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Inspired by What Did You Eat Yesterday, I fried some tofu to have with miso for dinner tonight. It was... pretty bland, but edible for just winging it.

Tofu + [grease I had in the pan=olive oil, and a little chicken fat] + garlic slivers + mustard greens (since Kishi told me he didn't want any miso) + little bit of lemon juice
Miso + more mustard greens (this was the original plan for them)

I tried it both tofu in miso and tofu on rice, and while the miso was a liiiittle better, the tofu definitely didn't convey enough flavor to be had on plain rice.

Options I'm considering for the next attempt:
* flavor the rice, either with miso paste, or dashi or something. Maybe mirin?
* season the tofu with... something? And use more lemon + stew the greens longer since they were still pretty chewy.
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