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The bandits bravely attempt to kill an old man and a little girl, but both Huxley and Eleni do more damage in reprisal than they receive.

At this point, I'm staring to enjoy the fact that each of my turns begins with a badass explosion at my back. Ash and co. should belt out a CSI-style "yeaaaaah!" to accompany it.

The two trailing bandits have wisely lined up outside of Kira's range, so she decides to play with this nearby boulder. I have no idea why this boulder is here. Even if Kira decided to rush the bats earlier instead of assisting the bridge group, it would still make more sense to attack them with her bow rather than the rock.


Eleni kicks things off by hitting the weakest bandit with Dark Star. Unfortunately, it's not quite enough to snag her a kill.

Clint and Diego handily finish off the closest pair of bandits.

I have Huxley move out front and heal himself to full, which earns him a level up. My hope is that the bandits will both attack him next turn and give him yet more delicious XP.

By the same token, I hide Ash in the back where he won't take any XP for himself.

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