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We gather a few more exiles into our group and have our first match against the Essence.

Character Bio:

Pamitha Theyn
The Guilty Sister

So far, everyone that's joined the Nightwings has done so because they're confident they can help. Pamitha's kind of in that vein, but she also kind of feels like she's doing so out of convenience. Whatever her story, she's mostly here to deal with her sister Tamitha, leader of the Essence. I'm not gonna say no to her joining the Nightwings, but it makes you wonder.

Pamitha is a Harp, one of the Highwing Remnants that is at war with the Commonwealth (so they're okay with throwing POWs to the Downside). Statwise, Harps are nothing to write hope about. Their stats across the board are average or poor, with particularly weak Presence. In spite of this, you can make a case for Harps being the strongest characters in the game.

Part of this is their moveset. Their Dash handles much like that of a Demon, but covers more ground, consumes less Stamina, and pushes other exiles away. Instead of a normal Aura-Cast, they have a Tackle, which launches them forward along the cast path, invincible and banishing any enemies they contact. And of course, those wings aren't just for show. Harps have an incredible flight capability, the best in the game by far, even though it consumes Stamina fairly quickly.

The other part is their Masteries. Covering their weaknesses while amplifying their strengths, Harps are dangerous at any level of mastery, and looking at one just for their stats is a sure way to underestimate them.

Wings of the Matriarch:
  • Swift Flight: So what if Pamitha's Quickness is low? You can just fly where you need to go anyway, right? This can be used offensively or defensively, and being able to zip around the battlefield with only your Stamina as your limit is incredibly powerful.
  • Shrike Dash: Remember how Long Stride let Demons push an advantage much further despite it only giving a single extra Rush? Well, Shrike Dash is that but far more so. With this, you'll be as agile on the ground as in the air.
  • Sleight of Wing: A lot of the salute abilities feel gimmicky, and this one's no exception. Swapping places with your closest ally can either work really well or really badly, and I wouldn't recommend this to any player who isn't a master of positioning and timing.
  • Greater Celerity: The capstone abilities for the Harps are stat boosts. In this case, Pamitha gets a hearty helping of +8 Quickness, putting her on par with Rukey. Except for that she can fly. I dunno if you noticed, but HARPS ARE REALLY GOOD.

Ways of the Highwing:
  • Winged Fury: These traits are way more fun, though. Winged Fury gives Pamitha a speed boost after banishing someone, which makes her great for the opening when you need to seize the orb before the opponent: barrel in, banish them, and Winged Fury your way over to the Pyre!
  • Fell Swoop: What makes an Aura-Tackle even better? EXPLODING PARTWAY THROUGH IT. This move covers a seriously big radius, letting you fearlessly charge into offensives that would make almost any other attacker reconsider.
  • Relentless Pursuit: For more BERSERKER, take this Mastery to halve Pamitha's respawn time if banished during Winged Fury. She has pretty decent Hope, and you can make this even sillier with Talismans to boost that, so you are rarely left without her to press an offensive.
  • Natural Superiority: Granting +4 Quickness, Hope, and Presence puts Pamitha's stats more comparably to Shae's, making her a pretty solid all-around character. Except, again, she can fly and do invincible tackles. I don't know how many times I can say it, but Harps are good.
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