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Originally Posted by Mazian View Post
"Portable FM3" was basically the reason I hacked my PSP in the first place. I regret nothing.

Overall I prefer Emma's path to Alisa's, mostly because of [HUGE ENDING SPOILERS], but also because some of the mission design in Alisa's feels weaker and some of the characters are completely forgettable. Last time I renamed Meyer's wanzer to "Token Eighth", since she's clearly just there to fill up the roster.

On the other hand, the mission where you hijack a bunch of those damned helicopters? Sweet, sweet revenge!
I'm not sure which path I prefer, I did Emma's first, and the depressing ending there probably fits the game better, and I think it had the stronger final battle, but being able to save everyone on my second pass was kind of a nice surprise. Also seeing the other side's story was pretty neat, like the Real Number antagonist in Emma's path that joins you. Man, if I replay this I'm going to have to remember how to get the uber Wanzer and particle cannon, I remember that being a lot of fun.

Damn. I'll probably be buying this, as if I don't have enough games to play.