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Originally Posted by Belmont View Post
How does FM3 compare to the fourth entry? I've always wanted to try either one--but not both.
FM3 is a better game, but I did have fun with FM4. The biggest issue with the fourth game is that the story switches back and forth between two different units, yet except for a brief communication at the end they never actually meet face-to-face. FM4's Link System is also hilariously broken at times, meaning if you are good enough you can have half the team firing on enemies during a single combat sequence.

If there's one thing I didn't like about FM3's combat, it was that ejections were brutally random. There were times everyone would quickly get knocked out of their wanzers and immediately killed...and there was no rhyme or reason behind why that was.

Oh, and FM3's Kazuki is a raging asshole. I should play the game again just so I can relive how much of a jerk he truly is!