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Pajaro Pete
01-15-2009, 06:00 PM
I think a few of you might've heard about this series called Persona. If not, you can consult one of the dozen or so threads related to the series sprinkled throughout Talking Time. This is the game that started it all. It was released in the United States as Revelations Series: Persona (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w9EksAo5hY). You see, Atlus had gotten it in their heads that they were gonna bring the SMT series over here, and were going to use "Revelations" as the series title. It's about as relevant to the actual games as "Shin Megami Tensei" is. Probably moreso, given that the number of Megaten games that feature a true goddess reincarnating can be counted on one hand, while all of them have revelations!

In any case, we'll be playing Persona's "hidden" storyline, commonly referred to as The Snow Queen Quest. If you want a summary of the main storyline, please watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PDgeF-xuIY).

...Let's begin our descent into suicidal thoughts and self harm the wonderful world of Persona!


Welcome to the illustrious St. Ermine Academy! Established in 1964 in the small town of Mikage, the academy's formal name is Saint Hermelin Academy. However, because it is written "聖エルミン学園", it is easier to refer to it as St. Ermine. Plus, that's what Hermelin means anyway and it's funnier this way.

Here is our school's emblem:
Please wear it with pride! Although you must wear your uniform at all times while on school property, we encourage individuality. Please, feel free to modify your uniform however you like to show off your true self.


Our story opens in an empty room within St. Ermine. It appears a group of teenagers are up to no good! Actually, the game never explains why they're here. The comic, however, has them getting decorations ready for one of those culture festivals you hear about. Let's... let's go with that, ok? It helps explain a number of things, such as why these characters, who are not really friends, are together right now, and why Yukino has razor blades (they're for the box cutter she was using).

Now, most RPGs tend to slowly introduce you to various characters over the course of the game. Not Persona! Instead, we get seven of nine playable characters dumped in our laps in the first two minutes. Exciting!

Left to right: Mark, Brown and Ayase

Inaba Masao. Nickname: Mark. The deadbeat son of those nice folks at Inaba Cleaning. So impulsive that I frequently wonder if he might be retarded.

Mark is confused as to why they'd want to play something called "Persona-sama." "Persona-sama," for those of y'all not in the know, is a little ritual not unlike the "Bloody Mary" and "Candyman" things that American youths play. Kind of. The specifics of what Persona-sama is supposed to do are kinda fuzzy and differs depending on who's talking about it.

Of course, Mark is close to being an adult, so he's like, 99% sure nothing will happen at all. He's wrong, of course.

Uesugi Hidehiko. Nickname: Brown. An obnoxious showoff and opportunist who makes godawful jokes.

Brown's the one that came up with the idea to play Persona. He earnestly believes it'll work. He and Mark make a bet: Whoever's wrong has to buy the other lunch at Peace Diner, Mikage's answer to McDonald's or JAPANESE!FASTFOOD!JOINT.

A girl with blonde hair speaks up: She's with Brown, it'll totally work!
Ayase Yuka. Call her Ayase. A true blue, honest-to-god card carrying ko-gal, she's known for being a trouble maker.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/per1-4a.pngLeft to right: Ellie, Nanjou, Yukino

Another girl, this one with long, purple-streaked hair speaks up. She talks like an American. She too, is in favor of Brown.

Kirishima Eriko. Nickname: Ellie. She recently returned to Japan after spending several years in the United States. Given her... tendencies, it appears that maybe she was living in Roswell, New Mexico. She's smart and beautiful, despite being one crazy bitch.

Mark is dismayed that everyone's siding with Brown, so he pleads to the other three characters in the room.

The dark-haired and bespectacled young man in the fetching scarf tells him, quite bluntly, that he does not give a rat's ass either way. This man is Nanjou Kei.

Nanjou Kei. Nickname: Nanjou-kun. A haughty, self righteous individual who's heir to the Nanjou Business Conglomerate.

A girl with short hair and a long skirt tells him that she doesn't care either.

Mayuzumi Yukino. Nickname: Yukino-san. A reformed delinquent that's now the Big Boss at St. Ermine. When Ms. Yukino speaks, you better listen.

Mark is disappointed, so he asks the last person in the room:


This is you, in all of your greasy, black moptop glory.

...actually, since this question doesn't make a lick of difference, there's no reason to ask for your input. Oops. Let's go with Brown, because obviously something has to happen or else we wouldn't actually have a game, right?

Now that we've all chosen sides, Let's Play Persona!

Persona is actually pretty lame. Four people stand in different corners. They take turns saying something to the effect of "Persona-sama, Persona-sama, please come to me!," then walk counterclockwise to the next corner, tag the person standing there, and then that person says their line and walks to the next corner.

No wonder Mark thought this was a stupid idea.

At first, nothing happens, but then, Nanjou notices a ghostly image appear at the other end of the room. It's a little girl in white. WHO COULD THIS MYSTERIOUS GIRL BE??? We won't find out, not in this thread, anyway. The answer will surprise no one, though.


The little girl brings a storm of lightning, because, I guess, creepy little ghost girls have a tendency to do that. The lightning keeps striking around the room, and Ellie reacts in typical Ellie fashion: "FANTASTIC! This keeps getting more exciting!" Oh Ellie, you're one crazy bitch.


Yukino is less impressed, and goes into her battle stance. This is probably not the best course of action, because she's immediately struck by a bolt of lightning. Mark follows, because I guess even the Tiny Lil' Ghost is tired of him. Nanjou falls next, and for a second I think that she's actually doing the world a favor.

Then the Hero gets zapped. Dammit, don't you just hate quicktime events?

...why is Nanjou's death sprite so weird?


FMV time! We follow a butterfly through a series of Twilight Zone opening montages before coming to a door:


Through the door, we come to a platform floating in the middle of a void. Standing on the platform is, and I say this without a trace of sarcasm, the finest creation from Disney's 1960s Animatronics Imagineers.


The Animatronic Puppet introduces itself as Philemon, and explains that we're currently in a world that exists between reality and a dream. Then he asks the million dollar question: Who are you?


Hey Tyrants: Who is this? He needs a name. Five character limit for his first and last name, and eight character limit for his nickname. His first and last name can be in kanji, kana or American; his nickname can only be in kana or American.

Aside from his nasty hair, he also has a pierced ear. In fact, that's how he's identified "officially": Boy with an Earring. Why they chose that as his identifying feature, I don't know, because both Brown and Mark also have earrings.

In the comic, he's referred to as Toudou Naoya, but I think we can do better than that! Prince Albert jokes are acceptable.

Next time: LOVE IS DRUG

Octopus Prime
01-15-2009, 06:07 PM
First: Slim
Last: Whtmn
Nick: Vowels

01-15-2009, 06:13 PM
In any case, we'll be playing Persona's "hidden" storyline, commonly referred to as The Snow Queen Quest. If you want a summary of the main storyline, please watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PDgeF-xuIY).
That was kind of incredible.
This is totally incredible.

01-15-2009, 06:22 PM
First: Sting
Last: Ray
Nick: Almonds

01-15-2009, 06:41 PM
An earring? How vain.

First: FANCY
Nickname: MARA RING

01-15-2009, 06:55 PM
This is you, in all of your greasy, black moptop glory.
And how. I suggest naming him DANNY "T-BIRD" ZUKO.
or ジャラミー "T-FROG" パリッシュ

Pajaro Pete
01-15-2009, 08:11 PM
or ジャラミー "T-FROG" パリッシュ

I would get banned SO fast.

This is totally incredible.

The best part is the greek at the top is "Alpha, Omega" and there's a Star of David at the bottom. And the actual art of it makes the gold part look like a Jesus fish. LAYERS AND LAYERS OF RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM, FOLKS.

Nickname: MARA RING

I get it!

01-15-2009, 08:17 PM
You'd better!

In any case, we'll be playing Persona's "hidden" storyline, commonly referred to as The Snow Queen Quest. If you want a summary of the main storyline, please watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PDgeF-xuIY).

In seriousness, I can also recommend this (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showpost.php?p=245638&postcount=255).


FMV time! We follow a butterfly through a series of Twilight Zone opening montages before coming to a door:

Man, this could not fit the stereotype better.

Pajaro Pete
01-15-2009, 08:36 PM
It's even better when you look at the original opening narration to The Twilight Zone:
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

Unfortunately, the creators of Persona didn't use it to give the finger to 1950s American society. Pity, that.

01-15-2009, 09:37 PM

That Engrishy "LASTO" is goofy enough on its own that I approve it as a legitimate option.

01-15-2009, 09:57 PM

Nickname: MARA RING

Pajaro Pete
01-16-2009, 09:52 AM
So... how about Slim "MARA RING" Lasto? I want to incorporate as many suggestions as possible.

01-16-2009, 10:05 AM
I'm extremely happy with that.

01-16-2009, 10:25 AM
I don't get the MARA RING joke.

I'm a failure at Talking Time.

01-16-2009, 10:33 AM
Meet Mara. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZEq6DG9ZP4)

The "ring" part is because, as noted in this thread, the main character in this game is referred to sometimes as "Boy with an Earring," when he is in fact not the only boy to wear an earring. He may be the only one with a MARA RING though! It probably just never comes up!

Pajaro Pete
01-16-2009, 07:33 PM
Part II: In which a number of things happen that barely relate to the plot


"I am LASTO SLIM, but you can call me MARA RING. If you play your cards right, you just might get to find out why they call me that!"


Philemon: "Very well. Not many who venture here can remember their names. But you seem different. ...are you aware that there are many different selves within you? Sometimes, you might have the benevolence of a God. At other times, you might be as cruel as a Devil. As we walk through life, we wear many masks. Even now, the you that stands before me is nothing but one of countless masks. But you, through your strong will and sense of self, didn't so much as hesitate to tell me who you are. With such a will comes power, the power of one's heart. The power of "Persona." Surely the Gods and Demons that exist in your heart will be of some use to you in the future. Now, it's time for you to return to the land bound by time and space..."


Mara Ring wakes up in the nurse's office at St. Ermine. Mark, Nanjou and Yukino are standing there waiting for him. The school nurse teases him because she is a child molester.

Yoshino Natsumi. The school nurse at St. Ermine. She's really, really bad at cooking. Why was that last detail included? No one knows.

A woman in a yellow suit runs in asking if Mara Ring is ok.

Takami Saeko. Teacher of class 2-4, Mara Ring's homeroom. She's popular with all the students because she's a hottie and really smart.

Natsumi and Saeko decide that the four better go to the hospital to get checked out. They're also told to visit their classmate that's been there for a while.

With that, Mara Ring is finally given control to walk around.

...the controls are, for lack of better terms, counter intuitive. For example, when you press "up" you turn this way (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/up.png). Right does this (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/right.png). Down is this way (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/down.png). This is left (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/left.png).


The glowing pink tree is a save point. See, you save your data by writing what happened on the leaves. How neat! There's a box in the corner that contains an Ointment (きずぐすり). Ointment heals 30 HP.


At the front gates of St. Ermine, they run into a nice old man.

Yamaoka. Butler for Nanjou's family. Practically raised Nanjou since he was old enough to crawl around. Tries his best to keep him out of trouble.

Yamaoka calls Nanjou "Nanjou-bochama" (Young Master Nanjou), which prompts Yukino and Mark to be complete assholes and make fun of Nanjou for it. Which... I don't get. At all. They're just being dicks, y'know? Honestly, Persona 1 has the most offensive take on rich people I have ever seen in a JRPG. It's like it suddenly turned into a "Hey, let's laugh at the richkid" minstrel show.

Anyway, Nanjou tells Yamaoka to scram and takes off. Now we're finally free to explore the beautiful and scenic town of Mikage!


...goodness that is hideous. Persona 1's town map is really, really awful. Not just ugly, I mean really, really, ridiculously awful. For one thing, you can only cross the street at crosswalks (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/nopass.png). This means you usually have to walk several blocks just to get cross the road, then several blocks back to get to where you needed to go in the first place. It isn't fun!

In a moment of rare charity, they did include a labeled city map you can bring up:

St. Ermine is the green building near the rightmost corner. The hospital is the yellow building in the leftmost corner. They're just fucking with me now.

...but wait! Look, just north of the school... Er, just east of the school! There's a clinic! Let's head over there so we don't have to walk across town.


The Izumi Clinic is actually creepy as fuck. You see the giant veiny baby thing, don't you? On the other hand, the rug is pretty awesome and I'm like 99% sure this was edited out in the US version. I'd also kill to have a t-shirt like the poster there. Love is Drug, folks!

Well, I guess we have no choice but to head over to Hospital...

Wait. I just had a brilliant idea!
Let's go to the mall! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdD0j6wmMNc)

Mara Ring and company head over to Joy Street, the yellow cross-shaped building near the middle of town.


First, let's go Peace Diner. There's nothing to buy (but the cashier has some serious hair), but we can chat with a student wearing a FAMILIAR uniform.


Now let's hit up the Yin and Yan, Mikage's favorite convenience store! They sell a lot of miscellaneous healing items (at least for now...), such as Chewing Souls and Hiranyas (recovers HP and SP). We don't really need that stuff, do we? After all, we're a bunch of typical Japanese high school students :D


The pharmacy is next! It isn't just any pharmacy, it's Satomi Tadashi, Your Local Drug Store (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpmScR8RBTE)!

If you gotta recover HP, use Ointments and Jewels,
If you're dyin', your buddies better have an Orb of Returning or a Soul Incense!

Petrified from head to toe? Fix it with Dis Stone!
Feeling the pangs from Poison? Dis Poison!
Paralysis is only temporary when you have Dis Paralyze!
Make a complete recovery from any Sickness with Dis Sick!

Always by the side of those out fightin', your local drug store!

Well, as typical Japanese high school students, Team Wangerdoodle don't really need any of that stuff. After all, it isn't like they're fighting demons or anything. Tsk, can you imagine?


Sennenmannendou is a bizarre store that sells curios. Right now, they have virtually the same item list as Yin and Yan.


Rosa Candida is a clothing store, but they won't let Mara Ring buy anything. Those mannequins are dressed sort of familiarly...


Down a side hall, there's this strange blue door. The store is labeled "Velvet Room" but the door is locked. How strange! I'm sure it's just some kind of lounge and won't be very important at all. Further down the hall is an unmarked door that leads to another save point. How a tree that size manages to grow inside a building I'll never know.

Pajaro Pete
01-16-2009, 07:34 PM
There's another door down the hall, but we're gonna leave that one alone for right now. With nothing else to do, Mara Ring decides it's time to finally head to the Hospital.


In the lobby, Mark says that Maki's staying in Room 302. Nanjou and Yukino both question why he knows that. Mara Ring isn't paying attention. He's spotted something else... something sinister:


OH MY GOD THAT WOMAN IS BEING ATTACKED BY A ZOMBIE IT'S ON HER BACK GET IT OFF GET IT OFF---wait, that's not a zombie. It's just a malformed child. Whoops. Haha, can you imagine? A zombie at the hospital? Boy don't I have the wildest imagination.

Mara Ring wishes he had bought a Baby Ruth candy bar at Yin and Yan. Yamaoka's also hiding in the corner behind some vending machines. He asks Mara Ring not to tell Nanjou he's here. Boy, I smell a running gag! Surely Yamaoka is going to be following up around for the rest of the game, keeping tabs on Nanjou. Won't that be wacky?

On to room 302! For some reason, Atlus decided not to label the rooms in this game when you walk by them, which is kind of a pain in the ass. Oh well, we can deduce that Maki's on the third floor, so might as well head up that way.


Since most of what is talked about here doesn't matter to us:
Sonomura Maki is a classmate who's been in and out of the hospital her entire life. She's been here for about a year this time. She suffers from that mysterious ANIME DISORDER that girls tend to have. Maki reveals that Mark's been coming to visit her, and is happy that everyone else came, too. Yukino lies and pretends that they give a rat's ass about her.

In the middle of their conversation, Maki doubles over in pain and is rushed away to the ICU. While our heroes wait for her, an earthquake rocks the hospital, and the ICU ward disappears entirely. Those of you with acute perception may have noticed the background has become all trippy. Perhaps... it means something?

The group hears a woman's scream and dash off to investigate.



Actually, what happens in the game is a lot less exciting:

Yamaoka is lying on the ground, and a nurse tells the group that the old guy tried to hold them off. Nanjou quickly realizes that the "old guy" is actually Yamaoka. He's lying on the floor and injured pretty badly.

Nanjou is, and this is a total understatement, really pissed off. The group is thrown into their first battle:

Yes, Mark has an axe. No, I don't know why either nor is it ever explained.

The dramatic music of meaningful awakenings plays (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOxPXm2uoCU).

Nanjou: "You! I'll rip you apart!"
Yukino: "Watch your backs!"
Mark: "W-wait a minute! How're we supposed to stop something that's already dead?!"

>You feel dizzy. You feel your heart pounding. Your chest is tightening. Is this how you're going to die? You hear words echoing in your head:
"I am thou, thou art I"

>A blue light engulfs you. An ethereal being appears and rips a zombie apart with wind.

Unknown Entity: "I am thou... thou art I. Born of the sea of thy heart, I shall deliver you from the ills of this world."


>You see the same thing happening to your friends. The zombies have all been defeated. Obtained mace.

Fuck yeah! Let's go old school viking on some undead zombie ass!

>Guess again (http://safelifeproducts.com/shop/images/M80153_Mace.jpg).

How is pepper spray supposed to help us fight off hordes of the undead?

>That is not my problem. You also obtain a mop.

Boy howdy.

>And a level up.



Nanjou: "Yamaoka... you can't... who's going to take care of me? You can't..."
Yamaoka: "Young Master, don't make that face... It doesn't suit your strong face. You've grown so much... you don't need me to take care of you anymore."
Nanjou: "No... no, no, no, no, no! You have to stay with me. I'm ordering you, Yamaoka! Stay with me!"
Yamaoka: "I can't do that... but please, young master, promise me you'll become the number one man in Japan..."
Nanjou: "O..of course... I'll be the best in Japan. No, the best in the whole world!"
Yamaoka: "That's what I expected to hear... Remember Young Master... I'll always be with you... in your heart..."
Nanjou: "Yamaoka...? Yamaoka! You have to answer me Yamaokaaaaaaah!"

>Nanjou is sobbing too hard for you to understand what he's saying.

The party lets him grieve for a moment, and I always felt like it would have been really great if Yukino had told Nanjou to get up and come with them given what happens with her in Innocent Sin.

After the scene is over, we're allowed to reposition our party and equip stuff. Nanjou gets the mop, and Mara Ring gets the Mace.

Pajaro Pete
01-16-2009, 08:58 PM
Let's take a look at our Personas!


Mara Ring's Persona is Shoumen Kongou. Shoumen Kongou is a deity from the Koshin folk religion, one that protects people from diseases caused by the supernatural. His blue color indicates that he takes the sicknesses unto himself to protect others. Boy that seems like it might be meaningful later on, doesn't it?

Shoumen Kongou learns the spells Garu (ガル), Delight (デライト, inflicts Blind), Makajammer (マカジャマ, inflicts Close), Pulinpa (プリンパ, inflicts Panic), Mahagaru (マハーガル), and Spin Kick (スピンキック).

Shoumen Kongou is an Elemental Sign Persona, that reflects Wind-damage and is weak to Physical.

Turnip, weak to physical? A starter Persona that is weak to physical? Really? Philemon is kind of a dick!

No, not really! You see, in Persona, "Physical" doesn't mean what it means in, like, every other RPG ever created. In fact, now would be a pretty good time to talk about the elemental system in this game.

There are four domains: Elemental (sometimes called "Spirit" in the US version), Physical, Evil Dark and Holy Light.

Elemental consists of the four classical elements: Ignis (Fire/Agi), Aqua (Water/Bufu), Air (Wind/Garu), and Terra(Earth/Magna).

The opposing force is Physical, which consists of SCIENCE!: Photon (Electricity/Zio), Gluon (Nuclear/Frei), Weak Boson (Force/Zan), and Graviton (Gravity/Gry). I think, for our purposes, we'll refer to "Physical" as "SCIENCE!"

Next we have Evil Dark: Curse (Darkness/Mudo and Eiha), Nerve (Negative status effects), Awake (Positive status effects), Necromancy (Serious/persistent status effects).

Holy Light: Exorcism (Expel/Hama and Kouha), Sign (Buff spells. I almost wrote "Your Kajas, -kundas and karns" but that's... not good), Bless (Recovery/Dia), and Wonder (Revival/Recarm).

Yes, you can tell they're reaching for categories in the Holy Light and Evil Dark classifications.

A demon or Persona's "type" will give you a good idea of what it is strong or weak to. For example, Elementals tend to resist elemental magic, but are usually weak to SCIENCE! The secondary type is that Persona's inheritance type and will give you clues as to what kinds of abilities they have.

You don't find any of this out anywhere in the game, I don't think, so unless you have a booklet you're in some real trouble.The US version uses the term "Spirit" in the weakness/strengths section, making the system even more inscrutable.

Moving right along:

Nanjou's Aizen Myouo is a Japanese god of fucking. He's all about transforming the lust for the flesh into a lust for knowledge. I'll let y'all speculate on how that relates to Nanjou.

Aizen Myouo learns Hanma (ハンマ), Candy Voice (キャンディボイス, inflicts Charm), Sukukaja (スクカジャ), Hatred Fist (いかりのてっけん - 怒りの鉄拳, damage with chance to inflict Afraid), Makakaja (マカカジャ) and Endless White (えいえんのしろ - 永遠の白, Wonder-based damage). Hanma spells work differently in Persona 1: They deal a certain amount of damage when cast, then deal that much damage again at the end of the turn. They can inflict instant death if the target is weak to the exorcism magic.

Also, keep in mind that this is Persona 1, so those Kaja spells? They hit the whole party and can be stacked. And Aizen Myouo, a starter Persona, has the two most important ones in the game. (He's one of three Personas in the game to get Makakaja)

...balance isn't in this game's vocabulary.

As a Holy Light Persona, Aizen Myouo is resistant to all magic but weak to regular attacks and Curse magic.


Yukino's Vesta drains Fire, resists SCIENCE! and is weak to other Elemental magic. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of the hearth, and is responsible for keeping the home in harmony. Why she is depicted as a harlequin mermaid, I don't know.

Vesta learns Frei (フレイ), Dia (ディア), Zio (ジオ), Crimson Sublation (しようのあか -止揚の紅, fire damage to a group of enemies, stronger than Maharagion), and Freira (フレイラ).

You see, Yukino gets "Dia" because she's a woman and woman have to be healers.

We won't look at Mark's Persona because Mark sucks and we won't be seeing him for long.


Moving right along, Team Wangerdoodle encounter a gang of Pixies and Slimes three steps later. In Persona, each character has their own mostly unique way of talking to demons. There's still an element of randomness, each contact command has a couple of different scripts.

Mara Ring can use his persuasive oratory skills, he can invite the demon to come along with them, he can sing a song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JShKycNpq_o) or provoke the enemy.

Mark can dance (Mara Ring is a better dancer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0scjYNeaQxg)), stare the enemy down, provoke them, or lie. See, he's full of hot air.

Nanjou can attempt to bribe the enemy, yell, deliver a speech, or make a sarcastic remark. And yet, he's still remarkably useful for contacting. Funny, that.

Yukino can bully enemies, scold them, preach at them, or ignore them. Social skills aren't her forte, it seems.

Mara Ring chats up the Pixies. Persona 1 has a visual gauge of how well you're doing. If you max out their Anger, they'll go berserk and the enemies will get a free turn. If you max out Joy, they'll be inflicted with happy status and waste a few turns. If you max out Fear, they'll either be inflicted with Terror or run off. If you max out Interest, they'll give you three options: You can ask for a Spell Card, an item, or for them to leave.

Spell Cards are used for Persona fusion. Unlike in P3/4, they are not the Personas themselves.

There's not a whole lot to the Hospital, there's really only one way to go and you can see dead ends on the automap in the corner.


In the leftmost screenshot, you can see one of the game's major problems: Scaled experience based on how useful you were in combat. The more things you kill, the more experience you'll get. Right now it isn't such a problem, because all the party members will automatically be brought up the Mara Ring's level when they rejoin down the road, but later on it really starts to make your party uneven. Admittedly, for the Snow Queen Quest, it's actually really useful to grind levels for Mara Ring by letting him soak up all the Exp.

The PC version fixes this so that all party members will receive the same amount of Exp.

There's a Nurse's Station down the hall, where Mara Ring finds two ointments and 2 QQmets (QQメット), helmets for any gender. On the next floor, there's another Nurse's Station that has two more QQmets and a Dispoison.


The stairways are Persona 1's secret godsend. Characters recover SP as they walk, and are guaranteed to never encounter battles in this little two tile area, you can walk back and forth in these spaces to regenerate SP.

There's also some Zombie-chans, wearing St. Ermine uniforms. Looks like all our classmates aren't ok D:

There's a doctor on the first floor that'll heal your party, but it isn't necessary because you shouldn't be hurting too bad.


At the entrance, a nurse has gotten herself trapped under a vending machine. Yukino wants Mara Ring to help her.
HEY TYRANT--- oh wait this is another one of those things that doesn't matter to us. Mara Ring volunteers to help her, but before they can, more zombies show up.

As does... Ellie?!

Ellie: "Whew, it was rough getting here. Well, well! There are DEMONS here too?"

A battle begins. The meaningful music is playing.


Nanjou: "Kirishima! Stay back!"
Ellie: "NO PROBLEM! I'm a decent enough fencer!"
Yukino: "Eriko, this isn't a normal human!"
Mark: "Goddamit, she doesn't understand anything!"

Mark hacks one of the zombies up, netting his only kill in the game. The other zombie attacks Ellie but she parries. Her Persona awakens, casts Kouha, and we get a free level up.

After the battle:

Ellie: "That was... NIKE? The GREEK goddess of victory... I am her... and she is me...?"
Yukino: "Eriko? Are you ok?"
Ellie: "NIKE... The basis for CHRISTIANITY'S ANGELS... I am her... and she is me...
Mark: "She's checked out."
Yukino: "Eriko! Look at me!"
Ellie: ! "Huh? Haha, I get it now! Don't worry guys, just think of me as your guardian ANGEL, here to bring you victory!"

>Ellie strikes a dramatic pose.

Pajaro Pete
01-16-2009, 09:00 PM
Mark: "Hey dumbass, we can do that too."

>Ellie sweatdrops
Ellie: "Oh. I guess this means I'm not the only chosen one."
Nanjou: "Kirishima, did you dream about a butterfly?"
Ellie: "Eh? How'd you know about that? I've been having it ever since I first played PERSONA-sama. But I've been having it more and more lately..."
Nanjou: "Huh... so does that mean the dream is causing all this?"

(Enjoy that scene while it lasts, because it is the only time anyone acknowledges the mythology behind a Persona)

Ellie tells the group that demons are crawling all over town, and that the school is probably the safest place to be because of the strong walls. She also tells them that Maki's mother has been shot and is waiting at the Araya Shrine in town, and they need to go help her.

Ellie joins the party. She actually has a real weapon, which is nice.


The town map now has random battles. But we've got Ellie, who is mostly unstoppable. All the cars have disappeared from the streets, but we still can't fucking cross without a crosswalk.


Ellie's Nike learns Kouha (コウハ, exorcism damage to one enemy), Dia (ディア), Rakukaja (ラクカジャ), Rough Waves (ごうのなみ - 剛の波?, the same thing as Yukino's Crimson spell except for Aqua damage) and Eastern Crash? (とうしょうは - 東衝破, same as Rough Waves except for Weak Boson damage).

Nike is a Judgement Persona, which have a rather... curious quality to them: They're immune to magic. Nike is immune to all Elemental and SCIENCE! magic, weak to Curses and Necromancy, and absorbs Exorcism. Go back and reread that. Ellie is immune to nearly every single magic spell in the game from the very beginning.

First, Team Wangerdoodle decide to hit up Joy Street Mall. On the way they fight lots of assorted enemies (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/assorted-1.jpg) and pick up lots and lots of delicious Spell Cards.


The door we ignored a while ago leads to Judgment 1999, a casino. Mara Ring spends all his money buying coins and hits the poker machine. After you win one hand, you're allowed to go double or nothing from one of three minigames. The best on to pick is called "Big or Small," where you have to guess if the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the one currently out. You can continue to go double or nothing and play it until you hit a max of 100,000 coins.

Yes it is as horribly broken as it sounds.

Mara Ring takes his winnings, which come out at around 60,000 coins, and checks out the fabulous prizes they have. This is another one of Persona's more irritating quirks: You can't buy SWORD weapons from stores, so you have to either get them from demons, find them in chests, or win them from the Casino. Also, it doesn't say who can equip what weapon, so it is entirely possible you'll lay down a ton of coins for something you can't use.

Mara Ring buys a Fauchard (マルドギール), two Mail Breakers (メイルブレイカー), a Sonic Blade (ソニックソード), and a Strike Tail (ストライクテイル). Mara Ring takes one of the Mail Breakers and the other stays in the inventory because he can't remember if characters will have different equipment when they return.

Team Wangerdoodle, well, mostly Nanjou, takes sometime to rank up their Personas. Personas gain experience when they're used in battle. As they rank up, they'll learn new spells. I really wanted Nanjou to learn Makakaja, before I hit the shrine, but then I got bored and decided to advance the plot (such as it is).

Araya Shrine (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/araya.png) is the yellow building on the map that's located just east of school.


It is also apparently filled with Phantos. For the love of god, don't touch the key. Maki's mother is here, as well as a golden butterfly. Cue Philemon scene two. He doesn't say anything helpful or interesting, just that there are many roads ahead and you get to decide which path you take and that you have to live with the consequences of your actions and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Back in fugly sprite land, Maki's mother gives some exposition about the SEBEC story, which is of no use to us so we'll be ignoring it. She does say that they'll need a Security Card to get to the SEBEC building, and that its at the police station. Mark and Nanjou volunteer to go get it and leave the party.

That's ok, we still have Ellie. You can speak to the butterfly if you need to be healed, but you shouldn't. Now, the only thing left to do is go back to St. Ermine. If you try to go anywhere else, Yukino and Ellie will stop you. Neat.

LATER TONIGHT, OR POSSIBLY TOMORROW: We'll actually begin the Snow Queen Quest! Aren't you just trembling with excitement?

01-16-2009, 09:47 PM
he can sing a song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JShKycNpq_o) or provoke the enemy.
YES. Damn if that song doesn't make me laugh every time.

This is already amazingly informative for me, and it's still in the part of the game that I've played. This is going to be excellent.

01-16-2009, 09:51 PM
Every single link in this thing has been better than the last. Damn! I have no idea where you found some of this stuff.

But yeah, I'm in this thing for the long haul, especially after how awesome your Soul Hackers run was. Let's see what started a series that I now love even though I've only played two games in it and only beat one of them! YEAH!

(I am such an SMT fan poser, I swear.)

01-16-2009, 10:14 PM
The best part is the greek at the top is "Alpha, Omega" and there's a Star of David at the bottom. And the actual art of it makes the gold part look like a Jesus fish. LAYERS AND LAYERS OF RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM, FOLKS.Uh, that symbol at the top is the Orthodox equivalent of the Cross, the Kai-ro.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 01:23 AM
Part 3-ish: STORY


Back at the Academy, Ellie convinces the students to open the door for them without resorting to racism (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/persona-8-1.png) like in the US version. Saeko greets them in the entrance, and I just love how Maki's mother is laying on the ground in all these pictures. This scene really highlights how lowbudget they went with this game: Saeko (and most of the NPCs) doesn't actually have a walking animation. The screen FADES OUT then FADES BACK IN so she can move across the screen. Yukino and Ellie leave the party, while Saeko and Mara Ring lung Maki's mother to the nurse's office. There's a little more pointless chatter about IMPORTANT PLOT POINTS for the other quest.


Mara Ring stops by the Principal's office to put in some face time with the administration. Mostly because I forgot to introduce them earlier.

Vice Principal Hanya. Also known as Hanya (http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=GVO&q=hanya&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi). He's an asshole to the students and they all hate him.

Principal Ooishi. The principal of St. Ermine. A woman who has dedicated herself to the students of St. Ermine. She also likes flowers.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time to start the Snow Queen Quest!


First, Mara Ring needs to head to his classroom, room 2-4 and speak to the girl inside.
Student: "That idiot Akuma-kun said that the town becoming like this is because of a curse on St. Ermine. How can he even joke about that at a time like this?"

Akuma-kun, huh? Maybe he knows something about all this. I'm allowed to think this because I ignored everything that Maki's mother said :D

Akuma-kun hangs out in the library on the third floor.


Akuma-kun: "You've heard of the Snow Queen, right? The old fairy tale. The play is a tradition for the drama club. Hehehe... They even have a special mask they use in the production. But... did you know the mask is cursed. Anyone who plays the role of the Snow Queen, who wears the mask, will die. One after another, they all drop like flies after they've played the role of the Snow Queen. Isn't that fascinating?"

Kurouri Tsutomu. Nickname: Akuma-kun. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klwxa6G1m54) Has extensive knowledge of the occult, but isn't always 100% right.

...huh, that doesn't tell us a whole lot about the current situation, but isn't it an interesting story? We certainly don't want anyone to die, so let's go check with the drama club.


The drama club is located by the gym, which means you have to walk by the hole in the wall. Don't investigate the hole or else you'll trigger the SEBEC story. Ignore it and you'll end up in the club hallway.

Drama Club Member: "Who all's played the Snow Queen? Don't know. There may be some old records you can find, but we don't keep them here. And don't let the manager hear you talking about it, or else..."


Let's check in on the Fencing Club... Mara Ring walks in on two people arguing.

Tamaki-chan. A transfer student and member of the fencing club. Can always be found arguing with Tadashi.
Tadashi-kun. Member of the fencing club. Can always be found arguing with Tamaki.

There's a box in the corner that contains a couple of Arm Guards (アームガード). Mara Ring speaks with one of the other students in the room, and he says that when all the demons started appearing, Tamaki-chan knew them all by name. What kind of life did she live before coming to St. Ermine?


Mara Ring picks up some Toe Shoes (トウシューズ) from the Ballet club's room, a useless bow and arrow set from the Archery club's room, and a useless Boxing Glove from the Boxing club's room, as well as some sage advice: Don't be a crazy dog. He also snags some Head Gear (ヘッドギア), which are marginally better than the QQMets he has now.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, looking for records. Maybe we could try the student council? It's located on the third floor.


Council Chairman. Chairman of the St. Ermine Student Council. He seems to have lost his zest for life.

The Chairman doesn't have them, he says that they rearranged all the old records a long time ago and doesn't know where they are. Maybe Ooishi knows?

In the Principal's Office, Mara Ring walks in on a conversation between Ooishi and Hanya.

Ooishi: "...the Snow Queen? Ok, I'll tell you everything. The drama club used to put the play on every year. Every year, a girl that played the part of the Snow Queen would wear the mask with great pride, and every year the production was a success. But then this rumor started... "If you wear the mask, you'll die." I didn't believe it, at least not until that day eight years ago... Come to think of it, Saeko-sensei was the last one to play the role of the Snow Queen...

Hanya: "Principal..."

Ooishi: "It was eight years ago... Saeko-sensei was the understudy for her best friend, who had gotten the role as the Snow Queen. If only I had known sooner... everything would have been fine as long as no one wore the mask. But...
... After the memorial service, we put the mask in storage..."

Hanya: "You're pulling my leg! No one could believe such a ridiculous story!"

Storage, huh? I've heard that there's a storage room near the gym...


There's really no reason to ever come to the gym if you're doing the SEBEC story. In fact, it's entirely possible you'll never see it. In any case, there's a door to the side that leads to the storage room. There's a MYSTERIOUS BOX on the floor. Opening it causes a wave of light to fly out and...

I told you not to touch the fucking key asshole.

You obtain the Snow Queen Mask!

...and the music turns all OMINOUS.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 01:32 AM

When Mara Ring returns to the gym, a teacher spots him and notices that he's holding the Snow Queen Mask. He's surprised that it's still around.

Now that Mara Ring has this cursed mask, he decides to head back to talk to his classmates. When he arrives in the annex, he sees a girl in a red ribbon and Mark leave through the hole in the wall. Ayase and Yukino are also there. Ayase tells Mara Ring that Maki about what happened while he was running around the school chasing down masks: Brown and Mark managed to get in trouble at the police station, but Ellie and Nanjou rescued them. And Maki came to school with no recollection of ever being in the hospital. How mysterious!

Too bad it has nothing to do with us, right?


Saeko-sensei walks in (out?) and wants to know if Mark came back. Yukino explains the situation to her. Saeko then notices the mask Mara Ring is holding.

Saeko: "Eh? That mask...!! I can't believe we still have it. When I was your age, we used this mask for The Snow Queen."


Saeko tells the story of the Snow Queen. I am not typing it all out. There's a pretty indepth wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Snow_Queen) for it.


Saeko: "This mask is cursed. Doesn't that make sense, considering the story? When my friend wore it..."

Ayase: "S-stop it Sensei! You're giving me the creeps. Get rid of that thing."

Saeko: "Ah... I'm just telling you what they say about it: If you wear it, you'll die. But it isn't true, it's just a coincidence. See, I'll put it on and show you it's completely safe."

Turnip: Oh, Saeko, NO.

Saeko: "See? The Fortune smiles upon your teacher...? Huh...?"

Saeko: "Aaaaaah!"


Mara Ring, Yukino and Ayase are paralyzed by flashing lights and eventually collapse. There's a shitty FMV of the school freezing over that I didn't cap. Sorry. The trio wakes up in the courtyard of St. Ermine.


Saeko is standing at the other end of the courtyard. Yukino runs to her, but is blasted away. Four PENISES PHALLIC ICE PILLARS surround her.

"Saeko" giggles like an idiot, and Yukino is pretty much in denial about the whole thing. She tells Saeko to stop messing around.

"Saeko": "Joke? You think this is a joke? Look around you, little girl. Ehehehehe... I'll bring this world to a peaceful end. Everything will be frozen in an eternal moment... Yes, I'll create a perfect world."

Ayase: "How the hell can you say something like that?"

"Saeko":" Don't be so course my lovely. Ehehehehe... Even you shall have eternal beauty in my world."

Yukino: "Yuka, stay back!! It's the mask... the mask took over her body! I won't just stand here and let that monster have its way with sensei!"

Mask: " 'Took over'...? She put the mask on all by herself. I didn't do anything. And I'll advise you to watch your tongue you wench. If anything, you shall address me as 'The Snow Queen,' not 'monster' or anything of the like."

Yukino: "Is this all a game to you?! What are you going to do with Saeko-sensei?!"

Snow Queen: "She'll become a sacrifice."

Ayase: "S-sacrifice?!"

Snow Queen: "Yes, sacrifice. If Saeko, who overflowed with hopes and dreams, is sacrificed, the quiet stillness of despair will set in: An Eternal Night."

Ayase: "Does that mean everyone will be frozen?!"

Yukino: "You don't have to do that! Just give Saeko-sensei back right now!"

Snow Queen: "You're a feisty one. I'll be happy to give her back... but only if you can remove the mask. Unless you take it off, Saeko won't return to normal. Perhaps you should think it over? Maybe if you spend some time thinking about it, you'll understand the need for the Eternal Night. You're free to walk around your frozen school, but I just can't bear to let you leave. There's only two possible outcomes: You take the mask off Saeko, or you welcome the Eternal Night."

Ayase: "How're we supposed to get the mask off?"

A light flashes and Saeko is frozen solid.

Snow Queen's Voice: "Ehehehe... we still have some time before Saeko breaks... I suppose we need some entertainment... How about a game?"

Yukino: "Game?!"

Snow Queen's Voice: "Three towers have risen around this frozen castle, each tower has a guardian. It's possible to defeat the guardian before the clocks in the tower reach midnight. So maybe, just maybe, if you defeat all the guardians, you'll be able to save your school and Saeko. I haven't prepared a contingency plan, so if I lose Saeko, I lose period. Good luck~"


Team Wangerdoodle are spirited off to Philemon's world.
Philemon: "I felt you calling out to me, your sadness and frustration and desire to save your teacher. There is a way to save her: Use the Demon's Mirror. It should be able to dispel the mask's curse. Unfortunately, just like the story says, the mirror has been shattered into 12 fragments. across the three towers. I will give you this mirror frame. Set the fragments in it and you should be able to reconstruct the Demon's Mirror. You should be able to save your teacher if you find enough fragments. You don't have much time left... Good luck."

Back in the courtyard, the trio's even more determined to save Saeko. As they enter the school, Yukino takes one last look at Saeko and swears that she'll save her.


St. Ermine has become the Frozen Castle. The layout is completely different, with most of the rooms replaced with stores of all varieties.


Nanjou is in the nurse's office. He was wounded during the great police station escapade, and Natsumi is trying to get him to stay put. Ayase and Yukino explain the current situation, and Nanjou is shocked that the school has transformed like the hospital did. He volunteers to come along.

Mara Ring turns him down for the time being.

In the library, Akuma-kun and Ellie are being wacky occultfiends. There's a strange gold door in the middle of the room. Ellie inspects it and sees that "Nemesis's Domain" is inscribed on it. She goes on to explain the Nemesis is the personification of vengeance. She's also, of course, totally excited that there are more demons around. Oh Ellie. She volunteers to come along.

Mara Ring turns her down for the time being.

The reason he turned them both down is because he wanted your opinion! Yes, your's! We only have two open party slots, but three possible members! We already know about Ellie and Nanjou, but there's also someone hiding behind Door # 3. We won't be able to recruit him until after we pick up either Ellie or Nanjou, so who's it gonna be? Should we take both Ellie and Nanjou and screw the forget about the last guy? Or should we go with only Ellie? How about just Nanjou? TYRANTS I NEED YOUR HELP. Please vote for two!

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 01:37 AM
This is already amazingly informative for me, and it's still in the part of the game that I've played. This is going to be excellent.

I can only imagine your surprise to find out what "Weak to Spirit/Weak to Physical" actually mean. And we still have fusion to cover! OH BOY.

Every single link in this thing has been better than the last. Damn! I have no idea where you found some of this stuff.

Looking for other stuff, mostly. Like, the danjo video I was looking for a preview of Devil Survivor, and yet I found something 300x better!

Uh, that symbol at the top is the Orthodox equivalent of the Cross, the Kai-ro.

You can't really tell in that image, but there's a small "alpha" symbol and a small "omega" symbol on either side of the cross-thing.

01-17-2009, 01:55 AM
Ha, I didn't realize the St. Hermelin seal was so adorable.

You better pick up Nanjou at least, or I ain't reading! I picked Ellie for my P1 game, but I'm relatively indifferent to her. But I'd vote for her over the other guy anyway.

01-17-2009, 03:38 AM
Assuming the mystery guest is Brown, go with Nanjou and Ellie. Nanjou is Nanjou, and it seems like Ellie has just as many head-slapping moments as Brown, with the added benefit of gratuitous English.


First, let's go Peace Diner. There's nothing to buy (but the cashier has some serious hair), but we can chat with a student wearing a FAMILIAR uniform.

Plaid pants (http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/megaten/smtif-group.jpg), huh?

Speaking of If..., I love the underlying sense of continuity between that game, P1, and P2. That line about Tamaki recognizing all the demons is a good example.


Rosa Candida is a clothing store, but they won't let Mara Ring buy anything. Those mannequins are dressed sort of familiarly...

The one in black resembles Nemissa, but this game came first, right? I don't recognize the other one at all.

Faulcard (マルドギール)

That's a weird one.

01-17-2009, 04:38 AM
Man, I forgot all about Reiji. If it's Reiji, get Reiji.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 10:14 AM
It isn't Reiji, he's off being awesome and half naked somewhere else.

The one in black resembles Nemissa, but this game came first, right? I don't recognize the other one at all.

I think the other one kinda looks like BandyAid. The shirt's a different color, but that's a green jacket and white pants... I wouldn't be surprised if he already had their designs done at this time. After all, Raidou's been around since 2000 (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/156-1.jpg), at least in concept.

That's a weird one.

Yeah, mostly because it should be Fauchard. Whoops.

You better pick up Nanjou at least, or I ain't reading! I picked Ellie for my P1 game, but I'm relatively indifferent to her. But I'd vote for her over the other guy anyway.

How can you be indifferent to Ellie? She's awesome.

01-17-2009, 10:56 AM
I think the other one kinda looks like BandyAid. The shirt's a different color, but that's a green jacket and white pants... I wouldn't be surprised if he already had their designs done at this time. After all, Raidou's been around since 2000 (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/156-1.jpg), at least in concept.

Oh, yeah. I forgot BandyAid, since we didn't actually see him much.

Yeah, mostly because it should be Fauchard. Whoops.

The kana is still so different, though. This page (http://arms.cybrary.jp/db/longhandle/polearms/mardgeer.html) seems to think it's "Mardgeer."

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 11:05 AM
That would make even more sense! I thought I was just really bad at French! And that was "A" instead of "Ma"

01-17-2009, 11:16 AM
I want to vote for Ellie and mysterious third person, solely on the basis that, while what I've seen of Nanjou is completely awesome, I've also seen him before in the Persona 2 Let's play.

That's my total justification, though. I'll be thrilled with whoever. Heh.

01-17-2009, 01:20 PM
Speaking of If..., I love the underlying sense of continuity between that game, P1, and P2. That line about Tamaki recognizing all the demons is a good example.
I didn't mention this at the time, but since you'll clearly find it interesting, if you look back at the scene in the amphitheater in IS, the "Spade" group is wearing If... uniforms. So they (and I think some other random NPCs) are from Karukozaka, too.
I can only imagine your surprise to find out what "Weak to Spirit/Weak to Physical" actually mean. And we still have fusion to cover! OH BOY.
Yeah, I think I would've liked the last dungeon a whole lot more if I'd actually known how to get swords, and what I could use on demons that reflect or absorb "Magic." I also never visited the "LOVE IS DRUG" clinic, and used "Magic Rocks" to restore pathetic amounts of SP, even at the end of the game.

01-17-2009, 01:36 PM
The other room is the dressing room for "Spade," another Sasaki group which I'm sure is just as dumb and at least as awful. Unlike the all-Sevens trio, the girls represent three different high schools, although this fact isn't remotely important.

Meanwhile, another Masquerade executive, with another skull, is sapping energy from the Muses and Spades.

If each member is from a different school, the one in the gray looks like a Hermelin refugee, too. Neat!

01-17-2009, 04:37 PM
How can you be indifferent to Ellie? She's awesome.

Relatively! Persona's cast is kind of weird. Ellie's got a cool base Persona, at least. As I mentioned in the Atlus thread, I was thinking of doing a Snow Queen quest run the other day. In preparation for that I was peeking at GameFAQs, so I know who's behind door number three, so I stick with my vote.

01-17-2009, 06:21 PM
or ジャラミー "T-FROG" パリッシュ
The ice, it's so thin this time of year. Best not to skate on it.

01-17-2009, 06:42 PM
Ice is generally considered at it's thickest at this time of the year.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 08:43 PM
Part IV: Let's Game Mechanicking!


Mara Ring swings back to the Nurse's office to pick up Nanjou, and then over to the Library to pick up Ellie. Congratulations Tyrants, you made the correct choices.

Now that they've joined, we rearrange the party so that Nanjou, Mara Ring and Ellie are up front, while Yukino and Ayase are just behind them. There's nothing left to do except go to the Cafeteria, which is located directly in front of the courtyard (where you first enter the Frozen Castle).


Inside, Brown is yelling a fat kid for eating all the food.

Yokouchi Kenta. Nickname: Toro. Loves to eat and has zero willpower.

The teacher also yells at him, and then Toro starts to flip out. The Persona users in the group immediately notice that something is wrong, and both Brown and the teacher run off.


Toro has set his sights on Ayase, and begins yelling at her for something she said to him. Yukino wants to know what she said, and sends us into a flashback. Back to a simpler time when the school wasn't covered in ice, and the fat kid wasn't about to go Carrie on everyone.

Toro tells Ayase that he likes her, which shows that no only does he have an eating disorder, he also has terrible taste in wimmenfolk. Ayase tells him, in no uncertain terms, that she wouldn't be caught dead with a fatass like him. She calls him a fat little piggie (actually, she says "オニクのカタマリ" which is 100% better but really awkward, y'know?)

Back in the present, Ayase is surprised that what she said hurt his feelings. Because Ayase is apparently a sociopath.

...hey guys, guess what time it is? It's PENIS DEMON TIME~


Ah yes, perhaps the most infamous scene in a Persona game: Toro's Persona is a Giant Penis. A lot of people want to tell you that this scene is the reason the Snow Queen Quest was cut from the US version, but I don't know about that. After all, didn't Pandora's FMV stay in?

In any case, Toro's Penis spits fire at Mara Ring and Yukino, then at Ayase. This causes Ayase's Persona, Houri, to appear and blast him with Agilao. Toro's Penis isn't satisfied yet, so it spits fire at Nanjou, too. This causes Ayase's Houri to blow him away with Agilao.

Then everyone gets a free level up. Hooray!

After the battle, there's some discussion about what happened, the nature of Personas, and Toro apologizes for, y'know, trying to kill everyone. Well. I feel like we've all learned a very important lesson.

(All this happens (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/0003s1sa.jpg) in the comic (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/0003tbya.jpg) too (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/0003w2gd.jpg). The school isn't frozen over, but all the students are staying there overnight because of all the demons running around town.


Ayase's Persona is Houri. Houris are the heavenly maidens from the Islamic faith. They are the 72 Virgins you hear so much about.

Houri learns Agilao (アギラオ), Lullaby (こもりうた - 子守唄), Maharagi (マハラギ), Whip of Love (あいのムチ - 愛のムチ), and Crimson Sublation (しようのあか - 止揚の紅). Houri kind of exists to make Vesta look bad.

Houri reflects Ignis and is weak to SCIENCE! However, since she is an Elemental Ignis-type, that means she also resists Air and Terra (but not Aqua).


Now that Ayase's Persona has awakened, Mara Ring one of the locked doors in the Castle has opened. Inside is the Velvet Room (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn3Q0Tz2zfg). We're not ready to be here just yet. We need to hit up Judgment 1999 first.


Judgment 1999's prize list has changed. They no longer have weapons. Instead, they have a ton of Material items, which are used in fusion to create special Personas you normally won't be able to make. They also have a ton of lithographs. Lithographs, when used in battle, have the same effect as "Maha(spell)dyne," so the Enma Lithograph (えんまのせきばん) is the same as Maharagidyne, the Touma Lithograph (とうまのせきばん) is the same as Mahabufudyne, and so forth and so on.

I don't know why these are different than the other magic stones, which are clearly labeled like "Agidyne Stone" (アギダインストーン) or "Mahazan Stone" (マハザンストーン). The effect is the same as the lithographs, though: A single use item in battle.

Well, that's the use if you're an idiot. The items have a very important secret power: If you choose to use them in fusion, they will pass their spell onto the Persona being created. Because this isn't Persona 3/4, Persona spells have a flat rate. That is, every spell a Persona has costs the same amount of SP to use. That means we can load up on, say, Scorching Lithographs (しゃくねつのせきばん) and teach Megidolaonn to as many Personas as we want!

...I mean, that would be not the best idea, because Megidolaonn is a Nuclear-type spell and we kind of need a variety in magic, but you get the idea: We have access to every Maha-dyne spell in the game right now.

Mara Ring loads up on 8 of every lithograph, not because we'll be doing much fusion, but because these items have a third, very important purpose for us playing the Snow Queen Quest: We got to get paid. Each Lithograph sells for between 15000 and 20000 yen. I spent 8000 yen for coins at the beginning, and I now have 500,000+. Lithographs cost between 3000 and 5000 coins.

...basically we no longer need to worry about money.


Time to go shopping! Fun fact: The game doesn't tell you who can equip what on shopping menus, meaning you'll probably waste a ton of money buying armor and weapons you can't use.

First up is the Frog Boy Arms Merchant. He's selling the only Sword weapons you can buy in the game, which are mostly worse than what we picked up at the Mall's Casino. The exception is the Majousen (まじょうせん) for Yukino. I don't know exactly what that is, except that it's some type of bottle cap or cork. It hits 4~6 times and can inflict sleep (and the chance to inflict sleep is per strike, too!).

Speaking of those items, Ellie takes the other Mail Breaker and Nanjou gets the Sonic Blade.

Next up: Firearms.
Mara Ring equips machine guns, which randomly hit enemies. The Ingram(イングラム) hits 1~3 times.

Yukino uses shotguns, which hit all enemies in their (unfortunately small) range. She gets a Mossberg M500 (モスバーグM500).

Since Ayase already came with a pistol, she doesn't need an upgrade just yet. Besides, her whip has better range anyway.

Nanjou and Ellie equip rifles. This is another reason why they are pretty awesome and y'all made the right choice. Rifles are more accurate than machine guns and hit more times. So both of them get AK47s.

Everyone gets Serpent Fang bullets (サーペントファング), which have a chance to cause poison.

Next is the Survival Gear store, which is run by that fellow in the gas mask. Could it be Nich? See that's a Persona 4 reference.

Anyway, Ellie and Nanjou get Head Gear (ヘッドギア). Everyone gets a Spectra Vest (スペクトラベスト) and Titanium Guards (チタニウムガード), both of which are only marginally better than the old armor/arm guards.

At SMD, they pick up some Hiranyas (ヒランヤ - Recovers HP and SP by 25%) and Chewing Souls (チューインソウル - Restores 10~ish SP). Even though SP does regenerate in dungeons, we're going to be on a time limit while walking around. Plus, gotta have a way to restores SP in boss fights, right?

SMD also offers a new service: You can exchange gemstones for Incenses. Incense will increase the relevant stat by a couple of points. They also have the lower-tier spell stones. The types of gems you need change depending on the phase of the moon.

At Satomi Tadashi, they get about 10 of everything.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 08:44 PM
Now that all that is taken care of, it's time to get down to it! I mentioned earlier that the rooms aren't labeled. The Save Point, the Velvet Room, and the stores are all marked on your big map, but it doesn't distinguish between which stores are which. None of the other rooms are marked, which makes tracking down the entrance to the towers a little irritating.

So while Mara Ring is wandering around, looking for the entrance of Hypnos Tower, he stumbles upon demons!


Er, by "Demons" I mean "THE BEST DANG NPCS EVER." Heeho-kun and Heehoko-chan are in the classroom that leads to the Devil's Mountain. We'll get to what exactly that is later.

The entrance to Hypnos Tower is located in the Fencing Room. To help narrow it down, the Fencing Room is one of the small rooms in the Castle. Once you head through the door into the tower, you can't come back until you complete it.

In other words, this would be a remarkably good time to save the game at The Save Point. I call it "The Save Point" because it's like, the only place in this storyline that you can actually make a permanent file. The rest are "Continue" files, which end the game after you save and are erased when you load them up. This being the PS1, you can get around that by copying the Continue file to another memory card.


Looks like we're headed for the Clock Tower! I reckon now is a good time to talk about what we're actually doing. Like the Snow Queen said, we're supposed to defeat the Guardian of the Tower within the time limit. And like Philemon said, we need to find the mirror fragments to break the curse. In other words: We're doing timed artifact collecting. Are you ready?


...during the first battle, I realized that I had forgotten to rearrange party after the Toro event. Whoops!

You see that clock up there? That's the clock the Snow Queen was talking about. If it hits 12, it's game over. Since it started at 10, that means we have two hours to finish off Hypnos.

That's not entirely accurate. The clock is only running when you're in first person mode. Battles and third person rooms are "safe" and you don't have to worry about time running out. Unfortunately, that means this dungeon takes a lot longer than you'd expect from something with a two hour time limit.

The enemies aren't too tough on the first and second floor, they're mostly the same types that were at the hospital and on the streets earlier.

I forgot to mention it, I think, but Ellie's contact commands are: Tell a Scary Story; sing a spicy latin tune (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhyrW3hbvag); dote on the demon; and invite the demon to come along.

Ayase can insult the demon, cry crocodile tears, attempt to seduce the demon, or threaten them.


Towards the end of the first floor, there's a room with four chests: Mardgeer (マルドギール - weapon for Brown), Mail Breaker (メイルブレイカー - One handed sword that we already have), Flame Shawl (フレイムショール - Material item to fuse Houri), and Raven Feather (レイヴァンフェザー - Material item to fuse Brown's Nemain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemain)). Basically, a lot of crap we don't need! Also, the chests look like onions.

Towards the end of the second floor is the Velvet Room. I think it's time we fused ourselves a Persona!

I apparently forgot to take a screenshot of the fusion menu, so here's a screenshot I found of the English version. It will be replaced with a Moonspeak version shortly.

Eh. Fusion in Persona is... it certainly is. You see, all your Spell Card are brought up on a grid, with little icons to show you stuff about that fusion.

First, let's look at the colors. White means there's nothing special about it. Red means the demons are incompatible (ex: Holy Light demon fused with an Evil Dark demon), which means the fusion is unstable and you have a higher accident rate. Blue means that the demons are compatible (ex: Holy Light x Holy Light), which will result in an additional bonus, between 5 and 20, to Magic Attack and Defense. Magic Attack/Defense come exclusively from your Personas, so this is maybe a really good thing to look for!

Next, for passing on magic:
A circle means that no magic is going to passed on.
An arrow pointing up means that there's a very good chance you'll pass on a spell from the second demon you picked for fusion, as well as a small boost in all the Persona's stats.
An arrow pointing sideways means that there's a good chance a spell will be passed on from the second demon, but no stat adjustments.
An arrow pointing down means that there's a good chance a spell will be passed on from the second demon, but the resulting Persona's stats will all be lowered by 1.

You can only pass on one spell that you can't choose and you won't be able to tell if you got it or not if until that Persona reaches rank 2.

This is... counter intuitive, to say the least. Since we've got lithographs, we don't really need to worry about all passing on magic.

You can add items in fusion. We've already talked about the effects of the lithographs and material items. Let's talk about all the rest:

Sword weapons will increase the resulting Persona's Strength.
Guns will have random effects, ranging from giving new spells to increasing stats.
Bullets increase Magic Attack/Defense. The best buyable bullets can give something like +40 to both.
Helmets increase Luck.
Body Armor increase Vitality.
Arm Guards increase Technique.
Shoes increase Agility.
Incense increases the relevant stat by 3 points, except for HP/SP incense, which increase Magic Attack/Defense. You are not a smart person if you give a Persona your incense.

Most healing items are random like Guns, although you can get a few useless spells from things like Core Shields and Metal Cards.

Again, since we're in the Snow Queen Quest, hardly any of this matters because LITHOGRAPHS.


Let's use Jack Frost and Gaki, and throw in a Scorching Lithograph (しゃくねつのせきばん) for some sweet Megidolaonn action. Igor busts out his phone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWSbgrxp_uo).

The result is Judgment Phaleg.


Phaleg is one of the most beloved Personas in the game, because he (a) is Judgment and therefor immune to nearly all magic, and (b) he has Mediarama (メディラマ), a full party heal spell. Aside from Mediarama, he learns Twin Slash (ツインスラッシュ), Tarunda (タルンダ), Tetraja (テトラジャ) and Crimson Sublation (しようのあか- 止揚の紅, I swear I don't have a thing for this spell it just happens that a lot of Personas have it at this point).

It isn't uncommon to see people using Phaleg against the final boss because he's so versatile.

...unfortunately, no one in the party is at a high enough level to equip him yet. You have to equip Personas in the Velvet Room. Each character can have up to three equipped at one time, but can only have one active to use.

...um, and that's the gist of fusion. Moving right along:


Next door to the Velvet Room is a Healing Spring. If only we had the recorder we could find a secret passage! The Healing Spring is home to Trish, the greediest fairy ever. This world is GIVE AND TAKE! She's living in exile from the fairy world. She won't be able to return until she's done X number of good deeds, and I think she thinks charging people for healing is a good deed. In some ways, she's like the fox from Persona 4.

Trish charges by the location in Persona 1. It seems like in P2 she charges based on how badly you're hurt? In any case, she wants 1000 yen or healing here, which isn't that bad, considering.

At the beginning of the third floor, there's a Rosa Candida (armor) and Yin and Yan (weapons). Both carry better stuff than what we bought in the castle.

Ayase gets a shiny new HK P70Z that's four times as powerful as what she's currently packing. Unfortunately, pistols still suck.

Mara Ring gets an HKMP5K, which is guaranteed to hit at least two times and can hit up to 4. That's an improvement.

Yukino gets a Franchi PA-3. It's a lil bit better than what she had, but it still sucks.

Ellie and Nanjou get SIG-SG550s, which is actually weaker than an AK47, but it hits between 4 ~ 6 times.

At the armor store, the ladies pick up Kazeyomi Headpieces (かぜよみのかぶと) that give +3 Luck, +2 Agility, and +20 defense (Head Gear gives +5 defense).

Mara Ring and Nanjou get TAC-V2 vests for an extra 3 Vitality points. The ladies get Golden Armor (こんじきのよろい), which offers +1 to all stats and a better defense boost than TAC-V2.

The ladies also pick up Hamagari Guantlets (はまがりのこて, + Strength and Tech, + 3 Vitality), and everyone gets some Hyper Fox Shoes (ハイパーフォックス, + 5 Agility).

Now that we've gotten better equipment, our ascent of the tower can begin in earnest.


Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 08:53 PM
I want to vote for Ellie and mysterious third person, solely on the basis that, while what I've seen of Nanjou is completely awesome, I've also seen him before in the Persona 2 Let's play.

That's my total justification, though. I'll be thrilled with whoever. Heh.

Unfortunately, the majority ruled and it was Nanjou and Ellie. Brown kinda sucks. His spears are ok, but he has the same junky machine guns that Mara Ring uses, and his unique Personas are... let's say vastly inferior to Ellie and Nanjou's. Plus, both E and N have the bestest guns in the game.

Yeah, I think I would've liked the last dungeon a whole lot more if I'd actually known how to get swords, and what I could use on demons that reflect or absorb "Magic." I also never visited the "LOVE IS DRUG" clinic, and used "Magic Rocks" to restore pathetic amounts of SP, even at the end of the game.

...er, what are "Magic Rocks"?

If each member is from a different school, the one in the gray looks like a Hermelin refugee, too. Neat!

It seems like Mikage is supposed to be a suburb of Sumaru. That's the impression I got from, like, so many of the characters ending up in Sumaru, as well as all the students hanging around from St. Ermine.
(Incidentally, St. Ermine also exists as a local school in the Devil Summoner TV series)

Relatively! Persona's cast is kind of weird. Ellie's got a cool base Persona, at least.

She's also a complete lunatic and I love her for it. Is it ok that I've been using so many screenshots of her? I figured some of y'all might enjoy actually being able to read something in them once in a while. (Plus her attitude is just fantastic)

01-17-2009, 09:04 PM
...er, what are "Magic Rocks"?
The item called "Magic Rock" in the English version, since I don't know Japanese. It restores 10 or so SP, I don't remember the exact number. Tadashi sells them, at least as I recall.

Pajaro Pete
01-17-2009, 09:33 PM
That would be the Chewing Soul, I think? It only restores a few SP and
Chewing Souls (チューインソウル - Restores 100 SP).

whoops folks, that should only be "10 SP" not "100"

I was going to do a post about status effects, but I think I'll just let this copyrighted Atlus USA material do it for me:
(Please don't sue)

01-18-2009, 12:43 AM

Saving for future use as an avatar.

01-18-2009, 12:52 AM
That manual has some awesome Engrishy stuff going on. Like, "electric magic such as Geo" and "characters will attack 100% of their own party members."

I figured out most of these just playing, but I never understood what the arrow pointing down stairs was. Didn't help that it didn't make as much of a difference as most of these! And "Guilty" status is so funny, I always liked getting hit by it because it's so amusingly absurd.

01-18-2009, 12:55 AM

Saving for future use as an avatar.


01-18-2009, 01:26 AM
She's also a complete lunatic and I love her for it. Is it ok that I've been using so many screenshots of her? I figured some of y'all might enjoy actually being able to read something in them once in a while. (Plus her attitude is just fantastic)
I probably overstated my indifference for her, I was just trying to emphasize Nanjou. NANJOU. Although I think I like the americanized Nate's art more. The hair stands out more. Anyway, Ellie's actually pretty cool in her own right. It's just that in Persona, you've got cool people over here like Yukino and Nanjou, and over there you've got crazy annoying people like Brown and Ayase and Ellie somewhere in the middle, but definitely on the cooler side! It's also been a while since I've played, so. :P

Saving for future use as an avatar.
The whole thread I've been waiting for you to show up! "Where's Pence? He should really see this..."

01-18-2009, 08:14 AM
You are frighteningly good at Let's Play threads.

I saw this for 500 yen today, and now that I look at this thread I wish I would have picked it up, despite all the problems. (Also, despite not being likely to actually play it anytime soon...)

01-18-2009, 09:02 AM
actually, she says "オニクのカタマリ"


Also, Toro's puberty adventure really needs to be seen in motion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2SMjZ9kD24#t=2m21s) to receive the full effect.


Man, Igor is surprisingly tall when he actually stands up!

Pajaro Pete
01-18-2009, 10:13 AM

Saving for future use as an avatar.

I was totally gonna use it as my avatar, but then I remembered that my current one is also Pence-related, so I figured it would be a lil bit too single white female of me.

That manual has some awesome Engrishy stuff going on. Like, "electric magic such as Geo" and "characters will attack 100% of their own party members."

I figured out most of these just playing, but I never understood what the arrow pointing down stairs was. Didn't help that it didn't make as much of a difference as most of these! And "Guilty" status is so funny, I always liked getting hit by it because it's so amusingly absurd.

Unlucky doesn't really make a difference at all. It doesn't seem to make Hell's Eye (instant death) any more effective on the target. So it pretty much does nothing! Hooray!
(Most of the other effects don't do a whole lot either, particularly the "Good" effects. But that's mostly cuz you'll probably never, ever see them in the entire game)

The whole thread I've been waiting for you to show up! "Where's Pence? He should really see this..."

Pence is St. Ermine!

I saw this for 500 yen today, and now that I look at this thread I wish I would have picked it up, despite all the problems. (Also, despite not being likely to actually play it anytime soon...)

Oh est, don't do it to yourself! Or at least wait and see if what PSP version is.


There isn't a level in the Katamari Damacy series that involves rolling up pigs, is there? Because that would have made the best video link.

01-18-2009, 04:12 PM
Mark can dance (Mara Ring is a better dancer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0scjYNeaQxg)), stare the enemy down, provoke them, or lie. See, he's full of hot air............................................... .....D:

Sorry I don't have anything meaningful to say at the moment but my mind got derailed by all the crazy awesome video links in this LP.

I think that and the fusion animation video have been my favorites thus far.

Pajaro Pete
01-18-2009, 06:21 PM
Part V: Sleeping Beauty? Mo' like sucky dumb head!


A little ways down the hall, Mara Ring and company comes across a room. Inside are Tamaki, Tadashi and Natsumi. All three are asleep and can't be woken up. Like, all RPG characters, they talk in their sleep.

There's nothing that can be done for them right now, so let's move right along.


It really is a good thing that so many of our party members can use Exorcism magic, because those Fuji Musumes up there resist magic and the Nightmares (the children) are Yama demons, so they absorb magic. Both are weak to Exorcism though!

Ooishi and Hanya are further down the hall. They too are fast asleep and can't be woken. This room is actually a pet peeve of mine: Its laid out the exact same as the first one we came too, except the entrance/exit are reversed. It wouldn't be such a problem, except the Mara Ring is positioned as if he just walked in from the exit. It makes it really easy to get turned around and accidentally backtrack to Tamaki and Tadashi's room.


There's a room near the end of the floor that has a pretty stain glassed door. Philemon appears, and I would recap what he says, but you watch it yourself (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuxdSudUKH4). In English, even. Apparently Atlus dubbed some of the unused Philemon FMVs. Strange, that.

...what's with the Vishnu loading screen?

The Dream World is completely optional. Sort of. You certainly don't need to come here to complete Hypnos's Tower. But you should. After all, we can't leave our friends and teachers trapped in a perpetual sleep, now can we?

The Dream World looks exactly like Hypnos's Tower, except the floor has fog over it. Wow.

Obligatory Heeho Patrol screenshot

There's a room east of the entrance that leads to... the real world's Yin and Yan? No, this is Natsumi's dream.

Natsumi is asking her boyfriend what he wants for dinner. In her dream world, she's an expert chef.

...how lame.

This scene is why her intro blurb says she's not good at cooking.


Speaking to her gives you the option to wake her up. Which Mara Ring does. Both her and boyfriend disappear.


South of the entrance is the door to Hanya's dream. In it, Hanya is the Principal of St. Ermine and Ooishi is the Vice Principal. Hanya is power tripping pretty hard, going so far as to say that as Principal, his word is the word of God. Ooishi acts like an obedient little lap dog. Ellie is surprised that the power of Hanya's dream is strong enough to pull Ooishi in.

Mara Ring, disgusted with Hanya's attitude, ends it by waking Hanya up. Unfortunately, we don't get the option to do it by kicking him in the nuts.


Now, to find the other two. The only way to go is around the outer perimeter of the Dream World. It takes a long time. You can also see, in that screenshot above, one of the oddities of the exp system. Nanjou did nothing in that battle except cast Makakaja, and he got 107 exp. I don't get it either.


The next room they come to has some seriously bad mojo going on. It's the Fencing Club room, but something is different. Something is horribly, horribly wrong.

Tadashi: "T-t-t-Tamaki-chaaaan!! I... I like you!!
Tamaki: "Tadashi-kun... I love you."

>A cold chill ran down your spine

Everyone is understandably horrified.

Tadashi calls Tamaki "My Honey" and she calls him "My Darling." Mara Ring can't wake them up fast enough.

Now that that's over with, we should be done with the Dream World... but wait, there's still more to explore. In retrospect, I should have left this up to y'all to see if we kept going or went back to the Tower. Sorry, we're gonna see what else is here in the Dream World.


At the end of the path is a strange door. Inside, a girl in a St. Ermine uniform sits on a throne with an attractive, if extremely tall, man stands at her side.

The girl introduces herself as Hirose Kumi, the guardian of Hypnos Tower. She admonishes the TPA (Team Prince Albert) for being selfish and waking everyone up. Her companion is her Persona, Hypnos.

Let me take a moment to explain this: In this game, Personas were much closer to the Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in that they were sometimes more than just glorified spell effects. You see this concept a little bit in Persona 3 and 4 with Lucia, Medea and Himiko, although Medea seemed to be more of a convenient and somewhat random plot device. (And no Fuuka, that isn't what opposite means.)

Hypnos says that Kumi is doing the people a favor by allowing them to live in their perfect dream world. Then he shows TPA the horrors of the real world:

At the drama club, the other members ridicule Kumi for her shyness. Since she doesn't really practice, she's not getting any better and so they can't use her in any of the productions. Kumi tries to defend herself, but she just mumbles.

At home, Kumi's father bitches at her for being so late. He says that she should spend more time studying and less time at drama practice, especially after scoring so low on the last tests. She feebly tries to explain that they're getting ready to put on the Snow Queen, but he's having none of it.

In her room, Kumi is a self centered emo brat. She bitches and moans about how no one understands her and how she gets yelled at for everything and how she wishes she could just live in a dream world.

Back in the Dream World, Yukino says what Kumi is doing is still wrong. Kumi denies it, and asks Hypnos to back her up. He does, saying that it's everyone else that's wrong.

Cue party verbally bitchslapping Kumi. It isn't real, you can't just say that everyone else is wrong and you're right, you have to try and meet people half way, etc, etc, etc.

Kumi says that if it feels real, then that makes it real, and that the Snow Queen saved her from a miserable life. Yukino is fed up with this nonsense, as am I, and says that they're going to wake Kumi up. Which Mara Ring does. Kumi and Hypnos disappear.


There's nothing more to do than return to Hypnos's Tower. The trip is uneventful.


Back in Hypnos, it's time to go check on everyone.

Ooishi and Hanya are both awake now and talking about their dream. Hanya tells the TPA that he found a Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん) in his pocket, and hands it over.

Back in the other room, Tamaki and Tadashi are contemplating the meaning of their dream. It... it would be best not to dwell on it, I think. Tadashi hands over a Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん) as thanks. Natsumi is laying on the floor, and says that she has low blood pressure and just needs to rest. If you speak with her, she says that she was having a really good dream and is irritated that it was interrupted.

...I think that's supposed to be comic relief.

Pajaro Pete
01-18-2009, 06:22 PM
Since we're almost back at the Velvet Room anyway, we can do some fusion!


We're combining Majuu Cu Sith with Yousei Pixie to get Priestess Ame no Uzume. We're adding a Flashing Lithograph (せんこうのせきばん) to the fusion to give her Mahaziodyne. Right now, we don't have any good multi-target SCIENCE! spells, so that's why we're getting Mahaziodyne. It isn't ideal for the next boss fight, but whatever.


Ame no Uzume is Holy Light, so she's weak to Curse and Necromancy. She reflects Nerve, and resists all magic. In addition to Mahaziodyne, she learns Media (メディア), Happy Dance (ハッピーダンス - Inflicts Happy), Agi (アギ), Paraladi (パララディ), Diarama (ディアラマ), and Sexy Dance (セクシーダンス - Charm). So you see, she really need a good offensive ability. Media is a great to have, and probably the biggest reason people use her.


Ame no Uzume goes to Mara Ring, because his Shomen Kongou isn't hacking it. Plus, he's tired of the bondage monkeys looking at him funny when he uses a spell. (No, really, the artwork for his Persona has monkeys in bondage gear crawling all over it. One of them is wearing leather assless chaps)

One of the peculiar things about the Velvet Room menus is the cancel option switches place depending on which menu you're looking at. I think Atlus did it just to fuck with us.


Mahaziodyne for 5 SP. Nice. It has the chance to cause shock status. Well, it does if anything was ever left alive.


After the Dream World nonsense, the rest of Hypnos Tower is straight dungeon with very little interesting happening. Mo Shobos are running around the middle floors. They're dangerous enemies, because they come in groups and have a habit of using Binary Strike (reduces everyone's HP to 1) and follow it with Mahazan (hits all allies) which can and will wipe you out if you're not careful.

The 8th floor is the final floor. There's a treasure room that contains an Amethyst (アメジスト), two Magic Stones (ませき), another Sonic Blade (ソニックソード), a Chakram (チャクラム) for Yukino, and another Strike Tail (ストライクテイル). None of this the least bit useful. The Chakram is stronger than what Yukino has, but it doesn't hit multiple times, so we're gonna pass on it.

On the way to the boss's room, TPA is ambushed. But, instead of telling you about that, I think it's time for TALKING ABOUT LITERARY DEVICES!

Have you guys heard the term "Peripeteia" before?


The ancient Greeks used the term "Peripeteia" to refer to a reversal of fortune.


The term was coined by Aristotle, it seems.


SparkNotes defines it as such:
"Peripeteia is the reversal from one state of affairs to its opposite."


"Some element in the plot effects a reversal, so that the hero who thought he was in good shape suddenly finds that all is lost, or vice versa."


In other words, it's like, "Everything's fine and dandy!" until it suddenly isn't.


Basically, this is how they screw the protagonists in tragedies.


But can a double reversal occur?


After all, if fortune is arbitrary, it is possible for it to reverse back the other way, right?


I think so.


Pajaro Pete
01-18-2009, 06:23 PM

Before heading through the stained glass door (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/stainedoor.png), we rearrange the party as you see up there. Since Mara Ring is the only one with a party wide healing spell, he goes to the very back to avoid damage.

It probably would have been a good idea to move Nanjou back, too.


Eh? That's not the formation I wanted! D:

Through the door, they run into Kumi. She's still unwilling to listen to reason, so she summons Hypnos to attack the party.


Hypnos has four different version, depending on two variables: Hypnos is tougher if you wake Kumi up in the Dream World, and he's tougher if you do Hypnos Tower last. Since we woke her up but came to this tower first, he's at his second weakest level.

Hypnos can cast Dormina (ドルミナー, inflicts sleep), Western Crush (せいげきは - 西撃破, like Crimson Sublation except with Weak Boson damage), Maelstrom Barrage (どとうのれんだ - 怒涛の連打, axe damage to one), Hellish Sleep (あんこくのねむり - 暗黒の眠り, damage + chance to cause sleep). Allegedly he can also cast Saika (クイッカ - gives Counter status) but I've never seen him do that.

Hypnos drains Ignis, Air, Photon and Weak Boson magic. He's allegedly weak to guns, but I've never noticed a serious difference in the damage done.

For this battle:

Mara Ring pretty much does nothing but cast Media. He can't do much else, because neither of his Personas have spells that'll effect Hypnos.
Ellie casts Rakukaja for a couple of turns, then switches to using Rough Waves.
Nanjou does nothing but cast Makakaja for a few turns, then Sukukaja until the battle is over. He spends a lot of time asleep though.
Yukino casts Frei. It would have been better if she had Freila, but she hadn't learned it yet.
Ayase can't do much because Houri is based entirely on Ignis spells. For the first couple of turns, she just shoots at him. Then I remembered that I have all those lithographs in my inventory. She starts popping the Scorching Lithographs (Megidolaonn).

Hypnos isn't particularly dangerous, and the whole thing would be a lot easier if we just used the Lithographs from the beginning. He only has about 1200 HP.

He gives helluva lot of experience (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/5-6.png).


After the battle, the party gives Kumi a talking to about living in the real world/facing your problems/etc/etc/etc. Kumi realizes the error of her ways, thanks the party for showing her the light, and disappears. She leaves behind a Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん). Yukino takes a moment to think about it, and decides that Kumi wasn't really a bad person, just misguided.

"You have conquered Hypnos's Tower"

One down, two to go!
We're deposited in the Heeho-kun's classroom.
Let's run to the Velvet Room real quick and do some fusion. Our current Personas just aren't hacking it. Mara Ring's level is high enough that he can equip Phaleg, so he does.

Magician Urvashi is born!


Urvashi is a the most beautiful apsaras in Hindu mythology. Man, what is with the Magician Personas so far? First a Houri, now an apsaras. She learns Bufula (ブフーラ), Mahabufu (マハーブフ), Sexy Dance (セクシーダンス), Mahabufula (マハブフーラ) and 99 Needles (つくもばり - 九十九針). I gave her a Hellish Lithograph (えんまのせきばん) so she'll learn Maharagidyne.

Urvashi reflects Aqua, resists Air and Terra, and is weak to SCIENCE!


Since Ayase is most compatible with Magicians, she gets Urvashi. Yukino gets Ame no Uzume. Let's hop over to the Devil's Mountain!

The Devil's Mountain is accessed from the Heeho-kun's classroom. It's a place to level up and get Spell Cards without a time limit. It's like the Ruins in the SEBEC quest, the Factory in IS and the Bomb Shelter in EP. There's a Velvet Room and a Healing Fountain (which you won't ever need to use because the area it's in has no encounters so you can just regenerate your SP by walking).


The enemies get increasingly difficult as ascend the floors, however, the floors are sealed by the Tower Guardians. The lower floors are sealed by the Hypnos, the mid floors by Nemesis, and the upper floors by Thanatos. The enemies contained within are the same ones that you met in that tower.

Our first encounter is a group of zombies. Let's let Yukino blow them away with Mahaziodyne.

...except Yukino can't actually use Ame no Uzume. She can equip it and get the resistances, but she can't use any of the magic.

...there's no way of knowing if you can use a Persona without trying it in battle.

...thanks, Atlus.

There are four levels of Persona compatibility:
A: Excellent compatibility, reduced SP cost. Every character has excellent compatibility with their "base" arcana (ie, Mara Ring and Emperor).
B: Good compatibility. Can equip and use the Persona.
D: Poor compatibility. Can equip but can't use the Persona.
F: Incompatible. Can't equip or use the Persona.


Next time: Nemesis Tower! Will we be seeing mopey children with spears that are twice their body length? Let's hope not!

Current Mirror Fragments: 3

01-18-2009, 06:54 PM
I ran into that second one when I was trying to give Alana a healing Persona so she'd actually be useful, and the first one works similarly in Persona 2, as well, though I still haven't tried to use the Annihilation Card on Pixie yet, to see if I can cast Megidolaonn for 4 SP.

My favorite quirk was finding out the thing Turnip mentioned here where Alana's whip has better attack range than her gun, though. I mostly liked the positioning system after I got used to it, but it still managed to create some bizarrely frustrating targeting circumstances.

01-18-2009, 07:06 PM
There's a room near the end of the floor that has a pretty stain glassed door. Philemon appears, and I would recap what he says, but you watch it yourself (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuxdSudUKH4). In English, even. Apparently Atlus dubbed some of the unused Philemon FMVs. Strange, that.

Who's "Hubunoise"? Tell me he's not trying to say "Hypnos."

...what's with the Vishnu loading screen?

Is it different in the Japanese version?


Wait... That...on the right...

What is that?

Ame no Uzume goes to Mara Ring, because his Shomen Kongou isn't hacking it. Plus, he's tired of the bondage monkeys looking at him funny when he uses a spell. (No, really, the artwork for his Persona has monkeys in bondage gear crawling all over it. One of them is wearing leather assless chaps)

I had to look (http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/bytm/02.jpg). :(

01-18-2009, 07:14 PM
Man, I'm in awe of all this. There's stuff here I didn't know about Persona (like poor Persona compatibility) and those videos are amazing. (the related P4 dancing video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF00gFda2g8) (warning, there's a spoiler there, I think) is pretty awesome too)

Does the time limit really ever matter? One of the FAQs said the time limit can expire with no ill effect. I wouldn't push it anyway, but still.

Pajaro Pete
01-18-2009, 07:24 PM
It's been some years since I last played P1, and I forgot how weird some of the mechanics are.

The second one is really irritating, especially if you don't realize it until you're halfway through a dungeon with no Velvet Room in sight.

My favorite quirk was finding out the thing Turnip mentioned here where Alana's whip has better attack range than her gun, though. I mostly liked the positioning system after I got used to it, but it still managed to create some bizarrely frustrating targeting circumstances.

Yukino's shotguns have worse range than her throwing items, too. And Maki doesn't even need a gun because she has bows. Plus she uses shotguns and handguns, which are, shall we say, bottom tier.
This game is weird.

Who's "Hubunoise"? Tell me he's not trying to say "Hypnos."

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. There's no loading screen in the JP version.

Wait... That...on the right...

What is that?

It's, uh, one of the possible outcomes of Sweet Trap. It appears to be a leather biker bunny.

Does the time limit really ever matter? One of the FAQs said the time limit can expire with no ill effect. I wouldn't push it anyway, but still.

Yes, it matters. You'll get game over if you let the timer run out.

01-18-2009, 09:36 PM
Also, Toro's puberty adventure really needs to be seen in motion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2SMjZ9kD24#t=2m21s) to receive the full effect.

This is the single greatest thing I have seen in a video game, ever.

It's so weird to see where the modern incarnations of Persona had their humble beginnings. Between this and Persona 2 it's kind of a miracle that the series not only survived, but actually evolved into something comprehensible to ordinary mortals.

01-19-2009, 11:12 AM
Graphically, this game has a surprisingly euro vibe. I am probably just making connections to SNES Shadowrun (developed in Australia by Beam Software), but the fixed-camera isometric view, realistically-proportioned characters, and abstract/quirky world map seem like traits of a PC game that got lost and ended up on PSOne.

The penis monster though... that's Japan all the way.

Pajaro Pete
01-19-2009, 06:07 PM
Part VI: A person, she is quite twisted.


We take a moment to fuse up a Hermit Fuutai. Fuutai is a little strange, he's weak to guns and whips, Curse and Necromancy. He repels Nerve, and drains Exorcism. These are weird properties for an Elemental Persona. He learns the spells Bufula (ブフーラ), Garu (ガル), Panic Voice (パニックボイス, inflicts Panic), Petrifying Scratch (せきかひっかき - 石化引っ掻き, damage + petrification), and Rough Waves (ごうのなみ - 剛の波). Let's throw in a Quaking Lithograph (しんまのせきばん) to give him Mahamagdyne (マハマグダイン).

Fuutai goes to Nanjou, because even though Aizen Myouo's Makakaja is fantastic, it'd be nice if Nanjou could actually damage the enemies himself.

Onward to Nemesis Tower. The entrance is located in the Library.


Nemesis's Tower is actually a ziggurat covered in thorny vines. It'd be really neat to explore the exterior, I think, but we won't get that luxury. We're going inside, baby. There's a door directly in front of the entrance.


As the TPA enters, they hear laughing. The obnoxious "OHOHOHOHOHO" type of laughing. A girl with blonde hair appears. She introduces herself as Matsudai Michiko, the Guardian of Nemesis Tower. Her speech pattern is... really irritating. She says "watakushi" which... eh. She says the group should be honored they get to be killed by her.

...then she notices Nanjou. She says that she'll spare him if he agrees to be her pet.

Nanjou, the proud, stuck up rich kid, takes this about as well as you'd expect.

Michiko, in an effort to win him over, decides that she's going to show the group how merciful she can be: She's going to cancel the time limit in the tower, so Nanjou can have as long as he needs to think it over. With that, she leaves.

If you speak to your party members, they say the same things: Bitch is up to something.


There are still clocks here, and they say you have four hours. However, I'm reasonably sure that nothing happens if it runs out while you're in this tower.

The enemies give pretty good experience, and with Phaleg's Megidolaonn, Mara Ring gets most of it.

It should be noted that Urvashi doesn't get Maharagidyne. Since Urvashi is an Aqua Persona, it seems that she can't obtain Ignis spells. Whoops!


The second floor has the obligatory weapon and armor shops.
For weapons: Mara Ring picks up a Phantom Killer (ファントムキラー), which is significantly weaker than the other one that's up for sale, but it gets a guaranteed 6 shots to the other one's 0~7; Yukino gets a MADMAX; Ellie and Nanjou get FAMAS Carbines (FA-MASカービン). Everyone gets Mage Killer (メイジキラー) bullets, which are about twice as powerful as Serpent Fangs and can inflict Close (mute).

For armor: The boys get Plate Helms (パレードヘルム, + 5 Luck), Plate Armor (パレードアーマー, + 5 Vitality) and Plate Guards (パレードガード, + 5 Tech).

The ladies get Dawn Armor (あかつきのよろい, + 3 Vitality and Luck), and Dawn Gloves (あかつきのこて + 3 Tech and Agility).

Everyone gets Plate Boots (パレードブーツ, + 5 Agility). I'm not sure why, but the female-only equipment in these towers is always a few ranks better than the men's equipment.

Moving right along, there's a Velvet Room and a continue point on the 3rd Floor. Since Mara Ring is at level 20, he decides to grind a few levels up to PLevel 21. He skips into the Velvet Room and fuses Moon Lilim.


Lilim is yet another fan favorite. Here's why: She drains all magic except for Nerve, Exorcism and Wonder. Instead of draining Nerve, she reflects it, and I don't think I've ever seen an enemy cast Wonder attack magic.

That sounds completely broken, don't it? It is, but it also looks like Atlus was trying to balance her: She can only be equipped by men, and she costs a whopping 21 SP to use (for comparison, Level 16 Fuutai costs 7 SP). Likewise, her spells? They suck pretty bad.

She learns Poisma (ポイズマ, inflicts Poison), Slumpa (スランパ, inflicts Unlucky status), Poison Pin (どくばり - 毒針, Damage + Poison), Mudo (ムド, same effect as Hama except Curse-based), Candy Voice (キャンディボイス, inflicts charm) and Shishirika (シシリッカ, inflicts Sick).

So yeah, she's pretty much a massive wad of suckage as far as offensive capabilities are concerned.

...but that's nothing a Scorching Lithograph can't cure!

I've given Megidolaon to a lot of Personas. Even though it isn't almighty, they apparently forgot to balance its strength down to match the other maha-dyne spells. So it's still absurdly powerful. For comparison, the first tier spell, Megido, is about as strong as most single target dyne spells in other elements.

Lilim goes to Mara Ring, and Phaleg gets passed to Ellie since she has the best compatibility with Judgment Personas. You might want to pass it on to someone else and leave Ellie with Nike so three characters can be immune to magic.

There's a door that's right beside the Continue Point. Inside is... well, let's just look at the picture:

Apparently, we've walked into the filming of Saw VI. Even though this is in 1996.


A demon teacher is overseeing the torture of Toro and Akuma-kun. Toro is strapped to ground, his mouth has been tied open (I'm... I'm not sure how that works) and forced to drink milk. Akuma-kun is a having to do push ups over a bed of spikes. They both beg for him to stop.

Nanjou deduces that this is Michiko's doing, and says that to come up with this, she must have a twisted mind.

Michiko appears and says that these two are being punished for being ugly. Under her law, ugliness is a crime.

"But Michiko, you're ugly on the inside!" blah blah blah, Michiko laughs at the idea that friendship is beautiful, but says that if they want to release Toro and Akuma-kun, they'll have to defeat her.

She says that to get to her room, they should take the left door. But then she tells them that the Mirror Fragment is located on the first floor, and they'll have to go right to get it. She reminds them that they have all the time in the world, so they can go down and get the fragment and then come see her at their leisure.

She disappears. We're supposed to be saving Saeko, and we need the fragments to do that... but we can't just let Toro and Akuma-kun suffer, can we? I mean, sure, Toro tried to kill us recently and his Persona is a giant penis, but...

Let's think back to what Philemon told us: If we gather enough fragments, we can save Saeko. He didn't say all, he said enough. So, with that in mind, let's go smack that uppity bitch around with the power of friendship!

I thought there might be treasure (besides the fragment), so I went right. Akuma-kun needs to build some upper body strength anyway, and I'm still irritated at Toro anyway!

Pajaro Pete
01-19-2009, 06:08 PM

The fourth floor has a dark area, where everything is... dark. The automap maps where you've walked though, so it isn't that bad. For posterity's sake, here's a full map of the dark area (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/darkmap2line.jpg).


The fifth floor leads to what seems like a dead end, but really it's a "fall through the floor" thing. It isn't nearly as terrible as Kama (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kama) Palace in the SEBEC story though. You just have to keep walking around until you hit the first floor.

In other news, those gold foxes up there? Yeah, be careful around them, because they have Makarakarn. When your battle strategy consists of "Everyone cast your Maha-dyne spells!", this can lead to a potentially nasty situation. The spells will only reflect and hit the caster, but it'll kill them dead just the same. The only reason I survived was because Yukino had been Closed, and didn't cast anything. That was a stroke of luck, let me tell you, because Close 1 doesn't guarantee your spells will be canceled.

Carrie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJe0iVo8y3A) also hangs around here. I recall her being in the Otherworld School in the SEBEC story, but her appearing in Nemesis Tower is hilarious. She reflects guns, so don't shoot her (Nanjou, Ellie and Mara Ring would probably die if their guns got reflected back at them).

There's unfortunately no treasure down here besides the mirror fragment, which I didn't pick up. All that's left to do is climb back up the torture chamber and take the left door.


...which inevitably leads to treasure. The first chest Mara Ring opens is a trap, and he takes damage. The others have actual items inside, though: The Fuuma Short Sword (ふうまのわきざし), a one handed sword that's slightly weaker than the Mail Breaker but hits twice, boosts Strength and Agility by 2, and can inflict Bind. Mara Ring's gonna take this, because Ellie has her rifles and Phaleg's Twin Slash for regular damage.

There's also a Shadow Needle (シャドウニードル) for Yukino, but it's only one point stronger than her current weapon, it hits only 2~4 times and doesn't cause any status effect, so she doesn't equip it. There's a Queen Beauty (クィーンビュート) for Ayase, that's stronger than her Strike Tail, gives +2 to Vitality and Agility, and can inflict Charm. She definitely equips it.

There's a spear for Brown that can inflict sleep and gives him +5 agility, which seems like a good deal. But for us, its useless.

Overall though, that's a decent haul!


Up on the fifth floor, there's a room. Before entering, Nanjou switches his Persona to Aizen Myouo so he doesn't have to waste a turn in battle, and I put him and my healers (Ayase and Ellie) towards the back.

The room is empty, but everyone seems to think there's something waiting for us behind the door. But I can see on the automap, there's just a regular ol' hallway behind it!

...except going through the door doesn't take us back to the dungeon, but into a room with weird ass faces on the walls.

Here's the deal: Those empty rooms are on the fifth, sixth and eighth floors. If you take the Mirror Fragment from the first floor, you'll randomly wind up in her room at one of these points. If you ignore the fragment, she'll always appear on the fifth floor.

...I think.

Michiko appears.

She's shocked that you didn't get the Mirror Fragment, and instead came to fight her. She villain rambles about how there hasn't been enough time for Toro and Akuma-kun to sink into despair. Nemesis becomes more powerful by feeding on the negative emotions of humans.

Michiko says she feels a sick, ugly feeling inside, instead of the anger and frustration of those being tortured. It's Toro's and Akuma-kun's appreciation and feelings of friendship for the party, because TPA rushed to save them. She bitches about how TPA screwed everything up by being unnatural and putting the needs of others before themselves.

Ayase says that they can probably get by with just 8 fragments, so I guess that's the cut off number for the good ending path?

The party does some more collective smack talking, "Michiko you suck you should care about people blah blah friendship etc." Michiko tells them to shut up/how dare they talk to the Beautiful Michiko that way/everyone who enters Nemesis Tower will kneel before her and die.

Ellie tells Michiko that beauty is only skin deep and jesus christ almighty, they finally shut up. Michiko says it's a dog eat dog world and you have to rely on yourself. She summons Nemesis.

...by shouting:
"Nemesis-sama! Become my armor!
Nemesis-sama! Become a sword to bring ruin to my enemies!
Come Nemesis-sama, my other self!
Nemesis Power! Build Up!"


And the battle begins.

I'm fighting Level 31 Nemesis. Like Hypnos, there are multiple versions you can fight. Level 31 is the weakest. The two variables that determine which form you fight are: (A) Whether or not you're doing Nemesis Tower last (if so, Nemesis is stronger); and (B) How long it took you to get to boss room. If you get to the boss in under 20 minutes, you'll fight the weakest. If it takes you between 20 minutes and an hour, you'll fight a stronger version, and if you take over an hour you'll fight the toughest version. All together, there are six forms.

...there's not much of a difference between the forms. Compared to the weakest version, the strongest only has, like, +12 to all stats and twice as many HP.

Nemesis has the abilities Mahaziodyne (マハジオダイン), Decover (デカバー, prevents the target from recovering HP), Tarunda (タルンダ), Dragon Spinner (りゅうがせんかい - 竜駕旋回, Spear damage), Petra Eyes (ペトラアイズ, Petrifies target), and something called Revenge Ring (リベンジリーク).

I don't know exactly what Revenge Ring does, but I'm guessing it deals the amount of damage you've inflicted? Or something? I've never seen it in practice.

Basically, there's not much you need to worry about in this fight. Nemesis is weak to elemental magic, and she does... something with Photon magic.

In any case, here's the battle plan:

Mara Ring casts Megidolaon (although I had him using Lithographs to see what all hurt her)
Yukino casts Bufula
Ayase uses Elemental Lithographs.
Nanjou casts Makakaja.
Ellie can use either Tarunda, or if you want her to actually be useful, Megidolaon.

...Nemesis isn't very strong. You can see, again, the experience scaling quirk, where Nanjou gets more than anyone despite doing nothing but casting Makakaja.


After the battle, Nanjou tells Michiko that she has decidedly lost. Michiko launches into her sob story: She is a poor little rich girl. She leaves, swearing she'll have her revenge on the party one day.

And that's the last we'll be hearing of Michiko.

After she leaves, we get an Ambrosia (アンブロシア). Ooooh, how mysterious! I wonder what it could be for? We also get another Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん).

Yukino is worried about running into her again, but then remembers Akuma-kun and Toro. They should be free now that Nemesis has been defeated.


And we're dumped back in Heeho-kun's room. For no reason whatsoever, let's go check on Toro in the cafeteria!

He thanks Mara Ring for saving him and Akuma-kun, and says that on the way back from the tower, Akuma-kun found some shiny things on the ground. He says he has no use for them, but thinks that Mara Ring might be able to use them. He hands over two Mirror Fragments (かがみのはへん).

You'll get one from Toro anyway, I think, regardless of your actions in the Tower. But you'll get the second one if you didn't take the one from the tower's 1F. In other words, we didn't actually miss a shard by not taking the one from the 1F. Looks like everything worked out for the best!

Here's our current time:
The first save is after entering the Frozen Castle, the second is after completing Hypnos Tower (and running around the Devil's Mountain for a bit), and the third one is after getting the Fragments from Toro. That should... tell you a lot about the game.

Current number of Mirror Fragments: Six

Next Time: It's highly unlikely there will be a next time, as it is extremely possible that Turnip will kill himself while attempting the next dungeon. That, and it probably wont be up until next Friday or Saturday.

...I need time to mentally prepare myself.

Pajaro Pete
01-19-2009, 06:15 PM
It's so weird to see where the modern incarnations of Persona had their humble beginnings. Between this and Persona 2 it's kind of a miracle that the series not only survived, but actually evolved into something comprehensible to ordinary mortals.

I dunno, Persona 2 is pretty straight forward. Innocent Sin is the easiest game in the series.

Graphically, this game has a surprisingly euro vibe. I am probably just making connections to SNES Shadowrun (developed in Australia by Beam Software), but the fixed-camera isometric view, realistically-proportioned characters, and abstract/quirky world map seem like traits of a PC game that got lost and ended up on PSOne.

Oooh, but a couple of years later, it ended up on the PC! It made it so EXP was divided equally among all party members and you could turn off battle animations. I kinda want the PC version!

01-20-2009, 01:47 PM
Since I have no specific reply to this Part, I'll just take the opportunity to point out that Yukino's design in this game is exponentially superior to her Kangol hat/yellow pants get-up in P2.


"Japanese girl delinquent" is a character type that deserves so much more love than it gets.

Pajaro Pete
01-20-2009, 03:56 PM
Yeah, there's not a whole lot to say about Nemesis Tower. It's definitely the easiest and I really should have done it first so I could get another Ambrosia.

Yukino's design in this game is exponentially superior to her Kangol hat/yellow pants get-up in P2.


Beg pardon?

01-20-2009, 11:29 PM
The fifth floor leads to what seems like a dead end, but really it's a "fall through the floor" thing. It isn't nearly as terrible as Kama (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kama) Palace in the SEBEC story though.
Wow, that makes a lot more sense than "Karma."

01-21-2009, 01:24 AM
So, uh, is the rumormonger Toro from P2 the same as the Toro from P1? I would assume he is, given that Hannya makes a return appearance as well...

01-21-2009, 01:34 AM

There's also:

Hannya (Revelations: "Harding") - Principal at Sevens
Saeko ("Smith") - Teacher at Sevens
Nanjou ("Nate") - TO THE NO. 1
Eri ("Ellen") - Fashion Model
Tamaki (...but she's a student in if... too, I guess they're just that close) - works at Kuzunoha
Yukino - Photographer
Maki ("Mary") - works at Hiiragi
Brown ("Brad") - has a Sumaru TV show or something
Reiji ("Chris") - works with Toro
Kandori ("Guido Sardenia," the apparent villain of the SEBEC story) - mysteriously reappears from the dead
Nyarlathotep (not relevant in the Snow Queen) and Philemon
Yamaoka ("Alfred") - Nate's "ultimate" Persona

Can't think of anyone else right now.

So since EP makes references to both this and the SEBEC game, all of this happens while Brown and Mark are in jail?

Sounds like they're the lucky ones.

01-21-2009, 06:02 AM
How could you list My Honey and leave out My Darling?

http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll136/spine_shark/SLPS_02100_09072008_181502_0125.png http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll136/spine_shark/SLPS_02100_09072008_181534_0437.png

Pajaro Pete
01-21-2009, 10:31 AM
Wow, that makes a lot more sense than "Karma."

I'm chalking it up to a good faith mistake on Atlus USA's part (just like "Fury" from "Houri"). I wouldn't have known if I didn't have Persona World Guidance.

Even though we didn't take him along, it's time to reveal the mystery that is Brown's nickname:
When he was in middle school, Brown was a loser. More of a loser than he is now, even. Japanese middle schools apparently have really bad bullying going on. Not being a Japanese middle school student nor having any desire to be, don't know if there's any truth to that or not.

Anyway, the school bathrooms are really disgusting (if you went to public school and have a penis, you probably already know this), and apparently a lot of bullying takes place in them.

One day, our tubby loser Brown needs to poop. But he doesn't want to go to the bathrooms, because they're icky and full of bullies. So he holds it in.

...the human body can only hold it in for so long and, well... Brown.

Now you know that horrifying detail about Brown's past, I'm sure you'll be able to sleep easier.

Let's assume that there's a sealed door with candles on either side of it. To open the door, we have to blow out one of the candles. Which candle do we blow out? The left one or the right one?

01-21-2009, 10:45 AM
Thanks for that detail on Brown's nickname. Now we know, and knowing leads to mental scarring and terrified children.

Anyway, the dice told me to tell you that blowing out the right candle will surely result in good things.

01-21-2009, 11:15 AM
One day, our tubby loser Brown needs to poop. But he doesn't want to go to the bathrooms, because they're icky and full of bullies. So he holds it in.

...the human body can only hold it in for so long and, well... Brown.


Pajaro Pete
01-22-2009, 09:08 PM
Thanks for that, Kishi. Thanks.

Commercial Break: Looking for a Fool


In preparation for the next dungeon, we're gonna need to fuse up some new Personas. So let's fuse together Shiki Zombie-chan with Chirei Leprechaun so we can get STAR Janus:


Janus, Roman God of Gates, learns the abilities Magna (マグナ), Spin Kick (スピンキック), Endless White (えいえんのしろ, 永遠の白), Undying Darkness (ふめつのく -不滅の黒, if you expect this to be the same as Endless White except Necromancy-based, you'd be correct), Mahagarula (マハガルーラ), and Maharagion (マハラギオン). Janus's wide variety of spell attribute types makes it a great Persona to have in a SEBEC playthrough. Here, though, not quite as much since we, in theory, have an endless supply of Maha-dyne spells.

Janus drains Terra, nulls Photon and is weak to Weak Boson and Air. Since Janus is a Star Persona... the only Star Persona in the game, it can only be equipped by females. I'm sure it'll be fine on Ayase or Yukino.

Let's through in a Winter Lithograph (とうまのせきばん) so Janus can also learn Mahabufudyne. It'll be a straight up Elemental-based killer!

Let's just confirm our fusion here and watch the animation and...

BWAAAAH???? That's not Janus! That's not Janus at all! Why, it's Fool Tenjiku Tokubei!

Ah yes, Fool Personas are "secret" Personas: They can only be obtained through fusion accidents. But you, yes YOU, can fuse your very own Fool Persona by following these easy directions:

The chance of a of fusion accident happening is determined by the fusion compatibility. Neutral fusions (White icons, Holy Light x Elemental) have a 1/8 chance of an accident; Good fusions (Blue icons, Holy Light x Holy Light) have a 1/16 chance of an accident; and Bad fusions (Red icons, Holy Light x Evil Dark) have a 1/4 chance of an accident.

However! When an accident does occur, Neutral fusions have a 1/32 chance of creating a Fool, Good Fusions have a 4/32 chance, and Bad Fusions have a 2/32 chance.

If you take out your mathemajiggers, you'll find that, by a wide margin, Bad Compatibility Fusions are better for Fool makin'

You can use Spell Stones/Lithographs to give Fools magic, and you can have them inherit spells.

Fools aren't totally random, though. You can "select" which Fool you want to make by making sure the average level of the demons you're using in fusion are within a certain range. For Tenjiku, those levels are 27 or below. For Narukami, it's 28~44, and for ... the last one, Kamakura-something, it's anything over level 44.


Tenjiku Tokubei learns the abilities Sweet Trap (スウィートトラップ, randomly drops a giant punk rabbit/a bucket/a vending machine/etc on one enemy for some damage), Quicka (クイッカ, gives Counter status), Mahamagnus (マハマグナス), Makakaja (マカカジャ), Samrecarm (サマリカーム) and Fire Breath (ファイアブレス). He's also getting Mahabufudyne from the Winter Lithograph.

Offensively, he's not much to look at. Sweet Trap does piddling damage (compared to the Maha-dyne spells we've become accustomed to) and is really only good for ranking him up. Makakaja and Samrecarm, on the other hand? Absolutely beautiful. Samrecarm fully revives one ally, and Makakaja is the all important buff spell. Tenjiku is the second of the three Personas capable of casting it.

Oh, and Mr. Tenjiku? He only takes 25% damage. From everything.

For a quick recap, we now have in our possession:
Two (2) Judgment Personas that null magic, One (1) Moon Persona that drains magic and bad status, and one (1) Fool Persona that only takes 1/4 the damage a normal person would be taking.

...too bad we're not strong enough to use him just yet. To the Devil's Mountain!


I forgot to mention it, but if you talk to Yukino in the classrooms, you'll be able to assemble the mirror. It only shows the FMV for the last piece you obtained, so even though this is the first time I've talked to her, it's already half assembled.

On to an hour or so of grinding Mara Ring up to PLvl 30!

Here's one of Persona's many, many annoying demon speech patterns. Fuck you, Atlus.

Also I learned that if a Demon is both Angry and Interested, and you ask them to give you something, they'll give you a quick strike to the ribs to damage you. Just ask for a Spell Card instead.

Once Mara Ring reaches PLevel 30:

Tenjiku is of a rather impressive stature. It's just unfortunate that he has but four frames of animation. That is not a hyperbole (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/STR0830-0001.jpg).

Now that we have that, Lilim goes to Nanjou because he's the only other one who can equip her and his Fuutai goes to Ayase since she doesn't really need Ame no Uzume to cast Media anymore.

HEY TYRANTS: You still have time to decide on which candle to blow out: Left or Right.

01-22-2009, 09:13 PM
HEY TYRANTS: You still have time to decide on which candle to blow out: Left or Right.

01-22-2009, 09:24 PM
He who conquers the left side conquers the world.

01-22-2009, 09:44 PM
Left. Right? Left!

01-22-2009, 10:06 PM


Pajaro Pete
01-22-2009, 11:03 PM

why can't you guys be like Rai?

Pajaro Pete
01-23-2009, 11:01 PM
Part VII: In which is becomes increasingly apparent that Atlus hates you and your children


Before we take on the last tower, let's head to Judgment 1999 and scratch up some change. There's a Dice Game that works exactly the same as it does in Soul Hackers (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showpost.php?p=222879&postcount=74). It's inferior to Poker because the winnings cap is 10,000 instead of 1,000,000.

Anyway, we play Poker until we have 1,119,470 coins. Mara Ring picks up all the Material Items for completion's sake, as well as about 12~13 of the lithographs they have. You know, in case we need to sell them off for cash to buy armor and weapons.

Now would be a fantastic time to save in the Nurse's office.


The entrance to Thanatos Tower is located in the classroom behind the library. Thanatos Tower is the giant monolith. Since it isn't very interesting to look at, let's pretend that that it's actually a body horror (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/2257464000052936346oHDIne_fs.jpg).

The entryway is a short hallway that leads into a single room.


Yukino: "Don't you think there's something strange about this room...?"
Voice: "Hooray! Everyone's here! Welcome, welcome to the Domain of Thanatos! Who's talking? It's everyone's favorite idol, Yamamoto Yuriko!"
>A girl with some serious Farrah hair teleports in.
Nanjou: "Is this supposed to be a joke? For the love of god, speak like an adult." (Yuriko speaks in the Irritating-Cutesy-Japanese-Squeaky-Japanese-Girl Dialect. It is one of many reasons I want to kick her teeth in.
Ayase: "Huh? What's up with the way you talk? It's totally weird."
Yuriko: "Whaaaaaat? Weird? Are you jealous of how ultra cute I am!? Do you think it's some sorta crime to be this cute? Do you think I should apologize for being so awesome? Hahahaha!"

Nanjou tells her to shut up and get out of the way, or get ready to fight. Yuriko says she's just here to tell them how to open the door: If one of the candles is put out, the door will open. She disappears.

Since you assholes said left, Mara Ring blows out the left candle.


Mara Ring collapses and Yuriko reappears.
Yuriko: "Hahaha, look what I caught! Look what I caught! You thought it'd be a breeze to come and get me, didn't ya? Well let me let you in on a little secret: This world is give and take! You want to enter my tower and do take what you want? You'd better be prepared to give! This world is dangerous, you know! And now you have to walk through it without your precious Per~son~a! Come on and get me, if you dare~!"

Sure enough, if you check your menu, all of Mara Ring's Personas are gone. That means no more Tenjiku Tokubei.

...thanks y'all. If we had blown at the other candle, Yukino would have lost her Personas.

The door is now unsealed.

The First Rule of Thanatos Tower: You will forfeit one character's Persona to enter it.


If you try to have Mara Ring use his Persona, you'll get an error message about how Tartarus is blocking it. The clocks also say that we have 6 hours, but that seems like an awful lot.

I mentioned earlier that a character's Magic Attack and Magic Defense come exclusively from their Persona, right? If not, pretend I did. Now, what do you suppose happens when a character doesn't have a Persona equipped and gets hit with magic?


Seen here, Berith casting Rough Waves. Yukino is taking 56 damage, while Mara Ring takes 5641. In other words, Mara Ring is going to continue dying. A lot.

The Second Rule of Thanatos Tower: If a character dies in battle, they will forfeit their Persona.


So of course, Thanatos Tower is filled with enemies that use instant death magic: Kuckisake has Mahamudo which is really bad news for Ellie, Hi no Enma has Death Ticker, which is instant-death, and Yaksini has Mahama, which is bad news for Nanjou.

There's not a whole lot you can do against Death Ticker except pray it doesn't get used on Ellie (or whoever has a Judgment Persona). Since Mahama and Maha Mudo won't kill anyone until the end of the turn (at least, from what I've seen. Ellie didn't even die after being hit by Mahamudo), your best bet is to go all out and try to end the battle ASAP.

Unfortunately, Yukino succumbs to Hi no Enma's Death Ticker and her Personas are lost. Which, they weren't really great and she's kind of been dead weight, but still.


Oh, and if you think you can get around the loss of a Persona by using lithographs in battle: Sorry, not happening. Lithographs deal damage based on your Magic Attack... which someone without a Persona doesn't have. So a Scorching Lithograph deals 3 points of damage.

Characters can still use their weaponry, though, which is good!


...naturally, Thanatos Tower is filled with demons that can inflict Guilt status. Above, you see Mara Ring and Yukino completely castrated by the game.


The next time Yukino bites the dust, I figured it would be better to rearrange the party: Nanjou and Ellie, being the most invincible characters, go on point. Ayase stands back between them, while Mara Ring and Yukino stand towards the back rows.

The Third Rule of Thanatos Tower: You can take your Personas back by venturing into Tartarus, land of the dead.

Guys, can you imagine? Tartarus actually has a purpose in a Persona game!


The second floor has the gate to Tartarus. Just north of the Tartarus gate is a Continue Point, so you may want to hit that first.

Naturally, the gate is guarded by Cerberus. He says that this isn't a place for the living, but Ellie explains that they need to enter Tartarus to get their Personas back.

After the scene, if you talk to Ellie, she's excited that we get to see Hell. Ellie is the best.


Tartarus, like the Dream World, is exquisitely and meticulously designed: The only difference is the ground is covered in the fog texture. The enemies inside Tartarus are little bit tougher than they are on the first floor of the tower.

West of the entrance is the room with the Personas. If you've been wondering who the girl in the purple uniform that keeps appearing in the towers, her name is Yabe Mariko. She's an occult fangirl that's closer to Akuma-kun than Ellie. She's from a neighboring school (it'd be great if in the PSP version, she's in a Seventh uniform). See, she's in the Occult Research Club at her school, but the administration is going to shut it down because she's the only member. She wanted to get proof of paranormal activity, so she wanted to consult with Akuma-kun. She's super excited that she's been able to experience this supernatural event first hand.

To reclaim your Personas, you have to speak to the images of your characters.

Pajaro Pete
01-23-2009, 11:03 PM
That's technically all we need, and if what Ayase said to Michiko is true, we can probably skip the rest of Tartarus and head back to the tower.

...but that's no fun, is it? If you pay attention to the music, you might notice there's no clock ticking... I wonder if that means...

There's a dark area in the middle of Tartarus. I will try to capture the excitement of walking through it.




Compelling stuff. Dark areas would probably be a little more annoying if I didn't exclusively use the automap for navigating. Here's a full map of the dark area (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/dzonemap-1.png) for those of you stupid enough to be playing along at home.

Taking the North path:

The Northeastern most room, there's a treasure room. The skull shaped chest contains the a Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん). One of the small chests deals piddling damage to Mara Ring, and the other has the Suitenguu Charm (すいてんぐうのおふだ), a material item used to fuse Magician Varuna.


Just south of that room is another treasure room. This one has a Luna Blade (ルナブレード) that I gave to Ellie. It hits all enemies in its range and boosts all stats by 1. The other chests contain 3 Dis-Palyzes (ディスパライズ), 3 Dis-Sicks (ディスシック), and 3 Dis-Stones (ディストーン).


Mara Ring sees the Reaper!

West of the Northeastern room is more treasure. One of the boxes contains the Reaper! The Reaper is a trap that'll reduce everyone's HP to 1. Theoretically, this should be bad, but it takes one cast of Mediarama to heal everyone back up to max, it costs Ellie like 7 SP to cast it, and she has 240 SP. So, unless I get stuck in a room that has 30+ Reaper chests that I'm forced to open, there's not much danger in them.

The middle chest contains a Blue Tablet (ブルータブレット), a material item that can be used to create World Seiryuu. World Personas aren't special like they are in Persona 3 and 4.

The other chest is a poison trap.

Now it's time to go back to the dark area and take the southern exit.


In the first door, there's treasure. Magic Stone x 5 (ませき), Kinmou Cube's Whip (キンモウキュビノムチ, I don't understand the reference), a Reaper, and a two Soma (ソーマ). The whip is pretty decent for Ayase, it's stronger than her current one and can inflict Close. It also gives +2 to Strength, Technique and Luck. And boy do we need luck in this place.

The skull chest contains another Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん).

If you speak to Ellie, she confirms that there's no time limit while in Tartarus.

Following the path around the perimeter of Tartarus, we come to another treasure room at the end:

The skull chest is empty! Mariko got here first, and wants to take the mirror fragment back with her as a souvenir. However, she is willing to sell it for 5000 yen. Since I'm pretty sure I gained like, 20,000 yen just by walking around Tartarus, this should be no big deal. Pay up and she hands over the Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん).

Time to head back to the dark area so we can take the western path.

There's only one room over here, and it contains: One White Tablet (ホワイトタブレット, material item for fusing Hermit Byakko), one Black Tablet (ブラックタブレット, material item for fusing Temperance Genbu), and another Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん). Genbu is the third Persona that learns Makakaja, so you may want him for that.

With all four Mirror Fragments and our Personas back, we're done with Tartarus. Back in Thanatos's Tower, the only way to go is to head north to the stairs.

To the west of the stairs on the third floor, there's a Healing Fountain and a Velvet Room. Let's take a moment to see what we can fuse.


Hey look, it's Cu Chu Chan! Magician Cu Chulainn isn't particularly good. He drains Terra, resists Ignis and Aqua, and is weak to SCIENCE! He learns the abilities Double Stab (にだんづき - 二段突), Magnus (マグナス), Mahamagna (マハマグナ), Outma (アウトマ, makes enemies run away), and Dragon Spinner (りゅうがせんかい - 竜駕旋回). A rank 8 Cu Chulainn can be returned for the Gae Bolg, a good spear for Brown that can inflict Charm. Which you should already know because that's what happened to eirikr.

I have no intention of fusing Cu Chu Chan, but I felt the need to show him so eirikr will know that he is not forgotten.

Anyway! South of the stairway are the weapon and armor shops. Let's buy some shit!

Shopping list, weapons:

Ayase: Dollar Shot (ダラーショット), twice as powerful as her current gun. Combined with Fuutai's insane Tech stat, she should be a stone cold gun killer. Too bad handguns still have shitty range!
Mara Ring: Avenger (アヴェンジャー), which is only marginally more powerful than his current gun but it gets an extra hit.
Yukino: Well let's see the most powerful one for sale is...



What the ever loving Christ, Atlus. I'm not super sensitive about being politically correct, but naming a shotgun "Slave Hunter"? Really? I'm forgoing purchasing that particular gun because I am white and from the South and therefore have sever reservations about buying something like that. Instead, she picks up the Kiraihou (きらいほう).

Nanjou and Ellie get Gebhard M2s (ゲバードM2), which are just about twice as powerful as what the currently have, but only hit 2~4 times.

Everyone gets Cupid Bullets (キューピット), that can inflict Charm.

The armor shop is, for once, manly, with lots of manly armor for men. The guys... I mean, MEN get: Yakuto Helmets (ヤクトヘルム), Yakuto Armor (ヤクトアーマー), Yakuto Guards (ヤクトガード), and Yakuto Legs (ヤクトレッグ). Each piece of the Yakuto set is a little over twice as strong as the Plate Armor.

All this new stuff makes quite the difference:
The armor for the girls is the same as the stuff in Nemesis Tower.


Pajaro Pete
01-23-2009, 11:04 PM
The way to the next staircase is to continue south from the shops.


Thanatos Tower gets a lot easier once you're back at full strength. You can still get fucked over and have to backtrack to Tartarus, and I got really lucky a lot of times because Mahamudo or Mahama missed Nanjou and Ellie. Mara Ring had to switch to just casting Sweet Trap because Makakaja was making him eat up all the EXP and he's already almost 10 levels ahead of everyone else.

It's also important to note that my characters are so far below the current enemy levels that I can't get an Spell Cards. That's a shame, because the Zombie Painter over there is really useful for fusion.


Note that I've spent like, 3 real life hours in the dungeon at this point. The fourth floor has some suspiciously open rooms, which look so out of place in a game that primarily takes place in 1 tile wide hallways. I think the tiles around the clock are damage tiles, here.


There's a treasure room on the fourth floor:

Fuuma no Suzu (ふうまのすず, casts Outma)
Oniguruma (おにぐるま), for Yukino: +5 Strength, +1 Vitality/Tech/Agility, hits 1~3 times.
Phurba Dagger (プルバダガー), for Ellie and Mara Ring: +5 Agility, inflicts Close, extremely powerful.
Magical Guard (マジカルガード, casts Makarakarn)
Longinus (ロンギヌス), for Brown: Hits up to 3 times, various stat boosts. Not quite as good as the Gae Bolg.

The last chest is poison. Overall, a really good haul.

The fifth floor has a treasure room almost directly south of stairs. I would have missed it if I hadn't seen it peaking at me from the automap's corner.


The loot:

Answerer (アンスウェラー) for Nanjou: Boosts Strength by 3, Tech by 3, and gets 3 hits.
Physical Guard (フィジカルガード, casts Tetrakarn).
Jewel (ほうぎょく, full HP restoration)
Metal Card (メタルカード, used in the Code Breaker casino game)

Aside from the Answerer, the other stuff kinda sucks. Oh well.

I also want to point out that the Rakashas running around up here have an attack called Flash Flood (刹那五月雨撃) that hits one character multiple times for about 30~40 HP each. Most of the attacks tend to miss, but if they get lucky and all or most of the strike manage to connect, you could be making a trip back to Tartarus to reclaim a Persona.


The sixth floor has, again, eerily open rooms. The center tiles in these 3x3 rooms are traps that'll damage the party.

The sixth floor also has tentacle demons

There might be another treasure room on this floor, but I'm just gonna make a beeline for the room in the Northwest corner.


Inside, there are two skull chests.
Yukino: "This room is suspicious. There's two boxes... just like the candles from before. This's got to be a trap. Let's not touch either."
>Yuriko appears
Yuriko: "Aaaaw, that's just awful! It took so long for me to come up with such a great present for everyone, and you're just gonna ignore it."
Nanjou: "Heh, do you really think that we're that stupid?"
Ayase: "Uh-huh. It's pretty funny that she thinks we'd fall for it."
Yuriko: "What what what? Yuriko is trying to be friendly!"
Nanjou: "You sound like you're lying." (Man, Nanjou uses "kisama" a lot)
Ellie: "We know there's no chance there's an actual present. You're just wasting your breath."
Yuriko: "Calm down, calm down! Just listen: There are two boxes. You get to open one! Only one! You'll find everyone's favorite sparkly shiny, a Mirror Fragment in one box! If you pick that one, I'll be happy for you and let you keep it! All yours, no questions asked! But! But! But! If you open the other box, you'll have to face a punishment~! It'll be real funny this way, don't you think? Now choose wisely! Good luck everyone! Ahahahaha!"
>Yuriko leaves.

The Fourth Rule of Thanatos Tower: They will try to screw you over right before the boss.

If you open the right box, Ayase will lose her Persona. If you open the left, you'll get another Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん).

With that, you can head through the other door it the room to the stairs up to the 7th floor.


The seventh floor is completely straight forward, just follow the path to Yuriko's room.


Yukino: "This room... this looks like the sort of place Yuriko would create. Hey, are you in here? Come on out and face us! Or are you plotting something?"
>Yuriko appears in front of Yukino
Yuriko: "Oooh! This is most certainly my room, and if you're gonna be in here you shouldn't yell so much! Oooh, you have a really nice face up close! I can help you stay beautiful forever if you let me kill you! Otherwise you'll get all wrinkly and become a grumpy gramma! C'mon, it'll be fun! You can stay here with me in the tower for forever! That's what the mask told me when I came here! C'mon guys! If you just let me kill you, we won't have to fight and we can all be friends forever!"
Nanjou: "You... with the Snow Queen's power, you became "Death"... You let your own life end here in your own fake world so you could live here all by your lonesome but be pretty forever. What a crock."
>Yuriko teleports in front of Ayase
Yuriko: "S-shut up! A man could never understand the pure heart of a girl! You get me though, don't you? You don't have to get old and wrinkly, you and me can stay here and be young and beautiful forever!"
Ayase: "Pass. You sound kinda dumb and if you think I wanna die you've totally missed the point! There's no way I wanna kick the bucket! I wanna live and experience the world!"
Ellie: YEAH! AYASE SO COOL! You said it better than I could have! Yuriko, you better just give up because there's no way you're changing anyone's mind!"
>Yuriko teleports to the other end of the room
Yuriko: "....I tried! I really tried to be everyone's friend! I went through so much trouble to help you out and make things exciting for you! But why? Why are you still rejecting me? Why? This means! This means I'll have to take care of you by force! Even after I kill you, I won't let you stay here!"
Yukino: "Eh... It's like Nanjou says, 'The only way to fix an idiot is to kill them.' Since you've already died once, it looks like its time to get to fixing you!"

Yuriko summons her Persona: Thanatos


Thanatos is a half lobster tentacle demon :D
Here's artwork that's kinda similar. (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/ee94b901a712dd2d4855f7095dcbb077.jpg)

Thanatos only has two different versions: An easy one you fight if you do Thanatos Tower first or second, and an harder one you fight if you do Thanatos Tower last. So we're fighting the harder one.


Thanatos has the abilities Slump (スランパ, causes Bad Luck status), Decover (デカバー), Desanga (デサンガ, prevents Persona changing), Death Ticker (デスティカ, instant death to one/Necromancy based), Hell's Eyes (ヘルズアイズ, instant death to cluster/Curse based), and Trial of Darkness (やみのしんぱん -闇の審判, like Crimson Sublation/Rough Waves, except for Necromancy damage).

Thanatos is weak to Ignis and Gluon (TEEHEEHEE), as well as Attack.

Looking at that, you might be led to believe that as long as you have Lilim, you are invincible in this battle. That's a pretty reasonable assumption.

The tentacles don't have any skills, and have less than 1000 HP. There are two types: One that absorbs SCIENCE! and is weak to Elemental, and one that absorbs Elemental and is weak to SCIENCE! The image with Yukino attacking highlights which are weak to elemental, and the image with Nanjou shows the ones weak to SCIENCE!

Unfortunately for Ayase, she's killed off by Death Ticker in the first round. Luckily, the rules of Thanatos Tower are not in effect for this battle, dying does not seal your Persona.

Here's the battle plan for Phase I:

Mara Ring: Casts Makakaja.
Ellie and Nanjou: Cast Megidolaon to get rid of the weak to SCIENCE tentacles.
Ayase and Yukino: Defend or use items. Yukino had to revive Ayase in my game. Even though Mara Ring has Samrecarm, it's more important for him to be casting Makakaja right now. Lithographs would probably be a waste because it won't take long for Ellie and Nanjou to wipe the first set of tentacles out.


The tentacles explode into bloody chunks when you destroy them. After the first set is done, Ellie and Nanjou start using Elemental Lithographs while Yukino and Ayase use Mahamagdyne and Mahabufula.

Pajaro Pete
01-23-2009, 11:05 PM

The round after you destroy all the tentacles, Thanatos will rise from the ground, bloody tentacle stumps and all, and move forward. It can now attack with its lobster claw for piddling damage. It did manage to kill Ellie off with Trial of Darkness.

Since it's weak to Gluon, have everyone use Scorching Lithographs (しゃくねつのせきばん) or cast Megidolaon. I let Mara Ring use Samrecarm this time, because I'm reasonably sure our Magic Attack is high enough (the game doesn't tell you when you've hit the limit, but I assume it's four casts).


After taking about 4000 damage, Thanatos will reveal itself as a Moa (talk about an ancient reference). This form can only cast Hell's Eyes, and dies with one Megidolaon from Nanjou. It has less than 1000 HP.

Afterwards, Yuriko is chastened. She says she had fun talking with everyone and was lonely before they came to the tower. She says that she went along with the Snow Queen because she had got to thinking about death and didn't really understand it, so she feared it.


She used to be a happy person, but it occurred to her that she might have already peaked in life, and it would all go downhill from there. So one day, the Snow Queen's Mask spoke to her and said that she be exactly as she is, forever.

And so she was. Stuck in the tower, all alone, existing exactly as she is. All alone, without her parents or friends. All alone, because she was selfish. She says she was an idiot for falling for it, and is genuinely happy that the others came.

Ellie realizes that the reason Thanatos was so powerful (I'm assuming she means the reason it was able to do things like seal Personas) must be because it was feeding on Yuriko's fear and bitterness.

Yuriko thanks the party and leaves. She says she's going to become "human," which I guess means she dies for real.

After she leaves, Mara Ring obtains a Mirror Fragment (かがみのはへん) and another Ambrosia (アンブロシア).

We're dumped back in Heeho-kun's classroom.

Mara Ring speaks to Yukino, and assembles the Demon's Mirror:

All twelve pieces have been assembled! Surely we can save Saeko now!

In case you forgot, here's the rundown of their locations:

2 are obtained when you wake up the dreamers in Hypnos Tower.
1 is obtained from defeating Hypnos.
1 is obtained from defeating Nemesis.
2 are obtained from Toro in the cafeteria once you've defeated Nemesis.
4 are obtained in Tartarus within Thanatos Tower.
1 is obtained from a chest on the 6th floor of Thanatos Tower.
1 is obtained from defeating Thanatos.

If you have an insufficient number of fragments, you'll get the bad ending when you try to save Saeko. The mirror won't work, and Saeko will die. The "Snow Queen" will step into the real world, and the Eternal Night will begin. Everyone within the Frozen Castle will also die (well, be turned to ice), however, the ghost of Saeko will save the party by teleporting them back to the real world. They'll see through the hole in the school wall that everything has been covered in ice.

But that won't happen with us!

Onward, to the Courtyard:

...next time.

I also want to stress, yet again, that I got really, really, really lucky in this dungeon.

01-23-2009, 11:49 PM
Guh. Okay, I'm happy you're the one playing this and not me, I would go nuts with some of this stuff. The game is bad enough in that you can (officially) only quicksave in the towers... having your personas taken away is too much!

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 12:11 AM
Guh. Okay, I'm happy you're the one playing this and not me, I would go nuts with some of this stuff. The game is bad enough in that you can (officially) only quicksave in the towers... having your personas taken away is too much!
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Thanatos Tower is seriously the worst dungeon I've ever encountered in a Megaten game. Some dungeons are poorly conceived and that makes them irritating, but Thanatos Tower is carefully calculated to drive people mad. The first two floors are really big and have a lot of winding paths that lead to dead ends and you're lugging around dead weight...

There's also a psychological effect, because you know that alls it'll take to screw you over is one enemy getting lucky, one group of Kuchisakes firing off multiple Mahamudos in one turn, or casting the wrong spell on the wrong enemy and getting it reflected back at you (when you exclusively cast Maha-dyne magic, this is a real concern).

You don't really feel the burden in any other dungeons because if a character dies, so what? You can revive them or just wait until the battle ends.

It's also the only time in the entire game, either quest, that I've ever felt a Judgment Persona to be a burden.

Was this hinting at something other than "repeated trips to Tartarus to reclaim our Personas will end up taking a long time"? I kept expecting Yuriko to show up and take a few hours off your total.

Oh, no, I was just thinking it was a lot of time. Even though Thanatos Tower is has a more complex layout (more winding and dead ends) than the other two, I can't imagine anyone ever spending 6 hours walking around on the map.

...though honestly, given how sadistic the rest of the tower is, it wouldn't surprise me if that could happen.

I think though, judging from the general sentiment on different websites, that the actual time limit is about half of what the clocks read. So Hypnos would be an hour and a half and this one would be three hours.

01-24-2009, 09:55 AM
Yeah!! Ayase So Cool!

Kinmou Cube's Whip (キンモウキュビノムチ, I don't understand the reference)

I don't know about Kinmou, but "kyuubi" means "nine tails." Makes sense for a whip!

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 10:22 AM
Aaah! Thank you, Kishi. This is why the menus keep fucking me up, because I was thinking it was supposed to be FOREIGNESE and not ANCIENTJAPANESEDEMON.

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 08:19 PM


Yukino: "LASTO! Use the mirror!"
>Mara Ring holds up the mirror. Say Goodbye to Despair, Sensei! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mhJEK3m76Q). The towers crumble.
Snow Queen: "Aaaah...."
Yukino: "Did it work?"
Snow Queen: "Kyaaaaaaaah!! My face is burning!"
>The mask falls off of Saeko's face and she collapses, a spirit appears in the courtyard
??? (Two-face): "oOOoohh... Saeko.... oaaaah...."
Ayase: " Kyaa------!"
Ellie: "Oh my..."

With that, a boss fight begins:

The Snow Queen's Mask rises from the ground and grows. Since the battle music is different, we are to assume this battle is super important. Could it be... the final boss?

Oh course not, you ninny!

Lady Masquerade has the abilities Mahabufudyne (マハブフダイン), Mahagrydyne (マハグラダイン), Tarukaja (タルカジャ), Parala Eyes (パララアイズ), Monumental Strike (かいてんげき - 回天撃) and Derange Voice (ディレンジボイス, inflicts up to 3 levels of Panic). She also has about twice as many HP as Thanatos had. She drains Graviton and Aqua, but is weak to Ignis, Gluon, Photon, Weak Boson and Air.

Ayase's Fuutai, unfortunately, has such low magic defense that one shot of Mahabufudyne is enough to put her down, so she has to switch to just defending.

The battle plan is largely the same as what we've been doing: Mara Ring uses Makakaja, Nanjou and Ellie spam Megidolaon, and Yukino uses Scorching Lithographs. There's not much else to say about Lady Masquerade, she just begins to highlight a reoccurring problem with Atlus where they think, "Hey, if we give a boss more HP, that makes it more difficult!"

After the fight:
Ayase: "We did it!"
Yukino: Saeko-sensei! Are you ok sensei? You're not hurt or cold or anything are you?"
Saeko: "Thank you, I'm ok. What about Tomomi?"
Nanjou: "Tomomi...?"
Saeko: "Tomomi... the spirit that's bound to the Mask. She's one of the girls that played the role of the Snow Queen. And... she was one of my best friends when I was in the drama club."
Yukino: "Wait... Saeko was possessed by the Snow Queen... and the Snow Queen was her best friend?"
Nanjou: "But why would her best friend try to sacrifice her?"
Saeko: "It's all my fault... a long time ago, I hurt her..."


Flash back to the Drama Club room, when Saeko and Tomomi were still in school.
Saeko: "And you get to be the Snow Queen! You'll be the last student who ever get to play the role, Tomomi!"
Tomomi: "Thanks... I know you wanted the role too, Saeko. Say... this mask... do you think what they say about it is true...?"
Turnip: "You'd think Atlus could have gotten Kaneko to make a portrait for non-gross Tomomi that didn't have the sneer, don't you?"
Saeko: "How can you say that?! How can you get caught up in such a silly superstition? Even if it were true, if you've got a bright enough personality, you can overcome any kind of curse!"
Tomomi: "Oh Saeko... maybe I'm not as strong as you..."
Saeko: "Have some confidence! You beat me and got the lead role, so you should be celebrating!"
Tomomi: "You think so...?"

There's another flashback. Tomomi is in the drama room, talking to another student.

Underclassman: "Eh? I can't believe you let Saeko trick you like that, senpai!"
Tomomi: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Underclassman: "You mean you really don't know!? Saeko refused the Snow Queen's role! She... we're all terrified of the curse! That's why... that's why you got the role Senpai..."
Tomomi: "She refused... because she was afraid...!? You're lying! I got the part because I was better than Saeko... that has to be it..."
Underclassman: "Tomomi-senpai, they've tricked you. Even though it's the lead role, you didn't get it because you're a good actress..."
Tomomi: "...."


Third flashback:
Tomomi is hiding in the drama room and Saeko is trying to coax her out.
Saeko: "Tomomi, are you in here? C'mon, the show's tomorrow, we have to make sure everything's ready."
Tomomi: "Baaghhh...."
Saeko: "What? I can't understand you."
Tomomi: "Bad... It's bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad...!!!"
Saeko: "Huh? What's wrong Tomomi? Say something!"
Tomomi: "Bad bad bad the mask is bad they were right..."
Saeko: "Tomomi... are you ok? What about the mask?"
Tomomi: "The mask... the mask... I put it on... I put it on... and it burns... it's burning... it hurts... it's bad it's bad it's bad...!"
>Tomomi turns around so Saeko can see her and we get a character portrait: half of her face has been disfigured
Tomomi: "Look at it!"
>Saeko screams, there's even a poorly digitized voice clip to go along with it.

Back in the present:
Ayase: "It's not your fault sensei. She made her own choice."
Saeko: "Maybe. But you can't say that for sure. I think... I think somewhere, deep inside, I felt like I was better than everyone else. Even to my close friends, I was just nice to their faces. Deep down, I didn't care how Tomomi felt..."
Yukino: "Sensei..."
Saeko: "The mask's curse isn't real! It's all my fault!"
Yukino: "Stop talking like that!"
Saeko: "....."

Nanjou: "Hey! It just occurred to me..."
Yukino: "What's that?"
Nanjou: "We beat the Snow Queen, but the school's still frozen..."
Ayase: "Yeah... and the sky's still that weird color, too."


Voice: "Ahehehe... are you getting cold out there...? Hahahahaha..."
>A dark figure appears in the courtyard

Saeko: "What is that?!"
Ellie: "WHAT!?"
Entity: "Poor, poor Tomomi and her human weakness... poor, poor Tomomi died because of it. I suppose I should thank you, I've been sealed in that mask for so long...but now that it's been separated from its host and destroyed, I'm all back together now. I am the Queen of the Night, here to bring an eternal night of emptiness and despair to this world."
>Nice job breaking it Nanjou.
Yukino: "Do what?!"
Queen of the Night: "Nothing's changed. Come to see it for yourself! Watch as the Eternal Night descends upon the world! From the summit of this Frozen Castle, a blizzard of dispair will fall, consuming all with hopelessness! Come now, scream! Wail! Gnash your teeth, and tear your robes! Ahehehehahahahahahaha!"
>The Queen of the Night disappears

Ayase: "Wha...? What was that thing?"
Ellie: "It must have been what the Snow Queen saw when she looked in the Demon's Mirror... All the anger Tomomi had inside her, she must have seen it when she looked in the mirror... That's why she wants to...."
(In other words, it seems that the Queen of the Night is a combination of the entity calling itself the Snow Queen as well as Tomomi's anger. Or something.)
Yukino: "So that means when she looked in the mirror all the evil inside her, she lost her real self and now her Persona's gone insane."
Nanjou: "We need to hurry and stop her."
Ayase: "Yeah! Unless we beat her, this night's never gonna end!"
Saeko: "You've all grown so much in such a short time..." (Literally, she must be saying "You guys are awesome at jumping to conclusions!")


Yukino decides it's time to go on and meet the Queen of the Night head on. Since we got all 12 Mirror Fragments, when she tries to reenter the Frozen Castle, but she feels a strange presence.

Tomomi's spirit appears.

Saeko: "Tomomi!"
Tomomi: "Saeko... all of you, thank you. Because of you, I was able to keep my soul. Listen to me: If you can't face yourself in the mirror, if you can't handle what you see, you have no chance of winning..."
Yukino: "We understand, Tomomi. It'd be hard to find anyone who's reflection isn't ugly..."
Ayase: "Yeah, my reflection's a big ugly monster, for sure..."
Tomomi: "No, no one is a monster in their reflection... But, if you keep carrying the Demon's Mirror around, you'll probably meet someone who is... But, there's a way to protect everyone from something like that happening..."

> The Demon's Mirror (あくまのかがみ) has become the Spiegel Shield (シュピーゲルシールド). Spiegel is the German word or "Mirror." The Spiegel Shield is a piece of equipment for Mara Ring, it has ridiculously high evade, defense that's on par with the Yakuto Guard, and it gives +9 Tech. It's a nice thing to have.

Tomomi: "I don't know whether or not it'll be of any use to you, but the costume worn by the protagonists in the play is in the gym's storage room. It was kept there to bolster the seal on the Mask..."

Yukino asks whether or not the storage room is even in th Frozen Castle, and Tomomi says that it is, she and the other victims of the Mask made sure of it. She says it's on the second or third floor and that she'll be watching from heaven.

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 08:21 PM
Before heading into the final dungeon, let's pop over to the Velvet Room and fuse Tenshi Archangel with Ryuou Yato-no-kami to create Judgment Azrael:

Azrael is just like all the other Judgment Personas we've fused thus far. It has the abilities Wing Flap (はばたき - 羽ばたき), Baikouha (バイコウハ, Exorcism damage to a cluster), Frenzied Song (きょうらんのうた - 狂乱の歌, inflicts Terror on a cluster), Recarmudora (リカームドラ), Tarukaja (タルカジャ), Judgment of Darkness (やみのしんぱん - 闇の審判, Necromancy damage to a cluster). We're also throwing yet another Scorching Lithograph (しゃくねつのせきばん), but even if we didn't, Azrael's Baikouha and Judgment of Darkness abilities are really nice to have by themselves.

Azrael goes to Ellie, and Phaleg gets passed on to Yukino. Yukino's Urvashi is handed over to Ayase, because Fuutai's magic offense/defense is pitiful.


The entrance to the final dungeon is in the classroom at the south end of the Castle that we could never open. Inside, there's a giant glowing ball. Brown's there, too. He'll hand over a Scorching Lithograph (しゃくねつのせきばん) that he won at the Casino and wish you good luck.

In case you're wondering, if you didn't take Nanjou, he'll give you another Phurba Dagger (プルバダガー), and Ellie will give you a Full Moon Lithograph (まんげつのせきばん) which has the spell Samrecarm in it.

Whenever you're ready to enter the final dungeon, all you have to do is touch the light. The screen'll shake and the party will be whisked off to... another classroom.


Yup, the final dungeon looks exactly the same as the rest of the Frozen Castle. Lame. There's not much to say about the second floor (remember, we've been on the first floor this whole time). It's set up in a grid pattern, the Ballet Club's room is to the Northwest, there's a room with Heeho-kun and Heeho-chan in the Southeast, and the stairs are to the Northeast.

The trick is that near each of the intersections, there are trapped tiles that will move you in a certain direction. Getting to the stair case is a trial and error process. Have fun! (Actually, I'm gonna put together a map later)

It brought back memories of Void Quest.


The enemies are plentiful and not very difficult. Of course, I pretty much settled into the habit of spamming Megidolaonn and Mahabufudyne over and over to win most of the battles. Baikouha is surprisingly useful here, it'll kill those Legions outright, and it's a good thing Lilim has Mudo to help put down Virtues.


Speaking of Legions, on the third floor I got back attacked. Ayase ended up in the front. They took turns trying to tentacle rape her.


Southwest of the stairs on the third floor, there's a classroom with Mariko inside. She says she was exploring the Frozen Castle, but got tired and needed to rest. Yeah, the girl who had no trouble getting around Thanatos Tower was winded walking to the third floor of this dungeon. Right. In the closet there's a Mars 133 (マーズ133), a really powerful rifle. It hits one target 1~3 times. It goes to Nanjou.


There's an empty classroom due west of the stairs from the second floor. Inside the closet, there's a Crimson Tablet (クリムゾンタブレット), a material item used to create Sun Suzaku. The stairs to the fourth floor are nearby.

The storage room is up nearby too, but I'm having... difficulty getting the Spiegel equipment and I'm actually worried that I have to have Brown to get it.

The fourth floor brings more fighting:

Now, there's two things we can do here: Head North then East around the winding, twisting path and take the stairs to fifth floor, or head North then South at the first turn to see what we find. Let's see what we can find.


The southern path leads to... stairs that go down? How strange! And look, over there! A huge, empty room! Again, those should make anyone with the slightest bit of common sense really nervous. There's a damage tile right in front of the open area, which does not bode well.

You see, here, Atlus has fallen back to its favorite tried and true "Make the game longer!" design feature: The room of many holes in the floor.


At the other end of the room, there's a small hallway that's... a dead end? No, the end of the hall has a pitfall that'll put you in a new, special area of the third floor.

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 08:22 PM

There's a classroom just beside where you fall. Inside, Heeho-kun and Heehoko-chan are hanging out. There's also an Alexandrite (アレキサンドライト) in the closet.

Heehoko-chan wants Ambrosia, and notices that Mara Ring happens to have some. She wants to snatch it away from him, but Heeho-kun says that's not nice. Heeho-kun says that he's willing to trade some FABULOUS PRIZES for Ambrosia. Let's check out what they've got:

First up:

The Rosetta Stone (ロゼッタのせきひ)! Yes, you can own this famous piece of history for the low, low price of a single Ambrosia! Features Hieroglyphic, Demotic and Greek text.


A Mounted Deer (しかのはくせい)! It adds a touch of class to any home or office. With such exquisite taxidermy work, you'd never be able to tell that it was shot in the face.


Contract of Judgment (さばきのけいやくしょ)! Oooh, what a mysterious item! I wonder what could happen if you signed it? The only way you'll be able to find out is if you take it!


Buffalo Skin Drums (バッファロービーツ). An authentic set of Indian Tablas, made with the skin of a Buffalo demon. I'm sure they make an amazing sound!


Spotted Glasses (べっこうぶちのめがね). They're tortoise rimmed glasses. The glass is cracked and the frames a busted. And... it looks like there might be blood on them. But I'm sure they're perfectly fine and a totally wonderful prize!

HEY TYRANTS! Which do we want? We have two Ambrosia, so we can get two.


Ok, I'm not gonna just let you go in blind, I'll tell you what these items do: They're material items for the party's ultimate Personas.

The Rosetta Stone is for Mara Ring's Emperor Amen Ra (Level 62). Amen Ra resist Elemental, drains Gluon, and is particularly weak to Photon (although he's also weak to SCIENCE!) He learns the abilities Agilao (アギラオ), Agidyne (アギダイン), Shibabu (シバブー, inflicts Bind to a cluster), Lighting Storm Strike (しゅうらいげき - 集雷撃, deals Photon damage + shock status to a cluster), Fatal Blue (しゅうえんのあお, 終焉の碧 - More powerful version of Crimson Sublation), and Heiroglypain (ヒエロスグリュペイン).

Heiroglypain is a strange spell: It has a unique element that Japanese fansites refer to as "vs Bosses" ... it hits a cluster of enemies and has a more powerful base damage than Megidolaon. The only problem is that regular enemies tend to only take about 50% damage from "vs Bosses" damage. Bosses, on the other hand, take full damage from it. Hence the element title.

Amen Ra is the most beloved deity of Ancient Egypt.

The Mounted Deer is for Ayase's Magician Freyr (Level 59). According to legend, Freyr killed Beli with the antlers of a deer. Hence the material item.

Freyr resist Ignis and Aqua, reflects Terra, and is weak to SCIENCE! Freyr learns the abilities Magnus (マグナス), Mahamagnus (マハマグナス), Mahamagdyne (マハマグダイン), Rainbow Purgatory Smash (しちしきれんごくは - 七色煉獄破, deals damage the same way a rifle does), Gentle Waves (じゅうのなみ - 柔の波, stronger version of Rough Waves), Peaceful Death (ごくらくおうじょうは - 極楽往生破, major Axe damage to one enemy).

The Contract of Judgment is for Ellie's Judgment Michael (Level 62). Michael, being an upper level Judgment Persona, reflects all magic except for Curse and Necromancy. He learns the abilities Deathbound (デスバウンド), Tarukaja (タルカジャ), Mahakouha (マハコウハ), Parala Eyes (パララアイズ, Paralyzes cluster), Dekaja (デカジャ) and Tetrakarn (テトラカーン).

Michael really isn't woth it. There's another Judgment Persona, Armaiti that's only at Level 55 but has Mediarahan and Mahakouha. But hey, if you guys want him, go ahead.

The Buffalo Skin Drums are for Yukino's Empress Durga (Level 57). In Hinduism, the world was once ravanged by the shape shifting buffalo demon Mahishasur, for it was said that no man could ever slay him. And since no man could stop him, clearly he was unstoppable. As the male gods discussed their plight, the goddess Durga, hearing their prayers, appeared before them and set off to slay the demon.

Durga is woman, hear her roar. Durga has the abilities Gryva (グライバ, Graviton damage), Unending Darkness (ふめつのくろ - 不滅の黒, Necromancy damage to a cluster, not as powerful as Judgment of Darkness), Wolf Fang Retribution (ろうがてんちゅうぎり - 狼牙天誅斬, massive two handed sword damage to one enemy), Fallen Eden (ごくらくおとし - 極楽落, Terra damage to cluster), and Mahaziodyne (マハジオダイン).

The Spotted Glasses are for Nanjou's Judgment Yamaoka (Level 60). As a Judgment Persona, he reflects all magic except for Necromancy and Curse. Yamaoka is a Badass Surfer Butler from Beyond that learns Lullaby (こもりうた - 子守唄), Whip of Love (あいのムチ - 愛のムチ), Diarahan (ディアラハン), Makarakarn (マカラカーン), Mahakouha (マハコウハ), and God-Level-Unescapable-Million Strikes (からさでやおろずうち - 神等去出八百万撃, major fist damage to one enemy).

So... who's it gonna be?

01-24-2009, 08:46 PM
We need Yamaoka. Need. (However, I'm not going to sway anyone else's votes by posting the picture here) I guess I'm also going to vote for the Deer, because I like Ayase (she amuses me the same way Rise does in P4) and Durga is cool, but also in Innocent Sin.
"Hey, if we give a boss more HP, that makes it more difficult!"
Now to be fair, pretty much everyone seems to think that :( I laugh at all the people who complained that Omega in Final Fantasy XII got "nerfed" by having his HPs cut down from 12,000,000ish HP. Because damn if he wasn't still both pathetic and boring.

01-24-2009, 09:19 PM
I, too, am sold on the Badass Surfer Butler from Beyond.

My other vote goes to the drums, because mythologically, Durga is the Goddess of Badass.

01-24-2009, 09:54 PM
I'm not sure if Yamaoka coming back as a Super Persona would make Nanjou hate the world more or less, but I support it either way.

MARA RING can get his whatever, too.

01-24-2009, 09:55 PM
Of course, I vote for Nanjou's ultimate. As for the other, that's a tough call. All of the ultimate personas seem rather... dull compared to what you've been cooking up with lithographs. Yukino's unique to the Snow Queen Quest, so I say now is as good a time as any to see Durga. But Ayase seems like she needs a better Persona, so if gameplay requires it, go with Freya. Amen Ra sounds cool, but vs. Boss damage won't be that useful this late in the game.

What counts as SCIENCE! damage anyway?

Pajaro Pete
01-24-2009, 10:34 PM
It seems like everyone's taken a shine to that nice old butler :)
Man, can you imagine how weird Persona 3 would be if everyone's dead friends and family members and whatever came back as Personas?

Now to be fair, pretty much everyone seems to think that :( I laugh at all the people who complained that Omega in Final Fantasy XII got "nerfed" by having his HPs cut down from 12,000,000ish HP. Because damn if he wasn't still both pathetic and boring.

It was pretty noticeable in this game, if only because the Snow Queen Quest bosses keep doubling their HP. Hypnos was around 1000, Nemesis was around 2000, Thanatos was around 4000, Lady Masquerade was pushing 8000...

My other vote goes to the drums, because mythologically, Durga is the Goddess of Badass.

I know, right? It makes me positively giddy that the ultimate expression of Yukino is Durga. Unfortunately, the game kinda ruins it because both Ishtar and Kali are higher level Empress Personas.

Of course, I vote for Nanjou's ultimate. As for the other, that's a tough call. All of the ultimate personas seem rather... dull compared to what you've been cooking up with lithographs. Yukino's unique to the Snow Queen Quest, so I say now is as good a time as any to see Durga. But Ayase seems like she needs a better Persona, so if gameplay requires it, go with Freya. Amen Ra sounds cool, but vs. Boss damage won't be that useful this late in the game.

What counts as SCIENCE! damage anyway?

Well, the best we can hope for the others is to pass on Mahazandyne through spell inheritance, which isn't a bad spell. Besides, it isn't like we can't buy more lithographs to use as items!

I think, unless Freyr wins out, that Ayase's going to get a Fool Persona in a last ditch attempt to make her useful. She really needs something that's strong enough to keep her alive, and I'm pretty sure she has poor compatibility with Judgment...

SCIENCE! is Photon (Lightning/Zio), Weak Boson (Force/Zan), Gluon (Nuclear/Megdio & Frei), and Graviton (Gravity/Gry). The game refers to it as "Physical" which can be a little confusing.

01-25-2009, 10:20 AM

After taking about 4000 damage, Thanatos will reveal itself as a Moa (talk about an ancient reference).

Explain this one to me.

Pajaro Pete
01-25-2009, 11:17 AM
MOA (http://www.zeldawiki.org/Moa), not to be confused with MOE (http://animanachronism.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/moe-image1.jpg).

Also this is gonna be open for like a week because I won't have time to put together an update until next weekend.

01-26-2009, 03:01 PM
It's hard to vote against a Persona with a skill called Rainbow Purgatory Smash, but I'll have to vote for Mara Ring and Nanjou

Pajaro Pete
01-26-2009, 03:26 PM
So far:
Nanjou: 6
Mara Ring: 3
Yukino: 2
Ayase: 1
Ellie: 0

I suppose it would be all meaningful and shit to have Amen Ra, a Sun God, squaring off against the Queen of the Night, huh?

Emcee Escher
01-26-2009, 04:58 PM
...Mahakouha (マハコウハ), and God-Level-Unescapable-Million Strikes (からさでやおろずうち- 神等去出八百万撃, major fist damage to one enemy)...

Do we really need to discuss this?

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 06:21 PM
Special Update: That one time that one St. Ermine student let go of 99 Balloons and started the apocalypse.


Our story opens in one Atlus's Print Club machines. A gaggle of St. Ermine students crowd in to have their picture taken. But... maybe something sinister is afoot?


Jack Frost's Illusion


The students leave, but one seems oddly hypnotized by the Jack Frost-themed Print Club machine. This girl here is one of our heroes this week, she notices that her friend is still staring at the machine.


MEANWHILE: A man is sleeping in his office. The girl from the arcade wakes him up, telling him that her friend has gone missing.


"Mr. Kuzunoha, you have to help her! You know all about strange stuff like this!"


Our Detective's partner arrives, sporting really unfortunate bangs. She brought along pork buns, because she loves them. The school girl drags the detective out the door to go look for her friend.

The Detective's partner munches on a pork bun. She isn't very useful.


Our detective, Mr. Kyouji Kuzunoha, is getting his hands dirty with some hardcore detective work.

The girl, frustrated that Kuzunoha won't help out, decides to investigate the print club booth herself.


She notices that there's writing on part of the paneling... in her friend's handwriting, even! She pulls our her... paint pen and writes "Kyouji's an idiot." There's a flash of light, something far more sinister than a mere photobooth flash.


When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a field filled with blue doors to the Velvet Room PINK DOORS to other realities.


How peculiar!


Let's find out what's behind Door #1!


...oh, it's a topless lady! I'm so used to watching this show that it didn't even phase me!

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 06:23 PM
She slams the door and we cut back to the arcade. Kyouji has realized that his client is missing, and attempts to look for her. He hears some girls coming out of the Print Club booth giggling that Kyouji's an idiot. He investigates, and sees that she's written something on the panel.

He writes something too, there's a flash of light, and he finds himself in the doory field.


...confronted with his partner dressed up as a stereotypical housewife. She tells him that her husband owns a noodle joint.


Terrifying. She hushes the baby she's carrying, that's named Kyouko (GAGGAGAAAARGGHHHCANNOTUNHEAR)


Kyouji eventually realizes that the "baby" is just a doll, and that this isn't real. Like, duh. The Happy Housewife teases him some, then disappears.


MEANWHILE... our St. Ermine student is lost in the worst green screen effect ever.


Not even joking about that.


When she comes out the door, she steps on Kyouji's head.

COMMERCIAL BREAK - Please take this time to view your favorite internet ad.


Our other St. Ermine student suddenly appears! She wants them to meet her special friend!

...who could it be? I am on the edge of my seat!


She lets go of her balloon and thinks of you (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQYQTFudrqc) (and possibly causes a world war). You, being her special friend. She says the magic words: Hee-ho.

And there's a response!


...there are no words to communicate how cheap this effect is.


The fact that this series is contemporary with Buffy: The Vampire Slayer only makes it worse.


MEANWHILE: In the real world, Rei Reihou in... ACTING! Oh and at some point she grabbed Kyouji's GUMP and came to look for him.

...actually, that pretty much sums up everything Rei does in the series. Well, that and she, at one point, impaled a demon possessed doctor with fluorescent lightbulbs. And kills Kyouji at the end of Season 1

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 06:26 PM

It's nighttime in the land of mysterious illusions.

And, unfortunately, Kyouji earns the wrath of Jack Frost:

... a mere flick from his finger is enough to send Mr. Frost flying backwards.

Anyway, Rei eventually shows up and hands the GUMP over to Kyouji.


Jack Frost is excited when he sees it because that means Kyouji's a Devil Summoner and they can escape the illusion.

...because, um, the exit is blocked by fire. Or something. They open a door and there's a fire, and Kyouji uses the GUMP (meaning it's "open" and he holds it toward the door and looks like he's constipated and the fire goes away).


Kyouji is woken by the girl in his office, just like at the beginning of the episode. He notices her Print Club picture holder and Rei walks in, carrying a bag of pork buns. He begins to wonder if it was All a Dream.

...but then he hears a voice.

No, it was definitely real.

As you can see, the fate of students from St. Ermine and demons are inexplicably linked. A rotten but inseparable bond, to be sure.

Next Time on Special Update: たまきーちゃんの奇妙な冒険!

Do we really need to discuss this?

Well, we have two Ambrosia, so we can get someone else in addition to Yamaoka.

01-27-2009, 06:57 PM
It's sort of like what would happen if the Super Mario Super Show was produced as a Sci-Fi Channel Original Series.

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 07:31 PM
It's actually significantly worse! Even the gore is pretty bad. Like, in the first episode a man's head explodes and it looks like soapy red water instead of brains.

01-27-2009, 08:10 PM



This is too amazing.

Pajaro Pete
01-27-2009, 08:45 PM
Well you see, in the first episode:
A hooker gets possessed by a demon mid-coitus (naturally, this happens after the creepy old man has done some very pornish things to her boobies) and gets the ability to shoot lasers from her mouth.


And his head explodes into soapy water.

Other examples of the phenomenal special effects budget:


Demon Doc's death. He's actually really creepy because he starts doing the manikin twitch and when he does it makes the sound of bones crunching and it's actually really gross!

Then he extends his (claymation) arm to impale someone and the entire effect is lost:


And remember kids,



01-27-2009, 09:12 PM
It's obvious and I can't help myself:

Premium car washing service! The extra dollar is worth it.

01-28-2009, 05:34 AM
That's almost like that part in Pineapple Express.

Pajaro Pete
01-29-2009, 08:35 PM
So, uh, silly question, but do y'all expect me to actually get to a level to be able to use the ultimate Personas?

...that's going to take some significant doing, because Nanjou's only at level 40 right now.

01-29-2009, 08:47 PM
I'm sorry, but you can't promise phantasmal surfer butlers and not deliver.

Pajaro Pete
01-29-2009, 09:06 PM
You old fuddy duddy.

01-29-2009, 10:59 PM
Also requesting the appearance of Space Butler. But you know, you could just post an image of him and save yourself the trouble.

Pajaro Pete
01-29-2009, 11:51 PM
Sigh, I'll do it, I'll do it. It's just such a pain in the ass to level up Mara Ring and Nanjou high enough to actually equip them.

On an unrelated note, here's a moment of zen:

01-29-2009, 11:52 PM
I'm actually impressed that it's not "Oh! My god."

01-29-2009, 11:55 PM
Oh my god! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EOKOAQrlLI)

01-30-2009, 12:20 PM
Yeah, the "ultimate" Personas in this game are stupidly high level. I think I could've equipped one or two of them (Maki and MARARING, who were way ahead of everyone else) by the time I was at the very end of the game...but then I would've had to backtrack through the entirety of Avidea World. Fuck. That.

Pajaro Pete
01-30-2009, 10:09 PM
Part IX: Yes Virginia, hell really is for children


In another display of their whimsical mercy, Atlus doesn't let you go into this blind, either. I could totally picture them just listing the Material Items and asking which you wanted. But no! Instead, you have to speak to your party members, which will prompt Heeho-kun to ask if you really want that character's item. For Mara Ring, you just have to talk to Heeho-kun.

Note that it is possible to get all 5 items, it just requires the player to perform actions that is beyond the abilities of mere mortals: To get 5 Ambrosia, you have to do Thanatos Tower first. You can get 3 by either doing Nemesis first, and four if you do Nemesis -> Thanatos -> Hypnos.

I mentioned earlier that these Personas are beyond a level you'll ever actually reach, so busting your ass to get all 5 of them isn't worth it.

When Mara Ring says he wants Nanjou's item, Heeho-kun hands over the glasses. Nanjou automatically recognizes them as Yamaoka's.

Aww, you guys.


So after picking up the Rosetta Stone and the Spotted Glasses, there's nothing left to do but drop down through the floor back to the 2F and make our way back up the fourth floor and head to the east instead of to the pit room.

It leads to a classroom with Heeho-kun and Heehoko-chan. There's a spear for Brown in the closet (こうまじょう, inflicts Unlucky status, 3x as powerful as the Gae Bolg but only hits 1~3 times).

Heeho-kun says that they need to make 100 friends, and they already have 95. He asks if TPA will be their friends. It's a friends with benefits relationship, because Heeho-kun will teleport TPA to the next floor if they say yes.

Say yes, jackass.

The 5th floor looks different... it looks old. The cabinet contains two Soma (ソーマ).


Stepping into the dungeon reveals that it looks different, too. And the music has changed to the music from Deva Yuga (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAgJKJbD0sE).

Folks, we've entered Phase II: Hell.


Things to note: Kijo Dakini reflects Megidolaon. You should keep that in mind.

There's a staircase on either side of the classroom, which both lead to the 6th floor. There's four new staircases up here.

...you know where this is going, right?

Phase II consists of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth floors, which are all connected by various staircases. So (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/10-sixthflooraaagh.png). Many (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/10-sevenfloor.png). Stairs (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/10-8thfloorargh.png). It's way worse than the final dungeon in the SEBEC quest.

...I, uh, actually screwed up, y'all, and missed out on a couple of scenes that are hidden in this horrible, horrible maze.


There's a handful of classrooms around. One has two Millionaire Bombs (ミリオネアボム, can reduce a cluster of enemy's to 1 HP), which is junk. I also noticed that I've picked up a couple of Fairy Sword Nihils (ようとうニヒル), which is a great weapon for Nanjou. It gets four strikes and boosts Strength, Vitality, Agility and Technique by 2.

To get to where we need to go, we should take the lower left stairs on the 6th floor.

After much, much, much walking around and fighting, we come to the Red Light District:

The deal here is that you have to light up all the tiles beneath the red lights. It's pretty simple and I'm not even going to dignify it with directions on how to solve it.

There's a room just head. Inside is the gym's stage.


The Queen of the Night is here.

Queen: "Hahahaha.... you came after me.... Why not be complacent, and just wait patiently for the Eternal Night?"

>A girl in a mask appears.

Masked Girl: "Why are you trying to save this school? It would... It would be better if it didn't exist!"

>A boy in a mask appears.

Masked Boy: "We lend our power to the Queen of the Night. With the three of us, we should be able to make our dreams come true. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're welcome to come to the top floor and meet us. Please, take your time, we'll wait."

>The girl and the Queen disappear.

If you speak to the boy, he'll warp the party up to the 9th floor.


There's a Dragon Scale (ドラゴンスケイル) in the room. The Dragon Scale is a Material Item that will allow you to fuse the most powerful World Persona in the game. He's at level 97. Good luck with that!

This is Phase III of the Frozen Castle. The music is the same as the last bits of the final dungeon in the SEBEC story, so we're getting close!

Near the classroom are two doors, side-by-side.

...it must be a trap. Inside is the most horrifying thing in the game:


There's a Healing Spring (8000 yen), a Velvet Room and a (real) Save Point nearby. We're at 21 hours, by the way.

...did... did Atlus just show us an ounce of kindness? In this game? Horrifying, it's absolutely horrifying.

But there's nothing wrong with it! The worst of this dungeon (Phase II) is over now! It should be noted that the halls here on the 9th floor are mostly trapped. They'll inflict poison on your party or deal damage. There's obviously a "correct" route to take, but I suppose if you had Liftma you could just use that.


There's also kitty cats up here! Unfortunately, they're like 10~15 levels stronger than I, and Ayase still has Urvashi. And the poison floors are getting really annoying because I don't have any Dis-poisons.


You can go to previous floors by speaking to the Masked Boy. The 8F will take you back to the gym's stage, the 4F will take you to Heeho-kun's room, and the 1F will send you back to the courtyard.

I decided to head back to the 4F and make my way back up through Phase II to see if I could trigger the scenes I skipped.

...this was a bad idea.


Rummaging around in the godforsaken maze, we eventually find an empty class with a Shisencyuu (しせんちゅう) for Ayase. It gives +3 to Strength and Tech and +2 to Vitality and Agility and causes Paralyze. Neat!

There's also a student government room. If you come here before seeing the Queen of the Night in stage area, you'll get a scene with the Masked Boy. He doesn't say a whole lot besides cryptic mumblings, but says that he's going along with this just to humor "her."

Ayase's really dragging us down, so we should leave and fuse some new Personas before continuing our descent into madness.

We get the Masked Boy to send us back to the courtyard so we can do some shopping. It's a good time to stock up on Dispoisons, Chewing Souls and Hiranyas. Actually, a good time would have been before starting this hellish expedition. I also noticed that Satomi Tadashi is selling lithographs/stones for recovery magic. We don't really need any of them, but they're there.

Then we mount a brief trip to the Devil's Mountain to pick up some more Spell Cards. The enemies on the uppermost floors are the same ones from Thanatos Tower, which we can actually get stuff from.

At the Velvet Room, Mara Ring decides to fuse Emperor Odin:


Odin resists all Magic and is weak to Attack. He learns Petra Eyes (ペトラアイズ), Magnus (マグナス), Petrama (ペトラマ), Dragon Spinner (りゅうがせんかい - 竜駕旋回), and Magdyne (マグダイン). I also tossed in a Hellish Lithograph (えんまのせきばん) to give him Maharagidyne.


But a totally random accident occurs strictly by chance and I certainly did not reload 22 times until it happened!


Narukami is a great Persona that learns Gentle Waves (じゅうのなみ - 柔の波), Mahabufudyne (マハブフダイン), Mahanma (マハンマ), Mahamudo (マハムド), Mahaziodyne (マハジオダイン) and By-pass Smash (バイパースマッシュ, deals more damage the more it's used). He'll also be getting Maharagidyne.

Narukami's variety of spells (Elemental, SCIENCE!, Exorcism and Curse spells that hit all enemies? Awesome!) and his Resist: Everything makes him a life saver and one of the best Personas in the game.

Narukami goes to Mara Ring, and Mara Ring gives Tenjiku Tokubei to Ayase. Doing nothing but casting Makakaja every battle should help her catch up in exp.

Pajaro Pete
01-30-2009, 10:10 PM
Back to the final dungeon!

Nanjou actually switches back to Aizen Myouo, so he too can share in the "Do nothing but cast makakaja and soak up a majority of the exp!" thing, too.


Back on floor 6, the stairs in the upper left should lead to an area that we missed earlier.

There's a classroom with a little girl in white inside. Hm... a little girl wearing white. That seems familiar...

Ayase tries to talk to the girl, but Ellie points out that a little girl? Probably wouldn't be hanging around up here and that she's probably a monster.

The girl introduces herself as Mai, and kind of rambles incoherently. She says she's looking for a girl, but can't find her. Since we never saw the girl, she runs off (There's no real difference in the outcome of these events, they're just here for fun).

In the cabinet, there's a Justice Coin (ジャスティスコイン) for Yukino that gives +2 to all stats and hits all enemies within its range. Meh.


A little ways further, there's another room. This time, it has a girl in black. She's looking for her father. Since we didn't see the Masked Boy in the student government room, we can't answer and she runs off.

In the cabinet, there's a Konryuumaru (こんりゅうまる) for Nanjou. It hits 3~5 times, boosts Strength by 3, Technique by 5, and Vitality and Agility by 1. It can also inflict blindness. It's a great weapon!


Mara Ring also maxes out his Agility while running around here. There's another room just a little ways farther, which I think houses the Masked Girl. Also, note the characters aren't complete idiots, they all recognize the Masked Girl as Maki if you see her before that scene on the stage.

....after much, much, much running around, trying to find their way back to the stage, TPA meets back up with the Masked Boy and head up the 9th floor.

...when I say "much, much, much running around," I mean "several hours worth of running." I hate Phase II


At the Velvet Room:

Let me show you how to use material items! First, you need Spell Cards that can yield a Persona of the same arcana as the one you want to make. So, for Judgment Yamaoka, we need a fusion that'll result in a Judgment Persona.

When you're asked if you want to use an item, you simply pick the material item you want to use. At some point, I picked up a Trademark Infringement (ジャストドゥイット), so I can also fuse Nike this way. How useless! Using the Spotted Glasses will yield Yamaoka:


...really, Yamaoka is less of a surfer (http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/personas/37.jpg) in this game and more of a jet ski. There's a sketch of this design in Persona World Guidance, but I don't have a scanner with me. Sorry!


Amen Ra.

I don't fuse either one, because if I'm going to fuse them, I'm going to make sure they pick up some groovy spells!
...which they won't right now, because I don't have the cards for it.

Oh well, moving right along: Aside from the Healing Spring/Save Point/Velvet Room and a ton of trapped floors, there's nothing on the 9th floor except the stairs to the 10th floor.


...which has a bunch of new and exciting enemies that are all 10~20 levels stronger than most of my party! Narukami's Mahamudo and Mahanma are insanely useful against these guys, so Mara Ring is still rolling in the Exp.

The 10th floor is also home to our old friend the dark area! (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/oldfrienddarkarea1.jpg) We want to exit to the east, which'll lead us to another dark area! (http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/darkarea2.jpg) We want to get out North here. It'll lead to a little hallway that winds around to the stairs to the final floor.

Yeah, they did put a save point, heal spot and Velvet Room this close to the final boss.

...I don't know, either.


Aside from the last boss, this floor also has a number of new and interesting enemies! First up is Fafnir. It is weak to magic. Mara Ring destroys it.

It leaves behind the Olive Wreath (オリーブのくびかざり), a material item needed to fuse Pallas Athena. She's at level 90. She reflects regular attacks and is weak to all magic. Oh Atlus, your sense of balance is just precious.


The enemies up here are pretty tough, they can Mahamudo/Mahanma with the best of them, or, worse yet, reflect your spells back at you. Narukami makes it all a little bit more tolerable. You don't really need to spend too much time fighting, because the floor is relatively brief. Unless, of course, you're trying to fight...


Fenrir. Fenrir is also a giant wuss. It's weak to Exorcism and Miracle-based attacks. It drops the Maximum Tempest (マキシテンペスト), which is used to fuse Shiva. Shiva's a level 96 Chariot Persona. Good luck.

...speaking of Shiva, though, that must mean we can get Vishnu, too, right? Technically, yes. Vishnu, who looks really evil (http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/personas/33.jpg), is a Persona you can obtain. He's the ultimate form of the Emperor arcana, but only clocks in at Level 86 or so.

...unfortunately, to get Vishnu's material item, you need to have obtained a spell card from every demon in the game. Good luck with that!

Fun fact: Vishnu's name was changed to "Ashura" or somesuch in the US version.

A quick trip back to the Save Point and Velvet Room yields Judgment Armaiti.


Armaiti reflects magic and is weak to Curse/Necromancy. It learns the abilities Fallen Eden (ごくらくおとし - 極楽落), Mediarahan (メディアラハン), Dekunda (デクンダ), Mahakouha (マハコウハ) and Petra Eyes (ペトラアイズ). I tossed in a Scorching Lithograph for good measure because its other offensive abilities kinda sucked.

Armaiti goes to Mara Ring, and Narukami gets bumped to Yukino. Mara Ring spends some time breaking Armaiti in so it can cast Mediarahan, which is all its really good for.

Guys, I think we're ready to take on the final boss. We've actually been ready because the final boss is a total wuss

...yeah, yeah, I know, I said I was going to fuse the ultimates. And I will! Someday! Probably! But not right now.

Don't look at me that way! I've tried to level up enough to get them! But it's taking forever! When I saved after beating Lady Masquerade, I was at 17:40. When I first hit the last save point, I was at 21:33. Now I'm at 29:08! I've made a good faith effort!

Next Time: 全ての夜が 明けるように 叫ぼう

Pajaro Pete
01-30-2009, 10:11 PM
Yeah, the "ultimate" Personas in this game are stupidly high level. I think I could've equipped one or two of them (Maki and MARARING, who were way ahead of everyone else) by the time I was at the very end of the game...but then I would've had to backtrack through the entirety of Avidea World. Fuck. That.

Yeah, I think this is probably the reason they just sort of hand them over in Innocent Sin.

01-30-2009, 10:23 PM
Things to note: Kijo Dakini reflects Megidolaon.
...wait, what? Clearly the rules were different back then.

Trademark Infringement
Heh. This one took me a few minutes, and I still can't imagine what sort of actual physical item that would be. A single, softly glowing, magically infused Air Jordan?

01-30-2009, 10:34 PM
Also, note the characters aren't complete idiots, they all recognize the Masked Girl as Maki if you see her before that scene on the stage.

This seriously comes as a surprise.

At some point, I picked up a Trademark Infringement (ジャストドゥイット), so I can also fuse Nike this way.

For those who can't read moon runes, that actually says "Just Do It."


Pajaro Pete
01-30-2009, 10:35 PM
Megidolaon is Gluon/Nuclear, not Almighty in this game, so it can be reflected. I mentioned earlier in the thread, I think, that despite this, it's still tons stronger than any of the Maha-dyne spells.

...but yeah, it's always an unwelcome surprise to have it reflected back at you.

Heh. This one took me a few minutes, and I still can't imagine what sort of actual physical item that would be. A single, softly glowing, magically infused Air Jordan?

I imagine it's the swish.

This seriously comes as a surprise.

I know, right?

They're still complete tards about who the little girls are, though. I'll give them a pass on the Masked Boy, because they haven't met him yet.

01-30-2009, 10:35 PM
Don't look at me that way! I've tried to level up enough to get them! But it's taking forever! When I saved after beating Lady Masquerade, I was at 17:40. When I first hit the last save point, I was at 21:33. Now I'm at 29:08! I've made a good faith effort!

Yeah, don't worry about that too much. The leveling curve in Persona 1 is just too weird to really do it. It's kind of cruel that they put in all of those level 80+ personas too, when anyone who can can make use of them should probably be locked up for being insane. You can't fight that many random battles in P1 with your sanity intact!

01-30-2009, 10:36 PM
For those who can't read moon runes, that actually says "Just Do It."


That... that's terrible. And amazing.

Amazingly terrible?

Pajaro Pete
01-30-2009, 10:45 PM
Yeah, don't worry about that too much. The leveling curve in Persona 1 is just too weird to really do it. It's kind of cruel that they put in all of those level 80+ personas too, when anyone who can can make use of them should probably be locked up for being insane. You can't fight that many random battles in P1 with your sanity intact!

The worst part is that there's nothing at all interesting about the insanely high level ones. Look at Lucifer's skill set: Mahaeiha, an earth spell that's weaker than Mahamagdyne, Mahamudo, Hell's Eyes, and Judgment of Darkness. Yeah, he has abilities that are common to Personas that are a third of his level.

Well, I take that back. Some, like Athena, are interesting because they are so terrifically horrible.

That... that's terrible. And amazing.

Amazingly terrible?

That's... a lawsuit!

01-30-2009, 11:03 PM
Megaten Wiki (http://www.popanime.net/megami/wiki/index.php?title=Maki_Sonomura#In_Game) says Aki.

Mai and Aki. Maki. Not bad.

Pajaro Pete
01-31-2009, 12:00 PM
Part X: A Sincere Farewell

Back up on the 11th floor, I take some time to rearrange the team. Since Mara Ring has our only healing spell, he gets pushed to the back row, as does Ayase since she has Samrecarm. Nanjou has the highest regular attack potential, so he gets to go on point, as does Yukino because she has a Fool and a fuckton of HP. Ellie slides in between them.

Inside the classroom, which is actually outside, we're greeted with this monstrosity (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InMzkzz8v8g).


Queen of the Night: "Welcome, welcome. We became as one while you kept us waiting."

Masked Girl: "This school should just go away!"

Masked Boy: "Come now ladies and gentlemen, show us your true potential."

The battle music is kinda sucky, so let's pretend that it's something a bit more heart pounding and thematically appropriate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2TXfe70M58).

Here's the battle plan:

Ayase uses Makakaja, everyone else uses Megidolaon or Maharagidyne.

Simple simple!

But wait!


Our friend Queen Asura has three different "modes" that she has a chance of switching between every time she attacks. They don't actually tell the player, so it isn't like in other games where the boss uses an ability called "Wall Change" or something. Instead, you have to go by what kind of attacks she's using.

When she's casting Maharagidyne (マハラギダイン), Mahabufudyne (マハブフダイン), Mahazandyne (マハザンダイン), Mahaziodyne (マハジオダイン) or Diarama (ディアラマ), she's in Mode I. This Mode is weak to Attack, which means Ellie should be casting Tarukaja with Azrael, too.

When she starts using Decover (デカバー), Desanga (デサンガ), Petrama (ペトラマ), Shishirika (シシリッカ) and Symphony of Sighs (なげきのシンフォニー - 嘆きのシンフォニー), it means she's in Mode II. Mode II is actually weak to Wonder-based spells, so if you have 'em, use 'em.

Mode III has her using Makakaja (マカカジャ), Rakukaja (ラクカジャ), Dekaja (デカジャ) and All Guard (オールガード). Mode III is weak to Elemental magic, Photon, Weak Boson, Graviton, Guns and Exorcism, apparently.

All the Modes can also use regular attacks, and can attack 1-to-3 times in a turn. So, it's probably a good idea to, once you've been properly Makakaja'd, have Ayase use Quicka on the front 3 so they can get counter attack status, which will allow them to attack Queen Asura back if she hits them with her regular attacks.

...plus, Quicka's spell animation makes it look like they're being anointed with blood.


Queen Asura has a couple of unique spells that we should talk about. Well, unique enough, the other final boss has them too.

The blue bubble up there isn't Ultima, it's All Guard. All Guard is sorta like Bewildering Fog in that it prevents the caster from being hit by anything for the remainder of the turn. It's kind of annoying since there's nothing you can do about it.

The white lights assaulting the party is Symphony of Sighs. It'll hit a cluster of characters and inflicts Guilt level 3. Guilt level 3 will prevent the characters from doing anything, at all. After a turn or two, it'll wear down to Guilt level 2, which'll keep them from using regular attacks or their Personas. Items are ok, so you can chunk lithographs at her or use Chewing Souls. Eventually, that'll go down to Guilt level 1, which only keeps you from using your weapons. It takes about 5~6 turns for this to wear off.

Symphony of Sighs cuts through defenses, so even Lilim can't protect you from the Guilt status.

There's not much else to say about this battle. You saw her spells, she can't really do much to us since we're mostly immune to magic. Ayase seemed to be taking a ton of damage, but that's because of her ridiculously low HP totals. Just keep using the kajas and your strongest magic and bitch'll go down.


Mara Ring had to use a Soma to replenish his SP, but shortly thereafter Ellie counter attacked Queen Asura and killed her.


Well done, Miss Ellie!


After the battle, the Queen has disappeared. The Masked Boy and Masked Girl are separate once again. The Queen's voice still echos:

Queen of the Night: "To be... to be defeated by children like you... how mortifying... Just remember, when the hearts of man lose hope, they cry out for despair and the Eternal Night will return..."

Masked Girl: "No.... how....? This is my world..."

Masked Boy: "Just as I expected. They say that might alone isn't enough... You've shown me that true strength comes from your deeds. Well done, LASTO. Perhaps we'll meet again..."

There's a flash of light and they disappear. Then there's a shitty FMV of the school unfreezing.


In the school's entryway:

Saeko: "You're really leaving?"

Nanjou: "Yes. I'm worried about Inaba and Sonomura. That girl in the white mask concerns me... I'm almost certain it was Sonomura under there."

Yukino: "We need to hurry and check on the others, right LASTO?"

>You have the option of selecting "Yes" or "No." Mara Ring says "Yes" because he knows those chowderheads are probably in over their heads.

Yukino: "We need to get to Sonomura. She seemed like she was really suffering, we need to help her..."

Saeko: " ....I see. You keep persevering and never look back. You've all grown so much. You don't stop and you don't hesitate to make your choices. This change..."

Ayase: "Change....?"

Saeko: "If this keeps up... Come back before they have to put you in a nursing home! When you get back, before you do anything else, you come report to me!"

Ayase: "No need to worry! We couldn't have made it this far if we hadn't studied under the amazing Saeko-sensei!"

Saeko: "Truly Amazing. I've managed to skirt nearly every violation in the school code! All thanks to the burning passion of being a homeroom teacher!! I've even been trying to crack the VP day in and day out..."

>Everyone sweat drops

Saeko: "Ehehe... That is... I've been trying to get the Vice Principal to change his attitude on a variety of subjects. He said to tell you all "Thank you," for everything. I think he might be willing to turn a blind eye to any school code violations, at least for a little while."

Ayase: "Whaaaaa? That cueball?" (Note: ハゲオヤジ)

Yukino: "Ok, let's go!"

>Ellie steps toward the doors

Ellie: "We've got the school back to normal.... But I get the feeling that this is only the beginning. To save the town, to take back our peaceful days... the real battle is just beginning! Even if I live a long, long life doing nothing but fighting, I'm gonna DO MY BEST with no regrets!"

>Nanjou steps toward the doors

Nanjou: "The measure of a man is by the company that he keeps. Saeko-sensei! We'll return with Inaba and Sonomura! LASTO! Let's go!!"

>Ayase steps toward the doors

Ayase says that she's going to keep fighting and save the town and some other stuff I don't really understand very well.

>Yukino steps toward the doors

Yukino: "After everything goes back to normal, I'm gonna study real hard so I can be a great teacher like you, Saeko-sensei! So this isn't goodbye, Sensei!"


Saeko: "LASTO! Listen to all these goodbyes! Everyone else's spilled their guts about what they want, so what about you? Do you have a dream?"

>Of course.

Saeko: "Is that right? You've accomplished something huge here, so don't you ever forget how you feel right now, and never give up!

>The five leave. A golden butterfly appears.

Saeko: "Hm? Where have I seen that before....? Ehehe... are you here to celebrate their victory little guy?"


By working together, the Frozen Castle that the school had transformed into returned to normal. The accursed mask disappeared, but the story is still passed on. "When the hearts of man lose hope, they cry out for despair and the Eternal Night will return." With those words of the Queen echoing in their mind, the boys and girls who stood against the Night shake off the darkness in their hearts and bravely march forward.

Pajaro Pete
01-31-2009, 12:03 PM

Credits time! The song is kinda neat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv-qC4Cl_fo), in that early 90s sorta way. The scenes they show are just bits of the FMVs through the quest... Except for the last image, which is of two masks on a desk in St. Ermine.

We're left with a quote:
"cogito ergosum"


But WAIT! There's more!


At the gates outside of school, Mark appears.

Nanjou: "Inaba!"

Ayase: "Huh? Where's Sonomura?"

Mark: "Oh man, you guys gotta help us out!"

Yukino: "What happened to Sonomura?!"

Mark: "We went to SEBEC, but the place was crawling with demons and armed guards! Me and Sonomura got separated and...."

Yukino: "You got what?!"

Ellie: "I guess we better hurry, then!"

Yukino: "Yeah."

Everyone: "Let's go!"

Alright, let's go everyone! We can't infiltrate SEBEC directly, which means we'll need to take the secret entrance in the abandoned factory. If we consult our handy dandy map (http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/ichigofrost/letsplaypersona/permap.png), we see that the factory is that tiny red building at the far east end of the town.

But before we head over there, we'll need to make some choices. We have room for one more party member, but we've already used Ayase and Ellie, which means we should choose between Brown or a SECRET MYSTERY CHARACTER. I won't tell you who it is, but he's got abs of steel!

Then hopefully, I'll figure out a way to get Japanese cellphone service be able to do a Let's Play of Megami Ibunroku Person: The Tower in the Void!

But until then, let's just decide on our fifth wheel and...


I'm just kidding, really!

Let's just say that they're heading out to find Maki and save the town. And they do.


Time passes. Days become weeks, weeks become months, and before you know it, a whole year passes...

March 1997.

At the gates of St. Ermine, after Graduation:


>Maki comes running up to Mara Ring, Ellie and Nanjou.


Ellie: "MAKI, where are BROWN and MARK?"

Maki: "They're still with Saeko-sensei. Ayase started crying, and you know how that goes...."


Nanjou: "Today's the last day... There's never enough time, is there?"

Ellie: "So much has happened here..."

Maki: "And you're going all the way to England...."

Nanjou: "Yeah, I guess we won't be able to hang out for a while. But we're never really apart, right?"

Mara Ring: "...That's right."

>A limo pulls up

Butler: "I'm here to pick you up."


Maki: "Hey, let's make a pact! When we make our dreams come true, we'll all get together!"

Nanjou: "That's.... that's a good plan."


>Mara Ring and Nanjou shake on it.

Mara Ring: "Yeah, it's a promise."


>Maki waves good bye to Nanjou as he rides away.


Maki: "Nanjou...."


Mara Ring: "To tell you the truth, I won't be around for a while either..."

Maki: "Whaaaaa?"

Ellie: "W-why?"

>Mara Ring explains his plans for the future.

Ellie: "I see...."

Maki: "Hey! Guess what?! Ellie made it through a modeling audition! She's already a step closer to making her dream come true! How great is that? Go on, Ellie..."


Ellie: "I... I'm going to do my best.... So you do yours too. That way, we can... we can meet again. And I'll be... I'll be a great woman and you won't even be able to recognize me!"


>Ellie and Mara Ring make a pinkie swear.

Mara Ring: "I swear I'll do my best."

I suppose this is the end, but as Eternal Punishment (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=4646) has shown us, adults are pretty fucked up too, so it's really more like the the "and."

So what becomes of Mara Ring? Maybe he got married and had a son... then one night, while on the bridge to a man made island, there was this blonde girl and...

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. What the hell are you thinking? The time line doesn't even remotely sync up with that! You should be ashamed for even considering it!

01-31-2009, 01:58 PM

02-01-2009, 05:30 PM
Stepping into the dungeon reveals that it looks different, too. And the music has changed to the music from Deva Yuga (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAgJKJbD0sE).

I just uploaded the arranged version of Deva Yuga (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2_WpfUucfc&fmt=18), which has totally different lyrics. (I also put up the arranged versions of the main theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6y4rW8qkng&fmt=18), Poem for Everyone's Soul (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP2cFu6q-hQ&fmt=18), and a crazy version of the pharmacy theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJJMrVgnu5Y&fmt=18))


Pajaro Pete
02-01-2009, 08:55 PM
Yeah, I never really liked any of the arrange music besides the Poem of Everyone's Souls.

Although the Deva Yuga arrangement's female vocals sounds exactly like how Maki should sound in English, especially the way everything she says sounds like it's a question.

Pajaro Pete
02-12-2009, 09:17 PM
The Big Damn Mythological Reference Post:

I had meant to do this in a much more timely manner, but I forgot. Because of technical difficulties, Tamaki-chan's Wild Ride will not be featured.

Shoumen Kongou (http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/monkey-koushin-p3.html#shomen-kongo)
Aizen Myouo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aizen_Myo-o)
Vesta (http://www.vroma.org/~bspaeth/vesta/vesta.html)
Nike (http://www.theoi.com/Daimon/Nike.html)
Houri (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houri)
Phaleg (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaleg_(spirit))
Ame-no-Uzume (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ame-no-Uzume)
Urvashi (http://www.apamnapat.com/entities/Urvashi.html)
Lilim (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilin)
Tenjiku Tokubei (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenjiku_Tokubei)
Azrael (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azrael)
Narukami (http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/n/narukami.htm)
Armaiti (http://www.pantheon.org/articles/a/armaiti.html)

One thing I really liked about the first three of Persona games was that the Angel personas were far more interesting than the ones in 3 and 4. So much Zoroastrianism!

03-20-2009, 12:49 PM
Oh no! The images are all gone!

Man, and I was finally going to read this today, too :/

Pajaro Pete
03-20-2009, 06:04 PM
I had a massive spike (~4 GB between the 18th and the 19th) in bandwith this week, apparently. It'll be back the 28th, says Photobucket.

Or you could just wait and play the PSP version, but then you'd have to suffer through a professional translation/localization done by people who are fluent in Japanese/talented writers.