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The Withdrawn are our opponents here. And they're doom cultists. This is fine, right? Totally fine. We also encounter Sandra of the Beyonders, in her own weird way.

Character Bio:

The Little Watcher

Most drive-imps are pretty simple creatures, that want nothing more than good meals and something to do, but on rare occasions, some of them can get to the level of intellect of other people, like Ti'zo here. Ti'zo traveled with the Nightwings before we rolled along, making him perhaps the oldest of the characters currently on our triumvirate. He's always happy to help and rather fearless, willing to stand his ground in "conversation" against all manner of opponents.

Imps handle extremely strangely compared to other characters. They have some very awkward stats, chief among them low Glory and Quickness, so you might consider them a poor choice for scoring, which is technically correct. Their decent Presence and Hope lends one to consider them a defensive character like Jodariel, but without the high value you could get from scoring.

The devil is in the details, as Ti'zo has the weirdest moveset so far. Instead of a dash, he has a Zip that consumes a small chunk of Stamina to move quickly forward, which can do incredible evasive work or catch enemies approaching the goal. Instead of jumping, he can Flutter in the air for a pretty serious length of time, although this doesn't cover much ground. And finally, instead of the usual Aura-Cast, Ti'zo causes their aura to Implode, banishing opponents in a seriously wide range but also banishing himself (albeit with a reduced respawn time).

Ti'zo's Masteries are similarly bizarre, and greatly emphasize using the Implode ability aggressively to get the upper hand on your opponents. Like Hedwyn, Ti'zo might not be able to do a lot themselves, but they can greatly aid your team through their sacrifices.

Secrets of the Accursed Imp:
  • Elusive Nature: Zips and Flutters move faster. One of those "exactly what it says on the box" Masteries, which lets Ti'zo advance much more quickly into enemy lines, either to go for a score themselves or to shatter the enemy's defenses with a quick Implode.
  • Safe Return: If you are going to use Ti'zo, you really should be getting as much mileage as possible out of your Implode, so having them return more quickly after such an ability is extremely handy. This lets them serve the dual purpose of banishing a bunch of enemies and being a handy defense against whoever survives.
  • Titans' Rage: Bigger Implodes! What's not to like? This also, I believe, lets you charge it up faster, which is of great importance if enemies try to banish you pre-emptively, which can very easily happen if you get overconfident.
  • Inner Glory: +10 Pyre damage. Suddenly, Ti'zo is a better goal-runner than Rukey by a factor of "yes". Okay, that's not quite fair, Rukey will have far better mobility. But now Ti'zo will have plenty of their own agility plus a much higher score value.

Flights of the Swallow:
  • Moon Sign: The first support ability Ti'zo gets is the ability to place a Moon Sign wherever they are banished (for any reason). Placing this opens up a warp by your Pyre, which any exile (including Ti'zo on respawn) can use to jump instantly to where he was banished. Use this to set up an aggressive opening!
  • Last Laugh: This is an amazing ability for leaving Ti'zo on defense OR for just charging in with your Aura like a maniac, as it auto-Implodes him if he is banished without the Orb. You might even consider ignoring the Orb in favor of just Zipping in banishing people.
  • Wild Heart: Transforming into a Howler with a salute is a weird thing to do, but it's not a bad idea. While you lose the capability to do anything but hold the Orb and move, you have some real get up and go, and you can instantly transform back as the need arises. More mobility (that doesn't require stamina) is amazing for Ti'zo.
  • Star Sign: Improved Moon Sign! Anyone that uses it gets a speed and stamina boost, meaning that enemies basically have to camp the Moon Sign to ensure that you won't just snag the Orb and slam into their Pyre with it the second they drop their guard.

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