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11-30-2008, 12:49 AM
After an unexpected amount of popularity with the Fire Emblem characters included with Super Smash Bros. Melee, Nintendo decided to start bringing the series over to North America and Europe, starting with the release of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (known simply as Fire Emblem outside of Japan). With the release of the seventh entry of the series, those new to the series had hoped that Nintendo would follow up the release with the previous installment, which was the chronological sequel to the game that was brought over.

They didn't, unfortunately. However, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of Fire Emblem fans (http://grandbell.net/index.php/fe6translation), as well as the modern advancements in video game emulation, it's now possible for the game to get its time to shine. So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the sixth game in the Fire Emblem series...


Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals! Also known as Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, and that game with Roy in it, this game is the first Fire Emblem on the GBA and is the chronological sequel to the seventh entry, Fire Emblem. Though not as polished as its successors, this entry marked the introduction of several new features, some of which are still used to this day.

Like with the previous Fire Emblem Let's Play, there are going to be a few restrictions with this playthrough, namely we're aiming for the best ending possible - meaning that no one's going to die and we're recruiting everybody. Odds are we'll probably wrack up a magnificent death count by the end of the playthrough, but if we're going to do this, we're going to do this right.


-Table of Contents-
Chapter 1 - Dawn of Destiny (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=340409#post340409)
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Intermission - Choosing Our Party (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=347184#post347184)
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Chapter 14x - The Infernal Element (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=354325#post354325)
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Chapter 16 - Retaking the Capitol (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=357217#post357217)
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Chapter 23 - The Ghost of Bern (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=363730#post363730)
Chapter 24 - The Truth of the Legend (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=364101#post364101)
Final Chapter - Beyond the Darkness (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=364361#post364361)
Trial Map 1 - Valley of Death (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=384565#post384565)
Trial Map 2 - Foggy Sunday (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=392517#post392517)
Trial Map 3 - Loser Castle (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=403312#post403312)

I guess I should mention before I start that I am not a pro Fire Emblem player. I only discovered the series fairly recently (early September, I think), so my strategies won't be as refined and some of my decisions might be a bit questionable. But that's okay! Part of the fun of this LP will be in figuring things out as we go along, and will probably result in a playthrough more like that of the average person's instead of a professional one.

I'll be FAQing the shit out of the character profiles though, so you'll know who to use and who sucks. Anyway, with that said, it's time to start!

11-30-2008, 12:50 AM

The opening movie is one of the few things in the game left untranslated in the patch linked above, so screenshotting and posting the entire set here would've been pointless at the time, but nevertheless the translation is a quality one and worth trying out. However, thanks to SpoonyGundam, I was able to get a hold of a translation for it. So:

...invade. In a great war known as the Scouring, both sides fought over control of the continent. The laws of nature were twisted from the vast amounts of power that were released... The Dragons were defeated and disappeared from the face of the continent. Mankind then began to spread its forces throughout to populate the land. And now, 1,000 years later...


The text in the pre-chapter scenes auto-scrolls, making it a huge pain in the ass to capture, hence why some of the sentences look fragmented.

...civilization for some time now, after the Dragons had been defeated in the Dragon-Human wars. In the west resides the kingdom of Etruria, which has the highest level of civilization in Elibe. The Kingdom of Bern, with a powerful military and a practical and pragmatic attitude about life, is located in the east. These are the two strongest nations in Elibe, and the lesser nations are located between them.

There is the Lycia Alliance, which is under joint relationship of various dukes. The people of the Knights Union of Illia are hard at work cultivating the snowy wastelands in the north. In Sacae live various clans which through the plains on horseback.

Although there were occasional clashes between nation-states, there was a general sense of balance of power and peace in Elibe. However, that balance was suddenly disrupted...


...has sent his forces out to conquer the rest of Elibe. Bern's forces invaded Sacae and Ilia and mercilessly massacred all those who stood against them. And now, Bern has shown signs of invading the Lycia Alliance.


He was sent as a transfer student to train to become the next Duke of Pherae. However, Eliwood, who has fallen ill, has sent for Roy to return home. Just around that time, Lilina, the princess of Ostia, had traveled to Lycia to pay her respects to Eliwood. After getting the message, Roy hurried on his way back home, taking with him his loyal knights and Bors, a knight from Ostia responsible for Lilina's safety. The story begins when Roy had reached an area just on the outskirts of Pherae...

Join us now as we awake at the...

Chapter 1: Dawn of Destiny


Bandit: Boss! The residents of the castle have hidden themselves inside!


Damas: ...an illness, eh?

Bandit: Hehehe... You were right when you said there wouldn't be many soldiers around here because they're getting ready to take on Bern!

Damas: Of course, who do you think I am? But you never know when reinforcements are going to come. All right! Kill off the guys in the castle while we still got time! Then the treasure is all ours!


Bandit: Let's go ransack the villages and get some loot!


The bandit makes good on his plan and smashes the village to the south. Poor guys didn't even know what was coming.

Meanwhile, back in the castle...


Hey, it's Merlinus! And Eliwood, too! Man, is it ever great to see you two guys again.

Merlinus: The bandits from Bolm Mountain are attacking us!

Eliwood: I see... Blast! If I weren't in this state, I would teach them a lesson...! *cough cough...*

Lilina: Mister Eliwood...?

Eliwood: Lilina, you must hide somewhere. This castle is going to become a battlefield.

Lilina: No, sir. I will fight, too!

Eliwood: Don't be ridiculous... If something happened to you, I wouldn't know what to say to Hector.

Lilina: To my father? But...

Eliwood: It's going to be all right. Roy should be almost here by now, so if we can hold our own until then, we can drive off the bandits. [beat] Merlinus! I want you to send a messenger to Roy informing him of this attack immediately!

Merlinus: Y-Yes sir!


Speak of the devil - Roy and his entourage arrive just as Eliwood sends out the message.


Roy: Why are you in such a hurry?

Lance: Master Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak!

Alan: WHAT! Is Lord Eliwood safe?

Lance: He's inside, defending against the bandits' attacks. But I don't know how long he can last with his illness...!

Bors: Excuse me, Lance, is it? Is Lady Lilina safe?

Lance: Are you from Ostia? Lady Lilina is in the castle. She should be all right as long as Lord Eliwood is with her, but he can't last forever.

Roy: No... I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me.

Wolt: Lord Roy, regret won't solve anything! We must recapture the castle!

Marcus: Wolt is right. We must hurry!

Roy: Yeah. You're right. All right, let's go! We're going to save those trapped in the castle!


Here's the rough layout of the battlefield. Our goal for this battle is to make our way north to the castle gate and capture it, slaughtering everything in our path along the way to gain precious, precious experience. Note the abundance of axe-users - for those of you who remember from the previous Let's Play, swords beat axes in the weapons triangle, so our sword-users here will be our main means of attack.

But first, let's get to know our teammates, shall we?

11-30-2008, 12:51 AM

I won't bother with a stat recap, since Tanto pretty much nailed the explanation in his LP and you can pretty much figure them out on your own anyway. In any case, Roy's not a bad character overall - though his growths don't quite excel in any real area save for Luck, they're good enough that Roy shouldn't be falling too far behind the others. And it's a good thing too, because we have to use him no matter what - as our main lord, he's going to be tagging along for every battle, and having him underpowered would make things harder than they need be. Overall, he's a pretty well-rounded character, and should be able to fit into any situation without missing a beat.

Note that, like his father before him, Roy uses the Rapier as his preferred weapon in combat. However, it's not quite as useful as it is in the later GBA entries - aside from a small boost in crit and hit%, it's pretty much a glorified Iron Sword with fewer uses. Still, the damage bonuses against cavaliers and knights should help somewhat nonetheless as those are units Roy usually has trouble with.


As you may have heard, Sword of Seals was the first game in the series to introduce the wildly-popular support system. By having a specific pair of characters placed together for a set number of turns, you can activate a duo-specific conversation that acts as a means of character development for those shunted out of the story when they join the party. Because death is permanent, the characters that join the party can't be afforded to be given plot-specfic roles, as their death would end up messing everything up. Thanks to the support conversations, they can get back some of the character development they lost.

Roy has, by a fair length, one of if not the best support selection in any of the GBA games. With a whopping total of 10 (!) supports to choose from of all types, elements and walks of life, the amount of choice at your disposal is almost paralyzing. The quality of the supports in question are a mixed bag, of course; he's got a few good ones and a few eh-worthy ones, but there isn't really any outstandly bad ones in the selection.


Hey, it's Marcus! And he's, well... he's terrible, to be honest. With stats far below that of a promoted unit, the ability to suck experience dry and stat growths so low as to make a grown man cry, there is honestly no tactically-redeeming feature to using him in the long run. You use Marcus extensively, and the only person you'll be hurting is yourself.


Supports... he pretty much only pairs off with the character's we've got right now, them being Roy, Alan, Lance, Wolt and one other character. They all pretty much have the same theme though, revolving around his aging form and the others' pending successions. He's terrible though, so why bother?

He makes a reappearance in FE7 where he's... well, still terrible, but not nearly noticably so.


Ah, Alan. The Kain of the pair of cavaliers we get at the beginning, Alan's strongest stats tend to fall within the realms of HP and strength, meaning that he'll be acting as a main part of our physical forces. He's a bit slow and his skill leaves a little to be desired, but all in all, Alan's not bad - he's good at what he does and he gets the job done.


Alan's supports are pretty hit-or-miss, but otherwise they're not too bad. You could do a fair bit worse than using him. He's pretty entertaining to watch once he gets into it, and his support with Lance is one of the better ones.

11-30-2008, 12:53 AM

Though Lance is technically the Abel to Alan's Kain, there's not really much difference in their growths beyong a 5% or so variation. Lance is definitely the speedier of the pair at first though, and will probably be the first to double of the duo thanks to the edge in starting stats he has. His strength is a little worrysome at first, but his growth in the stat is good enough that he won't fall too far behind.


Lance's support selection is pretty good, surprisingly enough, which isn't something you'd expect from the calm, collected one. Note that his flavour text is identical to Alan's, odd considering that they're pretty much polar opposites.


Wolt here is our first archer, and because he uses bows he tends to rely more on indirect attacks in battle - that is, attacks that happen over a larger distance. As such, he shouldn't be expecting to see combat often, or even at all, since his low defensive stats mean a quick and easy death.

Stats-wise, he's probably the worst of the four unpromoted archers, with his stats mostly outclassed by some of the later recruits, and his growths don't necessarily assure him of continued growth. Use him if you want to, but don't be afraid to replace him if you don't - there's a good chance he might not get better than he already is.


Not sure what a milk-mother is, but anyway. Wolt supports are somewhat middling overall, but his selection isn't too bad. He makes for a good support parter for Roy, boosting his otherwise mediocre defense.

You may remember Wolt's mother, Rebecca, from FE7. Note that, if you let her die in that game, you're effectively dooming Wolt to cease to exist. Spooky stuff, huh?


And, last but not least, we have Bors, our knight. He's not too bad - he's got good strength and speed, and eventually he overcomes that terrible speed of his. Still, that's the problem - it takes him a while to get over his speed, and in the meantime he'll be trudging behind the others as they speed ahead.


Eh, I don't like Bors, to be honest. He's pretty boring, all told - all of his supports deal with "being a knight of Ostia" and ramble on about things you and I couldn't possibly care less about. One of the other knights has more interesting support conversations and we'll probably be using her (!) instead.

11-30-2008, 12:54 AM

First things first, Roy's Rapier is one-of-a-kind and better off used when it counts so our first job is to transfer over Marcus's Iron Sword for him to use, at least until we get him something better.


With Roy and Marcus preoccupied and Bors sulking in the corner, Alan, Lance, and Wolt take a few shots at the nearby bandits, whittling them down to low HP.


Damas: But they ain't gettin' to the castle so easy!

Damas takes notice of our arrival and fortifies himself at the castle gate...


On the enemy's turn, the surviving bandits take a few swings at Lance, one of which manages to connect. Only one survives, however...


...whom Wolt is more than eager to dispatch when his turn comes around.


Alan's a little too slow to double the bandits at the moment, so he only really manages to soften this one up.


Lance follows up his comrade-in-arms with a strike of his own, finishing the bandit and earning our first level up. It's not very good, however.


An archer advances on our position next turn, and Alan rushes out to attack him, only to end up missing.

11-30-2008, 12:55 AM

But then, that's what allies are for, right?


After being pretty much shunned from the front lines, Bors makes himself useful and visits the lower-left village and grabs us some much-needed funds.


Roy finally manages to catch up with the others and engages a nearby bandit in a stand-off.


Things don't seem to be going Lance's day today - this is the second time a Fighter managed to connect on him.


With Lance a bit preoccupied, Wolt takes over finishing the fighter and generates a somewhat decent level-up.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the front, Alan helps Roy grab a kill of his own.

11-30-2008, 12:56 AM

Just a bit of reorganization here. Lance uses up a bit more of his Vulnerary to heal himself back to full.


The one-two-three of Wolt and Roy take out this approaching Fighter. Milk-brothers unite!


Yeah, this guy's pretty much fucked.


Defying the odds, the Fighter here manages to land a lucky blow.


I wasn't able to grab a good shot of the fight, but here's a picture of an absolutely fabulous level up instead.


Alan's speed is a bit of a nuisance, but he should grow out of it.


Roy takes the time to heal up a bit.

11-30-2008, 12:57 AM

While Alan reads my mind and defeats this bandit for exactly the level up he needs.


Now that we've crossed past the halfway point, the remainder of Damas's group rushes forward to try and fail to take out Roy.


Alan and Roy are more than happy to teach them a lesson on why that might not be a good idea at the moment.


Here we are, the bandit boss in question. Damas's pretty tough for a level 5 boss, wielding a Steel Axe and having a good amount of strength to back it up. Note that, unlike our characters, Damas and every other enemy only have two status screens - enemies in this game don't have access to supports and thus won't be able to use them against us, so they've been pretty much excised.


Damas: Can't you guys take on these bastards?!

Being a chapter 1 boss, Damas doesn't have any unique battle conversations...


Since he only uses a Steel Axe and doesn't move from the castle gate, you can whittle down his HP at your leisure using Wolt if you want (interestingly enough, Wolt lucks into a 2% critical in the second shot).


However, it's usually faster to just send in Roy to take him out.


Damn straight.

Octopus Prime
11-30-2008, 01:09 AM
Zephiel is the bad guy in this one?

Zephiel? Seriously?

11-30-2008, 01:09 AM

Jesus, Roy's on a roll here - this is the second excellent level up in a row. Here's hoping this trend continues.


Odd that they would translate this as conquer, considering that you spend most of the games freeing areas, but whatever.


Eliwood: Roy, is that you?

Lilina: Roy!

Roy: Father! Lilina! ...Thank goodness you're all right.

Eliwood: Roy, thanks for coming this far.

Roy: Of course, father. How is your health?

Eliwood: I'm fine. I'm still alive, see? But Roy, you do know why I called you back here?

Roy: I am to take over your role of leading Pherae's military and join the Lycian Alliance army.

Eliwood: Yes. As you know, Bern has started to conquer Lycia. We must follow the ancient rule and send out our military to protect the land of Lycia.

Roy: Yes.

Eliwood: I really didn't want to send you out because you were still studying, but I'm not well... I would only be a hindrance to everyone else.

Roy: Father...


Lilina: My father is in charge of Lycia's main army. And I could use my magic to be of some help to Roy...

Eliwood: No, Lilina. You must return to Ostia.

Lilina: ...Why?

Eliwood: With Hector's absence, there is no one currently sitting on the throne of Ostia. The people must be feeling uptight as well. You, being the princess, must take the throne until Hector returns and ease the tension of the people. Am I wrong?

Lilina: ...No, sir.

Eliwood: Roy, first you must go to the Bern border and meet with the mercenary group that I have arranged a contract with. I'll send Merlinus along with you... He'll be very helpful with his knowledge.

Roy: Thank you for everything, father.

Eliwood: You'll be fine. You can do it! Go and fight, and show them who you are, the next Duke of Pherae!

Roy: Yes!


Bors: I know, my lady. I will accompany Roy in his travels, and swear to protect him with my life.

Lilina: Thank you, Bors. Roy, be careful.

Roy: I know. You too, Lilina.

And with that...


Next time: A meeting that'll alter the course of the future (oh, and a bunch more recruits too, I guess).

Zephiel is the bad guy in this one?

Zephiel? Seriously?

Yep! Seems like Desmond's taunts and jeers got to him and turned him into a little terror.

11-30-2008, 10:09 AM
Not sure what a milk-mother is, but anyway.

In ye olden times, ladies of nobility would not lower themselves to breast-feed their own children personally, so they had a servant do it. Often this servant would have children of their own, so you'd get the lord's child drinking from one breast, and the servant's child from the other. Rebecca was evidently the person the duty of feeding Roy fell to, so Roy and Wolt are considered "milk-brothers".

Zephiel is the bad guy in this one?

Zephiel? Seriously?

And he's a right bastard, too.

Octopus Prime
11-30-2008, 10:31 AM
And he's a right bastard, too.



11-30-2008, 11:23 AM
In ye olden times, ladies of nobility would not lower themselves to breast-feed their own children personally, so they had a servant do it. Often this servant would have children of their own, so you'd get the lord's child drinking from one breast, and the servant's child from the other. Rebecca was evidently the person the duty of feeding Roy fell to, so Roy and Wolt are considered "milk-brothers".

Ahh, I get it now. That would explain why Roy and Wolt are pretty close too, since they grew up together and all that.




Anyway, welcome back. Last time we had successfully staved off a bandit invasion on the Pheraen castle and, after a pep-talk from Eliwood, are now en-route to Ostia to join the Lycian Alliance army to defend the country against Bern's invasion.


Here was where Roy was to meet the mercenary band that Eliwood had hired for him. Just east of the village is a small castle occupied by Bern's forces. When Roy had reached the village, the castle was in a chaotic state. Roy had yet to learn that the confusion going on in the castle was going to cause turbulence all over Elibe...

Join us now as we run into the...

Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern



Seems a little situation's brewing in the eastern castle...

Rude: Y-yes, Captain Miledy... I'm certain she was in her room this morning...

Miledy: I've heard that enough times! What I want to know is where the princess is at this moment!

Rude: Um... She's... Er...

Miledy: We're almost going into head on war with Lycia. What if something happens to the princess? Can you take responsibility?

Rude: ......

Miledy: I never should have let her Majesty go down to the border in the first place. I will return to Bern and inform the king about this matter. I'll try not to make it into a panic, so you must find the princess as soon as possible.

Rude: Yes ma'am!


Soldier: Yes sir, she's under constant monitering in the basement room.

Rude: Good. Don't let her escape.

Soldier: Sir.. Are you sure this is a good idea?

Rude: Don't worry! Bern has plenty of enemies. The younger sister of Bern... We'll be sure to get a hefty amount of money by turning her in to one of their foes.

Soldier: ......

Rude: We're not going to make it anywhere by serving our country, anyway, so we're better off thinking of ways to make money fast, no?

Soldier: Yes, of course sir. ... But, there is one little problem with that plan...

Rude: ? What do you mean?

Soldier: I just received a report... it seems that Princess Guinevere's servant has escaped...

Rude: What?! You fool, why didn't you say so earlier? Go search for her immediately! Don't let her get away!


Roy: This is where we're supposed to meet the mercenary band?

Merlinus: Yes, though, it seems they aren't here yet. Oh wait, I can see somebody running this way...

Roy: Watch out!


Roy: No, it's all right. I'm fine, but are you okay?

Ellen: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.

Roy: It's good that you're not hurt.

Ellen: ... You are from Lycia, are you not?

Roy: Yes. I am the son of the Duke of Pherae.

Ellen: Oh... Dear God! I thank you for your guidance!

Roy: ?

Ellen: Please, could you help me rescue my mistress?

Roy: What happened?

Ellen: My mistress and I were travelling to meet someone from the Lycia Alliance. However, while we were passing through here, we fell into a trap set by Rude, the lord of the castle just east of here. We were captured.

Merlinus: Master Roy! We must not get into unnecessary entanglements with Bern now!

Roy: But we can't neglect a person who has come to meet someone from the Alliance. ...But, it isn't smart to charge into enemy fields either... ...!


Soldier: Hey guys, over here! Get the servant girl! It doesn't matter whether she's dead or alive!

Ellen: Oh, no...


Merlinus: You won't pay heed of me, now will you? I guess I can be witness to how much you have learned in Ostia.

Roy: Alright! We're going to charge the castle! Miss Ellen, you can hide some place safe...

Ellen: No, I will accompany you. I cannot fight, but I can heal wounded allies.

Roy: Oh... But...

Ellen: I'm the one that got you tangled up in this mess. Please let me be of some help.

Roy: Okay, but please don't strain yourself.

Ellen: Yes, thank you for your consideration.

Well, that's that - guess we're fighting Bern ahead of schedule.


Here's the map, by the way. Like the one before, it's pretty straightforward - head east and kill, kill, kill. We'll probably have to block off those fortresses to the east and wait out the more aggressive soldiers at that point, but once we've knocked them off we can bait the rest to us and head straight for the boss.


Though he was introduced in the previous chapter, this is Merlinus's first appearance in full-on combat. He's not a fighter, as you've probably noticed - the reason he'll be joining us on the map is to store whatever we buy, unlock, steal or win whenever our characters' menus are overflowing and is playable on that front alone. As such, his growths are largely irrelevent - he won't be seeing combat as far as we're concerned, and it's not like we can level him up anyway since he only gains 1 Exp at a time.


Oddly enough, he doesn't have any supports...

11-30-2008, 11:25 AM

The cleric, Ellen, also joins us for our mission, and she's not too bad. She's our first healer, meaning that she can use healing staves to keep our allies in good condition, and her decent magic means that she'll be doing a good job of it. Her speed's awful, though - at only 20%, there's only a very small chance of growing faster, making her usefulness post-promotion a bit questionable.


She's got good supports at least, pairing with some of the best characters in the game, so you don't have to worry about that if you plan on using her.


The battle begins in earnest, with Roy and Lance taking out two of the nearby soldiers. Lance has to rely on his Javelin here, since the Iron Sword he has is too weak to finish them off.


Roy takes a small hit, which Ellen heals as soon as she's able.


As with before, Marcus will be acting as mule for the battle, grabbing us the Armor Slayer from the village.


On the enemy's turn, the remaining forces head north to challenge Allan and Roy.

11-30-2008, 11:28 AM

Thany: Sure!

Looks like our reinforcements have finally arrived.


Dieck: The Pherae family, one of the dukes of Lycia. The duke's son is going to join the Lycia Alliance.

Lot: So we're going against Bern?

Dieck: That's what it looks like.

Ward: A worthy opponent! Time to show some skill, eh?

Lot: Bern... this one's going to be tough. Better be careful.


Thany: But it looks like they're fighting somebody down there.

Dieck: What, a battle's already started? We better hurry!


And with that, we've got four shiny, new troops on our side.


Dieck, the leader of the mercenaries, is a pretty swell guy. Good strength, decent speed and defense, and starting stats high enough to tear into the enemies here with relish, he'll be carrying his weight for a fair while through the game. And if not... well, there's another mercenary later on with better growths, so no harm.


Dieck's supports are also pretty fantastic! Lots of backstory and with good characters too, pairing with one of the few useful prepromotes and a troubadour whom I'm expecting you guys will be forcing into my team no matter what. He's a pretty interesting character overall, so there's a lot to be gained for using him.


Thany's another good recruit, too. She is, without a doubt, a speed demon, with an impressive 60% growth in that stat. She's also a flyer, so terrain isn't a problem and she's great if you're trying to visit villages before they're burned down. Her strength's a little iffy though, and archer's can make short work of her if you're not careful, so be sure to keep an eye out for where you send her. Otherwise, she's pretty solid - keep her around as an anti-mage unit and she'll do fine.


Thany's very likable, and it shows through her supports well. Her selection is a bit iffy, mostly pairing with the other characters in the mercenary troop and the other Pegasus Knights, but the conversations themselves are fairly entertaining, so you have no worries there if you plan on using her.

11-30-2008, 11:29 AM

Wade... well, there's not much to say. He's got good strength growth, but his speed is complete garbage which is the death knell for him since that's what he needs. His constitution's good enough that he'll be wielding axes of all kinds easily enough, but that grows less important as the game goes on and the faster characters start taking the spot light. Odds are he'll be sitting on the bench


His supports are a pretty mixed bunch - Lot, Thany, Dieck, a prepromote we may or may not get and Allan. The conversations are pretty good reads, so he at least has that going for him.


Lot's probably the better of the two fighters, but not by much. In exchange for his increased speed, his strength takes a significant hit, meaning that the enemies he needs to double will be able to shrug off his attacks later on. He's not terrible though, and he's got good defense and great HP so he's a survivor, but there are better axe-fighters out there.


Lot's support selection is virtually identical to Wade's, with the only difference being that he pairs with Lance instead of Allan. Regardless, Lot's a bit weak in his supports, with the other character usually taking the lead, but he's a nice guy.


Anyway, Bors lends a hand and weakens one of the Fighters...


...And I botch things up by having Wolt rescue Roy by accident. Whoops!


Lance finishes the job here nevertheless.


Merlinus is too weak to even serve as an effective decoy, so he's going to spend his time as far away from combat as possible.

11-30-2008, 11:31 AM

Lance whips out an unnecessary critical on the enemy's turn for a mediocre level up.


The remaining Fighter takes a swing at Ellen, but misses.


Lance heals himself up from the fortress here - every turn, he'll restore 10% of his HP so long as he's on a space like this.


Anyway, Lance and Wolt here finish off the Fighters with gusto (the first one doesn't even have a chance of hitting...).


At this point, Marcus's caught back up with the troop and dumps the Armorslayer from before into his inventory, which will come into play later...


At this point, Dieck and company have caught up with Roy's group, and are finishing off the stragglers of the bunch.


Guess we should make this official...

Roy: Who are you?

Dieck: I'm Dieck. I think you've heard the news from an old guy named Merlinus.

Roy: So you're the leader of the mercenary band?

Dieck: It's just a little group, really. I'm sorry we're late. I didn't think that a battle was already going on.

Roy: Well... We have our issues...

Dieck: No, no, we're not blaming you for it. Actually, everyone's all excited and saying that they can show off their skills already.

Roy: Thank you. That is encouraging to hear.

Dieck: All right then, let's get this battle over with, shall we?

11-30-2008, 11:32 AM

Thany was supposed to get a kill here, but the RNG wasn't obliging.


...And he and another Soldier take aim at Allan during their turn. They miss, as expected.


I figure Merlinus, with nothing else to do, could stock up on a bit during the fight. He picks up a pair of Iron Lances to give to Lance and Thany later.


The Pheraen war machine continues its assault.


This is pretty much how it stands right now. All that's left is to lure the enemies up north down and defeat them one at a time before marching onto the boss himself.


This goes as well as you'd expect it.


Lance and Thany team up to defeat this Fighter, but Thany misses (again!) and Wolt takes over for the kill.


...and levels up. It's not bad, but he could use more strength.

11-30-2008, 11:33 AM

Not much to say, other than Alan weathers a few blows in the luring process and gets a decent level up.


At this point, it's pretty much laughably one-sided - the Fighter's have too hard a time connecting, and Soldiers just plain suck.


Look at that motion blur, though.


Thany hasn't been getting that many kills, so I drop an Iron Lance in her inventory and have her take out a few enemies.


With some help from the others, of course.

11-30-2008, 11:34 AM

Dieck didn't need to critical here, but he saves us the weapon use anyway. What a swell guy, eh?


Lance, Roy and Thany gang up on the archer here. (It would've just been Lance, but he missed. Stupid RNG.)


Thany levels up from the kill, and it's a good one.


This is the reason I ferried Marcus back to the group a wild back, so that Roy can get the kill here with the Armorslayer. Roy's fragile even at higher levels, so it's better if we get his growth out of the way early on so we don't have to fiddle with bringing him back up to speed later.

Of course, Rude here is still killing Roy in two hits, so we'll have Roy hold back for now.


Rude: Just when I thought luck was with me...

My suspicions are confirmed when Rude manages to get off a lucky hit here - if I had attacked last turn, he probably would be dead by now.


But he's not, meaning we can always heal him back to full. Ellen gets a level up here though, but I sort of wish she hadn't.


Right, let's try this again.


Rude manages to get off yet another attack here, lucky jerk. Roy responds to this transgression by criticalling him out of the game and grabbing yet another good level up.

11-30-2008, 11:36 AM

Should've thought about that before attacking us, huh?


Ellen gives Roy a little pick-me-up before we conquer the castle.


Merlinus: ...in a room in the basement!

Roy: That must be Ellen's mistress. Have her come here.

Merlinus: Yes.


Guinevere Ellen! Oh, are you all right? I never knew you would do such a brave thing for me... You had me worred, Ellen.

Ellen: I wanted to rescue you no matter what... So...

Guinevere It is fine, Ellen. Thanks to you, I am safe now. [To Roy.] I am in your debt. May I ask your name...?

Roy: I am Roy, son of Eliwood, the Duke of Pherae.

Guinevere Yes... And I am...

Ellen: Your Majesty... Are you sure?

Guinevere It is all right, Ellen. My name is... Guinevere.

Roy: Guinevere?! That's impossible! That's the name of the Princess of Bern!

Guinevere: Yes, that is who I am.

Merlinus: What! Do you plan on attacking us now?!

Roy: Merlinus, wait a second.

Merlinus: I beg your pardon, Lord Roy, but...

Roy: I want to speak with her. Give me some time, will you?

Merlinus: Hmph, if Master Roy says so...

[Merlinus leaves.]

Roy: You are indeed Princess Guineverefrom Bern?

Guinevere: Yes, I am not sure if you will believe me, however.

Roy: Even if you are not the Princess of Bern, I can tell from your actions and your dress that you are certainly somone of hugh social status. But... if you are indeed Princess Guinevere something doesn't seem right. Ellen told me you intended to meet someone from the Lycia Alliance.

Guinevere: Yes, that is correct.

Roy: Why, if you are the Princess of Bern?

Guinevere I want to find a peaceful way of ending the war. I figured if I could speak to someone from Lycia, I could find some solution.

Roy: Your brother started this war. Is it in your power to stop it?

Guinevere I certainly wish to stop it... No, it must be stopped.

Roy: ... I see. Anyway, will you come with us to meet the Lycia Alliance Army? I want to meet Lord Hector andsee what he thinks about this matter.

Guinevere Honestly... You will take me?

Roy: Yes. If there is a possibility to avoid bloodshed and end this war, then I believe that we must try it, no matter how small the chance.

Guinevere Thank you! Thank you... truly.


Next time: Things don't go exactly according to plan...

11-30-2008, 11:48 AM
In ye olden times, ladies of nobility would not lower themselves to breast-feed their own children personally, so they had a servant do it. Often this servant would have children of their own, so you'd get the lord's child drinking from one breast, and the servant's child from the other. Rebecca was evidently the person the duty of feeding Roy fell to, so Roy and Wolt are considered "milk-brothers".

That was my guess and it makes sense. Dragons probably don't breastfeed.

11-30-2008, 11:56 AM
In ye olden times, ladies of nobility would not lower themselves to breast-feed their own children personally, so they had a servant do it. Often this servant would have children of their own, so you'd get the lord's child drinking from one breast, and the servant's child from the other. Rebecca was evidently the person the duty of feeding Roy fell to, so Roy and Wolt are considered "milk-brothers".

If I recall correctly, there's a relation like this as well in FE: Radiant Dawn. I think it's Elincia and Lucia?

11-30-2008, 12:01 PM
Thany's wearing Sailor Mercury cosplay. @_@ We're using her. Just letting you know.

Octopus Prime
11-30-2008, 12:03 PM
That was my guess and it makes sense. Dragons probably don't breastfeed.

DeviantArt say's that they probably do.

11-30-2008, 01:51 PM
DeviantArt say's that they probably do.

Oh man, you just had to go there. D:

11-30-2008, 01:55 PM
DeviantArt say's that they probably do.

DeviantArt says a lot of things I choose to ignore.

11-30-2008, 02:02 PM
Isnt it always the case that the Fighters suck so hard until they class change?

Personally my favorite unit types always end up being Generals or Heroes. I love defense. There is nothing sweeter than hearing that "clink!" noise when they are dealt no damage.

11-30-2008, 02:05 PM
Man, it's taking every ounce of willpower to not upload the installments I've written up all at once here - this stuff gets addictive once you're in the groove. :/ Anyway, welcome back! Last time, Roy, while he had stopped by a village on the border of Bern to meet up with the mercenaries his father, had ran into a priest who's mistress was captured by the lord of the nearby castle. After freeing her, he discovered her to be the princess of Bern, Guinevere, en-route to Araphen to speak with the Lycia League.


The Lycia Alliance had gathered here to discuss the matters of going up against Bern. However, when Roy was only half a day away from Castle Araphen, a messenger brought him news that he could not believe. "Bern has a trio of elite generals called the Three Dragon Lords. Two of these three, General Brenya and General Narshen, had attacked Castle Araphen and nearly decimated the Lycia Alliance Army." Although the morale of the Pherae Army went down severely, Roy led his group towards Castle Araphen to find survivors and check the damage.

Join us now as we see the damage wrought by our...



Zephiel: Good. Bring him before me.


Holy shit, it's Hector! He's... not looking too good.

Hector: Damn you...!

Zephiel: Ah, Lord Hector. I must praise your ability of putting up such a good fight against two of our Dragon Lords. I suppose they do not call you the leader of the Lycia Alliance for nothing. However, you were not good enough. Pray while you can, for you end here.

Hector: Why...?

Zephiel: Hm?

Hector: Bern and Lycia... We were always on good terms with each other. Even when you took the throne, we have always paid our respects towards Bern.

Zephiel: Respect? Don't be ridiculous. Lycia... no, this entire continent must go under my rule. That is the only way to liberate this world. I lack the time to be worrying about such trivial matters as respect.

Hector: To liberate... this world? What do you mean...?

Zephiel: It is of no importance to you. You are going to die anyway. Someone! Take him away! Throw Lord Hector into the dungeon!

Soldier: Yes, sir!


Zephiel: Yes, you may be on your way.

Brenya: ... One thing before I leave, your majesty. I beg your pardon, but I do not think that it is such a good idea to put too much trust into sinister people...

Zephiel: Do you mean Idoun?

Brenya: Yes. Our soldiers call her the 'Dark Priestess' and do not approve of her presence. I understand that she is a Shaman of great powers, however...

Zephiel: Brenya, do you not have faith in me?

Brenya: ...! Yes, of course I do, your Majesty! I just thought that...

Zephiel: Then all you do is follow my orders. Understand?

Brenya: ...Yes. I will do whatever his Majesty wishes.

[Brenya leaves.]

Zephiel: 'Do you not have faith in me?' Dear, dear, the things I say sometimes...


Meanwhile, back outside Roy's running a little reconnaisance...

Chad: Yeah, that's for sure. I saw some of Bern's soldiers take him into the castle.

Roy: Chad, was it? Do you know the inside of Castle Araphen well?

Chad: I guess. ... Wait, are you guys planning on going in to save Lord Hector? I wouldn't try that if I were you. The bulk of Bern's forces are gone, but there are still ad ecent number of soldiers still in the castle, you know? It would be suicide to try and charge them with your army.

Suicidal odds, rag-tag army... feels like we've been here before, doesn't it?

Roy: Perhaps. But we can't afford to lose Lord Hector. And you said that their main forces are gone, right? Then there is a chance we could win.

Chad: I see... Then I guess I'll go along too. I can show you around the castle.

Roy: What?! No, no, don't feel pressured! If you could just explain what the interior of the castle looks lie...

Chad: I also want revenge against Bern. C'mon, let me go with you!

Sorry, Roy, but it looks like he's coming with us whether you like it or not.

Roy: All right. Then I'll be counting on you.

Chad: Of course! Leave locked chests and doors to me!


Guinevere: I beg your forgiveness of my brother's doings... I didn't think he would invade Lycia so soon...

Roy: My Lady, there's no point in dwelling over the past. Please do not blame yourself. Besides, Lycia is still intact. If we could get our leader, Lord Hector, out of harm's way, we can unite Lycia once again and fight! We must recapture Castle Araphen for all our sakes... and for Lilina's sake...

Guinevere: ......

Roy: Let's go!


The battle's a little different than the last two, but it's no big deal. Our first goal is to split up, with Marcus heading for the village to the north while the rest of our forces gather near the one to the east. After that, we'll converge at the entrance and wait out the initial rush before storming the castle and clear out the rest of the Bern forces. Once that's done, we'll loot the chests inside and then take out the boss.


Here's our new recruit, by the way. Chad's our first thief, which means he's got a fair few more uses than the other units. He can steal items from enemies, open chests and doors with a lockpick, and acts as a scout for our units in battles with Fog of War. As such, he won't be seeing much combat, which is good since the thief class is one of the few that doesn't promote and can't really improve much in stats.

If you wanted to get statistical, Chad's pretty good - he gains decent strength and has one of the highest speed growths in the game. If you need to steal something and want someone who'll come out unscathed, then Chad's our man.


He's got... a few good supports, I think. Chad's a pretty nice guy when he's not brooding about the orphanage he's from, and it really shows through his supports. We'll probably be using him, unless there's any calls for me to use the other thieves.

11-30-2008, 02:06 PM

And the fight begins in earnest, with Alan weakening one Soldier and Chad and Wolt killing the other handily.


The surviving Soldier takes a shot at Chad, and somehow manages to dodge Chad's attacks twice in a row. That's some serious luck there.

Alan fixes this, of course.


Meanwhile, Marcus dances with the Soldiers to the north as he heads to the village.


Chad weathers a blow from a nearby archer.

...Hmm? What's this?


Reverend: Of course. We of the Elimine Church will take good care of the orphans. And what will you do, Lugh?

Lugh: I'm going to stay here. I still have things to do.

Reverend: I see... Please do not stress yourself.

Lugh: Yes, thank you.


Boy: Aren't you coming with us, Lugh?

Lugh: I'm going to wait for Chad, and then we'll catch up with you...

Girl: Yay! Chad's coming too?

Lugh: That's right.

Boy: Then I wantRay [sic] to come too!

Lugh: Yeah... It would be great if Ray came back and we could all go together, wouldn't it?

Reverend: Children, we must be off.

Boy: See you later, Lugh.

Girl: Hurry and catch up, okay?

Lugh: Sure. [Children leave.] Sorry... But I've chosen not to run away anymore.


And with that, the Reverend leads the children out of the village.


Lance snatches one of the two Iron Lances Merlinus bought just before and uses it to double this Soldier to nothing.


Meanwhile, Chad and Thany finish off the Archer that was accosting our thief.

11-30-2008, 02:08 PM

I'm assuming this flash of light was Wolt landing the blow here. Anyway, Alan does him a favour and finishes off the Soldier...


And gets a pretty decent level up as well.


Oh, and Marcus kills an Archer.


On the enemy's turn, Roy gets attacked and responds by doubling the Soldier back, netting yet another fabulous level up as a reward.


Marcus proves that even he can be useful by finishing off the remaining Soldier to the north.


Shit, it looks like Zephiel's noticed us.

Narshen: Probably what's left of the enemy are trying to put up a fight in their last hope.


Narshen: No, I do not wish to put the Dark Priestess through any trouble. Do not worry, we can handle them by ourselves...

Idoun: ......

Zephiel: Not this time, Idoun. Send the Dragons back to Bern, as we planned.

Idoun: Yes... if his Highness wishes it to be so.

Narshen: ......

Zephiel: I will be off to Bern soon as well. Narshen, I'm going to leave Lycia up to you.

Narshen: ... What shall I do with the remaining forces of the Lycia Army?

Zephiel: Kill all those that stand against us.

Narshen: ...Does that include women and children?

Zephiel: Of course. Anihilate them enough so that they would no longer even think about going against us.

Narshen: Leave that to me, sire. Hehehe...


Narshen: Well, I think I'll be going as well. Slater, I'm trusting this castle with you.

Slater: Are you leaving?

Narshen: Yes. One of the dukes who turned against Lycia has a special gift for me. He says it's a girl from Eturian nobility or something... Hehehe...

Slater: From Etruria? She must be very beautiful, then!

Narshen: Yes, the duke tells me she's still young but very beautiful.

Slater: I would be looking forward to it if I were you, sir. Please be careful on your way there.

Narshen: You be careful too, Slater. Don't you dare get defeated by these remainders of Lycia's army. If you do, I will personally tear you apart.

Slater: ... Have mercy, sir...!

Narshen: Hahahaha...!


We can recruit Lugh from here, of course...

Lugh: Please let me fight with you! I don't have any useful information, but I can use a bit of magic! Please let me help you!

11-30-2008, 02:09 PM

Lugh is our first offensive spellcaster, and he's a fairly decent one at that. He's got good skill and speed, and can double most enemies easily. The big problem is his magic though - it's the lowest of the three mages and he'll need to get a good score in it in order to be of any use to us. He can become a killing machine if he does though, so let's hope he grows well in that area.


Lugh is a pretty cool guy, being cheerful, caring, and adept with magic. He's a likable kid, and his supports make for nice reads as a result. Even tactically, they're not bad - Lugh's element is fire, meaning that whomever he supports with will get a very nice boost in attack and crit%. So... yeah. He's pretty good!

Lugh's mother, Nino, makes an appearance in FE7. Her character ending in that game if you pair her with Jaffar or Erk mentions her disappearing at one point, hence why Lugh and Ray are left at an orphanage. It's a pity, really.


Anyway, back on the southern front, Alan pops by the other village and lifts a Mend staff from them.


Since Lugh is so far away from the others at the moment, Marcus will be rescuing him and bringing him back to the main party. This'll let him get back to our party in three turns instead of five - handy for those times when you need to bring the party back together again.


Roy heads on the warpath for a bit, spending the next two turns growing fat on the approaching Soldiers.


When the spawning cavaliers approach, Roy falls back and gets some much-needed healing from Ellen.

11-30-2008, 02:12 PM

Oh hey, Marcus's back. Figure I might as well add some conversation between Chad and Lugh...

Chad: Lugh? What are you doing here?

Lugh: We all fled to here.

Chad: Oh... Where's everybody else? Are they all right?

Lugh: Yeah. The Elimine Church is going to take care of them for a while.

Chad: What about you?

Lugh: What?

Chad: How come you're still here?

Lugh: ... The same reason as you.

Chad: !? Lugh, you're not thinking of...!

Lugh: I can use some magic! You know, when I borrowed the Fire spell from Father's room?

Chad: Lugh, don't force yourself. You can't hurt people, can you?

Lugh: But...

Chad: I'm going to avenge Father. Lugh, you should stay with the others.

Lugh: I'm not going to hide anymore! Everyone, everyone just disappears when I'm not looking...! Father, you, even Ray... I want to fight to protect the people that I care for. I want to protect and not just be protected!

Chad: Lugh... All right then, let's crush Bern as soon as possible and go meet everyone else!

Lugh: Yeah!


First, a little trading from Merlinus here...


And Lugh joins in his first battle! Too bad it's disastrous, with Thany missing at the worst possible time.


And leave it to Dieck to humiliate all four of them by taking the other one solo...


Things go better when the other Cavaliers approach, thankfully.


Some help from Roy and Wolt help Lugh grab his very first kill.

11-30-2008, 02:13 PM

Alan and Thany take out the other Cavalier, this time thankfully not missing.


Wolt could use a little healing, of course. He's done his job well, and I don't want to risk losing him at this point in the battle.


Now that all of the reinforcements have been beaten down, it's time to begin the push through the castle proper.


Oh Dieck, you lovable, dominating bastard.


Merlinus will pretty much be parked here for the remainder of the battle. With Marcus and the others phalanxing him in, he'll be perfectly defended for the rest of the fight.

Does he need it? No, but a little security doesn't hurt.


Oh, and Dieck crushes yet another approaching Knight...


Thany takes her turn this time to lure an enemy in.


Which she does with gusto, earning a level up that gives her exactly what she needs.


Shit. I forgot about the Fighter nearby with the Hand Axe. She dodges, thankfully, but still.

11-30-2008, 02:14 PM

Roy continues to do me proud.


Ellen... not so much.


At this point, our forces are splitting - our Cavaliers and Chad head south for the treasure, while the rest head East for the boss.


Lance's unit doesn't do to well (the teal man himself missing twice.)


You know, if it wasn't for the amazingly awesome level ups I've been getting, this battle would've just been one bad turn of luck after another. Now... not so much.


Dieck's as awesome as ever...

11-30-2008, 02:15 PM

Lord almighty, I hate dealing with Knights.


Slater: ... Oh... No..!!!

Roy engages the boss with a well-timed doge.


Chad begins looting the chest, netting us a halberd and some gold.


My goal here was for Roy to weaken Slater a bit for Lugh to finish off, but the RNG refused to oblige me and Roy suffered a heavy blow as a result.


Dieck pulls Roy out of there before he's made into mince-meat.


Lugh gives it a shot, but takes a heavy hit early. Hrm...


You know what? Let's call it a wash and let Roy get off this completely unnecessary critical.

11-30-2008, 02:17 PM

Oh Roy, is there no end to your potential?


Time to wrap this up, I suppose.


Merlinus: ...the dungeon level!

Roy: Really? Is he all right?

Merlinus: He's severely wounded...

Well shit.


Roy: Lord Hector! What an awful wound...! We must treat it! Here, lean on my shoulder.

Hector: It's all right... I won't last much longer...

Roy: Lord Hector...

Hector: I was taken by surprise... I never would have guessed that Bern had resurrected the Dragons...!

Roy: Dragons!?

Hector: Yes... The Dragons that we humans fought in the past...

Roy: The Dragon-Human Wars? I have heard of it. A long time ago, two races that each had half of Elibe, the humans and the Dragons, fought over total control of the continent...

Hector: Right... the "Eight Heroes"... defeated the Dragons and led us humans... to... victory...

Roy: How did Bern use the Dragons?

Hector: I... have no idea... But... the Dragons had control of what is now Bern in the past... and Hartmut, one of the Eight Heroes... is the founder of Bern... Perhaps... the reason... lies there... *cough cough*

Roy: Lord Hector!

Hector: Roy... Go to Ostia...! ...You must... lead what is left of the Lycia Alliance Army... instead of me...

Roy: Me...? But...

Hector: Don't worry... in Ostia... are weapons that... are effective against Dragons...

Roy: Weapons?

Hector: I have already told this to Lilina... Please take care of her too... She... may seem strong... But she is still a child... Please... give... her support...

Roy: ... Yes. I will.

Hector: ... Lilina... Just... one... more...... time...!!!

Roy: Lord Hector!

Hector, no!!


Next time: And the shit keeps hitting the fan, it seems...

11-30-2008, 03:19 PM
Those jerks killed Hector! Make them pay!

Octopus Prime
11-30-2008, 03:42 PM
Chad kind of looks like Tetsuo, except with a different haircut.

And more hair.

Emcee Escher
11-30-2008, 03:44 PM
This is what annoys me about most RPGs.
You have a perfectly good healer, but as soon as some major character gets hurt, they seem to disappear into thin air.

11-30-2008, 03:55 PM
Ellen looks too much like a nun so I'll happily let you swap her when possible. The collection of kids joining your party reminds me of Suikoden 2, the part with the school. So strange...

I think there's a rule stating any rag-tag army has their odds of success increased to make up for being rag-tag. If they're perfectly competent but still look rag-tag, the modifier doesn't go away so odds of victory are actually very high. This is especially prevalent in the Suikoden games, where a schoolgirl, octopus, and squirrel can team up to save the world.

11-30-2008, 04:51 PM
Ellen looks too much like a nun so I'll happily let you swap her when possible.

That's good to hear then - there's another Priest later on with better growths and supports who I was hoping to use.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though. Last we left off, Zephiel's army had smashed the Lycia Alliance forces and severely wounding the army commander, Lord Hector. The Pheraen army had arrived in time to drive off the Bern forces, but only managed to make it in time to hear Hector's last words.


On the way there, Roy passes through the Laus territory, governed by Duke Eric. At a glance, Laus is a peaceful territory with vast meadows and clear streams, but there was great skulduggery going on behind the scenes...

Joins us now as we bear witness to...

Chapter 4: Collapse of the Alliance



Man, take a look at the 'stache Eric grew over the past twenty years. Is growing facial hair one of the prerequisites to becoming a duke, by any chance?

Narshen: I have not praised your wise decision of turning against Lycia to come to our side yet.

Eric: There is no future for us if we are to be chained down by old, moldy traditions, sir.

Oh my, somebody's bitter.

Narshen: [That, my friend, is a wise way of thinking. Now, where is the gift that you promised me? She does not seem to be here?

Eric: Ah, yes! I have prepared her in a separate room. She is a naive girl, you see. When I told her that I would let her meet her brother, she came right along with us. You, over there! Bring her here!


Ah, meet Lady Clarine, the twin daughter of former Magic General Pent and his wife, the Lady Louise. More on her later.

Narshen: Welcome, Lady Clarine.

Clarine: Who might you be?

Narshen: I am Narshen, one of Bern's Three Dragon Lords. My Lady, I shall play with you instead of your brother. Hehehe...

Uh-oh, I don't like the sound of that creepy laugh...

Clarine: Hahahahaha!

Narshen: ? What is so amusing, my lady?

Clarine: You? Instead of my brother? Take a good look in the mirror. Your clothing, your hair, your speech, every aspect of you completely lacks finesse.

Narshen: Lacks finesse?! Me, lacking finesse?!

Clarine: Comparing you and my brother is like comparing a turkey to a peacock!

Oh *snap.*

Narshen: You, you vermin!! Saying that I lack finesse, of all things!

Soldier: Sir Narshen, I have just received a report that Castle Araphen has been retaken by the enemy!

Narshen: What! What happened to Slater?

Soldier: Er... His whereabouts are unknown, sir. The enemy has been reported as Roy, son of the Duke of Pherae.

Whelp, that's our cue.

Clarine: ......

Narshen: Damn! Lord Eric, lock the girl up in some cell. I shall have much 'fun' with her when I return! You, close down the highroad leading to Ostia. This Roy figure might pass by.

Soldier: Yes, sir!


Looks familiar, doesn't it? (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?p=214201#post214201) This chapter's map was borrowed whole-cloth and used in the next game, so you'll probably recognize a lot of what we have to do here.

First off, a lot of the units on this map are of the aggressive type, and will rush our group right from the start, and they'll be spawning for a little while into the battle, so an offensive strategy is mostly out of the question. Since rushing to meet them will only serve to lure the other guys as well, most of our unit will stand tight near the start and hunker down and wait them out - only once they've exhausted themselves will we then begin to move west and take out the guys near the castle.

Like in FE7, pirates will start spawning halfway through the battle, but Marcus and Thany will have visited the villages well before and grabbed the stuff they have, so it's not a big deal so long as things don't go wrong. ...


Our starting formations, thankfully, are very helpful towards this strategy by lumping most of our mounted and armored units near the front, so we'll be able to block off the bridges here right off and wait off the initial rush. Which is handy, since there are a bunch of cavaliers right near the start.


Dieck and Alan prove their muscle by fending off the initial assault, and Dieck even manages to kill off one of them.


Thany visits the village near the start and picks up... a door key? Why do we need a door key in a field...?


Anyway, door key aside, the rest of the mounted units near the start take a beating at the hands of our units. I try to allocate most of our kills to our weaker guys this time around to see whether or not they're worth keeping around.

Octopus Prime
11-30-2008, 04:53 PM
Geez, Paps, you planning on playing through the entire game today?

11-30-2008, 04:53 PM

Chad proves his worth right off by getting a great level up.


Bors and Lance try and take a shot at the remaining cavalier, but manage to miss twice despite the overwhelming odds. Guess everybody's got a bad day, I suppose - good thing Dieck's around to finish things up.


Marcus at the moment is moving West to visit the northwestern village, but this seems to be in error when it ends up luring the enemy to his position...

Meanwhile, back at Castle Laus...

Clarine: They shall pay for locking me up in here...

????: ...Hey.

Clarine: Is someone there?!


Meet Rutger. He's a... well, he's not "nice" per se, but you'll like him once you get to know him.

Rutger: He wants to see you.

Clarine: I refuse. I do not wish to meet with such lower class people.

Rutger: ... Just get over here.

Clarine: Let go! You shall pay! Do you know who I am?!

Rutger: ......

Clarine: Let go, I say!

Oh dear. Better hurry things up, I suppose.


...Yeeaah, I'd say this is roughly the point that I screw things up in the battle. I was hoping to have Marcus make a dash to the village then swoop down and grab something before dropping back, but I miscalculated and ended up bringing the latest swarm to his position. Whoopsie-daisy.


Regardless of the circumstances, Merlinus and the two fighters hole themselves up here for the entirety of the fight - with two layers of manly meat to get through, our Transporter will be guarded from anything and everything for the battle. Not that anything will get up there, but better have him guarded in the corner than slain on the battlefield, right? Right?


Man, why you gotta be like that, nomads?


More mishaps with Lady Clarine, however...

Rutger: Shut up. You won't be able to escape with all the noise you're making.

Clarine: ! Then you're...

Rutger: I've prepared a horse for you over there by that tree. Get on it and leave while you can.

Clarine: ... Why are you helping me?

Rutger: I have hatred against Bern.

Clarine: Hatred?

Rutger: It's none of your business.

Clarine: Putting it that way only makes me more curious.

Rutger: Time's running short. Go!

Clarine: ......

Rutger's got good intentions, but...


...maybe it wasn't the best idea to dump her in the middle of a battle.

Clarine: A proper gentleman should escort the lady to her mansion! Well, putting that aside... I came all the way here on my own to meet my brother, and now look at the state I'm in... What should I do now?

What, indeed?


The good news is that Clarine's first priority is rushing over to the protection of our army, which is helpful... normally. However, with the mounted units to the north breathing down our collective neck, Lance here will have to rescue her, else the other units will tear into her and force us to start all over again.


Roy decides to lend a hand by taking out one of the nomads.

11-30-2008, 04:56 PM
Geez, Paps, you planning on playing through the entire game today?

I played through these updates weeks ago - up to chapter 8x, I believe. I'm just that excited to post these after sitting on them for so long. :/


Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I decide to let Marcus have at it for a while to help even the odds. Even though he's technically the shittiest character in the game, you can't deny that there's a benefit to having a safety net in the form of an "overpowered" unit.


Pirate: People and nobility have so much to worry about. Well, we can't complain 'cause we make our living off of turmoil. Hehehe...

Ah, and here comes the pirates. I like how honest they are about their intentions here - some pirates have reservations about looting and pillaging, but these guys? Naw, it's just a way to make a living to them.



Fuck fuckity fuck is the RNG starting to piss me. Why can't anybody land a hit this chapter? Doesn't help that Lance is weighted down by Clarine (and her horse too?) and can't double. Argh.


Marcus fares better, (un)fortunately.


Now that he's free to move again, Lance falls back and dumps Clarine by Roy. We can't quite recruit her just yet, however...


Anywho, Ellen takes care of Lance's battle wounds and Roy finishes off the cavalier that was harrassing him. Go teamwork!


Now that the enemy surge has subsided, I manage to salvage our formations and hunker down again. Patience is key, here, for more reasons than one.


Regardless of formation, Alan swings by north and weakens the archer a bit. Didn't manage to get a good shot of the battle, though.


While she's there, Thany takes the time to stock up on a few Heal staves for our healers before she visits the village. You can see the pirates in the corner, but they're not a big deal at this point.


And here's more of el mustachio, too.

Rutger: What do you want?

Eric: Our forces are having trouble out there. Take some more troops and assist them.

Rutger: ......

Eric: Didn't you hear? I said to go help them!

Rutger: I heard you. I'll leave as soon as I'm ready.


Eric: Hmph, not the friendliest of people. Well, he's supposed to be one of the best swordsmen out there.

11-30-2008, 04:57 PM

Man, not even the screenshots are complying with me this chapter. At least the level ups are still doing well.




When Clarine's turn comes around, she'll rush to Roy and strike up a conversation. ...Odd that they wouldn't simply let you do it yourself though, but hey! New recruits.

Roy: Me?

Clarine: Who else? You are the leader of this group, are you not?

Roy: Yes.

Clarine: That is most convenient. All right then, you are to protect me.

Roy: Excuse me?

Clarine: Are you deaf? I said that you are going to protect me from harm.

Merlinus: Mind your mouth, young lady!

Clarine: Please step back. I was not addressing you.

Merlinus: What?! Who do you think...

Roy: Now, now, Merlinus. It looks like she's being persued by the castle's soldiers. That's why she wants us to guard her. Right?

Way to take her side, Roy. I thought I could trust you, man.

Clarine: Um, yes! That is correct...

Merlinus: What... what impudence! Our army isn't so lenient that we are going to take along some girl who would be of absolutely no use!

Yeah, you tell her, Merlinus!

Clarine: My name is Clarine, not 'girl'. And I am not of no use! I can use these staves to heal wounded allies.

Roy: So you will fight alongside us?

Clarine: ...Yes! Of course... I would certainly not ask to be protected without doing anything in return!

Roy: Thank you for joining! We're going up against Bern, so we need all the people we can recruit.

Pherae wants YOU to join the army. Contact your local Lycian Lord at the following address...

Roy: I'm Roy. Please to meet you, Clarine.

Clarine: I am also pleased... Hmph! I will not be friendly with you...


Clarine's not bad by any margin - having another healer is always handy, and she's got reasonably good speed and luck to boot so she can dodge pretty much most of what's thrown at her. However, her magic is pretty awful and won't get much better any time soon, so odds are she'll probably be overshadowed by the other healers. Still, she can make for a handy magic wall if you do use her, so she at least has that - make her a full-time healer, and you may very well get around her low magic stat.


Man, I don't know what her parents thought they were doing, but Clarine here is spoiled rotten to the core. It's pretty funny watching her berate the other characters though, and even moreso when they start to sass back, so if you want a good laugh you can always give her supports a shot. Her support with her brother is a little icky though, I don't really recommend it save for the squick factor.

Her parents, as you'll hear later on, are the former Mage General Pent Reglay and his wife, Louise, who take on a more active role in FE7.


Anyway, Thany makes her rounds at the village to the south, netting us our first Angel Robe. You may remember that this item raises HP by 7 points, so odds are this will be going to our more fragile fighters. Like Thany here, for instance, if we decide to use her.


I know low speed normally isn't a good thing, but sometimes it can come in handy when you're trying to raise another character - like Lugh here, for example. Pairing slow characters with underleveled ones is usually key in helping them get the kills you need, so try and aim for an arrangement like this when you can.

11-30-2008, 04:58 PM

In any case, Lugh finally gains a level here, and it's a good one.


The tango with the cavaliers continues, with Clarine using her staves for the first time.


Meanwhile, back in the rear, Lance and Wolt take care of the pirates that have been oh-so-stealthfully sneaking up on us.


Wolt gains a level here, but unlike Lugh's it's none too hot.


And, one turn later from his orders from Eric, Rutger here joins the fight. He's got a killing edge though, and he can kill any of our characters pretty easily, so it's best that you wait for him to come to you instead of the other way around.


The fighters and the archer immediately swarm Alan to try and get a few hits in.


Rutger can only be recruited by Clarine, but her wide range of movement makes waltzing up to him pretty easy.

Rutger: What, you're still here?

Clarine: "Still here"? You just abandon me in the middle of a battlefield, and you still have the nerve to say that?! I could have been killed!

Rutger: Then you're lucky that you're still alive. Is there anything else you need to say to me?

Clarine: Just a minute! You are just going to walk away after abandoning me? I do not think so. A proper gentleman should take responsibility for his actions.

Rutger: Responsibility? What responsibility?

Clarine: If a gentleman rescues a lady, he must also escort her to her mansion! I've never heard any story from any barf of a man just abandoning the lady.

Rutger: ...What in the world are you talking about?

Clarine: Besides, do you not have a grudge against Bern? Then you shouldn't be trying to fight us, who are going up against Bern.

Rutger: What? Wait! Is that true?

Clarine: ? Is what true?

Rutger: Is the army that you're in really fighting against Bern?

Clarine: Yes... the leader named Roy or something said so.

Rutger: ... All right.

Clarine: ?

Rutger: I'm going to join your army. Happy now?

Clarine: Ah... I guess so. Wait! The most important thing is not to fight Bern, but to protect me!

11-30-2008, 05:01 PM

Rutger is almost too good not to use. He's got good strength, great speed, and his high skill and whopping 30% crit boost after promotion means that he'll be hitting enemies very hard nearly all the time. He'll need a Killing Edge before then in order to really make use of his skill, and his low luck means that his dodging and crit evasion aren't as good as the other myrmidon, but once he starts killing you'll have trouble getting him to stop. Rutger's going to be on our team for a long while to come.


Rutger's not the talkative type, but he's got a bit of an interesting past if you're into that sort of thing. A lot of his story revolves around his connection with Bern, so if you want to learn more you'll have to get a few of his supports up first. They're all quite good, well-told - lots of juicy backstory for a character teeming with it.


First battle in, and Rutger's kicking ass and taking names.


Thany makes a stop by the local weapons shop and stocks up on an Iron Sword for Rutger - as amazing as his Killing Edge is, we don't want to go wasting all of its usages up before we need to. She also grabs a spare Javelin to give to Alan as well for him to use.


And now for more pirates! This guy here's a bit of a pain - since he's got a hand axe, you'll have to lure him onto land to take him out at close range, which isn't too easy to do when you're being beset upon by other pirates and can't really afford to let them move onland and start attacking your squishier units.


Interesting seeing Thany and Clarine together like this - you don't get to see the female-only classes together that often.



Dieck takes out another pirate and gets one of the first truly mediocre level ups in this run. He's still doing great, though, so no worries (yet).

11-30-2008, 05:03 PM

Lance and Wolt finish off the remaining pirate with gusto.


Roy and Lugh, not to be outdone, finish off a cavalier as well.


The village that caused the huge mix-up at the beginning of this chapter is finally visited by Alan, picking up the Steel Blade as his reward.


Chad doesn't take to being shot at well, and carves himself up a nice piece of archer steak.


Lugh seems to like his steak well-done and offers to fry it up for him.


More pirate fun. The hand axe guy manages to live another day...


Standing on the water like that makes him a pain in the ass to hit.

11-30-2008, 05:04 PM

Wolt offers to take him out and eats hand axe to the face by accident.


The other, last pirate goes after Dieck and meets an untimely end. Still gotta find a way to deal with that last pirate, though...


Finally, something goes right and he catches wind of Ellen, who successfully lures him ashore.


Eric: I shall teach you the ways of the world!

I was hoping for Alan to lure the archer in the northwest corner instead, but he runs afoul of Eric by mistake by the castle.


Ah, there he is.


Thany and Lance set things up with a little long-range action...


...For Wolt to finish up. I want to give him a few more levels before I decide to keep or drop, as he's gotten a few good levels so far and I'd like to use him if I can. But if there's no helping it, then... well, yeah.


Anyway, Alan sets up the assist for Lugh, who slam dunks the archer to oblivion.



11-30-2008, 05:05 PM

It's go time.


Swing batta batta, swing batta - MISS!


The Armor Slayer goes snicker-snack, and...


Eric: There is no future for those... who try and oppose absolute power...

Eric, being the pissant he is, skips a line in his dialogue here automatically, making it a pain in the ass to catch it. Seems like even in death he's a jerk.


Man, at this point there's no stopping him, is there?


Guess it's time to finish things up, I guess.

Merlinus: Master Roy! The Laus soldiers are retreating.

Seems like the mice of Laus really are no challenge to the mighty Pheraen army.

Roy: Okay, good. Take everyone to get some rest.

Merlinus: Yes.


Roy: I would have never guessed that Lord Eric would turn to Bern's side.

Wait, hold up here. I mean, really? You never suspected that the Duke who helped his father commit open rebellion against the alliance and once tried to kill your father wouldn't switch sides to save his own hide?

Man, it's weird playing this game backwards sometimes.

Roy: I thought the members of the Lycia Alliance had a strong bonding to each other.

Oh, okay then. Suit yourself, I guess.

Roy: Damn Bern! Playing dirty like this!

Guinevere: ... I apologize.

Roy: Oh... I'm sorry! I wasn't even thinking about your feelings...

Guinevere: No... you are right.

Roy: We will now proceed west towards Ostia. But we can no longer trust the other dukes, and now that Lord Hector has passed away, there may no longer be a peaceful way to end this war. My lady, do you plan on returning to Bern? If you need anything...

Guinevere: No, please allow me to stay if it would not be a burden.

Roy: It would never be a burden! But why do you wish to stay?

Guinevere: My brother is wrong. He is dragging the Dragons into a human war. If he thinks that is the way to liberate the world, I must stop him.

Roy: To liberate the world?

Guinevere: Yes, he has always been talking about liberating the world. He is saying that this war is to do so.

Roy: What does he mean?

Guinevere: I do not know... But my brother is not the kind of person that would think about taking over the world. So he must have a very important reason for conquering Elibe. Still, that is no excuse to cause war, killing innocent people...

Roy: Princess Guinevere...

Well, war or not, we've got our own problems to deal with. So, with that...


Next time: A MacGuffin approaches! Command?

11-30-2008, 05:09 PM
I guess you're all sick of me posting so quickly, so... yeah. Updates will resume M-W-F!

11-30-2008, 05:19 PM
I guess you're all sick of me posting so quickly, so... yeah. Updates will resume M-W-F!

Yeah, it's hard to keep up and messes with the "ooh use him!" mentality (even if you have played through the next four chapters already).

So... Clarine is our Serra 2.0? But, like, with a horse?

11-30-2008, 05:33 PM
Yeah, it's hard to keep up and messes with the "ooh use him!" mentality (even if you have played through the next four chapters already).

Gotcha, I'll slow it down. I've gotten the excitement out of my system though, so things will probably even out from now on.

Though if it's character choices you're wondering about, don't fret - where I'm at in the game, we've still got quite a few good character choices we can use, so feel free to try and sway me to personal favourites if you want.

Well, anyway. Serra and Clarine do share a bit in common, but I found the former to be more friendlier about her bitchiness, if that makes sense. Serra was overbearing, but she seemed to actively enjoy the company of those around her (Erk, Matthew, Hector, Florina) or wanted to impress them (Oswin, Lyn?). Clarine? ...Not so much.

11-30-2008, 05:34 PM
So... Clarine is our Serra 2.0? But, like, with a horse?
I never thought I'd say this, but Clarine lacks Serra's charm.

If we get a Matthew-equivalent out of the deal, though, that'll do nicely.

11-30-2008, 05:40 PM
Yeah, I agree she's a couple pegs lower on the charm ladder but I was gonna give her some more time before passing judgment. I can't see this girl acting like Serra did in her Matthew and Priscilla supports at all.

11-30-2008, 05:42 PM
I never thought I'd say this, but Clarine lacks Serra's charm.

I imagine this is a consequence of the amateur localization. They've done a good job but Nintendo of America sets an extremely high standard.

Dynastic Bird
12-01-2008, 02:12 PM
For that matter, is it just me, or is Rutger a sort of Raven prototype with his angsty "I hate Bern" thing? He sort of reminds me of Raven.

No incestuous sister thing, right?

12-01-2008, 03:54 PM
No incestuous sister thing, right?

For Rutger? Nah, he's an only child, as far as the game's concerned. Clarine, though, has a rather squicky relationship with her older brother...

Anyway, welcome back. Last we left off, we had been intercepted by enemy forces at Laus, the end effect teaching Roy that not everyone's to be trusted.


...with Bern against his allies of Lycia. This gave Roy further shock. Lycia, where Roy had grown up is, was no longer a safe to be either. Heading for OStia, Roy decided to move through the mountains, where people seldom want to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Join us now as we learn about the titular...

Chapter 5: Fire Emblem



Man, look at the teeth on that guy.

Bandit: Our guys that went down to the village just got back.

Dory: All right, then let's go on our usual visit to the village and gather up all the loot.

Bandit: Yeah, but boss, something's different today. There's an army stationed real close to us! They look like Lycia's troops.

Dory: Lycia? Then that ain't a problem... They gotta be the remainders of the army that got their ass kicked by Bern. Then we can beat them.

Bandit: Oh yeah, boss!

Dory: Well, we still gotta take our precautions. Maybe we can rake up some loot from them too! All right boys, let's take them on!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mountains...

Merlinus: A villager is here to see you, Master Roy. Hey, you wait just a second...


Roy: Yes. How may I help you?

Villager: Sir! We wish for you to defeat the bandits here!

Cuts right to the chase, doesn't he?

Roy: Bandits?

Villager: There's a pack of bandits that have made their base in an old castle near the cliffs.

Roy: Where are the castle guards?

Villager: They fled once they heard that Lycia lost to Bern... We villagers were left behind. We spend our days in fear of bandit attacks.

Roy: ......

Villager: We have no one else to ask. Please, help us!

Merlinus: Master Roy, we must keep up our pace towards Ostia...

Roy: Yes, I know. But we can't ignore people in need of help!

Merlinus: Master Roy!?

What were you expecting, Merlinus? Random acts of do-goodery is our modus operandi.

Villager: You will help us?! Thank you! Please make use of the gate. It will take you right next to the castle.

Roy: Okay.

Villager: Then I will go and make arrangements for the gate to be opened.

Roy: Merlinus! We're going to the castle to drive off the bandits!

Merlinus: Sigh... So full of energy when you're young.


Though the villager outright stated that the western gate between the mountains is the quickest route, he failed to mention that it's also the most dangerous - opening it will not only resort in us quickly being swamped by enemy units but will also trigger reinforcements in the northwest and southwest fortresses. Also, heading that way will also force us to bypass the village and shop, which is a sacrifice I'm not willing to make.

So, our goal then is to work our way around the mountain in the middle, swinging by the village to pick up the item before making our way to just north of the castle. Then we'll plug the north fortress (cutting off reinforcements there) and then head south to smash the boss and take the castle. Got all that? Okay, let's go.


After moving further north, we cut back to the village up for a second...

Dorothy: Yes, Bishop Yodel. But where did Father Saul go? How am I supposed to guard him if he keeps disappearing?

Where indeed?


Saul: Come now, please don't be so cold. We can sit comfortably tonight and you can listen to my preaching...

Dorothy: There you are! Father Saul!

Saul: Oops. Dorothy...

Looks like he's been caught in the act.

Villager: Well then, good day.

Saul: Please wait! ...tsk tsk... Now look at what you've done, Dorothy. She fled because you advanced upon us with such a scary look on your face.

Dorothy: This is the face I was born with! Father Saul, you were hitting on another girl.

Saul: You make it sound so evil! I was simply offering a helping hand to those poor souls in need.

Dorothy: Why does that have to be tonight?

Saul: ...Well, putting that aside... Did you not have something to tell me?

Dorothy: Oh, right. The Lycia Alliance Army is supposed to be somewhere around here.

Saul: What! Princess Guinevere is still with them, is she not?

Dorothy: Yes, if the reports from the Elimine Supreme Church are accurate.

Saul: Let's hurry! We must go and join that army.

Dorothy: ......

You know, I know and Dorothy knows the real reason why Saul wants to join the party.

Saul: What's the matter, Dorothy?

Dorothy: You want to join because Princess Guinevere is sooo beautiful, right?

Saul: Don't be ridiculous... Come now, we must hurry.

Dorothy: Yes, sir!


Anyway, first order of business is for Merlinus to take an Iron Sword in the inventory and hand it over to Rutger here, so that his Killing Edge doesn't get wasted too soon.

http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi94.png http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi95.png

Moving North, Rutger and Chad take out a nearby Fighter on their approach.


We're just starting to round the mountains here - as you can see, there are a few fighters and mercenaries nearby our position, so we'll just be luring them in closer...


...And taking them out with our party.

12-01-2008, 03:57 PM

Some more bandit killing antics.

http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi101.png http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi102.png

In the middle of it, Roy gets his first bad level up in a long time.


Rutger struts his stuff some more with his new sword, doubling this Fighter down to nearly nothing.


Lugh, seeing an opportunity, jumps in and takes the kill for himself.


Alan likes his fighter on the go, ordering it for take-out. He gets a so-so level up out of the experience.


Lance decides to have a helping for himself as well.


Eh, could be worse.


Thany shows the two Cavaliers what a real level up looks like.

12-01-2008, 03:58 PM

Clarine heals up the party to help prepare for the coming assault.


The nomads gravitate towards Alan, bizarrely enough. Horse-envy, I presume?


Not that I mind, since it gives Ellen the chance to generate the Exp she needs for this profoundly mediocre level up.


Honestly, I'm running out of things to say here - you can only say "so-and-so kills a bandit" so many ways, after all.


A typical Lugh level up for you - Speed and nothing else. He's still got a far ways to fall yet, thankfully.


Kill, kill, kill some bandits...

12-01-2008, 04:01 PM

Back at the start, Marcus is luring a few of the more aggressive bandits up north, where they'll be run through by a waiting Dieck.


Alan visits the village to the north and picks up Gant's Lance. This weapon, as well as two others we'll find later on, belongs to a character from a Fire Emblem adaptation of the game called Hasha no Tsurugi, and are fairly unique to a degree. I don't know too much about the series itself to tell you about the titular character, Gant, but if you want to check it out for yourself serenesforest.net has scanlations of the first seven volumes that you can take a look at.


Lance shish-kabobs another bandit here...


Just checking the nomad's range to see if Thany can sneak in a kill (she can).


She runs afoul of a nearby fighter, though.


Merlinus, if you've been wondering, has spent pretty much the entire battle phalanxed in here by the rejected + Dieck, keeping him protected on all sides.


Alan finishes off yet another bandit and raises his weapon rank.




The shop here contains fire tomes and heal staves, presumably in case Lugh and the healers run short on their supply. I grab a few heal staves and send them off to Merlinus.


Chad dodges a mercenary's strike here.

12-01-2008, 04:03 PM

Chad takes a hit, but manages to eke out a level up from it. It's not that good, though.


The bandits by the gate start attacking Dieck. It's almost comedic how outmatched they are by him.


Cutting it a little close with Chad here. Clarine heals him back up to snuff before anything bad can happen.


Alan, Thany and Lance take the fight to the mercenaries, but only Lance is unable to scratch a kill.

http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi158.png http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi160.pnghttp://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi161.png

Rutger corrects this with a well-timed critical, earning him a kick-ass level up. Luck aside, he's looking quite good this playthrough.


The milk-brothers take out another mercenary together.

12-01-2008, 04:04 PM

I love how sassy Mercenaries tend to be when it comes to criticals.


A lure to the left, a kill to the right.


One of our cavaliers makes a stop here and takes ahold of the north fortress, so that when we head south to the boss we don't have to deal with reinforcements sneaking up behind.


A little more healing wouldn't hurt though.


I made a miscalculation here - instead of taking out the Iron Blade (which would've killed him), I grabbed the sword by mistake and gave him a turn to run free, resulting in Merlinus getting the shock of his life. Good thing Bors is on the job to set him straight.


This is how things stand right now - once we heal ourselves up a bit for the final push, we'll lure the remainder of Dory's forces away, gangstab them, then swarm him and beat him senseless.


First, here's the healing...


Now here's the fighting.

12-01-2008, 04:05 PM

The Bandit manages to miss Lance despite having the advantage, which is pathetic. The Mercenary, meanwhile, takes on Rutger and learns why you never mess with a Myrmidon wielding a Killing Edge.


The bandit takes a shot at Clarine, but misses as expected.


Lance sets up the assist...


And Wolt grabs the kill, earning a decent level up.

http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi189.png http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee231/PapillonReel/FE%20Sword%20of%20Seals%20Chapter%205/FireEmblem-FuuinnoTsurugi190.png

Here, have some more tag-team action.


Some more healing, some more fighting...


This whole time Dieck's been slowly making his way to the gate, prompting this finely-dressed villager to open it up for him.

12-01-2008, 04:07 PM

Dory's not amused, of course.


Lance lands a fortuitous critical here, ridding us of the Hand Axe wielder finally.


He could use a little pepping up, honestly.


Huh, not bad. Normally Magic is a rarity for Clarine, since her growths are pretty low in the stat.


Thany moves south and helps Dieck out a bit.


Once she's done, she heads for the other fortress to block off reinforcements there too.


God damn is Dieck ever rocking out this time. At this rate, it's going to be a pain deciding between him and the other mercenary.


Anyway, it's boss-time. Dory's wielding a Killer Axe of his own, and we're going to have to bait him to switch to his Hand Axe in order to engage him with any safety. When you're dealing with bosses like this, it's always safety first.

12-01-2008, 04:09 PM

Lance switches to an Iron Sword for extra protection from axes.


Dory: ...one of my blows! You over there, you wanna try?


Let this be a lesson to you, everyone: you don't need to take a blow if you can dodge it instead.


Rutger tries to critical him right out here, but misses his chance, forcing a rescue on that turn.


Next time, things go much more smoothly.


Dory: No... I don't wanna... die yet.

Life's a bitch, ain't it?




Time to wrap this up, I suppose.


Merlinus: Master Roy! Some Priest from the Elimine Church is here looking for you... and Princess Guinevere!

Roy: He knew that Princess Guinevere was with us?

Merlinus: Yes, I wonder how.

Roy: ...I don't know either. Anyway, I'll go talk to him by myself.

Guinevere: Roy, I will be fine. I also wish to meet this priest.

Roy: Princess?

Guinevere: The relationship between my brother and the Elimine church has been becoming bitter lately. I do not believe that the Church would be hostile to us.

Roy: I see. Well then, Merlinus, let the priest past.


Saul: I am Saul, a priest of the Elimine Church.

Roy: Please to meet you.

Saul: And also... Oh! You must be Princess Guinevere! You are so beautiful, as the rumors tell!

Guinevere: ...?

Apparently, Guinevere's never been hit on before?

Saul: Ahem... Your Highness, I wish to know the location of the 'Fire Emblem.' You have it with you, do you not?

Guinevere: !! How did you know that?

Saul: The Head Church in Bern informed us that the Fire Emblem had mysteriously disappeared from the Temple of Seals. They also informed me that you left at exactly the same time.

Guinevere: ......

Saul: I was sent by the Church to confirm the truth. Why did you take the Fire Emblem?

Guinevere: ... I wished to stop my brother.

Saul: Your brother... Zephiel, the king of Bern.

Guinevere: Yes.

Saul: Do you know what the Fire Emblem is used for?

Guinevere: ...The Fire Emblem is a key that awakens the sword that was used to slay the mighty Dragons in the past. Or, that was what my father told me. But I am unsure about how exactly the Fire Emblem or sword work. However, the possibility of the Fire Emblem falling into enemy hands seemed to worry my brothera lot.

Saul: So, you took the Fire Emblem, hoping that to make your brother believe it fell into enemy hands so that he would stop his conquest?

(This line is actually spoken by Guinevere, for some reason. A quirk in translation, perhaps?)

Guinevere: Yes... but war broke out anyway.

Saul: As a representative of the Elimine Church, I wish to ask you this: What do you plan to do from here?

Guinevere: ...Must I answer at this moment?

Saul: Ah, so Your Highness has a plan.

Guinevere: Yes, I have not given up hope of settling this war without bloodshed.

Saul: I see. In that case, please allow me to accompany your journey.

Guinevere: I apologize, Roy.

And with that...


Next time: It's a whole bunch of traps.

12-01-2008, 04:38 PM
I'm not sure I understand Merlinus's escorts at the Unpopular Lunch Table. Can you bring every unit you have onto every map? Is it more advantageous to sideline enough units to box him in rather than having the extras move out and support the offensive?

12-01-2008, 04:41 PM
I'm not sure I understand Merlinus's escorts at the Unpopular Lunch Table. Can you bring every unit you have onto every map? Is it more advantageous to sideline enough units to box him in rather than having the extras move out and support the offensive?

We don't get access to the preparations screen until next chapter, so we're pretty much forced to bring Lot, Ward and Bors along for the ride, which is a pain since they're not all that good. Mostly I kept them by Merlinus so they'd stay out of the way and let the others get more experience.

Dynastic Bird
12-01-2008, 07:01 PM
Is Saul related to Sain? I'm kidding; there's sadly little connection between Lyn's mercenaries and FE6. Then again, they were created solely for the Americans...

But really. Does he pair up with Clarine by any chance >_>?

12-01-2008, 08:02 PM
You know, that's something I never really thought about before. Does that mean the Japanese FE7 actually didn't have a pair of red and green cavaliers?

Character comments -- Too bad about Hector, but at least he went down fighting two Dragon Lords at once. Dieck and Rutger are looking like sure bets, and here's hoping that Wolt and Thany stick around.

Anyway, this is a rock-solid LP so far, Papillon, for a game I always wanted to play, but wasn't likely to. Thanks!

12-01-2008, 08:49 PM
You know, that's something I never really thought about before. Does that mean the Japanese FE7 actually didn't have a pair of red and green cavaliers?

No. Lyn's Tale was created as an introduction to the series for Americans, but it (and its associated characters) still appear in the Japanese version. This seems to have irritated the Japanese veterans of the series to no end.

12-01-2008, 08:53 PM
No. Lyn's Tale was created as an introduction to the series for Americans, but it (and its associated characters) still appear in the Japanese version. This seems to have irritated the Japanese veterans of the series to no end.

And here's proof! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqWUmEaUooc&feature=related) Well, that the characters are in the Japanese game, that is.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to link that.

12-01-2008, 09:03 PM
Are there any good web pages that detail localization changes in the English versions? Like the desperate attempts to tone down the incestuous undertones and whatnot?

12-01-2008, 09:36 PM
It wouldn't be Fire Emblem without the implied incest. Unfortunately.

12-01-2008, 09:55 PM
Are there any good web pages that detail localization changes in the English versions? Like the desperate attempts to tone down the incestuous undertones and whatnot?

Serenes Forest (http://serenesforest.net/general/local.htm) has a list of a lot of the changes made from the localization process. Most of them are name changes, but there are a few gameplay switches in there as well.

12-02-2008, 04:02 PM
Yeah, I know I said M-W-F, but this week is the end of the term, and it's so boring. Well, anyway welcome back. Last time we left off, we had just driven off a group of bandits on our way to Ostia when we were confronted by a priest from the Elimine church about the location of the Fire Emblem, revealed to be in the hands of Princess Guinevere.


Roy and company crossed the mountains and entered the Thria lands, located to the southeast of Ostia. Thria is governed by Lord Orun, a half brother to Lord Hector and known for his peaceful and calm personality. Orun’s home castle seemed to be a safe place to stay for Roy. However, Bern had its reach in the lands of Thria as well.

But before we begin…


We now have access to the preparations screen!

Before we begin the chapter, we're given the chance to regroup, giving us time to decide our team and re-equip them as we see fit. We can also take a quick peak at the map as well and alter our formations, and save our preferences as we see fit. Though it's admittedly odd that they would give you it before you know the circumstances surrounding the battle (which is later corrected in the later GBA entries), needless to say we'll be making good use of this screen.


The menus are a little archaic compared to the later games, but it's easy enough to figure out how everything works. The trade menu is a bit tricky due to how redundant a bit of it is, but we'll have to make due nonetheless.


We'll just take care of a few things here, dumping the Angelic Robe and Javelin we've had for a while now into our inventory...


And that'll be it for now. So join us now as we narrowly evade a few...

Chapter 6: Traps



Hey, it's Cath. She won't be joining us for a little while yet...

Cath: Hmm, the room to the north seems to have treasure, but the security is so tight... Are those footsteps?


Soldier: Yes, our soldiers are stationed all around this area.

Wagner: Lead them into the castle and ambush them, just as we did with Lord Orun.

Gasp and alarm!

Soldier: Yes, sir

Wagner: I want Princess Guinevere alive. The rest you can do with as you wish. Now go. Hahahaha... The Silver Wolf's granddaughter and now Princess Guinevere... If we have this much to offer, Bern will be sure to allow us on their side.

Cath: Hmmm... Now this is getting interesting...


Roy: I wonder. That man said he was Lord Orun's advisor...

Merlinus: Wagner? Does he bother you in any way?

Roy: He seemed to be in control of everything, as if he owned the place. And we can't even go near Lord Orun because he's ill? Something seems wrong...

Merlinus: Hmm... come to think of it, you do have a point, Master Roy.

Saul: Excuse me, Master Roy. There seems to be an awful lot of soldiers patrolling the area.


Roy: What? No...

Dorothy: You noticed? Impressive.

Roy: !? Show yourself, intruder!

Cath: Hi!

Hi there, yourself.

Roy: And... who might you be?

Cath: Aw, we can talk about me later. You know, I was overhearing that Wagner guy's conversation in the main hall, and they said they're going to ambush you guys.

Roy: Lord Orun would never do that!

Cath: Oh yeah, that person's dead. That dark magician assassinated him or something.

...S-so casual...

Roy: What!?

Cath: And he's going to capture you guys and turn you into Bern so they can join up with them.

Merlinus: Hold it, Master Roy! Don't trust people like this so easily!

Yeah, a Lycian advisor would never be untrustworthy! Like Eric, for example... oh, wait.

Cath: You can believe me or not, it's up to you. But don't come crying to me when you find yourselves in trouble!

Guinevere: Roy... If what she says is true...

Roy: Let's set a trap. We'll pretend like we're leaving, if Wagner is after us, he'll do something to persuade us to stay.

That's... actually a good plan. Are you sure you take after Eliwood, Roy?

Cath: If you're gonna go outside, use the room in the north! That room leads to the courtyard, so you'll be out of here in no time. Good luck!


Wagner: Oh, Master Roy! Where are you going? We will escourt you into the castle, so please come this way.

Roy: My apologies, sir, but I have just received a report of a matter of importance. Excuse us, but we must be going now.

Wagner: Oh... But I surely cannot see you off without paying my respects and offering you a place to stay! Lord Orun would never forgive me for that! Please, Master Roy, will you not just spend one night here with us?

That's one suspicion confirmed...

Roy: Do not worry, I shall tell Lord Orun myself that you are not to blame. I ought to pay my respects to him, anyway. Please show us to his room.

Wagner: Like I said, Master Roy, Lord Orun is ill and cannot see you.

That's two...

Roy: I am sorry, sir, but if we cannot see him, then we have no reason to stay here. We are in a hurry. Excuse us, but we must be off.

Wagner: You are leaving... No matter what?

Roy: ......

Wagner: Then I have no choice but to kill you now! Everyone! Attack!

And that just about confirms the whole dang thing.

Roy: Damn! So they were after us!

Saul: Master Roy! Even if we escape this way, we'll just be attacked from behind!

Roy: Then we'll take over this castle! Everyone, follow me!


This map is a lot simpler than it looks.

First off, we've got to deal with the enemies patrolling the hallways, who'll rush us right from the start. Lance and Allan will head left and right respectively and head off the soldiers there while everyone else will fan out near the middle and swarm the larger group as it approaches. Once they're dealt with, we'll open up the rooms on both sides and loot the treasure and recruit the character that's in there, then head for Wagner's room and smash his forces, taking the throne for ourselves.

Got all that? Then let's go storm the castle.

12-02-2008, 04:05 PM

Out of the three healers we've got, Saul is easily the best of the bunch. With decent stats all around, Saul's role as healer and, later, light-magic user will do us well over the course of the game. His only real weakness is his low Luck growth, but luck's overrated anyway. Needless to say, he'll have a spot on our team for a long while to come.


His supports are also pretty great, being some of the funniest in the game, though the downside is that they're with pretty poor characters overall. Still


Dorothy, on the other hand, is... well, she's not bad (in fact, she's better than Wolt by a fair margin). She's got good strength and speed, and her luck isn't too bad either. However, we don't really need more than one or two bow users and the milk-brother himself isn't turning out too badly. I'll probably use her for a bit to see if she turns out well, but odds are I'll probably bench her and use Wolt instead since he's already doing fine.


Her supports are pretty okay, at least, so you don't have to worry about that if you do use her. Her support with Saul is really entertaining, and also supports with Clarine well enough.


Anyway, we start fixing up our formations as I mentioned - Lance and Alan head for the hallways while everyone else waits for the rush through the middle.


In one of the rooms, a nomad girl ponders the growing din...


The incoming soldiers begin to swarm around Lance and Alan, eating a face-full of lance in the meanwhile.

12-02-2008, 04:06 PM

During the middle of it, Alan gains a level up. A good one, too.


To be honest, the next few screenshots are pretty much the cavaliers killing soldiers left and right - the other guys don't really start fighting for a few turns yet.


Not to be outdone by his comrade-in-arms, Lance also gets a good level up.




There we go now. The mages are the first to meet our team head-on and get cut down and shot down respectively.


Next come the soldiers, one of which falls to Chad and Lugh.

12-02-2008, 04:08 PM

And another level up as well. Things aren't looking too good for Lugh, to be honest.


Rutger, Roy and Alan shred a few more Soldiers with style.


Lance's strength was a little too low to take out one of the soldiers, so he'll have to fall back for now and heal up instead of risking falling to the swarm.


Speaking of which, I should dump a few Heal staves in Saul's possession, shouldn't I?


Healed up, Lance resumes his Soldier-killing.


Chad and Roy come under fire from the two knights approaching. Chad dodges while Roy does not.


Alan's been taking a few big hits over the last while and is looking ripe for healing.


Once Lance and Thany clear out a few more soldiers, of course.

12-02-2008, 04:08 PM

Dorothy, Wolt and Lugh spend a little time softening up one of the soldiers here, since their strength and magic are too low to deal any appreciable damage.


Dieck, on the other hand, is more than strong enough to finish it off.


Roy finishes off the remaining soldier with his Rapier, his impressive development continuing unabated.


And... yeah. That's pretty much it right there. All that's left to kill are the forces in one of the treasure rooms and Wagner's squad himself.


Alan's taken a few blows and gets healed up by Saul.


The remaining soldiers start taking swings at Thany and Roy.


While Wolt and Chad finish them off next turn.

12-02-2008, 04:10 PM



Saul and Dorothy take care of a few more things, of course, while Roy heads south to meet up with a familiar face.


It's Cath!

Cath: ...throats now. Suppose I'll take what I can while I can.


The requirements for recruiting Cath are a little arcane - you have to talk with her three times before she'll join, and she won't even turn into an NPC before then so you'll have to be careful not to kill her by accident. She's pretty good though - the best of the three thieves by far - so it's worth the trouble to be sure.


Conversation one, engage.

Cath: Oops...

Roy: Wait!

Cath: Hey, what do you think you're doing? Let go of my arm! Ow! That hurts!

Roy: Oh, I'm sorry. But... What are you doing here?

Cath: Well, um, you know, it's complicated. I have things to do, you see? Hahaha...

Translation: She's looting the castle for everything it's worth.

Roy: Things to do? Here? In a battlefield?

Cath: Dummy, it's because this is a battlefield... ...Whoops, better watch my tongue.

Roy: Do you have some motive that we're unaware of?

Roy's pretty thick, here.

Cath: Ulp.

Roy: Wait, is that why you told us the escape route...?

Cath: Um, what? I have no idea what you're talking about!

Roy: Who are you..?

Cath: Now, now, don't worry about such trivial things! Oh, I gotta go. Bye!

Roy: Hey, wait!


As mentioned, Cath will remain an enemy until we eventually recruit her, but to her credit she's pacifistic and won't actively engage any of our units. She will, however, start to loot the treasure in the castle, so we'll block off the hallways with our units and force her through the middle so she'll flee.


In any case, with the majority of Wagner's forces gone you can take whatever time you need to prepare your troops and collect treasure.


The first treasure room on the right contains a Silver Lance and 2000 gold. The money goes directly into our purse while the Silver Lance will probably go to Merlinus.

12-02-2008, 04:11 PM

One of the units by Wagner's room, a soldier, takes Thany's bait and falls to her lance. Thany also levels up and it's still quite good despite the lack of strength.


Chad continues his looting, of course, this time grabbing us an always-useful Killer Axe.


The mage here is completely passive, so luring him in won't work - Thany will have to fly in and Javelin him to death at close-range.


A Goddess Icon (raises Luck) and Short Bow enter our inventory this time, the former going to Merlinus when Chad's stock grows full.


Roy starts his way up the west hall, for reasons you'll see later...


Thany, meanwhile, tangos with the mage from before, killing him and raising her weapon rank.


One of the other mages from before rushes her, and she tries to deal with it defensively. She misses her second shot however, forcing a heal on her next turn.

12-02-2008, 04:12 PM

Like so.


Her strength growth is slowing noticeably enough. She's still got a fair bit of ways to fall yet, and odds are she'll beat out the next Pegasus Knight anyway.


Chad and Roy convene by the upper-left room here. Chad then unlocks the door here...


...So that Roy can recruit the unit inside.

Roy: What? What's a girl doing here?

Sue: ?... You aren't a person from the castle?

Roy: Who are you? Oh, my name is Roy.

Sue: I am Sue. Are you causing the noise outside?

Roy: Noise?

Sue: The noise of a battle.

That was probably Alan then, since he was the one busy slaughtering soldiers on this side of the castle.

Roy: Oh yes. We're fighting the denizens of the castle. It's a long story...

Sue: I see. Then I am on your side.

Roy: ?

Sue: The castle's residents are my enemies as well.

Roy: What? What do you mean...

Sue: Please give me a bow. I will fight alongside you.


And with that we've got a new recruit.


Sue here is the first of the two nomads we'll be getting over the course of the game, and though she's easily the weaker of the two, she's still quite good in her own right. Her greatest strength is that she's one of the faster units in the game with a whopping 60% growth in that stat, and odds are she'll probably max that stat at some point. She also has good luck, and her status as a nomad gives her some of the best mobility out of the other classes. However, the problem is that her strength's low, only 30%, and we'll have to keep an eye on it to see if we'll use her or not.


Her supports are a mixed bag. She's one of Roy's potential suitors, and can also support with Wolt, the other nomad, a prepromote we probably won't get and the game's resident gamebreaker unit. None of them are particularly interesting and aren't helpful tactically, so you can take it or leave it.

Her father, Rath, takes a more active role in the game's sequel, Blazing Sword, as you may recall. Here, though, he doesn't even get a single mention, which is... odd, to say the least. I guess he wasn't that good of a father?

12-02-2008, 04:13 PM

Anyway, Thany starts taking out the other mage with her Javelin.


To prepare for the final rush, Saul hauls ass and heals up the rest of the team.


Chad opens up the next treasure room with his trusty lockpick.


Sue grabs the Short Bow from before so she can join in on the fun and leave some more space for Chad to loot.


Saul heals up Lugh, generating a pretty eh-worthy level up.


Chad's a fair bit behind, so Sue and Thany play piggy-back and help him catch up.


A little more healing from Saul before we begin...


And now we're set to grab the last treasure and take out Wagner.

12-02-2008, 04:13 PM

There are a few enemies inside the room, so we send our forces in one-by-one to take them out. Here, Roy and Lugh off a particularly sturdy knight.


Next goes the soldier, who falls to Rutger's Killing Edge.


I tried to find a bow here for Sue to use to kill the mage, but none of them were able to generate the strength she needed to kill him.


Resulting in him getting a turn to run lose. Grr.


Chad gets in a few good hits here.


And Lugh finishes him off next.


Saul commences his usual healing...


Okay, the knights here are actually immobile for the most part, but they're both equipped with Javelins. On their own they're not a big threat, but we'll have to defeat them if we want to defeat Wagner with any speed or safety.


There's an Unlock staff in this chest, in case you were wondering.

12-02-2008, 04:14 PM

I let Lugh take the kill since he was nearing a level up, but he continues to disappoint. As it is, I'm on the verge of giving up on him.




At some point during his healing, Saul gains another level up. It's pretty terrible, to be honest.


Wolt and Lugh take out another knight...


And Roy engages the boss.

Wagner: Well then, I have no choice. Witness my magic... And bow down to its power!


Wagner's pretty tough - as innacurate as he is, he can dodge a majority of the time and dish out a lot of hurt if he connects. He's pretty slow so he won't double, but you have to watch out just in case.


A few more turns of whiffing as Wagner knocks our team down one-by-one...

12-02-2008, 04:15 PM

...And it's time to bring out the big guns.


Sure it was.


Onwards and upwards, I guess.


Sue: Grandpa is the strongest warrior in Sacae. People call him the 'Silver Wolf.'

Roy: The Silver Wolf... I have heard of him. But what are you doing in Lycia? Sacae is to the east.

Sue: Bern invaded Sacae, so we of the Kutolah clan have decided to fight. So grandpa let the women and children escape to Lycia, but...

Roy: But?

Sue: There was a traitor. The Djute clan, who have turned to Bern's side, ambushed us.

Roy: ......

Sue: We were all separated. I found my way into these lands and I was rescued by Lord Orun. But his advisor Wagner assassinated Lord Orun and took over the castle.

Roy: And then you were captured.

Sue: Is your army fighting Bern?

Roy: Yes, Bern has invaded our lands as well.

Sue: Then let me go with you. Fighting Bern will let me rescue grandpa.

Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Sue - we're not even sure if we're taking that route yet.

Roy: We're headed for Ostia. It's in the opposite direction as Sacae, but is this okay with you?

Sue: I don't mind. No matter where we are, neither our Mother the Earth or our Father the Sky will ever disappear.


Merlinus: The spy I send to Ostia has just returned, and he says that Ostia is in a state of chaos!

Roy: What!?

Merlinus: There's been a rebellion among those who want to surrender to Bern.

Roy: Is Lilina safe?

Merlinus: The spy says that she has been taken as a hostage. Currently, the rebel group has taken over Castle Ostia and are fighting the soldiers who wish to retake the castle and Lady Lilina.

Roy: We must hurry to Ostia! Lilina, please be safe!

So... that's a wrap, then?


Next time: Quit dragon your feet.

12-02-2008, 04:24 PM
Cath is awesome. "Oh yeah, he's dead - you didn't hear about that? Oh well, now you know! ^_^"
Dorothy has a weird face. Not a fan of her.
Thany's going to max out speed in no time, isn't she? @_@
Sue: Yay archer nomad girl! I shall call you mini-Lyn.

Unlike the previous Fire Emblem LP, I now know what we're looking for in stats and damn some of those guys are turning out lousy! Roy will be emperor of the world at this rate but some of those dudes will end up level 20 stablehands if you let them.

12-02-2008, 04:29 PM
Unlike the previous Fire Emblem LP, I now know what we're looking for in stats and damn some of those guys are turning out lousy! Roy will be emperor of the world at this rate but some of those dudes will end up level 20 stablehands if you let them.

This isn't a coincidence, either. The PC cast of FE6 is weaker (by leaps and bounds) than the PCs of any FE game since. There are very few units who are slam dunks, the prepromotes as a whole are virtually useless, and Roy, one of the better characters, doesn't promote until near the very end, so once he reaches level 20 you basically have to keep him out of the fray for a long time.

Fortunately Reel's still got a bunch of the better characters still on tap.

12-02-2008, 04:35 PM
Fortunately Reel's still got a bunch of the better characters still on tap.

Yep. In the next four or five chapters we'll be picking up some of the very best characters in the game, so a lot of the weaker characters we've been putting up with will soon ride the bench as we swap them out.

My guess for the overall weakness of the characters was that the developers intended to balance them out with the promotion gains, which are every bit the definition for obscene (5 HP and 2-3 points in almost every other stat for each class) but the problem, of course, is getting them there in the first place when they're refusing to grow. As it is, the PCs in this game are mostly pretty sad.

Though the game does have a few good gamebreakers - [Gonzales] on one of the routes, for example, is even more broken than Dart, if you can believe that. Just that it's not even, is all.

12-03-2008, 10:17 AM
Welcome back. After being tricked into staying at a castle by a traitorous Wagner and returning the favour by invading his castle and killing him, we now find ourselves on-course to Ostia, where a rebellion has recently broken out.


According to the information that he had gathered on the way, General Leygance, one of Lord Hector's advisors, had started a rebellion with Lieutenant Devias to sell Ostia to Bern. Lilina had been captured and taken hostage by Leygance. She was then imprisoned inside Castle Ostia, probably because Leygance thought that he could use her for something later on. Hearing that report, Roy and company entered Ostia city in an effort to rescue Lilina.

Ostia, the largest and most active city in Lycia, was to become a battlefield, stained with blood...


Using the same team before with a few additions, join us now as we face off against the...

Chapter 7: Rebellion at Ostia



Devias: They've been quiet so far, sir. But the mercenary knights from Ilia that Hector hired are showing no submission.

Leygance: Hmph! What's wrong with them? We're telling them we'll pay more!

Devias: Well, Ilia's mercenary knights are known never to betray their masters.

Leygance: You fool! I know that! General Narshen is going to arrive soon! If we don't have Ostia under our control by then, he'll laugh at us!

Doesn't Narshen laugh at everyone, though? Hell, he'll probably laugh at you anyway for wearing purple armor and having a fat man with a moustache as a lieutenant.

Devias: O-of course, sir.

Leygance: We may have to use Lilina to bargain with the mercenary knights... If we use her as a hostage, they should surrender to us. But that must be a last resort. We will fight them ourselves with the help of Dragon Knights sent from Bern to crush Ilia's forces!! Devias, I want you to clear out the town and guard the castle gate. I will defend the inside of our castle.

Devias: Yes, sir!

Seems Leygance hasn't noticed our approach yet. Back to camp!


Roy: ...have joined the rebellion?

Merlinus: Quite a few, I'm afraid. They have forgotten their loyalty towards Lord Hector, and are simply flocking towards the one with more power, which is Bern. How disgraceful!

Roy: I see...

Merlinus: But there is good news. too, Master Roy! There is a band of mercenary knights from Ilia that are willing to join forces with us and attack the rebels.

Guinevere: Mercenary knights from Ilia?

Merlinus: Yes. They said that they signed a contract with Lord Hector that they would fight Bern alongside Ostia's troops.

Roy: That's fortunate. But when the mercenary knights hear the news, that Lord Hector has passed away, that contract would probably be broken. Do you think it's possible for us to officially hire them into our service?

Merlinus: I would have thought so too, Master Roy. However, they already knew of Lord Hector's death. They offered to fight alongside us anyway.

Guinevere: Why do they go that far, when they are mercenaries?

Merlinus: Ilia is a snowy area with a harsh temperature, so the land isn't very arable. Therefore, sending out mercenaries to fight for pay is one of Ilia's main sources of economic input. I've also heard that mercenaries from Ilia put trust over anything else and that they never betray their employers. The rumors are true, I see.

Roy: Then they should be powerful allies.

Merlinus: Yes! Fortune is still with us, Master Roy! But... I heard from the mercenary knights that one of the Three Dragon Lords is coming here with a legion of Dragon Knights. If they should join the rebels, then our chances of defeating them would become extremely slim.

Guinevere: Roy... what are you going to do?

Roy: The Kingdom of Etruria might join us.

Guinevere: Etruria?! Would that be possible?

Roy: General Cecilia, the Sorcery GEneral of Etruria was my teacher in battle arts while I was studying in Ostia. I have a feeling that she would be willing to join forces with us.

Merlinus: I would object, Master Roy! If we depend on Etruria to solve our own matters in Lycia, we'll be sure to be their laughing stock for decades!

Until, y'know, Bern invades them too.

Roy: Yes, I know that... But this is truly an important matter for Lycia. I think that we should go for the safest and most definite option rather than worry about the consequences and do nothing, which would most likely lead to the extinction of Lycia.

Merlinus: ...Master Roy.

Roy: We have to move quickly! I'll write a letter to General Cecilia. Merlinus, I need you to get the letter to her as quickly as possible.

Merlinus: ...Yes, Master Roy! You are right. I shall send the letter to her as soon as you are ready.

Roy: All right, everybody! Let's retake Ostia!


Woof, this map's a bit of a doozy. There are a lot of powerful enemies here to deal with, quite a few recruits to re-hire into our services, a few dangerous reinforcements we'll have to deal with, and lots of treasure to collect. This is also the first map with a colosseum to take advantage of, so we'll be paying a visit there later.

Our first objectives then, are to recruit the Ilian Mercenaries as soon as possible and clean out the enemies near the start. Once that's done, we'll begin looting the treasure from the nearby houses and, after waiting out a small pack of reinforcements, make use of the arena to our heart's content. Then we'll take out Devias and remove him from the throne.


First order of business is for Thany to stop by the nearby village here, netting her a Killing Edge. Odds are this will go to Rutger.


Lugh here heads north to bait in the nearby knight. He's strong enough to take a hit and fast enough to still dish it out, so he'll be fine.


Wolt, Lance and Alan conspire to take down this knight, but are one point of strength short of the mark. Alan was also missing an Iron Lance, presumably.


Anyway, Chad heads to the village here for a chat with an old man.

12-03-2008, 10:18 AM

He gets the Torch staff from it though, which... isn't all that useful, to be honest.


Wolt finishes off the knight next turn, earning a so-so level up as a reward.


See? Lugh can take it.


A fair majority of the units on this map are aggressive, meaning that you'll be rushed from all angles by enemy after enemy if you're not careful. You'll have to take them out as they approach while keeping your formations strong.


Thankfully, reinforcements finally arrive. Meet Zealot and Treck, two of the Ilian mercenaries we heard about.

Zealot: All right, we're going too. Let's go and drive off the rebel forces!

Treck: Will do, sir.

Zealot: Wait, where's Noah?

Treck: Ummm, I think he went to the arena a while ago. He said he's coaching a young girl in the sword arts.

Zealot: That Noah, a coach? That's unusual... Well, no matter. Once he finds out that we're attacking the rebels, he'll catch up to us.

Treck: Yup.

Zealot: All right, let's go.


Thany and Roy join in on beating down one of the soldiers.


Here, I was hoping that Wolt and Sue would be able to shoot down the mercenary here so that one of the cavaliers could head off another enemy, but a couple of misses force my hand.


Lance weakens the mercenary down like the others should have, netting him an amazing level up.

12-03-2008, 10:19 AM

Alan then finishes him off. He takes a hit though, but Saul''s ready and willing to heal him.


This might seem like a bad thing that Saul's left in the dragon knight's range, but having him take the blow actually helps us out by drawing the knight's attention away from the cavaliers. Alan and Lance are strong enough that they can take the knight and archer or the dragon knight, but dealing with both at once puts them in far too much danger. Hence why we're luring him away.


Lugh continues to screw himself out of magic...


And the dragon knight (and mercenary too, I guess?) take the bait as planned. Next turn, we'll surround the dragon knight and shoot him full of arrows before he becomes a real threat.


There's a lots of Javelins and bow-users on this map, I notice. Note that if Alan had been attacked by the dragon knight earlier, he would be dead now.

12-03-2008, 10:21 AM

Treck and Zealot deal with one of the archers harrassing them.

Meanwhile, back at the arena...


Noah: Well then, Fir, I should get going soon.

Fir here is Bartre and Karla's daughter from FE7. Try and guess which parent she takes after more.

Fir: Thank you for coaching me, Sir Noah.

Noah: No problem. But I must say you surprised me. You suddenly came up to me and said, "I want to fight a match with you!"

(Hint: It's her father.)

Fir: I-I'm sorry, Sir Noah. It was my first time in the arena...

Noah: If you asked another person, you would have been killed. You need to look your opponent over very carefully before choosing to fight.

FIr: And you must not hesitate to surrender if it looks like you're going to lose. Right?

Noah: Exactly. You can always win back your money, but if you lose your life, it's all over.

Fir: Yes!

Noah: What are your plans now? Are you going to stay here and work on your sword skills?

Fir: No, I'm planning to travel to the Western Isles.

Noah: The Western Isles? Why?

Fir: They're building a new mine there, and I heard that a lot of people are going there looking for work. They must be strong people if they're miners, so I thought it would be the ideal place to find people to fight for my training. And besides...

Noah: Besides?

Fir: The Western Isles is where my mother first met my father. She's dead now, but when she was my age she was also travelling around the world training her sword skills.

Noah: I see... you surprise me again.

Fir: ?

Noah: All you were saying at first was, "I want to become strong, I want to become strong," right? So I thought swordplay was all you had interest in. But you were training because you wanted to be like your mother? I'm so happy to see that you do have a cute side!

Fir: What?? ...Sir Noah! Please don't tease me!

Noah: Hahahaha!

And there goes Fir off to the Western Isles. I'm sure we won't meet her again anytime soon.


Of course, we're still in the middle of a battle, you see.

Noah: Yeah. And what do you want?

Roy: My name is Roy. I'm the leader of the Lycian Alliance Army.

Noah: Oh! I heard about you... From now on, is it alright if I join with you?

Roy: Are you sure that's alright?

Noah: What?

Roy: Don't you have to ask your commander if it's okay?

Noah: He told us to join with the Lycian Alliance army. That's enough for me.

Roy: But did he mean like this?

Roy's probably the only guy in the game so willing to look a gift-horse in the mouth. It's pretty infuriating!

Noah: This is a battlefield. If you take your time to check everything with your commander, then you won't be able to act quickly in trouble. It's not good to disobey orders, but outside of that you can play it by ear.

Roy: I see... Thanks for telling me.

And with that, we've got ourselves a new recruit. Let's take a look.


Out of the four cavaliers we'll be recruiting, Noah's pretty middle-of-the-road. He's weaker than Alan, slower than Lance, and isn't as sturdy as Treck is. Still, he's pretty decent in his own right, so you can substitute him in if one of your horsemen are struggling to hold their own. Otherwise you'd be better off using one of the other guys instead.


The huge shame of it is that Noah's supports are far and away the best of the bunch. Aside from his usual flirting with Fir (who we won't get until later on), he can be pretty fatalistic; a large majority of his supports are pretty dark, focusing on the bleaker aspects of the Ilian mercenary lifestyle. Noah's a pretty interesting character, and here's hoping he turns out well so we can learn more about him.


Anyway, you remember that dragon knight from earlier? Mincemeat.


Thany and Lugh, meanwhile, take on the mercenary harrassing Clarine, breaking Lugh's fire tome in the process.

12-03-2008, 10:22 AM

Noah shows his support for our cause, lending his spear to take out an errant archer.


Dieck finishes off another archer of his own, getting a pretty good level up.


His weapon also goes up a rank.


Alan's feeling a bit worn out, so Saul the near-dead heals him up so he can keep fighting.


Rutger takes out his rage on a nearby Soldier, gaining a fantastic level up in the process.


The knight-killing continues...


Chad visits Archimedes here and picks up a long bow, which we'll be sending to either Sue or Wolt.


Clarine heals herself up a bit after her encounter with a mercenary. You can also see Noah in the corner there - he's currently en-route to try and recruit Zealot and Treck.


He takes a big hit here though, despite the odds.

12-03-2008, 10:22 AM

Alan dodges a javelin here.


Noah takes a few big hits here, and even though he's still hanging on, he'll be forced to retreat for more healing later. This, unfortunately, begets a rather large number of problems later on...


Regardless, Chad manages to dodge a cavalier's swing, and a priest shows off something we haven't seen yet, a Physic staff. Physic staves, as you can imagine, allow for long-range healing, helpful if you don't want to risk sending your healers to the front-lines.


Treck goes and helps out Noah with one of the attacking knights while Zealot flees to a corner and takes out an archer.


Saul's looking a little green in the gills and snatches Clarine's vulnerary to heal himself.


Rutger's refusal to critical forces the mounted units to charge in and help him.


Sue gains her first level, but it's not very good; she needs strength if she wants to stay on and she's not giving any.

12-03-2008, 10:24 AM

Noah's near-death experience causes him to flee back to Clarine for healing.


Lots of shish-kabobing going on here.


You know, Wolt's pretty agile for an archer. Does he take dancing lessons?


Treck attacks one of the physical priests while Zealot criticals a mage in the northeast.


However, the former has managed to put himself in the range of a dragon knight, who can kill him quite easily if we let him. We'll rescue Treck with one of our units to pull him out of range.


Like so.


Lugh, Wolt and Alan team up to take out the mage here.


Alan's kill results in yet another fantastic level up.

12-03-2008, 10:24 AM

Noah picks up a healing staff from a helpful little girl - this one will probably be going to Merlinus until one of our healers gets to a B-rank in staves.


The priest that we injured before flees and starts to heal himself with a vulnerary. Not too big of a problem, since he can't do much else.


Clarine picks up Treck from Thany here - since she's a flyer, having her move around to pick up the items will move faster than having the others do it.


Thany picks up an elixer from the village here (not shown).


The priest from before just finishes his healing when Zealot swoops in and finishes him- wait, Zealot?


Oh shit.

More on this after we visit a few villages.


Noah picks up a Horseslayer, which is vital for dealing with the reinforcements later on in the battle.


Thany, meanwhile, picks up a Red Gem (also not shown).

12-03-2008, 10:25 AM

Okay, even though Zealot's on the warpath, there's a way out of this. Lugh here will act as a decoy, as his low Def will lure the dragon knight to him instead where we can swarm and kill it. During this, one of our mounted units will move up, rescue Zealot and bring him back to us, where we can give him a good tongue-lashing and send him to the benches.


The dragon knight attacks Lugh as planned, though is neither strong enough nor fast enough to kill him. Zealot, meanwhile, attacks the remaining priest, putting him back in our range.


With some healing from Clarine, Lugh and Dieck finish off the dragon knight.


And two turns later, Zealot's now back under control. That was close - one less move and odds are Zealot would've rushed Devias, ruining the entire battle.


With Zealot safely secured, our forces now make their way southward to deal with some of Devias' reinforcements.




Clarine heals up some of our wounded a bit first.

12-03-2008, 10:28 AM

And here they are - the reinforcements are just a pack of cavaliers. Looks innocuous, doesn't it?


Quite the opposite, really. This Silver Lance wielding unit is easily the most dangerous unit on the map, and can one-shot our characters pretty easily if we're not careful. Thankfully, we've got that Horseslayer from before, which Noah uses to take him out.


Since the other mounted units aren't in range, Rutger goes in and breaks his Killing Edge to take out another cavalier.


For the others though, we're going to have to play hot-potato. Alan takes the Horseslayer and finishes off another cavalier with it.


Thany does so as well, earning her a pretty good level up.

And... that's it, really. As long as you make sure to take out the Silver Lance cavalier first before he can take out anyone, the rest are pretty much a piece of cake.


And if you get hurt, Saul's always ready to heal you back up.


Sue makes her way south to rejoin our team to drop off Zealot for us.


And then we recruit him.

Noah: General Zealot!

Zealot: Ah, it's Noah. You were at the arena, weren't you?

Noah: Yes, sorry I'm late.

Zealot: Doesn't really matter... we've just started fighting. I haven't talked to the Lycia Alliance army yet.

Not to be That Guy, but we've been fighting for a while now, Zealot, and you could've talked to us anytime. That is, if you weren't too busy getting yourself killed.

Yeah, yeah, getting carried away now...

Noah: Oh? Don't worry, I just got done talking to their leader.

Zealot: Really! Then it's time for us to submit to his leadership. Noah, I leave the negotiations with the Lycia Alliance to you

And with that we get a new guy. Let's check him out.

12-03-2008, 10:28 AM

Well, what can I say? Zealot sucks. He's got some of the, if not THE worst growths in the game (some even argue the entire series), and even manages to hog experience at this point in the game. His starting stats are terrible, he doesn't grow, and he doesn't even have any promotion gains to take advantage of. If we're still using him a few chapters from now, then it's a sign that something has gone horribly wrong.


His supports are actually pretty great (Zealot/Noah is one of the best written in the game), but it's a shame because Zealot sucks.


The real reason to recruit Zealot is to recruit this guy right here.


Zealot: Hm, not the most enthusiastic response. You don't like the idea?

Treck: Eh? No, I have no problem with it.

Zealot: Oh, all right. Just thought I'd ask.

Treck: Lycia... Nah, we shouldn't have much trouble.


Treck's not the strongest of the bunch, but his defense and HP are high enough that he can become an effective tank if you raise him up. He's a bit lacking in strength and speed, but all in all, he's not too bad - if Alan or Lance aren't doing too well and you don't feel like fielding Noah, Treck's got your back.


His supports are also quite good, too. Treck's a pretty funny character and plays off the others well, so give them a look.

12-03-2008, 10:31 AM

The house here yields us a Hero Crest, the promotion item for Myrmidons, Mercenaries, Bandits, Pirates and Fighters. Merlinus will hold onto this for now.


Anyway, gather around everyone. I've got a splenderous, most wonderous thing to find. It yields heroes of fine caliber, weeds out the weak from the strong. Yes, I'm talking about:


The arena.

Like in FE7, the arena functions as a way to earn money and yield strong characters very quickly, but at the cost of putting your characters at considerable risk.


The arena works just the same as before - you place a bet with a character you've selected and have them fight it out for a few turns with a randomized opponent until one person dies or yields. If you win, you earn double your bet and a fair sum of experience, but if you lose you lose your bet and, potentially, your character as well, provided you didn't yield.

The best rule to follow in the arena is, again, Murphy's Law. If the enemy has any chance of killing you in the next round - be it from a normal hit, doubling (two hits) or a critical (three hits) - forfeit right away. It doesn't matter whether or not you lose money, 'cause if you lose a character you'll have to start over.

Since the enemy is always selected depending on your stats, speedy characters like myrmidons or mercenaries, or ranged units like archers usually tend to dominate. This is mostly because the units selected to fight them tend to underperform - myrmidons and mercenaries are always given enemies that they can damage and easily double, while archers are pitted against only ranged units as well, which typically tend to have low defense and average speed at best. Ideally anyone can win at the arena if they've leveled well enough, but you've got to keep an eye out for your characters nonetheless as a misplaced critical or a misjudged action can lose you a fighter.


This is also a great way to level your healers, by the way, since they'll get experience pretty much every time you fight, regardless of whether or not you win.

Anyway, no sense in discussing every fight. Time to fast-forward:


Octopus Prime
12-03-2008, 10:32 AM
How many Cavaliers are there in these games?

12-03-2008, 10:33 AM

(I missed his level 10 level up, but it was just a little bit more of the same.)

12-03-2008, 10:34 AM

12-03-2008, 10:35 AM

12-03-2008, 10:36 AM

Whew. You have no idea how long this took to do.


During the fighting and the whatnot..

Zealot: And you are?

Roy: My name is Roy. I'm the leader of the army that's fighting the rebels.

Zealot: You? Impressive... I was expecting somebody a little older.

Roy: I am here, respecting the will of Lord Hector.

Zealot: Lord Hector... We've lost a valuable person. He was a true warrior.

Roy: Yes, and I want to retake Ostia, for Lord Hector's sake! And Lilina's sake...

Zealot: All right. Then we'll help you as much as we can.

Roy: Thank you for your assistance.

Zealot: You can thank me after we've retaken the castle. Come, we must concentrate on the enemy right now!

Roy: Yes!


Anywho, on our way north, Zealot passes by the local weapons shop and makes use of our newfound wealth, purchasing us two of each weapon.


The reason why we don't pass through this gate here is because it's a trap. It won't open when prompted and will summon up more cavalier reinforcements, one of which is wielding a Silver Lance.


Going through the right side nets us a more managable group of enemies to deal with.


Chad starts looting the treasure chests, first off pilfering us a Rapier. This will go to Roy, naturally.

Let's see if we can't kill all of these reinforcements in one turn.














And... that's it. The rest weren't in range, so the two soldiers will survive for one more turn.

Octopus Prime
12-03-2008, 10:37 AM
You know, you probably could have posted a Before and After shot for each character, rather then posting each individual Level Up.

12-03-2008, 10:37 AM

Emphasis on one more turn.


The other chest nets us a Barrier staff, which... isn't really useful, to be honest. It's only until FE8 that they begin to shine, and that's only because of how quickly you can raise your healers with them by buying in bulk.


Devias here wields a Spear, which is basically a souped-up version of the Javelin. The big threat here is that he can attack at range, however..


Devias: Ergh... I'll not let you pass here!

Sure, whatever you say, buddy.


Anyway, as I was saying, Devias is far too slow and inaccurate to make any real use of it, so speedy characters like Roy here can make mincemeat out of him.


One more turn goes by, and Lugh weakens him enough for Roy to finish him off with a critical.


Devias: These people are... strong...


Eh, could be worse.


You have no idea how happy I am this mission is over. So... happy...

Roy: Okay, the city should be under control by now. Now we have to recapture Castle Ostia and rescue Lilina!


Merlinus: I understand that you want to get in quickly, but we are working as fast as we can, so please be patient!

Roy: ...Lilina.

Merlinus: Speaking of Lady Lilina... What do you think of Lord Hector's story, Master Roy?

Roy: You mean about the Dragons? They weren't myth, they were real... Lord Hector is one of the greatest battle tacticians in Lycia. And his army was decimated in such a short time...

A point of contention for me: the word is supposed to be "destroyed". Decimated means it was only destroyed by one-tenth. Remember the difference!

Merlinus: Well, Bern's army is among the strongest in Elibe. I say, these Dragon Knights are indeed formidable opponents.

Roy: Of course the Dragon Knights must have been tough enemies. But the real Dragons.. I can't even imagine how powerful they must be. The weapons that are effective against Dragons... I wonder where they are?

Merlinus: I presume they must be the Divine Weapons.

Roy: So if we use those weapons, we can fight the Dragons effectively. But I wonder what a Divine Weapon is doing in Ostia?

Merlinus: Perhaps Lady Lilina knows that. Hmm, I do wish to know as well. Oh! Master Roy, our men have finished knocking down the gate. We can enter now!

Roy: All right! Charge! We will rescue Lilina, no matter what!

You heard the man! Let's go get those bastards!


Next time: Reinforcements? We are the reinforcements.

12-03-2008, 10:38 AM
How many Cavaliers are there in these games?

Four in this one, three in FE7 and FE8. It's... yeah, it's a bit ridiculous, to be honest. There are something like 55 recruits in this game though, so it's not the number of cavaliers along that's a bit inflated.

You know, you probably could have posted a Before and After shot for each character, rather then posting each individual Level Up.

>:( It's tradition, man! Showing level ups is the fun part!

12-03-2008, 10:52 AM
When you get to the end of your pre-played stuff, at least, can you do a side-by-side comparison of all your guys? That'd be fun.

12-03-2008, 10:59 AM
When you get to the end of your pre-played stuff, at least, can you do a side-by-side comparison of all your guys? That'd be fun.

Yep! That's on the list, actually - once we reach, oh, chapter 9 or so I'll be going through the guys we've all recruited so far and taking the best of each kind, sort of like how Tanto did in FE7. My method of selection is a little different, though, as we'll see later on, but the basic principles will still apply.

12-03-2008, 02:45 PM
Four in this one, three in FE7 and FE8. It's... yeah, it's a bit ridiculous, to be honest. There are something like 55 recruits in this game though, so it's not the number of cavaliers along that's a bit inflated.

Then FE9 and FE10 had four each, but FE10 also had an absurd number of paladins as well. Provided I remember correctly. But those can be excused, as the weapon choices were more varied there - there was one cavalier for each type of weapon, and when promoted to paladin they gained a second choice of weapon type. And given the exorbitant number of recruits in those games, your entire platoon of cavalry wasn't all that big, especially in comparison to the number of mages you got.

12-03-2008, 06:24 PM
There are something like 55 recruits in this game though, so it's not the number of cavaliers along that's a bit inflated.

That is a hell of a lot of dudes. Did the designers really expect you to lose that many characters over the course of the game? It looks like you can only take 10-15 units per map, and they look kind of less devious and crazy than FE7. But I'm sure we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Emcee Escher
12-03-2008, 07:38 PM
A point of contention for me: the word is supposed to be "destroyed". Decimated means it was only destroyed by one-tenth. Remember the difference!

Decimated has two meanings:

1. to destroy a great number or proportion of.
2. to select by lot and kill every tenth person of.

So they actually used it correctly, but it could also mean what you said.

12-03-2008, 07:45 PM
So they actually used it correctly, but it could also mean what you said.

Well yeah, but that double meaning creates a bit of ambiguity in the expression, which lead to that kind of confusion. I'll admit that there's nothing technically wrong with it, true, but in this instance it's not exactly the perfect choice either.

But still, I guess I stand corrected?

12-04-2008, 12:45 AM
Welcome back. During our previous episode, we just finished clearing out the Ostian town, leveled up like crazy in the arena and are now on our way to breaching the allegedly impregnable Castle Ostia.


...such as Armor Knights and Generals. With them, Castle Ostia's defenses have always been incredibly strong. For a long time now, the castle has been rumored to be "unconquerable". However, that rumor was about to proven wrong. By Roy, who, ironically, wished to protect the castle.

Chapter 8: Reunion



Leygance: What?! The enemy has broken into the castle? What the hell was Devias doing out there?! Were those Knights from Ilia so strong? ...Or was the Lycia army larger than I expected... In any case, they have gotten into the 'unconquerable' Castle Ostia! We must drive them out, or Bern will look down upon us... You over there!

Soldier: Yes sir!

Leygance: Set up troops all over the castle! Especially around the throne rooM! Prepare your defenses! We must not let the Lycia Army get any further into the castle!

Soldier: Understood sir!

Leygance: One more thing, I want you to discreetly kill Lilina during the battle.


Soldier: What? ...Sir, weren't we supposed to keep her alive?

Leygance: I was planning on using her as a hostage. But there are still many rebels that put faith in her. If we openly use her as a hostage, those soldiers might turn against us.

Soldier: But in that case sir, they would surely turn on us if we kill her!

Leygance: So I said to do it discreetly, didn't I? Kill her quietly, and pretend that she was hit by a stray arrow. Then we can make the enemy responsible for it! Now go!

Soldier: Yes, sir...


Roy: ! Who are you? An enemy?

Astol: No, I'm on your side. Greetings, my name is Astol. I used to work here in the service of Lord Hector.

Merlinus: Excuse me, but what kind of work were you doing? You certainly don't look like one of Ostia's servants...

Astol: My, my, aren't we a little rude, old man? See, I'm a spy. I go on secret missions to gather information, steal things, check up on people... That kind of thing.

"And if you keep bugging me about it, I just might check up on you one day too, if you get what I mean."

Merlinus: Hmm, I see.

Astol: If people can tell that I'm working for a noble just by looking at me, then I'm not much of a spy, am I? Anyway, for a month now, I've been running around Lycia to gather the latest news. When I heard about Lord Hector's death in Araphen, I returned here as quickly as I could. Then I see that those idiots, Leygance and Devias have caused a rebellion! I didn't make it in time to save Lord Hector, but I don't want to be too late for Lady Lilina.

Roy: Then you'll join us? Good, let's work together to rescue her. Do you know where Lilina is?

Astol: Of course, investigating into matters like that is my job. Lady Lilina is locked into a small room in the center of the castle. And that bastard Leygance is sitting on the throne like he owns the place.

Roy: We have to hurry then. We must defeat the rebels and rescue Lilina before Narshen arrives from Bern!


Leygance is full of shit - the only assassin to worry about here is a lone archer, and he's easily evaded.

Anyway, the map here is pretty simple - circle around the back and work your way to the center. There's a bit of a clusterfuck by the northwest staircase, but luring them in bit by bit makes them no problem at all. We've got to move fast, though - a pair of thieves spawn around two turns in, so we'll have to make our way to the chests first before they can loot them.

Also, a side-chapter opens up if we keep Lilina alive (which we were planning on doing anyway, but whatever) which we CANNOT afford to miss, for reasons that I'll get into next chapter.

By the way, we've got a few new recruits, don't we? Let's take a look.


Not much to say here - Astol is our next thief, and he's not too shabby. He's the strongest of the thieves and joins with already good stats. His growths, admittedly, are the worst of the three but since thieves are non-combatants that doesn't really matter. He'll be standing in for Chad from now on, at least until we get our third thief.


His supports are a mixed bag - some good ones, some bad ones. They're mostly with characters we'll not be using though, so make of that as you will.


Lilina doesn't really seem to show much promise at first. Her starting stats are low, usually lower than Lugh's at this point, and her consitution is low enough that heavier tomes will slow her down. She doesn't gain much skill or speed and her HP makes her fragile.

However, despite all this, Lilina is the best Anima user in the game by far. With an unbelievable 75% in her magic stat, she will most assuredly max it and max it quickly, and will act as a boss killer well up until the end of the game. Her speed's a bit of a worry, but it's good enough that she won't be doubled by most other mages and we can give her a few Speedwings to even it out anyway. Regardless, Lilina will be taking a spot on our team and she'll do quite well in it.


Her supports as well are fantastic, supporting with some of the strongest characters in the game and having decent conversations to boot. Her selection rivals Roy's for the largest in the game at a total of 10, so you can pair her with pretty much whomever you please.

12-04-2008, 12:47 AM

Of course, she'll have to survive the chapter first, and getting her out of the range of this archer is the first step to achieving that goal.


The battle begins in earnest, with Alan narrowly missing a kill here.


Lilina: Is there a battle going? I wonder what's happening outside...


Cavaliers and soldiers have a bit of a tense rivalry going, don't they?


Lilina takes a huge hit here, but odds are it'll be the only one she takes until we free her.


Another Sue level up. ...She could use a bit more strength.


Lilina moves to this tile during our turn, putting her out of the range of the two archers. Those two will then march on to join the rest of their army, leaving Lilina alone for the remainder of the fight.


Noah levels up again. It's pretty good, addressing his weaknesses in the other stats.


Sue and Thany team up to take care of a mage and a soldier.

12-04-2008, 12:47 AM

Alan takes out a knight on the course of the turn...


...But bids a hasty retreat at the approach of this Horseslayer-wielding knight. We'll be taking him on with our footsoldiers before pressing on.


By that, of course, I mean that Roy's going to critical him to death right away. (And it's finally a good shot, too!)


Noah, Wolt and Rutger finish off the soldiers accompanying him - all that's left is the archer from before and we can move on.


Good timing, too - our reinforcements have arrived.

Oujay: ? Sir Barth, this is a dead end!

Barth: Don't worry. This wall has cracks in it. We can break through it if we hit it a little with our weapons/


Wendy: I wonder where Lady Lilina is?

Barth: I have a pretty good idea where she is. We've known this castle for a long time. Hmm, I do wonder what's causing all the noise, though.

Wendy: The Alliance Army? Then my brother must be with them...

Barth: ... We don't know if he's still alive. You shouldn't have such high expectations.


Wendy: Oh... Yes.

Oujay: Sir Barth, you don't have to be so cold. He's Wendy's only brother, right?

Barth: You must never look away from reality.

Oujay: But...

Wendy: It's all right, Oujay. Sir Barth is right.

Barth: As an Armor Knight of Ostia, you must never panic, no matter the situation. Understand, Wendy?

Wendy: ...Yes.


Wendy's the second knight we'll be getting, and in my personal opinion, the best of the bunch. She's got good growths all-round in the relevant stats, and has quite a few good supports to shore up the ones that don't grow. Sure, Bors has better starting stats and Barth is a slow, if powerful, tank, but Wendy grows reliably where it counts and has the least chance of being screwed out of stats, and we'll be using her on that merit alone if she doesn't disappoint.

(I failed to grab a screenshot of her equipment, but it was nothing special - an Iron Lance and a Javelin, if I remember correctly.)


As mentioned, Wendy's got some good supports - she's one of the better partners for Oujay, who we'll most certainly be using, and she makes a good parter for Lilina as well. The conversations aren't particularly special, but they're a fair bit better than the other two knights.

12-04-2008, 12:50 AM

Next up is Oujay, who is very nice. Good stats all-around, growths in the important stats and a good selection of support partners, Oujay here will be competing fiercely with Dieck for the slot of acting mercenary on our team and there's a good chance he'll win that spot. His only weakness over Dieck is that he has a lower Con, but he's already built enough that he can wield Iron Swords and Killing Edges after promotion without penalty - everything else is just gravy. All in all? He's one of the best characters in the game.


Though Dieck's got a slight edge as far as supports go, Oujay's are almost just as good. He's a good tactical pair for Wendy, and the support conversation he has with Lilina is excellent. As I said, he's good all-around and there's a good chance we'll be using him.


Finally, we've got Barth. He's the literal definition of a tank: lots of defense and strength, but almost no speed to speak of. At the point he joins he's really good, but when speed starts taking an importance over defense later on he'll fall a bit behind the others. Still, if you don't want to use Wendy and Bors is turning out terribly you can't do worse than Barth.


His supports are awful, though. Most of them are pretty much "Ostia this" and "Ostia that" - no real substance to speak of. Think of the Oswin/Dorcas support in FE7 and spread them across all of his options, and you'll have an idea what Barth's supports are like.


Wendy starts their march east by breaking down the aforementioned wall.


Wolt and Rutger take out the remaining units near our position (strange, I could have sworn I killed that soldier...).


And we begin our march west to join our reinforcements.

12-04-2008, 12:50 AM

Meanwhile, back on the other side, Barth damages a soldier, while Wendy misses on her counter.


Things turn round on the next turn, interestingly enough.


Oujay weakens an archer here, which Wendy will finish off on the next turn.


Barth's pretty ridiculous at this point in the game, having a strength and defense stat far above the norm. His speed is still a point of contention, but he's still got some nice perks.


Wendy and Oujay draw first blood on their next turn.


And Barth continues being ridiculous.


Barth weakens yet another archer...


And our cavaliers arrive on the scene to wipe out the rest of the group.


At this point, our units have pretty much combined together. We'll spend the next while shifting around our formations, then make a run south to the treasure.

12-04-2008, 12:51 AM

Barth begins the assault by luring a mage north for Sue to snipe.


Oujay follows up behind with the kill, getting a very nice level up.


Ah, and here comes Cath again.

Cath: I mean, how stupid can these nobles get? I can never understand what the fun is in fighting all the time. Oh well, guess I'll swipe what I can.

Cath and the other thief will make a run at the chests to the north, and we'll have to step up the pace to beat her to them.


As slow as Barth is, he's actually fast enough to double these knights here. Barth, I say.


The carnage continues as we make our way south.


Somewhere along the line, Alan gets another good level up. He's turning out quite well.


With Alan's attack here, we'll be free to open up the treasure room and raid whatever's inside. We'll leave a few chests alone, of course - the thieves will flee if we open them all, and we still need to talk to Cath.

12-04-2008, 12:51 AM

Barth, Wendy and Sue gang up on the mage inside.


And we start looting the treasure inside. Astol and and Chad loot a Light Brand and Killer Bow respectively - they'll be going into our inventory for now, but you'll be seeing them eventually enough.


During the middle of his healing, Saul gains another level, and... magic! I was getting worried he was being screwed out of the stat - a few more points and he'll be back on course soon enough.


Cath and the thief take the bait and raid the chests as planned, however...


I forgot that weapons can't be stolen, meaning that we'll have to go without an Elfire tome for now. Whoops.


We'll steal her lockpick though so she won't loot anything else. We grab the Knight Crest as well and file it away.


And while we're on it...

Cath: Crap... Er, what a coincidence! Hahaha...

Roy: ...If you're in the battlefield just to steal, you shouldn't be. It's not right.

Cath: Don't worry. I only take from the rich who have plenty of money. No one's going to starve or anything.

Roy: That's not the point.

Cath: Oh really? Then let me ask you this. You nobles take food and money from the people in what you call your territory. Who said that was your land, anyway? And you say you're collecting taxes, but what you're doing is the same. Looting!

Roy: What?! But we protect the people in return...

Cath: But you're not! You're killing your own people, causing a war like this!

Roy: Well, Bern started to invade so we had to fight to defend our people...

Cath: So you can just do anything you want, as long as you say you're protecting us? You can burn down villages and ruin our crops?

Roy: Burned? We never... ! Wait a minute, was your...?

Cath: ...My village was burned to the ground by our marquess. He said that 'he had no choice because he needed to prepare for Bern's attacks.

You can read into this more in the Cath/Bartre support...

Roy: Well... that's...

Cath: We always had just enough to eat and survive, and then we just lost everything... Our homes... our crops... And then you say not to take from other people? Ha! You shouldn't be talking! You bastards from the nobility take from us so you can live in luxury while we suffer!

Roy: I... don't know what to say.

Cath: *sigh* We're getting all gloomy now. I really don't like talking about stuff like these 'I'm worse off so

And... it just ends there. Lost in translation, I suppose?

12-04-2008, 12:52 AM

Anyway, no sense in letting the other thief go to waste.


Thany's turning out pretty well. I'm impressed.


I forgot to mention, but the thieves actually unlocked Lilina's cell on the way to the chests. How nice of them.


One heal later, and we finally get around to fulfilling the chapter's title...

Lilina: ...Roy? Is it really you?

Roy: Yes!

Lilina: You came! Thank you.

Roy: Thank goodness you're all right. Here, take this spell book. Use it to defend yourself for the time being.

Lilina: Thanks.


Roy then generates a Thunder tome out of mid-air and hands it to Lilina to use.


I've been meaning to explain supports for a while now, and now's as good a time as any. So! Let's get to it, then.

Support conversations are, essentially, conversations between characters triggered by them standing in close quarters for a period of time, and offer backstory and statistical bonuses to those involved. The support system stayed largely unchanged between FE6 and FE7 - the bonuses are largely the same, and supports play largely a similar role - so the rules are largely the same as well.

The only big difference is that there's a 120-point allocation limit per chapter, which limits the number of conversations you can view per chapter. Each level for a support requires 60 points to unlock the dialogue, so that's a limit of 2 conversations. As a result, you're forced to ration your supports as you go through the game, which... is a bit limiting, to be honest. However, we're given more than enough time to view the conversations we want to see over the course of the game, so it's only a problem if you're trying to fill out your support library or are just trying to do it in one big chunk.


I'm taking initiative for now by starting the Roy/Lilina support (which activates after one a single turn - it grows fast), however, I'll leave the decision largely up to you guys. Once we par down our team a bit, I'll give a list of the viable supports for our team and let you guys choose.

Lilina: No, I don't need anything right now.

Roy: Are you hurt?

Lilina: No, I'm fine.

Roy: Oh, okay. Thenis there anything I could do for you...

Lilina: Roy, it's all right.

Roy: What?

Lilina: Thanks for worrying about me, but I'll be fine.

Roy: Well, in that case... But if there's anything you need, tell me. Okay?

Lilina: Okay.


And with that, Roy's support level increases. Since Roy/Lilina's a dual-ending, I won't be setting it in stone, but it's a good support character-wise, and very good tactically, so we'll definitely be taking it up to a B-rank at least. Whether we take it further though is up to you, Tyrants.

12-04-2008, 12:53 AM

Reinforcements start spawning from the south at this point, starting with an Elfire-wielding mage whiffing at Noah. This leaves him wide open for Thany to attack next turn.


Lance criticals an archer into submission, generating a pretty mediocre level up.


Lilina draws first-blood from her attackers, striking down this mage with her Thunder tome.


A word of warning: one of the knights is wielding a Killer Lance, which makes facing him very dangerous. Barth, however, is strong enough that he can shrug off his attack, so we'll be using him to lure him in.


Lance weathers a few attacks during the turn...


...leaving one of them open for Lilina to finish off.


Eh, I'm none too thrilled. It fixes her weaknesses in her other stats though, and her magic stat's good enough that she'll more than make up for it in a few levels.


This archer here didn't Noah what hit him.

12-04-2008, 12:54 AM

Alan sets up a kill here for Oujay, the latter leveling up...


And Roy tangos with another mercenary.


Wolt's starting to catch up, interestingly enough. A few more levels like this, and he may very well be worth keeping on...


The cavaliers get back in on the action...


The archer's arrow is just barely enough to push Noah over the edge, giving him a good level up. He's looking pretty good, too.


Gotta love 'em.

12-04-2008, 12:54 AM

There's only so many ways to say "Alan's killing a dude".




Everyone gets a bad level up sometimes.


The Killer Lance from before makes its appearance here when he criticals Barth. He surives just as predicted, leaving him open to Oujay's Armor Slayer.


Wolt finishes off one of the last reinforcements...


And that's pretty much all of them. Roy heads south to take on the knights himself...


They surprise me with their Javelins here. Lilina survives, thankfully, but I can't say I'm not shaken.


Oujay takes out one of the offending knights.

12-04-2008, 12:55 AM

Still awesome.


Oh, and Alan kills another dude.


Hmm? What's this?

Barth: Lady Lilina! I am happy to see you are safe.

Lilina: Barth, you were right. Leygance was planning a rebellion.

Barth: ......

Lilina: I'm sorry... If I had believed you in the first place, this wouldn't have happened...

Barth: No... Lady Lilina, you do not have anything to apologize about. The one to be prosecuted is Leygance, who insulted your king and trusting heart toward him. It is your kindness that we respect the most, my Lady.

Lilina: Barth...


Noah weakens the knight a bit, but it proves unnecessary when Roy criticals him to pieces.


Saul gains another level up - one more and he'll be ready to promote.


The mage up here is wielding a spell we haven't seen before, Aircalibur. The spell, like bows, deals triple damage to flyers, meaning that luring him out and killing him with Thany is out of the question.


Instead we'll be luring him out with Saul and finishing him off with Lilina and Noah.

12-04-2008, 12:55 AM

Luring and killing later, we've wittled down Leygance's army to just himself.


Saul gets to healing...


And reaches level 20, ready to promote. This doesn't look too good right now, but wait until you see the bonuses he gets from promoting...


Leygance is pretty tough - his defense is pretty high and he can deal a lot of damage to our team if we're not careful. However, he's a general, the promotion of the knight class, leaving him wide open to Roy and Oujay.


Leygance: I shall cut down all of you!




During the battle, Chad and Astol get to raiding the chests. The Guiding Ring will probably go to Saul next chapter for promoting, while everything else will go to Merlinus.

12-04-2008, 12:55 AM

Roy criticals yet again, finishing off Leygance and ending his ambitions for the throne.


Leygance: ...to be trampled upon by Bern... How can you fight so hard...?

Because that's the way we roll.


Hell yeah.


Congratulations - we've just conquered the unconquerable.


Lilina: Thank you, Roy. I'm glad that my father didn't have to go through the trouble.

Roy: !

She... doesn't know yet.

Lilina: Roy, is my father still in Araphen? I heard it was a tough battle there, but does it looks like it's going to take much longer?

Roy: Lilina... Haven't you heard anything?

Lilina: What?

Roy: Lord Hector... has passed away.

Lilina: What...?

Roy: I'm sorry... When we arrived at Castle Araphen... It was already under Bern's control.

Lilina: It's not your fault... Don't apologize.

Roy: Lord Hector was already severely wounded when we arrived. If only we had gotten there faster, maybe I could have helped him...

Lilina: No.. it's okay. I... was prepared for this... I'm a warrior's daughter. I've been taught not to panic in times like this.

Roy: Lilina.

Lilina: So everyone should have told me... They're too considerate... I'm strong too, you know...

Roy: Lilina, you don't have to hold back in front of me.

Lilina: Roy... I...

Roy: It's okay... I'll be with you.

...*sniff*. I'm seriously tearing up over here, guys. I... I gotta go... now...


Next time: "AKA Rekka no Ken, depending on how anal you are."

12-04-2008, 09:00 PM
Hmm, tough crowd. Anyway, welcome back. Last time, we had just taken over the previously-unconquerable Castle Ostia and liberated Hector's daughter, Lilina, from the rebellious Leygance's grasp.


However, with Bern coming full force at them, Roy's army wouldn't stand a chance. Therefore, they decided to try and take the Divine Weapons before Bern got their hands on them. Lilina showed them to a cave in the outskirts of Ostia, where the first Divine weapon was hidden. The cave, located at the foot of a volcano, was going to be a major ordeal for Roy.

Join us now as Roy inherits...

Chapter 8x: The Blazing Sword


Note that, if Lilina had died in the previous battle, we would've been locked out of this side-chapter and have forgone Durandal.


Before we start, we reorganize the teams a bit and drop the Guiding Ring from earlier into Saul's inventory.


Hey, doesn't that bandit on the left look familiar, or is it just me?

Henning: What! How many of them are there?

Bandit: Dunno, Boss. I hope there aren't too many of them...

Henning: That's strange... The Lycia dukes should be having bigger problems than dealing with bandits like us.

Bandit: Well? What do we do?

Henning: They probably don't know much about this cave. Just lure them into stepping on the floor tiles where hot lava spurts.


Lilina: The Divine Weapon is located on the other side of this lava pit.

Roy: Lilina, are you all right? Have you calmed down?

Lilina: Well... maybe I'm not fully all right, but now isn't the time to be sad. I need to protect Ostia, like my father before me.

Roy: All right... Good for you, Lilina.

Lilina: I'm okay because you're with me, Roy...

Roy: What? Did you just say something?

Lilina: No, nothing. Anyway, I'll tell you what I know about this Divine Weapon. The one here is the sword that was used by Roland, one of the 'Eight Heroes'.

Roy: That Roland... is that King Roland, the first king of Ostia?

Lilina: Right, he's our ancestor. This sword is called 'The Blazing Sword' or the Durandal.

Roy: The Durandal... the name has a strange echo to it. So Roland used the Durandal to fight the Dragons during the Scouring.

Lilina: That's how the legend goes. They also say that after the war ended, Roland returned to his hometown of Ostia. He raised the Durandal high above his head, and the land that had become barren after the war suddenly became lush with vegatation and life again.

Roy: Wow... that must be some sword.

Lilina: Well, it's a weapon that can defeat Dragons. It must have some special powers in it.

Roy: Yes. ... Oh yeah, I heard that a group of bandits has madei ts base here. Is it going to be all right?

Lilina: ? Is what going to be all right?

Roy: I mean, there's always the chance that they have might have taken the Durandal.

Lilina: No, don't worry. Only those who are Roland's successors know how to remove the Durandal from its sheath.

Roy: Oh, okay. Then everything's fine. All we have to do is get rid of the bandits and obtain the Durandal.


After the difficulty of the last few chapters, this one's a bit of a breather. The goal here is simple - loop around the bridge and smash the boss, taking care to avoid the lava pits in the meanwhile. They're pretty clearly marked though, so it shouldn't be too difficult, and the best part is that the enemy is entirely passive, letting us move at our own pace.

But first...


Using the Guiding Ring we gave him earlier, Saul promotes into the Bishop class. This is partially why I wasn't worried about Saul's growths - the gains he gets from promotion are so good that it brings him back to usability almost immediately (in fact, if you run a comparison between him and the Bishops from the FE7 LP, you'll notice that he's almost stat-for-stat with Serra).

He also gets access to Light magic, the first and only one of our teammates to do so so far. There aren't any recruitable monks in FE6 and the only other potentially useful light user is Ellen, so Saul's ability to use Light magic makes him usable on that front alone.


The promotion tips his Staves rank over into S, but it's actually not a problem either - characters in FE6 can master more than one weapon, and there's an S-Rank stave for us to use anyway. So... yeah. Saul's turning out nicely.


I'll be allocating a lot of the kills this chapter to the lower-level recruits we just got (namely, Lilina, Oujay and Wendy), in case you're wondering why Alan or Roy haven't killed anything lately.


The others will still be joining in, of course...

12-04-2008, 09:01 PM

The trick this chapter is that some of the tiles will occasionally flare up, dealing heavy damage to the unit standing on top of it. However, it's mostly a nuisance - they're easy enough to notice and avoid, and you don't want them stealing your kills. So pretend they don't exist and fight like you normally do.


Thany helps Lilina out with her kill...


Oh God, I jinxed her, didn't I? :(


Alan takes out a Myrmidon here, but Lance quickly rearranges his weapons so he'll guard with the Iron Sword next turn.


And here come the fighters.


Lilina, Alan and Lance take down three of the fighters with glee.


Saul heals up Lance up a bit - we don't have any Light tomes yet (they don't become available until chapter 11), so he'll be staying on a supportive role for a little while yet.


Oujay weakens the Fighter here...

12-04-2008, 09:04 PM

...For Wendy here to finish him off. It's good to see she's getting defense since it's one of her lower growths, but I'd like to see some more strength and speed to be honest...


Anyway, with all the enemies to the immediate west dealt with, we begin our trek to the center with a bit of healing.


Roy lures in a Bandit for Oujay to shred.


Oujay's turning into a beast here. At this rate, he'll be replacing Dieck whole-cloth...


A word to the wise: don't mess with the future queen.


An archer that was harrassing Wendy last turn gets beaten down by Wolt and the aforementioned knight.


Thany and Lilina, meanwhile, take out a Myrmidon.

12-04-2008, 09:04 PM

There we go. Expect to see a lot more level ups like these on Lilina's path to glory.


Gotta heal, gotta heal, gotta prepare for anything.


Wolt doubles this archer down to nothing...


And Wendy levels up, getting... exactly the same level up as before. I know you want to be a good knight, Wendy, but some strength or speed would be great around now.


Saul heals Wolt some more to keep on fighting.


Here he helps Wendy earn another kill, this time against a fighter.


Oujay takes out a mage and dances with another mercenary.

12-04-2008, 09:05 PM

Lilina takes out the weakened mercenary herself.


Wolt doubles another mercenary down to nothing, levelling up. At first I was a little doubtful of him, but Wolt's turning out well so far. A few more stats in both and he'll be worth promoting.


Wendy finishes off the mercenary, and shows growth in the right direction as well.


Saul heals them a bit more for their efforts.


Unfair? What makes you say that?


Oh, I see. Well then, forget I said anything.

12-04-2008, 09:05 PM

Double, double, toil and trouble...


I'm getting worried. Lilina's falling behind on magic, and she should never fall behind on magic. This is like expecting Lyn to get speed-screwed.


Dieck fans, start worrying - Oujay has just caught to him with two levels to spare.




Alan, would you mind transferring some of your luck over to Lilina and Wendy? 'Cause that would be grand.


One of the bandits here takes a fall from the magma, poor fool.


An archer misses shooting an archer. It's ironic? Doncha think?

12-04-2008, 09:06 PM

Gah, another Aircalibur user. Fortunately, he's completely stationary, so you can deal with him whatever way you feel fits.


Trying to double him down doesn't work out well though, the RNG forcing my hand and sending in Lilina right away to take a big hit.


Trying again leads to this fighter here tring to get a bite. He's deal with quickly enough.


Keep on growing, Lilina.


Alan deals with the other fighter while Lance weakens the mage for Lilina to finish.


The boss here is pretty tough - he's hard to hit, wields two types of weapons, and we don't have any specialty weapons to take him down quickly with. Worse yet is that he's blocked off on the sides by those two pillars, forcing our melee units to fight him one at a time.

12-04-2008, 09:07 PM

Henning: Oh well, but since you're already here... I can't let you guys go, can I?


First we'll bait him into switching into his Hand Axe here...


And Rutger criti- no, wait, he misses. Hrm.


Further attempts show that Henning using the Steel Blade is advantageous, allowing Rutger to double him.


He gets a pretty so-so level up out of it, too.


A few turns of healing and charging finally yield the response I want - Rutger criticalling him to death.


Rutger, you are a beast.


Time to grab ourselves a Divine Weapon.

Lilina: Roy! Here it is!


Roy: I don't think many of us are going to be able to swing it.

Lilina: But history has it that Roland was a small man. I think it's the person's skill in the sword that determines whether he can use it or not.

Roy: Then if I become better with my sword, I can use it as well?

Lilina: Well... maybe.

Roy: Maybe? Come on... at least say 'probably'.

Lilina: *laughs*


And there we have it - the Blazing Sword, Durandal, one of the Divine Weapons wielded by the Eight Heroes a thousand years ago and one of the very best weapons in the game, has come into our possession, and with it we'll be able to slaughter everything in our path.

...Well, except not really. Remember what I said about the requirements for getting the good ending? In order to unlock the ending we want, we'll not only need to collect every single one of the legendary weapons, but in addition we'll need them in working order by chapter 22. Otherwise, the final few chapters will be omitted entirely and we'll get a more inconclusive version instead, which is sucky. As such, we can't afford to go crazy with Durandal and the others, so we'll only be pulling them from Merlinus' inventory when we absolutely need them, or at least have a Hammerne staff to repair them with.

12-04-2008, 09:08 PM

Note that, if Lilina had died in chapter 8, the scene would have automatically cut to this.


Ohh shit.

Narshen: I must thank you for getting rid of that idiot Leygance for me. Now, you will leave Ostia to me.

Roy: Don't be ridiculous! Who would give Ostia to the likes of you...!

Narshen: Oh? Then do you wish to fight us with that sad little group of yours?

Roy: Damn!

Things are looking grim for our heroes. Outnumbered, outgunned, and cornered... until:


Narshen's in for the beatdown for a lifetime.


Narshen: I can see that, you fool! Why...


Percival: Yesterday, Sorcery General Cecilia informed me that Ostia had requested Etruria's protection.

Narshen: What...!


Cecilia: But can those Dragon Knights of yours stand a chance against all of us?

Narshen: You...!

Cecilia: I am Cecilia, Sorcery General of Etruria! Ostia is now under our protection.

Narshen: Argh... You...you...!!!

Soldier: General Narshen, please control your temper! General Percival is one of the strongest warriors in Etruria! And with General Cecilia here as well we'll be slaughtered!

Narshen: I know! We're leaving! Cecilia, is it? Watch your back from now on!


Look at 'em go with their tails between their legs.


Percival: Are you General Roy of the Lycia Alliance Army?

Roy: Y-Yes! I am in charge of the Alliance Army in the place of Lord Hector.

Percival: I see. Lycia is in a time of hardship. Our king also sends his words of regret for Lord Hector's death.

Roy: Thank for your for your consideration. If Etruria hadn't helped us... Ostia would be under Bern's cotrol now. Thank you very much.

Percival: I am not the one to thank. I simply followed my king's orders. You should thank Cecilia, who went against the king to help you.

Roy: She... disobeyed the king's orders?

Percival: Yes, now isn't that something? Well, I must be off. Two of the three Etrurian Generals shouldn't be leaving the country for so long. Cecilia, can you take care of the rest?

Cecilia: Yes. Thank you, Percival. You can leave the rest to me.

[Percival leaves.]

Roy: Whew... General Percival... Now he's someone.

Cecilia: Nervous, were you?

Roy: General Cecilia! It is good to see you again.

Cecilia: How are you doing, Roy? You look a little tired, but you seem okay.

Roy: Yes, thanks to Etruria, we were able to avoid disaster.

Cecilia: I'm glad we made it here in time.

Roy: I'm sorry. I put you through a lot of trouble.

Cecilia: No. It's going to be beneficial for Etruria for Ostia to go under our protection.

Roy: Beneficial?

Cecilia: Yes. Bern's been acting aggressively these days, as you know. We also want to do something about it, but since we haven't been directly invaded, we have no reason to go to war with them. But if Bern gets any stronger, the balance of powers would be shattered.

Roy: So when Ostia requested protection, you saw it as a good reason to declare war on Bern?

Cecilia: Right. We just did what would be best for us. You don't need to feel that you're in our debt.

Roy: Yes.

Cecilia: So you shouldn't thank us.

Roy: Understood, I won't. Well, anyway, please come in and meet the rest of our army.

Cecilia: ... He's gotten so bold in the short time that I haven't seen him. Well, he is a boy, after all.

Yes, and boys will be boys. Anyway...


Next time: Boy, it sure is misty around here.

Also: Next chapter there's a branching path, and unlike most others we can directly influence which path we can take. So, Talking Time, I have just one question: Spoony Bard or Hyperactive Dancer?

12-04-2008, 09:11 PM
Hmm, tough crowd.

Hey, don't worry; rest assured that I am reading the hell out of this LP, and eating up the level ups like so much candy.

I was just waiting until you ask for reader input on who to use/support, is all.

And do you have to ask? Spoony Bard.

12-04-2008, 09:23 PM
Dancer Dancer Dancer. More importantly, Dancer route gets Geese quicker, as I recall.

Too busy to comment earlier, but fan speculation suggests that Wendy is Serra's daughter. So, yeah.

12-04-2008, 09:44 PM
Too busy to comment earlier, but fan speculation suggests that Wendy is Serra's daughter. So, yeah.

I was already silently rooting for her because FE8's Amelia has predisposed me to female knights, but if that's true, well, even more reason!

12-04-2008, 10:42 PM
Dancer Dancer Dancer. More importantly, Dancer route gets Geese quicker, as I recall.

Man, you're enthusiastic about using Geese, aren't you. ;) I'll probably be fielding the crap out of him regardless, so rest easy.

(On another note, if Wendy's Serra's daughter, I wonder who her father is? Hmm...)

I was already silently rooting for her because FE8's Amelia has predisposed me to female knights, but if that's true, well, even more reason!

Amelia single-handedly justified the use of female knights for a lot of people, didn't she? Personally, I made her a Paladin since she was speedy, but damned if she wasn't good at doing what she does (i.e. killing people).

On that note, someone will have to do a Sacred Stones run after this one, post-haste. And they had better use L'Arachel! Or else.

12-04-2008, 10:53 PM

http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8029/geesemed115lrqv3.gif ?

yes dancer then

As much as I like spoony things, I like people named Geese much more.

12-04-2008, 11:02 PM
yes dancer then

As much as I like spoony things, I like people named Geese much more.

Geese is on both routes, by the way, so you can have both characters named after birds and musicians of the spoony kind. The best of both worlds!

12-04-2008, 11:08 PM
Well... how much sooner do you get Geese with the dancer?

This is important!

Also, the copy of the rom I just uncovered for this to play along with had the opening movie translated. That seems a little odd!

12-04-2008, 11:11 PM
Well... how much sooner do you get Geese with the dancer?

This is important!

Only one chapter, nothing too big. Only there if you can't stand waiting for the fowl fellow any longer.

Also, the copy of the rom I just uncovered for this to play along with had the opening movie translated. That seems a little odd!

Probably a different patch then, or a later version. Hmm... link? I'm curious what it says.

12-04-2008, 11:22 PM
Well that changes everything!

Spoony bard it is.

and pm ahoy

12-04-2008, 11:37 PM
Well that changes everything!

Spoony bard it is.

Glad to be of help. Just as planned.

and pm ahoy

Sweet. Just got it - there aren't many differences as you said in the PM, but I'll be able to edit in the intro now thanks to the finishing touches added. Thanks!

12-05-2008, 05:46 AM
As with Tanto's previous FE LP, seeing a slew of +1's is very compelling. I just don't know enough about the series to make a knowledgable comment.

Anyway, I trust Tanto, and if he says dancer, I say dancer.

Dynastic Bird
12-05-2008, 06:25 AM
But aren't there different characters beyond a musician and a fowl? I think Batre is on only one route >_>.

Then again, who wants Batre?

12-05-2008, 07:26 AM
(On another note, if Wendy's Serra's daughter, I wonder who her father is? Hmm...)

Way I heard it, Wendy was Oswin's daughter. More logical, and she could still be Serra's as well, I suppose.

12-05-2008, 07:45 AM
I *still* haven't managed to actually catch up on this thread since like 4 pages were posted while I was offline for thanksgiving, but I just wanted to pop in to say: Hooray! I really liked the last FE LP, and am glad to see the follow-up.

12-05-2008, 07:46 AM
I vote spoony bard. Because that bird guy scares me. ;_;

12-05-2008, 08:07 AM
Way I heard it, Wendy was Oswin's daughter. More logical, and she could still be Serra's as well, I suppose.

It helps that Serra is the only person in FE7 that Oswin can marry, and Wendy's sporting the pink hair. That doesn't necessarily mean anything -- I don't think Rath's wife appears in FE7 even though his daughter's a playable character -- but it helps.

12-05-2008, 10:04 AM
But aren't there different characters beyond a musician and a fowl? I think Batre is on only one route >_>.

Then again, who wants Batre?

There are also prepromotes mutually-exlcusive from each other, yes (Bartre on the Bard's path, a female hero, [Echidna], on the Dancer's) but they're both so ineffectual that I wouldn't be able to use them anyway. As it is, the only real choice is between using the Bard and the Dancer, so just focus on them for now.

12-05-2008, 02:33 PM
All righty, I'll be starting the chapter now, and, if that's all the votes, it looks like the Bards have it! Expect an update sometime tonight or tomorrow.

I vote spoony bard. Because that bird guy scares me. ;_;

He is on both routes! There is no escape.

Octopus Prime
12-05-2008, 03:35 PM
I vote spoony bard. Because that bird guy scares me. ;_;

All we are saying is... give Geese a chance.

12-06-2008, 12:36 PM
Welcome back. Last time, we had pushed through a secret volcanic cove and, after routing the bandits that had made their home their, unlocked the seal that guarded the Blazing Sword, Durandal. After taking the blade, Roy and co. returned to Ostia only to find Narshen, however, by chance, Knight General Percival and Sorcery General Cecilia from the Etrurian army had arrived to drive him off.


...for further attacks from Bern. However, Bern's belligerent movement towards Lycia suddenly stopped altogether, as if to mock Roy and his caution. Bern was also maintaining a neutral position regarding the truce offer from Etruria. Bern's sudden silence and lack of activity could only be described as eerie.

With Hector gone, Eliwood was now the only lasting power in Lycia. Eliwood summoned the various dukes to Pherae to discuss their future actions. It was decided that Eliwood was to become the next leader of the Lycia Alliance and that a new Lycia Alliance Army would be established. This new force's purpose was not to take the offensive against Bern, but trather take a defensive stance for Lycia. For his victory against Bern in Ostia, Roy was chosen to be the leader of the new Lycia Alliance army.


Business was improving, and people's attitudes started to get more optimistic. Around that time, Etruria called for Lycia's assistance in ridding the Westen Isles of the outlaws and bandits making their base there. The Lycia Alliance expressed their discontent by saying that they saw no reason in sending troops all the way to the Western Isles, but because Lycia needed Etruria's protection against Bern, they had no choice but to oblige.Thus, Roy and the Lycia Alliance Army passed through Etruria and made their way towards the Western Isles.


Currently, they are colonies of Etruria. The Western Isles are rich in minerals and natural resources, so mining is a major industry. However, these minerals are worth a fortune, so various rogue groups have traveled there hoping to loot the mines and sell the minerals for themselves. Thus, the people living on the Western Isles and spend their days in constant fear of bandit attacks. And Roy had been sent to defeat these bandits.


With a few additions, join us now as we journey to...

Chapter 9: The Misty Isles



Meanwhile, in a castle further on the Isle...


Scott: You sure?

Pirate: Yup. We just saw 'em arrive on the small island to the east.

Scott: Just as that other group said... All right, they're probably floundering around in the fog unable to see anything. Just sneak up on them from behind and kill 'em off.

Pirate: Sure thing, boss.


Roy: Please, don't worry about it. It isn't your responsibility, Lady Cecilia.

Cecilia: Yes. But even within Etruria, there are a lot of people voicing their discontent on how the advisor is treating Lycia like servants.

Roy: Advisor? I thought the king had made the decision to send Lycia to clear out hte bandits.

Cecilia: No, Advisor Roartz had been working with Lord Arcard, who's in charge of the mining operation in the Western Isles, and they decided to do it on their own without consulting the king.

Roy: How can they do that?

Cecilia: ...Do you remember last year's tragedy in Etruria?

Roy: Of course. Etruria's next heir, Prince Mildain, suddenly passed away last year.

Plot point!

Cecilia: Right.

Roy: I never had the honor to meet him. I understand that he was a very bright individual.

Cecilia: Yes... If the prince were alive. Etruria wouldn't be like this. King Mordred couldn't bear the fact that his son had died. The shock was sogreat that he never completely recovered from it. And today, it seems like he's always in a different world, and he doesn't really pay attention to anything going on around him or in his country. Roartz took advantage of this. Now, he's basically in charge of what goes in the palace. Ever since then, he has kept the Three Etrurian Generals, Lord Doublas, Percival, and me, away from the king unless there's a great emergency.

Roy: But what about the time when you came to aid us in Ostia?

Cecilia: That event was an exception because Percival worked with me. But now...

Roy: Please don't worry yourself... We can return to Lycia when we complete this mission anyway. But may I ask you to take care of Lycia while we are away?

Cecilia: Of course. You can leave the Lycia Alliance, and also Princess Guinevere, to me.


Interestingly enough, Guinevere's field sprite in this discussion is that of a Sage. This is because she's one of the characters you can unlock for the trial maps after you beat the game...

Roy: The battes on these islands are likely to become slugfests. You can never know what will happen. I think you should hide in Etruria with protection from General Cecilia.

Cecilia: Your Highness... please trust me. I understand your intentions of suggesting a truce, and I also promised Roy that I would protect you. Trust me, I will defend you at all costs.

Guinevere: ...I understand. I apologize for being selfish. Roy, I pray for your safety.

Roy: Thank you, my Lady. I will pray for yours as well.


This one's trickier than hard, but it's a challenge nonetheless. This is the first map so far with Fog of War, so be careful as you make your way through the battlefield - one wrong move and you'll find yourself at the wrong end of an axe. As such, you'll want to field one of your thieves here to take advantage of their increased visibility, at least until you buy some torches from the shop to the north.

The strategy isn't too complicated - move northwest until you reach the center then divide your team into mounted units to head for the villages in the northeast and the rest to head south. There are a pair of recruits here that will charge your team aggressively from the second turn, but you'll run into them by the time you reach the center and you can just have the right units recruit them easily enough.

One thing to watch out for are the reinforcements that start to appear a number of turns in, as they'll make for the villages as soon as they appear if you don't lure them away, and smash them in.


Wendy heads south first, blocking the bridge from the first two pirates in the area.


Next turn, she and Lilina gang up on a pirate for a kill, with Noah taking the other.

12-06-2008, 12:36 PM

It's a bit of a clusterfuck at first, what with everyone trying to cross the bridge at the same time. Thankfully, the other enemies approaching won't meet up with us until a few turns from now so we'll be able to reorganize our formations in time to fight back.


Huh? What's Fir doing up there?

Scott: Oh, it's Fir. Sorry I had to call you in.

Fir: What is all this noise about?

Scott: Well you see, some brigands are attacking this island. The people living here are in danger.

Fir: What!

Scott: I sent some guys over to try and stop them, but the invaders are pretty tough. The situation doesn't look good.

Fir: I can't believe...

Scott: If only I could go out there... but I can't leave the castle. So, Fir. I'm sorry, but...

Fir: Yes, I shall go and drive them off.

Scott: Thanks.

Seems like Scott's playing Fir like a fiddle. Tsk tsk. Didn't her father teach her not to trust strangers so easily?

Fir: Leave it to me! Attacking innocent villagers... that's not forivable!

Scott: I asked another guy too, so you can work with him.

Fir: Someone else?

Scott: Yeah, a nomad named Shin. He looks frail, but he's got a decent shot with his bow.


Shin: That's me. I heard the story from Scott. Let's go.

Get used to seeing this guy, troop, since he's got a decent shot at being on our final team.

Fir: ......

Shin: ......

Fir: Um...

Shin: What?

Fir: Um, did you also join the fight to protect the people living here?

Shin: No... I have no such interest in such thing.

Fir: Then why?

Shin: I'm paid to fight. That's all.

Fir: ......

Shin: ......

This is what most of the Fir/Shin support reads like. Yep.

Fir: ...I gotta keep the conversation going. Um... you're from Sacae, right?

Shin: Right.

Fir: What took you all the way out here?

Shin: It's nothing new. You look like you're from Sacae, and you're also here.

Fir: Well I'm traveling around Elibe to train myself, and... Oh, you weren't asking about me, were you...

Shin: ......

Fir: ...Whew.

Shin: ...I'm looking for somebody.

Fir: Who?

Shin: ...My clan lost to Bern when they invaded Sacae.

Fir: ......

Shin: Our clan leader let me escape, and he told me to find and protect his granddaughter. So I left the battlefield to fulfil his request.

He's searching for Sue, obviously. Good thing we brought her along, huh?

Fir: I see... Well, I hope you find her.

Shin: ...Yes.


Oh my God, Sword of Seals, stop being so chatty my fingers hurt. :<

Pirate: ...out there...

Scott: Yeah, I know what I'm doing. Once she's killed, we can get that sword she's carrying.

Pirate: Sword? That weird one she has?

Scott: That's no ordinary sword. That's the 'Wo Dao', a famous katana. If we can get it from her and sell it, it'll be worth a fortune. Hehe...

Amusing that they'd use an entire scene to introduce a weapon that's not all that interesting outside of a high crit rate. Ah well, let's keep reading.

Pirate: I see. So that's why you were so generous to her at first.

Scott: I couldn't make a move up until now, but now's a chance. Listen, I want you to follow her. When you see the chance, grab the sword from her!

Pirate: Sure thing, boss!


Phew. Anyway, Wolt lures one of the approaching fighters and shoots him down over two turns.


After which the rest of the Fighter's group reaches our moving forces and fires at Noah.


Thany aids Wendy in her kill, though she could have easily dealt with the mercenary on her own (no damage!).


Now that's more like it. A few more levels like that and we'll have a decent fighter on our hands.


Oujay the hedgehog cleaves the archer bugging Noah in two.


Our team took a few blows, so they'll use a turn to heal up a bit before they head for the center. When you're dealing with the Fog of War, you want to leave as little to chance as possible.

12-06-2008, 12:37 PM

Chad is especially helpful as a result, as his enhanced visibilty makes him a great unit to scout the area ahead. Battlefields like this are one of the times that thieves really shine, and having them on-hand to have a better glimpse of what's ahead really cuts down on the risk of moving.


As you'll have noticed, a lot of the enemies on this stage are axe-wielders, and as a result they'll hit harder at the cost of accuracy. Because of this, you'll want to field a lot of sword users to take advantage of their low hit, as the triangle really works against them since they won't be able to connect with it in effect.


Somewhere down the line, Noah and Fir reunite on the battlefield.

Fir: Sir Noah?! What are you doing here?!

Noah: Yes, I joined this army a while back... Whoa! What are you thinking?! Put away your sword!

Fir: Sir Noah! I thought you were nobler than this!

Noah: What?

Fir: Just because you're a mercenary knight... Lending your services to pirates?! You should be ashamed

Noah: ...Huh?

Fir: Don't play dumb! You're working with a band of pirates to attack the people living on this island! And you call yourself a knight!?

Noah: Um, can I have a sec I think there'sa really big misunderstanding...

Fir: Misunderstanding?! You still insist...

Noah: We're trying to help the villagers. We're supposed to go defeat the head of a pirate group. I think his name was Scott or something.

Fir: What? Scott is the head of a pirate band?

Noah: If you think I'm lying, why don't you ask the pirate over there? He's right behind you, hiding in the bushes.

Fir: Pirate? What pirate...


Fir: Hey! Wait!

Noah: ...You didn't suspect at all?

Fir: No! Scott was very kind to me...

Noah: Really? Rumors say that he's a very cruel man...

Fir: Well, my mother used to say that you shouldn't judge people by their looks...

Noah: Well, that's true, but...

Fir: ...I was lending my services to pirates... What can I do now?

Noah: Then you want to come along with us?

Fir: What? Would it be okay?

Noah: We're always looking for more people to strengthen our army. I'll talk to Roy about it.

Fir: Thank you!

And there we have it - one new Myrmidon, on the house.


Fir's not too bad. She's got less strength than Rutger does (though only by 5%), but she gains just as much speed and skill and she more than makes up for it by gaining a lot of luck. However, with Rutger and Oujay turning into the beasts they are and the decreasing importance of sword users later on, I don't really have enough room to make for her on the team. As such, she'll ride the bench.


Her support with Noah is gut-wrenchingly adorable, so fans of romance might want to pair her up with him. She also supports with Rutger, as well as her father and uncle, but, aside from Noah, there aren't any real slam dunks in her support list. Still, all in all they're pretty good, so you can't go wrong for using her if you do.


Her first battle, sadly, is a little disasterous.

12-06-2008, 12:38 PM

Sue takes over for the kill and levels up. She gets strength, but it might be too late for her...


Saul heals up Fir from her run at the mercenary.


And more recruits!

Sue: Shin... What are you doing here?

Shin: I was looking for you.

Sue: For me?

Shin: Yes. That was the clan leader's orders.

Sue: ...What happened to our clan after I left?

Shin: I'm sorry, we didn't stand a chance against Bern...

Sue: ...We lost.

Shin: ......

Sue: What has happened to my grandfather?

Or her father, for that matter? Why doesn't Rath get any love around here? :(

Shin: He is continuing the struggle against Bern...

Sue: I see...

Shin: I was told by the clan leader to leave and look for you.

Sue: Then will you fight alongside us?

Shin: With you?

Sue: We will be helping Grandfather because this army is fighting against Bern. Also, his army saved my life earlier.

Shin: Understood, my lady. If that is your plan, then I am at your disposal.

Sue: Thank you.


Shin is a very nice unit to have. He gains strength a lot faster than Sue does while still gaining enough speed to double, so he's much easier to raise as a result. He's got good stats all-around and can turn into a killing machine if you level him up, and as such he'll have a nice, cozy spot on our team as a result.


Shin isn't very talkative. At all. However, he's got some good support partners though, pairing with Fir, Sue, Dorothy, one of the Dragon Knights we'll be getting and a prepromote on a split path later on. So... yeah. He doesn't talk much, but he's ready to team up if he has to.


At this point, our team will be splitting up - our mounted units (Alan, Lance, Noah, Sue, and Shin) will head northeast to visit one of the villages (you can't visit both) while our sword-users (Roy, Oujay, and Rutger) will head southwest to the other. Our remaining units will stay behind to deal with the reinforcements in the middle and, once everything's dealt with, will reunite in the center and push around north to the castle and take on Scott.


Oujay humiliates a Fighter while Shin shoots down another. As I said, axe-users are pretty helpless against swords, though Intelligent Systems had to go and screw with that and make axes stronger than the other weapons in the later games...


Ah well, at least it's a small mercy in a game as tricky as Sword of Seals.

12-06-2008, 12:39 PM

Oh, and here's a good level up from Noah.


Wendy manages to get in a Javelin hit here...


But then leave it to Roy to not only critical him into submission, but to get an excellent level up as well and raise his weapon rank. This is getting ridiculous.


As they move on their respective paths, our teams run afoul of a few archers and fight it out with them.


Alan raises his Lance rank in the scuffle.


Lance, not to be outdone by his partner, ends up raising his Lance rank as well on this approaching mage.


Shin shoots down the mage finally...


And this is how it stands so far. Thany will be taking a seat here, at least for a while, to block off some of the Pirate reinforcements.

12-06-2008, 12:40 PM

Oh! Also, when you're sending your mounted units northward, be careful of one of the Fighters there. He's wielding a Halberd, an axe that's supereffective against cavaliers, nomads and the like, so your best bet is to weaken him with Sue and/or Shin before sending in a sword-user to finish him off.


Also make sure to take out any of the archers nearby before you take him on as well, since even if a cavalier survives the resulting hammer blow, they can still be taken out by an errant arrow as well.


A mercenary from nearby the castle starts to make his way to our group, but Thany and Noah are on the ball.


And here come the pirate reinforcements, insidious bastards.


Lance doubles back and takes out his Iron Sword and levels up... his speed's nice, but I'd like more strength, even if just one more point.


Next turn, the pirates get taken out by Lance and Thany.

12-06-2008, 12:40 PM

Thany levels up and doesn't gain any more strength. I'm tempted to take her sister for a test-drive when she joins later, to be honest - as good as she is right now, her growth in strength is low enough that I couldn't guarantee continued growth, while her sister's stat is. But we'll see.


More pirate mayhem - Thany ends up criticalling here for a kill.


While Rutger, meanwhile, doesn't really need any such help.


MVP? He may very well be.


Roy and Rutger continue their press southwestward towards the village, trampling everything under their path with their combine brokenness (Oujay's falling just behind them). The others, meanwhile, hang back by the pirate reinforcements so that they won't attack the others.


There are a lot of weapon rank increases going on this chapter, huh?


Anyway, Wolt shoots a pirate good.

12-06-2008, 12:41 PM

Up in the north, Sue and Noah team up to take out the Halberd-user, and amazingly enough nothing goes wrong.


Fir's unit keeps on distracting the pirates in the center.


And Roy's team keeps being broken.




Some more back-and-forth level ups from Wolt here. He's not too good to use but neither bad enough to drop, which is... aggravating, but I'm hoping he develops for the better nonetheless.


Anyway, Wendy tries to take a kill for herself, but this only prompts Lilina to step in and finish him off herself.


Hah, see? Now that's more like it. One unstoppable mage, coming right up!

12-06-2008, 12:43 PM

Chad beats up a pirate and also gets a great level up. Great level ups all around!


With the Halberd user dealt with, Noah falls back to help out the center team with their blockading and gains some more speed.


The mounted units to the north keep beating up Fighters...


While Oujay shanks the Archer from before, gaining a good level up.


Fir heals up a bit in the center, but at this point we've all but taken out the reinforcements.


There ain't no party like a Myrmidon party 'cause a Myrmidon party don't stop.

12-06-2008, 12:43 PM

These reinforcements are hella annoying, to be blunt. Having to fight it out with them with our team extended across the battlefield makes everything harder than it should be.


Well, at least it's giving good experience for our units, huh?


Lordy, Alan hasn't had a bad level up yet.


The enemies at this point have been finished off, so now it's time to get to taking advantage of what's in store up here. The important thing to stock up on are Torches to give to our thieves, as they can increase their visibility to obscene levels using them.


Hah! Even bad level ups can't stop Rutger now.


Only the reinforcements are left at this point, but enough about them...

12-06-2008, 12:44 PM

...Because we've got some villagers to visit. Remember what I said about influencing the split path we take? The chapters you take for the rest of our stay on the Western Isles is determined by which of these villages we visit. If we visit the left or none at all, we'll be put on route A, where we'll recruit a dancer and heroine, and have an easier time altogether since the battles on that route are easier. The other house, meanwhile, will put us on route B, where we'll recruit a bard and ol' Bartre, but at the expense of an increase in difficulty.

With a vote of 3-2, we'll be taking route B, and I'm kinda glad - route B's the more difficult of the two, sure, but I prefer using the bard out of the two and maybe it's for the best if I take one for the team and play the more difficult path for you guys.

Anyway, onwards.


Visiting the house to the right nets us a Restore staff (the other house would've gotten us a Killer Bow, but now it's blocked off). Note the villager's helpful hint about a battle to the west - with this information, Roy will take the army to where the fighting is as a result.


There are altogether too many pirates on this stage.


Roy takes it upon himself to visit the southwest house, grabbing a Silver Sword for himself. With his rank just increased to A, he's the first of our team to be able to use it.


Blah blah pirates, blah blah blah reinforcements...


During Saul's healing, he gets his first level up. See? Told you he'd be turning out fine.

12-06-2008, 12:44 PM

With the villages visited, our team starts to make its way back to the center to regroup. After waiting out the rest of the reinforcements, they'll then head for the castle, just as planned.


During the combat, Fir gets her first level up! Too bad it's just typical Myrmidon stuff.


Lance hands Chad the torches we just bought to him and we expand our visibility to cover most of the battle.


Lots and lots of rank-increasing going on here.


Oujay heals up here with a Vulnerary. Note that an enemy party from the north is following Roy's team, but they're in for a nasty surprise when they catch up.


Sue levels up, but at this point she's probably a lost cause.

12-06-2008, 12:45 PM

Noah also gains a mediocre level up, though he may hang on for a little while longer.


Lance finishes off the last of the pirate reinforcements here (note that, after a point, I stopped showing them altogether because reinforcements are boring) meaning it's now safe to move for the boss.


Thany takes out the last remaining enemy on the stage for a great level up. And it's now time to take on the boss.


Scott here is dangerous, far more than any other boss we've fought yet. Being a berserker, he automatically gains a 30% boost to his crit rate, and he wields both a Killer Axe and a Hand Axe, making him dangerous to deal with no matter how you approach him. However, he does have an opening - he started equipped with a Killer Axe, so we can pick him off with ranged units and pull them out before he switches weapons.


Which is where Lilina comes in. Thanks to Scott's relatively low Resistance, Lilina can hammer away at him with magic until he's weak enough to finish off with our other guys. Her low Con is also helpful here, since it makes her very easy to rescue as a result.


Scott: But you gotta be pretty beat up by now! I'll finish you off!

Yeah, if you can touch us that is.


Things are off to a rocky start at first, but Lilina's not in any real danger. Noah will just rescue her and pass her off to Shin to drop her, so that she'll be ready to attack next turn.


Lilina and Rutger team up and get a bunch of good hits in, but Lilina's Thunder tome breaks early. I mess up Rutger's rescue at that point, which means...

12-06-2008, 12:47 PM

...that Roy will take the kill.


Scott skips a line here...


I swear to God, I am not using savestates.


Thank God that's finally over with.


Merlinus: They must have known we were coming.

Roy: Something myst be going on behind the scenes...

Merlinus: Yes. Clearing out the bandits might be harder than we had expected. Ever since Bern started their invasion, something is different with Elibe.

Roy: I wonder what's going to happen from now... Dragons reappearing, Bern's sudden invasion, the collapse of the Lycia Alliance... All of these strange things happening at once. Still, we have to take things one at a time however tedious it may seem.

Merlinus: Now... where do we go from here?

Roy: Let's head west.

Merlinus: West?

Roy: I've heard there's a rebel group based there. They're fighting the bandits to protect the villagers.

As heard from that helpful villager we visited earlier.

Merlinus: I see. So we can visit them and gather some information on what's going on these islands.

Roy: Right. If we just go searching blindly, we won't get anywhere.

Merlinus: I have no objections, Master Roy.

A rare occasion, indeed.

Roy: All right, then let's head west.


Next time: West Side story.

12-06-2008, 01:05 PM
If you deploy Merlinus and let him get killed, what happens? There's an awful lot of dialog with him in the plot...

12-06-2008, 01:13 PM
If you deploy Merlinus and let him get killed, what happens? There's an awful lot of dialog with him in the plot...

Probably the same as in Blazing Sword - he'll run away and reappear the next chapter, ready to use.

12-06-2008, 01:22 PM
Probably the same as in Blazing Sword - he'll run away and reappear the next chapter, ready to use.

Aw, the lamer.

Octopus Prime
12-06-2008, 01:25 PM
Not only is Fir delightful, she looks enough like Lynn that I thought they were related!

That's TWO things going for her!

12-06-2008, 02:10 PM
I find it disturbing that not only is every shopkeeper in the game an identical twin, but she seems to have snuck in from a different series entirely (http://www.mzanime.com/images/walls/lunar/lunarsssc01.jpg).

Dynastic Bird
12-06-2008, 05:45 PM
I'm going to miss Fir. She has the naivete of Nino with better lines to that regard ^_^

"Wait, isn't, what's his name, Scott, the pirate?"


"Why not ask-"


"Hey! What is he-"

Hilarious! Too bad we already have Rutger.

You know, at least Erk was urking us by the time Nino came up...and we forced Tanto to use her and pair her up with Canas.

Thanks Tanto!

12-06-2008, 11:56 PM
Well I'm going to use Fir!

And more reports from the mystery translation I found:

Cath's second conversation isn't cut short. She says she isn't in the mood for stealing anymore after talking about that depressing stuff, then runs off.

Also, it looks like every instance of the word "bastard" has been replaced with "dastard." That's... something, I guess. I'm not really sure what, though.

12-07-2008, 12:00 AM
Also, it looks like every instance of the word "bastard" has been replaced with "dastard." That's... something, I guess. I'm not really sure what, though.

Well, it's more in line with the official Nintendo translations, for one. Most highborn characters tend to use archaic insults like "dastard", "blackheart", and "cur" in lieu of real swears.

12-07-2008, 04:18 AM
Hey now, I like Fir too! :( It's just that she's overshadowed by the others, is all. Though if she develops well, be sure to report back here with pictures of her development for us to see.

...Anyway, welcome back. Last time, we had made port at one of the Western Isles and driven off the bandit forces lying there.


...on the Western Isles, Roy and company moved west along the coastline. Along the way, they came across a small village caught in a constant conflict beween the resistance group and the landowner trying to get rid of them.

Join us now as the Lycia Alliance Army is...

Chapter 10: Caught in the Middle



At the northern gate...

Soldier: We are still searching for him, my lord.

Zinc: And?

Soldier: It appears he has hidden himself in a village on the outskirts of the castle...

Zinc: The resistance group is just another band without that Elphin supporting them with his brains. I don't care what happens to the village, just find him!

Soldier: Yes, my lord.



Hey, it's Miledy again. Funny how she always *just* misses catching up to Guinevere.

Miledy: You seemed... busy.

Zinc: Oh no, we prioritize allying with Bern above all things. So if you need anything...

Miledy: Then, as I asked earlier...

Zinc: Ah, the whereabouts of Princess Guinevere.

Miledy: Do you have any information, Lord Zinc?

Zinc: I regret to say that I do not. You have already visited the capitol at Djuto?

"Perhaps you might've met my brothers there, Lord Copper and Lord Iron..."

Miledy: Yes.

Zinc: Then I suggest you pay a visit to Bishop Oro. He resides in the castle overlooking Mt. Ebrakhm to the north. He knows this region better than any of us, so I would believe he'd have some ideas. However, if even he does not know where Princess Guinevere is, then I would think she is not on these islands.

Miledy: I see. I will talk with Bishop Oro. Thank you for your time.

Oro? Anyway, back to camp!


Merlinus: Yes, according to our sources. But I also understand that earlier this week, the resistance group was hunted down by Etruria's military. I heard that they were devastated.

Roy: ...The Etrurian government lets the bandits go and opresses the resistance group who are trying to help the people. It doesn't look good...

Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands, gang.

Merlinus: No, it does not.

Roy: Could we do anything to help?

Merlinus: That would be difficult. We would be going against Etruria's nobility. I don't think that would be a good idea when we are working under Etruria's orders.

Roy: I'll send a messenger to General Cecilia and see what she has to say. We probably shouldn't do anything too risky right now, but...

Soldier: Master Roy! Duke Zinc who controls this area is sending out troops to attack the villages to find a member of the resistance force!

Merlinus: What! ...Should we?

Roy: We don't have tim to wait for General Cecilia's reply... But I want to help the people. ...Even if it means going against Etruria's orders.

Merlinus: Master Roy...

Roy: Let's fight! So we can be proud when we return to Lycia!


Toughest map in the game? Maybe not, but it sure as hell's up there.

This map is pure evil if you're trying to get everything. We've got to visit all of the villages, recruit enemies actively aggressive against us, make sure the NPCs they bring with them survive long enough to escape and clear out the enemies in the stage.

You'll notice a few retirees rejoining our squad for this mission. In order to get everything, we're gonna need to bring Clarine, Thany and Lilina to recruit, or at least delay, the characters on this stage, as well as Lot and Ward to visit the two northwestern most villages to get the unique items there (visiting them with anyone else will result in far less impressive goods). With Roy taking the roll as leader, that leaves us with only six members of our choice to bring along, so choose wisely.

With that in mind, you'll want to divide your forces from the start - mounted units, the two Fighters and Lilina head north to clear out the villages and recruit one unit, Roy, Clarine and the rest head down the center and wait for the other two recruits to show up. Note that you don't have to keep the NPCs alive if you don't want to, but the items we get from keeping them alive are extremely valuable, and it's in your best interests to do so.

This stage took me roughly a dozen tries to nail down finally, and is bastardly hard if you're trying to get everything. Trust me, try and avoid this route for yourself when you're playing through this game for the first time.


First things first, Lance and Shin begin chipping away at the Broken Wall here, which is... surprisingly sturdy.


Thany, meanwhile, heads for the armory to replace her nearly-broken Javelin.


This is how our group looks at the end of the round. Next turn, Thany and the other mounted units will smash through the wall and clear a path for the Fighters and Lilina, while Roy and the others move for the center.


Meet Gale. Despite his fearsome exterior, he's a perfectly honourable, trustworthy enemy. We won't be running into him for a long, long while yet, but remember his face.

Oh, and this chapter is hella chatty. Just thought I'd let you know.

Miledy: No. But I heard a bishop named Oro in charge of the mines in the north might know.

Gale: All right, then let's head north.

Miledy: Gale... I'm sorry. King Zephiel wanted to keep the case on Guinevere in secrecy, so he only assigned my group to look for her. I'm sorry I got you mixed up into this...

Gale: You shouldn't worry yourself over things like that.

Miledy: But you're one of the captains working directly under General Murdock.

Gale: General Murdock has agreed to my helping you out. In fact, he wants me to find out the location of the Princess and the Fire Emblem.

Miledy: ...Do you think that Princess Guinevere has the Fire Emblem?

Gale: Well, that's the what the royalty thinks. And I think they're correct, looking at the situation.

Miledy: ......

Gale: Come on, don't look like that... Probably Princess Guinevere has a plan of some sort. Come, let's go.

Miledy: Yes...


The two Fighters in the middle take wind of Oujay's presence and attack.

12-07-2008, 04:19 AM


Elphin: ...Where...am I...?


Elphin: ...What...happened... to me...

Mary: We found you lying at the entrance of the village, all bruised and blood-splattered. So we brought you home and treated your wounds.

Elphin: And you are...?

Mary: I'm Mary. I live here.

Elphin: ...Live here...No! This village will be endangered if I stay here... ...Or maybe it's too late if it's already been one day...

Mary: ?

Elphin: I am Elphin... One of the resistance group. The landowner is sure to send troops here to capture me.

This is our spoony bard, by the way. More later when he joins.

Mary: The resistance group...

Elphin: Miss Mary, you should run from here. This village is in danger.

Mary: ...No. I will stay.

Elphin: ...Why?

Mary: I have a younger brother. Right now he's gone out to look for work with his friend from next door. His friend asked me to take care of his younger sister while they was gone.

The two are Ward and Lot respectively, in case you were wondering.

Elphin: I see... Then all I can do to protect the village is leave. Thank you very much for healing my wounds. Please take care.

Mary: Yes, you take care too.


Anyway, Wolt takes on the remaining Fighter in the center, doubling it down to nothing for a horrid level up.


Wendy follows up with a kill, netting her a significantly better level.


Combining their strength, our mounted units bust down the wall here, clearing a path to the villages inside. A few turns from now, a group of bandits will spawn in the north, so it's imperitive to make your way in here if you want to claim the goods.


Oujay lures the mercenary to the east, netting him a pathetic level up.

12-07-2008, 04:19 AM

He also comes under fire from a Fighter and Shaman. The latter connects; the former does not.


Roy, Wendy and Wolt finish off the enemies harrassing Oujay, clearing his path north.


Clarine heals up Oujay, while Thany takes out a Fighter to the north...


And Oujay rearranges Thany's stock so that her new Javelin's at the top. This is because, at the moment, she's in the range of an enemy shaman, and will be able to kill it during the next phase with the Javelin equipped.


A friend of Mary's is worried and hands Shin a Barrier staff for his time.


There are a pair of archers near the start that will make things difficult if they're still alive, so Wolt and Roy team up once more to take them out.


Back with the mounted units, Shin and Alan conspire to take out another.

12-07-2008, 04:20 AM

Lance, his hands freed, takes out a nearby Fighter, earning... more speed.


Uh oh, looks like Cobalt found out we're here.

Zinc: Why is taking so long to find one resistance group member?!

Soldier: The Lycia Alliance Army! They are fighting to protect the villagers...

Zinc: The Alliance Army? They would go against Etruria?!

Soldier: We have gotten a message from Djuto. It says, "The Lycia Alliance Army is suspected to be working with the bandits. Capture them, or kill them, if necessary."

Zinc: Oh? Tied in with the bandits? How ironic! So they want to kill them to save their own skins...

Soldier: What, sir?

Zinc: This is not the mainland. Might makes right here.

Soldier: I'm not quite sure I understand...

Zinc: Don't worry about it then. Is that all they said from Djuto?

Soldier: No. Lord Arcard has provided us with reinforcements.

Zinc: What!

Soldier: They should be arriving soon.

Zinc: Damn! Even if we defeat the Lycia Alliance Army, we will not get all the credit if we are aided by reinforcements! We need to do this quickly... Ah, of course! Get Scollan!

Soldier: Yes, sir.


Scollan: What can I do for you, Master Zinc?

Zinc: I want you to burn down all the villages in this area. Kill the villagers as well.

Scollan: ...What if there's treasure?

Zinc: Do with it as you wish. Just hurry.

Scollan: Got it, Master Zinc. Hehehe...


Well, anyway...


During the enemy's turn, Wolt and Shin come under fire from a few enemies...


I need Wolt to take out the archers in the north though, so Thany takes over for the kill here.


Shin, however, has no such obligations and takes out the offending archer. His level up leaves a little to be desired, but meh. He's still got time.


With most of the enemies in the region dealt with, Lance and Alan pick up the two Fighters so they'll reach the north villages faster.

You'll notice that we left the middle village untouched. This is so we can lure the bandit group down there without having to skip the north villages.

12-07-2008, 04:20 AM

Oujay, Wendy and Wolt head north so they can pick away at the wall there.


Alan and Lance drop off their charges...


...and here comes reinforcement group #1.

Scollan: There's a village to the south. You got that?

Gonzales: Get it.

Scollan: That might be a hidden base for the resistance forces. Master Zinc says to burn it down, village and all.

Gonzales: Village and all...

Scollan: Right. Now git! A stupid hulk like you only comes in use at times like this. You better not screw up.

Hey now, that's uncalled for!

Gonzales: I... I...

Scollan: You got a problem?

If he does, he could probably rip your arms off if you push him, Scollan.

Gonzales: N-No...

[Gonzales leaves.]

Scollan: Heh, he looks like hell, but has that damn kind heart. He shouldn't be scared of busting up one tiny village. You guys, you got that too?

Bandit: Sure thing, boss!


Meanwhile, Wolt comes into contact with a shaman wielding a new kind of tome. The Nosferatu tome restores HP equal to the damage dealt, so it's a real pain to deal with if the enemy's wielding it. The best way around it is for them to attack first so the damage you deal is after the heal.


The remaining fighter near the village attacks Shin at close-range...


...however, he leaves himself wide open for Shin and Lilina to counterattack on our turn.


Booya. Magic's a given for Lilina, but seeing speed is nice since that's what she normally lacks.


Lot visits the left village for a little reunion with his sister...

Lot: Myu! Have you been good?

Myu: Yes! I was good! I didn't even wet my bed!


Lot: Good girl.

Myu: Lott... While you were away, Mom...

Lot: Yeah, I know... She went to a faraway place...

Myu: Here... Mom left it for you. She said you'll find a use for it.

Lot: ......

Myu: Big brother... You won't leave me, right? You won't go to a faraway place without me like Mom...

Lot: Of course not! I'll come back here with lots of presents for you. So listen to what Mary says and be a good girl, all right?

Myu: Okay!

Lot: Anyway, hide in the hills with Mary. It's dangerous here.

Myu: Yes sir... Lott?

Lot: ?

Myu: You promised! You won't go to a faraway place, right?

Lot: Yeah... I hope I can keep that promise...


And with that, we leave behind Lot's home with a pair of Speedwings (raises speed). Note that, if we had visited the village with someone other than Lot or Ward, we would've gotten a less-useful Elixer instead.

12-07-2008, 04:21 AM

And by the other village, Ward reunites with his sister as well...

Ward: Sis! It's good to see you.

Mary: You've returned?

Ward: Well not really... We just came here on a mission.

Mary: ...You're not going to come back anymore?

Ward: No! That's not the case! ...But I'm not ready to return yet. Just wait, I'll come back with lots of money so we can live an easier life.

Mary: I don't care about that... I just want you to be safe.

Ward: Sis...

Mary: I know it's pointless to tell you to be careful with that personality of yours... but just remember that there are people worried for you. Okay?

Ward: ......

Mary: Here, take this.

Ward: What's this?

Mary: It's a special weapon. I treated the wounds of a traveler a while back, and he left it in return. You can use it, can't you?

Ward: Thanks, sis! I'll be going.

Mary: Be careful...


And with that, we leave with a Swordreaver, a special weapon which reverses the normal weapons triangle. We would've gotten a Door Key if we brought someone else, so yeah.


With the villages visited, Alan and Lance pick up the two and double back behind Lilina and Shin. Reinforcement group #3 charges from the north, so we'll want to leave a large enough gap away from there as we fight.


Wolt starts picking away at the wall to the north...


Roy, meanwhile, lures a Mercenary to him and doubles him down to almost nothing.


Next turn, Wolt heals up with a spare Vulnerary while Oujay and Wendy take over hitting the wall.


With the bandits approaching, Alan and Lance move at the very edge of the front bandit's range and dump the Fighters off behind them. Next turn, the Bandits will charge us, giving us the opening to finish them off and recruit the first character on this stage...

Back in the southeast...

Klein: So that's the Lycia Alliance Army...


Meet Tate and Klein, Thany's sister and Clarine's brother respectively. And you thought Thany looked like Sailor Mercury...

Klein: I know. But Lord Arcard says that they are fighting with the bandits to attack the villagers. Why are they doing the opposite of what they were told to do...

Tate: ......

Klein: Tate, can you take your troops and attack from the north? I'll start attacking from here.

Tate: Yes, sir.

Klein: Tate! wait.

Tate: Yes?

Klein: I see that you have some siblings.


Tate: Yes. I have two sisters: one older, one younger.

Klein: Are they all Pegasus Knights like yourself?

Tate: Yes. Why do you ask?

Klein: Well, actually, I have a younger sister myself...

Tate: She must be very beautiful if she is your sister.

Klein: Thank you. And yes, she is pretty. But I've heard she got tangled up in some mess and I don't know where she is now.

Chapter 4, Eric being a lecherous prick.

Tate: What? Oh my...

Klein: I've sent out some people to look but they haven't found her yet. If only I wasn't on this mission, I could go look myself.

Tate: ......

Klein: Tate, take care of yourself. For your family's sake.

Tate: Yes, thank you.

[Tate leaves.]


Soldier: Sir, are you sure?

Klein: About what?

Soldier: Lord Arcard said to leave most of the fighting up to Ilia's Pegasus Knights so that we the Etrurian army, suffer the least casualties.

Klein: Don't be ridiculous, they are trustworthy companions. We will attack at the same time... or even before then. Understood?

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Klein: ...Still, Lord Arcard's story is strange... The army from Lycia just got here. ...Would they get tied in with the bandits so quickly...?

12-07-2008, 04:22 AM

Well, anyway. The mercenary from earlier takes another run at Roy and dies (though I don't have a shot of the battle - you'll have to take my word for it).


Two of the bandits from Scollan's group attack Alan, but miss! Luck's always nice to have, especially with how tight things are in this battle.


Just checking Klein's range right here... next turn, he'll move just outside of Roy's range, giving us the opportunity for him and his sister to chat.


Oujay, Wendy and Wolt, ignoring the other scuffles, break down the wall here, which will come into play later...


But for now, it's time to recruit!

Gonzales: W-What are you! I'm an enemy!

Lilina: I'm sorry... But you had such a sad look in your eyes...

Wait, THAT'S your excuse for walking up to Gonzales and starting a chat? Oy, we're just lucky he really is a nice guy.

Gonzales: ...There is village near mountain. You know?

Lilina: Yes, I know.

Gonzales: Let the people escape. I take order, I destroy village. So...

Lilina: What? Don't! The people living in the village are innocent...

Gonzales: No. I can't disobey order.

Lilina: Can't you leave the people who give you ordersl ike that?

Gonzales: Leave?

Lilina: I know! You should fight alongside us! We're protecting the villagers.

Gonzales: ...No...I'm a monster... I can't be with other people... They say 'go away' to me... I'm a monster... Not human...

Lilina: No! Of course you're a human! You're also a kind hearted human. I can tell. Come with us. Don't be afraid.

Gonzales: Me afraid? I'm not afraid! Everyone afraid of me. I'm not afraid!

Lilina: No. You are afraid. You're scared that people will throw stones at you, and they'll tell you to go away again.

Gonzales: ......

Lilina: It's okay. The people in our army are nice people. They won't be mean to you. Come on... be brave. That out that first step to live positively...


And with that, Gonzales is on our team. Let's take a look at him, shall we?


The first and only recruitable bandit in the GBA games, and he is, far and away, one of the best characters in the game. With obscene growth in strength and speed coupled with the critical boost after promotion, Gonzales is a killing machine bordering on unstoppable. From what I've been told, there are a few maps later on that Gonzales can solo on hard mode if you raise him up. The only problem is his Skill and the horrid accuracy of axes, but a few Secret Books should fix that up.


Gonzales has a great selection of supports as well. The only usable characters he pairs with are Lilina and Treck, but all in all they're all pretty well-written, and vary from amusing (his pairing with Bartre is a thing of beauty) to tragic (same, except with Lilina). We'll be using him, period. Not even the RNG can stop him.

12-07-2008, 04:23 AM

Anyway, the next turn Ward takes a swing with a hand axe, but misses...


More importantly, however, he gets into position for Gonzales to grab a few axes from him and take over for the kill.


Interestingly enough, the music that normally plays during a boss battle plays here, but he has no dialogue, character-specific or otherwise. He's not even that tough, either - Alan tears him to pieces with no effort.


Lastly, the final bandit falls to the others.


Uh-oh, Zinc's none too happy.

Zinc: Damn! We're having enough trouble as it is... I don't need any reinforcements to take all the credit!



What reinforcements?

Klein: Clarine? You were safe? Thank goodness...

Clarine: I'm sorry I left without telling you... But I wanted to see you so badly!

Klein: The things you would do... Well, you're safe, and that's what matters. ...And what brings you out here? Did you find someone trustworthy to hire?

Clarine: No, I joined the Lycia Alliance Army and am fighting alongside them/

Klein: The Lycia Alliance Army?!

Clarine: Yes! My healing staves have been very useful.

Klein: ...I see. I thought your eyes looked... sharper.

Clarine: I'm now a lady, I am.

Klein: ...Let me ask you this. What kind of individual is General Roy?

Clarine: Hmm... He lacks a little finesse for a noble. I especially think he has to take care of his hair a little more.


Klein: ...Let me rephrase the question. Is General Roy working with the bandits and attacking the people here?

Clarine: No, of course not! we are here to defeat the bandits!

Klein: I see...

Clarine: The Etrurians here are evil and malicious people... It is so embarassing. Klein... Are you working for them?

Klein: No. At least not now after I heard your story.

Clarine: What?

Klein: I was sent here to protect the villagers. To fulfill my mission, I hereby join the Lycia Alliance army.

Clarine: Klein!

Klein: Then let's go, shall we? Will you introduce me to General Roy?

Clarine: Of course! I love you, Klein.


Squicky. Nevertheless, we've recruited another ally! Note that the reinforcements that joined Klein have turned neutral - with the wall busted open to the north, they'll run up past the castle to flee from the battlefield. But first, let's get to know Klein a bit more, shall we?

12-07-2008, 04:23 AM

Our first non-sucky prepromoted unit, Klein's... average, I guess. His strength's iffy, but he gains good speed and luck, so he's usable if Wolt and Dorothy disappoint. However, Wolt's doing fine, so Klein's riding the bench.


Let's see... he supports with his sister, Clarine, and he and her take the role of the incest couple of the game. He also pairs with Dieck in one of the best supports in the game, and can also pair with a later prepromote and Tate as well. A pretty good haul, overall.


With him now on our team, Klein heads immediately north so he can convert Tate and the others when they show up again.


Roy, meanwhile, heads south to inflict horrific wounds on the cavaliers that have just spawned to the southwest...


And here's Tate now. Jesus, are all of the Pegasus Knights in Ilia's army little children? Something's not right here.

Peg Knight: Captain... Are you sure we'll be all right?

Tate: Why?

Peg Knight: Perhaps the Etrurian army means to use us up front as disposables...

Tate: Who says that?

Peg Knight: One of our group members heard rumors like that in the Etrurian army.

Tate: If you take rumors seriously all the time, you won't be able to do anything.

Peg Knight: But...

Tate: Besides, if that were true, General Klein wouldn't approve of it.

Peg Knight: Do you really think so?

Tate: General Klein's not like that. I trust him.

Peg Knight: ...Alright. Then we'll trust him as well, for we trust you, Captain.

Tate: Thanks. Let's go!


Here come the cavaliers, unaware of the dangers Roy has planned.


Gonzales stops by the village we left open to pick up a Dragonshield (raises defense).


And Roy gets to work on the horsemen.

12-07-2008, 04:24 AM

Ridiculous? You betcha. Even with the weapons triangle working against him, Roy dodges and counterattacks to death every cavalier, save for the Javelin wielding one.


Tate's... Tate's start picking away at our team. At this point, I've arranged our formations so that our archers and the like are protected by a wall of meat - we'll want Tate's troopers alive to get a little something extra, so we don't want them to get killed off, now do we?


Meanwhile, an archer sneaks up on Klein's... Klein's from behind, but eats arrow.


And Roy takes out the last social knight.


At this point, our goal is to clear the path of all dangerous units near the north, so that the NPCs can escape unhindered. This means all magic users, archers and nearby bandits must go. Probably 90% of my restarts happened at this point - it's a very delicate process.


Tate's troop, thankfully, fights smart and avoids any counterattacks here.

12-07-2008, 04:25 AM

And Klein's commando gets a free hit here, too. Everything's coming up daisies.


Our team takes a few big hits here...


However, Shin proves his worth and offs the remaining archer for a fantastic level up.


This is probably the luckiest hit streak I've had yet - six attacks, and not a single decisive miss. And with that, all of the dangerous enemies near the north have been dealt with...


...Clearing the path to recruit Tate and her troop.

Tate: General Klein! What is the matter?

Klein: I've made up my mind. We are going to fight alongside General Roy in the Lycia Alliance Army.

Tate: Understood sir. Then we will, as well.

Klein: Aren't you going to ask why?

Tate: We are mercenaries. We follow our employer's every order. Besides...

Klein: Besides?

Tate: I trust that you would not make the wrong judgements.

Klein: Thank you, Tate.

12-07-2008, 04:25 AM

Tate is the second Pegasus Knight we'll be recruiting, and the best of the three, in my opinion. She's got Thany's amazing speed but actually has strength worth a damn, so she'll grow much more well-rounded than her sister. She's also sturdier too, and can take hits a fair bit better, so she can take a more active role in combat as a result.

Thany's been growing well though, but I can't guarantee that it can continue due to her mediocre strength growth. As it is, I'd rather use her sister if I can since she's more reliable in that regard. So I'll compromise: if I raise Tate to Thany's level and she doesn't have the same or more strength, then she's gone. If she does, she's on the team. Sound fair?


Let's see... Klein, her sisters, the male Illians and Alan. Yep, nothing to see here.


With the two recruited, Tate's and Klein's soldiers will now make for the exit, hopefully unhindered by the remaining enemies.


To make sure it stays that way, Thany helps clear out the remaining bandits.


Klein and Lance join in to help out. You'll forgive me for using Klein to finish off the bandit here, but it's been a long day and I'd rather not have to retry this chapter for the upteenth time.


Alan's nearby, so he heads northwest to join up with Lance and wall off the rest of the area.


Over the course of the next while, Tate's troops fly north and out of sight. That's one condition down.

12-07-2008, 04:26 AM

Klein takes out one of the last bandits...


And Lance finishes off the last for more strength. Yum.


Be careful when visiting the other villages, as this Fighter here wields a Killer Axe. The last thing you want at this point is an ill-timed critical, so try and take him out at range if you can.


Tate sneaks into this village here to grab an Orion Bolt, the promotion item for Archers and Nomads...


...Then sneaks back out of range so that Mr. Killer Axe won't attack her.


There goes Klein's Archers. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now.


Thany pulls the same stunt as her sister here and picks up a Sleep staff.

12-07-2008, 04:26 AM

Oujay gets started on clearing out the rest of the enemies on the stage by luring the nearby Fighter to his death.


Tate visits the last village to pick up a message for Gonzales, as well as a Swordreaver. And that's the last of it!


As mentioned, ranged attacks are the best way for dealing with this guy, so send Klein or Wolt up against him.


Lilina starts picking off the Priests now...


And Oujay offs the last of the Fighters.


As disconcerting as Lilina's lack of magic has been, she's been gaining speed quite nicely.


Wolt finishes off the Priest for the team...


Oh, and the boss. Zinc's pretty weak, to be honest - great defense aside, he's too slow to double our guys and characters with armor-piercing equipment like Roy and Oujay can slaughter him. Just attack, attack, attack.

12-07-2008, 04:27 AM

The Priests here are pretty easy experience for characters like Lilina, since their high Res and inability to counterattack make for easy targets.


Once you're done, just shoot 'em full of holes, heal up your champion...


...And take on Lord Tin.

Zinc: What is it to me? Their purpose is to die in my service. I couldn't care less about the wails of those worthless animals.


Ooh, now you've made Roy mad.


Wolt snatches Klein's Silver Bow and continues to perplex me with a great level up.

12-07-2008, 04:28 AM

Lilina sees an opening and finishes him off.



Too late! We just did. Man, you guys have no idea how happy I am that that's finally over with. The things I do for you people...

Merlinus: Master Roy, there is a young man here to see you. He says he is a member of the resistance force.

Roy: Let him pass.


Elphin: Please to meet you, my name is Elphin. I am a member of the resistance forces here.

Roy: I am Roy of the Lycia Alliance Army.

Elphin: My thanks for saving our village here.

Roy: No, we simply did what we thought was right.

Elphin: But now you have rebelled against Etruria. Certainly you had thought of that before you took action?

Roy: Even so, we did what we felt was right. Although this is a sign of rebellion against Etruria, if the truth about these islands is made public, they will understand. I have sent a letter to a trustworthy member of the Etrurian Nobility. If she takes the appropriate measures, I think we can tip the tables in our favour.

Elphin: I would not be so sure of that...

Roy: What do you mean?

Elphin: Did you ever think it strange that Etruria sent you in to rid of the bandits?

Roy: Actually yes... of course.

Elphin: This is merely my theory... But I believe that the ones who requested your help are Advisor Roartz and Lord Arcard.

Roy: ...How do you know that?

How indeed?

Elphin: Why did those two have to get your army off the mainland? Could there be some kind of problem if you had stayed in Lycia?

Roy: Oh... I never thought of it from that perspective...

Elphin: There are rumors... That Roartz and Arcard are actually tied in with Bern.

Roy: What!? Then Lycia would be in danger!

Merlinus: M-Master Roy!

Elphin: Your country could be in peril. Are you sure you want to be wasting your time on a little island like this?

Merlinus: He's right! If Bern wanted us to get away from Lycia so they could invade, then we must go back at once...

Roy: ...I'm not going back.

Merlinus: What!? Why!?

Elphin: ......

Roy: Right now, it's very difficult to judge what information is true and what is false. In times like this, the worse thing to do is to jump to information presented in front of you and taking action based on it. Sure, I'm worried about Lycia but my father is there, and General Cecilia is also watching over Lycia. But only our army is on these islands.

Merlinus: That's true, but...

Roy: If we just leave without fully clearing out the bandits, then what we did so far would all be a lie...

Huh. I can't honestly say I caught onto that. Good thinking, Roy.

Elphin: ...I see you are blessed with a wise leader.

Roy: What?

Elphin: Master Roy, I am so sorry I tried you so.

Merlinus: Tried us!? So what you said was a lie!/

Elphin: I have not lied. But I did present the rumor in such a way that you would easily jump onto it. But Master Roy kept his head. I feel that I would like to join an individual like you. Master Roy, please count me among your ranks.

Roy: I don't like the idea that you were testing us, but if you're willing to help, then we'll welcome you.

Elphin: Then...

We got ourselves a bard?

Roy: Yes, please fight alongside us. Well then, back to business. What can we do to help the people on these isles?

Elphin: Head south... towards Caledonia.

That's the southernmost island on the map - Roy et al are still on the large, middle one.

Roy: Why?

Elphin: Castle Idina is located there, where the people being sent to Mt. Ebrakhm are kept.

Roy: All right, then let's save those people first!

Elphin: Master Roy, please take this sword.

Roy: What is this?

Elphin: It is a sword called the Dragon Killer. I hear it was created during the Scouring to use against Dragons.

Roy: Dragon Killer? This isn't a Divine Weapon?

Elphin: No. The Divine Weapons can only be used by those who have skill equal to the Eight Heroes. But this weapon should be useable by people of this army as well.


You get the Wyrmslayer automatically for completing the map.


Roy: Yes.

Mary: I wanted to thank you for protecting our village.

Roy: No... I just did what I thought was right.

Mary: Please take this as a token of our gratitude.


Visiting all the villages in the chapter nets us a Hero Crest courtesy of Mary...


Soldier: ... we will stay here and reconstruct the area, as you directed us.

Klein: Good.

Soldier: We wish we could fight alongside you. Oh, and here is the arrow you had us keep. I will give it back to you. Farewell and good luck, General Klein.

Klein: Thank you.


...while saving all of Klein's troops nets us an Orion Bolt...


Peg Knight: We will return to Ilia to make our report.

Tate: Thanks.

Peg Knight: Oh, and this... Your sister gave it to me before we left. Please be careful.

Tate: Thank you. You be careful too.


...and saving all of Tate's team nets us an Elysian Whip. So with that...


Next time: "Leave those mountain weaklings to me! I'm Bartre the Brave!"

12-07-2008, 06:26 AM

Thany pulls the same stunt as her sister here and picks up a Silence staff.

Silence, eh? o_O

Tate has six levels to gain at least three strength? Mercury Power... MAKE UP!

Elphin is purty. <3 But if anybody's playing alongside this LP, I'd love to see some screenshots of the dancer side of things...

12-07-2008, 09:22 AM
I'm playing along with this... first run-through.
I'm not being hyper-anal about completion though, and have let a few characters die when I didn't feel like restarting. I'm on chapter 18.

My core army so far has been Roy, Alan, Dieck, Thany, Lugh, Rutger, Saul, Sue, Lilina, Fir, Astol (for thiefing purposes only), Elphin, Ray, Miledy, and Percival. Of those that can be promoted, only the mages haven't been (damned lack of guiding rings!) Noah has been filling an empty spot in my roster, but his growth has been horrid (as have the other cavaliers and armor knights)... he gets nixed once I figure out a decent prepromote to fill his space.

Notable casualties:
Wolt - killed by Rutger (thank you cheapass reinforcement spawning :( )
Dorothy - killed by my incompetence in Ch. 7
Bors - killed by cheapassspawning in Ch. 9
Ward - died... somewhere. Until the most recent chapter in this LP I didn't miss him.
Oujay :( - killed by the most horrid string of RNG screwing, on a map I did not want to replay a 5th or 6th time.
Gonzales :( :( :(

Sue has been pwnage so far, maxing both speed and skill pre-promotion and having strength up there with my better swordsman (Fir, in this case). Said swordswoman has outperformed Rutger after arena abuse - is it normal for her to have 4-5 points of strength on him, but remain slower by a couple points? Aside from that, the RNG has been kind to me with levelups... even Roy can pwn most normal enemies.

And for those who ask why I'm taking the spoony bard along... he has his uses, at least more than filling the slot with cruddy benchwarmers.

12-07-2008, 11:51 AM
Elphin is purty. <3 But if anybody's playing alongside this LP, I'd love to see some screenshots of the dancer side of things...

I already went bardside in my game, but this (http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Lalam) is the dancer.

(thank you cheapass reinforcement spawning :( )

god yes

I hate reinforcement spawns in this game. I haven't lost anyone, thanks to me being super anal about keeping these guys alive, but I hate that you pretty much have to know the map and all of its events beforehand to make sure you aren't standing too close to an enemy's spawnpoint. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if they didn't spawn in and move on the same turn.

12-07-2008, 12:09 PM
I already went bardside in my game, but this (http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Lalam) is the dancer.

Ah, I see. Typical shoujo heroine. ^_^

This game has more female characters than the Tanto-Fire Emblem, doesn't it? That girl looks like someone out of a harem anime (if not a magical girl) so it just occured to me it might be plausible to do a harem run of the game. ;p

12-07-2008, 03:03 PM
All right guys, it's time to clean out our roster a bit. We've gotten to the point where we've got more good characters than we can use, so we'll have to narrow our team down a bit first and select the units we'll be using for the rest of the game.

The RNG has been pretty forgiving this run, blessing mediocre characters with much-needed gains and allowing greater characters to develop into their potential. However, most battles later on only have room for 12-16 units, so it would be unfeasable to field them all all the time. With limited experience and increasing difficulty, the odds of us making it through the game using everyone is slim to none.

Personally, I like to plan around the maximum number of units you can field at one time, so that we'll have all the units needed for more complex and larger-scale battles. As such, we'll be planning around that number as we par down our units. My style of playing is also more class-specific than stat as well, as a good variety of units will make it easier to plan around changing battle conditions, but I won't be fielding sub-par or crappy units just to fill up space either, so rest assured on that front.

So far, we've recruited 29 unpromoted units, with seven more on the way. However, I believe at this point we're more than adequate to make a decision on our final teams, so without further ado, let's get on with it.



Gotta use Roy. Even if he wasn't forced onto our team for every battle in the game, his growths and development are good enough that he'll be dominating well into the end-game. So, yeah.



We've got all of the mounted units we'll need, and so far quite a few of them have developed well. A good number of mounted units to work around is three, as it'll give you enough mobility for more time-constrained maps without screwing you over on maps with difficult terrain.

First off, Treck's pretty terrible, all told - his strength and speed haven't grown much, and he pales in comparison to the other Cavaliers so out he goes.

Sue and Clarine also seem like easy drops. It's not that they're terrible, but their development in strength/magic has been haphazard at best, and their growths are low enough that they most likely won't be able to catch up. They've been doing fine up until this point, but we can do better.

That leaves us with Alan, Lance, Noah and Shin. They've all been developing well and have served us over the past ten or so chapters, but we'll need to drop one so we don't overload our team with one type. Alan's pretty much a given since he's been dominating since the beginning, and Shin's one of the better characters in the game, so they're staying. That leaves Lance and Noah.

...I think I'll drop Noah. Lance's strength is pretty low, but he's got a fair number of support options to balance it out (most notably with Alan) while Noah's got no one to partner with. Also, Lance's growth percentages are a fair sight better than Noah's, so we can be assured of his continued development. So Alan, Lance and Shin it is.



We've only got two flying units so far, but in a few chapters Miledy will be joining as our first Dragon Knight, with her sibling Zeiss joining a few chapters after that. In my experience, you only really need one of each type of flying unit, with Pegasus Knights acting as anti-magic units and messengers and Dragon Knights as tanks. As such, we'll be picking one of each for our team.

I've already told you of the compromise regarding Thany and Tate, so yeah.

As for Miledy and Zeiss, they're both unbelievably good so it's a really tough call to make. Miledy joins early enough that she's easy to raise, but Zeiss will be able to support with one of the characters on our team so far. I'll probably pull the same compromise with the Pegasus Knights as with these two - I'll raise Miledy and Zeiss to the same level and pick the stronger one based on that.



We'll want at least one of each melee unit here so we'll have full weapon triangle coverage as we fight. However, some weapons have more than one character that's too good to use, so we'll set the number here at 6.

Regardless, who our sword users will be is an easy enough decision. All of the characters here are useful, but we only really need one of each class to make it through the game. With Oujay and Rutger already better stats-wise than the others, they'll be joining us on our team.

12-07-2008, 03:05 PM


Another easy decision. Bors is underleveled and Barth is s l o w, while Wendy's been developing fine enough. Her only weakness is that she's underleveled, but a few turns at an arena later should solve that.



Ward and Lot are underleveled and ineffective, so they're out altogether. That leaves us with Gonzales and Geese (who joins next chapter), who are both too good not to use. Normally I don't like doubling up on classes, but I'll make an exception here.



Wolt's been developing fine and will be quite dangerous after promotion, and the Sniper class has always been a personal favourite of mine. Also: Ballista animations. Thus, on our team he goes.



Lastly, in order to balance out the rest of our team, we'll want four magic users, with at least one of each type. With Lilina turning into a beast and Saul already promoted, they've already have a spot left on our team. Lugh and Ellen would've been more useful under other circumstances, but their low magic forces me to leave them out.

That leaves us with two more mages to choose from Hugh (Anima), Ray (Dark), and Sophia (Dark), all three of whom we don't have yet. They're all pretty good in their own right - Ray's one of the better shamans in the series, Hugh fits in nicely as an intermediary between Lugh and Lilina and Sophia is a bit of a mighty magic glacier. Ray will probably make a spot on our team regardless, but that leaves Hugh and Sophia who are... quirky, since Hugh requires a king's ransom in gold to start out effectively and Sophia starts out severely underleveled. I'll leave the decision up in the air for now until we recruit them, but if any of you want to see either Hugh or Sophia on our team, start campaigning now.



These guys won't count as part of the official 16, but we might need their services nonetheless. Since thieves basically become non-combatants, it becomes more of a matter of who you like most than who's the best. As such, Cath will be our thief because what's there not to like about her?

Merlinus is only really good for pulling things out of storage, and you can do that on the preparations screen so he's out.

Lastly, there's our Bard, Elphin, who'll join in the next chapter or so. Bard's are mostly a take-it-or-leave-it class, but I've used some to good effect in the past (Tethys made shooting down Pegasus Knights a snap in her introductory stage, and Ninian made Battle Before Dawn on Hector's Tale a breeze) so Elphin will get some time to shine. He's also necessary for beating the Final Chapter in the first turn, though that won't come into play until the very end.

(Oh, and we also recruit a Mamkute later on, Fa, but she's only useful if we exploit a particular glitch.)

And with that, all our spots accounted for. Our team is looking like this:

After promotion, we'll have 9 sword users, 5 lance users, 5 axe users, 2 bow users, 4 staff users and at least one of each type of magic. A fairly nice balance overall, which should carry use into the end-game. Hopefully our characters will continue their development as they are now, but if someone falls behind I might be able to fit in one or two of the better prepromotes.


With our final team all but set up, it's time to think about supports. As it is, the following options are available to us:

-Thany (Dual-Ending)
-Lilina (Dual-Ending)
-Sophia (Dual-Ending)






















As you can see, the supports list is a little lopsided, so I'll be flexible and allow for one or two pairings not on this list. However, we've only got a limited number of supports we can do per chapter, so choose wisely!

I think that's everything. If you need me, I'll be lurking nearby.

12-07-2008, 03:45 PM
Alan is must-have. I want to make PR come up with more ways to say "Alan kills stuff". After that, I'm fond of nomads so I prefer Sue and Shin. Unfortunately they're both archers.

Mercury Twins Go Go Go!! I'd use them both. :p

Fiiiir ;_;

Gonzales scares me!!

Dorothy has a face like a plow. No loss there.

I like Lilina/Roy but other than that dunno for supports.

12-07-2008, 04:00 PM
I don't think I really have any preferences for supports, since so far none of the characters aside from Cath and Clarine seem to have distinctive personalities. I think this translation is a prime example of why localization is important.

For characters though, I say use Hugh instead of Sophia, and then do the Hugh/Cath support. Hm... maybe Wendy/Oujay as well...

12-07-2008, 04:15 PM
I much prefer to just pick the strongest characters rather than trying to have a balance of classes. As the game progresses, the weapon triangle becomes increasingly irrelevant, so just being good on your own merits is more important than having an advantageous class or weapon selection. If, for example, both Miledy and Zeiss are working out well, I don't see any reason to not use both. I've also been known to use three or four Cavaliers on occasion.

Other notes... Hugh is Canas's son, and Ray is Nino's.

12-07-2008, 04:23 PM
I much prefer to just pick the strongest characters rather than trying to have a balance of classes. As the game progresses, the weapon triangle becomes increasingly irrelevant, so just being good on your own merits is more important than having an advantageous class or weapon selection. If, for example, both Miledy and Zeiss are working out well, I don't see any reason to not use both. I've also been known to use three or four Cavaliers on occasion.

I dunno, I tend to lean more towards class versatility to be honest. Even though I could technically get away with using mounted units like, say, Noah and Clarine, there are certain stages where having more variety is helpful (desert stages, for example, are a pain in the rear if you're using mostly mounted units, while having flying units and mages makes them a snap). Having a selection of classes all-around makes it easier to negotiate terrain and enemy formations, leaving more room for trial and error.

But hey, different strokes and all that. There's not much difference between the two approaches, since picking the strongest units usually results in a varied team and vice-versa, so either way works really. I just prefer it this way.

Octopus Prime
12-07-2008, 04:40 PM
Oh you'll be using Fir.

I don't care ifr she's about a dozen levels behind everyone else, Fir is getting some screen time!

12-07-2008, 07:35 PM
Aww, I was hoping Lugh had secretly turned out really well since you were using a promoted version of him as your avatar. I liked him and Chad.

Other than that, I have no real objections.

And I demand the most homo-erotic supports possible! This LP needs a Raven/Lucius equivalent!

12-07-2008, 07:41 PM
Aww, I was hoping Lugh had secretly turned out really well since you were using a promoted version of him as your avatar. I liked him and Chad.

SPOILERS: That's not Lugh. It's his twin brother, Ray.

12-07-2008, 07:47 PM
SPOILERS: That's not cinnamon!.

Gasp! Consider me spoiled.

12-08-2008, 01:12 AM
Hmm... Anyway, welcome back. Last time, we had navigated the map from hell to protect a village from bandits and vicious landowners, and had come into contact with the mysterious Elphin.


Following his advice, they moved south toward the isle of Caledonia. Caledoina is one of the main islands that make up the Western Isles. The other two are Fibernia and Dhia. Castle Idina is located on Caledonia. Here, men from all over the world are rounded up and locked in prison cells to be taken to Mt Ebrakhm, to the Mines of Death.

When Roy arrived at Castle Idina, the situation already looked dire...

Join us now as we aid in the captured men's...

Chapter 11: Escape to Freedom


Middle-aged Man: Hurry! Over here!


Middle-aged Man: You idiot! If we stay here, we have no choice but to work and work until we die! You're going to put up with that? Don't you have family or something back home?

Young Man: Yeah...

Middle-aged Man: If we escape toward the northeast, there are some people who can help us. We've got to get there!


Huh? Who's this guy?

????: What were he guards doing!

Soldier: Somebody put sleeping drugs in their food...

????: ... That means there is someone among our ranks who is taking contact with the enemy.


Morgan: Yes, my Lord

????: I will return to the capitol at Djuto. Don't let them escape. Also keep sending workhands to the mines. I can't afford to lose that mine now!


Meanwhile, back at camp...

Elphin: Yes, that is Castle Idina. The people captured on this island are first sent there before they are ported to Mt Ebrakhm. Today just happens to be the day that the captives are sent to the mines on a weekly basis. Rescuing them will be difficult if we have to go all to the mines.

Roy: Then we must rescue them now!

Elphin: Yes. I have already sent some spies to sneak into the castle to help the people escape.

Roy: How will they release the captives?

Elphin: I have told them to send the captives to the northeast. In other words, here.

Roy: Then we must first rescue those people before attacking the castle.


This is the first map that we'll have to deal with Ballistas, long range weapons that archers can make use of. The archers on this stage will remain mostly stationary, but their incredible 10-panel range makes them difficult to move around without risking getting hit. They only have five shots in them, however you have to make sure that the enemy uses up all of their shots before you press on otherwise you can lose a character.

In addition, there are a group of NPCs to the far west above the castle (not pictured) that will move across the bridges to the north, however the ballista archers will ignore them and we'll probably have dealt with the enemies in the center before they reach there.

Due to popular demand, Fir makes a return here for this chapter, where she'll recruit her estranged father, Bartre. She and a bunch of mounted units will head west to protect the NPCs, while Roy and the others head south to recruit the other NPC, Geese.


Elphin will be joining us for this mission, and as you can see, he can't attack. He has virtually no strength or skill to speak of, he can't wield weapons, and, though he's great at dodging attacks, he is obviously not meant to be used in combat. That's because Elphin is a bard, and as such his main skill is in refreshing a character after they've acted and letting them get another turn. This use is limited, as you can imagine, but there are certain benefits to it. The double turn, for one thing, is good for bringing underleveled units up to speed, since letting them act twice effectively lets them gain twice as much experience. Though he's a bit specialized, Elphin's not a bad unit overall, and can act as a decent filler character for later chapters since his use is independant of his level.


Elphin's got a lot of good supports, but I won't go into it just yet. Spoilers, you know?


In our start west, Oujay runs into the nearby mercenary and dodges.

12-08-2008, 01:13 AM

Oh my.


More dodging of fighters...


And Wendy gets her first kill in a while. It's been a pain levelling her up the past while due to the large number of axe users recently, but she's still quite good for her level and will get caught up to speed as we use her.


Some more teaming up with Oujay and Lilina...


Lance can't quite reach the fighters to the west, but thankfully Elphin's on the job to give him a boost.


He misses one of his hits though, so Gonzales and Rutger have to go in and clean up.


Roy dodges another fighter here...

12-08-2008, 01:13 AM

...And then criticals to death another one stupid enough to attack him at close-range.


The Long Ballista to the west (15-panel range instead of the usual 10) goes into use for the first time. It's interesting that FE6 had detailed animation for them, but then nixed them for the latter games. Problem with programming, perhaps? It's a shame, because they're a nice touch.


More fighter killing...


At this point our team splits into two groups, with one (led by Roy) heading south for the village and the other (led by Rutger) to take out the enemies blocking the NPCs to the west.


Even Wendy ends up dodging a fighter here. Yeesh.


Alan takes a blow from a mercenary to the south, but raises his sword rank in the process.


The main reason to send Rutger to the west is because he's the only one close enough who can lure this guy with any safety. He doesn't get the kill here, but it'll be a miracle for the berserker to survive another round.

12-08-2008, 01:14 AM

Alan's unlucky enough to come under fire from both ballistae, and he gets hit by both.


Wolt sets up the kill for an archer...


And Alan takes him out.


The reason Alan took the kill was to put him in range of Saul here, who heals him back up.


With some aid from Elphin, Wendy takes out another mercenary.


Wendy gets her first level up in a while and makes up for lost time.


However, Elphin's help has put him in range of the Long Ballista, which can kill him quite easily if it connects. Thus, Tate flies south and rescues him back out of range.

12-08-2008, 01:15 AM

Back on the western front, Oujay and Shin double-team the berserker.


Rutger, meanwhile, heads across the bridge to lure the archer to him. Next turn, he'll cleave it in half, clearing the rest of the route for the NPCs.


Lance clears out a remaining fighter...


And a group of reinforcements spawn to the south. What's interesting to note is that the druid may be the first non-boss prepromoted unit we've fought yet.


Rutger dodges the archer from before...


And arrows rain upon the rest as well. Tate survives thankfully; even while rescuing Elphin, she's still too fast to be doubled.


With that out of the way, Rutger takes out the archer and Saul heals up Tate a bit.


Gonzales and Wendy take out another archer here.


And Saul dodges another bolt here. He makes for good ballista bait, actually - he's got good evasion and can take quite a few blows from them.

12-08-2008, 01:15 AM

Hmm? What's this?

Geese: Yeah. My friends were killed by the owner of that castle. I gotta avenge them.

Woman: Those guys that always were with you...

Geese: Yeah... When I wasn't around, they were taken to the mines, told that they would be given work. But they worked like slaves until they... died.

Woman: ......

Geese: Maybe they weren't that smart, but they were good guys... And somebody just killed them off... just like that...!!

Woman: So you're going to avenge them on your own?

Geese: Is there something wrong with that?

Woman: No... But you're not going back to being a sea merchant?

Geese: Well... Once I avenge my friends and once the war resides... I'll think about it.

Woman: ... We won't forget you. You guys always risked your own lives to bring and sell food and supplies to us. If you need anything, just come to us.

Geese: Yeah, if I'm still alive. ... Thanks.


With that, Geese joins the fight as an NPC, fighting off the pirates that just spawned to the east.


With some more healing, Roy's group begins its push south.


To the east, Rutger and Shin begin rescuing the NPCs - god help us if the ballista suddenly starts taking shots at them.


Our team takes a few blows over the course of the next turn, but they weather it out fine enough.


Geese counters the pirate that attacked him last turn here.


And Alan and Wolt take out one of the ballista archers.


Since Alan used his Lance and there are pirates around, Gonzales takes the time to switch an Iron Sword to his active weapon.


The other ballista archer, meanwhile, has run out of bolts and his stuck in the mountains for the rest of the fight. Since they can't reach us and only Tate can reach them, they're effectively out of the fight for good.

12-08-2008, 01:16 AM

Some more rescuing this turn - Elphin helps out especially by letting Tate reach the final survivor in one turn instead of two.


Saul took a bit of a blow, so he takes the time to heal up.


Some more pirate antics. They're all coming from the corner, so they're a bit more manageable than back in chapter 9.


Alan and Gonzales help ferry Geese up to Roy...


Roy: No, I was just wondering why you're going up against the castle's soldiers on your own.

Geese Who are you?

Roy: I'm Roy, leader of the Lycia Alliance Army. We're here due to a request from Etruria...

Geese You're from Etruria?! Then you're not on my side. Die!

Roy: Wait wait! We're also fighting the castle's troops.

Geese What? What do you mean?

Roy: I don't know either. We were sent here by Etruria to rid the islands of the bandits, but...

Geese ...You said that you're fighting the castle's troops. Then you wanna hire me?

Roy: What?

Geese I'm a pirate, so I'm pretty familiar with the lands around here. You look like you've never been here before, so you could use a guide, couldn't you?

Roy: That would help, but why?

Geese I want to help you with your mission. Well, I'm a pirate, so I'm probably part of the "bandits" that you're talking about, but I generally only go after rich people who have more than they need anyway.

Roy: All right, then I'll ask you to help us. We don't know this area very well, so we were having trouble.

Geese Great! Leave it to me! [Roy leaves.] ... This is it, guys. I'll avenge you with all of my strength! After that, I guess I can tag along with that Roy guy...


Geese isn't as strong or fast as Gonzales is, but he's much more accurate with his blows, making him more reliable than the brigand. Even still, he's quite powerful in his own right, and like his fellow axeman he becomes extremely powerful post-promotion. Unless the RNG takes its anger out on him, he'll be on our team for a long time to come.

12-08-2008, 01:17 AM

Let's see... he supports with Cath, the dancer we passed up, a bunch of prepromotes... yep, not much selection. They're pretty interesting overall though, going into the hardships Geese and his crew had to dealt with as merchants during the war. He doesn't have the best partners, but he's a good character nonetheless.

You probably remember his brother, Geitz, from FE7. One of Geitz's supports hinted at Geese most likely taking over the family business, though it seems that not all went according to plan...


Wolt shoots down another pirate to the east.


This is a bit of a gamble... Geese has enough HP to survive one of the pirates' blows, but he can't survive both. However, we need to lure them away from the village with a target and he's the ony one in range.


At this point, I caught on that the coast was clear and dropped off the NPCs in preparation for the oncoming reinforcements.


Geese does me proud and dodges the pirates with style.


And here come our reinforcements.

Bartre: Well then, let's go rescue them, shall we?

Young man: ...I'm sorry. I know you were looking for your daughter, and we made you help us out like this...

Bartre: Well you guys helped me, so I should help you, too. Besides, a real man wouldn't look at people suffering due to their marguess' greed and simply ignore them.


The Druid can be dangerous... if you let him. The thing is that, despite being very powerful, dark magic is slow and inaccurate, so quick characters like Rutger here can deal with them much more easily.

Oh, and look at that - another great Rutger level up. His strength this playthrough is getting ridiculous.


Lance heads down further to take out the accompanying Shaman.


Elphin plays a little ditty on his harp for Tate.

12-08-2008, 01:18 AM

Shin doubles the remaining Fighter down to almost nothing, gaining speed in the process.


Tate heads in to try and finish him off, but misses.


Back in the south, Alan and Gonzales attack the remaining pirates, though only Alan gets a kill.


Geese, a little too wounded still to take part in the fighting, heads back to the village to pick up a Red Gem for us to sell.


Roy finishes off the last pirate himself...


And Wendy stops by the shop for some tomes. This is the first store so far that sells Light tomes for our Bishop, Saul, to use, so you'll want to stock up on a few while you're passing through.


Fir accidentally went the wrong way, and has to backtrack to the other group. Oops?


The Fighter takes aim at Shin, but eats axe from Bartre next turn.


With the reinforcement group dealt with, the other two Fighters with Bartre will start to make their way south to the boss. Fortunately, Shin and Lance are fast enough that they can catch up to them and rescue them to keep them out of our hair.

12-08-2008, 01:19 AM

Tate, meanwhile, picks up Bartre and begins ferrying him over to Fir...


Geese isn't looking too hot and Saul's nowhere nearby, so he snatches Roy's Vulnerary and heals himself with it.




Morgan: Good. Send them out immediately. Send them from the back so that they can defense the castle even if we should be surrounded.

This is the cue that groups of reinforcements will start coming from the castle. They're nothing much, usually groups of archers, mercenaries or fighters.


Tate drops off Bartre by his daughter before flying off with Elphin's help...


And we recruit ol' Bartre the Brave.

Bartre: Ah, Fir! I was looking for you.

Fir: Father, I have made up my mind. I want to become a great swordfighter like Mother ...

Bartre: I understand. I don't mean to drag you home. In fact, I want to assist you in your journey.

Fir: Assist me?

Bartre: Well, I know that there are a lot of hardships during a journey of training. So I can help you out in tough situations...

Fir: But Father, if you kept helping me, there would be no point to my training.

Bartre: Nonsense. Would you not be able to train your sword skills with your father around? Or do you not understand your Father's love for worrying about you like this?

Fir: No! That's not it...

Bartre: Well then, we understand each other. But first we must capture that castle.

[Bartre leaves.]

Fir: *Sigh* I have to tell Roy that we're getting another member...


Bartre is the fighter defined - lots of strength and HP, but no speed. He's great when he joins with that heavy hit of his, but unless you invest a lot in feeding him Speedwings he'll fall behind and out of use. Though I wonder how dangerous he'd be if you did...


Though he's still a bit of a goofball at heart, Bartre seems to have mellowed out since his wife's death, being much more cautious and knowledgable than in FE7. Even still, his supports are pretty funny, and he's a likeable guy overall, so he's got that going for him if you do use him.

12-08-2008, 01:20 AM

Geese heals up a bit more, using the last of Roy's Vulnerary in the process.


The Registrans that followed Bartre run into the reinforcements that spawned by the castle and start to engage them. Which is good, as it means that Shin and Lance will be able to swoop in and pick them up.


Like so.


Even with the fighters weighing him down, Lance takes only one blow.

Down with Roy's group, Alan lures one of the last enemies in the south side across the bridge.


Elphin helps out Bartre in catching back up with the group...


Tate picks up one of the fighters from Lance here so he can head south.


Like so.


Back with Roy's group, Wolt and Gonzales take on one of the fighters down there.


A couple of reinforcements spawn again, one taking aim at Saul. He misses, thankfully - Saul's become a bit of a dodge machine, even with his low luck.


And there goes the civilians.

12-08-2008, 01:21 AM

Oujay and Rutger take out the enemy's back up...


And Lance starts working on the mercenaries that just spawned.


And working some more...


Alan finishes off a fighter back in the south.


Three more levels!


Lance lacks the punch needed to finish off the fighter, resulting in him going after Saul.


One of the mercenaries guarding the boss is wielding an Armorslayer, which as you remember is strong against armored units. Thankfully, Rutger is anything but.

12-08-2008, 01:21 AM

Alan takes a few blows from the last few units to the east of the castle...


...And next turn they're down for the count.


Lilina zaps a fighter with her Thunder tome for more speed. Man, she's gonna be scary by the time she promotes.


Lance and Rutger take out a few more mercenaries by the boss...


And some more...


Back with Roy's group, Alan and Wolt start clearing out the remainder of the enemies beyond the bridge.

12-08-2008, 01:22 AM

Wendy finishes off the archer for more defense. Strength's a bit of a worry, but she's got speed, her defense is turning out well, and we'll have a means of correcting her low attack power once we finish the chapter...


Anyway, at this point, we've cleared out all of the other enemies, with only the dwindling reinforcements and the boss himself left.


Lilina takes out an archer...


Morgan's a bit of a tough bastard. Unlike Zinc, he's got enough defense that he can shrug off even Roy's rapier, and can dish out the damage. He's still got the general class's trademark slowness, but even still it's going to be a pain wearing him down.


A few more fighters spawn at this point, annoyingly enough.


First things first, we'll want Morgan to switch to that Javelin of his since it's the weakest weapon in his arsenal. After that, Bartre will beat him down to almost nothing for one of our more permanent troops to finish off.


First we'll take out those fighters...


...and it's onto Morgan. Strange... is it just me, or does he look familiar?

Morgan: Hurry up and kill the ones who escaped! ...? Wh-Who are you people!?



12-08-2008, 01:22 AM

Wolt dodges a blow from a mercenary for a decent level up.


Bartre starts wearing away at the boss with his Brave Axe, which doubles the number of blows he can usually strike.


Roy and Wendy finish off a mercenary...


And Rutger takes out the last reinforcement, an archer.


Lilina chips in a blow for a magical level up.


A few more turns pass by, with neither side gaining ground...


Interestingly enough, Roy's rapier has a greater effect when the weapon triangle's working in his advantage, giving him the attack power he needs to double Morgan down.

12-08-2008, 01:23 AM

Lilina makes a gamble here, but succeeds in finishing Morgan off.




Oh, we're no one in particular.


Roy: ...mean we've rescued all the people living on these isles.

Elphin: Right. To fully liberate the Western Isles, we must get rid of the Etrurian capitol.

Roy: So we must head for Djuto. ...Elphin, may I ask you something?

Elphin: What is it, Master Roy?

Roy: Correct me if I'm wrong. But are you not someone of high Etrurian nobility?

If haven't caught onto this yet, slap yourself in the face.

Elphin: !! ...What makes you think that?

Besides the noble appearance, intimate knowledge of Etrurian politics and higher education?

Roy: Welll... I can't really explain it, but... For example, the way you talk sounds very educated. In Ostia, I learned how to 'study' people and to make estimates about them. Anyway, am I right?

Elphin: What would you do if I were what you think I am?

Roy: What? No, I wouldn't do anything in particular.

Elphin: ?

Roy: You must have some reason to hide your identity. You can tell me when you feel comfortable about it. Okay?

Elphin: ......

Roy: Then let's go to Djuto! To save these isles and defeat our true enemy!


Huh, so that's where Merlinus was hanging out.

Merlinus: What! Who are you?

Middle-aged Man: Here, give this to General Roy. Thanks to him, we can see our families again.

Young Man: We people of the Western Isles never forget when people help us!

Middle-aged Man: Make sure you say thanks for us.

Young Man: And that we all express our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts!


Same deal as last chapter - if the civilians all survived the battle, you get an Energy Ring. Odds are this will go to one of our weaker units, like Lance or Wendy. And with that...


Next time: The man behind the men.

12-08-2008, 01:31 AM
This LP is a really good read, Reel. Glad you're doing it.

As a side note, from the story so far, it seems like FE 6's story is more complex politically than FE 7 and FE 8. Does this continue to be the case, or do we get back to straightforward Bern-bashing after this interlude ends?

12-09-2008, 06:04 PM
As a side note, from the story so far, it seems like FE 6's story is more complex politically than FE 7 and FE 8. Does this continue to be the case, or do we get back to straightforward Bern-bashing after this interlude ends?

Well, a lot of what we're doing is in a way connected to Bern, since they're behind most of the strife in the game. However we'll be touring around Elibe for quite a while longer, so you can expect to see these kinds of sub-plots developed a bit more throughout the game.

Anywho, welcome back. Last time, we headed for Castle Idina on Caledonia Isle and freed a group of civilians from their captors before they were sent off to the Mines of Death.


Roy headed for Djuto, the Isles' largest city. The Etrurian capitol was located there.

According to Elphin, Lord Arcard, who was in charge of supervising the Western Isles, was an Etrurian of high nobility, but not of high importance to the Etrurian government. Roy was still worred about Etruria's response to his attacking the capitol, but to rescue the people, he had to get rid of Arcard as soon as possible.

Join us now as we take on...

Chapter 12: The Real Enemy



Flaer: Ah, Lord Arcard. Why do you fret so?

Arcard: It's the Lycia Alliance Army! They are approaching here to take my head!

Flaer: Oh, them. They are somewhat of a nuisance to us of Bern... We figured it would get difficult if they became friendly with Etruria, so we had you send them here... Well... they fight better than I would have expected.

"Better than you expected?" We've kicked your asses across the island, bud.

Arcard: What are you saying! Do you know how much I have lost because of them? All the riches that I've earned from these islands... N-No! Before that, my life! My life is in danger! If they reach here, I am done for! What must I do...

Flaer: If you are that worried, you should leave this capitol and escape back to Etruria.

Arcard: Are you sure?

Flaer: Warfare is what Bern is best at. And besides, we have our secret weapon at hand. We shall kill off the Lycia Alliance Army once and for all/

Arcard: But...

Flaer: Lord Arcard. If Bern and Etruria join forces, we shall have nothing on this continent to fear. Isn't that so?

Arcard: Yes... Yes! You're right. Then I shall ask for your assistance.

[Arcard leaves.]

Flaer: Hmph, the weakness of those Etrurian nobles. But if we can get rid of the alliance here, these isles shall be ours forever...

Hmm... some dastardly deeds going on at these islands. I wonder what Roy's thinking?

Roy: This is the capitol... Once we take it down, we can go home.

Elphin: I have sent someone in already to unlock the gate...


Here's Lalum, the dancer, by the way. She doesn't join, but she shows up during this chapter as our informant.

Roy: The one over there dressed like a dancer?

Elphin: Yes.

Lalum: Your Majesty! Over here~!

Roy: Your Majesty?

Elphin: ...I know not of what she speaks of.

Man, I call baloney on that.

Lalum: Your Majesty. You're late.

Elphin: Lalum, who is "Your Majesty?"

Lalum: ? ...Oh! Ah... er... You know, you look so much like a prince, so I gave you a nickname!

Elphin: ......

Roy: ......


Elphin: My apologies, Master Roy. This is Lalum, a member of the resistance.

Lalum: Everyone on these islands has heard of you! They call you the 'Saviour form the East'. Nice to meet you. I'm Lalum.

Roy: Whoa! Please leave a little distance!

Lalum: Roy, your face is all red. How cute~~~!!!


Elphin: ...Lalum.

Lalum: Oh! R-Right. I've been hearing strange rumors. The people here say that a 'human not human' resides in this castle.

Roy: A human not human...?

Lalum: Yes. They say he changes form into a creature nobody has ever seen before. Say it looked like on of the legendary Dragons!

Roy: A human? Turning into a Dragon!?

Lalum: I don't know... but maybe.

Elphin: We must proceed with caution.


This one's a tricky map, but not too hard once you nail down a strategy. As you can see, our team's been split up into two groups during the assault, with a larger force moving through the more winding west side while the rest move through the treasure rooms in the east. As such, you'll want to have most of your mounted and range units in your western group, as they'll be dealing with a significant number of archers and shamans on that route while the other moves in relative safety.

While it may seem obvious to move at a slower pace and fight defensively, we have a time limit as to how long we have to take the throne. In order to unlock the sidequest for Armads, the Thunder Hammer, we have to complete this stage in 20 turns, as well as make sure Elphin's alive at the end of it (you don't have to deploy him, by the way - as long as he's on the bench and in good shape you don't have to worry). You have to move quickly, so make sure you're well equipped with ranged weapons and try to make every shot count.

Also, we've got two recruits on this stage, them being the master thief, Cath, and Lugh's twin brother Ray. Ray's already on the map from the start and will remain stationary for the entire battle, so he's relatively easy to recruit as a result, but Cath won't appear for a few turns yet and will flee if you block off the treasure chests. The best way to recruit her is to lure her to one of the chests on the east side and block off her escape route - with no where to run, Cath will simply wait her turns until an opportunity presents itself.

One last thing: make sure to bring the wyrmslayer you got from Elphin, as it'll come in handy for the map's true boss...


Lance starts the battle off with a bang, getting some more strength after a bit of a reprieve.


I keep forgetting to give Alan a replacement Javelin... anyway, Tate's at a bit of a disadvantage this chapter, so she loans hers to Alan for the battle.


Alan, not to be outdone by his partner, gains a similarily helpful level up.


As for the west side, you'll want your formations to be something like this. There's a priest nearby with a Sleep staff that can seriously fuck up your strategy if he connects, so make sure your low-Res units are out of his range while your mages and the like lightning rod the uses out of the staff.

Also, the Fighter just north of their starting position is wielding a Killer Axe, so Chad will bait him down for Lilina to take out.


With our first turn finished, the 'human not human' makes his appearance...

Aine: I heard you called...

Flaer: I will go report about the Lycia Alliance Army to General Narshen. I want you to defend this castle while I am away.

Aine: ... Understood.

Flaer: ? Who's there! ...... Just the wind... Well then, I shall be going. I leave the rest to you.

Aine: ... Understood.

[Aine leaves.]

Flaer: Haha... The Lycia Alliance won't stand a chance against this Dragon. They won't even be able to scratch it with normal weapons. These mamkutes... They certainly are terrible beasts.


Hey, is that who I think it is?

Ray: So it is true that Bern has brought the Dragons back into this world. ... So what can I do now... I guess I'll act like one of the soldiers and observe the Dragon's power.

12-09-2008, 06:05 PM

On the enemy's phase, Chad successfully lures the fighter safely and levels up.


The enemy wields a new type of magic tome this battle, the dark tome Eclipse. As you can see, it kinda... well, it sucks, honestly. Sure, it can reduce a character's HP to 1, but with a base accuracy of 10% (!), the odds of it connecting are so astronomically low that it just ends up wasting time. It looks cool, though.


And here's that sleep tome from earlier, by the way. Sleep knocks out a character for four turns, and having anyone on the right group asleep would seriously slow them down.

Lugh dodges here thankfully, and, interestingly enough, it and the other long-range magic loses a usage even with misses so you can waste them away.


Our turn comes around and Chad and Lilina take out the enemy fighter bugging them.


Lance and Alan, meanwhile, start to get to work on the archers roaming the hallways.


Lance wasn't quite strong enough to finish one of them off though, so Tate clears the way for Shin to get the kill.

12-09-2008, 06:06 PM

Oujay, meanwhile, lures an enemy knight to his death for more speed.


Honestly, it's kinda embarrassing watching the shaman shoot helplessly at us like this. Couldn't they have gotten the guy better weapons?


On the west front, Tate continuest the lightning rod strategy, while Lilina shoots down a knight.


With the first round of archers gone, our west team prepares to make their run through the next gauntlet. As you can see, we've got a mixture of archers and shamans to deal with next, so we'll either have to rush them all at once, or send our cavaliers in two at a time and rescue them back out of range of the others.


On the enemy's turn, the fighter misses what would have been a fatal blow and eats dagger in return.


Honestly, I feel kinda sad for the poor bastard. I'd give him a Flux tome if I had one, but eh.


Lilina takes out the fighter for a more defensive level up. It's kinda unnerving how... well-rounded Lilina's becoming. Normally she gains nothing but magic, maybe some speed and resistance, but that's it.


Alan and Lance shoot down two of the enemies guarding the hallway, but I pull them out just-in-case.

12-09-2008, 06:06 PM

However, I make sure to dump him just in range of one of the fighters to the north so he can start on softening them up. He levels up by the way, and it's a good one too.


Roy moves into range so he can act as a decoy...


And the shaman and priest fire another volley. The latter, oddly enough, manages to connect, but it's only on Tate and this map is too flier-unfriendly for her to be of any use yet.


With the Sleep staff used up, our east team starts to make their way north.


Shin, making use of his newfound strength, pulls out the ol' Short Bow and nails the archer.


However, this puts him in range of the warrior above, who is just strong enough to one-shot him at the moment. We'll leave him alone for now until we come around the bend.


Lance heals himself up to deal with the shaman while Alan nails the other archer.


The shaman, naturally, then decides to take aim at Roy instead, but thankfully he misses the blow.


Lance starts working on the archers to the north, and Shin finishes off the shaman.

12-09-2008, 06:07 PM

Meanwhile, back with Lilina's group, Chad starts pilfering the chests and snags a Lancereaver.


One of the archers in the hallway wields a Long Bow, and as such can be a bit of a pest to deal with since you can't hurt him on the counterattack. However, he's an archer all the same, and Alan takes him out with little effort.


Shin's still smarting from the shaman, so he takes the time to pull out a Vulnerary.


Since Lance didn't have much to do this turn, he takes a break and hangs out for Alan for a bit. This support has been active since... about chapter 2, I believe, and, as far as I know, is the closest we've got to homoerotic subtext as per Dhroo's decree, so to A-Rank it goes.

Lance: Neither good nor bad, Alan.

Alan: ... Cool and calm as always, I see. The other day I lagged behind you, but not in this battle! Watch and learn from my skill, Lance!

Lance: Of course I'll watch you fight. Still, I have no intention of losing to you from now on, either!

Alan: Well well, what confidence! I look forward to seeing you after the battle. Well then, I'll be off. You'd better come quickly too.


All told, the support conversations in this game are pretty mediocre, and I have a feeling this has little to do with "translation vs. localization" in this part. Compared to the characters we get in FE7 and FE8, the guys in this game aren't as well-developed, and, aside from a few exceptions here and there, don't have much backstory worth exploring. This might be because they're still setting supports up in a test drive, but they feel quite a bit archaic compared to the later entries.

Well, anyway.


Chad loots another treasure chest, grabbing the incredibly broken Brave Bow as a reward. As you may remember, Brave weapons double the number of hits dealt in combat, with the damage piling up very quickly as a result. Odds are this will go to Wolt or Shin.


And it's Cath!

Cath: Well, if that's true, this castle must be loaded with treasure! The loot wasn't earned rightfully by the nobles anyway, so I guess I'll grab it all for myself!


With the archers dealt with in the hallway, Roy runs into the last obstacles left to be dealt with. That is, a group of fighters led by a warrior.


Chad loots another treasure chest for an Elysian Whip, the promotion item for flying units...

12-09-2008, 06:08 PM

Roy and Lance start to get to work on the fighters clogging the path, with Shin healing himself up for the counter attack.


Lance dodges one skillfully...


And Shin counters the other for another strong level up.


At this point, Tate wakes up from her nap and flies to rejoin her group.


Lance and Shin clear out the rest of the group with their combined attacks here.


This is how our teams stand so far. After this point, our two teams will converge just to the right of the boss's room, and, after recruiting Ray and Cath, we'll send a thief to the chests in the south while the rest take on Aine.


The last fighter makes a run at Alan but gets criticaled in the face.


Cath takes the treasure bait during her phase, giving me the chance to cut off her escape route. With nowhere to go, she'll simply sit there and wait for Roy to go to her.

12-09-2008, 06:09 PM

Speaking of Roy's group, Alan takes a swing at a nearby priest and levels up.


Shin heals up a bit more with the last use from his Vulnerary.


Seems like Aine's taken notice of us...


Aine: ......

Soldier: T-That's all, sir. [Aine leaves.] That guy scare me...

The reinforcements in question won't arrive for a few turns yet, and even then one of the two groups is so far away that they won't reach us before the battle is over.


The Priest by Aines's side is wielding another Sleep staff, so take note.


And with the others gone, it's time to recruit Ray.

Ray: Lou...! What are you doing here?

Lugh: I'm glad that you look okay. We were worried. You just left one day, saying that you were 'going on a journey to train your magic skills'.

Ray: I wouldn't be able to effectively learn magic sitting in that orphanage. It was a miracle that I could learn what I did.

Lugh: Ray... The orphanage is gone.

Ray: ? What happened?

Lugh: Bern's forces came... and burned it down.

Ray: ... What happened to everybody?

Lugh: Father was killed protecting us... The little children are under the protection of the Elimine Church.

Ray: ... I see. Good... they'll be happier living with the church instead of an old orphanage.

Lugh: You don't have to say it that way.

Ray: ......

Lugh: Ray! Come with us. Let's defeat Bern and pick up the little ones!

Ray: I don't find interest in such things.

Lugh: But!

Ray: Still... the Lycia Alliance Army might not be a bad place to be. They seem to have some kind of connection with the Dragons. So if you insist, I suppose I can go with you.

Lugh: Ray...

Ray: I hope you understand! I'm not joining to avenge Father or the orphanage or anything!

Lugh: Yes! I know, Ray.

Ray: So don't look at me like that!


Ray's one of the stronger shamans to come around in the GBA games. He's got good magic and resistance, naturally, but he's also reasonably fast, and can double enemies pretty easily if he gets blessed in the stat. The fact that dark magic tomes are actually light enough to use in this game helps a little in this regard. He's got low luck though, and even though he's got good growths, he can be a bit of a slowpoke compared to the other mages, but even still he's a solid unit all-around and will take his place on our team.


As much as Ray is loathe to admit it, he's just a big softy under that tough exterior of his. A lot of his supports (especially those with Lugh and Chad) play on this, and can lead to amusing and/or touching moments from it.

12-09-2008, 06:09 PM

With our group reforming, they begin to work on the walls to reach Aine.


Geese, unfortunately, falls asleep from the staff wielder inside...




Shin moves Geese out of the way so people can move past there more easily.


Note that, even if you've recruited Ray at this point, you can read his conversation with Chad as well...

Ray: My thoughts exactly. What are you doing here? What happened to the orphanage?

Chad: ... So you are concerned, even though you just ran off like that.

Ray: I was never concerned. You just reminded me of it.

Chad: ... The orphanage is gone.

Ray: What do you mean?

Chad: Bern's troops burned it to the ground when they invaded Lycia. Father... He was...

Ray: !? They killed Father...?

Chad: I'm going to avenge Father. I know were stuck on these islands right now, but I know we'll go back to the mainland and stand up against Bern some day...!

Ray: ......

Chad: Well, I suppose there's no point in telling you, is there.

Ray: ... I'll go with you.

Chad: What?! For real?

Ray: Bern seems to be tied in with the Dragons. I'm curious about them.

Chad: ... Fine. Just don't get in the way.


With that all finally done, Lilina hands the Brave Bow over to Wolt and they begin chipping away. You'll notice that the Brave weapons can double walls, the only weapon to do so- as such, they're a great way to remove obstacles, as they can deal damage faster than normal weaponry.


and down the wall goes.


The reinforcents arrive, but on the other side of the map.


Chad skillfully dodges a blast of sleep here, and good thing too since he'll need every turn he can get to get to the chests in the south.

12-09-2008, 06:11 PM

After taking a small break to unlock the door, Chad gets scooped up by Tate and taken south.


After which we begin plugging up those staircases so that the other, closer reinforcements don't arrive.


Cath: Hm? ...You again? These days, you always appear to screw up my plans. Do you have something against me?

Roy: No! I just... wanted to apologize.

Cath: ...Excuse me?

Roy: The last time we met, I said some pretty harsh things. Like calling you a villain when I didn't know the things you had gone through....

Cath: Oh, that? It's okay. It's not really bothering me.

Roy: But I still think what you're doing isn't right.

Cath: You've really got nerve to say that, don't you?

Roy: So would you give me a chance?

Cath: A chance?

Roy: Once this war is over, I'll promise to rebuild the villages that were damaged because of it. I'll be sure to make good use of the taxes they pay. So until then, I'd like you to stop stealing.

Cath: ... How long would that be?

Roy: When this war is over. I can't say exactly when...

Cath: And you expect me to wait patiently until then?

Roy: Yes. Would that be okay?

Cath: Why? Why do you tell me this? Why do you try so hard to help someone like me? You should just leave a burgler like me alone.

Roy: Without you, we wouldn't have been able to escape Wagner's castle. Though you probably weren't trying to help us, you did and you saved our lives. We can't just leave our benefactor alone.

Cath: Well well, at the rate you're going... I guess you'll be getting in my way, no matter where I go.

Roy: as long as you appear in our path.

Cath: All right, you win. I'll stop coming to battlefields to steal.

Roy: Really? Thanks for understanding.

Cath: But, you have to let me go along with you.

Roy: ?

Cath: Actions speak louder than words. I have to see whether you're going to be true to your words or not.

Roy: All right!

Woo! New recruit!


Speed and luck are the names of the game for thieves, and Cath has them in spades. Since they won't be seeing combat once the promotions start coming around, you'll want to focus on your thief's dodging ability, as they'll need to be speedy in order to survive. As such, Cath's by far the fastest of the bunch with a whopping 85% speed growth, so you can rest assured that she'll max that stat.


Cath's got a lot of funny supports, and her conversations are a thing of legend. Geese/Cath and Hugh/Cath are both good options, so I'll probably be focusing on those this run.

Oddly enough, Cath doesn't support with Roy...


With Cath recruited, Alan picks up Roy and carries him over to the boss room so he'll be ready to claim the throne.


Aine is the first Mamkute we've fought so far, and as you can see they're pretty unique. Though their base stats are pretty shitty, the boosts they get from their dragonstone all but counter that, allowing Aine here to dish out serious damage to the target and resist all but wyrmkillers and magic. If you haven't been raising mages and forgot to bring the wyrmkiller, you're in for one hell of a ride trying to weaken him down.


He's a man of few words, by the way.

12-09-2008, 06:12 PM

However, if you have been raising mages, then Ray and Lilina are prime choices for taking him out. He's got low resistance and terrible speed, so the two will be able to double him with ease and hit him pretty hard. Note that Aine, oddly enough, can't attack at range - he can only hit you up close, leaving him extremely vulnerable to ranged attacks.


Even still, you'll probably only be able to hit Aine half the time and he'll be healed by the throne each turn, so make sure to bring the wyrmkiller along just in case the RNG screws you over.


Gonzales swings his axe at a priest here, gaining some speed out of it.


Ray and Lilina continue wearing down Aine...


And Oujay takes out the priest before he can heal the boss up.


Tate, meanwhile, drops off Chad here so he can loot the chests. One of the items we can probably do without if we run out of time, but the other is definitely worth picking up.


The wear down continues...


Chad unlocks the door to the treasure room at this point to begin looting. Note that the shaman, with his eclipse tome used up, is completely defenseless.


And after a little more softening up from Lilina...

12-09-2008, 06:13 PM

Ray takes Aine down for the count.




At this point, the enemy reinforcements reach our group and start swinging away at us. We don't technically need to take them out at this point since Roy can claim the throne and all, but we'll need to buy time for Chad to finish cleaning up in the south.


Wendy levels up here, and is it ever a fantastic one. She's making for a good candidate for the Energy Ring.


Wolt actually can't double the warrior here, but the brave bow negates such a problem.


Since Alan took a heavy blow from the warrior, Lance moves in to take his place at the blockade.


Meanwhile, Chad loots an Aircalibur tome for Lilina while Tate goes to work on the shaman.

12-09-2008, 06:14 PM

The warrior here can kill any of our characters in two hits, so I opt for Lance to wait this turn instead of risking death. Thankfully, the hit doesn't connect.


And then a fighter spawns out of nowhere and nearly gives me a heart-attack. :/


Lance dodges two more blows from the other fighters.


Looting the other chest, Chad picks up a Flux tome for Ray. Since stores aren't stocked with them yet and Ray only has that Nosferatu tome of his, needless to say this will come in handy.


Tate finishes off the unlucky shaman and levels up. It's a good one, too - HP, strength and speed. That's all you need, really.


Wolt takes out the warrior with his bow and levels up as well.


Geese and Ray off another fighter while they're at it...


And I think that's enough killing for now. We're on our 20th turn as it is, and we've already completed all of our goals - no sense in tempting fate any much longer.

12-09-2008, 06:15 PM

Back at camp, Roy and Elphin are noticably shaken by the dragon's appearance...

Roy: How many more of these does Bern have...? How are we supposed to put up a fight against monsters like this!?

Elphin: Master Roy! Please calm yourself.

Roy: Oh...

Elphin: ...I understand your worries. But if you start to panic, everyone in this army will start to get anxious. Please understand that.

Roy: ...I'm sorry.

Elphin: No, it is a perfectly understandable reaction after fighting something like that. But now... we know something we did not before.

Roy: What is that?

Elphin: Do you not remember? I told you about the rumor that Arcard was tied in with Bern.

Roy: Oh! If there are Bern's Dragons in the Etrurian capitol...

Elphin: So Arcard was indeed taking contract with Bern.

Roy: ...That means Lycia is in danger... We must return to the mainland. We have to contact General Cecilia and think of a plan...


Elphin: ...to the mainland, we still have things to do on these isles.

Note that, if you were too tardy in your assault on Djuto, Bern would have sealed up the cave and we would've jumped straight to chapter 13.

Roy: Are there still more enemies?

Elphin: No. One of the Divine Weapons is hidden in a cave near here. If we can obtain it, fighting the dragons will become a little easier.

Roy: Divine Weapon... Exactly! If we can get all eight of them, we have a chance of defeating Bern!

Elphin: Yes... we must obtain as many as we can.

Roy: Then let's go to the cave you speak of!


Next time: "I am power. Power without peer. I am the dragonhunter. I am the fleshbiter, the bonecrusher, the skullbreaker, the doombringer. I require no seals."

12-09-2008, 06:17 PM
As a side note, from the story so far, it seems like FE 6's story is more complex politically than FE 7 and FE 8. Does this continue to be the case, or do we get back to straightforward Bern-bashing after this interlude ends?

FE6 is the first game set in this universe, and as such it's very symptomatic of the old "Must visit every place on the map" syndrome. FE7 doesn't deal with Etruria, Ilia, or the Western Isles at all aside from a few ex-pats, and Sacae only a little. FE7's plot goes only where it needs to go, which is mostly Lycia, Bern, and the Dread Isle (an Expansion Pack area). FE6 goes to more places, but these places are mostly just filler designed to pad the gameplay... The basic plot is still "Collect legendary weapons and smack Bern".

12-09-2008, 06:25 PM
Looks like the translators missed a status effect there. How did ス get converted to {, of all things?

12-09-2008, 06:32 PM
Glee! Man, every time there's another Fire Emblem update I want more! This board should do every Fire Emblem. :3

12-09-2008, 07:06 PM


This is now officially a Fire Emblem LP.

12-09-2008, 11:17 PM
What was in the other treasure chest?

12-10-2008, 02:27 AM
What was in the other treasure chest?

It was a flux tome. Nothing fantastic, but it should help Ray out.


This is now officially a Fire Emblem LP.

Oh my goodness.

Dynastic Bird
12-10-2008, 06:19 AM

This is now officially a Fire Emblem LP.

I can only imagine what the deleted scenes are like.

That said, we need more Fire Emblem DVDs.

March of the Geese?

12-10-2008, 08:50 AM
Ask and you shall receive.

The more part, not necessarily March of the Geese.


12-10-2008, 08:52 AM
I'm going to geek out here and say that if it's the first season, he should be sans 'stache.