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We do, indeed, have to place the book and scarab in those spaces. So let's do that.

Burial Chamber
Wedged under the top of the doorway, perpendicular to the floor, is the wooden beam.

>drop knapsack
You take the knapsack off and place it down. As it settles, the cover flaps open.

>get book

>put book in large recess
The book now rests in the larger area on the cover of the sarcophagus.

>put scarab in small recess
You hear a clicking sound come from beneath all of the statues as you place the scarab within the smaller outlined area on the cover.

Looks like it worked. But what to do now?


A pick axe
A knapsack (being worn)
A bronze torch (lit and burning)
A silver chalice (lighter than the golden chalice)
A golden chalice
A pink jar
  • A liquid (oily and volatile-smelling, apparently flammable)
A canteen
  • A quantity of water
A matchbook
  • A few matches

Your score is 365 out of a possible 400, in 494 moves.
This score gives you the rank of a very good adventurer.

Current puzzles:
Opening the sarcophagus.
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