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A lot of the characters we meet in this episode have a history with the Nightwings, and in the case of the Dissidents, it's not a happy one.

Character Bio:

The Faithful Drifter

Our first "recruit" is a weird stowaway who can barely remember her name. In fact, you can name her a wide variety of things, since all she remembers is that her name rhymes with "gray". Weird that the Reader can decide what her name is, but eh. In our campaign, we named her Shae, but when I played on my own I named her Fae. Either way, she's very friendly, if something of an oddball in terms of mentality. She's also the most pious of the lot, constantly looking for the blessings of the Eight Scribes.

Shae's race is classified as "savage", but there's not really much to say that there's anything differentiating people like her (or Almer) from Nomads like Hedwyn save for how society views them. As such, her stats are pretty close to his: slightly less Presence, a touch more Quickness and Hope, but still statwise more or less interchangable.

The real differences are her movement abilities and Masteries. Her Jump and Sprint don't happen immediately when pressed like with Nomads, but instead have a slight charge-up time. As a trade-off, Shae can go a lot farther more quickly with her moves, especially if you time her Power-Jumps just right. (I have yet to figure out the timing on that at all.)

As for her Masteries, Shae's are tied to Khaylmer Rope-Caller. Which is weird, because he's not actually one of the Eight Scribes! You'll find out more as we unlock pages in the Book of Rites, but as far as Masteries go it's not a huge deal.

Tricks of the Rope-Caller:
  • Heightened Reflexes: Kind of weird that one of the first Masteries you can get is just "make her more like Hedwyn". But eh, it's not a bad idea, really. Only problem is that it makes the Power-Jump timing different, but outside of that it's still just that she can react faster, which is crucial for getting away from tough spots (or getting to them).
  • Traitor's Flight: Further jumps can come in very handy, especially with Power-Jumps. A skilled Shae can get to the Orb and launch herself from almost anywhere into the opponent's Pyre, with very little time for the enemy to react.
  • Webbed Feet: I don't know if the area of effect on this is comparable to Jodariel's Crushing Heel, but slowing enemies that are nearby as she sprints is mostly only helpful on defense. Without your own Aura to capitalize on this or protect yourself as you get close enough to slow, it's not ideal for goal-scoring.
  • False Step: Amazing Mastery for pressuring the opponent. Shae comes back if banished mid-jump? Yeah, you'll still drop the Orb if you have it, but with how far Shae can launch herself, this makes going for goals from long ranges much more effective and less risky, since hey, she'll be back right away!

The Grand Traitor's Leanings:
  • Snap Cast: Aura-Casts charge up quicker! That's always nice. It's not really anything you can build an entire strategy around, but it's nice. Just you can shoot Auras at people more quickly, that's all.
  • Quick Fling: Shae's just getting every ability that says "do this thing but quicker", isn't she? I still consider jumping to be more effective for her overall, but if you're good at finding openings to throw the Orb in, Shae can capitalize on that much more easily.
  • Sudden Grasp: Shae's saluting ability let her instajump to the Orb if it's unclaimed. I mean, that's cool and all, but how long is the enemy going to just let her sit there saluting with an unclaimed Orb on hand, right? Still, this can make for a really good setup of "salute, warp to Orb, jump right at the enemy Pyre, GOAL".
  • Dark Vigor: This one is completely insane. Infinite Stamina while holding the Orb lets Shae just bolt around the field like a complete maniac. The biggest problem with Dark Vigor is that taking it precludes you from all the best traits for amplifying her sprints and jumps! It's still a good trait, mind, just harder to capitalize on.

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