. Lunch mentions that the disease that's been spreading around the city seems to be linked to Paradigm-X. They discuss how to go about dismantling it, but then Spooky hears something outside.


There's a woman, dressed very Europeanly, who introduces herself as Mayone, which is most commonly written in English as "Flea." She's a Dark Summoner, and she's here to kick BandyAid's ass:

Kaii Murasaki-Kagami, a mirror-demon that reflects magic but is weak to physical attacks.
Two Majuu Kazos, which are weak to Ice and drain Fire.
Yuki Vetara, which is weak to Force.
Ryuuou Mizuchi, which is weak to Fire.

Mayone herself has no specific weaknesses, although she does have some spells: Zionga (ジオンガ), Mahazio (マハ・ジオ), Mudora (ムドラ) and Diarama (ディアラマ). Man, why does everyone else get to have cool spells except BandyAid? Lugh uses Deathbound until he's out of HP and then Vetara kills him. The rest of the team hits with whatever they can, Scatach heals when it's needed. This battle is actually a sorry way to close out Disc 1.

After the battle, BandyAid levels up once and Nemissa levels up twice. She learns the spell "Diarahan," which fully heals one character's HP.

Mayone runs off after the battle, saying she was only a distraction: The whole parking complex has been rigged with explosives. Spooky tells Lunch, Hitomi and BandyAid to get clear, while he and Six move the Hideout.


Lunch, BandyAid and Hitomissa stand down the street and wait on Six and Spooky. BandyAid wonders if maybe they should be standing just a little bit farther away. The Hideout comes flying out of the garage as the bombs go off.


Both Spooky and Six are a little bruised up, but generally no worse for the wear. Looks like the Phantom Society's through shitting around, doesn't it?

And that concludes disc one of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

I wonder what's going to happen on Disc 2? What new and exciting adventures will the Spookies get into next time? Will we ever hear from Redman again? Will Six ever deal with his sister's death? And what about Mayone? She appeared at the very end of Disc 1, so does that mean she's going to be a major reoccuring villain on the next? Or will we never see her again? It's the latter

Pajaro Pete
07-23-2008, 10:50 PM
Update 15: A relaxing trip to the supermarket


Disc two opens with the Spookies (sans Yu-ichi) outside the new Hideout, which is located in Yurajima. Tomoko calls, apparently BandyAid's father flipped out and went to the Akanedai Mall.

The new location of the Hideout is sort of a pain in the ass, because it's no longer right down the street from Shibahama Core and the Goumaden.


BandyAid drops in to speak with Mary about various existential subjects, nailing the third part of her "sidequest."

Over at Shibahama Core to pick up at Totenkopf (トーテンコップ, a helmet with an emblem used to intimidate enemy soldiers), a Tiger's Eye Gauntlet (虎目石の小手, increases Strength by 2), and Rollerblades (ローラーブレード, increases Agility by 3) for him and Nemissa. Since her equipment no longer matches, Nemissa puts her G Radas back on (-2 Strength, + 3 Magic).

Re-armored, TAS heads to Akanedai Mall, located in the heart of Akanedai.


They're greeted by a woman who's either crazy from the disease that's going around, or crazy because of a moonlight madness sale. A few steps later, BandyAid realizes this is one of those times Japanese people use the term "mall" to describe a supermarket. The door he needs to get through is located right near the entrance, but it's locked.

I don't know how much you guys know about Japanese culture (I'm an expert), but in Japan, the key to the door isn't going to be in an administrative office, or on the key ring of the managerial staff, or anything like that. It's going to be hidden somewhere in the supermarket.

That is a lot of meat

There's a couple more sickies hanging around. The key is in the booze freezer on the east side of the mall. BandyAid also takes a bottle of sake that makes demons ferocious (純米からじし), but contemplates the usefulness of not only getting a demon drunk, but making it into a mean, fighting drunk.

Scatach returns to the COMP, because her Lawful alignment will cause some problems down the line.


The door leads to a walkway outside the mall that leads to a small building to the west. A small hallway to the right leads to a Mandala Melon (まんだらメロン, a Gift item that raises loyalty. BandyAid already has like 8 of these from just picking them up after battles) and a hallway to the left leads to a... another Chakra Drop. The building has a series of red, blue, and yellow-colored doors separating rooms arranged in a grid. A small room in the front of the building contains three switches, each one operating a different color door. Only two switches can be active at once. BandyAid throws the Blue and Yellow switches, leaving the Red doors locked.

And he walks. And walks. And walks. There's only real path to follow because of the locked Red doors. At the end, he comes to a door that leads to the next area, and one that warps back to the entrance. BandyAid guesses that's for a hasty retreat, but no enemies here are particularly dangerous. He does sweet talk another Majuu Kazo to join TAS, though.

Camazotz is just a regular enemy; Persephone's Mudora spell comes in handy for wiping out Angels.

More crazy people await him in the second area, but so does a Heal Spot. This area is more of the same, except the switches aren't located in the same tiny room: Instead, they're spread across the floor. Oh goodie. He recruits a rather ominous looking lady-demon named Jahi.


Kijo (She-Devil) Jahi (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220601.png) is a stoic demon that is weak to magic but reflects physical attacks. She has the abilities Zanma, Marinkarin, and Me-Patra. Thank god she's just fusion fodder.

BandyAid flips the Yellow Switch at the far end of the floor, then heads into the labyrinth of colored doors until he comes across the red switch, which opens up yet more new passages. Eventually he comes to an elevator. There's a Teomettle (テオメトル) across from the elevator, which is nice even if he can afford to stock up on them at the Casino. The elevator goes down to the basement.


In the basement, BandyAid meets a Scientist (you can tell because she has a labcoat and a clipboard), who says this is Kuzunoha territory.

He also runs into... Papa? Is that you? Papa? While are you so angry looking? :(

He seems to recognize BandyAid, but is also in a lot of pain. And halfway to crazyville. Nemissa knocks him out (she doesn't hurt him, despite being an incarnation of magical death), and TAS continues forward.


BandyAid works his way around to the next elevator, which goes down to B2. (There's also, sigh, another Chakra Pot in front of this elevator) B2 has two paths: The one on the right leads to another elevator that takes BandyAid back to part of B1 where two chests await him: One contains a Monster-in-a-Box (Yousei Troll, absorbs physical but is weak to magic, dies with one shot of Zionga) guarding a Constitution Incense (耐力の香). The other chest contains Happy Sandals (ハッピーサンダル, increases Agility by 3), which are like crappier Rollerblades. I can't imagine why they exist, or why they're located in this dungeon.

On the way, a Datenshi Halphas begs for BandyAid to spare it. As compensation, it joins TAS.


Awww look how cute! Datenshi (Fallen Angel) Halphas (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220529.png) is a stoic demon, with the abilities Laser Scope, Mahazan, Makarakarn, and De-kaja. He reflects Force magic and is weak to Gunfire. And he's so cute! The cutest Earl of Hell I've ever seen! Look at those pantaloons and that little sword, and that's to say nothing of that stylish hat!

07-23-2008, 11:03 PM
Majin (Magic God) Lugh (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-185520.png) is a ferocious God with the abilities Lightning Pierce (イナズマ突き), Deathbound (デスバウンド), Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), and Tetraja (テトラジャ). Deathbound deals major physical damage to all enemies, Tetraja protects against instant death (Expel/Curse) attacks for one round. His resistances aren't really great, he simply voids Expel and Curses. But look! Look at those stats!

Lugh looks awesome. He also just happens to be Cu Chulainn's dad.

Pajaro Pete
07-23-2008, 11:20 PM

Youchou (Phantom Bird) Tangata Manu (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220405.png) also joins the team. It's a clever demon that drains Lightning, voids Curses and is weak to Gunfire. It has the abilities Smelly Breath (臭い息, inflicts poison), Dynamite Breath (マイトブレス, inflicts "Bomb" status), Dekunda and Mapper.


Back down on B2, BandyAid takes the left path, which leads to a strange room filled with capsules. BandyAid and Hitomissa try to check the computers, but are stopped by a man's voice. Who could it be?


It's Sukeroku! Also known as Kuzunoha Kyouji! He explains that this is a Cold Sleep room, where Kuzunoha is keeping people who are infected with the disease. He says they've traced the disease to the Krypto chips inside the Paradigm-X monitors. If BandyAid is really interested in figuring this mystery out, the Algon Manufacturing Plant, where they produce the Krypto chips, is where he should start looking.

BandyAid returns home, and tells Tomoko that Papa's going to be visiting the countryside for a little while, and not to worry.

He heads back to the Akanedai Mall to recruit one last demon.


Youma (Trickster) Sywanna (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220427.png) is a stoic demon that reflects Expel but is weak to Curses. It has the abilities Maharagi (マハ・ラギ), Banishing Flash (破魔の雷光, Expel-based), and Mark-Di (マークディ).

At the Goumaden, Majuu Kazo, Kijo Jahi and Youma Sywanna are fused to create Genma Cuchulainn.


Genma (Illusion) Cuchulaiin (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220332.png) is a stoic demon with the abilities Mahazanma (マハ・ザンマ), Tarukaja (タル・カジャ), and Deathbound (デスバウンド). He's inherited Mark-Di, Diarama, and Petra-Di. Diarama's ok, but the other two inherited skills are trash. Cuchulainn resists Force and Martial Arts-based attacks.


BandyAid ponders fusing Daitensehi (Seraph) Israfel, who resists all magic and is weak to Martial Arts and Gunfire, but his lack of useful skills prevent BandyAid from going through with it. He'd be practically unkillable, but BandyAid passes.

BandyAid also checks out Byakko's Armor (ビャッコの鎧), which drains Ice but is weak to Fire. It's another Nemissa-only pieces that's part of a set. The Four Gods Set will also give her stat boosts when all the piece are equipped, but the downside is that they all come with weaknesses and Nemissa has to have certain stats to equip them. Byakko's Armor requires Nemissa to have 12 Constitution. I don't think so. The Four Gods Set can be obtained by Metamorphing the Four Gods, or by purchasing at the Casino.

Next time: Bondage Gear!

07-24-2008, 12:16 AM
Genma (Illusion) Cuchulainn (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220332.png) is a stoic demon with the abilities Mahazanma (マハ・ザンマ), Tarukaja (タル・カジャ), and Deathbound (デスバウンド). He's inherited Mark-Di, Diarama, and Petra-Di. Diarama's ok, but the other two inherited skills are trash. Cuchulainn resists Force and Martial Arts-based attacks.

*fist pump*

Pajaro Pete
07-24-2008, 02:15 AM
Lugh looks awesome. He also just happens to be Cu Chulainn's dad.

Now Lugh, CuChulainn and Scatach can all be one big, happy, creepy family together. Also you never explained your Cu-fetish.

07-24-2008, 09:09 AM
I might get on explaining that today, actually. Reading your Let's Play last night in one go (I refrain from reading them because image heavy pages freeze my shitty computer and I didn't want to risk; luckily, your images aren't very big) has influenced me to a format that would work in telling the whole story.

Pajaro Pete
07-24-2008, 06:06 PM
We're all eagerly awaiting for some insight into your fixation.

Update 16: A Dungeon in which Nemissa can't kill everything


Back at the Hideout, BandyAid and Hitomissa relay what they learned about Krypto. Spooky tells Lunch to check out the Krypto Chip that the group has. Yu-ichi shows up, it looks like he's back to normal. Well, as normal as he can be after being molested by Finnegan. He begins to take it apart, and then... a weird, glowing bug thing flies out of it. Nemissa says what's on everyone's mind: What the fuck?

The group decides that glowing bugs in computer chips are cause for investigation, so they head to Algon's Manufacturing Plant.


It's located right down the road from the Hideout. The plant's locked down, but Lunch comes through and manages to get it open. Lunch: The only worthwhile member of Spookies, since 1997.

The entrance is a large, empty room with 2 doors on the west wall, and three on the east. The door in the middle of the east wall is the only one that BandyAid can get anywhere with: It leads to a winding hallway and some stairs. As he makes his way to the stairs, Byakko recruits Chirei Dwerger.


Chirei (Earth Spirit) Dwerger (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080724-184313.png) is a ferocious demon with... the same resistances as Israfel. It has the abilities Maharagi, Bufula, Drunksmile, and Petra-Di. BandyAid takes note that Dwerger has 11 Intelligence, then dashes back to the Sea Ark to recruit a Knocker. He fuses the two to create Seirei Gnome (again), then fuses Gnome with Megami Scatach to produce Megami Fortuna.


Megami (Goddess) Fortuna (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-215957.png) is a friendly demon that reflects Force and voids Expel. She has the abilities Diarama (ディアラマ), Poisom-Di (ポズムディ), and Recarm (リカーム). Fortuna has inherited the abilities Mediarama (メ・ディアラマ), Bomb-Di (ボムディ), and Petra-Di (ペトラディ).

But... why would BandyAid rank Scatach down to Fortuna? He rubs his hands together and runs to the Pet Shop.


He gives Mrs. Ryouko the Fortuna he just fused, and she gives him the Copernicus (コペルニクス) Install Software. Copernicus makes the accident rate when fusing on the GUMP like, 95%, which is going to be very useful next update.

There's a new trader at the Pet Shop who appears at the beginning of Disc 2: Hazama. Hazama is antagonist of Shin Megami Tensei if..., and is wants certain races of demons and is willing to pay money for them. At this point in the game, money isn't really a problem, and it's not like TAS is going to be buying a whole lot of equipment from now on, so I don't see what the point of having him as a Trader is.

Back at the Algon Plant, Nemissa levels up and learns Petra-Di herself. Yay, an utterly unspectacular spell. This dungeon is actually pretty annoying because the Yuki Greymen repel physical attacks, meaning BandyAid can't really do anything against them, and a ton of enemies reflect Lightning spells, leaving Nemissa with nothing to do.

BandyAid climbs the stairs up to the second floor, and heads to a room in the northeastern corner. Inside is a chest containing the Hagoromo of Deneb (首星の羽衣, a beautiful hagoromo of Deneb), that grants immunity to Electricity and a weakness to Force.

BandyAid turns around and heads back to the stairs up to the third floor, following the path to another set of stairs that leads back down to the second floor. He recruits another Chirei Dwerger, and collects a Magic Incense (魔力の香) from a room to the east. Beside the room with the Magic Incense is a room with a switch in it. The switch disables the "A" Locks on the second floor, but activates the "B" Locks. You see, many of the doors on the second floor have one of those two locks on them. If the "A" locks are locked, then the "B" locks will be unlocked, and this all seems like it would make working here terribly tedious. Well, that and all the demons running around.

With the "A" Locks disabled, BandyAid enters a new passageway that leads to another switch. This switch unlocks the First Assembly Line down on the first floor, which just so happens to be where BandyAid needs to go.

There's also a Magic Reflect Mirror across the bridge on the second floor, which would be useful if BandyAid didn't have Byakko with him.

Nemissa, due to the way experience is scaled, manages to come out a level ahead of BandyAid. BandyAid decides he should go take care of some administrative stuff, so he leaves the Algon Plant again.

At the Pet Shop, he trades Dwerger for another Scatach, then reports to the Goumaden to clean out his COMP:


ELVIS is fused with Genma Hachidaioh, Youchou Tangata Manu, and Datenshi Halphas. He picks up a couple of skills, the only notable ones are Makarakarn, Dekaja and Dekunda. He also takes up the name of MASO.


BandyAid returns to the Plant, and heads to the Northwest room on the first floor. Inside is the first manufacturing line. The Spookies watch as a Kryto Chip is assembled via grainy FMV. In the center of each chip is a pulsing, vaguely fetal-like... thing. BandyAid finds the whole thing unsettling.

Pajaro Pete
07-24-2008, 06:46 PM

Lunch's father shows up and interrupts him. You see, he works here. There's some back and forth between him and Lunch, the topic of Lunch's mother comes up, but eventually his Dad comes around. He explains that the fetal-core-things aren't produced at the plant, but are shipped from Algon Headquarters. He says he's been investigating it himself, and that the chip schematics are kept in the 3rd Floor's Center Room for security purposes. He's kind enough to unlock the door for the Spookies, though.

The Center Room is located behind the wall with the green "No Entry" sign. It lowers when BandyAid approaches it, revealing a new hallway. BandyAid, for no reason whatsoever, summons Cuchulainn, Lugh, Byakko and Persephone.


Spooky hacks into the computer to try and find the chip schematics. Apparently most of the security comes from an extremely obtuse GUI.

Isn't it amazing that's what all our computers look like on the inside?

A grainy FMV that's too long for it's own good follows, involving a lengthy "fly through" of the computer's interior. It's kind of goofy.

Eventually, the group finds the file they need. Apparently, the fetal-bugs are actually Spores, used to infect people, turning them into "Carriers." The Carriers slowly lose their mind and sink into depravity, at which point the Spores burst forth, taking Carrier's Soul with them. The Spores are apparently the most efficient way the Phantom Society can go about collecting souls.


While the everyone is having the whole "What the fuck?" conversation, a man interrupts them. It's the Algon Manufacturing Plant's Manager. Nemissa recognizes that he's, y'know, NOT human, and tells the Spookies to escape. Spooky makes a copy of the files, and they run away. The Manger reveals himself to be Shemhaza (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samyaza), transforms into a be-bondaged fellow (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/shemhaza.jpg) with a goofy strap-on nose, and attacks TAS.

In my first playthough, Shemhaza was a wall. He has a ton of powerful magic: Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ) Megidola (メギドラ); and an ability called Delta Pupula (デルタ・プープラ), which inflicts "High" status on party members. He reflects Fire and Ice, and resists everything else.

Basically, he's a fast asshole that will blow up the party if he gets the chance.

But this time, BandyAid came prepared. BandyAid has the Thunder God Sword, Lugh has Lightning Pierce, Persephone has Mahazio, Nemissa has Zionga, Cuchulainn has Tarukaja, and Byakko has Makarakarn. That's four characters with the potential to "Shock" him so he doesn't get to take a turn, one to boost the damage that Lugh and BandyAid are doing, and one to protect the party by reflecting Shemhaza's magic should he get a chance to attack.

Lugh doesn't get to use Lightning Pierce too much since it takes so many of his HP, and BandyAid forgot to put Cuchulainn in the front row so he could use physical attacks after he finished buffing with Tarukaja, so it took a little bit longer than it should have. Shemhaza never got a chance to attack. Say, didn't Carol J try to summon something called Kokabiel way back at the Planetarium? Hmm...

After the battle, BandyAid and Nemissa got 13,300 experience points, netting two levels up for both of them. Nemissa learns Sabbatma (サバトマ), which allows her to summon demons into the party without using MAG. It... really isn't that great. At this point, MP are a more precious commodity than MAG.

Shemhaza notes that he understands who Nemissa really is, and says that Azazel and Satanail will avenge him. She wants to know what he means by that, but he dies before she can get any answers. Geez Nemissa, it's like, if you REALLY wanted answers, you wouldn't keep incinerating these nice demons, y'know?


Back at the Hideout, Yu-ichi's come up with the idea to highjack the airwaves to expose the Phantom Society and Algon Soft. Just as the team begins to plan, a news report comes on. A news report that identifies Lunch, Six, Yu-ichi and BandyAid as internet terrorists in the hacking group Spookies.



A coded email arrive. It turns out to be from Kadokura, the leader of Algon Soft, to Spooky, thanking him for all his hard work.

Lunch and Six are pissed, because it appears that Spooky has sold out the others. They convince Yu-ichi to leave with them, then ask BandyAid and Hitomi what they're going to do.

Tyrants, what should BandyAid do?
1) There's no way Spooky could have done it, this is obviously a set-up. We're staying.
2) Then again, it's entirely possible that they just wanted us to think it was a set-up, and it's all part of a nefarious plan by Spooky. Let's blow this joint.

07-25-2008, 01:22 PM
This is quite a conundrum. It's certainly all very suspicious, but I vote to stick with Spooky.

So on another note, is the ugly demon dog ever useful?

07-25-2008, 10:40 PM
I was under the impression we were all hating on the non-Lunch members of the group. So, you know, either way, let's just be angry at him. I mean, most problems can be solved with lighting, right? And if we are mad at someone, lighting is more likely to solve any problems we might have involving them.

07-26-2008, 07:24 AM
I say stick around. If it is a trap, you can always zap him up good.

q 3
07-26-2008, 10:55 AM
Is there a "kill both sides" option? Because I'm for that. Otherwise let's stick with Spooky, I mean he seems nice enough and all.

Pajaro Pete
07-26-2008, 02:08 PM
Update 17: A very brief stroll deep beneath the city

"Stand by me Bandy."
"I'm not going anywhere, Spooky."

This is actually one of those choices where the menu is only up for a couple of seconds, and you have to input before it goes away. BandyAid quickly tells Lunch and Six that he's staying with Spooky. The other three leave in a huff.


Nemissa's irritated by their behavior, but Spooky thanks them for staying. He seems sad. Almost like he's defeated. Hitomi notices something on the computer screen. It's the VR Theater in Paradigm-X. And a Condor. Naturally, the Condor is Red Man. Nemissa wants to go right away, to the point that she won't even let BandyAid leave the Hideout. Yay.

Hitomi's worried about entering Paradigm-X while Spooky's there, but Nemissa says it'll be fine.


At the Theater, Redman thanks BandyAid and Nemissa for coming. Nemissa asks him about who she is, but he doesn't answer. Of course. Instead, he sends BandyAid on another vision quest.

Vision Quest 3: The Land Where Karma Sleeps

A grainy FMV takes BandyAid to a seemingly deserted Chinese Restaurant. Two people, Nishi and a woman, are the only customers. The woman is a female summoner named Naomi.


It would seem that Naomi is a mercenary that Nishi wants to hire. Nishi brings up Manitou, yet again, saying that there's something standing in their way. He needs Naomi to take care of it.


There are two very powerful demons... nay, gods, lurking deep beneath the district Nikamimon (which I have been referring to as "Nijomon" this entire time. Whoops!). Primordial gods known as Tiamat and Apsu. Naomi's job is to exterminate them.


Naomi is dumped into the Nikamimon Underground Ruins, which, as far as caves go in first person dungeons, doesn't look that bad. Let's take a look at Team Naomi! I'm sure there's a bunch of strong demons at this part in the game.



There's not even a COMP option. What.

Let's at least check out Naomi's stats.

Mother of God.

Naomi is a beast. She's equipped with Ursa Major Bow (おおぐま星の弓, a large bow with a golden shine; same area of effect as Mahazio); Earl's Lock Gun (アールズ・ロック) with Shark Killer bullets (シャークキラー); Iron Bunnyears (百七拾八式鉄耳, increases luck by 4); Maximilian (マクシミリアン, armor with ripple marks across the surface?); Laurin's Ring (ラウリンの指輪, - 2 Strength, + 2 Magic, Curse Immunity); and Mirage Boots (ミラージュブーツ, increases agility by 2).

BandyAid had fully intended to grab some Iron Bunnyears for himself and Nemissa before he started this Vision Quest, but he didn't realize he had no choice but to come here.

Naomi also has a special class of magic, called Summoning Magic. Oh god, does she have magic. Let's take a look:

Kanzeon's Redemption (観世音の済度): Invokes the power of Jiboshin Kanzeon-Bosatsu. Increases max HP of one human by half.
Incarnation of Lord Soma (ソーマ神権現): Invokes the power of Hishin Soma. Fully restores the HP and MP of one target.
Demon King of War (戦の魔王): Invokes the power of Maou Chi You. Deals Force damage to front line, hits 4 times.
Kurikara's Black Dragon (くりからの黒龍): Invokes the power of Majin Fudou Myouou. Deals Fire damage to front line, hits 4 times.
Evil of 240,000,000 (二億四千万の悪): Invokes the power of Maou Angra Mainyu. Deals Almighty damage to all enemies, damages Neutral-aligned enemies more.
Queen of the Full Moon (満月の女王): Invokes the power of Maou Hecate. Deals almigty damage to all enemies, deals greater damage during the Full Moon.

Basically, Naomi is the most broken character in a Megaten game ever, what with her ability to use a Soma for 6 MP. She's a one woman army.


Naomi is, unfortunately, not blessed with an automap, what with her lack of computer. So she has no choice but to blindly move forward, hoping she finds the path down.

As Naomi makes her descent, she thinks about her life.

Storytime: Naomi

Once upon a time, there was a little orphan in Hong Kong. She was taken in by a martial arts instructor, and trained in both the ways of magic and combat. They lived in a secluded village, where there not many other children her age.

She met another little girl, who was being trained by another instructor in the area. The two quickly became the best of friends, despite being raised in rival schools. Naomi was happy.

But then, one day, Naomi's friend challenged Naomi's master to a duel as a rite of passage. Naomi's master was killed in the battle. Her best friend had murdered the only family she ever had ever known. Naomi swore that she would have her vengeance, and left the village to train.

Naomi traveled the world, picking up new combat techniques, as well as the knowledge of how to perform summoning magic. She became a mercenary Devil Summoner to further her skills. She slayed demons numerous demons, leaving only a trail of broken corpses behind her, all for the sake of her revenge.

She knows the day is coming. The day she'll have her revenge against her former friend. Yes, one day, she will kill Rei Reihou.

Yeah, way to assassinate Rei's character there, Atlus!


Continuing downward, Naomi meets increasingly bizarre enemies before coming to a giant, open cavern where the path splits in two. In the center is a cave that contains Redman, who will heal and save her game.

Each path will lead to a different enemy, designated as "Target A" and "Target B." She only needs to take out one.

Which way should Naomi go? Left or Right?

Pajaro Pete
07-26-2008, 02:11 PM
So on another note, is the ugly demon dog ever useful?

He will be. He's a lot more useful in New Game + when fusion restrictions are lifted. Since summoning him is free and he has no CP, he's a way to circumvent the whole "Having Shiva in your party in the Planetarium will be nearly impossible because of how much MAG he consumes" thing.

07-26-2008, 02:28 PM
I'm going to say left, since I'm a lefty.

07-26-2008, 02:56 PM
I'm pretty sure there's a clear-cut answer to this, and I'm pretty sure that answer is left, but the fact that I'm not completely sure means it's been far too long since I played Earthbound.

07-26-2008, 03:50 PM
I'm saying right, just to be contrary.

07-27-2008, 01:45 AM
He who conquers the left side conquers the world.

My favorite devil designs so far: Leprechaun (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-190707.png), Halphas (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-220529.png), Fortuna (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-215957.png). Does Jack Ripper show up in any of these games, or did they just make him up for Jack Bros.?


Also, what's that text on Judah's turban-thing?

07-27-2008, 01:51 AM
Also, what's that text on Judah's turban-thing?


07-27-2008, 01:54 AM
I guess that's no more racist than calling the other black guy "Boy" and the spirit animal guy "Redman."

07-27-2008, 12:07 PM
(excellent Let's Play, just finished catching up!)

I'm going to vote right, because you always go right in games! Actually I have no idea, and I hope I haven't doomed the mission.

Pajaro Pete
07-27-2008, 03:22 PM
Update 18: To the Left, to the Left, to the Left


Naomi heads down the left path. The cave becomes noticeably more mazelike, which would annoy BandyAid, but since Naomi kills everything, she has no problem with a few deadends.

She eventually comes to a strange door, one that leads into a large, empty... ruin? I swear, if the real world were like Megaten, every single city ever rests atop a giant, cavernous ancient temple/castle/whatever.

At the other end of the empty room is another door, one that leads to (EDIT: I use ABP, so I didn't realize that this website has all the ads it does. It's not work safe, so, uh, don't look at it)Shinrei Tiamat (http://imgplace.com/image_bin/4597/ebb2d85691ada45c2caf25e70545524d.JPG).


Naomi has the option of backing out and heading to the other target if she so chooses, but the will of the Tyrants has sent her here, so she must continue on.

Tiamat resists Fire, Ice, Lightning and Force, but is weak to Physical attacks. She has a number of magical-type attacks: Agi (アギ), Agilao (アギラオ), Bufu (ブフ), Zio (ジオ), Megido (メギド), Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ) and Thunderbolt (サンダーボルト). She won't start using Agilao, Necro Dogma or Thunderbolt until her HP get down to the yellow. Tiamat has 8 boobs, a vagina and tentacles.

Naomi needs to cast Kanzeon's Redemption in this battle, or else she'll have to heal after every attack. With Kanzeon's Redemption in effect, she can take about 4 hits from Tiamat before needing to heal during her initial phase, and three after she starts bringing out her stronger attacks. Since Tiamat is weak to physical, Naomi casts Demon King of War, which deals Strike damage, not Force as I previously indicated.

This battle is actually really tedious because Naomi isn't going to die, obviously, and Tiamat has a lot of HP.


After the battle, Naomi begins to suffocate. Apparently, killing Tiamat sucked all the air out of the underground ruins. And that's how Naomi dies, alone and filled with hate all alone deep beneath the city. Redman hands out some cryptic warnings, and BandyAid is suddenly awakened by Nemissa. Not Hitomi. Um.

By the way, one of the implications in these Vision Quests is that BandyAid is actually experiencing the deaths of those characters. That's why he always ends up in Redman's weird little vortex (as he does whenever he dies in real life), and he always passes out after they're over. So he's died three times now. Redman's kind of a dick, isn't he?

At least he gives BandyAid two levels up, which both go to BandyAid's Strength.


Spooky's amazed by what just happened, and the trio (quartet, if you count Hitomi) decide that they're going to upload a virus onto Algon's server to stop them. Because, y'know, they're Hackers. BandyAid rolls his eyes, because honestly? This should have been the solution in the first place.


They upload the virus, only to have an error message pop up. Then Kadokura appears on the screen. He says he expected as much, and took preventative measures. He does some typical villain taunting, then the connection begins to break up on his end. BandyAid swears that he hears Kadokura say "Finnegan?!" just before he goes out completely.

Spooky says that the virus will have to be uploaded at the main office if they want it to work. Nemissa happily volunteers to do it. BandyAid tells her to have fun, but she decides that he simply MUST come with her. Man. Do all RPG protagonists wear a sign on their backs that says they're errand boys?

BandyAid heads to the Sea Ark to recruit another Jack Frost, then to the Goumaden.

Megami Scathach, Yousei Jack Frost and Youchou Tangata Manu are fused to create Majin Mahamayuri:


Majin (Magic God) Mahamayuri (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080723-215840.png) is a stoic God with the abilities Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Banishing Flash (破魔の雷光), Twister Kick (ツイスターキック), Poisum-Di (ポズムディ), and has inherited Mahazan and Mediarama. Poisum-Di is useless, but the rest are really awesome. Mahamayuri voids Expel, Force, Mind and Bewitchment.

The Algon Main Office is located in Nikamimon, right beside the NS building.


...and it's covered in some sort of weird barrier. A police officer stops TAS from entering, saying that the barrier is dangerous. Great. Nemissa and BandyAid automatically return to the Hideout to conference with Spooky.

Then Nemissa has an idea. The Algon Main Office is linked to Paradigm-X, right? If Spooky can get access to a computer over there, she'll be able to take BandyAid there through the intertubes. Spooky hooks them up, and it's away they go!

Thankfully, this is not going to be like the Fire Wall in Star Ocean 3.


At the user's counter in Paradigm-X, there's a new option: Server Access. Selecting it starts another stupid grainy FMV, that... really, I can't even begin to explain. Apparently the network in Amami City really is a series of tubes, because that's what BandyAid and Nemissa fly through. There's a lot of weird mechanical shit going on too, that apparently only exists soley for the visual benefit of someone flying through the network illegally. It's all painfully stupid.


But the operation is a success! BandyAid and Nemissa arrive in a relatively normal looking room, then step outside into a hallway. A hallway covered in fog, glowing floors, and walls that dissolve into the darkness. At least this building has an excuse to be all fucked up in design. BandyAid goes on a recruitment drive.


Yama (Night Stalker) Incubus (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-160150.png): Reflects Curses, weak to Expel. Mahazio (マハ・ジオ), Marking (マーキング), and Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ). Marking inflicts "Mark" status, and Necro Dogma is a nifty Almighty spell. Not that it really matters.

Pajaro Pete
07-27-2008, 03:40 PM

Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Virtue (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-155933.png) is next. Virtue resists Magic but is weak to physical attacks and particularly guns. It has the abilities Mahazio (マハ・ジオ), Zionga (ジオンガ), Hanma (ハンマ), and Sukukaja (スク・カジャ). That's actually a pretty decent skill set. Virtue is, bizarrely, a ferocious demon despite being magically inclined.


Majuu (Demonic Beast) Orthrus (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-160325.png) drains Fire and is weak to Ice. He has the abilities Dynamite Breath (マイトブレス), Wall of Fire (炎の壁, protects from Ice for one round), Ram (体当たり), and Mapper (マッパー). He's a clever demon, despite being physically oriented.

Yama Incubus and Majuu Orthrus are fused to create Youchou Roc.


Youchou (Phantom Bird) Roc (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-160022.png) drains Lightning, voids Expel and is weak to Gunfire. It is a clever demon with the abilities Thunderbolt (サンダーボルト), Ram (体当たり), Petrifying Bite (石化かみつき), and has inherited Mahazio.

All of these demons are just fusion fodder.


At the end of the hallway, BandyAid and Nemissa come face-to-face with Finnegan. He's says the whole thing's gone to hell. Kadokura has apparently betrayed the Phantom Society. But that's not important right now, but the fact that they're trapped in a hellish otherworld filled with demons does. He says they can settle their score later, but right now they need to work together to escape.

Tyrants, what should BandyAid do?

1) Work with Finnegan. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and Kadokura seems to be the bigger fish to fry.
2) Fuck that, Finnegan already kind of killed BandyAid once, kidnapped and maybe molested Yu-ichi, and has generally been a pain in the ass. How can we trust him?

I'm pretty sure there's a clear-cut answer to this, and I'm pretty sure that answer is left, but the fact that I'm not completely sure means it's been far too long since I played Earthbound.

There are no right or wrong answers, but Right would have been a lot better for me.

Does Jack Ripper show up in any of these games, or did they just make him up for Jack Bros.?

He was in SMT 2 and if...
Actually, I'm glad you mentioned this, because I need to recruit an Orthros again so I can trade it for the Ripper Panel software.

I'm going to vote right, because you always go right in games! Actually I have no idea, and I hope I haven't doomed the mission.

Well, all the other Vision Quests resulted in complete success, so surely this one will too!

07-27-2008, 04:05 PM
What would have been the benefit of heading right?

And I say trust him, I mean, no one really liked Yu-ichi anyway. Besides if he betrays you, you've already proven that you can kick his ass.

Pajaro Pete
07-27-2008, 04:08 PM
Naomi fights a different boss, one that's weak to magic. The final boss takes on the properties of whichever boss Naomi kills, and I'd rather face the final boss that's weak to magic so Nemissa can Zionga it to death.

07-27-2008, 04:10 PM
I just want to go on record here (again, technically) that I voted for the right.

07-27-2008, 06:09 PM
Tiamat has 8 boobs, a vagina and tentacles.


This image or video violated our terms of use


07-27-2008, 06:20 PM
My personal site server thingamajig to the rescue! Here's the picture again (http://getmeoutofthis.net/gallery/d/570-1/tiamat.jpg). Hurray for breasts! Huzzah for vaginas! Etc, etc!~

Feel free to change the higher link to that too, if you want, Turnip. It'll, you know, exist as long as my Let's Play does, cause it's all on the same thingamajig.

Pajaro Pete
07-27-2008, 07:07 PM
I just want to go on record here (again, technically) that I voted for the right.

You didn't vote hard enough and now Naomi is DEAD.


Boo Photobucket.

My personal site server thingamajig to the rescue! Here's the picture again. Hurray for breasts! Huzzah for vaginas! Etc, etc!~

Feel free to change the higher link to that too, if you want, Turnip. It'll, you know, exist as long as my Let's Play does, cause it's all on the same thingamajig.

That's so nice of you that I'm not even going to question why you saved it. But I went ahead and registered an imgPlace account, because there will probably be a handful of other demons that are exposing themselves in lewd ways. And not so lewd ways.

07-27-2008, 07:10 PM
I didn't save it so much as look at it earlier, then see mopinks post and then click on it to check, and find it was still there, cached, so...
OMG she's so hawt tho, rite lol?

07-27-2008, 07:19 PM
Since clearly you're going to have to beat the crap out of him either way, you might as well get something out of it. Take his "help."

07-27-2008, 08:52 PM
You know you wish you were cool enough to hang out with Finnegan. And now's your chance!

Shinrei Tiamat (http://imgplace.com/image_bin/4597/ebb2d85691ada45c2caf25e70545524d.JPG)


Yama (Night Stalker) Incubus (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-160150.png)

Oh my goodness.

07-27-2008, 09:04 PM
it's gettin' hot in herre

q 3
07-27-2008, 09:32 PM
So does the demon on the right have two sets of testicles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbRom1Rz8OA)?

Pajaro Pete
07-28-2008, 01:16 PM
The only one with two sets of testicles is BandyAid, and they're made of steel.

Update 19: Fwuffy Bunnies!

"Alright, we'll help," BandyAid says. He secretly wonders if he can sneak behind Finnegan and stab him repeatedly with the Thunder God Sword.


Finnegan explains that the demon causing this craziness is on the third floor. The door to the third floor is sealed by six sigils on the second floor. To unlock it, they need to touch each sigil on the second floor in order. Each sigil is behind a gate colored Red or Blue. He says he'll do one color, and TAS can do the other. He asks BandyAid which color he wants to take. BandyAid says Red, and would have asked the Tyrants for their opinion on it but this scene literally happens 30 seconds after we ended last update. Finnegan says ok, and goes on ahead.

Behind Finnegan are two doors: One's the Red Gate, the other is the Blue Gate. Both lead to the second floor, but on opposite ends. The Blue Gate is locked because Finnegan already went through it.

The second floor is huge and contains six large "dark" areas. BandyAid has to find the first Red Gate (they're labeled when he approaches them). If he tries to enter a Blue Gate or a Red Gate out of order, he'll be warped to a random part of the floor.

He chats up another Majuu Orthros and convinces it to join on his way down the winding hallways. There's a Terminal and a Heal Spot on this floor, which is good because MP get used up fast in this dungeon. A number of the enemies reflect or resist physical attacks, so Nemissa is using a lot more MP than normal. Mahamayuri's Banishing Flash (破魔の雷光) is also pretty useful since so many of the demons that reflect/resist physical are weak to Expel.


BandyAid eventually finds the first Red Gate and enters. The dark areas have damage tiles (damage tiles AND dark areas? In the same dungeon? Gasp). You can tell they're damage tiles because they're bright blue in the middle of the darkness and can easily be avoided. Each dark area has two small rooms within: One contains the Sigil and the other contains a chest.

Red 1's left room contains 6000 MAG. The sigil is in the right.
Red 2's left room contains the sigil, the right contains a Pearl (パール).
Red 3's left room contains the sigil, the right contains an Attack Reflect Mirror (物反鏡)

(The Blue Gate is better, because it contains the only Agility Incense in the game. BandyAid did not realize this when he was talking with Finnegan. He is very upset)

Once BandyAid's touched all three sigils in the Red Gates, the center room opens up.


There's a crazy guy standing in front of the hall that leads to the center room. Inside, there are four smaller rooms: The one directly in front of the entrance contains a Disclose Stone (ディクローズの石), the one beside it contains another Server Room where BandyAid can retreat back to Paradigm-X. Behind the Server Room is a room with another Disclose Stone (ディクローズの石), and beside that is the warp up to the third floor. BandyAid's not ready to go up there yet, so he walks around until he encounters Yoki Nyalmot. Nyalmot is actually sort of a pain in the ass, because he's something of a rare encounter here.


Yoki (Ogre) Nyalmot (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-161413.png) is a stupid demon that reflects Ice, is weak to Fire and voids Curses. He has the abilities Ram (体当たり), Ice Breath (アイスブレス), and Mamorikuzushi (マモリクズシ).

Once Nyarlmot's in the party, BandyAid returns to Paradigm-X. At the Pet Shop, he trades Orthros to Mrs. Ryouko for the Ripper Panel (リパーパネル) software. He returns to real life and pops over to the Goumaden.

Mahamayuri, Virtue, and Nyarlmot are fused to create Megami Pallas Athena.


Megami (Goddess) Pallas Athena (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080722-185552.png) is a ferocious goddess that reflects Strike and Skill/Martial Arts attacks and voids Expel. She has the abilities Lightning Pierce (イナズマ突き), Tetrakarn (テトラカーン), and Diarama (ディアラマ). She has inherited Mediarama (メ・ディアラマ), Poisum-Di (ポズムディ), and Sukukaja (スク・カジャ). She is awesome.

Byakko and Roc are fused to create Reichou Yatagarasu.


Reichou (Spirit Bird) Yatagarasu (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080727-160227.png) is a friendly demon that's resistant to physical attacks (except Gunfire, which it's weak against), voids Expel and is weak to Force. It has the abilities Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), Tarunda (タル・ンダ), Diarahan (ディアラハン), and Mapper (マッパー). It also inherited Petra-Di, which is... not good at all. Oh well, BandyAid just wanted him for his Tarunda and Maharagion.

Ripper Panel in action

TAS stops by Automatar to buy some more Disclose Stones, y'know, just in case, and then hits the Sea Ark for some Loyalty raisin'. Pallas Athena gets drunk and friendly. BandyAid also recruits a Pixie and a Gallytrot, and installs the Albert and Copernicus software. Then he waits for the Full Moon.


Chinjuu (Oddities) are fused by using any demon from the Beast family (Majuu, Yojuu, Seijuu, Shinjuu) in fusion during a full moon. There's a chance that an accident will occur and a Chinjuu will be created instead. With Copernicus and Albert, fusion accident rate is 99%, meaning BandyAid can guarantee a Chinjuu every time, it's just a matter of getting the one he wants.

The one he wants is Chinjuu (Oddity) Inaba-no-Shiro Usagi (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080728-141224.png), a cute widdle bunny wabbit! Shiro Usagi is a clever demon that voids Ice and is weak to Fire. It has the abilities Rice Cake Pound (月夜のもちつき), Sukukaja (スク・カジャ), and Liftma (リフトマ). It's insanely quick, and check out the effect the Full Moon has on him. I'm pretty sure that's the most any demon in the game is effected by lunar phases. Not that it matters.

BandyAid takes it to the Sea Ark and gets it drunk to raise it's loyalty up to five so it can be metamorph'd into the Iron Bunny Ears (百七拾八式鉄耳). The Iron Bunny Ears increase Luck by 4, and have really good defensive stats to boot. They're great. BandyAid tries to fuse another Shiro Usagi to get some Bunny Ears for Nemissa, but after several unsuccessful attempts, he gives up and returns to the Algon Main Office.

Pajaro Pete
07-28-2008, 02:05 PM
...Unfortunately, he finds that when he returns, he's back on the first floor. Thankfully, he doesn't have to reactivate the sigils, he just has to walk back to the center room.


The third floor is normal looking. There are a couple of different hallways, but they all end up at the same place. BandyAid moves forward and runs into Finnegan.

Finnegan... doesn't look so hot. He manages to choke out that the demon up ahead, Malsum, sealed his demon's magic. He should have picked up those Disclose Stones. Finnegan says that Malsum's another fragment of Manitou that's infected the computers, and apparently it's Nishi's doings.

...then he says something interesting.
"If only we had Nemissa."

Nemissa is naturally interested in what he means, and he explains, the best he can, that Nemissa would be able to stop Manitou. Then he says that it's Urabe's fault they no longer have Nemissa. Nemissa begs him to explain who, or what, she is.

Finnegan begins to realize who he's talking to, then starts laughing. "This has got to be a bad joke... hehehe... hahahaha."

Then he dies. Well, at least Nemissa didn't incinerate him! I dare say she's making progress.


All roads lead to the Main Server Room. There's nothing inside, at first, then Malsum appears. Malsum likes souls. He was the thing that tried to attack BandyAid at the beginning of the game. Then it recognizes Nemissa. She's designated as a threat, and must be terminated. Nemissa's pissed that the demon killed Finnegan because, like, he was the only one who seemed remotely interested in telling her the truth. Hitomi starts to fall asleep again.


Malsum can be annoying. He has a lot of nasty physical attacks. His abilities are Bite the Dust (バイツァ・ダスト, inflicts Bomb Status), Wood Chipper (木っ端みじん斬り, cutting damage to whole party), Volcanic Storm (火砕烈風破, fire damage), Arc Zoner (アルガ・ゾーナ, strike damage), and the ever dreaded Whisper of Silence (沈黙のささやき).

Arc Zoner is probably the most dangerous. Let's say this is the party:

1 - 2 - 3
4 - 5 - 6

Arc Zoner targets positions 2, 4, and 6. If it hits Nemissa, it will kill her. Same with BandyAid. But, if Pallas Athena, who reflects strike damage, in position 2, and Yatagarasu, who resists strike damage in position 4, then everything's fine. Nemissa gets moved to position 5.

TAS is primed for buffing/debuffing, so that's about all there is to this battle. Yatagarasu casts Tarunda then Maharagions, Pallas Athena casts Sukukaja then Attacks, Cu Chulainn casts Tarukaja then attacks, and BandyAid and Nemissa do as they do. Disclose Stones as needed.

BandyAid and Nemissa get about 10,000 Exp a piece for this battle. They both level up and Nemissa learns Megido. ROCK ON.

Hitomi's tired again, and falls asleep. Nemissa tries to wake her up, but it's no good. They return to the Hideout.


Yu-ichi's there all alone, and Nemissa is happy to see that he's forgiven Spooky. Except... Yu-ichis acting a little funny. He's silent for a long time, then he says that the other three went to the Amami Monolith. A woman's voice is heard outside, and Rei Reihou enters. She says that a Dark Summoner brainwashed Yu-ichi (why do the Dark Summoner's get all the good powers?), and he was sent to act as a messenger.

Yu-ichi was the mole that sold out the team. The game actually makes it really, really obvious, because his portrait changes after he's rescued, and he acts all spaced out in every subsequent appearance.

Nemissa correctly deduces that this all went down when he was kidnapped by Finnegan. Rei says that Nishi was probably the one that ordered it. She says this was a trap set by him, and he's probably at the Amami Monolith in Nikamimon right now.

Then she says that Nemissa's soul is beginning to overtake Hitomi's, and it won't be long before Hitomi's gone forever. Nemissa doesn't really pay much heed, and says they should hurry to the Monolith.

BandyAid fuses an Incubus with MASO at the Goumaden.


His form changes (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080728-141539.png). At least he lost all the weird veiny things (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080728-141526.png), right?

Next time: Rex touches Black Maria and initiates the Third Impact, BandyAid enters the second-to-last dungeon in the game and subsequently tears his hair out because it is long.

07-28-2008, 03:24 PM

See, that's one of the things that I both like and dislike about these MegaTen games. I've been spoiled by Pokemon in some ways. I want to use demons that I think are cool, but in these games, you can't do much picking and choosing. Everything has a use and a power level where you use it, or is just fusion fodder. It's cool, and a completely valid way to set things up, but I'm just so used to sticking with people I think are neat because I like them, and that gets you all killed and such...
Eh, I'm rambling.

Pajaro Pete
07-28-2008, 08:36 PM
Yeah, it's even worse when you realize a lot of the demons I've fused get used for a few boss battles and that's it.

Pajaro Pete
07-30-2008, 12:18 AM
Update 20: Racial Tension

This place pisses BandyAid off so much.


The Amami Monolith is located in Nikamimon. It's the large structure with two towers, by all accounts the tallest building in the city. BandyAid realizes he's going to want to kill himself before this is over.

The first floor of the Monolith is huge (and fully mapped on BandyAid's COMP), and contains a Heal Spot and Terminal on the west side. Beside the Heal Spot/Terminal is a Tetraja Stone (テトラジャの石).

The Monolith contains enemies from all the previous dungeons on Disc 2, including Naomi's Vision Quest, but they're largely segregated by floor. Enemy groups tend to be clusters of certain races. The first floor is home to most of the trashy Dark demons, the ones that are largely worthless. BandyAid needs to recruit two of them, so he slaps on the Dark Man software so he can talk.

It's also a good idea to have defense against Curses, because many of these things have Mudo/Mudora spells.

And Gibo Eyes is also highly, highly recommended, due to such a wide variety of enemy defenses in each battle.


Jashin (Wicked God) Kanaloa (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203424.png) is a stoic demon that's weak to Fire but immune to Curses and Expel. Kanaloa has the abilities Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Ion Storm (アイオンの雨), and Makarakarn (マカラカーン).

Despite what I said earlier, Kanaloa is the exception: He's actually a useful recruit from the first floor, mostly because BandyAid's team doesn't have any strong, multi-target Ice abilities.

BandyAid heads to the Terminal to install Albert + Copernicus so he can fuse another Inaba Shiro Usagi, but instead winds up with Chinjuu Kuda.


Chinjuu (Oddity) Kuda (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203509.png) is pretty much terrible. Stoic by nature, Kuda also reflects Expel and Curses. His abilities are Wall of Light (光の壁), Wall of Darkness (闇の壁), and Psycho Barrier (サイコバリアー), which reflect Curses, Expel, and Mind, respectively. Wall of Light and Wall of Darkness are trash, they're like a cruddier version of Tetraja (which reflects both). BandyAid keeps it because Kuda has over 10 Intelligence, and he's going to need another Scathach from the Pet Shop.

BandyAid manages to get another Shiro Usagi, and raises it's loyalty so he can get Nemissa some Bunny Ears. At the Goumaden, BandyAid chats with Mary. They have another existential conversation, and BandyAid completes another step in her "sidequest".

Back at the Monolith, BandyAid heads toward the stairs on the west side of the building. On the way, he recruits Akuryo Wickerman.


Akuryo (Phantasm) Wickerman (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203859.png) is a stoic demon with the abilities Mudoon (ムドオン), and Demon's Birthcry (悪魔の産声). Wickerman is immune to Nerve, Bewitchment, Curses and Gunfire, but weak to Expel. Wickerman is total fusion fodder.

So here's the dealio with this dungeon: There are two towers, connected by the first floor. Right now, BandyAid's priority is to find Lunch and Six, who are both on the 20th floor. Of the opposite towers. BandyAid takes the left path first, the Tyrants would have wanted it that way. The stairs go up to the second and third floors (Left Tower Second Floor = L2F). There's nothing on L2F that can't wait, so he heads up to the L3F. There's an elevator on the L3F that goes up to the L19F.

2F, 3F, and 19F are filled with Animalistic families: Dragons and Beasts. The demons are the same in both towers.

TAS arrives on L2F, TAS faces a group of She-Devils, TAS battles Nyx

There's nothing on L19F to worry with except stairs that go up to L20F. 20F is populated by the Ogre family (Chirei, Youki, Kijo, and Jaki). This is an annoying floor because many of the Kijo are reflect Lightning magic, and many of the Youki/Jaki reflect physical attacks. Good thing Nemissa has Megido!

Yama (Night Stalker) Nyx is waiting inside a treasure chest. She's weak to physical, as Yama tend to be, and dies without much fuss. No Falling or covering the world in ice. She's guarding a Luck Incense (運の香), one of the only good treasures in this hellhole.


Lunch is up here. He's surprised to see BandyAid and Hitomi. Nemissa explains everything that went down regarding Yu-ichi being brainwashed, and he feels bad for what he said about Spooky. He heads to the control room here on the L20F, and says that Six is in the other tower. Oh boy.

Luckily, there's a Healspot up here, which is good because everyone's MP are getting drained pretty quickly. Cu Chulainn isn't cutting it anymore, either. He doesn't have the magic to make his Mahazanma spell actually useful, and Pallas Athena is a much better physical attacker, so he's traded for Lugh. Lugh has the magic stats to back up his Maharagion spell, and a lot of Strength for physical attackin'.

If BandyAid wanted a shortcut back down to the first floor, he could follow Lunch to the control room, where he'd open up the elevator that goes down to the first floor. But BandyAid needs to gain levels, so he walks back to the first floor. On one of the Animal demon floors, a Ryuuou Hoyaukamui pleads for it's life and joins TAS.


Ryuuou (Dragon King) Hoyaukamui (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-204023.png) is a stoic demon that repels Force and is immune to Curses. It has the abilities Constrict (まきつき), Poison Breath (毒ガスブレス), and Petra Eye (ペトラアイ). Hoyaukamui is total fusion fodder.

BandyAid leaves the Monolith and heads to Shibahama to do some shopping. He picks up a shiny new laserbeam gun, the Zillion Gun (ジリオニムガン), which doesn't require bullets. He passes his old Socom Pistol to Nemissa. Then he hits up the Goumaden.


Victor's waiting in the lobby. He says he needs Mary to run some errands he can't because, y'know, he's a vampire and all, and asks BandyAid to escort her, because the two have become so friendly. First, he needs her to go to Automatar, then pick up some software from EL-115.

The owner at the Automatar says that she and all her friends (referring to her dolls, named Elizabeth and Juliet. God this scene is creepy. I mean, the old lady dressed in Gothic Lolita refers to Victor as "Victor-ojisama" which is like saying "Uncle Victor") are happy to meet Mary. Mary greets them. Nemissa says that Mary doesn't have to do that, because dolls aren't actually alive. She actually says they don't have hearts/souls The owner says that Nemissa's rude and makes a remark about them being alive if someone cares about them.

Next, the trio head to EL-115. After Mary does her business, she asks Alpha and Beta if they can make her a "Heart." She says that Victor once told her that if she found someone who was important to her (and someone whom she was important to), she would gain a "Heart." But now she has BandyAid and Hitomi, but still no "Heart." Mary does not understand the concept of casual acquaintances. Nemissa apologizes for calling Mary a doll earlier, and for other such disparaging remarks (dolls have no souls, etc). Mary says it's ok, she appreciates Nemissa's bluntness.

Alpha explains that they can't just give someone a "Heart," and... basically, it's the Tinman scene in the Wizard of Oz. Mary thanks them, and the trio returns to the Goumaden. Mary thanks BandyAid and Hitomi for taking her out. BandyAid heads downstairs, making a note to come back and visit with Mary after the Monolith is finished. He fuses Hoyaukamui with Rex, which bumps Rex's level up to 42 or so. Awesome.

Pajaro Pete
07-30-2008, 12:20 AM

Monolith, take 2: BandyAid ascends the right tower this time, which has a similar layout to the left (stairs up to the R3F, where there's an elevator up to R19F, where there are stairs up to R20F). Six is up here in a room that's almost directly east of the staircase. Nemissa explains what's gone down, and Six takes off to the control room. There's a crappy Otter Hat (かわうその帽子) in the room north of where Six was, and a Healspot to the south. TAS needs it, just from fighting the hordes of Ogres.

BandyAid follows Six to the Control Room, where they get a call from Lunch. He's got the passwords they need to input in each tower to get access to the higher floors.

Welcome to the Monolith's other gimmick: Rather than just inputting the password in, say, a computer, BandyAid has to display them on the lower floors. Each of the lower floors (2F, 3F, and 19F) have several small hallways that were locked when TAS came through. In each hallway, there are paintings that,when raised, display a letter. BandyAid has to display the letter from the passwords by moving these paintings. Each floor contains a different letter for the passwords, each floor has 3-4 different paintings, and it has to be down in both towers. BandyAid is not happy. The elevator down to 1F is now open, but TAS has to input the passwords, BandyAid decides to walk downstairs instead.


Because Atlus's "Should we show mercy?" coinflip was "Heads" this time, they decided it would be a good idea to have Nemissa remind BandyAid what letter they're looking for when they reach a floor. So down the Right Tower they go, until all the codes have been revealed and they're back on the 1F. A quick pitstop at the Healspot, and then they're going up the Left Tower.


A Chirei Dwerger forces its way in the party. Yawn. Reveal codes, kill things, get experience, it's all very tedious. Lunch is waiting in the L20F Control Room. He does his thing, the elevator to the 1F is now unlocked, and then he says that BandyAid needs to go back to the R20F. BandyAid is not the least bit amused, especially because the Control Rooms are located in such out of the way locations. He makes his way back down the left tower, because he needs the goddamn experience points.

He hits Level 55 on his descent, and leaves to go to the Goumaden. He loiters around on the Shibahama map until the New Moon, then heads down to Victor.

Megami Scathach and Jashin Kanaloa are fused to create Iryo Black Maria.


Iryo (Entity) Black Maria (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080613-201838.png) is a stoic spirit that reflects Fire, Ice, and Lightning but is weak to all physical. She has the abilities Samarecarm (サマリカーム, full revival), Recarmudora (リカームドラ), Lullaby (子守り歌), and Invitation to Eternity (永眠のいざない, instant death to any character afflicted with Sleep). She has inherited Mediarama and Bomb-Di from Scathach. Invitation to Eternity would actually be pretty neat to have in conjunction with Tranquilizer Bullets, but sadly Black Maria won't be staying with TAS for very long. In fact, she's leaving right now.

Under normal circumstances, fusing a Zouma during the New Moon results in it returning to it's Dolly state. However, fusing an Entity to a Zouma of a certain level during a New Moon will result in a Hero being born. In this case, our little Rex (Underoos, Maso, Elvis, etc), fused with Black Maria results in the Hero Jeanne D'arc.

Hero Jeanne D'Arc: Iryo Black Maria x Level 40+ Zouma

Eiyuu (Hero) Jeanne D'Arc (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080728-141352.png) is a friendly ally that voids Curses, Expel, Mind and Nerve attacks. She has the abilities Mediarama (メ・ディアラマ), Samarecarm (サマリカーム), Rakukaja (ラク・カジャ), Sukukaja (スク・カジャ), and Prayer of Orléans (オルレアンの祈り). Prayer of Orléans is a random effect spell that has three possible outcomes:

Recovers the HP of the party
Recovers the MP of the party
Casts Sukukaja on the party

Jeanne D'Arc is one of the best support allies in the game. Her loyalty is naturally maxed out, meaning she'll sacrifice herself to save BandyAid, she has a great whole-party healing spell, can fully revive allies, has defense and evade-boosting spells, and can restore the party's MP. In short, she's great and is the only reason BandyAid bothered with that stupid Zouma.


BandyAid also observes that he could fuse Shinigami (Reaper) Chernobog (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203534.png) if he were to combine Cu Chulainn and Wickerman. Chernobog is one of my favorite demons in the series, but... he sucks really hardcore in Soul Hackers. He's highly resistant to everything, voids Curses, Expel, Mind and Bewitchment attacks, but he only has two attacks naturally: Judgment of the Void (虚空斬波, slash damage to all enemies) and Mudora (ムドラ). He would only inherit Wickerman's Mudoon (ムドオン), which would make him sort of a one trick pony. And that makes me sad. Oh well, back to the Monolith!


Jeanne D'Arc's Prayer makes the trip up so much easier now that TAS can recover MP nearly anytime they want. In R20F Control Room, Six makes the Monolith's central annex move up. The upper floors are now open, so that means BandyAid gets to display even more passwords! Oh boy!

The stairs from the 19F also go up to the 21F, where there's an elevator that goes up to the 37F, where there's a staircase that goes up to 38F and 39F. Fun stuff. The password displays are on these four floors. The theme for enemies on floors 21F, 22F, and 38F is "Wings n' Things." They contain Angels and Birdish classes. It would be a very good idea for BandyAid to de-equip any piece of equipment that makes him weak to Expel for these floors. Since a couple of the birds have Mudo, he's stuck using the crummy Yamato Bracers from way back when.


Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Dominion (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-224008.png) pleads for it's life and joins TAS. Dominion is a ferocious angel that is highly resistant to everything but physical. It has the abilities Venom Zapper, Mudora, Makarakarn and Shockwave of Loyalty.

Yama Succubi, Youma Peri, Maou Tzitzimitl and Maou Baroll

The 39F is home to the Magical races: Youma, Yama, Yousei, and Maous. Maou demons are actually really, really good for Experience, and are extremely chaotic. Both Lugh and Pallas Athena have to return to the COMP before Baroll will chat with BandyAid.


Maou (Demon Lord) Baroll (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203703.png) wears a birdcage on his head, is a ferocious demon, is weak to magic and resists physical attacks. He has the abilities Twister Kick, Maharagion, and Makarakarn.

There's a Terminal at the south end of the R39F, and a Monster-in-a-Box guarding an Incense of Knowledge (知恵の香) across the hall. I bet I know what that smells like, right folks? Right? Eh? Eh? Blessedly, there's a room that unlocks an elevator that goes down to the 1F. BandyAid takes it so he can go back to the Goumaden, one last time before this dungeon's finished.

Pajaro Pete
07-30-2008, 12:21 AM
He fuses Maou Baroll and Akuryo Wickerman to create Shinigami Ghede.


Shinigami (Reaper) Ghede (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080729-203547.png) is a clever chap that voids Curses, Expel, Mind and Bewitchment. He's also resistant to everything else. He has the abilities Demon's Roar (悪魔の一喝, Force damage to enemies), Makakaja (マカ・カジャ, increase Magic attack power), Mudoon (ムドオン, most powerful Curse spell, instant death to all enemies), Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Megido (メギド), and has inherited Makarakarn. It's rather annoying that Ghede has such a great ability selection, and Persephone has a great ability selection, but Chernobog has jack. Oh well.

With that, BandyAid decides it's time to take a break because CHRIST he's already spent nearly 4 hours in this dungeon and it's still not done.

Next time: And what's the deal with Nemissa? Finally, someone explains it. Also someone dies because you guys are bastards and didn't make the right choices earlier in the game

07-30-2008, 10:32 PM
Fuck, I completely love that Wickerman demon, mostly because I'm a fan of the film (the original). It would totally find a place in my team Britannia.

07-30-2008, 10:46 PM
Jeanne d' Arc? After Snappy, Leprechaun, and now this it seems to me this game has the coolest demons.

Also, Nyx and Kanaloa are totally badass-looking. And this Mary subplot is depressingly Aigis-y. =X

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 12:26 PM
Fuck, I completely love that Wickerman demon, mostly because I'm a fan of the film (the original). It would totally find a place in my team Britannia.

It creeps me the hell out.

Jeanne d' Arc? After Snappy, Leprechaun, and now this it seems to me this game has the coolest demons.

I'm really sad that a lot of the PS2 games don't use these designs. It's taken until Persona 4 for them to get Loki's design from Soul Hackers, so maybe we'll see some more in Kuzunoha Raidou vs King Abaddon?

And this Mary subplot is depressingly Aigis-y. =X

Shhh.... don't tell anyone.

07-31-2008, 01:16 PM
It makes sense, if we're getting into the endgame, but the demons just keep getting better and better.



Nyx is waiting inside a treasure chest. She's weak to physical, as Yama tend to be, and dies without much fuss. No Falling or covering the world in ice.



07-31-2008, 03:05 PM
I don't think Kaneko knows much about fashion (or perhaps, he knows too much). Look at practically anyone in this game, or Eternal Punishment (except maybe Spooky and Katsu). I like it that way. I would totally wear Maya's jacket


Persona 3 and, uhh, 1? The "Snow Queen Quest"?

07-31-2008, 04:20 PM
I don't think Kaneko knows much about fashion (or perhaps, he knows too much). Look at practically anyone in this game, or Eternal Punishment (except maybe Spooky and Katsu). I like it that way. I would totally wear Maya's jacket

Right on; I'm just wondering what the kanji are supposed to mean. The last two are "iron" and "ears," but the first five are numbers and things.

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 04:46 PM
It makes sense, if we're getting into the endgame, but the demons just keep getting better and better.




It literally translates to something like 178 Style Iron Ears, which... I don't really get the reference.

For Nyx in Persona 1, she tries to cover the world in darkness and ice; in Persona 3 it tries to bring about something called "The Fall"

07-31-2008, 05:01 PM
I appreciate it. I'd play more of these games if they didn't seem so unfriendly, but hey, that's what Let's Plays are for.

07-31-2008, 05:10 PM
I appreciate it. I'd play more of these games if they didn't seem so unfriendly, but hey, that's what Let's Plays are for.

Come on Kishi, man up. If you can play Contra, you can play Shin Megami Tensei. Apples and oranges sure, but steel balls are steel balls.

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 09:02 PM
21: Canned Peaches and Answers


BandyAid's ascent up the left tower is relatively painless. On L21F, there's a Soma in the room to the east of the elevator. Nemissa hits Level 56 and learns Mediarama, her final healing spell.

On L39F, there's a pair of crappy Flying Color Shoes (とび色シューズ) that give less defense and evade than roller blades and only +2 Agility. Worthless.

A Yousei Vivian begs for her life on L39F and joins TAS.


Yousei (Fairy) Viviane (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080731-185113.png) is a clever little minx that drains Lightning and voids Expel. She's fairly underwhelming considering she was a random encounter back at the Algon Plant. She has the abilities Final Nude (ファイナルヌード, charms row of enemies), Marinkarin (マリンカリン, charms single enemy), Paralama (パララマ, inflicts paralyze), Lullaby (子守り歌), and Bomb-Di (ボムディ). She, being the Lady of the Lake, can be metamorphed into Lancelot's Sword (ランスロットの剣), although it seems like Excalibur would be a better fit? Either way, it's not a very good weapon.

In the L39F control room, the lower part of the center section rises up to connect both right and left 39F. In the center area, Lunch and Six join up with BandyAid. Together, they enter the Conference room.


Kadokura's waiting inside. It looks like someone's flipped out and wrecked the place. Kadokura seems a bit disoriented, but manages to tell the group that Nishi's upstairs and is the mastermind behind all of this. Nemissa wants to know where Spooky is. Kadokura asks if they mean Sakurai, and that Nishi took him upstairs. There's a single elevator in the center part that connects the upper and lower floors.


Nishi's waiting in the Vice President's room. He says that they're about to start transmitting a signal that will cause the Carriers to release their souls. He says it's all for the benefit of Manitou. Nemissa's pissed as hell that everyone keeps talking about Manitou-this and Manitou-that, and wants someone to explain just what the hell it is, and what the hell Nemissa is.

Nishi is, of course, very interested when he hears the name "Nemissa." He asks her how she knows about Nemissa. She's all like, "Hey dumbass I AM Nemissa." Lunch is understandable confused, he asks Hitomi what she's saying. Nishi is excited that Nemissa came to him, so now he gets to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

He transforms into his true form, the Fallen Angel Azazel (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/azazel.jpg). Nemissa tells Lunch and Six to get to the antennae before they can begin transmission while they take care of him.

Azazel attacks the party. He has some nasty abilities: Diarama (ディアラマ, to heal himself), Tarukaja (タル・カジャ, increases his attack power), Spinning Slash (回転斬り, slash damage to whole party), Venom Zapper (ベノンザッパー) and worst of all Guillotine Fake (ギロチンフェイク).

I mentioned earlier that Nemissa's Sabbatma spell was useless. I lied. Guillotine Fake is a terrible, wretched ability that hits all allies. It only effects demons, but it will do one of two things: Reduce them to 1 HP, or send them back to the COMP. This is very, very bad, because it'll put BandyAid and Nemissa on the defensive.

His Spinning Slash is no joke either, it can seriously mess up the party. Attack Mirrors and Tetrakarn aren't as helpful as they should be: Guillotine Fake is almighty based.

Pallas Athena casts Sukukaja, Jeanne casts Rakukaja, Ghede casts Makakaja, Lugh uses Lightning Pierce, BandyAid attacks, and Nemissa casts Zionga. When Ghede's finished with his Makakajaing, he helps out with Megido, and Pallas Athena switches to Lightning Pierce. Every little chance to Shock him is helpful.

Azazel is weak to Force magic, but no one on TAS can use it effectively, so they have to go it the old fashion way: Lightning!


Eventually, he dies, leaving behind a "Cross Plate." A Cross Plate and a fuckton of experience. BandyAid levels up twice, Nemissa levels up once and only needs 200 more experience before she levels up again. TAS heads downstairs, stopping in the conference room to check on Kadokura. He's gone. I'm sure he was just afraid of all the demons running around.

TAS makes their way back to the Heal Spot in the left tower, Nemissa hits level 58. She gains Megidola, the second tier almighty spell. It hits an entire row. TAS walk back across the center area to get to the R39F. There's a door to the outside here.


Six and Lunch are busy destroying the antennae (from Internet Terrorism to IRL Terrorism... sigh). A voice calls from off screen, asking what happened to Nishi. But who could it be?


Oh, hay Spooky! What are you doing here? :D


...oh. Fuuuuuuck. This is in no way a good thing.

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 09:04 PM

It appears that Spooky has been possessed. Or has caught the crazy. The real Spooky is still inside, and manages to tell BandyAid and Hitomi not to worry about him and just fight. The demon possessing Spooky fully reveals itself to be the Fallen Angel Satanael (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/214.jpg).


Lunch and Six can't believe it, and Nemissa tells them to go back to the Hideout so she and BandyAid can handle it. Satanael attacks.

Satanael is another magical member of the Grigori. He drains lightning and force, and reflects bullets. But BandyAid and Nemissa wouldn't shoot at Spooky, now would they? Satanael has the abilities Agilao (アギラオ), Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Megidola (メギドラ), Thunderbolt (サンダーボルト),Eye Gleam (光る眼), Evil Trance (イビル・トランス) and MAG Crusher (生体MAG抜き).

Agilao and Megidola are nothing to worry about: One shot of Megidola barely knocks off a quarter of Nemissa's HP. Mahazionga and Thunderbolt are a little bit more troublesome because of Shock status. Eye Gleam is a Curse-based spell that will petrify whichever demon has the lowest level. In TAS, that's Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena, unfortunately, does not naturally void Curses, so Lugh has to cast Tetraja to protect her.

Evil Trance attempts to inflict "Bomb" status on the party, but it only managed to hit BandyAid and Ghede. If a demon is inflicted with "Bomb" and attacked with fire magic, they'll explode and damage the characters standing beside them. This never becomes an issue for TAS.

MAG Crusher is the same annoying spell that Win-Pe had way back in Judah's Quest.

TAS follows the same tactics from the Azazel battle, buffing until Nemissa's dealing 1500 damage with her Megidola spell and the Satanael can barely touch the anyone. It doesn't take long before Satanael is destroyed.


After the battle, Spooky is free! Except... he doesn't look so good. Like, bleeding and MAYBE Nemissa shouldn't have zapped him with so many Megidola spells? He explains that he did some freelance computer work for Algon Software back in the day, but he didn't like how things were run, and that's why he founded the Spookies. Y'know, stick it to the man. It's also why Kadokura referred to him by his real name, Sakurai.

The reason Spooky is telling the BandyAid this is because he is dying. Nemissa starts sceaming for Hitomi to wake up before it's too late. Hitomi and Spooky say their goodbyes and...


The screen goes dark, with Hitomi screaming that Spooky can't die, he just can't. Nemissa says she feels sick.


Kadokura appears, and is shocked that the antennae is being destroyed. He's pissed that Azazel didn't finish them off. He was just acting before, he's been in charge the whole time. He's also half crazy. He blasts BandyAid and Nemissa with energy and they die.


When BandyAid opens his eyes, he sees a scene he saw once before, when Nemissa followed Moowis into the computer. He hears a familiar voice that explains he's seeing the past.

Storytime: Gospel of the Redman

Untold ages ago, before written history, there were many tribes in North America. One was known as the Algonquian tribe, led by the Shaman Redman. Because, y'know, that seems highly likely! One day, a strange and powerful extradimensional being appeared in their lands. They referred to the being as "Manitou (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manitou)."

Redman was able to tame the being, and with it's power, the Algonquian tribe was able to destroy many of their enemies and win many battles. The souls of the defeated were offered up to it as a sacrifice. As time passed, Redman began to notice changes in Manitou, like how it would react to the changing mood of those around it. Manitou was an empathetic being.

Redman, being the noble and wise savage that he was, began to grow fearful of Manitou's power. He realized that maybe constantly subjecting an empathetic being of unlimited power and potential to wars and battle isn't such a good idea. Y'know, what with all the bloodthirsty warriors running around killing each other and all.

In a remarkable amount of foresight, Redman decided to seal away Manitou before it could bring any sort of catastrophe.


And in any even more remarkable amount of genre-savvyiness, he recognized that he was creating a seal in an RPG his seal might not be able to end the threat of Manitou. And so, before sealing it away, he pulled a fragment from it. A fragment that could grow as powerful as Manitou itself. A fragment that would be able to destroy Manitou if it ever became necessary.

In Another World (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=4442), you might say he created a Daughter-Clone of Manitou. Who wants to guess who it is?

The fragment was named Nemissa, after the Algonquian word for Requiem. But, for that fragment to have a chance against Manitou, she would need the sheer strength of will to do so. To achieve that, she had to be raised with humans: To bond with them, to feel the same things they do, to understand the how and the why of their existence.

Redman sealed Nemissa away, and gave up his corporeal form so he could watch over both.

Other fragments of Manitou, other spawn, have already begun appearing in this world, heralding his awakening. Moowis (http://www.answers.com/topic/legends-of-the-indians-moowis-where-are-you-moowis-algonquin), Malsum (http://www.indianlegend.com/algonquin/algonquin_001.htm), Win Pe (http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/How-Win-pe-the-Sorcerer-having-stolen-Glooskaps-Family-Micmac.html)...

It's because of Kadokura. Ten years ago, he traveled to North America and accidentally made contact with Manitou. He was instantly twisted by Manitou's power, and began to work on a plan that would allow him to unseal Manitou and gain his power. But humans and Manitou can't coexist, they'll ruin each other. Plus, Kadokura's already gone bonkers, so god only knows what'll happen if Manitou wakes up while he's nearby. He's gotta be stopped, and Redman picked BandyAid as his bitch, so looks like we got a job to do!

Nemissa wakes up, and the two find themselves in the VR Theater. Nemissa says she remembers her true purpose, and says that she's sad that Spooky died and doesn't want to lose anyone else. She says they have to tell the others at the Hideout what happened.


The two automatically return to the Hideout, where they thankfully skipped showing them having "The Talk." Six and Lunch are seething, but Yu-ichi's bawling like a baby. Y'know, it technically is his fault that Spooky's dead. BandyAid tells himself this because he's technically more to blame, what with him being the one who was swinging his sword at Satanael and all. I guess he's back to normal.


The news comes on, apparently there's been some sort of incident in Nikamimon. Something big. And mysterious. Police are keeping everyone away, and it can't be accessed from the City Map. But fear not, Lunch, who once again proves to be the most useful member of Spookies, say he's got a plan!

Next time: Say, really, what are the odds that we're going to have to fight Manitou before this is all over?

Pajaro Pete
07-31-2008, 09:14 PM
tl;dr version:

Nishi is really Azazel, a fallen angel and member of the Grigori (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigori). It seems that the Phantom Society, which has always been watching over mankind and involved in pretty much every major event in human history, is actually run by the Grigori.

TAS kill him.

Spooky is possessed by Satanael, another Grigori, and TAS have no choice but to fight him. As a result, Spooky dies.

Kadokura, the head of Algon Software, is a huge asshole because his mind was raped by an alien space flea known as Manitou. Manitou was originally found by Redman, who realized it was too powerful and sealed it away. Redman created Nemissa from a fragment of Manitou so, in the off chance that it was ever unsealed, Nemissa would be there to destroy it.

It would also appear that Azazel and Satanael have also been mindraped by Manitou, because they're sticking with Kadokura despite him screwing over the Phantom Society.

Manitou is an empath, so it reacts to the feelings of others. It needs to feed on the souls of others to awaken. The souls it's being fed are angry, violent souls because of the disease that's going around. He's probably going to be cranky when he wakes up.

Oh, and by the way, the souls of the incredibly powerful Naomi and the incredibly powerful Tiamat were both sacrificed to Manitou. Both were bitter and angry at the times of their deaths. Surely nothing bad will come of this!

08-01-2008, 12:34 PM
So with all the betraying and Finnegan being dead, does this mean anyone's going to tell BandyAid what's up with the Phantom Society? Are they just a distraction from the whole "Manitou" thing?

Pajaro Pete
08-01-2008, 04:26 PM
We've heard all they're going to tell us about the Phantom Society. They're still around, they just aren't important to this game's storyline. Apparently they're never going to be finished off, either, but I kind of hope that KRv King Abaddon leads back to their subplot.

Pajaro Pete
08-02-2008, 01:56 PM
Update 22: At the end of the battle

Lunch says his dad can help them get into Nikamimon, and he's waiting for them at the Algon Plant. But first, BandyAid hits the town:


He chats with Mary one last time, who smiles and says that she's kind of understanding what it means to have a heart. Carol J is hanging around northern Yurajima, I guess it's good to know he's still alive.

At the plant, Lunch's father says they'll need an ID card to get into Nikamimon now. There's an entrance Kadokura's flunkies use in western Shibahama, and there's an elevator that goes deep underground near the Monolith. If Kadokura's anywhere, he's going to be there.


Nikamimon is lookin a lil bit funky, there's a strange fog billowing out from the Monolith, and everything's tinted red. There's an elevator in the building right beside the Monolith (you can't miss it if you attempt to talk to the sole person on this map). It leads down to B1, which looks strangely familiar. Yup, this is where Naomi's Vision Quest took place. Luckily, BandyAid has an automap, although the layout's changed.


Lots of new an exciting enemies here, and lots of old ones too. None can hold a candle against Nemissa's Megidola spell, though. East of the entrance is a shitty Dolphin Helmet (ドルフィンヘルム, + 2 Intelligence). At the North end of the area, there are three halls: The center one leads to the next area and the others lead to treasure. The western hall contains a Pearl at the southern end, and a Jewel (宝玉, fully restores HP) at the northern end. The eastern hall has a Chakra Pot to the south, and a Maximilian (マクシミリアン) to the north. The Maximilian isn't very good. Nemissa does, however, equip a Demon's Skin armor (デモンズ・スキン, + 4 Constitution, Immune to Slashing but weak to Strike) that enemies have been dropping left and right.

In the second area, there's a chest containing a vaguely useful Daihanya sword (大般若長光, hits enemy's front row) to the east of the entrance. Not long into the second area, BandyAid comes across the first large cavern that Naomi found. There's no save point now, but there are two paths. The correct one is the one on the right, regardless of the choices made in the Vision Quest. On the way down the path, BandyAid receives a call from Yu-ichi, who's found some information on Tiamat, Naomi, and the Ruins. Basically it's foreshadowing that the final boss is going to be magical in nature so BandyAid can get his team prepared properly.

...it's pretty darn amazing that BandyAid's cellphone works this far underground, isn't it?

At the end of the path is a small cave. Nemissa and BandyAid fall into it, and ride a looooooooooong slope down...


And find themselves in an ancient temple. They can't go back the way they came, but directly north is a warp tile that'll return them to the large room in the previous area. There's a terminal to the right, to the left there are two doors: The third area's schtick? Warp points! There also what appears to be large holes in the floor that are actually damage tiles. Damage tiles that will take off roughly half the party's HP. It's best to avoid them.

There are a couple of treasures here, such as the Fierce Deity Gauntlets (鬼神の小手, void Curses, weak to Expel, + 2 Strength) for BandyAid. There's also the fist piece of a new set of equipment: The General's Helmet (将門の兜, voids Bewitchment but weak to Mind, requires 10 Magic to equip). If all the General equipment is worn, BandyAid will get + 8 to all stats. It really isn't worth it.

There's a Healspot eventually, which TAS gladly uses.


BandyAid recruits a Ryuuou (Dragon King) Yamato-no-Orochi (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-143704.png), a ferocious little bugger that voids Curses and Fire but is weak to Ice. It has the abilities Volcanic Storm (火砕烈風破), Rage (大暴れ), and Human Cannonball (肉弾). It isn't very useful.

Eventually, BandyAid comes to a staircase that leads to the forth area:

The walls of the forth area are supposed to be covered in fungus, but it looks more like a money shot gone HORRIBLE WRONG. There's a terminal here, and lots of winding passages. TAS come to a door that leads into a damage tile-filled hallway, which is frankly nothing for them.

The damage tile hallway leads to a treasure room that contains three chests of Nemissa-only equipment:
The first contains an Ash Bow (とねりこの弓), the second a Hurricane Spear (風波の槍, + 2 Agility, attack from back row), and another Hagaromo of Deneb (首星の羽衣). Nemissa actually equips the Hurricane Spear, because why not, right?

Outside of the treasure room, there's a hallway that runs the length of the floor. The north end has a treasure chest that contains the General's Leg Guards (将門の具足) that are being guarded by MIAB. Several monsters, in fact, guarding the same box. They don't last long against Nemissa's Megidola.

The southern end has a heal spot, thankfully. The center area leads to a door with two bins located on either side


BandyAid has to inspect both bins and the door before he can do what he knows needs to be done. See, the green bin of the left carries the same image as the Cross Plate that Azazel dropped. Placing the Cross Plate inside unlocks the door to the inner sanctum. But... TAS isn't ready yet. They need more powerful allies first. The enemies here give soooo much EXP too, and BandyAid is not one to pass on precious Ecks-Pees.


A Yama (Nightstalker) Nyx (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/nyx.png) weasels her way into TAS even though BandyAid was totally not addressing her. Nyx is, amusingly enough, a stupid demon that is highly resistant to magic, but weak to Guns. She has the abilities Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Paralama (パララマ), and Tetraja (テトラジャ). She kinda sucks which is why BandyAid wasn't talking to her at all.

He was, on the other hand, trying to chat up this hot little gal:

Youma (Trickster) Valkyrie (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-143614.png) is a ferocious little lady that reflects Martial Arts and Strike attacks and voids Expel. She has the abilities Duel Slice (両腕落とし), Heat Whip (ヒートウェイブ), and Liftma (リフトマ).

BandyAid's next destination: The surface, one again!

...Liftma is actually kind of useful on the way back up.

Pajaro Pete
08-02-2008, 02:59 PM
First, BandyAid drops by Paradigm-X's Pet Shop to do some trading. Dr. Thrill wants Shinigami Persephone, which BandyAid sadly gives up. By girlfriend!

His reward is Senshi Melon Frost.


Senshi (Ranger) Melon Frost is a stoic little fella with but one attack: Hamaon (ハマオン). He drains Ice and is weak to Fire. Boy, that was a bad trade wasn't it?

But wait! Rokusuke wants a demon with Hamaon! The reward is Seitentaisei with Tarukaja.


Hakaishin (Destroyer) Seitentaisei (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-143136.png) is a ferocious fellow that reflects fire, voids Expel and is weak to Ice. He has the abilities Spinning Slash (回転斬り), Makakaja (マカ・カジャ), Diarahan (ディアラハン), and since BandyAid got it from Rokusuke, Tarukaja (タル・カジャ).

BandyAid also buys more teomettle at the Casino before heading back to the Goumaden. Hakaishin Seitentaisei, Youma Valkyrie, and Ryuuou Yamato-no-Orochi are fused together to create Majin Osiris.


Majin (Magic God) Osiris (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-142718.png) is a stoic God that resist everything, and voids Curses, Expel, Mind and Bewitchment. He has the abilities Hamaon (ハマオン), Mudoon (ムドオン), Assassinate (闇討ち), Dekaja (デ・カジャ), and the inherited Diarahan (ディアラハン) and Tarukaja (タル・カジャ). In regular battles, he would be known as an instant-death machine if we didn't already have Nemissa, who we found out last time is literally an incarnation of death.

However, Osiris's Assassinate is a GREAT attack skill that hits 4 times during the New Moon. Osiros also happens to be at his strongest during the New Moon (His damage output is doubled). Now TAS is ready to take on the last battle.

On the way back down the Nikamimon Underground Ruins, a Youma Peri forces her way into TAS.


Youma (Trickster) Peri (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-143600.png) is an utterly unspectacular clever demon. She drains Lightning and voids expel and has the abilities Zionga (ジオンガ), Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Sukukaja (スク・カジャ), Tetraja (テトラジャ), and Bomb-Di (ボムディ). Maha/Zionga would be useful if, say, we didn't have Nemissa, we already have two Sukukaja casters and Bombi-Di is worthless. At least she looks cool.


Past the door in the fourth area is the giant temple area that Naomi found herself in when she faced Tiamat. There are no encounters her, so TAS walks around until the New Moon before continuing.

Inside, the come face-to-face with... a giant glowing mushroom. Nemissa starts flipping out, saying that she can hear Manitou calling out to her, as well as the troubled screams of all the souls it's devoured. This is SO not the time for her to start wussing out. The two hear a man's voice, and there's a strange grainy FMV pan up to the top of Manitou, which I guess is Nemissa flying herself and BandyAid up because after the FMV is over they're both standing up at the top of the room.


Kadokura's waiting, he's about to ascend to godhood through Manitou. Nemissa tries to get him to stop, because Manitou and Humans can't coexist and BLAH BLAH BLAH. He levitates into the air and becomes a god.

...he actually looks really, really lame.

Kadokura has the abilities Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Tetrakarn (テトラカーン), MUTANT KILLER DEATH SPORES (異形胞子飛弾), Aurora Slash (極光大破斬) and Agilao (アギラオ), since Naomi killed Tiamat.

Of these attacks, MUTANT KILLER DEATH SPORES and Aurora Slash are the most dangerous. MKDS hits the entire party with damage and random status effects, which can be disastrous. Aurora Slash hits the front line 3 times, which can also be bad news. Tetrakarn can be a pain in the ass too.

Osiris casts Tarukaja, Pallas Athena casts Sukukaja, Jeanne D'arc casts Sukukaja then Rakukaja, and Ghede casts Makakaja. BandyAid attacks, since he always gets his turn in before Kadokura, and Nemissa casts Megidola. After buffing, Pallas Athena switches to healing and Lightning Pierce, Jeanne D'arc focuses exclusively on healing, Ghede casts Megido, and Osiris uses Assassinate.

Unfortunately, Pallas Athena uses Lightning Pierce after Kadokura casts Tetrakarn and ends up dying. Sucks to be her!

Eventually, the battle ends.


A giant peni---TOWER THING, erupts from Manitou and shatters into tiny pieces. This is... this is not good at all. A cloud of darkness emerges, and...


The Great Spirit Manitou is awake (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/manitoukun.jpg). Little known fact: This is actually how Japanese people see Americans.

Manitou is an ugly fucker with some downright dangerous abilities: Megidolaon (メギドラオン, almighty damage to entire party), Dekaja (デ・カジャ), Dekunda (デ・クンダ), Armageddon (ハルマゲドン), Demon's Birthcry (悪魔の産声), Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ) and MUTANT KILLER DEATH SPORES (異形胞子飛弾).

So basically, it has a lot of almighty magic, so Makarakarn is out of the question. I've never seen it cast Dekaja or Dekunda, but apparently this version of it has them. Armageddon halves everyone's HP (including Manitou's, except the effective "cap" is 500 HP, so it'll only deal 500 damage to itself which isn't that uesful when it has 20,000 HP). Manitou resists all magic.

BandyAid begins the battle by using a teometle on himself to raise his max HP. Then he starts cutting, and manages to shock Manitou more often than he expected he would. The four demon allies do their buffing thing, Nemissa heals and casts Megidola, etc, etc. BandyAid has to use the first Chakra Pot of the game on Nemissa because she starts to run low on MP. Eventually, Ghede kills it with Megido.


After the battle, Nemissa and BandyAid are back on the ground. Nemissa says that she hears Manitou calling out to her, he's sad. He wants to die (although you wouldn't have guessed it from the battle). She says she understands her reason to exist, and tells BandyAid that it's been fun.

Pajaro Pete
08-02-2008, 03:00 PM
"You can wake up now, Hitomi"


Hitomi's hair goes back to normal.


Nemissa's spirit disappears from her body and floats into the air, revealing her true form. She then transforms into a ball of light, and flies to Manitou.


Manitou falls silent, then begins to disappear from this world. The staff roll begins. I sigh and remember that Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is the only Megaten game with a decent music for these things.


After the credits roll, Hitomi and BandyAid are back where it all began. Hitomi muses about how their adventure started here, and remembers how excited Tomoko was when she called. Right on cue, Tomoko calls BandyAid and says that Six is on his way to pick them up.

Everyone's waiting at the Hideout. There's a lot of "You guys are awesome!" "We did its!" and "Where do we go from here?" The Spookies are officially disbanded.


Outside, Hitomi reflects on everything that's happened (again), and the screen fades to sepia. There's some discussion amongst the members about their plans for the future: Lunch is going to become a reporter so he can continue to investigate the Phantom Society. Six wants to open up a firing range/gun shop. Yu-ichi's going to become a Super Awesome Hardcore 1337 Hacker, just like Spooky! Hitomi says she's going to travel with her father to America, the place where Nemissa was born...

She asks BandyAid what he's going to do. He doesn't get a chance to answer, because an email from an unknown sender arrives. It's a message from BEYOND THE GRAVE, from Spooky. Presumably, he composed it before everything went to hell, and is filled with all sorts of "Believe in yourself" and "You can do anything" that these things tend to have.

The screen fades to black


After a few seconds, a prompt comes up to save the game.

I remembered I had to get a few misc. screenshots, so I loaded up the Game Cleared save data. It loads back at the Hideout, which, WEAKSAUCE guys. A message pops up on the screen that says there's a new post on Summoner's Net. Hmm...


Apparently, there's something strange going on at the top of the Sea Ark. How mysterious! I wonder what it could be? A temporal distortion causes by time travel?

08-03-2008, 12:10 AM
How mysterious! I wonder what it could be?

Some pay-off for the Mary quest, I'd hope.

08-03-2008, 01:00 AM
I'm pretty sure that something's coming up that eirikr will like.

And Cu Chulainn was already in this thread.

What's this face demon on the left? I assume it's not Sabaoth?

Manitou is pretty badass looking. I wouldn't trust Six with guns.

I liked the credits track from DDS1, too, but actually I guess it's just a lot like the Nocturne one but not as good. Heh.

I should really get back to this game. Whether or not I fail to blunder through it (though I'm sure I'll get it eventually if I stick with it), a big thanks for this. It was awesome. I have Bufu-missa though, is she still alright? I know you mentioned that Mudo basically sucks.

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 11:28 AM
Some pay-off for the Mary quest, I'd hope.

Aww sweetie, the payoff for that quest was Mary's face graphic changing for two text boxes.

What's this face demon on the left? I assume it's not Sabaoth?

Geddou Shadow.

I should really get back to this game. Whether or not I fail to blunder through it (though I'm sure I'll get it eventually if I stick with it), a big thanks for this. It was awesome. I have Bufu-missa though, is she still alright? I know you mentioned that Mudo basically sucks.

Bufu is the least useful version. A lot of regular encounters are resistant to Ice, and the usefulness of Mudo is highly suspect. Being able to Freeze enemies is nice, though.

Agi is the most useful, overall, because Hama can kill pretty much every Dark random encounter. A lot of the regular encounters are weak to Fire, too, so that's always a bonus.

Zio is probably the best for boss-disposal since the weird area of effect doesn't come up much in those. The final dungeon and any subsequent dungeons is a cakewalk because she gets Megidola.

You can totally beat the game with any version, it's just that Bufu is considerably less useful than the other two.

08-03-2008, 02:48 PM
I always thought Ultimate Kadokura was pretty disturbing looking. Those tumors would appear to be more of a hindrance, but hey, I'm not a lunatic trying to become a god!

I've never seen Manitou before, though. Trumps the disturbance of Kadokura by a long shot with its staticy look.

I'm pretty sure that something's coming up that eirikr will like.

And Cu Chulainn was already in this thread.

So, the bonus bosses are next, huh? Hmmmmm, I wonder who we'll see??

Also, what was your final time?

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 03:44 PM
Update 23: The Dead Sea

Last time: BandyAid defeated Kadokura and Manitou, Nemissa died and the Spookies disbanded. But none of that matters, cuz we did the time warp baby!

Today's fun fact: According to this interview (http://community.livejournal.com/sumarucity/104744.html), Kazuma Kaneko worked for an animation studio before he went to ATLUS. They did lots of foreign animation, including: GI Joe, Disney's Gummi Bears, and Transformers. The more you know.


There's an unassuming blue door on the 11F of the Sea Ark. It's locked unless you've seen the message board post.

It leads to a rather gaudy, multicolored room with several more doors. To the left of the entrance is a Save Point, where Sukeroku is waiting. Sukeroku explains that this is a temporal distortion, theoretically caused by time travel (http://www.atlus.com/devilsummoner/). A feeble fisherman in a bitchin' hat appears to explain in more detail:

This quiet, boundless, and beautiful world... An ideal world, straight out of a fairy tale, isn't it? A place and time that belongs to no one... Res nullius... It's because this is a future that was eliminated!!! History is composed of choices and divergences. Each choice you make creates a new world and brings forth a new future. But at the same time, you're eliminating a different future with the choices you didn't make. A future denied of all existence because of a change in the past... A future that was destroyed before it was even born rests here...

Across the way from Sukeroku is a Heal Spot, not that BandyAid's going to need it. There are 6 doors here, besides the entrance/save point/heal spot, the first five have numbers etched into them. BandyAid takes a deep breath and steps through the door marked with a "One"

The First Illusion: Snow in Jamaica

BandyAid notices that the effect from the teometle he used in the last battle is still in effect. Bitchin. He encounters a Shinigami Chernobog. Both Shinigami and Chinjuu demons will appear in battle here, which is a welcome change of pace. Well, they'll appear as long as BandyAid doesn't have any in his COMP. So, right now, he's never going to meet Ghede in combat.

(Too bad Chinjuu and Shinigami really aren't strong opponents)

The first illusion's shtick is warp points. The goal is to get to the southern section of the map. Given that there are only 5 warp points that aren't in the southern section, it shouldn't take long.


At the end, BandyAid comes face to face with King Frost. In 207X, King Frost would cover Holy Town in ice.

King Frost, shockingly, drains Ice and is weak to Fire. Pretend to be surprised. He has the abilities Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Ice Breath (アイスブレス), Mellow Beat (高揚の歌), Gotcha! Box (ハテナ・ボックス), Megaton Breath (メガトンプレス), and Self Destruct (自爆).

He uses Gotcha! Box so infrequently it's a non-issue. Mahabufula and Ice Breath can hurt, so it may be a good idea to have BandyAid and Nemissa equip armor that protects from Ice. He wastes a lot of turns trying to get BandyAid high, but BandyAid is straight edge, mang.

Megaton Breath HURTS. The same tactics from the Manitou fight apply here: Buff, Heal, Attack. Jeanne is pretty much forced to do nothing but cast Mediarama every turn. Towards the end of the fight, King Frost will do nothing but make a nasty comment. This is BandyAid's cue to throw up an Attack Reflect Mirror on his next turn, because King Frost is about to blow. If BandyAid doesn't dodge or reflect King Frost's self destruct, he will die, since it deals about 2000 HP of damage.

After King Frost dies, it drops the Bronze Swastika and enough EXP to level Nemissa and BandyAid up twice. BandyAid returns to the hub and enters the door with the "Two."

The Second Illusion: Penis!!!

The second illusion is one long hallway with several doors. One leads to the boss, the others lead to nothing. The correct door is the third from the top. At the end is Mara.


In 207X, Mara would guard Lucifer's Castle. In 200X, he would seduce young men named Eric. Thankfully, such a future will never happen thanks to time travel.

Mara has no special resistances, and the abilities Tarukaja (タル・カジャ), Ram (体当たり), and Rage (大暴れ). Mara seems to have a vendetta against Nemissa, because it kept ramming her over and over and over, and she kept dying as a result. Pallas Athena reflects Mara's attacks, and Osiris can De-Kaja him. Jeanne uses Rakukaja. Ghede and Nemissa Megido/la his ass.

When he dies, he drops a fuckton of EXP, and an Iron Swastika.

The Third Illusion: Before the Mullet
I was really sad when Muspel was just Blue!Surt in Kuzunoha Raidou vs The Soulless Army

The third illusion actually has treasure in it! Right in front of the door are two treasures: A Constitution Incense (耐力の香) on the left, and a Tetraja Stone (テトラジャの石) on the right. That concludes the treasure of this area. There's really only one way to go: At the end of the path, BandyAid comes to a room with three other exits. The correct one is the northern one. The other two will return him to the entrance.

BandyAid meets Lilith (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/ririsuchanheart.jpg). In 203X, Lilith tried to seduce The Hero into the side of Chaos. Mostly, she just wanted his bone though.


Lilith reflects Fire/Ice/Lightning/Force magic, and is technically weak to Guns, although a sword works just as well. She has the abilities Megidola (メギドラ), Lullaby (子守り歌), Final Nude (ファイナルヌード), Gleam (光る眼), and Despair Night (デスペアーナイト).

Jeanne starts casting Sukukaja, because Lilith's Gleam means that Pallas Athena's not going to last long. In fact, Pallas Athena is charmed by Final Nude on the very first turn. BandyAid wastes his second turn using a Dis-Charm, only to have Lilith use Gleam on Pallas Athena immediately after. BandyAid bangs his head against a wall.

Despair Night, I don't know exactly what it does. Apparently it knocks a character down a level, but it's Curse-based and everyone else in my party is immune to curses, so I never got a chance to see it in action.

When Lilith's HP get down to the yellow, she starts in with the Megidola. This can hurt, but thankfully Jeanne's ready with Mediarama.

Lilith drops enough EXP that BandyAid and Nemissa gain four levels. She also leaves behind the Copper Swastika.

The Fourth Illusion: Rusifee!


The Fourth Illusion contains lots and lots of warping. It also contains more treaure: The Kotetsu Blade (銘刀虎入道), General's Gauntlets (将門の小手), General's Armor (将門の鎧), and a Soul Incense (反魂香). The Kotetsu is a fairly powerful sword for BandyAid, and the last two General equipment pieces can be equipped for that 8 point stat boost, although BandyAid doesn't have the magic stat to do so. Oh well.

At the end is Lucifuge Rofocale (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/lucifuge.jpg). He guards Lucifer's Castle and handles Lucifer's administrative work in the year 207X.


Lucifuge himself isn't very strong. In fact, TAS are their own worst enemies in this battle. Lucifuge has the abilities Tetrakarn (テトラカーン), Makarakarn (マカラカーン), Demon's Roar (悪魔の一喝) and Parala Whip (パララ・ウェブ). Lucifuge is also very, very fast. Faster than BandyAid, even. He gets to act twice every turn: His first action is always him casting either Makarakarn or Tetrakarn, and follows by either using Parala Whip (Paralyze + Damage to front row) or Demon's Roar (Force damage).

Luckily, Megido/la is unaffected by Makarakarn, so Nemissa and Ghede can damage him no matter what. Sukukaja is a must for this battle. Lucifuge paralyzes BandyAid on the first round of combat, which isn't that bad considering that BandyAid is 300% less likely to kill himself if he's paralyzed.

Pallas Athena accidentally kills herself when she uses Lightning Pierce after he Tetrakarns. Whoops.

When he dies, BandyAid and Nemissa gain another four levels. Nemissa's Magic hits 40. Awesome.

Lucifuge drops the Silver Swastika.

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 03:46 PM
The Fifth Illusion: Disaster

The fifth area is mostly unassuming, there are two paths to take: A north one and a south one. The south path leads to the Hi-no-Kagatsuchi (秘剣ヒノカグツチ), an extremely powerful sword. The catch, and there is a catch, is that BandyAid can't stop moving before he retrieves the sword. If he does, or if he bumps into a wall, he'll be teleported back to the beginning.

This is very hard to do on an emulator without a controller. Allegedly, if you hold down the X button on a controller, it won't register that you've stopped moving, but I've never had any luck with that. In any case, BandyAid will not be picking up the Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. instead, he heads north.

Along the way, he encounters Shinigami Mot. They have a nice chat. So nice that Mot decides to join Team Adhesive Strip.


Shinigami (Reaper) Mot (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-164121.png) is a stoic fellow that has the typical Shinigami resistances (Resist: All, Void: Curses, Expel, Mind, Bewitchment). He has the abilities Mudoon (ムドオン), Megidola (メギドラ), Lullaby (子守り歌), and Invitation to Eternity (永眠のいざない). Megidola is the only reason BandyAid wants him. Mudoon isn't really great to have, and I don't even think there are enemies in this area that are effected by Lullaby.

Megidola, combined with Mot's resistances and his natural stats, make him one of the best allies in the game.

There's a Tetraja Stone here, and a Soma guarded by a large group of MIAB. The Soma box is apparently a great place to grind levels, if need be. If BandyAid was to have 10 Soma in his inventory, he wouldn't be able to remove the Soma from the trapped box. Each time he opens it, he would have to fight the MIAB group again. So... that's something to think about.

At the end of the path, BandyAid comes to a hallway with two doors. One leads to the cursed path to the Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, the other to this area's boss. BandyAid takes a minute to set up his party: Nemissa equips Deneb's Hagaromo, BandyAid changes equips the Kotetsu. He uses a Repel Water to keep the enemies away while paces the hallway waiting for the New Moon. You see, both Mot and Osiris are stronger during the New Moon, and BandyAid's going to need all the help he can get. His allies consume roughly 20,000 MAG waiting on the New Moon, because BandyAid is stupid and didn't realize he should just return Mot and Ghede to the COMP while he waited.


A tribal man is waiting on BandyAid. He transforms into Beelzebub. In 207X, Beelzebub is a minor inconvenience on the way to Lucifer's Castle. Actually, I don't remember what he does in SMT2. Sorry!

Beelzebub is a very mean man. He has the abilities Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Megidolaon (メギドラオン), Armageddon (ハルマゲドン), Short Circuit (ナイス・ショート), De-Kaja (デ・カジャ) and Gleam (光る眼). He can attack twice per turn, and woe be unto you if he follow Armageddon with Megidolaon. Beelzebub has 65535 HP and 9999 MP. For comparison, the enemy with the second highest number of HP was Lilith with 33156. Oh boy.

Beelzebub takes half damage from Lightning, Ice and Force; he repels Expel and Curse; he only takes half damage from Pierce and Slash, and only 10% damage from martial arts, meaning Osiris's Assassinate is worthless here.

Let's talk about Beelzebub's attacks. Mahazionga is partywide, mostly, but will hit whomever's in the center column harder. It can shock allies. Shocking is even worse in this battle, because Beelzebub has an ability called Short Circuit, which will instantly kills a character that's currently shocked. Luckily, Short Circuit only hits one character.

Armageddon still halves everyone's HP (and deals 500 damage to Beelzebub), Megidolaon is still very powerful and still hits the entire party (Beelzebub is one of only 3 things in the game that have this spell). At least his Gleam is useless with this party.

...this battle doesn't end well. TAS just isn't strong enough to handle it. Everyone dies horribly.

TAS's strongest ally is Mot. They'll also need a dedicated healer, and Osiris is useless in this battle. Physical attacks aren't going to cut it, so they need to focus on magic. They leave the Temporal Distortion and return to the real world. They need Mitama. Specifically, Nigi Mitama, which increases Intelligence and Speed when fused to a demon.

The easiest way to create Nigi Mitama that I've found is this:
On the 2F of the Sea Ark, recruit Gallytrot, Pixie and Penangal (the Bee thing). Fuse Pixie and Penangal together to create Undine. Then go to the 3F to recruit Majuu Canful. Fuse Canful and Gallytrot together to create Slyph. Then go to the Goumaden and combine Slyph and Undine together to create Nigi Mitama.

Mitama will increase their related stats by 20%, meaning it takes five to hit their max. Mot gets four Nigi Mitama to max his Intelligence (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/motreimagined.png) out. A fifth fusion would only raise his Agility by one point, so BandyAid skips it and instead gives Jeanne D'arc two Nigi Mitama fusions to increase her healing powers.

Since he spent like, an hour and a half doing this, he decides that he's not going to bother making Ghede 1337, although lord knows that would be helpful. BandyAid needs to get something that will protect him from Beelzebub's Mahazionga, too. He knows just the thing.


Daitenshi (Seraph) Sraosa (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080803-142916.png) is a clever angel that drains lightning and voids Expel. Sraosa has the abilities Hypnosis (催眠術), Babylon's Spirit (ベイバロンの気), Bisect (からたけ割り), and Wood Chipper (木っ端みじん斬り). Babylon's Spirit is a charm spell.

BandyAid got really, really lucky and obtained Sraosa through an Albert + Copernicus fusion accident on his second try. Otherwise, he can be fused by combining Reichou Garuda with Genma Hanuman.

Sraosa might be useful in another world, but he'd be a total waste against Beelzebub. Luckily, he can be metamorphed into the Seraph's Bra (大天使のブラ). The Seraph's Bra is statistically the best piece of armor in the game, granting the most defense and evade of anything. It also drains Lightning, but is weak to Force. The catch is you have to have over 20 Intelligence to equip it. Luckily, BandyAid meets those requirements. BandyAid doesn't push his luck and try to get another one for Nemissa, she has Deneb's Hagaromo, which makes her immune to lightning anyway.


Draining Mahazionga makes this fight tons easier, as does Mot's increased Intelligence. Naturally, BandyAid uses a teometle to boost his own HP.

When Beelzebub's HP get down to the red, he starts casting De-Kaja like crazy. At that point, it's too late. BandyAid actually gets to use a couple of Charka Pots on the party.

Eventually, Beelzebub gives up the ghost, enough EXP to launch BandyAid up to level 80, and the Gold Swastika. BandyAid uses the cursed hallway to the Hi-no-Kagutsuchi to return to the entrance. He heals and saves.


At the south end of the hub, there's a door labeled "???????"
Inside, a voice calls out to BandyAid, congratulating him on obtaining all the swastikas. The voice says that the Temporal Distortion can also send him back in time, if he so wishes.

He so wishes. The area is bathed in light, and a Save screen pops up. BandyAid has just unlocked New Game +

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 04:07 PM
(BandyAid didn't actually save his game clear date. First, he changed most of his MAG into cash and deposited it in the VR Bank. Incidentally, of the 50,000 Yen BandyAid got from defeating the Speed Demon, he took out 25,000 during the game and left the rest. By this point, it had only matured about 3000 Yen during the course of the game. Sigh)

New Game + offers a few new perks:

Everything does 1.5x damage.
The money in the Bank is retained.
Two new software pieces are automatically added to the inventory: Stephen (スティーブン), which takes away level restrictions when using the COMP, and Friday (フライデー), which fuses demons with max loyalty.
There are no level restrictions at the Goumaden.
You can play Code Breaker at the Shibahama Core shops for fabulous prizes.
A new ending, which I am not going to play through the game again just to show off.

You don't get to keep your items, demons, or levels. However, you can fuse just about anything you want. Japanese people have created fusion recipes for Hakaishin Shiva that only require you to recruit Pixie, Mokoi and Knocker. Sure, you may have to recruit them 30 times before it's over, but wouldn't it be worth it to have Shiva beat down Carol J? Of course it would.

Anyway, now that it's all over, I'm just going to start a New Game + to get a couple of screenshots and...


Hey! I wonder what this "Extra Game" thing means?

It's another EX Dungeon, one that pieces together different dungeon textures from the game. You can fight Sid Davis from the first Devil Summoner in another "Hey look, I clone the demons from your COMP" mirror battle, and Kuzunoha Kyouji. Kyouji has the strongest demons in the game at his disposal (Metatron, Anat, Kali, Shiva and Vishnu), and they've all been Mitama'd out so they have max stats. To beat him, you pretty much have to grind out Mitamas to make your own party strong enough to survive the battle, and frankly? It isn't a whole lot of fun, and I really have no intention of doing it. There's no reward for beating Kyouji, besides a congratulatory message.

Also, what was your final time?

Final save point, right before the Kadokura-Manitou fights: 28:10, but I'd imagine it ended up closer to being 29 hours before the Game Clear Save. I clocked in at 31:36 after defeating Beelzebub.

The End
Actually, I might update this in a couple of days showing off a handful of other interesting demons, some of the New Game + features at work.

08-03-2008, 04:33 PM
*claps* Yaaaaaay...

I'd like to see some of the other demon designs, if there are any other notables left that have yet to appear in the modern games. Does Metatron still look the same?

08-03-2008, 04:45 PM
Congradulation, Turnip, for this was quite an awesome Let's Play. I really enjoyed reading along, and I appreciate all the work you did. Thanks much!

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 04:46 PM
Yeah, he looks the same. But I'm probably going to fuse him, because he's a component in a number of neat fusions.

08-03-2008, 04:53 PM
Just now I've started listening to the soundtrack. The track for the Goumaden in particular is awesome! It also sounds like it has more than one theme, the latter one of which I've heard in the Velvet Room in Persona 2.

Why are these fusion rooms my favorite places in Shin Megami Tensei games?

Also, I did want to say I picked up this (http://vgmdb.net/db/albums.php?id=2909) the other day. It's not what I'm talking about above, considering the track titles. It's about what you'd expect from a late 90's arrange album, but then it throws a curveball by having some rap in it. Shoji Meguro was involved too, so maybe this was his inspiration for P3?

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 05:37 PM
Soul Runnaz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq3uCk5OsOg) is terrible and needs to die a terrible death. I would actually kill to have the real lyrics to it, but as near as I can figure out:

We're the Spookies
We're coming for you run, we're gunnin' for you son
We're the Spookies
In ya head we're the Soul Runnaz

*BandyAid's part is hard to understand*

I'm the boss of the S to the P to O-O-K-I-E-S, you need a warning that you call in distress, *something* we never rest *something something something*

I'm Six *something something* schemin' all day doesn't matter who we gonna fix 'em eighty-six 'em *something something something*

They call me Lunch cuz that's what I'm after, do you realize you shoulda brought more counter, we rattle your data like ratta-tat-tatta no matter who you is, breaking in to Algon Complex to set the game *something something* your pleasure, you smile while I defile your security measures.

Hahahahaha x 3
It's straight up war, I'm Manitou and I ain't havin' it,
That soul's mine give it up before I'm grabbin it,
*something something* I can't wait to get your tender finger-licking soul up on my plate,
Soul reaper, soul stripper, I'm gonna give you a sign before I stick ya head first through a wood chipper, you *something something*
Yo by the way Spookies I got your boss.

Then there's Redman's part, which is SO TERRIBLE.

Really, La Monde a Glace is the only good song on the Hyper Rearrange Album.

08-03-2008, 05:50 PM
Just now I've started listening to the soundtrack. The track for the Goumaden in particular is awesome! It also sounds like it has more than one theme, the latter one of which I've heard in the Velvet Room in Persona 2.
Funnier! The liquor store music is pretty much the same as the music that plays at Lisa's house in Innocent Sin.

The Soul Hackers soundtrack is pretty weird, but I like it quite a bit.
Why are these fusion rooms my favorite places in Shin Megami Tensei games?
Knowing you, I could come up with a lot of explanations. (You should fuse something in P1, it's hilarious) The dude from Nocturne is probably my favorite though.

Friday (フライデー), which fuses demons with max loyalty.
Does this name, uhh, mean anything, that you know of? Because it reminds me of another game, and I can't imagine how that makes sense unless they both got it from some third, original source.

08-03-2008, 05:52 PM
Soul Runnaz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq3uCk5OsOg) is terrible and needs to die a terrible death. I would actually kill to have the real lyrics to it, but as near as I can figure out:

We're the Spookies
We're coming for you run, we're gunnin' for you son
We're the Spookies
In ya head we're the Soul Runnaz

*BandyAid's part is hard to understand*

I'm the boss of the S to the P to O-O-K-I-E-S, you need a warning that you call in distress, *something* we never rest *something something something*

I'm Six *something something* schemin' all day doesn't matter who we gonna fix 'em eighty-six 'em *something something something*

They call me Lunch cuz that's what I'm after, do you realize you shoulda brought more counter, we rattle your data like ratta-tat-tatta no matter who you is, breaking in to Algon Complex to set the game *something something* your pleasure, you smile while I defile your security measures.

Hahahahaha x 3
It's straight up war, I'm Manitou and I ain't havin' it,
That soul's mine give it up before I'm grabbin it,
*something something* I can't wait to get your tender finger-licking soul up on my plate,
Soul reaper, soul stripper, I'm gonna give you a sign before I stick ya head first through a wood chipper, you *something something*
Yo by the way Spookies I got your boss.

Then there's Redman's part, which is SO TERRIBLE.

Really, La Monde a Glace is the only good song on the Hyper Rearrange Album.
Wow, I... I really don't know if there's anything to say after reading and listening to that. Ironically I was just telling some friends that Shoji Meguro was an awesome video game composer and ranks up there with some of the best. I uh... think I need to make sure they never hear this song. Ever.

08-03-2008, 05:57 PM
bad lyrics

I'm going to transcribe the liner notes here to see how close you are.

DENIED! There are no lyrics for the song in the liner notes. I guess that's for the better, anyway. Megaten songs do have the worst lyrics, that's for sure.

Knowing you, I could come up with a lot of explanations. (You should fuse something in P1, it's hilarious) The dude from Nocturne is probably my favorite though.

That would require that I make it far enough in P1 without my eyes receding into my skull.

Yeah, the Master is pretty cool because there's no explanation whatsoever for why he's there.

Pajaro Pete
08-03-2008, 06:12 PM
The Soul Hackers soundtrack is pretty weird, but I like it quite a bit.

A review of it says that it's mostly atmospheric, which I think is a good way of explaining it. It's background music. Compare it to, say, Persona 3, where the music's very prominent.

Does this name, uhh, mean anything, that you know of? Because it reminds me of another game, and I can't imagine how that makes sense unless they both got it from some third, original source.
Reply With Quote

I'm guessing this (http://www.answers.com/gal+friday&r=67).

08-03-2008, 06:19 PM
A review of it says that it's mostly atmospheric, which I think is a good way of explaining it. It's background music. Compare it to, say, Persona 3, where the music's very prominent.
Yeah. It's not just the style though, the sounds used are overall pretty unusual. It's got an electronic vibe, of course, but it's weirdly...hollow-sounding.

I'm guessing this (http://www.answers.com/gal+friday&r=67).
Heheh. Yeah, that'd do it!

Pajaro Pete
08-04-2008, 02:52 PM
Bonus: The Ultimate Allies

Let's get some more powerful allies.


Maou (Demon Lord) Mithras (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-032851.png) is the highest level encounter in the game. He's hanging around in Beelzebub's Illusion. He has the abilities Thunder Quake Kick (雷震王母の蹴り, Strike damage to all enemies), Megidola (メギドラ), and Mudoon (ムドオン). Mithras is ferocious. He reflects Martial Arts and Strike damage. He's a pretty powerful ally, and BandyAid's going to need to recruit a number of them to get UNDEROOS's level up to 80.


Another fun demon running around is Maou (Demon Lord) Nergal (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-032928.png), a stoic cult leader with the spells Mudoon, Hamaon, Parala Whip and Mahabufula. Nergal resists physical attacks and is weak to magic.


Yoki (Ogre) Yaksha (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-032801.png) is a stoic demon with the abilities Hollow Slasher (虚空斬波), Duel Slice (両腕落とし), Tarukaja (タル・カジャ), and Parala-Di (パララディ). He's weak to magic and resistant to physical attacks, and was a great EXP battery back at the Algon Headquarters. Now, not so much. But he will be fodder.


Last on the current list is Tenshi (Heavenly Host) Cherub (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-032457.png), a stoic fellow that reflects magic and is weak to physical. Cherub has the abilities Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Mahazanma (マハ・ザンマ), Hamaon (ハマオン), Makakaja (マカ・カジャ), and Riberama (リベラマ).

During the New Moon: Maou Nergal and Majin Lugh are fused together to create Iryo Hachiman:

Iryo (Entity) Hachiman (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-033002.png) is a friendly spirit that reflects Curse and Expel. Hachiman has the abilities Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Mediarahan (メ・ディアラハン), Tetrakarn (テトラカーン), Makarakarn (マカラカーン), and Untainted Will (汚れ無き威光).

Iryo Hachiman x Youki Yaksha x Tenshi Cherub = Megami Anat


Megami (Goddess) Anat (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-031503.png) is a stoic lady with the abilities Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), Mediarahan (メ・ディアラハン), and Samarecarm (サマリカーム). She has inherited Tetrakarn, Makarakarn and Makakaja. Anat voids Fire and Expel, but is weak to Ice.

Megami Anat x Shinigami Mot create Majin Baal:


Majin (Magic God) Baal (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-031405.png) is a stoic god that reflects magic and is weak to physical. He has the abilities Maharagion (マハ・ラギオン), Mahabufula (マハ・ブフーラ), Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Wall of Light (光の壁), and Samarecarm (サマリカーム). He inherited Mediarahan from Anat.

Baal is one of my favorite designs in the game, and he has a host of elemental magic. The one thing he lacks? Almighty attacks. Yeah, that's kind of a deal breaker at this point in the game. Baal, Anat and Mot have this weird threeway fusion thing going on: Fusing any two of them result in the other. So Baal x Anat will create Mot, Mot x Baal will create Anat, and Mot x Anat will create Baal. Oh mythological references, they're so crazy.

BandyAid needs Metatron for something, so he slaps on Albert and Copernicus to try and get him by accident. Instead, he ends up with Jiboshin Seioubo.


Jiboshin (Mother Earth) Seioubo (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-032224.png) is a stoic goddess that reflects Expel and Curses. She has the abilities Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ), Makarakarn (マカラカーン), Mediarahan (メ・ディアラハン), and Divine Wrath (天罰).

Pajaro Pete
08-04-2008, 02:53 PM
He also manages to get, through a stroke of luck, Majin Vishnu:


Majin (Magic God) Vishnu (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-031417.png), a stoic god that resists everything and voids Expel/Curse. He has the abilities Megidola (メギドラ), Untainted Will (汚れ無き威光), Mahazanma (マハ・ザンマ), Thunder Quake Kick (雷震王母の蹴り), and Diarahan (ディアラハン). How exciting!

Tenshi Cherub x Jiboshin Seioubo = Daitenshi Metatron


Daitenshi (Seraph) Metatron (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-031554.png) is a stoic fellow that resists everything and voids Curses and Expel. He has the abilities Mahazionga (マハ・ジオンガ), Hamaon (ハマオン), Wing Flap (羽ばたき), Sukukaja (スク・カジャ), and Divine Wrath (天罰). Too bad BandyAid has no intention of using Metatron in battle, isn't it?

Majin Vishnu x Level 70+ UNDEROOS will result in Eiyuu Rama.


Eiyuu (Hero) Rama (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-033257.png) is a stoic warrior that voids Curses, Expel, Mind and Nerve. He has the abilities Bhrama Sutra (ブラフマーストラ, almighty damage using Mahazionga's target area), Judgement (ジャッジメント, enemies of opposite alignment take tons of damage), Wood Chipper (木っ端みじん斬り), and 99 Needles (九十九針). BandyAid won't be fusing Rama, but look how cool!

Daitenshi Metatron x Level 70+ UNDEROOS during the New Moon will result in Moushou Longinus.


Moushou (Warlord) Longinus (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-033335.png) is a stoic Christ-killer that voids Mind/Nerve/Curse/Expel and has the abilities Diarahan (ディアラハン), Lightning Pierce (イナズマ突き), and Golgotha Pierce (ゴルゴダの突き). Golgotha Pierce is essentially the same attack as Lightning Pierce, except it's marginally more powerful. What a waste of Metatron.

Because Longinus is inhabiting UNDEROOS's body, he can't be used in sword fusion or metamorph'd. That's a shame, because it means you can't obtain the Lance of Longinus.

So, obviously, he's not going to fuse Longinus because Longinus sucks. He just wanted to show off "Hehe, blasphemy."

BandyAid is going to fulfill Dr. Thrill's requests at the Pet Shop now.

First, he wants Seijuu Heqet (Pixie x Gallytrot). The reward for this is Blue Hawaii Frost (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/bluehawaii.png).
Next, he wants Shinigami Persephone. She can be recruited from the first three areas of the Temporal Distortion. The reward is Melon Frost (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/melon.png).
Next is Majin Mahamayuri. The easiest way is to recruit another Lugh from the Pet Shop and level it down with a Seirei. The reward is Lemon Frost (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/lemon.png).
The last request is for Chinjuu Oliver-kun (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/oliverkunstats.png), which can be obtained by fusion accidents during the Full Moon OR by from one of the first two areas of the Temporal Distortion. The reward is Strawberry Frost (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/ichigo.png).

After the first four are complete, a new one opens up, asking for Daitenshi Metatron. BandyAid just so happens to have such an ally. The reward is Milk and Curry Frost (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/milkncurry.png).

With the five Frost Senshi in the COMP, BandyAid heads to the Goumaden. A little scene will occur, where the Senshi say they want to fuse together. Victor says that if their hearts and minds are united, they can break the laws of traditional fusion. The five Frost Senshi unite to become Senshi Frost Five:


Senshi (Ranger) Frost Five is a stoic sentai... thing. It's really quite underwhelming, I mean, it only has 55 HP, and you need Metatron to create it, so it's all kind of a waste of time, don't you .... Wait.


Does that say


No way. No fucking way.


"Reflect everything but Almighty"

Yes, Frost Five is one of the most powerful demons in the game without even lifting a finger.

Pajaro Pete
08-04-2008, 02:57 PM
BandyAid fuses another Hachiman, and spends an hour trying to fuse UNDEROOS up to Level 80. Hachiman x Level 80+ UNDEROOS will create Moushou Masakado:


Moushou (Warlord) Masakado (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaysoulhackers/SP32-20080804-033348.png) has the best all around base stats of the game. He's the only demon ally that can fully max out his stats. He has the abilities Necro Dogma (ネクロ・ドグマ), Demon's Roar (悪魔の一喝), Divine Wrath (天罰), Wood Chipper (木っ端みじん斬り), and Hell Strike (ヘルストライク). Hell Strike can inflict petrification and hits all enemies. Masakado is pretty rad.

Masakado is also extremely Chaotic, despite being an avatar of Neutrality in other games.

An ideal team for fighting Kyouji would Frost Five, Masakado, Mot, and someone capable of casting Makakaja and healing. It would probably be better to fuse Mot by combining Anat and Baal, so he can get some of their support abilities.

That's all folks.

08-04-2008, 03:05 PM
Even more than the Frost Five, I love that Oliver (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_%28chimpanzee%29) qualifies as a devil.

Pajaro Pete
08-04-2008, 03:10 PM
Just barely. He's literally the worst demon in the game.

08-04-2008, 03:48 PM
Senshi Frost Five
oh my god.

08-04-2008, 08:45 PM
I'm loving those other demon designs. I really really really want Rama to appear in a new game.

How does Frost Five stay alive against almighty damage with only 55 HP? Seems like a rather limiting catch to use him.

Pajaro Pete
08-04-2008, 10:59 PM
oh my god.


How does Frost Five stay alive against almighty damage with only 55 HP? Seems like a rather limiting catch to use him.

He's (It's? They're?) mostly for New Game +. He can be fused as soon as Dr. Thrill shows up in the Pet Shop, and there aren't many bosses/enemies that have Almighty-magic until near the end.

Against Kyouji, his demons seem far more likely to use other, non-almighty attacks. You could also fuse him with Saki Mitamas to increase his HP and Luck a little.

Pajaro Pete
08-05-2008, 06:43 PM
The very last update: Full sprite rips (http://rapidshare.com/files/135159236/SoulHackersSprites.zip.html). The demons are split up by race, then tribe. The characters are split up the best I could do.

08-05-2008, 06:47 PM
Awesome! Thanks for the great run, and please do another soon. You're good at this, and like I said a while back, Megaten games are great for Let's Plays, since they're normally so inaccessible.

08-05-2008, 07:13 PM
Yes, you should possibly do Shin Megami Tensei II, so I can sorta have an experience with that game because I know I'll never play it.

I can play through RPGs in Japanese just fine, but there's something about Megaten ones that is just so cumbersome in a different language, plus I hate playing on emulators for prolonged periods of time.

Pajaro Pete
08-06-2008, 01:29 PM
It's been done, mate. (http://fromearth.net/LetsPlay/SMT2/index.html)

but there's something about Megaten ones that is just so cumbersome in a different language,

I dare say it has to do with all the talking to demons and fuzzy directions.

I've thought about doing Persona 1's Snow Queen Quest, but it would be a lot shorter. Like, 7 or so updates, tops.

08-08-2008, 07:22 PM
I've thought about doing Persona 1's Snow Queen Quest, but it would be a lot shorter. Like, 7 or so updates, tops.
Not to be all "OMG ENTERTAIN ME MOAR" (especially because this one exceeded my fairly high expectations) but now that I've spent a modest amount of time with Persona 1 I support this so hard. Especially if it's even close to as weird (or more so?) than the SEBEC story.

Because Longinus is inhabiting UNDEROOS's body, he can't be used in sword fusion or metamorph'd. That's a shame, because it means you can't obtain the Lance of Longinus.
Can't trust people with that shit anyway.

Also the sprite rips are kickass. Is "Apsu" the other boss from Naomi's Vision Quest?

Pajaro Pete
08-10-2008, 02:36 PM
Is "Apsu" the other boss from Naomi's Vision Quest?


Especially if it's even close to as weird (or more so?) than the SEBEC story.

It's really not, but there is 300% less Maki and Mark, and that's always good!

08-19-2008, 07:42 PM
Turnip! A request, kind sir.

Going through your sprite rip, I noticed that Odin has an awesome new design that has sadly been passed over in the 3D games. I've been searching in vain for a high(er) resolution image of it. Could you spare one?

Pajaro Pete
08-20-2008, 07:53 AM
He's basically a cape with a head, hands, and Scathach's hat.


08-20-2008, 10:54 AM
And that's all Odin needs to be, really. This is a much better design than the other one. Thanks!

Pajaro Pete
08-21-2008, 03:08 PM
Since they went ahead and redid Loki's model for Persona 4, I wouldn't be surprised if future incarnations of Odin are more Cape and less Purple Diaper.

12-25-2012, 07:15 AM
Since they went ahead and redid Loki's model for Persona 4, I wouldn't be surprised if future incarnations of Odin are more Cape and less Purple Diaper.

ha ha, you were so wrong, former life of Pajaro Pete

so wrong

(I just read through all of this again and now I finally understand what happened in that game I was playing a couple months ago, really sad all the images are gone though)

TK Flash
12-25-2012, 04:14 PM
I could swear I saw this thread title ten pages in when I was looking at really old LPs yesterday...and I was right.

Pajaro Pete
12-25-2012, 07:27 PM
a thread without pictures is like a hugh man without a soul
die monster, you don't belong in this world
*locks thread*

12-25-2012, 11:21 PM
Still a damn entertaining read despite the lack of Spookies and demon porn. Gave me a new appreciation for Finnegan, one of the series' coolest baddies. But if we must, let's return this thread to the earth.

08-19-2013, 02:17 PM
FYI - all the pictures in this LP have been moved or deleted!

Pajaro Pete
08-19-2013, 08:14 PM
lock it and cast it back into the abyss

08-19-2013, 08:26 PM
I'll never forget you. . .

Pajaro Pete
08-19-2013, 09:12 PM
I'll never forget you. . .