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I quite intentionally positioned my characters in a line so that the bandits couldn't all gang up on the same target. This first bandit to attack demonstrates some very poor decision-making by deciding to attack Ash. This is actually rather annoying, as I was hoping to leverage my newly-swollen ranks in such a way as to minimize Ash's experience gains. Hopefully the counter-attack won't kill him.

Almost, but not quite, thankfully. If Ash had killed him, then he would have not only taken all of the experience for this kill, but the next bandit likely would have lined up immediately for a similar exchange.

The next bandit is much smarter than his friend, as he decides to attack the old man. With only 40 max HP, Huxley can't take many hits like that.

Huxley does surprisingly decent melee damage, all things considered. His attack animation is pretty great too, as he draws back his staff with both hands and shakes it around a bit before smacking the enemy with it. I like to think that he mutters something about "whippersnappers" or "damn kids" as he does so.

The enemy Archers must have noticed Huxley's low health total as well, as they decide to gang up and move in for the kill. Huxley barely scrapes by with 2 HP remaining.

The pieces of bridge actually land in the water and are quickly carried off-screen by the current, which I think is a nice touch.

Ash, an Archer holding the high ground just offered her help, and you're staring a quartet of bandits in the face while a bridge explodes behind you. Maybe save the questions for later?

The game immediately gives us control over Kira. There are a couple of tempting targets to her east, since those bats are just begging for an arrow to the face (not to mention a tempting boulder to kick), but we have more pressing concerns at the moment.

I move her to the west and have her take aim at the rear-most enemy Archer. Since she's at a higher elevation and shooting at maximum range, he won't be able to retaliate.

I love Kira's facial expression here.

Ash is apparently fond of it too. You could argue that he's impressed by her ability, but she hasn't actually done anything yet. For all he knows, she's about to shoot herself in the foot. Maybe he's just impressed that she's willing to fight in that outfit: between her wide stance and that bolt of cloth, there's very little left to the imagination below the belt.

Not bad. Six remaining HP leaves ripe pickings for one of my new casters to rack up some much-needed experience points.
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