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03-21-2009, 08:13 PM
(I don't think I'd have the time to post this until late tomorrow, so I'm going ahead and posting it now.)

I want to say, firstly, the presence of so many excellent LPs here, has made me more than a little apprehensive about doing my own. I don't consider myself a comedian or a good writer or even extraordinarily knowledgeable about the chosen game. I have reread and edited this entry 6 times and am still not quite satisfied with it. I'm going ahead anyway, though. Working on the second entry, this afternoon, I felt I was getting into the groove of the process. So, on with the show.

Mega Man Battle Network is an unique RPG offshoot of the main Mega Man series released in the US, October 2001. It was a pretty transparent attempt by Capcom to capitalize on the "collect-a-thon" handheld game craze pioneered by Pokemon. The original game was pretty good. Once they got to three and started having the multiple versions, not so much.

Let's Play Mega Man Battle Network
Part 1: A Medley of Flavors Masking an Absence of Real Meat


No matter how old I get, I will never tire of title screens admonishing me to press start. Pressed it will be.


Our scene, now, is the bedroom of a young boy. This boy will, probably, never realize he's been under surveillance as there is a camera stationed in the corner of his ceiling. His name is Lan, Lan Hikari.

Here we find our hyper-accurate listening devices picking up on the boy's NetNavi waking him. It warns him of the impending threat of school. Lan protests, initially, but logic prevails. Lan gets up and gets dressed.


Before going to breakfast, he grabs his PET. This isn't a puppy dog or kitty kat. No, a PET is a personal computer device. The name means PErsonal Terminal. It's, essentially, a cell phone with a USB connection. It also acts as a storage unit for a person's NetNavi. In Lan's case, the NetNavi is, the titular, MegaMan but appended with a ".EXE".


Lan checks his email before going to breakfast. The local news media says that the infamous WWW (Wet Whistle Willie) is trying to take over the net.

Also, of more direct importance to Lan, his dad emailed to apologize for being held at work all weekend and that he would be back soon. As a bonus, his dad sends him the chip data for the CrossGun C weapon.


Lan's mother is a curiosity. She asks if he has time to eat. I confess, my mom would have said, basically, the same thing but she would've ended it with a period.


Lan decides he has plenty of time to scarf some chow. Suspiciously inspecting underneath the plate, Lan finds that his mom is always looking out for him. She slips him the goods in the form of a chip, a Recov10 A.


Lan decides to say goodbye to his mom but gets a delirious response. Despite her yammering about timing, Lan's mother goes nowhere, ever. Lan takes this opportunity to escape from the cooky feminine sex and head for school.


His best efforts twarted, Lan pours out onto the street and finds himself face-to-face with Mayl, his wood-bee girlfriend if it weren't for him being young and terrified that all women are as upside-down as his mom. (1) She tells him that he's late. Lan deduces that the timing focused gene is strong in all womankind.

She insists that they walk to school together. Lan protests but she wins out because Lan is an invertebrate. (2) MegaMan calls Mayl a blabbermouth. Somehow, she doesn't hear it, even after Lan responds to his PET.


Mayl and Lan walk to school together. Mayl talks about the widespread oven rebellion thats causing burned turkeys and ham all across the county. She says that there have even been reports of ovens spitting fire. She thinks it's a WWW (Women Wearing Whipcream) virus. Lan knows that ovens use coils and electricity and judiciously calls Mayl out on her "fire-breathing oven" poppycock.


The two arrive at school and head straight to class. One of the kids tells Lan that "Dex" is looking for him. Dex is a ham-lipped water buffalo and Lan's defacto rival. This same kid makes a joke at Dex's expense. Lan takes his comment, "He's too big to be in elementary school", to mean that Dex is so fat he could barely fit in the door.


Next, Lan speaks with Madame Yai. As you can see, she speaks in nonsense code. This is probably because she wears woman parts. Lan decides to step back and avoid eye contact.

03-21-2009, 08:14 PM

Lan continues to gather evidence for his inevitable college psychology thesis: Men are from Mars, Women are from Crazyville.

(No matter how long you wait, they're exchange never changes.)


Lan inspects the bookshelf for some educational literature. It seems that his teacher, Ms. Mari, is a big fan of Doc Yasu. Doc Yasu is, himself, a big fan of slashing viruses in half with gigantic katana. Lan decides that Ms. Mari is the only woman with her head on straight and, as such, is a perfect candidate for being the mother of his children.


Lan talks to someone else whose spouting the same "dragon oven" nonsense as Mayl. Lan recognizes what gender with which he is conversing and removes himself from the vicinity.


At least he's avoiding the subject of home appliances.


Finally, this is Dex.

In the midst of this exchange, Lan just shakes his head. Some men refuse to use their noodle when dealing with the fairer sex.


The bell breaks up the verbal sparring, none too soon. Dex would've gotten it handed to him with a side salad, anyway.


Ms. Mari comes in to start class. It looks like our first subject is Virus Busting. The kids who don't have Ms. Mari are missing out. Poor saps. As you'll remember, Lan read today's NetNews.


Lan was going to begin Operation "Woo the Teacher for Fun and Profit", but some doofus jumped in without even raising his hand. Ack! And Ms. Mari gives him bonus points for it. The nerve of that guy! MegaMan takes the opportunity to rub in Lan's failure as teacher's pet.


Because knowing is half the battle!


Dex decides to pump himself up. Yai wields the pin that bursts his bubble. Lan takes the opportunity for a much more subtle gibe. What would the WWW (White Warbling Woodpecker) want with Dex anyway. He's not important.

03-21-2009, 08:15 PM

Ms. Mari wants to start the class off easy. She's going to have everyone battle the Mets(?). Jacking In causes the screen to go all black except for a swirly gyroscope with one of the crystals from A Link to the Past inside. I still have no idea what that has to do with plugging in, what amounts to, a USB cord.


In the digital world, we'll be battling digital monsters or Digimon. Ahhh! Sorry, wrong mythos. You'll know that it's the digital world because the background has motion graphics in the form of superfluous numerals.


Ms. Mari warns everyone before she lets loose the viruses of war. Then MegaMan is transported to the battle screen. (I'll just explain her monologue in text.) She tells Lan that, since MegaMan is doing the battling, he'll have to back MM up with a constant stream of new chip data.

Pressing the B button in battle will fire MegaMan's everpresent buster cannon. However, Chips are the real weapons and are absolutely vital to winning fights. Chips have an Attack Rating (ex: the 40 underneath the cannon) which is the amount of damage it will deal to an enemy.

At the outset of battle, Lan has a selection of 5 chips. Normally, he can only send one chip at a time to MegaMan. However, multiple chips of the same kind can be piggybacked on one another.

Chips also have a Chip Code (ex: the "A" underneath the cannon). Differing Chips of the same letter can also be piggybacked.


(1) Here's the full battle screen. The left section is MegaMan's area. The right section is the the enemy's area. Neither can cross over to the other side. As you battle, the guage at the top will fill. Once it is full, you have the option to send more chip data. (2) However, Ms. Mari has set things up easily for Team Lan. Having two cannons, both with an Attack of 40, MegaMan can administer swift justice to the mets.

Normally, in battle we would need more than one round of chips to win as the initial chip selection is compiled randomly. There's no guarantee that you'll get the chips you need at the beginning of battle.


In this second battle, Ms. Mari teaches us about support chips. These chips don't deal damage but give you other benefits. Some chips can make you invincible for a short period, some restore HP, and some (like Steal shown above) can increase the size of your zone. It's all fairly straightforward.


In the third battle, Ms. Mari explains that, instead of using the five chips initially provided, you can Add another row to the pool. This provides a wider selection of options and the possibility of a more sophisticated battle strategy (not really). (Not Shown: The actual effect of the Add command.)


After winning that battle, Ms. Mari calls it quits. Class is over. MegaMan gives us some sound advice: Go Home and Hit the Hay. Before we do this, however, Lan wants to see if the manly art of virus busting has altered the thought patterns of his female classmates.


Madame Yai is still talking in code. Mayl and her nameless classmate have added "Talking about Lan behind his back" to their skillset. Of course, Mayl ignores the simple fact that she and Lan still are kids. She needs to look at a calendar or, at the very least, a mirror. The last girl is still discombobulated by her, potentially, malfunctioning oven. She gets it wrong, though. If her oven explodes she won't be doing any shivering.


Since I don't want to have this update be devoid of real fight scenes, Lan challenges Dex to a NetBattle just for kicks.

Battle Gab:

There is no evident strategy to GutsMan's attacks. His movements around the board appear to be random. He only has two attacks. The first is to hammer the ground sending out a shockwave, across one row, one space at a time. This would be cake to dodge if it weren't for his other attack. GutsMan's second attack is to hammer the ground and "crack" all the tiles in that row. If MegaMan moves onto a cracked tile and moves away, the tile will disappear and take a certain amount of time to regenerate. Also, if Gutsman does his second attack twice on the same row, the second time it will destroy the entire row.

The problem with GutsMan's pair of attacks is that it's entirely too easy to keep from getting hit at all. The only way for him to inflict damage is with the shockwave as the floor cracker doesn't deal damage. When he cracks a row, I break the farthest space right and move behind it. I cannot be hit, in this position, because the open tile blocks any shockwaves he might fire. All I have to do is take potshots at him. Simply lather, rinse, repeat, and win.

The fact is, this fight with GutsMan is trivial, even with no experience.

MegaMan slices GutsMan into a ham sandwich and has lunch. Awesomeness affirmed, Lan decides to head back home.

03-21-2009, 08:17 PM

After leaving, Lan is confronted with new mail. Dad sends Lan even more good news. This time, he's got a PowerUp program. Unfortunately, his Dad's internet connection is dial-up so there's no way he could send it. Cheapskate, government hyper-science firm.

Also, Ms. Mari sent Lan an email. But, it's just more battle tutorial junk and not a profession of undying love. Into the Trashcan...


Before going home, Lan makes the acquaintance of a responsibility shirking potential pedophile.

Mayl's friend from class reveals her bad memory and short attention span. She apparently doesn't notice when her friend says, "Okay, bye. I'm going to stick around for a while and pull gum off the bottom of desks." She tells Lan that he's lucky. Make a note, preliminary indications show that this girl has difficulty differentiating the words "lucky" and "cursed".


Notice that this woman says nothing of the stove spitting fire. She may not be delirious and imaginative but she, apparently, is stupid. Lan expects this woman to follow through in burning down her house in the coming weeks.


Lan's final stop is Madame Yai's house. He hopes to pilfer a fat wad of cash from her loaded parents. His inspection is foiled, though. She's put up a very life-like statue of herself to block the door. Smart thinking!

She's even made the windows far to small for someone to climb through. Wily Devil!


After an adventuresome, uplifting, life-affirming, and educational day, Lan returns home to his loving mother.

But, all is not well at the Hikari Homestead.

Tune in next time.

03-21-2009, 08:59 PM
Off to a great start here. I'm looking forward to the proceedings.

Does anyone still remember when this was a breath of fresh air for the franchise?

...anyone at all?

03-21-2009, 09:06 PM
Yeah, I loved the hell out of the first one. And I loved the second even more, because it was a lot more refined and interesting. And the third one...pissed me off, although I went back to it a few months ago and discovered that having a bit more distance from the first two it felt less redundant. I think this is a series that would benefit from having about a third as many releases spread out over the same amount of time. If the releases had jumped, say, from MMBN -> MMBN 3 -> MMBN6, there would have been a lot less shark(man)-jumping.

Looking forward to this one. I really enjoyed the MMBN2 LP at Something Awful, until the author got sick of doing it and they shut it down incomplete.

03-21-2009, 09:47 PM
I stopped playing MMBN when they started coming out with two games per iteration. I felt like it became impossible to keep up with amount of games that were coming out. At least with other multiple games per generation series (i.e. Pokťmon), they come out every 3 or 4 years so you have some room to play through each one at a decent pace.

I'm still dreaming of an actual online Battle Network game! Making your own personal NetNavi and logging onto to fight viruses in an ever-changing, expansive world is almost better than getting an outright Pokťmon MMO, in my opinion.

Anyways, I'm totally looking forward to this LP.

03-22-2009, 12:33 AM
Roland Barthes would love this game so much if he knew it existed.

i personally have enjoyed every iteration of this series i've played, up till the DS ones.

Octopus Prime
03-22-2009, 05:23 AM
Man, I wish my dad sent me high-powered weaponry as an apology for working through the weekend when I was 10.

I also wish my elementary school teacher sent me off to destroy the slathering hoards of hell-born mechanical viruses.

Lucky dog, that Lan.

Also: For my money, 5 was the worst one. Though I haven't played 6, or the second Star Force.

03-22-2009, 09:57 AM
I enjoyed 1-3 and thought they got better with each game, but 4 was pretty bad and I haven't played 5-6. I can't recall what was so bad about 4, I think it had something to do with tournaments. Also, I love the Gamecube game even if the chip system doesn't quite work in a classic MM styled game.

03-22-2009, 03:10 PM
The Battle Network series corresponds neatly to the original NES games.
1: Has serious problems that the later games fix.
2: The most fun.
3: Further evolved; the definitive form of the game.
4-6: Stagnation. (though BN6 is actually not bad.)

BN1 is broken by the lack of * code and the fact that every screen of the net looks exactly the same. Being able to use ten copies of the same chip is pretty fun in a totally wrong kind of way, though.

Octopus Prime
03-22-2009, 03:33 PM
The first one also had the only final boss that was fun to fight against.

Dynastic Bird
03-22-2009, 06:01 PM
Y'know, if this was MM1, then there'd be lists all over the place. But we'll still have lists that go 2/3>3/2>>>>>>>>>>>which was worse, 4, 5 or 6? By Gamespite articles, 5 seems worst, though I tend to hate 4 the most. And 6...

But as far as MMBN goes? I stopped after playing through 4. Or should I say: Playing through 4 THREE TIMES. Just. To. Get. Everything.

And then the data erased and I didn't care anymore. ^_^. Nothing like bad cartridges to release you of all your sins!

03-22-2009, 06:08 PM
I've been rolling my eyes at this series for years. Like Mother 3, I'm glad I'll get to see it done without actually having to play it. Should be a good thread!

03-22-2009, 06:14 PM
I see most people here know more about the entire Battle Network series than me and, also, have strong feelings about it. That's nice (pronounced: terrifying) to know.

Just An Aside

As I play more of the game, I come to appreciate it a little more than I did the first time.

Back then, I felt the game was a pretty bland experience. I finished it but didn't really sink a lot of time into finding all the chips. This stems from me being, for lack of a more academic sounding phrase, a casual hardcore gamer. (I feel like I need to wash my mouth out for even using those terms. Well, wash my hands anyway.) This means that I enjoy completing a game, sometimes to see the conclusion, but not necessarily completely demolishing it.

Now, I'm far more analytical about the experience. I appreciate more the frequency of random battles. Generally, just wandering through the "dungeons" will yield newer chips, as battle drops, that will be completely satisfactory for beating the next boss. This, of course, makes it right up my alley. Also, there wasn't a moment in my pre-LP playthrough, of most of the game, where I felt I was being forced to grind for chips or upgrades. Without having to wander in circles, I was able to get plenty of money, for PowerUps and HPMemorys, to win in the boss battles.

I really applaud Capcom for having come up with a system that rewards timing and quick thinking as well as planning and strategy. (But, I still wish your folder organization directly affected your chip selection in battle.)

The next post will, probably, go up Tuesday.

03-22-2009, 07:22 PM
I've been rolling my eyes at this series for years.

Same here.

But what's with the constant misogynistic remarks?

03-22-2009, 07:49 PM
Same here.

But what's with the constant misogynistic remarks?

I was on the fence about it but I wanted a way to have all the different quotations without just a "Hey! People said stuff." underneath. Don't worry, though, I wouldn't be able to keep it up even I wanted.

03-23-2009, 12:46 AM
The thing that makes the Battle Network experience so good is the balance of action, RPG, and trading card game. If you have an addiction to all three of these things, MMBN will satisfy them all at once. It's like a porn mag with a pack of cigarettes and a subscription to WoW included for free.

03-23-2009, 07:07 AM
Is that Osaka?

03-23-2009, 11:24 AM
Monday is Tuesday, this week. Tell your friends!

Part 2: Hard Core Hackers?

When we left off, Lan had just returned home from a hard day at school. Let's go back to our program already in progress...


Mayl's lies again. These people need a science lesson. Lan just hopes that the guy hasn't futzed around in his room.

Upon closer inspection, Lan decides this guy can't be official. That facial hair would never pass.

The man, and his government branch, seem to think that this isn't a completely fallacious rumor. No, they say, it must be the deeds of mischievous hacker. (BandyAid, perhaps? (http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=5082))


Lan's mom tells him to take a hike so he doesn't disrupt the suspicious man, who is no plumber, tinkering with our houses inner workings. MegaMan has a fantastic suggestion: Surf the Net!


The internet doesn't work, for Lan, the way it does in real life. No, there's no browsers. It's more like, heh, a video game. Anyway, let's get to it.


Lan watches a lot of Power Rangers, and it's ilk, on the weekends. There effect shows through. Although, I rather like it. Everytime I transfer some digital photos to my computer, from now on, I'll say some phrase like this: "Jack In! Family Photos.JPEG, Transmit!"


Lan suddenly remembers that there's nothing much on the net anymore. The FCC came around and removed the racy pictures, the blog commentaries, and even Google. These days it's just a winding corridor of boredom and battles. In fact, in those three screens you've, effectively, seen everything on the net.

The problem with the Net isn't the lack of content but the preponderance of random battles. Though Capcom changed much of the system of RPGs, somehow, random battles remained. I don't have a problem with random battles if the battles themselves are swiftly concluded. In MMBN, though, you only rarely get the exact chips you need to win in one round. At any rate, I won't be bothering you readers with normal battles.


In MegaMan's inspection of the Net, he does find something useful. There's this Net Merchant. He'll be the primary source of HPMemory (+20 to max HP) upgrades.


Aside from that, the only interesting thing is the presence of this Glyde, Madame Yai's NetNavi. Yai lost a program and, unlike Mega, Glyde is entirely immobile. He enlists MegaMan's help and gives him the @Yai link so he will be able to access Yai's Portrait's digi-space.


MegaMan is an altruist and willingly moves to the aid of his fellow digital data. MegaMan refrains from telling the green, glorified tuna can that Glyde was far too busy, and plagued by arthritis, to search for him. Tact is MegaMan's middle name. (Mega Tact Man!)


Having wandered around a bit, MegaMan scrapes enough Zenny, from battles, for an HPMemory upgrade. He won't really need it for a while, but it's nice as a preventative measure.


MegaMan moves through the @Yai terminal to get to her portrait's digi-space. There, he tells Glyde the great news. Glyde decides MegaMan deserves a reward. He gets "Spreader I".

I should probably point out that all manner of objects have jack-in ports in this game. So, when I say "Yai's Portrait" I, literally, mean that a picture frame in Yai's house has a Net uplink and a "Net Homepage", or digital space.

03-23-2009, 11:25 AM

After an afternoon of busy work and nary a sign of anything that could be mistaken for excitement, MegaMan has another sterling notion: Let's eat! MegaMan is a pretty brainy program.


As an aside, Lan and I have similar tastes. I love a good Cheezy Poof. In fact, I intentionally use this misspelling in real life.

(Note: Pressing L as Lan makes MegaMan comment on the current situation. It's vice-versa for when you're controlling MegaMan, like in the above.)


That vagabond is trying to molest Lan's mom! Have at you, Fiend!


Crap, it's worse than that. Lan's mother is panic-stricken. Lan decides to be a hero and...
Jack Into a Stove that is On Fire!


If for nothing else than to pacify his mother, Lan goes in for the craziest stunt of the day. "How do you fight fire?" he says. "With superior digital firepower!"


Pay close attention, people, this is what the inside of your oven looks like. Don't let conventional wisdom persuade you into believing otherwise.


This program tells us that digi-fire (you heard me) is blocking access to other sections of the oven control program. Go figure. He gives us wisdom; we need an IceBlock program to put the digi-fire out. Sounds logical.


MegaMan stops mid-stride to tell Lan that he sensed a disturbance on the Net. It seems there's a virus with a WWW (Woeful Winter Wisteria) signature. Lan begins to think that it's exactly like Mayl was saying.

P.S. There's no conclusive evidence, yet. Lan is forgetting that there was a suspicious technician earlier. Also, he never actually saw the oven "spit" flames.


MegaMan scores some cashola in the oven program. Lan and MegaMan have no idea how that got there but decide to pocket it and skip calling the police. Later on, Mega Man finds a Steal and a Sword chip.


Here we are. This little guy gives us the IceBlock program. The trick to the IceBlock program is that you can only extingush 7 fires. If you use all of them and still can't reach the boss, you have to return here. If you must return and "recompile" the program, all the fires will regenerate.

03-23-2009, 11:28 AM

MegaMan tries to leave but the digi-fire gets even more virulent. Booted back into the real world, we find Mom shocked that Lan accidently knocked over the cooking oil.


The villain calls Lan up on his PET. It turns out that the sinister government employee is in cahoots with the WWW (Wild Wacky Wednesdays) Coupon Club. He confesses to having rigged peoples ovens to ignite. He thinks he's won the day but forgets that it's only the afternoon. There's at least two hours till dusk.


Lan is momentarily blocked from re-jacking a burning oven by the excess flames. However, Lan's quick thinking puts the surplus fire to bed. His mom forgets that a fire is like a melanoma; it's only better when it's gone. That is, unless it's engulfing your enemies. (Not Shown: Lan running around in circles making fire engine noises.)


Once again, inside the Oven, MegaMan is back on the case. He puts out his first digi-flame and is rewarded with even more cashola. Oven-diving is a serious money-making venture here, I guess.


Control room, Ahoy!


More travels and oven-based swag.


This dungeon, since it's the first, is short and simple. Here is MegaMan standing in front of the boss just out of range of the looming cutscene.

But, before Lan goes in, he needs to inspect his chip folder.


The, 30, initial starter chips are fine for this battle. But, by this time, Lan's accumulated a couple of superior damage dealing chips as normal battle rewards. You can get chips a number of ways: buying, trading, and battle rewards.

BN1 is broken by the lack of * code and the fact that every screen of the net looks exactly the same. Being able to use ten copies of the same chip is pretty fun in a totally wrong kind of way, though.

I'll be exploiting the game's rules in the boss battle. As Sanagi pointed out, the game has no significant restrictions on filling your folder with copies of one chip. (I had bit of jibber jabber here before, I will never make an assumption when I write commentary again.)

So, I'm going to remove the Escape chip (they won't work in boss battles, anyway) and replace all those 30 DMG Shotgun chips with 40 DMG Cannons. Also, the 30 DMG CrossGuns will have to move over for two 60 DMG ShokWaves, gleaned from Met battles. Finally, I'll put the two MetGuards (3 seconds of invincibility) in, for good measure.

Now, on to that cutscene.


MegaMan tells the nefarious NetNavi that his mischief is for the nonce but justice is forever, in so many words. The Navi doesn't acquiesce. He thinks....

Wait, Mr. Match? HAHAHAHAHAH!

Anyway, MegaMan challenges him to a duel. May the best man win.


Battle Gab:
This is FireMan, the first true boss. (GutsMan, as you remember, was optional and barely a speedbump.) Though FireMan, also, has a random movement pattern, he has three attacks, some of which are far less easy to dodge.

03-23-2009, 11:29 AM

The first is a straight beam of flame. It's easy to slide past, just move out of the line of fire, he practically mails it you. The second has him firing a trio of bombs that will explode and leave a flame for a few moments. The third is a series of fire columns that move toward you one space at a time.

The third is the most difficult to dodge, especially if he does the bombs just before (like in the screenshots).


You can see that I didn't manage to pull off a no-hitter, this time. FireMan's movement is much faster than GutsMan. There were a number of times where I'd fire a Cannon Chip and would be a split-second late, missing him completely.

Nevertheless, FireMan fell as expected. Lan recieves a 1000 Zenny bonus for the effort, too.


Mr. Match (ahahahaha!) can't figure out how he lost. But, it seems he's finished his mission: Terrorizing a Distressed Housewife. Lan interrogates him and gets a strange response. A program of great import was hidden in Lan's Mom's oven. Whoever the WWW are, they are definitely smalltime (crooks).

The man tries to backpeddle, but he's already said too much. He threatens the welfare of Lan and his family and hangs up the receiver.


Back in the real world, Lan's mother completely forgets that the house, technically, did catch on fire. Lan gives her the benefit of the doubt, though, she's been through a traumatic experience. She and MegaMan pat Lan on the back.


MegaMan assumes Lan is worried about the Mysterious Plot of the WWW (Wily Wandering Wolverine). Lan isn't and neither am I. Seriously, those two-bit hacks? Are you worried? MegaMan seems to be as he vows to protect the Net and let freedom ring, or something like that.


MegaMan pushes Lan into a pact to fight the WWW, should they reappear. Lan agrees but insists on filling his stomach first. The important things never escape Lan's mind.


Aww, Man!


Lan, hungry but high on his victory, decides to go around town and see what his heroism hath wrought.


Word travels fast, especially when Lan wears his skates.


This man hears of villainy and it reshapes his entire life. Lan feels sure he will stop shirking work and become a productive member of society.

Aside from these two, not many people care about Lan's successes. However, there are still people to see.

03-23-2009, 11:31 AM

On his way to see if Yai has removed her security statue, he finds this lady. She speaks the honest truth.


On the other side of Yai's house, Lan finds this girl. There are indications she might be casing the place but Lan believes in the decency of mankind and dismisses the idea.




It seems that, if there is money here, it's been hidden with devious cunning. (5) This is Yai's portrait that MegaMan came to through the Net. If he wanted, he could jack in directly here.

After this, Lan decides he's pretty tired out and goes home.


Though a hero, Lan goes to bed hungry. Indeed, A sad truth.

Until Next Time!

Octopus Prime
03-23-2009, 12:52 PM
Something that always kind of baffled me:

What, exactly, was so unique about Lans oven that it would have a piece of the program needed to create the Life Virus?

I mean, you'd think that it would be in just about any old oven, really.

03-23-2009, 01:08 PM
It's sorta implied that Lan's pop hid something there that Wily could make use of.

03-23-2009, 02:04 PM
Interesting to see someone play this who knows what they're doing, since my strategy towards the end of this basically boiled down to "Spam Elec Man. Repeat."

Octopus Prime
03-23-2009, 02:06 PM
It's sorta implied that Lan's pop hid something there that Wily could make use of.

I was thinking of that, but wouldn't it have been more prudent to destroy it?

And the other bits don't really have that excuse.

Dr. Hikari is an amazingly short-sighted genius.

03-24-2009, 07:40 PM
Interesting to see someone play this who gives the impression they know what they're doing, since my strategy towards the end of this basically boiled down to "Spam Elec Man. Repeat."

Fixed that for you.
Although, I have to point out, I really hate grinding. I'd rather beat my head against the same boss battle for hours than grind for the same amount of time. This play through, I'm paying more attention to the boss' routines. It's a boon to me that MMBN gives you the opportunity to "learn" the bosses.

On another note, I have way too much time on my hands! Behold...
My reasonable approximation of Lan and Mayl!


03-25-2009, 07:02 AM
That a cool picture, but I have to admit to being rather disturbed by the... umm.... perkiness.

03-25-2009, 01:10 PM
Interesting thing about this game is the number of hidden South Park references.

The dialogue in Battle Network was fantastic up until about 4. Battle Network 2 is still one of my favourite localization jobs. I have no idea how some of the text made it into an E-rated game.

Octopus Prime
03-25-2009, 01:23 PM
Oddly, this thread kind of makes me want to try Star Force 2. I heard it was a vast improvement over the first one, in any case.

Also, that's some spiffy fanart. Even if some... artistic liberties were added.

03-25-2009, 01:24 PM

I was sold on this LP once I started hearing the inconstant disambiguations of WWW (Wildebeests Who Wash) but if we're gonna be getting artwork of that quality as well? Well I guess I'm, I dunno, extra sold?

This will end with me giving you money.

03-25-2009, 01:47 PM
How did she get up there?

03-25-2009, 04:10 PM
How did she get up there?


Also, that's some spiffy fanart. Even if some... artistic liberties were added.

That a cool picture, but I have to admit to being rather disturbed by the... umm.... perkiness.

Blame it all on Bruce Timm.

03-26-2009, 07:23 AM
Seriously though, that's an awesome drawing. If you're going to be popping those out periodically, there's basically no reason not to read this LP. How much time did it take you to draw it?

03-26-2009, 07:37 AM
About 15-20 minutes to sketch and around 3 hours to convert to vector.

Also, the next post should be up tomorrow.

03-26-2009, 11:02 PM

I sense amazing potential in this LP. (http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Pokemon%20FireRed/Update%2037/index.html)

Admittedly, I never really got into Battle Network - the battles in the game never really did it for me, being slower than what I'm used to from a Mega Man game (which is mostly X and Legends, but anyway). Still, I'm looking forward to seeing this one, as I always liked the idea behind the game and wanted to see more of it.

03-27-2009, 02:31 PM
TGIF, people!

Part III: A Day in the Life


Previously, Lan had settled in for a long spring nap. But, that sleep wouldn't be peacful for he would have a strange dream...

That dream takes place at night, here in front of school. In the dream, a man is in search of his adult education classes.


The next day, Lan wakes up late and rushes to school as fast as he can. Once he arrives, Lan asks about his email. MegaMan, flustered, wonders why Lan isn't more concerned with, say, getting to class. But, he shows Lan the two messages anyway.


The first is NetNews, warning Lan of rising student crime. The other is Yai, telling Lan he owes her one for calling his name in class. I don't know how that works. Yai called his name? Really? Ms. Mari needs glasses.


This would make more sense if MegaMan could point. Lan turns around and heads the direction he's supposed to be going. However, he's distracted by something...


Say...what's that?



Oh, nevermind.


Come on, game! This would never work in reality. Lan sits in the front row for goodness sake! Ms. Mari really does need glasses.


Ms. Mari introduces the class to Mr. Higsby. He'll be helping her teach the class, she says.


Yai is a good judge of character. Mayl, not so much.


Why sure they do, Lan. They enjoy having a smoke in the teacher's lounge, didn't you know?

03-27-2009, 02:34 PM

Turns out Lan was really late.

That makes me think. If it is the end of class and Ms. Mari just introduced Higsby, does that mean he was waiting in the hall or sitting in the corner of the classroom all period? Weird.


Nobody has much interesting to say except this guy who has a hard time remembering the alphabet. I guess it's understandable; Ms. Mari has been focusing on "more important matters" in class.


After Lan makes his rounds in the classroom, the next period starts.


But only Higsby returns. He says that Ms. Mari came down with something and couldn't stay. A likely story!


Of course, with Virus Busteress Mari out of commission, we have to go back to doing normal school work.


For some reason, Higsby flips into Saturday Night Fever mode and then leaves.

As soon as he does...


...the blackboard goes haywire and starts playing a WWW (Worrisome Wayward Washingmachine) recording. The, suspiciously, grayed-out man tells of their nefarious plot to instigate Ragnarok.


Come on, Mayl! They're bad guys!


At the end of the presentation, they advertise they're open positions for any interested parties.


The class quickly falls into disarray as the doors have been electronically locked. Dex takes up the hero's mantle and tells them not to worry. (It doesn't help.)

03-27-2009, 02:37 PM

Lan makes his rounds, once again, and recognizes a ham when he sees one.


Mayl connects this morning's NetNews with the current events. Deduction: Other students saw this, went bonkers, and started killing each other.

If a mass murderer bursts in and starts cutting people up, I want my money back. This movie is terrible!


Lan moves to help Dex out, as this is a dire situation, but Dex refuses.

However, GutsMan is summarily demolished. The viruses in the school mainframe must've picked up on GutsMan's battle non-scheme quick too.


Looks like Lan is up to bat.

(I skipped one or two lines here. No, Yai is not saying that it's a relief that Dex/GutsMan got trounced. But, it's much funnier of if you think of it that way.)


Before going, though, Mayl gives Lan the Rorita. (http://postables.net/pictures/rorita&toastyfrog.png)..err...Roll R chip so he can "summon" her in battle. This might be useful if there were multiple copies of it.


Lan net-dives and sets too it.


Dungeon Smalltalk
This dungeon is slightly more difficult than the first. MegaMan comes up on a number of locked gates (that correlate with the actual school doors) for which you have to find the combination. Some have hints...


And some don't...


For these, the best way I've found is to start halfway between zero and ninety-nine. Then, you can just keep picking the halfway point until you come to the solution. It tells you whether you're high or low and whether the first or second digit is correct.

I have a feeling there are more efficient methods.


In the middle of his travels, MegaMan hit's a snag. Lan has to go around to the AV room to see what the problem is with the network.

03-27-2009, 02:40 PM

Once he gets there, he bumps into Higsby. (If you hadn't come to a conclusion about Higsby yet, this is where it becomes obvious.) Lan goes inside. It turns out a comptuer was frozen up. Aren't you glad real networks don't act like this?


Eventually, I get here. This guy indicates where the virus is likely holed up. Lan has to go around the long way.


A hop, skip, and a jump away...

I arrive at the teacher's lounge network area. But, it looks like I can't access it without running an ID card through the time recorder. MegaMan asks Lan to go find Ms. Mari as she seems to be the only employed teacher at the school. Of course, if she does turn out to be sick there's going to be a problem.


Lan rushes over to the only open room he hasn't checked: the storage room.

But, upon entering, he finds...


A silent film!

Wait. No! That's not right.


Oh yes. He finds Mrs. Mari, tied up.


The game asks if you want to help or just leave her bound and gagged. Strange. Anyway, we get her ID card.

Notice that Ms. Mari says she's giving Lan the ID Card as thanks for saving her. So, that means, she didn't give him the ID Card because, say, they'd be locked in the school forever if she refused.


Anyway, now it's time to confront that NetNavi.


NumberMan/Higsby underestimates Lan and MegaMan. Lan confronts Higsby about his villainy but all he cares about is getting rare chips. Lan sees that the only method for changing his mind will have to be violence.


Battle Gab
I should rephrase what I said about GutsMan. GutsMan isn't trivial, he's downright laughably easy. This NumberMan is trivial. His few attacks are just trigger-finger tests.


His first attack is to create three balls in a line. They will slowly move toward you. Each will have a number on it. That number is how many times you have to shoot it for it to disappear. Out of the three, one will always be low: around 3-8. Shoot that one with the buster, to open up a hole, and hold your chips for afterwards where he'll be open for attack.

03-27-2009, 02:42 PM

His second attack is to generate a bomb. The bomb will have a 3 second counter on it. The easy solution is just to get right next to it and hammer the buster cannon until it's nullified.


His third attack is similar to the second. He will throw out a die. Deal with it the same as the bomb.

(This screen is from my second duel with him because I didn't get a satisfactory capture of this attack the first time.)


As long as you know his attacks and how to avoid them, it's entirely possible to get a no-hitter in this battle, as he has no randomness that might trip you up.

Note: I didn't get a no-hitter, as you can see, primarily because I was constantly re-punching the capture button and taking stupid hits.


But, I replayed the battle afterwards and passed it with flying colors. My previous no-hitter claim still stands.


Lan teaches Higsby an important life lesson. Having rare chips does not an easy battle make. Thanks to his double-spanking, at the hands of MegaMan, Higsby sees the light.


Though a kid, and having no experience with server maintanence, Lan manages to fix the server with a swift kick.

All his classmates, and Ms. Mari, take a moment to pat him on the back. MegaMan, however...


Poor Lan. Though a hero, once again, he still has to go learn where to place his semicolons.

Don't get too comfortable, Dear Readers. Chapter 2 isn't over yet. Stay tuned for the, exciting, second half...

Subway Quandary and MegaMan Powered Up!
Same Mega-Time, Same Mega-Channel!

Octopus Prime
03-27-2009, 03:07 PM
This is riveting!

I am riveted!

03-27-2009, 03:10 PM
This almost makes me want to renounce my sheer hatred and loathing for the series and give it another shot.

Question, guys: Does the encounter rate became less insane in subsequent installments? Because, seriously, I'm an apologist for random encounters and all, but in this game it's just too freaking much.

Octopus Prime
03-27-2009, 04:05 PM
It stays about the same through them all, as I recall.

You can usually get something to make it so weak viruses don't attack you, though.

03-27-2009, 10:26 PM
This is absolutely terrible of me, but everytime I see Higsby, I think of Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

It makes all of his lines better with Blum voicing him. Or all of Spike's worse with "Huh" added on. I'm not sure which.

03-27-2009, 10:31 PM
Higsby is the best character in this series.

03-27-2009, 11:06 PM
Come on, game! This would never work in reality. Lan sits in the front row for goodness sake! Ms. Mari really does need glasses.

Man, you should've seen some of the shit we attempted in Hebrew school. Not that it worked often, but damn if we didn't try.

This is absolutely terrible of me, but everytime I see Higsby, I think of Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

I think of Mr Mackey from South Park, especially since Higsby outright says "M'kay?" at points.

03-28-2009, 03:05 AM
I like the fan art, all 2 pieces. 3 pieces

03-28-2009, 03:27 AM
Re: the fanart, I'm feeling an icing/cake metaphor here.

03-28-2009, 01:29 PM
This is absolutely terrible of me, but everytime I see Higsby, I think of Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

That is terrible of you. You need to go to your room and think about what you've done.

Man, you should've seen some of the shit we attempted in Hebrew school. Not that it worked often, but damn if we didn't try.

No examples? If you post one or two, you'll be contributing to the rich tapestry of this thread.

I like the fan art, all 2 pieces.

Any particular quota you were hoping for?

Re: the fanart, I'm feeling an icing/cake metaphor here.

Did I just get kissed by the prom queen? (FYI, I'm a master of metaphor.)

03-28-2009, 01:53 PM
Any particular quota you were hoping for?

You've already exceeded your quota for awesome. Anymore awesome you post will be counted as overtime for the rest of the week.

Octopus Prime
03-28-2009, 01:55 PM
I would deign to make passionate love to this LP.

Just throwing that out there. I am not ashamed.

03-28-2009, 07:31 PM
I would deign to make passionate love to this LP.

That's going on the dust jacket!

03-29-2009, 11:23 AM
The Trashcan
If I have any pictures that I don't use in the actual entries, I'll post them with an explanation of why.

I drew this picture first, but sound judgement made me replace it with the silent film picture.


So, what's wrong with it?

First, the colors are pretty good and I'm glad at how they turned out. However, mechanically it's a mess. Mari is levitating. Her forearms are too short. Her right leg is too long. Lan's head is too big and his hands look like platypus fins. I still don't know how that happened. I got as far as you see and realized the biggest problem with it: it wasn't even funny. So, I scrapped it.

03-29-2009, 04:09 PM
I'm putting in a request now for a Dr Froid pic when his moment comes around. I still fangirl over him so hard.

Ah, Hebrew school. Let's see. There was one girl who tried to crawl in on her hands and knees. Problem was, she was in the front row and got caught. The teacher caught her and tried to discipline her, but the girl squeezed under her desk, which was up against the teacher's desk. The teacher gave up on her, but the girl would randomly pound on the teacher's desk in front of her, just to make a lot of noise (the desk was flimsy, wooden and hollow).

Then there was the time the teacher walked in smiling, until someone threw a piece of chalk at her and it hit her right between the eyes. Her smile turned into a frown instantly. The mental image has never left me.

This was night school--grade two. I think parents dropped their kids off to get a few extended hours of peace after regular school under the pretense that their children were going to learn all about the rich history of the Jews, etc. The worst kids were French Immersion students, interestingly.

03-30-2009, 03:24 PM
(Edit: Oops, forgot the title.)

Part IV: Did I Just Repeat Myself, Again?

We return to the adventures of Lan Hikari. The school day has just ended.


MegaMan has the notion that, since the Metroline has opened up, Lan could go check on his dad and get that promised PowerUp program.


Haha, Mayl. That kind of thing is for NPCs.

You see, Lan has urgent goals. Though this is true, he decides to wander a bit and stop by the school library.


This girl makes me wonder, for a moment, why I'm playing this game.


Wow, Lan's dad is a pretty famous guy. That or Hikari is a very common Japanese surname.


Lan heads down to the Metroline entrance. But things have gone awfully wrong. The Metroline isn't running.


This helpful guy tells us that a landslide cause quite a problem when the automatic breaking program failed. The technicians deduced that it must've been a net based attack as there was no evidence of people breaking into the control room.


MegaMan seems overeager. For a moment, Lan wonders if it's not better to let the authorities handle it. But, Lan is suddenly reminded of his previous triumphs and enthusiasm wells up inside of him.
Net-Vestigation Time!


Lan returns home. His mother suggests that he plays outside but Lan has far more important things to do.


On the Net, this guy congratulates us on our victory over FireMan but warns us of the presence of copies wandering the Net.


No, it sounds like Bittorrent. Pirates!

03-30-2009, 03:26 PM

In his travels, MegaMan passes by the net merchant, again.
I thought about grabbing a new HPMemory but decided I would try my best to low-ball the game.


MegaMan doesn't find anything like a train jacking in this section of the net. So, he moves past the above Access Point and finds a link to another section.

But, of course, it's blocked. It seems Dex owns the link and Lan will have to go convince him to give MegaMan permission to use it.


Lan dashes over to Dex's house as fast as his feet would take him.

Dex refuses, intially. But then offers on the terms that Lan filch a Recov50 L chip from Mayl.


So, Lan dashes over to Mayl's house. The door is unlocked and no one is home. They call it ACDC town but it seems more like Mayberry.


The piano must be where it's located. Lan disregards peoples privacy.


Lan jackes into the piano to find a thematically appropriate background, the chip, and a link for accessing Mayl's piano from the net.


When Lan leaves, Dex sends him an email and it looks like he wants a rematch. Lan decides he'll think about it as he heading that direction anyway.


Lan gets a little annoyed that Dex didn't just let him fight instead of going through all that thieving tomfoolery.


Battle Gab
Look it's GutsMan. Again.
If anyone wants to know the strategy, look back at the first entry. GutsMan is the same except for having twice the HP this time. The memory is fuzzy; I may have passed out during this battle.

I no-hitter him again.


After winning, Dex falls into shock. I don't know why. He hasn't won a single battle since the beginning of the game. There's no precedent for success. Dex hands over the link AND the GutsMan chip.

I feel a little cheatery if I use GutsMan. His attack cracks the entire enemy's area no matter the size. It's only use is for beating enemies that move around too fast to hit normally, as they'll break all the tiles and be stuck on one space.

03-30-2009, 03:28 PM

On course, once again, Lan heads back home and gets on the Net. Now, he can pass through to the next section. I wonder what new sights are waiting on the other side!




Hey, Lan doesn't need to search to know he's in the right place. This guy was standing right near the entrance. This game is awfully nice. Lan didn't even have to solve a block puzzle. Fast Forward!


After many winding, seemingly identical paths, Lan ends up directly in front of the problem just outside the cutscene event horizon.

I haven't rearranged Lan's chips since FireMan and I'm not going to bother now. I'm sure I can beat this guy.


Wow! This is something different. A bad guy who has his directive and just sticks to it. No Bitterness. No Neurosis. No Nonsense Personal Justification. Just honest, hard working villainy. Refreshing!

Mega/Lan's course is clear: "This means war!"


Battle Gab
StoneMan is the first boss that I consider annoying. It's not because he's hard; he's not. In fact, still with no upgrades (aside from the extra 20 HP) and the same chips I've been using since FireMan, he's an easy kill. The problem is, I just can't get a no-hitter with him. I'll show you why:


StoneMan's first, and primary, attack is to put up a block randomly in MegaMan's area. It can be destroyed but there's usually no reason to bother. While it's up, he'll repeatedly drop a trio of rocks on your head. It gives you warning in the form of a shadow. I guess I'm just not "twitchy" enough to consistantly dodge it.

He does this several times in a row and then switches over to his second attack.


This one has a cannon pop out of the ground and fire a beam. It is easy to spot and dodge.


I've replayed this fight a half-dozen times. Once I got him down to 43 HP without taking a hit. And, then it happened. Wouldn't you know it.

Either way, Lan gets 2000 zenny from this battle.


MegaMan immediately destroys the digi-boulder. I suppose the digi-boulder is a figurative representation of a program that does nothing but allocates too much memory so that other programs cannot function. But, that's just a guess.

With this done, Lan can finally go see Dad and get that PowerUp program.

03-30-2009, 03:29 PM

The plot.


Children don't need parental supervision to ride the rails. Lan does live in Mayberry, Japan.


Here, Lan has arrived at the government complex.


This woman gives us the company line. Sure, on the weekdays they're improving life. On the weekends, they're holding Lan's father hostage so he can build a robot capable of being the Jenga World Champion.


The lady gives Lan permission to use the elevator.


I bet you heard. How did you get up here before me, anyway?


Looks like the doctor isn't in. Since, earlier, Lan and MegaMan partook in felonious activities, they see no problem with going in after the program without permission. At least it's family, this time.


MegaMan is foiled, though. Looks like the dog ate it.


Lan jots a quick email about how he stopped by and has MegaMan give it to the above program.


While he's here, MegaMan grabs the @Dad link to so he can access this computer from the net. I don't know if that's ever going to be very useful but it's better than going back empty handed.

03-30-2009, 03:30 PM

On a side note, Dr. Hikari may be leading a double life.


Lan takes the Metroline back home, more than a little bummed out.


Once he arrives, back at ACDC Town, he gets an email from his dad. Looks like he was finally able to get the PowerUp program after all.


We already know what an HPMemory does. MegaMan's HP is now up another 20 to 140. The PowerUp program, on the other hand, is something you get to apply manually. MegaMan has three stats, as you can see.

The first time I played, I used my first PowerUp to give him the Charge attack, as Charging isn't available until you level it up to 2. But, I'm not sure I'll ever use it, this time.

I'll have to think about this...Buster Power or Buster Speed? Hmm.


Either way, Lan heads home for some much needed rest. Sleep well, Lan.

Next time: Lan beats his head against a tree.

03-30-2009, 03:42 PM
Since I've just finished another chapter, I think it's about time I asked:
How am I doing?

I have to confess, I'm feeling less and less "on-a-roll" as I go along. So I'm wondering what people are looking for. Are the entries the right length? Is it clear what's happening? Do I need to explain anything more in depth? Those who know the game, have I passed up anything that you simply won't forgive me for having missed?

Aside from that, I want to say that I'm not really excited about the idea of simply illustrating Lan's exploits. Considering I've already received one request, I'm thinking about opening it up for more if people would like that.

So, penny for you thoughts. Only, without the penny.

03-30-2009, 03:46 PM
i'm enjoying it. entries seem a little short, though, but whatever's comfortable for you.

and any fanart you give us is just bonus on the top. don't feel like you have to do it, but when the urge strikes, i doubt you'll find anyone who disapproves.

03-30-2009, 03:59 PM


i'm enjoying it. entries seem a little short, though, but whatever's comfortable for you.

and any fanart you give us is just bonus on the top. don't feel like you have to do it, but when the urge strikes, i doubt you'll find anyone who disapproves.

Agreeing with shiv-dawg, here. Don't feel obligated to draw that pic unless you want to, not by any means. :D

I am enjoying the LP. I like Battle Network in general; the series kind of went downhill after 4 (though I found 6's story very interesting), but I never expected to like the games, and was surprised when I did.

Octopus Prime
03-30-2009, 04:02 PM
I believe my opinions on this LPs quality are already well documented.

03-30-2009, 04:05 PM
The updates are great! If anything, they could be slightly longer.

03-30-2009, 06:45 PM
Updates could be longer and happen more often. But then that's what I say about every LP I'm reading.

Carry on the good work!

04-01-2009, 06:27 PM
This is the LP I'm looking forward to most each day (besides It breathes. You die). So don't feel discouraged.

04-02-2009, 07:44 AM
To me, it always feels like the entries are too long. Ehh, I guess that's just because my brain includes the time spent playing the game, too. I took the last two days off from the LP. But, I started again, strong, this morning. The next entry should be up, at the latest, Saturday.

On a side note, an idea came to mind for something I might do after this LP. I was thinking about the whole concept of audience participation and I had an epiphany. When I start to draw closer to the end of MMBN, I'll put it to you guys to see what you think.

The Dread Cthulhu
04-02-2009, 08:55 AM
This LP is many times better than the game. And many, many times less repetitive.

04-04-2009, 10:18 AM
I had intended to get through the entire chapter in one entry but my wrist was giving me trouble the other day.

Part V: A Lesson In Fluid Dynamics


Again, we find Lan being awakened by MegaMan. I used to believe that Persona 3 introduced me to the Japanese school system and school on weekends. However, it seems this assumption was dead wrong.

(You see, unlike every other person who plays RPGs, I don't bother reading that text hooey. This is the first time I've payed attention to the story.)


That's a dirty lie, MegaMan. I've never been there but I'm willing to assume that cereal is just as plentiful in the Land of the Rising Sun as it is in America.

MegaMan tells Lan to get a move on or else they'll be late.


I swear! Every time MegaMan mentions the pontential for tardiness, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Lan and Mayl reprise their walk to school from the first part. This time, the news of the hour is how there isn't any water. Mayl points out that she couldn't even wash her face. Lan considers this of less than paramount importance. Let it be noted that if you can't wash your face then you can't wash your anything.


Looks like the whole neighborhood is out of water. Today will prove to be a very stinky day.


Lan decides to head over to the Nurses Office again. She catches him off guard, though, as she's outside the room. He didn't have time to get his Yakko impression ready. He tries to convince the nurse he's got a serious disease, but she doesn't buy it. Lan hardly believes that a school nurse's cursory glance could determine a person's general health.


Lan accosts this young gentleman. Lan tells him that the toilet should be under his butt and to be wary, should he ever find himself in any less than satisfactory variations of this arrangement.


Lan considers the possibility that there may be some guy with a ghastly surname like this.


Since there is a large probability that no one has taken a bath recently, the smell she is alluding to might be nothing of the kind.


After talking to Yai, the bell rings and class starts.

04-04-2009, 10:21 AM

Ms. Mari fills the class in on the situation. It appears that no one has water anywhere in the vicinity.


Snow Day! Err....Dehydration Day!

Lan takes the opportunity to wander around class again, but no one seems to know anything pertinent. The youth of today are completely out of touch with current events, I tells ya.


Ms. Mari lets more disturbing info slip. Every kind of water container has been stolen. Lan considers the logistics of stealing every toilet in town. Surely, there must be some water left in a basin somewhere.


This girl points out that there's no water in the next city over: DenCity. It looks like the problem is hardly local.


Lan decides to investigate by going straight to the horses mouth: the WaterWorks plant. On the way to the SciLab, yesterday, Lan noticed that WaterWorks was in the adjoining building. So, he heads in the direction of the Metroline.


Arriving at the Metroline, Lan gets an email from Yai. It appears that the kid she told us about earlier was kidnapped. Gasp!


Lan arrives at the Government Complex but concludes there is no harm in dawdling so he walks around.

Over here, he finds this girl, Sal. Sal sells "natural lunches". Aside from that, she's an amateur NetBattler. Like with Dex, this means Lan has the opportunity to pick a fight. The problem is, Sal's NetNavi is WoodMan and he, unlike GutsMan, is no pushover. In fact, WoodMan is far out of MegaMan's league, at the moment. But that isn't going to stop Lan from trying.


Battle Gab
WoodMan isn't hard if you fight him later (or with a better chip selection). In my test play, I beat him at the very beginning of the next chapter: Chapter 4. But, at this point, MegaMan doesn't have any good restorative chips and WoodMan's fight is one were it's almost impossible to get through unscathed.


WoodMan's first attack is to jump. When he lands, several tiles, on MegaMan's side, will start to blink. A split second later, spiked tree stumps will shoot up for massive damage, if you're not fast enough. This attack isn't too hard to dodge but I still find myself blinking and taking a hit.

After about three jumps, WoodMan will bend over and touch the ground (above). The attack is the same as before, except it will be three sets of spikes in succession each with blinking beforehand.


After these two sets of attacks, WoodMan will stop attacking and items will fall in from the side of the screen. Sometimes an acorn will fall in and provide a guard to WoodMan, should he be standing behind it. Sometimes one will fall and create pillars of flame (above) like FireMan's, way back when. Sometimes it will create a line of spikes instead of flame. Since multiple items appear in a quick sequence, it's very possible to get forced into a corner where dodging is out of the question.

04-04-2009, 10:23 AM

I started a tally of how many times I died against WoodMan. The grand total turned out to be: 14

Eventually, I decided that I would be cheap and try it with the GutsMan Chip. The death count was: 4

With a total of eighteen deaths, I decided to give up as there was little chance that I would luck out and beat WoodMan, today. Lan learned a valuable lesson: Don't pick a fight with a tree.


Lan finally goes into WaterWorks.


As you can see, the masses are hopping mad. That last woman sounds like she needs to take her complaint to the supermarket or the cows or, failing those, a licensed physician.


This suspicious character is also here. He wants to check WaterWorks' digital plumbing for a virus problem. Looks like he's an offical NetBattler. Whoever they are, they're issued snazzy ID cards.


They're also issued a plus sized chip for their shoulder.


MegaMan is pretty taken with the concept of being an Official Netbattler. But, Lan decides they need to get right back on the case.


Lan's an honest kid, so he tells the woman the truth.


Lan's a pragmatist so he backpedals and tells a lie. It doesn't work, though. Looks like Lan will have to solve a problem. Lan wonders if there's any kind of ID that he can use to fake it. He immediately comes up with the solution.


He's not? Oh, that's fantastic.


Lan dislodges his father's ID card from his coat. Remember, this is for the greater good so it falls under the "Hero's Steal for the Best" rule.

04-04-2009, 10:24 AM

Lan knows not to bother confronting the woman, again, as she would easily spy the card out for a ruse. Instead, he goes ahead and slips it into the elevator. It works.


Lan enters the control room but both doors to the machinery rooms are locked. Lan decides to consult the locals.


Of particular note is this guy: Froid. Lan tells him about the fluid asset situation in ACDC Town. Froid explains that the problem is a bug in the system and that they're working on solving it right now.


Now that the magical plot related conversation has occured, the doors to the adjacent rooms are unlocked. In this area, the water filtration room, is Mr. Offical Netbattler.


In the pump room is....nothing of considerable interest.


Lan rides the elevator back down to the lobby. MegaMan stops Lan to point out the suspiciousness of the situation. Lan, being the precocious boy he is, plots to stick around and take a look at the problem himself.


Since the only, out of the way, place Lan has access to is his father's office, he'll have to wait there.


It works. Everybody leaves.


Lan goes back to WW to the scene of the crime. The door to the machinery is locked, though, so he can't get in. Lan takes MegaMan's advice to look for something jackable.


Looks like the water fountain will have to do.

04-04-2009, 10:27 AM

Lan starts to jack in but a lady stops him. Lan's convinced that she's no offical employee of WaterWorks. He takes her opinion with a grain of salt and throws it over his shoulder for good luck.


Dungeon Smalltalk
The Water Purification/Cooling system digi-space is a pretty straighforward winding corridor, like all the other dungeons. But, the gimmick for this one is ice skating.


And, water spigots. In iced over areas, turning on a stream of water and turning it off will remove the ice layer so MegaMan can walk around normally.


In the second area, we meet ProtoMan and His handler, Chaud. I'm still on the fence concerning how that's pronounced. Chaud tells Lan to stay out of the way or risk getting deleted.


With that done, Lan gets back to exploring the dungeon. Lan runs up on this character. Lan, naturally, got suspicious about ProtoMan but a literal clown is obviously no threat.


Near the clown, Lan scores another HPmemory just for being on the nice side of Santa's list.


Right past the clown there's a spigot with a missing handle whose stream is blocking a pathway beneath. MegaMan won't be able to move past this point without it.


So, instead, he takes the transporter (above) on another route.

In the following area, Lan passes through a figure-skating based non-puzzle and gets to the water pump system. He's stopped by a guard program.


Battle Gab
This is a mini-boss battle. The bears are easy to beat. They do two things: move into a position adjacent to MegaMan and shoot an ice block. They can only move along the vertical axis.

I continue to take stupid hits in this fight in spite of it's simplicity.


After the battle we see that the water pump program didn't have enough digital anti-freeze and was iced over. MegaMan uses, what Lan calls, a "Fireshot" program to solve the problem. Now that the pump is working again, water should be returned to ACDC Town and the surrounding prefecture.

Next time, Lan checks on the situation.

Octopus Prime
04-04-2009, 12:30 PM
I like how often Mega Man's solutions to the various problems he's faced with always boil down to "Shoot it a whole bunch".

04-04-2009, 03:39 PM
That's a dirty lie, MegaMan. I've never been there but I'm willing to assume that cereal is just as plentiful in the Land of the Rising Sun as it is in America.

Actually, I've never been to Japan either, but from what I hear, it's not. Something about the Japanese being too good to smell like rotten milk like us foreigners.

Of course, you don't need water to make toast either, so I don't know what's going on.

In the second area, we meet ProtoMan and His handler, Chaud. I'm still on the fence concerning how that's pronounced.


04-04-2009, 03:50 PM

Oh, Froid. You will forever be my favourite DILF.


That's what I'd like it to be, but it's the French word for "Hot"--pronounced "Show." Froid is the French word for cold--"Fwoi."

The anime translation had them pegged as "Chode" and "Freud," and I had a shit-fit.

/Canadian immersion

04-04-2009, 04:14 PM
I suppose, in the back of my mind, I knew it was french. I took french in high school, even if most of it didn't really stick.

Also, I was considering doing the Froid illustration but I have to ask: Can a man be handsome without a nose?

04-04-2009, 05:52 PM
Can a man be handsome without a nose?


04-04-2009, 06:22 PM
That's what I'd like it to be, but it's the French word for "Hot"--pronounced "Show." Froid is the French word for cold--"Fwoi."

If you want to get super technical, it's more like "Sho" (no trailing phoneme) and "Frwah" (this is the guttural r, in the back of the throat, which resembles neither the English r or the Spanish r).

I think "Chode" and "Freud" are the best.
It's like the phallic stage of psychoanalytic development!

04-04-2009, 07:39 PM
Also, I was considering doing the Froid illustration but I have to ask: Can a man be handsome without a nose?

But how does he smell?

("Just terrible!")

If you want to get super technical, it's more like "Sho" (no trailing phoneme) and "Frwah" (this is the guttural r, in the back of the throat, which resembles neither the English r or the Spanish r).

Very likely! One of the reasons I stupidly stopped taking French (went from grade three through grade ten) is because my grade ten teacher sucked all the fun out of the language by consistently making fun of my pronunciations. :(

04-08-2009, 12:11 PM
Part VI: He Never Knew When to Quit


Back in ACDC Town...


Lan takes a look at the school pond and it turns out to be quite horrifying.


Egad! Lan's actions have dire consequences. An unwitting civilian partakes of the molasses water. No doubt, he will be rushed to the hospital for a, much needed, stomach pump.


Mr. Frenchman of Warmer than Average Temperature telephones to rub Lan's nose in it and to remind Lan that he should've stayed on the sidelines when he was told to the first time. Chaud, also, tells Lan that the real problem was in the Water Filtration program.


But, Lan can't take this lying down, he's going back to that place and fixing it for good.


Lan gets another NetNews Bulletin on his way: "Citizens have a choice: either don't drink the water, faint, and die or drink the water, faint, and die."


More email at the Metroline station. No, MegaMan! It might be anthrax!


Yai decides, now, to tell Lan the kid's name was Froid. Lan and MegaMan piece together the puzzle. Those scoundrels of the WWW (Warmongering Wiffleball Witchdocters) are blackmailing Froid to bug the water purification plant.


Lan and MegaMan figure they have to find that kid to save the day.


Lan inspects the town and finds this suspicious car. It's suspicious because there isn't a single other parked car in the town besides it. Inside, he finds the kid.

04-08-2009, 12:14 PM

He admonishes Lan to foil the Witchdocters' devious plot. He gives Lan the very program he needs to go the other direction in the Water Fountain MegaMan wandered around in last update.

Looks like Lan knows exactly were to go.


Yeah, there.

Lan returns to WaterWorks, jacks into the water fountain, and makes his way to the faulty spigot.


The handle program works like a charm and now MegaMan can pass through to the new section.

(It might be assumed that Froid removed the handle program from that one spigot to keep people from getting to where his Navi is on the Water Purification Plant's digi-space. Even if it's true, the whole concept is still nonsense.)


Not far away, MegaMan finds a Recov80 C chip. Looks like he may have a chance in the next fight against WoodMan.


I thought, I'd point out something that's reared its hideous visage. My starter chips are beginning to show their age at Chapter 3. The virus I'm fighting would take three Cannon chips to "delete". What's more, he dodges if you move into a space adjacent to him. This makes for long battles.

I decide that it's about time to start harvesting new chips from random battles.


With this spigot off MegaMan can pass through to the next area.


Virus Hall of Famer
I thought I'd point out some of the more unique viruses. This one, for example, remains stationary. It's attack is passive. It shoots out acid rain clouds. You have to dodge his clouds while waiting on him to decend to a level where your attacks will connect.


In the second section, this big plane of ice causes a problem for Mega. He needs to get to the path on the left. The solution is obvious: Mega must make use of that spigot.


MegaMan takes moment for play. Hey, Jack's no dull boy.



04-08-2009, 12:20 PM

Virus Hall of Famer
Here's another interesting fellow. Like the cloud guy, he's stationary. He will fire a single bubble that will bounce slowly and follow MegaMan around indefinitely. The trick with the bubble is that when you destroy it, it explodes and does damage in a 3x3 area around where the bubble was.

He's not so hard when he's solo.


Continuing on, MegaMan finds this chip.

I said, earlier, I was going to start harvesting chips. It's awfully convienient that this one is just laying around. I like TriArrow. It fires three bolts (harpoons?) in succession; each one inflicts 40 damage. I like it because you can line enemies up and, should you kill the enemy in front, you can still hit the enemy behind with the same attack.


I suppose this is as good a time as any to rearrange my chip folder. I tossed out my numerous Cannon copies and replaced them with anything I had that hit higher. At this point, having multiple copies isn't too important to me as the newer chips I can get in this dungeon hit 2 to 3 times higher, anyway.

The above is my new folder. I know those multiple Recov10s might be a little disconcerting to some. Since I try my best to, simply, not get hit, you may wonder why they're still around. For whatever reason, I leave them in. Maybe I think they're lucky.


Back on the case, MegaMan goes another area deeper into the Water Purifier.


This is another of those annoying sliding puzzles. It's only slightly difficult because you can't see the entire area on the small GBA screen. This little green guy doesn't help much with his general advice.


What he means is: Try every hole; Eventually, you'll get it right, after your blood stops boiling.

(The gradient isn't to be fancy. This collection of images gave me a headache before I added it.)


Doing all that leads Mega to Yet Another Transporter which, itself, leads to the last area.


This sector has another "Frozen Path Puzzle" and some not so needed Zenny. I've hoarded quite a bit having refrained from shopping since the first HPMemory. Turns out my haul is 16,930Z. That's pretty good, I think.


After passing through the puzzle, Mega finally ends up at the Cutscene/Boss Battle area. Chaud has beaten him there and seems to have felled the enemy.


Chaud reminds Lan he shouldn't be here for the third time, counting the initial instance last entry. Immediately after, the green bogey NetNavi shows that ProtoMan's long-division left a significant remainder of spunk. Looks like Mega-Lan's theory was correct. Froid was being blackmailed.

04-08-2009, 12:23 PM

ProtoMan is ready for round two but MegaMan stops him. Before he can explain the situation, Chaud gets an email from his superiors that does the job for Lan. It says the real menace is somewhere about and they're after the Aqua SuperProgram. Hearing this, ProtoMan runs off.


MegaMan tries to reason with Froid and IceMan but to no avail. This chapter hasn't reached it's Boss Battle quota so it's time for fightin'.


Battle Gab
I'll confess, I died once.
Ironically, the TriArrow chips I love so much don't work well in this battle. That's because IceMan is sporadic. He moves fast enought that your forced to wait until he stops. The only time he stops is when he's attacking.


He is constantly creating these iceblocks to guard him. There is a split second between him teleporting and creating the iceblock where you can hit him.


Aside from that he'll toss ice balls at MegaMan. When they land they create ice stalagmites in a plus-sign pattern. If any one of those hits Mega, he'll take damage and be frozen. If that happens you have to mash buttons until he breaks free. While he's throwing he'll be stationary and open for a shot.


The best solution, that I've found, is to use the shockwave type chips as they will pass under the ice blocks he creates.

I take a little more damage, in my second bout, than I would've liked.


Still, I defeat IceMan, albiet with an embarrasingly low Busting Level, and am rewarded with more cashola.


After the battle, Froid is griefstricken that his son's fate might already be sealed. MegaMan gives him the message they got from his son. Froid, though relieved, is filled with remorse over his actions.


Froid has IceMan defreeze the purifier. (IceMan sucks the ice off of the purifier program.) With this done, the day is saved.

But, what happened to ProtoMan?


ProtoMan locates that insidious clown. It turns out that it was a WWW (Wiggly Wobbly Worm) NetNavi. ProtoMan insists that it return the Aquaprogram but the handler jacks out with a promise of a showdown to come.

04-08-2009, 12:25 PM

Lan and IceMan show up and try to interrogate Chaud but he runs off too.


Froid and Lan wrack their brains but are at a loss for how the program could be used for evil. (The reason for all this can't be corporate espionage as Water Works likely has a government authorized monopoly.)


Later, they all go to ACDC Town for a fond reunion.


MegaMan and Lan get sentimental for the old days, when Lan's father actually came home once in a while.

After proverbially linking pinky-fingers, Lan and MegaMan swear to bring an end to the villainy that's afoot.

Next Time: Avoiding the Plot at all Costs

04-08-2009, 12:45 PM
Immediately after, the green bogey NetNavi shows that ProtoMan's long-division left a significant remainder of spunk.

It's jokes like this that keep me reading this LP.

04-08-2009, 04:26 PM
I'm starting to think I should go back to how I did entries at the beginning. Initially, I would play through a section and make notes. Then I would play through again and take screenshots. Then I would write the entry and edit it. Lately I've been doing everything at once and I don't think it's helped.

I guess, that's something others who are planning an LP can take to heart. Don't try to do everything at once. (Oh, yeah! And, be patient.)

I've had a couple of ideas in the past week or so.
I contemplated doing a community written comic. That is to say, the TT community would conceive a story (for anywhere from 24-32 pages) starting with a genre base and then building on top of that characters and so forth. With the preliminaries finished, it would work on a 2-3 page-at-a-time system. People would pitch a direction to move in, write short script for the next set of pages, and then predefined judges (or community consensus) would determine what went in the final draft. Of course, after each collection of pages reached consensus, I would then work my little fingers to the bone. Sounds like it would be a lot of work but I'm beginning to think I would much prefer that to an LP. Ehh, it's just a whim.

My other idea was to take a game that's less than superlative (like say, Final Fantasy 2) and turn it into a series of radio dramas instead of a screenshot or video LP.

04-08-2009, 05:02 PM
all of your ideas sound wonderful.

04-09-2009, 09:04 AM
Yuck, I'm appalled at how insufferably boring I've let these past few entries be. Sorry, guys. I'll make it up to everyone in the second half of the game. I'm going to stop trying to break it up into logical chunks (cutting each chapter down the middle into two parts) and just play it normally. After, playing part of the next entry this morning, I can tell that the next post will be of a different pedigree. By that, I mean, of course, better.

04-09-2009, 09:19 AM
Yuck, I'm appalled at how insufferably boring I've let these past few entries be. Sorry, guys. I'll make it up to everyone in the second half of the game. I'm going to stop trying to break it up into logical chunks (cutting each chapter down the middle into two parts) and just play it normally. After, playing part of the next entry this morning, I can tell that the next post will be of a different pedigree. By that, I mean, of course, better.

Dude, they've all been totally fine. But if you're convinced you can make better posts, then that's even finer.

The Dread Cthulhu
04-09-2009, 09:48 AM
Yuck, I'm appalled at how insufferably boring I've let these past few entries be.

They've all been awesome as far as I'm concerned.

04-09-2009, 10:44 AM
I think you're being your worst critic, I've like everything so far (seems everyone else has too)!

Octopus Prime
04-09-2009, 11:24 AM
I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the top-3 LPs I've read on the site.

04-09-2009, 11:38 AM
Let's not go that far, yet. He's still in the beginning =)

Octopus Prime
04-09-2009, 11:39 AM
Let's not go that far, yet. He's still in the beginning =)

This is true, but seriously, I am awash with love and zeal.

To be fair though: Tenatively in the top 3.

04-09-2009, 03:05 PM
My disapproval is more focused on the fact that I spent less time wandering around exploring the world. I don't want to bog the LP down with lots of jacking into everything and collecting chips, but I would like to spend more time going around and talking to NPCs. I always skip that when I play through games the first time.

In the mean time, I'd more prefer people's criticisms/suggestions of my comic and radio drama theories. (That is, should anyone have any.)

04-09-2009, 04:05 PM
In the mean time, I'd more prefer people's criticisms/suggestions of my comic and radio drama theories. (That is, should anyone have any.)

A radio drama could be interesting, I've had a similiar idea with oral histories, the problem being of course is the quality of your voice actors. Even with a great script without good VA it'll be terrible.

04-09-2009, 04:56 PM
I didn't care to do a picture of Froid and IceMan.


04-09-2009, 07:13 PM
My brother's wife had a baby today, but you are the one who made this day special.

Also, if you drink purple fountain water, you deserve to die.

04-10-2009, 07:15 AM
A radio drama could be interesting, I've had a similiar idea with oral histories, the problem being of course is the quality of your voice actors. Even with a great script without good VA it'll be terrible.

Seeing as I don't know anyone who is enamored of video games enough to stake their time on such a project, it's probably just as well I don't go through with it. What's more, I'd have to spend a lot of time poking around for sound effects and, for lack of a better term, aural padding. I just don't know where to find these things. I suppose I could make music myself as long as people didn't have high expectations.

Of course, if people don't have high expectations that means the VA doesn't have to be strikingly superlative either, just satisfactory.

04-11-2009, 12:21 PM
Part VII: Avoidance Response


This entry in the Mega Man series features a very familiar, very Wily man. Although, this one is a variation on the theme. As you can see from his onomatopoeia, it's Feral Wily.


Not only are their plans being thwarted, they're stocks have plunged. Wily should've invested in something more stable like ice cream sundaes.


At this point, one must consider that there is still a serious problem with the idea of "controlling" an unstructured conglomeration of networked computers. Wily isn't fazed by logic, though; that rubber tree plant is coming down even if it kills him.


Wily's subordinates are prostrate with apology and try to explain about Lan: Man, Myth, LEGEND!


Wily isn't buying it. Like most target fixated individuals, he is convinced that his plot is too foolproof to be thwarted.


Aww! Boss, can't we just kill him?


Wily's hired help is restless. So restless, they are, that they name drop. And so you ask, "What's a LifeVirus?". I think it's self-explanitory.


Back at home, MegaMan has just finished work on the homepage. Since there's nothing to dust, nor has there ever been anything there at all, Lan doesn't have a clue what MegaMan is talking about.


Roll strolls in and gives Lan some email.


Looks like Mayl wants to drag Lan along on a shopping trip. Lan's natural, gut response signals him to run and hide.

04-11-2009, 12:23 PM

So, Lan decides to hold off on that reply for a while.

Since Lan hasn't been getting many days off, lately, he decides to take some time to wander around. He want's to reacquaint himself with what being a kid is all about. That means pestering people.


Lan greets his Mother. She's concerned about her husband who, to his knowledge, hasn't been back home in weeks.


Just outside the door, Lan gets more mail. Froid's shows himself to be a pretty nice guy. He has a friend get Lan on the Official NetBattler mailing list. But, he doesn't send us the ball-cap and sweater vest.


This woman tells Lan to keep Mayl company. Lan can't think of anything more horrifying. (Aside: Either people are giants or houses are built smaller in Japan. That woman could reach up and yank Mayl out of her room if she wanted.)


Lan considers this man a prophet.


This man tells Lan about the Abe Lincoln shaped potato chip he found.


No, MegaMan!


Lan tries to nudge this girl in the direction of becoming a master NetBattler.


It doesn't work as expected.


ProTip: For those looking to stave off premature wrinkles: goop on your face doesn't work, NetBattling does.

04-11-2009, 12:27 PM

Lan helps this man by returning his dentures. The man snatches them from Lan and shoves them right back in his...Ewww! Lan picked that up off the ground! Lan still gets a Recov80 chip out of it, bad hygiene or none.


Lan goes to school and catches this guy in the middle of contemplating stapler theft.


Lan wonders about this until he spies a broken TCRI container hidden in the back.


Lan enters the school and searches end-to-end. All he finds is some chip that a kid left in a manga adaptation of "A Tale of Two Cities".


Quit bothering Lan about that, Mega!

Lan leaves school and goes over to Dex's house before heading for the Metroline. Of course, he doesn't want to fight GutsMan again, he just want's to loot the place.


Of course, there's nothing here except smutty doujinshi and a GameCube. It was the biggest waste of Lan's time.

(Note: I didn't know about doujinshi when I first played the game. My mind defaulted to assuming he'd stashed Playboys, or the like. The effect is not, at all, the same.)

Anyway, it's time for a rematch against WoodMan, so Lan takes the Metroline to the Government Complex.


Yessir, Ms. Sal. Lan does, indeed, want a rematch.


I won't bother you with the specifics but Lan put it over to WoodMan, in no uncertain terms, that he was no longer a threat.

(Note: I won this, primarily, because of the new weapon chips and not because of the new Recov80s.)


Sal gives Lan the /Sal link to access more of the Net, should he ever decide to go spelunking.


Lan doesn't expect much from the people in Water Works but he goes inside anyway. This woman explains to him basic biology.

04-11-2009, 12:29 PM

For the last time, No!


Over in the science lab, Lan learns an unjust truth.


From this guy, we learn that Dr. Hikari invented the PET and now the research is continued by his son. Wait. Lan hasn't been doing any research....



This "scientist" tries to rationalize his tube-watching as research. Lan isn't stupid.


This girl has decided to stop looking for a good man and start looking for cool chips. Lan doesn't have a Repair H, so he leaves her hanging.


This guy can take one look at Froid and see he's been to the gym lately. Lan talks to Froid but there isn't much to hear. The only thing Lan can do is NetBattle him and he did that the other day.


Cyberpunk Overtones!


With all that done, it's time to head off to DenTown to see what's the haps.


Welcome to the Big City, Lan.


In Dentown, people make questionable statements. If it's so popular with the young people, where are they?

04-11-2009, 12:31 PM

Foreshadowing, watch for it.


This girl tries to give Lan some advice. It's useless advice because DenTown is all of five screens large. It's the thought that counts.

Behind this girl is an antique store, inside...


We find Miyu, the fetching goth girl. She yammers on about some spirits of who-the-whatever and then asks us if we want to NetBattle. Lan's feeling pretty good about himself, so he agrees.


Battle Gab
SkullMan hits the hardest of all the bosses I've fought lately but he's slower and more predictable. That doesn't keep me from getting bested three times in a row.


SkullMan will shoot fire from his mouth in a straight line which is cake to evade. But his MegaMan tracking blades are a little more trouble. Thankfully, they're destructable. His third attack (not pictured) is to drop a gigantic skull head on top of Mega but it's no trial to dodge unless you've left the blades around.


SkullMan does a pretty good job of laying waste to MM before I decide I need another restorative chip. I add the Recov80 that I got from the old man who lost his dentures. (This act turns out to be purely ceremonial as I don't have to heal in the fourth duel.)


On the last try, I win and do a pretty good job. My reward is even more unnecessary zenny.


Miyu is pretty impressed with Lan after this. She isn't impressed enough to suggest that she and Lan "grow together and become as one" but she does give him the /Miyu link which is fine enough.


Lan's feels a swell of pride at winning against both SkullMan and WoodMan but he's soon brought down to Earth. He finds himself incapable of correcting this situation.


This old guy likes goth girls too.

04-11-2009, 12:33 PM

Lan assumes that this is the guy whose life was reformed back in Part 2. He's still at a loss as to how to stem the inevitable takeover of the net.


Lan's last stop is this summer school. Despite his reservations he goes inside.


Hot dog! Lan meets Ms. Mari's, previously unmentioned, twin sister: Yuri. Yuri's a self-confidant lass.


Something, in the back of my mind, tells me that there's a tasteless Mari/Yuri doujin in existance and that thought is a little unsettling.


This kid is quite taken with Ms. Yuri. Lan doesn't blame him.

(I going to go out on a limb and say that I think every one has, at least once, harbored a less-than-academic thought about a teacher.)


Lan pilfers a Barrier R chip from some unwitting student's locker. Will the thievery ever stop?


Lan sees a problem he can't understand and has the natural response: jack in and beat it into submission. (This is the first instance of Lan voluntarily jacking into something.)


Lan is rewarded with, yet another, PowerUP program.

That reminds me, I still haven't applied the first one...


Huh? Whatever you say


MegaMan gets more than just a PowerUP program, though, he gets a shameful defeat at the hands of a random battle. These guys are trouble just because they lay mines. MegaMan just didn't watch where he stepped.

04-11-2009, 12:35 PM

After reloading, MegaMan goes back, grabs that PowerUP, and immediately jacks out.


Lan looks around and realizes there isn't much left to do to procrastinate.


So, he agrees to respond to Mayl's mail.


Lan remembers that he can't simply email it. He has to get back on the Net so MegaMan can manually walk over to Mayl's piano and give Roll the message. Seems awfully tedious for it to be future-time.


Lan gets a Recov50 for his trouble, though, so it's not a complete waste of time.


Stop jinxing Lan, MegaMan!


Ah hah! For once, Lan is punctual and Mayl isn't. Lan takes this opportunity to give her a taste of her own sour cough syrup.


Mayl tries to give Lan the old, "Oh, I have to go to my grandmother's house and, oh yeah, wash my hair too." excuse.


Whatever you say, Mayl. Lan's not accepting any empty promises without collateral.

She doesn't acknowledge this and just biffs off.


Lan wonders to himself if he can actually pick out a present for Yai that won't illicit horror and disgust. This may be Lan's first leap of faith.

Next Time: Extortion Schemes!

04-11-2009, 04:52 PM

Anyone who can beat Sal is automatically a good guy? Does that Naruto headband give her a constant Protection from Evil effect? Wait, maybe this is her version of swearing fealty to Lan after her defeat.

Something, in the back of my mind, tells me that there's a tasteless Mari/Yuri doujin in existance and that thought is a little unsettling.

That thing is your knowledge of anime otaku culture, I think. Besides, her name is "Yuri" for crying out loud.

04-21-2009, 01:51 PM
I'm sorry about the delay in Part 8 getting here. Among one or two freelance work opportunities, I've been in open combat with a battalion of cockroaches.

The next post should be up tomorrow.

04-22-2009, 02:31 PM
Part VIII: The Damsel in Distress Scenario

Though, relatively, uneasy about buying a present for Yai. Lan does what Mayl asked and heads for DenTown.


At the railway station he gets an email from the NetBattler Board of Organized Group Committeedom inquiring as to the circumstances of the Water Works Incident.

You see, NetBattlers aren't required to fill out reports on their investigations like official government agencies require their agents to do. It's part of the mystique and charm and awesome-itude of being a NetBattler. As one, you are constantly operating at your own volition with little face-to-face interaction with your superiors, it seems.


Once arriving in DenTown, Lan gets a message from Mayl telling him that she has managed to get everything done at her grandparent's house and is now on her way in a bus. This proves Mayl's story as being more than simply a dodge to saddle Lan with the responsibility of getting Yai a present.

Mayl suggests antiques as a possible present option and gives Lan the Roll2 chip.


Only moments later, Lan gets another email. It's a message from Chaud that is a response to the NBBoOGC's inquisition. I consider this to be an accident on Chaud's part. I doubt he intended to send everyone the information. He probably accidentally pressed "Send to All Contacts". But, that theory necessitates that he have Lan's email address. This doesn't appear to be adhering to any standards of logic so I'm going to skip it.


Earlier, in her email, Mayl said she'd meet Lan here at the DenTown Block One bus stop. But, she's not here. On approaching the bus stop, the intersection lights start acting strange. They begin to flicker erratically.


And, then they turn all-way green.


The inevitable occurs in the most violent scene in the game. No doubt, the censors at Capcom America spent hours deciding whether to leave in the resulting car crash. For the sake of the women and children, I'm cutting it out.

As you can see, the populous is gasping with terror.


Following on the heels of this unprecedented display of raw carnage, Lan recieves an email from none other than the WWW (Window Washing Whiteboys). They advertise their newest business venture. In the quickest reaction time ever seen, they claim to have the solution to the traffic light bug problem. For the low, low price of one million zenny anyone can buy the software to install in their cars.

Really, Bad Guys? Is a new program in everyone's car going to help when all the lights are green? Are everyone's sentient cars going to, suddenly, interpret green lights differently? Please, explain this to me.

I know it's just a scheme to rake in the moola but I doubt anyone will be dumb enough to go in for it.


Or, maybe they will.


Lan sees the public's need and sets to fixing the problem not masking the symptoms. He jacks into the light pole.

One might assume that lightpoles would be under some kind of lock-and-key arrangement but one would also be dead wrong.


Dungeon Smalltalk
Welcome to the latest dungeon. For the record, this section isn't the entire dungeon. This is merely the introduction. The rest of the chapter consists of several instances of, what is essentially, the same dungeon.

04-22-2009, 02:32 PM

The light pole functions simply. There are blue pathways and red pathways. MegaMan can only traverse them when they are lit. There are floating balls that act as switches (above). When one color path is lit, the other isn't.


The goal is to go around the winding loop and return to the beginning with the platform lit red instead of blue. Once red, MegaMan can punch the switch and make the light in the real world return to proper working procedure.


Mega, I don't think anyone cares how fast you two fixed the problem.


Lan rushes to stop the great fleece. Since these people are gullible, they believe Lan when he tells them that he's fixed the lights instead of assuming it's a prank.


Madd, the WWW (Honestly, I'm going to have to break out the dictionary next time.) associate, gets supremely miffed at Lan, threatens the welfare of friends and family, and walks off.


Mega expresses a certain amount of unease as Lan makes for the bus stop, once again.


On his way, Lan gets a phone call from Mayl. She's explains her dire situation and all are overcome with shock.


Lan rushes to Block 4 and jacks into the light system. Like the previous, the goal is the same. MegaMan must travel in a big circle and return to the beginning. He does and turns the lights red in this section.


However, MegaMan is a split second too slow as the force field comes up just after the bus passes. Lan understands he's got more light maintenance to do and returns to the center of DenTown.


On arrival, Lan gets a call from Madd. She makes a misjudgment and refers to Mayl as Lan's girlfriend. She also tells Lan that she's rigged the bus to explode in a somewhat vague rip off of Speed.

04-22-2009, 02:34 PM

Lan moves to DenTown block....ehh...well, where he's supposed to be and jacks into the light system there.


After a minute or two of wandering, MegaMan restores order here too.


Though I didn't get a screenshot at the right moment, the force field activates in time to slow the bus a little but not stop it.


On his travels to the next mission waypoint, Lan gets an email from Mayl. She's worried about getting exploded to bits. She doesn't have to be, Lan's going to save the day.


In the next-to-last dungeon section, Lan continues in his former efforts.

I want to take a moment to say that, even though it is repetitive, this is still my favorite dungeon in the game. You'll remember that in the Water Purifier there were a few sliding puzzles. Technically, they weren't really puzzles as there was never a clear indication of where to move next. They were simply trial-and-error gimmicks. It was frustrating and boring.

This set of dungeon sections are small, straightforward, and the puzzle aspect is never trial and error as the machinations of the puzzle are obvious from the beginning. It never gets to the point of feeling tedious even if it is repeated in five mini-dungeons.


By turning the previous switch red, Lan is able to slow the bus to a crawl.


Returning to the center of DenTown, Lan has one more dungeon to go.


This, being the final section, is slightly different. Instead of having one switch, (the one associated with the real-world light that Lan, it just so happens, wants to change) it has, four total, one for each light in the intersection. The dungeon is still one big circle and is no more difficult than the last but the versimilitude is helped by having four individual switches for each light and not just one for all.


The bus slides into the cage and MegaMan throws the final switch.


The, above, use of the cage mechanism is the best procedure for capturing a bus in the wild. Use it for good.

04-22-2009, 02:36 PM

Tension escalates!


Oop! No Dice, WWW.


Looks like Mayl decided to take matters into her own hands. Or, have Roll take matters into her own hands.


Now, there's never been any indication that Mayl is interested in NetBattling or chip harvesting. So, this implication that Roll is weaker than MegaMan has nothing to do with the fact that she's a girl and is more associated with Mayl not having boosted Roll's chip selection.


ColorMan is pretty cocky. He thinks he'll beat both Mega and Roll. Fat chance of that.


It's that time again!


Battle Gab
ColorMan is no clown but he's less difficult than SkullMan.


He has two blocking dumies, each of them have one elemental attack. They're both rather slow and no big issue to evade. His third attack is a bouncing ball in the manner of the Bubbler random enemy. It follows you, in a slow bounce threatening damage at every turn, until it's destroyed.


While he's moving, ColorMan is easiest to hit with the shockwave type chips as they aren't stopped by the dummies. During the ball attack, he'll remain stationary for a significant amount of time. It's considerably easier to shoot past his dummies during this period.

It got a bit hairy when he started throwing up the balls and I took some damage. However, there were no discouraging deaths. I'm very thankful that ColorMan is stationary when the ball is in play. I guess, he'd be dead weight in a soccer match up.


Lan's reward is 3000 more zenny.

04-22-2009, 02:38 PM

MegaMan confirms Roll is in satisfactory condition.


In the real world, Mayl is happy to be alive. Lan's not so cheerful to have been called out of early hero retirement.


Mayl thanks him in her own special way, which amounts to nothing in particular, besides making Lan uncomfortable.


Before any yucky kissing happens, Mayl decides it's time to go find Yai a present.


I believe the word is relief, Lan; she was in a near death experience.


No it's not. You're relieved, remember, you were in a near death experience.


Thanks, a lot, Mega.

The rest of the day continues, as it should: without event.



Back at the hideout, the big boss is shaming Madd.


For his next trick, Wily will pull another minion from his hat: Count Zap! Notice, even Wily thinks, that the name is lame. He has difficulty just trying to enunciate it.


Count Zap is Frankenstein's monster's cousin with an affinity for electricity. He hears and obeys, which makes him better than some dogs and children. But, how will he fair as a opponent?

Come back next time for...
Marine Encounters!

04-22-2009, 04:19 PM
The next dungeon is awesome. Who doesn't love double whammy boss encounters?

04-24-2009, 07:04 PM
Guys, I need to tell you that I'm having some problems with tendonitis (muscle fatigue in the wrists/general RSI) lately. I'm going to finish the LP but it may take longer than I originally intended. Just, FYI.

04-25-2009, 07:18 AM
Uck, tendinitis never fails to stop me cold. :( Ice pack that sunnovabitch!

...or should that be heat...?

Octopus Prime
04-25-2009, 11:06 AM
Take all the time you need, I'll be waiting.

Biding my time.

04-25-2009, 04:54 PM
That traffic scene is probably the all-time most blatant example of a game's plot waiting around for you to complete a lengthy dungeon crawl. It's like one of The Flash's thought bubbles where he's thinking "That laser beam is coming toward me at the speed of light! Must... Act... Fast!"

05-16-2009, 03:46 PM
Part IX: Throw the Switch!


Life, for Lan, settles down into it's normal routine.




Lan's a growing boy. Considering the last thing, I remember, we were told he ate (discounting lunch) was that breakfast at the beginning of the game, I should think he is severly malnourished.


Foreshadowings of the PET upheaval. They'll take us while we snack. Be on guard.


MegaMan brings up one of the references to Mega Man Legends that I haven't yet acknowledged but should probably post about.


Lan gets an email from Dad. He tells Lan how there is going to be a party at his work and families are welcome. Lan is supposed to get his mother and met him in the SciLab lobby at 7:00.


No, Mega, but he was on a new exercise routine a few days ago.


Before going home, Lan stops by Mayl's to tell her that he got invited to a grown-up party. She ignores this and tells him how much Yai liked her present. She implies that Yai might be leaving and Lan should immediately go see her.


Lan gets more than he bargained for, at Yai's house. She gives him 10,000 zenny.

This may be the best piece of characterization in the game. What makes it worse, I don't think Capcom realized it. Yai is an only child, rich, and lives alone because her parents are constantly away. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that a person in that situation who is segregated from her own family, geographically, and from her peers, monetarily and by upbringing, would develop some form of abandonment issues.

I think Capcom just put it in as a bonus for players who looked around. But, I've always read this as being tantamount to Yai buying Lan's friendship. You can make your own conclusions.

05-16-2009, 03:47 PM

After returning home, Lan tells his mother about the party. She's excited and goes to get dressed. Lan decides to leave as he expects her to take a while.


Someone should tell this guy, at the GovtComplex Station, Lan fixed the water weeks ago.


The people at the Government Complex are pretty alright in Lan's book.


There's a new guy at the government complex. He's some much needed competition for Sal.


He's, also, some fresh competition for MegaMan.


Battle Gab
There was an air of uncertainty about the SharkMan fight for me. I remembered him being hard when I first played the game. I have no doubt that, back then, he was.


He has a simple loop. Each column on his side has a shark fin. One hides SharkMan himself, the others are there to misdirect you and deal damage. If you're standing across from them, they'll fire down the row and hit Mega for hefty damage.


To get SharkMan to show himself, you have to fire a shot at the fin he's hiding under. He'll pop up and fire one of those water towers at Mega (which I didn't get a shot of...grumble). You have to dodge the water and the two other fins that are still moving while trying to go on the offensive. This is, probably, why it was hard for me the first time.


Since I'm not doing a great amount of chip harvesting, I wasn't sure if I'd get a chance to show this. If you have three chips of the same type that are in alphabetical order you have the option to do a "Program Advance".

For example, I have a Cannon A, B, and C. Selecting them, in that order, causes them to morph into one chip: Zeta Cannon. Using this makes MegaMan invincible (not invisible, ignore that least screen) for a few seconds and allows him to fire the Cannon chip as many times as he wants. It doesn't prove to be terribly useful in the fight against SharkMan but it was a good opportunity to show it off.

(Note: The HP inconsistancy comes from me having to replay the battle as I still don't remember to press that blasted capture button.)


I have to step back and say that, since I'm trying to be a bit more analytical and look at the best solution for these fights, I find myself having a much easier time if I stay back, wait, and pay attention to what the enemy exactly does. Normally, any moment the enemy seems open, I dive in to get a shot off. With SharkMan that, inevitably, means a guarantee of damage taken.

The best solution for SharkMan IS waiting. Bide your time. Wait for big damage chips to come up. The only opportunity to get a free hit is just after his water wave has gone past Mega. For a second, the two fins will stop and you will have time for exactly one shot.

05-16-2009, 03:49 PM

My patience was rewarded.


With another HPMemory, I guess my lowball goal has been thwarted a bit. MegaMan is now at 200 HP.


At least some other things haven't changed.


Lan moves toward the Complex. This woman is standing just outside. She gets huffy at the concept of not being invited to a party.

Also, unless I am mistaken, this woman is the school librarian, the school nurse, the woman who lost her child in DenTown, the woman who told me kids hang out in DenTown, and the woman who couldn't get milk for her baby. I think she should be nominated for an Emmy.


Lan traipses to the meeting point. He finds Chaud. Chaud gives him his usual anti-social routine. Lan considers, in the back of his mind, that Chaud is just envious.


Since his father hasn't shown up, Lan goes up to his office. The helpful secretary tells us that, as has be true every time Lan has visited, Dr. Hikari isn't there. His office is the only place Dr. Hikari visits less than his own home.


So, Lan returns to the lobby where, lo and behold, he finds Dad. They exchange some banter. Mom is a slow dresser, Doc says. Ho, ho, ho, you funny guy.


But, soon, the lady of the house arrives and they go down to the underground restaurant.


Once there, Lan makes his rounds and finds that one girl from outside.


...and Chaud.

05-16-2009, 03:50 PM

...and a girl dressed as a Maid for no conventional reason.

With all the copies of generic characters wandering this game world, why is there only one unique, female, college student, maid? It's a head-scratcher.


...and a Guy eyeing his Mom.


...and some storyline.


Lan's dad gets paged and has to leave, though. So, the backstory dispensation is put on hold just before it gets to the interesting bits.


The party takes a turn for the worst when a WWW (Wild Wild West) affiliate turns up and cuts the power to the lights. Preliminary indications say that he's shut off the generator. (This begs the question: Wouldn't this building run off the local power grid? But, we'll go with it.)


With the generator went the air conditioning. Since this section is underground and surrounded by water, that causes problems.


MegaMan and Lan are on the case.


A bit of investigation reveals that the generator is a floor down and the only way to it, what with the elevators out, is the trash chute. Lan takes his chances.


Down here, Lan talks with a scientist and maintenance worker. The scientist opens the control room for him.


Inside, Lan decides to check the net for problems.

05-16-2009, 03:52 PM

The scientist explains that he can't go as MegaMan could run out of battery power inside and be unable to refill his HP after battle.


MegaMan, being an inveterate hero, isn't afraid and convinces Lan to go in anyway.


Dungeon Smalltalk
As explained by the scientist, MegaMan has a battery in the top right corner. When it runs out....

Actually, I've never let it run out so your guess is as good as mine. I'm assuming it's just as he said, to wit, MegaMan will not refill his HP after each battle as he normally does.

Aside from that, it has...


...invisible walkways.


....and battery placement, trial-and-error puzzles.

These are the biggest reason I dread this dungeon. These puzzles are tiresome. You have to requisition a battery (or collection of batteries) from a program and, then, place them in the proper slot. There are never any indications of just which slot is the correct one.

Thankfully, the real Net provides it's own solutions (http://www.gamefaqs.com).


....and more invisible walkways.


....and more battery placement, trial-and-error puzzles.


....and rogue programs.


....and loot.


....and terribly annoying enemies.

Virus Hall of Fame
This little guy is stationary and an easy kill when alone. But when he's paired with others, he just gets annoying. While he's alive he creates that floating device on MegaMan's side of the board. It slowly moves around zapping every single space away. If it floats over Mega, it zaps him instead.

05-16-2009, 03:55 PM

....and a bridge to the boss.


After Mega solves the last battery arrangement, he asks Lan to restart the generator. When Lan goes to the generator room, he finds the power is already on.


It's probably without purpose but I went ahead and took screenshots of my chip setup before the boss fight. There's nothing unique about it or any secret strategy built into it. It contains all my highest damage chips. However, there aren't that many high damage chips in it, at the moment.


ElecMan assumes Lan is a NetBattler, at first, but concludes that it's of no consequence either way. He claims to have downloaded the Electricity Superprogram and threatens us with destruction. Shocking, considering only every other enemy NetNavi has said the same thing.


Battle Gab
Ehh...this isn't actually a battle. ElecMan heals himself after he takes any significant damage. After about three heals, the battle ends.


MegaMan notices that he's not accomplishing anything. He seeks Lan's help.


Lan puts two and two together and shuts off the generator.


Battle Gab
ElecMan, now vulnerable, is a nuisance more than a boss. He only poses a threat in that, with MegaMan's current stats, he can one-shot me with his lightning attack.


Speaking of which, he has a two-attack loop. He'll place a trio of pylons that will alternate an electrical connection. If Mega is standing between two he'll take damage. ElecMan's second attack is to stand still while a series of lightning bolts shoot from the sky. Like all attacks of this nature, it tells you a split second before it happens.


Like SharkMan, the only opportunity to hit him without taking damage is to wait for him to do his lightning attack. For a second after, he'll be stationary.

05-16-2009, 03:58 PM

Of necessity, I get a no-hitter.

After the battle, Lan gets 3500 more Zenny. I think it's about time to ask the question. Where is this Zenny coming from after each battle?


ElecMan has a moment of denial before claiming victory anyway, as he has given the superprogram to the next-in-line.


After he disintegrates into the ether, ProtoMan shows up.


Seeing that Lan has, yet again, butted into his affairs, Chaud decides to eliminate Mega and tells ProtoMan to hop to it.


MegaMan protests but...


Battle Gab
In my humble opinion, ProtoMan is a tier above ElecMan. Any attack that connects will kill Mega (above) and dodging them is entirely a matter of patience and careful button presses.


ProtoMan will block any shot at him, chip or normal, with a shield. The only time to hit him is after he swipes with his sword.


He has two kinds of slashes. The first will reach to the back row of Mega's side. This is easy, just move up or down when he moves to the space, on his side, that's directly in front of Mega.


Before he does his second attack type, he'll charge up, move directly in-front of MegaMan, and slash across a three column wide space. The way to dodge it is to stand away from the left wall so you have room to move back. If you stay in the back, and he pulls this, there's a 33.3% chance that you won't be able to dodge at all. (Which is to say, if you stand in the center, all three spaces will be covered by the sword swipe.)

(I accidentally go those screens backwards.)


Since, like ElecMan, any hit is instant death, this battle is entirely reflexes and playing it safe. It's easy to dodge ProtoMan's attacks when your thinking about dodging. When your focused on getting your 150 DMG chip off before he moves, it's a different story. There's no trick to ProtoMan. He's vulnerable while he's attacking and for a moment after. That screenshot was many retries in the making.

05-16-2009, 04:02 PM

Reward: more money.


After busting where busting was due, ProtoMan is bewildered by his failure.


MegaMan explains that the power of friendship is the strongest force and can overcome all. Since ProtoMan fights alone, he isn't as strong. Hopefully, this intervention will mark a turning point for ProtoMan and Chaud's relationship.


I suppose not, since Chaud isn't having any of this.

This is yet more characterization, the implications of which, I don't believe Capcom realized. The evidence suggests that Chaud doesn't actually do any NetBattling, despite the name. This scene, in my opinion, makes Chaud a better potential villain than Wily. Wily is just a run-of-the-mill antagonist while Chaud is a "good" guy who has the complete opposite personality from Lan and has been shown to be in favor of senseless damage to personal property (specifically, MegaMan.exe) if he thinks it's in his best interest. I don't know if Capcom is aware that, even in video games, actions speak louder than words.


After jacking out, Lan restarts the generator. With all as it should be, he returns to his mother.


Lan soon gets an email from his Dad asking if everyone is alright.


Mrs. Hikari decides it's time to go. She reminds Lan that he hasn't eaten since they arrived at the party.


When there are pressing issues to address, Lan can ignore the grumbling in his stomach. But, now, he suddenly realizes just how hungry he is.


Hilarity Ensues. I forgot, just how much MMBN was a buddy comedy in addition to a hybrid RPG.


Even Wily finds this witty dialogue funny.

05-16-2009, 04:04 PM

Clearly, Wily knows we're watching otherwise he would have just come out and said it.


Wily adheres to villain trope No. 1: Ultimate Nihilism.


See, the story here is that Wily used to be a computer scientist but, one day, he got cut off on the road by Lan's Grandfather. Wily saw that Hikari wasn't looking because he was talking on the phone. Enraged, he made a solemn oath on the grave of his dead mother that he would destroy all technology. This solemn promise doesn't preclude him from using technology in his effort to destroy technology, however. Well, that's what I hear, anyway.

It's no matter if I'm wrong. Once he's beaten, he'll probably spend his dying breaths explaining, in excrutiating detail, his reasons.

Next Time: Pulled in by the Net's Sinister Tendrils

Octopus Prime
05-16-2009, 04:26 PM
If memory serves, the Zeta Cannon actually hits several times for each press of the button.

It's more like a staggeringly overpowered Vulcan-chip... that also makes you invincible.

05-16-2009, 04:30 PM
(Note: The HP inconsistancy comes from me having to replay the battle as I still don't remember to press that blasted capture button.)

I have the exact same problem when I actually bother to update. I'm pretty sure almost every LPer does.

05-17-2009, 01:18 AM
Chaud is kind of excessively bastardish even for the bitter rival character type. Although if I remember right, he is at his worst in MMBN1.

I have the exact same problem when I actually bother to update. I'm pretty sure almost every LPer does.
The problem I have with screenshots is the pop-up notice that gets included in subsequent screenshots if you take them too close together.

http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5453/blasterm1186.png (http://img194.imageshack.us/my.php?image=blasterm1186.png)

This is in Nestopia. Visualboy Advance does it too. Messes up a lot of good images.

05-19-2009, 03:11 AM
http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5453/blasterm1186.png (http://img194.imageshack.us/my.php?image=blasterm1186.png)

This is in Nestopia. Visualboy Advance does it too. Messes up a lot of good images.

KiGB does it as well, and indeed, it is annoying. I've since gotten used to the timing of it, but having to wait between grabbing screenshots makes catching dialogue a logistical nightmare.

Octopus Prime
05-19-2009, 03:38 AM
That's why I use NESter. That text is in the status bar instead of on the screen itself.

05-19-2009, 08:14 AM
If memory serves, the Zeta Cannon actually hits several times for each press of the button.

It's more like a staggeringly overpowered Vulcan-chip... that also makes you invincible.

I'm not sure if it hit more than once-per-shot. All I remember is that it didn't, ultimately, do too much damage to SharkMan.

Chaud is kind of excessively bastardish even for the bitter rival character type. Although if I remember right, he is at his worst in MMBN1.

My beef with the story (and most game stories, anime stories, so forth) is that it relies so heavily on stereotypes/anime tropes that it misses the opportunity to do something genuinely unique. If Chaud was revealed to be the main villain and Wily an unwitting pawn, I'm pretty sure the fanbase would've been upset but the game would've been far more memorable.

That may sound like I spend some amount of time analyzing video game narratives but no. I usually look on stories, especially in RPGs, as a sort of garnish or something that's there only to string together a bunch of battles. And, for most games, that is the entire purpose of the story.

Concerning the emulator talk, the pop-ups are a blight on my work here too. I use Boycott Advance simply because Visual Boy somehow uses over 80% of the cpu on a Intel Core 2 Duo while it's sitting idle in the background. The popups are infuriating but not so much in MMBN because all the text is progressed manually.

Alpha Werewolf
08-08-2009, 01:00 PM

Hello guys, I'm your new MMBN Let's Player. You're gonna see me for the rest of this thread - isn't that wonderful?

Anyway. Let's get going.

As Lan wakes up in the morning, Megaman informs him of an email. However, Lan being the idiot he is, Lan decides to go on the train to scilab... Then gets another email. His slow brain starts to realize that he may want to read these mails.

Pfft, no. He's even more stupid and annoying than Lan!

Of course his netbattling is going badly. He lost to Lan.

HAHAHAHAHA No. We don't want to speak to that idiot. Let's see that second email...

We'll see the virus that they're talking about here later.

That's all the emails for today, but Lan doesn't want to talk to Chaud. Let's go fight the freaky fish guy again!
Masa: SharkMan! Rip 'im to shreds!!
I recorded a video but it was corrupt and I saved after the fight already. No matter, it's no different from the last fight

save for a hundred more HP. I get Sharkman S for my trouble - it sends one of sharkman's fins on each row for 90 damage each.

Nice, but not too useful. Next up: Skullman!

Alpha Werewolf
08-08-2009, 01:05 PM
Yes, we want to fight you, goth girl.


This is Skullman's third version. I fought his second version previously. His chip drops a huge skull on a random opponent (He uses this on you too, but I don't usually see it - I win too fast). It deals 150 damage, and once I amass a decent number of them I'll use them for bosses.

Now while watching the video, you may notice a couple of things.
1. 560 HP?
2. Powerful chargeshot?
3. Awesome chips?

Yeah. Here's the deal - there's a new regime in town, and we'll be getting all the HP and powerups we can get. I'll show you my full stats later this post.
Also, I'm a perfectionist. Specifically, I'll be getting all the chips - including navi chips.
When you fight a v1 navi you always get a preset amount of money. When you fight a v2 navi you always get the v1 navichip. When you fight a v3 navi you can get zenny or his navichip of levels 1-3, depending on your busting rank. I currently have:
Gutsman 1-3
You know what this does if you read this thread. Gutsman sends a shockwave that cracks panels and deals damage from where you
Woodman 1-3
he skewers the entire enemy area with his GODDAMNED WOODEN PILLARS.
Fireman 1-3
He fires the fire arm across the row (you know, the attack he signals by looking like he's humping something)
Stoneman 1-3
Stoneman appears and drops three (for the first version. Second is four, third is five) rocks on the enemy area, thrice. All versions do 100 per rock, so all you get for higher versions is better chances of hitting. Moderately useful, especialy after a Steal chip or two.
Numberman 1-2
Numberman rolls a six-sided die and deals the resul to the enemy area, multiplied by 10 (v1), 20 (v2), and I believe v3 is multiplied by 30. Generally useless.
Colorman 1
I believe that Colorman appears and his little dolls fire an aquatower and a firetower repectively, like in the fight. I also believe that one of them appears a panel above and to the front of where you stand, and the other below and to the front - meaning it's possible to only get half the effect. Only worth it in virus battles, and then maybe not even there. I haven't actually used it yet, so I'll update if this is wrong.
Sharkman 1
Explained earlier.
Iceman 1
I haven't used it yet, but it seems to be identical to woodman (going by the description alone) - an attack on the entire enemy area, just with the aqua element.
Skullman 1
Explained earlier.

Now, to find WWW (Wildly Warbling Whiners) v2 navis (excluding Numberman and Iceman), you have to go to certain spots in the

net. This is hinted at by this guy:
Who, if you remember, said something about ghost navis roaming the net. These are the locations of WWW (Workers Whacking Women) v2 navis I've defeated already:
Fireman, in the first net area.
Stoneman, in the third net area.
I believe Colorman was here, in the ninth net area.
To fight Iceman you talk to Froid, like any allied navi. To fight Numberman you go to Higsby's shop in ACDC town:

And talk to this machine:

No battle recorded here, I reloaded after accepting. I'll show you the battle when I can get his v3 chip.

Either way, to fight the WWW (World's Wettest Wool) v3 navis you just wander around the net area where you found their v2 version.

As a sidenote, I got a duplicate Fireman v2 and Fireman v3 from the 10-chip trader in Higsby's shop. I'll tell you more about these in a later update.

Alpha Werewolf
08-08-2009, 01:08 PM
Getting back to my superpowered self, We've been pludering the net's merchants, getting every non-chip item from the following merchants:

And getting close to it for this shady guy, buying the AquaArmor and the Powerup:

This is my current status:

Wait, you say. What's that armor stuff? Well it's pretty basic... Battle Network functions on a rather simple elemental rock-paper-scissors system. Heat beats Wood beats Elec beats Aqua beats Heat. Each armor grants you protection from it's element and a weakness to the element it's weak to. I equip Woodarmor for now since I have no use for any of my armors at the moment (them being Heat, Aqua, Wood), and Wood is generally more annoying than Heat or Aqua.

Lan, still doing whatever he can to avoid Chaud, proceeds to talk to the giantess who stalks Mayl.


He decides that although Yai is a balding midget girl, he should still talk to her because the alternative is a bastard net-cop.

This a bald-faced lie. *everybody cringes*

WWW(Wheelchair Wearing Weirdos)? We should go check this out next time, in THE NET OF EVIL!

08-08-2009, 07:00 PM
Did something happen to Flannel?
Anyway, I still like it, especially the little gameplay details like armor (since the only BN games I haven't played are 1 and 2 and it's interesting to see the origins of the series without having to actually play it).
FETISH FEET (http://www.fucktube.com/categories/513/feet/videos/1)

Alpha Werewolf
08-08-2009, 08:57 PM
I believe that the something that happened to Flannel is real life, but either way he abandoned this officially a while ago.

08-09-2009, 03:03 AM
Yay, it's back.

The undernet is always amusing in whatever context you care to take it - serious, tongue-in-cheek, hilarious misconceptions about the internet, whatever. Jacking in to the Biggest Scariest Network Ever(where you fight viruses with your chips!) is just good entertainment.

08-09-2009, 05:42 AM
Alpha, whoever you are, I thank you for picking this LP up.

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:27 AM
It was really a split-second decision. I was playing MMBN and was right after Elecman, and noticed this LP was abandoned, so I decided to just run with it. I'm honored to be able to continue it, personally.

Alright, it's time to go to the undernet! After a long, annoying trek, made significantly shorter by jacking in from Dad's computer at work (where he never EVER is), we arrive at the undernet. Megaman speaks to a suspicious looking guy at the entrance.


Of course he doesn't believe him, because three steps away...


Alright. I guess we can continue to explore this dark, evil, completely normal looking net area.

...Wait, what?

That's right folks. EVERY SINGLE AREA IN THE NET - Including the undernet - LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. It's remedied in later games, but we will not forgive MMBN1 for this atrocity, not when they don't even tell us where we are. Either way, exploring this place we find a couple of notable virii, such as...

This guy, who shoots bombs that explode in a cross shape as seen (and starts with much more than 20 HP, obviously). He's annoying because you can't just twitch dodge away by pressing a direction - you have to go diagonally most of the time. It's easier to hang out in the corners, then just switch between them as you dodge.

This statue - thing, who can only be damaged for 1 health per hit, until he un-rockifies himself to attack...

And then takes normal damage from attacks. The attacks is just hitting the panel in front of it with a hammer after moving forwards, which drop three rocks on your area.

These buggers have bubble shields that take up to 10 damage I believe, then the pop. And after a few seconds the shields regenerate. They teleport around shooting Aquatowers.

God I hate them. The chip is good though. It gives you the same barrier that they have, though yours can't regenerate indefinitely.


These sattellite things. They want to lock on to you, then start shooting you at regular intervals for a while (this is avoidab;e if you move just before the shots - cannons in the first net area function like this too). The lock on, unlike the cannons in the first net area, has a pattern that sweeps your entire field. Once you learn it though, it's easy. OBSERVE THE ASCII!


Note that the lock on box starts from the rightmost square in your area of the virus' row, or leftmost for the middle row.
After getting to the bottom the lock-on box starts to go up again:

Not too complicated. That's all they ever do - sit there, try to lock on, and if they lock on they shoot.

These rats appeared in their first version in Elecman's area, this is the second version (most virii have three versions - I believe only a couple have less). Same as the first one but with more HP (pictures: starting HP), faster, and faster little rat shots.

Last virus now, I promise!
You know these guys already. Their chip creates an icecube in front of you.

Also in the undernet is the shady guy who sold me the AquaArmor. TIME PARADOX!

Moving further into the undernet...


He speaks the truth, actually. To proceed deeper, you have to open question-marked gates that look identical to those in Numberman's area. Each undernet area's gates have different unlocking criteria, and this area's gates require you to not run away from battle, which I never do anyway. They stay open forever once you open them. But we're not going further inside yet. The way to the really good stuff in the undernet (the really good OPTIONAL stuff, that is) is blocked.

Sad and out of stuff to do, Lan realizes he must do the one thing he's been avoiding all day.

Megaman agrees.

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:29 AM
Upon arriving, Chaud is nowhere to be seen. Lan decides that there must be a mission to complete before finding him, so he talks to random people. This one says apparently suffers from a syndrome that is medically known as pants-on-head retarded.

Of course you're a desk. Or standing behind one.

close by, Lan finds a clone of the retarded person and tallks to him too.


Ah-ha! Mission! Megaman immediately jacks into the vending machine, because clearly machines in 200X can only be broken as a result of sabotage.He finds this suspicious personavi.

The navi immediately sees that he is dealing with a stupid person, and decides that we must be killed.

He won't do it himself, obviously.
The golden ball virii have the same stonebody effect as that hammer-wielding virus from the undernet. They, too, open up (though they shoot bombs) and are dispatched by an aquasword (a more damagng aqua-element widesword).

The big guy is simple. He shoots three bombs at regular intervals, each dealing 20, and one is always aimed at you.

That shield in front of him opens once you hit it enough, clearly because the virus is worried about it and likes to keep it close to him.

We quickly dispatch them. The suspicious figurenavi disapears.

This is a very special brand of cola, called crack-a-cola.

The chip? Yeah, it's bloody useless in general (it's better in later games though). It makes all panels on your side of the field normal.

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:31 AM
Either way, nothing happened here, so more random people to talk to - here Lan comes!



Either way, one block away from the entrance to dentown, we find...

Bastard person!

Obviously Chaud's leads are coming from the mentally reatrded desk person in Scilab.

You can just walk in man, I did it just before meeting you.

"Huh? You again? I'm busy here! Leave me alone!"
Because I can kick your silly Protoman's ass?

Not pictured: Chaud walks away.

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:33 AM
Lan doesn't even know what this Endgame is. It could be the world's fluffiest marshmallow for all he knows.

I think megaman caught the retarded virus too.

Hello? Guys? We were there today! *sigh* Fine, we'll go to meet Higsby (Well come on! It's not even a puzzle!)

Higsby has ellipsies. He should see a doctor.

Why is Higsby making robot noises? Creepy. That "huh" must be a secret codeword for something then!

Before leaving to jack into DenNet (the area that connects to cute goth chick's homepage)...

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:35 AM
Lan remembers the Megaman X series with the poster of Sigma (EDITATION: This be Vile. Sorry!) that Higsby put up for no apparent reason. Moving on.

Wow, Lan has some sort of ESP. I sure can't tell these areas from one another, since they look the exact same.

Here is the entrance to a place that is not the undernet, bt rather the WWW net. They lied to us!

After going the long way around we get there.

...Huh. That is the undernet, huh. Huh huh.

Megaman caught Huh-hisis too, huh.

Megaman: "Execute!"

Lan and Megaman decide that this day hasn't been retarded enough. Either way, BOSS FIGHT!

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 08:37 AM
...NOT. These guys are the exact same fight that we fought in the vending machine, just stronger, faster and more durable. Oh, and the guy that shoots bombs shoots at least one bomb on each row now. I believe he shoots 6 total.

Not a very hard fight. Moving on.

We get an email, but first, suspicious guynavi!

He has no idea who he's talking to, huh. huh huh huh.

You know Higsby, you're supposed to tell us that stuff BEFORE we come here to prevent excessive trekking through DenNet.

What are the requirements for working in 200X anyway? It seems like they don't check your papers very well. Higsby was accepted into teaching work and nobody thought to check if he's affiliated with criminals, and apparently you can work in scilab after working in the WWW (Wordy Winning Weenies) if you just say sorry. What the hell is wrong with this world?

..Hang on. Higsby didn't say huh, huh. SHIT HE PASSED IT TO ME

Tune in next time for: The real undernet! Really!

08-09-2009, 12:10 PM
Lan remembers the Megaman X series with the poster of Sigma that Higsby put up for no apparent reason. Moving on.

That's Vile, not Sigma.

anyway, good job with the LP so far, keep it up.

Alpha Werewolf
08-09-2009, 10:40 PM
...That's the second time I made that mistake, after knowing that it's wrong. Must be the huh-hisis.

08-09-2009, 11:18 PM
At least you're not calling him "Boba".

Alpha Werewolf
08-14-2009, 07:22 AM
More updates will come soon. At the moment I'm infected with Megaten-Persona4. It's a rare disease to find where I live.

08-14-2009, 01:18 PM
I just discovered this, and it is awesome. It's been a very long time since I've played MMBN1, but I logged an absolutely absurd number of hours getting every chip so I could fight Bass. I remember fighting SharkMan for 2 straight hours trying to get that damn SharkMan3 chip. Not to mention the lengths I went to to get a Muramasa.

Speaking of which, are you planning to fight all of the optional bosses. At the very least, you need to get Anubis from Pharoahman; I'm firmly convinced that it's the best chip in the game. And ShadowMan is just really fun to fight.

Alpha Werewolf
08-15-2009, 03:57 AM
I'm going for the 100%.

09-26-2010, 01:23 PM
You know, when I finished my BN6 LP, I realized I had a bunch of free time until my November Fire Emblem LP.

So I wondered what I should do.

I thought about playing Battle Moon Wars.


But I already beat that. On both Real normal and Super hard 10. And as kickass as the game is, Iím not up to replaying it until I forget the plot.

Then I decided to try finishing Megaman 10. But it turns out that playing BN for so long basically rotted my skills to absolutely nothing, and I died horrendously again and again.

After that I checked to see if I had any homework assignments left. I didnít.

So, Iíve decided to sacrifice my useless free time to resurrect this LP. Again.


As a note, I'm not really going to be as hilarious as Dark Blue Flannel was in his interpretaions of the game. I'm just not that kind of LPer. I apologize to anyone who was expecting more of that.

I also recommend that you've read my BN6 LP already. Would help, since it means I don't have to write how the battle system works again.

Here we go!


With the exception of BN6, Iím pretty sure Lan starts every BN asleep.

Anyways, Lanís not waking up. Megaman yells that if he doesnít wake up soon, he wonít get to school on time.

Lanís still not waking up.

Then MegamanÖ shouts the news or something. Hell if I know.


In any case, this rouses Lan.


Megaman notes that thereís some battle chip data attached.

Lan finally gets up and rubs his eyes for a bit.


As you may have noticed, BN1 has a different art style from BN6. In fact, BN1-3 (as well as BCC and the GCN game Network Transmission) all use this larger style. And honestly, though itís kind of ugly they make a lot of poses out of it, unlike BN4.5-6ís more compact design that had a lot less sprites.

Thatís far from the only difference mind you. BN1 is VERY different from BN6. In fact, itís different from most of the BN games in general. Like the classic series, itís not until BN2 that things really get standardized.


In any case, we canít access the menu yet so walk Lan over to the first generation PET.


Lan and Megaman still do fist pumps, they just donít hold the pose until you press A again mind you.

Anyways, as you can see this PET is a LOT different from BN6ís Ipod rip-off. For one thing, itís unfoldable and it has a keyboard.

Oh yeah, we also get this.


Lan and Megaman exchange good mornings.


In BN1, the ďyou got mailĒ animation doesnít stop until you press A.


The menu is a lot more plain as you can see. In any case, inside our folder is the first big difference.


In BN1 you can not run away from battles without the use of an escape chip. Yeah.

On the other hand, in BN1 as soon as you beat a random encounter your health is automatically restored to full if I recall correctly (I lost my actual BN1 cartridge a while back). SoÖ yeah.

In any case, our current folder is a nine coded monstrosity, filled with crappy chips.

09-26-2010, 01:26 PM
Letís check the e-mail Dad sent us!


OhÖ joy. ThatísÖ totally useless.

Anyways, continuing with the differences, letís check the Library.


There are no Mega chips or Giga chips in this game. It isnít until BN3 that those two show up. Program advances still exist, but theyíre pretty different.

Aside from that, BN6ís memory limitations didnít exist either. Youíre allowed to put 10 of any chip in your folder. Though I think navi chips are limited to 5.

Yeah, this is a game that gets a LOT easier the further you go in, why do you ask?

Also, in BN1-3 every chip besides the navi chips and the super secret chips had at least 5 chip codes. In fact, in BN2 it was technically possible to get chips with any codes. Needless to say, the amount of folders you could build with all this was pretty much endless.

But Iím getting ahead of myself.


In BN1 and BN2, the Navi Customizer did not exist. Thus, to boost Megamanís buster stats, you had to purchase special items called Power Ups.

In BN1 there were also special Armor items; they cut all damage you receive in half, but they were also elemental, meaning that some attacks did double damage instead. They have to be purchased.

HP Memories are still around though.

Anyways, weíre not allowed to go on the Internet yet, so head to school.


Anyways, if you decide to eat breakfast youíll get a Recover 10 A.


I too am confused as to what exactly sheís late for.


The ACDC gang obviously are more important in this game since Lan still lives in ACDC town. Itís apparently Maylís habit to walk to school with Lan. This may seem odd, but then you realize that Mayl lives right next door to Lan.

Moving on, Megaman notes that Mayl looks grumpy. How he knows this considering he can only see out of a screen that is presumably closed or facing Lanís leg? EhÖ


Lan tells Megaman to quiet down.


Hilariously enough, they were too lazy to give Mayl upwards facing sprites. As such, when she moves diagonally sheÖ just shuffles sideways while still walking forward or something, itís hard to explain.

Anyways, Mayl talks about


Lan replies with a grunt.


09-26-2010, 01:28 PM
ACDC in BN1 is a lot different from ACDC in BN6. For one thing, itís much larger and you can actually enter the school (which, for some reason, is replaced by Yaiís house in BN5 onwards).


The actual class is still the same though.

Anyways, the NPCs just fill you in about WWW or the oven incidents. Talking to Dex results in him challenging you to a Netbattle, but Yai will rush up and tell you to stop. Dex manages to convince her to look the other way, but then the bell rings.


I love how they bothered to give Dex a sideways sprite and yet couldnít be bothered to give some better walking sprites to Mayl.

Anyways, Dex tells Lan to meet him after class.


First period is Virus Busting. Ms. Mari asks the class if they know whatís been happening recently. One kid answers that WWW has been on the rise. Dex boasts that theyíre no match for Gutsman, to which Yai and Lan reply that WWW wouldnít even care about Dex.



BN1 has a really weird jack in animation.


Alright, letís go over the differences now.


First off, as you may notice, in BN1 the chip codes are not under the chip icons.

Okay, now for the minor things.

Cannons now have significantly less lag, Mettaurs attack faster, and the Megabuster has less of a cool down, making it easier to rapid fire if youĎre close to the enemy. And finally, you canít charge your buster yet.


Hereís a good look at Megamanís original battle sprite. He used this from BN1 to BN5.

Also, see that Add button?


Basically, if we press it, we have to survive the next turn without chips. If we do so, the next time we bring up the custom screen we can use five more chips. You can do this twice per battle.


Yeah, the chip selection for the tutorial is pre-determined. Now, to show off one last difference.


Unfortunately, I deleted the Met with my second steal, but as you can see I stole every bit of area the enemy side had besides one panel. This is known as area locking, and when combined with chips or program advances that are supposed to spread attacks out throughout the enemy field, it results in absurd amounts of damage.

This was made impossible after BN3. They made it impossible to steal any bit of the last column.


After that, the game skips to after class. Megaman recommends we go home, but we have a challenge to fulfill.


Yeah, BN1 really emphasized that Navis are programs. Youíll see talk about backups, versions, etc throughout the game. Later BNs cut back on this to try and make navis more human like.

Still, it just makes me laugh to think of mass produced Gutsmans.

Then I remember the last Wily stage in Megaman 1.

Moving on now.


BN1 has some really cool boss music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjYZ9MKSEi4).

Anyways, as you might note we no longer see the names of the enemies. Also, Gutsman has absurdly low HP.


Gutsman has three attacks. One is a glorified Mettaur shockwave.

09-26-2010, 01:29 PM

Another cracks an entire row.


Of note is that back then, holes actually take out the entire panel. Looks awesome, no?


It took a while, but I managed to get a picture of Gutsmanís last attack: Guts Punch.


By the way, Recovery chips freeze time in this game. Itís very annoying.


I missed it, but when Megaman is deleted in this game he explodes into green balls of light, as is tradition.

Okay, letís win now.


We donít get a prize. Shame. I missed it again, but when bosses die in this game they take a relatively long time to blow up, and while they do this theyíre in their hurt pose (which in this game looks hilarious as they generally tend to do pelvis thrusts). Basically, you just missed Gutsman somehow balancing on his toes while leaning back and spastically convulsing

Next time: Oven shenanigans!

Anyways, Iíll continue with my weekend updates, but if I donít finish before November Iíll be putting this on hold.

09-26-2010, 08:28 PM
Wow this game is short. I've already completed the next update.

Still, don't expect double updates all the time.

Alright, letís survey ACDC school.


Or not because as soon as you leave the class youíre automatically transported to the gates. I tried to get back in but Megaman stops Lan from doing so.

Anyways, we also got some mail.


Dadís got a Power Up program for Megaman, and he promises to give it as soon as he gets home.

Just saying, this probably would have been better as a surprise gift.

Ms. Mariís e-mail is just a few more basic game mechanics I already knew.

Anyways, we may as well survey the ACDC of BN1.

First difference between the BN1-3 version of ACDC and the BN5-6 version.



Actually, Iím pretty sure these guys are only in BN1. Huh.

Well, moving on.


The park with the pink squirrel was originally a lot bigger too. You canít see it, but that kid there is spinning around like a top. Heís apparently looking for a place to hide, since heís playing hide and seek with his identical twin.


I donít think this will be a very long game.


The Metroline and Dexís house are located down here.

Between Lanís house and Dexís house are also these houses.


Yeah, BN1 ACDC is a lot bigger than BN6 ACDC, why do you ask?


Finally, Yaiís house is over here.


Both Mayl and Yai have identical twins stalking them it seems.


As always, you can jack in to the dog house. Itís worth mentioning that in this game, Lan shouts ďJack in! Megaman.EXE, transmit!Ē instead of ďJack in! Megaman, execute!Ē


The net in BN1 is fairlyÖ bland. Thatís really all I can say about it. Anyways, thereís a Shotgun K in a BMD here.

Okay, guess we should go home now.


Haruka asks if Lanís heard about the ovens exploding.

Megaman reminds Lan that Mayl was talking about it earlier.


AhÖ Mr. Match, looking as suspicious as ever. Seeing as how the guy who was running the LP earlier already got past this, Iím pretty sure I donít need to dance around the issue.

Mr. Match is proof that the officials of Electopia are retarded.

He appears throughout the series, and in general he is being evil and committing acts of extreme arson. Yet he keeps getting free, to the point that he apparently gets bored of crime and becomes a teacher in BN6 Gregar. It is weird.

Also, he actually wears that uniform throughout the game if I recall correctly. Kind of odd fashion choice.

Anyways, Mr. Match says that Net Safety believes a virus is behind ovens suddenly exploding into flames. As to how something that is supposed to cook things by radiating heat, not by exposing them to a flame, is supposed to burst into fireÖ

Well, the BN series doesnít really give a damn about reason.

09-26-2010, 08:29 PM

ÖArenít you checking the thermostat? What does that have to do with the oven?


How would we do that? Is he just uncomfortable being around children or something?

Anyways, Megaman recommends that we go on the Net.


Amusingly enough, this ďexaminingĒ seems to involve punching the thing.


Huh. Well what do you know.

Anyways, to the Net.


The Net in BN1 is freaking confusing and annoyingly bland.

Anyways, ahead we see Glyde.


Apparently this is the first time Megaman has met Glyde. Considering that Yai wonít shut up about PETs, I find this odd.

Well, in any case, one of Yaiís programs has gotten lost and Glyde wants us to find it. Sure, Glyde could do it himself butÖ


And thatís why he was standing right outside Lanís HP clearly waiting for Megaman.


Glyde gives us @Yai, the precursor to P-Codes.

Anyways, I checked: yes, your HP refills itself between random encounters.


Say hello to the Cannondumb series. Iím not sure if I spelled their name right, but it should be something like that. If you line up with them they fire a cursor. You get hit by the cursor, they shoot the panel youĎre on. And only the panel youíre on; if you move forward you wonít get hit, despite all reason saying they should be firing a shot straight at you.

They drop Cannon chips.

In my battle with them, I discovered that the Add button only gives you 5 (or 10) extra chips for one turn only. After that, youíre back to just selecting from 5. Kind of lame.

In any case, now seems like a good time to start streamlining my folder.


I canít really reduce the number of chip codes I have, so Iíll just work on putting as many Cannons as I can in my folder. As always, first to go are the Mini Bombs.


I love how bold WWW is in this game. See, Lan hasnít crippled them yet so they can put barriers with their names on them and thereís nothing the officials can do about it.


Oh, a Net Merchant.

Well, in the interests of getting through this game with minimal fuss, I guess I should turn on max zenny.


Oh wow is the money screen supposed to look like that?

Anyways, the HP Memories were surprisingly cheap (only about 11,500 Z for all 5 of them), but the Power Ups were not (7000 Z for both). Aside from that, I purchased all three Cannon C and Widesword K chips, as well as the Hammer A chip. These all went straight into my folder.

Now, to be perfectly honest aside from the power up programs I really didnít need to hack to get the money to buy the chips. My folder is honestly so bad that Iím likely to only get Zenny from battles anyways. But, like I said, Iím trying to speed things up a bit. Donít worry, Iím not going to just fill my folder with normally expensive crazy powerful chips.

Besides, said chips usually have awkward chip codes.

Anyways, the Power Ups!


You may notice that Megaman has a level. HP Memories and Power Ups will increase this level, and it tops out at level 100. I canít quite remember what your level did though.

Anyways, I chose to boost Attack and Charge because my Rapid is good enough as it is (also because by moving left and right while you fire you can pretty much cancel the cool down). Speaking of Charge, once itís at level 2 you can start firing a charge shot.

09-26-2010, 08:31 PM
But BN1 (and BN2 for that matter) were different about their charge shots. Like the Classic series, you have two levels of charge.


A green charge does 8x damage. A pink charge does 16x damage. They took this out and replaced it with only one level of charge that does x5 damage in BN2, and x10 from BN3 onwards. Oddly enough though, some chips (such as Leaderís Raid in BN5) still show the green charge.

Much to my displeasure, I find that I made the wrong choice; I should have put both Power Ups into Charge, because damn the charge is slow at level 2.


Anyways, hereís the reason I picked all those Cannon chips. Putting in Cannon A, B, and C in that order gives me Z-Cannon 1. Using it gives me 5 seconds where I am invincible and where pressing A fires a Cannon. Since Cannons have a lot less lag in this game, itís ridiculously broken.


In case youíre wondering, Iím trying to grind Shockwave K chips in order to try and get my folder down to Cannon chips and K coded chips.

Anyways, here we see a Fishy virus. They dash forward at you. They drop Dash chips which make you rush forward and deal damage to anything in front of you.


Hereís Z-Cannon 1 in action by the way.

In any case, after a decent amount of grinding (during which I actually got enough zenny to restore my money back to max), I manage to eke out a tri coded folder.

Cannon B x 10
Dash B x 4
Shockwave K x 10
Shotgun K
Widesword K x3
Widesword S
Steal S

The loss of Z-Cannon is sad, but at least my folder is a lot more fluid now.

Unlike BN6, this will not be able to carry me through the game, but itíll do well enough to at least make me stop failing at virus busting.


Once we find the lost program we have to talk to Glyde, whoís moved to Yaiís Portrait Comp.


Glyde thanks us and gives us a Spreader IÖ which Iíve already bought. Iíd complain about the waste of money if it werenít for the fact that I have nothing to do but waste money.


ButÖ Megaman doesnít eatÖ

Anyways, jack out and head over to-


Over at the kitchen is Haruka, comically running around with white liquid (presumably sweat) bursting out of her head.


Seriously, Haruka is a lot more childish in this game from the looks of it.

Lan notes that the repairman just came. Haruka replies that the repairman said it was fixed and left. Well, looks like we have to save the day.


Iíd note that jacking into an oven on fire seems weird, but in BN3 Lan jacks into a tank that is trying to shoot him so I guess this doesnít really compare.

Megaman enters the system and Lan asks what he sees.


Thereís something wrong with the oven thatĎs currently on fire? Thatís just crazy talk.


Anyways, until we get the IceBlock from the thawing section of the oven computer (no I donít know why an area that is all about melting ice would have ice for us to use), we have to go around all of the fire.

As soon as you take a few steps in though, Megaman pauses and notices a virus.


Lan notes that Mayl was right.

Anyways, the screen flashes white. What powerful virus will we faceÖ?

09-26-2010, 08:32 PM



How anticlimactic.

Moving onÖ


There are no sub chips in this game, so this mystery data isnít locked. Itís just purple. Because.


As you may have noticed, BN1 actually has a lot of different panel styles, unlike later games whereís it always the same red/blue tile.


The Mr. Prog gives us an Ice Block that can be used to extinguish only seven fires. As you may expect, if you run out you have to run back here and restart.

There isnít anything really special about this area to be honest. Itís just an oven after all.

As soon as you try and leave thoughÖ




The ovenís getting worse, and Lanís lost connection with Megaman. Lanís phone rings, and laughter goes through it. Lan asks who the laugher is.


Wait, howíd he get Lanís phone number?

Lan recognizes him as the panel repairman.


Honestly, WWW stands for World Three. As for what thatís supposed to meanÖ

Lan realizes that all of the other oven explosions were this guyís fault.


ÖWhat about the do-


ÖThe door locks from the outside? What? Anyways, we need to get to Lanís toolbox (he calls it that if you press L for a hint).


Oh wow I screwed up here. Anyways, Lan gets a Water Gun.

09-26-2010, 08:34 PM

Lanís water gun is apparently a shower nozzle. Also, I have no idea how it fired off that much water considering itís smaller than Lan.

Alternatively, it was a Mudkip.


Megaman gets up. Lan asks if heís okay, and Megaman replies with an affirmative. Lan then tells Megaman to hurry up before things get worse.


Ahead is a Steal A. Honestly, I have enough Cannon As that I could rearrange my folder to shift out all the B coded chips for A coded chips, but all I have to replace the Dash Bs are MetGuards so Iíll pass on that idea.



Anyways, on the way to the next area is another BMD with 200 Z. Thatís honestly pretty worthless.

Anyways, the Oven Control Area is filled with fires, requiring strategic use of the Ice Block.


I was wrong, Megaman still holds his fist pump until you close the message box. Lan doesnít though.

Also in this area is a PMD with a Little Bomb T (basically a Mini Bomb, only its explosion covers an entire column. Still worthless.)

Anyways, I probably missed some stuff but I donít really care. I can check back later.

Once you get past the fire maze, youíll see an injured Mr. Prog who will warn you that a boss battle is approaching.



Battle Network 1 has all of the robot masters from Megaman 1 with the odd sole exception of Cutman, who shows up in BN2.


I think this goes beyond mischief.

Fireman realizes that Megaman is the Navi of the house and laughs.


09-26-2010, 08:35 PM


Fireman is pathetic. He also has three attacks (thatís actually the magic number for most bosses).


The first one has Fireman shoot out a stream of fire down one row. Itís extremely easy to avoid, as Fireman has to charge up for it (which he will do by doing a bunch of squats). Note that he fires for a really long time, and he always goes up to the front row to do it. Heís just asking to be hit with a Widesword.

Or you could just nail him with a Cannon while he charges, whatever floats your boat.


His second attack is a wave of fire that slowly chases you. Itís also easy to avoid, as it canít go backwards.


His final attack has him stand straight up, jiggle for a bit, then fire three bombs at you that will explode after a bit.

Firemanís attacks are really easy to avoid, so he basically relies on reducing the amount of area you have to avoid with this attack.

Anyways, as is standard itís reset time.


Easy as pie.


Because Fireman was stupidly weak.

Mr. Match then mutters that at least he finished his mission. Lan asks what he means.


Lan is understandably confused.


ÖWhy would something that important be in Lanís oven anyways? Since Match finds the Fire program in here, I can only assume Yuichiro was trying to save on gas or something.

Mr. Match proclaims that soon there will be war and everyone will be dead. Chilling.

He then ditches, leaving Lan incredibly confused.

09-26-2010, 08:36 PM

Lan and Megaman congratulate each other as well. Megaman then notes that Lan is worried about the WWW.


Megaman replies that this is only our first encounter with them after all, so Lan shouldnít be too worried about being confused.


Megaman is shocked that Lan is hungry for some reason. Did he forget Lan hasnít eaten since heís come back from school or something?


That pun is and forever will be terrible.


Haruka then states thatís sheís too tired from all of the excitement to cook something else.



Anyways, thereís still stuff we can do. For one thing, we can go in to Dexís house and battle Gutsman to earn /Dex, which will allow us to access Internet Area 2 if I recall correctly.


Or not.

Well, you can jack into his Gamecube to find a Cross Gun K, and Dexís computer to get @Dex.


Maylís house has two floors. But whatís important is that ServBot doll. Inside it is a HP Memory and these guys.


These guys drop Invisible chips. Theyíll always stay out of your row until they attack. Theyíll turn invisible and reappear in front of you to smack you with their tongue.

Oddly enough, they apparently also drop Recover 10 chips. Iím not sure why.


These guys jump around the field. Occasionally, theyíll transform into giant steel versions of themselves and land on Megaman. They drop Quake chips, which are another type of bomb chip. Still worthless.

The piano on the first floor also has an @Mayl inside.

09-26-2010, 08:37 PM

Yaiís house also has two jack-in points: the telephone, and the painting. Inside of the telephone is an Escape J, and Iíve already been to the painting.


By the way, when I went back to Maylís Piano comp in order to establish a link between it and the net, I found that Megaman was unable to decode this GMD for some reason. Same thing happened when I went to Dexís HP.

Much to my surprise, while roaming Internet Area 1 I found a respawned BMD. It appears that on the main Net, there isnít actually any ďspecialĒ mystery datas.

Anyways, it turns out I canít face Fireman V2 just yet, so I may as well just go to sleep.

Next time: I forget. I think it was Stoneman.

Alpha Werewolf
09-27-2010, 04:04 AM
Pretty sure Stoneman's up next, yeah.

Also: I fully endorse the second revival of this LP!

09-29-2010, 04:51 PM
Holy crap so much free time.

Okay, you know what? Iím just going to post my updates as soon as I finish them now. I want to really speed through this.


You know the drill: when Lan sleeps, cut scenes play.

The game skips ahead several days.

Itís night. A dog howls.


Oh, looks like it was Numberman.

The screen fades to blackÖ

And it quickly pops up again with Lan rushing to school.


The text auto scrolls here, so this screen cap came out pretty badly. Lanís complaining that nobody came to wake him up.


Lan asks how much time he has left.


Lan responds with a ďDuh!Ē.


Lan asks if he got any new mail, much to Megamanís annoyance. Megaman asks if Lan even heard what he said.


He did.


The other one is from Yai.


That makes no god damn sense at allÖ unless Yai has a voice modifier or something. Hell, Iím pretty sure Lan sits in the front, so I can only assume Ms. Mari is blind.


09-29-2010, 04:52 PM

Iím with Lan on this one.

In all actuality, we canít explore much of the area since we do need to get to class. But we can go to the Nurseís room and steal some stuff.


Normally I wouldnít call it stealing, but itís a recovery chip in a nurseís room. What else could it be?

Anyways, the door next to the Nurseís room leads to an empty class.


Repair sets your side of the field back to normal panels.


A nameless video game teacher NPC that is not a total rule stickler? You impress me BN1.

Anyways, upstairs is our classroom, and the library. Guess which one weíre going to.


And thatís pretty much it. For now.


Fascinating. Anyways, we should probably get to class now.



Okay, NOW letís go.


How will Lan sneak to his desk considering heís in the front row and wearing bright orange?


A fade to black of course. Always works.


Iím just going to pretend that by now Ms. Mari is so used to this sheís just overlooking it.


In the anime, incidentally, Higsby has a giant crush on Ms. Mari.

09-29-2010, 04:56 PM

Teaching = Trading? Whatíd he major in? Game mechanics?


I spy with my little eye a typo.


Lan was under the impression teachers were robots.


I donítÖ


Ms. Mari asks that we give a warm welcome to Higsby.


Did I take that long getting here?


Wow, they gave everyone side sprites. Anyways, this is a hint about program advances I guess.

Dex complains about our new teacher.


We still canít battle him.

Meanwhile, Yai gives another hint about program advances.



God, sheís jinxing us.

09-29-2010, 05:10 PM

After you talk with everyone the bell rings.


Another typo, and a verbal tic. This does not bode well.

Mayl asks where Ms. Mari went.


Dex is shocked. Higsby commands everyone to quiet down and notes that first period will be study hall. Dex rejoices, but Higsby tells him to hold his horses.


Dex is now sad. Yes, in the span of maybe twelve seconds he went from surprise to joy to sadness. Sheesh.


Damn, I missed it. While jacking in Higsby actually spun around in a complete circle.


Itís clearly a malfunction. Did the big green ďERRORĒ not tip you off?


You mean the net terrorists wanted to control the net? Youíre pulling my leg.


A boy starts screaming for some reason. Mayl wants to know why WWW would want to destroy the world.

09-29-2010, 05:11 PM

Dex shouts that thereís no way he would help WWW. Some random girl then shrieks that she canít turn her terminal off. Some random boy then notes that the door is locked.


ÖYou know, thereís a class below us and in the next room. Surely theyíd hear us?



Anyways, the power of repetition is apparently enough to get kids to turn evil. Who knew?

Anyways, letís go save the day agai-


Yai tells Dex that he should calm down and let Lan handle things. Dex isnít listening.


You couldnít see it, but Dex was flapping his arms like crazy. I can only assume Gutsman is hand powered.




09-29-2010, 05:12 PM

Never mind then.



Okay, now Iím just confused. In this picture, Lanís holding his fist pump until I close the message box, despite the fact that earlier he didnít do this. Seriously, will this game make up its mind?

Anyways, thereís no real reason to not use Roll, so I replace my Steal S with her.


Lan orders Megaman to find the program locking the doors.


Why thank you.


For some reason Glyde is here. He is an unhelpful as always.

Moving on, further ahead is a BMD with a Shockwave L.


Here we seeÖ Bugtanks I believe? They fire bombs onto your side of the field. This version drops Little Bombs.


Way to be helpful.


09-29-2010, 05:13 PM

Hereís a good example of how navi chips used to work. When I use Roll, time freezes and Roll appears where I stand. Roll then moves to the closest enemy (she doesnít just teleport there, we actually see her path of movement) and attacks. But the enemy doesnít take any damage until time starts moving again.

Further ahead is a BMD with 800 Z.


Megaman asks Lan to go count the number of chairs.


Anyways, with that lock passed the doors of 5A are now unlocked. Lan gets everyone out while Megaman continues ahead.


Grand. The right path leads to a HiCannon I, the left path goes nowhere, and the center path is the way we need to go.


Further ahead we reach our first stupid puzzle.


Yup. We have to guess. Thankfully, they tell you if the required number is higher or lower than your number, and which numbers are right/wrong, but that just makes me wonder how this is supposed to be a good security. If you mess up enough times, the passcode changes, though they even tell you what the change is.


Alright, I think you get the point by now. Letís skip ahead. BMDs I found on the way held 400 Z, a Spreader H, and a HP Memory,


Megaman informs Lan heís stuck in a trap. Lan asks where Megaman is, and Megaman tells him near the AV room.

Before we can go into the AV room though, Higsby runs out and smacks into us. He apologizes, snorts again, and runs off, much to Lanís confusion. I would have screen captured it, but the text auto scrolled and I was holding the turbo button.


Lan restarts the computer, fixing it, thus freeing Megaman. The BMDs on the way to the next forced stop hold a Quake1 A and a Cannon C.


We need to go find Ms. Mari. She was sick right?



Well, letís check another classroo-


ÖOh come on! This is just repetition! Itís not even subliminal messages, theyíre just shouting stuff at you.

09-29-2010, 05:14 PM
Anyways, Ms. Mariís stuck in the storeroom. Oddly enough, sheís perfectly capable of fidgeting so one wonders why she doesnít just use her knees to take off the gag.


Screw that, I need to look around this place. Who knows what I could find.


See what I mean?


Ms. Mari then hands over her ID card because Lan helped her. Yeah, I really donít see the logic there either.


Anyways, we need to insert one last password.


Oh this game.


Unfortunately, right after I put in the code a cutscene started playing, so taking pictures and getting a good rank is going to be a painÖ not. Numberman is truly pathetic.

Megaman notes they have to stop the announcement program as fast as possible.




ÖWhat did Lan know?

Higsby admits he felt bad at first, but heíd do anything for rare chips.

Well, anything but use a torrent I guess.


Yeah, all the best chips arenít in stores.


Oh no, woe is me.


Numberman is a test to see how fast you can fire the buster. Normally.

09-29-2010, 05:16 PM

At first, Numberman will only send three Numberballs at you. Each of them have their HP on them. Youíre supposed to use your buster to clear out the lowest one, but I have ten Cannons and ten Shockwaves that are perfect for this job.

Amusingly enough, in BN1 these things did not roll. They just magically teleported from column to column.


Once he takes enough damage, he changes patterns and starts throwing a die on the field. The damage it does depends on what side is facing up. I was expecting this attack to act like it does in BN5 and explode in a 3x3 radius butÖ


In this game it turns out it hits the whole field one column at a time. Still, this means with good timing you can dodge the explosion. Or you could just destroy the die.

In the second picture you can also see a Time Bomb that Numberman is summoning. It is about to be cut in two by a Widesword.

Numberman stays still for the entire fight. Seriously.


I have no idea why I got a 6 on this, considering I got hit a whopping once and basically deleted Numberman as fast as possible (waiting for mercy invulnerability to fade is annoying). I guess BN1 is just really demanding about this sort of thing.


Lan yells that Higsby has been wrong all along.


Megaman tells Lan that Higsby understands, and that Lan should probably stop.


Of course Lan doesnít listen.


Nothing like getting the crap beaten out of you to change your way of life.


I donít like the looks of that snort.


Lan notes Higsby does need to pay for his crimes. I mean, I guess he did incite waves of child delinquency all around the country. Meh.

09-29-2010, 05:18 PM

Megaman orders Lan to restart the server and bring things back to normal.

The scene cuts to the actual server. Dex, Yai, Ms. Mari, Higsby, and Lan are near it. Lan walks forward, fiddles with it, and then contacts Mayl to see if it worked.


Dex and Yai congratulate Lan. Lan then congratulates Megaman.


Lan moans that he fixed the server too soon.

The game cuts to after class. Lan and Megaman are both exhausted, but they both suddenly remember something.


Megaman recommends we surprise Yuichiro by going to SciLab. Megaman also wants that Power Up program. Lan decides to do so.


Dex sits here if youíre wondering.


This is the entrance to the school. BN1 is the only game where we see it. Inside the car, by the way, is a HP Memory and a new virus.


ÖIím going to be honest and say I donít remember what these guys are called... I think it was something like Remobit. Anyways, they donít move but they slowly destroy every panel on your side of the field panel by panel, column by column with some kind of zapping machine...

Yeah, these things are weird.

In any case, since itís been a day we can face Fireman V2 over here.


Took a bunch of resets since I had to adjust to and compensate for Dash and Shockwaveís lag (what I found was that if youĎre in the front column you really donĎt need to worry about it), but I got a S rank. Firemanís chip has him hit the entire row in front of you for a nice chunk of fire damage (100 at V1). I kick out Roll for him because itís not like I care about taking damage anyways with the whole ďheal fully after every battleĒ thing.

The reason I reset, incidentally, is because when I first battled the guy I got hit once due to the lag on Dash, and ended up with another 6 rank.

Next time: SciLab stuff! And Stoneman. Hopefully. Itís really hard to do next times when you honestly have no idea whatís happening next.

10-01-2010, 10:23 PM

Yeah, turns out there was a landslide, so the metrolineís grand opening isnít happening. Sad.

Anyways, a nearby NPC has some more details on it. Lan asks him what caused the problem.


If thereís an accident, the safety program should kick in to stop the train, but the program was hit by a virus. The guard muses that since nobody got in from the control room, itís likely they got in from the Net.

ÖSo you can access something as important as transportation systems from a place where everybody is allowed to go. Really, you guys are practically asking for problems like this.


Before we can do so though, we get some mail.


Mm, I could use the Gutsman chip. So letís head to Dexís house and bat-


UmmÖ yeahÖ I stole it from the nurseís office I think. What about it?


ÖDidnít you just challenge us anyways?

ÖMeh, not like Iím using the damn things anyways.


Gutsman V2 has double the health. He is just as easy. Sadly, you STILL donít get his chip.


Megaman notes Dex looks pale. Dex moans.


Seriously, what does that even mean? Is Lan just saying ďQuestion markĒ out loud or something?


I kicked his ass yesterday and the ass of the viruses that kicked GutsmanĎs ass. Whatís he so surprised about?

Lan wonders if Dex will refuse to give his link.


I think you just suck at operating. Seriously, out of control Gutsman in Network Transmission? Crazy hard. At first anyways.

Anyways, Dex notes that heíll keep his promise, and gives us /Dex, which will let us into Internet Area 2.

Yes, Dex controls all internet traffic between Internet 1 and Internet 2. I donĎt get it either.

Dex also hands over


How nice of him.


Internet 2 starts off with a fork. To the left is where I need to go. To the right is where I am going to go.


Oh! Swordys! These guys try to hit you with their sword. They have Steal chips, and can attack with either Sword, Widesword or Fightersword. Note that the later versions deal elemental damage.

10-01-2010, 10:25 PM

Yeah, we canít get to Net 3.


New viruses! I see a VulGear and aÖ aÖ aÖ I have no idea. Anyways, Vulgears shoot a slow wave of fire at you that turns to meet you; basically, Firemanís secondary fire wave attack from all the way back then. Vulgears always stay out of your row when theyíre not attacking, making things annoying. As for theÖ thingÖ it occasionally lays a mine down on the field. If you step on it, boom. They drop Fire Towers and Mine chips respectively.


And here we seeÖ I forgot. Anyways, they canít be damaged except when they attack. They attack by shooting a cannonball where you are, which will break your panel. They drop Wrecker chips I guess.

In any case, thatís all there is to the right path. On the left pathÖ I have no idea. The left path leads to a confusing branch of roads, and that combined with the encounter rate made me decide to forgo exploring in favor of kicking Stonemanís teeth in.


Wait, so the ďlandslideĒ was just that rock over there? Or is it a digital representation of it? Seriously, what the hell?

Incidentally, that rock sprite is also used in BN2 and BN3. Really.

Megaman demands to know what Stoneman thinks heís doing.


Heís refreshingly upfront. Megaman asks why Stoneman would want to do that.


ÖAs you may have notices Stoneman isnít the brightest bulb in the shed. Incidentally, Stoneman is what the BNverse calls a Solo Navi; a navi without an operator. A notable example is Bass.


Megaman replies that Stoneman is the one going down.


Stoneman, like Numberman, doesnít move. He doesnít need to. He has two moves.


The first has him slam his fists into the ground, dropping three stones on your side of the field. Theyíre easy to dodge. HoweverÖ


His second attack has his eyes glow. A 200 HP Rock Cube is then created on your side of the field, limiting movement. Note that there can only be one Rock Cube on your field at the time; if he makes another one the first cube will be destroyed.

Also note that breaking attacks will instantly destroy the cubes. As I found out in this battle, Dash counts as breaking.

Anyways, this would all be a problem if it werenít for the fact that Stoneman doesnít have mercy invulnerability. So start blasting away.


Yeah, BN1 is really strict on busting level. This was a no damage run (yes, I reset after taking the pictures) with me just blasting constantly with everything I had.

10-01-2010, 10:27 PM

Lan agrees, then orders Megaman to get the security program running again.


Megaman proceeds to open fire on the rock.


To SciLab!


Ö? I guess the game was trying to make fun of players who constantly run in and out of Lanís house, but I havenít been doing that yetÖ


Who cares! To SciLa- erÖ Government Complex.

By the way, Iím not sure if they say it in this game, but elementary students get to ride the Metroline for free. I am not quite sure if thatís a good idea.


The Government Complex is just as big as ACDC. And it has the same background music.


This guy tells you how to do the Life Sword and Ultra Bomb PAsÖ not.

See, in BN1, Life Sword and Ultra Bomb didnít exist.

What happens if you put the chips in anyways? You do Beta Sword and Beta Bomb, which lets youÖ use Sword and Little Bomb six times. Yeah.

Incidentally, despite the fact the translators named it Little Bomb, in this guyís text he calls it Small Bomb.


This is the only lunch in the area.


If you say yes, Lan gets a lunch for free. Itís very tasty and nutritious according to the game.


Sal is actually one of my favorite characters. I really donít know why (she only shows up in this game and Battle Chip Challenge, though she gets a mention at the end of BN6). I guess I just like her design.

Iíve always imagined Sal as being around the same age as Lan since BN1-3ís sprite style had everyone around the same height, and because her mugshot just looked like a young girl to me. I was pretty surprised when I watched the anime and found out sheís actually a lot older.

Anyways, that fact kind of fills this scene with pedophile vibes. So Iím just going to stick with my ďsheís around the same age as LanĒ theory, mmkay?

Back to the actual game, Sal comments that the number of viruses has sprung up recently, so she wants to practice net battling with Lan.


Dark Blue Flannel claims that Woodman is really hard at this point of the game. HeísÖ not. At least if you got Fireman (note you donít need to S rank V2 to get it; you just have to beat him) or bothered to get some Fire Tower chips. Actually, you donít even need those. You just need some decent reflexes.

Then again, DBF didnít really work on trying to get a decent folder at the beginning of the game, so meh.


Every time Woodman moves, he jumps. When he lands, Wood pillars come out of the ground. Not too hard to dodge, though I think when he lands Megamanís unable to move for a second because I got hit here even though I was smashing up.

After I got hit and noticed the damage he did, I decided that I had enough HP to be able to tank everything, which made getting pictures a lot easier.


After that Woodman will do a super jump and start crouching. Heíll rapidly fire off Wood towers on your side of the field. You just need good reflexes here.


10-01-2010, 10:29 PM

After that some seeds will start landing on the field, releasing wood towers or flames down your row. It can also create a tree that will eventually turn into a fruit, and if Woodman lands on the fruit he heals.

Woodman, like Stoneman, has no mercy invulnerability. So this battle is really fast and easy.

I actually tried to record this battle. Unfortunately, the program I used just wouldnít record sound, and all the help online didnít work. I struggled with it for a bit, but I eventually decided the end result really wasnít worth all of the trouble.



After you win, Sal gives you /Sal, which will let you proceed further in the Net.


Sal recommends we go check out the Net merchant there. I shall do so.


Wouldnít you know it, you can jack in to this booth.


Here we seeÖ umÖ erÖ actually, I have no clue what these things are. The shadows turned out to be pinecone things that fired off fast moving 100 damage (!!) Wood towers at me, and theÖ thing over there on the top tried to set some grenades on my field.


These cloud things fire off rain clouds that travel up and down one of your columns. They also spend most of their time above the floor where you canít hit them.

Inside I found a Recover 120 A and an @Sal.

Now then, back to Net 2! I guess Iíll have to go back to Lanís house and jac-




Yeah well screw you too mercy invulnerability. Turns out a fully charged shot causes bosses to flinch. This made this battle last a lot longer. Note that this was no damage as well.

Incidentally, I checked back with those GMDs Megaman couldnít decode earlier and got a Recover 50 L from MaylĎs. I still couldnít decode the one in Dexís PC though.

Anyways, past the /Sal barrier is Net 3 (past Miyu's barrier is actually Net 4. Yes, this is confusing). This area has a lot of level 2 viruses, and these jerks.


Hey there Billy! No, really, theyíre called Billys. They are an absolute pain in the ass. They send thunderballs onto your side of the field, and if you get hit by one every time you take a step you take some damage (thankfully at this level itís only 5 damage). This is as annoying as it sounds.


More importantly though is the Net Merchant. Sadly, he doesnít have what I wanted (Power UPs) but he does have some HP Memory and a Wood Armor.

Wood Armor makes Megaman take half damage from Wood, Elec, Aqua, and Neutral attacks and double damage from Fire attacks. It also changes Megamanís damage taking sprite from a full body flinch to him bracing himself. Obviously Iíll equip it.

The shop also has M-Cannon Ls, but theyíre really expensive and honestly their chip code is enough to make me skip them.


Amusingly enough, these cars are programmed to stop when youíre close enough to them. Even if youíre on the sidewalk. Since Lan isnít even facing the street he obviously doesnít want to cross, giving the unfortunate implication that these guys are stalking him.

Anyways, inside the actual government complex thereís a vending machine in the upper corner we can jack into. Inside is a Spreader J and these guys.


These guys create a bubble that will slowly chase you. If it hits anything, that and the 3x3 area around it is hit with an explosion. They drop Heater chips which doÖ something.

Thereís also a TV with an Escape L in it.


The TV also has some Rattys in it. These guys fire off small bombs that can turn once to try and hit you. Once they take too much damage, they open their eyes and begin to move faster. They drop Ratton chips.


The area where we enter the building leads to the Waterworks. We want to go to Sci Lab, which is right down this hall. Inside SciLab is another vending machine with 5000 Z and a new type (in other words a recolor) of VulGear virus that attacks with water instead of fire. They drop Aqua Towers.

10-01-2010, 10:31 PM

If this seems confusing, note that the ďDr. HikariĒ the man is talking about is Tadashi Hikari, Lanís grandfather.

Anyways, if you talk with the lady near the elevator sheíll let you up to Yuichiroís room.


Well crap. Oh well, we may as well see whatís here.


Anyways, examining Dadís PC causes Megaman to ask to be jacked in. Lan obliges.

Inside is an @Dad and this thing.


My level huh? Letís see what Iím supposed to be able to match.


ÖLetís try that again.


Thatís better.


We never actually see Yuichiroís navi. One wonders if he even has one.

Anyways, the Mr. Prog tells us the Power Up program isnít in the computer.


We know he has a PET though.

Lan decides to just leave Yuichiro a message. He writes one up, then hands it to Megaman, who hands it to the Mr. Prog.

As to why Lan didnít just boot up the computer, open up a word processor, and just type the damn thing out there?

Too much effort required I guess.

Aside from that, near Yuichiroís computer is a machine used for jack in tests. It holds a HiCannon J.


10-01-2010, 10:33 PM

Also in here are a some Handy viruses. They set Time bombs on your field. Needless to say, theyíre really annoying. Thankfully they donít really move much.

Thereís nothing left to do here, head back to ACDC. As soon as we get there, we get some mail.

Itís from Yuichiro. He apologizes for not being there.


Heck yeah!




Now the buster charges ever so slightly faster! Whoo.

Next time: UmÖ oh! Iceman! Yeah, him.

Alpha Werewolf
10-01-2010, 11:10 PM
Heater chips are Heat-Spreaders, I believe.

Are you sure about the Armours? I always thought they halved their own element and gave you it's weakness.

10-02-2010, 12:02 AM
I thought that too actually.

But yeah, half damage to all but the element it's weak against. Pretty handy actually.

Also, I did actually think those bubble things dropped Heat Spread chips. Problem is, when I actually got the chip, this was its description:

"Fire with a 1-panel blast".

And that just confused me.

EDIT: Yeah, just checked it, Heater is basically heat spread.

Still, that description is just what.

Alpha Werewolf
10-02-2010, 01:31 AM
"Fire with a 1-panel blast".

Probably means that it spreads one panel to all directions.

Captain Keene
10-02-2010, 07:59 AM
It's not like many of the future chip descriptions are very illuminating either.

Anyway, good luck with this. There is no way I could go back to this game and its horribly confusing net design after the wonderful simplicity of the sequels.

10-02-2010, 01:43 PM

WWW net crime has increased, and the damage is getting worse.


The game then cuts to Megaman once again trying to wake Lan up.


Too bad Lan. This is Japan.



Incidentally, I have FINALLY figured out what this poster is.


Thanks to Bergasa; found it in one of his posts on the Megaman X online thread.

Moving on, while I could go to school, thatís Iíve got someone I have to meet at Net 3.


Turns out I was wrong about Stoneman. He can flinch. Itís just that he doesnít flinch to anything less than 100 damage.


What do you want from me BN1? In all seriousness though, Iím pretty sure by now that you need under 30 second deletions to get a S rank.

By the way, note that Stonemanís chip is S coded. This is because, obviously enough, his name starts with S. The funny thing about this is that there are a total of three navis in this game who also have names that start with S, and their navi chip codes all reflect this. So yeah, S code is pretty strong in this game.

The reason I mention this is because the ďremakeĒ Operate Shooting Star changed the chip codes of the other two navis Skullman and Shadowman if you were wondering because of this.

Much to my surpriseÖ


I donít need anything to get into Net 9.

Yes, Net 3 goes to Net 9.

Yes, this game is confusing.


Oh hey Headys were in BN1. Same principle: either remove their barriers with a powerful attack, or counterattack to delete them. Of note is that if thereís more than one theyíll always line up while attacking, so theyíll only hit one row.




Gaias are annoying. They only take one damage from any attack while theyíre gray. Theyíll slowly move up to the front row and slam their hammer down, which will cause your entire field to blow up, one column at a time. Like Numbermanís number bomb actually. Youíll need good timing to avoid it. Thankfully, while attacking they take full damage from attacks.

10-02-2010, 01:46 PM
Anyways, I was also allowed into Net 10.


Oh joy. These guys line up with you, create ice blocks and spit them at you. Not much to say beyond that.


That satellite thing sends a cursor onto your side of the field. If you get hit by it, itíll start firing at where Megaman is standing, forcing you to move around constantly to avoid the shots.


Oh yes. Sadly, there was only one.

You know, I donít think Iíve explained how the level system works. For each HPMemory, Megaman gains 1 level. For each PowerUP, Megaman gains 3 levels. And for each armor (you donít have to equip them, you just need to be holding one), Megaman gains 6 levels.

There wasnít anything really spectacular besides those though.


Now the charge shot is actually useful! Wonderful day!


Or not. That bubble thing has a Bubble Wrap: a barrier that pops as soon as itís hit, but constantly regenerates. Unless hit with an Elec attack of course. The actual virus will line up with you and fire Aqua Towers at you.

The thing about Net 10 is that after this, you need to start clearing certain tasks to get to the next Net area. Net 11 and 13ís door require you to have a high enough level. never use Escape while in the area.


This is the door to Net 13.

Incidentally, to get to Net 14 you have to have the chips from every virus in the area. I say incidentally because Iím not going to Net 14, because the doors to Net 15 and Net 16 require some ridiculous things (7 or less battles before you get to the door and always getting above busting level 4 in every battle in the area respectively). And quite frankly, my folder is already getting too weak to really do anything.

And while Net 12 is also fairly annoying to get to (always have a busting level of at least 3 while passing through Net 11), the prize I get (a net shop with two Power UPs) is well worth it compared to Net 15ís (a shop with only one Power UP). That, and I only need to get past one area.


One area with new and stronger viruses. Yeesh. The bees line up with you, then fly at you. If they hit Megaman, they do a large chunk of damage and regenerate their health to full. They drop Drain 2 chips, which is an obvious sign that I really shouldnít be here yet.


Piranhas! Note that in this game they drop chips that only fire off a set amount of arrows at a time, so now back row shenanigans like in BN6. Anyways, they fire off cursors down your row. If it hits something, they fire an arrow down the row.




Anyways, I guess Iíll explore this place.


ÖThe crap? The fan thing constantly fired twisters down its row. Combined with the other shrub thingsí grenades, I barely pulled through this fight.

10-02-2010, 01:47 PM


Anyways, thatís all there was to this area so I should probably stop sequence breaking and get on with the plot.

Incidentally, if youíve been paying attention youíll note that so far the Internet is structured like this:

-------------> Net 3 > Net 9 > Net 10 > Net 11 > Net 12
Net 1 > Net 2-------------------------> Net 13 > Net 14 > Net 15 > Net 16
-------------> Net 4

I can only wonder how Net 5-8 is going to be squished in.


Lan asks if Haruka isnít feeling well.




What the hell are you talking about? Make some eggs, some toast, some bacon, whatever. Sheíd only need water if she was making rice or pasta or some kind of sauce. Or if she needed to wash some vegetables or something. Anyways, those arenít breakfast meals.

Megaman then reminds Lan to get to school.


I mean, look at this! You have a refrigerator full of food! Is there nothing in this entire thing that can be cooked without water?

Anyways, once again, Mayl is waiting outside. Once again, she is angry that we are late.



Lan wonders if the whole neighborhood has lost water. Mayl decides to go check if the inside of the school has water.

Lan muses that heís thirsty.

Anyways, in class everyoneís pretty annoyed about the no water thing. Yai also notes that a kid in class B is missing. For some reason, she calls this kid a rat.


That youíre an absolute female dog? Sorry, we already knew that. I never actually got around to mentioning it in my BN6 LP, but Dex, Yai, and Mayl are pretty much the worst friends ever.

ÖWell, I guess Dex has his moments (none of them are in this game though), but Yai and Mayl? Nuh-uh.

In fact, in my opinion anyways, in the entire BN series the amount of friends his age Lan has that arenít asshats or completely one dimensional, and show up for more than just one scene per game can be counted on one hand. Itís likeÖ Mamoru, Iris, Chaud eventually, andÖ yeah, thatís it.


Dex interrupts by screaming his house doesnít have water. Ms. Mari tells him to quiet down.

10-02-2010, 01:50 PM

Dex is surprised the whole town has lost water, and Mayl asks if the officials know the reason. Ms. Mari replies that they havenít figured it out yet, and as such class is canceled for the day.

Dex celebrates, but Ms. Mari tells him to not to move around too much to conserve water.


We can battle Gutsman again now.


Gutsman2? Does that meanÖ


Yay. Do note that you can also get GutsPunch chips from him if you get around a 5 or so.

Also note that unless you got Knight Sword from Net 12, youíre not really likely to S rank this guy. You can still 10 rank him though, which will give you what you need. In fact, this is my third Gutsman3 chip; the other two were 10 ranks.

Anyways, from this fight I noticed that all bosses, not just Stoneman and Woodman, seem to have a set amount of damage that they ďignoreĒ, in other words, they donít flinch. Going above that will cause a flinch though.

In other words, theyíve got a really weird version of Super Armor.

Moving on, all of the NPCs will talk about how thereís no water.


Thatís not suspicious at all.


Higsby works fast.


Higsby has a 3 Chip Trader and a 10 Chip Trader already set up. I decided to use the 10CT first.


Well screw you too.

Okay, letís try the 3CT.




Higsby also has a machine thatíll let you battle Numberman V2 and presumably V3.


The battle wasnít very hard. Anyways, we canít fight Numberman V3 yet. Why?


I just freaking S ranked Numberman V2. What do you mean Iím not good enough?


Hey there Vile! ErÖ Vava! You know what, screw it.


Anyways, Higsby doesnít really have anything good yet.

10-02-2010, 01:52 PM
A NPC asks if we have a Fire Tower F.


Meh, why not.


Oh shoot, I just realized I completely forgot about one of this gameís easter eggs. If you go to Maylís room after the events of Numberman, but before you beat Stoneman (you may need to talk to the Metroline officials first, not sure), you can find her behind the ladder. If you talk to her, sheíll screech that sheís changing and that Lan should get the hell out.

Anyways, thereís another NPC at the bottom corner of ACDC who asks us to help find his dentures, which he lost somewhere in the park.


Iím going to hope theyíre in a case.


As soon as you enter the Metro, youíll get some mail.


How did she know this?

Anyways, Yai asks Lan to help find the kid, or else Yai wonít call his name in class anymore (in other words she wonít pretend to be him so Lan wonít get marked absent).

I find it kind of funny she thinks she needs to force Lan to help someone.


We still canít face Woodman V2.

Anyways, inside the government complex is:


Chaud! Except in this game (and in BN2 and most of BN3 as well) heís an absolute douche!

Anyways, I think Iíll cut it off here. I seriously need some stress relief from the never ending virus battles.

I mean, Iíd turn on no virus battles if it didnít mean that I would cripple my chances of improving my folder.

Next time: Hopefully weíll actually get to Iceman.

10-03-2010, 09:13 PM
Alright, time for Lanís first meeting with Chaud.


The receptionist asks for ID. Chaud shows it, and the lady tells him to use it to activate the elevator.


What, so is it for tours normally?

Chaud thanks the lady and turns around.


Megaman reminds Lan that he is a kid after all. He then asks if Lan heard what they were talking about.


Incidentally, despite all of the stuff he does, Lan never becomes an official net battler, no matter what the anime may tell you. The closest he came was in BN2, where he could go up to a SSS License, but that was with a civilian license IIRC.

Lan notes heís heard of official net battlers before.


Megaman wonders what kind of netnavis they use.

The answer? Aside from Chaud and the occasional NPC with a custom sprite, they all use the same navi type.


Itís just a little white lie.

Anyways, we need some ID.

Incidentally, just to the left is a crowd of NPCs. And by crowd I mean four people.



Moving on, we need some ID. And I know just where to find some.


Eh, Lan becomes a scientist in the future anyways.


Hilariously enough, it appears Lan had to actually cut it out. Apparently in the future ID is sewn into your coa- er, smock.


And of course, SciLab ID gets you into the Waterworks! It makes perfect sense!

10-03-2010, 09:15 PM

Despite the fact that Megaman says we should go to the pump room, we end up going to the main control room.

Then again, they could be the same. Not to sure about how places like this work.


Do note that this was in a bookshelf that was filled with personal belongings.


Oh hey he has a custom sprite. Heís clearly the next bad guy.

Lan mumbles that ACDCís water has stopped. The man replies that he knows (why wouldnít he anyways). For some reason, Megaman repeats the fact that the man already knew.


Really? A bug? Thatís why the system has failed? I was certain it was because aliens were attacking.

The man tells Lan theyíre working as fast as they can to fix the bug.


That seems oddly specif-


I thought you already knew.

The man then recommends we take a tour. We shall.


Unfortunately, this wasnít the way in to the main system. I did find 3000 Z and a Recover 200 L though.

I also found a bunch of Piranha viruses, which I promptly used to grind 10 TriSpear Fs.

It took awhile (you only get them from Piranha2s, and you have to get around a 6-7 rank. If it was just that, it wouldnĎt be too bad, but thereĎs no Collect program in this game so I have to hope I donĎt get zenny), but it was worth it as I was able to phase out the Shockwave chips and end up with a duo coded folder.

I also have a bunch of Chip Trader fodder.

So it works out.

Anyways, as it turns out, past an employees only door is the actual pump. I guess that answers my earlier question.


Anyways, one of the NPCs explains the problem.


Another employees only door leads to the water filtration room. Here we find Chaud, who I will hereby christen Douche.


Anyways, once we leave Lan and Megaman ponder the situation. If an Official has been called, itís got to be serious. And Lan and Megaman want to help. So the two decide to hide until everyone else leaves.

They shall do so in Yuichiroís room.

This plan seems to assume Yuichiro doesnít come back to his own lab, and that the security staff wonít bother to check on the room of their most important scientist.

The game then cuts forward a few hours.


ÖThey get out at noon? ThatísÖ wow.

Megaman muses that since today is Saturday everyone must be out by now. Never mind that there is a crisis going on and everyoneís likely to continue working.

Once we get to the control room though, Lan discovers the door is locked.


Lan notes they canít examine the network with the way in locked.

Megaman orders Lan to find something to jack in to.


10-03-2010, 09:16 PM

Oh hey another custom sprite.


*face palm*


Youíre one to talk.


As soon as she leaves thoughÖ



Okay, apparently the water cooler links directly to the main system. ThatÖ makes no sense whatsoever.

Megaman notes that the place is deserted, even of programs.



As you may have guessed, Megaman slips on the ice. Itís like G/S/Cís Ice Path, just even more annoying. Why? Because it isnít just 90 degree angles you have to work with. Megaman can go in eight directions, and you have to use this fact to solve these puzzles.

Oh, and the music sucks too.

Ahead is a BMD with a Sonic Wave J.

Anyways, there are a bunch of leaking fountains that are blocking our way. We need to get to them and turn their handles.


As soon as we get to the next areaÖ


Protoman takes the opportunity to try and cut Megaman in two.


10-03-2010, 09:17 PM

The irony here is tremendous. Why? In BN2, Douche accuses Lan of being a Gospel agent and assaults him. As for why he made that assumption considering Lan stopped WWW and saved the Mother Computer (BN2 thing) right in front of his eyesÖ



ÖI honestly just stared at the screen here for about two minutes. I have no possible comment on this typo.

Anyways, Lan recognizes Douche. Douche also recognizes Lan.


Yes Douche. Iím lost. Thatís why Iím in a building where everyone has already left, in a room that requires ID to get to, and in a machine that links to the main computer.



ÖMethinks there was an error here.


Wait, what?


Jeez. Douche is such aÖ douche.

With that, Protoman teleports away.


Lanís annoyed at Doucheís attitude. Megaman reminds Lan to calm down lest he get thirstier.


Can you guess what weíre doing in this area? Anyways, further ahead is this creep.


Even though he says that, you can walk past him. And you should, because past him is a HPMemory.

Unfortunately, we canít get any farther because


No sabotage here!

10-03-2010, 09:18 PM
Anyways, this place is pretty boring, and Iím sure you donít want to read a walkthrough.

Iíll just note the BMDs I find: an Ice Punch B, a Wide Sword C, and a M-Cannon L.

Anyways, after a particularly annoying puzzle, we reach the miniboss of this section.


Yeah, remember these guys? Random encounters in Net 10?


Lan orders Megaman to melt the ice.


As always, brute force is the answer.

Lan decides to head back to ACDC to see how things went.


Megaman notes it looks really nasty.

Then a delusional zombie walks into the picture.


The man faints. Lan is about to check if heís okay when Douche gives us a call.




Itís great to see people are so retarded theyíll drink purple water.


Wait, so the machine is supposed to be frozen over? What?


Itís Lanís fault you did absolutely nothing to stop me even though Protoman is capable of just teleporting around the system. Itís also Lanís fault that people are drinking clearly polluted water.

Really Douche? Really?

Also, does that mean the water is purple normally? Did someone just redirect the water to go through where the pollutants are kept after theyíre filtered out? Or did someone just dump an obscene amount of purple dye in and nobody noticed?

Anyways, Douche tells Lan to stay out of his way. He then hangs up.

10-03-2010, 09:19 PM

Lan decides that if first you donít succeed, try try again.


In the future, bottled water does not exist. Nor does any other sort of drinkable liquid.


You know, I didnít mention it before, but in BN1 the chip traders do not auto save. As such, you can save scum these things.

Not that Iím doing that. Just pointing it out.

Anyways, as soon as you get to the Metro you get some more mail.




Wait what?


Megaman notes things finally makes sense.


Seriously. The name of the victim is pretty important.

Megaman and Lan decide to find the kid to make Froid stop.



Amusingly enough, this NPC model doesnít have a sideways sprite. It appears they just chose randomly on what models would receive more sprites.

Anyways, obviously enough the kid is in that car.


The kid goes rolling out. Apparently the carís lock was on the outside. And apparently the WWWís leverage over Froid was being left unguarded.



Yeah, Froidís kid is just a basic NPC model. In the anime thoughÖ


He has a name and a new design. Say hello to Tory Froid (Tohru Hikawa in Japan). Amusingly enough, in the anime the situation is reversed: Toryís dad is held hostage and Tory is forced to freeze the Waterworks. After that, Tory doesnít really do that much, and in later seasons as a running gag heís always late for whatever the group did that day.


To help us, the kid hands us a Handle program. Guess what weíre going to do with it.

He also hands us a message for his dad. As for why he doesnít just e-mail it overÖ

10-03-2010, 09:20 PM
Back at the Waterworks, Lan tries to tell Dr. Froid that his son is safe butÖ


So itís time to do things the usual way.


Brute force.


I love how both the father and the son are referred to as ďFroidĒ.


Our ďfriendly neighborhood naviĒ is gone by the way.

Okay, the BMDs I found on my way to the huge ice sheet puzzle held a Recover 80 C, and a Tri Arrow A.


Yeah, this guy tells you what you need to do. Even with that, this puzzle is freaking stupid without a guide.


Yeah, thereís a BMD here. Can you see it?


And in the next areaÖ


The final puzzle is straight out of Ice Path. Iíll be honest: it was only by humming the G/S/C cave tune was I able to stay sane throughout all of this ice crap and the endless virus battles.




Well excuse me Mr. ďI can teleport wherever I likeĒ, I had to go through freaking winter wonderland to get here.

ÖWait a minute he was expecting us?


Looks like Protomanís smarter than his operator. Which is actually kind of obvious now that I think about it.

Moving on, Lan replies with a pithy ďWhat!?Ē

10-03-2010, 09:21 PM

Iceman gets back up and attempts to freeze Protoman with his breath.


Protoman barely gets out of the way.


Iceman notes he still has a job to do.


Douche asks how Megaman could possibly say that after so many people have suffered.


ÖIím starting to wonder if they even realized itís spelled L-O-R-D.


Someone forgot a spaceÖ


Wait, even Lan knows about this?

Anyways, Protoman takes off in search of the true enemy. With an ďAs you say Load Chaud!Ē Protoman warps out.


Megaman asks Iceman to listen to him.

Iceman blows some more ice breath and commands Megaman to be silent.


Hey Lan, give him the message.




Oh you have got to be kidding me.


Iceman starts the battle by putting up a barrier of Ice Cubes. Note that if you have any type of Punch chip, you can send these at Iceman.

These things eventually break, and Iceman will replace them. He will also occasionally kick them at you.

10-03-2010, 09:22 PM

Aside from that, Iceman throws Freeze Bombs at you, which hit in a cross shape and freeze Megaman. Mash buttons to escape quicker.

And thatís it for Icemanís moves. Reset time.


Battle took longer than I wouldíve liked (Iceman would not stand still), but meh.



Megaman FINALLY hands over the message.


Lan reminds Dr. Froid to get things fixed.


Iceman proceeds to suck up all of the ice.


The alarm then goes off, much to Lan and Froidís surprise.




The navi tells Protoman that he doesnít have time to face him. He gives his name, Colorman, and jacks out.


Megaman and Iceman run over.


Lan shouts Doucheís name. I guess he wanted an explanation.


You told us yourself Douche.

10-03-2010, 09:23 PM


*end flashback*


Protoman warps out.


No, thatís definitely the reason. Seriously, have you tasted tap water before? Blargh.

Megaman asks Lan what they should do next.

Lan decides to go back to kid Froid.


Free water would be go-


ÖThat works too I guess.


Lan is silent as he witnesses this family reunion. Megaman declares that this is what a family is like. Lan replies with a confirmation.


Lan denies it.

Megaman then notes that time is getting tighter, and that the WWW plot just keeps getting worse.



10-03-2010, 09:25 PM

Dr. Wily notes that this will slow down their attempt to conquer the net. He asks what the problem is.

Mr. Match apologizes. He then mumbles something. Wily asks for him to speak up.


Yeah, cause Lan isnít doing anything at all to help Megaman. Nope. Those battle chips? Megamanís just psychically inserting them into the PC.

Wily declares that the WWW navis can handle anything. He shouts that there will be no more excuses.

Mr. Match tries to interrupt, but Wily shuts him up.


Wily tells the woman to get to it.

Wily and the Indian guy then leave.


The woman muses that they didnít get Wood, but they did get Fire and Aqua.


The man notes that itís so top secret theyíre not even supposed to know about it.

The woman states that she knows, and decides to get back to work.


We cut to Megaman.


Much to Megamanís annoyance, Lanís response to Megamanís day long effort is a bored ďyeahĒ.

Roll then walks into the scene.


She hands over a letter from Mayl and leaves.

In the letter, Mayl states that Yaiís birthday is coming up. She asks if Lan wants to come with her to go shopping.


Oh hell no.

Unfortunately, Megaman wonít let you say no, so we have to go shopping. Great.

Next time: Traffic!

10-03-2010, 09:58 PM
Go shopping
But thou must!
Dragon Warrior strikes again XD- and I second the mothing to rename Chaud Douche for the first 3 games- wait did it just tell you his first name O_o
*Head explodes*

Alpha Werewolf
10-04-2010, 10:47 AM
I never understood why they said all the plots were failing. They're getting the superprograms, aren't they?

10-04-2010, 05:51 PM
I have a week of no school. Time to speed through the game.

Alright, guess we have to deliver the response.




Now weíre supposed to head to the metro. But Iím sure Mayl can wait while we do more important things. Like heading to Net 16-


Damn it.


I donít even get a chip.

Anyways, like I said Iím confident enough in my abilities and in my folder to be able to make it to Net 16-




Alright, that was worth it.

Seriously, itís really annoying fighting Fireman. He flinches to literally everything in my folder but my basic buster shot. Hell, Iím pretty sure he flinches to my green charge, which would mean his damage threshold is around 30 damage.

Moving on. I actually checked online; turns out that to unlock the doors Net 11-12 or Net 13-16, you donít actually need to be at a certain level. You just canít use the Escape chip in Net 10.

So I guess Iím not really sequence breaking at all with my absurd amounts of money.


Say hello to one of the most annoying enemies in the game: Rush. This thing only takes one damage from anything. It will randomly pop up all over the field, and as its HP depletes itíll start moving faster. If you donít hit it before it goes into its hole again, it runs away. It drops Pop-up, which is basically an invisible (at least when youíre not attacking) that lasts one entire turn.

Even worse, itís a rare encounter. I feel no shame admitting I used save states here (although if it means anything to you purists, I only save stated the very beginning of the battle. I had to hit him all 10 times).

Itís also in Network Transmission, only there itís worse. Same gimmick, just rarer (only appears in Legendary WWW Area 2, only the upgraded form drops Pop-up, and the upgraded form is randomly encountered where the normal form is) and with 190 more HP.

Pop-upís also spectacularly broken in Network Transmission. With it and a maxed out buster, you can own every boss in the game except the Life Virus R.


Iím never going to be using this. Mind you, as soon as you get the Poison Anubis chip this thing is dirt easy, since Poison Anubis covers the whole field with poison mist, meaning that as soon as Rush comes up heíll be hit.

Anyways, with that I am allowed in to Net 14. And what do I have to do to get to Net 15? Have seven or less battles before I get to the door.

Yes, it is stupid. You basically need a map, and even if you check said map youĎll notice that the area is incredibly long.



It moved around in a 2x3 block. Iím not sure if it does anything since I killed it so fast. Didnít get a chip eitherÖ


To make it through you have to walk only and have an enormous amount of luck. Iím honestly surprised I did it first try.

The final door to Net 16 requires you to always have a busting level of at least 5 in Net 15.


Considering the average HP of the enemies in this area is 200, this will be quite annoying.

Anyways, thereís a Candle3 (or Candle2, canít tell) in this picture. They will constantly regenerate health as long as their candle is alive. Aside from that, they line up with you and shoot fire down the row.

To get through this area I walked everywhere to minimize virus encounters and saved after every successful battle. I did fail a few times though, and it turns out that if you do mess up the game offers to let you try again.

Incidentally, Rush also appears here. Iím not sure if youíre forced to start over if he manages to escape though; I only encountered him after opening the door.


What the christ that is expensive.


Alright. My buster is now at its maximum capability.

What? Rapid?

Oh thatís meaningless in this game. Seriously, Rapid 1 in BN1 is like Rapid 3 in BN6.


The game pulls a dick move here. Would you have guessed there was a path here without a map?

10-04-2010, 05:57 PM



I know, right? Lan and Megaman donít get any respect.

Anyways, in Net 16 you can challenge Bass as a random encounter.

After you beat the game.

And are at least level 70.

And have 174 chips in the library.

I donít qualify for any of those.


This, and a nearby HeroSword I are your prizes for making it this far.

Alright, now that Iíve fully cleared out the accessible Internet, I guess I should go check on Mayl.


Because heís like the only competent scientist in Electopia besides Cossack and Wily?


As soon as we go outside, we get some mail. One letter is a notice about the new metro.

The otherÖ


WowÖ thanks.


Higsby has some new stuff. Still nothing really useful though besides Fast Gauge, but thatís in the wrong code.


Numberman V3 is now ready for battle.


Argh, Numberman flinches to everything too. Okay, letís do this again.

10-04-2010, 05:58 PM

Okay, one more time!




There we go.


I think youíd win more if you made Numberman actually move. Just saying.

In BN5 Team Colonel Numberman appears again and he does move. Heís still easy though.



Alright, time to check on Mayl. Not.


Ödamn it I canít say that to a kid. Besides, there wonít be war in Electopia as long as Megaman and Lan still exist.



Not like Iím ever going to use them. Sadly, I donít have Escape N yet.


Wait, so thatís why Mayl crushes on Lan? Loneliness? ThatísÖ surprisingly unhealthy. Sheís lucky Lan is such a good person.

Okay, letís go check if Mayl is ready.



10-04-2010, 06:00 PM


Only one thing to do.


Froid! Buddy! Pal! Could you maybe turn off the water to this one house in ACDC?


That works too.


For some reason, Iceman stood still for a while. This combined with his high damage threshold and the three Triple Spears I got that turn meant a quick death.


Thatís great to hear I guess.


Oh this is like the best hand ever.


Unfortunately for me, I kind of sort of totally forgot about the wood towers and ended up stepping into two of them on my mission to speed delete Woodman.


I love how that last statement is just awkwardly thrown in like Sal is desperately trying to maintain composure.


Seems nobody really begrudges Dr. Froid, aside from Douche anyways.

Anyways, I guess we should head over to Den Town and wait for Mayl.




Den is annoying to navigate. Why?


You have to wait for these traffic lights.


Thankfully there are underground passages that make things easier.


Antique shop? Sounds interesting enough.

10-04-2010, 06:01 PM

Like Sal, I always saw Miyu as a girl around Lanís age. I have no freaking clue why, I mean she runs a store and all, but I just did. If I were to take a guess though, itís because sheís behind a desk so you canít really see her that well, and like Sal what you can see (mugshot and the sprite) doesnít really look too adult like.

Once again resembling Salís scene, this scene is filled with pedo vibes if you know her actual age. So once again, like Sal, I am going to pretend sheís near Lanís age.


Miyu declares she feel the bright spirit of Megaman. You then get prompted to battle her.


Skullman is considered by many to be the first truly hard boss. I do not agree.


Skullman spends the majority of the fight spitting fire at you. These things go straight down a row.


Skullman will also release his arms onto your field. They slowly seek you out, but their real threat is that they reduce the area you have to run from the ghost fire. Theyíre destroyable though.


Finally, Skullman will rarely slam his head down on one of your panels. This can be hard to dodge with everything else going on.

Thing is though, Skullman has a high damage threshold and stays still while he spits out fire, making this fight really easy for me.


Miyu marvels at the power of Megaman/Lanís spirit. She notes that Megaman will be capable of easily dealing with the evil spirits surrounding him.

She then gives us /Miyu, which will let us got to Net 4-8. But honestly, Iím not feeling up to it right now.


We can jack in to this urn over here. Inside was a Quake3 C. There are also Candle3 viruses.

Oh, right, we can also jack in to Miyuís desk. As always, inside is an @Miyu

Anyways, where the hell is Mayl?


Oh. Well I guess we should go ba-




Does she recognize Lan or something? Or does she just randomly say she looks like her twin strangers all the time?


Well yeah, though Lan doesnít know it yet.

10-04-2010, 06:02 PM

Oh, so Mari did tell her. Anyways, if you say no Yuri will tell you twins have a special bond.

By the way, in the anime? Yuriís a villain. Kind of.

Anyways, we can jack into the blackboard to find a Power UP.



More thievery for the good of all.


Either Yuriís a better teacher or the janitor is just better here.




As it turns out, youíre supposed to go in and out of the metro station as soon as you get there to trigger the event.

Lan shouts that she was late. And she was. Honestly, I think sheís like two hours late if this was real world time.


This is an amusing reversal of situations.


Let me guess, you want me to delive-


ÖI already went there.


Seriously, you have a PET. Couldnít you e-mail Lan or just phone him?


Brilliant deduction Holmes.

Anyways, nowís a fairly good time to end this update.

Next time: Colorman!

You know, from now on just add ďhopefullyĒ to the end of every ďNext time:Ē.

10-05-2010, 08:07 PM
As soon as we step into the Metro, we get some more mail. Weíll be getting a lot of mail in this scenario.


Basically, the higher ups want Chaud to spread the word on the enemy's abilities.

What should we do Megaman?


ÖCouldnít we just wait in ACDC?

Anyways, as soon as we make it to Den, we get more mail.


We get a Roll2 chip. Itís totally useless for me.

ÖYou know, how does Mayl even make Roll chips? I mean, she sends this stuff to us in every game.

Once we reach Central Den, we get even more mail.


Ice does aqua damage? No way. Anyways, the officials probably wanted to know about Colorman, but Chaud only talks about Iceman.


Dude, Lan already has a better track record than you in this game alone. Shut up.


Well crap.





10-06-2010, 01:19 AM

Iím not sure whatís worse. The fact that Electopiaís citizens are so negative, or the fact that theyíre always right about future disasters.


Lan wonders what her excuse is this time.


You canít see it, but the traffic lights are quickly flashing between green and red.


This is kind of a bad picture, but you can see the explosion the two cars that crashed made.


Iím not sure if Iíve mentioned it yet, but all the cars in Dentown are run by an autopilot system connected to the traffic lights. Seeing how neither of the cars even tried to stop, one can assume there is no manual control.

I really wonder whoís green lighting these ideas.

Anyways, another two cars crash, and the NPCs are really starting to freak out.


Oh thereís no way in hell anyone would actually fall for tha-


ÖThis is saddening. It truly is.

10-06-2010, 01:31 AM

ďThis timeĒ? Has this happened before?


I find it kind of pathetic how used Lan is to this already.


ÖLan, you donít jack in. You jack Megaman in.


According to the Mr. Prog here, normally when that button is pressed the light turns red. But it seems WWW has done something to screw up the process.


Okay, the puzzle here is pretty simple. You can only walk on the glowing roads. To switch which color road glows, walk through the orbs.

Anyways, the traffic light computers are actually circular. Once we completely circle the area though, the beginning portion with the switch will have a red floor, and pressing the button will turn the light red.


Why didnít they just have two buttons, one that turns the light blue, another that turns the light red? Because that would make sense.


Anyways, we have to head over to the crowd of NPCs (in other words three of them) in Central Den and talk to all of them. Itís honestly kind of hilarious how Lan does it. Hereís the basic format of all three talks:

NPC: *panicked shouting for program*
Lan: You shouldnít do this.
NPC: *instantly calm* Youíre right. *walks away*

Possibly the crown jewel goes to this NPC though. She screams that sheíll pay triple the price. Lan tells her to, and I quote ďCalm down!Ē



Lan recognizes the lady as the person at the Waterworks.


10-06-2010, 01:34 AM

Lan is suddenly surprised.




The lady proceeds to walk away. Lan just watches her leave. Seriously, youíd think he tackle her or something.

Megaman muses that he has a bad feeling.

As soon as we try to leave the area, our phone rings.


I donít actually understand why Lan says ďOh no!!Ē here.


So jump out.


I admit Iím not an expert at physics, but Iím pretty sure if you jump out the landing will hurt, but it wonít kill you.

ÖActually, why donít you just ask the driver to use the brakes? Does the future seriously have no manual control at all?


Mayl asks him to hold on a sec.


Lan is going to outspeed a bus.

Yeah, this scenario is retarded.

Megaman tells us to turn the lights red to stop the bus. The truly sad thing is that heís right.


I have no idea why the traffic light computers get more and more complex. Seriously, these things do the same thing, and theyíre identical on the outside.


Say hello to the Jelly viruses. They move up and down their row and constantly charge their attack. Once they finish charging, they release a column long wave down the field. You have to delete them before they finish charging obviously.

I found an Escape N here in a BMD by the way. Guess I can get that Knightsword now.

Once youíre almost at the end, Lan will tell Megaman to hurry up.


Before the traffic barrier can come up, the bus speeds by.


10-06-2010, 01:36 AM

Mr. Paranoid from before is surprisingly calm now.

Anyways, we need to outrun the bus and try again with another traffic light.

Once we get to Central Den, we get another phone call. Lan wonders if itís from Mayl, but..


Lady, heís in elementary school. Itís amazing heís passed the ďgirls are ickyĒ stage and all (though considering what the other kids in class say, Mayl is practically the class idol), but Mayl isnít his girlfriend.

Lan completely ignores what she says.


ÖWhy are you telling Lan this?


Iím pretty sure engines donít work like that.


She hangs up.


Anyways, apparently the bus is cruising around the city, because the next traffic light we go to is located on the other side of the town from the previous one.

Once again, when weíre near the end Lan will alert us that the bus is coming.


You may have noticed that Iím not going into full detail about the BMDs in the area. Honestly, thatís because thereís nothing really spectacular. Itís all zenny or chips I already have.


Man, I keep screwing up these screen captures.

Anyways, obviously you didnít see it but the bus clipped the traffic barrier and sparked for a bit.


This apparently slowed it down.

Once we go back to Central Den, we get more mail from Mayl.


Mayl asks Lan what she should do.

10-06-2010, 01:37 AM
Anyways, this time we have to head to Den town block 3.

For those of you confused, hereís a quick map.

--------------------Block 1
--------Block 4--Central--Block 2
--------------------Block 3

We started in block 1, headed to block 4, then to block 2, and now weíre in block 3.


Looks like this traffic computer actually has something worthwhile.


Because the traffic barriers flash in and out of existence (which is fairly odd for a barrier), screen capturing them is kind of hit and miss. Just an FYI.


Anyways, the bus is really slow now.


So Lan proceeds to outrun it. Apparently Megamanís going to have to finish up in less than a minute.

Even more implausibly, this time Lan orders Megaman to turn ALL of the traffic lights red in order to stop the bus at the intersection. I have no idea how Megaman is supposed to do this in time considering Lan is operating him in real time.


I donít think Iíve mentioned it yet, but the level 1 form of the Bubble Wrap virus is here. The level 1 form of those Drain viruses were in Miyuís desk computer.


For some reason Central Denís traffic lights are all connected to each other, unlike block 1-4ís. While this does let Lan initiate his plan, it really makes me wonder who designed this system.

Anyways, the first traffic light control takes the longest to get to. The second, third, and fourth are all spaced really closely. Seriously, who designed this?



Oh damn. Amusingly enough, the first path I tried (the left one) turned out to be the correct path.


Damn that bus is slow.

Once we get to the final switchÖ


Seriously. This. Bus. Is. Slow.


10-06-2010, 01:38 AM

Iím not sure if Lan notices or not, but the bus is getting electrocuted. Wonít this hurt the passengers?

We then get a phone call.


Thanks for telling us so we can stop it. Christ you are stupid.


Wait its fuse is that short?


Wait, Colormanís on the bus? So youíre intending to blow up your navi? I realize there are back ups, but this seems needlessly cruel.


Megaman recognizes Rollís voice while Lan asks if Mayl is okay. Mayl replies that sheís okay.


Surprisingly, we donít have to go through another level to get to Colorman.

10-06-2010, 01:40 AM

Colorman is bouncing up and down while Roll is sitting on the ground with her hand extended, recoiling at the pace of ColormanĎs bounce. Does this remind you of anything?


This game got an E rating. Just saying.


Colorman proceeds to jump over Roll.


Colorman is really annoying.


Those little buddies of his will constantly move up and down their column. If they line up with you, theyíll release either a Fire tower or an Aqua tower, depending on which one it is.

They can not be destroyed as far as I can tell, so hitting Colorman, who stays in the back row, is kind of a pain. Especially if one of his buddies starts moving at the same pace as Colorman.


Colorman and his buddies will occasionally stop moving for a bit. He will then release his ball on your area. Eventually, hisÖ seriously, what are those things? Anyways, eventually his friends will start moving again. He, on the other hand, will stay still as long as the ball is bouncing, and the ball will bounce until it hits you.

Naturally, this makes dodging the towers a lot harder. The ball is destroyable though.

Thatís it for his movelist. He really is frustrating to battle since the majority of chip attack will just get blocked by his friends. Youíll want chips like Dash, Shockwave or Knightsword; chips that can hit through his friends. Spreader variants are also fairly effective.

For this guy, Iíll actually put up a strategy.

At the beginning of the fight, you have a small window of time where nothing is moving. You can hit him with a Cannon at this point.

What you should be aiming for is to get him into a position where neither of his buddies are in front of him. This will give you openings to nail him with more cannons or charge shots.

If you can though, try and hit the blue thing with a Spreader variant while itís in the center of the field.

When he does his ball attack, nothing on his side moves for a while. So if he does it while nothing is in front of him, you have an opening to rip into him.


This was the result of many a reset.

EDIT: Okay, looks like the image got deleted somehow. I got a S rank, and the battle time was around 16 seconds.


Megaman asks if Roll has any errors. Roll replies that sheís fine, and that Lan should check up on Mayl.


10-06-2010, 01:44 AM
You know, why did Mayl take the bus? What was wrong with the Metro?


Seriously. I think half of the problems in Lanís life are caused by his friends.


Mayl moves closer to Lan.


Mayl, youíre eleven years old. You can flirt when youíre older.

Anyways, Roll starts giggling.


..Theyíre eleven! They havenít even reached puberty yet! If anything, heís just angry.

Honestly, this series would make more sense if everyone was three years older.

Moving on, Mayl starts laughing.


Sheís recovered rather quickly from almost dying.


Even Lanís confused.


At that, Mayl sprints off.



Lan shouts at Mayl to wait up and skates after her.

The scene shifts to WWW HQ.


Wily is pissed that Madd (thatís the ladyís name BTW) has failed yet again.

Madd tries to plead for another chance, but Wily doesnít want to hear it.


What is with this stutter? It never appears in any of the other games as far as I remember.

10-06-2010, 01:50 AM

You canít really see it, but Zapís suit is actually flashing. I think heís holding a light bulb too. Honestly, he looks retarded.


Wily tells Zap heís counting on him.


Seriously, I think Zap wins the award for the most retarded character design in the series.


In other words it was probably a week. Maybe two.


Megaman notes that Lan just ate lunch at school.


Megaman decides to just go with it. He then realizes that they have to hurry home.


This here is a lucky translation like no other. I can only imagine how Legends!Roll would be portrayed in such a show.


Yuichiro then notes that in actuality, Lan will be coming to see him.


Yuichiro has invited Haruka and Lan to join him.

Thatís really sweet. But, seriously, Iíve been to something like that before. And believe me, for the kid, it is awkward.


Lan celebrates at getting to see his dad. Iím not sure if that reflects poorly or positively on Yuichiroís capability as a father.


Anyways, now we have to tell Haruka.

Next time: Screw Elecman! I have exploring to do.

10-06-2010, 07:26 AM

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Mayor Quimby kept stumbling into awkward situations and would throw out "Vote Quimby!" as he ran away.

This game got an E rating. Just saying.

To this day, I have no idea how Battle Network 2 kept an E rating.

10-06-2010, 08:07 AM
Well, how things work is that the ESRB probably only played up to the first scenario.

...which in BN2, now that I think about it, involved Yai's house getting gassed, and the culprits getting blown up with a suitcase bomb.

Maybe they only played to the tutorial?

10-06-2010, 03:20 PM
Methinks they got bribed :P
Or they weren't paying much attention to the story...

10-06-2010, 06:30 PM
Alright, Iíve got an eight hour long community service tomorrow, so extra big update today! Seriously, this thing? Twenty-three pages and 204 images.

Well, letís go and tell Haruka.


Now that I think about it, it really must suck to be one of the higher ups right now, huh?

Haruka asks when and where theyíre going to meet Yuichiro.


Okay, dick move there Yuichiro.

Then again, considering Megaman had to carry an e-mail around last scenario, maybe the messenger program is slow as hell.

Haruka heads to her room, presumably to get changed. Lan heads for the door.


Anyways, letís finish up some side things.


If you head to Yaiís house and talk to her, sheíll thank you for the birthday present. Sheíll also give her own gift.



Skullman V2 is up and running. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of him. Really though, all you need to know is that he has 700 HP now.


Heís still just as easy.

Anyways, thatís all we can do outside of Government Complex.

10-06-2010, 06:32 PM
Once we get to the government complex, we get some mail.


Oh wow, I forgot. Earlier, when Yuichiro sent us that invite, we also got some mail from Froid and the Battle ML. I guess we should check those out.


Was going to do that anyways to face Iceman V3.


The writer notes the WWW is getting bolder.


The writer canít believe a civilian could handle such a high level incident. He wonders who this mystery operator is.

The other mail from the Battle ML is more info on Program Advances. Now is as good a time as any to explain the different types in BN1.

First off, thereís the Zeta series. You get these by inserting three of the same chip in alphabetical order. These things turn you invincible and give you infinite usage of the chip, both for a short amount of time. The chips that can form Zeta advances are the Cannon series, Spreader, the Ratton series, and the Triple *insert projecile here* series.

Then thereís the Omega series. They are exactly the same as the Zeta series, only they last longer and require five chips in alphabetical order instead of three. The chips that can form Omega advances are the same as the ones that form Zeta advances.

Next is the Beta series. I already explained this: you insert three similar chips of the same chip code in order of weakest to strongest, and you get six uses of the weakest chip. The chip types that can form Beta advances are bombs (Little Bomb-Cross Bomb-Big Bomb), swords (Sword-Widesword-Longsword), shockwaves (Shockwave-Sonicwave-Dynawave), and quakes (Quake1-Quake2-Quake3).

Fourth are the Sigma series. Theyíre just the Beta series, only now you get nine uses of the weakest chip. You have to insert five chips in order of weakest to strongest, but you have to put them in ratios (either 2:2:1, 2:1:2, 1:2:2, 3:1:1, 1:3:1, or 1:1:3). The same chips that form the Beta series form the Sigma series.

Finally, there are advances that donít fit any of the other four. These (along with the Zeta series in a way) are the ones later games used. They involve three to five different chips of the same code being used in a certain order. Some of them also require navi chips.

Alright, moving on.


Someone new has set up shop here. Letís see what Sal thinks about this.


Actually, she doesnít comment at all. She just does the normal ďWould you like a lunch? Oh! Itís you! *Battle Prompt*Ē


Okay, retry time.


In general, if youíre trying to go for the V2 chip, just get hit three times. That seems to be the magic number.

Anyways, letís check out the new guy.


In the anime, Masa would not shut up about calcium.

Incidentally, in the anime, Sal, Miyu, and Masa were a crime fighting trio complete with secret identities. It was hilarious.


Say hello to Sharkman. He is annoying.


First off, if you line up with any of the fins theyíll go soaring at you.


If you manage to hit Sharkman, heíll pop up and launch an aqua tower. Afterwards, he and the other fins will dive underwater and quickly shuffle themselves.

Basically, this is a guessing game. What makes this worse though is that Sharkman does not stay still. He will move from fin to fin.

This battle is essentially Colorman redux. It is not hard. It is annoying. Really, really, annoying.


10-06-2010, 06:34 PM

Stupid fins.


As a reward for besting him, Masa hands over a HP Memory. As always, jack into his cart to get an @Masa.


Now to go inside the Waterworks.


This guy is asking for a Howitzer H (a rare chip). Heíll give a Buster Punch in return.

There are three Buster chips: Buster Guard, Buster Punch, and Buster Sword. Each turns your charge shot into the named chip. They are all much worse than your normal charge shot, and all are acquired through trades.

EDIT: Whoops, there are actually four Buster chips. The last one is Buster Bomb.

So letís go see what Froid wanted.


Oh hell yes.

Froid tells Lan to take it if itíll help him.


Okay, while I want to finish exploring the Internet now, I guess I have to get Iceman V2 and V3.



You know something? The freeze status effect in this game is the most piss off thing ever. I can only wonder who passed it.


Seriously, this second battle took so many retries. STUPID FREEZE.



You know whatís behind the very first WWW door we ever saw?


ÖOkay, that wasnít the one I was looking for. Letís try the one at Net 2.


Christ, do I need a restraining order?

10-06-2010, 06:35 PM
Meh, guess I do need V2.




(Obviously enough, this went to Rapid)

Okay, this was the example I wanted. Thatís what youíre mainly getting from behind these doors: power ups. Mostly HP Memories (three in total, though I canít reach one yet) but you do get a Fighter Sword B in Net 3.

Speaking of Net 3, while I can got to Net 4 now with Miyuís link, Iíll want to explore Salís side one more time.

Why? Well, besides the Fighter Sword in Net 3 and the HP Memory in Net 10, Colorman V2 is in Net 9.




Saying this battle was easy is a tremendous understatement.


Oh my go- I just owned you!


Seriously, this battle? Happened RIGHT AFTER the first one. I mean, itís nice that I can fill out my library, but this is ridiculous.


Alright. Here we go.


Hate. This. Battle. So. Much.

Okay, letís go to Net 4 now.


Aside from a Net Merchant, Net 4 doesnít really have anything. Well, besides more annoying virus encounter than usual.


Note that they try and hide the HP Memory here.

10-06-2010, 06:37 PM

We canít go to Net 5. Shame.

With that, weíre basically done with exploring. Guess Iíll start Elecmanís scenario.


The funny thing about this is that in the anime, Lan somehow invents the wireless jack in port (which we see in BN2, though Lan didnít invent it in the games) despite not having any interest in net science and being a stereotypical shonen idiot hero. Iím not even sure what they were trying to do with that.

Anyways, once we get to Scilabís TV, we donít see Yuichiro.


Instead, we get to chat with Douche!


Says the eleven year old.

Lan replies that just because heís a kid, it doesnít mean Chaud can just push him around. Megaman agrees.


Youíre the same age as Lan! You can not say that.


Douche leaves.




Anyways, Yuichiro does indeed show up once you talk to everyone.


Yuichiro asks where Haruka is.


After a short pause, Haruka runs up.


Before Yuichiro can reply (or maybe heís just stunned), Haruka notes he looks well enough. She then tells the two to get to the underground restaurant so they can eat. Guess now we know where Lan got that part of his personality from.


10-06-2010, 06:39 PM

We can jack into this to get a HP Memory.


This NPC is from outside the government complex. If you talk to her before talking to Douche, sheís excited to hear about the party, but when she hears itís staff only she complains itís a waste of taxpayer money. Apparently she managed to get in though.

Speaking of DoucheÖ


Douche tells us to enjoy it while we can. That didnít sound suspicious at all.

Anyways, time to talk with Yuichiro.


Yuichiro muses that heís been wanting to ask Lan something.


Lan notes that he wouldnít know anything that could help. Yuichiro replies that itís connected to Lan and Megaman.


Oh are we seriously going to talk about Hub no-


Well snap.


Yuichiro tells Lan theyíll finish their conversation later.


Anyways, we have to talk to everyone now. Creepily enough, a nearby scientist asks Lan who the hot lady in the dress is. When he hears sheís Lanís mother, he backs off though.



Oh fuc-

10-06-2010, 06:41 PM

Zap tells them that WWW has taken over the underground power plant.

Zap then notes that itís time to get the party started. With a big blackout!


Wonít Zap die too?


Zap proceeds to walk away.


The scientist calls for someone to check the underground power plant. Megaman tells Lan to get going, but Lan responds that he canít see a thing.


Anyways, Douche has already gone to stop Zap, and creepy guy from earlier is now all business.


Anyways, the elevator has stopped. So thereís only one way to go.


At first the control room door is locked, but after you talk to the two NPCs in the area you can get in.


Before we can jack in, the nearby scientist tells us not to be so hasty.


10-06-2010, 06:42 PM

Oh my god is this a timed mission?


Oh great it is-


Not. Seriously, is this supposed to be a bad thing?

Lanís now unsure about what he should do, but Megaman tells him to jack in anyways. Lan tells him itís too dangerous, but Megaman has a good argument.


Appeal to his sense of justice and his ego. Good move there.


We are once again interrupted as we try to jack in.


Lan asks if Megaman is okay.


Lan asks if Megaman can get through. Megaman replies that he can.


Megaman replies that heís fine.


First things firstÖ




YayÖ invisible roads to make us waste battery power.



10-06-2010, 06:46 PM
Okay, this dungeonís puzzle is basically a bunch of guesswork. But first, we need a battery.


First battery is with this guy.


How things work is relatively simple. Of those three slots, only one is actually connected to the bulb that will light up a path forward. We need to put a battery in said slot and turn on the power by using that dynamo over there. If we get it wrong, we have to turn off the dynamo, retrieve the battery and try again. Each battery has only enough power to be used twice, but they can be recharged by certain Mr. Progs.

Note that the correct boxes are never adjacent to each other.

Naturally, as you go further things get more and more complex, to the point where one wonders how the hell youíre supposed to do this without a guide or save scumming.

By the way, like with Colorman the BMDs in this area are fairly pointless, and Iím pressed for time as it is, so IĎm not really going for them.


These guys hit the panels surrounding them with electricity. This means they canít really do much unless theyíre standing next to you. As you might expect, they can use Steal. Every time they attack, by the way, they take 5 damage.

These guys are also totally optional to battle.


So, I guess I should skip ahead to the end of the area.

Amusingly enough, compared to Power Plant 3ís puzzle, which is frustratingly complex and involves a lot of backtracking (complete with a screw you at the end), Power Plant 4ís puzzle is surprisingly simple.

Once we do the final puzzle, Megaman will give us an alert.


He orders us to get the generator running. You know, before everyone suffocates and dies.


Lan asks Megaman to check the power generator area.


When we get there, we see some freak draining power from the machine.


I donít know who designed Elecmanís mug in this game, but damn he looks stupid. I mean, look at those eyes.

Elecman notes they did well to get so far, but theyíre too late.




Wait for itÖ.


Ahahahahaha that was terrible.

10-06-2010, 06:47 PM

This isnít really a battle. If you damage Elecman, heíll eventually just heal himself.


Elecman laughs that as long as there is electricity, he canít be beat.


So yeah, I guess Elecmanís pretty much high off of the voltage.

Lan wonders what he should do.


Boy has some serious balls.


Lan orders Megaman to attack.

Elecman has three attacks.


The first one has him summon dynamos to the field that limit your movement. They can be destroyed; note that if one goes down they all go down.


The second just has him drop four bolts of lightning down on you.


The final move is only done at low health. Elecman summons two dynamos near him and poses for about five seconds. If the dynamos are not destroyed, heíll heal about 100 HP.

Alright, reset time.


I honestly did pretty badly: he managed to heal himself.

10-06-2010, 06:49 PM

Elecman then notes that heís already sent the program to Zap. When did he do this? UhÖ


Protoman warps in.


You know, where the hell were you guys? Douche left the room before Lan did, yet I didnít see him on the power plant floor.


ÖAre we talking about the thing Megaman broke in like five seconds?

Megamanís surprised to see Protoman.


ÖHave you not been going on the Net recently? There are blocked paths labeled with big old Wís on the ground. Iím pretty sure thatís what youíre looking for.

Hell, Elecman JUST SENT the Elec program. You telling me you canít trace the transfer of something that big?


You miss the part where everyone was suffocating to death you douche?


Wow. I realize you had to make sure Zap would fall for it, but jeez! Lan just got himself electrocuted to make sure a whole room full of people would not die! If you were really monitoring this, SHOULDNíT YOU HAVE STOPPED ALL OF THIS? Hell, considering how franticly the scientists in this scenario were working, they werenít in the know about this.

Seriously, this is just a massive dick move.

And if youíre making him get a fake program, why didnít you just put a tracking program in it?

10-06-2010, 06:50 PM

I really can not state just how much of a douche Douche is in this game.


At least they finally spelled it right.


Yeah, that seems more important than your ego.




Protoman has a spiffy pose in this game. In this game, by the way, Protoman stays in the back row most of the time.


Protomanís first attack is just him lining up with you and swinging a fighter sword. Heíll do this two or three times straight. This is a prime opening for counter attacks.


Heís also got a wide sword.


If you try and hit him with the buster, heíll throw up his shield.

Rarely, Protoman will start charging. Once he finishes (he uses the same animation as Megaman; itís hard to miss)Ö


Heíll launch a Step Sword. You can knock him out of the charge though.

And thatís it. Reset time! Or to be exact, save state time since I donít want to rebattle Elecman. Note that Protoman will not throw up his shield against sword attacks. Also note that if you manage to get a Fire tower or an Aqua tower up, you can make him walk into it.


Iím honestly surprised I managed to delete this guy so fast. The fact you canít really damage him outside of counter attacks tends to drag the battle on.


10-06-2010, 06:51 PM

Yeah, Chaud doesnít really operate Protoman. He just sits there and watches. I have no idea why anyone would possibly choose an operating style like that, but Lan is pretty much the only person who directly operates his navi.

Megaman declares that the better friends you are with your operator, the better you fight.


I think Protoman is having a breakthrough mom-


Never mind.


ÖThatís surprisingly deep.


Nothing says friendship like purposefully electrocuting yourself so your friend can win a fight.


You are ruining the moment here Douche.


Megaman orders Lan to head back to Haruka.


10-06-2010, 06:52 PM

Yeah, just ignore his singed clothing and that burnt smell. Heís fine.

Then we get some mail.


So even Yuichiro wasnít aware of this fake data plan. What is this?


Haruka notes that the partyís over and that they should head home.


Jeez, where do they put all of that food?


Scene shift!




ÖYouíre surrounded by machinery.



Next time: EhÖ only guys left are Bombman and Magicman. Iím guessing Bombman?

Captain Keene
10-07-2010, 07:17 PM
Naturally, as you go further things get more and more complex, to the point where one wonders how the hell youíre supposed to do this without a guide or save scumming.

By the way, like with Colorman the BMDs in this area are fairly pointless, and Iím pressed for time as it is, so IĎm not really going for them.

If you run out of battery power you don't automatically get a non-standard gameover. The Scientist guy in the room with Lan gives you a crank-powered mini generator and you get to play a button mashing game to recharge the battery. I don't know if this can happen more than once, but I'd venture to guess it should, otherwise it would be entirely possible to render your game permanently unbeatable. Not even Capcom is that mean.

Also, is it just me or was there a massive plothole just now? The program Count Zap got was a fake, meaning that Wily shouldn't be able to use it to complete his plan and make the Life Virus.

10-07-2010, 07:37 PM
Wow, really? From what the game told me at the beginning of the dungeon, I thought I would just plain old stop regenerating health.

But really? Crank powered? In BN3, Megaman's PET was able to temporarily power a hospital. I don't think you could recharge it that way.

Maybe there's a reason the Life Virus sucked so much.

Besides Hub.BAT.

Alright, weíve got even more mail.


Not really, no.


Yuichiro asks that we talk to him.

Higsby has some new stuff.


Turns out I was wrong about Buster Sword; you just need to buy it. Still useless though.


Say, wasnít there someone who wanted a Repair H?


This kid makes custom chips. If we do give him what he wants, weíll get a Buster Guard.

To the Waterworks!



This guy wants us to jack in to check whatís wrong with this vending machine.



ÖWhat the crap is that thing? Well, when I hit its shield with a charge shot it raised it, and I got a clear shot to delete it. Not sure how it attacks.

Thatís all there was in there, so I jacked out and talked to the guy again. He gave me a Repair G, which is actually part of a Program Advance.


Heís still going on about this I see.

10-08-2010, 11:07 AM

ÖI guess heís at V2?



Anyways, turns out I was wrong earlier. There are a whopping FOUR navi chips with S codes.

Speaking of S coded navi chipsÖ


Skullman V3 is ready for battle.


Turns out Skullmanís damage threshold is 100 damage. So those swords I started with? Didnít really help much.

Still, I found out that if Skullman flinches his arm attack is cancelled.


Charge shot spam still works great though.


Does he? Meh, havenít beaten on Gutsman for a while.


Man, he flinches to EVERYTHING.

Anyways, Mayl tells us sheís cheering for us on the sidelines, and Yai dispenses random information on the Undernet.

Well, I guess Lan should go cheer up Douche. Iím sure talking with the kid who humiliated him will make him feel better.


I swear, if he accuses Miyu or somethingÖ

Okay, if I was a douche, where would I be in a city.


The overly large office building of course!


And what do you know!


By Doucheís logic, Yai is part of the WWW. Hell, by that specification, Chaud is labeling himself a WWW member.


Methinks Douche is having some ego problems.


So youíre telling me you canít just force yourself in? Cause, just saying, thatís something Protoman could do pretty well.

10-08-2010, 11:08 AM

Now Douche, I realize your ego has been hurt, but thatís no reason to take it out on other peop-


Busy accusing a grown woman of being a member of a terrorist organization in broad daylight in the middle of the city.


Lan explains he heard Douche was having some problems, so he came to help.


Because two heads are better than one? Because Lan isnít an absolute douche and thus can actually communicate with others? Because Megaman isnít as widely recognized as Protoman?


Because youíre clearly unstable right now?

Douche proceeds to walk away.


Megaman starts to say something, but Lan interrupts him.


Megaman agrees and notes theyíll need to get to the Undernet.


Higsby actually gives Lan important info on the WWW in both this game and Network Transmission. Itís actually kind of neat.

Higsby pauses for a moment, but decides that since Lan got him out of the WWW, heíll help Lan.


This thing will let us into Net 5.

Yes, the Undernet in this game is Net 5-8.

Incidentally, the explanation of the Undernet given in BN3 makes it really hard to understand exactly how WWW conquered the place. But eh, this game came before that.

After getting lost in Net 4 for a bit, I reach the exit.


10-08-2010, 11:09 AM

Lan celebrates.


Lan immediately asks whatís wrong.




ÖDidnít I just kick the crap out of this exact same battle? Anyways, it turns out those shield things fire out three cannonballs that hit your field. I donít think they break panels though.


Wow! It looks exactly the same as the normal Net!

Then we get some mail, much to Megamanís confusion.


Higsby admits he doesnít know how to open the locks. But he says that one of his old WWW friends is at SciLab now.


Still, donít leave Net 5 just yet.


As you can see, one more Power UP and two more HP Memories, and Iíll be at level 100.


This door leads to Net 9, but itís a one way path.


Alright, one HP Memory to go.

The guy weíre looking for is pacing around SciLab. He denies heís in WWW at first, but when Lan explains he decides to help.


The scientist tells Lan that to unlock the other two doors, heíll need memos from two other reformed members. I find it kind of convenient that all four doorkeepers reformed.

And with that, I have officially passed the original play through in this thread. From now on? New stuff.

10-08-2010, 11:11 AM
The scientist will also tell you who the other two are.


Megaman recommends we start with the lady. It should be obvious who it is.


Wait, itís not her? Dang!


Ah, there we go.

Yuri asks to see Megaman.


Yuri notes that she can open some of the locks, but she wants to check our data library first. Apparently you need to collect a certain amount of chips to move on. I have no idea what the number is though.


Is ďHah!Ē her voice tic, or is she just being sarcastic?


I guess that answers my question.

Incidentally, this was the stopping point for me in my actual game. I found the old man really easily, but I could not find Yuri. Why?

Because I didnít know you could go into the school.


This guy is surprisingly easy to find. Like the woman he denies that he was in WWW.


Is Megaman just that impressive? Or is it the Level 96 thing?


No wonder he left.

The old man confirms that he can open the door, but he wants to see Megaman one more time.


The old man muses that Lan might be the one to stop EndGame.

10-08-2010, 11:12 AM

To Net 6!

ÖYou know, I really should have jacked in from Miyuís place.

After more random encounters then freaking Skies of Arcadia, I make it to my destination.


Itís really nice how the game lets you get all three memos before you have to go on the Net.

Anyways, Net 6 is very bland. Thereís no NPCs, and thereís really nothing special except the door to Net 7 and Elecman V2.


Still easy. I donít think Iíve really mentioned it yet, but the Megabuster is absurdly broken in this game. The two levels of charge is fairly annoying, but the x16 multiplier, along with the relatively low HP totals in this game and the relatively high damage thresholds makes it a very reliable source of damage.

Of course, thatís after you boost the Attack and Charge to reasonable levels, and PowerUPs are fairly expensive. Then again, you can get a lot of money easily by running around the Net checking GMDs.

Speaking of Power UPs, I checked a guide and found where the last one is.

Excuse me for a second while I turn on No Random Encounters (seriously I am sick of this encounter rate) and jog on over to Net 14.


Back to Net 6!


Once I got back, I turned off No Random Encounters. Iím sad to see it go, because Net 7 doesnĎt have anything at all.


Net 8 is just as bland until the end.


Well, it has this too I guess.


Bombman asks for our name. Megaman gives it to him.


Incidentally, Bombman is a Solo Navi.


Megaman demands that Bombman hand it over.


Lan notes Bombman isnít very intelligent. He decides they have no real choice beyond brute force.

10-08-2010, 11:13 AM

Okay! Bombman. Looks easy enough.


The very first thing he did was kick his bomb onto my side of the field. Then three more bombs formed. They can be destroyed.

Methinks this battle will resemble Numbermanís.

The bombís explosionÖ is kind of hard for me to explain. Look, you see that picture up there?


The Xís are where the bomb hit. The A is where the bomb was. The radius is an extended cross I guess.

Anyways, aside from that Bombman has some Mine chips.

Bombman really doesnít do much. He just summons bombs, stands there for a while, and occasionally kicks them at you.


I didnít save before the battle, so no resets for me. Mind you, I only got hit once, by the first bombís explosion, which I really wasnít expecting.


Megaman proceeds to pick up the GMD that was nearby.





The screen flashes white for a bit, but when it returns to normal nothing seems to have changedÖ

Lan asks if Megaman is okay.


Bombman has somehow exploded the path to the WWW server.

Lan groans that they were so close, but Megaman reassures him.


Lan decides to talk to Yuichiro.


Thatís fairly interesting.

Next time: Weíre near the end of a Megaman game. You know what that means.

10-08-2010, 08:18 PM
Letís see what Yuichiro has to say on the matter.


Yuichiro is happy to help. He then apologizes for being away so often.


Yuichiro somehow gleams from that statement that Lan did talk to Douche, and that they had a fight. He admits that Douche is hard to deal with.

Lan changes the subject and presents @WWW.


Yuichiro notes that with @WWW they should be able to find WWWís lab with SciLabĎs technology.


Lan decides that thatís okay, but he wants to know the location too.

Yuichiro pauses for a moment, then refuses.

Lan demands an explanation.


Lan pleads to be able to help finish the job.


Yuichiro states that the WWW will probably start striking harder. Megaman could be deleted, and Lanís actions could trigger a war.

He asks if Lan can accept that responsibility.


Weíre actually given a choice. If you pick ďHmmÖĒ though, Yuichiro will tell you they should talk about it later and the conversation will end. Talking to him again will bring you to the same choice again.

So yeah, you have to say ďYes!Ē But why wouldnít you?


Lan thanks Yuichiro. Yuichiro tells him to practice Net Battling.

And with that, itís time to head home and go to sleep.

That means itís cutscene time!


Yahoot (yes, that is his name) notes that itís only a matter of time before their lab is discovered.

Wily declares that thatís no problem, much to Yahoot's confusion.

10-08-2010, 08:19 PM

The four programs float together.


It appears BN1 Wily is significantly less sane than BN6 Wily.

Yahoot asks if End Game is about to start.


See? Thatís really his name.

We cut back to Lan, who has just woken up. Heís gotten more mail.


Yuichiro then notes that thereís no way in or out of there. No roads, rails, or airports, and it would take too long to walk there.


Guess we have to find the secret way in from you-know-who.

Before we leave the house thoughÖ



Wily declares that WWWís next target is Electopiaís military satellites.


I have no idea if this makes sense or not, but I doubt it. In any case, the crisis music starts permanently looping from here on.

Megaman tells Lan they have to hurry. Lan proceeds to skate off, much to Harukaís confusion.


If you talk to Haruka again, sheíll stutter that they hate to protect their home. She then hopes that Yuichiro will come home.

Once we leave the house, weíll get a mail from Battle ML that gives more information on Auras. Thereís a reason why weíre being given so much information by the way.

You know, I probably should give a quick explanation.

There are two separate kinds of defensive barriers. First off are the Barrier chips, second are the Aura chips.

Barrier chips have a set amount of HP. Once the barrierís HP is depleted, it will fade.

Aura chips, on the other hand, nullify all damage under a certain number. In later games this number is usually some multiple of 100. In other words, unless the Aura is hit with an attack that deals at least 100 damage, nothing will happen to the Aura.

In BN1 though, there are also elemental auras that will instantly fade if hit with the opposing element.

Moving on, on the way to Higsby is Douche.