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Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
ROFUPI goes from "ok" to "best skill in the game" once you start chaining them together.
I've TKO'ed enemy wanzers on multiple occasions with ROFUP1 stacks activating all over the place. It's amazing.

As for FM3 vs. FM4: My love of FM3 is what made FM4 the first game I bought when I finally got my PS2, but FM4 itself is not nearly as good.

The Link system is nifty, but as mentioned before, massively overpowered (especially with the AI that will often deliberately funnel itself off into easy pickings positions.) The "two plotlines" thing wasn't pulled off nearly as well as it was in FM3, and (as was also mentioned before) doesn't have nearly as much of a payoff as one would think.

I've been told that FM5 is really good, but as far as I can tell from personal experience, FM3 is probably the best of the lot.