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Originally Posted by Sprite View Post
For someone who's never played these games, what makes them special?
Good music, good graphics for the time, and fantastic customization, with a plot that for the most part focused on political ambitions instead of some modern day dark lord. You get to see events from multiple perspectives, if you go through both paths of the game, where you can see how people who join you in one path, can seem villainous to others, and villains in one, turn out to be redeemable/have valid reasons for their actions. It's one of my favorite things in the game.

The battles are fun for the most part, with even some varied objectives and lots of interesting battlefields, slightly marred by a unit cap of four in battle, where you'd fight two-three times that number.

Also you can steal your enemy mechs, by forcing them to surrender, or by ejecting them. That's fun.