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Kung Fu Kid for SMS is a strange game. At first I thought it was rubbish, but now I quite like it. You play a guy who goes from left to right kicking things and jumping, basically. The first enemies you meet are shirtless dudes with their arms above their heads who run at you. There are also Kyong Shi (that's what the manual calls them, at least - hopping vampires) who hop at you. If the shirtless dudes run into a vampire going the other way they'll stop each other. Not sure if they're supposed to be fighting each other or what. Anyway, the easiest way to beat the first level is to jump over incoming enemies so that you've got three enemies following you, because the game can't put more than three enemies on screen at once. Then you just walk to the end of the stage. If they're catching up, jump (you move faster in the air). Falling behind? Slow down. That said, it's better to kill them and get the talismans they drop to make the later stages easier.

The second stage has a new enemy: lobsters. They fall from above and hop at you, in addition to the three walking or hopping regular enemies. Hit a lobster and it'll go flying, killing any other enemy it hits. This is similar to the effect of throwing a talisman. Killing the lobster that appears on the fifth platform gets you an upgrade for the talisman. The stage boss is a witch who moves in a simple pattern and can be easily beaten once you figure it out.

Stage three adds a vertical element as you go from the bottom left to the top left, then to the right and down to the bottom right. Your guy can wall jump, which allows you to skip a chunk of the stage. There's also a hidden pork bun you get by kicking the air in the right place which restores your health. The boss is a giant frog that jumps at you. If you stand just next to where it lands, duck and kick repeatedly and it'll die before it can jump again.

Stage four is a flat left to right. All the enemies are hopping vampires, and this is where I started using talismans. They only work on undead enemies, which I think is everything except the shirtless guys in the first stage and the bosses (haven't tried them on the lobsters). If I remember Mr Vampire right, this is mythologically accurate-ish. Water drips from the roof and splashes on the floor and will hurt you on contact. The boss is two guys with projectiles of some kind who jump about the screen. They're pretty easy.

Stage five is a more complicated stage three, with tougher enemies, including zombies who can be immobilised but not killed without the talismans and little frogs that can be shot across the stage like the lobsters. There's another hidden bun and another shortcut you can walljump for. There's also a hidden potion that changes the colour of your hair for some reason. The boss is some kind of undead dude who you fight in two stages: halfway into the fight his body explodes and his head falls to the ground and fights from there. I found that by eating his first projectile I could walk up to him, duck and mash kick and it would all be over soon.

Stage six is the hardest stage, a boss rush. After each boss it acts like the stage ends, giving you points for remaining time and health and showing another stage start screen, but lose a fight and it's back to the first one. The first enemy is a big guy with a club. Walk up to him, duck and kick and move away before he hits you. Whether you land a hit or not seems to depend on which frame of his walking animation he's in: if his foot is forward, you'll connect. The second boss is two enemies who jump across the screen at you. Jump at them as they do and kick and it's easy. The third boss seemed impossible at first, a guy with a sword who seemed to be faster and have a better reach than the player, but once you hit him once you can stunlock him to death. The fourth boss has a projectile attack, a cool spinning jumping kick, and fast movement, but she doesn't seem to actually land hits very much and I seemed to win pretty easily. The last boss for the stage is probably the hardest in the game, and old guy with a cool walking animation who jumps away when you attack and seems to be always coming at you from above. I found jumping before him so I could kick him from above seemed to work, but it was a near thing.

The final stage is another straight line, this time populated by the zombies and hopping vampires. I threw talismans at the ones in from of me until I had three enemies coming from behind at which point they stopped spawning and I walked to the boss. I kinda button mashed through the final boss. The ending cutscene has the boss struck by lightning and its spirit ascending to the clouds, which then clear. The player character jumps and kicks and the screen freezes on that pose. The end!

That's a lot more than I intended to write about Kung Fu Kid. It's kind of naff, with dumb enemies swarming you all the time and several bosses that are too easy, but it plays smoothly, it's wierd as heck, and I had a good time with it, probably about fifteen or twenty minutes start to finish and maybe three hours overall learning the game.
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