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We have our most intense match yet, with a second Liberation Rite against opponents we are all right with losing to.

Character Bio:

Dalbert Oldheart
The Old Chief

The leader of the Fate is an old and honorable cur named Dalbert Oldheart. I have a lot of characters in this game that I like, but very few that can compete with Dalbert for outright favorite. There isn't a moment that goes by where he doesn't wish the best for everyone, including the other triumvirate. Gracious in defeat and humble in victory, I'm not surprised you encounter the Fate second: it really helps raise the question of whether the other triumvirates don't deserve their freedom as well early on.

The Fate as a triumvirate are founded on principles of honor, tradition, and the like, which flies in the face of Jomuer Many-Mane's roguish tales. That said, the present-day Fate are perhaps the triumvirate most closely sticking to the ideals of their founder. In fact, Dalbert only got exiled because he was celebrating an old cur holiday the Commonwealth considered heretical, and Almer was exiled for sticking by Dalbert when he was arrested.

In versus mode, as mentioned before, Dalbert has two points of Quickness and Hope each over Rukey, as well as both Lucky Break and Guiding Light, ensuring that you're basically never without Dalbert on your team. On the other hand, Rukey's got Cloud Jump, so his mobility is generally better anyway. Despite Dalbert's generally better stats and masteries, I don't think he has much of an edge over Rukey, as spamming him into the Pyre won't actually do that much, and despite his stats he will have trouble getting past most defensive teams.

Did you remember that I have moved streaming to Sunday evenings instead of Friday? Because I have. You now have that entire block of time free to do whatever you want! Be happy.
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