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I dunno what to tell ya, chief. This just looks like an ordinary rite to me.

Character Bio:

The Shadow of the Past

Back in the day, Oralech's story was much like that of any other exile in the Downside. He was sent there for crimes against the Commonwealth, in the usual caliber. In his case, he refused to return to the Bloodborder as a combat medic, unwilling to fight their pointless war with the Highwing Remnants anymore. For such a heinous and treasonous act, they sent him to the Downside, where he joined up with the Nightwings, alongside Volfred, Brighton, and Erisa.

The problem comes shortly after this. Oralech was going to be liberated, and they even won the Rite, but a desperate Erisa tried to shove him out of the Shimmer-Pool and take his place. She died instantly, and falling from Mount Alodiel led everyone to believe Oralech was dead, too. This horrible moment was likely what incited Volfred to begin his Plan proper, although it did traumatize him enough to distance himself from the Rites entirely, refusing to wear the raiments again.

But now he's back, leading a group he calls the True Nightwings, and he's after one thing and one thing only: his freedom, which he feels was unjustly robbed from him. And to be perfectly honest, he's right. He got a horribly raw deal. He's in an awful place right now, and even though Volfred still clearly wants the best for him, from Oralech's point of view we're just another triumvirate to beat. He's hellbent on getting that last shot at liberation, and he doesn't care what he has to do to get it, even if that means undoing the Rites themselves.

Oralech is reason #1 not to just open up versus mode when you begin the game, as he's right there as playable alongside Jodariel and Ignarius. He shares the same weaker Glory score of the latter, as well as an unsurprising but still interesting Hope score of 1, but he more than makes up for this with his skyhigh Presence, at a base of 36 and further boosted by his Fierce Presence up to the soft cap of 40 (you can increase it further beyond that point, but it has diminishing returns). He also has a frankly ludicrous amount of Quickness for anyone, let alone a Demon, and he has the Celestial Spike mastery so his orb throws can banish, too. Oralech is a terrifying force of nature who HAS to be stopped for any team facing him to succeed, but once you do, you're at a huge advantage.
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