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By cashing in a favor Bertrude owes to Sandalwood, we gain the means to sail the Sea of Solis and face off against the Pyrehearts.

Character Bio:

Sir Gilman
The Honor Seeker

What, did you think I'd just cover the Nightwings? Nah, man. We only have so many of them, and every character we see here has a story to tell and their own reasons for returning from exile. Sir Gilman here is an exemplary wyrm-knight: bold, chivalrous, noble, wears his heart on his sleeve and always tries his hardest. He claims to be on a quest to regain his honor, although we don't really know what he means by this, yet.

Statwise, you would be forgiven for assuming that Wyrms like Sir Gilman are Luigimodes of curs, as they have high Quickness and Hope but low Glory. More Quickness, less Hope, but basically the same. However, they differ in terms of their Presence stat. The Presence stat does not determine a Wyrm's aura size, but the length of their aura trail. Their aura lingers along the path they travel, even if the area around them cannot increase in size.

Likewise, Wyrms cannot cast their auras. Instead, they can perform an Aura-Slash, instantly jumping back to the end of their aura trail and banishing any enemies close enough to the path they take. The best post I've seen on how best to utilize this feature is to use Wyrms not to score, but to set up goals for other teammates by quickly getting them into position to control a wide swath of the battlefield.

Not that you can't use a Wyrm to score, but all of their Masteries are basically built around banishing enemies or assisting their team. While a wyrm will have trouble reliably scoring as much as a cur, they'll lend a hand to the rest of their team no problem.

Depths of the Sea-Sojourner:
  • Valiant Return: Again, Wyrms have pretty decent Hope, but being able to instantly return if the team gets banished means you can press on more aggressively and still have a chance should everything go south. This obviously suits highly-aggressive teams hoping to give as good as they get.
  • Stunning Claim: Do note that this salute will immobilize all exiles, including the ones on your team and the Wyrm saluting. That's not a strictly bad thing, mind you: that still is 3 seconds where the only thing that can happen is respawn timers ticking down. If you're facing down a huge horde and only have your wyrm left, why not make a Stunning Claim?
  • Heroic Stand: For my money, though, I'd rather just have my one remaining exile get infinite stamina and a speed boost. Both of these obviously combo with Valiant Return, but coming back instantly, fighting past the enemy, and snagging a quick goal can put your team back on the board too.
  • Seized Chance: And this just makes it even better. If you're really a master of banishing with Wyrms, you'll find them even better at scoring than curs, especially with +10 Pyre damage after a banishment. But again, this REALLY requires you to know how to handle a Wyrm.

Tactics of the Underking:
  • Avenging Aid: Banishing an enemy instantly returns an ally to the field, eh? You might have noticed a theme with Wyrms here: they are all about taking impossible odds and turning them on their head. Phoenix Wright would be proud.
  • Quick Draw: This is a pretty technical move, but still a good one that effectively lets a Wyrm be in two places at once. Sometimes just detonating your Aura-Trail but staying still is better than doing it but setting yourself somewhere awkward.
  • Greater Cleave: It can be difficult for a new player to get any banishments with an Aura-Slash, especially if their Wyrm doesn't quite have the Presence to back up the move. That's what Greater Cleave is for: just helping to make the attack more reasonable (and also stupid jokes, I guess).
  • Vigorous Slash: Whether it hits or misses, now Aura-Slashes also restore your Stamina. This lets you either quickly restore the Aura-Trail for your team to capitalize on, or take the opening from a banishment and run with it!

Tomorrow, I'll be streaming again, at 6PM Mountain Time. I'd really like to have more people there (or posting here, but I'm gonna guess that most people aren't following the thread because they want to play the game unspoiled for themselves).

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