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A mercenary, eh? Hey, maybe I'll be able to put that gold to use after all.

I'm increasingly convinced that Clint thinks harshing on Diego is part of his job description. His business card reads Clint Picard, professional wet blanket.

Where do I sign?

Diego is completely unbiased.

Hey look, it's another "decision". First let's look at option #1:

Pretty short and sweet. How about #2?

Number two results in a Diego fist-pump and cheer, so it is the clear best choice.

Hey, we know her. Her name is Kira, and she has a bow. What more do you need to know?

You'll notice that Clint doesn't contradict Diego's statement here.

Not pictured: Diego flirting with Kira around the campfire while Clint sits on the other side frowning in disapproval.

(If I could draw, I'd be fanart-ing the shit out of that.)

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