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Cross-posted from the GLBT thread because there are two parallel conversations about this for some reason...

A response from Nintendo in Japan, if anyone is interested (rough translation is mine, commentary by me in brackets--please don't parse tiny phrasing nuances to prove something with this, it's bad practice with even the most polished translations and worse with something I'm knocking out before lunch for kicks):

Are you aware of this problem?

認識していますが、「問題になっている」というのとは違うと思っています。呼びかけておられる男性の方は、 抗議ではなく要望をされている、というふうにとらえています。
We know about it, but we don't exactly think it's "a problem." As we understand it, the man calling for this is not protesting, he's making a request. [This is a correct of the original spark at least. If you want Miiquality's video, he's very clear that he doubts it can actually be changed for this game, and he's not calling for a boycot.]

Regarding the overseas media reports:

It's already been released in Japan, and customers are very happy with it.

ゲームの中で、結婚したり、子供を作ったりという部分が特徴的なのは確かですが、それだけではありません。 いろいろなことができるゲームですし、その部分のみが取り上げられるのは、ゲームの中身が理解されていない のかな、という印象です。まだ海外では発売すらされていないので、そういった報道になるのかもしれません。 すでに発売された日本で大きな問題になってはいませんし、まずはゲームを楽しんでいただきたい と思います。
It's certainly true that getting married and having kids is a particularly distinguishing feature in the game, but that's not all there is. It's a game where you can do a lot of stuff, and when only this aspect is discussed, I get the impression that there is not a strong understanding of the game's content. [I think this is also true. See Christian Nutt's article linked above...] Also, it's not even released abroad, so maybe you just end up with stories like that .In Japan, where it's already released, there are no problems at all. Before all else, I would just like people to enjoy playing the game.[*See commentary below.]

As a company that operates globally, how do you plan to respond to this request?

We are seriously considering our the matter.
[Note: This is a set phrase that generally means, "we will ignore it," but much smarter than NoA's incredibly stupid "we didn't intend social commentary, we just wanted to present an alternate whimsical world where gay people vanished out of existence" response.]
*Japanese reaction to that statement by real life GLBT people has been negative, although the gist of it is: We're just so used to being ignored that no one even thought to protest here.

These tweets are representative:

むー ‏@muu8086 3時間
日本では問題になっていないように見えるのは、みんなが諦めているからです。どうせ無理だろうから任天堂に は期待していないということです。任天堂に限ったことではありませんが。 #Miiquality

The reason this doesn't appear to be a problem in Japan is because we've all given up. Obviously it's impossible, so we don't expect anything from Nintendo. This isn't a problem unique to Nintendo though . . .
DIE介 ‏@tumblin_dice_K 4時間
自分は最近ゲーム一切やってなくて知らなかったけど、仮にやってたとしても「同性婚できないなんてひどい! 抗議しよう!」という気持ちにはなれなかった気がする。そのくらいに、この国では自分たちの存在が無視され ることに慣れてしまっている。悲しいことに。

Recently I don't play games much so I didn't know, but even if I played it I don't think I would have thought, "It's stupid that there's no gay marriage! Let's protest!" I'm already just that used to my existence being ignored in this country. Sadly.
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