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10. dragon quest is overrated
1 vote – 13 points

This clairvoyant Tagger gets the nod for somehow knowing Dragon Quest II outranked beloved classics like Wild ARMs, Shadow Hearts, and Sailor Moon: Another Story. DRAGON QUEST II! THREE VOTES! THE GAME WHERE THEY GIVE YOU A PARTY OF THREE AND ONLY ONE GUY CAN FIGHT! AHHHH!

9. keyboard vomit from beat
1 vote – 14 points

I had the honor of adding this venerable tag myself, after Beat made his lovely contribution to the thread with his excellent Skies of Arcadia writeup. It was with great pride that I pinned this badge onto our thread and look forward to many happy days ahead, polishing it in my mind and nodding.

8. press turn is best turn
1 vote – 15 points

Being one of a poetic persuasion, this tag spoke to me in a way that only one other tag has done so, to date. Points deducted for approximate rhyme; we have very high standards here.

7. quest 64 is best 64
1 vote – 16 points

NOW we’re talking. Not only does this brilliant tag nail the rhyme and the meter, it enlightens the reader with the knowledge that yes, Quest 64 is the best game available for the Nintendo 64. With just 19 keystrokes, potential Nintendo 64 customers are warned to stay far, far away from the 3-legged beast.

6. what's all this racket
1 vote – 17 points

Undoubtedly this tag was added by a pleasantly surprised Tagger who found our amazing hit thread had rocketed to the top of the new posts list, where it belongs very much. I like to take this as a sign of our unstoppable forward march.

5. really poor game
1 vote - 18 points

4. cloud computing
1 vote – 19 points

I just…I can’t….Cloud! Like from Final Fantasy Tactics! This is amazing! Tagger, how did you even think of this. It’s like, amazing.

3. blunt criticism
1 vote – 20 points

Okay, now we are getting to the crème de la crème of thread tags. When I see this tag, and I think of what we have accomplished here, and I think of the amazing cancer-fighting properties of the holy ganja leaf and the unjust imprisonment of Tommy Chong, I can feel a revolution is just around the corner for internet-based JRPG list dope-smoking art. How will we ever manage to wait for that day to come? But, wait we must, and in the meantime we have two more exquisite tags to appreciate.

2. magic emperor ghaleon
1 vote – 21 points

Years and years later, I can still hear the commanding voice of Ghaleon ringing in my ears, in his greatest moment of triumph, in the greatest game, during the greatest era for JRPGs that we will ever see. It is a great service to this thread and to the denizens of talking time to have the majesty of Magic Emperor Ghaleon in our tags.

1. xenogears is rpg #1
1 vote – 22 points

And here we have it, the most insightful, practical, informative tag of the thread, it tells viewers at a glance everything they could ever want to know about a communal top JPRG list. Just like how when calling 911, you tell them your location before anything else so they can send help that much faster, the position of Xenogears on the list is first and foremost, the most crucial information that any smart list-viewer would want to hear. The only conceivable flaw with this tag is that the tagger ran out of room to place the 9. Alas! Xenogears is in fact RPG #19, and this tag gets almost all of that information across. It earns its place at the very top of this list.
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