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01-11-2009, 12:33 PM
I decided to Let's Play this game because many people write it off due to its difficulty and rather primitive gameplay (although there is a so-called Easy Hack to help with the difficulty). Most people turn to this game after enjoying its SNES sequel called Earthbound in USA. The game can certainly be seen as a prototype in two ways. First, is that in many ways it feels like it is a prototype for its sequel. To some it seems that Mother 2 just took this game and upgraded it which turns off many people. Nevertheless, there are many worthwhile things to see in this game.

The other way it is a prototype has been documented many times over on the internet. Parish (http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=8067071&publicUserId=5655917) and Lost Levels (http://www.lostlevels.org/200407/200407-earthbound.shtml). In short, the game was basically translated, censored, and improved; however a domestic release never happened. Years later, a prototype of the translation was sold to a ROM dumper.

The text in this game is very bland due to its prototype nature (it probably would've stayed that way though since it had the ol' NES constraints). However the GBA version is actually being retranslated (http://tomato.fobby.net/2008/11/30/mother-12-translation/). I decided on this Let's Play before I knew about this, so I suppose I'll get to play it again later!

I prefer to call this game Mother. Not only does the title fit the game, but far too many people think the game is actually called Earthbound Zero, which title is just a fan creation to better distinguish it from its sequel. This NES game was also to be called Earth Bound.

The Mother series is inextricably connected with music, and half the enjoyment is lost if playing it silently. Prolific Japanese musician Keiichi Suzuki teamed up with Nintendo veteran Hip Tanaka to get some amazing music from the NES. If you know how to use nsf files (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NES_Sound_Format), here's the soundtrack to the game. This is the nsfe (http://www.samuraiman.com/~stuff/mother(modified).nsfe) file that I fixed up to have the music play in order, but if you're restricted to regular ol' nsf, here (http://www.samuraiman.com/~stuff/mother.nsf) it is. Otherwise, for those who care not to mess with nsf files, there are also mp3 conversions of the nsf files out there too.

(I also heartily recommend the 1989 vocal/arranged album (http://vgmdb.net/album/4478), but that's a whole different matter.)

(And, no, I'm not using the hacked Easy version.)

01-11-2009, 12:34 PM
Current music: ♪Introduction♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Introduction.mp3)


So let's begin!


I suppose I don't need help from you guys for this screen. So let's Start up!


Well? What is this boy's name? As you can see, we get a generous seven letters. He's named Ken in the supremely canonical Japanese novelization of the game, but he's Ninten to fans. In other materials, such as guides and instruction manuals he's just known as "I". Obviously there was never an American manual for the prototype, but he is the hero of this game.

Based on the available characters, I'm hoping for some names like :-. :-' :-O


What is this girl's name? Ana is the standard for her. She's the magic-user.


This other boy's name? American fans almost universally know him as Loid even though his Japanese name is clearly supposed to be Lloyd, but the collective fans of Mother aren't known for their intelligence. Perhaps the double-L looked too much like an alien's name because obviously Loid doesn't seem weird. Maybe I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume that most of the people who champion Loid do understand the pun on the Japanese word for coke-bottle glasses. Of course, we could always call him 'roid for his obvious steroid-influenced physique. He's the brainy, gadget guy. But enough talk about his name, let's talk about his name.


This last boy's name? Despite the question, I've never really thought of this sprite as looking like a mere boy, but his name is Teddy. He's the muscular bruiser.


What is your favorite food? The standard, of course, is BABIES. I'm confident, however, that we can break the mold of never-funny cliches. I've heard that the official answer is Prime rib. Perhaps Hamburgers. Who knows. Who cares. What do you want? We have a whopping 11 letters to work with.
Well? Let's get to work!

NEXT: A Lamp Draws Near

01-11-2009, 01:16 PM
Boy2: Roid
Boy3: Biff
Food: kittens

Octopus Prime
01-11-2009, 01:22 PM
Boy 1, Girl, Boy 2 and Boy 3

Food shall be Planets

For he is Boy 1: Devourer of Worlds.

Pajaro Pete
01-11-2009, 01:27 PM

01-11-2009, 02:16 PM
Boy3: Biff


Boy 1: Marty
Girl 1: Jennifer
Boy 2: Doc
Boy 3: Biff

01-11-2009, 02:32 PM
8 characters in a NES game? That's really generous.


Boy 1: Marty
Girl 1: Jennifer
Boy 2: Doc
Boy 3: Biff
Favourite food: manure

01-11-2009, 06:36 PM

Dynastic Bird
01-11-2009, 06:36 PM

Seconded; I miss the Pants thing. And I like Croquettes >_>...

01-11-2009, 08:22 PM

food: FOOD

01-11-2009, 08:41 PM

food: FOOD

Taishi Ci
01-11-2009, 08:52 PM
Doesn't the properly-working version of the game have the little "Zero" to the lower-right of the Earthbound text on the title screen?

Not that I think that is the right title, but I remember reading about a glitch of some kind in versions that didn't have it or something.

01-11-2009, 09:09 PM

Boy 1: Marty
Girl 1: Jennifer
Boy 2: Doc
Boy 3: Biff

I like this one a lot. ..and I hate the Pants thing.

01-11-2009, 10:11 PM

food: FOOD

I third (or however many other quotes it gets) this.

01-11-2009, 11:03 PM

Boy 1: Marty
Girl 1: Jennifer
Boy 2: Doc
Boy 3: Biff

This. I like food: FOOD too.

01-11-2009, 11:32 PM
If you're doing the Back to the Future names, the favorite food needs to be Pepsi.

01-12-2009, 12:51 AM
If you're doing the Back to the Future names, the favorite food needs to be Pepsi Free.

As long as they're giving us all that space.

01-12-2009, 05:42 AM
I like the Back to the Future theme, but then I know I'd just end up turning the whole Let's Play into Back to the Future, and that's a whole 'nother Let's Play (also the max is 7 letters, so Jennifer doesn't fit).

I do enjoy BAT, PAN, GUN, HIT but part of me wants to use longer names just since we can. I think I'm leaning towards the Mario names, but I'm open to opinion for another day or so until I get on with the game.

Doesn't the properly-working version of the game have the little "Zero" to the lower-right of the Earthbound text on the title screen?

Not that I think that is the right title, but I remember reading about a glitch of some kind in versions that didn't have it or something.

The emulation of this game has a wonky history with too many versions. Long story made short: the original was hacked because it messed up with with NESticle, the premier emulator of the day. These days emulators actually work, so the original dump can be used.

01-12-2009, 06:07 AM
(also the max is 7 letters, so Jennifer doesn't fit).

Jenifer? Jenn?

01-12-2009, 07:38 AM
I think Back to the Future names is a great idea.

01-12-2009, 07:45 AM
If you're doing the Back to the Future names, the favorite food needs to be Pepsi Free.

As long as they're giving us all that space.

01-12-2009, 06:05 PM
Back to the Future names.

01-12-2009, 06:20 PM
I think Back to the Future names is a great idea.

01-12-2009, 07:00 PM
Jenny is short enough and cute. ^_^ Confession: I've never seen the Back to the Future movies. x_x

01-14-2009, 02:10 PM

Is this OK?

Yes. Yes it is. I'm not really a fan of Pepsi, but I think this is why it's called role-playing. So we begin.


Oh no! We have to find some way to go back in time to stop George McFly from getting with this Maria girl. We gotta get him with Lorraine, otherwise Marty will never be born! Fortunately this is sometime in the 1980s Fortunate because time travel was finally realized in 1985. Unfortunately I don't think it's very widespread yet.
Oh. These aren't Marty's parents that the intro talks about. I guess that would make Marty pretty old.


Current music: ♪House♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/House.mp3)

The game begins with Marty sitting by his lamp. He must be playing the Gameboy that was just released. Just as he gets his longpiece to make a tetris, he realizes that he's been sitting on his legs wrong and needs to stop the tingling. Also his Pepsi Free ran out. I wonder if his mom has restocked the fridge. As he touches his doorknob,


Current music: ♪Poltergeist♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Poltergeist.mp3)

The lamp charges at Marty and attacks!


The very first attack of the game is a critical hit against me. These get a pretty font saying SMAAAASH!! and a nice green flash.


At this point the tactics for fighting are just hit and be hit. Luckily I was able to kill it anyway. Or rather make it not move anymore. For the record, I got a whole 1 Exp for destroy a lamp with a face.


The house begins shaking in wonderful NES earthquake-mode.

01-14-2009, 02:12 PM

Marty's dad is never home. So as the man of the house, I suppose Marty must help out his family. I'm not exactly sure where his parents sleep since he just came out of his own room, and now he has decided to save his two sisters in their separate rooms. Maybe this is the parents room, and the house's alarm system has gone cazy because Marty's sister was messing with their mom's lamp. So, of course, I destroy Marty's priceless family lamp heirloom.


All she can do is boo hoo at me. My sister is Droopy the dog. Perhaps I should go save my other sister now.


I will! It's no lamp this time, it's a floating baby doll!


Or is it a real baby? It's creepy and strong, but I prevail by getting some lucky evades. It was ten times as hard as the lamps, but it gave ten times the experience.




Killing the doll makes it teleport to the top of the dresser, but at least the house stopped shaking.


Marty's sister always wants him to play dolls with her. I'll do it this time for her since she just had such a fright. But never again! Marty does like music though.


Current music: ♪Melody 1 ~ Doll♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Melody%201%20~%20Doll.mp3)

A very short snippet of music plays. It feels very unfinished. Marty keeps the song in mind in case he wants to strum it out on his guitar later.


I don't know why my sister stole all the juice from the refrigerator, but I happily take some.


Just a few of course.


As I was saying, Marty's dad is never home. His parents probably don't have a room because mom probably just sleeps curled up next to the telephone. Marty's father also was a little too quick to call after the phenomenon ended and a little too quick to identify the cause, don't you think?


I don't think he means the adventure will be merely for a Basement Key. Dad also tells Marty to call him whenever he needs to SAVE. So I call him back.


Oh, wow, thanks. I take back everything bad I said about you.


I'll just move on.

01-14-2009, 02:13 PM

Damn. He wasn't lying. Well, my mom has stopped blocking the door ever since I picked up the telephone, so I'll see what's outside.


Current music: ♪Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You)♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%201%20~%20Pollyanna%20(I%20Believe%20in%20Yo u).mp3)

Ooh, a puppy.


I can what?


Even my dog is hitting on me! Bow wow yourself!


Marty check's Einstein's collar and finds a clock. Just 10 minutes ago it was synced up exactly to Marty's own watch, but now it's one minute behind. What could have happened?


Let's go into the basement!


Current music: ♪Underground♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cave.mp3)

It's kind of scary in here don't you think? At least there are no hostile lamps.


But there are rats!


Filthy-mouthed rats apparently. Dirty words lower Marty's fighting stats.


Lamps stop moving. Rats become quiet. This rat was too busy cursing at Marty to actually fight back.


Among the family portraits and other trash that this family has been keeping for years is GGF's Diary. I can only assume that this belongs to the Great Grandfather that knew PSI and is not a German Ground Fighter's Diary. Thanks a lot old man. Your clear words will guide me to victory. Marty found something much more important down here anyway. His first weapon: a plastic bat! It must be his toy from when he was 7 years old.

Well, Marty's dad said something about an adventure, but Marty's just confused by this diary. It doesn't say anything.


Minnie is charge of the house closet and will take items for you. I immediately give her the Diary and Basement Key since I don't have any use for them.


Marty is a jerk brother.


Before Marty takes off on his journey, his mom lets him rest to regain his strength. I don't think she understands what Pepsi actually is though. That silly older generation will never understand the Pepsi Generation.

After his Pepsi dinner, Marty sleeps in preparation for his journey. As he wakes up:

"Mom? Mom is that you?"
"You've been asleep for 9 hours."
"I had this horrible nightmare. Our house was shaking!"
"Well, you should be fine now after you learn some PSI."

NEXT: Welcome to Podunk

Pajaro Pete
01-21-2009, 11:48 PM
...well? We're waiting.

01-24-2009, 03:59 PM
Programming Note: Thanks to DeeMer's kindness, the Current Music will now have direct links to music. Also I will be back soon (insert various real reasons for absence that nobody cares about).

01-27-2009, 07:09 AM
Well, it's time to venture further in this world. Past my dog's house at least. Where Marty is going, I don't know. His dad, however, told him it was time for adventure. Luckily for Marty there's only one path leading out of his house.


This is either mischief on Marty's part, or I was right about him being the man of the house.


This is the first bridge past my house. I've seen nothing but a path so far, but at this point I realize I either need to drink some Orange Juice or go back home for some Pepsi Free. I decide to turn back for some free healin'. For healthy bodies soda is always better than juice.


Current music: ♪Battle 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%203.mp3)

As I turn back I meet a deranged hippie. His battle music is special and is reprised in later Mother games. After the Hippie became quiet and I get my Pepsi

Well, I hope you're not asking me to save her because, I'm just a mere boy. Oh. Well, I guess I can do that.


I finally am able to pass the bridge and see a frantic woman. It doesn't show in screenshots, but she's looking back and forth frantically. Like a frantic woman.


Well, I hope you're not asking me to save her because I'm just a mere boy.


Oh. Well, I guess I can do that.


Like its sequels, Mother's world map is no different than the cities. Everything connects with roads.


However, unlike Mother 2 and 3, enemies pop randomly like a standard NES game. There is no running into them. They run into you. These long roads make for many battles.


At least there are no random battles in the town borders. The towns in the Japanese Mother were named after holidays. Guess what Podunk's name is. That's right. Welcome to Mothersday.


For a place called Podunk, this town is pretty large. It has its own zoo for starters, and its land mass is large enough to include a suburban area to the north near the zoo that the police have some sort of martial jurisdiction over. Never fear though: we will see a bigger city or two.


Well, at least I can stop blaming my dad now.


Using my amazing PSI ability to speak with animals, I learn a great tip for exploring towns. We should adopt this door system in real life.


It won't open. What do you know? That noisy mouse was telling the truth. Let's explore the town and see what's going on. And then we can go see the mayor!

01-27-2009, 07:10 AM

I haven't actually! I suppose you're telling me something in RPG-logic though, huh?


Whoa. This is heavy.

They really seem obsessed with zombies in this town. I fear Marty has reached the town of Internet.


Perhaps I should not have answered yes.


(That's him running away. It's actually pretty fast.)


Well, at least she's not talking about zombies.


Well, at least, um. Hmm. Maybe these zombies are a real problem.


More animal bad news. Things just don't seem right. Poltergeists, the dead coming to life, animals going crazy.


Sounds like a wonderful place. Maybe one day my adventures will take me there, but I doubt it.


Wow, now I want to go even more. I wonder what he's like.


Ohhhhh, SNAP. I'll stick with my nearby home in that case. They probably don't even serve Pepsi here.


Podunk is home to a couple of Marty's old friends. Asthma is actually a status effect in this game, and there are enemies who give off exhaust that mess with Marty.

As for the bratty girl, I don't know if she's speaking metaphorically or literally. It's too bad for Marty that all his friends remember about him are his bad lungs and snotty nose.


No, but now I think I know where Pippi is. Now I can tell the mayor, and this whole nightmare will be over for Pippi's mom.


I suppose it's time to go see the mayor. (And hopefully we get a glimpse of the receptionist. Yowza!)


I don't know the Mayor of Podunk's name, but I'm sure Progress is his middle name.

01-27-2009, 07:11 AM

Current music: ♪Shop♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Shop.mp3)

My! She is gorgeous! I need this beauty secret of hers! Perhaps I should meet the mayor first.


Of course I don't want to do it! I was just sent to tell you about it, but you already knew where she was? Wow, what a mayor. I do love his selective hearing after I told him no.


Before I go to the graveyard, I want this bat. $500 for a wooden bat? Well, let's see what my dad has given me.


Ah well, time to bash some monsters for my dad to love me.

Current Music: ♪Battle 1♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%201.mp3)


This, by the way, is the cool little effect when you get into a battle. Nothing special, just a circle.


After a few battles I learn a new PSI power.


LifeUp α is like an injection of Pepsi Free straight into my veins.


This crow is one of the enemies that was changed for the US non-release. It used to have a cigarette.


I mentioned the SMAAAASH!! font earlier, but only captured the green flash. So here it is. Looks very similar to Earthbound's. Anyway, after a bunch of killing, I go home to get some Pepsi and call my daddio.


I reached level 5 and have enough for the bat. Now it's time for some Pippi rescuing.


Well, blame your damned mayor.


As I get to the edge of town, it gets dangerous to talk to everyone.


If you're keeping track of death notices, Zombies return to dust.


Current Music: ♪Cemetery♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cemetery.mp3)

You can tell the cemetery is coming because even the trees around it have started to die. And that's how it works.

01-27-2009, 07:13 AM

This was another changed sprite. You see that tie? There used to be some gunshot wounds there.


I'm pretty sure these angel wings or whatever were also crosses, but this building is obviously a church. I hope Pippi is cowering inside.


Ugh. That's no girl.


So, what you're trying to say is that diplomacy has failed? Let's get SMAAAASH!ing.


Now it's time to wander around the graveyard. That little open crypt looks promising. The thing to remember about Mother dungeons is that the map designers made as much use of the map space as possible. There is never a direct route. The zigzag forces many random battles. The path to this is blocked by all sorts of trees and gravestones.


In all that time while you were reading that last little paragraph, I made it to the destination.

And this is the end of the line. Where is Pippi anyway?

Now let's jump in I guess!


Current music: ♪Underground♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cave.mp3)

Damn, where's that kid?


Damn damn.

Well, I guess I'll just do the creepiest thing possible.


That wasn't helpful.


Please tell me you're the lost Pippi.


Great. Now please tell me how you ended up in the casket.


I answer her questions with modesty and charm, and she gives me the great recurring gift of the Mother series. The Franklin Badge.


Pippi forgets where she is for a moment in her excitement to hurry home. She makes it to the door, but can't go further.


Pippi joined the party! But, wait, I don't remember naming her! I hope she stays.


Current Music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%202%20~%20Bein'%20Friends.mp3)

I finally make it out of the Cemetery and new world music greets me. Since I have a friend, it plays me the other great overworld music in the game which is appropriately named Bein' Friends. Leaving the graveyard has netted Pippi 3 levels in a short period of time. And now we can return her.


NEXT: The Baby of Singing Laura

01-27-2009, 07:22 AM
The worst part of any RPG is when you have to start with only one character.

01-27-2009, 09:47 AM
"Shop"? That, sir, is Humoresque of a Little Dog, one of the finest pieces of music to grace a video game since Pitfall 2 introduced the idea of background music in the first place. Show some respect, and remember: soulful cry!

01-27-2009, 10:28 AM
I swear by my collection of Mother CDs that I have nothing but respect for the work of Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka (and Akio Ohmori and Ritsuo Kamimura. And let's not forget Shogo Sakai I suppose).

These song titles are purely based on the names that some random hacker gave to the nsfe file that I provided. If someone had the nsf file and was looking for the song, the person would be lost.

01-27-2009, 10:32 AM

I like how he reacts to this. "There's no cure for zombies!" Well no shit.

Then again, has anyone ever tried to cure zombification before? Maybe there is one out there, waiting.

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 06:48 PM
Salt. Salt is the cure for Zombieism.

01-28-2009, 01:02 AM
A "cure" for zombies would be returning them to regular corpses, right? So a shotgun, chainsaw hand, or in Ninten's case a plastic baseball bat is about the best cure you can get. And remember: soulful cry!

Octopus Prime
01-28-2009, 04:25 AM
Oh, you've got some red on you.

01-28-2009, 09:29 AM
I knew this game was like EarthBound but I didn't realize it was exactly like EarthBound!

01-28-2009, 08:19 PM
I knew this game was like EarthBound but I didn't realize it was exactly like EarthBound!

I'm pretty sure that Itoi himself admitted that it was more of a remake than a sequel, because the first game didn't come out quite the way that he'd wanted it to.

01-28-2009, 08:29 PM
From what I understand (and will eventually see, thanks to this LP), the most important part of the story -- the whole deal with Giygas -- is distinct, and leads into his role in EarthBound.

01-30-2009, 05:52 PM

Filthy-mouthed rats apparently. Dirty words lower Marty's fighting stats.

Nobody calls him a chicken.

02-01-2009, 09:45 AM
I knew this game was like EarthBound but I didn't realize it was exactly like EarthBound!

I'm pretty sure that Itoi himself admitted that it was more of a remake than a sequel, because the first game didn't come out quite the way that he'd wanted it to.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to do the LP. As I said in the introduction, I wanted to show off the parts of the later game that people may not have seen due to being turned off by its similar nature to Earthbound.

Nobody calls him a chicken.

Ah, good show! I missed an opportunity there.

02-01-2009, 03:01 PM

Well that's just great. Marty returns to the mayor to show off his new girlfriend. Knowing this ass of a mayor, I'm inclined to believe he actually said "applause, applause" rather than this being a transcription of a sound effect. Yes, believe me: he's an ass.


See? I am just an extension of the mayor. Nay, an employee. By paying me one hundred dollars, he has ensured that any good deeds I did, am doing, or will do are attributed to him as purely work-for-hire.


No. Absolutely not. No. I didn't even want to go into the cemetery, but I did. For you. I was attacked by zombies posing as villagers. For you. I was bitten by zombies. For you. I'm probably a zombie now. If I don't get some Pepsi in three minutes I will become a zombie. I delved into a crypt. For you. I pried up coffin lids revealing dangerous zombies and mutilated corpses. For you. The smell was horrendous. I got stuck with this ugly red-headed girl. For you. All she has done is cling to me the whole way back here. I was literally dragging her along. And then she keeps giggling every time I LifeUp α her. I did all this. For you. I can still smell the dead. So no. No, I will not go to Podunk's Zoo. For you.


You ass.


Oh, God. Please don't tell me you love me.


You mean it isn't styled already?


Marty. Ladykiller.


Thank you, Abbott. Well, maybe that gorgeous receptionist will finally tell me that secret now that I've finished here.




Current music: ♪Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You)♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%201%20~%20Pollyanna%20(I%20Believe%20in%20Yo u).mp3)

Now that I am all alone, Pollyanna plays on the jukebox of my heart again.

02-01-2009, 03:02 PM
Instead of following the mayor's wishes, Marty decides to see if he can just leave Podunk and venture out into the world. Y'see, he had just been to the zoo last summer.


Curses! A stop to my plan at the first bridge out of town.


Just as officers of the law should be, this one is nice and helpful. I don't have any qualms about going near the zoo after all.


The mayor is smarter than I thought. You know, I like these cops, even if they don't stand up to their mayor enough. I even think that jolly Mr. Cop here was making a little directional pun.

Well, I suppose I'll go back to town and see about this "Zoo case." I guess it's this whole thing about animals going crazy.


One of the stores in the town department store is a pet store. That's kind of like a zoo, right? Maybe I can finish my adventure there.


The shop assistant chimes in with the collective town about the animals acting strange. The animals have even left the store.


You want eighty-five dollars for it? Unless this is some scheme in which I can sell it back to you for a lot more when it grows up and becomes a Canary, I don't want it.


Ah, so that's what they mean by "free as a bird". Well, I guess it's time to check out the zoo problem.


Before I head over to the Podunk Zoo, I stop by to see my mom for some home-cooked Pepsi-Free. On the way there, Pippi is hanging out with her mother. I'm not sure what adventures she's heard of because the only one so far has included her. Maybe she heard about my attempted escape over the Podunk Bridge.

02-01-2009, 03:03 PM

On the way to the zoo, I pass by the Canary Village Wildlife Refuge. There are two important reasons for me to stop by here before I get to the zoo. The first is that, after buying the Canary Chick, one of the townswomen asked if the chick was from the Canary Village. I told her no. Since, of course, it was from the pet shop. She told me, "The chicks at the Canary Village have lovely voices". I then told her not to call girls "chicks".

But the most important reason was because of that girl who told me the guy who works there is her idol. Here's a preview of the amazing man.


Amazing. I'm in love. Oh well, I also heard admission was free.


The canaries that are walking around all say "......" to me. And I thought I could talk to animals! Hmph.


Talking to the idol of the village with possession of the chick leads to interesting conversation.

Telling him that I will not return it leads to one of my favorite lines of the game.




If you agree to return it, he just wonders where Laura wandered. (Like most of this game, none of this conversation matters. You can just return it without discussion.)



Hmm, this pillar seems discolored, and it looks like there is a canary back there.




Hmm, good to know. I think I gots something for ya.


Current music: ♪Melody 2 ~ Canary♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Melody%202%20~%20Canary.mp3)

Singing Laura really does sing, and Marty has yet another tune to remember.


I hope so because otherwise I'm memorizing random snippets of music for no reason.


As I leave the Canary Village, I find that the canaries are all singing. No more ellipses for these birds.


NEXT: The Monkey Stole the Zoo Key.

02-01-2009, 04:09 PM

See? I am just an extension of the mayor. Nay, an employee. By paying me one hundred dollars, he has ensured that any good deeds I did, am doing, or will do are attributed to him as purely work-for-hire.

No, see, he's just planning ahead as a politician. The election season's just around the corner, after all.


Dynastic Bird
02-01-2009, 05:47 PM
Hmm, this pillar seems discolored, and it looks like there is a canary back there.




Well, that must have driven some kids nuts.

Pajaro Pete
02-01-2009, 09:00 PM
Nah, kids in that era were probably used to that sorta thing.

02-01-2009, 10:39 PM
I think I would kind of resent additional party members for changing the overworld theme away from "Pollyanna."

02-06-2009, 12:37 PM

We have heard a singing canary. Now it's time to do the mayor's dirty work.


No wonder all the animals escaped. They've been using a monkey as a guard! Well. Let's get in the zoo and see what the problem is. At least, this means I get a free trip to the zoo.


Oh boy, do I hate monkeys. Now I'll never be able to get into this zoo, and I'll never be able to get past Podunk's bridge, and I'll never be able to... Wait. I can't remember why I want to leave Podunk. I don't even know where I'm going! First things first. Figure out a new way into the zoo.


Oh. So I didn't even need the key?

Current music: ♪Underground♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cave.mp3)


The enemies suddenly become very hard. Actually I was seeing these enemies before I even entered the zoo when I was merely in its vicinity. I guess the mayor was right to close this place up: these guys hit hard. This zoo must have had a lot of money because I think I fought at least four tigers, seven alligators, and three elephants. I'm sure there were more. Tigers, elephants, alligators, gorillas...


...and flies!


Don't worry, animal-lovers! See? I'm not killing them.

Walking through the zoo is a chore since I have to go in a zigzag pattern to get to the end. What's at the end? Who knows, but I wish the disturbance was caused by something at the entrance of the zoo.


Walking through the zoo, Marty sees that some of the less violent animals have stayed quietly in their pens. Here are some cute little rabbits. I'm not quite sure why they haven't been eaten by these out-of-control tigers.


This animal pen presumably belonged to a more violent species.


Perhaps this alligator that killed me used to live there. They ganged up on me in a pair of two. I was hoping to last a little longer until my first death, but oh well. I suppose I'm not hardcore enough.


Fortunately, spotlights can talk to Marty, so this is not the literal end of the world.


The penalty for death is losing half the money in your pocket and warping back to the last phone you saved at.


You keep your EXP and game progress, though you are revived with 0 PP. So after a quick stop for some Pepsi Free, Marty ventures back to the zoo.

02-06-2009, 12:38 PM

More cute and supposedly non-violent animals. I bet those monkeys are laughing at me though.


This is the last cage that actually includes animals. The other animals were moving around. These flamingos are standing still. The zoo has less money than I thought because these are clearly lawn ornaments.


Singing Monkey? I bet this is that EEK EEKer! Unfortunately the cage is empty.


At the end of this hedge maze of a zoo lies the zoo office. Let's enter!


Current music: ♪Alert♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Alert.mp3)

The ominous music perhaps predicts that I found the correct place. The building is a few stories of rooms like this. In each door is an office that may or may not have a present for me. Things like ropes and antidotes!


Marty makes it to the top floor and chooses door number one.


That doesn't look like a Zoo Superintendent's tool.


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

Whoa, this is heavy!


Starman Jr. can be a tough battle depending on luck. If he continuously uses PK Beam α, there is a good chance he will win. It was doing about 25-30 damage to Marty. He also uses PK Beam γ which is an instant-kill spell. However, the Franklin Badge repels the spell 100% of the time and even has a miniscule chance to kill him.


PK DefenseUp α helps out for his non-beam attacks.


After a few rounds of bashing, Marty wins. For those keeping score of the death notices at home, "Starman Jr was beaten".


Defeating the enemy causes the capsule to run away.

02-06-2009, 12:39 PM

Current music: ♪House♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/House.mp3)

Does that mean I'm done here? I think so!


Outside in the zoo there are no more deadly animals, but it seems this monkey has returned to his cage.


Current music: ♪Melody 3 ~ Monkey♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Melody%203%20~%20Monkey.mp3)

He does not return the key (which I'm fine with because I need the inventory space!), but he's sings a little melody for me. Now let's go laugh at the mayor that a child did his job.


Oooh, a "hero"? Well, I hope I at least get a reward!


You know what? I'm never talking to this guy again. He's simply a jerk. Maybe that gorgeous receptionist will finally tell me something.


I... see. Interesting. Tell me. How do you know she'll help me specifically? Well, it's time to cross that bridge!


So that's our third melody, and we haven't even left Podunk. Or know what they're for!

NEXT: Here in Magicant It's Just Like the World Outside.

02-07-2009, 10:46 AM
I don't think I ever got he canary song or the monkey song, but that is because I got tired of being beaten down by alligators and gorillas all the time. I never could get into grinding. This is going to be awesome, please don't back out half-way!

02-07-2009, 03:48 PM
Take a mel-o-dy
Simple as can be
Add in some words and...


(...and remember: soulful cry!)

02-15-2009, 11:56 AM
Marty's father would be proud. Marty is finally leaving Podunk. I would tell him all about it on the phone next time I call, but he only ever talks about finances and making sure I'm sleeping enough. Unfortunately the southern bridge to Merrysville is still blocked off, so I have to take the long way around.


This guy secretly hates his job.


Why do people know so much about me? Must a boy who survived the living dead and attacks of violent animals be telepathic?


You know what? I wonder what this guy really thinks of me.


Oh yeah. Marty is so super-talented!


Oh. So you block off the actual road to Merrysville and just direct the general populace to a strange cave?


Past the bridge is... a cave! Who would have guessed?


Current music: ♪Mystery♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Mystery.mp3)

In the cave is... a strange rock-like thing. Let's touch it! It should be safe since the officers of the law are letting a child wander near it, right?


In Marty's mind? Good thing the cop just reminded me about his telepathic powers. I'd probably have forgotten about that spell.


Oh, I know this! I read it in a diary. It's the forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos.

Hello? Mr. Pink Rock? I answered. What? You want me to use the book to prove it to you? But I took that out of my extremely limited inventory!

Well, back to my sister.


Give that back.


On the way back to the cave, I meet an interesting enemy that isn't an animal or humanoid. Marty destroys it. Okay, back to the rock.


I guess it just wanted me to actually read it a bedtime story.


The world turns pink.


This is heavy.

02-15-2009, 11:57 AM

Current music: ♪Magicant♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Magicant.mp3)

When the hell are we?

Marty arrives in a land where the land looks like lovely pink clouds. And... is that a swimming cat?


Oh, okay.


I'll take that as a compliment. Even though I would like some candy.

I suppose the only thing to do is search for a way out of here.


Well, I can't use that pillar to leave here. At least not telepathically. Guess it's time to meet the residents of this fine place.


You know what, you little--


Oh. Well, thank you, this place is quite odd, and I apologize for nearly losing my temper.


Okay, so there's a queen. Maybe she can help me out of here.


So this place is called Magicant? Okay. Queen Mary and Magicant. Thanks for the information. Sorry about your dream though, dude.


I think these two people have played a few too many Zelda games.


What's with this fountain? I suppose I should visit! I do indeed like benevolence.


Soulful cry. Got it.


Yes, yes, soulful cry!

02-15-2009, 11:59 AM

That actually sounds pretty awesome.


That sounds less cool. But Marty lets him have it anyway.


After giving the man his cash card, Marty talks to him again immediately.


He just wanted to touch it, I suppose. I bet this world has probably not seen many cash cards.


Oh cool, I love magic tricks. What's your trick?


Oh, a phone. Or perhaps my dad. you even said "slam" just like he does at the end of every conversation I have with him.


Oh good. I hope I won't need this book again.


Has that been the problem the whole time? Oh man, I wish I could change clothes, but someone told me this cowboy outfit would fit in with the people here.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll put my shirt back on!


Oh! Yes! Yes, I am! You know the way home?


I see.


It's always the fountain with you people.


It's always the fountain with you people! I want to leave Magicant, not go to its fountain.


I mean I want to go home! Or at least to Merrysville...



02-15-2009, 12:00 PM

Would you say that he is your idol?


But then my lamp would keep attacking me.


What? Oh, I get it. Because I'm telepathic. Sure, why not?


For fixing the spoon, the resident of this home extends his kindness.


Wow, this person really dislikes the word "no".


He also gets a bit too excited if Marty agrees.


Ocarinas? Hahaha, who needs that? I can travel back to the future without silly gimmicks like that!


Well. I guess.


The ocarina lets you hear all the melodies that you have remembered in one continuous tune. It then goes straight to Marty's closet at home.


That's because the guy who makes them gives them away to anyone who doesn't want one.


Yum, just like mom distills it! Magicant is the land of free healing actually. The first that we found was the Broken Spoon House (that's actually a good name for a tavern). This is the second.


The free doctor is the third.


You mean because you have a corny jingle just like businesses in the world outside?


The armor system in Mother consists of being able to wear a coin, a ring, and a pendant. It is a very basic system, and Magicant is the only place in the game that you can buy this armor. Some would probably refer to this system as broken because the only thing stopping me from buying the best armor in the game at this very moment is money. Marty is currently unable to buy anything though since he has not wandered across a Magicant branch of his bank.

NEXT: I Wish I Could Hear the Queen Sing Again.

Red Hedgehog
02-15-2009, 06:30 PM
This is about where I got with Mother (might have completed the Queen quest) when I stopped. The game froze up and I didn't have a saved game or save state for quite awhile so I got discouraged and never came back.

02-17-2009, 02:08 PM
I know we're just beginning, but I'm curious as to the length of Mother.

02-19-2009, 12:45 PM
The length of game is hard to say. I guess I'm about 25% through. There is a lot of dialogue and other stuff in this game that is completely unnecessary to the game as a whole. The game can go by really quickly if you know what to do, but I'm talking to everyone and all that jazz for everyone's amusement, so it takes quite a bit longer.

The main bulk of play time, of course, is the menu-based battle system that I sort of gloss over due to the strategies being extremely simple at this point in time.

02-20-2009, 12:37 PM
Outside of the central town of Magicant is the queen's castle and other outlying territories. The road leads to the castle.


Well, okay! I'm ready for it!


Actually that's all he says. That must be the riddle. Maybe I'll figure something out later. For now, I will explore the countryside.


Marty takes some red weed to try out the rumor about throwing it in the fountain.


In the woods to the west of the town, Marty accosts a monkey. It turns out not to be the key thief though.


Maybe all humans look alike to monkeys.


Someone told me that the inhabitants of Magicant talk about the weirdest things. But, I don't remember who.


Okay, that other cat was swimming in the water, but is this one swimming on the ground?


You mean, you won't tell me? Maybe I can force it out of you!


Oh, telepathy lets me read minds, of course! Maybe I can use that to get into the castle! Now I get it! The problem is that Mother is not like Golden Sun, in which telepathy works on every single thing. 90% of the time it does absolutely nothing in this game; however, most of its uses are bunched up in this section (perhaps appropriately due to this area's otherworldly nature).

Still in the woods, Marty enters a house.


This must be that totally awesome guitar-playing hermit I heard about.


I'm ready for it. Lay it on me.


I really hope that's not the secret. This is like the city hall's receptionist all over again!

Northwards is the famous fountain.


You know, walking advertisements would probably work better before I already get to the place.


Holes? Another world? I like the sound of that.


Free healing number four.


Free medicine also!

02-20-2009, 12:38 PM
There's something else about this fountain, right? Oh yes! I remember. Soulful cry!


Soulful cry!

Let's talk to him.


Ooh, he is benevolent! He's the teller of my bank. Those tellers are always nice. Now I have some money and buy the best armor in the game worth 28 defense. This is awesome because it more than doubled Marty's defense which was at 18.


North of the castle and east of the fountain is this unassuming house.


I'm pretty sure these men have beaks.


The Flying Man joins my party.


The other guys can't wait to join me. They should all just join me now at the same time!


Current music: ♪Battle 1♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%201.mp3)

Now that I have this computer-controlled companion, it's time to take out some enemies. The Flying Man is a nice little cannon-fodder tool.

Magicant isn't all about free healing. There are also a couple tough enemies mixed in with some easy ones. The BigWoodoh is particularly strong. His attacks can dehydrate Marty causing a big loss in both in offense and defense and he can confuse you.


The biggest trouble is this. When he is destroyed, he bursts into flames. This is before rolling HP meters existed, so this flame stings.


Killing Groucho yields only a few experience points, but it's nicer to not attack such a nice-looking face, right?


Oh, sure. Like he needed it.


It's time to attempt this riddle now. Soulful cry!


Having read the guard's mind, Marty is now able to pass through.


Pretty castle.

02-20-2009, 12:39 PM

Current music: ♪Queen Mary's Castle ~ Wisdom of the World♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Queen%20Mary's%20Castle%20~%20Wisdom%20of%20the%20 World.mp3)

It's even better looking on the inside. With a pretty song in addition!


Oh no! Is our dear queen a mute?


Oh, I see. But one question. What kind of way to scold a child is that? "Stop whining, you miserable little brat! I'm scared!"


I heard the story already from that other guy. You guys either really love your queen or really love gossip.


You know my name? You are a great queen.


I'm really happy you said that because I saw a nice little treasure room behind the throne room...


8 notes? Lady, I know you're stretching the truth a little. I've heard three of these "notes" already; and, in those three melodies, there are already like 15 notes. I understand, I understand. You thought I'd say no, huh? Don't you worry. I love music. I'm gonna play this song with The Pinheads when I get back home.


You mean like a gig? Awesome! Totally!


The chancellor is as sweet as the queen.


Everyone loves Marty? This place is full of happiness, huh? If I ever get that hook thingy, I'll come back one day!


One of the treasure rooms in the castle, but here you can only choose one present.


After one, they all become empty! I got a FightCapsule which raised my stats. I could've gotten something stupid like a Rope if I had chosen a different box. There's more minor treasure, but I will wait until I return with more inventory space.


It's time to find the exit to Magicant. These are the holes I heard about. Time to walk over every single one until I find the correct one.


(It's this hole, by the way.)

02-20-2009, 12:40 PM

Current music: ♪Cave♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cave.mp3)

Marty descends a ladder into a room with two holes. This is what the cave looks like for a while: the ladder you came down and two holes to choose from.


Sometimes the path that is chosen ends like this. So Marty just scurries back up the ladder and chooses a different hole. Sometimes you are lucky enough that the dead-end you chose has a present of a Herb.


Choosing the right combination of right and left holes eventually leads to the lower level of the cave. The layout of this cave is pretty straightforward, but in the Japanese original it was brutally annoying.


Sometimes you run into easy enemies. But Marty's beaked friend has taken a beating this whole time and finally dies. It is a sad day, and I will visit his grave next time I am in Magicant.


Marty fights through tears as he realizes he must kill this cloud-man without his friend.


Along the way, Marty runs into a sleeping dragon. For some reason, he decides to walk up to it. Luckily for Marty, he is too weak for the dragon to even care.


This hole holds a nice little present box. But guarding it is...


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

The Fish!

The Fish is a fairly strong enemy who can attack twice in one turn with high offensive power. But a simple DefenseUp α combined with my new armor turns him extremely weak. I could also use Def.Down α on him to destroy him faster, but really there's no point when he's only doing 1 HP damage with every hit.


With that strategy, the Fish is easily beaten.


Marty ventures down the hole where his reward is the Onyx Hook! Now I can just use this anywhere to teleport straight on over to Magicant. This is useful because it's the only place to buy armor!


This present contains a nice bladed weapon that Marty is unable to use. He only goes for blunt objects. There is no need to waste inventory space on it now.

02-20-2009, 12:41 PM

At the end of the cave, Marty sees a man in front of a door.


I'd love to. Except you're blocking what looks to be the only way out of here. So Marty talks to him again.


Well, that's good that you don't exist because you're in my way. Since you don't exist I should be able to go through you, yes? So Marty talks to him again.


But, but, but, then how were you born? So Marty talks to him again.


I don't know what to say. So Marty talks to him again.


Thus begins a series of questions that you must answer correctly or you have to start at the beginning of the conversation again. If you tell him "yes" here, he calls your bluff and calls your response garbage.


If you say "no" to him, he reminds you that the very first thing he said to you is to ignore him.


Ignore your problems, and they will disappear.

Marty enters the exit not knowing where he will be.


Current music: ♪Mystery♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Mystery.mp3)

Marty ends up in another cave. It looks similar to the previous pink rock cave, but it is shaped differently. Perhaps this is not Podunk.


Current music: ♪Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You)♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%201%20~%20Pollyanna%20(I%20Believe%20in%20Yo u).mp3)

This cliff face does not look familiar. Neither does that industrial looking building to the west that Marty cannot access due to the cliff face. Time to discover our location.


NEXT: You Want to Be My Friend?

02-21-2009, 08:10 AM
This game is of the same series, and written by the same man, as Earthbound and Mother 3, where every word is carefully chosen and intentional. What does the Forgotten Man really mean?

Also, that fish was always one of the hardest fights in the game for me. I guess I must've been doing it wrong this whole tie.

02-21-2009, 02:40 PM
That's why I wanted to do this LP, for people who like Itoi's stories for Mother 2 and 3 and might be able to get something out of this game (and perhaps start discussion?) without having to trudge through the less fun aspects of the game.

I tend to think that he might be some sort of metaphor about the existence of Magicant itself since he appears as we try to leave it.

As for the Fish, yeah, stat spells work wonders in this game. A simple DefenseUp turns his attacks from taking 30HP per turn down to 2HP per turn. This is amazing considering HP is in the 80s at the time. I used these stat boost spells a lot in Mother 3 also, but I don't remember ever using them in Earthbound. But I was a stupid kid when I played Earthbound and never used stat boosting spells in any RPG.

02-27-2009, 08:43 AM
Yeah, buffs will save your bacon in Mother and Mother 3... not so much in Earthbound. But I don't remember debuffing enemies being very useful in Mother, but it becomes a lot more useful in Earthbound and Mother 3.

I guess Mother 3 gives you the best of all possible worlds if you're a strategy kind of fighter.

(And remember: soulful cry!)

03-03-2009, 02:49 PM

After winding his way down the cliff, Marty remembers to check his map to find out just where he has appeared after exiting Magicant.


Marty isn't sure how he got to Merrsyville from Magicant, but it's probably just because he's not thinking fourth dimensionally. This place is where the bridge that the cops were blocking leads to. You may remember that the town names in the Japanese version were named after holidays. Merrysville was originally Thanksgiving.


The first thing that Marty runs into in Merrysville is a school.


Current music: ♪Twinkle Elementary School♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Twinkle%20Elementary%20School.mp3)

This school is a fairly large building compared to other buildings in the world of Mother.


In one of the rooms, Marty is able to use the school nurse. She'll fix up your HP, but I'm not sure they have many psychics in this part of the world, so Marty's PP remains unfilled.


The teachers monitoring the hall spout out the rules of the school. This teacher says this same thing in the Japanese version even though the run button was not added until the localization!


Marty somehow manages to sneak his wooden bat past the teacher. Anyway bats are playthings not weapons, right? This encounter does remind me that I should check the local store to see if there is a stronger-than-wood bat.


Marty is not allowed in this room. Perhaps one day is dream will be fulfilled and he will be able to enter... this room.


Marty begins entering classrooms and interrogating various unattended children.


Well, let's see. I went back to the future and played... hmm, wait, I guess that would be... Galaxy? World is 4, Mario 64 is 5, Sunshine is 6, New Super Mario Bros. doesn't count because it's a bad game. So yes, Super Mario Galaxy! I have played Mario 7!


I did enter what looked to be a science lab, but there was nobody in it.


No you! I mean, come on, there's not even a teacher in here!


But can any first grader carry over in subtraction?

03-03-2009, 02:50 PM

Marty continues exploring the interesting classrooms of the elementary school. This little girl wants to hang out on the school roof. Most likely she wants to smoke.


He's probably trying to find where he hid the time machine for me when he was in the past!


Why thank you very much, Miss Merrysville.


Wow, Suzy. Wow. Well, at least Marty has Pippi for now.


Why is every kid obssessed with the roof?


Well, I was hoping we could play two-player Tetris. You have a link cable?


Strawberry Tofu is, in fact, an item I will come across later.


Uh, have your people call my people.


You're a cute little blonde girl.


I love how this game uses the gameplay mechanism of pressing a button to advance a conversation as a comedic timing device.


I suuppose she is attempting to sing, but she's not good enough for me to want to remember the melody for the Queen.


This actually cause Marty to get a cold, which is the equivalent of poison. Dirty, dirty children.


On the second floor a couple bullies are hanging out in the hall. But at least one child believes in Doc, unless this is his way of saying, "Haha, what a dork!"


I guess those children were right about the roof being locked.

03-03-2009, 02:51 PM

The only door Marty has not entered was the one that he was not allowed to enter, but now it is open for us to meet the janitor.


The janitor then goes off on an immense rant about his life. Throughout, he asks questions of Marty, and Marty must answer correctly or start from the beginning. It's like the Forgotten Man except much more amusing.


After letting him use Marty to blow off steam, the janitor agrees to open the roof. For your enjoyment, here are the janitor's reactions to the incorrect answers.


And the best response from the janitor:


Anyway, back to the real timeline in which Marty perfectly made friends with the janitor, who leads Marty to the roof.


Have I got stories to tell you about the current Miss Merrysville!

Oh, thank you.


The roof!


The view!


The trashcan?


Yes, trashcan, I wish to see if you have any Hamburgers (or perhaps Pepsi Free) in there.


It appears Doc's bullies chased him to the roof, and he hid in the trashcan not knowing the door had been locked behind him.


That's all he says. It appears we have to buy Doc's friendship. The factory is the building that Marty saw down the cliff as he left the mysterious cave. But really Marty has seen no reason to help Doc except out of kindness, so I'll explore the town of Merrysville a little.


Before he leaves, Marty checks out more of the scenery.

NEXT: They've Started Building Huge Rockets.

03-03-2009, 06:50 PM
New Super Mario Bros. doesn't count because it's a bad game.

You take that back!

Mr. Sensible
03-03-2009, 08:02 PM
NSMB is decent enough, but I don't consider it a "main line" game. It's more of a pseudo-remake of the 2D Mario games. I couldn't call it "Mario 7" with a clear conscience, anyway.

Pajaro Pete
03-03-2009, 09:24 PM
This is quite possibly the most aggressively beige game I've ever seen.

03-03-2009, 10:50 PM
NSMB is decent enough, but I don't consider it a "main line" game. It's more of a pseudo-remake of the 2D Mario games. I couldn't call it "Mario 7" with a clear conscience, anyway.

I'm with you on that. I think the two big flaws with NSMB is the map (you can't just play straight through world 1-8, WTF) and the fact that the new power ups are kind of "meh." I get what they were trying to do with the shell, but I don't think I should dread getting a power up! It's worse than the frog suit on dry land.

Oh, and nice smoking volcano. No way that'll be important later.

03-16-2009, 12:40 PM
Did Itoi do the character and monster design as well? Many of the enemies in this game are just terrible looking or bizarre (I'm thinking the baby's head with the body on top of it, the eyes, and noses, the fish as a boss). I'm tryng to wrap my head around what they're doing there. The design seems eerily disturbing at times.

I concur on biege complaint as well, I also wanted to comment on the psuedo 3d designs in the game as well, instead of doing a straight up top down view that was the standard in 8-bit RPGs (was Mother the first to do so?)

What has Itoi done besides Mother? Isn't he an author? Before I made statements about what the forgotten man means I'd like to take a deeper look at his work I don't think the writing in the game is enough to make any kind of declarative statements about meaning...

03-18-2009, 12:35 PM
Did Itoi do the character and monster design as well? Many of the enemies in this game are just terrible looking or bizarre (I'm thinking the baby's head with the body on top of it, the eyes, and noses, the fish as a boss). I'm tryng to wrap my head around what they're doing there. The design seems eerily disturbing at times.

The credits for Mother can be found here (http://starmen.net/credits/nes.php). Itoi is credited with Direction and Game Design. Though he didn't personally do the character designs, I'm sure he had more than enough input.

What has Itoi done besides Mother? Isn't he an author? Before I made statements about what the forgotten man means I'd like to take a deeper look at his work I don't think the writing in the game is enough to make any kind of declarative statements about meaning...

Itoi's other work is wholly inaccessible for people who cannot read Japanese, but yes he's an author. He's most known for his essays, interviews, and copy writing. His work as a copywriter include writing one-line slogans for numerous products including Miyazaki movies (and I assume he's responsible for the slogans for the Mother games). He even made his own album (http://www.amazon.com/Penguinism-Shigesato-Itoi/dp/B000G1T3DI).

Mother is certainly rougher than Mother 2 and 3. Nevertheless, I think the writing in the games are enough to make declarative statements since he's pretty notorious about making sure the words he uses perfectly represent what he wants to say. And, although the translation is dry, it's fairly faithful to the original.

Anyway, guys, sorry for the delay in updates, but I'm mired in work. I will come back as soon as possible. Don't worry, I will never quit.

03-19-2009, 12:08 PM
He's a nationally famous copywriter?! This is how you know that Japanese culture is vastly different from American Culture. Can you name one Copywriter? Let alone one who has become famous?

I'm surprised a devout Mother fan hasn't translated any of his works into english... Wait I haven't actually checked so, for all I know someone has.

I understand work getting in the way of fun. Excited to see more.

03-19-2009, 12:13 PM
This (http://www.1101.com/index.html) is Itoi's site if you want to run it through google translate or something.

03-19-2009, 02:35 PM
Don't worry, I will never quit.

Just like your mom!

04-01-2009, 11:16 AM
Just like your mom!

Just like your Earthbound-- uh, I mean, like your Mother Too!

04-01-2009, 11:17 AM
Having just saved the dork named Doc from a trash can, Marty decides to explore the town. I mean, really, he wants me to go get a bottle rocket for him? I'm sure I can move on without him.

So it's time to explore Merrysville and chat with its merry residents.

Current music: ♪Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You)♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%201%20~%20Pollyanna%20(I%20Believe%20in%20Yo u).mp3)


Hooray, now I can cross that bridge that I don't need to cross anymore!


I'm fairly certain Marty has never met this guy before. Unless all people with the same sprites are actually the same person.


I'm guessing the emphasis is on "playing games after you're done studying" but it sounds like she may be ordering her kid to play Nintendo. I find these references to Nintendo interesting. There has been Gameboy, Mario, and Nintendo references. They were really trying to drive in the idea that this is the modern world.


Yes, you read that correctly. No, she doesn't mean a strip mall is outraging the populace. See:


I suppose this would have been hastily changed had this game actually been released. The surprising part is that this game was already edited for America: cigarettes, crosses, and gunshot wounds on zombies were all taken out. Perhaps this would have slipped through?


I like this roaming hotel critic. He really knows that these places are far too expensive. If I need a hotel, I can just cross the bridge to Marty's house.


Standard Mother series dialogue existed even in the first game.




Hmm, maybe I don't need to go back home! This restaurant above the hotel has everything I need!


I like to think that this is the janitor's wife. His complaint that she never packs him a lunch really just stems from a misunderstanding. She thinks he's an important executive who doesn't even have time to eat.


I guess this is why you lose exactly half your money whenever you die. I understand if the Hippie is the one stealing your money. But why does an elephant not only steal your money but take exactly half? I guess this is why my mom taught me to put some money in my sock in case I am ever robbed. The elephant won't check your socks.


I think I met your daughter at the school.


Yep. Same sense of timing.


After answering a couple of silly questions:


I get a Telephone Card! Now it won't cost Marty a whole dollar to call his dad to save the game!

04-01-2009, 11:19 AM

Amazing advertisement. I need to see this doctor.


Dr. Benny looks at your wallet and then decides on his rate.


Because I came in with $0, he charged me a percentage of it for an overall cost of $0. You may think that this actually shows the doctor to be a kind, beneficial socialist. But no, his reaction shows that he is really trying to rip you off if you come in with lots of money.


This guy knows what I'm talking about.


I think the exact news has been twisted by the grapevine.


Trying to leave the town leads to rocks blocking the direction to get to the train station, and at this point trying to walk through the train tunnel is absolute suicide. It looks like we'll have to get rid of those rocks.


These mentions of the school are the game's signposts telling me where to go. But I've already done that part of the story.


Hmm, that may pose a problem. Speaking of signposts of what to do next...


Huge rockets at Duncan Factory? Hmm, I think Doc wanted smaller rockets from a smaller factory.


How, indeed? Progress is most likely his middle name.


Rockets for rocks seems to be the prevailing notion. I bet Doc would know how to use it too. I guess the only option left is to help him!


You got what? Is it a rocket? Can I have it? Unfortunately, that's all he says.


Before I head off to Sweet's Little Factory, I buy Marty a new bat. This is the best bat that money can buy in the entire game. It raises Marty's current offense from 45 to 63.


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

Some new enemies along the way.


I don't think this was a purposeful pun, but it amused me.

04-01-2009, 11:20 AM

Marty reaches a gray building...


The sign confirms his destination!


Current Music: ♪Factory♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Factory.mp3)

There's nothing but rats in here, so it's not a scary place. There is also plenty of treasure here that I will return to get when I have another person's pockets to fill. It'll also help since new party members start at level 1.


Marty digs around in the trash can for what Doc wants. It's not stealing if you take it from a company's dumpster, right?


Sounds dangerous. But, let's go. You're the doc, Doc.

Current music: ♪Fanfare♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Fanfare.mp3)

Doc joins the party!


Oh good. He suggested it himself, now I won't feel bad for using him.


Yeah, but you called me "future boy" and didn't believe my story. :(





Great Scott!


After running away and entering, the place seems to have been cleaned up in quite the hurry. That teacher sure looks mysterious. I think one of the students mentioned a creepy guy hanging around the lab. He secretly lives in the lab...


I can't tell if he's saying that he wants me to give him my candy money, or if he thinks that I'm saving it for candy instead.


If you say yes, you see that this is a scary man, who sells scary things to mere children. As it is, all that is far too expensive for Marty and friend right now.


So instead of high-powered explosives, I go to the department store and buy Doc a gun!


NEXT: 1-2-3 Fire!!

04-01-2009, 12:09 PM
I don't know why I thought Doc's lab experiment blowing up in his face was so funny... Perhaps because I've never seen it in a game before. The more I learn about the game the more a RPG set in the modern, if not bizarro, world.

The weapons that the mysterious scientist sells, I'm guessing are the best in the game?

04-01-2009, 12:48 PM
The weapons that the mysterious scientist sells, I'm guessing are the best in the game?

Not really. The Super Bomb is powerful though. It's a one-time Doc item that kills all the enemies in battle. StkyMachine (Sticky Machine) is a multi-use Doc item that paralyzes the enemy.

Last Weapon and Real Rocket are simple gag items. I can show them off for you guys later when I have the money.

04-01-2009, 01:35 PM
What is a gag weapon? Yes I do want to see them! How has the grinding been so far, not too bad. This is always my question with old RPGs.

Though it seems interesting enough that I want to go back and play it before I sit down to actually play Earthbound on SNES.

One more question, isn't it a little early in the game to get the best weapon for the main character? Or do you start to rely on psychic powers late-game?

04-01-2009, 02:35 PM
What is a gag weapon? Yes I do want to see them! How has the grinding been so far, not too bad. This is always my question with old RPGs.

They are just items that just say something goofy or something useless when you use them. I was going to relate them to the Ruler and Protractor of Earthbound, but you say you haven't played it yet. The Ruler is also in this game too. They are just items added for atmosphere or for a silly joke.

The Mother series loves to play with the established notion of what RPGs are. This is just the beginning for the series. It leads to Mother 3 which actually has present boxes that only have a musical beat or fireworks inside (spoilered because I thought it was cool when I first saw it without knowing). Actually even established RPGs have gag items. Like Final Fantasy 4 has the hidden Smut magazine that serves no actual gameplay purpose.

As for grinding, it hasn't been too bad yet, but partly that's because I know what I'm doing. I was a higher level the first time I played this game. But it does get terrible later on. This game is not well-balanced.

One more question, isn't it a little early in the game to get the best weapon for the main character?

Short answer: yes. Like I said earlier in the playthrough, I've already been to the town that sells the best armor, I just don't have the money yet. This goes into the balance issues I mentioned. There is a better bat in a present box much later though. But Marty's offense will continue to go up as he levels. Leveling is very important.

04-01-2009, 03:04 PM
Itoi has stated that near the end of production he just wanted to be done with the game, so he skimped on little things like "playtesting" and "balancing".

Like if someone offers you a key item, and your inventory is full, you can't take it. But the game will think you have, and won't offer it to you again. Congratulations, your game is now unwinnable! That kind of thing really should get caught in QA, but this game had little if any.

04-02-2009, 01:49 PM
Itoi has stated that near the end of production he just wanted to be done with the game, so he skimped on little things like "playtesting" and "balancing".

This wasn't an issue in Earthbound or Mother 3 was it? That'd be a terrible blow to the game if so...

Mr. Sensible
04-02-2009, 02:02 PM
This wasn't an issue in Earthbound or Mother 3 was it? That'd be a terrible blow to the game if so...

Almost every time I was given a key item in Earthbound with a full inventory, the NPC would say something like "Oops, you have too much stuff. Come back when you can carry this."

The only exception is when Buzz Buzz gives Ness the Sound Stone at the beginning of the game. If you're full of Cookies and Bread rolls, Buzz Buzz actually sends the Sound Stone straight to Tracy's Escargo Express storehouse, and she'll hand it over to Ness the next time you talk to her in person. The trick is to never meet Tracy in person afterwards; the Sound Stone will still record the Eight Melodies as you beat the appropriate dungeon bosses. There's no real reason to haul that thing around for the entire game when your inventory space is so precious.

04-03-2009, 07:57 AM
Yeah, Earthbound and Mother 3 are honed to near-perfection. Game-breaking bugs are nil AFAIK.

04-07-2009, 06:45 PM

Current music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%202%20~%20Bein'%20Friends.mp3)

Now that Doc has joined Marty, they have planned to check out Duncan Factory where Doc wants to see the rockets, and Marty wants to use the rockets to clear a landslide blocking the way. But first it's time to raid the previous factory for treasure.


I see a lot of these screens since Doc begins at level 1.

The treasure includes such items as magic herbs, a butter knife for a character I won't get in a long time, some antidotes--all fit to be sold!


There are also capsules like this that boost stats.

After stuffing my characters' pockets, I return to town and sell. I then come back to get the rest of the stuff. I don't skimp on cheap treasure. It's also a convenient way to get Doc a bit up to speed by killing the easy rats.


Bottle rockets are like a nice little PK Fire for Doc, so I raid the never-ending garbage can.

Looting the Sweet Little's Factory gets Doc up to level 6. And I have a bit of money to go buy some more armor in Magicant.


It is easy to return to Magicant using the Onyx Hook that I found in the cave underneath Magicant. Just connect the hook to the back of the car, so I can hit the wire at the correct time as the lightning hits...


Current music: ♪Magicant♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Magicant.mp3)

And BAM! Marty has teleported back to Magicant. This time he brings a friend.


Do you remember this swimming cat from before who wanted to help out a helpless child? Well, now the helpless sissy is with me.


It is a one-time free stat boost.


I have enough money to buy Doc the strongest Ring in the game. Now Marty and Doc both have a Gold Ring for one of their armor slots.


Here is the grave of the Flying Man who helped me out by being cannon fodder as I wandered through Magicant.


There are four more Flying Men in the house, but I would feel bad having them die, so I leave them alone. If I were to kill off the rest, their tombstones would read:

"To Marty's great sorrow,"
"Marty's benevolent buddy,"
"Marty's strong and powerful ally,"
"Marty's faithful and loyal servant,"

Although I was able to warp here to Magicant, I am forced to take the normal way back. I make my way through the cave and back to Merrysville. All this has gotten Doc to level 8 and a huge boost in defense from the ring.

04-07-2009, 06:46 PM

Time to go north to Duncan Factory. It is west of the landslide.


Current music: ♪Battle 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%203.mp3)

On the way to the factory, we meet up with some crazy automobiles. Truck battles are awful. If they spurt exhaust at you, Marty's asthma kicks in and he can't do a thing.


On the way, Marty finds some sort of Pass.


Oh, well that is convenient.


Marty and Doc make it to the Factory where they see what appears to be a guard dog.


Oh ho! Well, looky what I got!


But I found it on the ground!


Look me in the eye!!


This dog is clearly insane. After telling me to look him in the eye, he does a little dance.


And then attacks! So, with all your RPG knowledge you think this will be a tough mini-boss, right?


Nope. Just a stray dog. One of the very first enemies you meet in the game.


It dies.


Current music: ♪Factory♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Factory.mp3)

This factory is huge (and gray). Multiple ladders leading to multiple pathways. The first time I played this game, I made my own map. It's a lot easier to map games when they are tiled; the isometrics here made my final product kind of funky looking. There's a bit of treasure here too, but right now I'm on a dash to get the third character in the game. I also like coming back later because of the same limited pocket-space excuse I keep using.


Eh heh heh, I guess I was rushing a little too much. Whoops! I suppose Doc needs a bit more seasoning (and I need to be quicker on the PK LifeUp, I was being a bit too miserly in my PP usage). I quickly run back to town.


Of course, I go back and tell her yes after hitting up the ATM.

04-07-2009, 06:48 PM

Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

There are some new enemies here as you may have seen when Doc died. Dr. Distorto has blood on his jacket in the original game.


I do pick up a few items. The Super Spray is a multi-use insecticide. And the bomb...


Well, the Bomb is a stronger Bottle Rocket for Doc.


I find a Laser Beam on the enemy.


It is an item that Doc--I mean, that sissy--can use until it breaks.


It broke on my first use.


This path just keeps going.


The duo finally reaches the end. What can be behind that door? When I first played this game, I thought for sure there'd be some scary boss here. Especially since that guard dog was certainly not a scary boss.


But no. In a way, I guess you could call this realistic. So far the only real boss has been the Starman whose presence was actually causing the animals of the zoo to go crazy. In real life, I guess there would be some engineers or something at the factory, but no super-engineer boss. I suppose Dr. Distorto is crazy enough.


This rocket most likely requires 1.21 gigawatts to run.


There it goes.

You then hear a small boom sound effect as the only indication you've finished here.


They are nice enough to put an exit here, so you don't have to walk all the way back down.

Haha, just kidding! All the doors say exit, and this is just an empty room. Time to walk.


When Marty and Doc get back to town, the townspeople are bursting to tell Marty the news. It's amazing how the villagers get so caught up in Marty's quest. Maybe this is this guy's way of saying he wants us to leave.

In any case, it's time to move past those rocks!


NEXT: You Need a Ticket to Ride.

04-08-2009, 11:25 AM
The music in this game is so fun, I'm glad you've included it in your LP. As I asked earlier and people answered, perhaps you can point out the game breaking parts as they come up?

I don't really have anything to contribute just wanted to share my appreciation is all!

Keep it up

Oh, the animated gifs are a nice touch too!

04-11-2009, 11:56 AM
Current music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪

I love the Melee remix of this song because it somehow sounds sinister.

04-27-2009, 02:48 AM
After setting off a rocket to clear out a landslide that was in their way, Marty and Doc embark north to the train station.


On the way, they stop to admire their handiwork with the rocket. The big pile of rocks is now rubble with a rocket sticking nose-first into the ground.


They follow the tracks to the station.


Interestingly the eastern bridge is out, so it looks like this train will only go south. This station had some extreme bad luck to be stuck between a rock and broken bridge.


I suppose this man has been trapped in the station due to all this, but he does not seemed concerned.


I don't know why the employee doesn't know how far the train goes through. I guess he's just assuming that with their luck rocks and broken bridges abound.

The game is actually pretty open-ended at this point, and you can do stroy events in pretty much any order. You can even walk around that broken bridge to the east if you manage to survive the monsters. Actually the game pretty much becomes open-ended before you clear the rocks out of the way, but walking through the train tunnels is pretty brutal.

In any case, Marty and Doc travel to Reindeer because it's the closest stop.


Current music: ♪Train ~ The Paradise Line♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Train%20~%20The%20Paradise%20Line.mp3)

The train safely traverses the dark tunnel and brings the duo to Reindeer station.


Inside the station an old woman asks them if they are going to Snowman, but they say no because they just arrived in Reindeer.


Current music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%202%20~%20Bein'%20Friends.mp3)

After a long train ride, they have arrived in Reindeer. This is their location on the world map. This is one of the two towns that was not renamed for the English version. Not coincidentally, it is one of the two towns not directly named after a holiday. Incidentally, the Union Station that we just left from was named Santa Claus Station in the Japanese version.


Perhaps this man outside the station is telling me I should have told that old woman I was going to Snowman.


Hmm, an old man who has lived for a long time and gives you as much as you can carry? And in a place called Reindeer?


Doc and Marty take in the bucolic atmosphere one the road down to town from the station.

04-27-2009, 02:49 AM

The dirt roads turn into paved sidewalks.


I met a guy in a cave you might like to meet.


Oh fine, I'll see what you want.


You seem way excited. Maybe I will listen.


Current music: ♪Unknown Song♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Unknown.mp3)
I love this joke from the game. The game plays a special song for him, and then relates it to your main quest.


Oh yeah? Well...


Oh. I guess you're right.


Hmm, do you believe in Psychic Powers?


Oh, wow, the ellipses do mean you were thinking at me. Well, no, I didn't. I did try though, but my power wasn't strong enough to wake him. Which is a good thing because Marty would have been destroyed at the time when he tried.


Okay, okay!


Oh, a flea bag. A bag of fleas. Thank you.


If you were wondering what it is, it causes the enemy to become itchy all over, lowering its offense and defense a bit.


I suppose these two statements are connected somehow in her mind.


There's not even a Yes/No option on this question.

04-27-2009, 02:50 AM

Outside the hospital, a man talks about death. This town is actually obsessed with two things: colds and Spookane. I suppose this has to do with it being the first stop before Spookane and the cold town of Snowman.


Inside the hospital, there are more cold victims.


This man even gives you a cold by talking to him. It's odd for them to have such a cold problem when apparently there's a man who lives up in the mountains who has not had a cold in 300 years.


I suppose this is a joke on the poor citizens of Spookane.


Not the Pepsi Frees!




Um, well I could tell you where she is.


Interesting. I'll be on the lookout!


And suddenly my pocket cash increases by $423.


Oh good. I'll, uh, just keep this money then.


Hey, mustache man, how's it going?

04-27-2009, 02:51 AM

Inside the hotel is an expensive rate and a man who seems to know Marty. Maybe he's from Podunk. I don't know so many men share that sprite.


In one room is an old woman who gives Marty a cold.


In the other is one angry man.


The restaurant on the roof of the hotel features the standard advertising jingle.


And the customers are inane as ever.


The top floor of the mall features an astounding shop. I can understand teachers clandestinely selling weapons in a classroom, but upfront plasma beams in the mall? Truly troubling times ever since the animals have gone crazy in this world.


North of the paved sidewalks is the residential area of town.


They apparently banish the poor to this area. Although, after seeing the cops in town, I'm sure he could easily turn to a life of crime.


Sorry, you have to wait until Mother 2.


Well, what have we here? A peeping tom looking in that window?


He's lucky the police only care about car violations.


Either she's really strong, or the monsters did not exist then.


A ghetto? More Spookane talk from the populace.


Okay, I'll try not to. That's one vote against going to Spookane then.


That is the second time in this town that the fourth wall has been broken. Listen, lady, if I had more pocket space, I wouldn't be throwing food away.

04-27-2009, 02:52 AM

North of the town, past the healer's house are the mountains.


A couple of new enemies here. The Mad Car and Mad Truck were blue. These Psycho variety are Red.


At the top of the mountain lies a house. There seems to be a sign that Marty cannot read from up here.


The old man there just babbles. This is the man who hasn't had a cold in 300 years?


The child also has no clue.


Marty's rarely used skill allows him to know the reason why.


Marty notices the cliff on the other side of the house and decides to wend his way around the mountain.


He makes it to the sign!


Gross? Or is this the way to avoid colds? Throw your dentures out into the germ-ridden outdoors?


Mother: ADA approved. Marty decides to return the dentures he found to the old man.


Gargle often.
Gargle proud.
Gargle strong.


He fills up my inventory with Mouthwash.


Thank you.


There's no more free Mouthwash, but the kid will sell you some for $10. And he seems to do an on-site demonstration.

04-27-2009, 02:53 AM

Mouthwash cures all those pesky colds that people cough upon you. It's useful for this town and our next stop, the cold town of Snowman.


But I'm gonna listen to this man. He knows what he's talking about.


I sell each one for $87. And that kid is selling more for $10! I suppose that's the cost of trekking back and forth, up and down the mountain.


Back to this old woman. She gives me a hat.


I suppose now I have a reason to choose Snowman over Spookane.


NEXT: The Boy in My Dream Looked Just Like You.

04-27-2009, 06:12 AM
What do colds do to you?

04-27-2009, 07:45 AM
Colds are identical to poison (loss of HP every few steps with a nice red flash of screen) except that it requires a different item to heal it and no Healing PSI can cure it. Mouthwash and Hospitals are the only fixes.

04-27-2009, 12:41 PM
So isn't that price difference game breaking? Sure it'd take some time but you could buy all the most expensive weapons for your party now...

Now I'm trying to remember if this happened in any other NES game I can recall... I can't think of one.

04-28-2009, 06:17 AM
I suppose it's as game breaking as grinding for money by killing monsters is. At this point I'm making 30-40 dollars per enemy killed anyway.

05-05-2009, 10:54 AM

Doc and Marty have a hat to deliver. Surely this hat will help save the world. Onward to Snowman!


But first they examine the hat that the old woman gave them to make sure it's not a bomb sent by the Kingdom of Baron to destroy the town of Mist.

It turns out that the name Jenny has been embroidered. Now they have a destination and a name.


Current music: ♪Train ~ The Paradise Line♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Train%20~%20The%20Paradise%20Line.mp3)

The train passes through Spookane station on the way to Snowman. Perhaps we will have some fun at this town later.


The train comes out of the tunnel into a land of snow. And as soon as the two heroes enter the station, the player is treated to

Current music: ♪Snowman♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Snowman.mp3)

This piece of music is one of the few melodies that makes an appearance in all three Mother games.


The map tells us that we are to the west of town. Snowman is another town that retained its name in translation.


The two people in the train station are discussing Youngtown. If you recall, the bridge to the east of Union Station in Merrysville is broken, so these travelers are out of luck.


Like all fat psychics, this woman just randomly guesses at my future. She's right though. I will eventually return to the area of Union Station.


The town of Snowman is conveniently located past a canyon that is no doubt filled with furry monsters.


Such as four Silver Wolves. Marty and Doc are woefully under-leveled for this area, and they cannot safely handle four of these enemies at once. They are just here to return that hat and escape as quickly as possible.


So Marty runs!

05-05-2009, 10:55 AM

The trees mark the thankful beginning of the town.


The verbal signposts of the game are continuing to direct me to Youngtown as the next destination.


There are also more hints within these first mentions of the Yucca Desert, which lies near Youngtown.


I suppose the natural reaction to losing your deserty camel friend is to move to the snow.


But there is still one reminder of the haunted house in case I skipped Spookane. Marty and Doc make a note to check that area next.


This area may be beating me down terribly, but I'm still a cheapskate. So I'll try my luck with running and my remaining PK LifeUps.


You know, you're right. I should go save the game. Especially since I could easily die in the canyons around here. There's a healer's house here with a telephone.


Hi! I'd like to save!


No, I want to save the game!


"But thou must."


Marty's dad asks the player's name. Yes, the person sitting behind the controller.


He gets what he needs and then slams the phone. I then call him back and actually save the game.

05-05-2009, 10:57 AM

Jenny, eh? Well, I have her hat.


This man knows from experience what it is to die of a cold, as he gives Marty one. What I have learned from Mother: keeping my mouth clean with toothbrushes and mouthwash will keep me cold-free.


This man is not only nice enough to tell me how to continue my adventure, but he also coughs on Marty. The chateau, which the old lady told us was Jenny's house, is in the mountains.


And, finally, this man is just malicious. To prove his point, he gives Marty a cold.


Yes. As is half the town's noses.


Oh come, come. With the immune systems you guys house around here, I bet every kid misses half the year.


By "straight ahead" the sign means I will need to go through another canyon like the one that lead from the train station to the town.


But this one is not just a canyon, it's a winding canyon.


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

Wolves and wolves and polar bears are the new enemies of this whole Snowman area that block the way.


Current music: ♪Battle 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%203.mp3)

Even Big Foot exists. Many of them actually.

05-05-2009, 10:58 AM

The boys finally reach the building which seems to be neither a chateau or mansion, but a church.


Jenny's father tells anybody who enters his home about his daughter.


Jenny herself has been dreaming about Marty, but curiously that is all she will say unless you give her the hat. Perhaps the hat was part of the dream.


Jenny also wishes to go to Youngtown, marking that as our definite next destination after Spookane.


Jenny bids her father to fare well, and joins the end of my single file journey through the world.


Her father saves us a nice large hotel fee.


As he sees us off, it is time to look at our new companion. She is a nice level 1. I go back to Snowman to buy Jenny a Frying Pan. After I get it, I realize it's stupid to try to walk out of this place alive with my weak characters so I take the Onyx Hook to Magicant. I could have stayed around her house for free healing, but there is no phone there so I most likely would have died without being able to save. Magicant provides a place to buy some armor and easier enemies.


In the various levelings of Jenny, this message is one thing you see multiple times. She has a nice repertoire of psychic skills.


Current music: ♪Magicant♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Magicant.mp3)

The first thing the trio does is return to the second swimming cat of Magicant.


The cat gives up the ribbon this time because I have a girl with me.


It appears she must tie it in her hair.


Free stat increase!


And now the cat just sleeps. (While swimming. On the ground.)


Because they are nearby, they check up on the hermit. But he still says the group is not strong enough to hear his song, so they leave.

05-05-2009, 10:59 AM

Current music: ♪Queen Mary's Castle ~ Wisdom of the World♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Queen%20Mary's%20Castle%20~%20Wisdom%20of%20the%20 World.mp3)

It is time to finish looting the Queen's Castle now that I have a third character's empty pockets.


What is a Flashdark, you ask?


I'm happy you asked. It's the opposite of a flashlight, of course.


More treasure. Marty gets a Bullhorn so he can call his own enemies "yellow" before they say it to him. After retrieving the treasure, the children make their way back to Merrysville. The group first buys the armor that they can afford from Magicant, and now everyone has the best Rings, and Marty has the strongest protective Coin. Jenny leaves Magicant at level 5.


Current music: ♪Factory♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Factory.mp3)

Duncan's Factory also needs to be robbed of its valuables. The factory holds LifeUp Creams, a PSI Stone, Bombs, Bottle Rockets, and Ropes. In the end, selling the stuff I didn't want to keep made the trio $1715.


This room contains a Physical Capsule, Quick Capsule, and a Wisdom Capsule. The trio quickly drink down their stat-boosting drugs, which I can only hope are non-addictive.


Another present of interest is the one contains a Franklin Badge. This item has become a sort of trademark for the series, and this is the only Mother game in which more than one Franklin Badge exists. It quickly goes into Jenny's inventory.


Current music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%202%20~%20Bein'%20Friends.mp3)

After I sell off all the treasure, I walk west of Merrysville on the bridge that was blocked in the beginning of the game to go back home for free healing. I'm not purely being frugal; Marty has to introduce his mother to his new friends! They'll love her Pepsi Free.


The free healing helps out, as Jenny has risen to level 11 in the course of raiding the factory, and now her PP and HP have bumped back up to maximum. Marty has also been keeping everyone alive with LifeUp.


It is now time to make our stop in haunted Spookane.


NEXT: The Piano Still Plays a Haunting Melody.

05-05-2009, 03:06 PM
Why Spookane? I thought we were suppose to go to Youngstown and the Yucca Valley? Is Spookane a "bonus" area or at this point has the world opened up and we can do things in any order?

05-05-2009, 03:19 PM
Yes, the world opened up as soon as I blew up the rocks. But there is a rough order based on the places the townspeople talk about as you move along the game and if you base it on the strength of the monsters.


If you noticed, I passed through Spookane on my way from Reindeer to Snowman. I can pretty much go anywhere at this point, but the correct order after Reindeer is to either go to Spookane or Snowman. You get Jenny's hat in Reindeer, but Spookane is also in between the two. I chose Snowman first because I wanted the third character for the dungeon that will be in Spookane.

In other words, it's not that I'm doing Yucca and Youngtown out of order, it's that I skipped Spookane earlier. Basically, if you look at the map, I'm gonna finish up all the stuff in the south before I go up north.

05-05-2009, 03:26 PM
Ah, gotcha. So going to Youngtown (much like Snowmen) you'd be facing enemies too powerful for your current party. You broke sequence to pick her up to make the Spookane segment of the game easier... Gotcha!

05-08-2009, 05:34 PM
Snowman is one of my favourite pieces of recurring game music. Srsly.

05-28-2009, 10:26 AM
Bumping the thread in the hopes of getting a new installment :P

06-21-2009, 01:47 AM
Sorry for being delinquent due to foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. I'll be back and regular after July 4th weekend.

06-21-2009, 10:37 AM
I just started my own run... I'm in Magicant now and don't remember what to do or where to go... good thing I have this thread!

By the time you're back I'll probably have caught up with you so!

no worries, just looking forward to more.

06-26-2009, 03:18 PM
I just destroyed the rocks blocking the railroad tracks...

07-11-2009, 07:10 PM

The train pulls up to the Spookane train station.


The three children check their map and prepare to search the town. Surprise, surprise: this place was called Halloween in the Japanese game.


The town is unkempt and nobody seems to be around. I'd call it a "ghost town"; but, with a name like Spookane, that seems like it's asking for trouble.


Hey! This isn't supposed to happen in a town!


The Barbots are nothing special, but the Red Snakes are worth a nice bit of experience points.


If you manage to kill it, of course.


Even the hospital is deserted. The trio would at least like a hotel since they have to fight these enemies in a town.


At first I was going to decide to not stay here since the creepy gray deskman isn't even facing me. But that price is amazing.


He nicely gives some advice about bugs and then scarily laughs.


After the night ends the man thanks us for our patronage...


...and then attacks!


Marty and friends dispatch the Starman but are left with a new feeling of loneliness as even the hotel is deserted now.

07-11-2009, 07:11 PM

Since the town seems to be a dead end, they decide to check out the residential area.


A person!


That Starman was nicer than this guy...


Well, that's a simple enough explanation.


The townspeople tell us about a haunted house. Rosemary is the name in Japanese also.


More Rosemary House talk. I suppose the little girl is mocking the postman. There's no way I'm going into that house anyway. Haunted means scary, and Marty has no incentive.


Oh, a melody? Let's go to the haunted house then.

(I'm just gonna hope the "their" is there because the game is an unfinished translation.)


The ghosts are not just visitors at the Rosemarys. They are just the only ones who were smart or wimpy enough to leave town.


Well, you're certainly no postman.

07-11-2009, 07:12 PM

Uh, no.


She doesn't like that answer, so she disappears for the remainder of the entire game.

Luckily this is Marty and Doc, and they can time travel to a time before she left: all to show you readers what she would have said.


$1000 for something we already knew.


Another $1000 for something we already did.


And a third $1000 for something we tried a bunch of times only to be told we're not strong enough.


And then she disappears anyway. Luckily we are able to time travel back to the future in which we did not throw away $3000.


Some random resident gives the key to a dangerous ghost house to a wandering pack of children armed with bats and guns.

Thus it's time to raid the house.


NEXT: The Room with the Piano...

07-20-2009, 05:03 PM
The Room with the Piano...

Marty, Doc, and Jenny prepare to find this ghost house that supposedly has a melody in it.


North of the residential area is... The Rosemarys. And their private property!


After climbing an annoying, winding, private hill in the exclusive part of town, the kids stumble upon a mansion.


And it's locked.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the "ghosts" that haunted this building were an elaborate trick by the townspeople to evict this assuredly annoying rich family.


Luckily, the townspeople were willing to give the key to any stranger that came into town.


Current music: ♪Cemetery♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Cemetery.mp3)

The house is very dark inside. Clearly this place is dangerous.


A talking mouse! A talking, ordinary mouse. Who giggles.

I'd be scared if this weren't the Mother series.


Current music: ♪Battle 1♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%201.mp3)

Here are the haunted residents of the house. Monsters and monsters. The ghosts and zombies are easy prey, but the Armor is a bit too hard for my under-leveled chaps. I could go around and build up my strength, but there's really no near save point or heal point, so I'll wimp my way through the area and RUN from the armored ghosts.


I also run from the Dust Balls because killing them is an HP drag. This again is before the invention of the rolling HP meters, so taking 34 HP damage at the end of a battle means the full 34.


This area is a repeating maze of doors with only the presence of a fireplace or tables to mark your movement. I felt compelled to make a map on scratch paper.


As Marty attempts to enter this room, a voice tells him that nobody's there. Perhaps this is a good sign.

But then the scariest thing happens. And it wasn't scripted that way in the game. When Marty enters the room, suddenly a ringing sound happens.

What could it be?




Oh, I see. I just have had the game on for too long.

This is incredible because I don't believe I even have a phone. Especially not a 1980s cell phone. And if it were telepathic powers, then why did it ring?


In any case, the ghost voice was right. There's nothing in this room.

07-20-2009, 05:04 PM

Stairs! With some monsters to meet me on them!


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

There are also Alarms Ghosts that relentlessly invite others into the battle. I pridefully run from this battle.


These Bionic Bats also call for help. But we're not scared of them.


The stairs lead to more stairs.


And to bread!


And to...


More stairs!


Oooh. These stairs are long. Perhaps this will lead to something new? Since, y'know, there are stairs. And a ghostly scream.


Perhaps there is something behind the door?




As I leave the nothing area, the ghost is still screaming at the same spot.


Without a map, it is perhaps not clear how this place is just a maze of doors. Nevertheless, on the way back up the stairs, I stop by in the mouse room at the entrance to use the Bread I found and drop some Crumbs.

Marty and friends continue on and try a door that hasn't been tried yet.


Did you guess that there were stairs?


The ghosts continue their unkind taunts, perhaps signalling I'm going the correct way, perhaps not.

07-20-2009, 05:05 PM

Every damned room (I'm not cursing! I'm describing a haunted house!) seems to have two different exits. Let's try one of the doors.


Stairs! Kind of. Flat stairs! Maybe the difference means I'm getting somewhere?




The other door before the flat stairs leads to another set of choices.


One leads to stairs that lead to an empty present box.


Uh oh.


A piano! Hey, hey, hey, a piano!


Current music: ♪Melody 4 ~ Piano♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Melody%204%20~%20Piano.mp3)

Marty remembered the tune!

Isn't it amazing how long it has been since I last got a melody? The first three were so quick, and that was before Marty even knew what they were for!


Because I left the Crumbs, the trio can just teleport on out of here.

Luckily this game hates area bosses because my party is feeling the burn.


The townspeople are happy. Extremely happy to rename a child. Really, that little boy looks at least 5.


Oh, wow. Good thing Marty came along to save this child from a terrible life. I guess they're related to that guy from Zelda 2.

(And, yes, this line is a direct translation from the Japanese version of the game.)


I suppose the mother wasn't fond of the family name either: she's already used to calling him "Marty" when angry.


Having finished with the entire southern portion of the map, the children trek back to the train station to go to the desert that everyone in Snowman was talking about. Perhaps there will be more melodies there. I've got half!


NEXT: See the Yucca Desert

07-20-2009, 05:35 PM
Glad to see more of Mother. Was that long stair place annoying to trek through with all the random battles?

07-20-2009, 07:47 PM
Since the encounter rate is pretty much the same throughout, the long stairs aren't as annoying as trying all the different doors hoping you're finding the correct direction.

I just try to group all the monsters of the area into one picture because you can just assume that the monsters are always attacking in this game.

TK Flash
07-21-2009, 05:28 AM
The haunted house was as far as I ever got in Mother. I eagerly await the next installments!

07-21-2009, 10:08 AM
I just wanted to mention that I beat Mother for the first time two weeks ago. I'm posting it here because your LP inspired me Mazoboom.

I won't spoil anything for anyone else though

08-06-2009, 04:00 PM
As the children enter the train station to return to Union Station so that they may traverse the desert, they remember that a fat lady told them she used to walk through the tunnels. Since there's no reason to return to this area again, they decide to try it out.


They pass by Reindeer on the way to the tunnel.


And we're in!


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

They manage to win, but at what cost?

The truth is that I rushed the ghost house, so now my children are a bit under-leveled. The monsters in the tunnel are the same that will be found in the desert, so I know I'll need some leveling.


The Onyx Hook is made for these situations when you have a dead companion. I, of course, have no way to heal a dead companion.


Current music: ♪Magicant♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Magicant.mp3)

It teleports you back to Magicant where you can get yourself healed up for free.


I also take the opportunity to finish equipping my party with the best armor. Because I skipped buying all the intermediate steps of armor, I am able to have the best now. I give each character a different elemental pendant which halves damage from a specific element.

Leaving Magicant leads to Merrysville, which leads to Union Station.


This broken bridge is why I must cross the desert on foot.


The kids go up and around to figure out the way across the bridge with a hole.

08-06-2009, 04:02 PM

Current music: ♪Field 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%203.mp3)

The music changes! The desert looks mostly like this. It's large and hard to find one's way. It's time for desert killin'!


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

Here are the wonderful monsters that populate the entrance of the desert. It's really difficult at these levels, so there is much returning to Merrysville for healing. Jenny is able to help out with her offensive magic with a source of PP renewal nearby.

Anytime I see EnergyRobot, I just run. Those things explode on death harming the entire party a lot.


The Red Snakes often try to run away, but they can be killed when they fail or attempt to attack you. A lucky bonus for children trying to build up, as they yield a nice bit of experience points (and money).


After killing a bunch of enemies, I manage to gain some levels. After resting at Merrysville to be at full strength, the children make their way back to the desert.


Current music: ♪Field 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%203.mp3)

It's time to tackle the desert. For real!


There's even conversation to be had in the desert.

08-06-2009, 04:03 PM

After wandering the desert for a while, we arrive at an oasis.


Water, tent, plane, pilot, and tank. Everything needed in an oasis.


Do you think he did this on purpose or just couldn't find it? That's pretty good of him to remember how many he laid down.


I just told him no to see what he'd say. Might as well try the plane ride, right?


The, uh, cheap one please.


An intriguing offer. We shall see if I need the tank.


Current music: ♪Airplane Ride♪
(I don't seem to have this music, but look for it here (http://starmen.net/mother1/music/).)

The cheap flight plan gives a tour of the desert and shows us there are some ruins to the east with a hole in the ground--but wait a second! Did you see that at the beginning of the flight? I totally saw a cactus with a face! I swear!


The pilot even does a bunch of circles around it. To emphasize it perhaps? Well, let's go see!


Current music: ♪Field 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%203.mp3)

After a bit of westerly wandering, the children find it.


Oh! That's code for "use Telepathy!"


Current music: ♪Melody 5 ~ Cactus♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Melody%205%20~%20Cactus.mp3)

Aw, yeah! I've almost got this song completely memorized!

Now I wonder what those ruins were to the east.

08-06-2009, 04:05 PM

On the way to the ruins, the children decide to talk to more bones.


There are different enemies deeper in the desert. Besides these guys, you might run into a Starman. Those Scorpions are jerks, by the way. At the end of that battle, all three characters were poisoned and Doc was turned into stone in addition to the poison!


The trio merrily continue along the harsh desert when...




They found the last mine that the aviator did not clean up. I'd tell you guys where it was, but that would go against Mr. Itoi's wishes.


Thanks, bones! Not only have you broken the fourth wall, you told me something I just found out!


Oh, this must be the camel that the man from Snowman knew.


No thanks, I've figured it out by now.


But thou must!


Okay, but only because your old friend asked me to say hi to you. Not because I'm forced to.


You truly are the wisest camel.


This is the final set of bones that I know of. I can't promise it is all of them because the desert is so huge.

08-06-2009, 04:06 PM

That hole that was seen from the airplane is near the Final Mine.


As the characters try to go through the one-character wide door, they are forced into battle.


Current music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

Oh no! Not R7037! I'm sure this will go quickly.


Oh god.


Oh wow.


I guess I should see what this thing is.


He is huge. The end.


Current music: ♪Game Over♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Game%20Over.mp3)

I guess I will be needing that tank.

08-06-2009, 04:09 PM

Time to get those ticket stubs. Hey, maybe these other flights will be fun too.


Hey, I can see my house from here!

Whereas the first trip was a desert tour, this flight takes us to the west past Pippi's house, my own house, and the zoo.


Time to try the expensive flight.


Besides an amazing ocean side view, our $15 package also will show you a mysterious tower, the very edges of the streets of some city, what looks to be a watery area, and the final stop on the train tracks that extend all the way from Snowman! Sign up for FlightplanC today!


I now have 9 Ticket Stubs from my three flights.


He won't give me a ride though, since I only have one spot open for three tickets. Even though I only need one more! So now I have to throw away two, so I can have three.


For the extra trouble, I try to trick him by giving him my nine stubs. He sees right through the ploy.

So I cough up the money for the cheapest ride for that last stub.


Oh come on, the worst that will happen will be sand in its tires. It's not like I'm going to destroy a robot or anything.


NEXT: Most monkeys here will lie to you. Beware!

08-06-2009, 08:05 PM
Awesome animated pictures, it really adds to the thread.

08-07-2009, 10:49 AM
He is huge!

TK Flash
08-07-2009, 05:45 PM
Of all the R7037s I have seen, that one is by far the most huge.

09-04-2009, 07:30 AM
He is huge, but that means he has huge guts!

(Sorry, just caught up reading today.)

09-04-2009, 04:10 PM
He is huge. But not pointing. What the fuck?

(Also, the desert music was remixed, with a little extra static, into Dusty Dunes Desert in Earthbound. I didn't know that before. Neato.)

09-16-2009, 12:37 PM
(Sorry, just caught up reading today.)
Oh wow, I really need to finish up the next entry. I got out of the habit, and whoops, suddenly a month has passed!

(Also, the desert music was remixed, with a little extra static, into Dusty Dunes Desert in Earthbound. I didn't know that before. Neato.)
Yeah, I should have pointed that out. There are multiple songs remixed from this game.

"Snowman" and the Shop's "Humoresque of a Little Dog" are obvious.
Belch's Factory is from the Factories in Mother 1.
Earthbound's Franky is a battle theme from this game.
The song that plays in Ness's house is a mellow version of "Pollyanna."
Paula's Theme is a remix of Youngtown, which I'm about to come to in this playthrough.
The cave that leads to the final mountain of this game is used in Earthbound when you fight the third-strongest moles.

There are more, but I can't think of them off hand. Mother 3 also has a few more direct musical references to Mother 1.

09-24-2009, 05:19 AM

Current music: ♪Tank♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Tank.mp3)

The children are now armed with a tank!

Random battles do not occur! You can go anywhere! Anywhere there's sand, that is.

Movement speed is drastically increased! Let's see if you bastards can do 90. Well, this is certainly no DeLorean, and I'm not sure this can hit 88 miles per hour.


Which means the only thing to be done is drive over to the mean, huge R7037.


Let's hope this goes better than last time.


This is so much better than getting hit for 296 HP worth of damage.


Look how absolutely huge he actually is. No doubt it's powered by 1.21 gigawatts.


The kids do more than let the robot kill itself with bounced attacks: this tank has guns. Eat lead, slackers!

We win!


Whoops. The airman did say he loved this tank. Oh well, shouldn't've given it to a bunch of kids.


The tank is broken, so I must walk into these ruins.

09-24-2009, 05:20 AM

Current music: ♪Monkey's Cave♪

The descent leads to a monkey, who implies that there are more talking monkeys down here.


I honestly don't know how this can be a lie. I guess he actually likes the quiet. Or the monkey who told me that monekys lie was not actually telling the truth.


Oh. Perhaps he meant this.


Ouch. Marty really got told by some monkey.


How intellectual.


You mean the fourth person I named at the beginning of the game?


Indeed, that was just the first floor of monkeys.

09-24-2009, 05:21 AM

Oh thanks, monkey!


Hey! That monkey lied to me!

There are a few other presents in this cave, and they are all PSI Stones (which replinish PP).


It's been many months since I started actually.


Maybe his dishonest conscious got the better of him?


Ooh, I caught up with a near-stationary monkey! I wonder what he gave me?


Well, I guess now I can catch up faster with this Capsule.


Uh, no?


I can't tell if these lines were written to be lies or not because really they just don't make sense. The directions aren't possible because there aren't that many turns to make in the dungeon. It is sort of maze-like, but it's easy to navigate since there are no battles.


Oh. Wow.


I'm starting to hate monkeys.


This is my favorite character in the entire game. First you see him and think, "A penguin! What's he doing here?" And then you talk to him. And then hilarity.


Apparently this is where the other animals hang out. Not that it matters: they're all liars.

09-24-2009, 05:22 AM

I suppose you're mocking me because my quest is not finished.


This, of course, is a lie. Or my sense of direction is drastically different from the game's.


That's what Marty's dad likes to say too.


We must break the fourth wall again before we leave this place.


This is certainly a lie. I know that.


Because the exit is farther inside.

09-24-2009, 05:24 AM

Current music: ♪Mystery♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Mystery.mp3)

The three kids are suddenly in a mysterious cave, quite like the ones they've been to before. Yet it's shaped differently.


It even has that same pink pillar, I wonder where it leads?


Current music: ♪Magicant♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Magicant.mp3)

Yep, it leads to Magicant with the same psychic question asking about the tail.


(I'm still not strong enough for the guy to talk to me, nor for the dragon to wake.)


But while I'm here, I finally open that last present to get the weapon from here that nobody in my party can use. But, hey, a truthful monkey said I'd be meeting a new friend.


Leaving Magicant leads to another mysterious cave.


Current music: ♪Field 3♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%203.mp3)

But this is a different exit than the one that left me at Merrysville.


Just east of the cave are train tracks that lead to a final station.


The melodramatic ticket seller has gone crazy from not seeing a train in weeks.


The cave seems to have taken me just north of Youngtown.

Basically everything I did in the desert and monkey area (except getting the cactus melody) was optional, as I could have just walked down here. But it did move Magicant's exit from the west side of the desert to the east side. This is helpful because there's nothing more for me to do on that side. On the other hand it's not helpful because I will soon be able to teleport.


NEXT: A Big Ship from the Sky Took Mom and Dad Away.

TK Flash
09-24-2009, 05:26 PM
Yay! Mother update! Yay yay!

That monkey cave was infuriating.

09-24-2009, 07:01 PM
The tank reflects melee attacks? Badass.

09-24-2009, 08:21 PM
The tank reflects melee attacks? Badass.
Yeah, but in the tank there are no random battles and you can't leave the desert. So, yeah it's awesome, but really it's good for only one battle that you can't win otherwise.

10-09-2009, 10:30 PM
Current Music: ♪Youngtown♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Youngtown.mp3)

The desert turns into a forest, and the group arrives at Youngtown. The name of this town in the Japanese version is the holiday Easter.


Surprisingly, a child is guarding the entrance.


But the facade of strength quickly deteriorates into tears.


This little girl says something very odd, when suddenly it becomes apparent that there are only children here.


And this is what happened to the adults.


This is, in fact, too far for a little kid (although it's okay for the slightly bigger little kid named Marty). But since it's so far, how could hear his dad's voice? In any case, this seems to be where the ship went. We saw the looming mountain in the distance when we were on top of the school building.


The incident in the town has clearly affected these children.


More heartrending cries.


Even the church is empty!


This little boy is taking the events quite well.


Until he thinks about it a little more.


Never mind the problems of the children, it's shopping time!

Doc's offense shoots up 27 points with the Air Gun, making him a slightly competent fighter. This is his strongest weapon. Jenny's new pan gives her 8 more offense leaving her with a total of 25. She still will only do 1 damage per hit.


This kid thinks that if he just finally gets his math homework done, his parents will be proud of him and come back.

10-09-2009, 10:35 PM

Sorry, kid. I can't take advantage of you like that.


Well, I guess. It has been a long journey. The free sleep is good.


After the trio wakes up, the boy continues to break our hearts.


I suppose it would be worth it to check out a strange baby in a land of children.


And deep in the wooded town is this house with a baby and two children.


Tom Garrickson is completely oblivious to the outside world, or he is just distracting himself from his sorrow. At least we know we're at the Garrickson house.


Well, I don't see anything strange about this baby.


Oh. Psychic, eh?


Oh no, it's an alien!


Oh, it's not! It's helpful!


Let's try it out! Marty doesn't really have anywhere to go, but he chooses home.


The children take off and start running!


Oh. I guess I need a good runway. Ah well, let's use it when we need it.

10-09-2009, 10:38 PM

This is the only exit from the town besides where the trio entered.


I guess he's not talking about us. He seems to believe he's protecting the town from the swamp.


The swamp basically looks like this and is just annoying winding water with bridges. With the free bed in town, now is a good chance to build up some levels.


Current Music: ♪Battle 2♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Battle%202.mp3)

The enemies are basically the same as they were in the desert, so now is a good chance to show the PSI arsenal the time-travellin' trio has.

Marty has a small LifeUp spell along with some healing spells, but his most useful abilities are his OffenseUp and Def.Down.


Jenny, our little PP monster, has the strong healing spells.


But, since her attack power is terrible, her strength is her offensive spells.


There are these few new enemies further in the swamp, the Mooks and Crocodiles. Jenny's PK Beams are pretty good against the Mooks.


I seem to have run into a bit of trouble while killing some monsters. As I showed you before, the Onyx hook is great for this situation to get the free doctor in Magicant (even though I now have SuprHealing, the only way to cure this death ailment out on the field).


However, now that I have Teleport, I can instantly return to a town from Magicant. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.


With a long enough runway, the characters shoot through the scenery and arrive at their destination.

After gaining a few levels, it is time to make our way through the entire swamp.

10-09-2009, 10:39 PM

Current music: ♪Field 2 ~ Bein' Friends♪ (http://thedeemer.com/mother/Field%202%20~%20Bein%27%20Friends.mp3)

The children suddenly come upon a house with a garbage can. It's odd because I'm not sure anyone would pick the garbage up in the middle of nowhere. The can does start moving though, so Marty goes to check it out.


Checking it reveals nothing.


So Marty talks to it.

Just like Doc, Doc's father spends his time hiding in the trash. He is referring to the time that Marty's dad asked the player's name in Snowman. This is where we can confirm it.


His fatherly worry shines through the metal can.

I wonder what's in the house?




Oh wow, this girl is quite forward. She doesn't even give you an option, you're forced to sleep.


Good morning! This shack is poorly placed, it's barely halfway through the swamp, and the harder enemies like...


...this bison are lurking after it. Ah well, it's free, and it's not difficult to stay alive.


The swamp basically continues to be an annoying maze, like with this bridge to an island.


But the trees mean the swamp is coming to an end.


NEXT: The Bla-Bla Boss

02-03-2010, 09:38 PM
Please, PLEASE update!

03-16-2010, 06:13 PM
I have plenty of excuses which nobody cares to hear. I still wish to finish this, and hope to come back to it after I finish my international move.

03-16-2010, 08:45 PM