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Originally Posted by boyonion View Post
There's a second intro on the second disc. Might even be better than the initial intro. It fucking rules.

WA2 falls smack in the middle of my 2- or 3-year love affair with JRPGs (~1999-2001). I remember it came out in 2000 when I was basically enamored with PS1 JRPGs (as many of us probably were around that time).

I remember that year I played: Final Fantasy 8, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy Anthology (5 being the bigger deal at the time), Star Ocean 2, Wild Arms 2, Legend of Dragoon, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 9, and Lunar 2 Complete.

What a year, but it's been all downhill between me and JRPGs since then. We're basically not on speaking terms anymore, but I can see myself going back to some PS1 gems if I can't find anything new to play.
Do you still play RPGs, just not the J ones?
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