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As intended, the first bandit goes after Huxley, and much like before, the old man gives better than he got.

The second bandit gets a support attack from the rear, but Huxley blocks that giant cutlass like a boss. That's one sturdy staff.

Clearly the bandit is as shocked as I was.

Huxley has left both remaining bandits weakened, so all that's left to do here is clean-up.

Eleni seems very adept at leaving enemy targets clinging to life. This would be great if she weren't the one who I'm presently trying to funnel experience to. To that end, I stall for time and let both bandits live for another turn.

Her next attempt to finish him off doesn't go much better though, as he gets the clutch 1 HP block. I was able to catch a nice shot of Eleni's attack animation though. She pulls her staff back and twirls it rapidly before striking forward. It looks pretty nifty in motion.

I'm running low on heals and patience, so I let Diego finish one of the bandits off.

Eleni finally manages to kill the last bandit with a 2nd Dark Star. Note that enemies killed with this attack don't actually die with our customary blood geyser, but rather are just distorted out of existence.

Eleni celebrates our victory by finally getting her level up, putting my entire team at level 8.

All of these rewards are starting to add up. I should probably consider spending some of it.
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