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Last time, we murdered a petting zoo, and accidentally half summoned an elder demon.

In lieu of unsummoning said demon or finishing the job, we're sending a hippy into the Den of Danger.

Specifically, a hippy Wizard. Elves turn 70 conversion points into a point of maximum mana, which can get ridiculous with the wizards conversion bonuses and his decreased fireball cost. I fully expect lots of fireballs.

No preps, though. Don't really -need- them, and I don't want to spend the gold.

I'm a cheapskate.

Let's get started. East of our starting position we found a BYSSEPS, and north, WONAFYT. We start summonspamming as we explore early on.

North of WONAFYT, we find WEYTWUT and a level 2 Warlock. The warlock dies in a punch and two fireballs, and we carry on with our lives.

Our first real shop!

Because Bezar is only half summoned, he's putting out Bargain Goods in every dungeon that just aren't that great. There's no other way to see these items save for getting the scroll, then not investigating the Gate it opened.

The sword's an expensive ripoff, but I get it anyways.

As I explore, I eventually summon all the level 1s, using WEYTWUT to move them into out of the way locales.

With all 10 Level 1s prepped. I kill the level 2 goblin you see just next to the shop. 12 mana for a wizard enables me to use a BURNDAYRAZ and a WEYTWUT in the same fight. Handy for milking more experience from the goblin.

Also, new slowed animation! It sticks out much more, which I love dearly, even if the constant animations are a bit distracting.

I WEYTWUT a level 4 warlock into a dead end to get him out of my way (he was cutting me off from the north half of the map), and go back to glyph hunting, summoning and slowing as I do.

I leave PISORF and LEMMISI on the floor, mostly to show that they were there, and also to show Lord Gobb is back from Hobbler's Hold. You've seen his Codex entry with Medusa's. He's got more health, damage, and level than he did in the Hold, but he's too boring to give too much attention to now, so let's pay attention to a level 4 meatman!

With BYSSEPS and BURNDAYRAZ, I do 23 damage at level 2. He does 11 damage at level 4.

With BURNDAYRAZ slowing his regen, I outpace his damage.

With my algebra done, I slowly kill a meatman.

Punch-Fireball-WEYTWUT-Punch takes down the level 4 warlock I'd shoved into a corner.

Subdungeon time!

Holy crap that thing is mean. Plants come in multiple species, and all but one of them suck to attack. The Barbing Bush punishes you hitting it with DEATH.

It gives no experience, and it isn't completely blocking me, so I don't burn it.

I carefully explore the subdungeon, WEYTWUTing enemies in the main dungeon as I do.

Eventually, we find a signpost. Let's read it!

Oh son of a-

BITCH! The exploding signpost drops us down to 1 hp.

Thankfully, it drops two items, which need to be shown off.

It's basically a free inventory slot! I use it on our sword.

And this bad boy is basically a mana potion on STEROIDS. It doesn't overheal your mana, but being able to go from 'empty' to 'full' in one melee attack is -amazing-.

That signpost wasn't too bad. That health I can get back in a few tiles up top.

After healing up, I off a level 5 Warlock with fire and WEYTWUT.

Then a level 6 Goblin, using the same trick.

In fact, I love that trick so much, that I heal up to do it to ANOTHER level 6 goblin!

I decide I ought to convert my glyphs.

I need WEYTWUT, BURNDAYRAZ, and BYSSEPS. The rest (sorry again, PISORF!) get converted.

300 points from the glyphs I burned, and 90 from the ones I kept. Good for 5 max mana. Now I can BURN twice before swapping!

I do just that to kill a level 7 goblin.

Before attempting to tackle this zombie.

It doesn't work due to being blocked in. Oh well. I've got an army of slowed monsters to kill. I level up, and murder the zombie.

It occurs to me shortly after that I'm in dire straits for fighting Gobb. I need more power, and I'm low on exploration.

It's time to spam the level up chain.

I made my bed, and now I lie in it. I snag a level up to resume the assault.

I hit him with a good BYSSEPS boosted hit, sadly AFTER burning him. Won't do that twice in a row.

I had to pop the rest of my popcorn to get that level. I have to beat Gobb THIS LEVEL.

Thankfully, I only needed to chug one mana potion to do it.

Elves get a LOT of mileage out of mana potions. The 'dream' as it were is a fireball per potion. Elves are the only race with a legitimate shot at two fireballs per potion.

Dang that's different. Instead of a kill list and a text printout of how much we made, we get pictures for EVERYTHING.

This is actually pretty nice. It lets me see at a glace what order the game went in, and more importantly, how much my loot sold for (if I mouse over).

Good to know!

In other news, our adventurers are pressuring me to deal with Bezar; the idea of getting better equipment within the dungeon is a strong temptation.

Strong enough that I am being marched at swordpoint to the dimensional gate. Thankfully, it looks like Bezar wants my gold, not my soul.
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