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08-05-2007, 02:07 PM
Marathon: Durandal
Bungie | Mac/PC/Other | First-person shooter | 1995

Our first featured selection will be Bungie's sixth game, assuming you include their really early stuff like Gnop and Minotaur. Their second Marathon game. Their third FPS-style game. Whatever -- it just came out on Xbox Live Arcade for $10.

But if you're not into downloadable content, don't own a 360 or simply fear motion sickness, you can still participate by going to http://source.bungie.org and downloading Aleph One plus all the scenario and art data for the game. Or you can play the original Mac version. Or the PC version. Or the Pippin @mark version, if you're insane -- I don't care.

Discussion will be divided into three sections. The first will cover the chapters Lh'owon, Volunteers and Garrison; the second will cover Citadel and Durandal; the third will cover Blake, Simulacrums and S'pht'Kr. If you need maps, tips or terminal text refreshers, feel free to use the Marathon Spoiler Guide at http://marathon.bungie.org/spoiler/m2/index.shtml

This topic will be active through the end of next Sunday, August 12. So get killing. And remember the Vidmaster's oath: Punch every switch, never shoot when you can use grenades, and never leave a single BoB alive. (It's cool to play below Total Carnage, though.)

Durandal Part One: Lh'owon, Volunteers, Garrison
Durandal Part Two: Citadel, Durandal
Durandal Part Three: Blake, Simulacrums, S'pht'Kr

08-05-2007, 04:45 PM
Yikes, stuck on the first level. I can't figure out how to lower this green platform. Reminds of why I got stalled playing the first Marathon last winter. Ah well, i'll keep at it!