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Back against the Withdrawn. I don't know if you're aware, but the other triumvirates are no joke after your first Liberation Rite!

Character Bio:

The Doom Sayer

Leading the Withdrawn, we have Udmildhe, a bog-crone with a pretty unhealthy obsession with the star-titan Yslach Astral-Born. As Tariq explained earlier, the Downside was formerly populated by all manner of Greater Titans, colossal monsters with horrible powers. Yslach was the strongest of the lot by far, to the point where the Eight Scribes couldn't actually kill them, just seal them away and use their body to create the Book of Rites. Udmildhe is a doom cultist who wants Yslach to return and devour everything! Oh good.

Let's also discuss the Withdrawn, founded by Molten Milithe, the one who sealed Yslach away in the first place. So on that count, the current Withdrawn are missing the mark entirely. However, Milithe intended for the Withdrawn to constantly pursue new knowledge, such that they and the other triumvirates can know more about the world and themselves. Ravenclaws, basically. So if you want to be super nitpicky, Udmildhe's succeeding on that one, since most people write off Yslach as mythical at best and still very very dead at worst.

The game calls people like Udmildhe bog-dwellers as a gender-neutral term, but more often they use the term Crone, which I'm okay with. As a Crone, Udmildhe functions as a more moderate Demon: good Glory and Presence, not-so-good Quickness and Hope. They're still very strong scorers if you can get them past the enemy, and as with Demons, the best way to do so is to banish people.

Crones have a VERY easy time of this with their unique Aura-Cast, which fires out in a cone rather than a line. In theory, there are spaces in the cone that render it safe, but this mostly just means that cover is more reliable: if you're caught out against a Crone, you're pretty dead. Their Pounce is a much faster version of the Demon's jump, harder to control but with just as much pushback potential. And finally, their sprint is a Slither with very little control but a lot of speed. Crones are always dangerous at any point.

Crone Masteries are pretty straightforward, which is weird for a race we have yet to add to our team, but so it goes. Basically all of them make your Crone slightly more effective in ways they are likely to see, without requiring weird adaptations to your playstyle.

Passions of the Wild Witch:
  • Hex of Defeat: +5 Pyre damage if you are losing, eh? Sure, why not. This sets the base Glory of a losing Crone to 30, which is on par with a Demon. They're pretty good at scoring, guys. While this might feel like it's a waste if you can consistently win, there's a case to be made for this being the stronger of the two Hexes.
  • Greater Blast: Wide-angle disintegration rays! More of what it says on the box: you threaten a wider area with your Aura-Blast. Against many opponents, this will force them to make a snap decision of which of their exiles they need to not have banished.
  • Sudden Blast: Y'know, in case you wanted to fire the Aura-Blast so quickly opponents don't have time to react to it. I totally understand, winning is really nice.
  • Stubborn Flame: Pyre damage resistance is incredibly rare and incredibly strong, and the fact that it only applies if your Pyre has less health than theirs isn't a huge problem. This Mastery gives you a boatload of leeway, especially against speedy low-Glory scorers like Curs and Wyrms.

Sorceries of the Southern Bogs:
  • Hex of Victory: The opposite of Hex of Defeat: you get +5 Pyre damage if you're winning. You can and likely will take both Hexes, effectively granting your Crone 30 Glory if you aren't tied. I still consider this the weaker of the two Hexes, but not by much.
  • Vital Pounce: This is slightly trickier to use than its demonic counterpart, Relentless Vigor, because pouncing on an enemy doesn't banish them, just knocks them back. Ideally, you pounce on their Exile with the Orb, slither up to them and banish them, and then speed into their Pyre.
  • Serpent Swiftness: Speedier, longer-lasting Slither. Remember how Crones have higher than average Glory but are supposed to be slow? Emphasis on "supposed to be". I'd make a case for this being their strongest Mastery: anyone who's gotten a handle on playing Rukey will be a terror with a Serpent Swiftness Crone.
  • Feral Curse: Salute to transform all of your opponents into Howlers! They lose the ability to do anything but move and hold the Orb. This is a once per match thing, but unless you are facing a Wild Heart Imp, this is pretty much a once-per-match free shot at the enemy Pyre with your biggest baddest scorer.

Yeah, moving to Sunday afternoons. We'll call it 6:30 PM my time (so 5:30PM on West Coast, 8:30 on East). Hope to see you there.
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