View Full Version : I don't remember what book this was

08-06-2008, 12:29 PM
I just remembered reading a book when I was still a kid, but I forgot what it was called. Help me out!

Here's what it was about:
Some kid finds a pair of super-powered sunglasses that give him godlike powers. He speaks and reality obeys, but he can't undo anything he does. He accidentally creates a hurricane, sends his bully to hell, permanently alters some other kids just by calling them names, and a bunch of other stuff. Eventually the supershades get more powerful and start altering time to make the changes seem normal like it's been that way all along, and then start bonding with him so he gets sick when he takes them off and even his thoughts are being made real. By the time he erases everyone in the world just by not thinking about them and stops time itself, he figures out how to reset everything and never touch the glasses again.

The book was written in an obnoxious tone, definitely less than 150 pages, and it even had its own tagline. So, it was something stupid for kids. The library copy featured a proud proclamation on back claiming it was being made into a major motion picture. But I've never heard of a movie like that!

So what was this book, and who wrote it? More importantly, who thought it was good enough to be a movie?