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Atop Mount Alodiel, we go into our first Liberation Rite. Either one of our own, or one of the Tempers we are facing, will go free to the Commonwealth tonight.

Character Bio:

The Reader

Since the Commonwealth has banned literacy, it's not especially wise for anyone to admit to being a Reader, lest they are cast into the Downside. The player's character is one such Reader, and you are given opportunity at a few instances, more as you approach the first Liberation Rite, to define who they are.

This lends to whoever you play as having a kind of Commander Shepard vibe, where you define who they are through past and present choices. Unlike Mass Effect, though, this is not the Reader's story: they are merely in the background weave of the entire story of Pyre, helping the rest of the Nightwings against the other triumvirates in everyone's quest to be free. In fact, one of the things you eventually learn is that you specifically cannot go free as a Reader.

The reason is simple. Since you aren't participating in the Rites directly, but instead guiding your triumvirate, you cannot gain Enlightenment. And even if it wasn't for us being the Reader of the Nightwings, our choice of backgrounds and injuries from our recent arrival to the Downside indicates that we would be in no shape to perform the Rites anyway (so we can't tag-team the role with Volfred). Still, the Nightwings need their Reader to guide them, so even if we personally cannot go free, the rest of our team can, through our assistance.

As Volfred, the only other Reader we know of, tells us, you are not limited to Reading only books. Our first shot at this was when we guessed Shae's name: we didn't just give her a name, we looked into her mind and picked out the one we thought was hers. There will be plenty more instances of being able to Read the thoughts of others: we do so with Ignarius during the Liberation Rite, and every time we do, or when Volfred telepathically contacts us, the screen will wash into blackness. <They also designate thoughts like this, which is how they designated telepathy in Animorphs and I adore that that's how it happens here.>

There aren't many ways we have specific gameplay effects during the Rites save for guiding everyone, although we can use our Vocations to either grant the Reader's Influence to the rest of our team, or to Mentor a companion by teaching them straight from the Book of Rites. It's a safe assumption that every other triumvirate has their own Reader to do the same, although if they do, they never factor into the story. Like us, they are in the background.

Streaming again tomorrow at 6PM Mountain Time. We'll have more freedom in choice of opponents, but we'll be down an exile. So that'll be neat.
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