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These Hell Bats may be sturdy, but they're still fliers, which means that Archers have their number. And that number is their max HP in damage.

I move Clint forward to attack the remaining bat in the face. I'm a bit worried that he won't be able to finish it off, but I'm not comfortable moving anyone forward to provide support, as that would leave them sitting ducks for next turn's counter-attack.

Sure enough, the bat is left with 2 measly HP. Clint braces for a counter-attack.

The text pulsates from small to large size, and, since I had poor timing, it's almost impossible to see in that second shot, but if you squint then you may notice some letters between the 1 and the 9. Those letters spell "Poisoned", which graduate the bats from annoyance to giant pain-in-the-ass. Poison is really rough in this game, causing high damage on each turn and remaining until either it's cured or the sufferer dies. Fortunately, the bats aren't guaranteed to inflict it on each hit.

I'm not about to let that happen, so Ash immediately moves next to Clint and uses an Elixir from his inventory.

Well, either Clint's poison is cured or he was targeted by an orbital strike and is about to ascend to heaven. Either way, it certainly looks impressive.

Huxley is the only character left to act, and he uses his turn to top off Clint's health total. Like Eleni, Huxley has 14 MP, but his Healing spell costs 3 MP, so with only four casts he can't lean on it quite as heavily.

It's not the most visually exciting spell. At least Ash's heal has a fairy. Still, it gets the job done.

The remaining bat continues its assault on Clint, flying around to hit him from behind. Fortunately, it didn't manage to poison him this time.

Clint finishes it off with his counter-attack and gains a level in the process.
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