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Ash is playing some beautiful music here, but I'm uncertain what instrument he's using. My best guess is an ocarina, given the sound produced and the way he's holding it. In any case, this is one of those pieces of music that fans have done to death but that it's very difficult to find the original of (there are a few versions of the song, called Bygone Days, on the OST, but none of them are this single-instrument version). I did manage to find it though, at 1:40 in this video. I'd encourage everyone to let it play in the background while reading the following scene; it sets the mood quite nicely.

She's not wrong.

No, some jackass was playing his ocarina in the middle of the night.

Ash: "But you should know that it's possible that your dad really is a traitor. It's also possible that he has reasons that neither of us know about. I want you to be ready to judge for yourself when the time comes."

"...but I trust my father completely! The truth is... I'm adopted. 15 years ago, Magnus found me. My parents had been killed in the war and I couldn't remember who I was or what my name was. But Magnus loved me as if I was his own flesh and blood. That's why I'll always trust my father even if no one else does."

Ash: "No. Don't be sorry. He doesn't deserve it. My father was a soldier in the Liberation army. But he switched sides and died a traitor's death. My mother and I faced constant humiliation..."

To remind everyone, Ash's last name is actually Lambert. Maybe the translator had a bit of a Freudian slip after that ocarina playing?

Before we go, here's a quick look at Kira, our newest recruit:

She's pretty comparable to Diego in all respects. Despite what the narrative seemed to imply, we don't actually need to pay her. Maybe we expect the commander to cover her fee?

Next time: We visit the port city of Minato in search of a boat to Gillbaris island. Maybe a port city will finally have a tavern where the patrons like to get their drink on? Or will I have tired of that schtick by then? Find out next update!
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