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12-30-2008, 05:25 PM
For many people, Final Fantasy Tactics was their first introduction to the strategy genre. This was mine, and it remains a favorite of mine. My Lets Play won't be for another month, but what I'd like to do is explain a bit of the story line, and perhaps a take a bit of suggestions on names of characters and storyline branches.

The story so far.

Valeria has been an island long troubled by ethnic strife. Its divided into three ethnicities. For awhile, a King named Dolgare unifed the island and there was peace. But King Dolgare died without an heir, and the squabbling restarted.

70% of the island is Gargastan, and is currently led by Cardinal Barbatos. He is currently oppressing the Walstanians and some of his own people, many of whom disagree with his radical policies.

10% of the island are Walstanian, who are an oppressed minority and live in southern Valeria. They are lead by Duke Ronway

20% of the island is Bacrumese, led by Bishop Branta. Despite not having a straight-up military advantage, he is backed by the Lodis Empire, who have sent the Roslolian Order of Knights(more commonly refered to as the Dark Knights(no relation to Batman, honest)) to back him up.

The hero, Denim, and his sister Kachua, were living in an orphanage run by their father. A year prior to the story happening, the Dark Knights had attacked their hometown of Griate, and had captured, and taken away their father. The story begins with their friend Vice having heard a rumor that the Dark Knights are back in town, and the three of them figuring that this is their chance for revenge...

Now there are a few things I'd like from you, gentle readers. We can remain the main character, Denim, and his brigade, and this we shall do. If no one offers any better suggestions, I'll rename him Corduroy, and his brigade Trousers, but if anyone has any better suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Secondly while the game throws a number of characters at you to fill up your roster of people. I will likely recruit the following, and I'd like suggestions for names.
1 human female who I will eventually class-change into a witch, but will probably spend most of her time as an Archer.
1 or 2 Lizardmen
1 human female who'll eventually become an Angel Knight, but will probably spend most of her time before that as a either a Valkyrie, or Archer
1 Fairy

Thirdly, there are mulitiple routes through the game. If anyone has preferences..
There is the Lawful Route, where you'll have to kill a bunch of innocent people, which I never really liked. But it is the only path you can recruit Vice on.
There is the Neutral Route. Its sort've wishy-washy story-wise, but it does take the storyline in a unique direction. You fight a bunch of undead, which are pretty rare on the other two routes.
There is the Chaotic Route, which I like from a story-point of view, and the one I most often take. Contrasting it with the other routes, its the most 'good' of the three.

If anyone has any other suggestions or questions, I'll take those into account as well. Once I get a good bunch of suggestions, I'll have the thread locked, and start playing in earnest. Once my turn in the queue comes up a month from now, I'll have the thread unlocked, and post the results.

One more thing, there's a very good site here (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/), which contains a whole bunch of info on the game, for those who are curious.

12-30-2008, 05:34 PM

Keeping with the Ogre Battle 64 LP, you should go with the Chaotic route, just 'cause.

Also: Name the to-be Angel Knight Angela. Yes, I know that's lame. DON'T JUDGE ME.

12-30-2008, 11:01 PM
You're friggin' crazy for doing this. Let the record show that I have tried warning you multiple times. This is going to drive you insane.

Also, the Chaotic Route sounds like a winner. And the lizardman will be named Blizzardman, naturally.

12-30-2008, 11:23 PM
I'm looking forward to this. I've always been interested in Tactics Ogre, but the gameplay never really clicked for me. I played the hell out of Knights of Lodis, though.

12-31-2008, 12:12 AM
Oh, and something I realized far too late into OB64: try to include as many Queen references as possible.

Octopus Prime
12-31-2008, 12:48 AM
You poor, poor fool. You have no idea what you're in for.

Tactics Ogre lets you recruit Octopi, right? Get an Octopus!

Also. I second the Queen references.

12-31-2008, 02:45 AM
I'm in the mood for sweets, so here's a pool of names you must use:


The one time I tried to play this game, characters dropped like flies and the ones named after people I knew had double-digit numbers after their names by the time I gave up. I don't know if that will happen in an "expert" playthrough but a big pool sounds good to me right now. At least name the fairy one of them.

12-31-2008, 03:29 AM
You're friggin' crazy for doing this. Let the record show that I have tried warning you multiple times. This is going to drive you insane.

Psh, I am already insane. That said, I've beaten this game multiple times, so I pretty much know what I am doing.

Also, the Chaotic Route sounds like a winner. And the lizardman will be named Blizzardman, naturally.

I like it, just that whole 8 character limit for names.

12-31-2008, 03:43 AM
I like it, just that whole 8 character limit for names.

Blizzard the Lizzzard(man)? That's fine.

12-31-2008, 05:24 AM
Blizzard the Lizzzard(man)? That's fine.

How about Blzzdman?

12-31-2008, 05:31 AM
How about Blzzdman?
Meh. Getting too close to Buzzman. :p

12-31-2008, 06:57 AM
My suggestion was going to be to get two lizardmen, and then name them Koopa and Troopa.

12-31-2008, 07:04 AM
My suggestion was going to be to get two lizardmen, and then name them Koopa and Troopa.

I second this idea.

TK Flash
12-31-2008, 07:11 AM
I request you keep all your party members two levels behind the main character, all the time.

12-31-2008, 07:13 AM
I request you keep all your party members two levels behind the main character, all the time.

Right, and make sure I fight plenty of random encounters?

TK Flash
12-31-2008, 07:36 AM
Okay, a non-asshole request then: a Pumpkin Head, named Jack (oooh I'm so original, just like my last post...feel free to name him something more reasonable)

12-31-2008, 07:55 AM
Okay, a non-asshole request then: a Pumpkin Head, named Jack (oooh I'm so original, just like my last post...feel free to name him something more reasonable)

I love Pumpkinheads. But the only way you can get them early on is via gameshark. I can do this if everyone else is cool with it. The alternative waiting til chapter 4, and recruiting a Pumpkinhead from Deneb.

As an aside, Pumpkinheads aren't what you'd call overpowered, and like undead, are a magnet for enemy attacks, so tend to die a lot.

12-31-2008, 07:59 AM
Gamesharking a Ogre Battle game is the beginning of the slippery slope towards playability. We can't have that.

12-31-2008, 02:15 PM
So I think I've got what I need. Unless someone objects, I'll be going with.

Main Char - Corduroy
Battalion - Trousers

Lizardman - Koopa
Lizardman - Troopa
Witch - Nutmeg
Angel Knight - Angela
Fairy - Mint
Octopi - Chocolat
Pumpkin - Jack(Chapter 4)

Chaos Route

If no one responds in a couple of hours, I'll ask that the thread be locked.

12-31-2008, 05:29 PM
Ok, I going to put in a request to lock thread for now. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to IM me.

12-31-2008, 05:36 PM

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02-05-2009, 07:21 PM

After entering your names, you'll be asked some weird questions by the four goddesses. This determines your starting stats, but no matter how you answer, you can't permanently screw your stats, as it will tend to even out as you gain levels. The way I answered was to maximize Agility (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/inquisition.html), but its not that important.


And so it begins..


Vice: Corduroy! Damn it! Lans is here! Just as we had heard.

Corduroy: Gotcha. Well, I guess this is it, sis...

Kachua: ...This isn't a very good idea...we can't possibly win!

Vice: What are you talking about, Kachua? Isn't this what we've been waiting for?!

Kachua: But...three of us...against the Dark Knights...

Corduroy: Don't worry, Kachua. They're not expecting us.

Vice: Are you chicken, Kachua? I'm still going to do it, even if you guys wimp out!

Corduroy: Relax, Vice. Don't say such things. Let's go.


Kachua: We won't succeed. Besides, what good is it to kill these guys?

Vice: Lans is the leader of the Dark Knights. They're the source of Bacrum's power. By killing Lans, we can weaken the Bacrum forces here for a while. Then the Gargastan forces will make their move and invade Bacrum. Then we can launch our counterattack!

Kachua: ...We're still recovering from the last war. Are you trying to start another one?

Vice: What do you mean we're still recovering, Kachua?! The Walstanians are being treated like shit!! Gargastan is trying to wipe us out!

Kachua: But...to start a war over reasons such as these...we'll just end up losing...

Corduroy: ...Shhh! They're here...

(Several knights appear)

Vice: We will attack from both sides. Corduroy, you attack from the rear!

Corduroy: Alright...



We are so hosed...



(As soon as Vice gets to attack, he runs at Canopus and attacks. Canopus blocks the attack.)

Knight: ...Who are you?

Vice: We are warriors of the Walsta Liberation Army! We will avenge our people's suffering!

Knight: Avenge?

Winged Man: What a polite way to welcome people... Look at them, they're just kids!

Knight: Wait. Are you sure you're talking to the right person?

Vice: If your name is Lans, then you're our enemy!

Knight: Indeed, my name is Lans. How did you know?

Vice: You and the Dark Knights burned down this town a year ago!

Knight: Dark Knights? But we are from the eastern kingdom of Zenobia.

Kachua: ...I remember now, the Dark Knight Lans has only one eye.

Knight: Hmm, a one-eyed Dark Knight who happened to share the same name. I see...

Winged Man: We came to this island looking for work as mercenaries.

Knight: My name is Lans...Lans Hamilton. A knight from the Kingdom of Zenobia.

Winged Man: I'm Canopus. People call me the "Wind Rider." And the old fart...his name is...

Magician: Warren...Warren Moons...

Knight: My name is Mildain Walhorn. A Zenobian Knight.

Knight: And my name is Guildus, also from Zenobia. So stop looking at us like that.

Vice: ...But I thought...I guess they're not the Dark Knights...

Kachua: Please forgive us, but I must ask for your help.

Lans Hamilton: We're new to this island. Tell us what is going on.

Vice: My name...is Vice... Damn it, we're wasting time! We must find the real Lans!

Kachua: I am Kachua, a Priestess. And this is my brother, Corduroy.


1. Forgive us.
2. They're lying.

Corduroy: I'm Corduroy. Forgive us.

Lans Hamilton: ...We sure were surprised. But never mind that...it's very hot here. Why don't you take us somewhere cool and tell us your story?

Kachua: Let's go to our hideout. We can't offer you much, but at least it's cool.

(They enter the hideout)


Kachua: ...We just don't have the manpower to fight against the country of Gargastan. That's why Bacrum asked for support from the Kingdom of Lodis. Their problem was similar to ours.

Canopus: I see... That's why the Kingdom of Lodis sent the Dark Knights to Bacrum.

Warren: ...The "Roslolian Knights" are the knights that work directly under King Saldian. King Saldian commands 16 divisions. Their duties consist mainly of espionage... Collecting information from the other countries, carrying out conspiracies... That is why they're the Dark Knights.

Guildus: But why are the Ros...something supporting Bacrum?

Vice: Let me ask you something. Why did you come to our island? I bet you guys just came here to take over Valeria, starting with us, isn't that right?! The Kingdoms of Zenobia and Lodis are going to trigger the war from this island!!

Kachua: Stop it, Vice. I've had enough of your conspiracy theories...

Lans Hamilton: ...I understand the situation now, Vice. Let me answer your question. It is true that we are Zenobians. But we no longer work for the king. We were banished from the kingdom.

Guildus: In other words, we're fugitives. We can never go back.

Canopus: Therefore, we're looking for employment. With decent pay, of course.

Vice: I'm not buying into this! This is our war!

Kachua: I said that's enough, Vice. (To the Zenobians) You have to excuse him, he's a bit...

Lans Hamilton: Don't worry about it, there's no need to apologize. What are you planning to do now?

Corduroy: ...We have to rescue Duke Ronway. He's imprisoned in Amorika Castle...

Lans Hamilton: Who's Duke Ronway? Is that your leader?

Vice: Yeah. He's the leader of the Walstanian... He was caught by the Gargastans. We heard that he's going to be executed soon. We have to do something...

Canopus: Hmm...I hear the sound of money... Hey Lans, why don't we help them out?

Vice: I'm sorry that I doubted you guys. Kachua is right. We don't have the manpower. We need your help.

Guildus: If it's a deal, then let's not waste time. Off to Amorika Castle!

Kachua: ...W-wait a minute. There are a lot of soldiers at Amorika Castle... We can't...I mean, even with Knights, we can't win. We'll all die. I don't want to be a part of this.

Lans Hamilton: Corduroy, it's your call.


1. Help us.
2. Don't interfere.

Lans channels Superman

Corduroy: This is our war. Please don't interfere.

Lans Hamilton: I see... We are going to Amorika anyway... Not to help you, but to fight for truth, justice, and the Amer... Umm, we're just going in the same direction. Our ideals may be different but we share a common goal. So why don't we form an alliance?

Vice: Give them a break, Corduroy. They're going to come with us whether we like it or not.

Lans Hamilton: Deal. Let's go!

You'd think Corduroy and Kachua were married..

(Everyone but Kachua and Corduroy leaves)

Kachua: ...You never listen to me, do you. (Kachua looks away from Corduroy) ...I know what you're thinking. But I just don't want to lose you. You're the only family I have left. It's just that...you're my only brother. I don't want you to die... I-I'm sorry. I know that I can't stop you. But promise me one thing, don't leave me...

(Vice enters the room)

Vice: What are you guys doing? Everybody's waiting for you.

(Corduroy leaves)

Vice: You are so over-protective, Kachua. He's a big boy now, he can take care of himself...

Kachua: Don't you ever shut up?! My brother is not blood-thirsty like you.

Vice: Look, I'm not fighting because I want to. I just don't want to go down without a fight.

Kachua: Oh, don't talk like such a tough guy. You were counting on those Knights!

Vice: You were the one who invited them! Don't tell me...

Kachua: I'm being nice to them so that we can take advantage of them. Maybe if you had half a brain, you would have figured that out already. You should be thankful.

Vice: A priestess taking advantage of people. What a bitch!!

(Vice leaves)

Kachua: I just...don't want to lose anyone...

Our starting group.
The Zenobians

02-05-2009, 07:44 PM


Corduroy, Vice, Kachua, and the Zenobians arrive at the entrance of Amorika Castle. A group of Gargastan soldiers awaits their arrival.

Bapalu: You are the guerillas from Griate. Are you trying to rescue Ronway? Okay guys. These kids have a price on their heads! These guys are worth 2,000 Goth. They fell into our trap. Kill 'em all! (Bapalu swings his sword)




Guildus: If the river is one cube width, you can jump over it. Watch! (he jumps across the river) But the other side has to be at the same height or lower.


Canopus: A winged creature can move anywhere. The type of terrain and height of the land does not hinder our movement. (flies toward the enemy) But you cannot let me attack alone. It is critical to work as a team.


Mildain: Be alert, always check to see who will move next. (moves) If you want to move quickly, don't carry heavy weapons and unnecessary items.


Lans Hamilton: Check the guardian element of the enemy you are about to face. (moves) If you fight with an opposite element, like Wind vs. Earth or Fire vs. Water, you may give them good damage. But the possibility of the damage you get from them will be greater. In other words, you are taking a risk. To avoid this situation, you should check the type of terrain you're fighting on.


Warren: Since your MP will be 0 at the beginning of the stage, magic is unavailable. (moves) MP will accumulate as WT counts down. The more powerful the magic, the more MP will be consumed.


Bapalu: I see...you heard the rumor of the Duke's execution... Stupid fools! Didn't you realize that it was bait to lure you here?!


Bapalu: (to the Zenobians) You guys are not from the island. Are you from Lodis?!


Lans Hamilton: Okay, we'll just go straight through. Be cautious.

Canopus: Corduroy, don't push yourself too hard. Just stay behind us!

(Corduroy and the others enter Amorika Castle. They encounter another group of enemy soldiers in the castle's main hall.)

02-05-2009, 07:45 PM

Agres: What a disaster, Lord Nybbas is on vacation... Okay guys, these scum bags killed Bapalu! Don't underestimate them. We cannot allow them to take over Amorika Castle. Let's show them what we've got!!!


Agres: (to the Zenobians) Where are you from, strangers? Why are you involving yourselves in the war? This is a war between the Gargastans and Walstanians. It has been fought for centuries. Or are you also trying to get Valeria? Do you have the same ambition as Lodis? Answer me!!

Lans Hamilton: We have been banished from our country. We are fighting with these youths for the cause of justice.

Canopus: We're looking for a job. Are you hiring?

Agres: We don't need the help of foreigners. We have our own army...

Canopus: If that's the case then...let's get Duke Wrongway...I mean Ronway back and get paid...

Agres: Arrogant fools, fighting for money! Your end is near!





(Corduroy and his comrades rescue Duke Ronway. They meet in Amorika Castle's meeting room.)

Ronway: Thank you for rescuing me. I'm finally out of that cursed prison. Especially Corduroy. I am extremely encouraged to know that I was saved by righteous Walstanian youths. You were definitely sent by the Gods to help us in our darkest hour.

Corduroy: Our comrades are gathering at the castle upon hearing the news of your rescue.

Ronway: There will be little time before the Gargastans decide to attack us. We have to reestablish our army first... (to the Zenobians) By the way, I heard that you were exiled. Is that correct?

Lans Hamilton: It is the truth, sir. We have been exiled from our own country.

Ronway: I wonder... (to Warren) How about you, wise man? Two years ago, when the Kingdom of Zenobia was established, there was always a wizard under the King. (to Lans Hamilton) And you, Lans. How can a king abandon such an intelligent warrior like you?

Warren: I did hear about the wizard. But it was not me.

Ronway: Are you Knights anything like the Roslolian Knights, a dark envoy of Lodis? Didn't the Kingdom of Zenobia want to rule over Valeria? If so...

Kachua: Duke Ronway. These Knights put their lives on the line to rescue you.

Lans Hamilton: A knight will become a knight when he has a master worth pledging his allegiance to. We don't have one.

Ronway: I see... Your word is taken as a token of your honesty. I may give you a reward. I trust you will train my troops and guard my castle.

Lans Hamilton: As you wish...

(the Zenobians get up and leave the room)

Ronway: Now Corduroy, your father was a pastor of Griate, was he not? I remember meeting him once. He was a very bright man.

Kachua: Duke Ronway, please avenge my father...and all the people who were killed in Griate.

Ronway: I understand. But our first and closest enemy is Gargastan. I shall not only accept you as part of the Liberation Army, but I will welcome you as official Knights of Amorika.

Corduroy: A Knight...

Ronway: The people of Walsta will be encouraged and our unity will be strengthened by having you as Knights. And you shall work directly under me. Are you willing to accept this?

Vice: Of course, as you say, sir. (to Corduroy) Don't you think so, Corduroy?

Ronway: Good. Then let's make a name for your battalion.

(At this point, you will have the option of naming your battalion. The default name for your battalion is the name of the month of the birthday that you gave Corduroy - in this walkthrough, we'll refer to it as Trousers.

Corduroy: How about the name Trousers?

Ronway: Trousers... That is a nice name. I expect much from you. Now, I want you to go to a town called Krizar. My trusted Knight, Leonard, is after Nybbas. But it seems that he is stronger than we thought. I want you to go to Krizar and help Leonard. Now, before you leave this castle, you'd better recruit more soldiers and buy good equipment. For that, I shall give you 20,000 Goth. As soon as you are ready, go to Krizar. I will have my other knights accompany you.

Vice: You can count on us. We will finish what we have started for Walsta's future.

Ronway: I pray for your success and Walsta's future.

(At this point, we have the opportunity to recruit 4 soldiers and 4 amazons, but we don't. We'll do that separately as we've got the chance to choose the names.)

(Out in the main hallway, Corduroy, Vice, and Kachua run into the Zenobians)

Lans Hamilton: (to Corduroy) Thanks to you, we found a lord to serve. Thank you.

Corduroy: We should be the ones to thank you.

Lans Hamilton: ...I heard that you're going to support Ronway's army. We can't go with you, but let me give you one piece of advice before you go off into battle. If you do not want to die, train before you go into battle. To have the entire unit on the same strength level will make a difference. Don't overdo it, though. Just concentrate on your training. Never forget that.

Corduroy: I understand. Training...

Lans Hamilton: That's right. Good luck.

Now we recruit. The octopus..um..doesn't last long.

02-05-2009, 07:58 PM

I level them up in training battles. As both Kachua and Vice are Guest characters, I can't train them. Everyone is now level 3.



(On the way to Krizar, Corduroy and his comrades encounter a Gargastan unit on Tanmas Hill. The unit is lead by a Wizard named Oruba)

Oruba: I never expected to see the Walstanian Rebels in this area. I bet you guys came here to help the fools that preceded you. Well, it's not going to happen.

(out of nowhere, Canopus appears)


Canopus: I don't feel right leaving you guys. I will stay with you. (to enemies) Whoever wants to end up as a dead carcass can challenge me!!


I don't have a screenshot of it, but Chocolat dies to a random Firebolt spell.




Canopus joins. He's pretty awesome.

I think I'll stop here for the night, and continue updating tomorrow.

Octopus Prime
02-06-2009, 01:18 AM
Lans channels Captain America


02-06-2009, 03:26 AM

My bad. Yeah.

02-06-2009, 07:55 PM
You're still crazy for doing this.

Something I learned far too late into my OB64 LP was that writing out all of the dialogue can make for some extremely lengthy posts. If the game is always this talk-y, I would recommend summarizing conversations and using screenshots to illustrate the more important plot points. Selective editing is your friend. Also, some more explanation regarding the actual battles would be nice. I saw that you had a massive screenshot compilation of the battle with the wizard, but having never played the game before, I had no idea what was going on. I wouldn't explain every single move or anything, though. That's another thing I learned too late in my OB64 LP. Haha. Still, keep it up. Don't get discouraged.

02-06-2009, 08:30 PM
You're still crazy for doing this.

Something I learned far too late into my OB64 LP was that writing out all of the dialogue can make for some extremely lengthy posts. If the game is always this talk-y, I would recommend summarizing conversations and using screenshots to illustrate the more important plot points. Selective editing is your friend.

I screenshotted a lot of my dialogue, but I am grabbing the actual script here (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/scene1.html). It'd just be too tedious otherwise.

Also, some more explanation regarding the actual battles would be nice. I saw that you had a massive screenshot compilation of the battle with the wizard, but having never played the game before, I had no idea what was going on. I wouldn't explain every single move or anything, though. That's another thing I learned too late in my OB64 LP. Haha. Still, keep it up. Don't get discouraged.

You can take 10 units into battle, and will face off against the enemies 10 units. You can selectively take 1 or 2 large(Dragons, Golems, Griffons, etc) size units, instead of 1 or 2 of the smaller(humans, hawkmen, lizardmen, fairies, etc.)units. Your on a grid, with different terrain, and basically you and the enemy whack at each until one side wins. This is generally by either taking out the other sides leader, or if there isn't a leader, but killing all opposing enemies.

You've got you basic melee weapons(swords, etc), ranged(bows, x-bows) and magic. If you attack with melee you'll always be countered, but depending on whether your attacking the enemy from the sides or front, the enemy may miss. If you attack with ranged weapons, the enemy won't counter, even if your right next them. Same with magic.

I said you can take up to of the Larger units in battle, but as a general rule, its not a very good idea to do so. Large size units generally have horrible Agility, and thats the probably the single most important stat in the game. Agility affects a number of things. It, along with Dexterity(to a much lesser extent), affect you hit ratio and evasion. Also, Agility direct affects a stat called Weight. What is weight? During battle, each unit has their own weight counter which counts down to 0. When it hits 0, the unit is allowed to take a move, which depending on how much action was taken(moved? moved and attacked? just attacked?) may either fill completely, or partially, and then starts counting down again. Every point of agility, directly removes one point from your maximum weight, allowing for your units turns to come more rapidly. So your large size monsters don't move as much, and don't tend to hit as much, but generally hit much harder. Its a trade-off I generally don't care for.

Weight is affected by other things. Wearing heavy equipment increases maximum weight. Some spells and special abilities also affect them, either positively or negatively.

I'll go more deeply into the combat system as we go along, but feel free to ask questions.

02-06-2009, 09:01 PM

(In Krizar, a Walstanian priest named Presance is surrounded by three Skeletons and a Ghost.)


Presance: Look at the numbers of Undead... How dare they treat a dead soul like this... I will send these dead souls to the eternal darkness... (Presance turns his attention to one of the enemy Skeletons) Souls of the Undead, I command you to fall! (Presance exorcises the Skeleton).

Presance: Hang in there, Leonard! Hang in there until our reinforcements arrive. (Corduroy and his comrades arrive) ...AH! Look over there, the Liberation Army is here. Praise the Gods.

(Mordoba, the enemy leader, speaks to Presance)


Mordoba: Your friends are sleeping in the house. It is the sleep of death. When they wake up, they will turn into the Undead. (turns to the troops guarding the house where Leonard and his troops are being held captive) We will fight until our lord Nybbas returns. Do not allow them to go any further!


Couple of things may not be obvious here. I restarted this battle 3 times. Usually, Presance isn't difficult to save, but he's under the control of the AI, and well, sometimes its a little random, like below.


I don't have a picture of it, but Nutmeg died next. Also, during this period of time, I've trying to recruit the enemy's ghost. How do you recruit? You have to weaken the enemy first, then throw the pokeball..err I mean go next to the enemy with your leader. There's an option to recruit next to the ranged and melee options. You don't see the chance of recruitment, so save beforehand. In fact thats just a good general rule of thumb, save early and often in battle. The enemy will either join or not, but its a good idea to have the enemy at 20HP or below.

Now why would I want to a ghost. Undead in general are enemy magnets. The AI tends to attack them to the exclusion of other units. Not always, but pretty often. When undead reach 0 HP, they don't permanently die, but revive a some few turns later. Ghosts can also teleport, so having one in the party serves as a good distraction to the enemy, and allows your less robust party members to stay safer.


Mordoba: Lord Nybbas...have you abandoned me...?

(Corduroy and Presance find Leonard and his troops in one of the houses that were being guarded by the Gargastan troops)


Leonard: Thank you for coming to our rescue, Corduroy. Sorry to make you worry, Presance. I was attacked by surprise. I have lost the valiant warriors Duke Ronway gave me to command. I cannot face him...

Presance: It is still fortunate that we did not lose you, Leonard.

Leonard: Nybbas does not fear the Gods...curse him!

Presance: Ah, I heard Nybbas is hiding in an abandoned fort close by. He abandoned Amorika and never went back to Coritani. I don't know what he's up to...

Leonard: Whatever he is up to, we have to kill him. Or else I can never face Duke Ronway again...

Presance: Can't go directly to the fort with your army? I think we should go back to the castle at once.

Leonard: I would if we were the only troops left. But now we have new friends.

Presance: But there is no guarantee that Amorika will be safe.

Leonard: I owe my life to Corduroy. (to Corduroy) So this is your call...

Presance: That's a good idea, to the fort or back to the castle? Corduroy, tell us what you think.

Leonard: (to his troops) Voltel, Sara, do you agree?

Presance: (to Corduroy) We will obey your command. We will risk our lives for you.

Partis the ghost joins up.

As does Presance.

Even when you recruit, until the battle is finished, the recruit is controlled by AI. After the battle, you get the option to permanently add the unit your roster.

02-07-2009, 06:11 PM

Leonard joins as a guest. He's a big boy, and can take care of himself.

Strictly speaking we don't have to fight this battle, we can return straight to Amorika Castle, but Nybbas has been name dropped for the past few stages, so we might as well face him. Since we're not taking the Neutral route through the game, this is the only time we get a chance to face off against him.

(Corduroy and his comrades arrive at Fort Kadoriga, where they find Nybbas the Necromancer.)


Nybbas: Ah, welcome. I'm impressed that you made it this far. So, Mordoba is dead. Too bad. She was very helpful in my research and other things too... But why don't you forgive me? If you want me to apologize, I will do so. I am of Gargastan blood. But I don't care who rules this island. I don't even care who wins. So, why don't you let me go? You don't have to waste your time.

(We get a slight choice of different dialogue here. Either choice forces us to fight him)


1. Relax.
2. Shut up!


Corduroy: Relax, I have no will to kill a weakling like you. But I will not set a criminal free, either. If you want to repay your dishonorable actions, then I will bring you to Amorika Castle.

Nybbas: Good boy! I like you. You lead your people well...but I don't trust you. I know others are dying to kill me. Stupid fool...I shall call demons from the very depths of Hell to destroy you! (summons a Skeleton and two Ghosts) Now show me! Show me your deep attachment to life! Ha ha ha...




(Theres Nothing particularly special about this battle. The skeletons and ghost are a little annoying, as they revive every now and again.)


Nybbas: You have indeed overcome your weak mind. You have made great progress. But I cannot allow myself to die here. My research is more important than this. Corduroy, is it not? I shall remember your name. If you live, we shall meet again. I will show you the progress of my research then. Farewell... (Nybbas turns into a raven and escapes)

Tangent time!
As you may have noticed, each unit, both enemy and ally has an element affinity(Earth, Fire, Air or Water). Its a somewhat minor affect, but this affects the damage you take and receive.


In the above picture, Leonard, who is water aligned, attacks a skeleton that is Fire aligned. He inflicts more damage, but receives more damage in return. Water and Fire oppose each other. Wind and Earth oppose each other too. If Leonard had attacked any other element, the damage would've been less, and he'd have been countered for less. This applies to ranged weapons and magic. A spellcaster using a spell thats of the same element, receives a slight bonus to damage, and likely accuracy.

In addition, each floor tile has stats for each of the four elements. Tiles which are Ice and Tundra tend to give a bonus to Water aligned units, and weaken Fire aligned units. In contrast, Lava and Ash tiles tend to give a bonus to Fie aligned units, and weaken water units. In the below screenshot is an example.

In the highlighted square, water aligned units will get a small boost. Earth and Fire take a penalty, and Air gets a slightly larger boost.

Its not a huge effect, but they're are a few spells that exploit this, and are the key to winning a few stages.

Emcee Escher
02-07-2009, 07:27 PM
Small sprites + small battle screenshots = Not good.

Also, if you had more commentary during the actual battle, that would be good.

02-07-2009, 07:36 PM
Small sprites + small battle screenshots = Not good.

I may need to make them bigger.

Also, if you had more commentary during the actual battle, that would be good.

There's not a whole lot to say, especially for these early battles. Its mostly move forward, keep to the high ground, and try not to get yourself killed. There are battles in which a certain stategy is either required, or high recommended. These I will definetly comment on.

Emcee Escher
02-07-2009, 07:48 PM
The main issue is that since there's no commentary, there's no real incentive to look at each screenshot closely (especially when they're small).

02-07-2009, 07:57 PM
The main issue is that since there's no commentary, there's no real incentive to look at each screenshot closely (especially when they're small).

Ditto. Since there's nothing really being said about the screenshots being shown, I'm finding that I'm mostly just skimming over the images as I read on.

Even if it's just a few lines at key points in the battle, like, say, when you take on the first boss, or just describing how certain classes work best or even just what's going on in the fight, it would help your LP a whole lot to give some meaning to the screenshots being shown with an explanation on the side. The combat primer you gave us a few posts ago, for example, would've worked better mixed in with the LP, using the images you've taken as examples - it's writing like that combined with examples from the game that help make the posts interesting to read. As it is, the write-ups as a whole are a little weak because there's not much to it right now, and it could use some fixing up.

In any case, the bright side is that the commentary you have given us is quite good in its own right - its just that we want to see more of it!

02-07-2009, 08:38 PM
(At Amorika Castle, Duke Ronway holds a meeting upon Corduroy's return from Krizar. Corduroy, Kachua, Vice, and the Zenobians attend the meeting with Duke Ronway and Leonard.)


Ronway: (to Corduroy) ...I heard the details from Leonard. I am very pleased with your work. Now, your next duty is to go to Fiduc Castle in Bacrum. I want you to go there with Leonard.

Corduroy: Fiduc Castle! That is the castle where the Roslolian Knights are stationed...why there?!

Ronway: I want to sign a non-intervention treaty with them before we begin fighting with the Gargastans. Not with Bacrum, but with the Dark Knights. I can't afford having Bacrum attacking us from behind.

Kachua: But Duke Ronway, Bacrum is the cause of this disaster. They started this whole mess. And a Roslolian Knight killed our parents. Had they not supported Bacrum, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Ronway: Kachua. Believe me, I feel the same way as you do. But think about it. Do you think we can win with our troops? The Roslolians are an unbeatable enemy. That is why it is critical for us to sign a treaty with the Kingdom of Lodis, so that we will not be their enemy.

Vice: Are you suggesting that we surrender to Lodis?

Ronway: Watch your mouth, Vice. I have no intention of selling out to the Kingdom of Lodis. By keeping the Dark Knights out of the way, the Gargastans will not dare pursue the war. After we kill Barbatos, we will hit Bacrum. (to the Zenobians) So what do you think, Holy Knights? I hope the Zenobian King is not wanting Valeria. If so, I am sure your king will sign a non-intervention treaty with us. Pardon me, I forgot that you are no longer with the Kingdom.

Lans Hamilton: ......

Ronway: Now, go to Fiduc with Leonard. Oh, and I shall give you 10,000 Goth for this duty. Do not forget to buy better equipment.


(As an aside, I tried increasing the image size. Thoughts on how it turned out?)


(Our goal is Fiduc Castle, but first we need to move through Gruborza Plains, and the city of Rime)


(On the way to Fiduc Castle, Corduroy and his comrades encounter a Gargastan unit on the Gruborza Plains. The unit is lead by a Berzerker named Brenzen)

Brenzen: Just my luck. The Liberation Army is here.


Soldier: We cannot win with our limited manpower! Let's retreat and not look back!

(Seems to have confidence issues. Especially since the Gargastans still badly outman the Walstenians)

Brenzen: (to Soldier) Shut up you wimp! Don't you have any pride?!

Soldier: But look at them. They've got bigger swords than us...it's obvious that we can't win.

(Seems...Freudian, though I maybe reading too much into this.)

(Soldier turns to run, but Brenzen hits him from behind with his axe. Soldier dies.)

Brenzen: (to the Soldier that he just killed) You're just scared because they took over Amorika Castle. Why don't you just run home to your mama!! (to the remaining Gargastan troops) Follow me! I will show you the strength of Gargastan!

Not much to say about this fight. It is the first fight with an enemy cleric. Its a good idea to try to recruit her. Even though you can class-change units into clerics at this point, the heal spell is unavailible in stores yet. We won't keep Presance as a Exorcist, so we can take the Heal spell he was equipped with. Its still better to recruit an enemy cleric, as they'll likely have a higher intelligence. While with your units they likely gained a few levels as Soldier or Amazon, the enemy units have the stats as if they had their current class for they entire duration. For example, an 10 level enemy ninja would have all those levels as Ninja. However, more than likely, for one your units, a 10th level ninja would've had 4 or 5 levels as soldier, and the rest as Ninja.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to recruit her before killing the enemy Leader.

Tangent Time!
Class Changing! When a certain unit stats reach a certain point and is of a certain alignment, he or she maybe able to change class. Most important to keep in mind is the long-term growth of units. A unit who spent 20 levels as a Knight, and suddenly changed to Wizard, will become a horrible wizard. The Knight's emphasis on melee stats, don't really help in the class-change to Wizard, therefore its very important to know what are the stat gains for a particular class, and plan ahead. Upgrade paths which play to strengths are better than those that try to cover up weaknesses. Some good class-change paths are..

Soldier -> Ninja -> Swordsmaster
Soldier -> Knight -> Dragoon
Soldier -> Berzerker

Amazon -> Archer
Amazon -> Archer -> Witch
Amazon -> Valkyrie
Amazon -> Valkyrie -> Angel Knight
Amazon -> Cleric -> Priest

Just keep in mind, most classes aren't horrible,(except maybe Dragon Tamer) even a Soldier or Amazon raised as such for 30 levels is still quite viable.

02-07-2009, 09:21 PM
Ah! Paragraphs of bold! I'm blind!

I'd recommend doing what I did for OB64. Bold the character's name and then have their text regularly. And leave your text completely normal. For example,

Soldier: We cannot win with our limited manpower! Let's retreat and not look back!

Seems to have confidence issues. Especially since the Gargastans still badly outman the Walstenians.

Something like that. Keep it up.

TK Flash
02-07-2009, 10:28 PM
I found the bold text in the last post to be the most interesting thing so far. As for the copy and pasted script...I would pesonally prefer simple summaries with the full-on script included for key scenes.

tl;dr: The battle summary: great Script: boring

02-08-2009, 05:19 AM
I found the bold text in the last post to be the most interesting thing so far. As for the copy and pasted script...I would pesonally prefer simple summaries with the full-on script included for key scenes.

tl;dr: The battle summary: great Script: boring

How does everyone feel? Full script or more summaries?

Also, one more question. In chapter 3, one of the treasures dropped after a particular battle is the Petrify spell. It petrifies, enemies in a small area, and when equipped on a Swordmaster, has a high success rate. (High Dexterity = High success rate for Status spells). After a few turns with my swordsmaster, I can petrify the whole board, except for the leader(Leaders are aways immune to status effects. Corduroy is also, for that matter, but only when he's got his Blue Necklace equipped). Its a bit cheap, though I have come across a few boards where it saved my bacon. I can also use the Stun spell, which has a similar effect, but which does wear off.


02-08-2009, 09:29 AM
How does everyone feel? Full script or more summaries?

A little bit of both would do. You could try to mix the two together, including a script and adding commentary to the story in-between and summarize it at the end. As it is, I don't mind either way, as so long as I get the story it's all good.

Also, one more question. In chapter 3, one of the treasures dropped after a particular battle is the Petrify spell. It petrifies, enemies in a small area, and when equipped on a Swordmaster, has a high success rate. (High Dexterity = High success rate for Status spells). After a few turns with my swordsmaster, I can petrify the whole board, except for the leader(Leaders are aways immune to status effects. Corduroy is also, for that matter, but only when he's got his Blue Necklace equipped). Its a bit cheap, though I have come across a few boards where it saved my bacon. I can also use the Stun spell, which has a similar effect, but which does wear off.


Hey, if the game gives you lemons, break the game over your knee. Though if you personally don't want to use it because it's too cheap, I'd be fine with Stun being used instead. Either way, if it gives you an edge, I don't see why you wouldn't take advantage of it.

Other than that, it's looking good so far. Any problems I've had up to this point have all been addressed, and quite well at that. Keep it up! :)

EDIT: Oh! And by the way, I'd like to go with a Dragoon and Witch, please.

02-08-2009, 09:57 AM
Hey, if the game gives you lemons, break the game over your knee. Though if you personally don't want to use it because it's too cheap, I'd be fine with Stun being used instead. Either way, if it gives you an edge, I don't see why you wouldn't take advantage of it.

I don't mind using it. I just don't want people to lose interest. I'd basically be using the same strategy, with some modification here and there for the remainder of the game.

Other than that, it's looking good so far. Any problems I've had up to this point have all been addressed, and quite well at that. Keep it up! :)

EDIT: Oh! And by the way, I'd like to go with a Dragoon and Witch, please.

Dragoon and Witch are a go! We'll eventually turn Nutmeg into an archer, and when we can purchase or win some decent spells for her, we'll turn her into a Witch. In chapter 2, we can recruit a Knight, that we'll eventually turn into a Dragoon, but thats a bit of a way off.

02-08-2009, 06:14 PM



Corduroy and company enter town to see girl being attacked by the Gargastan Army.




Mysterious Girl: LOL!





The main difficulty with this map is saving Sisteena. Technically, we don't have to save Sisteena, but not doing so prevents us from getting a few other characters later on.


This would normally seem to be outside of bow range. But there's a little secret. You can shoot outside of your normal bow range. You just won't see the hit percentages, or damage. The higher elevation you have over your enemy, the farther you can shoot. Conversely, if you're trying to shoot from a lower elevation than your enemy, your range will be less than indicated. You can even shoot at an enemy outside your range who's at the same elevation, only the enemy should be adjacent to your range indicator.

This is very useful tip, and well worth keeping in mind.


I send Partis(the ghost) up ahead, and manage to take some of the pressure off of Sisteena. The two shots look a little different. I think I reloaded an earlier save. I manage to move Presance up a little, just enough to be in range of healing her.


Melee, melee, melee, and we're done.

Knight: Oh noes!

My sincerest apologies for that. Was feeling kinda funny today.


The girl introduces herself as a member of the Valeria Liberation Front. A Bacrumese group that oppose Bishop Branta. The VLF has an unsavory reputation, and Vice calls her a terrorist. Sisteena asks Corduroy what he fighting for, with the options of either 'For Walsta', or 'For True Peace', but regardless of the answer, Leonard tells Sisteena to leave and never return.

02-09-2009, 03:25 AM
This update worked better for me, even with the goofy speak. ^_^

02-09-2009, 05:57 PM
Small story update. No battles involved. We do recruit fairies afterwards, so if you're interested, skip to the end.

(Uh oh. Looks like they're being carded)

Corduroy and company are 'greated' by one of the Dark Knights. A senior Dark Knight, Balzepho, invites them inside while they consider a response. When inside, Leonard asks what the response is.

Balzepho says they should hear the response from Lans himself.
(Didn't this guy work for Cao Cao?)

Lans mentions that the Lodis has no interest in the Walsta-Gargastan conflict and will remain neutral. Balzepho asks if they really think they can win without external support. Lan's says they seem desperate if they're resorting to children.

Leonard mentions that these are the knights who rescued Duke Ronway, and himself at Krizar.

Lans Tartare: (to Denim, Kachua, and Vice) So, you are the heroes of Griate that the people are talking about. Forgive me...but have we met before?

Kachua starts to refer back to the Dark Knights attack on Griate a while back. Corduroy is given the chance to either bring it up, or put it behind him. Lans and Balzepho mention they attacked Griate based on false intel that there were rebels in the area, and apologize. Leonard apologizes for their rudeness and they leave.

Balzepho mentions that Lans didn't have to go that far.
Lans says that Corduroy's and Kachua, relationship reminded him of Balzepho's and Haborym's relationship. Balzepho mentions he and his brother used to be close.

Back in Rime, I get the opportunity to recruit fairies. And so I do. Behold.

I level them to either 5 or 6. Its important to train occasionally. Though it caps off at a certain point, the enemies you face will usually be at the level of your highest level deployed unit. If some of your units are lagging behind, this will make things much tougher.

Training seems simple, but there are ways to squeeze more experience out of it. Here are a few tips.
*Unequip weapons, and equip them instead with just shields. Units can attack with shields, but do little damage. You still get the same XP. Remember to equip weapons back on afterwards!
*Use ranged attacks. If no ranged weapons are equipped, a unit will throw stones that do little damage. The targeted unit will not counter.
*If you're really serious about power-leveling. Throw two cleric onto opposing sides, equip each with a shield and the Healing spell, and set the control to auto. Wait until the spell quote for each pops up, and then go make a sandwich or something. Level until you want to stop. Use these to bring up the level of your other units.

TK Flash
02-11-2009, 12:53 AM
These last two updates were great. I particularly enjoyed the powerleveling and archery info. Let's get those faeries into the fray!

02-11-2009, 04:48 PM
Yep. Another story update. Don't worry. After this we've got 3 more story battles til the end of the chapter.

But first! A class change!

Waffles promotes to Cleric. "As reward for your many levels of faithful service, we now present you with this silly hat." Lets give a big hand!

Ok, thats enough of that.


Duke Ronway congratulates them on overcoming their personal vendetta and accomplishing the mission. He now has another task for them. He want them to go the city of Baramus. It was a coal mining town, and supposedly is now a Walstanian self-government district, but is actuality an internment camp, where more and more Walstanians are dying from over-work and mistreatment. Ronway wants Corduroy to go there and get the people to revolt. He states it will be difficult, but if anyone can do it, it'll be the Hero of Griate.

After Corduroy and company leave, Leonard assures Ronway that everything is going according to plan
"Your friends up there on the Sanctuary Moon are walking into a trap"

"Can I have your autograph?"

Corduroy finds Sir Lans gazing at the sunset. Lans asks Corduroy if there's anything thats bothering him. Corduroy says he's worried about his trip to Baramus, and wonder if Lans ever gets scared too. Lans says hes scared whenever he goes into battle, but that focusing on keeping alive calms him. Corduroy mentions he knew he would always die for the revolution, but realizes he fears death. Lans explains the difference between risking your life and dying, and that Corduroy should live for the sake of his sister. Corduroy asks who Lans lives for.


Lans pulls out a music box, and says that he lives to carry on the memory of his late wife. She took sick and died while they were on the run from the Zeteginean Empire. He's considered suicide many times, but looking at the music box, which belonged to his wife, reminds him how precious life is, and that he should carry on. Lastly, he wishes for the day when young men life Corduroy do not need to fight.


I spoke about training in my last update. Now lets talk about a few reason not to overuse training. Each unit has a somewhat invisible stat called 'Loyalty' If loyalty is high, everything is peachy, but if loyalty goes low enough, the unit may just up and leave. The dialogue choices Corduroy gets affect loyalty. Depending on alignment, some units loyalty may go up, and some may go down. Its difficult to know what kind of effect the dialogue options will have, though. You can get a rough of approximation of a unit's loyalty by hitting 'Select', moving the cursor over to the unit's name and hitting 'X'. This will tell you whether they happily look to you as their leader, or curse your name under their breath.

Actions that raise Loyalty
*Leveling up a unit in battle.
*Unit gains an MVP award.
*Some dialogue options

Actions that lower Loyalty
*Some dialogue options
*Killing members of the same nationality

Leveling up in training battles won't increase loyalty, but it won't decrease it as either. If you're particularly patient, you can level a unit to around 90(Level up at every 100 XP) or so experience in a training battle, and get the last few experience points in a normal battle to level up.

More than individual units, whole nationalities have a Loyalty rating, which affects a certain ending. This loyaly slowly goes up when a member of that nationality gains a level. When Walstanian soldier increases loyalty, all of Walsta increases loyalty with him. Same with Gargastans, Bacrumese, even Zenobian, and Lodis have a loyalty rating. I think there were plans for more endings, as the Zenobian and Lodis ratings don't really affect any endings currently.

Loyality ratings for nationalities is slightly harder to check, but can be done by going to a town and trying to recruit a soldier of that particular nationality. You don't have to actual recruit the soldier, but you can check that unit's starting Loyalty, and gain some idea of what that particular nationality feels about you.

02-13-2009, 05:23 PM
*We recruit Lizardmen!
*Angela gets a class-change to Valkyrie
*Presance gets a class-change to Ninja
*Corduroy gets a class-change to Ninja


Along the way to Baramus we run into this guy.

Lexent: I never expected to see the Walstanians here! They have amassed quite a few troops... This could be bad...Lord Barbatos doesn't understand. I keep telling him that it's crucial to protect the front line in this area.


One one of the enemy soldiers tries to flee the battle. He has very low loyality to his team members, and you can easily recruit him if your inclined to do so.

Lexent: Hey you! Are you running away?! Get back here now or face the consequences! (Soldier returns) Troops, do not allow them to cross over Lake Bordo! Charge!



We charge as well. It'd probably have better to hang back a little, as he's on higher ground, but I hate waiting.


Koopa goes for the squishy wizard. Why? The wizard's spells do more damage than most of the other troops attacks, and hey, he is a -squishy- wizard, so I hope to take him out quickly. Doesn't work, and he blocks it.


Vanilla gets in a hit.


Can you spell range?


Nutmeg, next to the Knight Lexant, has gotten herself into a little trouble here. She's been hit by the wizard's spell, and hit by the knight. I save-scum a little to prevent her from dying.


I start concentrating my attacks on Lexant. Here's Partis using an Ice Blast spell.


Canopus, wielding a spear, stabs through one of Lizardmen to kill Lexant.

Lexent: This is why I kept telling him...Lord Barbatos, curse you!!



Sometimes when you kill an enemy they'll either drop a treasure bag, or a card.

You automatically recieve all the contents of treasure bags after a battle, provided that an enemy hasn't picked them up ahead of time. If you can, its a good idea to pick them up before that happens. They usually contain extra equipment, or sometimes money.

Cards are a little different. They provide a small boost to certain stats for the character that picks them up. They come in 8 flavors.
HP - 1-5 extra
MP - 1-5 extra
Strength - 1-3 extra
Vitality - 1-3 extra
Intelligence - 1-3 extra
Mentality - 1-3 extra
Dexterity - 1-3 extra
Luck - -2 - +2

Be careful with the Luck cards. They can either raise your Luck or lower it. Its a good idea to save beforehand, and if you get a negative, reload. If you really want to, you can do that with all cards to get the maximum effect, but thats a little tedious.

Agility cards were programmed into the game, but they've been dummied out. They'd be just too powerful if a unit were to get too many.

02-14-2009, 06:01 PM

Narrator: The city of Townesville...is under attack by Fuzzy Lumpkins!


Fuzzy:Lets wrassle!


Fuzzy: Obda! Belda! Let's get 'em!


There's a couple of ways of doing this stage. An easy way, and a hard way. We can go after Ganb, or we go after his griffons, either Obda or Belda. If one of his griffons takes enough hits, Ganb retreats. So naturally, we do things the hard way.


We charge in.


The enemy charges back at us.


THis is why large size creatures stink horribly? A measely 8 damage?


Uh oh. Corduroy is in a jam. Griffon in front. Enemy lizardmen to the back and sides. And low on HP. Yeesh.


Partis rushes in and takes some of the heat off of Corduroy. Corduroy meanwhiles beats a hasty retreat.


Meanwhile, Angela, Nutmeg and Mint deal with a particularly aggressive enemy lizardmen. Seriously, 'No!' means 'No!'.


Presance(green ninja) winds up in a bit of trouble thanks to an enemy Stun spell.


Slowly but surely, that Lizardman is going down.

02-14-2009, 06:02 PM

Presance is not in a good situation here. One of Lizardmen move to intercept.


After taking a couple of hits. Vice moves in and finishes off Ganb.

Narrator:So, once again, the day is saved! Thanks to Corduroy and Trousers!

EDIT:Actually, I was going to mention. Ganb is recruitable in Chapter 4. I think this requires not harming his Griffons, though that might've been disproven. We probably won't be using Ganb, like most of the NPCs we'll be recruiting, but this is a case of Got to Catch 'Em All.

02-15-2009, 04:47 PM
Hope you enjoyed the levity, but from here on it gets grimdark.




So it goes. Adding to water rain is the rain of arrows. This pretty much how the whole battle goes. This battle is really easy, mostly because the one afterwards can be really hard.


Gradually we whittle the enemy down.. til..


Corduroy: Let's assemble the group leaders. We will tell the captives our plan and they can decide whether to join us or not.


(Corduroy, Vice and Kachua meet with some villagers)

Vice: What are you thinking?! I didn't come all the way here just to do that! You might as well tell them that they should just stay slaves! This Liberation Army is pointless!

Kachua: Don't get so excited, Vice. I can't even hear myself think with you ranting and raving like that!!

Old Man: What is the use of fighting? Fighting only creates hatred. We would rather have things the way they are. At least we will have food and we don't have to be involved in war.

Vice: You pathetic excuse for a man! As long as you stay here, you're nothing but livestock for Gargastan! Don't you want freedom? Don't you want to live like a man? Where is your pride?!

Old Woman: If you don't do anything, our peace will be maintained. I don't care about the Liberation Army. It is all the same. We will always be the outcasts. My son used to say the same things you do now. But he died in the war half a year ago. Can you bring him back?!

Old Man: Please leave us alone. Nobody wants to fight. Besides, how can you be so sure that you will win? I don't care who you are. We don't want any part of it!

(Leonard arrives)


Leonard: (to Corduroy) I apologize for being late...can I talk with you for a moment?

(Corduroy and Leonard go outside to continue their conversation)

Leonard: I heard what happened. It seems that you had a difficult time persuading them. It's not your fault. I knew that this was going to happen...

(after a brief pause, Leonard turns to Corduroy)

Leonard: Listen carefully...you are going to massacre the entire town.

Corduroy: !!

Leonard: This contingency was to be expected. It is Duke Ronway's order.

Corduroy: Why? We can't kill our own people! Damn it! Give me a reason!!

Leonard: This is what the Duke told me...


(Begin flashback to Leonard and Duke Ronway talking)

Ronway: If the people in Baramus revolt, then there will be no problem. But I know these people. They will not sacrifice their lives even with the Liberation Army's support. If they do not join the Liberation Army, you will disguise yourselves as soldiers of Gargastan and kill everyone.

(Leonard stands up)

Leonard: What did you say?! Are you ordering me to murder our own people?!

Ronway: Calm down, Leonard. Think. You are intelligent enough to understand the plan. Look. To defeat Gargastan, the people of Walsta must become more unified than they have ever been. When the news of Gargastan destroying Baramus spreads, people in other districts will join us.

Leonard: (sitting back down) But that is too...

Ronway: And of course, the anti-government forces will see this as a means to rally and support us against Gargastan. Barbatos will be forced to divide his army to fight against the anti-government forces and Walsta! Thus we will increase our chances of winning and kill Barbatos.

Leonard: But I don't think that Corduroy will go for this...

Ronway: When that happens, you know what to do...

(End Flashback

Leonard: Will you obey the Duke's order? Otherwise the future of Walsta is doomed!


1. I understand.
2. No way!

(This is -the- decision that puts us onto the different paths in the game. Follow orders, and kill a bunch of civilians, or not follow orders, and go on the run)


Corduroy: No way! How can you achieve peace by murdering innocent people?!

Leonard: You are still young... I envy your pure soul...if you can't stain your hands to achieve that ideal, you have no business being involved in this war!

(Leonard takes a swing at Corduroy with his sword, but misses. Corduroy falls back. Kachua and "evil" Vice appear from the building where they were meeting with the villagers.)

Kachua: Corduroy! (Kachua runs over to Corduroy) Corduroy, are you all right? Vice, come here! Vice? What are you...? No, don't do this to us!

Leonard: (to Vice) Kill them, Vice! Kill them both!


Vice ...What an idiot! People with no will to fight for their freedom are...already dead. No matter how many we kill, it doesn't matter. Those people should be happy to die for Walsta.

Kachua: Are you serious? What has happened to you, Vice?!

Vice: Shut up, Kachua. Stop treating me like a baby. (to Corduroy) And you, Corduroy! How did you become the leader in the first place?! You suck as a leader!

Leonard: Vice, leave them here and follow me. We are going to wipe out the town with or without them!

(Vice and Leonard leave)

Corduroy: Wait, Leonard! Vice!

(Soldiers from the Liberation Army appear, ready to attack Corduroy and his comrades.)

(This leads directly into the next battle.)

(To be continued in the next post.)

02-15-2009, 05:18 PM


The enemy starts all the way up here near where we used to be when we started this battle. Unfortunately, I didn't really get good screenshots of the starting locations.


We start down here. We start this battle at a massive disadvantage. We need to get up the stairs and get some height underneath us.


Partis the ghost is a life-saver here. He teleports up there and distracts the enemy for a bit.


I said a bit, as Partis goes down fairly quickly with all enemies attacking him. Still he manages to buy enough time for..


Slowly but surely we make our way up. We don't have any casualities except for..


Who manages to escape, because the game isn't sadistic enough yet to make us keep Kachau alive(that comes later). Instead, she's comes equipped to these early battles with a warp jewel and escapes.


We're not out of the woods yet but we're making progress.


More and more of our units are climbing up on the left side of the battlefield.


Partis is back in action, and is once more distracting the enemy soldiers.


It isn't too long before we get major height advantage.




02-15-2009, 05:22 PM



Three weeks have passed since the Baramus Massacre... The tragic incident caused the Walstanians to unite and urge anti-Barbatos groups in the Gargastan Kingdom to revolt. The Gargastan government is divided into two factions: the Anti-Barbatos and the Pro-Barbatos. Barbatos tried to eliminate those that were opposing him, but the Walsta Liberation Army led by Duke Ronway liberated a city close to the capital. The Cardinal then had to fight to retake Coritani Castle. Since the Gargastan government was in disarray, the number of people enlisting in the Walsta Liberation Army tripled. It is only a matter of time before Coritani Castle surrenders.

Meanwhile, Duke Ronway plotted to make Corduroy responsible for the massacre. Now Corduroy has a bounty on his head. The Walsta Liberation Army and a lot of bounty hunters are after Corduroy. He is hiding in the port town of Ashton...

And so ends chapter 1.

TK Flash
02-15-2009, 07:02 PM
Vice:...And you, Corduroy! How did you become the leader in the first place?! You suck as a leader!

Oh man Vice, way to really stick it to 'em. I bet Corduroy hears that one in his nightmares.

This was such a great update. The story just went from "meh" to "awesome"! Coincidentally, this is where I gave up. Looking forward to more.

02-19-2009, 05:36 PM
Sorry for the late update. Busy week.


We find Corduroy in the port town of Ashton blaming himself for not being able to prevent the Baramus Massacre. Kachau suggests that they leave Valeria, but Corduroy refuses, saying that he wants to avenge his father's death, and that he doesn't want the people of Baramus to have died in vain.


Its a good idea to save at this point, because as soon as we try to leave town, we get into a tough battle. I actually need to restart this battle a few times and train a little in between, before it was manageable.




This is Aloser, and despite her unfortunate name, she's tough enough to kick you ass six ways to Sunday. She starts off on higher ground, is higher level than us, she has a bow, and she's an archer(which are already a tad overpowered).

She here to get revenge on us because of Baramus. Her brother, who had already broken his leg died in the massacre.


Unfortunately, she didn't get the memo about who was actually to blame. She refuses to listen, and we need to fight her.


I forgot to get a shots from the beginning of the battle, so we now join this battle already in progress. Thats Aloser, in the lower right hand corner. What makes this battle more manageable, is that she has the tendency to charge ahead, instead of hanging back and peppering us with arrows.


She manages to take temporarily take out Partis, we've got her HP whittled to down to less than half.


We only needed to get her HP down a little more... not necessarily all the way to 0, but below 20 to trigger the next scene.

At this point, she tells us to kill her, like we did the rest of the people in Baramus, but Corduroy tells her he won't take her life. He wants her to see the truth for herself with her own eyes. Aloser says that we can do whatever we want, but she won't be deceived,


Aloser now joins as a guest.



I also recruit another Octopus. I won't be leveling him up for awhile, so for now he'll just be our mascot. Go Team Octopus!

02-20-2009, 05:29 PM


Great! A bounty hunter! I'll be he's not even soft and superabsorbant.



Zapan: Ha, ha, ha. What a feisty one! If I were you, I would watch that tongue of yours! But don't worry, I won't hurt you. I will spare your life, sweetheart. I will take "good" care of you. (laughs) Well, shall we begin? (to his troops) Hey, don't let them get away!


Here's our enemy. This isn't a particularly tough battle, but a lot of the terrain is watery, and Zapan's team has a lot of units that can deal with that. But our team isn't really a slouch in that department either.


I forgot to re-equip Canopus with weapons. Its a bit hard to see, but he's throwing a rock at the enemy.


I was patient enough to let the enemy come to me this time. I concentrated most of fire on the Blue Dragon, hoping to (unsuccessfully) take him out early. Each Dragon's breath weapons inflict status-effects. In the case of Blues, that status is sleep, which is annoying.


Nutmeg(now class-changed to Archer) punks one of the enemy Hawkmen.


Berzerkers get a fairly high Vitality growth, which reduces the damage they take. Zapan isn't going down easily.


A little intentional friendly fire. Canopus not being equipped weapons proves advantageous, as he's able to knock Koopa out've sleep without damaging him much.


Koopa delivers the 'killing' blow. However Zapan escapes to taunt us another time.

02-22-2009, 01:40 PM


Genzo: (to his troops, referring to Corduroy's unit) Don't they belong to the Liberation Army? Damn it, there's no place to run away... Wait a second. You look familiar...I saw you on a reward poster in Walsta. So you're the kid who wiped out Baramus! You sneaky little cretin! You blamed us for your own evil deeds! I will send you to Hell! (swings claw in Corduroy's direction)


This is Genzo. Hanzo Hattori's
less well-known younger brother.


Like the first stage of Baramus, this is nearly as easy, provided that you let the enemy come to you, and not be tempted into leaving your position.


The fact that Genzo brought a long an Octopus and a Golem makes this even easier.


The enemy hawkmen have rushed forward, and we picked them off at our leisure. Its also a nice shot of Presance leveling up.


At this point, the enemy shows a little intelligence. They try to circle around from the side on higher ground than I am.


Corduroy and Canopus break ranks for a bit to attack the enemy that trying to sneak up on us from the sides.


So does everyone else at this point.


Genzo for some reason decides that this battle isn't easy enough and moves to the center so that he'll be in bow range of everyone.


Genzo: Gasp! :dies:

02-22-2009, 02:12 PM
Man, reading this really reminds me that this game is basically the System Shock 2 to FF Tactics' BioShock.

02-22-2009, 02:38 PM


I guess I should apologize. The reason we're here is that at the beginning of the chapter, we heard a rumor that Lans was stationed near here, so we came here looking to see if he could help us. So it really surprising that..


(Corduroy, Kachua, and Aloser arrive at Tanmas Hill.)

Corduroy: This is odd. Nobody's here. I wonder why they went to Swanzi Forest?


(Corduroy walks forward. Vice suddenly appears, causing Corduroy to stop in his tracks.) Corduroy: ...You are...!


Vice: Long time no see, Corduroy. Glad to see you again. I was worried that you got killed by one of those bounty hunters. I'm glad you are still alive.


Kachua: What are you doing here? Where's Lans?


Aloser: Vice? What are you doing here? I thought you were at the Swanzi Forest!


Vice: Aloser? I thought you were dead. You bitch! You turned your back on us! Can't you tell who's going to win the war?

Aloser: No, you misunderstood. I just...

Corduroy: Why are you here, Vice? Where's Sir Lans?

Vice: (laughing) What an idiot! Can't you see you've been suckered again? I didn't think you would believe the information I leaked. But thanks to your stupidity, it worked well. Your beloved Zenobian is not here. I guess he's getting drunk at the old town of Rime with some woman.

(enemy troops appear)

Vice: I will not let you go. I'm going to kill you both. You're nothing but a nuisance. Besides, the Duke ordered us to kill all the witnesses of Baramus.

Aloser: !!!

Vice: That goes for you too, Aloser. I can't let you tell anybody what really happened.

Aloser: You, Vice? Then you were there in Baramus!

Vice: Yeah, with your lover Leonard. ...You didn't know anything about this? You weren't told anything?

Aloser: No...what a disaster! Is it really worth it? Do you really want to win that badly?

Vice: You shouldn't have known this, but it's too late now. You can't live with a guy whose hand is stained with blood. It would be better for you to die here.

(Corduroy calls for his comrades)

Vice: (to his troops) Kill them all! Spare no one!


What with all the ninjas? Seriously?


It looks like we're surrounded. We are, but I've never really had a problem with this stage. The reason being we've got a Griffon to our left, and a dragon to our right, along with two beastmasters. These we can pretty easily take care of. Aloser, being the badass that she is, charges Vice, the two enemy knights and witch, distracting them.


Logic. Its not Vice's strong point.


Given the position Kachau's in, its not surprising that she bites it early on. She manages to once more escape, of course. The rest of my troops deploy to attack the sides.


And when I mean 'Charge Vice, the two enemy knights and enemy witch', I mean attack and kill the beastmaster on the side closest to me, in this case.


No love for Partis it seems.


I finally start getting serious. I cast Melf's Acid Arro...err..I mean Acid at Vice.

02-22-2009, 02:39 PM
Vice realizes the odds aren't looking so good here.

Vice: This is looking bad. We have to retreat. (troops retreat) Corduroy! You can't go back to Ashton! I've already blocked the road! Surrendering will not help you, because I'm going to kill you! (Vice escapes)

Aloser: Vice, you bastard! Are you going to run away from us?! Go ahead, try it. I'll follow you to Hell and back. You will pay for what you did in Baramus! (Aloser pauses before addressing Corduroy) Corduroy, I must apologize...from now on, my life is yours...

Corduroy: We will retreat before the enemy's reinforcements arrive. Let's head to Krizar.



At this point Aloser joins permanently.

02-22-2009, 02:42 PM
Man, reading this really reminds me that this game is basically the System Shock 2 to FF Tactics' BioShock.

Is that good or bad? I haven't played either System Shock or Bioshock.

02-23-2009, 05:29 PM

We head to the town of Krizar.


We are not unexpected.


It seems they've caught one of "our" men.


Scouts! Scouts! We don't need no stinking scouts!


So this must be deja vu all over again for Presance.


There's a knight on the picture on the left, and one on the right. The one on the right is actually below the screenshot, unfortunately, and we take him out pretty quickly.


Now we come around for the other one.


Next we take out the wizard. Magic, unlike arrows aren't effected by height, and is the only advantage the enemy has at this moment. We swiftly take care of that.


They're starting to get over the tactical disadvantage they had. This could get messy. I should end this quick.

02-23-2009, 05:47 PM

Here Ganashe, the enemy leader is right next to Corduroy. Canopus takes some potshots at his exposed back.


Vanilla decides she's had enough, and decides to finish this once and for all!


His name is Forcas, and he's a member of the Valeria Liberation Front. Wonder if he knows Sisteena...


He does! He does know Sisteena!

Anyway, Forcas proposes an exchange. Knowing that they can't go back the way they were, he suggests heading south and rescuing his comrades from pirates.

'Captured by pirates is good!'*

So Kachua and Corduroy bicker some more, but eventually decide to help Forcas out and rescue his comrades!

/Bicker, whine, complain

*Yes, yes, I know its actually "Murdered by pirates is good!". Shaddup.


Next Up!

Rafa Jr. makes an appearance!

02-24-2009, 06:33 PM



++ Commander






Master-Dasa: Ugh, kill the old man as well. I don't care. But don't kill the girl. We can sell her for a high price.

This battle isn't particularly hard, but if we want to save Byan, and we do, we have to be prepared. Byan has an unfortunate tendency to rush at Dasa and get himself killed. Byan's level is somewhat fixed, but the soldiers aren't. If our levels are low, the soldiers level will be also low, making saving him somewhat easier.



The second thing we can do is attack this ninja in the lower right hand corner. The fact that the ninja is injured, makes him a whole lot more tempting target than Dasa. Sure enough Byan takes the bait.


For some reason, the Cockatrice(upper right-hand corner) always drops a Undead Ring, which we can use to make a Lich. Why a Cockatrice would be carrying around an Undead Ring, I've got no idea. Also, Angela in this picture is currently petrified, so we have somewhat a priority in finishing this stage.


That, and an enemy soldier has broken through my lines and gone to attack Waffles.

02-24-2009, 07:12 PM

Vanilla continues a trend here and manages to take out the Dasa.





(And not just any boat, but a magic, levitating boat)

Forcas says he'll take us to Rime, by Byan says that Sisteena is being held by pirates at their other base. Despite this, Forcas says he's a man of his words, and says he'll take us to Rime anyway. Byan asks us directly to rescue Sisteena, but Kachau is against it, saying that they've got the Liberation Army after them, and their in a rush.

Byan: Corduroy, what do you think? You're their leader...


1. I will help you.
2. I'm sorry...

Byan says their hideout is Fort Damsa on Dicniga Island. And we're off, with Kachau still protesting this side-trip.

02-26-2009, 06:20 PM



Is she psychic?




Something tells me she's not in the mood for reason Forcas.


Velda:Dasa was my husband! Don't underestimate me just because I'm a woman! I will avenge the death of my husband!



This is a somewhat hard battle, and Corduroy dies early on. I restart, and do better.


We approach this battle with caution. Our enemies are all equipped with bows, and on higher elevation than us. Save early, save often.


We send Partis out first, distract the enemy.


Our priority is taking out Veldo, so we pretty much ignore the rest.

02-26-2009, 06:49 PM

Forcas accounts well for himself and takes out a mookette.



And another kill goes to Vanilla




Sisteena and Forcas are more than happy to see each other alive. Kachau reminds them its time to go. Byan suggest stopping by Fort Bodo where the Valeria Liberation Front, which is on the way there.

TK Flash
02-27-2009, 02:02 AM
How did you get so far only saving twice

02-27-2009, 05:39 AM
How did you get so far only saving twice

I save more. I don't always mention it, though. The one in the last stage was significant, because it was Corduroy who died, and I am usually more cautious with him.

02-27-2009, 08:08 AM
Jeeze, you killed a pregnant lady? That's messed up.

02-27-2009, 04:11 PM
Jeeze, you killed a pregnant lady? That's messed up.

I always cringe at that part.

I think understand a little bit about why they did that, though. You fight so many enemies, its a little easy for them to become faceless. It reminds you that your actions have a consequence, for either good or bad, and even good intentions can lead to bad consequences. Or something like that.

02-27-2009, 06:05 PM
I always cringe at that part.

I think understand a little bit about why they did that, though. You fight so many enemies, its a little easy for them to become faceless. It reminds you that your actions have a consequence, for either good or bad, and even good intentions can lead to bad consequences. Or something like that.

Ogre Battle 64 tries to do something similar with each boss, but fails pretty miserably at it. There's only a handful of times where you actually feel bad for any of the boss characters. More often than not you're just laughing at how easy it was or scratching your head at how random the things he/she was saying were. It's good to see that Tactics Ogre was able to do it right.

02-27-2009, 06:45 PM

If you thought the game was finished with the low blows, then you're sadly mistaken, as this next stage shows.


Don't remember if I ever displayed this screen before. You can position your units before entering battle. I put the two lizard on side, where on the field they'd be closest to the stairs. Canopus on the other side, where he can fly up to a roof, etc. Obviously this means you to have seen the stage beforehand in order to make full use of this.

I know who I am, already, thanks.

Stereotypical greedy bounter?

Obviously this guy is new to the bounty hunter business. If your a wizard, you don't rush into melee.


Kachua gets the sensation of biting into a York Peppermint Patty.



02-28-2009, 01:03 PM
A somewhat large story update.



Sisteena: (to Corduroy) Don't worry. He is one of my comrades.

(Corduroy sheaths his sword)


Archer: Sisteena?! You are alive! Selye was so concerned about you. Please come inside.

Sisteena: (to Corduroy) Let's go!

(they enter the fort, where Selye is waiting for them)


Selye: (to Sisteena) Why did you bring these criminals before me?! Are you trying to give away the locations of our secret bases to them?!

Sisteena: Before you jump to any conclusions, please listen to my story!

Selye: How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice! I'm the leader of this army!

Sisteena: These kind strangers rescued me from the pirates.

Selye: Pirates? They didn't hurt you, did they?

Sisteena: I'm fine, Selye. Everyone is safe. ...The reason I'm here is to stop you from carrying out your crazy plan.

Selye: Not again! I'm through discussing the matter with you! I will not change my mind! Our comrades that also felt the way you did about my decision left here with you. I never forced any of you to go along with my decision. That is why I didn't stop you from leaving.

Kachua: What decision? What crazy plan? Would anyone care to fill us in...?


Selye: (to Kachua) Shut up, you whiny bitch! It's none of your damn business!

Sisteena: She is planning the assassination of Duke Ronway.

Selye: Sisteena! Silence! How dare you involve these interlopers!

Sisteena: Killing the Duke will not end the war. On the contrary, the Dark Knights and Bacrum will declare war against the Walstanians.

Selye: That's right! It's just a matter of time before Gargastan loses the war. Once the Liberation Army defeats Gargastan, they will have big power. Then the Bacrum and Walsta forces will be equal. If an all-out war broke out, both countries should fall. But Branta and Ronway know that will happen. They will keep their neutrality treaty. But if the Duke dies, Bacrum will invade Walsta. Once Branta defeats Walsta, we must assassinate Branta.

Kachua: Do you really think that your plan will pan out so smoothly?

Selye: It will, and when we nail Branta, that is when true peace will return to the land of Valeria!! Why don't you be part of my plan? Why don't you join us and kill the Duke? It's a whole lot better than being a criminal on the run.

Sisteena: It is always the common people who suffer from war...I don't want to kill any innocent people. I don't want to see a country built on a foundation of blood!


(a Soldier enters the room, bearing news for Selye)

Selye: (to Soldier) What's wrong with you?! What's going on?!


Warrior: I just got word that...

Selye: Rest for a moment. Then give me your report.

Warrior: The Gargastans...they have been defeated by the Walsta Liberation Army. Coritani Castle has fallen!

Kachua: What?!

Warrior: Barbatos...was captured and executed this morning!

Selye: Perfect...everything is going according to plan. Tell our comrades to prepare!!

Warrior: Yes, sir, err...I mean, ma'am!

Selye: Also, tell our messenger to rest.

Warrior: Yes, sir, err...I mean, ma'am!

(Sisteena suddenly interrupts)

Sisteena: Selye, don't do it!

Selye: Now that Coritani Castle has fallen, we have no choice but to execute our plan. We have to act quickly before the Duke completely takes over. It's too late, Sisteena.

Sisteena: You're wrong, Selye!! (Sisteena storms out of the room)

Selye: I'm sorry, but I have no time for idle chatter. You don't see the reality of our situation...if you give up freedom, what will you have left? You've lost sight of what you're truly fighting for. We must do whatever it takes to make our dream a reality. (to Corduroy and Kachua) My sister is not a revolutionary. She won't stain her hands with the blood of innocents to succeed. ...But I still love her. Take care of my sister for me. Help her any way you can.


(Corduroy and Kachua leave the room. Corduroy finds Sisteena outside, staring off into the distance.)

Sisteena: (to herself) ...You're wrong, Selye. There must be another way. You're becoming what you want to destroy. You will do anything to achieve your own selfish goals. Have we been fighting to establish a country whose foundation is built upon the blood of innocent people?


1. Join us.
2. Be practical.*


Corduroy: Join us, Sisteena. We have a lot in common, don't you think?

Sisteena: I noticed that the first time you rescued me.

Corduroy: Then come, let us fight together!

Sisteena: Thank you...I will never give up my beliefs. Even if it means that I must fight against my own sister...

*If you tell Sisteena to be practical, she'll say you're only saying that because you want to be hunted like a criminal anymore, call you a coward and leave forever.


Join Up!


02-28-2009, 01:26 PM
We typically wouldn't see this scene on Chaotic path, but we can look it up via the Warren Report.



(Cardinal Barbatos is restrained in a guillotine in the courtyard of Coritani Castle, and is about to be executed by the Walsta Liberation Army. A number of people, both Walstanian and Gargastan, await the Cardinal's execution.)


Ronway: (to the crowd) Look up, people, morning has come. It's the morning where we celebrate our victory!! Through this man's death...the era of darkness has finally come to an end!

Young Man: (to Barbatos) This is what you get for treating us like scum for all these years! I hope it hurts!

Woman: Kill that Gargastan bastard for killing my son!

Gargastan Old Man: Go to Hell, you child molesting tyrant!!

Ronway: Did you hear that Barbatos? You're hated by your own people...


Ronway: At ease, my people. I understand how you feel... My Walstanian comrades, hear me! Our suffering has been produced by this man! My dear Gargastans...let us cleanse your soul by spilling enough blood for all of us to see as atonement! From this day forward, let the Walsta and Gargastan people live in peace and harmony!

(Duke Ronway steps down from the stage. A priest arrives, followed by an executioner)

Priest: (to Barbatos) ...May God be with you. Do you have any last words?

Barbatos: Ha, ha, ha. Do you really think the war is over?! Ha, ha. Imbeciles! I'm not the one who started the war. It is you! You people made me declare the war!


Ronway: Shut up, you rotten son of a bitch! You're blaming innocent people for your evil deed!

Barbatos: Poor Ronway...you're the same as I...all people do is complain, yet they just blindly follow whoever is in power...Ronway...if you think you have won the people over, then you are gravely mistaken. They're not the ones who are being manipulated, it's you and I who are manipulated. Look at me - you're next!!

Ronway: This is getting boring. Kill him!

(the executioner readies the guillotine)


(the guillotine's blade drops, beheading Barbatos.)

03-01-2009, 10:31 AM
A long update here.


We've made a few changes to our roster. We're dropping both Troopa and Mint from a combat roster, as we need to make room for other members. We aren't kicking them off of our team, though. We are adding Forcas to our combat team. He's a Knight now, and will later become our Dragoon. There are several things going for Forcas, that make him valuable. He's an named NPC with a unique portrait, he's been a knight for all his stat growth, so he's got good STR and DEX, and reasonable AGI, he fire-aligned, and we can get him a very good Fire-elemental Dragon-slaying sword, and he'll get a bonus against Dragons and Lizardmen when he becomes a Dragoon. All in all, a very good character.

Also, since Forcas is level 13, I've leveled everyone else to about level 13, with the exception of Partis, because I'am lazy, and because he can't actually die.


(Corduroy and Kachua arrive in Rime, hoping to find Lans Hamilton.)


Corduroy: ...Good, no one is here. Kachua, it's okay now.


(Zapan suddenly appears behind Corduroy)


Corduroy: You're Zapan!


Zapan: This must be my lucky day. I never expected to see you here.

Kachua: Damn! You again? Why do these things always happen to me?

Zapan: Come on, be nice. Let's be friends...he, he, he...

(Zapan's troops surround Corduroy and Kachua)

Corduroy: Is this another trap?!

Zapan: Not today...that's why today is my lucky day. Before that damn Knight from Zenobia appears, I'll have your heads. (to his troops) I want them dead!!


Another tough battle. Zapan uses similar tactics to mine. Many of his units use bows, and some are able to inflict status ailments, and some do both, the witches namely. They're not too much of a nuisance. Its the Hawkmen you need to watch out for as the building don't slow them down like other units.


Once more, Kachau bites it early on and need to flee.


Ice spell against Ice Dragon == Low Damage


Lazy ghost.


Koopa and Forcas team up against the enemy lizardman and the distracted dragon.


Canopus takes a shot at an enemy hawkman.


/Votes Vanilla as Fairy most likely to climb into a clocktower with a highpowered rifle.


Koopa gets poisoned by one of the enemy witches. It'll gradually drain his HP, until someone cast a Vitalize spell on him. Unfortunately, I forget to equip Waffles with the Vitalize spell. Whoops!

03-01-2009, 10:54 AM
Ok, enough mucking around. We go after Zapan




Should've thought of that before.


(I'm not falling for that again..)



(Oh snap!)

Dark Knight Barbas: Charge! (a battalion of Templar Knights rushes into the town)


(Lans Hamilton appears and defeats one of the Templar Knights. He then runs toward Barbas.)

Lans Hamilton: Stop! Is this the way of the people of Lodis?!

Barbas: That's the Zenobian crest! You must be the Holy Knight Lans! It was my long time dream to see you Lans! Show me the power that defeated the Highlands!

Lans Hamilton: Your wish shall be granted! Show me your power, Dark Knight!


(Lans Hamilton and Barbas begin to fight. Back on the other side of town, Zapan has taken advantage of the commotion.)

Corduroy: Where's Zapan?

Kachua: Corduroy!


Corduroy: Kachua, where are you?!

Kachua: Here, Corduroy!

(Corduroy turns around to see Zapan abducting Kachua)


Zapan: Too late, Corduroy. The girl is mine! I'm taking your Kachua! Come to Amorika Castle if you want her back! I will be waiting!

Corduroy: Stop!!! Bring back my sister, you bastard!!!

(Martym, one of the Dark Knights, suddenly appears)

Corduroy: (spotting Martym) You are...!


Martym: What do you want, kid?

(Guildus suddenly appears behind Martym)

Corduroy: Sir Guildus!


Guildus: (to Martym) Come, Dark Knight! You're mine. Fight me, if you dare!

Martym: What can Zenobia do to us?! Come on! You pathetic excuse for a Knight!

Zapan: (to Kachua) Hurry up!

Kachua: Corduroy! (Zapan takes her away)


Corduroy: Kachua!

(Guildus rams into Martym with his shield, knocking him back)


Guildus: Corduroy! Go! Go after him!

Martym: So I see, trying to be the good guy here...take this!!

Guildus: (to Corduroy) Go! Hurry!

(Corduroy leaves Rime in pursuit of Zapan)

Martym: (to Guildus) Take this, wimp!!


(Martym unleashes some kind of an attack on Guildus)

Guildus: Arrgh!


Not seen during the battle, both Corduroy and Presance died, but I had earlier saves beforehand. Both Partis, Koopa and maybe Canopus wound up poisoned. In the end, we managed to chase Zapan off, but our team got quite dinged up in the process. Not an easy battle at all.

03-05-2009, 06:21 PM
Lots of work + Star Ocean:First Departure == Late update


(Well, I am no Six-million Dollar Man, but a guy's got to start somewhere)

Ramidos: What do we have here?! It's the kid that is worth 30,000 Goth! I've been a bounty hunter for so long that I have become jaded. But I guess Zapan was telling the truth. I hate to do this to you kid, but I have bills to pay. Sorry...

(Just thought this was a bit funny. Her troop formation is setup like some sort of ninja parade march)


After Rime, an easy battle. This battle introduces two new elements.

First, the enemy leader has an orb. Orbs are very useful, as they negative weight, and thus lighten the character holding them. They also serve as one-shot magical grenades, which attack all opponents, but they're much too valuable to be used as such in most instances.

Secondly, this particular enemy has the ability to summon more enemies, in this case gremlins and skeletons. She summons one skeleton after killing off one of the ninjas. If I'd killed off more of her forces, she'd likely have summoned enemies. The enemy AI loves to summon, but won't go past a certain amount. Keeping this behavior in mind can make a certain final battle much easier.


This ninja ran ahead of the rest and was met by a hail of arrows. Ninjas are fast, but at this level they haven't quite built up the AGI and DEX to consistantly block everything. This one goes down hard after a final shot from Vanilla. Also, its a Ninja named Ralph. /shakes head


I didn't really get a picture of the summoning itself, but as I mentioned, the enemy AI loves to summon, and as soon as I defeated Ralph, Ramidos summoned a Skeleton to take his place, which you can see in the lower left corner.


Ralph may have been a fluke. The rest of the ninja seemed to block more consistently. I send Presance after a softer target.


This battle is a little annoying. Ramidos' two clerics heal constantly. I decide to make this battle short.


Betcha didn't know Flans originated in Tactics Ogre. In reality, Presance here is hit by an enemy witch's SlowMove spell. It doesn't reduce his AGI or DEX at all, but it does add to his Weight counter, and prevents his from acting as soon as he other wise could.


Many enemies carry oneshot healing items. And they're not shy about using them.




Finally Canopus takes out Ramidos.


I guess not.


Finally! This allows us to be a little less cautious since we can now resurrect allies that have fallen in battle. Of course the MP cost is a little high, and if we need to use it, we have to actually use it before the battle actually ends, otherwise the character remains dead permanently. Lastly, at this point we don't currently have a character who can use it.

03-05-2009, 06:31 PM
Ronway: What is going on!


Liberation Soldier: The Bacrum Army! The Bacrum Army is invading!

Ronway: What?! That can't be...!

Liberation Soldier: It's true. Our army is fighting against the Bacrum Army in Rime.

Ronway: Has the City of Rime fallen?

Liberation Soldier: No, my lord. The Knights of Zenobia are stationed there. Thanks to them the City is still holding. But it won't last for long. They need reinforcements.

Ronway: Call Leonard!

Liberation Soldier: Sir Leonard left for Amorika...

Ronway: Oh, that's right. Uh...then send a letter to Leonard! Dispatch a messenger to him and prepare the fastest and strongest horse for him!

Liberation Soldier: Yes, my lord. (Soldier leaves)

Ronway: (talking to himself) Lodis...what are you up to?! (Duke Ronway walks over to a nearby window) Now that Barbatos is gone, my work here is done. Did they think our treaty was to be terminated?

(Wheels within wheels)

03-06-2009, 02:50 AM
Vanilla should have killed Vanilli.

03-06-2009, 03:31 AM
Vanilla should have killed Vanilli.

Wonder if the other witch was named Milli. I should've checked.

03-08-2009, 12:54 PM
Ok, lets wrap this chapter up.


If you look closely, there are some differences between my levels in the last stage, and my levels now. Everyone was about level 14. Now everyone is around level16. I actually tried doing this stage at level14, and the results weren't pretty. What actually makes the difference, is that now Presance is a Swordmaster, who can cast Stun with better than normal accuracy, which is only going to get better. Secondly, I've class-changed Waffles into a Priest, who can use Revivify, so we won't be worry about death as much. These two changes pretty much change our game and make it a whole lot easier. It'll get easier still in the next chapter.

(Feels like I am facing off against an opposing football team. Hike! Hike! Hike!)


Zapan: Good boy! I knew you would make it. I knew Ramidos was no match for you.


Corduroy: Zapan, where is Kachua?!

Zapan: She's in the castle. If you want her back, you're gonna have to do it the hard way.



I didn't get a shot of it, but we do see the afteraffects. One of the knights is stunned. I probably tried to get some of ninja as well, but because of their high AGI, they can dodge the affect better.


Oh well, we'll take out those pesky ninja the hard way.


The golems are gone and another knight is stunned.


Finally got that last ninja.


Got a shot of the Stun Spell. Its basically a glorified Flash Grenade. In the lower left corner shows a 70% chance of Stun. As Presance levels up, thats only going to get higher, until it reaches 99% for most enemies.


Zapan gets a short reprieve as he heals himself with a Cure+ item. Frankly it looks more like he's eating grapes.

This last shot is enough to panic him into running.


Zapan: Damn! I can't believe this is happening... (to Denim) Stay back! Or else I'll...(escapes)


Corduroy: Stop!!! Bring back my sister, you bastard!!

03-08-2009, 01:46 PM
Ok, last stage of the chapter. Its short, but text heavy.


(inside the castle, Corduroy finds Zapan down on the floor in front of Vice)

Corduroy: Zapan! Vice what are you...?!


Zapan: (to Vice) Y-you...traitor! What are you doing?!


Vice: (to Zapan) Stupid retard! You have to use the hostages in an efficient way!

(Vice slays Zapan)

Vice:: (to Corduroy) Now it's your turn, Corduroy.

Corduroy: Vice, where is my sister?!

(a soldier appears, dragging Kachua along as a hostage)

Kachua: Corduroy!

Corduroy: Vice! Release my sister!

Vice:: I will. After I split your body in half!

Corduroy: Are you serious, Vice? We were fr...

Vice:: Shut up and fight me! One on one!


We fight Vice with Corduroy, one-on-one.



Corduroy: Why do we have to fight, Vice?!


Vice: Why you? Why does everyone like you? Since we were kids, everyone liked you, but not me. I was always the outcast! Do you know why? Damn it! It's because of my father! Your father was a respected priest, but my father was just a scrubby alcoholic. Plus, he used to always beat me! Still, everyone just hated me! I'm nothing like my father, nor do I want to be...you always had it easier!

(Well maybe you'd have friends if you didn't keep backstabbing everyone. And maybe use a comb everyone once in awhile, and get rid of the wild-eyed crazy look. Just a thought.)

Corduroy: But, I still treated you like my own brother!

(Its at this point I take down Vice down. Hard. I am a little surprised at how quick this was, that I didn't manage to get a screenshot of it. However, if the battle had gone on longer, the following exchanges would've happened.)


Corduroy: We were best friends! What has happened to us?

Vice: That's what you thought! I hate you! It's not fair...people loved you. You had a great father and a beautiful sister...

Corduroy: She thinks of you as family as well!

Vice: No, she doesn't! You don't know anything!! She only has you on her mind. She doesn't care about me! Can't you see?! Kachua didn't even love your father. She only loves you!


Corduroy: It's not too late to fix everything. Let's be friends like we used to be!

Vice: Don't try to bend the truth! You're a traitor! I have my own comrades now. Even Duke Ronway and Leonard believe in me.

Corduroy: That is not true! They are taking advantage of you! Once they are done with you, they will kill you!

Vice: You're such a baby!! They're not taking advantage of me! I'm the one who is taking advantage of them! I'm the one using them for my own benefit!


(Finally Leonard intervenes)


Leonard: Stop this! Both of you!

(Corduroy and Vice approach Leonard)


Vice: Leonard, why are you stopping me?!

Leonard: Don't you know what's going on?! Relax Vice!

Vice: You were the one who said to kill him! Why did you stop...


Leonard: Listen to me! Corduroy, you too! The city of Rime has fallen! The Bacrum Army is coming this way!

Corduroy: No!!! What happened to Sir Lans? This can't be happening...!


Leonard: We don't know what happened to the Holy Knight! He is either dead or he could have escaped. Anyway, this is not the time to fight between our own people. Let me explain... Corduroy, obey the Duke. We will forget about the past! Come fight with us against Bacrum!

Vice: This is bullshit! I'm not talking to this traitor!

Leonard: Quit acting like a baby, Vice. Why can't you listen to me?! Corduroy, what do you plan to do? No, you don't have to tell me... No matter how sacred the ideal may be, if it is not achieved, then it is meaningless. Do you want your ideals to end up as a dream? Weren't you supposed to avenge your father's death? Come, join us.


1. There's no time.
2. I can't go back.

(Like before, this actually a valid choice. Choosing option 1 allows us to rejoin the Liberation Army and puts us on the Neutral route. Aloser leaves at this point for obvious reasons. The Neutral route isn't bad, its quite good, but it sort of implies Corduroy is being wishy-washy in his beliefs. Interestingly enough, Vice leaves the Liberation Army at this point, if you go the Neutral route.)


Corduroy: I can't go back. You're the same as Bacrum...you're blinded by the Duke's words. You're nothing but a slave to the system!

Leonard: Then what are you going to do?! Do you really think you can do any better?


Corduroy: I'm not that ambitious. I'm just trying to fix things... I just can't believe people do not have their own dreams, and base everything on just what they see.

Leonard: People will kill each other over a loaf of bread. They only fight for their own selfish reasons. War will never cease from this world. Unless human nature changes, war will always be around. Our duty is to watch and control those people and create a world of order.

Corduroy: I don't understand. I can't believe what you're saying. What should I believe? What am I fighting for? What are you...?

Leonard: I understand. I will give you time to think about it. Think about it. Now go, Corduroy! Take Kachua and get away from this castle.

Vice: Leonard, what's the meaning of this?!

Leonard: Go and see the world with your own eyes. See the world as it really is! What you're looking for is not here and no one else can find it for you. Go and find out for yourself. When you don't find what you're looking for, then come back to us. I will be waiting for you. Go now!


Corduroy: I will never lose hope! I shall not be defeated by my own fears! (leaves)

Vice: Wait, Corduroy!

Leonard: Leave him alone! Unless he finds the truth for himself, nothing will change his mind.

Vice: You'll regret it later if you don't kill him now! Are you sure it's okay?

Leonard: When the time comes, I will kill him. (leaves)

Vice: ...I will be the one to kill him.


03-08-2009, 01:53 PM

Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Although Bacrum was able to take over the old capital of Rime, they suffered heavy losses in the battle against Lans' troops. The damage was so serious that they were unable to continue on. Meanwhile, Duke Ronway in Amorika Castle was having difficulty suppressing partisan guerilla activities. The negative attitude toward Walsta was becoming worse. The Duke needed to heighten the morale of his Army. Duke Ronway assembled his Army at Amorika Castle and prepared for the battle against Bacrum. At the same time, he sent a secret messenger to the Dark Knights to set up a treaty. He did this to buy some time so he could avoid the Dark Knights' involvement in the war.


Corduroy refused to obey the orders of the Duke and went underground, so that he would have a chance to kill the Duke. Duke Ronway was extremely indignant of Corduroy's rebellion. He ordered Leonard to hunt down and kill Corduroy. Not only that, he also put a huge price on Corduroy's head as a traitor. Corduroy realized that his situation was becoming dangerous and decided to leave the port town of Ashton...

And so ends Chapter 2.

03-09-2009, 04:57 PM

(Oh, he's in trouble now!)

Balzepho gives Barbas a dressing down for acting without orders during the battle of Rime. He had no orders to attack, and ignored repeated commands to retreat.


Barbas points out that it was Cardinal's wish. Balzepho counters that they don't take orders from the cardinal, and Barbas was only there because he wanted to fight Lans Hamilton, who was stationed there.


At this point Lans Tartare enters, accompanied by the creatively named, brother and sister knights, Oz and Ozma. Lans asks for the status on Walsta. Balzepho mentions that there is a messenger from Duke Ronway waiting.


If nothing else, Vice has got some cajones there, seriously. Balzepho tells him to watch his mouth. Vice complains that the Dark Knights broke their non-intervention policy, and wants to know what their up to. Lans assures him that one of his knights got overzealous, and they're still intent on maintaining neutrality until things are resolved peacefully

Vice asks them to prove their intentions, and tells them he knows just the way they could do so.

(A cunning plan even!)

03-09-2009, 05:11 PM
(Meanwhile in Ashton)

(He's totally not helping the Duke)

Corduroy and Kachua are arguing again. Its seems like we start every chapter like this. Ah home again, home again.

(They're just being held down by The Man, man, man!)

Corduroy: The Walstanian and Gargastan war is merely a struggle for power between the Cardinal and Duke Ronway. We are not the only ones who are suffering. Whoever doesn't have any power is suffering also. There are so many of our people that are suffering, Kachua. I need to fight for them! But you always tell me to run away. How can you be so selfish?

Kachua complains that all Corduroy thinks about is Walsta this, and Walsta that, and that he never thinks about how she feels.

(Thats sounding like a pretty good idea at this point)

(Here we go again!)


Next up, a special Guest Star from Nintendo!

03-10-2009, 04:24 AM
You're acting like a baby! When the previous speaker's dialog text stays on You're acting like a baby! screen through a long speech, sometimes You're acting like a baby! I pretend they're saying it every single shot. You're acting like a baby!

03-10-2009, 06:37 AM
You're acting like a baby! When the previous speaker's dialog text stays on You're acting like a baby! screen through a long speech, sometimes You're acting like a baby! I pretend they're saying it every single shot. You're acting like a baby!

Yeah, I noticed that too. I think maybe I should've restricted myself to single screenshot, and just put the rest in text.

03-14-2009, 10:19 AM
Aaaand..we're back.



Yes after his ignominious defeat at the hands of a scruffy elf kid, 'Gannon' traveled to Valeria and took up bounty hunting as a way to make some scratch.

(Even grew a beard. How about that?)

Gannon: So you are Corduroy! You're a hard person to track down! Make it easy on yourself and let me have your head, kid!



We send Canopus and Presance out first. One hits the gryphon and Presance manages to Stun the wizard. This is not a hard stage. Unlike this stage in chapter1, we're starting on the higher ground here, and I intend to exploit that for all its worth.


Yeah, I am going to be doing this a lot. I think I'll skip ahead till I find an interesting screenshot.


Presance took some damage here. I had him retreat a bit, and had Koopa move into where he was. This area makes a really good chokepoint, especially if most of your enemies can't fly.


Obanon the wizard takes some shots at Koopa and Partis with a lightning spell.


Koopa retreats, and Gannon goes toe-to-toe with a freshly healed Presance. If an elf kid can take out Gannon, how hard can it be?


Gannon decides he wants none of that, and goes after Partis behind him.


The combination of gryphon and Gannon is too much for Partis and he falls to the floor.


Forcas has enough of this chump and takes him out.


Gannon: I see...the Liberation Army won't be able to handle you...arghh!


03-14-2009, 01:04 PM
Eh figured I'd make one more update.


If anyone's noticed, I've leveled up Chocolat the Octopus a little bit. He's still horrible, but now he's slightly less horrible. Nutmeg's finally fulfilling her destiny as I've now changed her into a witch. The Charge spell I've equipped her with allows her to transfer her MP to another character. This will become more and more useful as characters level up and corresponding start with less and less MP.


Felnator: You are Corduroy of Griate! What a surprise! I thought you left Valeria. I know that Vice wants to kill you, but I have bills to pay, too. This will be the end of you!


In the last two shots Nutmeg cast Charge on both Presance and Waffles. Taking Nutmeg's current MP(which is probably 12 or 14) and changing it into 54 and 53 MP when transferred to Presance and Waffles respectively. I am sure this is violating some law of thermodynamics.


Partis casts AcidRain on a bunch of people. He can do that now since I gave him the spell.


Skipped a head a little. I've got a lot shots of enemies wailing on Partis, but nothing particular interesting. Koopa takes out a Valykirie.


It looks like I targeting Partis with a Stun spell, but since he's out cold, he won't be affected by it. It will affect the Ninja(I hope) and Siren to his right and left. The Knight won't be affected period, since he's the leader.


Its not immediately obvious, but I am trying to recruit this enemy witch. She has a HealRain spell, which isn't availible in stores at the current moment, but will allow Nutmeg to become a somewhat decent healer. Thats why I've dragged this out somewhat.


And Partis takes out the Knight via AcidRain. And yet he's usually so environmentally conscious.


Felnator: I can't believe it...defeated...by...a traitor...