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Originally Posted by danowar View Post
I don't know which OS X emulators to recommend to you, but:

Please, please, PLEASE!!! do the C64 or the Amiga version of The Bard's Tale.
Reasons: The Amiga version is the best-looking and best-sounding graphics-wise, and I don't know about the audio abilities of the Apple 2, so while the Apple and C64 version of the game are quite similar in the graphics department, I know the music of the C64 version rocks (nostalgically speaking).

You could even do animated screenshots for the battles and throw a few mp3 links around while your bard is making music. ;-)
I was already planning on including mp3s (or midi files) of the bard's music every so often. Showing the animation would be cool, but I've never done animated GIFs before, so it might be too much work.

And with everyone recommending different versions, maybe what version I play will be the first piece of audience interaction.

Originally Posted by djSyndrome View Post
I'd go for the IIgs version myself.
That's an awesome argument, though it is inaccurate about it being the last port since both the Mac and the NES versions came out later.
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