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(continued from previous page)

South of the stairs is a doorway, which leads out to this overly-cloudy area with a Rope Bridge.

As we make our way across, a monster appears! And someone else walks out of our body!

Sure thing, guy we've never seen before.

The battle ends poorly for our would-be savior, and SHORTS takes it upon himself to avenge him.

Which is, you know, fine

The strategy for this battle is to keep trying Exit until the Mummy uses Poison Flour, the only attack SHORTS can survive. (Flour, though?)

SHORTS seems to know the stranger, who assures us he's okay even though he's clearly not.

Conveniently, Tristam shows up and joins us.

The area after the Rope Bridge has extremely heavy cloud cover, which probably has something to do with the Wind Crystal.

We'll explore it next time. Are you excited? I know I sure am.

Next: Woodwork

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