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11-03-2008, 07:17 PM

Four foul and wicked beings claimed it for themselves.

They possessed the frightening powers of Chaos, Destruction, Terror, and Death.

The people were horrified. They called the evil ones “Sinistrals”.

The world massed its warriors to battle their dark foes.

But the Sinistrals were all powerful.

In desperation, the people called on their bravest fighters: Artea, Guy, Maxim, and Selan.



???: I feel the energy.
???: A very dark energy. Beware! It's powerful.
???: Selan. Light Magic.
Selan: As you wish.


Selan: So cold! It freezes straight to the heart.
???: Welcome, Maxim.
Maxim: Daos? It's you, isn't it? Show yourself!
Daos: Approach. My chamber is above. I await you.

As the echoes of Daos' voice fade among the walls of his fortress, the heroes grimly press forward...


Those of you who have played Lufia II before know what I am doing here, but newcomers to the series may be confused. The prologue to Lufia and the Fortress of Doom shows the 4 legendary heroes fighting the first appearance of the Sinistrals, while the main action of that game takes place 100 years later. Lufia II is a prequel that tells Maxim's story of how he came to fight the Sinistrals. Seeing part of his story in Lufia I yields a level of dramatic irony that would be absent if one were to play Lufia II alone. If anyone feels that they would much rather avoid the upcoming spoilers, you can skip ahead to where it says, “One year earlier...”. Obviously, I feel that the irony is worth more than the potential for surprise, but your mileage may vary. Also, for this part of the prologue, I will be directly transcribing the dialogue*, so it will be easy to compare in the future. With that out of the way, here's the badass music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzBsFGh6zoc) for the Fortress of Doom itself.

* Not all of it though, as some scenes are completely different between versions and there's no meaningful comparison.

11-03-2008, 07:18 PM
Progressing deep into the Sinistrals' sanctum, the heroes encounter a glass bridge...


Selan: Maxim. It could be a trap.
Maxim: He said cross. Let's go.
Selan: But....
Maxim: Daos is testing us. He senses our feelings. Don't show any fear!
Guy: You're right. That's what he's doing.
Artea: My power is strong. The hopes of my people energize me.
Maxim: Come on, Selan. We're the world's last and only chance!
Selan: I know.
Maxim: There's still hope as long as Dual Blade keeps its light.
Selan: Dual Blade boosts our powers. It makes us even stronger in the center of this darkness.
Maxim: We will destroy the Sinistals and restore peace to the world. This we promise.
Selan: We promise. Together!
Daos: Ha, ha, ha! I sense your hope. Indeed, it is powerful.
Maxim: Sinistrals! Your reign of tyranny is over! Do you hear me? We will finish you once and for all!
Daos: The woman's energy flows strangely. Is this human love? Such a thing is unknown to us.
Daos: No matter. It is easily smashed.


Stepping through the final teleporter, the heroes can now see the malevolent faces of their foes at the opposite end of this shrine in the heart of Doom Island...

The four Sinistrals are gathered together, but attack individually. Gades, Sinistral of Destruction, attacks first.


As you might expect from a prologue starring legendary heroes, Lufia I gives the player ridiculously overlevelled characters to make these fights pretty easy (my endgame Lufia I party is a full 30 levels lower). Gades goes down pretty quickly, and Amon, Sinistral of Chaos is next to strike.


Amon, too, dies swiftly, and Erim, Sinistral of Death, enters the fray. The game does provide a chance to go into the menu screen to heal up between fights, but I didn't bother until Artea actually died in the Erim fight.


11-03-2008, 07:20 PM
Mighty Daos finally deigns to fight us, though you'd think he might hesitate at seeing us slaughter Gades and Amon without breaking a sweat. With our party now fully healed, he doesn't stand a chance.



Daos: Indeed. This shall be the end...... OF EVERYTHING!

The not quite dead Sinistrals move to encircle the heroes and begin channeling their energy through each other into a destructive, resonating flow. Artea recognizes that such a wave of energy could cause untold destruction, taking the world itself along with them in their death throes. Maxim charges Daos, but is knocked back by the encircling power.



Daos: Ha, ha, ha! Fools! Our dark powers are vast. Your feeble efforts are no match against us!
Maxim: Give it all you've got!
Artea: Maxim! Selan can't take much more of this!
Selan: I'm...... I'm fine. Everyone! Concentrate!

The spinning waves of dueling energy flows look a lot like the previous screenshot but spinning, while a humming sound effect plays.

Daos: AAARGH! You filthy pests!


11-03-2008, 07:21 PM
Ultimately, the Sinistrals' energy waves are disrupted and their soul remnants are dispersed. The surge of energy also flings the rest of Maxim's party around the room...


Maxim: Guy? Are you alright?
Guy: They'd have to do more than that to stop me!

Maxim: Artea!
Artea: I'm fine.


Selan: We.... finally did it, Maxim.
Maxim: Selan? What's the matter?
Selan: We finally restored peace to the world.
Maxim: Yes. We did. Let's go home.
Selan: No. I'm not going home.
Maxim: Selan! What are you saying?
Selan: The eruption went through me. I can't....even....speak....
Maxim: No! Selan! Selan!
Selan: I.... wish I could.... stand on our.... land with you once again.



Without the Sinistrals' power to maintain the floating island, the Fortress begins to crumble. The glass bridge is the first to be destroyed, and Guy and Artea must quickly leap backwards to avoid plummeting...

Guy: The fortress is breaking up! Artea. The warp magic!
Artea: Maxim and Selan are too far. I can't take them with us!
Guy: Can't we do anything?
Maxim: Artea! Guy! Don't worry about us. Save yourselves!
Artea: Maxim?
Maxim: The Sinistrals are defeated. You must tell the people.
Artea: But....!
Maxim: I can't leave her here alone! Please understand.
Artea: ........
Guy: Let's go, Artea!
Artea: Guy! You can't mean...
Guy: Maxim said we should go. He's right. It's the only way.
Artea: ........
Guy: Artea!
Artea: Maxim. The world will know. I promise you. Goodbye, my friend......


Maxim: Selan. I love you. I'll always love you.

Thus, the battle ended.

11-03-2008, 07:22 PM
One year earlier...


Several mysterious spheres of energy fly towards the glowing structure on the horizon. After a brief moment, the three orbs fly out and away. Then, a fourth flies into the building...


The figure on the throne is Arek, and he poses what must either be a rhetorical question or a test of loyalty to Erim. “Who should rule, Sinistrals or humans?” Erim answers predictably, and Arek reveals why he would ask such a question. It would seem that the Dual Blade has begun resonating, signaling a time of judgment. Understanding what must be done, Erim turns into a ball of red energy and flies off...


Let's Play Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals!

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom came out in that window between Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI. As a young lad with a ravenous appetite for RPGs and a game rental store nearby, box art featuring a floating island and a sword was too hard to pass up. I'm pretty sure I only played through it once, maybe twice, but when Nintendo Power announced Lufia II was coming out, I was so excited I preordered it (and who did that back in 96?).

I haven't kept track of how many times I've played through Lufia II, but my last playthrough was in 2005 (more on that later) and I'd easily rank it as one of my favorite SNES games, so I'm ready to (Let's) play it again.


Our story begins in the quaint village of Elcid, where Maxim works as a “monster hunter” and his not-quite girlfriend Tia works at the Weapon & Armor shop. Unfortunately, the standard RPG cliché of more monsters every day has caused inflation that devalues Maxim's economic viability, forcing him to work harder to maintain his standard of living. Tia recommends Maxim think about transferring his skillset to another line of work, and coyly suggests he join her as a shop owner.


Life Tip for Men: When a young woman is flirtatiously sidling back and forth, and hesitantly pausing every few words, you damn well ought to pay attention to what she's trying to say! Maxim hears only Tia's words, not her body language, and thoughtlessly insults her profession. Tia sulks off and slams the door on him, leaving Maxim free to wander about his hometown.

11-03-2008, 07:23 PM
Since Maxim's earnings were 33% lower than projected, he decides to venture back into the wilderness to collect more bounties. Before he can get too far, he is stopped and propositioned by an old man who wants to show Maxim a "good time" with some "secret techniques" in a nearby dungeon.


The Secret Skills Cave is a very boring enforced tutorial that doesn't even cover as much material as the instruction book.


The single enemy in the first room is to get the player used to the idea of monsters moving only when Maxim moves. Jellies are annoying in that you can't tell which way is front and get a surprise round by attacking from the side or behind.


Battles are your typical DQ style battle system; you input commands for your whole party each round. Right now, Maxim doesn't have many options, so I'll go into further detail of the battle system a little later.


With that out of the way, it's on to the next room, where Maxim remembers he also has a bow.


Well, arrows anyway. In Lufia II, Maxim gets a variety of tools to help him solve puzzles and navigate dungeons, including Arrows, Bombs, a Hookshot, Hammer, Boomerang, Ice Rod... no, wait....

11-03-2008, 07:24 PM

Arrows can paralyze distant foes, enabling Maxim to bypass unnecessary battles. Each shot counts as a move; I let that Jelly get one step closer just so I could take a picture of the old man with an arrow in his chest.


So who can guess how we get across this chasm?


Or how to open this locked door? Hint: the door closes when Maxim steps off the switch!


that's just great...


Arrows + discernable anatomy = “Got in first!”

11-03-2008, 07:25 PM

Really? And you say there's a switch hidden under one of those bushes?


This one is actually just barely complicated enough that it might qualify as a “puzzle”. Those panels don't do anything unless a pot is placed there; Maxim isn't the right... shape... I guess to activate the switch?


Oh thank god.


This is the most exciting thing to happen in Elcid while Maxim was gone; it's a pretty boring town.

Fortunately, this means Tia doesn't seem to be mad at Maxim anymore, and has gone to the trouble of trying something new for tonight's dinner.


11-03-2008, 07:26 PM

What the hell is that?!




At least Maxim is smart enough to not insult her cooking. After a bite, Tia agrees with Maxim's assessment that navaroa pot pie is highly nasty, and Maxim points out that it's the fish itself that is vile and not her cooking to blame. Maxim valiantly douses it with lemon to make it more palatable, and the young couple jokes about why it's called the “phantom fish”.

After some tea to wash away the aftertaste, Tia asks Maxim why he's always fighting monsters.


Introspective, he is not. Tia says she's “never met anyone quite like you before...” and the once again clueless Maxim fails to pick up any deeper meaning to her words. He simply thanks her for dinner, and they make tentative plans for another dinner date in the future. Maxim then leaves to go to his regular room at the Inn. Poor Tia.

Suddenly, while walking to the Inn...


Ah-HA! Plot beckons!!

To be continued...

11-03-2008, 07:42 PM
I love this game, I remember seeing it at Target or something when I was in sixth grade, and convincing my mom to buy the game for me. I actually played it without playing the first Lufia game which was a bit of a surprise at the ending. Spent ages trying to figure out some way to save Maxim and Selan, since there was something that looked like a door in the area with the power stone things.

11-03-2008, 10:30 PM
I got maybe halfway through this game on ZSNES before quitting. It'll be nice to see how it ends finally. I totally forgot about that prequel thing in Lufia I too. Oh well.

11-03-2008, 10:32 PM
It'll be nice to see how it ends finally..

Well, you're seeing it right now!

Pajaro Pete
11-03-2008, 10:36 PM
Um this isn't the ancient cave I think you're doing this wrong.

11-03-2008, 10:53 PM
A smoothing filter? Really, now.

11-03-2008, 10:57 PM
Well, you're seeing it right now!

Well...yeah, but I want to see the other 1/3 or so of the game as well.

A smoothing filter? Really, now.

I was wondering about that too. It seems a bit...odd. The text is very nice, though.

11-03-2008, 11:18 PM
Bless you for playing this because I have a copy on my shelf that I haven't gotten around to (again) since I no longer have time for million-hour RPG slogfests. Plus I remember practically every puzzle near the end of the game driving me fucking crazy.

ESPECIALLY the one where you have to cut down the weeds that keep growing back in a specific pattern.

11-03-2008, 11:22 PM
I loved this game so much. Its very puzzle-y, much more than any other SNES rpg I played at the time. Some of the later dungeon puzzles were so damn hard, I was glad I had a Nintendo Power that covered this game.

Good times. :)

11-03-2008, 11:28 PM
I love this game to death, and am thrilled to see it LPed.

I'll concur about the filter -- I actually like them, and use them when I emulate stuff, but I know people here generally don't. (When I played LotW, I tried to find a way to play with the filter but take screenshots without it. I failed.)

Octopus Prime
11-04-2008, 02:24 AM
I like how the romantic subplot between Maxim and Tia is started, and then completely abandoned the very instant Selan shows up.

Maxim's a classy fella.

11-04-2008, 02:53 AM

I HATE that one! I don't think I've ever actually done it myself.

Maxim's a classy fella.

Hey, it's not like he was leading her on. I don't think anybody ever explained to him about the "Girl Next Door" rule.

I'm the same about the smoothing thing. It looks pretty, I guess, and it's better than anti-aliasing or jpging but I still like big blocky pixels.

11-04-2008, 04:34 AM
A smoothing filter? Really, now.

I've done quite a bit of work in Flash and have gotten used to and fond of the vectorized look. It's no biggie to me to switch back to unfiltered; I figured it would be an experiment to see what people thought. And now I know.
It's ok hq2xBold, I still love you!

11-04-2008, 10:59 AM
Doesn't Tia [die or leave] or something? Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.

Also, this game's puzzly-ness is what made me stop. I generally speaking don't care for puzzle games, and this game was a bit much for my tastes. It had some great battle music though.

11-04-2008, 11:18 AM
Also, this game's puzzly-ness is what made me stop. I generally speaking don't care for puzzle games, and this game was a bit much for my tastes.

You are INSANE. Every RPG should have dungeons like Lufia 2's.

I won't answer the Tia question because I bet it will get answered for us over the course of the LP.

Octopus Prime
11-04-2008, 01:52 PM
Doesn't Tia [[]] or something? Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.

Yep, the second one. Around the 1/3rd to half-way point, if I recall correctly.

11-04-2008, 03:00 PM
You get Selan right around the same point, which is part of why she leaves. The other part we've already explored!

11-04-2008, 03:19 PM
I like Maxim a lot. However, as a sucker for comic relief, I must admit my favorite character is definitely Dekar. I've forgotten how to miss!

Octopus Prime
11-04-2008, 04:33 PM
I like Maxim a lot. However, as a sucker for comic relief, I must admit my favorite character is definitely Dekar. I've forgotten how to miss!

This marks you as a wise individual.

The fact that Dekar showed up in it was all that made Ruins of Lore worthwhile, in my eyes.

Sky Render
11-04-2008, 06:02 PM
While it does sound rather intimidating on its own, calling the villains of a game the "Sinistrals" is pretty silly if you know what "sinistral" actually means. Yes, according to the English translators, the villains of this series may as well be called the Lefties, because "sinistral" just means left-handed.

Then again, censorship standards at the time wouldn't exactly allow for a proper translation of their name, the Mad Gods. Also, naming the games after one of the characters in the first game for the US release really shot them in the foot in the long run, huh?

11-04-2008, 11:35 PM
Oh, good. Two great RPG's from the end of the SNES's life cycle being LP'ed side by side.

One thing that never gets mentioned about Lufia II is that for 1996, this game had some pretty good dialogue.

11-04-2008, 11:53 PM
Then again, censorship standards at the time wouldn't exactly allow for a proper translation of their name, the Mad Gods. Also, naming the games after one of the characters in the first game for the US release really shot them in the foot in the long run, huh?

The instruction manual refers to the people of Maxim's world as "Lufians". Someone didn't get a memo!

11-05-2008, 01:35 AM
While it does sound rather intimidating on its own, calling the villains of a game the "Sinistrals" is pretty silly if you know what "sinistral" actually means. Yes, according to the English translators, the villains of this series may as well be called the Lefties, because "sinistral" just means left-handed.

Then again, censorship standards at the time wouldn't exactly allow for a proper translation of their name, the Mad Gods. Also, naming the games after one of the characters in the first game for the US release really shot them in the foot in the long run, huh?
Yeah, but "sinister" also means left-handed. It's simply tradition that left-handed equals evil. Hey, I don't make up these rules, don't ask me.

And Lufia does appear in Lufia 2. She just doesn't go by that name.

Octopus Prime
11-05-2008, 02:59 AM
Actually, Lufia is in The Legend Returns as well, again with a different name.

11-05-2008, 07:27 AM
The instruction manual refers to the people of Maxim's world as "Lufians". Someone didn't get a memo!
Ahahaha that's kind of awesome.

Does the name "Estpolis" ever show up in these games though (in English)? I've forgotten.

I like Lufia II a lot, but I actually prefer the original even though it's not as good in any way at all.

11-05-2008, 07:43 AM
I like Lufia II a lot, but I actually prefer the original even though it's not as good in any way at all.

I've tried to replay Lufia 1 but it is so hard to love! Random encounters like mad and waaay less refined combat. I still remember the "Ancient Cave" for that game being so stupid. Mostly the room only females can enter, so you think "oh crap, Lufia's a pathetic weakling this sucks!" and it turns out to be a stupid tiny room and you get back without a single random encounter. I apologize for that run-on sentence.

It was really charming in its way though. I fondly remember some of the interaction between Lufia and Jerin. I wouldn't mind seeing a LP of it after this one (ok looong way off) so I don't have to suffer through it myself. ;p

11-05-2008, 02:38 PM

Well that's reason enough for Maxim, I guess. I imagine he has also gone on daring missions to rescue cats stuck in trees for these people. The other villagers helplessly gush that Maxim is the only one strong enough to deal with the monsters, so off we go.

The cave is only a short distance away to the north, and Maxim is only stopped once by a mated pair of Wild Plains Jellies that are swiftly dispatched with minimal fuss.


There's nothing else on this side of the cave but Elcid, and Maxim checked up on Tia before heading out, so I'm not sure who this could be. The only other information this young man offers is that she “seemed different” and he oddly felt like he shouldn't try to stop her. Weird.


This part of the cave is fairly logically constructed: 2 screens north of the entrance and Maxim is already at the other side. Unfortunately, the monsters stole the key, which is the real issue obstructing commercial traffic between Sundletan and Elcid. It's time to go back and delve into the more mazelike part of the cave

That pink-capped mushroom introduces a new enemy movement pattern for the player to learn: it moves 90 degrees clockwise from the direction Maxim is going or trying to go. i.e. if Maxim moves up, it moves right, and if Maxim moves left, it moves up. Many enemies will move every time Maxim swings his sword or fires an arrow, but these types of enemies will not. The enemies in the Secret Skills Cave all just moved randomly.


Mushrooms are pretty tough at this stage of the game, so in the future we'll just try to avoid them in favor of the more squishable Jellies and Lizards. Fortunately, the game starts Maxim off with 10 potions that should tide him over until he gets his first healing spell.


Who built this?! If I were running a D&D game and game the players a room like this, they'd just stare at me in disgust. Moths are slightly weaker than Mushrooms, so we'll go for those and the Lizard.

11-05-2008, 02:39 PM

In the “Lufian” world, Lizards are apparently cannibalistic and sometimes carry Charred Newts that can be eaten to regain hp and mp. Maxim certainly doesn't have any means of cooking or burning things! Charred Newts can be invaluable in the Ancient Cave.


Bats are easily bypassed, as they try to stay away from Maxim if he gets close, letting him get to this switch that completes the broken bridge below. The bridge is a classic “you can't get there from here”, and so it's time to backtrack.


God damnit. Fortunately, this time Maxim critically hit the Moth for a one-hit kill, and the Lizard also died without us taking any damage.


Exploring further, Maxim finds a dead end. I guess we'll have to come back once we've found a hookshot or something?


Crossing the newly restored bridge, Maxim makes a slight detour for some extra treasure beyond this secret passage. Lufia II uses every trick in the dungeoneering book; this is only the first dungeon and Maxim has already encountered 6 switches, 2 secret passages, and that earlier mess of push blocks. Down the hidden steps is a treasure room containing...

11-05-2008, 02:40 PM

What kind of crazy bounty hunter goes off in the wilderness to hunt monsters while wearing nothing but cloth armor and a small knife?! Not even a Long Knife? I'm sure the ensuing rant that I could write would add little to the discussion, but 1st level D&D wizards start out better equipped than this guy.


Those three symbols in order are: hp restore, mp restore, and save point. Pretty much a dead giveaway that there's a boss coming up. You may ask why not just have one tile that does everything, and the answer is because of the Ancient Cave. Dungeon floors in the Ancient Cave are randomly generated, and sometimes you'll be lucky enough to find a hp or mp restoring tile, but you'll never see a save point in there.



There's not much to this fight: the Lizard Man just attacks every round, and for the most part, so does Maxim, only using a potion when needed. Maxim could have spells by this point if I felt like grinding for money, but I pretty much never feel like grinding (I've been avoiding most of the enemies in here).


Um, my cat would try to steal my keys if I left them out, and I'm fairly sure my cat is dumber than an anthropomorphic reptile that wears armor and uses weapons.

11-05-2008, 02:42 PM

Mysterious Plot Expostion Lady appears!

Maxim incredulously demands to know who she is and how she knows his name, skipping the far more important question of how could read his thoughts. Reluctant to reveal her name just yet, she claims to see the future and asks Maxim if he wants to know what is behind the spate of increased and more intelligent monster activity. She reveals that the red ball of light from the intro is responsible.



Maxim insists he isn't powerful like the woman claims, and tries to get more information on what that ball of light is.


The mystery lady (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSXyn-2GIhs) informs Maxim that his destiny is to seek out others who also possess the ability to confront the evil power. Doubting his own ability and reeling from this intimidating burden, Maxim is briefly lost in thought as the strange woman begins to walk away. He calls out to her and she pauses to reveal that her name is “Iris”, and she will meet him again if he does go on this destined journey.


No hero's welcome at Elcid, just simple folk expressing their gratitude and pointing out the plot point in the next town. Stopping earthquakes does seem quite a bit more challenging than enabling someone to go buy tea.

Another villager mentions that Tia seemed worried...

11-05-2008, 02:43 PM

Maxim: ". . . . . ."

Tia quickly dismisses her worry as just her own silliness and gives Maxim an easy out. Tia runs the weapon shop in Elcid, and we could upgrade Maxim's weapon, or buy a better-than-nothing shield, but I'd rather see what the next town has to offer, and there's a better use for the money anyway.

The last bit of business to take care of Elcid is to buy the “Strong” spell. I always thought that was a slightly odd name for a healing spell, but I guess it works. The more interesting thing about Lufia II's magic system is the way targeting works. You can choose any combination of targets for any given spell; if only half your party needs healing, you can choose to only heal those 2. Similarly, you can tactically choose which enemies to cast offensive spells on without diluting the power as much as if you just hit all of them.

To Sundletan!


It takes less than a minute to cross through the cave once you have the key, and Sundletan isn't too far off. Maxim has barely set foot in town, however, when an earthquake hits.


Maxim freaks out, but the villagers seem to almost be used to them by now. The consensus among the village kids and a local senile man is that there's a giant catfish causing earthquakes.


While interesting, Maxim has just been entrusted with a mission to save the world and can't be bothered to solve every little problem faced by the rural villagers of the world. I wonder what else is nearby?


*sigh* Fine... We'll go deal with the catfish.

11-05-2008, 02:45 PM

Who built this?! If I were running a D&D game and game the players a room like this, they'd just stare at me in disgust. Moths are slightly weaker than Mushrooms, so Maxim go for those and the Lizard.

I heart this reaction. It's so true.

The bridge is a classic “you can't get there from here”, and so it's time to backtrack.

What are you smoking? The arrows up there on the cliff are a jump down spot! Like, duh!

11-05-2008, 02:47 PM
In Zithuan's defense, I've played this dungeon at least half a dozen times and never noticed that either.

11-05-2008, 02:50 PM
What are you smoking? The arrows up there on the cliff are a jump down spot! Like, duh!

Um, oops? http://www.toastyfrog.com/talkingtime/images/icons/icon11.gif

11-05-2008, 02:57 PM
What arrows? All I see are small patches of holes scattered across the floor.

11-05-2008, 03:40 PM
Wow, those arrows are, like, critical to bat avoidance! I hate those damn bats. But not as bad as I hate moths.

Somehow every time I play through there, I end up taking the broken bridge path before the fix-the-bridge path. So glad to hop down after that.

I usually grind long enough to afford Strong before the lizardman but that's the only time grinding's even remotely excusable in this game. The gameplay's set up to let you avoid it most of the time anyway.

Octopus Prime
11-05-2008, 04:41 PM
I just remembered that this is quite possible the most Broken-Bridge heavy game I think I've ever played.

Almost every damn town has some problem that you can't advance the plot past until you solve.

11-05-2008, 04:45 PM
I just remembered that this is quite possible the most Broken-Bridge heavy game I think I've ever played.

Almost every damn town has some problem that you can't advance the plot past until you solve.

Absolutely. At least two literal bridges are broken, keys stolen, boats disabled, and random guards with orders to stand in the way. I think the silliest one is the little boy playing hide-and-seek with the gate key in a monster infested cave.

11-05-2008, 05:05 PM

Argument from personal incredulity is a logical fallacy, Maxim.

Octopus Prime
11-05-2008, 06:21 PM
Argument from personal incredulity is a logical fallacy, Maxim.

That's why we love him!

11-05-2008, 06:39 PM
I just remembered that this is quite possible the most Broken-Bridge heavy game I think I've ever played.

Almost every damn town has some problem that you can't advance the plot past until you solve.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the primary design element they used as the basis for Ruins of Lore. That game made me sad, and not in a good way like Lufias I & II did.

11-05-2008, 06:53 PM
Ahahaha that's kind of awesome.

Does the name "Estpolis" ever show up in these games though (in English)? I've forgotten.

I like Lufia II a lot, but I actually prefer the original even though it's not as good in any way at all.
I bought and played the first game when it came out, I had a friend I can remember being terribly excited about it, but felt in a lot of ways it was a bog-standard RPG with slow leveling. Of course back then we didn't get many RPGs in the US...

However, I won't spoil it, but there's one amazing part at the end of the first Lufia that makes playing the entire game worthwhile in my eyes.

Lufia II I found years later in collage long after having heard of it as being among the greatest SNES RPGs. And I agree entirely. But it also tapped into a very very special type of nostalgia for a game I didn't really enjoy that much that made if far more awesome...

TK Flash
11-05-2008, 07:47 PM
Oh man, this is like my favorite game ever. Back when I was a wee lil' one, I couldn't afford it and had to wait years to pick up a used copy.

Please get a screenshot of when Guy suggests everyone leave a crumbling temple with "Let's walk down."

11-05-2008, 08:53 PM
The more interesting thing about Lufia II's magic system is the way targeting works. You can choose any combination of targets for any given spell; if only half your party needs healing, you can choose to only heal those 2.

Oh, what the hell! I don't even know how many times I've played this game and I never knew that. I think. I guess it's been too long.

11-06-2008, 02:32 AM
The more interesting thing about Lufia II's magic system is the way targeting works. You can choose any combination of targets for any given spell; if only half your party needs healing, you can choose to only heal those 2. Similarly, you can tactically choose which enemies to cast offensive spells on without diluting the power as much as if you just hit all of them.

This is one of the things I really love about Lufia II.

11-06-2008, 04:25 AM
Please get a screenshot of when Guy suggests everyone leave a crumbling temple with "Let's walk down."

Doesn't stuff like that happen multiple times too? Except most of the time the dungeon's self-destruct mode apparently turns off as soon as the heroes successfully get out despite bad guy precautions. I like the one guy who's like "Ok, I'm gonna walk back to town through this dungeon and the random-monsters infested overworld now, I'll see you there." and they're like "Dude... we have the Escape and Warp spells."

I think the most bothersome part of that monsters-in-push-blocks room is how do the monsters survive in that? They can't push blocks themselves! What do they eat? How do they even survive long enough for Maxim to get there? And even the butterfly can't actually fly so that's no help.

11-07-2008, 12:11 AM
The repetition of the same broken bridge idea again and again is definitely one of the game's weaknesses.

The main WTF has to be the incredibly conspicuous glitches, though. When you hit L/R to switch equip screens and the names of your equipment get all jumbled together... That seems like it shoulda been really fixable.

11-07-2008, 04:20 AM
The main WTF has to be the incredibly conspicuous glitches, though. When you hit L/R to switch equip screens and the names of your equipment get all jumbled together... That seems like it shoulda been really fixable.

That's not even the biggest glitch on the menu screen! For anyone wanting to try this at home:

Go to the "Config" submenu and then go down to the sound options. Press left once and the item menu will appear overlaid on the config screen. From here, if you then press left again, then 'A', your game will reset.

I haven't figured out exactly how to consistently trigger this bug, but sometimes just going in and seeing the item screen overlay will lower Selan or Maxim to level 0 and change their name. If you save and reload, all their stats (except guts) will have increased to 999.

Octopus Prime
11-07-2008, 12:33 PM
Even those glitches are nothing compared to the two Glitch Dungeons.

You know it really must say something about the game when, despite is numerous, numerous flaws, everyone (myself included) ranks it as being one of the top SNES RPGs.

11-07-2008, 12:55 PM
Even those glitches are nothing compared to the two Glitch Dungeons.

You know it really must say something about the game when, despite is numerous, numerous flaws, everyone (myself included) ranks it as being one of the top SNES RPGs.

See also: Secret of Mana.

11-07-2008, 07:49 PM

As you would expect from a place called the Lake Cave, there are at least a couple puzzles involving raising or lowering water levels. Those three things on the ground are pieces of a bridge that will float after the water level has been raised.


First priority involves dealing with this room. There is a Beetle (already defeated), an Eagle, and a Baby Frog in this room, and each can be a pretty tough fight. Don't laugh, but Maxim was at full hp before fighting this vicious Baby Frog. I bet you laughed, didn't you?


An adjoining room contains hp and mp restoring tiles, which are potentially vital as an unwary player may screw up the puzzle and have to reset the room and start over. After the three enemies are defeated, part of the wall disappears and the several enemies appear behind an impassable spike barrier.


The door on the right still won't open, and the plaque on the wall gives the clue:
Shoot the Arrows in the right order and you will find the way!

If you shoot the wrong enemy, you have to cast Reset to try again, which means fighting those 3 battles again.

After figuring out the correct order (which I trust the average Talking tyrant to be able to deduce), Maxim makes finds his way to an incredibly valuable treasure.


This is why I didn't bother buying any of the better weapons in Elcid or Sundeltan. The Insect Crush is a military grade bug swatter that will be very helpful against the multitude of beetles, mosquitoes, moths, and spiders in the lake cave. With it, Maxim deals more than 4 times as much damage as before, and kills any bug in one hit.

11-07-2008, 07:50 PM

The Insect Crush also provides an additional tactical option for Maxim: an IP (Ikari Points) attack. Every time a character takes damage, their IP gauge goes up. Many pieces of equipment have special abilities that drain varying levels of IP and can produce different offensive or defensive abilities. The Insect Crush's special is called “Bomb Attack”, requires 26% IP (unfortunately, you have to either visually estimate it, or check the status screen between battles to learn that number), and deals regular attack damage (no weaknesses taken into account) to all enemies. Later in the game, the player will find choosing between different IP properties to take precedence over the raw stats. Since each of the 6 equipment slots can potentially give another IP ability, even non-magic users often have interesting choices in combat.


After successfully navigating past several minor, not terribly difficult puzzles, Maxim has found the key. Most dungeons have big keys that you need to get, yet another similarity Lufia II has with Zelda:LttP. There is still a bit more treasure to be had, and Maxim finds a door with an ominous warning:


Behind this wall lies the path to the ordeal that awaits you!


Oh what the hell is this crap?! Lufia II dungeons are positively Gygaxian in their disregard for ecology.

Fortunately, the Insect Crush allowed Maxim to crush most of the enemies like... insects. The reward for all of that (other than a full level's worth of exp) is the Speedy Ring which would be much more awesome if it allowed Maxim to fire green arrows. Instead it just gives a slight, but respectable, boost to defense and agility, with an IP ability to further increase agility.


Having looted all the treasures of the cave, Maxim is ready to solve another water level puzzle on his way to where a giant earthquake-causing catfish supposedly lives.

11-07-2008, 07:51 PM



The Big Catfish has several attacks: Mega Quake for moderate damage, a weak physical attack, and the Flash spell which caught me by surprise when it did 41 damage.


After learning the hard way what my healing threshold needed to be, I do better on the second try.


The catfish basically says, "that was fun, but I think I'll take a nap now". Well, I guess that's mission accomplished; I wonder if there's any reward for us in Sundeltan?

11-07-2008, 07:52 PM

*sigh* I'm going to assume this is Tia this time; Iris doesn't seem like the type to go rushing after Maxim. She'd just teleport in and say something mysterious. But first, I want to go see if the village elder has anything for us.


I guess that's a “no”. Alright, time to go back to the Lake Cave to figure out where Tia (or whoever) went.


That must be her! Damsels in distress manage to attract much cooler monsters; instead of mere bugs like those Maxim had to clean off his sword, Tia finds herself assaulted by a Skeleton and a Goblin. Unfortunately, Maxim didn't stop to rest at the Inn before coming back, and is dangerously low on hp and mp.


A couple of Bomb Attacks save the day and prevented Maxim from having to dip into his potion supply. Now why on earth did Tia start exploring this monster-infested cave?


Poor Tia. She knows she's going to lose Maxim, and it's probably already too late for the two them. His heart is now set on this world-saving, ball-shattering mission, and not on her.

11-07-2008, 07:53 PM

Tia sees he won't change his mind, but is unwilling to let him go, and forces herself into the party.


She then immediately goes and gets ambushed by another goblin, forcing Maxim to down a potion or die of embarrassment. Anyways, now that Tia is in the party, lets see what she can do.


We can immediately switch out the Frying Pan for the Small Knife that Maxim is still carrying around. Honestly though, in a fight I think I'd rather use a Frying Pan over a “Small Knife”. Tia's Frock has an IP healing ability, and she starts with a good mix of spells. She's a pretty decent character, except for her low hp.

Now that the earthquake issue has been put to rest, the villagers of Sundeltan tell me we should go to the coronation ceremony in nearby Alunze kingdom. Coincidentally, that's on the other side of that broken bridge from earlier.


But first, a slight detour.


Capsule Monster Foomy joins the party.
Capsule Monsters are AI-controlled NPCs that help out on battles (in theory anyway). At low levels they tend to do so little damage that their only value is in drawing attacks away from the more useful party members. Fortunately, they never die permanently, and start each battle at full hp. At higher levels and later stages of evolution, they can get worthwhile special abilities that are legitimately useful. Capsule monsters evolve by eating items, so one tends to rarely sell back old weapons or armor to shops in case one of your capsule monsters happens to develop a craving for it later.

11-07-2008, 07:55 PM
There are seven capsule monsters in the game, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, and Neutral, and “Foomy” is the Neutral one. Foomy is actually its species, not its name, and the default name, “JELZE” kind of sucks.


Hey Guys! What should I name this... Foomy thing?
(I only have 5 letters to work with and despite the default name, I do have lowercase letters available)
I usually just name it “Foomy”


On the way to Alunze, Tia proves her worth by raining fiery death on this flock of bats. I think Maxim would have been less reluctant to let her join up had he known about this capability.


We finally reach Alunze, where predictably, everyone is buzzing about the Coronation Ceremony.


You don't say....


Gee, no points for guessing what will happen in the next update!

11-07-2008, 08:20 PM
I always thought it was kind of sad the way Maxim ultimately blows off Tia and she just walks away and never comes back.

11-07-2008, 08:28 PM
This made me laugh. It seems like it's obviously a double transliteration, from "Foamy" to フォーミ (フォオミ?)and back.

11-07-2008, 08:39 PM
Wait, you mean IP STANDS for something?! Golly.

Maxim's got the power to shatter balls, so you bad guys better watch out!

11-07-2008, 09:00 PM
My vote for the name is "Syrup".

11-07-2008, 09:04 PM
My vote for the name is "Syrup".

I'd vote "Cotton" if there was enough room. Instead I shall settle for "Candy".

11-07-2008, 09:27 PM
I'm voting for Bubbl.

Sky Render
11-07-2008, 09:48 PM
In the spirit of accuracy and to give reference to an amusing animated squirrel, I propose the Capsule Monster be named Foamy.

11-07-2008, 09:55 PM
PANTS. Represent! Also, I totally forgot about capsule monsters. I used Foomy mostly because his highest level looks super awesome.

11-07-2008, 09:59 PM
Wait, you mean IP STANDS for something?! Golly.

Maxim's got the power to shatter balls, so you bad guys better watch out!Ikari = Anger, so Anger Points, which fits with how you get them. If the game's localization wasn't so rushed, they probably would have edited those IP graphics to AP given standard localization practices at the time.

11-07-2008, 10:01 PM
I used Foomy mostly because his highest level looks super awesome.
I used him because by the time I started getting more Foomy was strong enough that he was starting to really carry his weight and I really didn't want to bother leveling any of the other monsters.

TK Flash
11-07-2008, 11:22 PM
Speaking of capsule monsters, was there one where the penultimate form is much better than the ultimate one? Or am I confused?

I remember the first time I found the Insect Crush. I felt like the smartest, coolest dude ever. That's one thing I like about Lufia II: the awesome treasure chests. I hate those games where the characters equipment is all stuck and all you ever find is potions.

I vote for Candy. I also suggest we call the fire dog, Toast.

11-07-2008, 11:24 PM
Limit breaks hadn't even been invented yet and IP attacks were already so much better.

Hey Guys! What should I name this... Foomy thing?
(I only have 5 letters to work with and despite the default name, I do have lowercase letters available)
I usually just name it “Foomy”

11-08-2008, 12:38 AM
'Gleep' or 'Gloop'

11-08-2008, 06:24 AM
PANTS. Represent!

I propose every capsule monster be named PANTS.

11-08-2008, 06:24 AM
The reward for all of that (other than a full level's worth of exp) is the Speedy Ring which would be much more awesome if it allowed Maxim to fire green arrows.

Red Arrow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Harper_(comics))s now...

11-08-2008, 06:46 AM

You know there are capsule monsters later on that actually have legs... wear pants, even...

I generally used the Light one. Got in the habit in the ancient cave, since that's the only free healing you have, and it just carried over.

Octopus Prime
11-08-2008, 10:27 AM
I usually used the Fire one, as I recall.

11-08-2008, 04:56 PM
You know there are capsule monsters later on that actually have legs... wear pants, even...

I generally used the Light one. Got in the habit in the ancient cave, since that's the only free healing you have, and it just carried over.

Free healing is nice.

Plus, inconsistent attackers kind of annoy me.

11-08-2008, 05:20 PM
I usually took the dark elemental one along... Darbi, was it? I remember him having some really strong attacks in his final form, a few of which targeted all enemies, that carried me through most of the game due to their strength. He used to run a lot when he got injured though, but often when he did it was in boss fights and the like where capsule monsters don't last long anyway so it didn't really affect me much.

He also looked pretty cool, I recall.

11-08-2008, 08:19 PM

Nearly every NPC in both the town and castle remark on how spectacular and priceless the crown is. Thus, it should be little surprise that thieves would want it.


The King and his aides insist that they had the best guards watching the crown, and that it'd be impossible to switch for a fake. The two guards bringing the news volunteer to take the crown to see an expert to find out for sure, and the King almost goes along with it before one of the advisors thinks to question them. If I was going to disguise myself to infiltrate another country's palace, I'd come up with at least a basic cover identity so simple questioning wouldn't ruin my whole plan.



Berty, and his apprentice Bart, are your classic incompetent comic relief characters, but they did bring bombs to use in case they got caught.


11-08-2008, 08:20 PM

Bizarrely, the two of them take the brunt of the explosion, but only stumble around dazed before grabbing the crown again and running off.


The would-be crown prince lampshades the cutscene and I guess it's up to us to go explore that labyrinthine basement dungeon we just heard about. No one offers a reward, but the King has sealed the borders until the crown has been recovered. If you try to skip this whole scene, an old man at the next shrine strongly suggests you go watch the coronation and won't let you pass.


But first, let's go see what interesting treasures that nearby cave might have!


This room is pretty annoying; all 3 switches need to be pressed to open the door, so you have to get a monster in the room to cooperate.


(These footsteps leading to the cracked floor might make more sense when we're actually supposed to be here.)

11-08-2008, 08:21 PM
A short ways further is the first real treasure of the dungeon, a “Horse Rock”. The “Rock” equipment slot tends to be named after animals (Bat, Lion, etc) and all have IP abilities in addition to whatever stat boosts they provide. The Horse Rock allows Maxim (or Tia if I so chose) to Frenzy for 50% more damage in addition to boosting strength and defense.

Next up, better armor for Maxim:


The chest below contains a Witch Ring, which can only be used by girls and thus goes to Tia. Elves do not count as girls in this case.


Hrm, this looks like a trap...


As expected. Good thing both Maxim and Tia have healing spells; defeating all 5 groups of enemies is the only way out.


Trivia Time: the element Cobalt is often found in or near deposits of Iron ore, but smelting it produces highly toxic gas due to the presence of Arsenic. Also, smiths found metallic Cobalt to be inferior to Iron for their purposes, and so they believed this strange metal was possessed by evil spirits. Thus, Cobalt was named after the Kobolds of German folklore.


These bushes regrow too fast, so I can't solve this puzzle just yet. We've gotten all of the treasure we can at this point, and we probably have to come back here after recovering the crown anyway...

11-08-2008, 08:23 PM
Back at the castle, we find an unconscious guard in front of the steps to the basement. Waking him, we confirm that yes, the idiotic bomb-wielding thieves came this way.


The first objective in this dungeon is to get some bombs for ourselves. I don't know why they were guarded by 3 horses, but whatever. Later in this dungeon, there are buffalo!


Alunze castle basement is the largest dungeon so far, and has quite a few enemies to deal with. Most of the puzzles involve putting pots on switches or pushing blocks around, until you get to this thing:


The blocks can be pushed, and getting 3 in a row (not diagonal) of the same color eliminates those blocks. When all of the blocks are gone, you can proceed. Solution linked externally: step 1 (http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Zithuan/Lufia2/118a.png), step 2 (http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Zithuan/Lufia2/118b.png), step 3 (http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Zithuan/Lufia2/118c.png)


The lower right switch should be first, since that leads to a new weapon, and lower left should be last since that's the path to the boss. The weapon, the Light Knife, doesn't have an area attack like the Insect Crush, but does give big boost to attack power, and has a +50% damage, light-element IP attack. I decide to give it to Tia since her physical attacks have been pretty worthless so far.


SPIKE MAZE!! I love these things. The walls of the maze are only visible when you're adjacent to them, so it's sort of like navigating in the dark. The chest contains a “Secret Fruit” which will eventually allow Foamy to evolve into his final form. Eating it early doesn't screw you, as there are ways to get more later on.

11-08-2008, 08:24 PM

That wooden crate is on a switch that causes the spikes to raise and the water to disappear. Bombs explode 6 moves after setting them, allowing access to the chest containing a Dragon Egg. There are 8 Dragon Eggs in the world, and there is a mighty “Egg Dragon” who offers rewards when you present all 8 to him. Then he teleports the eggs to random chests around the world and asks you to find them again.


The final room is filled with Cobalts, and the bones of many an Arsenic poisoning victim. Cobalts have a pretty good chance of running away, so this room really isn't very tough. What's more, one of the Cobalts dropped a Long Knife!


Sorry, Foamy, we're still so early in the game that a Long Knife is a big upgrade to Maxim's attack power. Eventually we'll have enough money to feed you all the knives you could possibly eat.


Unless you're pointing a ranged weapon at someone, shouting “Don't Move” pretty much always has the opposite effect. Berty & Bart run to the side, luring Maxim and Tia to jump down in pursuit. Berty quickly hits a switch to raise a wall between the duos, and orders Bart to hit the other switch to trigger a rush of water to wash away our protagonists.


11-08-2008, 08:25 PM
As you would expect from buffoonish villains, their plan backfires spectacularly. They are carried away by a torrent of water, and lose the crown in the deluge.



I can't tell you how pleased I am by Maxim's prescience.

Back in the castle, everyone is impressed that we emerged unscathed from the dungeon, and with the stolen crown no less!


Upon our triumphant return, the King offers his thanks and offers us our choice of reward:



Hey Guys! What should Maxim choose for his reward?

11-08-2008, 08:35 PM
Princess. "But thou must!"

11-08-2008, 08:43 PM
Princess, natch - that way he'll become heir to the throne (thus, King) and inherit the riches anyway.

11-08-2008, 08:48 PM
King. Just because.

11-08-2008, 09:30 PM
IIRC, saying "Nothing" actually nets you the best reward.

11-08-2008, 10:13 PM

This room is pretty annoying; all 3 switches need to be pressed to open the door, so you have to get a monster in the room to cooperate.

You know, there's a third pot hidden behind one of the pillars. I believe it's the one on the right.

TK Flash
11-08-2008, 11:07 PM
Oh man, that Alunze Basement block puzzle...I never got past it waaay back in the day when I rented this game from Blockbuster. Eventually solving it was one of the triumphs of my youth....not really though.

11-09-2008, 01:18 AM
You know, there's a third pot hidden behind one of the pillars. I believe it's the one on the right.


I love how half the posts have revelations and alternate solutions to the puzzles that others didn't know.

Octopus Prime
11-09-2008, 01:23 AM
Oh man, that Alunze Basement block puzzle...I never got past it waaay back in the day when I rented this game from Blockbuster. Eventually solving it was one of the triumphs of my youth....not really though.

I don't think I was ever able to solve that puzzle without some sort of FAQ or walkthrough when I was a wee 'un.

Now I took a quick glance at it and had it solved almost instantly.

11-09-2008, 01:27 AM
IIRC, saying "Nothing" actually nets you the best reward.

Sounds like a typical RPG-device, so I bet you're right.

11-09-2008, 01:28 AM
Yeah but I always picked "Nothing" so I vote "Princess."

Octopus Prime
11-09-2008, 01:29 AM
Hell, take The King. Getting that crown back was hard work, you deserve to keep it.

11-09-2008, 01:47 AM
A shame the prince isn't an option. Give him to Tia? She's probably make him wear a red wig but still.

11-09-2008, 03:28 AM

It's true!!
And naturally that bat jumped on the switch by the time I got to the last pot.

11-09-2008, 01:40 PM
Then he teleports the eggs to random chests around the world and asks you to find them again.

What a jerk.

11-09-2008, 02:43 PM
What a jerk.
It's pretty easy with the treasure chest sonar, though.

More games should have treasure chest sonar.

11-09-2008, 07:36 PM
man, I really wish I could play this game in puzzles only mode.

thank god emulators have fast-forward keys!

11-10-2008, 02:38 PM
man, I really wish I could play this game in puzzles only mode.

thank god emulators have fast-forward keys!
Emulator fast forward is so good for RPGs. In some cases it makes them worth playing again.

TK Flash
11-10-2008, 05:07 PM
See, the funny thing about youse guys is I started up my own emulated Lufia 2 retry run, and ended up mapping the fast-forward key to L2 and turbo a to R2. I made it to Parcelyte before I realized reading the LP was much, much more fun.

11-11-2008, 06:56 AM
I started playing a few days before this LP started (I was impatient!) and I already have the final party. There's a lot of "I can't wait till Zithuan gets to this part!" ^_^ Seeing the solutions to some of the puzzles I never get right would be nice too.

11-11-2008, 06:08 PM

Seeing that Tia's IP gauge has instantly shot up to max, the King offers Maxim a paltry 500gp to give up on the idea.


Before Maxim can respond to the princess, Tia quickly changes her equipped weapon to something extremely terrifying to any male of the mid-90s:



Well, at least someone else thought it would be a good idea.


At the shrine leading to the next town, we learn that the next “broken bridge” is some idiot kid who decided that the key to a major commercial artery was a toy.

11-11-2008, 06:09 PM

Going back to the cave northwest of Alunze, Maxim is pissed off and feeling like a little less of a man thanks to Tia. He starts to take out his frustrations on the boy who won't cough up the key.


Tia interrupts Maxim's burgeoning tirade, and Maxim sulks off to the corner, content to imagine the brat's future comeuppance at the hands of his twin brother.

Tia coaxes the child into revealing that he threw the key at a monster in self-defense, and the monster ran deep into the cave. Tia promises that she & Maxim will recover the key and instructs him to go home to his family.

Maxim remarks at how good Tia is with kids, and Tia simply replies that she's ready for kids.


Poor Tia.


Back at the regenerating bush puzzle, Maxim discovers that bombs provide a trivially easy solution. The reward is the Jet Helm, another piece of Agility-increasing equipment for Maxim (and the first helmet he's gotten this game).


Delving deeper into the dungeon's depths, the duo discover the ruins of what might have once been a temple of some sort.

11-11-2008, 06:10 PM

There are two switches in opposite directions in the ruin, each drains water from a nearby pool into a central chamber. Once both switches have been pressed, the water pressure pushes together the disconnected halves of a bridge leading to the boss.


What doesn't make sense is how Fortunato here got himself into a room that requires bombs to gain access.


The only interesting thing about this boss fight is that the boss has multiple targets and you have to keep an eye on Tia's hp. At least Tia's Small Shield has an attack power boosting IP ability to shorten the length of the battle.


We got what we came for, on to the next town! (Yes, Tia gained 2 levels from that boss fight)


Back at the shrine, a young woman who I'm sure has no connection to the overall plot thanks us for recovering the key so she can go home.

11-11-2008, 06:11 PM

In addition to the free night at the inn, Hilda offers to cook something special for a thank-you dinner. Maxim is slightly reluctant as the last time someone cooked “something special”, it didn't go too well, but before he can voice any hesitance...



Guy feebly protests that he does his own laundry, but Hilda has none of it.


Tia finds Guy & Hilda to be just as entertaining as I do, and quickly agrees with Hilda's assessment of male helplessness. Maxim confusedly sputters out a “What?” but Tia laughs him off, having apparently found a kindred spirit to exchange girl-talk with later. Hilda goes off to start cooking, and Guy goes back to his training, letting Maxim explore this new village.


Guy is a hometown hero, winning the hearts of girls and impressing the boys by fighting off encroaching monsters. Maxim knows a little bit about being a local hero himself, and so the two of them decide to have a friendly sparring match.

11-11-2008, 06:12 PM

Just as they were about to stop bantering and begin fighting, monsters appear and challenge Guy. They wisely decide to team up to wipe the floor with their opponents.



God damn Guy has a lot of hp, and he's the same level as Maxim & Tia! One thing I always found interesting about Maxim and Guy's fighting styles was that Maxim would swing from the upper right down to the lower left, and Guy does the opposite. I guess that could mean Guy is left-handed, but swinging upwards into an opponent is wasted energy; you're generally better off letting gravity aid the force of your swing.


The nameless bad guy unsurprisingly teleports away, but not before his other minions elsewhere in the town claim a hostage.


Witnesses say they saw a “weird man” run off to the Southeast Tower, and Maxim will totally fight to rescue someone who had promised him a free meal! Guy, obviously, joins the party to rescue his sister, and Tia gets to move to the back row.

Octopus Prime
11-11-2008, 06:17 PM
Oh Maxim, so lovably dense.

11-12-2008, 04:01 AM
I always felt it was odd Guy's remark about his sister's "other skills"...

11-12-2008, 07:17 AM
Pretty much every lady in the Lufia games chants that "men are useless! ha ha!" mantra, even though most of them end up being rescued by the (male) hero six or seven times per hour.

Define culture shock: rabid feminism intermixed with cliche RPG tropes.

11-12-2008, 10:02 AM
Define culture shock: rabid misandry intermixed with cliche RPG tropes.

Fixed that for you.

11-12-2008, 10:08 AM
I don't know what that word means, so I'll just assume the definition is something like "sits in the back row and casts spells because woman are weak and fragile".

11-12-2008, 12:30 PM
I don't know what that word means, so I'll just assume the definition is something like "sits in the back row and casts spells because woman are weak and fragile".

Misandry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misandry) (IPA [mɪ.ˈsæn.dri]) is hatred (or contempt) of men or boys.

"men are useless! ha ha!" is not actually a feminist statement. While you may find people who claim to be feminists who say it, you'll also find people who claim to be conservatives who are in favor of drastically increased government spending (for the "right people") and extensive government meddling in personal lives. Or people who claim to be Christian but believe that wealth is a sign of favor from God. Feminism, by definition, advocates the elimination of sexism. Period.

11-12-2008, 12:38 PM
Seems a bit sexist to name a movement dedicated to eradicating sexism after only one of the sexes, if you ask me!

11-16-2008, 09:38 PM
Sorry for the delayed update. I had originally envisioned 2-3 updates per week, but last week proved to be extremely busy for me. (Who knew I had a life? News to me!)


Much like the Cave to Sundletan, the Tower Southeast of Tanbel is a gateway dungeon. Once we've recovered the key, Maxim & Co. can simply walk across 2 rooms to progress across the isthmus. Like any good Lufia dungeon, the key to a door on the 1st floor is kept on the 3rd floor, and requires climbing down from the 4th floor.


The monsters in this tower are noticeably tougher than prior dungeons; I'm not sure how badly you'd get mauled if one were to try this dungeon before having Guy join the party. I used this screenshot, just to show off the cool selective targeting for spells in this game.


This room is silly. One goblin sits on a switch in the middle of a rug, while the other goblin just runs around in a circle. Obviously it's trivially easy to “get in first” against both of them.


Towers are my favorite type of dungeon in Lufia II, and not just because they have the best music (More accurately, “Shrines” and “Labyrinths” have annoying music that I actively dislike, and the Cave music is only decent). I like the visual style of Towers, with their curtains, rugs, and floor tiles, but I also like the way they tend to be laid out. Towers do tend to require a bit more backtracking than other dungeon styles, but they also give a better sense of being a three dimensional structure. For those new to the game, there will be a Shrine coming up a couple dungeons from now. Btw, using a bomb to destroy the skeletal remains reveals a switch to allow forward progress.


Towers. Awesome.

11-16-2008, 09:39 PM

OK, now we can go to the next town! Oh, right, Guy's sister still needs rescuing...


Stepping anywhere on the border of the rug will cause 4 blocks to appear, blocking off the switch. This can easily throw you off, especially if you're trying to avoid fights in general.


It is 6:15 right now. The door opens at 9:00.
In a game with this many puzzles, how could they not have a clock puzzle?


Of course, a plaque in a different room says that when the date changes, “something happens”. Unfortunately, the reward isn't very exciting, but every little bit of defense and magic resistance helps.


This guy doesn't stray too far from the villain handbook does he? It seems he was under orders to evaluate Guy's strength and kidnapped Hilda to force us to rescue her.

11-16-2008, 09:41 PM

Camu is the first hard boss of the game. His Buster Attack hits the whole party, and killed Foamy in 2 hits. A downside of capsule monsters is that you can't target them at all, so it's nearly impossible to heal them. As I recall, the Light capsule monster can heal the entire party, including itself, and that's about it.


Camu also likes to summon allies that can cast healing spells, or supplement Camu's damage with the occasional attack on a badly wounded Tia. Well, this is a good a time as any to use a Miracle.


The Tanbel weapon shop sells Kukris, and Camu is weak against the Kukri's Thunder Blast IP attack (and Lightning in general, if Tia has a spare round in which she doesn't need to heal). Eventually, Maxim & Co wear through his 1000+ hp and claim victory.


As a traditional, by-the-book villain, it should be no surprise that he also happens to be a load-bearing boss. With his dying words, Camu gives us the first mention of the Sinistrals, magically seals the door, and the tower starts to shake. Annoyingly enough, there are 3 treasure chests behind him (obscured by dialogue boxes), and we can't open them during this scene. If we'd come all this way without Guy, Camu & Hilda wouldn't be here, and Maxim & Tia could help themselves to the chests.


When all seems lost, Iris shows up, and teleports us to safety. Thanks mysterious deus ex machina exposition lady!

11-16-2008, 09:42 PM

Umm... good question, Guy.


Now that Hilda is safe and sound, Maxim and Guy begin discussing their plans. Before now, Maxim didn't know what he was questing for, but now he knows that the purpose Iris foresaw for him is to defeat the Sinistrals.


Guy is reluctant to join, feeling the need to stay and protect his sister until Guy's girlfriend Jessy comes in and volunteers to take care of Hilda.



11-16-2008, 09:43 PM




Tia, you may want to think about what you just said with those 2 statements...

Anyways, we have to head back to the Southeast Tower (which is suspiciously still standing) to get to the next town, so we might as well climb all the way to the top again just for those treasure chests.



Totally worth the detour (for comparison, Thunder Blast is only a 1.5x multiplier IP attack). Camu is strong against fire attacks, so it's probably a good thing Maxim didn't have the Fire Dagger equipped at the time. The other 2 chests contain a really good armor for Guy, and an Intelligence-boosting bracelet for Tia.

With that taken care of, onward to Clamento!

(This week should be calmer for me; I should have the next update by Tuesday.)

11-16-2008, 09:54 PM
The religious censorship in this game is even more hilarious than usual. "Super beings"? Really? They couldn't come up with anything a little more... less stupid?

11-16-2008, 09:56 PM
Labyrinths [...] annoying music

:( I like the labyrinth music...

11-17-2008, 05:04 AM
The religious censorship in this game is even more hilarious than usual. "Super beings"? Really? They couldn't come up with anything a little more... less stupid?

Yeah, I wish somebody would do a retranslation/decensoring hack. Only one I've found just fixes Artea's name from Arty.

I'm at the very end of the game and when you get the ultimate armors, it's "Divine" when you pick it up but "Pearl" in your inventory. Talk about half-assed censorship.

Octopus Prime
11-17-2008, 05:11 AM
Yeah, I wish somebody would do a retranslation/decensoring hack. Only one I've found just fixes Artea's name from Arty.

At least the retranslators have their priorities in line.

Pajaro Pete
11-17-2008, 09:55 AM
There's also a patch to put the bunny girls back in the game.

11-17-2008, 05:49 PM
Sometime I should go through this game, get the egg ring (or whatever it was you got for beating the egg dragon, the ring that gives you 999 everything), equip it on Arty, and just have him beat everything solo.

Why? Because he is Arty! The strongest man... in the world!

11-18-2008, 03:00 PM
With newfound resolve, and a new ally as well, Maxim continues his quest, unwilling to be deterred!


Ok, maybe a slight deterrant. So we need permission, eh? I wonder what we need to do to get that...?


*sigh* Again with the fetchquesting. We go ahead and meet with Rochy and he basically offers to buy the Ruby Apple from us at any price. His wife interrupts the conversation by pointing out that a local glass smith shop is late in paying the rent and is due to be evicted. Visiting the shop, Tia marvels at the pretty glass trinkets that don't have good enough stats to be worth buying, but asks how they are made. The woman behind the counter says her husband has a talent for creating glass jewelry...


Who wants to guess where the missing husband is?


Rubies are red, therefore the Ruby cave is full of lava. Duh!


Turn all the switches to the left. However, they are interconnected in a complex way.
Each switch flips itself, and the 2 adjacent switches, and the solution is far easier than you'd think. Also notice the totally non-subtly shaded wall section that probably needs to be bombed.

11-18-2008, 03:01 PM

In keeping with the whole ruby/lava theme, the Fire capsule monster joins the party! My first time getting to this point many years ago, I thought it was some sort of boss sitting there waiting for me and I healed up to full before walking up to it.


Hey Guys! What should I name Armor Dog?
Please note that it will only be an actual armored dog for its first evolution level.
Currently, BLAZE has better stats than Foamy in all areas except “GUT”, this guy is the most likely to flee combat of any capsule monster, but has pretty decent damage output. In his first attack on an enemy not weak against fire, BLAZE hit slightly harder than Guy!


This room has a simple concept: throw blocks of ice into the lava to make a path. The tricky part is getting the treasure chests on the south end of the room.


It seems almost mean to give the player the capsule monster evolution fruits so far in advance of when they'll actually be useful.


How many of us spent hours and hours trying to solve this one? The trick is just to have the path run diagonally down so you can reach both islands at once. I know I spent quite a bit of time in my youth searching for secret passages, and trying to figure out how to get extra ice blocks.

11-18-2008, 03:02 PM

I haven't bothered buying weapons for Tia, so the Aqua whip gives her a pretty massive boost to attack power, and a water-based IP attack for triple damage. The 3 chests in this room are the extent of this dungeon's treasure, so now it's off to fight whatever boss is inevitably guarding the Ruby Apple.


In A Link to the Past, it made sense to have a unique “Big Key” in each dungeon because each dungeon had a locked treasure chest requiring it. This door is locked for no good reason, as are many doors in Lufia II. Fortunately, I'd already recovered the key before reaching this point or I'd be rolling my eyes at the arbitrary level design.


Rushing forward to claim their prize, the party is surprised when a Giant Tarantula teleports in, mocks them for falling for his trap, and attacks. Seriously, what?!



Everyone was at full hp before this area attack, and BLAZE immediately runs away on the next round. Maxim's IP is now high enough to try out his new special attack, and Tarantulas prove to be quite flammable.

11-18-2008, 03:03 PM

Like Camu, this boss also calls for help. Any round in which it does so, Tia doesn't need to heal, and she can instead one-shot that minion with a fire spell. Thankfully, it only used a paralysis attack once, and it wore off at the end of the same round. Sometimes, this thing can be much more of a bitch to kill.

After the battle, they notice that the “Ruby” Apple has shattered.


Guy: I don't know how much you know about gemstones (I'm an expert)...

Behind the door, Maxim finds the missing glass craftsman “Jaffy” who had been captured (instead of simply eaten) by the tarantula.


Jaffy realizes he's not cut out for treasure hunting, and in appreciation for saving his life, he offers us... wait for it... a “Ruby” Apple made out of red glass. Turns out he made two of them a while ago, sold one and kept the other. Somehow, the one he sold made its way into this cave, and rumors began to spread through town that it was here. Jaffy then ended up treasure hunting for something he made, like a dog trying to figure out where it buried a bone. [B]Fun Fact[B]: Lufia I also featured a “ruby” that was actually made of glass.

Guy suggests that we might as well try to collect the reward, since they did retrieve the “treasure” from the Ruby Cave. Tia is shocked that Maxim would go along with the deception, but Maxim explains that basic economics is on their side.


Back at Clamento, Maxim presents the Ruby Apple to Rochy for a substantial reward:


Rochy also grants permission to use the shrine, and Maxim quickly thanks Rochy and leaves before Tia can spoil the plan. Tia questions Maxim again once they are outside the mansion, but he tells her not to worry about it, and starts walking towards Jaffy's shop.

11-18-2008, 03:05 PM

Maxim gave away all the reward money so Jaffy & his wife will presumably not have to worry about paying tent for quite some time. Finally realizing what Maxim's plan had been from the beginning, Tia is pleasantly surprised again when Maxim gives her the glass earring he just “bought”.


Tia then happily spins and skips away with her new present.



Guy seems to agree, and solemnly points out that it's her decision to make. Maxim would rather press on with the quest than dwell on such a depressing thought, and calls for Tia to rejoin them as they ready to leave for...


Is that so...?

11-18-2008, 04:32 PM
Is that so...?Haha. Man, I love this next part.

Octopus Prime
11-18-2008, 04:34 PM
Oh Tia, your utter humiliation is impending.

Also, name your new Capsule Monster ToastyDog.

You know you want to.

11-18-2008, 04:56 PM
There isn't enough room for ToastyDog. I think "Toast" is a fine name for a fire monster, though.

I always went right back into Jaffy's shop and sold Tia's present. It's not even worth feeding to the dog.

Octopus Prime
11-18-2008, 05:31 PM
There isn't enough room for ToastyDog. I think "Toast" is a fine name for a fire monster, though.

Man, the romhackers change Artea's name back and reinstate the bunnygirls, but leave in Superbeings and don't hack in enough letter spots to use the name ToastyDog.

Looks like they weren't prioritizing as well as I had thought. >:[

I don't care whether or not that's even possible for a Rom hack!

11-18-2008, 06:30 PM
I always went right back into Jaffy's shop and sold Tia's present. It's not even worth feeding to the dog.

Actually, I'm going to give it to Selan when she joins.
After all, Selan doesn't start with anything in that equipment slot.

11-19-2008, 03:51 AM
Actually, I'm going to give it to Selan when she joins.
After all, Selan doesn't start with anything in that equipment slot.

That.. never occured to me. I guess your inventory isn't overflowing with rings and gems yet.

And that's very cruel.

11-19-2008, 08:24 AM
Perhaps you should name your new dog "Tia"

11-20-2008, 03:05 PM
Yeah, I wish somebody would do a retranslation/decensoring hack. Only one I've found just fixes Artea's name from Arty.

The sad part is that his name is actually Arty. It's アーティin Japanese. Aati. Arty. Artea is just another way of spelling it. It's not Ar-tey-a like we all thought. Which is too bad, because that sounds a lot better.

03-29-2009, 10:03 PM

In our last episode, we discovered that we would be going to a city with a beautiful strong woman in the north. Naturally, helping the poor glassblower out was the key to unlocking this city.

Oh, I should probably provide some context. Lufia 2 is among my favorite RPGs of all time. When I played it, and even now in retrospect, it stood out in a great deal of ways I really didn’t expect it to.

In any event, I was pleased as punch to see a Lufia 2 LP come to light on the forum. It had a great run, stirring nostalgia up for the game. Then, the maintainer inexcusably didn’t have time to take screenshots of decades old games for us to enjoy vicariously.

Thus, after contacting all interested parties, I will be taking over this LP thread, and hopefully seeing it out to completion. Unfortunately, my knowledge of this game is somewhat less than encyclopedic, so we won’t see as much “lets break the game” this time around.

While I was offered the savegame where we left off, in order to re-acclimate myself to this game, I decided to just play it straight up until this point. Thus, for those of you that obsessively track these sorts of things, my equipment and levels are going to be different (this is mainly because my sense of direction is terrible, so I tend to meander around dungeons, fighting the same enemies over and over again, until I get out.)

Oh, and I lifted the script from http://forfeit.electromaz.com/lufia2/script/ , which I found very helpful indeed. I’m still striving to hit the right balance between screenshots and transcriptions.


By the way, this ear jewel is the item you receive from the glassblower (the game doesn’t explicitly state you got a real usable item) for showing Mr. Potter the true meaning of Christmas. It was the first sign in the game that Maxim might have some inkling of what Tia feels for him, and maybe that he would return those feelings. I’m glad to see the blossoming of yet another romance with between an RPG protagonist and a childhood friend.

(Words cannot express how much I respect the game designers for not making Maxim mute. It would have been so easy.)

In any event, on to gawk at this beautiful valkyrie for ourselves!


I couldn’t find this in the original thread, so a quick note. Each capsule monsters has five (or so) forms, and you grow them into their later form by feeding them items (the growth meter at the top indicates how close they are to metamorphosing.) Different items will increase the meter by different amounts, and some items won’t increase it at all. The item shown to the right of the monster is one it particularly wants. Feeding Foam a magic scale right now would get us four or five points. The items a capsule monster wants are drawn from a small set of items depending on which monster they are and which form they are.

Note that if you feed a monster any item, it will usually change which item it asks for. With regards to our friend Foam, Magic Scales aren’t coming en masse anytime soon, but Long Knives, another item that he’ll sometimes crave, are commonplace. So I stuff his face with dungeon junk until he asks for a long knive, and then feed one to him. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And thus…


Foamy has evolved into Lvl 2 Foamy, netting us new attacks!


The inhabitants of Lufia 2 do not seem to have a discernable decision-making process with regards where they build bridges and where they build teleporters.

Our first stop is at the city. The next dungeon is open, but we’ll be there soon enough anyway. And no, we can’t try to progress to find the next city.


It’s like they’re not even trying to figure out plausible excuses anymore. I guess we’ll have to wait until the investigators all get killed before we explore the lighthouse.


We come across this heartwarming scene of children at play. (It’s hard for me to imagine one mistaking a snake for a rope IRL, but it’s easy in spriteworld.)

Oh, and since when is Lemmy a girl’s name?


Yeah, this is pretty much how I remember childhood.

And then, from nowhere:


You’re so screwed.

Lemmy: Selan...Whaaa! Whaaa! Sniff, sniff!
Selan: Stop crying, Lemmy.
Lemmy: But...but...
Selan: Listen, Lemmy. It's not right for them to bully you, but girls shouldn't cry so easily either.
Lemmy: Why...? My daddy said boys shouldn't cry, but girls can.
Selan: Hey, listen. A woman's tears...mean a lot more than a guy's.
Lemmy: ...a lot more?
Selan: That's right. So you shouldn't cry so easily. Save your tears. Do you understand?
Lemmy: ...Well...no.
Selan: You will, when you're older. I have to go back to the castle. Don't cry, ok!?
Lemmy: ...Alright.

Shorter Selan – You need to get better at crying to get what you want.

Isn’t she supposed to be the strong independent one?


Ten years from now, this should get reeeeally interesting to watch, as we find out which twin gets her hand.


It intrigues me that you have such intimate access to your commander’s inner feelings, generic stalker townsfolk 437.

Bereft of other possibilities, we continue to the castle.

03-29-2009, 10:04 PM

Seeing him get flattened against the brick wall so fast made my squirm with embarrassment.

Guy: She's pretty good, huh? Don't you think so, Maxim?

Maxim: What? Well, yeah...I guess.

Guy: Her skill is one thing, but the way she looks--whew! You don't see such a pretty woman very often.

Maxim: I guess not.

Tia: Men! One look at a pretty face and you're all jellied! And what's Jessy going to think, Guy?

Guy: Wait a minute, Tia! Don't be so cruel! You know I think you're much prettier, so please!

Tia: Too late, kiddo! I'm not going to buy that!

Maxim: Come on, Tia! That's enough.

Tia: What do you mean? You were the same. Your tongue was about to hit the ground.

Maxim: That's not true!

Tia: Well, alright. I guess I thought she was pretty, too.

Guy: I don't think I've ever seen such a strong woman.

Maxim: Yeah, me neither...

It’s hard to tell from this exchange if Maxim is captivated by her beauty and strength, or just can’t see what Guy is fussing about. I’m still not sure.


You and half the town. This must make military operations really bloody awkward.


Glad to hear it. However, it does seem to be incongruous that you have a female commander, but no other female soldiers or guards. She must be like a mascot.


“Right now, she’s like a fish without a bicycle.”


I don’t think there is anything I could possibly add that would make this statement better.


King: Oh, would you be Sir Maxim?

Maxim: Yes, I am Maxim. But how did you know my name, Your Majesty?

King: I heard from the King of Alunze that you had recaptured the stolen crown. I heard that you had gone on a journey. I hoped you'd visit my country, too. Welcome. Knowing your skills, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you accept?

Maxim: Yes

King: You will? Excellent! It's rumored that the Treasure Sword is hidden in a fortress up north. The problem is that monsters live there, so no one can get in. With your ability, I believe you could defeat the monsters and find the Sword. Of course, I will reward you for your efforts, should you succeed. Do you accept?

Maxim: Yes

It has not yet been adequately explained to me what the treasure sword is.

King: Excellent! Wait here a moment. Oh...Zepel.

Zepel: Yes, Your Majesty.

King: Bring Selan here.

Zepel: Yes, Your Majesty.

Zepel is the guy who told us “the guy on the throne with the crown is the king.”


King: Selan, I'd like you to go with Maxim to the North Fortress.

Selan: The North Fortress? Is it about the Treasure Sword, if I may ask?

King: Yes.

Selan: If I may. My troops and I can find the sword. I don't believe we need the help of a traveler.

King: Listen, Selan. I know you are a strong warrior. But because of this, you tend to act on your own. Remember, people must help one another. Two heads are better. Understand this on your journey. I'll only say it one more time. I order you to search for the Sword with Maxim.

Such a vote of confidence in the judgment of the beloved commander. And what about Tia and Guy?

Selan: Bu...but, Your Majesty!

King: Do you dare disobey me?

Selan: No, Your Majesty! I will go with Maxim and pursue my mission!

King: As you see, Maxim, Selan will go with you. Any problems with that? You may lead the party.

Maxim: I don't have any problems with that, Your Majesty.

King: Very well! Selan, this is a great chance to experience being under another's command. Well then, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Experience being under another’s command? In any event, the audience is over. Your king was pretty anxious to sell you out for his shiny treasure sword Selan.


Maxim: Yes.

Selan: How about the others?

Maxim: This is Guy. We met in Tanbel and have been traveling since. [gestured to Tia] And this is Tia.

Tia: Hi! Nice to meet you!

Selan: Maxim. Let me just say one thing. I haven't accepted you yet. The King ordered me to follow your lead, and I will. But that's all you can count on.

Maxim: You're pretty straightforward, aren't you?

Selan: I intend no offense, but, yes, I tend to speak my mind.

Maxim: Well, that's alright. I know you don't like this situation. But what can I do to gain your trust?

Selan: Strength is not the answer, I can tell you that.

Maxim: Hmm, tough, huh!?

Selan: ......

Guy: Hey, that's enough. Selan, right? Welcome to the party! We'll find the sword together.

Selan: Of course. That's my mission.

Guy: Mission, huh? That sounds awfully serious. But anyway, good to have you on board.

It’s an RPG. I suspect that gaining her to accept the party lead will be a rather straightforward endeavour.


After all that? Turns out this famed commander, the one who made a pancake out of a guard, is, of course, a back row magic user.

She’s also five levels lower than the rest of my party, but that’s not a big deal.

There is one equipment choice I’d like to make though.



Next time – We discover what on Earth the treasure sword is.

03-29-2009, 10:14 PM
Oh man. Thanks for picking this one back up.

03-29-2009, 10:17 PM
Yay for thread revivals!

03-29-2009, 10:18 PM
I am excited for Lufia times.

03-29-2009, 10:34 PM
King: Very well! Selan, this is a great chance to experience being under another's command. Well then, I wish you all the luck in the world.[/i]

Experience being under another’s command?

Sounds like my kind of mission. But seriously, how'd she get up to the rank of commander without filling any subordinate ranks at all?


After all that? Turns out this famed commander, the one who made a pancake out of a guard, is, of course, a back row magic user.

Well duh, she's a woman in an SNES RPG.

Octopus Prime
03-30-2009, 02:22 AM
Sounds like my kind of mission. But seriously, how'd she get up to the rank of commander without filling any subordinate ranks at all?

The King demanded his commanders be someone who advises young girls to cry to get their way.

There was only the one applicant.

TK Flash
03-30-2009, 06:44 PM
Oh man. The first two times I rented this I got stuck on the first sliding block puzzle in the castle basement. The third time I rented it I got stuck in the Treasure Sword shrine. Good times, good times.

03-31-2009, 06:48 PM

Our foursome will now be proceeding to the temple of the treasure sword.

Even after completing this quest, the game has not explain adequately what the treasure sword is. Knowing what Maxim will pass off as treasure, it’s probably a pyrite scimitar or something. I enter and take the left route.


The first “puzzle” involves noticing the hole in the wall, so you can move this pot to the top of the button where it belongs. Then, the spikes are lowered so you can bomb the other wall.

This case is fine because it’s so well marked out, but I don’t really care for Lufia 2’s “solid looking but passable walls.” It means you compelled to bonk your head against each tile, hoping to find the tunnel. I suppose turning all about in EO(2) is a direct descendant of this.

No, it wasn’t forgivable in the 2nd Quest either.

In any event, I go through the wall and am given a Round Shield for my trouble, and a sneak preview of the next part of the dungeon.


Now, for the first time in my LP, we reach an honest to god Lufia 2 puzzle. Whenever you board one of the floating platforms, it will move in the direction you boarded until it hits another platform or an obstacle. You need to position the platforms to block one another so that you can access the treasure chests.

In this case, I think trying to actually map out the solutions would take me far more time than it’s worth. I’m going to try and show off the puzzles, but with some sense of diminishing returns.


One of the items I get is an undead ring. Contrary to my (no doubt Square-biased) expectations, the undead ring is designed to be overpowering against undead. It doesn’t give you the traits of an undead yourself. It essentially brands your weapon with a holy element.


This is my angry brace.

I also find a cold rapier that Selan can wield from her splendid isolation in the back row. (Note that like the fire dagger displayed above, the cold rapier only does elemental damage with its IP attack. It won’t add an element to normal damage.) It does give us a 3x damage attack, which is nice.

Finally, after only one real puzzle, we get the sword key.


And we enter.


And then get ambushed by Woodmen – the game hides them behind the pillars to rush you.

Note that Selan is catching up with the rest of my (probably overleveled) party. I blame this on having to fight the same mobs over and over each time I reset a bloody block puzzle.


This time though, I’m ready for them.


The sword temple or whatever the heck it is has more than it’s share of empty, non-descript rooms. It’s so puzzling that I press myself against each wall in turn. I mean, what’s the point of the room if there’s no secret passage somewhere?


This puzzle is cool. Each of those levers moves either on the X or the Y axis. First off, we go south to find a little treasure. The twist is that at first, you can only move the block downward or left. In order to get to the right side, you need to move the block left, and then switch the lever that will move it down. Since there’s space in the way, the block won’t go anywhere. Then, move it back to the right, and hit the down switch again. The block then moves upward.

You know, it’s hard to shake the impression when playing Lufia 2 that they took a lot out of Zelda. The item selection, the dungeon design, etc, all seem to be a fairly clear import. But honestly, when it comes to the puzzles, I really wish Zelda would take a leaf out of Lufia 2, which usually has more interesting, challenging, and creative puzzles. I’m not asking that every temple be the water temple, but a few more steps up from “put the square peg in the square hole” would be nice.


This is awesome. I give it to Tia in hopes that she can make use of free MP.


The next section includes this hidden chest, revealed by pressing the right spot on the wall. You can see that the wall is a bit discolored in that area, but this kind of puzzle doesn’t endear me. The chest contains a mind ring.


I end up in a dead-end room. In this game, an outright dead-end will usually either hide a secret path, or is a glorified landing pad for some future room.

By the way, this dungeon surprised me in having almost all of its content after the boss key.


Here, each crate is on top of a button. Removing the crate moves the strip of land in the middle up one tile, taking you to the upper area. Thus, you need to plant a bomb to destroy the crates, and then hurry up to the floating rock. Once the bomb explodes, you’ll be moved upward.

The correct solution is to place a bomb south of one switch, and then the second bomb between the switches (there won’t be a chain reaction.) If you try to blow up both crates at the same time, the rock will move too quickly underfoot, and you’ll be dumped into the aforementioned landing pad.

I reach the end, and press onward.


This room is just a giant carpet leading to the other end, and nothing else. It desperately looks like it should have a secret, but doesn’t (I was so convinced I checked a FAQ, and found out that no, there is no secret in this room, but I had missed the mind ring up

03-31-2009, 06:51 PM

Oh, this. Whenever you see colored blocks in L2, you know you’re in for it. The rules are simple enough – surround blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and change all the inner blocks to the color of the outer blocks. The goal is to change all the blocks to yellow. For the first attempt, you are limited to moving a single yellow block.


This one gets a bit harder, and we move one red and one yellow. It’s still not too bad though.


Oh yes, and then there’s this one. This is the puzzle that can frustrate you for ages. I’m sure that there were many children whose rental adventure ended right here.

There actually seem to be multiple solutions to this puzzle. Here’s the one I came up with that I could reproduce most easily.


There. One nightmare down.

A FAQ I read indicated that the Japanese version has a completely different puzzle here (they use teleporters.) I have no idea what this says about the English versions, nor why on Earth they felt the need shuffle puzzles around.

No, I don’t feel energetic enough to play through the Japanese version to see if this is true.


This is where I sighed with relief – they weren’t going to make the block puzzle even harder.

I refill, and then go for it.


At first I was afraid those pillars were pushable, and we had even more puzzles. I stop to admire the plaque of a sword. Or a flower.


This is when we get ambushed by homicidal clown twins. Knife Guy and Grate Guy have quite the pedigree.


This wasn’t too bad. He’s blue, so you want to water him and ice him.


And then he respawns, and I’m kicked back to the entrance.

Let’s try our luck again.


This clown is flammable.




Now, of course, they’ll fuse into some mega-slaughter-clown. By doing so, I’m sure they’ll finally reveal their hidden weakness. I do give the game credit for letting me heal between each fight.


Before we can encounter them though, my party rebels.

Selan: Wait a minute, Maxim. There's something wrong with those monsters.

Maxim: Did you notice something.

Selan: I mean, it's strange that they look exactly the same and say exactly the same thing. It may be...

Maxim: May be what?

Selan: They may be one monster split in two. If that's the case, there's no use fighting with only one.

Guy: You mean get two at once?

Selan: Yes.

Maxim: Then we'll have to split up into two teams.

Selan: I'll do it alone.

Maxim: I don't think so.

Selan: My people should handle this investigation. I feel so bad asking you for help.

Maxim: Selan. We've been investigating together. Do you think we're total strangers?

Selan: Well, ah...

Maxim: I admit you're strong, but I cannot let you fight by yourself.

Selan: ......

Maxim: Guy.

Guy: Alright, I'll fight with her.

Maxim: Is that okay, Maxim?

Selan: Alright, you win.

Guy: Ok, then see you later.

Maxim: I'm counting on you, Guy.

Guy: You're doing the right thing.

I love how the backrow mage character has to be talked into accepting that she should team up with someone to take down her clown. This is not the best execution of the character that can’t rely on others that the world has ever seen.


However, I have to give props for a reasonably creative boss fight. In almost every other SNES RPG I’ve played, you’d fight both clowns in a single battle. Here, you simply split up and double team each clown.

03-31-2009, 06:52 PM

How cute! Maxim and Tia, together again.

Maxim borrowed Selan’s Ice rapier for this battle, and he goes down fairly easily. I’m still letting Tia use the Frock to heal when I need to. Maxim even has the advantage that he’s a pretty good spellcaster in his own right. His rapier’s IP attack knocked out over 50% of Pierre’s HP in one fell swoop.


This one worked well too, though Guy’s lack of magic and Selan’s comparatively lower level hurt. In this case, we’re lucky Danielle is weak to fire. I forgot to warp to previous cities in order to fill out Selan’s spellbook, which means that she doesn’t have any water or ice spells. This battle inspires me to go ahead and do that afterward.

And even at a higher level than he probably should be, Foomy remained useless for as anything but a meatshield.


Believe it.

Maxim: Selan, you were right. But how did you know about the two monsters?

Selan: I heard a rumor about a monster that can split itself in two. That monster can be revived as long as the other half is alive. Some say the only way to defeat that monster is to get both halves at the same time.

Maxim: Is that right? I've never heard of that before.

Selan: I've been exposed to battles as long as I can remember. I know many such stories. Well, let's go. The Treasure Sword should be behind this door.

Guy: Tia...

Tia: I'm ok. I'm not going to give up yet. Let's go!

I don’t think we’ve gotten to the repressed sexual tension stage yet, so Tia should be okay. It’s rude of Guy to be taking sides I might add.


If only Lufia 2 were nice enough to automatically teleport us out of dungeons when we find the treasure. Too bad.

I use an escape item, and then go fill Selan’s spellbook. Now, for our reward…


Dude, her entire army is made up of men. None of the circumstances surrounding Selan make any sense.


King: Oh yes! That's it! The Treasure Sword, indeed! [to Maxim] You are as I've heard, a great warrior indeed!

Maxim: I couldn't have done it without Selan. We made it only because she knew the monsters' weaknesses.

Selan: That's not true. What I knew wasn't important. We owe our success to Maxim.

King: Fine, fine. In any case, an excellent job. I shall reward you with the treasures in the basement. I will tell the gatekeeper you're coming so you can get in anytime.

What are Tia and Guy, chopped liver? That doesn’t quite seem fair.


Soldier: You...Your Majesty! A terrible thing has happened!

King: What is it?

Soldier: I just learned that someone demolished our neighboring city of Gordovan!

King: Can this be true!?

No, it can’t be. The rules say the party has to visit the city and build relationships with everyone. Then, and only then, can you go ahead and destroy it.

Soldier: I can't confirm the details yet, but it seems a man appeared and destroyed the entire city!

King: What!? A single man? How can that be?

Selan: Your Majesty, let me find out what happened!

King: Hmm...but the man might come to my land. I'd rather you stay and keep an eye on our guards.

Selan: I'll take only three soldiers. That way, there will be enough guards to protect the land.

King: What!? Only four of you? That's too dangerous. I can't allow it!

Maxim: Your Majesty, with your permission, we could go with Selan...

King: That would be excellent! But...well, no. I can't burden you with so much.

Maxim: We were leaving for the next city anyway. I'm also curious about this villain with such power.

King: Hmm...well, if you insist. That would make me feel that Selan is safe.

Selan: Your Majesty! Allow me, but we cannot keep asking Maxim for help.

Maxim: Lady Selan. Would we be in your way?

Selan: No, it's not that. It's just...

Maxim: Well then, I see no problem. Besides, you were going by yourself anyway, weren't you?

Selan: What do you mean?

Maxim: You know that this will be a very dangerous trip. I mean, you might not make it back.

Selan: ......

Maxim: Sorry to say, but your soldiers aren't ready for this yet. So you have to go alone. Am I wrong?

Selan: ......

King: Selan. It seems Maxim knows everything. I trust it will be ok with you now.

Selan: Yes, Your Majesty.

Maxim shines at pointing out some rather uncomfortable truths here. “You might die, especially knowing your troops.”


This doesn’t speak well of the king’s opinion of Selan. I’m honestly getting kind of depressed about how she’s treated.


Selan: Maxim, I don't understand. Why are you doing this? It's not even your country.

Maxim: The truth? I want to know about the destroyer. My destiny is to ...fight. Fight someone...

Sorry, it’s about a generation too soon before you can be properly angsty about being born and only good for fighting or whatever your complex is.

Selan: Your destiny?

Maxim: A woman in a cave told me this. I don't know if I believe what she said, but something disturbs me...

Selan: I see. I've been in the midst of battles since I was a child. I understand what you mean.

Maxim: Anyway, who's going to lead the party? Considering the situation, you should lead.

Selan: I don't think so. I want you to be the leader.

Maxim: Are you sure?

Selan: I was astonished when you spoke of my soldiers. I couldn't think of another's troops like you. I want to be under your command and watch what you do.

Maxim: Can I take that to mean you're starting to trust me?

Selan: I guess you could say that. But only a little.

Maxim: Tough, huh!?

Selan: That's right.

Guy: I guess we're ready. To Gordovan, shall we?

Selan: Gordovan's west of Parcelyte. We have to go through the small shrine.

Guy: First, let's get the reward. The King said it was in the basement of the castle, right?

He has his priorities in order.

When was the last time Tia had anything to say? She’s been kinda mute.


For beating that whole bloody dungeon, my reward is some reasonably good armor that will still probably be obsolete before the next level is over.


This shrine is open. The lighthouse still hasn’t bothered. I continue on to see the ruins.


It turns out that the giant is surprisingly surgical. He managed to flatten the city without harming a single soul. That takes more talent than your normal “giant beam of death to make an example of people.”


After seeing this, I decided that the giant must be a true villain. Someone with an ounce of decency would not have left these people alive with this attitude. We exit to show this guy a piece of our mind.


Now who would put a tower right there?

Next time, we scale the commanding heights of the world to battle a giant who eats towns.

Octopus Prime
04-01-2009, 02:16 AM
It turns out that the giant is surprisingly surgical. He managed to flatten the city without harming a single soul. That takes more talent than your normal “giant beam of death to make an example of people.”

The next boss is Vash the Stampede?

04-04-2009, 10:42 PM
Our next adventure will involve us fighting the world’s most impractical superweapon.


Like many dungeons in this game, the amount of backtracking gets sick after awhile. I tend to get lost in dungeons with more than one dimension, and this place has three.


This is the classic Lufia “wait until the enemy in the cage stands on the button to open the door for you” puzzle.


The second half or so of this dungeon involves a sort of elevator area. Once you get the elevator, you can cross this chasm and access rooms you couldn’t before.


This is another cool Lufia puzzle. You use the switch to change the positions of the pillars. Moreover, stepping on the second cross (the one in the lower-lefthand shot) moves the crystal to the tile corresponding to where you stepped, which means that you’ll be able to shoot arrows at it to toggle again.


I can now cross this bridge.

One note is that in comparison to the last two games I LPed, Lufia 2 seems to have a much lower ratio of time to content in my LP, especially compared to Nethack. Part of it is that I have to play longer for each entry (which results in a ton of chaff to sift through), and part of it is just that many RPGs just have a great deal of filler material.

Due to this, I think I’ll weight things that aren’t puzzles, dialogue, boss battles, or secrets somewhat less heavily in the future. When I do the ancient cave, maybe this will change.


I hate to elevate this with the term “puzzle”, but I guess it counts. You move the pot onto one of the two switches. Doing that opens a door and changes the light gray tiles to dark gray.


I continue on my travels to find the hook. This game obviously wasn’t Zelda-ish enough before, so they threw in the hookshot.


Like so. Now this puzzle will be easier. I hook onto the pillar to the right, and can now push it into the proper position.


This room has a set of pillars in a cross shape to either side. In Lufia 2, you can never be sure if this is a decoration, or a secret puzzle.


In this room, there are spikes preventing me from going further south. If I remove the box from the button, the spikes go down, but I’m locked in. Thus, shockingly, you set a time bomb to destroy the box and leave.

The button in the left-hand corner removes the spikes immediately north of it, so you only have to do this puzzle once.


I can then flip the switch which does something somewhere else. Yay action at a distance!


I backtrack a bit and get to ride the elevator.

When I was younger, I was very excited about going to a church with an elevator, so I could play in it. Now that I’ve matured, I know that escalators are much more entertaining.


Pressing the button will have the switches light up in sequence. You have to remember that sequence and then repeat it. When you do, the zombie guard vanishes (I have to give this section credit for coming up with a different type of obstacle, rather than just spikes or something.)

You can fight the guard, but once you beat it, another one is air-dropped in ad nauseum. No, this is not a good way to level up.



04-04-2009, 10:46 PM

I continue to the highest floor, to meet the being that will destroy houses but leave people intact. Maybe his motivations will become clearer soon.


Approaching the door triggers a disturbance in the force.

Guy: Maxim...

Maxim: Yes, I sense it too.

Selan: Be careful...It's strong!


Okay, so when they said he was a giant, they meant it literally.

Giant: Hmm...I don't recognize your energy pattern. Strangers? Traveling warriors, perchance?

Maxim: The destroyed town!? So you're the one...!

Giant: I expected them to at least put up a fight. They didn't even begin to amuse me. Pity.

This seems inconsistent with the fact that all he fought were buildings. He doesn’t seem to have even touched humans.

Maxim: Why, you!!

Giant: But you! Now you seem more the sport. You, what is your name?

Maxim: Maxim!

http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii377/Netbrian/Lufia2/LP03/LufiaTwoLP0320.png http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii377/Netbrian/Lufia2/LP03/LufiaTwoLP0321.png

Yeah, this guy is scary. As you probably guessed at this point, the game expects you to lose this fight, and he’s rather overpowering, even at my inflated level. However, it isn’t impossible, and if you do win, you can get a nice item.

I pondered going for it, but eventually gave up. In order to win, apparently you want to be about 30-35, which is five to ten (more for Selan) levels higher than where I am now. At that point, there are strategies that will win, but right now, he’s happy to OHKO Maxim. So while my philosophy is to show everything possible, this is just not going to happen (it’d also make a significant part of the game rather uninteresting if I was so far overleveled.)



Tough break guys.


Well, yes, our plucky band of heroes are, in fact, mortals.


Then he leaves without finishing the bloody job (this must have been what happened in that last town.) Now, right on cue.


Iris, who may or may not have been the female traveler the village didn’t care about earlier, shows up.


Tia: Yes.

Maxim: Once again, you have come to my aid. Thank you.

Iris: No, it is nothing.

Selan: Maxim, who is it?

Maxim: It is the one who told me I was destined to travel and fight.

Iris: I am called Iris.

Iris: You seem to have found friends, Maxim.

Maxim: You mean...


I love how blatant this line is about things to come.

Selan: Me?

Iris: Yes.

Selan: Buy, why me?

Iris: You also have the power to resist the evil light.

Selan: Power to resist the evil light...

Maxim: Iris.

Maxim: Why...are you traveling?

Iris: I am looking for answers.

Maxim: Answers? To what?

Iris: Time's passing. Everything else is up to you.


I can’t tell if this is Selan declaring something or pondering something.

Guy: Well, that's that. But what now?

Maxim: Let's see...

Selan: Let's return to Parcelyte. We must report this to the King.

Maxim: Ok.

Maxim: Tia, what's wrong?

Tia: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about something...


Wait, I didn’t think Tia was allowed to talk anymore. I can’t tell though – is Maxim being oblivious here, or does he just not care?

04-04-2009, 10:47 PM

Anyhow, the exposition has ended. Unfortunately, the tower inexcusably refused to collapse, so I return to Paracelyte, rather than continuing westward. Luckily, the Warp and Escape spells almost make up for the fact the game won’t just teleport me out.


Actually, having visited the city, I can say that being leveled frankly improved matters. At least it stands out now.


What clued you off? “Destructo Wave?”

King: I see. Hmm...the villain who destroyed Gordovan was that strong...

Selan: It is all my fault. I overestimated my own ability.

The matyring onself is getting kinda old Selan.

King: That isn't true. In any case, we have to do something about Gades.

Selan: Your Majesty. With your permission, I'd like to find out more about Gades. Of course, I'll go alone.

King: Hmm. I guess we shouldn't rely on Maxim so much...


This phrase is someone nobody should ever say.

Guy: What is it? What do you want?

Soldier: A messenger from Tanbel is here. He says your sister's condition has worsened.

Guy: What!? Hilda!

Maxim: Guy, go back right away!

I hope he gives me my equipment back first.

Guy: Bu...but, Gades is so powerful...I can't just leave you like this.

Maxim: What Hilda needs most right now is for you to be with her.

Guy: That's true, but...

Maxim: Besides, don't worry about us. I know someone who can help us.

I hope I didn’t miss the exposition where he found out about this.

[]/Guy: You mean... Could that by any chance be...?

Maxim: Your Majesty, might I ask for Selan's help? Of course, we'll help her find out more about Gades.

King: Oh, that's excellent! Yes, yes, that sounds very good indeed. Is that alright with you, Selan?

Selan: Yes, Your Majesty...

King: I shall entrust you and Maxim to investigate Gades.

Selan: Yes, Your Majesty.

Maxim: Well then, Your Majesty. By your leave, we'll be gone.[/i]


Guy: Hey, she's my sister. She won't give up so easily. Besides, Jessy is with her.

Tia: Yeah, that's right.

Guy: Maxim, I'll be back. Don't get knocked out until then, ok?

Maxim: Hey, who do you think you're talking to!?

Guy: I know, I know. You're the man. Well, see you guys!

04-04-2009, 10:49 PM

Maxim: Of course.

Selan: Maxim...

Maxim: Before we go on, Selan, tell me the truth.

Selan: The truth?

Maxim: Are you coming with us because the King asked you to?

Selan: No, that's not it. I'm also curious about what that woman said to you in the cave.

Maxim: You mean, "Your fate is to fight on your journey"?

Selan: Yes. Besides, I just can't let Gades beat me and do nothing. I've got my pride.

Maxim: So...you think you can beat Gades?


Isn’t that what we just did? And got utterly destroyed? Selan, on the off chance you hit him, you did three whole damage.


Are we still talking about Gades?

Maxim: Yes.

Selan: That's what I thought. That's why I decided to go with you.

Maxim: You trust me more now.

Selan: Well, yeah. But not completely, no.

Maxim: Whew. Tough, aren't you. Well, shall we, then?

Selan: Yes! Let's go through the tower and head for Merix village. The tower barrier should be gone by now.

We do just that, and return to the tower.


Now we can go through another locked door, and pass through.


I found some treasure. I believe I missed a bit, but this dungeon annoys me enough I’m not in a hurry to collect it.


We cross, into a new land of adventure. Continuing north gets us to Merix, where I can load my party up with new spells.

We’ll need it, because our best fighter just left.


You know, they should just pull a “My World My Way” and have all the “monsters appeared” NPCs be the same person.


You know, I’ve been wondering about this state of (my) affairs. In her younger days, Tia would have at least glared at me.


Oh god, it’s getting worse. You can only really pull off one broken bridge as roadblock before it starts looking bloody suspicious.

Before I do that though, I grab some previously inaccessible treasure with my new hookshot. I wasn’t kidding with the Metroid comparisons.


I’m told that this will be useful much later.


So will this (water jewel).


Next episode, we do the last challenge, but with a shrunken party.

04-04-2009, 10:54 PM
When I was younger, I was very excited about going to a church with an elevator, so I could play in it. Now that I’ve matured, I know that escalators are much more entertaining.

I love an escalator, man, because an escalator can never break down. It can only become stairs. You'll never see an "Escalator temporarily out-of-order" sign; just "Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience."

04-05-2009, 06:11 AM
I love an escalator, man, because an escalator can never break down. It can only become stairs. You'll never see an "Escalator temporarily out-of-order" sign; just "Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience."

And yet when you try to walk on the broken escalator it's just different enough from normal stairs to feel really weird. I also like the moving walkways they have in some airports. Makes me feel like I'm going at super-speed.

04-05-2009, 08:45 AM

Elevators are better. You can go much higher than escalators with them and they almost never break down. The best part's when you get one with a glass wall and can see yourself rising above everything. It's great.

04-05-2009, 09:46 AM

I backtrack a bit and get to ride the elevator.

In England, it is called a "lift".

04-08-2009, 10:24 PM

You know, this reminds me of one of my favorite Roguelikes, ADOM. Only in ADOM, the hero cut out the middleman, chopped the wood, built the damn bridges to the next chapter herself. This option is frankly becoming rather appealing.


Here, Lufia is playing nice and carefully discoloring walls. None of this hokey-pokey turn around to touch each wall nonsense.


I really expected more out of you.


Okay, this is getting kind of disappointing. Where are the brainmelting block puzzles?


Well Tia, this is when we start carefully walking over each square and bombing it until something happens. Then we realize that we forgot to talk to someone in the last town, and until we do, the secret passage will never appear.


This is just amusing in light of the last several dungeons, filled to the gills with empty rooms. I have to admit I’ve often felt the same way though.


Almost certainly. Or it could just be padding.


Maxim: Hey, Tia. Don't walk around so carelessly.

Tia: I'll be fine.


Just in case you had any doubts whatsoever about Tia’s judgment.

Selan: Oh my goodness! Let's go find her, quick!

Maxim: Darn it! I can't find the stairs going down!

Selan: We should just go from here! We don't have time to look at stairs!

Maxim: What the..?

“Personal isn’t the same as important. We should be careful.”


Not shown – Selan galactic punting the enemy.

Selan: Tia! Watch out! Whew! That was really close. Are you alright?

Tia: Ye..yes. I'm fine. Thank you.


Maxim was a bit slow on the draw here.

Tia: Yes, I'm fine. Selan saved me.

Maxim: Thank you Selan. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't jumped down right away.

Selan: No, actually I reacted very carelessly. It was ok this time, because nobody got hurt.

Maxim: Yeah, you're right. Don't be so careless in the future.

Selan: Ok. But if somebody's in danger, I might do it again without thinking.

Maxim: By the way, what's our next move? I don't see an exit.

Well, at least we know Maxim never acts rashly in a crisis.

Selan: Let's see...There might be a door hidden somewhere...


Well, now we know we have to be careful…


Oh god. I can’t believe they just did this. There’s nothing I can really add here.


Selan: Tsk, tsk, Maxim.

Maxim: Huh!?

Selan: You just told me not to do such a careless thing. But you jumped down right away.

Maxim: I...I might have said that but...

Selan: I'm just kidding. Thanks. I'm glad you came right away.

Maxim: Anyway, I'm glad you're ok. Let's go, Tia!


For the love of god lady, do you have no self respect at all? When you fell down the pit, he chided everyone for not taking the time to properly assess the situation, and form a stair-finding committee. When she falls down a pit immediately afterward, he promptly contradicts himself, and does a swandive after her. How on Earth can anyone call this sweet? After all this time, is this really what you'll settle for?

04-08-2009, 10:26 PM
Maxim: What's wrong, Tia?

Tia: Wh...what? Oh, I'm sorry. I was just spacing out. Let's go.

Oh, as if you didn’t know. Maxim has shown that when he feels like it he is perfectly capable at picking up on someone else’s feelings.


Leaving the drama behind, we finally see all the monsters our carpenter was complaining about. Note that whenever you kill one, it’ll respawn in two or three moves. Progressing forward can be tricky this way.


Breaking the orb obliterates the monster population. The whole sequence reminds me of Gauntlet for some reason, and added a bit of spice to a rather mundane dungeon.

We return to the surface, and the bridge builder is now free to ply his trade.


After the bridge is built, we promptly go across it and back to where we came.


And claim our reward from his adoring family.


We go back and enter the vast trackless desert.


Well, not quite that vast. We enter the castle..


And walk straight into an ambush.

But wait! A new challenger approaches!


Man: So, are you the strongest warrior in this castle? The top wimp?

Swordsman: Not just here, ya big blob. I'm the strongest warrior anywhere!

Man: Very amusing. I am called Idura. I was sent here by a certain someone.

Swordsman: "Certain someone"? You take orders from someone without a name? Come on, get real!

Idura: Idiot! I choose to have him remain nameless. I see wit isn't your strong suit. Ha, ha!

Swordsman: Enough talk. Why did you crawl out from under you rock to show up here?

Idura: You ARE slow. Ok, I'll make it clear. I am here to destroy this kingdom. Got that?

Swordsman: ......

Idura: Flabbergasted, huh?

Well, he’s right, the monsters don’t look remotely threatening.

Fun fact – instead of tidying up a text dump from the ROM, the game script I’m using seems to actually be a painstaking transcription. The author even mentions that someone “smirks”, somehow extrapolating this from little sprites. However, I can’t help but stand in awe of this effort.

Swordsman: Destroy this kingdom? With those silly monsters? Are you joking or just bonkers? In your face!

Idura: Such a stinging tongue! [turned to his monsters] Come, my fiendish friends, TAKE HIM!

I love the utter lack of respect these two have for each other. A battle of wits fought with spoons.


That makes no sense – you were there, causing him to do this.


The swordsman craters the monsters. Unfortunately, we never do get to see the other 99 tricks.

Against this, your monsters are, like...well, zeroes, like, even less than nothing!


Idura: Grrr! Don't think you can get away with this! You will pay with your life!

Swordsman: Hold on!

I love how Idura gets interrupted mid-escape like this to argue even more. Nonetheless, he finally gets away.

Idura: What?

Swordsman: Pay, huh! Pay is something you do when you buy something. You got nothing I want to buy.

Idura: Pest! I'll take no more insults from you. I swear I'll get you! You can't hide! (he actually succeeds at teleporting here.)

Swordsman: What was he so mad about, anyway? Well, anyway, nobody in this world can outdo me. Aren't I great, really great?


Maxim: Strong, that's for sure...

Selan: Well, yes...that's true, but...not so smart.

Maxim: I agree.

Maxim, you’re just unhappy that you (who essentially has the same shtick you do with regards to monsters) aren’t a big fish in a small pond anymore.

04-08-2009, 10:30 PM

A slime draws near!


Seeing this scene reminds me of watching the Office. You squirm with secondhand embarrassment.


You know, I think we complained too soon about our new friend’s intelligence. He’s a veritable sage in comparison.

Josef: Excellent! Excellent indeed, Your Highness! I shall always remember your bravery.

Prince: No need for compliments. As a prince, it is my duty to protect the land.

Josef: Oh, excellent! I am so moved by your words! They nearly bring tears to my eyes.

Prince: Oh, it's you, Dekar! Did you see that, too?

Dekar: Your Highness, please do not endanger yourself.

Prince: Nonsense! Without me, who would protect the land. Dekar, watch and be strong like me!

Dekar: Yes, Your Highness.

Prince: Good. Josef, I am going back in.

Dekar (the swordsman, in the unlikely event that there are people reading that haven’t already played this game) is showing a surprising capacity for patience with this “everyone’s a winner” nonsense.

Note that we’re talking about an individual that will soon be running a country. I can’t wait to see the first war.

Maxim: So, he was Dekar...

Selan: This is one amazing country. ...In every way.

Yes. For instance, it’s amazing that there actually is a nation here.

It still hasn’t been adequately explained to me how Maxim knew to go here.


Maxim: Yeah, that's right.

Dekar: Well! I've heard about you. Seems like you've got yourself quite a reputation.

Maxim: It's nothing, really...

Dekar: You don't have to be so humble. I always wanted to meet you, and see your stuff.

Maxim: What for?

Dekar: There's only one reason to meet another swordsman. A duel, Maxim.

You know, I don’t think the world quite works like that. Selan managed to contain herself enough not to demand a duel.


Oh Maxim, man up and get this over with. If you win, maybe I’ll get a nifty item.

Dekar: And it was just getting interesting... You're tired, right? Fine, fine. So, what brings you here.

Maxim: I want to know about a man named Gades.

Dekar: Yeah, I've heard of him. He destroyed Gordovan all by himself, right? Man, is that for real?

Maxim: Very real, unfortunately.

Dekar: I just can't believe there's someone who could destroy a whole city all by himself.

Maxim: I know. It's a bit terrifying.

Dekar: Yeah? I think it's great! I'd love to meet the bum. Of course, I'd take him down.

Maxim: Really?

Dekar: By the way, I heard Gades is around.

Maxim: Are you sure!?

Dekar: Yes. And Idura, was it? I heard someone sent him here, too.

Maxim: Are you saying it's Gades who sent him here?

Dekar: Idura manipulates monsters, right? So Gades has got to be behind it.

Maxim: ......



Maxim: Sure. This is Tia, a childhood friend.

Tia: Hello! Pleased to meet you.

Maxim:This is Selan, a Parcelyte Warrior. She's traveling with us to take out Gades.

Selan: Hey.

Dekar: Oh, so you're Selan from Parcelyte. I hear you're tough as nails. I didn't know you were so cute!

I love how he hits on Selan, but Tia is left in the dust again. I honestly can’t remember another JRPG taking the “female childhood friend of the hero” and just tormenting here like this.

Selan: A sweet talker, huh?

Dekar: Well, I'm great with a sword, and not too bad at soothing words, for pretty ears.

I guess your abilities would come in a distant third. (As evidenced by the fact that Dekar didn’t challenge Selan, a famous swordswoman in her own right, to a dual.)

Selan: Ha, ha... Really?

Dekar: The castle's not much, but make yourself at home. Hey Maxim, let's square off later, ok!?

Dekar: The castle's not much, but make yourself at home. Hey Maxim, let's square off later, ok!? [went back inside the castle]

Maxim: A straightshooter, isn't he?

Selan: He's too honest. Doesn't he know flattery counts only when it's not flattery?

Actually, I think we can safely assume that Maxim knows nothing about flattery whatsoever.


I honestly don’t see any aspect of Dekar’s behavior that’s abnormal for this city, or for this game, really. Feel free to swoon.


Tia… I didn’t know you still had it in you.


Alex: Very well! I shall go there and defeat Idura by myself. Josef? Prepare!

Josef: Yes, Your Highness.

Dekar: Your Highness, the North Labyrinth is dangerous. Please leave Idura to me.

Alex: I appreciate that. But he's not an ordinary villain. You wouldn't make it. I must do this.

Dekar: You...Your Highness!

Alex: Don't worry! He's nothing before me! You just wait here for the good news. Josef, be ready!

Josef: Yes, Your Highness!

You know, I’m all for self-esteem building and whatnot, but this is going a bit far.


King: I hate to call on you time and time again, but would you follow the Prince again, Dekar?

Dekar: Of course, Your Majesty. I must say, though, we can't keep doing this forever.

King: I'm aware of that. But it is like a disease, you see. I'm sorry, but please be patient with Alex.

Does this mean it’s genetic or something?

Dekar: Of course, Your Majesty. I'm off to the labyrinth.

King: By the way, Dekar, I wonder if you could help Alex without...uh...you know. Secretly?

Dekar: I understand, Your Majesty.

King: Good grief...!

This reminds me of the premise of My World My Way – young princeling goes out to have something approximating an adventure, seasoned warrior shadows them to make sure that there isn’t any actual risk whatsoever.

Except that Elsie has much more self-awareness than this individual, and the ability to make her delusions a reality.

Next Time – The Northern Labyrinth

Octopus Prime
04-09-2009, 01:13 AM
Fun Fact:
Dekar is the best.

04-09-2009, 01:43 AM

No wait, it's a fact.

04-09-2009, 03:40 AM

This exchange never made sense to me. Why is Tia accusing Random NPC Chef She's Never Met Before of insulting her cooking? Or has word of the phantom fish really spread so far?

04-09-2009, 06:32 AM
This exchange never made sense to me. Why is Tia accusing Random NPC Chef She's Never Met Before of insulting her cooking? Or has word of the phantom fish really spread so far?

I believe the dialogue balloon comes from Maxim, not the chef. Maybe he's sampling.

04-09-2009, 07:17 AM
I believe the dialogue balloon comes from Maxim, not the chef. Maybe he's sampling.

I believe it's supposed to but it doesn't. :p

04-09-2009, 08:37 AM
Compared to most of the other characters, Dekar is God Almighty when it comes to his strength, and I'm always glad to use him because of it. One of the best reasons to save the Ancient Cave until you've unlocked Gift Mode is just so you can use him.

04-09-2009, 08:50 AM
The Gades boss music is the best.

Yes I know it is in more boss fights than that.

04-11-2009, 01:14 AM
The dialogue in this game is really top notch, even today. Sure, there are bugs, but there are bugs in every inch of this game. Didn't stop it from being good.
Still, it'd be awesome to have a DLC version that fixes all the fuckups.

04-12-2009, 07:44 PM
Today, inspiration struck, and I heroically continued this LP (i.e., my Angband Dwarven Priest realized posthumously that waking up the many-headed dragon with a OHKO breath weapon wasn’t the brightest of moves), and we continue Lufia.

Note that this dungeon’s encounters are somewhat harder than the last one, because we’re missing Guy. Thus I have the jack-of-all-trades hero and two spellcasters, one of which has to be in the front row.


We start in this cave, with a door to the left, one to the right, and one to the center. The only one that actually progresses goes to the left, the other two are just a side branch. I start with the side branch


In the side-room, we run into an invisible hallway (never a good sign, but the game gets credit for at least indicating it exists here.


We have a locked door here, but there’s a switch hidden under the bush in the upper-lefthand corner. The encounter with this moth also has a tendency to keep crippling me.

I’ve sometimes gotten into the habit of turning off graphics layers in the emulator, to give a target for my brush clearing efforts.


And we run into a dead-end. Looks like we’ll have to go the other way.


In order to get through this hallway, I need to cross this chasm. It’s actually pretty straightforward, but I felt the need to push the pillar on the left so that hooking onto it would drop me into the abyss, just in case there was a secret room there (there wasn’t.)

Remember –

1. Bad players fall into bottomless pits and die.
2. Good players avoid bottomless pits and don’t die.
3. Great players fall into bottomless pits and die, because there’s always the one that contains a secret.


Now, using the hookshot and taking a different route, I can toggle this switch, and backtrack.

You have to backtrack here – going to the west just leads to a dead end until you flip a switch somewhere else. This threw me a bit, because I had forgotten that the hookshot can activate the switch, and was looking for a way to progress only hitting it with my sword. Thus, I went ahead and completed the rest of the dungeon looking for a way in. Not finding one, I came back here on my way out. However, in the interest of a cohesive narrative, I’m going to present this branch as a single continuous attempt.


Backtracking, I can now progress on the upper route, and flip this switch, allowing me to return to the lower route yet again (feel like Metroid yet?)


I’m rewarded with the “Deadly Sword”, which is an enemy named “Deadly Sword” turned into a sword. Yes, it’s brilliant.

Note that I was looking forward to finding one – my capsule monster has been demanding succulent swords.

Going back yet again..


We can now cross this bridge, take out the zombie, bomb the wall, and find the marginally more useful Thunder Ax.

It irritates me that these items are really not all that great, despite the amount of effort necessary to retrieve them. Oh well.

Now, the main branch.

04-12-2009, 07:45 PM

We’re treated here to a good old-fashioned Lufia Logic Puzzle. Every time you approach the stairs, they move away from you. Approaching it from north or south moves it east or west, and vice versa. However, if the stairs are blocked from moving one direction, but can move a different direction to get away from you, they will. Thus, you have to trap them in the little slot at the bottom so they can’t move at all.


This next puzzle was harder for me than it first appeared. Basically you push the pillar, grapple it from the bottom, and can then put the pot on the switch and escape.


Now, we get a chance to see the power of a deadly sword, but not in a sword. Unfortunately, Deadly Swords don’t drop deadly swords, at least for the four or five battles I tried.

And grinding with this party is enough of a dicey proposition that I try to avoid it. I get hurt too much.


Now we get to a moving platform puzzle, which is surprisingly light and enjoyable.

Game Design Tip – these puzzles work much better in 2D than in 3D. And with no random encounters.

First, we go to the upper right door, with is easy enough.


This puzzle is simple enough that it actually threw me. Just put all four pillars on the discolored tile to weigh it down.


And then grab the treasure chest. Now the lower right door.


It’s exactly what it looks like. Use the hookshot to navigate through the holes in the walls.


And face the boss. I tried to get a jump on him by hookshotting, but it didn’t work. Neither did running into him. Maybe it’s a statue?



Anyone who played this game and says that this never happened to them is lying.

I name it Tangela, but without all the pesky vowels.

Now, the upper-left, which is the tricky one.


Oh, that wasn’t so bad. Maybe the puzzle designers have gone soft on us.


Hahahaha… No. Here’s another fun tile puzzle. You bomb a tile, and anything caught within the explosion (which is in the shape of a cross) will change color.)

As I suspect many people did, I solved this by bombing tiles essentially randomly until a pattern emerged that I could see as leading to victory.


I end up solving this, and can continue onward. This puzzle took me almost as much time as the yellow and blue tile puzzle a few dungeons back.


You know, normally the game is nicer than this, and throws in HP and MP refill areas alongside save points. Oh well.

In any event, this can’t be a good sign for the future.


This puzzle is exactly as simplistic as it looks. Who could possibly be confused by this?

04-12-2009, 07:47 PM

Oh dear. This won’t end well, will it.

Okay, okay. It’s an RPG. You have to spring these sorts of traps in RPGs.


Ah yes, the world is working as it should be. Idura shows up…

Idura: Ha, ha, ha! Start saying your goodbyes!

Maxim: What?

Idura: I have blocked the spell, Escape. Well, let's begin.

We then get a monster sent at us.


This one is trickier than it looks – they do more damage than you’d expect (and Guy took my undead ring when he left the party.) We manage to get by with Maxim attacking, Selan incinerating, and Tia healing.


Oh good, another rush.


These guys are harder – look at Selan’s HP. I’m not over-leveled anymore (and the party being rather fragile doesn’t help.) One of the reasons I was hoping for an HP/MP recovery spot was to grind a bit, but there you go. I continue to use Tia as a healer, but shift Selan into attacking (she isn’t very good at it.) It’s places like this where Lufia 2’s ability to target any combination of enemies or allies can really help.


Well, eventually you’ll run out of monsters. Especially given the dubious quality of the enemies shown here.

Selan: What're we going to do, Maxim? There's no end to this battle!

Maxim: Darn it!


This is the best line ever.


A mysterious ally approaches – friend or foe!


You can teleport and summon monsters out of thin air. Surely you’ve figured this out.


Dekar is awesome.

Idura: Enough! I will not take your insults any longer! Take this!


Dekar single-handedly kicks them into oblivion.

Idura: Mmm. Destroying you now would be boring. I will return to send you to your doom!

Why would that be boring, but not throwing endless hordes of monsters at us? In any case, Idura leaves.


Maxim: Thanks.

Dekar: No sweat. That wasn't even a fight. Oh, I almost forgot...

Dekar: Your Highness, are you alright?

Alex: I am just fine. My apologies, Dekar. Because of me, you had to go through all this trouble.

Dekar: Please. It is you who entered the labyrinth for your country and people. Not everyone can do that.

Alex: But, there was nothing I could do.

Dekar: With practice, you will be a strong swordsman. And do not forget the good you will foster by trying.

Or he might die, leaving the kingdom without an heir. I’m sure that would foster good will too.

Alex: Dekar, would you teach me swordsmanship.

Dekar: My pleasure, Your Highness.

Josef: Oh...wonderful! I have never been moved like this in my entire life!!

Dekar: Shall we go back to the castle, Your Highness?

Alex: Yes, let's.

Dekar: Maxim, I'll take the Prince to the castle. We never should have let Idura go.

Maxim: He'll be back.

Dekar: Yeah, you're right. I'll take care of him then. By the way, I need to talk later at the castle.

Maxim: Sure.


Oh, we’ll see.

Maxim: Yeah, maybe not.


That didn’t take long.

Maxim: What happened?

Dekar: Do you...happen to remember how to open the door in the next room?

Maxim: Push the pillar and put it on top of the switch.

Dekar: Oh, that's right. I opened it a while ago, but I forgot. Whew! Thank you.

I really liked this part – I thought it was cool how they acknowledged that Dekar would be going back through the same dungeon we just saw, and not just using the service exit. Moreover, it ties into having such a simple puzzle before this room in the first place.


Selan: I think we were right about him the first time around.

Maxim: He's definitely a little forgetful.

Selan: But he really cares for Prince Alex.

Maxim: That's true. The Prince wouldn't trust him so much otherwise.

Selan: That's really impressive.

Maxim: So are you, Selan. Many soldiers in Parcelyte think the world of you, you know.

Selan: Why, thank you. But that's the warrior in me. The other part... Never mind. Let's go back to Bound Kingdom.

The other part?

In any case, I go back and complete the side-branch I described earlier, and then use my newly unlocked escape spell to leave. We return to the castle.

04-12-2009, 07:48 PM

Maxim: What is it?

Greeter: Gades came here while you were in the labyrinth!

Maxim: What!?

Greeter: Gades talked only with the King and then left. The King's been waiting to see you.

Maxim: Alright, I'll go and see him right away.

I wonder if the cave thing was a ploy to get Dekar out of the castle for a bit.


Thank you for giving me permission.

King: Maxim...glad you came.

Maxim: Your Majesty, may I ask what you talked about with Gades?

King: Yes...but it wasn't really a conversation, you see. It was a one-way warning.

Maxim: Your Majesty, what did Gades say?

King: A fearful time begins...so he said... He said we would begin by sinking Seim Island.

Selan: What!? He said he would sink Seim Island where Parcelyte is?

King: He also said he would destroy Bound Kingdom...

Maxim: Oh no! And what did he ask of Your Majesty.

King: Nothing. He didn't ask for a thing.

Maxim: I don't understand!

King: He didn't ask for anything! In other words, this isn't a threat, it's a warning.

Maxim: I don't get it. He just wants to destroy, for no reason...?

I love how Gades visited the king just to taunt him. “I’m going to kill a bunch of people, and you can’t do anything about it!


Maxim: Yes...but...

Dekar: But what?


Selan: What do you mean? Parcelyte is in danger. I'll fight with you!

Maxim: Thank you...but, my answer is no. Not this time.

Selan: I could really help you in battle!

Dekar: Hey, Selan. Don't you get it? This battle will be serious business, and Maxim knows that.

Selan: No, I don't. I'm not a decoration. Danger!? Fine! Wasn't that our purpose in traveling together?

Maxim: I'm sorry, but not this time. Besides there are things only you can do.

Selan: Like...what?

Maxim: Go back to Parcelyte and tell everyone about this. And then lead them to safety.

Selan: ............

Maxim: Please. People won't believe such calamity as this unless you tell them.

Selan: Ok. I understand. I'll do it this time, but it's the first and last time.

Okay, I hated this part. Nobody believes Maxim’s excuse that this is about evacuating Parcelyte. He’s doing it because JRPGs think women need to be protected from dangerous things. Seldom have I seen an RPG send away able-bodied male characters for this sort of thing, and even more seldom have I seen this done with a female protagonist.


Tia: No, I can't! I want to go with you no matter how dangerous it might be!

Maxim: Tia...

Tia: No, you go. I was just being stubborn. But - promise me you'll return alive. I'll be waiting.

Maxim: I promise. Selan, please take good care of Tia.

Selan: I will.

Dekar: Well? Have you guys settled everything? Your Highness, I said I would show you my swordsmanship, but destiny now calls.

Alex: But - you always tell me you're the strongest. And now you run off and deny me?

Dekar: I...I...

Alex: Well, if your words be true, then may victory be yours. We'll spar upon your safe return.

Dekar: Thank you, Your Highness. I won't let you down.

Maxim doesn’t respect Tia enough to come up with a good excuse as to why she can’t come.



Guy: Hey, Maxim. Great to see you again! Whew! I've been out of it way too long.

Maxim: Is everything ok with your sister?

Guy: Sure. She's ok now. She can't really walk around yet, but she's fine. And boy can she eat! Jessy said she's worried about Hilda turning into a blimp! Ha, ha!

Maxim: That's a good worry! So, what brought you back?

Guy: A letter from the King. He needs my help. So I came as fast as I could.

Maxim: He wrote? I didn't know.

Dekar: Hey, Maxim, who's this?

Maxim: This is Guy. We used to travel together, but his sister got sick so he had to return home.

Dekar: I see.

Guy: .........

They then proceed to wreck each other.

Dekar: Pretty good! My name's Dekar. It's nice to meet somebody who can actually hold his own.

Guy: I'm Guy. That was close, you know. If you hadn't been easy on me, one of us could have been hurt.

Dekar: Ha! Ha! Ha! You knew that much, huh? Anyway, welcome to the party, Guy!

Guy: Good to be on board!

King: I heard Gades left for the East Tower. I need your help. I know of no others who can defeat Gades.

Maxim: Your Majesty, I've always known I'd fight Gades. And this...this is the perfect time. Guy, Mr. Dekar. Let's get going.

Dekar: Before we go, Maxim, would you do something about that "mister" stuff?

Maxim: But...

Dekar: We're going to get Gades, aren't we? There's no time to be formal.

Maxim: Alright. Well then, Dekar, let's just get Gades, huh!?

Dekar: Yeah, that's my man!

Guy: Yeah! Let's get him!

I hope you know Maxim that you are now the “backrow spellcaster” for this little fraternity? Given how gender roles work in this game, that’s rather emasculating.


Selan: Gets me right here.

Tia: Selan - I haven't given up on Maxim, you know.

Selan: Wha...? I...I'm not...

Tia: Shall we leave for Parcelyte, now?

Selan: Yes, let's do that.

Err, Tia? The only reason Maxim hasn’t given up on you is that there’s nothing for him to give up.


Maxim: Thanks, I will. And you, too, Tia.

Tia: I will.

Maxim: Let's move!

Next time – it goes pretty much the same as this time.

04-12-2009, 08:32 PM
This game is formulaic, to say the least.

Still fun as heck though.

04-13-2009, 12:37 AM
Wow, Tia's the most tragic character in this game, isn't she? I mean, so far everything she's done to try and win Maxim over has blown up in her face, and at this point it seems more like she's being kept around more as part of a cruel joke than anything.

Poor, poor Tia. At least she makes it out of the adventure alive, but...

04-13-2009, 12:50 AM
Wow, Tia's the most tragic character in this game, isn't she? I mean, so far everything she's done to try and win Maxim over has blown up in her face, and at this point it seems more like she's being kept around more as part of a cruel joke than anything.

Poor, poor Tia. At least she makes it out of the adventure alive, but...
Tia's failure to woo the hero, and the game's emphasis on her feelings, is what most distinguishes Lufia 2, plot-wise, in the world of RPGs.

Octopus Prime
04-13-2009, 01:30 AM
Wow, I had forgotten the sheer shortness of the end of the stick that Tia was given.

04-13-2009, 05:01 AM
Tia edges Artea out for having the worst experience in this game because at least he comes out of it a Hero.

04-13-2009, 02:03 PM
On the other hand, given a choice between unrequited love and noble romantic suicide to save the world I think I would go with the first option.

04-13-2009, 06:51 PM
Tia's failure to woo the hero, and the game's emphasis on her feelings, is what most distinguishes Lufia 2, plot-wise, in the world of RPGs.

In retrospect, I think that's what stands out most today. However, what stood out most to me when I played the game first was the ending. Not only was the tie-in to Lufia (1) excellent, but I don't remember many RPGs of the era that ended on such a bittersweet note (especially given the tone of the game leading up to this point.) It's probably the closest I've come to tears out of any video game I've ever played.

04-19-2009, 10:24 PM

We’re back! Now that we’ve triggered the proper plot events, the ancient tower is ours for the taking. Hopefully, Gades will be nice to us if three swordsmen can’t manage to actually defeat an infinitely powerful dark god.


How would you know? Gades doesn’t fly, he just teleports.


This threw me. Note that by a “wall”, it means “a single wall tile somewhere in the room.”


Specifically this one. I reset rather more than I’d like to admit trying to find the magic square.


This sign bothered me the entire dungeon. I kept looking for red enemies to attack three times in hopes of unlocking something wonderful.


Note – this dungeon is actually the first time for quite awhile that I had trouble with the random encounters. Maxim is a terrible healer, but he’s the only game in town. Moreover, the enemies have some pretty brutal attacks, and there’s a bit of backtracking. I ended up having to play part of it, retreat to an Inn, and continue playing.

These bulls in particular are tricky because they tend to move quickly on the map, and will often ambush you. That’s what happened here, and is why Maxim is out in front.


This puzzle was trapping the pumpkin in a set of pillars. Unlike most pumpkin-men, he doesn’t teleport, but instead mirrors the directions you walk in (note that he’ll move even if you’re walking against a wall.)


Another puzzle – these spikes jump up once you come within few tiles of them. How can we do this?


By putting a moveable pillar in this position. Note it has to be here – otherwise, you can’t line up with it far enough away to not trigger the spikes.


Thankfully, they were nice about this bombable wall and made it obvious. Note that the spikes and the switch are a red herring –


So you backtrack through the exploding wall.


And find the secret door. Stepping on the white tile will trigger it, so it’s a pretty benign puzzle.

You know, after playing FFX for several hours straight, it’s a relief to play a game that does dungeon puzzles right. No random encounters, fairly intuitive solutions, and brisk gameplay.

If only what happens to Tia would happen to Yuna.


Oh fun, teleporters! Luckily, it’s not a puzzle – whichever direction you enter the central teleporter in determines where you come out.


This place is pretty creative. There’s no puzzle involved per se, but the monsters are tough (and many of them have odd movement patterns), and your only healing character is distinctly mediocre. Thus, to get the three chests in the area, you need to be very careful. The highest priority for me was avoiding the bulls, and this mainly worked by plugging arrows into them from behind the walls, and then running as fast as I could – they move several spaces at once if you line up with them.

After several attempts, I pocket the loot and move on.


I still don’t quite believe that this isn’t a puzzle I missed, but I couldn’t figure out anything to make it do. So I continue.

04-19-2009, 10:30 PM

I’m not sure why this game bothers with keys like this. They’re never hidden, and just seem out of place. Maybe it’s just the Zelda influence.


They’re not even trying to make some of these names meaningful. This sounds like something out of Star Trek.


Oh god these frogs look like some eldritch monster. Are they smoking?

Oh, and you might notice that we’re having endurance problems, with Maxim just about tapped out. This dungeon is nasty.


Oh for the love of god. This is one of those irritating Lufia 2 moments where you find you have to backtrack through the dungeon (and we’re not in any condition for more encounters), flip a switch, and then return to this spot to continue.


I missed this puzzle the first time around. Just push the blocks into a 3 x 3 square.


A switch appears for you to open the door (luckily, you can shoot through the blocks, or this might have been rather more puzzling.)


Oh god, would it have killed them to make this switch lower all the pillars?


Now you flip this switch to lower a ladder somewhere else, and get this cryptic bit of advice. And no, we haven’t found anyone qualifying as a red guardian yet.


Lufia 2 has some creative, mind-boggling puzzles that blow most other RPGs that try this out of the water.

This isn’t one of them.


Ah, here we are. Note that while what you have to do to the guardians is fairly obvious (although it would have been nice if they played a tone or something to indicate success), it’s not remotely obvious that you need to stand in the circlet afterward.


Okay, everything has been forgiven now.

I’m a bit sick of the punishment I’ve been taking, so I take advantage of the HP/MP restoration spots to grind a bit. Afterward, I’m rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.


This is the strangest puzzle so far. From the description, it reminds me most of the slime races in DQ5, but no. It does something rather different, if only to work within the constraints of the engine.


Essentially, I step toward one of the three rooms. The monster in the room I step toward is mine. I wait for the monsters to meander toward the warp point, shooting arrows at them when possible. It can take a very long time.

My first racer, the ghoul, lost miserably. I ended up winning with the skeleton, because he can teleport. No, it’s not a very fair race at all.


And now, we’re either in the hall of a giant boss, or another block matching puzzle.

04-19-2009, 10:33 PM

Oh shoot. Sure would have been nice to have a caster around right about now, but no, Maxim had to be all stupidly chivalrous.


Maxim: That remains to be seen!

Gades: Why do not cease your senseless resistance? You need only bow down before us to live.


The style of this quote is utterly out of place for this game, but god help me I love it anyway.

Dekar: I will bow to no one!

Guy: So you beat us once! Don't let it go to your head!

Gades: You are merely foolish mortals after all. Prepare for the end!!!!

By the way, this is the first time Gades has mentioned wanting people to bow down for him. He didn’t ask that of the King, for instance, he just said “By the way, I’m going to kill you. Bye.”


This boss battle is freaking epic. The music is awesome, and the battle tricky.


Gades has two moves. Destructo-Wave blasts my entire party, while Devestator hits a single target (inevitably Maxim.) Note that Gades is also faster than my party, so your always praying he won’t kill Maxim before he makes a desperate attempt at a heal spell.

The battle also stood out to me because the game (unusually for this era) lets you use debuffs on bosses.

Note that defend command is useless here – it only seems to work if your fast enough to get your turn in before your enemy. I learned that to great heartbreak here.


In any event, I managed to defeat Gades this time before succumbing to his rather successful war of attrition.

Gades: How...how can it be? Mere mortals, with such power..!?


Maxim chased Gades through this corridor, which promptly collapsed, trapping him on the other side.

Dekar: The corridor!

Guy: Oh, no!


Gades then teleports out. I’m just relieved I don’t have to solo him with just Maxim.



Who could it be?


Tia: I was just so worried about you...I couldn't...

Maxim: Selan, why didn't you stop her!?

Selan: I'm sorry...but...I was worried, too...

Maxim: Well, we've got to get out of here!

Dekar: What about you!?

Maxim: Gades pressed the switch before he died. Something here has to do with the sinking. I must find out.

Tia: I'll go with you!

Unless you can fly, I can’t possibly see how you could manage to do that.

Maxim: The corridor's collapsed! You can't cross! The tower's ready to fall! Get out while you can!

Tia: No! I can't leave you behind!

Maxim: Tia! You have to understand! It's not safe here!

Tia: No!

Maxim: Tia!


At least someone can keep their head in a crisis.

Tia: How can you say that!? So it's ok for Maxim to die as long as your Parcelyte is safe!?

Selan: No. That's not true! We can't do anything right now. Don't you realize we're in his way?

Tia: But if something happens to him...

Selan: Maxim can handle this and you know it.

Tia: Of course I do!

Selan: I believe in him. So I'll wait for him in Parcelyte.

Tia: In Parcelyte...

Selan: Yes. The island will not sink. Maxim will stop it from sinking!

Tia: Selan...

Selan: Let's go.

Tia: Ok.

Guy: Alright. Let's get out of here!

Tia absolutely came unhinged here – it’s not as if the party had just decided to sacrifice him to save Parcelyte – Maxim was trapped on the other side. You can almost imagine the other party members holding her back so she doesn’t jump into the chasm.


This is a lie.

04-19-2009, 10:35 PM

Now, you’re left solo in this tower, with a staircase to the north, southeast, and southwest. There are encounters in the area, but it also includes HP/MP restoration spots, so Maxim doesn’t have any real trouble.


We get a reprise of the guardian puzzles, but this time you have to use arrows and bombs to destroy the statues.


If only this game had been made today, so armor changes would result in visible alterations to the character model. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Ah, Selan…


This is the strangest tower architecture ever. Given how many earthquakes you see in this world, aren’t they afraid that the this section will plummet to the ground?


Now that we’ve destroyed the statues, we can get to the complement of the sanctum above.


Actually, we have no idea what we just did, but it’s probably the case that we turned off the island sinking device.


Or activated the self-destruct sequence.

Maxim: I never knew there was such a device in this tower...

No, Maxim, you can’t die!


Thank you Miss Deus Ex Machina. You could have helped us beat Gades you know.

The screen fades.

04-19-2009, 10:38 PM

When people talk about Lufia 2, most of the time this scene is the topic of the conversation. I know you’ve all been waiting for this, and I won’t let you down.


It looks like everyone else made their way here before the tower exploded. And the place hasn’t sunk.

Maxim: What..? Oh, Selan! I guess Parcelyte's ok, then.

Selan: Yes.

Maxim: Is everyone alright?

Selan: Yes. People in the city, Guy, Dekar, and Tia, everyone's just fine.

Maxim: Good. That's a relief.


Maxim: No, that's not true. I couldn't have done it alone.

Selan: Yeah, I guess. But you're really something.

Maxim: You finally give me credit, I see.

Selan: No...

Maxim: Still?

Selan: I mean, I have for a long time.

Maxim: Selan...


You can almost see the beet red faces.


Okay, so maybe he wasn’t just pretending to be dense to avoid Tia’s advances.


This is actually pretty sweet – I honestly can’t think of many better 16-bit romance scenes.


This is entirely consistent with Selan’s philosophy – cry to get what you want.


I knew we were forgetting someone.

You know, for awhile it seemed the game would pull a Skies of Arcadia – never actually resolving the love triangle, maybe ending up in some sort of happy polygamy.


Dekar: I thought you were in love with Maxim.

Tia: Yes...I am... But it's ok. You know what? I couldn't cry.

Dekar: So?

It’s interesting how crying has come up as a subtheme throughout this game. You’d never imaging Tia as the repressed one.


Tia: My name ...Tia, like tear. Because of this, I was always teased and I was always crying. Maxim always saved me. And one day he said "People tease you because you cry so easily." So I tried not to cry, no matter how hard kids teased me. Then they stopped.

I've never cried since then. And I couldn't even cry when I really wanted to. Maybe I just can't cry anymore...

She was mocked for having a name like tear?

This section is really harsh though – Tia has been thrown aside, and can’t even feel enough to cry anymore.

You wonder what life would have been like if she had Selan’s advice about crying rather than Maxim’s. Had she cried to get his attention, the story might have turned out differently.


Thank you for clarifying matters Dekar.

Dekar: You're wrong.

Tia: Why do you say that?


This is the most insightful I’ve ever seen Dekar. He’s surprisingly sympathetic, both with Tia and the prince.

Tia: Yeah. I noticed that when Maxim said he was going. It's ok now. I found out something at the tower. I'm in love with Maxim, but not Maxim the warrior.

Dekar: Not the warrior?

Tia: I chased him to the tower because I was worried. I just didn't have faith in him as a warrior. The mere thought that we might never meet again sent me after him. And I put him in danger. But Selan said she's wait. She believed in him. I waited, too. But, the thought of something awful happening to Maxim just kills me. I don't think I can bear feeling this way every time Maxim goes into battle.


Be in his way as a third wheel, or when he fights?

Dekar: You're not going to say good-bye to him?

Tia: No. If I see him now, I may cry. I decided long ago that I'm not going to cry so easily.

Dekar: You will someday. I mean your tears haven't dried out yet...

Tia: Thanks... You've really helped, you know. I feel a lot better now.

Dekar: Humph, I am great at swordsmanship, but I'm also great at cheering people up, you know!?


There are two scenes in Lufia 2 that really seared themselves into my mind, that make the game stand out among its brethren. One is the ending, which I swear we’ll reach. The other is this scene. Tia, the archetypical childhood friend of the hero exits the stage. We don’t hear about her again. Part of what stands out are Tia’s feelings, and the games’ emphasis on those.

The other part that stands out is just how cold Maxim was to her. He doesn’t mention her afterward (at least on camera), and he never seemed to acknowledge what he know doubt knew she felt. To a great extent, he’s the classic protagonist of this era, but what happened here really stands out.


Something that still surprises me is that Tia is never seen again. Not only does she not show up later in this game, but not in the other entries of the series either. It feels like she just fades away.

Next time, the wedding (things moved rather fast, eh?)

Octopus Prime
04-20-2009, 03:32 AM
Well, at least things can't really get any worse for Tia after this point.

Or at least we're not aware of it.

04-20-2009, 04:37 AM
This scene stuck with me when I played Lufia II also. I mean, when you get down to it, Maxim choosing the girl who is much hotter and much more compatible makes sense. However, dropping the love interest that the hopeless romantics of the audience want Maxim to end up with and not hearing from her again was more shocking than Crono's death in Chrono Trigger(Is this really spoiler tag worthy?)

04-20-2009, 06:32 AM
Yeah. The real shocker is the fact that Tia was litterally just abandoned. Maxim didn't even care, as far as we know. The only time we see her again she weeps for the first time in like 10 years after seeing the spirits of Maxim and Selan twirl in perfect unison through the sky after defeating a horrible enemy and saving the world using the power of love.

04-20-2009, 07:02 AM
I'm pretty sure Gades didn't teleport away in the tower, he faded away. When he returns later he mentions that the Sinistral of Death has the power to resurrect all of them, which is why Erim/Lufia was so important in the first game. Y'know, besides the series being named after her.

This was certainly a powerful moment in the game, Tia's leaving. Though when I was playing it I was thinking in purely practical terms. I disliked Tia as a party member (when I was younger and playing RPGs I tended to avoid spellcaster damage, I only used them to heal, and focused on the smashity smash) so when she vanished for good I was like 'Meh'.

Later playthroughs had me more attentive to the emotion on display here though. I always imagined Tia wound up hooking up with Dekar after the game for some reason, despite her inability to trust in Maxim's strength. Perhaps Dekar's awesomeness was too powerful to deny, even for Tia. They were the two characters totally unmentioned in the first game, after all. All the other party members were either present in the opening of the first game, or mentioned (in this case, Lexus), but no trace at all of Dekar and Tia.

04-21-2009, 02:56 AM
Goddamn it, Maxim. I know you're just trying to be a good guy and save the world and all, but sometimes I just wanna clock you one between the eyes for how you treated Tia. Jerk.

Thankfully, DekarxTia is my OTP and the ending is bittersweet as all hell, so he gets away with it. This time.

04-21-2009, 03:06 AM
more shocking than Crono's death in Chrono Trigger(Is this really spoiler tag worthy?)

Probably not, no.

Even if it was spoiler tag worthy, how does tagging it like that help? Without any unspoilered context at all, it could be a spoiler for any shocking scene in any game, movie, book, or anything else ever created.

04-26-2009, 08:41 PM
I’ve been running hot and cold about Lufia 2. There are parts of it that I really like, such as the Tia affair or the ancient cave. There are parts I haven’t really liked, such as some aspects of dungeon design or the whole gender relations thing. However, we’re currently on a high tide, and I loved this next session. It reminds me in some ways of Dragon Quest 5, only you can’t choose Bianca.


Vignette 1


It looks like the whole town came through to see this event, including Guy, his sister (?!), and Dekar.


Props go to Maxim for the awesome white tuxedo.


Man: Madam, Selan. You are, you are really getting married!

Man: Hey, stop crying! This is the happiest day in her life!

Guy: It's been only a month since Maxim returned. They rushed into the marriage, alright.

Dekar: Hey, Guy! What about your girlfriend? Isn't she asking you to get married, too?

Amusing that Maxim can take romance quickly when he wants to, or is with someone forceful enough to make him.

Guy: Yeah, but women don't understand the adventurous male spirit. Warriors don't need women!

You’re in so much trouble for that. Besides, I think Selan understands the warrior spirit pretty damn well.


Ah, yes, busted. I wonder how Guy managed to attend with Hilda instead of Jessy (although I can see why he might have wanted to prevent untoward ideas.)

Guy: Wh...whoa! Jessy! What are you doing here?

Jessy: I'm here for the wedding. If you really feel that way, I can leave you anytime.

Guy: Hey, now. I was just joking, Jessy. I need you, you know that.

Jessy: Uh-huh. Sure, Guy.

Guy: Come on, Jessy! I mean it! I was just joking. Hey! Wait up!

Dekar: So that's a true warrior, huh!?

I think Selan amply demonstrated the need for violence in order to force out a commitment.

What impressed me about this sequence especially was the writing – Woosley aside, few of the SNES RPGs had translations that captured this degree of wit. (To be sure, this game came out in 1995, when things had improved from the standard set by FF4.)


That’s some relationship.

Dekar: Hey, Selan! You look really cool in that wedding dress.

Selan: Thanks.


Can’t Dekar do this?

Selan: You guys, it's our wedding day! Can't you be a little more sensitive?

Maxim: But Selan, aren't you hiding a sword under your dress?

Selan: You know about that, huh? I feel like something's missing without it. But you, too, Maxim. You have your sword, right?

Maxim: Well, this is like a part of me...

Selan: Please, Commander!

Selan: I guess I have to... What do you think, Maxim?

Maxim: The wedding needs some kind of attraction, don't you think?

Selan: Yeah, I guess so.

I’d love to see the wedding outfits that can hide swords like this. It’s a cheap thrill, but the fact that Selan’s sprite invariably shows her with rods, not a sword, makes this all the better. I like my simple pleasures. They throw off their clothes here, and are wearing other clothes underneath (awesome).


Guy thinks adventures killing monsters are a good way out of romantic entanglements. Maxim could teach him a thing or two.

Jessy: Guy! Whatever happened to the talk about our wedding!?

Guy: Maxim, Selan. I'll go ahead and meet you guys later, ok!? [Ran out of sight]

Jessy: Hey wait, Guy!

Maxim: Shall we, Selan!?

Selan: Yes, sir!

Tip to Jessy – never let people do this. If you want to get anywhere, you need to demand to be put in the party yourself.


Apparently you haven’t attended the more awesome weddings Dekar.

Dekar: I thought the idea was to put the knife into the wedding cake and not into monsters! Well, I guess it's their style. I'd better go ahead and give them a hand.

Dekar is far more level-headed than I ever imagined. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a significant other.


King: It's alright. They can deal with ordinary monsters easily. As long as villains like Gades stay away, this world will remain at peace.

Cleric: Yeah. Thanks to Maxim's risking his life to defeat Gades, we now have this precious peace.

King: Indeed. Maxim's really some guy!

Cleric: That's for sure.

Shorter version – the world won’t remain at peace.

04-26-2009, 08:43 PM

Daily life continues –


This makes you wonder what Maxim’s job is. Is he still taking down monsters?

Selan: Hi!

Maxim: hmm. Something smells good!

Selan: Doesn't it! I tried something different today.

Maxim: Really!? What is it?

Selan: I deep fried jelly in olive oil.

Maxim doesn’t seem to be one to appreciate his food much, if his choice in paramours is any indication. Phantom fish doesn’t sounds so bad now, eh?


You’ll be the first to know.

Selan: Didn't I just say I tried something different?!

Maxim: Did it work?

Selan: Ha, ha...ha.

I think you should force it down his throat for complaining.




Selan: It's really hot...

Maxim: Yep, it's summer alright.

Lemmy: Selan, aren't you going to the sea this year?

Selan: Let's see... Maxim, are we going to the sea?

Maxim: The sea, huh!? That sounds good.


Maxim: Two pieces, huh? Tiny, huh? Hmm...

Selan: That was last year. You wear something like that when you're young. I'll wear the one piece.

Maxim: ...Hmm!!

Ironically, I already make Selan wear the “Magic Bikini”, so we’ve crossed that road already.

What’s even more confusing is how she could possibly be too old. This is a bloody RPG, so we all know they’re probably about twenty.


Selan took this opportunity to decimate one of her guards.


Selan: What!? That's all? It's the perfect season for training. Can't you keep it up a little longer?

Knight: Ye...yes, sir! I see you're still as strong as ever, Commander.

Selan: You think so? But I haven't been practicing much since I got married. Right, Maxim?

That’s too bad. You can be married and still have a career.


Selan is awesome. Tia should have threatened Maxim with a sword to get what she wanted. Oh, and this comes from the man who killed a god.

Knight: So that's her secret. You're probably the only one strong enough to be her husband, Sir Maxim!

Dekar would like a word with you.


Selan: You're not implying I'm worse than a monster, I hope!

Maxim: Well, sometimes...

Selan: Maxim!


At this point, Selan starts eviscerating Maxim.

Knight: Whew, incredible swordsmanship! Really, they are quite a pair!


We’re treated to this idyllic scene.


Selan: It's almost been a year since we were married...

Maxim: It's gone by so fast.

Selan: I know.

Maxim: Are you...happy, Selan?

Selan: Can't you tell?

Maxim: I think I know.

Selan: Hey... Do you love me?

Maxim: Do I have to tell you?

Selan: Yes.

Maxim: So you're going to make me say it.

Selan: I need to hear it sometimes...

Maxim: Selan... I...

I have no idea why Maxim is being so evasive here. It’s too late to try to be afraid of commitment.

04-26-2009, 08:45 PM


Selan: My...my baby...


Selan: Look, Maxim! It's a boy. He looks just like you...

Maxim: Good job, Selan. A really good job.

Selan: Yeah.

Maxim: We have to name him.

Selan: I've been thinking about that. How about Jeros?

Maxim: Jeros... Yeah, it's a good name. Yes, he is out Jeros.

Selan: I was hoping you'd like it.

Maxim: A name you chose? Of course I would.

Selan: Thanks.

Something tells me that Jeros will be significant at one point.


Maxim: How's Jeros doing?

Selan: He's sleeping.

Maxim: I thought so. I couldn't hear his voice from outside.

Selan: That sounds like I'm always making him cry or something.

Maxim: Well...you're not very good at getting him to go to sleep, are you?

Selan: Neither are you!

I love this exchange.


Selan: It came from the bedroom. Let me check!


I honestly wonder where he’s been all this time. And I still haven’t figured out his motivation.

In any case, this scene succinctly shows why RPG heroes generally remain childless.

Idura: I've got your little baby.

Maxim: What do you think you're doing!?

Idura: Orders from one up high.

Maxim: Who!? If it's Gades, he's history!

Idura: No, no. Not Gades. Too bad you don't know yet.

Maxim: What are you talking about?

Idura: Come to the North Lighthouse to find out.

Selan: Maxim...Jeros! Our baby!

Maxim: I know. We've got to go to the North Lighthouse.

With that, the game continues again, with a party of Maxim and Selan. Luckily, the enemies have been toned down, so it won’t be the nightmare that the last two dungeons were.

Oh, and I’m sure there’s a trope about villains that announce their destination to the extreme detriment of whatever they’re planning, but I can’t be bothered to look it up.


We make our way to the lighthouse, another tower dungeon with some nifty puzzles.


This puzzle isn’t hard, but for some reason, I find it charming.


Okay, this puzzle is the first one in the series that I had to look up. You have three crates and three buttons. By placing a crate on the two top buttons, you open up the wall to reveal a locked door. Placing it on the bottom button retracts the spikes.

Now, in order to proceed, you need to place a crate on the tile surrounded by spikes while the entire door is showing. Oh, and that monster to the left? You can’t lure him into this section to have him stand on a button.


The solution is to place the third crate in the doorway, and then remove the crates at the top. The crate keeps the walls from closing in on the door, which means you can now retract the spikes and put a crate on the tile at will. I doubt I would have thought of this solution, but man that was a creative puzzle – you never expect the dungeon design to be abused like this.


For my trouble, I gain three treasures, including a dragon egg.


I then go in the room the traditional route. Lufia 2 decided to make a nod to proper game design, and includes a way to teleport from the middle of the dungeon back to the beginning. I wish they hadn’t waited until this point in the game to do this, but there you go.


Here’s another clever puzzle. You get to place concentration (by stepping on one of the arrows, you reveal a tile. Next, you reveal another tile. If they match, that’s a point, otherwise they both turn back over.) For each mismatch, a column of spikes keeping the monsters out retracts. Thus, if you aren’t good enough, you also have to deal with three encounters.

I wasn’t nearly good enough.


Eventually, I do finish the puzzle (my memory is terrible, so it took me far more tries than I care to admit. In a different era, I might have actually bothered to write down what was under each tile.)

04-26-2009, 08:46 PM

I wish the tower scrolled like Butter Building. Ah, missed opportunities.


Note – horses in this dungeon will slaughter you.


Here’s another puzzle – when you step on the switch, the tiles all change to white, and are shuffled like a three card monte. You have to track the tiles that were originally black, and put pots on them. It requires good observation and memorization.

Or savestates.


Unfortunately, this is one of Lufia 2’s trademark “half of the tower is behind the boss door” dungeons.


I merrily progress back through the dungeon, and up the other branch. There’s a breakable brick underneath the pillar (which the pillar apparently isn’t heavy enough to break.) Move the pillar, blow out the brick, and dump the pillar down a floor so you have a grapple point. Zelda 101.


Oddly enough, this dungeon actually has two sets of HP/MP/Save points within close proximity. I’m never one to complain about gift horses though (the man-eating horses scattered through this dungeon are quite enough, thank you.)


This will not replace the pumpkin rock. So far, I haven’t seen any bees, which breaks the rock pattern so far.


This is the second boss door. I guess they were paranoid about someone pulling a sequence break and somehow getting through the first boss door without the key.

Okay, I really have no idea.


This puzzle is interesting – you need to activate all four buttons to make the stairs appear. If you push each brick onto a button (which makes the nice symmetrical shape), the stairs will be walled in. Instead, you block up three buttons, and step on the fourth.


And now, we find our baby just resting. Coming up to it triggers another teleport sequence by Idura.


Selan: Jeros's okay, isn't he?

Idura: Don't worry. He's just fine...for now.

Selan: What did my son ever do to you!?

Idura: I am under orders from a certain someone to ensure your bloodline ceases, Maxim.

Maxim: My...bloodline.

Idura: We do not really need to talk, now do we?

Idura: Don't you move!

Idura: One step more and you'll never see daylight again!


Lufia 2 doesn’t pull punches. I’m morbidly curious as to what Idura will do with the child.


Being able to teleport is awesome. Iris grabbed the baby and took him to safety. Now, before Idura can use his own teleporting…


Okay, I really like how they did this battle. Idura looks like the arrogant little punk he is here, instead of something epic like Gades (the expression on his face is just classic.) He can use his plasma attack to hurt both of us, or just go after Selan.

Luckily, Idura is slower than either party member. This turns out to be an incredible advantage in this game, because speed means you can heal ailing party members before your opponent has the chance to issue a coup de grace.


Appropriately enough, Idura also can summon monsters in battle (I was impressed they put this in.) It’s up to you whether to bother to take the summons out (they’re stronger than you might think), but I ended up doing so.

After a few false starts, I finally claim victory. My strategy involved using IP abilities mostly for increasing stats, and having Maxim hit things while Selan healed him.

04-26-2009, 08:48 PM

That’s right. Sadly, we only wounded him rather than getting rid of the blowhard. I wish we could teleport out whenever the going got rough.


Selan: Oh, my baby Jeros. It's ok now.

Maxim: Iris...

Iris: Good to see you again, Maxim.

Maxim: I began my journey as you told me. I've met many people in many places, and I've met Selan.

Iris: ......

Maxim: I defeated Gades and brought peace to the world. You did mean that I was to fight Gades?

Iris: Exactly. But...your fate has changed.

Maxim: What do you mean?

Iris: If you had died when you defeated Gades, peace would have returned to the world. But you married Selan and left a descendant. You were supposed to die in that tower. But I...

Oh god. JRPG plots with parallel futures never end well. I wonder if it’ll ever be explained what difference my descendant will make (I haven’t played this game for a long time. I remember the broad outlines of the plot, but not the details.)

Iris – this is all your bloody fault.


Iris: The flow of time is changing. Even I cannot see the future any more. I can tell you it's time for you to go. To protect your loved ones, you must fight again.

Maxim: Are you saying there is an enemy stronger than Gades?

Iris: If in fact you have the power to change fate, you will one day know the truth.

This is when Iris left. However, we have no idea who we’re fighting, why, or what Jeros has to do with it.


Maxim: Selan...is Jeros alright?

Selan: Yes.

Maxim: ......

Selan: You're going, aren't you, Maxim?

Maxim: I must go to protect you and Jeros.


Maxim: No, you can't. You must stay with our son.

Selan: If I were an ordinary mother, I could wait with Jeros for you to come back. But I know different. I know how to fight! I want to fight to protect Jeros!

Maxim: You may not be able to see him again once you go on.

Selan: If we can't defeat the enemy, this world will end sooner or later anyway. But...

Maxim: But what?

Selan: I will come back to Jeros and lead a quiet life, with you and Jeros, in a world at peace.

Maxim: I knew I couldn't stop you. Ok. The first thing we should do is track down Idura.

Selan: Before that, let's go back to Parcelyte. We can't take Jeros with us.

Maxim: Alright.

I love this conversation. In particular, more heroes need to hear Selan’s point about there is no point in asking your warrior girlfriend to stay behind if the world ends if you fail anyhow. Might as well bring her along and have a bloody healer (I’m still bitter over the sausage party tower.)

Oh, and in retrospect, this conversation is heartrending.


Auntie: Don't worry about Jeros. But, Selan...why you? Why do you have to fight? My only hope was for you to have the ordinary happiness of a mother, you know.

Selan: Auntie, I AM happy. I fight for the people I truly love. What mother can do this?

Auntie: I guess that's another way to look at it. In any case, I'll take care of Jeros just fine.

Selan: Thank you. I'm counting on you.

Auntie: Selan... You have to come back. Jeros needs you.

Selan: I know, I know, aunty.

Selan will have to justify why she’s fighting rather than staying meekly at home for the rest of her life.

Next time, we continue on to defend our child.

Oh, and we leave him in the exact same place as he was last time, in a world with bosses that can teleport anywhere they like at will.

Octopus Prime
04-27-2009, 04:18 AM
Oh god. JRPG plots with parallel futures never end well. I wonder if it’ll ever be explained what difference my descendant will make (I haven’t played this game for a long time. I remember the broad outlines of the plot, but not the details.)

Jeros (or perhaps Jero's son) is the red-haired main character of the first Lufia game. And HIS descendent is Wain, the red-haired main character from Lufia 3. Basically, Maxim's entire bloodline is destined to kill the hell out of the Sinistrals whenever they come back to life.

I always assumed that if Maxim died when he beat Gades, the world would be at peace since nobody would have been able to fight Daos, and the Sinistrals would rule the world. Which would probably not be something to shoot for since, as previously established, the Sinistrals are kind of jerks.

04-27-2009, 01:14 PM
I think it's a little further removed than that...I thought Fortress of Doom was about a hundred years after 2?

Octopus Prime
04-27-2009, 01:26 PM
I think it's a little further removed than that...I thought Fortress of Doom was about a hundred years after 2?

It's supposed to be about that, yeah, but Guy is still alive and kicking (albeit briefly) in Fortress of Doom, and he looks to be in his 20s in this game. Which is a bit excessively old, even if he does drop dead minutes later. The Red Haired Kid could be Jero's kid pretty easily though.

04-29-2009, 03:30 AM
What impressed me about this sequence especially was the writing.

That's exactly what I said, only about most of the game. Also, it came out in late 1996, not 1995. Still, '95 or '96, this game proves there was really no excuse for FFVII's "transration" staff.

05-03-2009, 09:57 PM

Last time, we decided that the world was not at peace. Somehow, Iris had interfered with causality, and we were going to pay the consequences.


I actually had no idea whatsoever where to go. Luckily, asking the king his opinion worked out rather well.


I am so thankful that this game gives you a warp spell. Slogging my way there the hard way just makes me shiver.


Yay! I’m glad my friends all heard about my travails and will be joining us to fill out the party.


Dekar: Where are you two going?

Maxim: Guy! Dekar!

Guy: Were you just going to go off without saying anything to us? I thought we were a team!

Dekar: Did you really think we wouldn't notice an enemy bigger than Gades making a move!?

Maxim: ......

Guy: Let me tell you. I'm not going for you. I'm going because there's someone I have to protect, too.

Dekar: I heard you still hadn't married that someone you must protect. Talk about slow!

Guy: Ha! What do you know about love anyway? You don't even HAVE a girlfriend!

Unless he hooked up with Tia and we just didn’t know. Or he’s waiting for his prince to come.

In any event, this conversation is a bit clichéd, but it also demonstrates why these archetypes become clichés in the first place. It reminds me why I liked Skies of Arcadia so much, though Skies had a different solution to its love triangle.


They couldn’t call the Sinistrals “gods”, but they let this exchange through? I’m honestly amazed to see this in the SNES era.

Dekar: Anyhow, I'm going no matter what you say, Maxim.

Maxim: I know. You two will do what you have to do no matter what I say.

Guy: That's right. Well, shall we then?


This area follows the traditional Lufia 2 setup. Town, dungeon, teleporter, etc.

Oh, and the random encounters ate me alive when I wandered around looking for secrets.


We’ve run out of continent to explore, so I guess we’ll have to charter a ship. Fortunately, we’re in a port town. Unfortunately…


Unbidden, thoughts of a giant parabolic mirror leap to my mind.


We’ll have fun with the ancient cave in this LP, don’t worry (I love Roguelikes.) In fact, I may do it within the central game itself, so that I can make good use of the treasure involved. However, I need better capsule monsters before I attempt it.

Oh, and a boat.


We never really seem to get an answer to questions like this, other than “because he can.”


A port town with only a single person capable of building ships might need to rethink its economic basis. This ably demonstrates the problem with monoculture.


We do get some great spells. Vortex and Blizzard are standard attack spells, keeping us on the upgrade treadmill nicely. Stronger is a better healing spell than Strong, and we all know how useful curative upgrades are (answer – really bloody useful.) Rally is a resurrection spell, and is a wonderful find – it will make dungeoneering a hell of a lot safer.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any weapons.

05-03-2009, 09:58 PM

In great RPG tradition, our party of four will cut our way to the top of the mountain to find unharmed a single non-fighter that somehow ended up their all of his own devices.


It’s an interesting variation on the normal Lufia 2 dungeon arrangement – it uses multiple levels like a tower, but the graphics and skin are those of a cave.

I was actually pretty impressed.


To get through this door, you have to destroy all the bushes (they regrow). Luckily, you can stand on bombs without getting hurt, and we proceed momentarily.


The wandering tree monster sprite is absolutely adorable.


You know, I’ve been much more positive about this game lately, but stuff like this is just silly. Do we really gain anything by forcing me to backtrack to the other set of stairs now that I’ve flipped to switch to activate the ladder? If you need to pad things out, throw in some extra puzzles.




The next puzzle is awesome, but I have a bombed out wall to explore first.


This makes me think of exploring the Deku Tree in OoT. Sadly, this is only a key to a door beyond which there is a tree, rather than a key to open the tree itself.


This puzzle is deceptively simple. Stepping on a sprout causes a bush to grow where you stepped. In order to proceed, you need grow every bush in the area. Cutting one down means you have to reset to try again. Note that you are expected to enter and exit the little garden in order to go around, there are no penalties for this.

Since the grass grows when you step off, it’s more difficult than the bog standard RPG puzzles I’m used to. In fact, this is one of the few times my normal approach of trying more or less random solutions in hopes of stumbling into something correct. I ended up with a more systematic approach looking at each possible step from each entrance point until I narrowed things down.

Luckily, I’ll be returning to form soon enough.


The last thing this game needs is more obvious Zelda inspiration, but that doesn’t mean fire arrows aren’t fun to play with. They’re like normal arrows save for that they can travel through bushes.


There was no reason to do this other than it felt good. And I was still annoyed at the last puzzle and wanted the greenery to understand my feelings.


Alas, the fire arrows work just the same as the regular sort when it comes to monster behavior.


Lufia 2 has some of the strangest monster names. The best meaning I could come up with is that it’s a mangled version of “Tall Ent” or something.


This doesn’t work either I might add – the flaming arrows don’t figure much in this dungeon.

05-03-2009, 10:00 PM

This is one of the few puzzles that actually applies them. You use the arrows to burn the bushes to make a space for the tiles. Well, they tried to make it more than a glorified card key.


Lufia makes up for it with this puzzle. You need to take the two pots and put them on the two switches. Once you do this, you need to make your way to the ladder to finish.

Of course, there’s a catch. You can only step on each discolored square once. Step on it again, and you’ll fall into a bit into a big room full of monsters (this made me very glad I was playing with savestates.) Fortunately, this puzzle won’t require you to step on every square once like some variations.

One thing that played a part in my eventual solution, and found odd, was that the squares in front of the buttons don’t seem to be as fragile as the other tiles. This surprises me, as they look nearly identical, but it made finishing much easier.


The first time I solved it, I forgot to leave an avenue to the stairs open. Once you remember to do that, things actually fall into place faster.


Here, we just need to lure the enemy onto the button and paralyze him (for style points, use a fire arrow.) As long as something stands on the button, a post is raised for use with the hookshot.


We reach the top of the mountain, and cross over to the next section, where we begin to descend.


That doesn’t look suspicious at all.


Ahh, there we go. The weight of the monster and the player are enough to lower the platform to the next level.


Well, we’re finally here.

Man: That's me. Who are you folks?

Maxim: I'm Maxim. I'm after someone on the East Continent, but the ships in Aleyn were destroyed.

Jyad: What!? All the ships destroyed? What about my Margos?

Maxim: I didn't see any ships at all in port, so probably...

Jyad Darn it! What's goin' on? Well, that makes my coming here worthwhile, huh!

Maxim: What are you saying?

Jyad: There's a tree called the phantom tree in this mountain. It's light, strong, ideal for ships. I'm a darn good shipmaker, you see. As soon as I can get the tree, I can make the best. But the monster ahead is too tough, so I'm stuck sitting here doing nothing.

Dekar: That's easy, then. Let us take care of the monster.

Jyad: Are you sure?

Dekar: Trust me! But in return, please take us to the East Continent when you finish the ship.

Jyad: Sure. No problem.

Dekar: We've got a deal!

The monster (which I didn’t managed to get a screenshot of, for which I apologize) turned out to be a set of lions. It was curiously mundane – I’m used to RPGs where, if you try and cut down a special tree, an avatar of nature (or the tree itself) challenges you.

The lions weren’t too hard, but I conserved my power – I was afraid (though this turned out not to happen) of a second boss down the line. This made me use items I really didn’t need to.

05-03-2009, 10:01 PM

Guy: This tree is huge! Is this it?

Jyad: Yeah! I'm sure of it!

Maxim: Do you think you can a ship out of this?

Jyad: Sure - the best! Right! I'll go back to the city and organize some help.

A single tree? Must be like a redwood.


Jyad: What is it? I have to go back right away and...

Maxim: You can go back to the city in a flash.

Jyad: What?

Maxim: Would you come over here and stay close to us?

Maxim: Selan, we're ready.

Selan: Alright. Warp!

It always amuses me when a game mechanic plays a role in the plot like this. It’s like how Potions were used in FFX – we’re so used to “can’t revive the character that died in a cut scene with a Phoenix Down” that this sort of consistency surprises me.


Jyad: Yeah. I don't meet many people who can use spells. My stomach feels kind of weird.

There’s a magic shop right in the middle of your city.

Selan: You're just spell sick. It happens to some people when they get hit with one.

Jyad: Me? Sick? You're kidding! I've never been sick! Even riding out a storm.

Selan: Ships and spells are different. You'll get used to it.

Jyad: No thanks. I prefer ships. Oh, that's right. I've got a ship to make. I'm off to fetch the wood. The ship will be done in a couple of days. I'll show you my best work. Come back then, ok!?

All right, so now we just have to kill time until we hit the arbitrary ship completed trigger.


Dekar: I'm so used to warping that I can't travel around slowly in ships.

Maxim: But you can't get to places you've never been by Warp. That means we must travel by ship.

Dekar: Hmm...that's true.

Selan: By the way, Maxim. What are we going to do until the ship is done?

Maxim: Jyad said a couple of days, so we have to stay in the city until then.

Guy: Maxim. I just remembered something I have to do.

Dekar: Me, too.


Actually, he’s single. Guy, it’s your virtue that’s endangered.

Dekar: Not to show off or anything, but, besides being great and all, I'm also good at making friends!

Guy: No woman in her right mind would befriend you.

Dekar: Save it until you see what I can do, alright?

Guy: Where is this confidence coming from!? You've got nothing special to be proud of! You head us. We'll be chillin' around this city for a couple of days.

Selan: Typical males!

Maxim: ......

This is another dialogue set I thought went really well. I liked the idea of the party finding something to do in a roaring port city while we wait for our boat, and Dekar is always a blast (I still can’t believe Selan let Guy poke around like this.)

Next time, we get our boat.

05-03-2009, 10:43 PM
Lufia 2 has some of the strangest monster names. The best meaning I could come up with is that it’s a mangled version of “Tall Ent” or something.

Treant (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_creatures#Treant), probably.