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22. bafflingly ad-hoc
1 vote – 1 point

Okay, I get it. You wanna make fun of me for my typo. Yeah, let’s all laugh at the big dumb idiot who cannot use proper syntax. Maybe thinking about Dragon Quest 9’s ad-hoc multiplayer temporarily addled my brain and I couldn’t think good! Didn’t you never think of this!?

21. rpg maker
1 vote – 2 points

RPG Maker didn’t make the list, nor did any games made with RPG Maker. Did you mean to type RPG List Maker and run out of space? I am so, so confused.

20. top 50 countdown
1 vote – 3 points

Okay, I can recognize some good old-fashioned practicality when I see it. This makes it easy for Talking Time users to quickly find our list, but it 1) takes up valuable tag space that could be put to better use and 2) utterly ignores the fact that top 50 JRPGs is bound to stay on the front page of the forum for at least another year. Nobody is going to need help finding it! Think with your head, Tagger! Think!

19. nostalgia
1 vote – 4 points

As if nostalgia could ever cloud the judgment of our crack team of list-makers. You are mistaken, Tagger, for ever thinking such an unscientific and emotional flaw could ever affect our great work here. This one is a little more insightful than “Top 50 Countdown” so it edges it out.

18. science?
1 vote – 5 points

Also known as “How to lose at least ten ranks due to the addition of one character.” Do you think this isn’t scientific, Tagger?! You had a chance to make it – no, you had a chance to be great! What if you had used an exclamation point? Can you even imagine the grandeur? But no, you did not, and now your tag languishes at the bottom of our list.

17. final fantasy
1 vote – 6 points

Not quite sure what this is doing here. With just Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, 8, and 9 on the list, this tag is really misleading for Final Fantasy fans looking for some Final Fantasy discussion.

16. the world is square
1 vote – 7 points

You forgot the “enix.” Again, this is just as worthless as the previous tag, but perhaps a bit more decorative.

15. math for victory
1 vote – 8 points

If you think I’ve done even the tiniest amount of math for this list, you are severely mistaken. All votes were tallied by finger counting and scratches on a desk made with an empty pen.

14. loki likes all games
1 vote – 9 points

A futile attempt in self-delusion. Has the man already forgotten his Ghost Lion LP? Do not link him, he has PTSD.

13. number piñatas
1 vote – 10 points

This one has some personal meaning to me because I was the one to break the piñatas in our first-grade Christmas party. The other children, under a rain of tootsie rolls and jolly ranchers, cheered and hailed me as a hero and it is known to this day as my finest moment. To have tribute paid here of all places brings a tear to my eye.

12. atlus/jrpg dick riding
1 vote – 11 points

Here is the winner of the Blatantly Inappropriate Tag Award For Tagger You Don’t Want To Meet Up With In Public. Atlus dick riding, I could see – Atlus is a veritable titan of game quality, and many of their titles are sure to rank on this list, but why the JRPG part? Why did you think it was necessary to point out there would be JRPG dick riding in a thread about how great JRPGs are!? Tagger, you’re out of control.

11. umaro body pillow
1 vote – 12 points

God, is this some accessory from that stupid romhack Loki won’t shut up about? What is this doing here! Points awarded for giving me a warm fuzzy feeling.
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