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Hrm, I have my PSX copy up here, but I'm going on vacation in a couple of day and will be PS3-less for a while, so I don't know if I'll get a chance to participate.

I really love this game, I've gone through both paths, and in both of them Ryogo ended up as my best character, due to stacking of RoF I's. Though, the four-character cap kind of hurts the game, since you get so many characters, but you usually end up focusing on a core four, and then get screwed when you're forced to use someone. The game does pull off one of my favorite things, using the intro music to a game as the last boss music.

In fact, one of my favorite game-related memories is from this game: In Alisa's path, at the final battle, all I had left was Ryogo who was in a Wanzer with no arms, and the only Wanzer around was one of the other character's (who had been ejected and killed) that had one arm and a flamethrower, and there was one enemy left. So I move him into the new Wanzer, figuring I'm going to die, but he manages to chain 3 RoF Up I's to fry the enemy, and I pull out a win.

General advice for the game was that generally shotguns, machine guns, and flamethrowers were the most powerful weapons, I found. Missiles were decent, melee was eh (I went melee + shotgun with the main character the first time through, which worked, but not nearly as well as dual-shotguns). Rifles were the weak link, I found, unless you managed to get the [part]-break/aim skills.

Also stealing the Imaginary Numbers (I think that's their name) Wanzers was always great fun, since they were typically way better than anything you can buy. The Qibings, I think they're called, as those were really awesome, especially paired with your machine gunner.

Crap, I might buy the PSN version just so I can play this on my PSP...